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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, January 01, 1885, Image 1

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S.'ViA " k t,.. .
: t"r r
" fi&TS?
' '&a
uy i
W. .V1
f -r
hki -i W
a bK sa -r" aw .bp. 'fN .aw -- i w m aa m an ia -"vv
-M I ; pm --!, i T3 rT-W7- a . . a .. a
" "Vol yu rv.' Ntbo'iKJ'f f I I
- ft 1 " I
' ' ' i 1-1 f ll
OWEN, PIXLEV &, CO. jkol.p.cli I
TUu beliNevjleare dtf, do Associatel
I Press dispaJi wye sent ofcr the vires. j
i'i i i i
ymMamgED, omo, TgTj
Ohio Valley and Tennessee: Colder,
ileanng weather,- northerly wind; Lower
ljA.es: Cloudy weather ami mow, northerly
winds, lower temperature, higher barometer.
fe;- GENERAi,
rt6 o
lied jusf
CP0, 1884J
by paralyi
at Lulteri
year 133i
have beei
.other Ebij
tention of the O ii
f t . r . r i . .,
w open, utilise ,iljn f(t (heiclietof
JANUARY 1, 1885
600 years ago
He w struck 1
public services
thelastlSucdavof the
tio 1M afterward.
d ia, (treat Britain wares
redte 3q pvrjvnt in the last
Jaslow 4 Liverpool, and
inS Pflhtt'pjr .attracted the at-
wr iiajesty proposes
We, the indenigntd merchant tailors, of
Springfieldjbereby agree to close our respec
tive places if tnaintsa at. 6 o'clock p. m.,
from JanoaW 5 to March' 15, 1835. Saturday
nights exreked. f '
- rjnn' H waaot
JHtipkv Pi
JoairH Dhbsvfk,
eufferera. j J ivP
The Glolc-DenKtU'sAtahinpton rnrr.
pondentsafs: Thrlis iiw birnlv in o
riety this season.Wr waHilCre.irinp-.
Airs. Uoraw Hel-UlfVpT tiibew Secre-
J. VfiPal
pRCO Hai
, 7 o'clock.
.. .A i-
present aDerintlndeVtTp" ,1 r?, -' an? "
Uonal exhibit .tef be 0h, ed,Jc-
g- -z.
riry t v.
Friday eyeuiue.
Hanpnck firm,l
eitf OrleanR pTnmitinn
"ubjec ..bSs. " K,aleU "
will also show
owiog out ol the
Dr. Hancock
.to use them."
some of theadvaai
, w
t w
Uarsbal Way, of SontiCharleston, jailed
ere to-darl a catered An with the Para-
nia n patronymic of ijasha Deartobi, ar-
pted in Dayton, Tnejdaf tor breaking open
South Charle-
0 .worth of clover
orer, in $200
rd, on the charge
atis, being able to
hos. Wbitridge's bar!
bn, and carrying off J
ted. Hoasba was lbs
Cinds. br Suuire A. Brai
q burclary. He is j m
Uryot the Briiih Legon,.is J Morde of fak vach Sjaash aid German fluently,
thepurestandflitsttiarntype. sfie is a HW,H ,0 m,"j Qaeen'i English.
Children's Suits $1.00.
Children's Suits, $2Q0V
Children's Snitslfrnn
B8ys-Ov?rcoats $1.50 in all
m to lears. -?
-frtfli $2(T'te $12
ii-iirj-ii ei
LWhI FiDS.Citik
"-Witrfnm $J6
PFrv- . v ,
i- -r-aiatt
V-OB- - J'
' fl
. w
ii." - 7
young woman, II, slendf an? grtelnl, anu
ue pink, anu vtiit, ol wcompleion is as
delicate as an Lfinf. She haji pretty
mouth, dizzliDgleetnc an aristdratic lit
tle nose, whilftith fer ae efes a mass
ofBne, crinkl1iair, as bght as ram gold.
With her peiict skit t can w4 iria
by daylight, tud any kill of a ciss-ltght
or reflection,ind her fJorite g' broad
cloth suit onF enhances h debate iloring.
Mark TwaP and his wfe are sio havi.
intnllr nuirMQiD nna l!iln .tti i "
"HSJrf El-Vice Wrsident Wl.ir i. ..
In r
lancet giv an accent of a
ently deccaa. who M thr
t of chacginitbe tolorOf her
Iexion accordlg to the fto of
The transitio! occunilit Iii
T3!ift,Wfce" fl,em"
irJWlwri-fr- if
a.& !.'
- :a& ?-
iWUHf1? BMamAaBBWtal
!MmWtWn9Mfm r:r
! r":,i'3fcj3KI?"S''
The Lon
young cirl.
hair and co
ber mind.
J three days.j
.mong aiot of modern (i
don necpaper were ihti
lician wjo can't blow hi
want pi moner is thl
"Ilfou'd know a i
binf borne. "Only
Its rcbl is heard by all."
ister Herald sava! -The !oun-
ad to lesxn thatCUlef Jslice
rbbas been seriu8lylll at Irsh-
eobTtnng. The inersl tblic
h A vam va j mC a 1 sT lh!l w ai
ftilllun t...K,A l..f , ....
i""7u wuji iviic in ins
Hi came from somWestlsAin seaport, orig-
aaiiy. I S
Watch night slices drew a large cobrt.
gition to CentraPl. K. chnrch, most of th
people remaininauatil after midnight. Tbe
sermon by RerJr. Marlar wag eminently
adapted to the caiioa,and tbe eiercistn'
were marked W tiMmnltr and Impressire-
ness throoghoutl tViley chapeL South Cen
ter street, wssaso crowded to its 'full ca
pacity, the mejtig, old members lay, being
thebtst erer jel there. The pastor, Rer.
