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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, January 23, 1885, Image 3

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Sally Sdltlon.
U.4J-I MjTtlH HMt 31
Jaaeary 22, ISeS
(.30 r. lii
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J: JO p.
:S0 p.
10:80 p. ro
Mean temperature 4 above aero. Temperature
ei iiu ilu In . 27 above. Temperature ol
uml Jut In IkS. S balow. reipcriure o! same
dale la 184", 24 abeie .era.
Mr. B. B. Law, of Cincinnati, is at tut L
gonda House.
Miss Kate -vera, of
friends for a few weeks.
Dayton, is visiting
Mr. Frank Hermann, ot Urbana, ii in the
city, lie guest of his friend, Mr. Herman
The Misses Mcil orris, of West Main street,
are entertaining their cousin, Miss Morris, of
Miss Adra Hutchinson, of Clifton street, is
visiting ber cousin. Miss Forbes, of nsar
Velio w Springs.
The patrol wagon made three, runs last
night, in drank a-d disorderly cases. Noth
ing of special interest.
John O'Connor has brought suit in court
to recortr money paid into the county treas
ury nnder the Scott law.
There will be two or three theater parties
attend the S and 40 Blackbirds and tha ladies
will all appear in fall dress.
The next meeting ot the Kdectic Medical
Association will be held at the Lagonda
House oa the third Wednesday of February.
Mr. and Mrs, Mankin, nee Florence Flack,
hare returned to their home in Washington,
D. C after a pleasant risit to Mrs. Mankin's
Mrs. John W. Pannenter, nee Delia Moore,
of Bowling Green, Ohio, is visiting ber par
ants. Dr. and Mrs. George W. Moore, of
South Market street.
The members of the Eclectic Medical Asso
ciation, at the meeting in this city Wednes
day, all agreed with Dr. Rusfll in bis report
on the disease ot Dr. Maxwell's brain.
Tha case of FehL Johnson k Co. tj. Joseph
Sheets, suit on account part of which defend
ant claims to hare paid, is in hearing in
Common Pleas court to-day before a special
jury ot sx men.
A pleasant social party was given last
evening at tha residence of G. W. Cay wood,
West Main street, in honor of Miss Kit Smith,
of New Burlinctou, who is visiting Miss
Lixxie Cartwright. About thirty young peo
ple of the city attended.
A committee of the Legislature reported
unanimously, yesterday, against the passage
of the bill providing that transfers ot real es
tate shall be made in offices of county re
corders, deeds not passing through the Aud
itor's office at all, as at present.
The congregation of Wiley M. E. chapel
are arranging to bold an art loan exhibition
on a grand scale, in Alpine rink, South Cen
ter street, for ten days or two weeks, begin
ning March 1C. This is something quite
novel and never before undertaken by the
colored people of the city.
J. Guilford White, Esq, of this city, is
now in Washington, D. C, as private secre
tary to Hon. R. S. Stevens and clerk in the
Auditor's Office of the District of Columbia,
besides attending to soma law business. His
official duties and other business will keep
him at the National capital until about tbe
sixth of March.
It has been decided by the management of
the 5-and-40 Blackbirds entertainment to
ell gallery tickets for the performance this
evening at SO cents each. This will enable
many to attend who might not otherwise do
so, and it is believed that this will still fur
ther twell.the handsome returns for the bene
fit of the poor.
Some of the water-pipes in the Arcade
building burst last night and llxxled one
coiner of the postoffice below, happening to
be in a place where no damage could be
caused. The water-works people have had
about tbe usual amenat of trouble from this
source during the cold snaps this month. A
street pipe connecting with the Main street
mains near Market bunted last night, flood
ing the gutter on the south side of the block.
Xenia Gaxette: "It is generally supposed
that had tbe City Council offered the $100 re
ward for tbe arrest of tbe attempted murderer
ot Officer Harnar, he would by this time have
been arrested, as some of tbe persons who
knew of his whereabouts would have told. It
is sard also that the Council had as much le
gal right to offer the reward, as it has to re
fund money paid in on occount of Opera
House rent. We don't know, but so it is
said." A penny raved is a penry earned,
you know.
