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VOL, LXVn-LOUIB 0. MASTI, Publlriwr.
$1.60 IH ADVAHOB-IO. 38
Methodist Episcopal Church
Celebrate Centennial
W. II. Spybey, Pastor.
A century of time and a century
oj service arc noteworthy in a
church in a territory of recent set
tlement. And this is our distinc
tion. One hundred years ago a
Methodist class was formed in
Perrysburg as the result of the
coming of settlers and the preach
ing of pioneer Gospelers; the first
church organization in the Mau
meo Valley.
Next Sunday we celebrate our
centennial with the following pro
gram :
Sunday school 9 :15 a. m.
Sermon at 10:30 o'clock by the
Ry. Dr. Albert E. Smith of Ada,
Ohio, president of Ohio Northern
Bits of history will be related by
Dr. N. B. C. Love.
Basket dinner will be spread at
noon in the lecture room and all
are urged to remain.
Address at 2:15 o'clock by the
Rev. Dr. S. K. Mahon of Epworth
Methodist church, Toledo. Greet
ings of former pastors.
Epworth League at 6 :30 p. m.
Evening Service at 7:30 o'clock.
Furling our service flag with its
31 stars, two of gold, will be fol
lowed by a Paramount motion pic
ture in- five reels entitled, "Rich
Man, Poor Man," as played by
Marguerite Clark.
Pfaycr meeting hereafter will
be held on "Wednesday evening.
Rev. W. II. Pheley, Minister.
Services for Sunday, Nov. 9th.
The church was a busy place
last Sunday. It was the "King's
Business" that occupied the time
of the several hundred present
from the early Sunday school hour
to the closing benediction of the
convention at night. It was a
jjnod day in thought, in words, in
works and in happy Christian
liter's Great Confession is the
general lesson for tho Sunday
school at 9:303. in. The men's
Bible class invites all men. Drop
in for .an hour with us.
Morning worship and sermon at
10:30. Dr. Pheley will preach on
the subject, "Victories and
Junior C. E. meeting at 2:30.
Topic, "Lesson from Peter's Let
ters," 1 Peter 3:8-12. Peter
found the secret of happiness. All
boys and girls from 8 to 14 years
are invited to learn this great
secret from Peter.
Senior Christian Endeavor meet
ing at 6:30. Topic, "How to
Avoid failure," Joshua 1:1-8.
Miss Mary Fuller, leader. This is
a matter of interest to everyone,
It is sure .to be a profitable hour,
You have a cordial invitation to
Prayer and praise service,
Office Hours 8 to 11 a. m.; 1 to 5
p. m. Office upstairs corner
Second and Main Streets.
Phone Main 14.
918 Spltier BoUdbf,
Phemm 14M.
Dealer in
Watchea Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles.
006 Monroe St Toledo, O.
Near Michiean Street
Special car will be taken with the
rpair of , all ' kind of Watches,
Clock and Jewelry.
Jpooftr of Chiropractic
4th 'Street,' Perrysburg-, O,
6:00 to 9:00 Tuesday, Thursday and
SyEvniagf w
Thursday evening at 7:30. Sub
ject for consideration, "High
Lights on Life from Isaiah."
Chapters 11 to 19. Isaiah wrote
2700 years ago, but his message
is for all times.
The social roOins aro open Fri
day evening at 7 :30. At tho same
time the C. E. society will have a
business meeting in the primary
rooms. A social hour will follow.
The Choral Union will meet for
rehearsal Saturday evening at
7 :30 and for a social evening at
the pastor's home Wednesday,
November 12.
Orin Daniel Swank, Pastor
Services for November 9th.
Sunday school, 9 :30 a. m. Morn
ing worship with sermon by the
pastor, 10 :45 a. m. Young People's
Alliance, 7 p. m. Topic, "How to
Avoid Failure. Mr. I. O. Sprout
will be the leader. Evening serv
ice, 7 :30. Sermon by the pastor.
Last Friday evening Miss Daisy
Lehr entertained with, a masquer
ade party at her country home.
The house was appropriately
decorated in black and yellow.
The evening was spent in dancing
playing games and a fortune tell
ing booth afforded much amuse
A very pleasing three-course
luncheon was served in the dining
room. Favors and place cards of
birch bark .made unique decora
tions. After the guests had been
seated the hostess surprised her
friends by announcing the en
gagement of Mr. Richard .Edward
Russell and Miss Irene Cecily
Ruesch of Toledo.
The young, couple received
hearty congratulations by all who
were present.