H. n . Tate, pnated an effectire discourse.
t t
speaks extemporaneowS, he always en
"...i""""'""""' r the
""" luiuuyucni me a
with us much Taluable M
ingto them wl ich ncan
anara io miss. At thM
form us what books vi
them. " O
Ticketz for the remain n
for saleatNeffA Hillr'
n I i r a i o r'c
.ie, nry poRiomce,land at the high
school building. Swisyitickets, filtv- cents
smcle admission, tnentr.fr. .. ,: '
". u, -
injl. A. II. lUUie. KbOMU innnnnl .
deliver the next Ucture,5ai faror us tbc'Ust
January or the first of jruary. -v
J first term Wed-
the observance of
ture containing a
d poets and au-
d the wall of the
us whose names
e acquitted them-
te, and will have
ormauon pertam-
essive citizen can
e Ume he will in-
and how to rcd
three lectures are
drag store. New
arsday, December 24,
W tattler day. Atari
up of the most ce lei
rs of modern timpa
ScnoOVroom. anil ll.
-- .
ppearea-sjn tbeproi
-.'" '"J "yjitawy,
The followinJv
xeport of tie High
nary of the term
for the term just
verbs ot to a
: I'ltB a poor
lit i
wis puppet."
rcot tcuch
n's claacter,
bii-per sandal
Died Brown, (has. E., son of Jlobertaqd
Ann I. Brown; atbe residence ofliia brother-in-law,
O. W.Bierd, .WlOU North Vain
street, Daytsn,, on 'the 29th December,
1884, at 4:l p., aged 20 rears, 9 moatts.
Buried inti)ayton VjdIandCemtiryJ.
"evemner ooi.- - . j
afr r" - -
Harry Ttoiai
as was comioc o. from Coin.
rado to K3i City with a lot ofitockyand,
not mindisisuch a little matln-ta-Vnn J-
800 miles'silrence, droppe'd'in a'fjitoe'here
j .u.m.u ma irieoiu jv-jryippy new
nagndafewdajr.; ' ''
a flnmJ
a and i eaBs.
lEwment Uovi3
vaaage aauy aiieac
tiKiai, -u. Average
i . -art .-J
j- I mace I likely to declare.
' V (rJ1? rosecuteit with vi
: It is resitted at Cleveland
aiUon uq
possibly I
deny thi
lonl C
to resign tbe treiisureiiiio dtbj
i wpany aud nccepm jifgi pa
the incoming admlistraon
ibinct position. Paynls'frjnd
is! morning ( Januarrl. 1851
.. v v-il ., ... . 'V I
mi .icm ftw-s. tiuerman ivirk wntiivni in
asmayoijJuaCeI)0uobjie, qflwjui.rme
a A. E. Adrlch's new'waefecl f Grandi'
father Merynan".wilJ be rendeed''inVul
-"u auanoai ana revisions, atithe First
English Jutstraa church. 'this
There shnldle a oig audience.'
.',1 '-('
lisijBggi D. Staley, pne of Dayton'i
SIPJ J0ttDa Udies and arteacher in
A.8W 1 SPt-rte;TMUnx; her
ertfc.'aJif,or Test'lligh
Average Niunoer E
girls, ICLi iotiL 2. i
anceBoys. 11; girli ll
percent., 90r c -""
vi J si'iKn s obi
baroumeat iioys, 6; rls. 5: total, 11.
Average, numtxs. ot enra nent Boys, 5.7;
girls, 5; tdai, 6$. Aye ge daily attend-ae7-BaTS,-S.5;
girls, 4J toial, 10.4. Av-
eraxejer.cenu, 97.
Tbi-High SchooWsDens1 tonday, January
5. Thetterfdanceand in rest in the school's
wrongnont m township, s far as report
nt!e Deeo obtained, are i rv rommenithl
iw oldyeat-li tbmgjef le past, and with
i. imjuut ukuj icners, irom our
ietcaevr.-rlrlsumte'-aljo be a thing ot
thtpiafc 'Letnaf-see eve teacher in ih
Ltowflsbip iatiitendaace at )live Branch the
WW batunlayTln:Jaquar
TMdeBaiJandlifiTye; rci.ei announced
rBf eveniDg, uecer i-rl2, but post
poned ftt account ,!, the i .lement weather.
?! "JlieW. JFriday evet ig, January 9, if
me weainer oo lavoraoie. . The iiri,.-.rmm.
wijormeny encouncea, w: appear in next
wecjt s ULOBi-tiircixic.
TiT. Wta. ForgyJiaijuflBently recovered
i.uui.1113 acciueni orMast.sumn to walk by
ujtau,ui CXUICUCF.
Boys' Fancy Bows 10c.
Black Bows 5 c.
Men's Colored
Handkerchiefs 5c.
Clothing Manufacturers and
Only One-Price Retailers
in Springfield.
