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The Wyandot pioneer. (Upper Sandusky, Ohio) 1853-1868, August 23, 1866, Image 1

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'.'' ' - . :
Par yaaf. In dTno;" "' 4' 00
If not paid inadvauto - '50
Blx months, - 1 0
Thra montbf, 60
Uay-AdrertUemsuU la SfMiAtal WMi'ce column, or
laadad. In dnnbl column or rule and figure work, 60
r cent additional, i !: . ,
- -. - . . . . - lift.. -1- . .1 Va vav.
... An ii(n wnniRnniiiTwui um eui "
en ordering them.
Marriage and Death notice! Inserted free
iThis is ftDenonftl in-
viianon W) yourseii
relatives to call at the
Irish Store and examine
the New Stock of Spring
1 - 1
uoods just openea. iou
will vnnd trrifaM
tfyfeaat persuiejrc:
f ' s ours, dec,
pBOMtirroa oVClebks
A -W.-E.W-P 0 E T .
Injust about tho smartest town
That ever you did "enter,'.
I mean in Upper Sandusky, .
Very near the centre, , .
II. II. Holdridgc has lately opened
Ills new andspaclolts store,
A splendid stock of goods at cost,
And just a little wore .
They've Cotton, Silk and LinnenGood,s
: Broadcloth. Stripes and Tweed,
With many other fancy things,
Quite beautiful indeed.
They've Thread and Combs, Oloves (Silk
or Kid,)
And Lace that's often wore,
Suspenders that will stretch a feet,
And just a trifle more. .
With Ribbons gay, and Velvets, too,
And Braids and needles- plenty ;
Trints, Poplins, Lawns arid Atpacas,
Both Red, Blue and Mascnta.
They've Thread, edged Lace and Smyrna,
And others by the score,
To suit all calls that they may have,
And j UKt a little more. -. . -.- ;
He's pot as good and civil clerks -
. As ever measured tape, '
Tp wait upon their customers ' -; .
And keep the goods in shape '
They're Xust abotit the finest chaps
That ever tended store, - , . v -I'm
sure j'oull find them all of tnat, '
And just trifle more. k- ; . ;
Don't ro to other stores to trade, ; : '
They're clever chaps I know," ! ' '
And honest as th times admit,
And make a handsome, show, ; .:
But you may chance to find again, . . -
As you liave found before, ,r
How tlsey can fleece the feathers off,' 1 '
And just a trifle iriorej j vi.'j
Then "eometoIIoiDRibGK'B store, my
c ... friends,-;. ,v ,, .. '. . ., ..
Come all from farand near,
You've everything to hope for there
And nothing can you fear,
They'll t show you goods and sell them
"cheap, AT
A mof t abundant store, "
And everything the people want .
'You'll find at Hoipridk's Store. n A
Now, since we've sung our little song, .
We want you to remember, ' ' '
That all the goods that you may need
From May until December,
Will be found in"f1eh profusion
At our old corner store' .
Where Iloldridge and his clerks preBlfle,
To sell a little louv er ;
than you en bitja-ue enne kind of goods in
this part ot the State of Ohio, and if yon hae
a ay doubts -ai( tto the truth of our song, just
call and
tvs at r s f tHt O U R SE L V E S !
in reffard to what we have said on the subject.
. May 10. 18C6. it, . . ,
N 0 M O f E , rW A R
Is my Motto.
G. W.P0 0L,
Having purchased the
of A. Christian, woTdd. respectfully in
form hlsfritfnds and the public generally,
that he proposes jcontinumg the' business
at the old stand. Having done away with
the LIQUOR, TRAFFIC, andad
ded largely to his stock. He is receiving
dally, arid' will keep constantly jm.'liahd
all kinds of Groceries and will pay 5 '- i
We keep constantly on hand and for sale
. ,, . ,, ' rEAcmrs, rotAtoES,
i"t n " CANrLrsi soaps,; r
J i SARD, CRACKKKfl,-1 t vV jJf.
Bccxrrs, tubs,
CHCXXS, WASH BOARDS,".1 " ; ' .''
' it r mops wringers, .
i'. I
.,,- -t' t BROODS,
tr-.lVl'iO Ui'i usaleratJjs,
f .''' pu.' 7-n.ft iSEQARS,r . ,,r , : ... .
i' ; J. ., SODA, CRKAMTARTAR, . , . , ; .
; - SHOE BLACKING, ' ...
ViU.it Vinegar, ' ' : ' "
COAL OIL, TINE TAR, " ' -! "
Everything to be' found in a First-class
lrmiKir)r 1 rtorp. 1 The patronage of the
pWiftbi?H(iptfiUiy solicited.
ICSTutter, lard, eggs, apples, chickens,
WgViJ'Wlteniif exchange for goods
The.highest market price paid, always.
