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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, February 27, 1885, Image 3

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It All HJCiTH; K HElOltl
roiTHisixfiutr, asiuxdd et j ckekt,
lebrusry 2u i-t5 Tu j "Audi V turner.
6 .. iu. . I I N W lOlouJy
ul u . 34- I t il-noing
. -Op US IS W Ml
tSOcu . S3 I w liiaiy
lf an-n 31 W Itlasr
Mean te u -ralurv 33 below zero reuiperalur.
c! uute dale in lft4, 30 abore. Temperature ol
aatne t u i in-s 21 above lempersture of sains
date to IBS , alxie tero.
Mr MarsbfielJ Steele left lor New Orleans
ThursJn eTenin;?
"Toppy lioupr is for the ticket, and he is
a regiment bj biuself.
Mr. FranV J ebb is in Florida and ex
pects to be bacV by Monday oi Tuesday.
Tomorrow will be, accordinr to the calen
dar, the last day of spring. And such is
0. J. Penrose, the writing kacher at Nel
son's llu'iicss College, has resigned his posi
tion and leaves for bis home today.
Rev. Father Y. U. Sidley, of St. Raphael's
church, has been confined to the house several
dsys by illness, resulting from a severe cold,
but is doing well.
Mrs Jennie Rodgers, of Omaha, Neb., who
has lwn visiting her niece, Mrs. G. J. Wons,
left (or home today, intending to remain over
Sunday with relatives at Piqua.
The new ro"n horse now on trial in the
bock and ladder truik team at the Central
engiae house is a powerful tellow as well as
handsome. He belonged to Mr. John Creigh
ton. The GLoBE-ItEruELic is much indebted to
Mr. Julius Aron, of the Adjutant General's
office, tor a bound copy of that official's an
nual rejort, ju-t out, one of themo9t valuable
tor information ever printed.
The sudden thaw yesterday and today has
cau'ed gutti rs to overflow and erodings to
become flooded and impassable in many
places. One of the worst is the crossing at
Primrose alley and Main stitet.
Deputy Sheriff A. J. -Baker took Harvey
and Johnson, the colored thieves, remanded
to the Dajton workhouse, to that institution
this alternoon, to serve out their respective
sentence;. The boys will not find it a picnic
Rev. S. D. Kingeley, lather of Miss May
Kingsley, will visit her on Monday. He is
traveling in the interest ol fb.e M. P. chunb
Sunday school convention, to be l.eld on Coil
Camp ground', near Washington C. H in
The firemen at the Factory street engine
house desire in this manner to acknowledge
the receipt of the "compliments of the tele
phone exchange." This they could have done
by wire, of course, but they are all so bash
ful and timid, don't you see?
The hour for Sunday evening services, by
ajreement oi pastors, will be changed next
Sunday (March 1st) from 7 p. m. to 7:30 p.
m. Janitors will please get city time (Spring
field, cot Columbus or Cincinnati time) and
rin-. all the bells on time the first at 7, the
second at 7 25.
One of the recent cold mornings the cook
ing ranee in the kitchen of J. V. Elster's resi
dence, on South Market street, followed the
example of its neighbor in Mr. Scott's house
and exploded, flying into 'numberless pieces
Steam raised and frozen wafer pipes from the
tank prevented its e-cape. Xobody was hurt.
It now only remains for Springfield Re
publicans to make assurance doubly sure by
nominating the very best men for ward of
fices, in all the wards. Attention is already
being given this matter, by no means ot sec
ondary importance, and many good names
are mentioned in connection with the nomi
nation of candidates for City Council, Board
of Education and Asses or. It devolves upon
the committeemen in the several wards to call
caucuses to make nominations Most of these
will be held the third and fourth weeks in
Pat Commander Ym. H. Grant, of Mitch
ell Post, No 45, G. A. R . has received from
comrade Luther Hays, now at Chattanooga,
Tenn a rebel cavalry sabre and two cannon
ball, dug np by him-elf froa the battle-Geld
on Lookout Mountain on the recent occasion
ot the visit of National Dept. Commander
Kountz, when comrade Hays formed one ot
the party ot Union soldiers accompanying
him. The sabre is a primitive sort of an old
frog-sticker, made by hand, with a wooden
hilt. Comrade Grant will add it to the col
lection of war relics.
While waiting the appearance of a quorum
for the meeting of Council last night the sub
ject ot sewers was discussed. Some of the
members couldn't seem to understnd wh it
was that East End projierty owners who hare
got all the sewerage they need for a long
time to come, and whose property would not
be taxed to build the proposed new West End
sewer, thould oppose the latter to the extent
of sending petitions to the legislature agaiust
the passage of the bill now pending providmg
for the necessary issue of bonds. The ex
planation arrived at waa that somebody was
being u-ed to pull somebody else's chestnuts
out of the fire. This is given simply as an
item ot news, not as an expression of opin
ion in the case one way or the other or to in
fluence anybody's act on.
The elocutionary entertainment at St. Paul
M. E. Church last night was rendered in ex
cellent style. Mrs. Lukens and Mis3 Chide
ter who hail from Syracuse, New York, are
surely masters of the art. Mrs. Lukens in
the pnihetic was extremely well rendered in
"Nothing to Wear," "The Leap Year Morn
ing," "The Child's Death, c Will the New
Year Come Tonight Mamaia?" Her sister,
Mis Chidester, in impersonating the "Cham
pion Mower," waj a happy hit, as was bcr
recitation of "The Country -Reading Class."
The entertainment was a great success as an
entertainment and was made more pleasant
by Foreman's full orchestra. The ladies of
St. Paul promise us some more good enter
tainments during the coming spring, and as
Mrs. Lukens is now a resident of the Cham
pion City she will be seen again in the future.