N. B.: This Sale is for f o-Day,
To-Morrow and the Next day.
trom mjf eminent jadgts to tkeeictlhaf
bis title ild not be imjieacbed. eiaid bl
intendedi appoint a gentleman ai cSrpor'
tion couatl i ho was not a politi-iat IC
did not isie the nomination up to2 ducl
this moaing. He claimed the iijuictioj
served ochiaias alderman could notified
him a; csyor. The city hall was pettywcl
defertedsl 2 a. m. Politicians of dl tmAri
were arosd the city hall until a eryUte
hour lo-tht. Tammany men and o-callei
machin Republicans are just not in the
asceudaatall waiting with more or ls anx
iety whalthe day may bring tortb. Major
f!-. . -, aL. a I . J ... .
uiw.c ub me ouu-e ai noon. Acti"tMayui
Kirk haiflie ;oner of appointment vithouf
conhrmstsa by tbe aldermen from nor nntU
noon. I
It is no? announced that Hon. J. 11 Tav.
lor, of 0a, will not contest Mr. Wircer'i
seat in tbtnext House. I
There wu a decrease of about $400,11)0 is
tbe pablicdebt, in December. jj
CaptainAndren Green, Engineer .I-epl
Hogaa, Lbemaa Banc and two otberiuer
lAPateckCasJeld, alias SUm," -the cbam-
pionieavy wigbt 6T Taylor itreet,"and Bill
Bpewi the Halt weight, will give'a sparrinjf
ahltation atTodd's hall, January 10, 1885.
iKfSsn. G.. MltchelL 6 Philadelphia, and
S. f. BalliS, of New York, are the genial
guerts of Mi OUn House at the Arcade Ho
tel to-day.?
itTb- i wtrnnnu uu u j u..
also enteredeveral other stores, and stole a
sumDer ot landkenbiefs and s(ockuigs.
S. F. Boid, cf West Mulberry street, and
C. H. Simos, 87 West High street, are visit
ing friends tnd relations in WooBter, O.
The men en the chain gang took advantage
i me legal nouaay, and did not go out to'
, "A simple maiden In hi
IS worm a Hundred coSs-of-armo."
inH vTS.'"1" uuuum auout Jcaunctle.
self. VjthotVvi.,,mte Certaln of J'our-
i.;. v. T .?' "aonnui Bknowsnot . Preventive
after all-it b best that I ShouWrai
n ""! ?:Isay?. Ji
-ij" ia.inj icayo oi jour
eensea! You must go!"
He cannot help wondering what the
expression in Jeannette's gray eyes
wiU be when ho announces tht hn dtn
go never to como back again.
"Fair Joau -sweet mountain daisy
shaU you miss mo a littlo when I am
He half hopes she will, and tho next
moment wishes she would never think
of him again.
Jeannette is as proud as sho U fair,
and she expresses no particular sur
prise at John's cool leavo takin"- the
next day. She se.irrv.lv trnnr ,.,i" .u .
has been thinking, what she has' been
expecting. But it was not anvthin-
J""? "- " no: stui, Mr. Dwi"-ht
has been nothing but their boarder lor
two brief, happy months, and that is
aU. What is there to expect? Has ho
en anything more? "Ifo!" savs Jean
nette .firmly, almost fiercely, "to her
wWA "'iV10 Llso,aething ln herhcart
-hWrt"?.0' th"t aside, and
SjfJSJSr? fainUy but andib
leannatto does not languish and die.
liicro arc 2.000
don. There are 8,700 pul
"mo hilars.
ianmtis rejr.ml red flannnls
preventive againt cholera, and
Otyinj; it in creat iiuantitiea.
SomeHdy has calculated that if the
American.,., i i , - - .
..,,. suuuiu inaKoine euorc
iWCVCOtlld si., iimnnni .,
aionvcach vcar.
r t.
hi "-ii" '-' " - &3f3
" i P'lii a WII"'
B-& RaMataalML Z.-L 1 li" t n
MmmmmmL.'mmT I inn-t- r .r
IiriaTSJaJJtl L- i m'5&2& '
mmUL - " -j-.-
each year.
iiiT- niS!1 aowhA at Naples is of
loMdfiV"5tfa.as the loaves
o en ,000 cars ago t
The engravings forSfa)er'-jfbnA-ly
cost $00,000 a, oar. Uo
na spent as n.iic h asCfi.nnnf tily
lr.(ln.n .. . ,
""" iur ouo anicio.
If vou hai .o l J? . .
K-i i "" i"u wouiu por-
Pnnf!.7KWeug,'essed that the whole
current of her thoughts and ideas-of
her life, indeed-.was suddonlvchanrcd
on that sunny Jely day when John
Dwight wenL OnW .Tnh m;i. 1. "
Wiced the wistful look in her eyes, and
"Vwould havn nnHnrt.j J ' ""
inTraf8 a.1lltle cray sketcf bin
occunbfAh0rojni ch Johiha?
'it Vl. r:... f ,
..-.. yiM-njis oorrowmp; mone1
nn Inhf. tint., l i- .
-.. .... ,,Illt ouiius, earning si per
fntt t.itji-...t . . r ' .
-... .muvn j;r annum. OUCI1 UObifs
are selling at 1 per cent premium.
In some parts of Xorth Carolina
candles and Kcroaenoj-lamps aro still
considered articles., it luxury, while
lusinoiis torches are to be had gratis.
Ouiila says: "A girls lovo must nev
er N; begged, but conquered." Para
doxical as it may seem, the girl can
not be conquered unless she concurs.
Hot air toys are a novcltv. They are
madcof Bristol bcird, welllithographed
and are to be set in motion by tho air
from a lamp, gaslight, store or furnace,
llie aro verv comical.
A crane capable of lifting 147 tons is
being erected at Hamburg. It wil be
the largest on the continent, tho next
bc,'nrr that already erected at Antwerp,
which is capable of lifting 1?o inn.
a v -u-j.
