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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, February 04, 1885, Image 3

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IsbruaryS. ix 1 nudi " mm.
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U same date in 1!4.
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date In ts ', SI abate tero.
Mr. Watson Teeptideu is again in the city.
Mr D II Desbecker, ot Ilutlslo. is at lie
Lajonja Hourr.
Mr. I. C. Shipley, ol Cincinnati, li regis
tered a: the .rcade.
Mr. W. S. Random, of Cincinnati, is stop
pine at the Arcade Hotel.
Mr. Hal. Kiid of Cincinrntl,
tered at the Ijiponda Testerdar.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Clark, West Columbia
street, have an 1SS5 boy, who made his ap
pearance on the 3d ol February.
Hon. Milton Karnes, ex-Secretary of Slate,
was in the city yesterday, the guest of hi,
friend, Dr. J. W. Hulick, at the Lagonda
Minnie Maddern, her sister, aud the mana
Ker of the comiwny repisiered at the I,ipon
da House. The other members ot the com
pany stopped at the Arcade.
Armtlronc Itro. bare leased the Creighton
machine shop, adjoining their premise", and
will run it in connection with the boiler
yard, it is understood. The firm is building
up a good reputation and trade, abroad as
well as at home.
Regular master to-morrow evening ol
Mitchell Po5t, Xo. 43, 0. A. R., at which le
cruits mil lie received and repons raadetrom
the department encampment at Akron la-t
week. The Relief Corps will meet in (J. A.
K. hall, Friday afternoon, at ihc usuil hour.
A colored man who pvses cir.vnt under
the attractive title of "Hog" Howard was pi-trol-wagoned
in from up on the Hill last
night, tor getting a be-r and a lunch at n sa
loon up there somewhere and then battonmg
bis Prince Albert over the banquet and walk
ing off without paying tl e score.
Miss McCarthy, w ho wa? injured by the
overturning ot a buggy en Wen Main street,
about two weeks ago, has filed a claim in
Council tor five thousand dollars damage'
against the city. If it is uot allowed suit
will be brought, it is understood, in legular
form in the courts.
Major Henry Harper, commanding the
Xinth Iitttalion 0. X G., last evening ln
spcctd Co. C. organired last fall at Xcaia,
and reports that he lever found a corps m
better condition as to drill and diiL-ipline, or
arms, accoaterments and uni'orms in better
shape, considering the length of time the
company has been in se-vi e, five months.
The command mustered fifty men, rank and
file, and Capt. H. I. George states there are
thirty-five to forty at every drill meeting.
city couyciL.
Monthly ornclnl Itrpurta rim! Par Ordi
nance Knlarceniflit of the Workhnnun
Claim for Ilam;M- CIhIiuk llisiil
lo writ Iteeolut loll.
Council met in regular session, Tuesday
evening, February 2nd., President Johnson
in the chair. Absent Dngaa, Funk, Korn,
Kershner, Cogley and Hickey.
The minutes were read and signed.
By the clerk, financial report fo- January,
showing collection of $107 05; sundries to
fire department fund $43.40; other sources
$C3.C5. Referred to auditing committee.
Also report of weighmas'er, for Januarj,
showing collection ot $107 20; 53C dra ts on
hay scale'. Referred to auditing committee.
By the same Mayor's report for January,
showing collection of .101.50; fines, $97;
licenses, $4.50. Relerred to Auditing Com
mittee. By the same Monthly report of Water
Works Trustees. Receipts from water rents,
$1,003.07; other sources, $C8.71; total, $1,
63.78; disbursements, $1,177.01. Placed ou
Claim for damagts in $5,000 against the
city of Springfield was presented in writing
in behalf of Mary McCarthy, by her attorneys,
J. K. Mower and J. h. Zimmerman. Claim
is for injuries received by being thrown
from a buguy on West Main strett on the
evening of January 23, IbSj. Referred to
Improvement Committee and Solicitor.
Bills were presented and referred, that ot
the Gas Company showing saving of $18.5G
by reduction recently made in price of gas to
$1.75 per thousand.
By Mr. Mast From Finance Committee,
ordinance for payment of $8.25 to Jas. Mur
ray, work on filter galleries. Adopted.
By the same, report as to various claims
referred to the committee as follows- Ad
versely to claim of Geo Spence for alleged
damage to property at Shaffer street. Same
as to that of J. B. TTertz, tor alleged dam
ages by extension of Center slreet. Further
time was asked on claims of A. T. Byers and
T. J. Piingle and claim of Minerva Filmore
Report and resolution making it effective
were adopted.
By Mr. Pcttcrew From Street Commit
tee, ordidance for paymnt of sundry cHims
to amount of $J3.23, wages of street hands.
By Mr. Dri-col, lrom Fire Department
committee, or .finance for payment ot 6undry
claim, including wages o' fireinn for Jan
uary, tj amount of $1,10G CO Adopted.
By Mr. Jennings, lruni Police committee,
ordinauce for pament of sundry ilainis to
amount ot $1,748.12. Adopted.
By the same, repjrt aud recommendation
for an enlargement ot the work-houe, as
more room is much needed. R-soluiion to
set aside $05 to make the addition was
Mr. Jennings presented amended rules
governing the city police, sta'ion hou-e and
chain gang, which were read in lull by Mr.
Lessaer, after wuuli th Sergiaut-at-Armo
went around and awoke the members, when
buines proceedel. The rules were, a'ter
some discus'iou relerred bick to the Police
committee and Solid tor.
