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The Reality ot tho Performance Near
j Cost tho Actor His Iilfc.
' The lato Joseph Jefferson used to
Bay jhat hla career camn very near
being" nipped In the bud in a Wos
ern town. Ho at that time was a
member of a small pioneer company
which progressed by monna of three
"bull teams" from ono mining camp
to another. They were always heart
ily received by the miners and cow
boys, who readily paid the flvo dol
lars in gold required to witness their
performance. Mr. Jefferson 'Was tho
traditional melodramatic villain, and
in tho third act was supposod to kid
nap "tho child." Tho supposed
mother, hearing Its cries, rushes
upon the scene just as ho is about to
escape, and Area a fruitless shot
from a revolver.
Upon this particular occasion all
had gone woll until this scene was
reached, and tho nudlenco, many of
whom had never beforo seen any
kind of theatrical performance,
eat as if spellbound. At tho crack of
tho mother's revolver, tho spell was
rudely broken.
"By heaven, she missed him!" a
red-shlrted miner in tho front row
shouted, drawing his own "six-shooter"
and leaping to his feet. "Itound
to the bnck door and head him off
'fore he can git a boss, hoys:" ho
yelled, and, following him. half the
audience stampeded for ihe exit.
The excitement was f.nally allayed
by the "mother" and the villain ap
pearing hand In hand beforo the enr
talu and the manager's explanation
of the situation. When tlu perform
ance had been concluded, the audi
ence .insisted on paying knottier ad
mission price "and having an',-Immediate
repetition from beginning; to
end. Success Magazine.
To Dry end Polish Glass.
An inexpensive and very good cloth
tor, drying and polishing sllv?r and
glass may be obtained nt any depart
ment Store. Procure a half dozen
small turkish towels. You will find
thnt they not only quickly and com
pletely nbsorb the moisture, hut that
the rough cloth is invaluable as n
polisher of both silver and glnss, and
it rducos the labor of rubbing to a
The Resourceful Girl.
She is a Torfcct treasure, and far
more necetsnry for the comrort ot a
home than n patent carpet-sweeper or
tven a telephone. Her suggestions in
an emergency are always sensible and
to the point; she doe3 not wnstc time
in moaning and groaning over what
enn't be helped, and makes the best
of whatever material comes to hand
The largest steam turbine ever
built, developing lOU.tlOU lioisuiuwcr,
has licen installed in street rail
way power house at New York Cily.
At full load, the unit takes 3'Jn.Oiiii
pounds of steam an hour. All the
elements, which in lin cmuiitciicy
can be used independently, run -at
t.suti revolutions per minute, clmtiiu
twenty-livc-cyelc tlirec-pttae ueti
erators of ao.tltli) kilowatt e.iolt. at
11,000 volH. The three eiu'r':iliir
c unbilled have a tun-liinir omlivul
capacity of 70.0(10 lilmvMli;.
A Substitute for Soap.
Dolled potatoes make an excellent
eubstltute for soap If your hands huvir
becomo blnckcncd with contact with
pots nnd pans. Take a little ot tho
potato and rub well Into the skin,
then rinse It off with Warm water.
Clcanlnr) Decanters.
A handful ot coarse salt and a cup
ful of vinegar tOinkcn up well In n
cloudy decanter will elenn it ,ll!:1
mnglc. " '
Ulnse well with vrry hotAvntor sp-p-M
tin1" In tf'np all t'"(tr if so'"
Fnrm nnd Knctorjr Molora, Murine Motor for Work or Plenrr llualt.
Motor An-i-tiitorlcn. Practical Ilepulrinu. Elr-rlo Ughtlng Ontllt
PiiniplUK Outfit. How Hunt Motorn. IjtnHlon Appnrntu
Dnttrrlra. Spnrk Colin. MniruetOH. Gcncrntum. bwltrhra, etc.
THE E. M. LANDIS CO.. Wholesale and
No. 6 St. Clair St. TOLEDO, OHIO
Both Phone
leuulc, a deer, one year old, promenaded up and down Fifth uveune, in
Xew York city, with Miss Pauline Hall, of the "Apple Blossoms" company,
playing In that city. According to Miss Hall, Jennie did war duty on board
the U. S. S. Kearsarge as a mascot. Jennie was disinclined at times to fol
low Miss Hall, and a bottle of milk was used to Induce her to moke her be
havlor conform to Fifth avenue standards.