- TWm VwlMBlHr UVJVi'BaMrfk -t '
pftww w.tooay3SL
m jnwvwDer.'jntC
stealing ,
am and e
which be brofc iii wrH
w penMtrlUaflileyM
tr B2i25-
aajijiMA mow ttt V Cpl :
. 7'?. T? w,tn herpl lwasVlawj-a
wiii!'Vs'?li.': T' VtSr
, Tr'.B"0"! J pwow f -saw
crs. &irmamcZMni ThT
ur rtt: wwi
,""i ""7 oll'crtoce iavjpj,.
us size." This iv .ijV. i. S-5, jr-1
Tr.T-rx"'JBfl??, .kj&vj
VB JMfeBfjM,
al22!Tr-H.. . . -
Mat- JM&r aBM ? "T-
JwaBWta',. . - -
LWmL. Ul'
Three thousand horses die each week Pluribus Unum,
that a great many JiSsW
employes nave nothing -do
uuuna, smoke and talk of po
A Bostonian n-rttno .T -
self of an annoying habit of stammeCi
"o j juuaim a uecp breath between
...jf Kffwowj, a!U bv never allow
ing myself to speak umess the lungs
were fully inflated- A little careful at
tention soon made the practice a habit,
aart. novrl nevcr-siamraer1 a&leag much
excited." . . 1,1,
Representative J. .Randolph Taeker,
the intimate friend of GarfieW, rrtrt
that the latter once asked 'Kim it he
knew where the National motto. "f
r':"-u3icpreScnts herself. stan.T
1" '" "'"""Jd attitude with .Wm.
ana ciaswwi j,a --
. .r "autnu l,Mr
cast eyes
rocks rise
Underneath is written
P'apair bchlad her.
ia written m.T.i . . .:
hand. "A Mountain n,iiADfl,u DId
Gugenheim will offer daily tor the next
ten da s some specialty in Wraps or Furs at
a startling reduction, good only lor tbe day
following ibe announcement in the evening
taper. Look lor theadveitisement.
To KpicareaDs.
Three fine steers weighing together -1,440,
were killed and dressed by Leuty k Son yesl
terday lor their Xew Year trade. They were
purchased from Mr. E. S. Kelly and were
raised on tbe S. A. Bowman farm. These
were tbe fattes', finest and best steers ever
killed at acy ore Ume in the county. Some
of the quarters are still nanrioir in Lmjit
Son's meat store.
whoe naaes are not known, were killed De
Miss Mane Gahagan, of Troy, is the guest
if Miss Emma Flynn, of West High street.
Ab, there! That date line, doncherknow?
IgMeeu-eiihty.fi e, now. Make no mistake.
Charles Petty was
Scldaj last tgbt.
locked up by officer
Tbi Brighton Sabbath school had a Christ
ina Iree ani festival Christmas Eve. The
protamine of exercises consisted of singing
by 6e school, reading of Scripture and
pratr by Rev. C. L. Wmget, declamations
nnfei direction of J. H. Goiags, among which
wet in address of welcome bv Belle liitsrh.
asdeeiioa by Arthur L. Darkee, concerted
cember 3 at Chicago, by the explosior i , " " '"V 8'ru , "presenting snow-.s-
i.n.-i.i.r .i. . i . . i i , t mte!aod another by twelve representing
the boderof tbe tugboat Admiral ' tbe month, in tbe vear Al,n . nL- ..,
- , ..., VJ t-
Persons having Watches, Clocks or Jew
elry at my siore. No. 75 South Market, are
hereby rtuuested to call for the same, for I
am going out of business.
, PCL PaiLii.
A Bare Coxa tor Kpllepaj or lu la
houra. Frea to poar. IK, KKUSi, ca. MM
Utrkorvttrwt fcL louts. Ma. '
ine .Milwaukee nour mills manufacwd
l,n7,676birrels of Sour during 18S4.
Tbe Cucinnati Postoffice baa been admit.
to memtrsbip in the Clearing Hou4 ol
Cmciomtt. ' '
The afairs of tbe Louisville, Evansle
and St. louis Air-Line have been placed h
the handiof a receiver. 1
Presidat-elect Cleveland closed hi
Gubernata-ul career December 31, and buil
a receptioi at the Executive Chamber to-dy
The PEladelphiu grand jury found trie
bills agtiat Wm. T. and Lewis J. LaJn,1
the smpeiied bankers, charging embezzb
ment. I i
II crocLftinJ mate Sue laces at home: p'eaa-
:: "sr. ""' "? " ' city- wi.
cage, I1L
..ii ,D,?.cl"V.,lr'tc!M instruction. Addrewor
itllonW.H. Gibsos, ULOBa-KEri-uuc office?
city or unlry to take light work at their
own homn, IS to it !,, m.de. work n, u
mail, no cuIng We he t gooi dtm-j
tor our work and mrnUh uiljr 'uiploymeat.
AddrcM, with (Uop, Irown n'Vt ComunT
2ai ViaeSt.,a,iDiinnitl, Ohio.
r month uiatie f llinr our orand 'ew History,
t-ainoui and Decisite Kitties of the World.
Write to J. C. McCurdy A to , PhilaJelphla, Pa.
located, requiriuc butsmtli oapltal to run it
Inquire of J. M. Miller, a W. Wasniogton St.
T doks, with ntcoti, twelve wriUng tile, coun
ter railing, Ac Call at No. 9, Mitchell Block.
1 Cl.l ......
. uguk ro-urreu at ueityville, KyM a
which the4 Clerk of tbe town, K. F. HargiJ
was shot sod killed of some negroes, one 4
whose nunbrr he bad assaulted and killed. '
TbeQnmmati Commercial-Gazette's Xev
Tear's dayrepjrt of "Ilusiness" is as follow-i
Leading produce markets accomiianied tb
exit of tbejold ymr ith stronger tones ac
a fair degse ot activity under the circum
Btauces, b the hilarity indulged in oi
'Obanee cit short .be thread of trading
Business in, the "Vottums" Was without vi
tality and tie weather too warm to lend anj
stimulatingnrlueoce. In monetary circlej
tbere was the cuSimary clerical activity iCt
dental to a day prior to a legal holiday, bir
tbere were do new features of special signif.
cance it we except the call by the CotnptroIIel
of the Currency tor stttements oi the Xationl
al banks. The local HStitutions received no!
tification yitienlsy, md the reoorts are nnhJ
i: v i .i... r i
usuru Ui-UJir,
tetn little boys and girls, and a declamation
by Elner Stall. Steven Sweet was present
ed with a handsome Bible by tbe school, as a
mirk of esteem for their superintendent, Mr.