"rJttL4egrve us'ia thm 'yIo not forget, at
April 10, 1866. Iy.
, V.. .V
$ ii '
W. T. WILSON, Editor.
l Volume xxl -J tH J
.,"- ibt 1 W i
Journal $irtlf.
In rolls ready to be nailed down, adaptod to houses,
factories, and buildings of all kinds ; cunstmcted of
materials that have stood the test of fifteen years, and
manufactured on an entirely different and better plan
than any other composition roofing in Use. Secured by
patent, Very durable and at low price. Circulars and
samples sent free by mall. Liberal terms to Agents.
No. T3 Maiden Lane, New York)
May SI, 1868. ly. .
An Effectual Worm Medicine
Brown's Vermifuge Comfits, :
Or Worm Lozenges. Much sickness, undoubtedly,
with children and adults, attributed to other causes, is
occasioned bj worms. The "Vermifuge Comfits," al
though effectual In destroying Worms, can do no. possi
ble Injury to the most 'delicato child" "'This valuable
combination has been successfully used by physicians,
aid found to be safe aud sure la eradicating worms, so
hurtful to children. " :
Childreri Having Worms
require Immediate attention, as neglect of the trouble
often causes prolonged sickness. ' . '
Symptoms of Worms In Children are often overlook
ed. Worms in the stomach and bowels cause irritation,
which can be removed only by the use of a sure rcme
dy. Tho combination If Ingredients Used in .making
Brown's "Vermifuge Comfits" is such as to give the
but nnsiblA effort with safetv.
BJCnrtis k Brown, Proprietors, Ne .v Tork. Sold
by all Denlers in Medicines, atza cents a oox.
May J4. 1866.-ly.
It is surer arid safer thah any prepara
tion , of blue vitriol, butter of antimony,
etc. It has bet-n tested by many Promi
nent Sheep owners with success, ana is in
fact positive cure. It will also thoroughly
cure the worst cases of foul in cattle, and
Thrush in Horses. Certificates can be had
of the Agents.' H2"Ask for Wtiittemore's
Cure and take no other.gf ( - : . k :- " ;
Forsaleby all-Drugfirists. - -
F. W. W 11 1 TTEMORE,
Sole Manufacturer,
Cliatham 4 Cor's, New. York.
Strong Armstrong ,v - -
Cleveland, Ohio, i - -
Bi F. Vandwort,
Pittsburgh; Pa., - ' r
April 5, 'C6.-6m : Wholesale Agents.
Clock's Excelclor Hair Restorer.
, f Is warranted to I f ,
Restore Hair if ever so Grey; '
Restore Hair If ever so Greyj
. To its ..... , . .
. ' . Color of Earlier Day, ' - . " "
, . - color oi imier Ufly .i-. -. .
-Keeps die-, T .;,-'
Hair from Foiling OAs
. , Hair from Falling Offi . ,
': ' " Wifl surely '" -
- ' ! Cure all Humors of tho Scalp,
Cure all Humors of the Scalp, ; r,
. -And makes the . '
Hnir grow on Bald Heads, '. ,
' ' Hair grow on Birld Heads, ' ' ' '- '
When fallilg off lront Disease, . J . '-,
- ' 'pl: ndidly pertumod, and eiierj'thfng for:S dress
Ing-room that can be desired. It Is the only known
restorer of color and perfect hafr 'dressing . combined
delicately permmed. ' Requires no washing orprfpa
ration before using. If, after a full jrial, tki does iiot
prove the best Hair Restorative before the public, the
money will bo refunded.
Sold by all druggists at one Dollar per bottle. :
Dr. Frakk B. C)ck, Proprietor.
' ' ; irfancfie-ster'N. H.
Sold In Upper Sandusky by ATRss & Bnt kkeb and J
r . k. iviRn S Co.. wnoiesaie Agents. cinctniiatu Os
Feb. 14, 6-m : " - ? - V
An experienced 'Nurse and Female Physician,
Presents to the Attention of . Mothers, for
which greatly facilitates2.. ihe Process of teething, by
softening the gums,reduotng all lnfiammatlons(will allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and Is
Depend upon it, mothers, It will give rest to yourselves
and . .' " "
We have piit up and sold this article for over 30 years
what we have 'never been able to say. of any other
medicine NEVER UBS IT FYILED in a single instance
to effect a cure, when timely used. Never did we know
an Instance of dissatisfaction by any one who used it.
On the contrary, all art delighted with Its operations,
and speak in terms of commendation of its magical ef
fects and modical virtues. We speak in this matter
"whaAredo know,", after thirty years experioiicejTind
pledge our reputation for the fulfillment of what we
here declare. :'In almost every Instance where the in
fant is suffering from pain and exhaustion, relief will
be found in fifteen or twenty minutes after the syrup is
administered.. " " i. ,. . . , ; "..