New Guinea is the home of a large
percentage of the world's birds of
paradise. The supply of these beauti
ful birds is fast failing. Not only do
the women of Europe and America
demand feathers for their bonnets,
but the natives of New Guinea and
surrounding islands make lavish use
of the plumage as head dresses.
Sonic precautions are now taken
to prevent visitors to New Guinea
from killing the "most beautiful
birds in the world," but the native
are left alone and they continue to
deck tlUmiselvcs out in capes and
headpieces more .gorgeous than au
seen on our stage beauties or the
wives of our millionaires.
In New Guinea it is the man who
affects bird of paradise decorations
The women, like tin. finale bird of
paradise, are inconspicuous in dull
To obtain the much p-ized feathers,
the New Guinea pal s set nut foi
the forest, knowing that the bird ol
paradise seeks to conceal his rain
bow hues in the dense foliage of the
trees. If they 'can find no haunt of
the 'desired birds they start calling"
in excellent imitation of the shrill,
ugly cry of the hird of paradise to
its mate. This inse -is usually .suc
cessful, and a bird shows itself on!
to be snared or shot down with
blunt arrows.
In mating season the male hint
dancefefoVc the female hird he de
sires as a mate tq display hi-, beaut i
ful feathers, and at such times, si.
absorbed are the birds in their own
affairs, that large numbers are t.-skci
easily by the wily natives.
Houtuhold Hbrfc' -
What to Do In Emergencies.
What 'would you do If you found a
man seriously injured? Would you
know the proper way to relieve hla
sufferings? The Pennsylvania rail
road recently has taken a long step
toward preparing Its employes for
such an emergency. Medical examin
ers ot the relief department are giv
ing lectures at every division point,
and their work is supplemented by
the Issuance or "Flret Aid" packets
nnd pamphlets telling what to do
when a man Is huit. Here are the di
rections, which ovary one t-liould
Hcmonhagc Place compresses on
the bleeding rnrt and secme (Irmly
with the cambric bandage. If this
falls, tic a bandage around (lie limb
between the point c! heoiorihape and
tho 1 ody, and twM tichtly with a
stick until bleeding stopa.
Fiacturc Eioken bones nhould be
treated with splints tccurru In posi
tion by triangular and oth-r ban
dages. Folded newspapers, pieces of
board or an thing sufficient to pre
sent movement of the broken ends o
bones, upon each other will answer.
Burns Do not forcibly lemore
clothing: cut the clothes away, If nec
essary. Common baking pow'der, dis
solved in water, shook! be used to
saturate the bandage. Don't use oil
preparations; they are liable to causo
Shock From Accident Don't give
whiskey, drugs or any other stimu
lant; use hot coffee, hot milk and oth
er hot drinks and blankets, hot-water
bottles, etc.
Unconsciousness Loosen the 'cloth
Saxon Auditorium Toledo 2
Ing about the neck and abdomen and
give the sick person plenty of air, lay
ing him upon Mils back in a quiet
Fits Keep the person quiet nnd on
his back, loosen his clothing and1 bo
careful ho does not injure hlmrelf.
Sunstroke nnd Ehnustion In tho
former apply Ire to the head and ab
domen, and in the latter treat as in
a case of shock.
In nil cases lhro In authority are
urged to KEEP COOL, send for tho
nearent physicirn and avoid touching
open wounds with the hanc.-i.
Member Better Business Commission
Adams at Huron Street, Toledo, Ohio
Butter Honey Cake.
1 1-2 cups honey, 1-2 cup butter, 3
egg yokes, 5 cups Hour, 2 teaspoons
ground cinnamon, 1-2 teaspoon salt,
1 1-2 teaspoons i--oda, 2 tablespoons
orange-dower water (water may be
substituted), whites of three eggs.
Tttib together the honey nnd buttor,
add the unbeaten yolks and beat thor
oughly. Add the (lour sifted with the
cinnamon and the call and the soda
dissolved in the orange-flower water.
Beat the mixture thoroughly and add
the well-beaten whites of the eggs.