By Mr. Prince, lrom Gas Co nmittee Ordi
nauc" for jiayment ot $429.27 to Gu Com
pany, part of gas bill tor January. Adopted.
By Mr. Jennings Ordinance for paymnt
ot sundry claims lo the amount ot J1-19.8C.
Ordinance regulating cleaning of streets,
etc., was read second time.
A projiosition was reieived through the
May jr tr m a C eveWml party to furnish rubv
f lass signs with rimm ol streets, for siren j
lamp', at 10 cents e ij R furred to Im- '
provement Commutes.
Council adjourned.
. TiiiiiLi.iya nvt.RiKScr.
ltemarkntile statement of Personal Han
cernmt X'rovlilenltut Ktcnpe.
The following story which is attracting
wide attention trom 'he press u so remark
able that we cannot excuse ourselves if e do
not lay it bitore our readers, even though ill
length would ordinarily pn elude its admis
inn to our limited 'pace.
To tie Kditor Rochester (X Y.) Demo
crat Sir On the first diy of June, ItlSl, I
lav at inv residence in this cm si rroumled
bt fritnds and waiting for death. Henven
only knows the agon I then endured, for
words can never de-enbe it. And yet if in a
fe vears previou' any one had told me that
I was to be brought so low, aud br so terri
ble a di'vASe, 1 should have scofled at the
uli a I had alwas been uncommonly
strong and healthy, aud weighed over
200 pounds ind hardly knew, in my
own experience; what twin or sirkness were.
Very manj op!e who will read this state
ment realize at times that they are unu'ually
tired and cannot account for it. They fiel
Oiill pains in various parts of the body aud
do not undcii'and it. Or they are exceed
ingly hungry one day and en.ti elv without
appetite the next. This was jut th war I
felt when the relentless malady which hid
fastened it'elf upon me first began Still I
thought nothinc ot jt, that probably I had
t'k- n a cold w lrch would soon piss away.
Short! after tin' I noticed a heavv. and at
times neuralgic, pain iu one side of my.head,
but a' it would come one day and 1- gone
the neit, I paid little attention to it. Then
my st jmach would get out of order and my
ood often tailed to digest, causing at times
great inconvenience. V.-t, tunas physi
cian, I did not think that ihesc things meant
anything serious. I fancied I was suffering
from malaria and doctored myself according
ly. But I got no better 1 neit noticed a
peculiar color and cdor about the fljidi
1 was pa'Mng also that ther"
were large quantities one day
and very little the next, and that a peisistent
troth and scum appealed upon the surface,
and a sediment setllid. And vet I did not
realize my dinger, for, indeed, seeing these
Smptoms continually. I finally became ac
cu'tomtd to them, and mv suspicion wa'
nhol'y disirmtd bt the fact that I had no
pain in the affected argans or in their vicinit
Why I should tae been so blind I en-mot
I consulted the best medical fj!ll in the
laud. 1 visited all the famed mineral springs
in America ind traveled lrom Maine to Cali
fornia. Still 1 grew worse Xo two physi
cians agreed as to my milady. One sid I
was trout led with spinal irntai'on; ano'her,
dyjepsia, another heart di-ca'e, aui ther,
general debilitv; another, conge-tion of the
bie ot the bfam; and so on tbruiigh a lorg
li-t of common diseas-', the symp-oms ot
many of which I really 1 aj. In this way
sev. ral cars pis'cd, during which time I
was steadily growing worse. My condition
had really liecome pitiable. The 'light
symptoms 1 at first experienced were
developed into terrible and constant
disorder'. My weight had been reduced
fiom 207 to 130 pouuds. My life was r I ur
den to myself and triend'. I could retain no
food on my stomach, and littd wholly by in
jections. I was a living mass of pain. M
pule was uncontrollable. In my agony I
frequently tell to the floor and clutched the
carpet, and prayed for death. Morphine Lad
little or no effect in deadening the pain. For
six dais aud nights I had the death-premonitory
hiccoughs constantly. My water was
filled with tui-cats and albumen. I was
struggling with Bright's Disea'e of the kid
neys in its last stage'1
While suffering thus I received a call from
my pastor, the Rev. Dr. Foote, at tint time
rei tor of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, of this
city. I felt that it was our last interview,
but in the cour-e ot conversation Dr. Foote
detailed to me the many remarkable cures of
CHes like my own which bad come under his
observation, by means of a remedy, w hich hf
urged me to try. As a practic ng physician
and a graduate of the schools, I derided the
idea of any medicine outside the regular
channels being in the least beneficial. So
solicitous, however, was Dr. Foote, that
I finally promised I wouli waive my
prejudice. I began its ue on the
first day of June 1SS1, and
took it according to directions. At first it
sickened me; but this I thought was a good
'gn tor one in my debilitated condition. I
continued to take it; the sickening sensation
departed and I was finally able to retain food
upju my stomach. In a few days I noticed a
decided change for the better, as a:so did my
wife and friends. My hiccoughs ceased and I
experienced les3 pain than formerly. I was
so rejoiced at ibis improved condition that,
upon what I had believed but a tew days be
fore was my dying bed, I vowed in the pres
ence ot my family and friend", should I re
cover I would both publicly and privately
make known this remedy for the good of hu
manity, wherever and whenever I had an op
portunity, and this letter is in fulfillment of
that vow. My improvement was constant
from that time, and in less 'ban three months
I bad gained 2C pounds in flesh, became en
tirely tree from pain and I believe I owe my
life and present condition wholly to Warner's
Sale Cure, the remedy which I used.