The audience was fairly large but the enter
tainment was deserving of a full house.
CM) Tiutf aud the Central Engine Bell.
On and after Saturday, February 23, lie
bell on the Centra! engine house will be
struck at the usual hour by those in charge,
and in the manner that it was dorre when
first pat up and used for time purpose". For
the pa i IS" retire it hag l-en S'ruck or
opt en t iu mi i I i tn it h !! by
an arranteu-' ' ' r "11 "' " '
torj ol Mr ISo 'kwal'er -ojth HuUi s r
Th c a j,t is made in ton-tqut-uce of his
early Mn'emplalt-d temporary absence rom
the citv.
CITk CO a MI I,.
Special -ietilon It-ml olil Interest on
Water Works llouil rnlil lint 1
"Creamer" lluttrr, Mold ill Market?
A special session of the City Council was
held Thursday evening, February 20, Presi
dent Johnson in the chair. Absent, Dugan,
Kershner, Mast, lU-i'el, Conklin, Copley,
Hickey and Mitchell.
The minute were di'penEed with.
By the clerk Report ot sile of $3,000
sewer bonds, to Spitzer A. Co., Toledo, at par
and ten per cent, priinium. Resolution by
the finance committee to accept the proposi
tion of Spitzer A Co. was adopted.
By Mr. Stc haa Communication from A
S. Way, niarketmater, asking that $5 be set
aside to enable him to have made a chemical
analysis of an article sold in market as
"creamery" butter, but which is said to lw
nut butter at all and sale of which he is re
quested to prohibit. Referrid to Market
Bills were presented and referred.
The solicitor, in response to an inquiry,
reported that the Mayor had no legal right to
make a hospital of the station house. Placed
on file.
By the same Report as to the bill ot
Kinney, Nichols .t Co. tor doing city adver
tising, recommendiDg payment of the same.
Placed on file.
By the same Report as to judgment claim
of M. B. Walker, amounting to $9,SD1.CG,
recommending the issue of bonds to amount
of $9,000, in anticipation ot taxes, to satisfy
the claim, and thus save further expense to
the city. Ordinance providing for such i-sue
was adopted
By the same Ordinance regulating, by
amendment ot existing ordinance, payment
of chain-gang costs and tees to the mayor
and marshal; the ordinance not to take effect
until expiration of term of incumbents. The
ordinance puts an end to payment ol costs .n
chain-gang cases. Ordinance read once.
By the Cierk, for Ficance Committee
Ordinance for payment of interest on city
bonds, etc., to amount of $10,400, all out ot
Water Works bond fund. Out ol sewer
fund", $2,280.90. Total, $13,2SG 90. Adcpted.
By Mr. Petticrew, from Street Coumittee
Rtport on matter of right of way claimed
by I. Ward Frey across Factory street, that it
is not desirable nor practicable to secure
agreement proposed, and that the committee
be discharged from further consideration of
the subject. Carried.
By Mr. Dnscol, from Fire Department
Committee Ordinance for payment of sun
dry claims to Amount of $200 31. Adopted.
By Mr. Jennings, from Police Committee
Ordinance for payment of sundry claims to
amount of $4.35. Adopted.
C. W. Caldwell was granted eight days'
have of ab-encc from duty as policeman,
from March 2.
Police rules were reported Pack and went
to the table until next meetirg of Council.
By Mr. Prince Ordinance for payment to
library trustees of $1,481.12, out of public
liDrary funa; semi-annual payment. Adopted.
By Mr. Korn, from Committee on Claims
Oidinancea tor payment of sundry claims to
amoantol $199,70. Adopted.
Oidinance for issue of one $1,000 bond and
payment of interest on same, to pay amount
due on Plum street sewer, was presented by
the Clerk. Read once.
By Mr. Prince Resolution authorizing
publication in book form of annual reports of
the City Clerk and other official', to the num
ber of 150 copies, 50 copies to ho bound in
cloth. Adopted.
Council adjourned.
Salsbury's Troubadours in their bright far
cial comedy, "Three of a Kind," will appear
at the Grand tomorrow (Saturday) evening.
The New York Graphic says: "The Third
Avenue Theater was packed on Monday night
with certainly an appreciative audieoc. The
new trifle' of the Troubadours is, as the pre
vious trifles have been, a thread on which to i
string their very pleasing peculiariiies, and it
answers its purpose well. Miss Nellie Me
Henry continues to be as effervescent as a
bottle of yeast, and no amount of excessive
explosion serves to diminish the supply. The
young lady on Monday night eang and
played with more than the excellent gush of
her previous visits, and grew belter as the
evening wore on, a song with a jolly laugh in
it winaing the audience completely. Mr.
Nate Salsbury is the othei conspicuous char
acter in the piece, bi9 acting is good and his
singing in a new version of 'Johnny, Fill Up
the Bowl," is very funny indeed. It is safe to
say that 'Three of a Kind' will be given to no
slim houses during the present engagement."
"The Galley Slave." This great play ot
Bsrtley Campbell will be produced at Black's
Opera House tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon
and evening, with all the wealth of scenery
and powerful cast of characters, which, to
gether with the intrinsic merits of the piece
itself, have made for it such a phenomenal
succcs in the dramatic world. "The Galley
Slive" is considered not only Mr. Campbell's
greatest play but one of the finest melo
dramas of modern times. The plot is intense
ly intere-ting, and the play, which 13 in five
act', is full of strong situations and pictur-
esque grouping', beautiful scenery and mag
nificent and costly wardrobes are worn by the
ladie". The Chicago Times pronounces this
to be the greatest play of the 19th century.
