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Toledo REAL
at the GREATER Tiedtke's
Begins Monday, Feb. 9th
1 NBBl'ifiKJSSil
a - . lllilteisifesllslf
1sOte- n H COT ra-r D Uil) HCfesfflfl 2 3
The Most Important, Most Welcome Sale Event of These Critical Times
An Unparalleled Offering of Immense Quantities of Specially Purchased Merchandise of Good Reliable Qualities,,
In Many Cases, at or Below. Today's Wholesale Prices Toledo's Semi-Annual Bargain Event Supreme!
T NDER PRESENT CONDITIONS, we are as proud to announce Toledo's Real Mill End
XJ Sale as YOU are glad to hear about it. Its welcome is assured, like that of an old
friend among friends all tried and true. It will send such an electric thrill throughout
this entire section that folks will be on the tip-toe of expectation and enthusiasm just
WAITING IMPATIENTLY for the sale to begin. .
Toledo's Real Mill End Sale is held as a matter of duty to the public. These critical times
demand that PRICES BE LOWERED. It is a task for the stout heart and the strong arm
of a GIANT '--and "The Big Store" has thrown the full weight of all its strength into this
mighty smashing effort. Undismayed by a market of sky-high prices and appalling scar
city of merchandise at any price. "The Big Store" practically canvassed America for these
Mill End Sale purchases placing contracts months ago at prices, which are now utterly out
of the question. We- bought for this sale with the power of many stores buying as ONE
buying ANY quantity, no matter how large, provided only that the QUALITY be good,
the goods desirable and the price low enough to mean GENUINE SAVINGS for our Mill
End Sale customers.
We bought at such low prices that other merchants would like to buy these goods
at these Mill End Sale retail prices, and make a profit selling them to you again at
today's retail prices. But we hold this sale for YOUR benefit. In many instances
in this Sale, YOU can own your own goods
other stores must PAY TODAY.
at practically the same prices that
These are not the kind of bargains that need an auctioneer at $500.00 a day, or ex
travagant advertising, funny talk and pictures, and clownish, schoolboy antics.
What bargains (?) those must be that require such frantic efforts to sell them!
Such heavy expense MUST be added to the prices, by hook or crook. O, No! To
ledo's Real Mill End Sale Bargains will SELL THEMSELVES. Our only concern
will be how to wait on the crowds fast enough.
Toledo's Real Mill End Sale will be an appropriate "opening" of our enlarged store building,
What could be more fitting! We built a "greater" Tiedtke's because the enormous 'in
crease in public patronage DEMANDED more room. . Even in the additional space, we are
wondering if there will be room enough for the CROWDS AND . CROWDS that will
throng to this great sale. .
Unless you possess unlimited wealth, or are wilfully wasteful of your money, you
cannot afford to miss this great chance,
hands. Come and HELP YOURSELF!
Your future prosperity is in your own
These are Jtist "Samples" of Mill End Sale Bargains Picked from Hundreds and Hundreds!
Bargains are Heaped High on Every Table and Counter! You Ought to Just Come and SEE Them and See the CROWDS Even If You Think You Don't Need a Thing!
Silk Crepe de .Chine, yd. $1.78
Every thread pure silk, 36 and 40 -inches -wide;
light and dark shades; "way below wholesale. '
35 inch Black Taffeta, yd. $2.19
Heavy pure silk quality, compare with others'
2.75 gradesT limit 10 yards'
Novelty Dress Plaids,, yd. 44c
Pretty designs and color combinations in plaids
and checks; 75c value
72x90 inch Muslin Bed Sheets $1.37
Good quality, 3-inch hem, center seam, today's
$1.60 quality
Famous Makes of Dress Ginghams 29c
Such as Red Seal, York, Everett Classics. Mill
lengths, sells for 30c in fulL bolts. t
Large Size Huck Towels, each 22c
Fancy border, heavy quality, will launder well.
