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3 l Hints-
Eeci pes Ad vt'cey
Interest totousewie.
gradually disappear and It will "turn
to water."
Don't, If unsuccessful, think your
"cellar won't make stood vinegar."
Either the fruit did not contain enough
sugar, or you unconsciously, perhnps,
failed to follow some important step
In the directions. Liven In vlnepar
mnklng "practice makes perfect."
The season for home canning and
drying does not end with summer or
early autumn. Many things may be
canned or dried In October and No
vember. Among these arc turnips,
spinach, squash, pumpkin, carrots,
parsnips, cabbage, celery, beets, late
corn, kale, chard, salsify, and tomatoes.
Vinegar is one of the condiments
which every good cook regards as a
necessity on her pantry shelves. Used
wlfn discretion, food to which It Is
adtf.d will bo transformed into a Tellsh
and' will give zest to an otherwise
insipid meal. Along with other gro
ceries, vinegar lias gone up in price
since the Great War, until in many
parts of the country 50 to 00 cents
n gallon is now the retail market price.
The making of vinegar at home is a
simple piocess and not many years
ago was practiced by nearly everyone
who could obtain the necessary fruit
juice. With the present high price of
vinegar there has been a revival of
this old household art. Those who
have set up a vinegar keg or barrel,
secure a superior .product and at the
same time beat old High Cost of Liv
ing. Keen These Don'ts in Mind When
' Making Vinegar.
Don't put the freshly pressed juice
luto old vinegar kegs or barrels with
out thoroughly cleansing and scalding.
But if, however, the barrels have a
protective coating of rosin and para
ffin on the inside, do not Kcald, for hot
water will remove the coating. Old
barrels with vinegar in them or the
addition of vinegar directly to the
fresh fruit will prevent it from ever
making vinegar.
Don't ndd "mother" to freshly
pressed juice. It will spoil the juice
for vinegar making. Add surface
"mother" only after alcoholic fermen
tation (bubbling) has ceased.
Don't add old "mother" from the
bottom of nu old vinegar barrel. Add
only "mother" fiom the surface and
good strong vinegar.
Don't put in a cold cellar. I'ermen
tatiou either will be entirely prevent
ed or will be very slow, sometimes
continuing for two years.
Don't store In full barrels and ex
pect it to make vinegar. Barrels a J
kegs should bo ailed half full and lo''1
on. sides. Holes should be bored in
each head just above the juice and
the bung left open to give circulation
of air. Cover holes with cloth to
keep insects away.
Don't put In too warm n place or
expose to sunlight in summer to hast
en fermentation. It may prevent it.
The best temperature Is between 80
and 00 F.
Don't, after vinegar is made, leave
it exposed to the air. The acid will
New Army Aropln I Abla to Lift
3,300 Pound
A new military biplane which can
lift 3,300 pounds and remain in the air
twenty-five hours has been given suc
cessful trials in Italy. The machine
has three motors which develop an ag
gregate of 300 horsepower and it is
aid the craft can attain a speed of
75 miles an hour. It carries a big
rapid fire gun. On ita height trial the
machine went up 6,1)00 feet.
An Iowa barber has invented a pair
of ball-bearing barber shears, which
promise to revolutionize the scissors
industry. The are said to bn far
superior to the old soit of shears, will
work much easier, cut better and will
never wear out.
Fireside Talks
With Members of the Newspaper
Bible Class
Pilgrim Congregational Church
Oak Park, 111.
(li Kannnl
ARD work means a.
strain upon the del
icate nerves and muscles of
the eyes and possible In
lury For School Children.
Children In good health,
with normal vision, have
nothing to fear. Statistics
show that only a small per
centage have perfect eye
sight. Know the truth
about your child's eyes.
Freeman's Optical Shop
Hotel Waldorf, 310 Summit
Toledo, Ohio
SEPTEMBER 21, 1019: "THE
Golden Text: "Thy' word is a lamp
unto my feet, And light unto my
path." Psalm 119:105.
Lesson II Timothy 3:14-17.
The Greatest Book in the World.
No matter what we think of the Bible
we are all obliged to concede that it
is the Greatest Book in the world.
No other book has so large a circula
tion in so many different languages.
No other book has influenced the
thinking, the religious life, and the
social order of the world so much as
the Bible. It is a source of comfort
to those who sorrow. It gives un
failing strength to those who are
weak. It is a letter from God to
His children. It is a map showing
us the way to good. It is an album
of photographs, of pictures of great
saints and leaders.
Men who read the Bible regularly
find that their language, their think
ing, ian dtheir character is deeply
changed. There is no greater resolve
or promise that a man can make good
than to read the Bible regularly.
