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Dally Edition.
April 24, itM
t .10 a. iu,
10-tO a. til
2M0p. m
M p. ui ,.... ,.
I1H0 p. m
" Light rain
II. r
iitii'i traiur, Cl l'muparature . aMbiei
attain 1184, 62s above. Temperature of oinv
date In , a' above. Temperature of lame
aii in ta ', 4" atiote xero.
Amount of relntall, 0.04 ol in Inch.
Mr. F. VoIrI, ol Cincinnati, waa In town
Mrs. H. A. Uotvmna nnd Mlaa !aura How
man went to Cincinnati, tbia morning.
Mr. Albert C. Krcy arrived In town last
night, from Colorado. He makes but a abort
itajr, Intending to Hart back on Tuetday.
Capt. Robt. llarriion li receiving tbe con
gratulation! ot hia Iriends today, the apeclal
occasion being tbe arrival of a very 101811 boy
at bia house.
At the meeting ef the Athletic Association
Tburiday evening, lour new members were
elected and two more applications received
and bulletined.
Grand Master Charlca Young, of the t. 0
O. P., arrived here Thursday evening and
pent yesterday with the lodge men. He
Tisitcd Kpbriam lodge last night.
llurkholder I'oat No. 115, at Yellow
Spring, held a social and supper Thursday
night. Over $ to was realized. The success
of the supper was largely due to Comrades
Womas nnd Howe.
Mariiikii Uii Wednesday evening, the
22d Inst., Ht tho residence of the bride's pa
rents, ou Chestnut avenue, by Kev. D. W.
Smith, Mr. William F. Payne to Miss Hattle
B. Rhoclcrick, both of tbla city.
There wPl be a meeting of mothers and
persons Interested in Kindergarten work, at
Central Itlnk, Center street, Tuesday after
noon next, April 2S, at three o'clock. Some
explanation ot tho system will be given.
Mr. Hannibal 0. Hamlin bought a fine pair
of horses, of Kenturky stock, bays, and they
arrived Friday, but since they enmo hero they
have been taken sick and are not likely to
live. Mr. Hamlin b a bought, also, an im
ported Shetland ponv, that is a fine animal,
and cm trot a mile in four minutes.
It is probable a new Union school bailding
will be erected at Tremont City, this season.
A p'opoaliion has been made from Champaign
county for a joint sub- listrict Uking in por
tions of Mad Hirer aad German townthip.
The proposition is not very favorably re
ceived among Clark county people interested.
Yesterday morning, about 9 o'clock, a man
named 1'ainck Malloy, an employe in tbe I..
B. k W. It, R. yards, got bis right arm can jh'
between tbe bumpers ot two cars, braising
and cutting it jnat below the elbow, and
breaking one small bone. He went to Dr.
Ris:ell and Mcljiughlin'a office to receive
surgical attendance No serious re ults are
Djctor and Mrs. W. O. Bryant gave a pro
gressive euchre party Thursday evening, en
tertaining in a most hospitable manner Miss
Jessie Brotvi, of Urbana, and Misses Stella
Relcl, Anna Hall, Julia Hazzartl, Mary and
Fannie Moore, Nclllo Hart and Fanny Bryant,
and Mesrs. Hedges, H-tzzard, Grillith, Right
myer. Rockel, White, Dr. Henry Baldwin and
Or. Kennan.
Yeiterday morning, before 'Squire Rlght
myer, the suitof Anthony Vincent against
August Gcbauer was decided in favor of
plaintiU. Several weeks since Vincent was
or fined lor some time in the station houte,
during which lime his wife sold a horse to
Qebauer and eloped with another man. By
tbe Buit, this morning, Vincent recovered from
Oebauer tbe price of the horse, $83.
The convenience and utility ol the district
telegraph was well exemplified at Dayton
this week. A burglar, by the noise be made
In the cellar ol J. P. Daniel's store, awoke
the clerk, who sent in a call by means of the
telegraph, and in less than two minutes after
the call was sent two officers were on tbe
spot and captured the burglar. The business
men of Springfield can well afford to spend
fifty cents a month for the extra protection
the telegraph affords to tbelr property, to say
nothing ot the convenience attending its use.
About twenty from Spriogfield attended
tbe opening of tbe Xenia skating rink last
night. Amongst the number we noticed
Misses Thompson, Mamie Rubsam, Mattie
Huffman, Minnie Lewis, Mis. Chas. Wood
and Mrs. Stevenson, and Messrp. Chas. Wood,
Kd Harrod, J. A. McCarty, Walter Gibson,
F. Wiggins, Harry I'rotzman, Chas. Sbepard,
George Hodgrs and Mr. Leutv. Tbe opinion
of all who were present seer:s to bo that the
opening was a grand success. Some 800 or
900 people were in attendance from Xenia,
Daytan, Springfield aad neighboring cities.
Thero was a crowded bouse at I. O. 0. F.
hall Jast evening, tbe regular meeting night
of Ephralm lodge, greeting the Grand Master
who was present as a special guest. The
"team" ol Kpbralm lodge worked one decree,
to show their proficiency, alter which tie
Grand Master delivered a fifteen minutes' ad
dress, giving Instruction in tbe unwritten
work, and commending that just witnessed.
Tbe evening closed with a substantial supper
In the banquet ball over the lodge room.
The Odd Fellows of this city are an active,
enterprising and growing body, outnumber
ing, numerically, any other ot the secret
The Sdvation Army bad a holiness meet
lug at the ball (101 East Main) last night
The attendance was very large, as usual.