Full directions for using will accompany , each bottle
None genuine unless the fac-simile of CURTIS fc PER
KINS, New York, is on the outside wrapper. ' -i
t,8oid by all Druggists throughout the world.
Price Only 30 Cents per Bottle. , - ,
April tt, 1866. m. : liU i A A.
TO THE . "'"
I treat every? patient--, conrtientiottslyr and
charge low prices "for my medicines and ser
vices. Iheretore l myite every one afflicted
to call on me at once. In' cases; where after
too long neglect , ets. ther;e s no hope of re
covery, I will give iio medieine.
Consultations Hot over one-quarter of an
hour, free. -Prescriptions -and medicines "mus6
beiaid for in cosh immediatelyr
Nevada, af the Kzciangd iHouse,
Tuesday, June 12th, July 10th, August 14th.
Septetnber. Jlth, October 9th; NoVemberUSthV
Upper Sandusky ait the Warpole
-- - .!' .-House; - '-;.-
Wednesday, June 13th, July,' 11th,' Angust 15
September 12th, October 10th, November l4th.
. Forest; at the Junction House, '
Thursday f , Jnrie 1 4thV J uly 1 2th ,' August! 6th ,!
September 13th, October 11th, November 15th.
May 31,1866. 5m'. J ' - V
We propose to give those indebted to us
one mole invitation: to call and settle, and
ifthey donot take advantage of this op
portunity to do so. they may certainly ex
pect to find their accounts in the hands of
the proper olhcer3 lor collection. We
mean just what we say the next notice
you receive will be at your expense.
Upper Sandusky, Julie 28, 186G. ' "
descriptions can always fee found at
the cheap Drug, Book and Notion store ol
No. 2 Kc Kelly's Block.
to Polities,
if Job Woi'k,neatly executed at the following
rates: .
Whole Sheet Post's, (50) 9,00 Extra 50 5,00
Half " " 6,00 " " 3,00
i Fourth " " 4,00 " " 2 00
Eighth " .3,00 " 10.0
Sixteenth " " 100 8,00 " " 1,50
Blanks per quire, (com.) -i 2,00
., Ex. Blanks, per quire, - -' - $,00
Funeral Notites, First Box - - $,50
Each Extra Box - - . 8,50
Ball Tickets, First Hundred - - 3,00
Each Subsequent Hundred - - 2,00
, Cards first hundred, - - - 2,00
"2d " - - 1,00
Subsequent hundred, ' - - 75
1000 Cards, - 8.00
Berry C Berry, :
TTORNEYS AT LAW, tfpper Sahdueky
XjL Ohio. Umeoon Main street,, in thesecond
story of Qottfred's Building, adjoining Beery
April 19, 1866.
' McKelly & Grisell,
ATTORNEYS at Law, Office in McKelly 's
Block, Second Story , Upper Sandusky,
Ohio. :
kT. D. tO C. Sears,
li. Claims forBack Pay, Bounty, and Pen
sions carefully ana promptly attended to.
OFFICE, up'stairs, over the First Nation
al Bank, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, t "
Feb. 5, 1864.-tf, .' -
Jt)i'. Crcssiufjer C Moody, .
URGEON DENTISTS. Office in Reery's
Ulock, over the btore of theUeery lirothers.
All opperations performed in the taost approy-
Upper Sandusky, 0, April 19, 18C6.
Drs. Henderson & Smalley,
on Main Street; two doors North of the
Railroad, Upper Sandusky, Ohio.
MBroh 29, 1866. ly.,-; ;
Dr. R N. McConncll, .
X professional services to the citizens ot Up
per Sandusky and vieinity. Office south room
McConnell's Block, second story, J
February 7,bu. . .
Dfs. Ferris & Byron
OFFER their services to the citizens of Up
per Sanduskv and vicinity.'
ra OrhcG in IJeervs clock, m the room for-
pierly occupied by McKelly & Grisell . .i',.
Drs. McDonald & Cliesney, .
West side Main; street , opposite -the Piefispn
House. Upper Sanduskv, Ohio. . - -.
We attend promptly to all proiessipnal calls
. Br;' Benjamin Pearce, V '
SURGEON f DENTIST, having perma
nently located in Upper Sandusky, offers'
his services tothe. inhabitants of. the place and
vicinity, in the var'ibvis' btanehes of his prorr
fession. : Fuo'm an 'xperienee; of - twenty years
he flatters himself that he will be able to give
satisfaction to all who may favor . him with
their patronage.-1". : ; .. i . , -
r BOf5ce on Main street, OVeit Huxt & Wa
son's Store,' Upper Sandusky, Ohio.'
Alarrcn I, uo. 4t " ; .' i - t. "
t . :ijfica ex. fliuuci, ---:-.'';
DRUGGISTS, anddealers'in Boolcs, Station -ary.