Since mv recovery I have thoroughly re
investigated the subject oi kidney difliculties
and Bright's disease, and the tiuths developed
are astounding. 1 therefore state, deliberate
ly, and as a physician, that I believe more
than one-hall ot the deaths which occur in
America are caused by Bright's disease of the
kidneys. This may sound like a rash state
ment, but I am prepared to fully verify it.
Bngbt's disease has no distinctive symptoms
of its own (indeed it often develops without
any pain whatever in the kidneys or their
vicinity), but has the symj toms of nearly
every other common complaint. Hundreds
of jieople di daily, whose burials are author
ized by a physician's certificate as occurring
from "Heart Disease," "Apoplexy," ' Paraly
sis," "Spinal Complaint," "Rheumatism," and
"Pneumonia," and other common complaints,
when in reality it is from Bright's disease
of the kidneys. Few physicians, and fewer
people, realize the extent of this disease
or its dang'rous aad insidious nature.
It steals into the system like a
thief, manifests us presence it at all by the
commonest symptoms and fastens itself on the
constitution beiore the victim is aware of it.
It is nearly as hereditary as consumption,
quite as common and fully as fatal. Knlire
tamlies, inheritipg it from their ance-tors,
have died, and yet none of the number knew
or realized the mysterious power which was
removing them. Instead of common symp
toms it often shows none whatever, but
brings death suddenly, from convu's on', ap
poplexy or heart disease. As one who ha
sulered, and knows by bitter -xpenence what
he fays, 1 implore every one who reads these
words not to neglect the slighest mptoms
of kidney difliculty. Certain a ony and
probible death will be the sure r-sult ot such
neglect, and no one can afford to hazird such
I am aware that such an unqualified state
ment as thu, coming frrni me, known a I
am throughout the rnlire land aj a practi
tioner and lecturer, will arouse the surpn-e
and p'asihle animosit o' the medical profes
sion and astonish ail with whom I am ac
quainted, but I make the foregoing state
ments baed upon facts which I am prepared
to produce and truths which I can substan
tiate to the letter The wepare ot those w ho
may possibly be euHerers, euch as I wa', is
an ample inducement for me to take the step
I have, and if I can successfully warn others
from the dangerous path in which I once
walked, I am willing to endure all profes
sions and personal consequence.
J. ii. HCXIOX, M
Rochester, X. V., December 30.
This etning another great attraction will
be presented at the Caino Skating Rink, in
the person of .Misj Urrlic Gjuld, of Boston.
This young lady is said to be one of the
finest roller skaters in (he country, and hei
ever she appears she is greeted with Urge au
diences. She has been engaged lor two
nights here.
Mr. Conklin, in Coancil last night, thought
a mau would require a certificate from it
tenbrg or some other first-clas institute, to
qualify him for a position on the Spring-
field police force after the new code ot rules,
presenttd by the committee at this se'-ion,
had gone into effect. Others thought L hit
t the firat timn.
Cut ic ura
51 n. Smith's Cnsr, arnl What the Kei.Mr.
MrKliifltr) llni t" Najr About It.
To mi. Public I Itae been a fearful MilTerer
for fifteen yer, most of the time with wh.it has
leen called KcjeMaoriNilt Uhcum, rriasla and
Lepra.and the like, ami have alwaa Icen told
that there was no cure for me, and have been so
ducouraRed that I haJ as mm ttte as lire 1 hsre
Ieen so hadijaraiciea mmieiiuifs ma. men1 w
not the t-mallestiot from the crowuof my head
t the wlfi ot utr ffet that w.s nut dieaed aud
ai red as crimen It would commence In mail
while apoii, which had a siiverr appearance, but
were not deep, but if I attempted to heal them, or
soon afterlheir tint api-tanince, they woulllmrn
and run t -tether until there wa a complete dry,
red scale, whit Ii would ln-come so iu tinned ai to
crack and look firry and an;ry, and the burning
sedation would tc almost intolerable.
I waat time cohiue that I could not carcely
pvt almut. an! ctuM rot dret !iirelf without a
Mtanr I have tried mny remedies and hive
paid Sin) a sincle intane to a phjtdrian, but
have ever obtained onlv teunorar relief Al
though h el pel for a time, I oyn rclapd aeain to
1 as badl trouhloJ an ever.au J durlnz the winter
of ls'-d aud 11 I Buffered so much as to be en
tirely di-.cojraKfd Lit June, however, 1 waaad
visfd by r Uier and Mr 1 C MckfnMrj, who are
will known in thee rcEions.to try jour ItTK t Ki
1Umhifs, jd'J 1 fell somehow a little courage,
from their favorable opinion ot them, to try their
virtue About the t-ecoud week of July lat 1
com nun ted taking the remedies, and within ix
weelt 1 brgan to ee a permanent improvement,
until now Oct I I am a Unit as good as new, and
my flefch is as the flcMi of a child
I certify that the above statement of mywife in
correct, and I Join with her in espn-doe my
Kraiitudefor the hreat benefit she has recoived.
I certify that the above statement 1 correct
Mr. mith ia prominent man in this community,
where he lire-. He is a well-known dealer in
ock, and hi- utciniitt with that f his wife, is
f lly entitled to credit
Pone at Stamteal, Trovince of Quebec, this
twenty-seventh da) of October, isSJ.
ut McKiNrfrm,
Minister of the iok-1
Litfr I have cen Mr uilth recently and
believe her to be thoroughly and i-eruiaueuth
cuted. U C. McKLS vrm ,
froc'y Advent Ch Conf , P. Q . o. Vt. and No
BosT ,ept. 0,1854.
