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VOL. LXVII -LOUIS 0. MAETI, Publisher.
$1.60 Of ADVAH0B-I0.36
Is Certainly a Beauty, But Game
Near Being a Batch of
Scrap Iron
The fine up-to-date fire fighter
Perrysburg now owns and which
made its trial trip to a fake fire
on tJie commons near the school
houtti last Saturday evening, came
within an "ace" of being a com
plete wreck, when the driver mis
judged the corner at the inter
section of Louisiana and Indiana
As usual, the street-lamp on that
corner was -"out" and the driver
couldn't see the curb in the dark,
thus turned too short and luckily
only jracked a few spokes in one
wheel as he made a hair raising
turn at high speed.
Outside of that, the fire was put
out by the isc of the chemicals
and Everyone in town is resting
easy now as far as fire protection
is concerned.
The following is what our
Toledo friends have to say of our
town and its new fire apparatus,
as was taken from the Blade :
Toledo during the past week de-
lfc hvered to the citv of Perrysburg
a fire fighting motor truck.
In future that progressive little
city will put out its fires by mod
ern method. The "bucket bri
gade" and the hand fire cart are
history to that place.
And there is much room for
other cities 1o follow Perrysburg 's
lead. Today, at modern cost, any
small town can secure a motor fire
fighting truck equipped to put out
almostany fire.
The car selected by Perrysburg
' is a Reo and was equipped with
chemical apparatus by the Fer
guson Industrial company, a To
ledo concern.
It is predicted that the Perrys
burg purchase is only a forerunner
of what will be done in scores of
cities about Toledo. The Ferguson
company, who handle chemical
. fighting equipment for small towns
and factories, say that a number
of other towns are about ready to
follow the lead of Toledo's suburb.
There would be an advantage to
Toledo in having a large number
of small towns about so equipped.
In case of a large fire these ma
chines; could be brought here in
short time and support the Toledo
Postmaster "Wetzel received no
tice from the postal department
authorizing him to move the post
office into the new Masonic Tem
ple as soon as the buiLding is com
pleted. It will be some time be
fore this move can be made but
. the buildinsr is progressing rapid
ly ly and we hope it won't be so very
long before rerrysburg will nave
an up-to-date postoffice.
Mr. Wetzel also announces that
mail will be delivered to resi
dences on Stiyenth street provided
the houses are properly numbered
and mail boxes "anfsecured, other
wise the residents forfeit free de
livery DR. B. KINSLEY
Office Hours 8 to 11 a. m.; 1 to '5
p. m. Office upstairs corner
Second and Main Streets.
Phone Main 14.
818tSpitzer Building,
Homo Phono 1428
Dealer in
Watches Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles.
906 Monroe St. Toledo, O.
Near Michigan Street
Special care will be taken with the
repair of all kind f Watches,
Clocks and Jawalrv
r ' " "
Dostpr of Chiropractic
4th Street, - Perrysburg, O,
6;00 to J);00 Tuesday. Thursday and
Mrs. "Glias. Hanson returned
Saturday from Columbus whore
she had been attending the state
convention of the W. C. T. U. She
went as a delegate from the local
union here. Sho brought home
two first prizes that were awarded
two pupils of Perrysburg schols
who were in the Scientific Temper
ance Essay contest. The prizes,
each a first prize on different
essays, were awarded to Miss Vera
Iluflord of the high school and
Miss Mary Josephine Lcthercr of
the seventh grade. v
W. II. Spybey, Pastor.
The Sunday school, both in its
teaching and study, is not child's
play but offers "a man-size job."
For that reason it should not be
passed up lightly. The good suc
cess of this school shows that it
is being appreciated. Don't for
get the hour is 9 :15 a. m. "Litter
or Literature."
Preaching and worship at 10 :30
a. m.
Epworth League at 6 :30 p. m.
There will be no evening" serv
ice on account of the desire to at
tend the Bryan meeting ' in the
interest of prohibition. Method
ism believes in the worth of a
sober manhood: in the protection
of the home from the inroads of
the saloon ; in an undebased child
hood ; hence stands for a complete
prohibition of saloon and liquor
traffic. In the fight from the be
ginning she will stay in it to the
Prayer meeting on Thursday
Choir rehearsal on Saturday
Rev. W. II. Pheley, Minister.
