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Dully 13!ltlm.
roiTatiux'iiiTr, ai isoordid at t, Dinar,
liriCMLT fOa TH LO-KfDBU0.
April 1U, IBM,
JO a. m.
lU-Vla. m
2iMp. m
SO p. m
ID mi p. m
Moid teiiipeMturn 87 Temperature I sanii
dl In lM. B8! abute. Teniperatnre ol iini
date In IMS, 62 shore. Tmnperalure ol lime
'i In Mv, W abore aero.
The County Commissioners held a short
session this morning and allowed a number
of claims newly presented.
Xenla Uarettc; "Miss Oarrlo Smaller, who
has been the guest of Dr. Rdwards and lam.
Ily, returned to her home In Springfield to
day." The wife of T. 0. Jamrt, the Xenla mer
chant, now at the home of her parents In Yel
low Springs, has filed a cross-petition against
James for divorce, cbafglng blm with adul
tery, extreme cruelly, and other sins aid
The work ot the Salvation Army Is evl
dently growing In power. Meetings were
held almcsl continuously Sunday, Irom the
"knee-drill" at 7 in the morning until late In
the evening and the audiences were Immense.
Thousands of people gathered In the Market
pace In Ihe alternoon aud the ball on Kast
Main was packed nt three. The speaking
was unusually effective. An immense meet
ing was held In the evening.
A young married couple went to
the opera bouse SiUuiday ivenlnp, leaving
two small children alone in the house. These
went to he 1 about the usual time carrying a
coal oil lump, which, child-fashion, for better
security, they took Into bed with Ibem. The
lamp upset and spilled the oil out, but the
(lame was ex'lngulslied beloro It could commu
nicate with the oil and n terrible disaster
thereby aerttd. The (Xpcrlrnce will .ruvc
a valuable one to the y. m. c , however.
There were two runarknble occurrences nt
quarterly meeting in the United Brethren
church, I.igjnda, yesterday. The first was
that Ihe preacher cjnductlng the services be
came so absorbed in them lluit lie was on Ihe
point ol ctoslog without taking up the tiiunl
collection. The next nns that n member of
the congregation callul his nttcntuM ro Ihe
omicston, which wasapeeoily remedied, mak
ing the service crmptete. The lalluro was
the more remarkable us tin ro was a crowded
congregation. '
What is callid Ibo Wesley chapel Sunday
school has been organized north of the city,
and meets in Snow Hill sdiool house at 1:30
Sunday alternoons. Mr. J. D. Gibson U su
perintendent; Mr. Fred Shuire, assistant; Urr.
John H. 1'imlnt. tecretarv: ami Mr. Anrnn
14, IV lid
"48" N B
" 8 E
KO 8
$5 Koon z. treasurer. The action! la mmlne'eil
under the nu pld'sol St. I'aul (M. II.) Church.
Two lots have been purchased on the we.t
side of the St. Purls ike and It is the purpose
of the manager to erect a mission chapel.
Early last evcnl ig two young ladies were
precipitated into a privy vault by the caving
in ol the floor ot the building, at a house on
South Center street. They Bank nearly neck
deep, but weie able to scream to such good
purpose as to alarm people In the dwelling
and others pus lug, so that in a few minutes
they were rescued Irom their very dangerous
position, Ihe e'eape Irom death by sulTocntitn
being n stitTicieutty narrow oue. There was
quite un cxiltiinent in the neighborhood un
til it was learned that the, ladies were Bile.
One resides at Ihe placo where ihe accident
occurred and ihe other was visiting there for
the day, living in another pirt nl the cily.
The decayed condition ot the floor and tim
bers supporting caued it to full.
Fred. Fr.eman, the insane Clark county
conivct-whose term in the penitentiary ex
pired SitltitiUy, was brought here Ihe same
erenlng'by Det.u'y Sheriff Baker, without
any trouble, nod locked In jail until this
morning when he was before Judge Miller,
who brliTon Inquest of lunacy lu his case.
TheVudge lound reasons why the man should
be kept in confinement and makes application
for his admission to the Dayton asylum.
Meantime be will be cared for in la'e keeping
at the county Inliimary asylum. Freeman
had been in fie insane ward at the prison
for three months. The first manifestation ot
the malady made by blm was by a viclou.
attack on tbo guard who released bim Irom
bis cell. Tbo close confinement Is supposed
to have caued the trouble. He is a stranger
Twu Wmlillng. Till. Week.
The marriage ol Miss August t Ramsey
daughter of ex-I'resident lUmsey, ol the Cov
ington School Hoard, and Mr, John MaiQon-
Igal, of the Arcade lljtil, Springfield, Ohio,
will take place Thursday alternoon next la
the presence ot only the Immediate family
and relatives, no cards having been issued.
After the ceremony the bride and groom will
depart lor a two weeks' trip to Philadelphia,
Old Pulnt Comfort, and o'ber places of Inter
est. They will then come to Sprlngfu-ld,
where be will resume bis duties at the Arcade
Hotel. The Iriends that "Mac" has made
during bis sojourn In this city and tbeir
ntme Is legion unite in wishing bim all
imaginable happiness and felicity.
On the same day Dr. J, E. Stu lebaker and
Miss Perrln, living a couple of miles south of
the city, will be united in marriage. Cards
for the ceremory have been out lor a wtek
Ladlua' Missionary Nuclety of the Hecoml
Pi utilitarian G'lsureli.