"Faricy Good's,'- Notions and Patent
Medicines... No. 2 McKellj Block.- '' ;"
, . - A . O. T
. J.; St J. Pausch, ' -
Ware, Watches, 'Cloeks, Cutlery and Fancy
Goods. ' No.' 2, Robcrte' Block,' Upper Sandus
ky, Ohio.- !' ,iFeb-7,'66.
B. Liebenthal, ' . ' - '
nfijTHIER, and Dealer in all-.kinds pf Ftir
J 'n ish ing Goods suitable" for gentlemen's wear .
Room opposite PiepBon Hotisel '"
;. Joseph Oppenheimer,
U ing Store. No. 3, Beery 's Block. - ..
H. H. Holdridge.
DEALER in Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Yan
key Notions, Queensware, Glassware, etc.,
No. 1, Roberts Corner, Upper Sandusky, O.
T. & H. McCormick,
PAINTERS, will promptly attend to House
Painting, Wagon painting, Graining, Gla
zing and Cementing Brick Work. All work
done in the best manner and upon the most
reatonable terms. Shop in second story -of
Sider & Hale's wagon making shop, Upper
Sandusky, Ohio. - - . - - -
Daniel Fishel,
tend promptly to all sales entrusted to his
care in Wyandot county. - Patronage solicited
and satisfaction guaranteed.
Residence in Upper Sasdusky.- Word left. at
the Postoffice will receive his immediate at
tention. 15-tf.
..... Eli Huffman, .
promptly to all businessman the county.
Hespeaks both, the English and German lan
guages. Residence lfij miles east of Upper
Sandusky, Feb. i, 'Q6.-ly.
; jQ3c J. Bowsher, & Cp's; ,;--:r
E'.Horses and Vehicles ready For hire at ill
hom-s'pf the day. . Stable'. immediately"; rear of
Yellow Corner. . , ''. i - ..'
; Up'. Sandusky, Aug. 16, i'865.' ": r
, t.s ,NV Watson Harder, . . . .
HAVE purchased the Well'knbWn Livery' Stnbli b'f
John H. William3 and have supplied it with Ele
gant; Fresh .Horses and New, ychicles, and they
. . flatter themselves that they now favorably coin
pare in equipage With any Livery Stable iiHthe State.--In
connection therewith, they have opened a - . .!:
A L E S T A B L E,
Where they will constantly keep oh hand a lot of Fine
Horses for 6alo. -
Come along, all ye who want fine, reliable rigs
for pleasure or business;- y - -
trp.' Sandusky, July 19, 1865-tf , ' ; ,
' j1.1 QVV. tertVMBOH, Ct. ffl OUHP, A. B. StSTVENSOW,
MANUFACTURERS of Stationary . En
gines, saw and gristmill work.' Cast
ings of every description made to order.
We will als6 keep, constantly on hand a
large stPck of Sledsoles, Iron Kettles, Bells,
Grate fears, Cellar Grates, Window Caps, etc.
Upper Sandusky, O. Jan. 3, '66 tf.
. Large variety of Buokles'of all kinds, Snaf
fle Port and Ring Bits of various kinds, Shoe
Thread, Rein Web, Girting, Ivory,. Wood and
Rubber rings, Hamea, Iron and Copper Rivets,
and many other articles used by saddlers, for
sale very cheap, by ' HALE & KIRBY. ;
No. 2 McKclly's Block.
General News, Literature, Agriculture, ami Local interests.
When all the world is young, lad,
And all the trees are green,
And every gooee a Bwan, lad,
Ami every lass a queen.
Then fly for boot and horse, lad.
And round the world away ;
Your love must liavo Its course, lad,
And every dog his day.
When all the world is old, lad,
And all the trees are brown,
Aud all tbB sport is stale, lad;
- And all the wheels run down,
Creep home and take your place there,
The spent and maimed amoig
God grant you find a face thera
Vou loved when you were young.
The foilowfng ls'a full report of tho elo
quent, but brief speech, of Hon. John "A.
Bingham, at Cambridge,Guernsey county,
O on the occasion of his renominatlon for
Congress: ' ' ;
Fellow Citizens: . .