Urbana Citizen, January 22: "A wreck oc
curred on the I. B. k W. Railway last night
near Carey, in which nine freight cars were
thrown from the track. The wreck occurred
at 11 o'clock and two ot tbe cars were turned
over an embankment and demolished, while
the others were damaged to some extent. A
message went through late last night to San
dusky to send the wrecking train and a good
force of men to the scene of the wreck. The
rails on this road were broken in four places,
along the line north of Urbana."
James P. Goodwin, Esq, last evening filed
in Common Pleas court, as per instructions of
tbe trustees, a petition for change of name of
the Republican Club, of Springfield, Ohio, to
tbe "Lincoln Club, of Springfield, Ohio."
The reasons assigned in support of the pro
propesed change are: "The same will better
subserve tbe interests of tbe said corporation
and will better express tbe intentions and ob
jects for which the organization was formed."
You pay your money, $5 initiation and $4
annual dues, and take your choice. 'There is
no doubt of tbe granting of the petition.
Superintendent Fleming, whose trip to
Lorain county to look up the case of a man
injured there was noted yesterday, has re
turned. The name of the man is John Co
voick, and he was employed about three
years at Moore's quarries, near here. In No
vember he went to Lorain county and was
employed Dy the Nickel Plate Stone Com
pany as a quanyman. One of his thumbs
was mashed by a block ot stone fallirg upon
it, and lockjaw set in. He suffered in this
manner nntil December 27, when the spasms
ceased, and be is now doing well. He has
been cared for at tbe Lorain county infirmary,
tbe directors of which present a big bill for
this county to pay. It remains to be seen
whether or not it can be collected, the law
not having been complied with in the case.
ItoM. Wlu
10 -0 NW
2 0 W
4 ' K
4' HE
Aa Introduced and Carried Out at tbe
Stallun-IIouse The Drill Better Food
for Less Money.
From time to time within the past three
weeks this paper has noted the changes and
improvements at the station-house, acd now
that the work is completed, a full account of
the system of reform will be of interest.
When the bill for supplies for the station
house for the past month was presented it
was enormous, and the Police Committet,
consisting of Messrs. Jennings, Drlscol and
Hickey, determined to investigate it and see
where expenses could be reduced. With this
object in view they visited several cities to
see the systems in vogue and retarned with
a full determination to make a number of
changes. The first thing to be done was to
put the station-house in repair. Car
penters were put to work in the female
department fitting up tbe old cells and
the women are now locked up all the time
instead of being allowed to roam all over
the second story of the building and hoot at
passers-by from the front windows. In the
nor.hwest corner of the large room on this
floor a room was made for the use of the
cook as a bed room, and directly opposite is
another room, which is used as a store-room
for supplies. This Is fitted up with shelves,
and the only key to tbe room is carried by
the station house keeper on duty who deals
out the supplies to the cook. After all these
changes had been made the rooms up stairs
were papered and wood work newly painted.
On the lower floor also the work of im.
provement was' carried on. The cell
room and office were newly whitewashed, the
woodwork painted and the nils thoroughly
It has always been the custom to give each
prisoner his meals in his cell, but as there
were several objection to this mode it was
decided to feed all the prisoners at once at
one table. Accordingly, a hinged shelf was
placed along the north wall, running from
one end of tbe hall to tbe other. Here at
meal time all the prisoners sit down and tat
A Globi-Ripcblic reporter was, by special
invitation from Captain Billy Wood, present
last evening at supper time. Mr. Jennings,
chairman of tbe Police Committee, was also
present and expressed himself as
highly gratified with the workings of tbe in
stitution under the new order of things. The
prisoners, under Deputies Goode and John
son, 'arrived at tbe station house at five
o'clock and were immediately ordered to pre
pare for supper. While this was going on
the cook with the assistance of two "SAfetv"
prisoners, brought down supper. This con
sist id of a large tin pan, full of soup and a
half loaf of bread. When all was in readi
ness Captain Wood blew a whistle and the
prisoners marched around in single file to tbe
table. At the second whistle they sat down
and at the third commenced to eat. Twenty
prisoners sat down to the "first" table
and it was surprising the perfect order that
was maintained throughout the meal.