About 300 Chrlstiau people were present.
Twenty-one persons '-seeking holiness" went
lorwarJ, Captain Ella Demeiitt and the
Hallelujah Midget" will bold a farewell ser
vice at tbe hall tomorrow (Sunday) evening.
Miss Demeritt Is to go to Ravenna and the
"Midget" to Xenia. There will be meetings
in the Market space tonight at half-past seven
and lotmrrow at 2:30. At 7 in the morning
there will be a "Hallelujah brekfst" (with
spiritual food onlj) at the ball. At 11 there
will be a consecration meeting at the hall.
At 3 ihere will be a jubilee salvation meeting
at the same place and a general meeting at 8
o'clock In the evening.
ism mod
"ii 8 w"
,! w
70" w
58" N W
82 N K
Movttsrr ikOTKK.
Mrs. Gustavus 0. Matthews and daughter,
of Chicago, are visiting Mrs. Wm. C. Frt, of
East High street.
Dr. John Ilucklnghtm spent several days
of the past week In Cincinnati.
Mrs. Janvier has left for Philadelphia lo
Join her husband, where they expect to make
their future borne.
Mrs. Charles 0, Rowley entertained tbe
progtcsslve euchre club last week In her
charming now home on Ktit High.
Miss McCreigbt, ntlcr a vlilt of several
months with her aunt, Mrs. Annn Blount, has
gone to her home In Harper's Ferty,
Master Loy Kiston and his sister spent
Sunday at the Arcade and lelt fur New York
Mm. Frank Bookwatter is expected home
from tho South the first of tho week.
Misi Sadie Avery, of Mansfield, 0., spent
last Sunday with Mrs. Will Murphy, of East
High street.
Mis, Geo. Warder, of Philadelphia, Is visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Warder.
Mr. Ralph Bartholomew spent Sunday In
The wedding of Mr. John Webb and Miss
Glenna Coleman is announced lor Wednes
day. Miss Bowman, of the North Side, has re
turned from an extended Southern tour.
Dr. Dimond spent pirt of last week in
Miss Susie Ballard has returned to her
homo on East High street.
Mr. Higglns, of Brooklyn, Is visiting bis
cousin,Miss Kcyeer, ot Ill's North Side.
Misses Annie nnd Nellie Baldwin spent
several days in Cincinnati last week.
Mr. Will Bowman has left for the West
where he expects to locale.
Miss Mzzie Miller, of East High street,
gave a delightful party last week.
Mr. Harvey Anderson spent Sunday with
Mr. Will Foos.
Mrs. Plaistcd nnd Miss Anna Steele have
returned from the South, where they ercnt a
mrst delightful winter.
Mrs. James Dicui has retu-nei from Balti
more, where alio has been visiting her parents.
Mr. A. T. Bycrs has been quite 111 for the
past week of congestive chills.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McGrew spent Tuesday
In Cincinnati.
Miss Bunnell, of East High street, is visit
ing relatives in Indianapolis.
General Kcifer was expected hnme from
New York last night.
Mr. and Mrs. I,. M. Potter entertained a lew
friends at cards Wcdneiday evening.
Mr. George Bacon, of Philadelphia, is in
the city.
Mr. Clif. Worton spent Sunday at tho Ar
cade. Miss Anna Foos bai ro'urned from Loulr
ville, Ky.
Mrs. William Murphy spent Tuesday in
Mr. Charles E. Winters was in Cincinnati
this week.
Action In Civil liaaea in Common Fleas.
Entries in following cases have been placed
upon the minutes of proceedings in Common
Pleas Court since last report:
Thomas Dugan vs 0. S. Kelly et al (base
ball case). Dismissal set aside and ca!e re
stored to the calendar. Leave given defend
ants to file cross petition.
Ann Kelly vs Dennis Kelly, alimony. Al
lowance of $330 and ordefMo sell property if
not paid in specified time.
Thomas M. OITutt vs Whiteley, Farsler k
Kelly. Plalntllf's motion for new trial over
ruled. Joseph M. Waddle vs John II. Patton. In
junction made perpetual.
Adam Bright and John Simmons vs J, L.
Dille and others, bale confirmed.
Elizabeth Jackson vs Elward II. Jackson.
Decree of divorce on ground of willful absence
and restoration of plaintiff to maiden name,
Elizabeth Ddbutt.
William S. Thompson va R. II. Jollcy and
others. Sale confirmed.
Same vs James Basey et al. Same entry.
First Universalis! church vs Emeliue
Pierce. Defendant'a demurrer overruled.
Plaintiff continues to hold property in ques
tion. State vs James F. Flowers, assault and bat
tery. Amount of recognizance forfeited re
duced to $100, which being paid by sureties,
they are released from all obligation.
State vs Thomas Chapman. Motion for
new trial overruled and exceptions taken.
Patrick Maughan vs William Cooper. Sale
George W. Hamakervs Walter S.Hamaker
et al. Sale confirmed and distribution or
dered. Lillle Ida Clark va James II. Clark, divorce.
Case dismissed at plaintiff's cost.
Acenitb L. Huseey vs James W. Hussey.
Decree of divorce granted plaintiff on ground
of habitual drunkenness and gross neglect of
Alden II. Gillett vs the Review Publishing
Company. Judgment for plaintiff lor $100.
The following cases have been settled and
dismissed: George Arnott vs David West;
William Guinea vs Oliver Guinea; Samuel
Powell vs John Daschane; Araazlah Winger
va Thomas Chapman et al.; Grand Forks
Lindand Improvement Company vs L. M.