I gratefully accept the nomination ten
dered me to-dayby the representatives of
the loyal people oi the Sixteenth Congres
sional District. Believe me my fellow-citizens,
when I say to you that, having spent
the flower of my manhood in the councils
of the nation, in a struggle at the capitol
with the men who conpired against the
tttpremacy of your Constitution and the
unity of the republic, that in this our last
and final trial for the nation's life, I would
have shrunk from this nomination. exeeDt
upon the voluntary call of my fellow-cit-
ieens. Cheers. Every man in the Six-
teenth'District will become witness that,
personally 1 have not sought the honor of
thji position. -1 Wag -willing to Serve in
whatever place it pleased God to appoint.
although it might be the humblest in'the
ranks .of the people, to save tbe nation's
life. Cheers.. i
I do hot accept this nomination as the
representative of any mere political organ
ization. I accept it only as the representa
tive of a -portion of ; that mighty body of !
freemen who eover this continent; who
look out upon Europe from their eastern
and upon Asia from their western habita
tions; meTTwho llnringiihcse four years of
night And of storm! "nave- kept ward;' and
watch over the infant, republic, the last
hope . of oppressed humanity upon the
earth ,; men who, in the hour of trial, for
got that they were Democrats forget, that
they .were Democrats, forgot that they were
Democrats,; forgQt that they were- Repub-
licans,r,,and ..rehiehered., only that they
were AriWricans, a part of that mighty sis
terhood of free commonwealths that dot
the continent across from the rock-bound
coast of New England to the golden gates
of the Pacific, and" who have sworn ah oath
in the presence of God and their country,
when the red right hand of treason smote
at the white breast of their parent coun
try, that they would save it,live or perish.
Great applause.
The last hour of this great conflict has
come. lour three hundred tnousahci
young men, the beauty and promise of the
land, have perished upon its high places,
that the country might live. The battle
by the bayonet has been fought and .won.
The last, the greatest, because the final
conflict, is to be fought, not by the bay
onet, but by the ballot,
'That Weapon firmer set,
- And surer than the bayonet." -
Great cheers. " In the hands of a free peo
ple, it will speak in the coming contest for
the final triumph, or the final overthrow
of the republic. Viewed in this light, my
fellow citizens, ite is such a contest as no
man now within1 the hearing of my voice,
ever witnessed before because it is a con
test which decides of itself the future of a
great people. s- - ;
. ., ....... f ONLY TWO PARTIES.
There are but two parties to-day, as there
were, .upon that morning treason fired . its
first gun on ' iWt'Surnpter; there are but
two parties in this land,. the friends of the
Republic, the friends of the Constitution,
the jfriendsoi' the liberty of the human race
secured by law, in this land, givehof.Gorl
as the last refuge of liberty upon: the earth;
and theiehcis'of'that despotism, and con
spiraey,ahd treason, and unmatched crime,
which sought to rip the. Republic to atoms,
and to cast lots upon its seamless' gar
ments. ' There are but patriots and trai
tors. : They may icalt themselves .; Demo
crats until they grow hoarse shouting the
word. Do the. men 'who thus rely on the
prestige of a hime, insist', that loyal men
only shall be put upon guard to protect
the dearest interests of this nation? Do
they hot rather say that its places of trust
shall be given to those who but yesterday
mustered their hostile hosts from the banks
of the Potomae to the banks of - the Rio
Grande? The men who occupy an equiv
ocal position oh questions of this kind, ho
matter whether they call themselves Dem
ocrats or something else, are no better than
This is all there is of the issue before the
American people. It is simply this, and
nothing less; whether the loyal men who
saved this Republic, in the council and in
the field, by the . treasure of their purse,
and the treasure of their heart, who have
given their sonsj the apple of their eye, as
i JL y jl. J A-M Aa
a sacrifice for the life of the nation, shall
be intrusted with the care of the Republic;
Or whether those men who followed the
fortunes of Lee and Beauregard and Jo
seph E. Johnston are to be allowed hereaf
ter to enter your National Capitol as legis
lators and rulers of this great people. This
is the whole question, as is clearly seen by
a giance at the two platforms announced
at Columbus, by the two parties within the
last month.
The party.Calling itself by that name,
which has now become honored as the par
ty of the Union, declare that they accept
the constitutional amendment presented
to the American people as a fair and just
basis of the restoration of the Union.
The other party, defaming and disgrac
ing the name of Democrat, assemble also
in convention, and resolve that they are in
favor of the immediate and unconditionei
restoration of the States iateiy in rebellion ;
and in favor of their immediate as well as
unconditional representation in Congress.
Voices never, never 1 The word ''im
mediate" is theirs, and you cannot mistake
the meaning of it. They are opposed, of
course, to the constitutional amendments ;
they are opposed Of course, to any new
guarantees being required for the safety
or life of the Republic; they are opposed,
of course, to any new securities for tins pro
tection of person or property in the South
ern States of the Union after restoration.
Ask, any one of their, leaders what he
means by "immediate. aud unconditional
restoration." and it you only assure 1dm
that your confidence may be relied upon,
by following his steps to the privacy of
his own home, he will tell you that ha
means, without any constitutional guar
anties, without aiiy test oath, without aiiy
interference of any kind on the part of
Congress; that when Jeff. Davis, Robt.
Lee, Joseph Johnston an all the rest of
them, come to the Capitol and assume to
sit down in the haUs of Congress, or exer
cise the duties of the highest offices in tho
gift of the people they shall by allowed to
do so without question.
