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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, November 06, 1919, Image 8

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New York MKW Ii.h ji well, estab
lished uiid well patronized set of
"rolling -stoics" ou Its "streets,
wherein the necessary food mod
nets r.re sold at a small nihiluiinn of
Itroflt to the consumer. Twenty
five jf thee stores nre now operat
ing to combat the high cos.1 of living.
It Is eipected that within a month
two or three hundred will be opemt
Ing'the same as in the awompuny
ing illumes. Whoever possible vet
erans of the war are used js sales
men. The "lolling stoics" do uot n.-sert
they can bring back those old days.
They seem to . be beyond recall.
Whnt I hey do tualiitnln. however, la
that l, eliminating the large over
head c.pcuse which must be met In
most ordluary stores they can very
materially lessen the -nt of food
tuffs to the consumer.
" Of course, theie are no nicely
" piiainrlli-il cases or counters In these
new stoma. Nor are there any suave
clerks who have the art of selling
groceries down to a finesse and .vtio
can make you feel you are just nat
urally a downright skinflint If you
don't buy the best butter nt eighty-
five cents a pound. A driver and
two e.x-soldlers are the only clerks
about the "rolling stores.'' They
are Jolly and obliging, but you can
take their wares or leave 'em, Just
as yon please.
'In reply to a question in the Brit
ish House of Commons, Bonar Law,
the government leader, said thnt all
necessary preparations for the trial
of William Ilohcu.ollern were being
made. As to a demnml upon Ilollnnd
tp stui'puiler the c'-Kulser for trinl,
Air. Law explained that thK could
not lie done until all the Powers had
ratified the Treaty of Peace.
A committee of tin It. S. House
of Representatives has leported al
moHt unanimously thnt Victor L. Ber
ber, elected as a Congiessman from
tho Milwaukee district, Is unfit for
membership in the House. This prob
ably means that Berger will be ex
pelled or not permitted to take his
seut He was under Indictment for
disloyalty under the espionage law,
when he wns elected, and was nfter
wurtls convicted.
Haslily speculative markets have
had too little regard for present ad
verse factors In the industrial situa
tion, in the opinion of many conserva
tive observers.
Decline is rcgnidcd lis the natuinl
and inevitable consequence. The fu
ture outlook is clouded, ami doubt ex
ists as to the tenacity of present
prices. .Some speculative Issues have
advanced 'JOO Hi 400 per cent since
January 1. The labor sulfation causes
arave concern, although the specula
tive element have been prone to Ig
nore it. The market refused to be
stampeded by imminence of the coal
.dike mid threats of a railroad strike.
Call money rates .scared again, nf
ter a period of steadiness. In general
Arm money Is expected. Exchange
has been consclcuously weak, but the
trade conference promised agreement
upon credits soon.
Whether the farmer will sell his
corn readily or hold for higher prices
Terminal Auditorium
Dec. 4th to 12th
10 A. M. to 10:30 P. M. Daily
Advance Sale of Tickets (Half Price) 25c
Admission at Gate 50c
has been the question puzzling grain
traders. Inquiries sent broadcast re-,
suited In an iutlux of mixed opinions.
The hog market has been a good baro
meter of the pi ice trend. Advance
in hogs produces advance In corn,
while decline brings weakness in the
major grain. The stock market, too,
has greatly inllueiiced the price of
grain. The industrial situation has
caused the trade much worry, and has
created a great deal of uncertainty.
Heavy rains In Texas, shipments
fiom the Argentine, lack of export
demand, and clear cold weather,
which Is essentiul to conditioning of
the crop, husking, and an early move
ment, have exerted bearish pressure.
On the other hand, light offerings
from the country, wet weather. Presi
dent Wilson's stand on the labor
question have been litilll hltems of
importance. While many talk of an
advance in corn, no rapid advance is
expected. The railroad permit sys
tem and acute shortage of cars have
curtailed shipments.
Oats to .a great extent have been
controlled by the trend of corn. Fluc
tuations have been narrow. The mar
ket needs some incentive to encourage
buying. .
Some revival of strength featured
the hog market after the prolouged
slump. Strikes at several points have
been a bearish' Influence. Shipping
orders have been large at times. With
export trade Indefinitely checked by
rates of exchange, a stronger market
depends upon increased domestic
consumption, which has been much
affected by high prices. The quality
of cattle marketed recently has uot
been especially good, and it is be
lieved the country Is likely to uuload
short-fed stuff 'excessively between
now nnd Christmas, thus depressing
prices. While receipts have increased
feeder demand has waned. Choice
stuff Is well taken, while poorer
grades have moved more slowly.
The demand for sheep and lambs
has been Indifferent to fair. The Iowa
corn llelds have dumped large num
bers of Western lambs on the market.
Rco That the Collar Pits.