Potter; Hattle Small vs John W. Small, di
Tjrcej Mary Moynihan va James Moyniban,
divorce; H. S. Showers, administrator of the
estate of Martha A. Myers, va K. M. Hagan,
administrator of tbe estate or E. P. Myers;
Mary and Rebecca Greitz vs Ohio Southern
Railway Company,
Palestine Commandery No. 33, Knights
Templar, at the stated conclave last evening,
adopted the recommendation of the committee
that Ascension Day, Thursday, May 14, be
observed by tbe Commandery in tho usual
manner. Half-past two was fixed upon as the
hour for rclleioua services at the St. Paul U.
E church, the Commanderr meeting at tbe
asylum at 1 ',30, A unanimous invitation was
extended to Sir Knight Rev. Dr. Henry
Tuckley to conduct the religious ceremonies
and deliver the discourse on tbe occasion.
Invitations will be extended ta the Eminent
Grand Commander, E. Paeold, of Dayton, and
several Past Eminenls to be present, day and
evening. A special was called for next Friifay
evening for drill and Instruction.
William Jackton, a youth who la tormented
with a violent longing to jump on moving
trains, was arrre'eil yetterday for Indulging
his desire. His father interceded with the
Mayor in William's behalf snd the latter was
Win. T.ToUen, 872 North Tenth street, rhlla.
delplila, reports that one of his customers slated
lo htm Incidentally that he was feeling so well
ami hit Rained twenty-seven pounds In the last
year, allot which he attributed to a ayatematlo
routaeof the C'uticura IUhoi.vknt, which has
proved effectual when all other remedies failed.
Chi. Brady, Homervllle, Mum., who refers to
Dr. .I.J. Woc.d, tlrutglst, of that city, testifies lo
a wonderful cure of running sores on the neck
which had been treated by hospital physicians
without cure, aad which yielded completely to the
My skin disease, which resitted several popular
imedte and other remedies advised b nliral
clans, has ncen cured by your Cuncuaa IIkk-
diks. They surpaased my most sanguine expec
tation anu rapidly enetiea a cure. ,
Allot your Cutkura RKMKXiiuglve very good
aatlsfattlon. Tbe Cuticura I especially recom
mend for the dlaeates for which It Is astd. I
know from experience Its value.
DK. 11. J. PltATT, Hontkllo, Wis.
Through a homsj-raturned Norwegian, t have
teamed to know your Cuticura, which has In a
short time cured me of an Interna that my phy
sician's me Heine could not heal
CHIt. IlhlrZEN, IJKRORiC, Norway.
A feeling of gratitude Impels me to acknowledge
tho great nierlta of your cuticura, and I cor
dially recommend It to the publlo as a very valua
ble remedy.
II. N. roYYKKS, BRinoaroRT, Com.
lor sale everywhere. I'rlco Cuticura, the
great Akin Cure, 60c. Cuticura Soap, an exqul
(iteNkln lleaullfler, 25c Cuticura IIksolvknt,
the New Blood I'urlner. f 1.
t'nUer llrng and Chetnlcnl Co., noston.
fTlCUKA HOAF, an eiqulslte toilet, Hath
and Nursery Hanatlve.
Wltcli-riaael, American I'ln, Canaila Fir,
Marigold, nnd Clover Bloaaonia.
A single dwe of Hnnfnrrl'a Radical Cnr In-
stantlr rellevas th most violent Hneczlng or Head
lotds, cloen the head as by magic, atora watery
dlacharges from the Noeeend Kjea, prevents King
ing Not.e.i In the Head, rurea Nerroua Headache,
and subdues Chills and Fovera. In Chronic Ca
tarrh it cleanses the nasal pasaaeca of four rauius,
ratorea the aeoea of ararll, taste, and hearing
when afiected, frees the bead, throat, and bron
chial tubes of offensive matter, aweetensand puri
ties Ihs breath, atopa the cough, and arreati the
progreas of Catairh towards Consumption.
One bottle Radical Cure, ono box Catarrhal Sol
vent and Sanford'a Inhaler, all In one package, of
alldrugglata forft. AakforHAHroan'a Radical
Potter Drug and ChemlcM Co., Iloatnn
Ar I Ritta) r the relief and preren-
CP,lwy tlon, the Instant It Is ap-
IMfTiir BBBBBVrirrTlut piled, of Rheumatism,
lnAIAJC IUClaW Neuralgia. Hclatiral
jPf aevtrftft loughs, Coldi, Weak
, Wfe1 Back, Stomach and How-
ela. Sauotiug 1'alna, Numbnesa, llysurla, female
l'alna, Palpitation, Dyspepsia. Uver complaint,
Hilllous l-erer. Malaria, and Epidemics, uae Col-
Lint' Plastkks (an rlectrlo Battery combined
with a Porous Planters) and laugh at pain. 29c.
Ilaae Hall.
As will be aeen by the rcore yesterday was
rather a cold day for tbe Sprintrfielda. No
club can he expected to play, with any degree
of enthusiasm, however, to rows of unoccu
pied seats. The attendance at yesterday's
game could not well have been worse, about
six persons paying for tbe privilege of the
grand stand. Jim Uavanaugh acted as um
pire, and it is not too much to sty that, if it
had not been for bim, nobody would have
cared much to see tbe game. Tbe official
scorer was painfully conspicuous by bis
absence. The score, by innings, is given be
low. No attempt is made to give tbe errore,
as it would requlro too much space.