The organization is a strong one and is
acknowledged by the Chicago and St. Louis
papers as entitled to rank among the best
traveling. Admission 10, 15 and 25 cents.
Reserved seats nor on sale at Pierce's and
Wilbur's railroad Arcade ticket office.
Mr. Geo. C. Miln, the eminent tragedian,
will appear at the Grand Opera Hoae next
Tuesday and Wednesday evening". Mr. Lin
coln J. Carter, his advance representative,
who is in the city today, says that Mr. Miln
has betn playing to tremendous business on
the Pacific coast and in the cities of the later
west, where the press accorded him the most
generous praise as the foremost young trage
dian of the modern stage.
Tranf-fera of Kent Estate.
J. C. Williams to P. A.Cufheld, lot in New
Carlisle. $1,200
John Bildwin to William R. Baldwin, 55
acres land in Greene Tp.- $ J,000.
Margaret McCullough to Margaret Diy, 12
acres Und in Greene Tp.: $1,200
Djnus L. Tomkin9in to Mathew O. Tom
kinson, 42 acres land in Springfield Tp.
Adam Michael to Jame3 G La Fonte, lot
in Jenk'ns' add.: $3,500.
Mary Watters to John Watters, lot on Clif
ton avenu: $3,300.
H. Jeffrie? to Franklin P. Jeffries, lot on
West Main street $500.
F. M. N'eff to Jacob Brose, 15 actcs land
in Bethel Tp. $1,200
City Solicitor llaean is bending hi ener
gies toward clearing tip the business of his
lepartuieni Q', i t -t r mog from
fi e i 1 at' I fch i t in I i ui n til
t Tut annual repurts or ail city
i tli i is are to be published in book form,
fifty copies bound in cloth, for the customary
exchanges with officials of other cities.
For half a century no Cabinet officer
h is reached tlio Presidency.
lVi-xton County, West Virginia.boasts
of a lhe-leggcd tw o-taileil horse.
The pulsation of a c.it's heart is said
to bo from 110 to 12K per minute
Statistics show tlutt clerp:nicu live
about two years longer than iavtjcrs.
It is estimated that tho forests of
Scotland yield 10,000 deer annually.
1 ho Arab compels his liorao to feed
from the ground in order to maintain
the curve of the backbone.
liio latest rumor regatding the earth
is th it it vt ill be one huge globe of ice
in 3,000,000 years from date.
The longest continuous fiber known
is that of silk. An ordinary cocoon of
a well-fed silkuorn will often reel 1,000
y ards.
Queen Victoria's privato fortirno is
onH o-OOO.Oa It isbelieied it will
sullice to pax tho debts of the Prince of
"With a pen of gold dipped in tho
oil of gladuess"is tho way the Nebras
ka editor introduced his New Year's
Senator Sew ell, of New Jersey, is
said to Use more ink in signing; his
n nue than any man in that branch of
the Congress.
Ilillingsgato, tho great market
through which London buys her priu
cip il fish supply, delivers monthly an
aierago of 11,000 tons.
The coldest weather ever experienced
in the Northwest was at Fort Kenton,
in 1SS0. when tho thermometer marked
5!) degrees below zero.
A novel jxronnd fordivorco is offered
bv an Indiana husband, who counts tip
eighty -ono times when his wifo has
scalded him w ith hot tea.
Chiueso exports of tea to Great Bri
tain last ear fell off 11,000,000 pounds,
and to "tho United States 4,000,000
pounds, as compared with 18S3.
At the Calcutta exhibition the second
prize for butter was awardeel to a lino
sample of American oleomargarine.
Some oue spoiled a good joke and the
judges reconsidered the award.
Not high-toned, but human tho
epiiet satisfaction with which the in
elustrious editor beholds his ruthless
contemporaries stealing his glaring er
rors along w ith his v aluable facts.
Tennessee has 10,000 squaro miles of
timber land which is as vet practically
untouched; a tract larger by 1,500
ci'tiara miles than Massachusetts, Khodc
Island and Connecticut put together.
Statistics published by tho Ohio Di
vot co Keform League show that over
two thousand divorces are nowgrantetl
aunually in that State. This is an in
crease of -33 per cent, in nineteen
The City of Mexico has live railroads,
a splcndiil street car system, telegraph
wires to all tho world, a telephone ser
vice with 700 subscribers, six elaily
newspapers, electric lights and the best
bath houses iu America.
The Urtish drink bill for 1883 foots
up $G28,3.SG,375. Tho quantity aggre
gates 1,032,14'.',15S gallons. This would
make a lake a mile long and a mile
wide, with a depth of thirly-livo feet, or
sufficient to float men-of war.
The London Xcws has advices to the
effect that the American Government
has advanced claims to land in the Fiji
Islands, iu behalf of its subjects who
settled there before the annexation of
the territory by this British.
London mail carriers now call at
private residences for parcels, tho same
as do express messcnge rs in this coun
try. A scarlet card is furnished by tho
postal authorities, vvhich.when display
ed in tho w indow, insures a call from
tho postman.
A mechanical curiosity has just been
completed by a shoemaker in Utica,
N. ., consisting of two houses, each
six feet square, and containing wooden
figures working at trades. Thero aro
nearly -00 of these figures, and tho
motive power is a small three-horso
power engine.
Deodorized crude petroleum as an
ingredient in soaps opens up anew field
for tint commodity, and at tho same
time reduces the cost of soap manufact
ure at least one-half. At least, so
claims the inventor of this deodorizing
and converting process.
A pamphlet has lately been published
in London advocating the lining of
people w ho havo more than three chil
dren. There is no question but that
the theories advanced by Mrs. Ucsant
have gradually taken a" very strong
hold on the people of England.