The anniversary extriises of the I.ad'e.'
Mlisiouary Society ol the Second Presbyterian
church were held Sunday evening. Miss
Ellen W. Uu.hnell, Iho Piesident of the so
ciety, hail chargo ol the meeting, and Miss
Allie Dennett, the Secretary, lead an Interest
ing annual report, which showed the society
to Iw In u prosperous condition.
Mrs. J, i". Tultle recited, lu a very spirited
and really wonderful manner, "The Evan
gelistic lira," and Mrs, Dr. Hurt read an In
teresting and vuluiblu paper.
Mrs, W. lt. I.ltin read the "Ten Year,
Story" or the eoclity, from which It appeared
that In the 1 1 Iste nee of the society, for a
decade, the sum ol four thousand dollars had
been contributed, or lour hundred dollars a
year, half of which has been given to Foreign
and ball to Home mis Ions.
The uiuilo nai lurnlsbed by a quartette
cbolr nnd was very appropriate and excellent.
Tua Death lleoorri.
The wife of Daniel I,elcver,ol near Po'Stim
school bonne, south of the city, died yester
day, alter a long Illness of consumption.
Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 10
o'clock a, m., at the house. Interment at
Emery chapel. Mr. t.clever burled a son last
month, and Is now called upon to mourn the
loss of his companion,
Mrs. Martha Compton died of consumption
at 2 o'clock Sunday alternoon at her home,
No. 33 West Columbia street. Funeral at the
house Wednesday alternoon at 2 o'clock.
Friends are Invited. Deceased was an old
resident, mother of Mr. Eugene Compton and
or Mrs. V. P. Maker.
Eddie, son ol William Henderson, the lum
ber man, died today. Funeral Tuesday at 2
o'clock p. m.
Mr. Caroline K. Williams, widow of the
late Mr. S. II. Williams, formerly Treasurer of
this county, and sister ol the late He v. E. II.
Johnson, of New Carlisle, died nt Deerficld,
Mass., Sunday, April 11th, at the age of 07
years. Her disease was pneumonia, and she
was only ill three days. She had spent the
winter In New York, with her daughter, Mrs.
I.bzte W. Uhampney, and bad gone to Deer
field, with a servant, to get the summer resi
dence ol the Champneys ready for occupa
tion. Mrs. Williams was the mother of Mr.
Orson I). Williams. She was a pioneer Anti
Slavery woman and was a prominent, member
of the Congregational Church, In its early
Mr. John Nathaniel Parsons, a brother of
the late Israel Parsons and ol Mrs. Matmla 0.
Harding nnd Mrs. Sprague, of this city, died
InShelbina, Mo., Saturday, April lllh. He
was born In Fredericklown, Md, July 20,
1801, He Is mentioned in the Shelblna In
d x as one of the most prominent men in
M nt03 county, in Missouri. He was county
tnasurcr for twelve years and bad also been
In the Legislature. He was an uncle of Mr.
John W. Parsons, of this city, ex-treasurer
and treasurer-elect.
Summary of Humlai'a Local News.
A lot ol stolen plug tobacco was lound In
the lolt of Johnson's stable, on Scott street,
by bis son, Saturday. Police were notified
and took posssion.
Jo. Davis, whotc arrest (or arson on order
from Columbus was noted Silurday, was re
leased, the parly at Columbus preferring the
charge reluslng to bear tlieexptnsisof 1) nil's
arrest and transfer to that illy.
George (lillesple escaped Irom the (lulu
gang Siturday evening while on the way
from the work home to the station bouse.
He was walking aprt from the olherF, hav
ing been put upon his honor not to take leg
ball, nnd will bo scarce around here (or
awhile He bad ten diys yet lo serve.
The ladies of Ibo Freewill Baptist church
will give a social at thiir church on Tuesday
evening, April 21. An tntertalnnent will
occupy ihe forepart of the evenlntr, eonslsting
of music and speaking. All are most cor
dially invited.
A i roll call Silurday night Inspector Do d, in
accordance with the orders ot Ihe Mayor, In
structed the ntulit men to watch nil saloons
oa their respective ben's and set Ibat they
were closed at ten o'clock. The result was
that about half-past ten the I.igouda House
bar was found running, and the proprietor,
Mr. Vuigt, was compelbd to put up bull for
bis appearance Monday lor violation of the
ten o'clock ordinance.
Parties Irom the northwestern part of the
county, in town Saturday, repotted that many
squares ol window glass were broken up there
by hail-stones during the storm I'riday night.
The storm was equally ceverciu some pans a'
Champaign county.
Tim Mlnllon.llisssse.
Joseph r-laugliler represents the workef
the patrol wagon lor the last three or four
days. He was brought Irom the West Knd
about 2 o'clrck Saturday afternoon for being
druck. David Fi gi-rnld wa run in on the
same charge in the cniuse of the afternoon.