Innings..,, 123458789
Indianapolis 1 1 1 0 1 0 II 1 19
hprlngfield .00010000 01
Jack Shoupe received an ovation from the
amphitheater when he appeared yesterday.
He starts In just where he left off last year.
Jim. Gavanaugh'a umpiring was alone
worth the price of admission. James was
able to give tbe Hoosiere s few pointers, but
he isn't very well up on dropped flies.
Tbe Snringfielda leave for Cleveland to
night, alter tbe Dayton game, and play tbe
Forest Oily club on their grounda tomorrow.
Young Mitchell, of tbia city, who is showing
up better than ever this season with bis
curves and swifttwisters, will be put in the
points in this game,
Testerday's run was made by Baker, in tbe
fourth inning. He made first on a base bit
and stele second. Huey, coming to bat,
popped up a little one which the third baa -man
purposely dropped to force men on sec
ond and first to run, which is prohibited by
the rules. During the chinning, in which
everybody took a part, Iiaker ambled across
the home plate and saved a shut-out.
Frank I'ecklngpaugh showed up altltudi
pously in bis old position. A hot one was
knocked to left field which he ran for, picked
up and fielded to Fisher at first in ample time
to put out the striker running for tbe base.
It was ono of tbe greatest plays ever made
on those grounds.
An Important Discovery.
The most important discovery Is that which
brings the most good to the greatest number.
Dr. King's New Discovery tor consumption,
coughs, and colds, will preserve tbe health
and save life, and Is a priceless boon to the
allllcted. Not only does It positively cure
consumption, but coughs, colds, bronchitis,
asthma, hoarseness, and all affections of the
throat, chest and lungs, yield at once to Its
wonderlul curative powers. II you doubt this
get a trial bottle free at Chas. Ludlow's drug
An Kuel tu ilouo Heraptnar.
Edward Shepherd, of Harrisburg, III., sayc
"Having received so much benegt from Elec
tric Hitters, I leel it my duty to let suffering
humanity know it. Have had a running
sore tn my leg for eigbs years; my doctors
told me I would have lo have the bone scraped
or leg amputated. I used, instead, three bot
tles of Electric Hitters and seven boxes Iluck
len'a Ami a Salve, and my leg is now sound
and well."
Electric Bitters are sold al fifty cents a bot
tle, and Bucklen's Arnlcu Salve at 20c. per
box by Uhas. Ludlow.
tlucltleu'a Arnica Salve.
Tbe best salve in the world for Outs
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Bait Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded, Price 25c. per box. For sale by
Charles Ludlow,
Ladies French, German, and
English Hosiery In Black, Plain
and Fancy Colors.
Lislethreads, Balbriggan,
and Silks, Children's DOUBLE
KNE E in Plain Balbriggan and
French. Children's Lislethread
and Silk Ribbs.
Gent's Half Hose. Immense
assortment Balbriggan. Lisle
threads, British, Plain and
Fancy. "Shaw Knit," the
best value ever made.
Domestic Hosiery, any styles
you want at prices that will
make them go.
Don't pass by our 18c, 20c
and 25c Regular Made Hosiery
for Ladies, Gent's and Children.
lingular Services at the Various Itoneea of
Wurahlp Yoie Are Invited.
United Brethren Lngondn Regular claas
at0.30a.ro. The pastor, Rev. S W. Mc
Corkle, will preach at 10:30 a. m. and 7:3)
p. m. Sabbnlh school at 3 p. m. Young
people's meeting at 7 p. m. All invited.
Fourth Zlon Iiaptist 1'ieaching every
Sunday, in hall over Dr. Potter's office, Mar
ket street, at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m Sab
bath school at 1:30 p. m.
Congregational Sabbath school at 0:30
a. m. I'reacbiug at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
by the pastor, Kev. Wm. H. Warren. Young
people's meetlog at 7 p. m.
Lagonda Avenue Chapel Sabbath school
at 2:30 p. m. Preaching at 7:30 p. m., by
Rev. C. I,. Khrenfeldt. All Invited.
Central M. E. Sabbath school at 9 a. ta.
Preaching at 10:3 a. m. and at 7:30 p. m.
by Rtv. A. B. Leonard, D. D., pastor.
Evening theme "The Prince ol This World
Cast Out." Young people's meeting at 0:30
p. m. Seats are free. Strangers always
cordially welcomed.
High Street M. E. Rev. J. F. Marlay, the
pastor, will preach at 11 o'clock a. tn. and
at 7:30 p.m. Sunday school at 0:30 a. m.
Young people's meeting at 7 o'clock p. m. All
are cordially invited.
Christ (Episcopal) Services on Sunday at
11a.m. and 7:30 p. tn. Sunday school at
9:45 a. m. Rev. John T. Rose, rrctor.
Second English Lutheran Sabbath school
at 9 a. m, Prraching at 10:30 a. m. by
the pastor, Rev. A. E. Wagner. Sabbath
school meeting at 7 30 p. m. All are invited.
First Presbyterian Preaching by the pas
tor at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p m. Sunday
school at 9.'-l.ri. Young men's class at 7 p. m.
The public cordially invited.
Wiley M. E. Rev. Henry W. Tate, pastor.
Quarterly meeting service!, conducted by
Rev. Joseph Couriney, presiding elder.
Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p.m. by tbe
pastor. Sabbalb school at 2 p. tn. All
are Invited.
Seventh-Day Adveutlsts Meeting every
Saturday at 0:30 a. m., Sunday at 7:30 p. m
Subject for Sunday evening, "The Prophey of
Daniel." All are invited.
