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W. T. WILSON, Editor.
- - - -'- - APRIL 5.
Union Victory in Connecticut!
j(J&n. Hawley the Uuion Candidate
for Governor in Connecticut has been
elected by a handsome majority, not
withstanding the desperate afforte made
toi flurry the State for the Copperheads
Both branches of the Lffislatnre are
Ifnlon. "Well done Connecticut ! The
Union party is still splitting !
don't you crow, Cops ?
Cincinnati all Kijrht.
' The Union men carried the election
in' .Cincinnati on the 2d inst., by, over
three thousand- majority. The City
Council stands 28 Union to 8 Copper
head. Glorious ! . The Union party
is still splitting to pieces ! Hide your
diminutive heads, ye Confederate
sLo'cofocos ! '
President Johnson has vetoed what
is koown as the "Civil Rights Bill."
Mr. Johnson bases his veto upon what
he conceives to be the unconstitutional
provisions of the bill. As the meas
ure was supported by many of the
ablest constitutional lawyers of the
country, both in the Senate and Iloue
of Representatives, the President's
individual opinion will hardly be suf
ficient' to satisfy the people that his
objections are well founded.
When a man makes up his mind to
oppose a particular line of policy, it is
not diillcult for him to so constrnc the
Constitution as to satisfy himself, at
least, that that policy is not in strict
accordance with its provisions, and it
requires but a short time for this idea
to assume the shape of an honest con
viction of right in the mind of the
individual. If 31 r. Johnson is honest
in the position he has assumed, and we
feel disposed to give him credit for
the name of "a policy." It i the pol
icy of Congress a policy of constitu
tional law against capricious arbitrary
power. - It is easy to plead constitu
tional objections when hostility to a
measure is prejudged. Opposition to
every measure for national preser jca-.
tion has pleaded constitutional .objec
tions. The call of troops to defend
the capital, the relief of ourbcleagured
Southern forts, the coercing of armed
rebels, the blockading of the Southern
ports, the raising of armies and reve
nues for the public defense all have
been assailed as violations of the Con
stitution by the men who will applaud
this veto, and bv arsuments just as
We will give the mes-
;!. Union Gain in Columbus.
The Union men made a gain in Co
.lumbus on' Monday of about six hun
dred. Those nasty radicals, how they
do split np the treason of Locofocos
will not bo forgotten by them.
". . , Krealdent's Proclamation.
President Johnson has issued bis
proclamation declaring that the rebel
lion is ended, and that the insurrection
which existed in certain States has
been subdued and shall be so consider
ed henceforth.
sage, next week.
. m , mm i .
"!. . xiquor Cases Decided
""-The Supreme Court of the United
States has decided what are known as
the Massachusetts liquor cases. . The
laws of that State prohibit the sale of
liquori'while the liquor-sellers, under
the Internal Revenue laws of the Uni
ted States, are required to take out li
cense. Being indicted under the State
law and convicted for a violation of it,
they went up to the Supreme Court on
the plea that a license for the United
States was constructive permission to
sell, and paramount to the State Pro
hibitory law. The point was made and
overruled in the State courts, and the
supreme tribunal of the United States
now affirms the Massachusetts decision.
The prospect of a conflict between Fed
eral arid State authorities, on which the
liquor-dealers had counted, seems to
have disappeared wholly, and the State
is left free to enforce its own statutes.
, ,' Reform in England.
. The curiosity to learn the details of
the reform bill to be proposed by the
English Government was gratified on
the 12th of March, when Mr. Gladstone,
in a lengthy speech, explained the de
tails.: The bill reduces the qualifications
of county voters from. fifty pounds to
fourteen pounds occupancy, and for
boroughs to seven poundsjrental, and to
lodgers paying ten pounds , for apart
ments. ... The measure will add about
400,000 to the present number of vo
ters. The total number of voters in
England, Wales and Scotland amount
ing in 1864 to 1,128,753, the hew bill
(which does not affect Ireland) will in
crease the aggregate number of voters
in this part of the kingdom to about
1,500,000 in a total population of 23,
000,000. The bill deals only with the
franchise, leaving the distribution of
representation for another session.