Davy was not so leartullt drunk as he might
have been, but be, was proving loo gnat a
source of amusement to the small hoys ot
the town. He wore n Cleveland bat with
' Salvation" aioted on It. In red letters, and
on his coat-tall was pinned an American dig
This inxtnre of jxjli lies and religion In his
atiiie proved to he the lauie of Davy's down
fall, as, by means ol lt, he attracted so much
altenlbn as to become a public nuisance, and
was soon landed in the statioo-house. Jennie
Smith, Millie Day and John Mason were ar
rested for toileting around a hou:e of ill
fame. It's a cold Diy when some Smith is
not arrested on some cbntge or other. Lewis
Volght and son were taken Into custody for
violating tbe 10 o'clock ordinance. Kmll
Thisse Is in trouble for keeping his salnen
open on Sunday, Patrick McAul, John
Condren, Cha9. Von Strobe and Nick Ilelfrlch
were arrested yesterday, for disorderly con
duct. Snow Hill Union Ml.aion.
The Snow Hill Union Mission Sunday
School enterprise has been incorporated under
tho laws ol Ohio and a meeting of tbe mem
bers of tbe Society will be held Thursday
evening, in Snow Hill School House, (or the
election ol Trustees, and for action in the
way of sell cling nnd purchasing a lot and
the erection of a chapel. A New England
supper will be given at Mr. Normau Gove's,
at tbo head of Plum street, Friday evening,
to raise funds lor the enterprise. There were
70 persons present at t e session ol tbe school,
Sunday afternoon. Mr. J. T. Tutlle Is Super
intendent, Mr. Frank Fraukenherg Assistant,
and Miss Hunt Secretary.
Thomas J, Ilrown, ot Wavnesville, Ohio,
spent Sunday with A. II. Shoemaker and
family. He was a student of Wittenberg Col
lege, and is now editor of Miami Gazette, of
Waynesville. He spent Saturday with J. W.
and J. K. Shoemaker, visiting college and
other places of interest.
Kdwnrds tho colored lough arrested (or
cutting Ituss in a saloon and bound oterlu
Miyor's court In $500 bonds, his mother fur
plshlng bill, was surrendered by her and re
turned to jail by Ihe police yesterday. Ills
case a ill como before Ihe Grand Jury three
weeks from today.
The outgoing School Board meets tonight
at seven o'clock to close up its business and
adjourn sins Jie. The new board will then
organize for tl e jcar.
residential Stain Ulunera.
Though the new LxecuMre did not Un Ihst ken
ot whlikey will lilsis by an admirer last (all, he la
credited villi the Koxl luts n (olluw the time
heooie 1 custom ( busing tbo sisotl choice liquors
at htalo dinner.. A usl of bouor should certainly
be glvsn Durrr'a Puaa Mlt Wiii.kky, not only
oil sccouDtol Us sbsuluto parity, hut becsuae ol Its
dIus I i. tliaa sii-d vsati I Ijiti sit..t stilt. r9 .. 1
laiuv iu nsv fivivMiivu nsm mis vi I'uouuiijuili
con.usniillou, laslarU, puliuousry dlwsM. and
(overs ol all klud. luctuenl to Ibo Whils llouu
locsllty. It suukc. the weak tlrusig sod keep. Ihe
troagln lb enjoysueutol tbeir .Irenglh. Hold
everywbero) II per bottle.
Ooorge Kelltjr, of Mechanlcsbnrg, Is visit
ing relatives here.
Mrs. E. D. Wbteler, who has been on the
sick list, li getting better.
The surprise on Fred Melrgar was a plesant
affair, the neighbors to the number ol twenty
Ave Informing him that It was his birthday.
G. U. S. ot London, called on Wm. Plerco
Bohemian oats men have been around.
On last Thursday there were big and old,
little and young, to the number of fifty, of
relatives and neighbors, called on Mrs. H.
Ke'ley, and Informed ber that she was slxiy
ono years old. She look it all In a good hu
mor. The oldest person present was 73 years,
which was her sister. There were present
three brothersthe youngest B3 years old.
The average age of brothers and sisters pres
ent was 01 yeats. Rev. A. Hamilton, of
Yellow Springs, reada part of the one hundred
and third and one hundred and first Psalms,
and nlso offered prayer and made some very
interesting remarks. J. W. Dudley, a brother
of the (abject, alio spoke of this being tho
first gathering ol the family, which brought
back thoughts of dayi that had gone by, of
the old homestead and how they dwelled In
unity. P. P. Dudley also spoke of the days,
near filty years ago, when fireplaces were tn
lashion and on winter nights, with the sister
and other) ot the family, they would gather
around the Ire and shell a grist of corn for
the mill and listen to the cracking ol the
file and looked forward to the time when
they would be men and women.
But In looking back It was
but yesterday those things took place. Alter
singing "Blest be the tie that binds our hearts
in Christian love," they took the parting
hand, saying It was a day well spent, and the
eatables could not be surpassed In quality or
Mat, Stewart was elected In Peacock dlf
trlct to fill H. Johnson's place as constable.
The honorable body of school directors of
Possum have ben trying to elect a district
clerk. On the first ballot there was no elec
tion, so it has been at every meeting. One is
not Inclined to vote for any one, and the oth
ers feel delicate In voting for themselves. No
election up to Saturday. School board meets
next Monday nnd will make provi-ion lor
thee vacancies.
"Ituncb of Keys" nt the Grand tonight will
attract a large audience, the box-sheet show
ing a lihcinl number ol re erved seats.
"Colleen Biwu" drew an audience ilia
filled nearly every seat at Black's last Satur
day night. The play will be lepeated by
Bpcdal request Ibis eveolng.