As each prisoner finished he pushed his pan
back and sat with arms folded. When all
had finished a fourth whistle was blown, and
all arose and pushed the benches under the
table. At the fifth whistle tbe prisoners who
occupied tha north row of cells stepped back,
and the "south siders" marched to their cells.
When the whistle was sounded tbe sixth time
each man opened his cell door and marched
in, closing tbe door after him. Tbe doors a.-e
then locket! for the night. This drill is gone
through at each meal, and it is remarkable
bow well the prisoners act. Once in a while
a man gets stubborn but it is soon taken out
of him by depriving bim of his meal. Both
Captain Wood and Officer Dotxe take crest
pride in the new "deal" and to thara belongs
tbe credit ef drilliag tbe men.
The food now given to tbe men is more
nourishing than the bologna and bread ot
former times. For breakfast they are given
coffee, bread, and either beans, potatoes, or
hominy. For dinner they get corn bread,
fresh boiled beef and raw onions; and for
sapper either vegetable er bean soup, and
bread. The supplies xre all bought at whole
sale, and the members of the Police Commit
tee think that they will not enly be able to
feed tbe prisoners on more nourishing food,
but do so at a much smaller expense than
Spring KlecUon Hatters.
'Squire J. J. Smith's term as justice of the
peace of Springfield township expires about
tbe middle of February. The township trus
tees, to avoid the unnecessary expense and
trouble of a special election, have, as they
are competent to do, decided U hold tbe
election for magistrate to fill the vacancy at
the regular spring election in April. 'Squire
Smith's candidacy for re-election depends
upon one or two contingencies and condi
tions. W. A. Stout, ex-Sheriff Foley's dep
uty, is understood to be a candidate for the
The committee of fifteen of the Republican
county central committee appointed to con
sider and report a plan the best plan, in
their judgment for making nominations for
the spring election, met last evening in
Squire Rightmyer's office, with eleven mem
bers present, including tbe two township
members. The subject was discussed in its
bearings, so far as they presented themselves.
It was decided that the new plans suggested
through the columns of the city press, were
not sufficiently practical or feasible. After
going over the ground the committee fnrther
decided to recommend at the meeting of tbe
central committee to be held Satur
day, February seventh,
, I ,, , .
the holding of
. aL. D !.-. 1 1
a primary election, not under the Baber law,
for nomination of a city and township ticket.
It is proposed that names of all candidates
be placed upon one general ticket, in alpha
betical order; poles to be open in all the
wards from noon until seven o'clock in the
evening, and the election to be on some other
day of the week than Saturday in order to
give business and workingmen better oppor
tunity to attend. This is, in brief, the sub
stance of the business transacted by tbe com
mittee of fifteen.
It is possible the central committee will
take some action at their next meeting on
the question of the Republican county con
vention. There is some talk of varying the
practice of years past and holding it some
time after harvest; perhaps as late as August.
Tbe intense cold of the past week has
caused the trame work of houses, by the
rapid contraction, to "go off" with an ex
plosion sometimes Bounding, in the stillness
of midnight, like tbe discharge of a cannon,
much to the mental disturbance of timid
folk. A West End citi-en approached a po
iceman this morning wth a harrowing ac
count of an attempted burglary on his domi
cile. The offcer pushed the investigation un
til he became convinced the noises heard were
only the cracking of the house timbers,
cansed by the frost and then dropped it.
There will be a prayer and conference
meeting this evening at 7:30 o'clock in the
Congregational church, in continuation of
the special services held since the week of
prayer. It is particularly desired that there
should be a full attendance. A good degree
of interest is reported as existing in the 1
church and in these meetings, and there have
been some conversions,
No article entering so generally into the food of every
family has been found more villainously adulterated than
baking powder. For the purpose of underselling the
"Royal," whose absolute purity and wholesomeness has
never yet been questioned, hundreds of dealers are put
ting up baking powders with cheap and adulterated cream
of tartar, which contains lime, earth, etc., adding strength
by the free use of alum.