When Robert MofFatt was about to
leave his home in Scotland to be
come a gardener for an English gen
tleman, his mother asked him to
promise her something- "I do not
like to make promises which I may
not be able to fiulfill," Robert told
hen But seeing her disappointment
he exclaimed, "Ob, mother, ask what
you will, and I shall do it.'1 "I only
ask you whether you will read a
chapter of the Bible every morning
ana another every evening. "Mom
er, you know I read the Bible." "I
know you do, Hut you do not read it
regularly, or as a dutv you owe to
The promise given was faithfully
kept. In his little lodge in the gar
den he read and re-read the Book,
and son his spirit began to be trou
bled by a feeling of his unworthi
ness. He writes of that time: "I
had undergone a great change of
heart; and this, I believe, was pro
duced by the Spirit of God through
reading the Bible and the Bible
only." With his change of heart
came a deep longing to go out as a
missionary, although he feared no
missionary society would accept him
on account of his youth and lack of
education. How he went to bouth
Africa and became one of the world's
greatest missionaries, you well know.
When bir waiter Jscott was dying,
he said to his secretary. "Read to
me." "From what book?" the latter
asked. "There is only one Book.'
Scott answered, and the Bible was
read to him. The Bible was the only
Book he needed in that hour when
he was about to leave the Life Here
for the Life Beyond; it is the only
uook wnicn teacnes us now to livr
so that we may be worthy of eternal
It is interesting to study the way
in which the Bible grew. It was
many hundreds of years in nrenara
tion. Every part is valuable, but the
New Eestament is conspicuously rich
and important. Christian people be
lieve that the Bible contains the pro-gressive-for
teaching, for reproof, for
instruction in righteousness. He
who hides God's Word in his heart
will find life richer, hannier and
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. F 0 j
creauoas from-
tOWork j&aottf
Just received a long delayed
k- shipment of the most won
derful Hats that you would
want to see.
No two alike all manner of style and mode. $12.50 and
$15.00 would be a reasonable price for any one of A aa -them.
Specially priced at vlwiW
Parsons Garment c
192-234 Summit Strwt
tpfo &or (fiat sells 'Wtottex
Exceptionally Complete Early Display of
New Fall Suits
$55.00 $75.00 $95.00
Suit fashions take a great part
of their beauty from the very
rich and beautiful new fabrics
Among the most favored
which are included in compre
hensive displays ready for your
immediate choosing are Peach
Bloom, Tinseltone, Velour de
Laine, Silvertone and Tricotine.
Colors also are exceedingly
rich and contribute to the dis
tinction of Fall suits. Newer
shades are Maduro brown, Pom
peian red, Dragon Fly blue,
Mocha as well as navy.
Many beautiful models are
lavishly trimmed with high
grade furs.
Handsome Fall Coats
Of Rich New Fabrics.
$45.00 $65.00 $85.00
Women who purchase new coats this season will enjoy the exceedingly
becoming lines of the new fashions either smartly belted or loosely hanging
from the shoulder.
Materials of soft, luxurious texture are Chameleon Cloth, Frost Glo,
Tinseltone, and many others in a wide range of the new shades.
Dry Goods and Notion Dept's. Ones
who have had country and city expe
rience preferred. Steady positions with
good salary. Apply Mtttenthal Co., 1st
and Main 6ts East Toledo, O.
or facts and figures concerning the
great oil industry of Texas, where for
tunes are made in a day. The booklet
will be mailed free to you on applica
tion, using post card, writing name and
address clearly. Write at once to the
uiara ueii un company, su',. unio
Ave, Wichita Fnlla, Texan.
1012 Jefferson Arenue F. J.
If a machine part breaks while
harvesting, .don't stop work to
send for a new part.
Service 'and guaranteed work.
Pioneer and Lara-eat Welding-JgomePhoeMalBiJ200
Faale. Prop. TOLEDO, OHIO
We will weld any part of brass,
steel, aluminum, cast iron, cop
per or bronze.
Company la State.
Auto Cylinders while you wait.
Bell Phone. Main lflOT
Farm and Factory Motor. Marine Motor for Work or Pleaaare Boats,
Motor Accessories. Practical Repairing. Electric Llghtlnor Oatflta
Pumping; Ontflts. Row Boat Motors. Lznltlon Apparatus
Batteries. Spark Colls. Magnetos. Generators. Svrttckes, etc.
THE E. M. LANDIS CO.. Wholesale and Retail
No. 6 St. Clair St. TOLEDO, OHIO Both Phones
I WW H ill
J WW Uttili
I 1
JV ' Till l
I Ii WW I n 1 1 x
M lYllleWCTiWJ s
Wf BsV
WOMEAfrrfpEmEL -
2. SUMMIT T. ?
Toledo, Ohio
A Most Popular
Collection of
New Autumn '.
At $29.75
Tricotine, Serge and Satin Dresses, in
brown, navy, black and other desirable
fall shades. There are draped effects,
straight lines, tunic, belted models, wide
sash effects and narrow belts with trim
ming effects to harmonize.
At $45,00
Trieolette, Tricotine, Paulette, Georg
ette, Satin Meteors and smart combina
tions of materials.
There U a large variety of models, de
picting the popular ideas created by the
best designers.
T i4 ' j

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