Services for Sunday, October
2Gth :
"Trust Necessary to Progress"
is the central thought of our les
son study in the Sunday school at
9 :30 a. in. The scripture lesson is
Matt. 14:22-30. Dr. Allen's story.
in this issucof the Journal gives
helpful suggestions. '
Morning worship and sermon at
10:30. Dr. Pheley will preach.
Elder W. H. Rose will speak of
.some of the best things heard at
the meeting of Synod.
Junior C. E. meeting at 2:30.
This is especially for boys and
girls from 8 to 14 years. All will
find it an hour of interest and real
Christian Endeavor meeting at
6;30. Topic, "Christianity and
the Health of China." Luke 4:16
31. Leader, Mrs. Roose, director
of the mission interest.
There will -be no evening serv
ice. Our congregation is invited
and urged to hear William Jen
nings Bryan, who will speak at the
school auditorium at 7 :30 Sunday.
Prayer and praise meeting
Thursday evening at 7':30. The
subject for consideration is
"Guiding a Nation," "-Isa. 5:1-7.
Surely this theme should interest
everyone at this time.
Friday evening the church so
cial rooms will bo open for play
and gpod time. You will enjoy
the evening if you spend it with
Choral Union practice 'Saturday
evening at 7 :30.
On Monday evening, October
27, at the Lime City town hall a
speech on the classification amend
ment will be delivered by an able
speaker, and all interested citizens
are asked to be present.
My attention has been called to
a rumor which is being circulated
to the faot that I am about to
move to Milwaukee, Inasmuch as
I have never had any such inten
tions, and having no desire what
ever to leave Maumce, I kindly
ask the public to bear this in mind
as my denial of the unfounded
rumor. (Signed)
JrtuijfiO Qhig
Mrs. George P. Greenhalgh of To
ledo Mentioned for State
Women are admitted into the
councils of the Republican party
for the 1920 campaign in Ohio.
Precedent was smashed when
the Republican state advisory and
central committees, in joint ses
sion, delegated authority to
George II. Clark, chairman, to
select five women and report their
names at a meetiug here October
Women discussed for appoint
ment were: Mrs. Harriet Taylor
Upton. Warren, state suffrage
leader; Alice Longworth, Cincin
nati, daughter of President Roose
velt and wife of Congressman
Longworth, and Mr.s. George P.
Greenhalgh,. Toledo, wife of a
Lieutenant Colonel in the 37th
Division. Blade.
An automobile driven by Fred
Witzler and a speeder on the B.
& O. came together at the Wal
nut street crossing Saturday after
noon about four o'clock.
Mr. Witzler had "just driven his
car from the Harper garage,
where it had undergone some re
pairs and when he reached the
crossing found it blocked by a
freight train going south.
When the freight cleared, Mr.
Witzler started to cross and the
speeder, which was following the
freight closely, struck Witzler 's
car with considerable force. Both
machines were thrown from the
tracks, but Mr. Witzler escaped
with only a shaking jup. .Those
on the speeder did not fare so
well. Wm. O'Brien, supervisor on
the -IB. & O., received several
scalp wounds. Giaupine Daquane
sustained a fractured rib and
minor bruises. James .Thomas
had his back and right side badly
Dr. Cauficld was called and ren
dered first aid when all three men
were removed to the Rheinfrank
hospital and later Daquane and
Thomas were sent to the Toledo
Both machines were badly
Charles Goodman, living two
miles northeast of Lime City, will
hold a public sale on Monday,
Nov.N3, commencing at 10 o'clock.
The bills advertising the sale were
printed in the Journal office.
Perrysburg will be especially
honored next Sunday night, Oc
tober 2G, in its privilege to hear
the Honorable William Jennings
Bryan in the high school adui
toriuin. It was at first hoped that
he would speak in the open so a
larger number could hear him, yet
later news comes that he refuses
to speak outdoors at this season
of the year. . So the .high school
auditorium has been selected as it
has a larger seating capacity than
any other hall in town.
The churches of town will llis
miss their services so all voters
will have the privilege to hear the
great commoner. It is needless to
say that a big crowd will be out
hear him.
It is especially urged that all
voters bo present.
You will see and hear a man of
unusual personality and. power.