CuTicrK. Hksoli.nt, the new Mood purifier,
and CiTlciKi, andt itkukiai. the (treat skin
cure and beau iBert, are sold everywhere 1'rice,
Cum ra, &u cents, soap, 25 cents, KhM.LhT
Patter Drag & Chemical Co., Bostoti.
The tirent KiiUimlr IiiNtlltatimi or U tt h-
llael, American Pin, Canndian Fir,
M.irlcolil, C'Ioer HtoMftoill, etc.,
For Hie inituediate Keliefand Permanent Oir of
eterv form of CUlirrh, from aHrupte Head CVjld in
Heal lo lxiisof buell, Tateand Hearing, (ouh
anil Catarrhal OuDsuuiplIon CJniupletetrcatnient,
roni-istini: ol one liollle Kaliial (lire. one fiox
Cilarrhal NjItpiii and Impr ycd Inhaler, in one
pat kace, may now be hail of all JmgglMg Ior?l.
Ask fur sand ford's Uadical eure
Complete Treutmtni. nith Inhaler, $1.
The only absolute sjcci&c e I now of." Med
Ti oi ph.
'The be we ha-ie found In a llfe-tiuie of suffer
ing.' lier Xrr fin, ltoiton.
" "ifler n lorn s;ruKle with I atarrh the llmlical
Cure hascoLiquered " Hev, s. W. .Monroe, Lewis
l.urj, fa
"I have uot found a case that it ilM not relieve
atone." Andrew 1 e, Mancfieer, Mass
1'otter Diro eD CMKMIC4L Co . Iioston.
Collins' Voltaic Electric Plasters.
fr orllie relief and prevention, tlie lntmit ir i
nppMeil, of Hheuuiutism, eura1gia, ciatica,
( ouch, t oids, cak llacff, Mouiarh. anil lloweN,
'hootiDZ Feint, Numhrm, HjHteria, Female
Patn?, Palpitation, II) &ili4ia. Liver i omnlalnt.
Bilious Trever, Malariv ana I pidemics, uo Cul.
linn l'lnterft (an h.lecirle llntterj coolblned
with a Poiou l'lutiterl and laugh at pjfn i.1c.
Fi:nllUAKT .tTOCK. SALEti.
lUpari ot trie ntSil Live Murk Sale Ifolil
at l.omton, Ohio, Tuendaj, Felirnnrj 3,
There wns a pood Rtiendance at ilie sales
TaeilHj-, the uio-t of the offerings were
taken .it reduced prices, as the quotations of
last munth n ere not maintained and quite a
number were withdrawn from the market.
Ust lots brought 5 J cents; poorest 2 cents
per pjund. Mr. Roberts reports:
Ten hea i, by Wm. D. Thomas to Josh.
Shinn, it $32 80; weiph 700.
Sixteen head, by Wm. II. Wilson to Price
Vnlker, at $34.10; weigh 800.
Five head, by J. X. Davidson to , at
$17 50; weigh 500.
Nine head (heifers) bv rame to , at
$13.50; weigh 4,400.
Fifteen head by Jos. Turnbull, of Greene
coiintv, lo Joshua Shinn, at $34.40; weigh
Nine head by Mornc;ey A Donnelly to
Wm. Xeer, at $30; weigh 700.
Seven head by W. H. Wilson to Willis
rtotii-on, at $23; weigh COO.
Twenty-two head by J. H. Mellioger to C.
F. Alkire, at $25.10; weigh C30.
Twenty-three kead by Sim. Ford to Cbas.
Foi, at $35 S5; weich 800.
Ten heal by Morrissey i Donnelly to Jas.
W. Byers, at $20 15; weigh 400.
Seventeen head by J. Tully to Jas. llcIJeth,
at $4C50; weigh 1,000.
Fifteen head by Elijah O'Day to same, at
$47; weigh 1,025.
Four head by Ed Slattery to 0. Loof bour
row, at $37 CO; weigh 900.
Twenty-six head by Sam Ford to Dan
Walker, at $57; weigh 1,100.
Ten head by same to John Riddle, at $5C;
weigh 1,050.
Seventeen head by M. Borirth to Jerry
Rea, at $45; weigh 950.
'I hirty head by Sam. Ford to Sam. Hord
beck, at $52 25;" weiph 1,000.
Eighteen head by J. X Davidson to ,
at $45.40; weij;h 1,000.
Twenty-three head by E. O'Day to Charles
Phellu, s;n., at $70; weigh 1,250.
Thirteen head by Sam. Ford to P. L. Walk
er, at $33.00; weigh 850
Eleven head by Sam. Ford to II. Bidwell,
at $39 50; weigh 900.
Thirty-five bead by ssme to Wm. Wildman,
at $52.50; weigh 1,050.
One milch cow by Jack Hawk to , at
$35; weigh 900.
G. R. Leydel Aupusta, 0 , bought 7 heud
av. $140 per head.
E. Moran Cincinnati, O. 9 head uv. $150.
Geo. W. Crftwford. Newark, 0. 18 headav.