Bake in shallow tins and cover wlih
To Cave Candles.
If you would Iinve jour candles Inst
alraor.t twice as long ar, they usually
do, try the following plan: Hqld
each candle by the wick and give it
a coat of white varniih. Then put tho
candles away for a day or two to
harden. The varnish p events the
gicase from running and preserves
the life of the car.dlo many nous.
liT i
Coats for the Girl of
High School Age
The girl of 1 5, 1 7, and 1 9 years is pretty apt to
.drive mother to desperation when it comes to select
ing a winter coat. She wants the cleverest coat in
town, while mother is mightily concerned about
warm linings, sturdy seams and serviceable mate
rials. Is it not so?
Our display of junior coats is such that daughter
is delighted and mother is'more than satisfied.
A navy blue cheviot coat has a bright red flannel
lining. Just the thing for a school girl, $29.50.
A brown velour coat with kit coney collars is $35.,
A double faced, boyish-looking coat is plaid within
and dark gray-brown without. Collar and cuffs are
plaid, $35.
typical, natural-colored polo coat is very girlish,
An Egyptian (or burgundy) red coat is of invisible plaid
silvertone. The collar is seal, $59.50. A beaver colored
silvertone coat with loosepanel back and raccoon collar is
A tan plumette coat has big Hudson seal collar. Another
of Pekin blue has natural raccoon collar, $75.
A silver tip bolivia coat is luxuriously collared with nutria,
Third Floor.
p . s , : 1
4 Nights Nov. 9, 10, 11 and 12 i
j Special Matinee Tuesday PEACE DAY 4
R F. Ray Co'mstock and William Elliott Present I hi Sixlh New J W
B York Princess Theatre Musical Comedy Success K
OH! $
m Book and Lyrics by Guy Bolton and P. 0. Wodeliouse d W
K Music by Louis A. Hir.sch d Mj
We Se)1 for Cash Therefore Our Prices Are Lower
R As Played at the Princess Theatre, Where It, Delighted New York
m and Its Millions for OVer One Year.
d A Princess Theatre Cast and ' ' ' R
8 Chorus of Dainty Mjsses. K
4 MAIL ORDERS NOW Nights $2.00 to 75c; Matinee $1.50 to 00c. S
-,, . I
? commencing 1 nursoay, jnov. l6 t
4 3 Nights Matinee Saturday 4
m iiiwutsB ricuuu giuKtuS vuuicwcwic K
IN- - '. - 2
i f
f A Joyous Musical 'Play with 4.
225227 SUMMIT ST.
Ready Now a Masterly Variety of Beautiful Fur and
Fur Fabric Coats Combining Warmth, Beauty and Value
d "Florence Morrison and the New York Casr.
B Six months at the Nora: BaVs Theatre
1 I
Night Prices $2.00 to 75c Mat. Sat. $1.50 to 50c. t
5 S
Plush aud Fur Fabric
Every Wanted Style of
the Hour
Long and Short
Come in Tontorrow, try them
mi. Hundreds of garments and
dozens and dozens of styles to
chqose from. You'll iind ar
prices moderate in comparison
with garments elsewhere of equal
style and quality.
The largest showing of its kind
in Toledo. No matter what price
you want to pay or what style
you want, whether plain or fur
trimmed, long or short style, you
will find your Coat here among
the hundreds of handsome gar
ments, $2875 to J185
Every garment in our tremendous stock is conclusive,
proof of our constant effort to give our customers more
style and more value per dollar than elsewhere in this en
tire city.
Dependable Fur
30, 36 to 40-In. Lengths
Plain & Trimmed
Models r
Kit Coney and Brown
Coney Coats, $77.50 t
Special offer of 10. 30 and 30-
inch Coney Coats. Kegular $100
Marmot Coats
$125 to $165
30 to 36-inch lengths, Hare
hack, belted fronts, made of
prime selected,, .skins. 7-
Sealioe Coats
$155 to $235
Worth 2bco to 40 more. 30
inches, plain and squirrel trim
med Coatsi,
Hudson Seal Coats
$295 to $685
lm-ry desirable length, plain
and trimmed styles, of nrime
'-J. I
L' .11-

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