It takes a great man to hold the
attention of the American public
for so many years as Mr. Bryan
has done. Hear him and you will
learn something of the reason
why. Make the most of the op
portunity to ' hear this distin
guished national leader in justice
to yourself and to the cause ho
conies to Perrysburg to present.
Ho will not only deeply interest
you every minute but will point
the way to progress and enduring
success Go and see.
Yes, sir, Mineral Fume Baths,
133 Michigan streot, Toledo, are
fine for Rheumatism, Neuritis,
Lumbago, Pleuresy, in fact all
aches and painsv Try them.
Remember Journal want adver
tisements arc road by hundreds of
people. That's why -they bring
.roiulta, The w If tinaUi
Girls Prepare for Basketball
Boys Lose Football Game at
The girls have started to prac
tice basketball so as to get in good
trim for their first game.
Avgrcat deal of interest is shown
byTrhc large number of candidates
out each night. With so many to
pick from we arc counting on hav
intr n trnnd tnnm mill nxnnnt. t.rt
have n snncRssful snnson.
-The Seniors have ordered their
rings lrom the liastum liros.,
Rochester, New York.
Last Friday P. II. S. football
team traveled to Bradner to play
a ..very hard and closely fought
battle. Tt was on interesting game
throughout. Bradner made a
touchdown the second quarter,
which was the only score made on
either side. Both teams were very
equally matched in weight and in
playing ability. Bradner 's team
is very fast, but Perrysburg, under
the coaching of Mr. Ilanely, ex
pects to turn the 7 to 0 defeat to
a bigger victory this Thursday,
October 23. Watch P. II. S. de
feat Bradner at every turn of the
game. Come and help it done.
Seventh Grade
, Last Friday the boys and girls
of grade seven, camouflaged as
imps, elves, fairies, Pocahontases
and in every other conceivable
manner most agreeably surprised
their teacher, Mrs. Haywood, by
means of a Hallowe'en party in
the gymnasium. The room was
most artistically decorated witli
festoons and borders of ribbons,
pumpkin faces, owls and every
thing which bpspeaks Hallowe'en.
A most enjoyable afternoon was
spent playing games, bobbing for
apples and partaking of the de
licious and appetizing luncheon
which was prepared by the com
mittee in charge.
Sixth Grade
Melvin Redman is back again
though his arm is still in tfhe
william wishes to thank the boy
or girl from the Catholic school
who gave Carleton's book to Mrs.
Chapman to return to the owner.
Fifth Grade
The fifth grade pupils took
their lunches to the rivei' Monday
after . school. Roasting . marsh
mallows and fishing were the
favorite pastimes. Elwood had
the misfortune of slipping into the
water and consequently had to go
Third and. Fourth Grades
Blanche England has entered
school this week from the Navarre
Philip Sutter is back at school
again after a long illness.
Spelling Tests
Last week the Ayres standai'd
ized spelling tests were given to
all the pupils m school, including
the high school. Very encourag
ing results were obtained. Similar
tests will again be given during
the middle of the school year, and
again at the end of the school
year. By doing this it can be
determined what progress it being
made in spelling ability.
Similar tests will also be given
in other branches as arithmetic,
reading and language.
This work is being done under
the direction of Prof. Kimmcl of
Bowling Green Normal College,
who is conducting an extension
course in ' Educational Measure
ments with the Perrysburg teach
ers, a,
Last season's Saxaphone orches
tra will give a Hallowe'en mas
querade dance at the Perrysburg
town hall on the evening of
Thursday, October 30. Admission,
gents 5o cents, ladies tree. All
arc welcome.
The Harbauer Co. have for sale
Sweet Cider j direct from the pr(ees.
nring ypur uurrei or Keg, or we win
sell you a barrel. 50o per gallon at
our east side faotory, Dearborn
street : phone, Hone, River 34. This
older if) only for sale until Oott 2.