Christian Sibbath school at 9:30 a. m.
Preaching by Kev. T. M. McWhlnney, D. I).,
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. All are cordially
Methoilist Protestant Rev. J. B. Walker,
pastor, will preach at 10:30 a. m. and at
7:30 p. in. Sabbath school at 9 a, m. and
Band of Hope at 3 p. m. A cordial welcome
to all.
St. Paul it. E. Sunday erhool at 9 a. m.
Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. by
the pastor, Rev. Henry Tuckley. Evening
subject: "One Woman's Choice. Seats free.
All cordially invited.
Second Presbyterian Services in this
church by the pastor at 11 n. m. and 7:30 p.
tn. Sabbath school at 9:30 a. in. Strangers
and others are cordially invited to all church
First Baptist Sunday-school at 9:30 a. m.
Preaching at 10:45 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. by tbe
pastor, Rev. A. L. Wilkinson. All are cor
dially Invited.
United Presbyterian Kev. Jos. Kyle, pas
tor. Sabbath-school at 9:30 a. m. Morning
service at 11 a. tn. Evening service at 7:30
p. m. Seats free and all are welcome.
Second Baptist Rev. Wilton R. Boone,
pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
m. by the pastor. Sanday school at 2:30 p.
rn. All arc welcome.
First English Lutheran. Rev. D. W. Smith,
pastor. Sabbath school at 9 a. m. Services
at 10:30 a. m. and at 7:30 p.m. Rev. L. O.
Koutzahn, ot Tbree Rivers, Mich., will preach
in tbe morning. The public cordially Invited.
A Trllmlti Acknowledged.
Rev. II. W. Tale, pastor of Wiley M. K.
chapel aud secretary of Li xlugton M. E. con
ference at the recent session in thia city, to
day received from Colonel Fred. Dent Grant
the following in response to tbe resolutions
passed by the conference in view ol General
U, S. Grant's condition, as published In thia
New Ycnu, April 20, 1885.
Kev. II. V. Tata:
Dkaii Sue Mrs. Grant requests ma to
write and thank you, and through you to
thank tbe ministers of tbe Leiington M, E.
Conference for tbe expressions of sympathy
and condolence coutainrd in your communi
cation ol the 17lh lost.
F. D. Giunt.
Colonel Grant's communication will be
printed Iu the pamphlet containing the official
record ot proceedings at conference, so that
all members imy preserve a copy.
Miiiuuu Tuesday evenlug, April 21, at
8:30 o'clock, Miss Bridget J, Ilenchy was
married to Thomas Day by Father Cunning
bam, of Xenia, at St. Paul's Catholic church,
Yellow Springs. Alter tbe ceremony lliv
went to tbelr new home, two and one-ball
A Ladies really elegant Kid
Glove that will retain its
short fingers. A SURE FIT
Children's Kid Glove, Lisle
and Silk. Children's Silk Mitts,
Black and Colors.
Ladle's Lisle and Silk
6loves, Black and Colors, all
sizes, 6 and 8 button lengths,
from 25c a pair. A BARGAIN.
Ladle's Driving Gloves, a
Special Bargain.
miles south of Cliflou, which had been fur
nished and was ready to bo occupied by tbe
newly married couple. Their numerous
friends wish them a happy Ufa and success in
the future. They received many uselul pres
ents, among which were: One handsome par
lor lamp, one set of knives and forks, one
pair sheets, one hand'omo plr blankets, one
lamp mat, one match sate, one set dishes, one
comforter, fuurteen yards calico, one lied
spread, one table cloth, five pair towels, one
fea'ber bed, one pair lancy pillow and bolster
cases, one glass pitcher, two pickle dishes,
ote motto, two chair tidies, one pair vases,
one glass dish, two quilts, carving knile and
fork, oue mantle lambrequin.
Transfers ot Ileal Katate.
Harris P. Markley lo Henry II. Prugb, lot
on Fair street: .
Henry II. Prugh to T. Edwird Harwood
and Robert T. Nelion, lot on Fair street:
Charles W Holden lo Maggie C. Hidden,
lot in Lagonda: (2,800.
W. II. Ilouck to W. H. Weaver, lot on
Southern aveoue: $000.
Andrew Burnett to Mary A. Qoebel, lot on
'Maiden lam: $G25
Jacob Suell to Aleinndcr Strnyer, 21 acres
land in Oetmio township: $1 800.
J. F. k O. II. Jamison to John J. Jamison,
lot in New Carlisle: $GO0.
A Ilouaehotel Treuaure.
Stysa shrewd writer, "only let a wife
know (he Is precious loher husband, and sbe
will be to him and her children a well-spring
of happlnes." There Is roc d sense In this.
And there is good sense In preserving your
wife's health so that she may be happy.
Many women are cruelly run down by work
and worry j but hardly any are beyond tbe
power ol Brown's Iron Bitters to restore. Mrs.
L. D.Hamilton, Bedford, O., snvs: ''I derived
permanent good from using Brown's Iron
Bitters as a tonic lor geneial debility."
Mr. Babbitts and John Kinnane sent Chief
Simpson, for tbe firemen, yesterday after
noon, a box of Jcnni (lencent) cigars as a
token of appreciation of their gooil work at
the fire in the lalter's store the same after
noon. The boys wouldn't object to having a
smoke ot that kind raised any day at their
This is a story that will carry joy to a great
many hearts. The author, Mr. J. C. Story,
deserves the thanks ot bis lellow-sufferers (or
letting them know af it. He writes from
Zaneaville, O.: "I bave been suffering some
time frsm rheumatism, which, I have no
doubt, was assuming chronic form. Was rec
ommended to use your Bitters; have used
two bottles, and I am cured. For all diseises
of tbe Mood this Bitters is unequaled.