B. W. Custer, Columbus, 0 , 3 head av.
Yearlings i head
Two-vtar-olds .2cU "
Cows l '
Total I6
JIores . .37 head
I'ike tor. nship is agitated over an occu--rence
which scandalizes the community and
everal pro nincat families A Mis ShaBrr
swore fie paternity of her unborn child
against one George Rinker, a leiding and
wealthy farmer who has xlway3 borne a pood
reputation, and in hose family she lived fur
time. IW-tardy proceeding) were begun in
magis'rntc's court, but the cae was comprj
mued, defendant agieeing to pay the young
woiii.ia $500 and be 'ome responsible for the
maintenance cf the child, when born. This
was expected to settle the matter, but the
girl's friends now propose to bring an action
for $2,500 damages and have beu here con
sulting attorneys on the .-object.
The landlords of the city will bold a meet
ing next Thursday evening at Squire Kight
mver's office tor the purpose of forming a
permanent organization and electing oflkers
The object of the orgmizition is to protect
the interests of the landlords throughout the
city against the dead beat" class of renters.
This does not include workingmen who are
out of employment and cannot pay their
rent, but that class who make it a busi
ness to rent from one man until put out and
then go to another, whom he treats in the
same manner, and at the end of the year has
not paid a cent. One landlord said to a re
porter to-day that he hud lest $1,000 thia
winter in that rnanunr.
"With Iiilrnl to llrrrite.''
Malarial Gas is the most deceitful thing on
earlh. It has no odor, and you do not per
ceive its presence until it has taken hold of
jou. Ficht its malarious influence with
Brown's Iron Bitter, an 1 j ou will conquer.
Tina great medicine Live' vigir b enriching
lh blood and Inninu the kyMein so as to cast
malaria out. Mr J hu Ceuhnger, Ijincnster,
Pa , ay, I ned Itn.ivi j Iron Hitlers for
malaria and general ili-bilitj, and it lia3 done
me great good "
oilliK llent-lteail This.
The Voltaic Belt Co. of Marshall, M-cli.,
offer to sendtlidr celebrated KleUn Voltaic
Belt and oilier Electric Appliances on trial
tor thirty ilajs, to men (young or old) nurcted
with nervous dbililv, loss of vitality and
manhood, and a. I Kindred troubles. Al-o for
rheumati-in, neuralgia. arahsis, and many
other disease'. Conip'eie restoration to
health, vigor aud manhood guariiiittid N'o
nk is iui urred a; thirty dajs trial is al
lowed Write them at once for illustrated
pamphlet tree.
ll.-.lllll I- Wealth.
It is worth more than richer, for without it
riches caunot lie e' joyed. How miny ;eo
ple are without health who might regain it
iiv uing Kidoey-Wort. It nets upon the
Liver, Bowels and K dneys, cleansing and
stimulating tl'em to healthy action. It cures
nil disorders of tlitve important organ, puri
fies the blood mid promotes the general
health. Sold hy all drigenK Seealvt.
One of Ihc greatest of Pennsylvania's pro
ducts is tetroleum. Millions have been ma e
in the greasy iljid. II njanim Cruinn, livine
at Oil City, right in the heart ed the clroleum
country, was prostrated by uk headadie and
general exhaustion, by working conm uously
in the sun By the doct ir's advice he ned
Mishler'a Herb Bilter-i as a preventive, and
thereafter did not sutler.
l'oiitii Lurtiir l'itea.
To the people ol this County we would say
ne have been given the Agency "of Dr. Mar
chisiV I'alian Pile Ointment emphatically
guaranteed to Cure or mni.ey tcfuuded In
ternal, External, Blind, Bleeding or Itching
Piles. Price 50 Cents a Box No Cure, No
Pay. For sale by Charles Ludlow, Druggist.
DullRlllfTff, WUrnnull JloUltT.
We cmphalicall. guarantie Dr. Marehi-l's
Catholkon, a Female I medy, to cure Fe
male Diseases, 'iirli a3 ovarian iruubles, in
flammation and ulceration, falling and dis
placements or bearing down ftelmu, irregu
larities. larrennes, change of hie, leucor
hira, besides in iny wcaki.es-es springing
from the above, like heideche, bloitmg,
spinal wenknessis slteplesne s, nervous de
bility, palpitation ot the heart, etc. For sale
by drngiiistp. Puce $1 and $1 50 (-r liotfle.
Send to Dr J. B. Marotiist, Unci, X. Y., for
pamphlet, free. r sale by Ch is. Ludlow.
M. L. Blair, Alderman 5-h Ward, Scran
ton, Pa s'nied .No-. 9. '&3 He had used Dr.
Thomas's Ecleetnc Oil forsp'ann, burns, cuts,
bruise-, and rheumatism. Cured every time
fiIliiiiiimiil Dyes Mill Color Any
thing; any color, and never tail. The easitat
and bt way to economize. 10c. at all drug-gi'-".
Well, Kiel ardson A Co , Biirlicgtoo,
Vt. Sample Card 2 colors, aud look ot di
nclkns for 2 cent 'tamp.
Bad Diiaisage causes much sickness, bad
blood and improper aition of the liver and
kidneys is Ind dta'nage lo the human sys
teni, which Burdock Blood Bitters remedy.
l'Koi'Kit t!:i:at3h:t i oi: iii;r.ns.
That the render may fudy understand
what constitutes a good Couph and Lung
Syrup, we will ,v that Tarand Wild Cherry
is the bisis of the btd rtmtdies yet discov
ered. These ingredients nnh several others
equ illy as elli iuni enter largelv into Dr.