Hatibnn making the presentation speech and
Hr.Sweet feelingly responded. The unload
ing if tie trees followed, to everybody's sat
ijfacuon. KNOX.
P bue of seven rooms, at Ligonda, in good re
pair. Apply at Wic. GaaNT'a Sus.
j ana ossetuent Kitcnea. wiier up i
suirs. On M. Riilroid. .Enquire ot Thi
and down
oo. Sharp
II W High st. and Kioaaaa's dry goods store.
fUder will pleat latvl II at 111 W. High (treat.
Chrl.tea, Ev. at Une Station.
OldSantl Cunsi making his annua!
tour, did not Vjrjtt to vs.t ,be boys an(
girls of Boae Suton. He no doubt reinemj
oereo anuttaj pimsea with the
given him ine parkjo.
..Uiwuunrngiae dfen snow and severe
cold, the pjren's and children ol this district
oacucun uieacaooi House at an earl v
ni. " T r " lea PIeasurcs of
Aftrf haiiDa ftw exercises by tbe school,
eonsisliDgif soogsindrecitaUons, the tree was
llluminitej, which presented a pleasing sight,
it being laidei H its utmost capacity with
the cboicu ofollSanta'd gifts. Among the
many giftiwas ajBne large album presented
to the teaijerbjthe school
After tbi treewas relieved of its mnnvnVli
treasures, be tsiwd dispersed, each onn fil
ing hietlviie;
uu uia pais. w
Sotvithttanding the hard times our young
peopl art investing in matrimonv. Mr.
Jas. ngit and Miss Laura Bead wire mar
ried Cfetmss night. Also Miss Ella Athy,
of thisjUee, and Mr. Alf Sine, of Texas,
were mrrfed Sunday night, at her brother's,
(Johnlthy, jr.) hy the Rev. B. Severs, ot
bpnoglld, Ohio. They will leave for Texas
on Jfoday, where a home awaits them. To
these ynng people we extend our best wishes
tor tliei success in life.
ProfSen Lone, of Snrintrfield. ia rnJmir
his vactioa with friends here.
Mr. bhn Wallace, of Indiana, is visiting
bis unci, George Wallace, of this place.
i Mr. Snpson Miller, of Springfield, was in
town Sturday.
Mrs. flattie Funderberg was visiting in
Xenia oer Sunday. x
Somepf our citixens who have contracted
for iinetutter sleighs are now feeling for
smw. Jat a mud-boat would be more usefol
One 4 the (.Ieaisnt surprises in the way
of Chritmas presents was tbe presentation ot
a fioe gld chain and charm by the employes
of the on paper mill to Mr. Stephen Sroufe,
theSupriniendent The presentation speech,
wticb y& neatly and appropriately worded.
iumt oy Mr. aaily, at the entertainment
ot tie i E. Sabbath School, Christmas even
ing, Ukfag Mr. Sroufe completely by sur
prise. 'Bat after his sumrite had naauil
away hetbanked tbem for their kind consid
eration. JMr Baily will soon go to Delaware,
Ohio, to ake a position as finisher in a paper
mill theri v v
Mr. Lancaster, who has bete in Logan
county tabbing, is home spending vacation
iin uu amny here. - J. J. (J.
Notvriftstanding the intensely cold wave
that preiiled Friday night before Christ
mas, tbe second lecture at Olive Branch
High scha wag well attended. Tbe lecturer,
Supt. J. 1 Burns, of Dayton, sect every
listener haheward happy, and many regrets
of absent have been expressed by those
whom the told weather prevented attending.
No belt test of the interest i i onr schools
and the hulgering after knowledge by our
beturclaafof citizens than tbe attendance
upon an ideational meeting such a night u
was thati Friday, December 18.
Tbe natUcture of the coorsa will bs de-
"When the leaves bin to turn,"
rings Jeanette in a softXroouing mon
otone, giving a vigorofc snip of her
garden scissors at evelr pause, and
transferring great odorlus bunches of
creamy white and pinW roses to her
gathered apron. Jeannftte loves flow
erg, and is herself the faest flower of
thf.m fill in tbia "rn'-pifc 1 ," nllli
ner ronndcfl,-WDiB?sed cheeks and
wavy, bronze-brown hair.
At least, so thinks John Dnrio-Tit
he watches her with half closed, dreamy
eyes-iram his position in the grape ar-
" 'Her eyes were fair, and very fair:
Her beauty made me glad.'"
he murmurs under his breath-, a smile
half tender, half self-contemptuous, on
his lips. He is unwilling to admit,
even to himself, that he has been im
prudent enough to fall in love with this
little mountain girl; bnt it remains a
fact, nevertheless.
The reasons why he should not fall
in love with her are so numerous and
obvious that perhaps he may be par
doned for trymg to deceive himself.
He has come to this cottage near the
Catskills for the avowed purpose of
makine a few sketches, nnrl nhnni .
only bit of Nature's beauty he has been
able to fix his attention upon is Jean
nette Faber's face. Jeannette is very
sweet and fair and good, but! There
is a sort of half acknowledged previous
engagement to a wealthy cousin, too, of
which ho is constantly reminding him
self. " "
John pulls his dark mustache and
knits his brows a he thinks of all this.
If only but "ifs" are insurmountable
objects in men's lives very often, as we
aui Know.