The Burdock P.ant is one ot ibe best diu
retics or kidney regulators in tbe vegetable
world, and tbe compound kt,on as Burdock
Blood Bitters is unsurpassed in all diseases ot
tbe kidneys, liver and blood.
Have used Dr. Thomas's Eclectric Oil for
croup and colds, and declare it a positive
cure Contributed by William KBy, 670
Plymouth avenue, Buflalo, N. Y.
A Ullnliaud'a Greatest Hlesalng
Is a strong, healthful, vigorous wife with a
clear, handsome complexion. These can all
be acquired by using Dr. Darter's Iron Tonic.
The best on earth, can truly be said ot
Grigg's Glycerine Salve, which is a sure, safe
and speedy cure for cms, bruises, scalds,
burns, wounds, nnd all other cores. Will
positively cure piles, teller and all skin erup
tions. Try this wonder heeler. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25
cents. Sold by Theo. Troupe k Co.
As a superb hair dressing and renovator
Ayer's Hair Vigor is universally commended.
It eradicates scurf and dandrulf, cutes nil
eruptions and itthinga ot the scalp, promotes
tbe renewed growth ol tue hair, and surely
prevents Its fading or turning gray,
Mr. Editor Many ol your readers may be
benefited by the knowledge ot such an excel
lent remedy as Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic,
which produces the most lavorable resulls In
disorders of the liver, stomach and kidneys,
and is a valuable remedy in dyspepsia; also
debility arising Irom malaria or oilier causes.
It le a perfect tonic, appetizer, blood purifier,
and a sure cure for ague. Price 60 cents.
Theo. Troupe.
While money is clo-e, wages and prices
low, expenses should bo cut down in every
household. Economy tbe watchword lor
Mothers, bead off Doctor bills, by always
keeping in the houe a bottle ot Dr. Rjsauko's
Cough and Lung Syrup. Slops a Cough in
staitly, relieves Consumption, cures Croup
and pain In the Chest In one night. It is just
the remedy for hard times. Priro 50c. and
$1. Samples free. Sold by Ad. Bakaus k Co.
Piles are frequently preceded by a sense ot
weight In the back, loins and lower part of
tbe abdomen, causing tbe patient to suppose
be has some effrction ot the kidneys or
neighboring organs. At times, symptoms ot
Indigestion are present, flatulency, uneasiness
ot the stomach, etc. A moisture, like per
spiration, producing a very disagreeable itch
ing, alter getting warm, is a common at
tendant. Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles
yield at once to the application ol Dr.
Boaanko's Pile Remedy, bich acts directly
upon the parts affected, absorbing the
Tumors, allaying the Intense Itching, and
effecting a permanent cure. Price 50 cents.
Bold by Ad. Bakbaus k Co.
Jutt added to this depart
ment exclusive sale ef
Corset and Skirt Supporter,
best fitting, easiest of adjust
ment, perfect satisfaction
guaranteed. All the popular
brands of Csrstts in stock.
Muslin Underwear.
Make, finish, and prices guar
anteed equal to any.
A Grant Discovery.
Mrs. Emma Clark's Hair Restorer removes
dandruff trom the scalp and renders it per
fectly healthy. It will cure all diseases of
the scalp, also curea neuralgia headache, ner
vous headache and removes pimples Irom the
face, restores gray hair to its natural color
and produces a luxuriant growth of the hair.
Thia preparation is perfectly free Irom pois
onous diugs. Satisfaction guaranteed or
money refunded. This Hair Restorer Is pie
pared and sold by Mrs. Emma Clark, South
Charleston, Clark county, Ohio, or her au
thorized agents. Agents wanted. Give it a
trial. Price $1 per bottle.
For sale by Ad. Bakbaus & Co., Druggists,
23 Ea.'t Main street, and H. H. Wolfe, corner
Market and High streets, Theo. Troupe and
T. J. Casper.
Something for All the l'reachera.
Rtv. II II. Falrall. D. D. editor ot The
Iowa Methodist, says editorially, in the No
vember (1883) number of his paper: "We
bave tested the merits of Ely's Cream Balm,
and believe that, by a thorough course of
treatment, it will cure almost every case of
catarrh. Ministers, as a cless, are afflicted
with head and throat troubles. We cannot
recommend Ely's Cream Balm too highly.
The greatest fee of American people Is con
sumption; its victims number many thou
sands each year. Physicians and druggists
bare at last found a remedy which tkey feel
justified in recommending. Thia is Dr. Blge
low's Positive Cure, which cures consumption
in sMses that otber remedies are of no bene
fit. It curea cough9, colds and all throat and
lung diseases speedily and safely. Price 50
cents aud $1. Trial bottles free. Theo.
We ere allowed to refer individuals to the
following case of a gentleman in this city
(Cleveland) who is unwilling to have his
name appear in print:
He says that lor 15 years he was a sufferer
from Neurnlgia in bis back, limbs and head,
causing him at times intense pain, and so af
fecting the left shoulder joint that, in swing
ing the arm aa in walkmir, a cracking or
snapping of tbe joint could be distinctly
heard. Tbia gentleman commenced taking
Dr. Carpenter's Calculi Resolvent in Nov. last.