The prices of admission to ' Oidy n
Woman's Heart,' which is lo be presented at
the Grand tomorrow evening, will be only
&0, .15 and 20 cents. The Philadelphia In
quirer says: "Only a Woman's Heat I" was
pro lined last evening belore a large an I
well p'eased audience. The ilay is a combi
nation of emotional drama and rollicking
comedy. The plot is simple but ell dive,
leading up to strong and exciting situations
Mr. Newton Beers as Roger, "a cltiz-n ol the
world," was heroic and humorous, lull ol Hie
and "verve," and greatly pleased his audience
The play Is amusing and thrilling, and one
can spend a pleasant evening with it. Mr.
Beers was repeatedly callej before the cir
taln. Miss Manzio, who made a charming
llattie Salsbury, and tbe rest ol the company
was up to the average excellence.
Oliver Doud Byron is billed to appear at
tbe Grand next Thursday evening in his fa
movs comedy drama "Across the Continent."
The Bushnell Guard, Co. A, Ninth IU
tullon, O. N. G , will celebrate tbe sixteenth
anniversary ol their organization tomorrow,
April, 21. The company will parade in tbe
afternoon, leaving tbeir armory at two
o'clt ck and will be accomp inled by the Martin
Guard, Co. C, of Xenla, special guests for the
day and evening. In tbe evening there will
be an exhibition drill, participated In by both
commands, at tbe Alpine rink, South Center
street, followed by supper and festival. II.
P. (ieorgp, of this city, the ex-policeman, Is
the present commander and instructor ol the
Xenia company, which 1 as made rapid ad
vancement since Its organization last year.
Tbe Busbnells are now one ol the oldest mili
tary organic itioas in the Stale, and stand
high at headquarters.
The 24-incb water main on West Pleasant
street, near the railroad bridge, broke nrar or
in tbe valve connection aoout nine o'clock
last night, causing a young Hood for a time,
the water pouring down tbe P., C. & St. I,,
railroad track like a mountain freshet, reduc
ing tbe pressure to forty pounds. Chief
Simpson was finally reached and took steps
resulting in tbe pressure being taken off until
tbe section affected conld be cut out. The
accident is supposed to have been caused by a
delect in tbe valve, for which an order for re
pairs will have to be sent abroad. No par
ticular damage was done, but it is lortunate
no fire broke out before tbe break was discov
ered and remedied.
Mr. James Kirk, of tbe Arcade, has re
turned from Akron, and will remain bore un
til the return of air. HcQonlgal. After that
time, which will be about tbe 16th of May,
be will be found at Akron, where he and a Mr.
Case, of Warren, Ohio, have taken tbe Hotel
Windsor. Mr. Kirk has had a long experience
In the hotel business and made a multitude
ot friends among tbe traveling public. Mr.
Case is also highly spoken ot by all who know
biro, eo that, altogether, the Hotel Windsor
opens with the brightest prospects. Tbe only
drawback which Kirk's friend's will see Is
that It takes blm away from Springfield.
A social ot tbe Women's Relief Corps No.
32, will be held at the resldtnce ol Wm. II.
Grant, Nu. Ml North Plum street, Tuesday
evening, April 21, Members ot Mitchell 1'cst
and Sons of Yetarans, with their wives and
sweetheaits, are cordially invited. Admit
tance 10c, which includes supper.
Siiulre W. A. Stout bung out bis oflklnl
shingle at tbe Huffman building; on Main
street today. His sole rule ol order, outside
tbe regular forms, is ibat tbe boys must "spit
around," Kx-0, 0. 0. members will catch on.
Dr. W. 0. Bryant, ot this city, is firmly ot
the opinion that General Oiant bas cancer of
tbe tbroat, but that be may be cured.
U. S. Deputy Marshal Ilowman, sided by a
posse, arrested forty Illicit distillers In tbe
mountains ot Tennessee.
Charles Poster was killed by John Webb,
r., In a quarral over a came o( pool at Mt.
Vernon, 0.
(Superior Excellence.
The reason's for PmtUN A's superior ex.
cellence In nil diseases, nnd Its modui ot.
tramli, nro fully explained In Dr. Hart,
man's lecture, reported In Ins book on tbo
"Ills of Life nnd How to Cure Them,"
from page I to page lo though the whole
book should bo read nnd studied to get the
lull valuo of this far exctlltnl remedy.
These boukt can be I tad at all the drua
stores gratis. "
W. ft. Wlllhmi, U. S. Pension Agent
and Notary Public, New Vienna, CllSton
County, Ohio, writes : I take great
Pleasure In testifying to your medicines.
I have used about one bottle and a half,
arid can say I am almost u new man.
Have had the catarrh about twenty years.
Before I knew what It was, had settled on
the lungs and breast, but can now say I am
almost well. Was in the army; could get
no medicine there that would relieve me."
Col, E. I'lnger, Ashland, Ohio, writes:
' I am happy to sav I have used several
bottles of your medicine called Pehuna,
and my health has been greatly improved
by It. I cheerfully recommend Peruna,
to nil who Buffer with heart trouble, as
belnp; an invaluable medicine."
Rev. J. M. Ingllng, Altamont, III.,
writes! " My father-in-law, who resides
with me has been using your PBRUNA
for kidney disease, which has afflicted him
for forty years and could get no relief un
til he saw your medicine. I induced him
to try a bottle, which he did, and the one
bottle of Perck nnd one bottle of Mak
aun has given him more relief than alt
the other medicines he ever used."
