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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, November 06, 1919, Image 10

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WiW-MjWrti-aatakA.J4Hr Ht-JH. BvUy ''r-r,l Atiltmr IfcH
UMH Mfc"'! vVltf -m --tM(i- H,
Ytitl Wfcrit To Buy Feeding Cattle?
Buy of
1C3-1G5 Exchange Bldg.,
Established Over 30 Years
( Any Mercantile Agency.
REFERENCES i Live Stock Exchange National Bank.
( Our Thousands of Satisfied Customers.
Our Sales 4,000 to 6,000 Head Per Week
AVc offer the largest selection in all the beef breeds in the very best
qualities to be obtained, as well as a big assortment in all the lower
priced grades.
Our salesmen are experienced and courteous and we will cheer
fully show our very large assortment of Angus, Hcrcfords and Short
horns. You will save money and receive best of attention and lowest
market prices by dealing with us.
Write at Once For Our Regular ''Weekly
Market Card
Sent free upon application. Published every Friday. "The
"Start Right by Starting at Chicago"
"Buy Right by Buying of John J. Lawler"
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111., November 1, 1919.
We quote the stocker and feeder market closing Saturday p. m.
as follows:
500 to GOO lbs. 800 t0 900 lbs-
Common to fair..? 6.25 to ? 7.25 Common to fair..? 7.25 to $ 8.50
Fair to good 7.25 to 8.50 air.tof Efv - J 1?-
Good to choice.. 8.50 to 9.75 Good to choice. 10.00 to 11.00
600 to 700 lbs. 9(0 to 100 ,bs-
Common to fair..? 6.50 to $ 7.25 Common to fair..? 8.25 to 9.25
Fair to good 7.25 to 9.00 a,r ,to. .d-v , ft-f Jo 10.50
Good to choice.. 9.00 to 10.25 Good to choice 10.50 to. 11.50
700 to 800 lbs Choice to prime 1000 to 1100 lbs.
Common to fair..? 7.00 to ? 8.00 Strong fleshed feeders, $11.50 to
Fair to good........ 8.00 to 9.50 $12.00. Yearlings on the fancy
Good to choice.. 9.50 to 10.75 order, around $10.25 to $10.50.
Receipts of cattle at Chicago were 102,000 this week as compared
to 92,600 for last week. Fat cattle of best kinds steady and other
grades unevenly lower. Top for the week $19.50, as compared to about
$16.50 a year ago.
The big receipts this week included an enormous supply of stock
crs and feeders in all the beef breeds of Hereford, Angus and Short
horns and in all weights from 500 to 1,100 lbs. We had a great many
choice to fancy cattle of all ages in the different beef breeds. Quality
for the week all that could be desired. A wonderful selection and
showing of cattle. No feeder who expects to buy can afford to miss
coming to Chicago to see the great selection offered him at our pens.
Our purchases 7,200 head this week.
Market fully 25cJower on best kinds and about 50c lower on plain
to medium grades. An active trade with big demand for these cattle
at these greatly reduced prices. We advise buying on this broken
market while receipts are so heavy. Please write us, or better yet,
come to see us this coming week.
Watch This Space for Our Weekly Market Quotations.
Additional Local.
Mrs. M. P. Gorton aiid-Mr. Win.
Alhvood spent Sunday at Water
ville. Miss Edna Hufford of Frank
fort Ind., was visiting her grand
mother Mrs. Emma Hufford a few
days of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Long and
Mr. Fred Miller of Haskins were
visitors of Mr. and Mrs. John
Scheider last Sunday.
Mrs. Ed. Hoffman and Mr.
Philip White of Deshler were
guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. B.
F. Thurlby and family.
Mrs. Fred Wessler spent Sunday
in Toledo the juest of friends.
Mrs. Elizabeth Harris and Miss
Harriet Harris of Toledo were
Mrs. John C. Jones guests last
The Misses Ilildegard and
Freda Deitz of West Toledo, were
Sunday guests of Mrs. Kathryn
Mis. Geo. B. Schramm of Toledo
visited Sunday in Perrysburg as
the guest of her sister Mrs. Dell
Mrs. Fred Scheider and daugh-
.w j. m it.... u. Msi. b UUUUUV 111 J. U-
ledo the irnests of Mr. nnrt Mrs.
