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Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, December 11, 1919, Image 9

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A Story of Today
"Then l'lmaglne as much. He has
lomfl hold upon your father, obtained
by that which happened In Bukharcat
many yfeara ago. Do you know pre
elaelr what his claim lit"
"Hie father's liberty. The old Cre
Taller Georges Odin la a prisoner In
one of the mines on the borders of
the" Black Sea. The Count declares
that this Is my father's work. I can
not tell you If It be true or false. If
It fa true, I will see that we leave no
stone unturned to set Oeorges Odin
free. I wlBh I could be so sure that
his liberty will bring no peril upon
my father."
"The men were enemies, then?"
"I have understood as much. They
were rivals for my dead mother's
"And your father profited by his
enemy's political misfortune?"
"I must believe It, since ho Is afraid
to give this man his liberty.'.''
"A natural fear In Roumanla; not,
I think, In England. Will you let me
ask how your marriage with the-young
Count would help your father In his
"I do not know, unless It la assumed
that as Georges Odin's daughter-in-law,
I should pay the debt my father
"And save him from a purely Imag
inary danger?"
"Would you think It purely lmagln
arry when you remember the guests
we entertain In our Park?"
"The gypsies could the police say
nothing to them? Remember we are
living in England, where all the fine
sentiments preached In Southern Eu
rope are so many heroics to be laugh
pl nt If a Roumanian were to chat
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ft !BH
-I WH'wM
$ ::!.::::.
i ''.'"-'.-.-.-:.-.'
S . iilpi
i spw
i mm
. 0WJ0M0U
' '''''VW"'
I ::'-.'BJf .'v
7 &w!&&
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I T C&T.I&77
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(Business Feature Service.)
The market abundantly fulfilled
predictions when it recently enter
ed a period or dullness and irregu
larity from which it is not expected
to emerge until after the new year,
although sporadic rallies of a specu
lative nature may occur. While loan
ing repeatedly at six and seven per
cent, call money has not been plen
tiful and bankers still take occa
sion to emphasize the money string
ency, nasmuch as the position of
the Federal Reserve banks has im
proved but little, and deflation out
side Wall street has made but little
headway, the present seems an un
propitious time for any considerable
speculative advance. Underlying in
dustrial and political conditions like
wise hold the market in check,
among which may be named the
tangle over the peace treaty and
demoralized exchange, the possibil
ity of war with Mexico, and the
crippling effects of the coal strike
New York
lenge me to avenge the honor or my
ancestors by cutting his throat In the
Carpathians, I should put his letter
among my curiosities. Vendettas and
secret societies and sub absurdities
have no place among us outside the
theatre. That's why I say that this
matter should be dealt with In an
English way. If your father has done
any man a wrong, he, as an English
gentleman, will do his best to put It
right All the rest Is merely talk.
It should not even be taken Into ac
count, and would not be, I think, un
less there are circumstances of which
I know nothing. That Is why I speak
with reservation. I know so little ot
your father, and he is one of the most
difficult men to know that I have
Evelyn shook her head.
"Every man Is difficult to know and
every woman," he said philosophical
ly; "those who seem most superficial
are often the people we understand
least Here am I talking to you as
I have never talked to anyone in all
my life, and yet you know nothing
about me whatever."
"I differ from that entlre'y."
"Indeed, it is true. If it were not.
you would not have asked me whv I
let them say that I am going to mar
ry Count Odin."
"You let them say It because it is
too foolish to contradict"
"Nothing of the kind. I let them
say it because my mother would have
married his father had her wishes
been consulted. Oh, I know that so
well'. Every day my inheritance
speaks to me. I am afraid of him, and
yet am drawn toward him. I detest
him and yet go to him. Do you won
der that London seems my only way
of eacape-the theatre Where Etta
Itomney can come to- life again and
Evelyn be forgotten?"
She spoke with some excitement as
she always did when the silent voice
within told her again of those tri
umphs awaiting her upon the stage In
London whenever she had the mind
to seek them. Gavin thought that he
understood her; but her confession
troubled him none the less. Almost
formal as their conversation had been,
there was that in the timbre of their
voices, in their steps, their gestures,
their looks, which declared the pleas
ure of their intimacy and would have
betrayed the mutual secret to any
who might have overheard them.
Love, Indeed, laughed aside at the
prim phrases and the mock sophis
tries and none realized this more
surely than Gavin.
"I hope it would be as a last re
source," said Gavin presently, still
thinking of her threat to return to
the theatre. "You must not forget
that your friends may have something
to say in the matter."
"My friends! Who are my friends?"
she exclaimed hotly. "The chatter
ing doctor, who is always looking for
an excuse to feel my pulse. The vicar,
who is so dreadfully afraid of his wife
hearing the nonsense he talks to me.
Young John Hall, who can speak of
nothing else but Yorkshire cricket
scores. I have no friends unless It
be the dogs.'"
Gavin drew a little nearer to her,
and r on fronting her suddenly, he said:
"Then here is a new breed of hound
and one that will be faithful."
She turned away her head, forget
ting that the darkness hid her crim
son cheeks fioin him.
"I must not listen to you I, who
ata to be Count Odin's wife," she said.
Producers of corn who intended
holding may And it too late to change
tnoir opinion or the market and re
lease their stocks. Cars arc very
scarce and the acute shortage of coal
has handicapped the carriers.
Bulish sentiment recently passed
its crest, the feeling is, light offer
ings, the possible railroad tie-up,
and the Mexican tangle were power
ful bull factors. Foreign exchange
rates nave fallen to new low records
and many foreign orders of Ameri
can cornh'ave been canceled. Trade
has been slow and the outlook un
certain. Wheat prices have reached the
highest prices of the season in some
markets. Oats have sympathized
with corn to a great extent. Large
sales for export were rumored with
the seaboard a good buyer. Some
trades touched the highest price this
Hog quotations have been unusual
of late. At times there is stubborn
resistance against movement either
way, while occasionally sharp jumps
have been witnessed with no appar
ent reason. Packers have balked at
paying higher prices on the advance
and the whole situation is weak.
The clement of strength injected
into the wool market persists. Firm
prices arc expected at the last series
of Colonial wool sales held in Lon
don this year. Another government
auction opens in Boston December
9, and still another ajnuary 7. For
eign markets are all strong. Ameri
can manutacturers used b'J,lK)0,(KIU
pounds of wool in October, the larg
est consumption since May, 1918.
Fortunately Australia bas large sup
plies of line grade wool and impor
tations will help supply the unusual
demand for better grades. The do
mestic supply of medium and low
grade wools is large.
209-211 Summit Street
(Chicago News.)
A kiss in time may prevent nine.
The noblcbt , ursutt of woman Is
a honest man.
All work and no plagiarism is npi
to make a dull sermon.
A humorist earn the Joke that
isn't private is uo laughing matter.
The sneer of the jealous too is
apt to prcclaim the wise man's
Many a man who knows his own
mind has a somewhat limited ac
quaintance. , Hoarding aoueea are probably to
called becuuse a man Is expected to
plank down in advance.
The repartee you think of when
It Is everlastingly too late to work
off may save you a friend. i
What a change a woman makes
In a man's life and what r lot ot '
change- she requires while making
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