Mr. Robert Grimes, Rcndville, Ohio,
writes: " My wife has been an intense
sufferer from chronic catarrh, and after
every other remedy had failed ahe com
menced to use your Peruxa. and Mana
LIK. They have helped my dear wife
more than anything she has 'ever used.
She has now taken two bottles, and Is so
much better that she will never quit Its
use until she Is entirely well. It has won
derfully Improved her sight. We think
Peiiuna and ManalIM will cure any
R. Palmer, Pastor of the A M. E.
Church, No. 192 Canal Street, Wilkcs
barre Luzerne Co , Pa., writes : " Hav
ing used ,v our Prruna, and by experience
became acquainted with its value, I -write
liking j on to please send me fnc bottles
of Pebuna and one of Manalin by ex
press and ohluo, ynur humble servant."
Cook Brot., Propect, Marion County,
Ohio, writes: " We have a i;ood trade c.i
I'gROWA. pit rmtoivura micak wel if Ir.
Ininionso quantities of woods nro an
nually sent ftoin India to n;l:iml, to
bo iiniiufiicjttiicil Into furniture. Ono
of tho must hifjliU allied of tho-ic,
and unhoi -silly tii-cl, is thu toon wood,
which is lifjlit, soft mill rod, li.ivlng no
liu.utuooil; it not eaten by tints, and
U .ul.iploet not 011H for fiiinitiiic. but
fur iluor jmiiuN .mil ctmlng. Clileku
i.isi or cliiuKi.issi wood is iiuuthur soil
ot lC!,lt llllllHtli.il MllllC. Il is 11 I.ITLTO
tree, witi buk of reddish blown mid
deeply ei.iekeil, tbu lio.u twooil haul,
nijiti limn ycillouMi to reddish
bioun, uitli :i liL'iutifiil s tin luster,
sc'isoiis :iml ucihS well, mid is era
plojeil for fiiinitiiio anil ciiviu. Na
je.isul Wood litis ilalk led hc.ittWood,
oxtiemeh li.uil; it is tlii'il for building,
forbiiiles.ttn-stoc'ksuml tool-linuillus,
but its 1110-1 enoi.il tiso is ptovunteit
li) its Hie.it ii.uilnuso, weight, anil tho
consequent ilillieiilty of noiking it.
K indel) wood is light red, .shining,
ciuss-gtniiied nnd moderately hard.
A now patent roller for tho roller
skntu consists of eleven hinnll rollers
inclosed in a bushing, and nil made
from c.iso-haiileiied steel. Hy this
simple dovicu fiiction Is almost entire
ly overcome, nml tho skti'o is said to
run far easier than with tho ordinary
Why I l'eiiln Oiiiumlt Hulelile?
Generally because they are disponden .
They arc despondent tciuse their t eahh I. as
run down by reason ol djspepsie, debility, or
malarial fever. No man in good he tills wan'.
tn commit suicide A heilthy man cau face
his Iriubles nnd overtonic Ihcm. Drown'
Iron Hitlers em iches ihe blond and tones up
tbe system fo that visor and bravery take Ihp
plice ol dthilit and (owhr'ice. Invnriabli
cures dyrp p-ii, Imlliris'lnn, winknis", etc.
Tho Saloon Kecers' As o union ol Cinclr
nall, compo ed of parli-ii Democrats, at a
hue melting pused leio'u'ion denouncing
Ihe coniinltleo nl iln Proactive Assncla'i in
for rtfu'lng lo (ii-rjieriitc wills the Democrats
lo defint the Itipnb'tuin lleket.
It 1 singular lion lapiilly nqw travel?.
Mrs. Willis V. Trim", ol Pitbliurg, I'a, wai
piven up to die bj lur phjaitlan. Her form
was nutnl nun) and In r np itito completely
gone. Nulhlrg In tin vorld teemed able t'i
ieal with ttai iljspepsia nl ttrp. As a la't
lesirt, MUhler'9 Herb Hi tie s was sngjised.
Almost without hore, the li et dos was ad
ministered, but t lie ill'. ct "its almost Instai-
taueous. To make u of story short, i rr.
Travis wa comp'ctelj lined.
Ayir's Cathartic Pills ate salted to every
agp. Uelng sugnr-ccated, they are easy to
take, and .hoiijr.h mild nnd (lia'ant in action,
are thorough and searching in effect. Their
efficacy in all disorders of tho stomach and
bowels la certified to by eminent physicians,
prominent clergymen, nnd many ol our best
Panning Her lloj's Clothes for Med
icine. A poor woman in Wales, whose biy
had been very 111 lor several jrars, had ex
pended all ol her means to pay for medicine.
At last tho doctors gave him up and said he
must die. He suffered so terribly with rheu
matism that he could not be moved. One day
some one told her about the Mount Lebanon
Shakers. Tho evidence of tbe curative pow
ers of their Extracts ot Roots was so convinc
ing tli ft she pawned the .poor boy's clothing
to buy a bottle ol the remedy (Siegcls
Syrup), bufnow she feels proud that she did
so, lor it vina the means of curing her son.