Bo-anko's Cough and Lung Symp, thus mak
irg it one of the mot reliable now on the
market. Price 50 c . and $1 00. Samples
free. Sold bv Ao. Bakhus A Co.
Tlir llompllF at 3l.ni in Springfield
As well as the handsomest, and others are
invited to call on Dr. T. J. Caper, Druggist,
nnd get free a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam
for the Throat nnd Lungs, a remedy that is
selling entirely upon its merits and is guaran
teed to cure and relieve all Chronic and
Acute Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis, and Con
sumption. Prii e f0 cents and $1.
Slop That Ciilh.
Dr. Marchi'i's Reck Candy Cough Cure,
warranted toCLreor money refunded, coughs,
colds, hoarseness, throat and lung troubles
a!eo good lor children. Rock Candy Cough
Cure contains the healing properties of pure
white rock candy, with extracts of roots and
herbs. Only 25 cents. Large bottles $1,
cheapest to buy. For sale bv Chas. Luulow.
If you are tirpd taking the large cld-tash-ioned
griping pills try Carter's Little Liver
Pills and take some com'ort. A man can't
stand everything. Ote pill a dose.
cur.iis i it i'ilii-j.
Piles are frequently preceded by a sense cf
weight in the back, loins and lower part ot
the abdomen, caus-ing the patient to suppose
helms some effection ot the kidneys or
neighboring orgars. At times, symptoms of
indigestion are present, flatulency, uneasiness
of the stomach, etc. A moi.-ture, like per
spiration, producing a very disagreeable itch
ing, after getting warm, is a common at
tendant. Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles
yield st once to the application ot Dr.
Bosanko's Pile Remedy, which acts directly
upon the parts affected, absorbing the
Tumors, allaying the intense itching, and
effecting a permanent cure. Price 50 cents.
Sold by Ad. Bakhaiis A Co.
A CK1. To nil who are HufTertng frnm
errors and indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, lofs of manhood, Ac, I will
send a recipe that will cure you, FI.EE OF
C1JAKGE. This great remedy was discovered by
a missionary iu Nmth America, bend self-ad-dres-ed
envelope to KfcV. JOBEm T. IfiMAI.
Mation li.. rew Vora.
Stamping out Iiseae. The SlmUeralle-
lleve that neanv a.l dl-cass can be prevented hy
maintaining ei fei t digestion Thev never em
ploy doctor Leciuse as soon as the digestion la
coules impaired trey takaa few doses of the fehaker
hxlract of Ilootn-Hvti s& nip) and health is the
result, font ia marvelous remelv lor dyspepsia.
Mrs lletttc Haurk writ's from Mormon -ro,e,
Grayson county Texas, rs,'4 'l am fifty years
old this mouth, .udf must sav vour uieilcine.
lia j roved a wonderful me ikine to m. Wben
I fitst received i: I could not sleep nights, and I
hada flutltrmin the pilot my stouiacli, I could
not hear my hand or the weight of my clothes on
it. had a" throbbing and a roaring in my lieai.
lwalafml if it eontinuel I should lo?e my
iiiius I ofteutunes thought I was t) far gone
to td anthing. tun your medicina has proved a
tilery g to me The "pain aud miserable feeling
n mv head ha- go e My head is clear and 1
sletp soundiy everv nn,ht lean recommend il
Willi pleasure V ho would not "Ion may use
this letter if you like II may fall into some
hands atn ted as I was anil 1 am sure they can
hiulTciuf in vour imJi ins " The haker lar
Capanles cuitough
The Greatest Medical Triumph of ths Ago!
I.oas of nppetitet If owel coatlve, l'ain In
the bead, with a dull sensation In the
back part, i'nin under tho shoulder
blade. Fullnoss lifter catlnz, with a dis
inclination to cxcrllon of body or mind.
Irritability oftemper, Low apirils, with
a fceiint of hnvinir neglected aomoduty,
Wnrinrss, Dizziness, I'lulleringnt Iho
Heart. Dots before Iho eyes, Hendachs
over tho Titht eye, Iteatlcssness, with
fitful drenms. llljlily colored L'rlnc, and
TUXI'S FILLS nro especially adapted
to sncti cases, ono doso effects such a
change offeelinRns to astonish thosufferer.
They Increase the Appetite.and cause tho
body to Toko on I'lenli.thu. the system is
taourtahecl.&nd hythelrTnnie Action on
producis-l. irlcwartr. t 4 Irlurray St..Is.Tf .
ltenovatua tins body, makes Iiealthy flesh,
Etrenfrthens Hio vevik, repairs the wastes or
the system with pure blood and luard muscle;
tones tho nervous svstem, InvlKorates tho
brain, and Imparts tho vigor of manhood.
ftl. rtol.l hvilniirjIsLa.
Royal Baking Powder is the
Best in the World.
1. Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure, and the only
absolutely pure baking powder made. All others con
tain alum, lime, or other impurity. All the ingredients of
"Royal" are first rendered chemically pure, so that no
adulterant can possibly enter into it, and it is composed only
of those materials pronounced by the most eminent physi
cians and chemists, and proven by practical experience,
indispensable for the production of a perfect baking powder.
"It is a scientific fact that Royal Baking Powder is abso
lutely pure." Prof. H. A. MOTT, Government Chenmt.
2. The Royal Baking Powder is of the highest test
strength. It produces the maximum amount of gas attain
able in a baking powder compounded from proper and
wholesome materials, and is, therefore, of the highest possible
leavening power. "I find the Royal Baking Powder to
produce 127.4 cubic inches of leavening gas per ounce of
powder" (the largest amount given by any baking powder
yet tested). Pkof. E. G. LOVE, Government Chemist.