They are opposed to the test oath as un
constitutional: and they are opposed to
the constitutional amendment because it
is unconstitutional. I have learned from
experience, and from , the higher sources
of knowledge, that the first great principle
Of American institutions as it is present
ed in Washington's ' Farewell Address, is
the right of-'the people to-change their
Constitutions of Government whenever
change becomes ncecsiary for', the safety
of the liberties of the people.. This is a
duty second to none that devolves upon
them on this earth. This struggle for four
yciirs testified to all the world thatamend
li.'rrts are needed in the Constitution of the
United Ssates. u ' .. .
That which stands foremost in the enu
meration is, that hereafter "no State shall
make or enforce any law which shall
abridge the privileges or immunities of
citizens of; the United States ; nor shall
any. State deprive any persph of life,
liberty .or property, .without due process
of law, nor deny to any person within its
jurisdiction the eu'al protection l6f the
laws." ' ' " ' " 1 ' -.
Sihefe nations first -began to be ori'this
planet, never was a proposition like that
penned for the people Of a nation to adopt
or reject. No State shall deny to any per
son no matter whence he comes, no mat
ter how friendless, no matter how illiter-ate--no
State in this land shall hereafter
deny to any person the equal protection
of the laws ; and tho Congress shall have
power, by the authority of the American
people to enforce this provision Where ne
cessary. Who is there to object to it ? lis
it Objected to by any Christian hian, to
embody in your Constitution at least the
simple golden rule j-ou learned at your
mothers knee: ''Whatsoever ye would
that others should do unto you, do ye even
so unto them;" It is a great step, but one
that Ought long since to have been taken,
to say that henceforth no State shall deny
to any person, the lowliest among us no
more than to us who are the sovereigns of
this land, the equal protection, of the laws.
That principle embodied in your Constitu
tion, as the will of this people, ahel we may
well say that justice has made this land its
habitation. Cheers. The first attribute
of Deity is to be recognized in the Consti
tution of your country. I think this is one
way to make a nation immortal, to do-justice,
to make the rights" of all men as sa
cred as our own; v ''
In' the next place, the States of this Gov
ernment shall have equal representation,
according to their, representative popula
tion. Vou know that when this war be
gan there were four millions of slaves in
the lahd ; that by the terms of the Consti
tution only three-fifths of that population
Were counted in the basis of representa
tion. You know, too, that by the consum
ing fire of that terrible conflict every fetter
fell from every human limb, from ocean to
ocean ; and when the storm cloud arose,
the sun upon his coarse in the heavens
looked not down upon a single fiave.
Applause. '-''
By means of the' emancipation of sla
very, the three-fifths rule of your Consti
tution was annulled; and the question to
day is. whether South Carolina, with 400,
000 of these black men, just emancipated
from thraldom, but 'excluded from all po
litical rights, shall now be counted, every
one, man for man, in the basis of repre
sentation, along with the free men of Ohio,
who do participate in the administration
of public affairs. In other words, by
reason of this cliaiige.are the 400,000 blacks
of South Carolina tocovmty.notwithstahd
iiig the letter of the Constitution, as
strongly as so many of the free population
of the North? That is the question.
We say to them, if you don't enumerate
them among j'our people, and make them
the basis of representation ; if j-ou don't
. $2.0O per Annum.
Number -10.
give them suffrage, regardless of their
ignorance. Irrespective of color or race,
you shall not represent them .in the Con
gress of the nation. In other words! we
say, that the black patriots of South Caro
lina, who stood In the breach of Fort
Wagner and fought in defense of the Re
public against the traifors of that State.
.are as much entitled to representation in
Congress fig their former masters. Great
cheers. These gentlemen, when they re
solve against that fair and equai represen
tation, resolve against that fair and equal
representation. Here Is the difference be
tween me and my opponent in the coming
election In October: I say it is not but
fair if South Carolina excludes her black
population entirely as voters, she shall not
count them on the floor of Congress, any
more than she shall count her horned cat
tle; while he says she may do this very
thing. But if South Carolina chooses to
count In her blacT. population, In the same
category with her white population, and
thus increase the basis of her representa
tion, there can be no reasonable objection,
and she will add additional strength to the
Government of these States. We leave
thl question of suffrage, you see, with the
several Atates, where it has always been;
but we adopt a just principle of represen
What is the hefc proposition that op
poses the unconditional restoration of the
rebel States? It is that no man who breaks
his official oath with the nation or State,
and rendered service' in . this rebellion,
shall, except by the grace of tho'" Ameri
can people, ba again permitted to hold a
position, eithar in "h4 National or State
(.'ovemm ant. '. Democrats are opposed, to
that. Why? Because the chief of their
party, who waged this war upon tha Uni
on and the nation's iu now a prisoner of
war at Fortress Monroe, broks his outh
of office sis United States Senator, to or
ganize treason and rebellion. Th-ey think
their party can never be restored, unless it
shall be constitutional hereafter to elect
Jeft". Davis Senator, and Bob.' Lee Repre
sentative in Congress.