; CRUEL. . .
i 1 ' Th fro. axA editors of rwi.rwrs find oth-
i L-
ers in this country who are making an
offort to drag the noble Grant down
from his high position, and compel him
o wallow in the foul cess pool of poli
tics, by nominating him for the . Presi
dency. ' Gentlemen, in the name of
pur honored old chieftain General
Scott, we beg of you to forbear
-he - was sacrificed , by the foolish
nessr. of his friends, and we hope G en
teral Grant will not be called upon : to
share his fate!
honesty in the matter, we beg leave
most respectfully to suggest, that he
has made some very grave mistakes in
his constitutional argument upon the
Stripped of all verbiage, the follow
ing is a truthful synopsis of the pro
visions of this bill we give it in or
der that our readers may determine for
themselves as to its justice, as well as
1. All persons born in the United
States, and not subject to 'Any foreign
power, excepting Indians not taxed,
are declared to be citizens of the Uni
tedStates withoutdistiuction of color or
former slavery, and shall have the same
rights of person and property, and be
subject to the same penalties as white
citizens and to no other.
2. Any person who shall, under col
or of law or otherwise, subject any in
habitant of any State or Territor3r to
anv penalty or deprive him of any
right, other than would pertain to a
white person under the same circum
stances, 6hall be punished by a fine not
exceeding 81,000 or imprisonment not
exceeding one year, or both.
3. The District Courts shall have,
exclusively of th Suite Courts, juris
diction over all cases arising under this
act, and concurrent jurisdiction with
the Circuit Courts in all cases affecting
persons who are denied or cannot en
force in the Courts of the State where
they may be, any of the rights secured
to them Dy the first section, and such
cases, if begun in State Courts may be
removed thither on application.
4. The officers of the Federal Courts,
and of the Freedmen's Bureau, are au
thorized to institute proceedings in the
Courts for the protection of freedmen
in said Courts.
5. United State Commissioners may
arrest, . examine and discharge or hold
to bail offenders under this act.
6. Any United States Marshal refus
ing to execute warrants under this act
shall be fined 1,000 Tor the use of the
freedmen agrieved. The commis
sioner ma3r call on the posse comitates
and military forces to aid them, and to
insure a faithful observance of the
clause of the Constitution which pro
hibits slavery in conformity with the
provisions of this act.
7. Any person resisting an officer or
person deputed to make arrests, or aid
ing in the escape of a party arrested,
shall be subjected to a fine of 81,000
and six months imprisonment to be
tried by a United States Court, on in
dictment. 8. Regulates the fees of officers.
9. The President may direct special
sessions of the Courts, for the more
speedy arrest and trial of guilty parties
under this act.
10. The President may employ the
land and naval forces and militia to en
force it.
11. On all questions of the law aris
ing thereunder, appeal may be taken to
the Supreme Court of the United
An Indianapolis bridegroom paid his
marriage fee in bologna sausages.
The people of St. Paul, Minn., on
the 22d, were celebrating their one
hundredth day of uninterrupted good
sleighing. 1
Broad street, "Philadelphia, which
they are about to call Lincoln Avenue
is nearly sixteen miles long, and of un
iform width. .It is- said to be" one of
the finest streets to be seen in the coun
try. -
The Canadian Government have al
ready received offers of service from
one hundred and eighty thousand men,
who are willing to take the field against
the Fenian invader. ! ,
Vast beds of oj'sterx, equal to those
of Chesapeake Bay, have been found in
the Gulf of Xaluornia, between Maz
atlan and Guay mas, from which Call
fornia will in future be supplied. They
are planted in San Francisco Bay, and
there fattened for the market
The San Francisco correspondent of
the Chicago Times, under date of Feb
ruary lilth; savs the grass is a foot
Irish and the gardens are green with
young proauce.
Bishop Grace of St. Paul, Minn
denounced the Fenians in the most bit
ter terms in his address on St. Patrick's
day. He told them they were the
laughing stock of the world.
At the Springfield Armory, Massa
, . A il J O . 1.1
cnuseixs, over nvc tnousana priugnem
rifles are to be altered so as to be used
with Mr.. All civs' breach loading im
provement. The cost, will be about
five dollars tor .each piece, and when
altered eighteen shots can be fired in
a minute. . ., . ....