He was immediately relieved, and after taklm;
four bottles says he regards himself as thor
oughly cured, and ascribes bis cure entirely fo
a regular and faithful use of "Calculi Resolv
ent." Tbe same gentleman says hia wife aleo has
been greally benefitted by its use for impure
breath and other troubles. Sold by J. J.
The removal ol Prof. Sanborn of N. II.,
after being pronounced Incurable by a icore
of physicians, from Las Vegas, N. M to bis
borne, was effected by administericg Dr. Dar
ter's Iron Tonic, which has restored bim to
bis furmer good health.
Tha Homeliest Man in tsprlngflelil,
As well as tbe handsomest, and others, are
invited to call on Dr. T, J. Casper, druggist,
and get free a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam,
for the throat and lungs, a remedy that is sell
ing entirely upon ita merits, and is guaran
teed to cure and relieve all Obronic and Acute
Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis and Consump
tion. Price 50 cents and $1.09.
The enervation and lassitude of spiing time
are but irdicalions ot tbe sluggish action of
the blood, over-loaded with carbonates ac
cumulated by tbe use of beating food in win
ter. Thia condition mav be remedied by the
U'e of Ajer's Sarsaparilla, tbe beat blood pur
ifier known.
McMonagle & Rogers'
JIIDDIiEieWJi. !..
These extracts are known to many, but
If any fail to know them, we say give
them a trial and you'll use no others.
They tar excel all others in strength and
uniformity of quality, and the best dealer
sell thein'here and elsewhere.
WFAU RlAWCIean s e a the
ifewSa ."
I n fl a m a t Ion,
Heals the Sores,
It e s t o r es the
Sense of Taste
& SnieliTi quick
!t Poaftire Cure.
Fitly centa at drunlata; M cents bymall regis-
tared, Hend for clrrnlar. Sainpl by mall 10 eta,
. KI.VBKciTlU'ltS Driis giata. Oawrco, N. T-
Many a Lady
is beautiful, all but her skin ;
and nobody has ever told
her how easy it is to put
beauty on the skin. Beauty
on the skin is Magnolia
f ticAC 'w puwrp
plllpls ,
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and to.
dlanapolls KaJtarar.
. Batween the
rhronah ears, with eonneetleaa In Union Depot.
Only direct line via Cleveland, Buflalo and Itl
acra Falls to New York and New hnf land.
Direct connectlona (or all Hoothern, Heulhwest
rn and .V eatern points, either by way ot Cincin
nati, Indianapolis or BU Louts. Fast Tlma, New
Equipment, and running thraugh tha moat popn
lar part ot tha country; poaaeulng every appli
ance or speed and comfort known lo bo Mrvfca.
able. Tha Boat Koad-lfed and the 8a feat Read In
the Weat. Tickets by this papular routa for salt
at all regular tleket offloM.
A. J, SMITH, (Jenerat Passenger Agent.
TVtlai Latvs Selaf hit
Boring., Del. Col. Accom...M....... ltm a ra
K. Y.4 Boaton Kipreaa ll:3Sa m
Night Kzpreaa, , U:2S a n
Uincinvatl AN. if.Kast Line.. 8:25pm
Ulaveiaii 1 r'aat Line. 8:35 p m
Trill vs Oohg Seitk.
Midnight , Eipreaa ..... 3:40 a m
nprlngneld Aocom. , 6:40 a m
Springfield 4 Cincinnati Expreaa... 8:20am
(Jin. d Indianapolis Ezpreaa 11:36 am
Cincinnati Faat Line 1:45 pm
Dayton, Cln., 4 Bt. L.Ex 8:o0pru
Hoothern Eipreaa 6:40 pin
Bp'fd. 4 Cln. Aooom, Hunday only. 7:15 a no
Tnlu Arrlvs rna ssita.
'Midnight Eipreaa......... . 13'lttfam
N. Y, & lioaton Kzpreaa .... 11:115 a, so.
01 n. A Delaware Ezpreaa 10:06 1 m
Cleveland Kant Line. . tegs p in,
Hprlngfleld Aooom. 6:86 p m
bVfd. 4 Cln. Accoin., Sunday only. 7:40 m
Oln. A N. Y. Kant Line .... 8:36 p m
Tnlu Irrivi rna bit.
Night Kzpreta 2:90 a m
Delaware, ap'Id. A Ctn. Ezpreaa ..... H-M a m
Cincinnati Fast Line .. 1:45 pm
Southern bxpresa.. .. 6:45 pm
Columbus, Delaware aa rprlngfield Ac. 7:80 p m
rhene traluta etueoulyonea running on
Tram leaving at 11:.T, n, m. has through
sleeping oar to Boston without change.
The train leaving at 8:8.5 baa parlor oar to
Cleveland, connecting with the through
aleoper to New York aud llosUm.
All trains run by Central staudard Time
which la is minutes slower than Springfield time.
Oao. II. K.niuiit,
Ticket Agent, Arcade Betel.
2 thuoiigi.
Elegant New Style
Woodruff Sleepers,
And Combination Sleeping and Re-
uuniiiu unuir oars on
Night Trains
And Klegant Modern Coaches on Day Tralis.
Steel kails, Miller Platforms and
Couplers, Air Brakes and all
Modern Improvements.
Shortcut anj Moat Dealrnble Boute Ha
tween the Uaat and Weat. Through
Ticket and ItaggHaje Choclce
en nil Principal Puluta.
Particular advantage ottered to Weatern Rnl
grant. Ijui'l aud 'luurUt 'licketa to all poinli
reached by any line.
l'amengFrtrainslrare.'priiljlield,0 ,from Union
Depot aa followa:
liolng hut, 12:10 a. in., 10. .05 a. in., A:40a. In.
elolng West, l:4ia. iu., ll::Ua. m., 6:l p in.