These adulterated powders are " shoved " upon the
public with the greatest persistency. They are first
given away left in samples at private residences, with
circulars containing bogus analyses and certificates, and
false representations as to their value, etc This fact of
itself is sufficient to condemn them. A first-class article
will sell on its merits. No manufacturer whose goods are
of value can afford to give them away, and none but the
cheapest make and most inferior or unmarketable goods
require to be distributed free in order to get the public to
use them, and this method is adopted only by parties who
have failed to dispose of their wares through the ordinary
and legitimate channels of trade.
Free samples of articles of food left at the house
should be regarded with suspicion. There is no guarantee
of their wholesomeness, while there is real danger that
they contain a fatally poisonous compound. Many in
stances of poisoning from the use of such samples are re
corded. The Royal Baking Powder is never given away, sold
by means of lotteries, nor accompanied by chromos, spoons,
crockery, or other gifts, except the gifts of absolute purity,
v.-holesomeness, full weight, and superlative leavening
power. These gifts are guaranteed with each package. Its
own merits have been its chief advertisement, and they
have secured for it the constant patronage of the
American people to an extent beyond the combined sale of
all other baking powders. The Royal Baking Powder is
absolutely pure and perfect.
Disenchantment befell the young mar.
who, seeing the effulgence of a hand-
some actress Nannie' Brmham at the
Biion Opera House, aaahe shone in the
splendors ol burlesque, sought an ac
quaintance. The ceremony of intro
duction was so carelessly performed by
an attache of the house that Nannie
understood the fellow really a member
of a Fifth avenue family to be an ac
tor. "You are doing finely with your role,"
he remarked.
"Oh, I seem to have caught on," she
glibly replied. "The part ain't all gin
ger there's more gun and chesnuts in
it than anything else but I made up
my mind to play it for all it was worth.
I had the advantage of showing up
well in leg work, ana so"
At this point she saw the horror in his
face, and guessed the mistake she had
"Oh, I beg your pardon," she de
murely added, with a sodden resump
tion of the shy modesty which had
originally bewitched him; "I inadvert
ently used some of the dreadfully shock
ing language of tho stage."
But the shock had been irretrievably
given. The ardent admirer was lost to
her forever. New York Cor. Ulica Her
All kinds of schemes and tricks axe resorted
to by unprincipled persons to obtain unfair
advantages over their neighbors. The latest
and most dishonest of these that has come to
our notice is one by which certain manufac
turers ofi baking ipowdar have taught to prej
udice ceitsraet against hs use-of other
hranifa that k. an jkatihliaf) Minntttinn aa
Wl Bk.B .MM. MM . . .MI U...V. .vw. ...w..
y,, t Uli purert in y,, toT the
. i fl :
purpose of intioducing their own. Their
method, we are informed, is to heat a can of
baking powder of a wall-known brand over a
lamp or s'jve, -when, if there is a gss
given off having the odor of ammonia, the
powder is condemned as being made
of ammonia and unfit for u:e. The preju
dices of the unsuspecting are thus excited
against the baking powder submitted to the
so-called teat, and tbe grocer who has a
quantity of it on band suffers a serious loss in
If the intelligent consumer will stip a
moment to think, she will readily perceive
that this "test," it successful, proves nothing
but tbe superiority of the baking powder
tested. The aim of all baking powder mak
ers is to produce an article that shall most
readily, under nse, give off its leavening gas.
Tbe powder that does this with a moderate
heat, at the tame time evolving the largest
quantity, fct cientificaUy the best.
There is probably not an article prepared
for food that cannot be manipulated to prove
that something is wrong about it; and when
a person goes into a kitchen or betoie a
housekeeper who it not to be presumed to un
derstand chemical relations, and performs an
experiment of even the simplest character, it
is not difficult to impress one that something
awful is the matter. At to baking powders,
we could suggest a dozen tests that would be
aa ridiculous ia giving a fair idea of their re
lative merits to an aninstrncted Bind at the
one here mentioned.