"Vfhenovar I buy a now suit,"
Ealtl tho wnninn who htul a new suit
for o orv s"asrm "my hunbaml al
wts loo'ii at tho collar, nnd If thai
suit i him hn saya Il'fl nn excellent
tit. When 1 announce, that I'm go
ing on u shopping trip ho always ini
moal hco me to s;ot ri good lilting
collar. It's true of most hum who
observo women's clothes at nil that
tho set of the collar determines
wheher thoy think, a woman Is well
dressed or not I supposo It's be
cause the plainness of masculine at
tire make a snug, welt-shapcd collar
an absolute necessity to a well
groomed appearance.
"And I believe men aro right
about Insisting on this feature In a
woman's suit, and that women would
do well to pay less attontlon to the
flt over the hips and bust and pay
more attention to the collar. A bulg
ing collar can make tho entire suit
look ugly, while a somowhat careless
fit In other lines may be forslven if'
tho collar only looks trim.
Hector's Strange Funeral.
A curious request regarding hU
funeral wns made by the Rev. Paulet
Mildmay Compton, for fifty-eight
years rector of Mappleton, a few
dn3 before his death.
The body was placed In a plain
oak coflln nnd, covered with prim
roses, was covoyed by means of a
fanner's wagon, drawn by a team of
four horses, ,to tho railway station,
nine miles away. The tails and
manes ot the animals were plaited
with straw and the team was han
dled by a smocked driver.
The cortege was followed by a
large crowd of 'villagers, to whom
the aged rector had endeared himself
during his over half a century's min
istration. At the railway station a special
train was In waiting, and the coffin,
wagon 'and horses were conveyed to
Romsey. near Southampton. Here
the. coflln was again placed on the
wagon and conveyed to MInsted. the
seat of the Compton family.
Neu York
iston TTiT ITTlft JNew xo,
Ahoona l vll-dlrlU Pittsburgh
Jleyer Jonasson & Got
209-211 Summit Street
1 Announce
Our Annual 'November
Offering Exceptional Values
for Women and Misses
28 48 68
A distinctive assortment of coats in which the
quality and style are the outstanding features at the
'especially attractive prices.
Crown 5 & 10 Cent Wall Paper Co.
318 Superior Street TOLEDO, OHIO.
A quickening demand featured the
wool market after weeks of lethargy.
Several large maufacturers made pur-1
chases. iFIne wools lead the field, as I
heretofore, but the demand for me-
dlum grade wools has Increased, In.
harmony with recent predictions.
The foreign markets have till been
very buoyant, except ns regards low
crossbred wools, which commund low
prices. In England the tone Is
healthy nnd prices nre Himly main
tained. Plans for shipping the first
80,000 bales of Australian and New
Zealand wools to Boston on British
government account have been com
pleted. The domestic goxdM market Lt
active with prices holding firm nnd
wages tending upward. f
Clothes that will fit you
and give service
There's a real reason for the greater values we
offer; you'll find it in the buying power afforded
by our two-store organization; in our facilities for
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them on to you. "Satisfaction guaranteed," of
course "money cheerfully refunded."
$35 v$40 $45 $50
Wonderful things to choose from; young men's
ultra smart ulsterettes; full belted styles; belt
back models; belted ulsters in the richest of
weaves, including imported CrombieVScotches;
Wintermoor fabrics; wind-proof friezes; storm
ulsters'; blanket back weaves; leather lined coats;
deep fleeces; motor coats; the new buttonless
style; fine meltons, beavers, Montagnacs in Ches
terfield and box styles; fitted coats; raglan types;
beautifully tailored; prices in most cases no higher
than a year ago
Ample selections in these fine suits; assortments
such as you would hardly expect to find under
present conditions; young men's strictly new
double breasted models; many belted styles; ar"-V
tistic plain back models; dignified custom-like
styles for men; fine velours, tweeds, soft worsteds,
silk mixtures, rich new colorings, $35, $40, $45,
$50, $60 to $75.
tt-im, IK. lVBtislslwaTBBB
f T WnWrsT W
H 11
.MsHB svt.
bbUHsw bHHIi?sW?
Copyright Hart, SchnfTner & Marx.
11 ( All-Wool fur collared coats as low as $30, $35,$40; very
c i special showing of extra values at $50, $60: and' $70 ,
Hart Schaffner & Marx boys suits
If you can afford to pay for the very best boys' clothes, these are the kind you
want; many parents believe it is true economy to buy these superior clothes, 'that "are
made in the same fine manner as our Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes for meh. Sizes
8 to 18 years; beautiful new models, $20 to ,$35. p , ,' , -. T.-s'wfc.
Corduroy suits
$7.95, $8,50 to $J2.50
They're made of Crompton's all-weather
corduroys; they're by far the best values we
know of In boys' moderately priced suits.
Mall oi'ders solicited. Premiums
All-wool slipbvers
$5 to' $12.50
These are. the. sweaters boys want; made
college style in a great variety of lively col
ors in combinations and plain shades. Good
sweaters from $3.50. 9
for 'boys, with every purchase. ll f.
The B R Baker Qo
The home of Hart Schaffner &Marx Clothes'.
Ij . n j,
435-441 Summit Street, Toledo Ohio j -Jj
U . . i- w fl Vv i 4to.. wrlJ" HihSr
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