When a Thibetan lover parts from
his sweetheart, after calling upon her,
lie tw iris his cap over his head, bows in
reverence, and then puts out his tongue
to its full length.the latter performance
havingthesamo affectionate significance
as the parting kiss between lovers of
other countries.
A properly developed, full-grown man
weighing 154 pounds ought, according
to Professor Huxley, to consume daily
o.OOO grains of lean beefsteak, 0,000
grains of bread, 7,000 grains of milk,
3,000 grains of potatoes, GOO grains of
butter and 22,903 gra's of water.
Outside of 2,000 or 3,000 German and
Frenchmen who brought communistic
theories with them from Europe, tho
New York Sun does not beliovo that
thero are 500 Communists in New York,
and in tho Union as a wholo the num
ber is insignificantly small in compari
son with the total body of workers.
In a Dakota town a curiosity in the
shape of a chicken heart was, from its
large anil peculiar size, opeueu mr ex
amination, and in the center of tho
heart was found a grain of wheat or
rice, with sprouts snooting out from
the small white grain, which, of course,
caused the enlarged, odd-looking heart.
The marble trade of San Francisco is
worth $1,000,000 annually, one-fourth
of w hich sum has heretofore been paid
to the Carrara Quarry, of Italy. With
the new San Francisco company ope
rating in tho Alaska quarries, tho city
hopes to purchase hereafter its entire
supply from its ow n citizens, and at the
bailie time to get a marble of equal
beauty as heretofore.
Alf Prater, of Giinesville, Gi., has
constructed a model of the Brooklyn
bridge. It is four feet wide, tlurtv feet
long, and weighs 750 pounels. Three
huudrc and fifty figures are kept mov
ing on it. representing men, women,
dravs, carnages, cars, etc., and under
the bridge aro bo-its in real water, mak
ing the sceno wonderfully hko tho real
The height of tho Arabian camel at
the shoulders is between six and seven
feet, and the color of the rather coarse
hair is of various shades of brown.
The first attempt to amount ono calls
for no little dexterity.as the usual mode
is to bestride the animal while he is on
his knees, and it is no easy matter for
a novice to maintain tho correct "cen
ter of srrav itv" when the animal rises.
The British soldiers, however, havo
eiitered this novel service with consid
erable enthusiasm, and have been dis
posed to make pets of their new com
panions, although they report thus far
it seems to bo a most "unsocial beast."
Toronto Globe.
Itiltminrn has been nrcsented bv
! Willi mi T. Walters with four bronze
groups of Peace, W ar. Law and Order,
fast bv lJjrbidiennc from the original,
1 Barye1, now in the Louvro gallery at
Paris. They stand on granite pedestals
at tlu comers of the most westerly of
the four squares surrounding the W ash
lnsrton Monument. They are half life-
I bize. They aro as j et parts of an un-
- isronic Cnlnrrli.
C W M r i oi 4ri South Fourth
rcet, S I.ci ii., is twenty years of age,
il has Imii a --ulliitr from chronic
it nt'i. ulm i hul Income quite offen
iw. Winn l,( -a ne to Dr. llartimn, two
in ji t is au lie w,is told it would take six
inoiit' s to cure him. But lie has pro
pressed l)Lund all expectations, and
nearly all sins of the disease Ime dis
appcareJ. Hi. ore being treated he could
not breathe emt of the nose, and now he
Ins perfect control of the nasal organ.
Pr-RUN vdid the business.
Jiincs Dunn, of 1310 Gay street, St,
Louis, Ins suffered from catarrh since
1S70. 1 he gentleman told the reporter
the following straightforward story of
his case. " I took the disease in Mem
phis. It commenced in my head and
extended to my throat, and a bad cough
follow cd. I went to a number of phy
sicians, and they told me my trouble was
In cr disease, and one said it w as palpita
tion of the heart that caused the cough.
For the last 3 ear I have been practically
w orthlcss. I could .not ascend a flight oi
stairs without suffering from shortness of
breath and fast beating of the heart, and
my appetite was very defective. After
eating I often coughed so hard that I
would throw up everything in my stom
ach. I could not w alk any distance with
out panting. Five weeks ago I went
under the care of Dr. Hartman. and now
my cqugh has disappeared and I feel like
a new man." Pluu.va was his treat
ment. Next came George Sauerbaum, residing
at 1929 Carr street, St. Louis, who is an
old patient of Dr. Iiartman. He stated
that he had suffered most intensely from
chronic catarrh of the head and lungs, but
is now almost cured, his lungs being en
tirely well and his head greatly improved.
The gratitude of this gentleman was
almost boundless, and he expressed it to
the reporter in the strongest terms, say
ing " Peruna w ill cure any disease."
I. P. Dukchart, of Cumberland, Md.,
superintendent B. & O. R. R. Co ' I lotels
(conductor on the Baltimore & Ohio Rail
road for tw cnty-cighty cars, and previous
ly a druggist), vs rites : " Du. S. B. Hart
man & Co., Columbus, O. I have used
but one bottle of Pkrin between myself
and son. He had dipthcrcticsore throat,
and is now w ell. As for myself, it has en
tirely relieved the dullness in my head,
which has been of long standing the re
suit of chronic malaria. I never took
anything in my life that gave me such
great satisfaction. My wife is now tak
ing it also."
coinpleti'it w hole, for a heroic liguro of
"The Wanior," by the s.mio sculptor,
is vet lobe pi iced in position at the
west end of the iittle square, to answer
to that of the famous "Lion in Repose"
now at the cistern end, ami a fountain
is to pl.iv 111 the center. The four
gtoups comptise in each case figures of
a man and a boy ami a couchant ani
mal, and are all modeled with Barye's
characteristic simplicity and strength.