Harry Noyes.
miw wii is;
D I tt ADTTArVF undertaker and
JOrmH. 1 Jl embalmer
AUTO SERVICE ambulance service
t Odd Fellows Blk. MAUMEE Phone Main 201
Dishes, Pans and Baking Tins
Salads 30, 40, 60, 70c
Olive Dishes, each $2.54
Bon Bon Dishes, each 85c
Vase's, each : 15 and 2'tfc
Glass Measures, each 10c
Deep Pie Tins, each l..15c
beep Cake Tins ...15c
Pan Cake Turners 10 and 15c
Animal Cake Cutters 5c
Galvanized Foot Tubs ;.... 60c
F. J EfzM-,A
;' va
Mr. wid Mrs, II. E. Simon, of
Toledo were guests Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E.
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Mooro, of
Pataskala, Ohio, were tbo over Sun
day guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. 0.
Sherman, while on tiipir honey
moon. Mr. C. KneiT and family enter
tained as their guests last Satur
day, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burnett
and dnughtcr Idytlia, Mr. and Mrs.
Dennis Clark and sons and Harold,
Miss Irene Moore nnd Mr. and
'Mrs. Frank Tubbs.
Mr. and Mrs. Volncy Wagoner
and daughter Vprla May of To
ledo and Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Leydorf and family enjoyed a
Sunday dinner at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Fnhrcr and fam
ily. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Weaver of
Toledo, Alfred Ilarpell and family
of Molinc and Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Vcber and daughter Dorothy of
Bowling Green were Sunday visi
tors at the home of Jlr. and Mrs.
Philip Wetzel.
The following guests enjoyed a
party at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Lintner last Sunday, the oc
casion being a farewell to the
Lintiler family, who will move to
their home on East Sixth street:
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lintner and
Miss Nailer of Toledo, Mr. and
Mrs. John Liintner and family of
Monelova, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Lintner and family of Lime City,
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hufford and
family and Mrs. Geo. Lintner, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ehrbar en
tertained a Hallowe'en party Fri
day evening the following guests:
Mr. Thomas Franey, Miss Mary
Franey, Mr. James McNally, Miss
Mary McNally, Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Eckel and daughter
Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wil
son, Miss Add Eckel and Mr. Rav
Eckel. Cards and music were
quietly enjoyed by all present and
a fine buffet luncheon was served.
The decorations and costumes too
were very picturesque.
Journal for 3 months to new; sub
scribers only, for 30 cents.
Charles Boetsch, formerly of Per
rysburg, died at his home in In
dianapolis, Ind., on October 31,
1919, at the age of 47 years. '
His remains were brought to Per
rysburg to the home of his cousin,
Mrs. Margaret Rhoda.
The funeral services were hnld at.
St. Rose Catholic church. TW. Vr.
Kiebel officiating. The body was
placed at rest in St. Rose cemetery.
Deceased leaves a wife, three
brothers Geome and Fred, nf Tn-
edo; Seraph, of Indianapolis; and
many otner relatives and friends,
who mourn his departure.
will look surprisingly attractive if
you send them to us for renovation
by ourdry cleaning process. Spot
ted, soiled and "mussy" garments
lose all their ugliness and emerge so
bright and new-looking that they'd
deceive even you if you did not
know how it happened. "Let us
show you.
213 Louisiana Avenue,
Perrysburg, Ohio.'
Phone Main 153.
Ohio Manager
.' Virginian Joint Stock .
Land Bank
No commission charged
Long time loans under" Federal
Secretary of Treasury Says
Youth of Nation Must'
Come to Its Aid,
Tells School Children That In Buylnlg
War Savlngo Stamp They Are Not
Only Helping Their Country but at
the Same Time Are Providing For
Their Own Needs.
Columbus, O. (Special.) Carter
H. Glass, secretary ot the treasury
has appealed to the school children of
Ohio to buy more War Savings
Stamps. He has addressed the follow
ing open letter to H. P. Wolfe, state
savings director, with the request that
it be published for every school child
in the state.- Tne letter for the school
children follows:
"To the School Boys and School Glrli
of Ohio:
"In addressing; the 20v000.000 or
more school boys and girls of this
country, I am addressing the citizen
ship the business and professional
men and women, the-producers and
consumers and the homo makers of
only a few years hence. The respon
sibility of all the problems of our
country will ultimately fall upon you.