Tbe true domestic value of a baking pow
der consists in its purity, wholesomeness and
leavening power. It it only the chemist,
with hit chemical appliances, who can deter
mine these qualities, scientifically and exact
ly. Aside from this, the test teat for a baking
powder it to try it in making bread, and tee
which makes the most and the best. To this
practical test all the established brands have
been pot, and housekeepers have very gener
ally made up tneir minus wnien tney ureter.
and the tricksters will find ultimately that a
brd fl- has been a bowsebold favorite tor
yean will not be displaced by reason ot any
tncu tney may snow.
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Murphy and Br o.,
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The Shakers Shaking;.
What makes a man feel as shaky as chills
and fever? It is shake, shake, shake, until
yoo almost rattle your teeth out and shake
the buttons off of your coat. What drives
chills and fever out? Brown's Iron Bitters.
If you have never tried it get some at once,
and don't shake any more. Mr. Charles M.
Newell, of Tettington, Va., says, "I used
Brown's Iron Bitters last fall for chills and
fever, and derived great benefit." It is the
best tonic known.
BllkMatellaese Newmarkets.
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A disease that has appeared to baffle medi
cal science is that known by the designation of
"Bright s disease of the kidneys. A power
ful enemy of this dread destroyer has appeared
in Mishler'a Herb Bitters, (leorge Rusler, of
Hinkeltown, Pa., writes: "I was cured ot
Eright's kidney dis je by tbe use of your
great household remedy. I was previously
attended by Doctors Winter, Rutter and Mar
tin. Mishler'a Herb Bitters wiougut the
happy change in my case."
Have you seen the kareairs on the Cheap
Table at Murphy k Bro.?
Piles are frequently preceded by a sense of
weight in the back, loins and lower part of
the abdomen, causing the patient to suppose
be has some effection ot the kidneys o
neighboring organs. At times, symptoms of
indigestion are present, flatulency, uneasiness
ot the stomach, etc. A moisture, like per-spi-jtion,
producing a very disaRreeable itch
ing, after getting warm, is a tommon at
tendant. Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles
yield at once to the application of Dr.
Boeinko's Pile Remedy, which acts directly
upon the parts affected, absorbing the
Tumors, allaying the intense itching, and
effecting a permanent cure. Price 50 cents.
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A good warm cloak for a child 6 to 16
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Stop That Cough.
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warranted to cure or money refunded, coughs,
colds, hoarseness, throat and lunir troubles
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Cure contains the healing properties ot pure
white rock candy, with extracts ot roots and
herbs. Only 25 cents. Large bottles $1,
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Before you buy a Black Silk examine the
qualities aud prices at Murphy k Bro. You
can save money and buy guaranteed silk.
M. L. Blair, Alderman 5th Ward, Scran
ton, Pa., stated Nov. 9. '83: He bad used Dr.
Thomas's Eclectric Oil for sprains, burns, cuts,
bruises aud rheumatism. Cured every time.
Positive Cure lor Piles.
To the people ot this County we would say
we have been given the Agency of Dr. Mar
chisi's Italian Pile Ointment emphatically
guaranteed to Cure or money refunded In
ternal, External, liuna, meeaing or itcnmg
Piles. Price 50 Cents a Box." No Cure, No
Fay. For sale by Charles Ludlew, Druggist.
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can save money anu ouy gusrsuieeu sua..
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beautiful colors of the Diamond Dyes, for
Silk, Wool, Cotton, &c, 10c. each. A child
can use with perfect success. Get at once at
your druggists. Wells, Richardson k Co.,
Burlington, Vt.
Bad Drainage causes much sickness, bad
blood and improper action of tbe liver and
kidneys is bad drainage to the human sys-
tj tern, which Kurdock Blooa enters rtmeay.
j BRO.
Splendid Assortment
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All Garments are well made, from
flrst-class materials and are perfect
X. B. Special Shirt Measure Taken.
Solid Comfort.