3. The Royal Baking Powder is entirely free from lime a
quality of the highest importance. Tartrate of lime is present
in all other baking powders, chiefly as an adulterant of the
cream of tartar used in their manufacture. Cream of tartar,
refined by patent processes that totally eliminate all the lime
and other impurities, is used exclusively in the " Royal," but
in no other powder. "The cream of tartar manufactured
by the New York Tartar Company and used in the manu
facture of the Royal Baking Powder, is perfectly pure, and
free from lime in any form? WM. MoMURTRIE, Chemist-in-CJiief,
TJ. S. Department of Agriculture. v
4. The Royal Baking Powder will retain its full strength
for any length of time in all climates, and under all condi
tions of atmosphere, and will be found, whenever used, to
possess the full leavening power it contained when first
made. All other baking powders lack this perfect keeping
quality, and will lose their strength to a large degree Avhen
a few weeks old. This is because they are made unscien
tifically, and from impure and improper materials. " I have
tested samples of the Royal Baking Powder that had stood
for several years upon the shelves of New England gro
ceries, and find their loss of strength was almost inapprecia
ble, being less than one per cent. I have found no other
baking powder that will retain even one-half its strength
under a similar exposure." R. "W. SCHEDLER, Analytical
Chemist, N. Y.
Splendid Assortment
This Line of Edgings and Insertings were Purchased at Figures
Greatly Under thsir Value and will Sold the Same Way.
Examine our 25c Eflglng; Cheap'at 40c.
Look at our 35c Edging ; Value 50c.
Do not pass the 50c Edging ; Bargain at $1.00
New Scarlet, Cardinal, Navy Blue and Acme Embroideries.
Very Desirable.
Fine White Shirts!
Laundried and Unlaundried. i
Tim New Short Itosoms and Plaited
Fronts!, Fancy l'cnane Shirts,
Bojs Shirts, Xight Shirts.
Ail Oarincnts are well made, from
lirsl-class materials and arc perfect
X. II. Special Shirt Measure Taken.
0 West Maiu Street.
a first-class bakery in ray respect
rt and largest assortment of Cakes, Candies
and ltread In the city A complete and splendid
Un of Holiday Goods. Weddings, Parti m aad
bocials furnished ou short notice.
sVTtIpbone connection.
BRO. &. CO.
The New York I'o.iril ol H-alth estimates tkat
SO.WK) lires hare tnten destroyed br the exploit
qualities of petroleum. II err household woll
adopt the White beal oil for family use, bob al
these unfortunate arcldeDts would occur.
has none of the defects usually found in cttumeB
oil. It cannot be xploded, does not char th
wick, will not smoke, emits ao oSrnsirt Odor, amd
preTents the breaking of chimneys.
Is a rich oil for illuminating purposes. Itials
lljht in co'or as pure spring water. It (ire a
strong, steady light, and burns mach loiger tha
common oils.
If this oil Is not iwlJ In jemr Ticinity, sand jtmr
order direct to us for a barrel ar a case containing
two fire-gallon cans.
II a aU 11 aoWXll IsIJUUsT, Ml W XCIKK
ClelnaJ, Columbian, Cincinnati and I
dtanapolia Uallway,
Between tie
rhrouKh cars, with connectlia. In Unloi Peat.
Only direct line Tia CleTeland. Uutlalo and Vi
agra falls to riew York and hew Ingland.
ilirect connections for all southern, hojthwest
ern and . tstern points, either hy way nf Cincin
nati, Indlanapolia or et. U.uU. Fast Time, New
iiulpa.ent, and running through the mest aopa
lar part of the country possessing CTery appli
ance er ppeed and comfcrt known lobe serTice
able. The IVst IU)acI.ld and the Safest Road im
the West, Tickets by this popular route far sale
at all regular ticket offices.
A. J. SMITH, tieneral Passenger .eent.
?n!ni Lain 3:inj lirl.
Hpriiig., Del. 1 Col. Accom...
N. Y. A ikviton Kxprns .
Night Express . ..
Cine'" tl N. I . Fust lAav.,
Clevm..u I rast Lluc....
.11 -15 aim
, UMS a rm
, 82Spiat
Tnl: ti S:!:; iti.
Mldalglit Exprrtn .
Hpringflelil Accom. . ....
Bpringaeld A Cincinnati Express.
Clu, A IiidlannpollH Kxprets ...
Cloclnriatl Fast Llue ..
Dayton, Cln., A nt. L. Ex
2:40 am
5:40 a a
8 .'J! a in
1:4.5 pm
S 40 p iu
7:15 a m
nomtiern .spr(sss
yp'fd. A Cln. Accom, Sunday only.
Tnl-- Arrtri Fna Sc:'.
Midnight Express .. ,,, ,
N. Y. A lioslon Express
Cln. A Delaware Express
12 15 IB
10 05 m
5.35 pm
70 p ra
85 p m
ij'CTeituiu rasi i.iue
Springfield Accotn
Sffd. A Cln. Acwom., Sunday only.
Cin. A N. Y. Fast Llue
Tri!i ArrlTS rr-a lilt.
Night KrprpBn .
Delaware, op'fd. A Cln. Express .
Cincinnati ast l.iim.