A compan' of twenty -five men has
The Cleveland papers contain the par
ticulars of a horrible tragedy enacted
near Olmstead Falls, in Cuyahoga coun
ty. William Colvin, known as "Stut
tering Bill," and Joseph Miller were,
arrested for the murder of Colvin's wife
and a man named McConncll, both of
whom are missing. There were found
marks of blood and evidences of a ter
rible struggle in the house. The wo
man's ear-ring was found in a,pail, and
her bracelet on the floor. There is
much excitement in the neighborhood
and many stories afloat.
The "Washington County Xe-rs says,
prominent among the new indictments
found by the Grand Jury qf that coun
ty is the following : The State vs. Le
muel Grimes, keeper, and James Dunn,
William West and Junia Jennings, di
rectors of the County Infirmary, for
manslaughter. The case is this : A
man named Brickwada died a few days
since at the infirmary, of which he had been organized by the citizens of Owy
been for some time an inmate : and it ghee, Idaho, to go to Indian hunting.
is charged that his death was caus- For every buck scalp, the hunter is to
ed bv freezing. exposure, &c, brought receive 8100; for every squaw scalp,
on by the neglect, of the keeper and 850, and for every thing else in the
directors. The itiigh character of all shape of an Indian, under ten years of
the men against whom this grave charge age, $2u
is made ought to secure a suspension
of public opinion in the case until it
can be impartially investigated by an
impartial triDunai. IIe was cleaning his revolver, his wife
r.,..c iha sitting in front of him, when, he claims,
dcathof Captain James E. Jones, of itwentoff, thebal passing through her
that city, and late of the 1st Ohio Vol
unteer iniantry, who died at Cincinna
ti Saturday evening at 9 o clock, of m- The advantage of steam fire engines
juries received at the burning of Pike's over the cumbersome hand machines,
Opera House, on the night of the 22d was illustrated at the Cincinnati fire
inst. ie nappenea to ne near tne Mast week, when one of them played a
scene of the fire when the alarm soun- continuous stream of water on the burn
cled, and was aiding others in remov- ing buildings for twenty-two hours,
mg property from the Adams Express requiring but four men to attend it
Companvwhen a portion of the immense i during all that time.
cornice ot the Upera Mouse tea upon
Z5? The Davenporters are paying
dearly for their skating parks. It will
be rememberrd that these parks were
constructed on. the river by clearing
away the snow and flooding the ice
with water when it becomes rough."
Repeated floodings and freezings ad
ded to the thickness of the ice, and the
consequence is that it is difficult to
break up. The whole mass, about ten
acres in extent, floated of in a body,
lodging on nn Island below the citv.
" mS
and completely blockading the chan
nels. It now remains in that condition,
and from present appearances naviga
tion will open to that city sometime
before the 1st of J uly. So says a Musca
tine paper. ' ., V
Legal Tender J?otks. According
to a recent decision in the Treasury
Dcpartment, the separation of a coupon
from a two years'" five per cent, trcas
ury note renders such note no longer
a legal tender until interest begins on
the next succeeding coupon that is at
tached to the note. - This separation is
considered such a mutilation of the
note as will make it redeemable by the
Government only at its par value, with
out interest.
Are now arriving and we oftVrthem Cheap, an
the following prices will indicate :
Henry C. Atwood, a boy of eigh
teen, is on trial in Sycamore, Illinois,
for shooting hi wife, aged sixteen.-
Takes the Field Again !
Consents to Act as Chief of Staff !
If vou desire to cnU-r the artiiy of these suc
cessful 8iceref fall right in, and they propose
to do all your
etc., better than it can be done by any other
firm m the coun'y.
Paintinar done according to the most modern
and improved styles.
Call and contract veur work early, if you
wish it done soon first come, first served is the
April 5, 18GG tf.
Good Fast Colored Prints at
Best " " -
Good Delains at
Ibody, from which she
died in forty
General Grant has shaved ofT his
whiskers. This will be a sad move for
him. Nearly all the special artists and
photographers had taken him as he
was, and he might expect a cessation
of their hostilities, but now he will have
the whole army of them after him a-
Bituminous Coal, of which hogs will
him and crushed him. His right foot
was crushed off to the ankle, his skull
fractured on the right side, and besides
other injuries he was hurt internally.