Every one likes to lake solid comfort and
it may be enjoyed by everyone who keeps
Kidney-Wort in tbe house and takes a few
doses at the first symptoms of an attack of
Malaria, Rheumatism, Biliousness Jaundice
or any affection ol the Liver, Kidneys or
Bowels. It is a purely vegetable compound
ot roots, leaves and berries known to have
special value in kidney trouble. Added to
these are remedies acting directly on tbt
Liver and Bowels. It removes the cause ot
disease aud fortifies the system against new
Keynote to Uaalth.
Health is wealth. Wealth means inde
pendence. The Keynote is Dr. Bosanko's.
Cough aud Lung Syrup, the best Cough
Syrup in the world. Cures Coughs, Colds,
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Voting Men I Rend Thla.
The Voltaic Belt Co., of Marshall, Mich,
offer to send their celebrated Electro-Voltaic
Belt and other Electric Appl'ancw on trial
for thirty days, to men (young or old) afflicted
with neirous debility, loss of vitality and
manhood, and all kindred troubles. Also for
rhcumatistr neuralgia, paralysis, and many
other disea.es. Complete restoration to
health, vigor and manhood guaranteed. No
risk U incurred as thirty days trial is al
loved. Write them at once for illustrated
pamphlet free.
Daughters, Wivea aud Mothers.
We emphatically guarantee Or. Marchist's
Catbolieon, a Female Remedy, to cure Fe
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flammation and ulceration, falling and dis
placements or be ariog down feeling, irregu
larities, barrenness, change of lite, leucor
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Some FoolUti People
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errors anil indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
oess, early decay, loss of manhood, Ac, I will
send a recipe that will care you, FEEE OF
CHAKUE. This great remedy was discovered by
a missionary In South America.- Send Mlf-ad-dressed
envelope to BEV. JOSEPH T. INMAK
Station !., New York.
The Shakers do not use Cosmetics, but
whoeTer bas seen tuem must nave noticea ine
bright, clear com plexlon of tbe Sisters. There la
none of that tinge of yellow about the eyes, no
dark brown spots on the skin. Tbey look bright
and cheerlul because they enjoy good health, they
maintain perfect digestion by the use or interna
kerExtrac os Koota (Siegers Syrup).
John Conner writes from Rnscee, Mo., August
16,1831: "I must say a word or two t a regard to
yourgrert medicine. About four years ago I waa
taken down with a burning In myatomacha d
rheumatism. I began growing weak and could
not eat anything. I tried every thing I could hear
of but could not End any help. I was induced to
try a bottle ot tbe ahaker Extract of ttooU, and
I commenced getting better at once. I have uaed
six bottles, and now I can eat anything withoat
Its Injuring me. I gladly recommend It to any
one suffering with dyspepsia." The sJkaktrTar
Capsules cure Ouagba.
The New York Board of Health estimates that
30,000 Uvea have been destroyed by the explosive
qualities of petroleum. If STary housr hold would
adopt the White Seal ell for family use, none of
these unfortuaate accidents would occur.
has none of ths defecta usually found In eentmon
oils. It cannot be exploded, doea not char the
wick, will not smoke, emits bo offensive odor, aad
praventa the breaking of chimneys.
la a rich ail for Illuminating purposes. It is as
light In celer aa pure spring water. It gives a
strong, steady light, and barna roach longer than
common oils.
If this oil Is not ioM in your vicinity, send your
order direct te ns for a barrel er a case containing
twe flve-galloD cans.
114 anal liaMVTH KTREKT, JKW IBK.
Bespectfnlly announces te his patreis and tha
the public, that he has removed Irons kla farmer
location, 1J, Soath Limestone street, te
Rooms 5 and 6 Mitchell Building,
Cor. Llmeatone and Big h sta.
"Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore
exteoded him; with the latest appliances used la
dentistry, and beat furnished OenU ration la
Central Ohio, he hopes to merit tha continued
confidence of his patrons. Engagements by tele
phone No. 591. Nitrons oxide gaa administered for
extraction ef teeth when deslrm).
On and after January 1st, 1885,
we shall sell Boots, Shoes and
Rubber Goods of erery descrip
tion for LESS MONET than yon
can buy them elsewhere.