J .3 am
2:35 pm
5:45 Dm
southern fc.xpress
VAJiuuiuus, lyeiaware aa rpnngceia AC- :ap m
-These tralm e, the ojly ones runnlnron
Tralu avlng at 1135 a. m. lias through
sleeping OJr to Umton wilhont change.
The train leaving at 3:85 has parlor carlo
Cleveland, connecting with the .turough
sleeper to ew York ai.d Bobton.
All trains run iy Centr.il ?:auilard Time
which is 25 minutes slower ihan Springfield time,
(tao. IL Knihht,
Ticket Agent, Arcade Uot.L
Tail , each way, w
Elegant New Style
WoodrulT Sleepers,
And Combination Sleeping and Re
clining Chair Cars on
Night Trains
And Elegant Modern Coaches on Day Tralaa.
Steel Kails, Miller Platforms and
Couplers, Air Brakes and all
Modern Improvements.
Shortest anJ Host Desirable Route Be
tween the Kust and West. Through
Tickets and 3agcuie Checks
Co all Principal Points.
Particular adrantages offered to Westerc Emi
grants. Land and Tourbt Tickets to all points
reached by any line.
Passengertrainslearebprlngneld.O , from Unite
Depot as follows:
doing East, li:40 a. m., 10-05 a. m., 5:40 a. sa.
Going West, 1:41a. m., 11:35 a. m.,5. p. u.
Going North, 2:45 a.m.. 11:40 a. m..
(Joins South, O. & It. K, 10.20 a. in., 5.15 . m.
Trains arrire:
From F-a-l, 1.3) a.m. ,5.15 p. ra., 11.15a. m.
From West, 12 15 a. in.. 9-5i a. m., 5-0 p. ra.
Frem North, 12:30 a. m., 3.00 p. in.
From South, 9:50 a. iu., 4.30 p. m.
C. E. Henderson, II. M. Uromoo,
Geo'l ifanager. Gent Ticket Ait.
V. II. KOCUE, Agent, Springfi.d,U.
OlilojSoathern llivtsion.
Trains Arrlie from Jackson and Washington C. H.
. 5:15 p.m.
No. 1 (except Sunday)
Ke. 3 (except Sunday).-..
4:30 . aa
8.50 a.aa
.10:10 a. m.
Tral.il Dapart forhckwi and Wtsklagtoi C H.
Springfld E. K
No. 1 (except Sunday)...
Ne. 4 (eat.pt Sanday)
-11 :15 a.m.
. 5:55 p.m.
10-30 a. a.
Trains Luva cola tut.
Springfld R. R.
No. 4, N. T. Limited Ex.10-.3b a. m. Ite09 a. at.
No. 8, New York Express 5:10 p.m. 4 49 p. m.
No. 1-', Atlantic Express 1034 a. m. 12.- a. at.
Tnlnt Latva folng Watt
Spilngrid R. K.
Time. Tim.
No. l.rin. and West'n Fx12 p. m. 12:28 p. m.
No. 3, l'aclhe Express 2 li a. m. 1.59 a. m.
No. 5, St. L. Limited tx 5:53 p.m. 5:29a.m.
These trains are the only ones running; on San
day. Free hack to trains one hour before time of de-
Sarture. J. I). raLKO-a, Ticket AgU; of&ce St.
ames HoteL
P., C. & St. L. Railway.
Cistul Stxsoakd Time.
Fst Le. Qn. Ac W. Ex. B. Be
eoiicsw-ST No. 1. No. 11. No. 7. No. S.
Lt. bpringheld. 6 lOam 11.0 am 4 Wpm 8:43pm
Lr.Yel. springs- 6.20am 11.24am 4 21pm 1 09pm
Arrire Xenia 6.40am 11:50am 4.15pm 9-35pni
Arr. Cincinnati 10.30am 2:30pm 7:0vpm
Arr. Columbus 9.30am 7.25pm 11:20pm
Arr. Loaisrille .. 7:30pm 12:30am 11.30pm
F'st L'e. Col. AcXen. Ac Lim.Ex
soiso east N5-4. No. 12. No 10. No. 5.
Leare Louisrille. 2:45am .. ..... 2:30pm
Lt. Cincinnati 7:45am 2.30pm 7:25pm
Arr.Columbus 11:40am 7:0upm 11:20pm
Arrire Xenia 10.00am 4 40pm l:lpni -V.pct
Lt. Yel. Spnngs.I0-.Jlam 5.50pm 2:20pm lO.Miput
Arr.t3prUglleld-10:5Jam 6.15pm 2 40pm lOJMpm
Train No. 1 makes connections at Xenia for Co
lumbus, Washington C 11. and Chillicolhc No.
11 through train for all points South and West.
No 7 Western Express through train for Cincin
nati, LoulsTille and" all points South; Indinapo
lis, bt. Louis and all points V est; Logansport sad
Chicago and all points North and Northwest. Ne.
5 Is m through tra'n for all points East, Baltimore,
Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston aa
points in the New England states.
Tickets and Baggage Checks and reliable in
formation, can be obtained of the Company
agents, and at the office of the Company's Agent,
this city. Particular Information as to Traia
connections, Kates, etc., cheerfully furnished.
Callea J.M.llINEs. City Ticket Agent.
JAS. Me MCKEA, Manager.
Onleb. snre Cnnt. sMT-sl
JSBPBEtlSaTT miltm guarante ate
l-""'""-" rtsprvsne ntHferfrtftesw
a-odtisOStamps tor Cel-brstpd MndktslWorlcs.
trrtw. Call or write. F. D. CLARKE, M. O.

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