He was first taken to the Commercial
Hospital, but subsequently removed to
the residence of his brother, Win. E.
Jones. Clerk of the Police Court of
The Commercial says that during the eat frni, ?ne to two pounds per day, is
.-.... k a nr:h oinrm regarded by the Prairie farmer as a
LtvuuLViLriu uiriuo xjixj v iiiii ni iu. i - A .
of lire atl'ike s Upera Mouse, 4,Jtt,- o
863 gallons of water were used over The Wisconsin Senate has adopted
and above the ordinary consumption a resolution striking out the word
of the city. During forty-eight hours "white." from the section in regard to
7,000,000 gallons were consumed all qualifications of electors by a vote of
this immense volume of water being 1 1 to 4
A. 1 V---t s- -at 4-1 -x KliKliiniV avwioc I
T:11 lT UUi""l - Investigations into the jiature of the
the steam fire-engines. , w ls-u
fact that it is created by insects imper-
a curiosity in the shape of a lamb from ceptible to the eye, but innumerable in
the farm of Mr. William J. Kennick, oi quantity, winch, Jay their eggs in
Sherman, Kentucky. The lamb had the stem and send the virus down to
one head, eight feet, and two perfect the root. A little black speck the size
Spring Styles of Delains at 30 j
Best Cotton Yarn, $3.75 per Bunch
Keep constantly on hand a fine assortment of
- "i - m T . . .1 T.I. II
Keaay-iiaae Homing, cogetner -wivu an wuus
which they are selling as cheap as they can be
bought in the cuuiity
Their Stock of PIECE GOODS is extensive
and thej' are prepared to manufacture clothing
in the best manner and very latest styles.
Nevada, April 5, lt'66. 1)". ,
Lettert remaining unclaimed in We Post Office
at Upper Sandusky, State of Ohio) April 4.
tYshbrook, Wm. McComiell. Owen
Alheim, P. H. Martin, Warren -
Ueebe, H. & Son (2) Nesser, Alphonoo ' -:
Itowker,II.D.Lieut. Oldfred, Nathan.
Pauline, Eli
Rex, Sarah E.Miss (3)
lihed, W.M. '
Kolle, Joseph
Roily, Brown & Co. .
Straw, Wm. ,
Sweeny, Samuel '
Sam peon. Mr.- - . ' ' J
Shack el. Clarisa Mrs.
Tyrill, Tamma A .Mrs.
Vanflcet, Geo. W.
Wright, W. C.
Ward, John
Butterfield, Mr.
lk-11, J.
Benedict, Geo.
Clark, T. W.
1,'ulverson, David
Clark & McDeruiet
Clark, G. A. Lieut..
Fisher, Casper '
Gibson. Sella Miss
Howell & Co.
Jackman, Peter
Karr, John
Kling. Benjamin ...
Kelly, John G. tt tuacy, R. Miss
Lapham.MollieMiss Whetsel, Jennie Miss
Moser, Enoch R. W ank, Francis A.
To obtain any of these letters, the applicant;
must eall for advtrtitcd lettert, give the date of
this list, and py 1 cent for advertising.
If not called for within one month, they will
be sent to the Dead Letter Office.' ' '
No. 2 McKelly's Block.
Administrator's Notice.