We saj by this amendment, never while
that Constitution stands, shall any of these
men, who ( clothed themselves with per
jnry as with a garment, breaking ihe oaths
they took before God to protect and de
fend th& Constitu.tIon.of the United Stated,
by going Out and waging tVaf for four
yeard, never shall they hold any office of
honor, or 'profit either in the Republic, ror
in any of the States of the' republic.
(Great cheers. 'Your Democratic 'plat
form rejects tuia proposition! and declares
for immediate and unconditional restora
tion. " - '
There Is still one other provision and
that in that. the pledged faith of the nation
tO its dead and to Its livffcg' dcfenders,'the
pledged faith of this people to the little
child ren who are waich ing by the yacant
chair for the long expected return of their
father from the war,' shall never be brok
en. Your Democrats oppose this, thereifi
disgracing our common humanity. -That
pledge will be broken unle&s the loyal peo
ple of the nation engraft It in their Con
stitution.; Yoti: have evidence' 'of ' It" all
around you. But let the people speak and
eay that; thiA covenant shall be kept' until
every obligation is Mfilled-; that the na
tlon will not desert its defenders who sleep
their last sleep upon A hundred fields of
battle, now represented in their widows
and children; that the country 'Will hot
desert its maihied : heroes, who made the
trenches of Vicksburg, and the bloody
ground of Stone River, and the show
crowned hbghts of KenesawV and : the
rocky hills of Gettysburg, holy -'ground ;
that the country will -never desert these
maimed heroe3, and consent . that , the
covenant made with them shall be broken..
Great applause. .. ., .: .
There are' objections' raised by these
Northern Democrats and they tell you
that they must have immediate restora
tion of the eleven rebel States!' Thank
God! since'they Wrote the miserable sec
ond resolution of their State" platforiny
which I have just been citing, something
has been done. The loyal masses of Ten
nessee, in the free heart of Tennessee,
whose mountains and plaint were red with
the blood of her children fallen " in the'
great struggle in defense f the Republic,
have set to the North the grand e'xainple
of ratifying in good faith, by a majority
of her representatives in the Senate, and a
majority of the whole, number of her rep
resentatives in the House, that sacred am
endment of your Constitution. Great ap
plause. And they have changed their
Constitution and laws fed as to be in con
formity with it: And what is better, If
possible, on the motion of j our own. Rep
resentative, both in the Senate and in the
House, have been . admitted to 'their seats.
Renewed applause. ,
. Is it asking too milch oif the residue; the
ten remaining rebellious States, that they
shall ' imitate the example of Tennessee ?
Voice, "No.7 Is it asking too much to
allow that the American people! them
selves shall decide this issue at the polls,?
For as you vote next October in Ohio, and
in ' Noveihber in the Other StateSj this
question will be determined. If the peo
ple of these Northern States, rally at the
polls and declare in favor of the adoption
of this amendment, rely upon it, every
State in the South will imitate right speed
ily the State of Tennessee, and you wili
have the amendment ratified by the votes
ofaiithe States, and a restored republic
by the time Congress again assembles. Is
this not worth contending for, to restore
this Republic, and perfect your Constitu
tion, so that the whole people hereafter
will have in their care and keeping the
smallest and humblest State of the great
Republic? so that hereafter Georgia may
not make it a penal olleiise for any one to
teach her ignorant children to read the
Word of God, and that there is a higher
and purer life beyond the grave ?
One square, one op three Insertions, $3 00
Kncli subsequent insertion after the third 100
One square three months, 5 00
One sqnare, one year, . ? i. ' , , 10 00
One column, one year, , 60 OO
One column, six month!, --- ------ 3A 0
One column, three months, . ...20 00
Hulf column, one year, - -' 36 00
Half column, six months. .- - 20 00
Half column, three months, .-... ; - 15 00
One quarter column, one year, ' 20 00
Administrators,; and Attachment notices, ! J . 8 00
Road Notices, 00
Ten lines. Brevier type, to constitute a square
HOW IT WILL. WORK. . , ,.j r
How will it.be When this- amendment 1st
placed In the Constitution: "oState
shall makepr enforce any law whlchshalf
abridge the privilege of any citizen of the
United States." Freedom of conscience is .
one of the privileges of citizens Of thd
United States, and men are hot to; be put
to torture, gent to the dungeon, walk the
narrow steps of the seaffold, for teaching
their children the holy principles of our"
Lord and "Master. .