14 West Main St
Ella Roicit, Plaintiff, ") CourtCommcnPleas
against Clark County,
Joairu Roach, Defendant. J Ohio.
TBE above named defendant, Joseph Roach, will
take notice that aatd plaintiff, Ella Roach, did
on the 17th day of May, ISM, file her petition in
tbeoffieeof tbe Clerk of the Court of Common
Plea within and for the County of Clerk. Sttte of
Ohio, charging tha said Jeseph Roach with ex
treme cruelty on or about the day of January, A.
D. 1884, and praying that abe mvy be divorced
from the aald Joseph Roach, which petition wilt
stand for hearing after aix weeka from this date.
K. . Wallacx, bar Atterney.
Jaauary tth, IMS.
Cleveland, Colombo, Cincinnati aad In.
dlanapolla Ballway.
Bttwaen the
rhrough cars, with connection. In TJnl.a Depot.
Only direct line via Cleveland, Buffalo and NI
agra Falls te New York and New England.
Direct connections for all Southern, South weat
ern and Vtstern points, either by way of Cincin
nati, Indlanapoha or St. Louie. Fast Time. New
Equipment, and running through the most popa
lar part of the country; poMesslng every appli
ance er speed and comfort known to be aerTlce
able. Tha Best Hoad-Ked and the Safest Road ia
the West. Tickets by this pepulsr route far sale
at all regular ticket offices.
A. J. SMITU, General Passenger Axent,
C. C. C. & I. RAILWAY.
Trains Liiti 3:!n j IirU
Bpring., Del. A Col. Accom
. 10:05 an
. 11:35a m
. MrZiana
x. :
Y. A lionton Ex Drees.
Clncin .giidtX. Y.Faat Line..
piikqi ixoreaa ....
CleveUu I fast Line
Train Lain 3:lsr Ec-'.i.
Midnight Expre .
BprlngOeld Accom..
Springfield A Cincinnati Express
Cln, A Indianapolis Express-.
Cincinnati Fast Line
Itavlnn r1n A ui r. Ev
2:49 am
:20 am
11:25 am
l:V3 pre
5:40 pta
7:15 m
ooainern ixpreH.
Sp'fd. A Ctn. Acoom, Sunday only.
Tralu ArriTt Tna So:ti.
Midnight Express..
11:35 . at
It .03 1 ia
3:3.5 rm
5:35 pat
7:5 pm
11:25 pm
X. Y. A Boston Express.
Cln. A Delaware Express
C'eveiand Fast Line
aprlngOeld Aoconx.
Sp'fd. A Cln. Accom., Sunday only.
Cln. A 2J. Y. Fast Llne .
Tnlsi ArrlTi fna bit.
Night Exnraaa.
Delaware, Sp'fd. A. Cln. Express
Cincinnati Fast Line
2:3 a at
2:35 pm
5:45 pm
sontnern Express. .
Columbus, Delaware aai rprlogaeld Ac 7:30 p aa
rhee trains ie the only ones running on
Train i ravine at 11:35 a. m. has through
sleeping car to Boston without change.
The train leaving at 3:35 haa parlor carl
Cleveland, connecting with the tbrongk
sleeper to New York and Boston.
All trains rnn by Central standard Time
which Is 25 minutes alower than Springfield tlrae.
Geo. II. KxioitT,
Ticket Agent,:Arcads Hotel.
T.-.ilj , each way, v
Elegant New Style
Woodrafr Sleepers,
And Combination Sleeping and Re
clining Chair Cars on
Night Trains
And Elegant Modern Coaches on Day Trains.
Steel Kails, Miller Platforms aud
Couplers, Air Brakes and all
Modern Improvements.
Shortest anj Moat Desirable Route Be
tween the East and West. Through
Tickets sunt It cgace Checks
to all Principal Points.
Particular advantages offered to Western Emi
grant. Land and Tourist Tickets to all points
reached by any line.
Passenger trains leave tJprlngfitld, O., as follows:
Going West, 1:55 a. m., 11:35 a. m., 5:25 p. m.