rpHR undersigned has been duly appointed
JL administrator of the estate of Susannah
Cover, late of Wyandot county, Ohio, dee'd ,
April 5, 18C6 3t y
12 1-2
20 ($ 23
15, 18,90, 25, 30
15,18, 20,25,30
srit ix g trade:
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oi a pm nead, tmder tne microscope
turns out to be lull two hundred fero
cions animals ot tue beetle lorra and
shape. A remedy is said to have been
Just as one John Elton had closed
I a most fervid exhortation for sinners
to flee from the -wrath to come, at one
of the churches at New London, Conn
We have not room for the President's
learned treatise on constitutional law,
the details of which lose their impor
tance in the apparent disposition of the
President to veto any and all measures
looking to the final settlement of the
difficulties attending the reorganization
of the States and the admission of the
Southern members of Congress. We
think with the Bucyrus Journal that "a
majority of Congress are determined
O IM 1 Ml V J
.--.. . , . .. uiul no oouiucru uiemuer win ue au-
4 Up then, to the work of restoration ., . , ... . , , ,
Ajo restore to the Republic what the imtMSU u"111 BUlue nv;t UJ".uee"
spoilers have destroyed. Up then to luac wm secure, oy a euerai autnoruy,
thfewoTk of restoring the country upon to the four millions of freedmen cn-
-th Old Constitutional while basis, with joyment and protection in their civil
equality of taxatian. and the motto of i,fa k .n :, k
-,0 Worth, no South, no East, no West, riShts-the to theu earnings, the
bnt onr whole country" waving to the nSbt protection from bodily harm
breeze. Union. and personal abuse, etc., and in this
Jerusalem! Did jou ever. "An he we think Congress clearly right. The
played on a harp of a thousan strings Civil Rights Bill guaranteed these and
eperrets of jus men made pcrfeck." nothing more, but President Johnson
. 1 . m i has vetoed it; and judging from the
JtThe Ohio Senate on the 31st past, we may expect that in the future
inst passed, by a vote of 20 against 9, any act passed by Congress looking to
, the bill increasing the legal rate of in- guaranteeing to freedmen their civil
. terest from six to eeven per cent It rights, will be vetoed by the President
also defeated, by one majority, theAg- and thus to the end of his term there
riCultural College bill, postponing the will be no settlement of the difficulties
establishment of the .institution, and attending this question."
L allowing the Trustees to receive propo- We agree, with the Cincinnati Ga
,6als and report them at the next ses- Zctte, when it says that the civil rights
t Bion. The House proceedings were not bill was to carry out the bill of rights,
to secure to the people those rights
that are guaranteed in our Constitution
and in every constitutional govern
ment. If the Legislature has not the
ment that the President was in that city power to enforce what the Constitution
in response to an invitation from the declares to be the right of every man
nupposccl l resident or a Johnson Club, then that instrument is merely a delus
q Aney crowciea :i ne no tei wnere the ive declaration of independence an
SSXKSS -Pty Fourth of July oration.
he ' would : attend. . Thev recollected The biU to protect these rights is the
that it was the first of April when it only measure of settlement of anarchy
was two late. I in the insurgent States that is worthy
bodies and tails. Its mother had one
lamb just before this one and it is still
livincr, but this lived two hours and
was then killed.
Jack Cooper, theBhodenbaughjmur
derer, who is to be hung April 6th, has
confessed that his real name is Samuel
Wittara ;that his father lives in Erie
frnnt Ta anrl rrf( WxrcA in Asllt.fl-
bula countv, on what was called the If? Sunday night, the Sheriff arrested
r,lrl nmnr. fnrm " also thnt lm '".Lick ior sieaiing n miuwcer s overcoat.
Cooner"Hiaf been married twice, his After considerable lying the overcoat
first wife being dead, and that lie lias ""
several sisters and brothers living. He a Texas correspondant of the Miss
is silent on the murder but promises ouri Republican, says : A larffe immi-
Uis clersryman to "tell an Deiore ne o-r.ation is alreadv sp.ttino- in to this
dies. State, nrincinallv from the border and
i j, 1 v
Southern States. Land is cheap, un
w iMn 'rrk! n -1 vi t-m r4- v -tf5i- rAv4.n
. . m- - . I llllllllltOI. Ull.V 111" A If lllllll I I I lj V V.VTIIIIin
T7i. r tj;hcK 1, J5 to three dollars per acre ; improved, m
rvn;nnai rrQ1tr v. rhn the older counties, at from five to twelve
states that during the past two months aouars per acre.
over sixteen hundred new members The Houston Telegraph says that in
have been added to the church within a few years the sheep interest in Texas
the bounds of his District. It has will not be second even to cotton, and
been one of the most remarkable re- advises the Vermont graziers, instead
vivals m the history of the Conference. 1 of keeping their merinos in a climate
so rigorous as to reouire them to be
The Erie Dispatch says that a big fed six monthsVin the vear on turnips
sen pas perpetrated in Cleveland tne and hay, to bring their flocks to AVest
otner day. A man was reported to era Texas, where they will need no at
have been found dead on : the railroad tention except to be protected from
J 1866 the Probate Court of Wyandot
county, Ohio, declared the estate ot Joel
W. Garrett, deceased, to be probably insol
vent; creditors are therefore required to
present their claims against the estate to
the undersigned for all allowances, within
six months from the time above mentioned.
or they will not be entitled to payment
Aduiinistfator of
Joel W. Garrett,
Deceased and Commisssoner.