Anthony Wayne Lodge of To
ledo came to Perrysburg Friday
evening, fifty strong ja a special
car in an effort to create enough
enthusiasm among the old mem
bers of Perrysburg Knights of
Pythias to induce them to become
reinstated in the order.
Perrysburg once had a lodge of
K. P.'s but lack of interest lost
their charter for them and those
that cared to remain as members
of the order joined Anthony
Wayne lodge in Toledo.
The Anthony Wayne band
played several fine selections on
the street, after which the lodge
gave an excellent entrtainmnt at
the town hall. Many enjoyed the
evening's program.
Anthony Wayne lodge ismak-
ing a drive for membership and
they invite all old members to be
reinstated and all who are inter
ested to applyfor membership.
They will be here again on No
vember 29 to give an entertain
ment at the town hall. No admis
sion will be charged and all are
Having given up my position as
driver of the Bowling Green laun
dry, I desire to state that Howard
Shoe has taken my-place and will
give you the best service, possible.
I am now engaged in the truck
ing business with Herman Hai-per,
and will be glad to be of service
to my friends when in need of any
kind of hauling.
Thanking you &r your past
patronage and hoping for a con
tinuation of same, I am,
Yours respectfully,
Mary E. Hegley, living
across the creek on Locust street,
in Perrysburg, will hold a public
sale of stock and farming imple
ments on Saturday, Nov. 15th, at 1
o'clock. Watch for big advertise
ment in the Journal.
Tho Perrysburg W. 0. T. "U.
will hold its next meeting at tho
Presbyterian church Tuesday eve
ning, November 11, at 7 :45. A re
port of the meeting at Columbus
v .;, V ""-u""b vviuiuum
wlU bo Sven and hort program,
Armistice Day Programme
3:00 A. M. Receipt of the News of signing of the Armistice.
10:00 A. M. Visit by American Legion Committee to homes of
Heroes who didn't come back.
2:30 P. M. Foot Ball Game: Perrysbure Post No. 28 vs To
ledo Berkhard.
8:30 P. M. American Legion Dance at Town Hall.
A Proclamation
Armistice Day, Tuesday, Nov. 11 will be generally ob
served throughout the nation as a holiday.
Upon this date the war ended and the terrible carnage
ceased. We, one and all, remember how our hearts were thrill
ed upon the receipt of the glorious tiding because our boys
were there and with the war over they would soon come back to
be again with us, around our firesides.
It is meet and proper that we remember this momentous
day and with each returning anniversary we observe it sacredly.
Therefore, on Tuesday, November 11, I ask that business
be suspended, our public schools close and that we join with our
boys in observing the day which meant so much to them, to us,
and yes, to all Christendom.
(Signed) D. R. CANFIELD, Mayor.
Mayor Declares Holiday, Service
Men Take Active Parts in
the Celebration
A year ago, on the 11th of No
vember, the most momentous news
that the world had ever heard was
flashed across the battle fields
and to the homes of our loved
ones here. The greatest military
victory that the world had ever
seen was then and there accom
plished. Whether a man was
serving in France, Italy or Russia,
or whether he had the more trying
duty on this side, he unfalteringly
helped the cause, and so it seems
most fitting that these same men,
now being bound together as a
force for good in this country and
who pledge themselves to build a
new and greater nation of Amer
icans for America, should take an
active part in the first anniversary
of the signing of the armistice.
The governor of each state has
been requested to declare Armis
tice Day, November 11th, a legal
holiday and to designate it as
American Legion Day.
Foot Ball Game Staged
At 2:30 p. m. on tho ball
grounds will be staged a toot ball
game between the local-American
tiegion team composed of all ex
service men and tho fast Burk-
hards or Senecas of Toledo. These
teams are made up of former
Wait and Scott high school play
ers. The local post team will be
composed of the following.
Ed Thomas, Thurlby, Sarver,
Sasse, Chas. Kopp, Leo Hartshorn,
D. Muir, Jim Wiser, Ed Conode,
K. Muir, K. Veitch, Leydorf,
Compton, F. andE. Finch, Haef- October ever known there.
ner, Purvis, Pringle, Miller, Hon-
ner and others. V COAL PRICES
- Tickets will be sold at the game. Last Friday, on tho eve of 'the
This will no doubt be a hard big coal strike, the government set
fought game as several of the the price of coal during the dura
players have starred on camp tion of the strike.
teams both in France and at tjic price 0f Ohio coal is $2.65
Sarver and Thurlby played on
the Bat. E, 135th Art team;
Thomas on tho U. S. S. Delaware
team and Sasse on a famous bri-
gade team of the 84th division.