Truth in a IMnin Suit.
Elder Toots having got most of his
feet under the mlhot stove, and Colo
nel Cahoots having succeeded in knock
ing down .1 bust of Plato and wrecking
$o00 worth of lelics. Brother Gardner
aro-e and said:
"What I hanker arter am to meet a
plumb up an' dow 11 man. Dar' am
pussons in dis club who wobble about
like a loose wagon wheel. Ono day
dey greet you w id a grin as soft as
June, an' efe nex' day dey eloan' know
vou as you pass oti ele sttcet. I doan'
mean to hurt no man's feelin's, but I
mean to be plumb.
"If Whalebone Howkcr should come
ober to my house an' ax do loan of a
dollar I wouldn't keep him on do hooks
fur half an hour fur a decision. I should
at once reply to him: 'Whalebone, do
man who "uses money aimed by his
wife at do wash-tub to buy lottery tick
ets can't get no dollarouterme!' When
a min axes my religion I doan' beat
aroun' do bush to find out if ho has
found a short cut to heaben, but 1 de
nounce myself as .1 Baptist an' take my
chances by ele ole roid.
"When you think vesor no doan'
hesitate to say so. Doan' be leanin'
one w ay one day an' some oilder way
on de nex'. De man who knows whar
to find you won't go away mad, eben if
you decide agin him. Our Samuel
Shin am ono day gwine to bo a states
man, an' on do nex' he's gw ine to open
a saloon wid a gilded ccihn'. Ono day
vou will find him a Methodist an de
nex' v ou w ill see him devotirin' a Uni
versalist sermon. Meet him in do
maiwiin' an' ho am a feroshus Repub
lican; cotch him in de afternoon an' ho
am a good Dimocrat.
"Be plumb up an' down. If you am
sot on bein good stick to it. If you am
sotonbein' bad doan' let do purleeco
bluff you off. If joulike a man tell
him ho can have do use of your snow
shovel all summer. If you can't hoe
co'n will him, ax him to buy or sell out
an' take some odder cow-path. De
wobbly man am a pusson to bo shun
ned. Try in' to do bizness vv id him am
wasted labor trow n aw ay." Lime Stln
Club tn Detroit Free Press.
Suceeeeleel Too Well.
"Now," said the bride. "Henry, I
want you to understand distinctly that
1 do not wish to bo taken for a bride
I am going to behave exactly as if I
was an old married woman. So, dear
est, do not think me cold and unloving
if I treat you very practically when
thero is anybody by."
"I donVbelio've I can pass for an old
married man. I am so fond of you
that I am bound to show it. 1 am sure
to give the snap away."
"No, J ou mustn't. It's easy enough.
And I insist that you behavo just like
all old married men do. Do you
"Well, darling. I'll try, but I know I
will not succeed."
The first evening of their arrival tho
bride retired to her chamber and tho
groom fell in w ith a poker party, with
whom he sat playing cards until 4
o'clock in tho morning. His wifo spent
the weary hours weeping. At last ho
turned up and met his grief-stricken
bride w ith the hilarious question:
"Well, ain't I doiug the old married
man like a daisy ?"
She never referred to tho subject
aam, and everybody knew after that
that they had just been married. San
Francisco Chronicle.
Lucrative Positions.
Vandcrbilt is determined that his
sons-in-law shall become business-men.
As soon as v oung Twombley married
his daughter hegavo him tho job of
loading and unloading the freight in
New York. This is really an extensivo
department in the railway system and
requires a large force of clerks and la
borers, and also a number of steamers
and barges. The profit from this spec
ialty is estimated at $30,000 a year.and
this puts Twombley on an independent
biis. The two other sons-in-law
(Shepard and Sloan) are both ab.'o and
prosperous business-men, tho former
having a lucrative law practice, while
the latter is ono of the most extensive
carpet-dealers in tho country. Dr.
Seward Webb, who married the young
est of the daughters, has never mado
medical practico a success, and his
father-in-law has been desirous of pro
viding for him out of that vast railway
patronage which he still controls. Tho
recent re signation of Tillinghast, Presi
ilent of the sleeping-car company, has
allorded a suitable opening, and tho
doctor now abandons his profession in
favor of a sinecure berth wenth ?i0,000
a y car. There are few men that can
make such rich provision for those vv ho
marry into the family.
New and Elegant Styles.
Ask to see the new coat back Jersey, the best
fitting garment in the market. Prices
extremely low.
10,000 Yards New Hamburg
To be sola at lower prices than evsr before known.
A Story of a Statesman.
A capital story is circulated among
the employes at the Jstile IIoiisi It is
said tint the d iv of the assembling of
the I.egislatuie. a rural gentleman,
carrying a large hi iek-gl ii-d cloth
valise of the style known as Kenne
beckers," on which was strapped .1
huge bed-quilt, appeared in the shoe
black's room in the Mate Houc base
ment. Depositing his baggage by tho
side of the "shining" chair, he allowed
his laruc boots to be made presentable.
When the extensive territory was cov
ered with brilliant varnish the un
known requested the "boy" to "send
his valise to his room." "To your
committee room?" inquired the boy.
"Xaw, to my room btdreiom sonny."
"Why," said the astonished youth,
"members don't sleep at the State
House." "Yes, they du," said the
new member, "and be sure to have my
quilt laid on the bed. Wife said that
city folks seldom had clothes enough,
anil I'm used to plenty." Tho boy
protested that tliete were jio bed
chambers for members, and at last the
now indignant member betook himself
with his bagnge tothecngiueer'srooui,
w here he sat iu a ch ur, w .itching the
revolutions of the big wheel, and
lunched on doughnuts and cheese,
which he extracted fiom acapicious
paper bag.