April 5, 18G6. 4t.
It is surer and safer than any prepara
tion of blue vitriol, butter of antimony,
etc. It has been tested by many Promi
nent Sheep owners with success," and is in
fact positive cure. It will also thoroughly
cure the worst cases of foul in cattle, and
Inrush in Horses. Certificates can bo had
of the Agents. EST" Ask for Whittemore's
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March 29. 18G6 ly.
The Hillsborough Xews of Thursday,
track.. The undertaker was sent for,
ikewise the Coroner, who with hisjur-,
repaired to the spot. "While engaged
in looking at the "corpse, which smelt
very strongly of whiskey, it stirred lt-
, pf general interest.
X'-Many Philadelphians were badly
v hoaxed on sunday by an announce-
disease and wild beasts.
There are only seventy-eight daily
papers printed in threat .Britain and Ire
land, for the supply ot thirty millions
of readers, and this is claimed as
self, rose up, and staggered away, leav- t advantage on the number ten
"o 1 ,.xWv-w JV. vfiftrs sum. under tne old fitamn law
J o
A Columbus girl had two lovers. -
One of them had engaged to take her
A dentist in St. Louis pulled eleven
teeth, each, for two ladies, at one sit-
WALL & WINDOW PAPER lager and common beer.
Full Stock, and in
We cannot be beat, and in
toapartvjof which the rival suitor ting, preventing any pain by the new
becoming aware, he succeeded in way- process oi liuiauug uiuuus uaiub ga
laing the first party while on the road They deblared there was pleasure in
to the young lady's house, and got him sieau oi pam in uavmg teew uuwim
to take a social drink. Something The South is overstocked with Nov
must have been wrong with the liquor, thern goods, and prices are gettiag to
or n naa unusual cnarms ; at any raie, be lower than in the .North.
a n a . i i a I
me uniortunaxe youm uia not recover There is a in Hampshire conn
uis consciousness nil auer miumguu, t Masg . h has his ,ife in8ured for
ana meueserwa maiaen, aiter a - wng 67 another who has policies
,iuvDCciiiSLUCi amountinff to 840,000
P' y . During the last year of the war, the
The Lebanon Star of the 15th says: Post, office earned a ttet profit of over
"Major E. C. Newton and Professor 6860,000 from mail service in the loy
L. V. Tuttle, both now of Lebanon, al States. The first three months that
were in Libby Prison together. On mail service was resumed at the South,
the 18th of September, 1861, two days there was a loss in the whole country
before the formerwas removed to Parish of over s2,000.
prison in New Orleans, the latter loaned The Ripley Bee of last week, says:
him a five cent piece, all the money he "The -revival in the Methodist Church,
had. A few days ago this circum- of this place, has resulted, thus far, in
stance being re-called in conversation, over one hundred and fifty accessions,
the dclt paid in 2ecie." and the work is still in progress."
Fourth Yaar of this Favorit Periodical.
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odical of the day, and the only on is printed
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to all the Tarious pieces of music in every num
ber.. .
Balfe. Franze Abt. Stephen and C. V. Glo-
er, J. L. Hatten, W. t. Wrighton, Cherrj,
Kcictiardt, roley Hall, and others
etc., by Brinley Richards, Sydney Smith,
Ketterer, Awher, Osten, Voss, Wely, Bad-
arzewska, and others.
NEW POLKAS, WALTZES, etc:, by Charles
t-oote, Ulover, (Jroiser, Xarl Keucn, it.
Rhollo, J H McNaughton , Strauss, and others,
SELECTIONS from the New Grand Operas of
Meyerbeer (L Africame), Verdi, liounod,
Donizetti, Balfe, Flotow, and others : to
gether with
can Composers, furnished exclusively for
llolloway's Musical Monthly.