The blinkers ea that this was tbe result ol
Indigestion, and'that Iho medicine cured Ihe
dyspep3la, and that the rheumatism was only
a sympton ot the real disease. For coughs
the Shaker Tar Capsules nre strongly recom
mended. l'roinpt relief lu bkk lien Indie, dizziness,
nausea, constipation, pnln in the side, etc.,
guai inteed to those using Carter's Little Liver
I'llls. One pill il do'e. l!5c.
The Homeliest 3tnli iss hprlliBllelcl,
As well as the handsomest, and others, are
Invited to call on Dr. T. J. Casper, druggist,
and get free a trial bottle ol Kemp's Balsam,
(or tho throat and lung", a remedy that is sell
ing entinly upon Its merits, and is guaran
teed to cure ami relieve all Chronlo and Acute
Coughs, Asthma,- llronchilis nnd Consump
tion. Price DO cents and $1.00.
The removal ol Prof. Sanborn of N. II.,
alter being pronounced incurable by a icore
of ulnilcluns. Irom I.us Vegas, N. M., to bla
home, was ellected by administering Dr. Har
ter's Iron Tonic, which bas restored blm to
bis former good health.
A llii.liiisiil's Uruuteat Blessing
Is a strong, healtblul, rigorous wife with a
clear, haudsomo complexion. These can all
be acquired by using Dr. Darter's Iron Tonic.
The Uunloik l'.nnt ts ono of the best diu
retics or kidney regulators In tbe vegetable
world, and the compound known as Hurdock
lllood Hitters Is uiiiurpiissed In all diseases ol
the kidneys, liver and blood.
Have used Dr.
Thomas's Kclectrle Oil for
and declare It a positive
croup and colds
cure uonirmutia ny milium ivay, diu
Plymouth avenue, Uullalo, N. Y.
black:bro. a co.
An elegant line of Spring tnd Summer Dress Gsods,
New Styles. New Designs, tnd New Material. Our Im
ported Dress Goods are realy beautiful, the styles this
season are richer and handsomer than ever.
A Genuine Bargain in Black Silks. Ws will offer this
week French Imported Gross Grain Dross Silks from 62 1-2
per yard. This is the greatest bargains sver offered In
Black Silks. Now is the time ts buy a rich Black Silk
Dress for less than.what they usually cast at whslssale.
Is now complete with the latest and most desirable Mourn
ing Goods. In this department will bs fsund many new
and ricn materials.
New Trimmings and Buttons to Match all the New
Dress Fabrics.
R.e apootfullyy
The alioie cut Is a (ao simile engraving Irons a
snansMp by
i:.tnbllshed 1HHO. The "Use Line" to a Good Paying Position.
We snake a hiwcUUv o( preparing persons of both Mies for every kind of Short-band and Type
Writer work. I'eniuan.hlp KllEK wiih bhort-hand. No gradaste out ot employment, and almost
every hhort hind writer lo tills city I. an tinder-graduate Irom this school Send for new Illus
trated tlicular and I atalogue of 300 HTUUKNTS, also cont In. person. 1 endorsements from promt
noist nnd leadlin business men ot thla city, together with testlmeulals from students employed by
thesu. Open Way aisd Kvenlug-.
F. W. WIIXISS, Principal,
.loliiiHon Block, West Main Street.
Perfect lousdnesa ot body and mind is
possible only with iuie blood. Leading
medical authorities ot all civilized countries
endorse Ayer's SarsaparilU as the best blood
jmrlljInK mtdiclne In dislence. It vastly
inueisea tbe working and productive powers
o both band and brain.
CUItKS flt 1'ILK.S.
Piles nre frequently preceded by a sense ot
weight in the back, loins and lower part ol
tbe abdomen, cauaing tbe patient to suppose
be has some eSectlon ot tbe kidneys or
neighboring organs. At timed, symptoms ol
Indigestion are present, flatulency, uneasiness
ol tbe stomach, etc. A moisture, like per
spiration, prqduclng a very disagreeable Itch
ing, alter getting warm, is a common at
tendant. Blind, Bleeding and Itcbiog Piles
yield at once to the application ot Dr.
Bosanko's Pile Remedy, which acts directly
upon the parts aiTectcd, absorbing the
Tumors, ullaylng the intense Itching, and
effecting a permanent cure. Price BO cents.
Sold by Ad. Bakhaus & Co.
Voung Meul Head This.
The Voltaic Belt Co., of Marshall, Mich.,
oiler to Bend their cilebrated Electro-Voltaic
Belt and other Electric Appliances on trial
for thirty dajs, to men (young or old) afflicted
with nervous debility, loss ol vitality and
manhood, and nil kindred troubles. Also for
rheumatism, neuralgia, paralysis, and many
other diseases. Complete restoration to
health, vigor and manhood guaranteed. No
risk Is Incurred as thirty days trial Is al
lowed. Write them at once for Illustrated
pamphlet free.
While money is close, wages and prices
low, expenses should bo cut down in every
household. Kionomy the watchword lor
Mothers, head off Doctor, bills, by always
keeping in the bouse a bottle ot Dr. Ilosanko'i
Cough and Luug rlyrup. Stops a Cough In
stantly, relieves Consumption, cures Grcnp
andpuln In the Chest In one night. It is just
the remedy fur bard times. 1'rlco DOc. and
$1. Samples lice. Sold by Ad. Bakaus & Co.