After repeated inquiries the new
member found tint it was as tho shoe
shiner had said tli U members did not
lodge at tho State House and he went
sadly out of doors iu quest of a cheap
boarelinjr-house. lSoston Herald.
The Comto d' Herisson, in his re
cently published "Recollections of the
Siege of Paris," rel ites that Kugenie
was compelled to leave the l'mlenes in
such haste that she could only carry
away a small traveling b ig containing
her purse anil some pocket handker
chiefs. These Dr. Evans, who accom
panied her in her flight, washed in a
stream when they became soiled. As
Sir Walter Raleigh acquireel much re
nown in history for throwing his cloak
upon the ground that the feet of his
Queen might not touch the mire. Dr.
Evans is certainly entitled to equal
honor for his gallantry.
crocodiles are thu only reptiles
whose nostrils point in the throat be
hind the palate, instead of directly into
the mouth cavity. This enables the
crocodile to drow n its v ietim w ithout
drowning its!f, for by keeping its snout
above water it can "breathe while its
mouth is wide nm-n
A "Cross Old Patch."
"Grandma," said a spry five-year-old,
"You're a cro33 old patch." Grandma looked
as il she would bite the boy's head off for
this; and so the boy dodged her, and got out
ot the way. It was thought that grandma's
case was one of dyspepsia, total and lone-con-tinned.
For even such tough old caes
Brown's Iron Bitters works wonJer3. Mr. I.
I. Cavin, Dinwiddie, Va , writes, "Brow n's
Iron Bitters made me well ot spinal disease
and dyspepsia ot 20 years' standing."
America's I'ride.
True American men and women by reason
ot their strong constitution, beauulul form3,
rich complexions and characteristic enemy,
are envied by all nation9. It is the general
u e of Dr Hartei's Iron Tonic, which brings
about these results.
Look Out fur lour Head!
No matter what parts it may finally affect,
catarrh always starts in the bead, and belongs
to the bead. There is no mystery about the
origin of this direful disease. It begins in a
neglected cold. One of the kind that is "sure
to be better in a few days." Thousands of
victims know bow it is by sad experience.
Ely's Cream Balm cures colds in the bead and
catarrh in all its stages. Price 50 cents.
"A bird in the band is worth two in the
bush," but Ur. L. E. Rufe, who lives in the
town with the singular name of Bird-In-Hand,
Lancaster county, Pa .can't compute the worth
of Vlishler's Herb Bitters, for it saved his Ire.
Xothing else wou'd cure him of cholera mor
bus. The medicine is rapid and efficacious m
kidney and liver complaints, fever and ngne,
asthma, erysipelas and all kindred complaints.
For blood diseases it is without a rival.
A Fortunate Uiicnvery.
A new light is thrown on the subject ot
consumption by Dr. Wagner Kemp, diioverer
of Kemp's ilal-am fort u throat and lungs.
A remedy that has proved itself to be a re
markable compound. It docs its work thor
oughly, Slopping a backing cough instantly.
Sold by Dr. T. J. Caper, druggist. Price 50
and $1. Trial size free. Get one.
Stop That Cough.
Dr. Marchisi's Rock Candy Cough Cure,
warranted to cure or money refunded, coughs,
colds, hoarseness, throat and Iudk trouble;
also good for children. Rock Candy Cough
Cure contains the healing properties ot pure
white rock candy, with extracts ol roots and
herbs. Only 25 cents. Largo bottles $1,
cheapest to buy. For sale by Chas. Ludlow.
lie lluinki Ml Paper.
Mr. Editor: I was induced by reading
your good paper to try Dr. Harter's Iron
Tonic lor debility, h'er disorder, and sorotula,
and three bottles bare cured me. Accept my
thanks. Jos C. Boggs. Ex.
Positive Cure tor Piles.
To the people 0! this County we would say
we have been given the Agency of Dr. Mar
chisi's Italian Pile Ointment emphatically
guaranteed to Cure or money refunded In
ternal, External, Blind, Bleeding or Itching
I Piles. Price 50 Cents a Box. Ho Cure, No
Pay. For sal by Charles Ludlow, Druggist.
BRO it CO.
As a raindrop foretells a storm, so does a
pimple upon the human body indicate health
destroying virus in the blood, which can be
neutralized and expelled only by Dr. Barter's
Iron Tonic.
Piles are frequently preceded by a sense ot
weight in the back, loins and lower part ot
the abdomen, causing the patient to enppose
he has eome efiection ot the kidneys or
neighboring organs. At times, symptoms of
indigestion are present, flatulency, uneasiness
oi the stomach, etc. A moisture, like per
spiration, producing a rery disagreeable itch
ing, after getting warm, is a common at
tendant. Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles
yield at once to the application of Dr.
Bosanko's Pile Remedy, which acts directly
upon the parts affected, absorbing the
Tumors, allaying the intense itching, and
effecting a permanent cure. Price 50 cents.
Sold by Ad. Bakhaus & Co.
A weak back, with a weary aching lament-as
over the hips is a sign of diseased kid
neys. Use the best kidney curative known,
which is Burdock Blood Bitters.
A hile money is close, wages and prices low,
expenses should be cut down in every house
hold. Economy, the watchword for mothers,
beads off doctor bills, by always keeping in
the hotice a bottle of Dr. Bosanko's Cough and
Lung Syrup. Stops a cough instantly, re
lieves consumption, cures croup and pain in
the chest in one night. It is just the remedy
for hard time". Price 50c and $1. Sample
free. Sold by Ad. Bakbaus & Co.