Going North, i:4i a. iu., 1 1 Nil a. in.,
Holng Mouth, U.S. . It, lU:3u a. ui., :S5 n. in.
Trains arrl.e:
Kroin Lut, 1:30 a. in., 5 IS p. m., Ihna, m.
l-roui West, 12:15 a. iu.. y.5t a. m., A.ctf u. m.
From North, IJ.30 a. iu., 3.0)1 p. m.
From South 9:60 a. in., 1:30 p. m.
il. K. Henderson, II. M. Ilronaon,
(leu'l Manager. Oen'l 1 lcket AgU
D. II. KUCIIK. Ageut, Sprlngfi-Sd, O.
Ohio Southern Ulitaion.
Tralni arrlie trom lackion anCWaihlngbn C. H.
Bprlngt'ld U, aw
irime. Time,
No. t (except Sunday) - 5:15 p. m. J 4:80 p. n
No. 3 (except .-unday) 10:10 a. m. :MJ. a.
Tralaa Dtpirt for Jicktoa and Wuhlagtea C Ha
Sprlngf'ld K. K.
Time. Time.
No. 2 (except Sunday) 11 :49 a. m. 10.30 a, m.
No. 4 (except Sunday) 5:55 p. m. 5:J5 p. m
N, V. P. St o. RAILWAY.
Tnlu Leave golag taat
Sprlngl'ld B. B.
Time. Time.
No. 4, N. Y. LI ra lted Ex...l0:3h a, m. 10:09 Ja. m.
No. 8, New York Lxpreaa... 5:19 p. m. 4:49 p. m.
No. U, Atlantic Lxpreaa...10:34 a, in. 12.06 .a. m.
Trtina leave going Welt,
Sprlngl'ld R. B.
Time. Time.
No. I, fin. and Weat'n Fx..l2:53p. m. 12:28 p. m.
No. 3, l'acltie Kxprrsa 2:24 a. m. 1:59 a. m.
No. S, St. I Limited hi... B:Mp. in. 1:29a.m.
These tr ' tare the only snea running on Sun
day. Freel u- trains one hour before time ol de
parturo. .I'ULkoaa, Ticket Agt; offloa It,
P., C. & St. L. Railway.
L. M. Division Sprint-Held Branch.
No. I. .Vi. II.
Fast Iac.I
l.lre. 1'rnn.ss
No. 7.
Depart!, g.
Lv.Pprliigfld f7.0
Lv. Y. SprV'l 1."
Ar. Xenia. . 7."
Ar. Ilayton. j f
Ar. t'olumiiV
Ar.rincm. .
Ar. LoutivV
in 1.15pm
8 apm
a -tipru
No.il, I usti
a. m.; Velio
9.30 a. in i Col'
i Jipri?
Lv. Ixmlst'le -,.30uii
Lv. Cln ..... ' 7,'.Vjai!i
I.v. ' oluuib'al tlio am 3.4U a,i2..Upm
l.v. Dayton..,) .1 am 4.1 pit, f.t.5jpm fi30pm
Lv. Xenia 9.4lain F.3,tn u. fpiu 2.4opm
Ar. V. Spr'gs lO.Ofiam c.ipopm 1 .31 um 3.0i.pm
Ar. bp'gf'ld... t0.3naiu G.25pui U'.55,in 3 30piu
Nn 10 IjW,.l imutnimn.l.,tnn Inavaa Vanln K 41
a.m. Arrive Yellow Hprlngs C.15 a. in.: rprlng
field 7.00 a. in.
Dally, t Dally except Sunday.
Train No. I makes Immediate connection! at
Xenia for V aahington 0. 11., Chllllcolhe, i lncin
nati and Columbus. No. 9 la the tat Knstern
Express, making immediate connectlona at Xenia
(or l'lttsiiurg, Harrisburg, Washington, llaltlmore,
Philadelphia, New York, lloston, all Eastern and
New hnaland point. Also throudi car service for
Cleveland. No. 11 uakea diect con
necllons at Xenia (or Cincinnati, Loula
vllle and points Houih; through trains for Klch
monrt. lndlanapolla, Ht. Louis and polnta Weat.
No. 6 la the (amoua Limited Express and makra
direct connections at Xenia for Columbus, I'l Its
burg. Harrisburg, llallimore, Washington, I'hlla
delphla, Nc York. Huston, all Kastern and New
England points, also immediate connection (or
Cleveland, llultalo, Niagara Falls, Albany and
Bracuse, N, Y. No. 7, Fait Line, Western and
Hoiithern hxpiess, making immrdlataroanecllona
at Xenia (or Cincinnati, Louisville, Chattanooga,
Nashville, Mtmpbia, and New Orleans, and
(or rilchiuond, Ikicago, and polnta
In the North and Noilhwest; lndlanapolla, St.
Loula, Kana.aClty and polnta In ibe Weat and
Southwest. All trains run on Central tlma,
which la2o minutes slower than city time, Tick
ets sold ana uiigage checked to all polnu In tha
United States, and reliable Information, can tw
obtained at the office ot tha Com
pany's Agent, this city. 1'artloular in
formation aa to time ot train connec
tlona, ratea, etc, cheerfully lurulahed.
Call en J. M. 11 IN M, City Ticket AgeaU
JAM. McCKKA, Itanagar.
h. A. Fuau, Ueneral l'aaaengcr AgaaU

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