The spirit of patriotism and helpful-
Secretary of United States Treasury.
ness which you displayed during the
world war has proved your fitness for
your future responsibility. Your rec
ord in production of needed materials
during the war, your saving of food
and money, and your investment in
government securities is a record of
which every American 'citizen is justly
"It is the earnest desire of your
government that you should continue
to practice and make permanent those
.same habits of industry and economy,
that through your influence and ex
ample America may soon become a
nation of savers and cease to be a
wasteful nation; that this may be a
nation of people who always save some
part of their earnings, who spend
money with greatest care, and who
invest what they save in some safe
"I am glad to see. that our school
boys and girls have continued during
the vacation months to save their
money and are buying Thrift and War
Savings Stamps, thus laying aside a
portion of the money they earn for
some future purpose, and while they,
are continuing to render some service
to their government, they are at the
same time providing for their own
"The habit of earnirig and saving
money Is a most interesting and
happy one. I am sure that this habit
has become so fascinating to you that
you will continue to earn and tosave
through all the months and years to
come and keep Investing what you
save in government securities.
"It is my personal hope that the
lessons of thrift that are being taught
In your school may help you to de
velop in your life permanent habits
of saving and thereby lay a founda
tion for your personal happiness and
usefulness and ultimately for a. bigger
and better America."
Columbus Schools High.
Columbus, O. (Special.) Colum
bus schools are Belling more War
Savings Stamps this fall than at any
time during the war. '
"Therq is no doubt but that the Co
lumbus schools will lead all others in
the nation in the sale of government
securities during the balance of the
'year," said Don L. Tbbln, head of the
War Savings Committee in Franklin
county. Eyery one of the schools In
Columbus has an active selling organ-Ration,
J 01
The Best Foun
dation for Sty
lish Clothes!
2 0tfKL '
' Bfu. H
No outer garment, however well
cut or tailored, can fit perfectly
over ill-fittingtinder-garments. A
Munsing Union Suit, because of the
perfect way in which it fits and
covers the figure, is the ideal un
derwear and is preferred by "wo
men who know."
The fact that we sell more and
more Munsingwear union Buits
every year is significant.' There
must be a reason. In truth, there
are several. In addition to the
perfect way in which it fits, Munsingwear is unusually fine in
quality, remarkably durable, and surprising in its ability to
stand trip after trip to the laundry without losing its shapeli
ness, perfection of fit or comfort. '
Our splendid success with Munsingwear is the natural
result of the splendid service and satisfaction that our cua
tomers get from it.
Our increasing volume of business in this line enables us
to offer you a more comprehensive assortments of styles,
weights and fabrics to select from this season than ever before.
Exclusive Agents for Munsingwear
in the Court of Cummun I'Icdm, "Wood
Count", Ohio.
.Ilui-Karct HnjcK, lMulntllT,
TJioninN II. 8111. etr., Dcfi-iidantx.
inonias H. SIU: th" unknown heirs at
iaw, uevisuL-s, R-Lraicea. iiuminlstrutura
una executora or suiu 'iliomua tu aul if
.iO la ueceuaou; Joanna, bill, wire or
.v'ldow ot sala U'huimiH ri. bin: tho un
known nclis ut law, ueviaees, legatees,
aunilmscrators ana executors 01 satu
joauna bill if Bhe is deceased, will take
nonce tnat on the 17th day of October,
iiill). Margaret Hayes llled her petition
.11 the Court of Common Fleas of Wood
bounty, Ohio, in Cause No. 1U543 against
.he uuuve named parties an defendants,
and each of them, prayine for a. Judg
ment and decree quieting title In, and
uxciudlng said names from, any lnteri
.tfi in the east three-fourths (&) of In
L.ot No. 6G9 in the Villago of Perrysburg
vVood County, Ohio, and that the de
scription of "real cstato in a deed from
i'liomas H. Hill and wife, by Elijah
Huntington their Attorney In Fact, to
Henry Wygant. recorded in Volume Jl.
page 430, Itecorda of Deeds of Wood
County, Ohio, may be reformed and
correctedby describing the same as In
1-ot No. 56U, in the Village of Perrys
burg, Wood County, Ohio, instead of In
lAt No. 667. Plaintiff states that she is
the owner in fee simple of, In actual
possession of, and has the legal title to.
the east three-fourths () of said In
isot No. 5bt that said defendants, and
each of them, have no interest or title
thoreln, that their apparent title or es
tate is null and void and of no effect,
and that the same casts a cloud upon
plaintiffs title; that January 2, 1849, for
a valuable consideration said Thomas'
H. Sill and wife, grantors, by said At
torney In Fact, intending to convey said
in iiot xno. otrj, aid, uy tno mutual mls-
mite ot saiu grantors, ana tnelr At
torney In Fact, and Henry Wygant their
grantee, wrlto tl,o description In tho
aeed of conveyance to said Wygant "In
Lot NO. 667 In the Town of Perrysburg,
Wood County. Ohio:" that said Wygant
thereupon took actual possession of said
In Lot No. 669, and that all those claim
ing under and through him have ever
since occupied said In Lot No. 669; that
thereafter said Wygant and his wife,
grantora, mode a deed of wild In Lot No.