We don't ally the church and the State
but we make the State recoghizo the great
principle that the Government at least is
made for man, and not man for the Gov
ernment. I believe the sentiment of that
grand, thoughtful spirit who shook every
throne In Eh rope", when ; ho proclaimed
from the French Academy, that "surely
the citizen is superior to the State; for
States are born, and live and die upon tho
earth, nere they fulfill . their destiny.
But after the citizen has discharged every
duty to the State, there abides yet every
faculty of his nature by which he ascends
to God and the unseen realities Of a; no-
blcr and better life."
I ask yon to perfect by the ballot uhafc
has been begnn by the bayonet.' Secure a
permanent- peace by establishing freedom
and justice throughout the whole land.
Leave the States intact, lri the possession
of every right that hitherto pertained to'
them ; but let them know that for tine
abuse ot this power intrusted to thetri there
is. a tribunal above and superior to theni,
represented by the. whole people of this'
land, who will redress the wrong, and
make the whole World know that the Ami
oilcan Repujdlc presents for the admira-:
tlon of mankind the sublime spectacle of
a Government so wise, so humane, and yet
so strong and just, that there are none so
high who violate its laws as to be above Ir
or beyond its powers, and none so humble"
Who. obey Its laws as to be beneath Its pro-;
tec ting care. Let ths be done and aU Isf
well. Let lfc be left undone and It is evi
dent that the most precious and Illustrious
sacrifices ever made on this earth by any
people for any government, has at last"
been made in vain. 'Applause. :
As Mr. Bingham again thanked the Con-'
ventlon for his nomination, three rousing
cheers were given to the successful tri
umph of the ticket. ' . :' '-f.
Born to Love Alligators and Buli-r
Frbgrs. v -'; ';'';. ;f
The relatives of one Mr.- Cordes, of
St. Louis, Mo., recently ?,cfpe tQ ,th.e)
conclusion ' that" he ' was insaheV5" 'A
short time ago he purchased a' ''house
and grounds o.d, Grand Avenue, south .
of the fair grounds, .and. concluded.td ,
construct a zoological aquariam and '
aviary for the pleasure of - his frieuda !
and the public; Upon his grounds'
was a large sink hole,' in which, was.
pool . of. water. .. He decorated Lthe ,
sides of this hole .with jimson Weed
dog fennel, and boneset, and ptirehas-'"-"
ed a collection .of beautiful singing
birds, .among which were. the crow the
Cat bird, and the hedge sparrow , andU
he imported two large alligators and
placed them' in his lake at the s bott hi
of the sink hdle, and ; took: great 'tie-
light-in watching their 6pprtive ; gam-:
bols. He peopled the laughing waters
of the pool -with melodious bullfrogs,
beautiful water dogs, mocdasin snakes
soft shell turtles, gars and Mississippi'
cat fish. Just As Mr. Cordes had c"om-v-pleted
these af rahgeinSnts, he learned
that his .relations , had applied . for- a,.
v.rit de lunatico inquirendo, and. so ,he
packed up his clothes and started 'for
Minnesota. - -His' friends, his alligatord
arid the Probate Court anxiously, await,
his return,, , n ....'.,....,-
, 'j3T, Bey. .P. Randolph. of Louisiana
writes to, the New York Tribune As to;
affairs' in that State : "I teil yoti" that;
Louisiana froiri the Balise to Texas
is. simply f fiendish ' since her fortunes
have .fallen; into the hands of thd ,in eii
who now hold nearly, - all her - offices
and in my ' opinion, - nothing "but the
grae of God,!backed by Grant's bayo.
nets. -will ever bring them to their sen
ses. . My life has-been threatened, while
teacher and school agent scores of
times, and I was saved only because
my wof k was not yet dohe. . Thugihg
reigns supreme all over that State and
if hell is any worse than New Orleans
I pitty the damned., . Hundreds of ouf
scpols -are, broken up and the rebellion
is at high iide ail. oyer the State.' ,
C1T "Come till America, Pat," writes &
son of the Emerald Isle to his friend in irfr
land ; - "Tis a fine country to get a livihg
in; All ye have to do is get a three, cor-r
nered box fill it wid brick and carry it till
the top of a four-story ' building, and the
man at the top does all the work." " i
: . -
' jJ Hon: John Defrees has beett re
moved by" the President from the Su
perintendehcy of the Printing Bureau
and the place has been given to General
Steedman. - ' '- ' : : ; 7 ' ' r ;
C A Kansas paier says : "Twd th6tt
of the horse-theiving fraterhity danced In
the air on Lightning Creek one day lasi
week. They immediately retired to a hole
in the ground after their exercise.
.aSTThe Sandusky Register States
that 2,225,000 pounds of grapes :were
shipped from that point last year from
Oct. 1st to Dec. 18th.
An exchange gives an account of a
child being born with three tongues.
We'll bet our pile that it's a gal baby.
tlfTo- morrow is the road that thou
sands travel to the bottomless gulf Of

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