Pen and lak specimen of Short-bin I and Pen
F. W. Wllllss.
PiWee. Me. aser kettle. Introduced In ISH by
I J re. Marstea Allen, A painless, sar. and
speedy cure for Kheuniatlsm, Neuralgia, Old Sores.
Burns, Sprains. Scalds, Cuts, Bnstses.Bwelllngs and
all other bodily pains. Fanners and ownsrs of
stock reoommendlt as the best known remedy for
cure of Shoulder Htralns, Cracked Heels, Scratches,
Chsfes or Oalla, Sprains, Corks, Film In the Eye,
str esMfrai leellssMene.
CIIA9. fl. ALXBN.Jr.vBole Prop. andMann
lecture r.Offlee, Na. S W. fttkBt.. Cincinnati, O.
SMrirer ease r sail uris
aflK i4K SfffffflVH'
l"f Y, FINEST 00O33
k "& f ociwl All Linen, soth
4?'4 linings Ah0 Exteriors.
M Jt Ask for them.
2SL1 1 1
J. WOLFF. Art. Bprlnsrfleld.
ejMlns Hr.mtars,Dj.N.rT.DbilJu.Lis
suskood, A. .hsvlBf IsiMl In vain every .esowa
b e B3 Hj i isr aa.
Olavalsttsd , Columbus, Cincinnati ssml Ia
dlanapolls Badlsmjr.
BotwMa tka
fbroaih can, with eannectleaa In Cnlaa Dnfi.
Only direct line via Cleveland, BuDate ana Jtl
acra Falls to Mew York and Hew England.
llrtct connections (or all Southern, Bootliwast
ra and Western points, either by way olClada
natl, Indianapolis or St. Louts, rut Tlmo, Msw
Equipment, and running through th. mast swpa
lar part ol tba country; possessing Ivery appli
ance r speed and comfort known to b wiilua
abla. The Heat Boad-Hed an the Bafest Read la
th West. Tickets by this papular rouU lor sal
at all regular ticket offlow.
4. J. BMITIi, Ueneral Patmger Anat.
C. C. C. ft I. RAILWAY.
TMlas UTS Ootag lilt.
(spring., Del. A Col. Aoeom 1S.09 a m
tt. Y.4 Boston Kzpnaa 11:35a na
Night Kapreaa,....,..,.... 13:96 a m
Ulneln-.'istl AN, Y.Fast Une-.. 8:25pna
Ulevelau I east Line. SMpia
Tnli vs tslif Bsitb.
Midnight Express .,...... 3:40 a m
Bprlngfleld Acoorrs. . 6:40 a m
BDrlnafleld A Cincinnati Kx Dress... DJOai
(Jin, 4 Indianapolis Express lliasstm
Cincinnati Kast Line 1:45 p aa
Dayton, Cln. , A Ht. L. Ex.. ...... ..... 8:60 pm
Bonthem Expreas 6:40 p in
8pTd. A Cln. Aooom, Hunday only. 7116 am
Iritis Arrlf I Tnn Coitk.
Midnight Express U-lHaaa
M. Y. A lloaton Express ...... . U:l wa
Cln. A Delaware Expreaa . 10;06r m
CJsvsland Fast Llne........ .. irHptn
Bprlngfleld Aoeom. tiKpn
Bjyfd. A Cln. Aoeom., uanday only. TMsas
Cln. A N. Y. Fast Llus . :35 p a
Trtlas Arrlf s rnm But.
Might Express....
Delaware. Hn'M. A
3:80 ana
8:30 a aa
1:46 Dm
Delaware, sp'td. A Cln. Kxpreaa ...
Cincinnati FaatLlne..
Southern Expreas. 6:45 pm
ixiiumoiu, ieiswsro an i rpriDgoeia AO. :oup
flsese trains aie the ouly ones running on
Train slaving at 11 33 a. m. baa throngh
sleeping car to lIcMtou without change.
Tbe train leaving at 8.85 baa parlor oar to
Cleveland, connecting with tne tnrougk
deeper to New York and Boston.
All trains run uy Central standard Tims
which Is 26 minutes slower siian Springfield time.
Ulo. il. Kniuiit,
Ticket Agent, Arcade Hotel.
I u.il3 , each way,
Elegant New Style
Wooclriiir Sleepers,
And Combination Sleeping and Re
clining Chair Cars on
Night Trains
Ami I lejsnt Modem Coaches on Day Tralas.
Steul Hails, Miller Platforms and
("ouulers, Air llrakes and all
Modern Improvements.
Shortest snj Most ISesirable Uoute Be
(ween tlie Kast and West. Tbrongh
Tickets uiitl lluKKuaje Checks
loull Prtuiipitl t'oluta.
Particular advantage, ottered to Western Eml-
grinu. Land ana lourlst tickets to all points
reached by Any Hue.
t'ssMsigertraio. leave Hprlngtield,0 ,from Unloa
D;pot a. follow..
Uolug tut. Into a. m , 10 06 a. in., 6:40 a. m.
Uolng We.t, l:l)s. lu., 1 1.-4 a in., S.aip m.
Going North, 4J a. lu , J 1 .4t a. su.,
Molni Sou Hi, o. s. n. U., lu-30 a. us., 6:35 p. m.
Train, arrive:
From but, 1.30a sil.,5 15 p. m , II Ms. m.
h roui H est, I i. 1A a. m., u o a. in., 5 05 p. us.