On today's market would sell for 30c
2450 Yards Fancy Flannelette 26c
Mill lengths, 2 to 10 yards, in full bolts would cost
30c. Mill End Sale yd. 26c
Standard Apron Ginghams, yd. 24c
5400 yards, mill lengths, 10 to 30 yds., Various
checks, fast colors, Mill End, yd. 24c
32 Inch Fancy. Percales, yd. 24c
3900 yards, light grounds, stripe's, dots, figures,
fast colors, today's 32c grade
3000 Yards Fancy Calicoes, yd. 17c
Dark and light grounds, neat shirting patterns;
costs more at- wholesale today, yd. 17c
Plain Blue Fast Color, Chambray 28c
3700 yards blue Chambray Gingham, 30-in. wide,
8 to 15 yard lengths, why pay 39c yd., 28c
Bleached Crash Toweling, yd. 18c -
Linen finish; heavy good wearing; worth 25c on to
day's market.
36-inch UnbleaChed Muslin, yd. 21 2c
Bought 6 months ago for this sale; 25 yard lengths;
compare it with other stores' 29c grade
340 doz. Bleached Huck Towels 12c
Fancy red border, medium size for ordinary use,
will cost more later, each 12c
Unbleached Outing Flannel, yd. 22c
4600 yards heavy soft fleecy; you'll pay 49c-and
32c for this quality soon
each day in Toledo's Real Mill
End Sale. It is UTTERLY IM
POSSIBLE to tell the WHOLE
jSTORY in this one page of your
(home newspaper. There are
such countless numbers of
them that HUNDREDS of Mill
End Sale bargains can never
even be mentioned at all but
they are HERE, like nuggets in a gold mine, rich
treasures, worth looking for. The best plan is to
come EVERY day. Then you won't miss anything.
Women's, Misses Suits,,only $16.66.
Correct styles in wool serges, navy and black;
suitable for Spring wear
Women's .Fine PlusK Coats $33.33
Guaranteed linings, late models with kimono
sleeves, belted front, full cut
Childs' Coats, 2 to 6 years, $3.55
Neat mixtures, belt and pockets, full lined, very
special Mill End Sale price $3.55
Children's Dresses 2 to 6 years 77c
Good quality plain color Chambray,' with pockets
and collar. Extra Mill End Special 77c
Big Lot of Muslinwear, Choice $1.29
Gowns, Petticoats Envelope Chemise, all Avell
made, all remarkable bargains
Women's Gingham House Dresses
Plaids, stripes and plain shades; regular and -extra
sizes. Save a dollar
New Spring Hats for only $3.79
Crepe-and-Straw, Satih-and-Straw, all Straw, all
Satin, newest colors and trimmings. 4.98 to' 6.50
Infants' Pretty Sweaters 99c
50 dozen; white, rose, copen; 1 to 4-year sizes; all
fresh and new, MilhEnd Sale 99c
Crisp, Clean Voile Waists, $1.66
Embroidery and lace trimmed; round, V or square
neck, regularly $2.25 to $2.98. Mill End Sale $1.66
House Dresses and Aprons $1.33
Plain and striped ginghams; regular and extra
sizes, light and dark shades
O: N. T. Crochet Cotton, per ball 3i2c
O. N.,T. Luster Cotton for crocheting, -knitting,
embroidering; white, cream and colors, limit 6
,per ball 34c
Fancy Buttons, per card 6c
All shapes, colors and siz;s, for dresses, waists,
coats, etc., regularly 25c to $1.50, card of 2 to, 6
for 6c '
Highland Linen Stationery 29c
Less than half the present prices; a splendid pur
chase; Mill End Sale, box 29c
Women's Fine Shoes at only $4.29
Big variety of styles and leathers; the equal of
any $7.00, $8.00 or $9.00 shoes
Children's Good Shoes only $1.88
High grade Shoes for misses, children, youths and
little gents; slightly imperfect
Men's Rubber Hip Boots, Pair $4.69
Government and Firestone in red, gray or black,
equal to any $7.50 quality
Women's Good Hosiery only 26c
Black, white and colors, good dependable quality,
about half price
W. B. Nuform Corsets for $2.58
This style in the new Spring lines sells for $4.00;
good coutil; high bust, long skirt
Women's Good Coutil Corsets $1.00
Long skirt, low bust, clastic top; also medium
bust, a big Mill End Sale bargain $1.00
Men's Suits and Overcoats $16.85