The Perrysburg Township Sun
day School Association will hold
its semi-annual convention at the
Presbyterian church on Sunday
afternoon and evening, November
The executive committee
nrenarinir a nroirram which will
be published in the Journal next
This is the week of the Roose
run luiru iui .LLiiiita iui tx iihj-
,:.,i ..i i, i.i,i i. '
cial interest at this time m read-
ing three new volumes in the Way'
library about this great leaded
one by William Roscoe Thayer, al-
j. , . J . -ii i
ways a fascinating writer, entitled
"Theodore Roosevelt, an Intimate
Biography;" one by Lawrence F
Abbott, one of Roosevelt's closest'
friends and greatest admirers, en-
titled "Impressions of Theodore
Roosevelt," and one entitled
TjRttni tn TTis filiil-
dren,"- these very interesting let
ters covering a period of about
twelve years. Besides the above,
there are several good biographies
and many volumes by Roosevelt
himself, including his autobiog
raphy, Ins discourses on govern
mental and other problems of the
imes, and records of his hunting
trips, etc
Other books just received at the
library are "The Story of the
American Legion," telling in an
interesting way of the origin of
this society of "veterans" of the
recent war, and several new vol
umes of fiction and juvenile
During the past week the Jour
nal added twelve new subscribers
to its list, and last week we added
nine new names, making a toal of
21 for the two weeks. Of the
twelve, nine came in Saturday
under our 30 cent offer' and three
came in during the week for a
yeai". Our special offer holds good
next Saturday. Remember you
are saving 15 cents on the three
months' subscription. Again we
ask you to tell your friends and
neighbors of this offer as it is our
aim to add at least a hundred new
names to our list in the next 60
days. Wc know some of our
friends arc helping us in this way
because parties have told us when
subscribing that they were told of
our offer. Boost for the Journal
and the Journal will boost for
Perrysburg and surrounding ter
ritory. Want
and the fear of want blight many a life and
home. Saving for security is surely a duty to
one's self.
It is likewise a duty to those who are de
pending on you for li.fe and happiness.
Worry destroys more people than work. Ap
prehension about the future does not make for
' health or happiness.
Those who do not fear want because they
have a snug savings balance in the Citizens
Banking Company are bound to be more happy,
healthy and efficient than those who feel insecure
about tomorrow.
Tomorrow never comes; the wise start today.
' 4 per cent, interest paid on Savings.
he CJifeenslSankinftCIompanB
CAPITAL STOCK f 50,000.00'
f $30,000.00
Bank Employes and Depositors
Locked in Wash Room. S. T.
Phillips Knocked Down.
The Perrysburg Banking Co. was
help-up and robbed at 10:30 Wed-
nesday morning, by at least three
and possiby four highway robbers.
Cashier T. M. Franey was stand
ing at the second window from the
front transacting some business
with Nicholas Wagner, of Central
Avenue, Sylvania, and Miss Cran-
ker was workiug on the books with
her back to the windows, when a
man entered and snoving a
m. B V , ,, ,
Throw up your hands!" Mr.
efc who couldn't see the man,
thouSht lfc wa a Jke' bufc hen
second man shoved a gun through
.. . . . " . V " " ",:""
4-YlrtirV lrt fj-4- n-t nnirlt
TOi,of no .
wnat was up.
..P?0 h?.0UJd 8,ay anything
third man hit the glass in the door
t e.a9' Sld? of the enclosure
with the butt end of his gun break-
!UB '- wucu ivxi. rinucj turn m
he would open the door.
All three men entered and com
manded the three to lay down under
the desk, then changed their minda
aud ordered them into the vault,
but again changed their minds and
put them in the wash room at the
wV,lp t. TOOro n, m , rp
phmip8 ent-red tfae bank (Q make
a deposit and was hit on the head
with a gun and thrown into the
wash room.
The robbers cleaned out the vault
and all the money on the counter
and made their escape. ,
A hurried checking up showed
they secured between $3,200 and
and possiby one S50 Liberty Bond.
People in the vicinity of the Bank
claim the bandits drove out of town
on the Avenve road toward Toledo.
As soon as possible the police
department of Toledo and other
nearby cities were notified and To
ledo sent an automobile load of de
tectives. Mr. Wagner had $400 in his
pockets to deposit, which the rob
bers didn't get.
The deposits of the bank are in
sured against robbery, so the de
positors will not lose anything.
Later At the hour of going to
press a telephone message to the
Journal states that the officers had
the robbers headed off at Luckey
but they slipped through the cor
don and are headed toward Fos
toria with the officers in close pur
Journal for 3 months to new sub
scribers only, for 30 cents.
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