A large crowd is expected at
this, the real game of tho' season
for Perrysburg.
Dance at Town Hall
In the evening a dance will be
given at the town hall. All ex-
service men and their friends are
invited to come and enjoy them-
selves. An admission of 75c per
couple will be charged.
n a j b. 4 4A
Brass cylinder about 10
Incbes long, on McCutch-
Vllle road, being part Of
Whistle Off SChOOl bUS.
Return to Honner's garage
or school building and re
celve reward.
Board of Education
1,600-LB. MOOSE
East Sidcr Returns With Huge
Carcass From Ontario Woods.
East Toledo citizens Thursday
were viewing a large moose, killed
by James R. Clegg, which has ar
rived at his home, 910 Starr ave
nue. It weighs 1,600 pounds, and
was killed by Mr. Clegg near
SavolL Ontario. The party con
sisted of Toledo and Perrysburg
In the hunting party besides
Mr. Clegg and Mr. Charles were
A. E. Charles of Perrysburg, W.
F. Mborc and Ray Vollmcr of Has
lcins, and II. II. Dennessee, J. W.
Morrison and A. T. Wright of To
ledo, and Anion Morrison of
Grand Rapids, Ohio. Blade.
The new park system of light
ing on Louisiana avenue were
turned on for the first time last
Wednesday evening and certainly
are an improvement over the old
system of arc lights. Speeches
were made by Mayor Canfield,
Prof. Ncitz and the contractor.
The .lights extend from Front
street to Fiftli and the same sys
tem is used in lighting Hood park.
Perrysburg can iioav boast of prob
ably the best lighted main street
in the state.
Mrs. Frederick C. Champney,
who is in New Orleans, La., writes
the Journal, under date of October
28, that it is just like mid-summer
there and that everyone is wcar-
"ig white, except tourists, who
came expecting it to be much
cooler. She says it is the hottest
io .oa ner ton at the mine.
t,js priCC) 0f course, does not
include freight and the retailers'
' '. ,.,
Tho regular monthly meeting of
the Perrysburg Civic Association
will be held Thursday evening,
November 13, 8:00 o'clock.
At this meeting the proposition
of extending the corporate limits
of Perrysburg to include that
property from cast boundary to
the Terminal R. R., between the
I ..... Jl Al. ". i
avenue ana tno river, as tar as
Hufford's road, will bo brought
up for discussion. All free owners
witliin said limits are respectfully
mviJa to tlliR mRati
Every member should! make a
special effort to attend these.
monthly meetings and help boost
, L i rysburg.
Journal for 3 months to new sub
scriber only, for 30 cents,
For Assessor John Walker 34,
Both Municipal and Cemetery,
Bond Issues Carry.
Cold and disagreeable was the
day for those workers at the elec
tion, Tuesday.
Many ladies were out Who were
giving their special attention to tho
prohibition question, and they
braved the unpleasant weather
with spartan-like fortitude.
The firemen and many of their
friends were out boosting for the
bond issue for tho new municipal
building. t
Itae mayoralty . and clerkship
were tho big issues apparently and
considerable feeling was manifested
by the friends of the various candi
dates. The results are shown bv the fol
lowing figures:
For Trustees William Burdo 19.
Frank Fox 50, Win. Grolle 74, Al
bert Hahn 18. E. L. Kinirsburv 25.
John Schneider G8.
For Clerk S. T. Philliws 54. Frank
Reis 0.
For Treasurer Alf. Scheider 53.
W. J. Veitch 2G.
For Constables Chris Bauman
38, John Hayes 29, George Hilla
brand 20, Robert Nixon 20, R.
Schaumloeffel 42, A. G. Williams
For Assessor Frank Harvey 53.
For Board of Education Chris
Spilker 15, Ulrich Warns 7 Frank
Harvey 30, Conrad Kohl 27. Town
ship board.
Village Board Frank Sprague
7, John C. Budd 17. Georire P.
Greenhalgh 23, Win. H. Roose 27,
uownntr fachool uoard Geo. W.
Beard 0: George Chamberlain 2. B.
F. Spilker 7.
Short Dry Ballot Yes 38, No G7.
Short Dry Ballot, Sec. 9 Yes 42,
No (SO.
Classsfication Tax Yes 22, No 82.
Resolution No. 4, wet: Yes 55, No
Crabbe Act Yes 54, No 50.
Road Tax Yes 53, No 55.