j69 ttf one Samuel Fahrer; that by the
mutual mistake of said grantors and
grantee tho name of Samuel Fahrer was
written "Samuel Faher" ln said deed:
that Samuel Fahrer was tho samo por
son Intended by tho name Samuel
Faher: that plaintiff owns and holds the
east three-fourths (94) of' said lot by
direct, clear and Indefeasible chain of
title from said Honry Wygant by doeds
from htm and his assigns and those
holding under and through him: that
possession actual, peaceable, open, no
torious, continuous, exclusive, uninter
rupted and adverse was taken and hold
by each and all of the grantees of the.
title of, In, and to said ICast three
fourths (94) of said In Lot No. 6G9 from
their respective grantors, such posses
sion continuing uninterruptedly from
tho date said Henry Wygant took actual
possession of said In Lot No. 669, that
plaintiff has been unable byi the exer
cise of reasonable diligence tjb ascertain
tho residence of any of said UefendantB.
The prayer of said petition is that tho
description of the real ostatS In said
deed to Honry Wygant mny bo reform
ed and corrected bv denrrllilnir thn unmn
as In Lot Number 669 In the Village of
roiijouurti woou uouniy, unio: mat
tho defendants may bo required to set
forth their intoreatu in said Bast three
fourths () of said In Lot No. 669; that
the claims of defendants may be ad
Judged null and void and plaintiff's title
quieted against jjucIi claims; that de
fendants be forever enjoined from as
serting any interest in said real estate,
that tho cloud upon the title of said real
estate be removed, and for such other
ana lurtner ronei as may be equitable
and Just.
Said defendants are required to
answer said notttlon on or before the
20th day of 'December, 1919, or Judg
ment will bo taken against them.
' . MAUQAnBT HAYES. 'Plaintiff.
By W. H. noose and John It. Calder
36f Attorneys.
Estate of Anna Smith, deceased.
Wlcitert Smith has been appointed
ana quaiuleu as Executor of the estate
oi Anna bmitn. late of Wood County,
Ohio, ueceaseu. Dated this 22nd aay of
October. A. D. 1919.
11. O. B1STL1NE,
Probate Judge of said Cou nty.
1 House and lot on Indiana Ave. Pbt
buxvjo, good location.
2 Modern home on Second St., alley
lot, an conveniences, a line home.
3 7-room house at the corner of
Louisiana Ave. and 6th St. Lot
buxio'u, one. of the hnest locations in
I'errysDure, O., at a bargain.
4 G-room house and lot on Third at.
Cellar, city water, well, cement cis
tern, garage and truit. A fine
home uc a reasonable price.
o Modern house and tnree lots on
Louisiana Ave., one ot the hnest
homes in Perrysburg.
6 20 acres, good soil, good buildings,
lour miles irom Perrysburg, O.
Several good larms lor sale.
Ceal Bitate Aceat. Pwmfcurs, OW.
iVIodern 5-room house, cellar, furnace,
gas, electricity; lot 117x272 or -acre.
Well located. Priced low.
Lot 50x130 in Rossbach addition, lays
Vz block from Main street. Priced
very low. Short time.
6-room house and hall, four closets,
built-in cuppoards and sideboard.
Has gas for light and heat. Well
and cistern. Lot 77x272.
3 acres, 4 miles West of Maumee.
Best of clay loam, on state road and
stoned. Priced right.
80 acres, heavy timbered, sand, 1
miles nortrh of Whitehouse.. Tools
and stock included. Priced low. Will
Also have other property to sell.
M. B. MeFillett
Phone Main 229. 209 West Fifth St.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Real Estate Bargains.
New h nil no nf ft -rnnma wtfVi linfl.
and cellar. hnrHwnnri flnnra in imml
location and near car line; has gas and
electric lights.
New house of 7 rooms, with bath
and cellar, furnnrn. nnii mnrlavn In nil
respects; also garage; close to car line.
Also some line building lots on the
corner of 7th street and Louisiana ave
nue. TheSO lntn hnvn crnn lawmv wofot.
and electric lights. Lots 60x132,
Kino homo on Second street ot-7
rooms nnd bath, celar; modern in all
respects. .a
' j
&5&sM frr
- 1 '
V. -J-tfalA-Afit'.- 3fe.i.. '.i'.'jfr..,1. -J'-iJuWa
: Jt.lSte--vt- '- lit
v. ifewi ,j t , ik.AA,TijV

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