Meanwhile Jeannette, all unconscious
that she is the object of such earnest
cogitation, has jubilantly filled her
apron, and is returning to 'tho house.
She is glad that there are so many roses
in the garden. Everything s.eems bare
and meagre and poor enough in the
house, and she often wonders that Mr.
Jjwignt, accustomed to wealth and lux
ury as he evidently is, does not become
disgusted with it all, and leave them.
But she is very, very glad that he does
There is the money he pays them, to
begin with; and then he is so gentle
manly and entertaining always that it
is a continual pleasure to see him and
hear him.
But if the house is meagre in its ap-
pointmenU, the garden is "a thin" of
beauty," and a joy. if not foajverf at
least for almost three quarters of the
year. It is the time of roses, and Jean
nette keeps the dining-room and Air.
Dwight's little "den" more artistically
beautiful than rich tapestries and up
holstered furniture could over make
them. She sees that Mr. Dwight is
pleased, and her soul is glad within her.
She is no hysterical, impractical novel
heroine, this little Jeannette Faber, but
a simple, modest, well-balanced girl,
who can rejoice in such small things as
the approval and good will of her
friends. They are very poor, her in
valid mother and Jeannette. but it is
such an old story that Jeannette has
become accuomed to poverty Ion"
ago, and does not mind it much. She
has a strong suspicion that wealth and
eaa are desirable things, of course, and
has even tasted the bliis of them on
short visits to her school-friends; but
for all that she has never permitted the
trailing serpent of di-eontent to enter
her Eden.
John Dwight that bright July after
noon, seems verv much discontented
with himself an j w ith e cr body and
everything. There is a lonir " letter
from his lady-mother in hispocktt, and
its contents n.ne upset him more than
a little.
"How did sho find out, I wonder?"
he thinks in a semi-provoked way.
Then, very decidedly, "But what litter
nonsense! I'm about as near to falling
in love with Jeannette Faber as I am to
flying to the moon, and I'e no doubt
she thinks the samo way about Jlr.
John Dwight 'V
Now he is as far removed from a cox
comb as man can well be", but for sll
that he has not been able' to help t-eeing
how Jtannette's gray eyes light up
when he is near. Ah, no,! John Dwight!
Them is snort a tnnila. 0;n.... .
beauty about the face that JeatJlr
Pin tivin1v ViaIIawwj. I a- ; 1 . aFmQ
.; -. V-"""" " " uer own. . I
"If I am like this." she thinks .:M
- u-i. - 1.-.. ... "
a imuu oi exultation, "x am not un
worthy to be loved, even by him." And
sho cherishes the sketch as if it were a
sacrca ining.
But later on she allows bitter thou "his
to enter her heart. "
"The sketch was but the work of an
idle moment," she says to herself; "he
did not care any more for it than to
throw it aside when it was finished."
And sho recalls these words of Burns:
3co. modest, crimson-tipped flow'r.
Thou a met me In an evil hour:
lor I maun crush amang tho stance
Thy slender stem."
I don't think John deserves much
pity at our hands, but it is true that he
w more unhappy than Jeannette. He
leets that he has been a coward and a
scoundrel toward her, and false to his
own heart He knows now, when it is
too late that this fair, innocent "moun
tain aaisy" is more to him than any
other woman can ever be.
I.. T , m.
......u. j.ut.,r carcasses are pur
chased by a company which delivers
meat lor cats and dogs to many thous
ands of customers. There aro 700,
000 cats in tho city.
Dr. Hammond remarks: "Perhaps
there is no better test of a woman'
health and beauty than her appearance
at an early breakfast table. She is then
more as nature made her than at anv
other period of the day."
Ladies who w.int snmoii,; :
sacv of ol1 PId mohair insertion upon
BSSn F'oth-. working over the do
sifk. He"nsertion with bright gold
The fortiffo,; , .
ened. not by ajh?i,' of ra"? ar? hreat
by the Parisians t?SSL1S tlme' but
is outgrowing its oldiTes- , T?e city
tificationsarein tb rS ai!. tho for-
u ,;M.i'-t. 1"e
-JittCl4 1V
buil din"
asKCd- ,
- . -.
There follows an epoch in Jeannette's
life which reads like a fairy story, but
which is, after all, nothing new or
q ' ''. '"j' "f miri -liamn
nerctolore almost fnro-ntten nJsiiro
"out West" dies, and leaves a fortune"
to Mrs. Faber and her daughter. Life
chanjres as comnletelv for .Toinnottn .
it would for any mountain daisy trans
planted from its nativo heath to be a
hot-house rose.
Returning to New York from Albany
on one of the Hudson River steamers,
almost three years after sho has become
an heiress and a belle, she finds herself
faco to face with John Dwight She is
startled for si moment, and her heart
beats almost to suffocation: but John
does not know her does not even see
her, apparently. And how worn and
world-weary he looks! Ho is not tho
jonu Aiwignt that Jeannottehas known.
His wife is beside him a nln TnnmiM
querulous woman, bcjeweled and paint
ed. As Jeannette looks at tho pair, every
feeling of tenderness for John Dwi"ht
she may have clung to dies within Eer
breast There is nothing but scorn and
pity left Scorn, that he should have
sold his birthright so cheaply; pity, that
his life, so full of beauty and promise
once, should have come to nothin"
more than this.
And as she places the little crayon
sketch upon tho grate, and ""watches it
slowly turn to cold, gray ashes, Jean
nette s eyes are humid, and sho whis
pers with trembling lips,
" "Si?, lcnd,r Trace of a day that is dead
w 1U never come back to mo!" "
they occupy
Horace Greeley onco
Elizabeth Cady Stanton:
ou do in time of war if
Miurager- "Just what jou have done.