For Mayor D. R. Canfield 174,
M. H. Bower 84.
C For Village Clerk John W. Lyons
1G3, Fred W. Leu 78.
For Treasurer R. W. Johnson 80,
Chas. Schneider 155.
For Marshal Lewis Einch 04, Joe
Fuller 189.
For Councilmen C. A. Degner
65, Wm. Dibbling 141, Pat Dowling
125, Charles Holbrook 133, C. C. Ley
dorf 113, M. Mladenus 88, Thomas
Shimmin 73, Win. Uthoff 135, D. C.
Whitehead 1G0, A. R. Williams 132,
John Wilson 93, Joseph H. Rossbrch
For Water Works Board George
Craig 99, Frank Hollenbeck 111,
Fred Mahr 74, Frank Schaller 07,
Edward Spilker 72, Harry Thornton
Sensible Girls
realize that a man in order to be success
ful must be thrifty and economical.
The man who is accustomed to spending all
his earnings is not going to be made over when
he marries and is sure to chafe at the economies
which must then, of necessity, be put into ef
fect. Sensible girls will encourage the young ma n
to save some of his earnings, and sensible young
men had better be on their guard with respect
to the girl who encourages the opposite course.
Sensible girls wilbe interested in a Bavings
bank credential of industry and thrift; sen
sible young men will have that credential.
She ffliiisensfflattkitujCompanij
CAPITAL STOCK 450,000.00
SURPLUS 430,000.00
JFor justiclof ti
the Peace Free
man Bowers 1G3, John Greiner 152,
M. B. Cook 1.
For Township Trustees W. E.
Burdo 03, Frank Fox 137, Wm. Grol
le 72, Albert Hahn 73, E. L. Kings
bury 171, John Schneider 154.
For Township ClerkS. T. Phil
tips 137, F. J. Reis 77.
For Township Treasurer A. G.
Scheider 76, W. J. Veitch 144.
For Constable Chris Bauman 81,
John Hayes 122, George Hillabrand
44, Kobert Nixon 43, R. S. Schaum
loeiTel 141, A. G. Williams 171.
For Board of Education John C.
Budd 79, George P. Greenhalgh 176,
Wm. H. Roose 134, Frank Sprague
Short Dry Ballot Yes 94, No
Short Dry Ballot, Sec. 9 Yes 87,
No 162, Blank 15.
Classification Tax Yes 144, No
106, Blank 22.
Resolution No. 4, wet Yes 167,
No 95.
Crabbe Act Yes 150, No 110,
Blank 6.
Road Tax-Yes 184, No 73, Blank
Bonds for City Building Yes 180,
No 80, Blank 15.
Cemetery Bonds Yes 201, No 59,
Blank 13.
CINCT For Mayor D. R. Canfield 194,
M. H. Bowers 63.
For Clerk J. W. Lyons 177, F. W.
Leu 67.
For Treasurer R. W. Johnson 104
C. J. Schneider 130.
For Marshal Lewis Finch 69,
Joseph Fuller 179, Wm. Mills 1.
For Councilman C. A. Degner 50,
Wm. Dibling 131, Pat Dowling 135,
Charles Holbrook 135, C. 0. Leydorf
109, Milton Mladenus, 93, Jos. H.
Rossbach, Jr. 105. Thomas Shimmin
73, Wm. Uthoff 140, D. C. White
head 144, A. R. Williams 157, John
Wilson 89.
For Water Works Board George
Craig 98, Frank Hollenbeck 111,
Fred Mahr 82, Frank Schaller 63,
Edward Spilker 84, Harry Thornton
For Assessor John Walker 57,
John Yeager 127, G. W. Hoffman 1.
For Justice of the Peace F. E.
Bowers 149, John D. Greiner 150, T.
M. Franey 1, M. B. Cook 1.
For Board of Education George
P. Greenhalgh 160, Wm. H. Roose
114, Frank Sprague 167, John C.
Budd 79.
. For Township Trusttee: W. E.
Burdo 74, Frank Fox 147, William
Grolle 79, Albert Hahn 67, E. L.
Kingsbury 164, John Schneider 144,
For Township Clerk: S. T. Phil
lips 154, F. J. Reis 59.
For Township Treasurer: W. J.
Veitch 127, Alfred Scheider 84.
For Constable ; Chris Bauman 94,
John Hayes 86, George Hillabrand
40, Robert Nixon 39, R. S. Schaum
loeffel 141, A. G. Williams 168.
Short Dry Ballot: Yes 110, No
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