Not one in the lot could retail today at even
$30.00; materials guaranteed
Men's Well-Made Pants at only $2.00
Why a pair of good overalls cost a dollar morel
Sizer28 to 42 waist. Only $2.00 pair
Suits, Overcoats, Mackinaws, $6.85
For Boys Suits, 3 to 17 years: Overcoats, 3 to 10
years; Mackinaws, 8 to 17 years; Garments that
would sell for $10 to.$12.50, Mill End Sale, choice
Men's Heavy Winter Socks, 18c
Cashmerette; well known "Wholesale" brand, fast
black, sizes 10 to 11 ; 29c grades
Sample Sweaters at only $2.00
Samples from Marshall Field & Co., Chicago; made
to retail at $3.50, $4, $5; Mill End Sale $2.00
Boys' Full Cut Knicker Pants 95c
Good wearing mixtures; sizes 6 to 17 years; $1.50,
$1.69 $1.98 grades; pair 95c
Mill Lots of Momen's Hose 16c
Black and white; mill lots of higher priced Hose;
good qualities; Mill End 16c
Child's Fine Elastic Rib Hose 24c
Double heel and toe; mostly black, slight irregulars
( or would be 35c. Mill End Sale 24c
Pretty Sash Curtains each 25c
' New beautiful voiles; lace trimmings, worth double
the Mill End Price, each 25c'
Sample 36x36 Grass Rugs 66c
Salesmen's samples, beautiful, heavy, substantial;
at least double value, each 66c
We Have Issued a Big 4-Page Newspaper i
telling'more of the wonderful Mill End Sale Bargain story, which we have
placed in the hands of as many people in this section as possible. If you have
not received one, we will be glad to send it to you. Just write your name
and address (and as many of your friends' names as you can) on a postal
card and mail it to us. Address "Advertising Department, Tiedtke Bros. Co. I
Toledo, Ohio. '
36-inch Drapery Silkolines,- yd. 25c
5000 yards; mill lengths, 10 to 20 yds., rich colors r
(sell for 39c in full bolts).
Yard Wide Curtain Nets, yd:..21c"
Off full bolts, rich open Mission patterns; if you
care to save, buy for Spring; yd. 21c
9x12 ft. Axmlnster Rugs, $39.50
They are so scarce that merchants are clamoring
for them at $43.20 wholesale. In the Mill End
Sale only $39.50
11 !4xl2 Seamless Rugs, pnly $59.50
Wilton Velvets; beautiful soft nap, save $20 on
these Rugs in the Mill End Sale
Famous Congoleum, square yd. 57Vc
Advertised in magazines to retail at $1.00 a yard;
2 yards wide, thick heavy quality
Special Bargains in Cleaners
One lOr pnn Fnirhnnks Pnllv Prim f.lpnnpp mio
. 10c pkg. Colgate's Octagon Washing Powder, bpth
ior lie
Outside White House Paint $1.95
Less than cost to make; limit 10 gallons, Mill End
Sale, gallon $1.95.
Battleship Gray House Paint $1.69
Also moss! 1 green and ivory shade; remarkable
wearing paint, big bargain, $1.C9 gallon
U. S. Filet Net Curtains $1.55
They're the most stylish thing a-going. Beautifully
made; worth one-half more
Zinc Front Wash'Boards 69c
"Our Best' brand; good zinc front; soap saver top;
big Mill End Sale bargain 69c ,
Heavy Rubberoid Roofing Special
108 sq. ft. in roll, 10, 8 and 5-year guarantee; roll
$2.98, $2,49 and $1.98.
O-Cedar Mop and O-Cedar Oil 98c '
Regular $1.00 size O-Cedar Mop and regular 25c
bottle of O-Cedar Oil; both for 98c.
Carload of Gray Enameled Ware
The best make in America; some slight imperfec
tions; very low Mill End Sale prices
Complete Gas Lights for 49c ,
Heavy all-brass, needle point burner, silk fiber
mantle, half frosted globe
Don't Plunge Yourself Head
Over Heels Into Debt to Buy
New Home Furnishings
Don't get caught in some
foxy credit-selling "plan" or
"club" scheme that only gets
you into debt. It would be
better to draw money from
the bank and pay cash, for
our low cash prices will
save you more than any
credit selling scheme that was ever invented to
high-sounding names but behind the mask you'll
find the crafty villain "Debt." DON'T GET INTO
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