Dau&hters, Wives mud 9Iotlier.
We emphatically guarantee Dr. Marchisi's
Catholicon, a Female Remedy, to cure Fe
male Diseases, such as ovarian troubles, in
flammation and ulceration, falling and dis
placements or bearing down feeling, irregu
larities, barrenness, change of life, leucor
heca, besides many weaknesses springing
from the above, like headracbe, bloating,
spinal weaknesses, sleeplessness, nervous de
bility, palpitation of the heart, etc. For sale
by drugeists. Price $1 and $1 50 per bottle.
Send to Dr. J. B. Marchist, Utica, N. Y., for
pamphlet, free. For sale by Chas. Ludlow.
There is nothing like Dr. Thomas' Eclec
tric Oil to quickly care a cold or relieve
hoarseness. Written by Mrs. M. J. Fellows,
Burr Oak, St. Joseph county, Micb.
A CARD. To all who are safrertng rroin
errors and indiscretions ot youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, loss of manhood, dc, I will
send a recipe that will can you, FEEE OF
CUAKUE. This rreat remedy was discovered by
a missionary is south America, bead self-addressed
envelope to EEV. JOSEPH T. LMMAN
button D.. New York.
btaxuplng out Disease. The bhakers Be
lieve that nearl vail diseases csn be prevented by
maintslnlng perfect digestion. They never em
ploy doctor because ss soon as the digestion be
comes impaireu mey isss aiewuosesouneaasicr
Extract of P.oots (tiegel's Syrup) snd heslth is the
result, for it is a marvelous remedy for dyipeps's
Mrs. Ileltie Hauck writes from Mormon Grove,
Gratvm county, Texas, lsSl: "I am fifty years
old this month, audi must say your medicine
has proved a woode rful medicine to me. When
I Hist received it I could not sleep nights, and I
bad a fluttering in the pilot my stomach, I could
not bear my hind or the weight of my clothes on
it. had a throbbing and a roaring in my head.
I wal afraid If it continued I should lose my
mios I oftentimes thought I was too far gone
to td anything, but your medicine has proved a
blery g to me. The pain and mlierabls feeling
n my head has gor e. My head is clear and I
sleep soundly every night. I csn recommend It
with pleasure. W ho would notT You may use
this letter if you like. It may fall into some
hands ameted as I was, and I am sure they can
find relief In your mediciae." The ehaker Tar
Capsules cuieCoagas.
Underwear, Gloves, Hos
iery, Latest Collars and
Cuffs, Men's Jewelry,
Etc., Etc.
Big inducements in Knit
Jackets, Mufflers, Woolen
and Merino Hosiery, and
Odds and Ends or Winter
Main St. Hatters & Furnishers.
J. WOLTa. Ar. Sprlasrdeld.
llrlinble Garden, Field and Flower Seeds,
1SS1 Crop, liulbe Sv Florists Sipplies.
Send for Catalogue and Special Prices. Conslg.
menu solicited and prompt returns glveu.
110 Weet Ota St.. Claelaamsi. p.
r ra r f ttma All liaen, coth
) ",Vsf linings aso Interiors.
I ? I
I Aa for tbm.
Clevelaail, ColumbuH, Cluclunatl and In
dlanapolla Hallway.
between the
rhrous-h cars, with connections In TJnlon Depot.
Only direct line via Oveland, LuBalo sad M
sgra rails to.ew lorkand Few Irgland.
Direct connections for all Southern, Southwest
ern and alern (viols, either by way of Clscln
natl, Indianapolis orfct. Louis. Fast Time, New
Equipment, and running through the most popu
lar part, f the country possessing every appli
ance or eed and eomfcrt known to be service
able The licit ltoad-lied and the bafest Road ia
the West. Tickets by this popular route for sale
at all regular ticket offices
A. J. SMITH, Gene-al rassenger Agent.
C. C. C. & I. RAILWAY.
Sniai Lsivi Grinj Iiri.
Hprlng., Del. A Col. Accora
X. Y. A Boston Express
Night Expresa ....
Clnc'i sti&N. y.Fast Llno
Cleveuti 1 rat Una
. 10. 0 a m
. 11 .35 a in
. UiZi a m
. 8 3pm
. 3.35p m
Trail vi SsUg Sntt.
Midnight Express
Hnrlnpriplfl Affntn
2:40 am
Springfield A Cincinnati" Expreas Usn
5-40 a 1
Cln, A Indianapolis Express...,
1.1UC1UUHU rurtl i.m. ,,, ,
Da ton, Cln ,At. IEx
Bontiiern Eiprms .
Sp'fd. A Cln. Accom, Handay only.
Tt.Iu Arri7 Tr: .'.
Midnight Expre-..
Jf. y. A ltMtou Express
Cln. A Delaware Exprew
C'eveland Kuot f.lnn ,
5 10 p m
7 15 v 111
12 15'a m
10-05 1 ta
7.50 p m
8' ipm
Springfield Accoin.
Sp'fd. A Cln. Accom , Sunday only.
Cln. A N. Y. Kant Llue
Tnlu i.-Tlrs rr Zu
Nlgiit Express.
2.30 a aa
2.33 pm
5.v5 pm
ueiuwsie, ?pm Jt cm. impress ,,
Cincinnati rast Line..
Columbus, Delaware as 1 rpringteld Ac- 7.30 p m
inesclralm ie the only ones runnlnron
Train avliig at 11.33 a. m. has through
sleplngcirtolionton without change.
The train leaving at J 16 hart parlor car to
Cleveland, connecting with the throuzli
sleeper to Sew York anil Boston.