.ur. urceicy," was the quick reply;
"st iv at home and urge others to sro
and tight" b
The late Sullivan Dorr, of Provi
dence, R. I., lived in the same house
anu uicu m the same room in which ho
was born. There too lived four gener
ations of servants, one woman wb"o was
a servant in the family sixty ve.trs aco
I and is there now.
Tha wire fence is slowly disappear-
. fV '(.WWwHtliWWilWHWja
eamA train TbmI..
admitted that he did not "WelL" it
comes from a desenptionjn Hone, of
the preparation of aRoman salad;" and
he turned to it There, surely enough,
was the list of ingredients, and thers
mark that the result was "e plqxibn.
A San Francisco journalist has just
received an offer to go to Southern Cal
ifornia to conduct a journal there- Tho
proprietor writes: "The salary, $15 a
week, jnay sound small; but, being in
tho centre of an agricultural His&i,.f
wo are constantly receiving larger" rifts
of potatoes, grapes, delicious peas and,
indeed, ecrything in season, which,
after being duly noticed, would become
your perquisite, Tho editorial table
turns up and makes a capital bed at
night, and there is an excellent stove to '
bod coffee on. If you can play hymn
tunes, there is a vacancy also, at 25-
month, for an orgaui
Lord Salisbury deserves his success.
or aunng liis recent campaign in Scot
I land he anDearmd nn n t,;i,i-.,.-!...
'What w6tti. I nd addressed a crowd, clad from. hi.
jou had theJ-t;','itrJ?niinpWanlinfnI, . .
Trtu tgr '"I1 K!ShInd cwtumeX
SolomtTlSkaWe attire. su6ha3
ed in. waathe tCLSpg? w not ray-
mindednessv,t tEuTtJ
gated the horK)toitS
urn iuo iuiuu oi tecii hea& k
fort in tha s'rident wnUnTk. . V-
n-c -.v vai
UlUt TUl'Vak.
fif of absent-
jttle miti-
thought the cattle dealers will soon difl
away wiin it altogether. The lare
owners have concluded that an open
range is pcrfcrable, all things consid
ered, to an inclosed pasture.
A scientific observer claims that tho
flatness of the earth at the pole brin-'s
the polar ocean thirteen miles nearer
than any other portions of the globe to
the central ball of fire, upon which he
believes the earth to be built Conse
quently me neat is so great that tho
water could never freeze over, and if
there is a sea at that spot at all it must
bo an open one.
nninnrl him .ill.. I n ,11 .
tpn thosni" h-.i;ot,: -viot
trousers meanwhile. No. aftertu. -
deal he deserves the solace of sua
- . . Tft.-i.
It has been laid down as an axiom haN-
Animal Eccentricities.
If a man begins to save against his
old age, we call it thrift, and praise him
as a small capitalist who is giving hos
tages to fortune; but if a dog accumu
lates a store of bones or food, we look
upon him as indulging in dangerous
caprices, which may end in the ncces-
5iy ui puiuug a Duuer. through his
head. There may be exceptions here
and there. Sometimes yon will find
an old lady who will protect eccentric
ity in a parrot, a magpie, ora jackdaw,
as a bird that has a right to a certain
freedom of movement in return for its
entertaining attempts at conversation.
But on the whole, there is no sterner
standard of conventionality than that
which we enforce on our domestic ani.
mals. Pet dogs become perfect bigots
in favor of the usual, and nersenutn
iny attempt to deviate from it on tho
part even o' a more powerful and less
favored .league, as the Inquisition
persecuted heresy, or as the court of
Ktissia persecutes Nihilism. There is
nothing equal to the indignation of an
m-doors dog at any invasion of the
privacy of the drawing-room by an out
loors dog, and nothing more melan
choly than the servile apologies which
the big dog will make to the little one,
for even proposing to bieak through
the animal etiquette of the house.
Popular Science Monthly for December.
It is now an open secret in J-'nn-lt.l.
official circles, that the Agamemnon
doubIc-sCrew armor-plated turret shin
is to all intents and purposes utterly
useless. The milder has been contrived
so as to work only in dead water, and
the result is that it is practically impos
sible to steer the costly monster, and
when she starts it is a matter of pro
found uncertainty what direction" she
may take. In all probability it will be
found necessary to convert the ship
into a single screw, at a cost of 100.-
Millionaire Richard Wilson. wnoe
son has just marriedintotlic Astor fam
ily. Kept a cross-roads store not so Ion"
ago down at Dalton, Ga. He did it in
a modest way, too. HU whole stoik
of goods would havo brought scarcely
enough to pay for the wedding clotlu's
his son wore last Wednesday. The lit
tle dilapidated shanty in which Willi
hisown hands he measured ruolasse..
..ci-iLui.Miiiii, anu wrappcu tip soap
was torn down within a jcar or two.
Hugh J. Mohan of San Francisco.
says emigrants an; pouring into Cali
fornia at the rato of 1,500 to 1,800 a
week. By far tho greatest number
settle in Southern California, organize
colonics, and engage in fruit and wine
growing. A large per cent are men of
means, and even of wealth, who go
there mainly for health, but combine
business also. The poorer class of em
igrants go into the northern counties.
the agricultural regions; and about 20
per cent of the total number go up to
Oregon and Washington Territory. J he
population of California is now" about
The Grecncastle (Pa.) Piess relates
how ono poor little mouse broii"ht dis
may into a happy household: Alady in
Coseytown discotcred a mouse in the
family Hour barrel. She summoned her
husband and told him to get the gun,
call the dog and station himself near
tne scene of the onslaught. Getting tip
on a high chair she commenced punch
ing the flour barrel with a pole. The
poor mouse soon made its appearance
and started across the floor, the dog
immediately in pursuit In tlrtj excite
ment the man fired the gun, killing the
ttog, anil the iaily fainted and fell
, - -. ' .
w;is canaoie oi aDSorliin--TJ
and afterward emitting them intnedarkF
"line mis was aDunaantly proved by
theory it has been difficult to put it to
an actual test, for naturally the great
diamonds of the world are not accessi
ble for the purpose. Recently, howev
er, a private person, the fortunate pos
erof a stone of 92 karats, valued at
$300,000, lent his diamond for scientific
investigation. These have been very
satisfactorily conducted, and the phos-
('uiuaivui ijiiumy oi me stone may bo
regarded as proved. The stone was ex
posed for an hour to the direct action of
the sun's rays , and then removed to a
dark room. For more than twenty
minutes it emitted light strong enough
to make a sheet of white paper held
near it perfectly visible.