Going est, 12:35 a. m., 10.05 a. m., 3:00 a. .'
5.40 p.m.
Going North, 2:45 a. as., 14:40 a. m.. 3:40 p. m.
Going South, O. S. tc K., 10:30 a. St., 3:3o p. at.
C C Henderson, H M Bronson,
Gen'l Manajrer. Gen'I Ticket Agt,
B. II. BOCHE, Agent, SprlDgfild, 0.
OhiojSoutliern Division.
Trains Arrl.e from Jackson and Washington C. H.
Sprlngl'Id tc a.
No. 1 (except Sunday) 5:15 p. m. 4:30 p. m
Ne. 3(xcepteunday) 10:10a.m. 9:50 a. m
Tains Depart farlackton and WuWsgtoi C H.
Springrid R. K.
Time. Time.
No. 2 (except Sunday) 11:45 a. m. 10:30 a. ns.
No. 4 (except Sunday).. 5:55 p. m. 5:33 p. nt.
Tritae Leave gala; tilt
Springrid E. E.
Time. Time.
No. 4, N. Y. Limited ExlCt3b a. m. 109 a. re.
No. 8, New York Lxpress 5:19j.m. 4:43 p. m.
No. 12, Atlantic Express 10:34 a. m. 1106 m. m.
Trains Leave going West.
Springrid R. B.
Time. Time.
No. 1, fin. and West'n Fx-12:53 p. m. 12:2 p. m.
No. 3, Pacific Express... 2:24 a.m. 1:39 a.m.
No. 5, St. L. Limited tx 5:53 p.m. 5:20a. na.
These trains are tke only ones running on Sun
day. Free hack to trains one hour before time of d-
Sarture. J. D. Puleokb, Ticket Ag; office St.
ames Hotel.
P., C. & St. I. Bailway.
CasTXAL St-xd-xd True.
F"st L'e. an. Ac W. Ex.
eouiewnr No. I. No. 11. No. 7.
Lv. Springfield... 6:i0am ll:aru 4.0Upm
Lv.iel. springs. 6:20ara U.-2iani 4.21pm
Arrive Xenla. 6.40am 11:30am 4:15pm
Arr. Cincinnati 10.30am 2:30pm 7:Cupm
Arr. Columbus. 9.30am . 7t5pm
Arr. Loalsville 7:30pm 12.30am
E, Ex
No. .
Pst L'e. Col. AcXen. Ac Lini.Ex
eoiso -AST N5-4. No. 12. No. 10. No. 5.
Leave Loalsville. 2:15am .. 2:30pm
Lv. Cincinnati 7:4!am 2:3opm 7Spra
Arr.Coiumbua Il:40am 7:00pm ,,, ., 11:20pm
Arrive Xenia 10.00am 4:40pm l:l'pm 9:35pm
Lv. Yel. Springs.l0:31am 5:50pm 2:20pm 10.50pm
ATr.Sprlag-eld10:55am 6:15pm 2.40pm 10:50pm
Train No. 1 makes connections at Xenix forCo
lumbus, Washington C II. and Chillicotho. No.
11 through train for all points South and West.
No 7 Western Express through train for Cincin
nati, Louisville and all points South; Indinapo
Ifs, M. Louis snd all points West; Logansport ana
Chicago and all poluta North and Northwest. Ne.
5 Is a through train for all points East, Baltimore,
Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Bos'onand
points in the New England atates.
Tickets and Baggnge (.hecks and reliable in
formation, can be ODtxlned o( the Company
agents, and at the office of the Company's Agent,
this city. Particular Information as to Traia
connections. Hates, etc., cheerfully f urnbhed.
Call on J. Vl.IIl.sEa, City Ticket Agent.
JAM. Me MCI'.EA, Manager.
fTaweinl Ym eaal
Qnlrk. autre sraua. w--x
(v-aLia i b .
J J i aai
r8e-d rwo stamps !or Cal.-erased IT adleeJWerte,
rreav Call or write. F. p. CLARKK. M. .
wd.sm vmc MTnKj'mQimutrfi Quia.

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