From North, li JU .i. m., J 00 p lis.
From Mouth !l.6o a. su , 4:30 p. sn.
U. 12. Meiidur.ois, U. M. Ilronaon,
I leu'l Manager. Oesi'l Ticket Agt.
U. II. ItOCIIt.. Ageut, Stirinjllld.O.
Ohio Soisslierii llhlisson.
Trains Arrlte Irons Jackson and.Waihlngton C. H.
Bpnugi'id tt. &.
irime. Tims,
No. 1 (except Siindiy)..
No. 3(exte, tfumU! .
... 5:15 p. so.1
...10,10 a. in.
4:30 p. m
9.M) km
Tralas Dip art for lickua and Wsshlagtaa C P.
bprlngl'ld It. K.
lime. Time.
No. 2 (except "unday) 11 15a.sn. lOIOa.iu.
No. 4 (except tuuday) a 55p.sii. 5.ifip.m
Tralas La stoma tail
B. tt.
10-0'j ... m,
4 49 p. m,
I J 00 .a. m,
12.28 p. m,
1 4 a. m
1 line.
No. 4, N. Y. 1. mlte.l Kx ..10-3b a. in.
No 8, ew osk LxireMi .. 5.19 p. m.
No. li, AtiasiUe bxi.ress ..10 Jl a, m.
Tra si lesvs going West,
a 1,' In. and Wcst'u Fx 12 S3 p. in.
No. 3, TaiiHe hxirt. 24 a. m.
No. S, St. 1. 1.1 in lie. I ti... a 5J p. ui.
The train, aro the only ones runnlna; on San
day, rree hack to train, one hour before time of de-
Jarture. J. U. 1'ulkokk, 'llckel Agt ; offlce HU
amea Uotel.
P., C. & St. L. Railway.
L. V. Division Springfield Branch.
No. 1. , No. II. No. 7. No. &
Departl g. Fast Iocil Western Limited
l.lne. iRxprces Express Expro...
LvSnrlngf'ld t' """" t'0 1""' '5pm "a 36pm
Lv.y. Spr'gs 7.2Gani ll.Wani 4 41pm U02pm
Ar. Xenla .. 7 O'aiis ll.TOain 5.10pm 9.30pm
Ar. Dayton . 8 llasu lilUpm 6 ICipm
Ar. Column's 1 Oam .. I 7 10pm 11.20pm
Ar.ClncIn . . Hi.'JO.uu i 15hii T.fipiu
Ar. Loul.t'ie 7.50, m 7.5Upni 1 (Warn
No. 9, bastern Express, leaves bprlngQtld 8.40
a. m.; Yellow bpriugs 9 01 a, su. Arrive Xenla
930a. m.; Colunibns It. 10a in.
No ti.
No. U No 8.
lcal Day
s x res. jUxpres.
No. 1.
I xprt.B
Lv. Idul.vMe
l.v, CID..
l.v, o! u tub's
til 0 am
s I aui
7 2isu 2f0pra
2.3lliiii 7,l5im
3 1(1.. in
l.v, liaylon
Lv. Xenla.
4 llpnij t8.5upill
,IVliil l('ifilli
OIIOpiu I .3IW1I
G 25puil lli55iai
3 30piu
9 liiani
10 li'.ain
10 Suam
Ar. Y. So r'gs
Ar. Bp'gnu,
No. 10, Local Accommodation, leave. Xenla 5 30
a, in. Arrhe Yellow bprlngs 0.15 a. m.; Sprtng
Beld 7.00 a. lu.
tally. tDally except Sunday,
Train No 1 make. Immediate connections at
Xenla for Washington C, 11., Clillllcothe, Cincin
nati and Columbus. No. 9 1. the ra.t hasten
lUpreas, snaking Immediate connection, at Xenla
for 1'IIUburg, Harrisburg, Washington. Baltimore.
Fhlladelphla, New York, lloston, all Eastern aad
New fcngland point.. Also through car service for
Cleveland. No. 11 makes dlect con
nection, at Xenla for Cincinnati, Louis
ville end points Houth; through train, for Rich
mond, Indianapolis, Ht. Lout, and points West.
No. 6 Is the famous Limited Express and nsakee
direct connection, at Xenla for Columbus, Pitts
burg. Harrisburg, lhsltlmore, Washington, Phila
delphia, New York, lloston, all Kastsrn and New
England point., also Immediate connection for
Cleveland, lluttalo, Niagara tails, Albany and
Syracuse, N, Y', No. 7, last Line. Western and
Bouthern Express, making Immediate toanectloas
at Xenlafor Cincinnati, Louisville, Chattanooga,
Nashville, Mtsitphls, and New Orleans, and
for xtlchinossd, Chicago, and points
In the North and Northwest; Indlanapolfa, BL
tout., Kanu.Cily and point, la the west aad
Southwest. All train, run on Central time,
which 1.25 minute, .lower lhais cttv time. Tick
ets wld ana baigags checked to all points la the
Untied Hlates, and reliable Information, can tie
obtained at the olllce of the Urns-
Jiany'a Agent, this city. Particular In
ormatlou as to time of train eoanee
tlons, rates, etc., cheerfully furnished.
Call on J. M.HINhH,Clt Ticket Agent.
JAH.McCUt.A. Manager.
G. A. Foitu, Oenoial Passenger Agent.

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