The work will continue to be printed upon
the best heavy white paper, of the regular sheet
music size, from plates engraved expressly for
us. ta? AU otner musical periodicals arc
printed on book or newspaper, and from typ
instead of engraved plates.S3 Beautilul
liMintrranhia or encraved title-nacres to th
O f C3 I O
various pieces of music will still be given, a
feature original in and peculiar to Hollow ays
Musical Monthly, and at the end of the year a
complete Index and title-page are always furn
ished subscribers to enable them to preserve the
volume by binding. A years numbers forma
choice, elegant, and cheap volume.
One copy, one year 00
Two Copies, one year ..... 7 00
Al over two at the uniform rate f each 3 50
Six copies, and one to getter up of club. . 21 00
Price of single numbers, 40 cents ; but speci
men copies will be sent to those who wish to
get up clubes on receipt of 30 cents and a 3
cent stump for postage. No free copies sent.
Publisher Musical Monthly
Box Poet Office, Philadelphia.
We have all the latest varieties.
Ladies' Corsets!
VEIT GOETS, - . Proprietors
Having' purchased the interest of his late
partner, Mr. O'Brien,- in the old and
popular Upper Sandusky .
Brewery, the un- " ' 5
dersigned ''
respectfully informs the old friends and cus
tomers -of the institution that it is now under
his sole control and in full blast, where h is
rapidly manufacturing r ,
mannfacturecTin this country, and is furnish i g
; it to customers on the most reasonable terms.
His Lager Beer cellars cannot he ex celled.
and his lager isequal to "the best made.
All that is necessary to convince dealers that
they can do as well, if not better, and always
obtain its good Beer as at any other place, is
simply to give him a call. -
March I, 1866. tf.
Legal Notice.
Daniel Coons,
Scott M. Fowler.
r. VJ
A new article very handsome, and Cheap.
We also have a full 6tock of
The best and only good skirt made.
Come and ee us ; you have patronized us
most liberally for the last year, for which we
return our thanks, and for the year to come we
promise to keep fully posted and to sell our
goods as
We mean justjwhat we say, and shall do it !
Your days of thirty to fifty per eent are gon
rive to twenty will do us. Ketire on your
Court of Common Pleas
f andot County, Ohio.
SAID defendant is notified that the above
action has been commenced toQpcure Five
Hundred Dollars, with interest from the 20th
day of March, 1865, being the amount due on
a promissory note, of the Defendant for $500,
dated March 20th, 1865, and payakle to the
Plaintiff, or order, March 1st, 1866, with inter
est. An 'tehment has been issued against
the property and credits of said defendent, and
Stephen P. Fowler and Daniel Matthews have
been garnisheed. The defendent is required to
answer the Petition in this Action on or before
the 19th day of May, 1866, or judgment will
be rendered against liiin by default.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
March 29, 186G. 6w.
To Contractors and Mechanics.
SEALED PROPOSALS willi&received to
the 21st day of April, 1866, frT&e under
signed Building Committee, for the furnishing
of materia and erection of a Presbyterian Church
in Upper Sandnsky, Ohio. Uids may be made
for the furnishing of the stone and laying up
of tame, furnishing brick and laving up of
same, for all or a part of the timber and lumber
z . i : l .
requirea ; ior luruisuiug piasienng oi same,or
for the furnishing all material, erecting and
completing said building, according to plans
and specifications to be seen at the office of Dr.
Byron. JS. Z.UUL.AKS,
v. w. m nun,
Building Committe.
Up. Sandusky, March 29, ,-'66. 4t.
dress making: .
liflSS HELEN MERRELL taxes this op
ItJL portunity of informing the ladies of Up
per Sandusky and vicinity, that she has taxeni
the two front rooms of the second story of Ar
chie's building, and baa established a Branoh
o! aime. Deiuorests .Emporium oi rouont
where the latest styles of Children s and La-
April 5, 1866.
laurels and fortunes, and irive the field to live I dies' Fashions can alwavs be- seen.
Merchants. Miss Mcrrell is prepared to do ail kinds of
HUNT fc WATSON. Dress Making and fancy work in a manner that
will please the most fastidious. Uall in, ladies.
Upper Sandusky, April 5, 1;G6. March 29, lK66.tf. - "

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