AH trains rnn uy Central standard Time
which is 15 minutes slower ihsn Springfield tlise.
eo II Knight,
Tiekel Agent, Arcade Hotel.
w Jil,j , each way, w
Elegant New Style
WoodrulT Sleepers,
And Combination Sleeping and Re
clining Chair Cars on
Night Trains
And Elegant Modern Coaches on Day Trains.
Steel If ails, Miller Platforms and
Coupler, Air llrakes and all
Modern Improvements.
Shortest anj Iut Desirable Home Be
tween the East and V est. Through
Tickets and Hug-gage Checka
all Priocip-sl foiuts.
Particular advantages o3ered to Western Emi
grants. Land and Tourist Tickets to all points
reached by any line.
Passenger trains leave Springfield, O , from Union
Depot as follows.
Going East, li.10 a. m ,10.05 a.m., 3:40 a.m.
Going W est, 1:15 a. m., 11.35 a. m., 5.M p. m.
Going North, 2 lj a. in., 11:10 a. m.,
Uoing South, O. S. K. IU. 10 30 a. m., 3.15 p. at.
Trains arrive:
Irom East, 1 30 a. in., 3.15 p. m., 11 15 a.m.
J-rom West, 12.15 a. in , 9-5 a. m , 5 03 p. la.
i rum Mrlti, 12 30 a. m., 3 00 p. m.
rrom South 9.50a. m.,t.30p. m.
C. K. Henderson, II. 31. Hronson,
(Jen'l Manner. Gen'l Ticket Agt.
O. U. KOCUE, Agvut, SpringnTd. o.
OhloSoutliern Division.
Trains Arrive Irom Jackson and Washington C. H.
Sprtnjl'Id . .
Time. Tine,
No. t (except Sunday).
No. 3 (excej-t -unday)
-5:15 p.m. 1.30 p. m
-10.l0a.ro. 9.50 a.m
Traits Depirt for Jicluoi and Wuhlngtea C H
Springfld E. K.
Time. Time.
11 :15 a.m. 10-30 a. m.
5.55 p.m. 5.35 p. m
No. 2 (except Sunday)
No. 4 (except sunday).
Trtlas Ltavt goiir List
No.4, N. Y L'mited Ex 10:3b a. m. 10-09 a. n.
No. 8, New York Express 5.19 p. m. 4.49 p. m.
No. 12, Atlantic Express 1034 a. in. 12:06 a. m.
Trains leivs gilng West.
Springrid R. R.
Time. Time,
No. l.rin. and West'n Fx.12.53 p. m. 12.28 p. m.
No. 3, Pacific Express .. 2-J4 a. m. 1 59 a, m.
No. 5, St. L. Limited Ex 5.53p.m. 5.29a.m.
Tbese trains are the only ones running on Sun
day. Free hick to trslns one hour bfore time of de-
yarture. J. D. 1'ULEOEE, Ticket Agt.; office It.
ames Hotel.
P., C. & St. L. Railway.
Ckstrxl Stasdasd TlMX.
FstL'e. On. Ac W. Ex. E. Ex
eoiio west No. 1. No. 11. No. 7. No. 5.
Lv. Springfield 6 Cuani n0 am 4 (Optn 8:43p-a
Lv.lel. springs. 6 20aci II 24am 4 21pm J 09pm
Arrive Xenia. b.40am 11 oOiiu 4 15pm 9-35pm
Arr. Cincinnati llVWam 2 30pm 7. Oop m
Arr. Columbus-.. 9.30am , 7 25pm ll20pia
Ait. Louisville. .. 7.30pm 12:3uam 11 30p-a
Fst L'e. CoL AcXen. Ac Lim.Ex
eoiso kast N5 I. No. 12. No. 10. No..
Leave Louisville- 2:45am 2.30p-a
Lv. Cincinnati.-. 7:45am 2.3Upm . 7:2ipm
Arr.CoIumbus -11 40am 7.0opm 11 20p-
Arrive Aenla .10.UJam 4 40pm 1 15pm ftSSpsa
Lv. YeL bprings.l0-31am 5.50pm 2:20pm 10Mpsa
Arr.Sprinzfield-lu:55am C15pm 2.40pm lO.SCjia
Train No, 1 makes connections at Xenta far Ce
lumbus, Washington C 11. and Chiliicotno. No.
11 through train for all points South and West.
No 7 Western Express throu.cn train for Clncla
nati, Louisville and all points South; Indlnapo
lis, M. Louis snd all points est; Logacspert as
Chicago and all points North and Northwest, He.
5 is a through train for all points East, Baltlsssre,
Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Bostea sad
points in the New England btates.
Tickets and Baggsge Checks and reliable in
formation, can be obtained of the Company
agents, and at the office of the Company's Ajeat,
this city. Particular Information as to Traia
connections, Kates, etc, cheerfully furnished.
Call on J.ll.HINES.Citj Ticket Agent.
JAB. II MCKEA. Manager.
- . ,-. n-., i
Iirrriir trrtwMwj -- ---ww
?-5Jw.hediSii r:.w"' '"r!!f.'e,lV2?
7. Iabtj- ia m a iifi juld .
a, sri w"v"w"Fr-w rif -t - - .--- -
-HrS,D1 twofltanH-s i r . irtiil Mi,tJ Wurls
-Musaa vim- TRT--isaicHiaTsVwWS-a.
vjiir JrV-'L' S&',04SS?
;"'. i.rt.vcd 'SS.'"'v5r '
I---L-s-w-lir ' ' li
f IV mW jfmK 5 1 J r 1 .'l -.-., W t a-aaaaa

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