A gooil story comes from the other
side. A m3n went to Bristol for a few
days to stay with some people, and es
pecially to visit a lunatic asylum in tha
neighborhood, where a large concert
for tho benefit of the inmates was
given. The visitor found the audience,
with very few- exceptions, intelligent,
appreciative, ana ,10 ait outwara ap
pearance perfecttjvsane. The person
who sat next himnversed so delight
fully that he felt conCellctl to remark,
"I beg your panlon, mt you are surely
not a a resident here?" To which
tlm str-wow roolied meekly. "Tea I
am." "Hut," insisted thevisitor, "you
aro not you cannot be tho least men
tally afflicted?" And the other re
plied, "Well, I havo an inconceivable
predilection. In fact, you see this
piece of chalk. Wherever I go I can't
resist the temptation to write bad lan
guage on the walls. My keeper has
nothing to do but walk behind me with
a wet sponge and rub it out; but he has
a hard time, for I write very rapidly.
I was three 'damns' ahead up to half
past 7; and I have just written 'Hell'
live times on your back!" Sew Tort
m s a
Tea an Irritant Drag.
fainted and fell off
G. W. Liiuiiiuist, one of thesurvivors I no ?na,r- lhe man thinking she was
-t the Polaris expedition, declares that , au' aml Ieanng arrest for murder.
oo Arctic oager need epect to bo
uiuuu ;i tie oi tery long alter ins re
turn. He holds a master's certificate
tnd was once toasted fiom town to
m li, but now, as he laughingly ad
mits, is able to find no better position
than qitailcrniasti'r on a coasting
The definition of man as a cookin"
animal is not less profound than a"ree
able. It relict t-s u, of a painful dilem
ma. For if, w ith co-irse assurance, we
define man to bo a carnivorous animal,
we confound him with savago beasts;
and if, on the other hand, we style hitn
herbivorous, the progress of centuries
is ignored, and he is associated with
tamer animals. Balzac has remarked
that one of the keenest joys of the gour
mand lies in tho mystery concealed by
the covered dish in the anticipation and
revelation: "C'est la surprise, l'impres
sion gastrunomique du plat extraordi
naire." Saturday Rcvuw.
cicareit out and has not been heard of
since. The mouse escaped.
Dr. Sketchley, who has charge of tho
Ostrich farm at Anaheim, was plucking
ono of the things one day. When they
Cluck them a stocking is kept on the
ead to blind tho bird. Whilo he can
not seo he is quiet, but if his blinkers
get uncovered then ha "goes for" the
plucker. The doctor mocd his arm
so as to disturb the stocking, and in
stantly he saw what was dono and went
head first out of the pen, not cariti"
for any more plumes just then. As ho
tumblod head first over tho fonp tlm
bird he was a jack one, of course
let flyakjek which, striking a fence
board, made toothpicks of a whole pan
el length. The mulo's occupation as a
kicker is gone in this country since the
ostrich came. - Los Aiujclcs hzvrtss.
Oscar Wilde suggests that for the fu
ture ladies should leave offstays entire
ly and adopt the Eastern garb, notably
u regards the continuations and slip-
The experience ol everv confirm!
tea-drinker, when soundly interpreted,
supplies condemnation of the beverage;
theplea commonly and blindly urged
on its behalf being, when understood,
an eloquent expression of such con
demnation. "It is so refreshino-:"""T
am fit for nothinc when tea-time cornea?
round until I have ,had my tea, and $PVSk)
then I am fit for anythinsr." The "fit
for nothing" state comes on at 5 p. m.r
when tho drug is taken at the orthodox
time, or even in the early morning;" iit
the case of those who are accustomed,
to have a cup of tea brought to 'their
bedside before rising. With blindness
still more profound, some will plead for
tea by telling that by its aid one can sit
up all ni"ht at brain-work withnatfeeT.
mg sleepy, provided ample supplies-of
the infusion are taken from tune "to
It is unquestion-.uTy true that jjach
may be done; that the teardrinker is
languid and weary at tea-time, whatev
er be the hour, and that the refresh
ment produced by 4,the cup that
cheers" and is said not to inebriate, is
almost instantaneous.
What is the true significance of these"
acts? p
The refreshment is certaialy not due v ,
to nutrition, not to the rebmldinffof
any worn-out or exhausted "organic tis
sue. The total quantity f material
conveyed from the tea-leaves into the
water is ridiculously too small for the
performance of any such nutritive
function; and, besides this, the action
is far too rapid, there is nc sufficient- ""
time for tho conversion of 'even that
minute quantity into organized worfcv-?
mg tissue. Hie action cannot bo that"' "i5"
of a food, but is purely and simnlvtbut.C'-ttS.'
.. , ., . . . . : i-t-
ui a sniuuijimir or irruaacitrutr, actio" .
directly and abnormally; ouT the umSumi
W...W.U. VU..., J
.i?ji'zn i
- -'

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