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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, May 28, 1885, Image 3

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Dally Edition.
son this looautv, u ikmuiid bt 1. Dausr,
mpiKi.T pi THnLOBK-mruLio.
May 27, IMS
JO , in..
lU'Wu. in ,., ,.
21 p. m
R0 p. m ... .
in 'inn. i
II tf
Uu u-i,Tiur M". reiuperaturn A. psuh
attain M. 02 etwee. Temperature ot tm
dAU) In IMS rs" above, temperature ofieame
rfste In IU'., 70" above rero.
IUv. C. J, Jones, formcrlyvpastor ofi the
Unristian Ohurtli hcie, Is the new editor of
the Herald ol (lospcl Mbcrty, published at
Mr. F. M. fittest, ol the Warren (0.)
Dally Chronicle, has been in the city for
day or two, and nill be here again to. attend
the Slnlo Gnnrentljn.
Mrs. Captain D. II. Mallory, of Klyrla,
with her two eons, Clldle and Freddie, is the
guest ol her sister, Mrs. 0. M. Nichols, at 194
West Columbia street.
John Coble was run in lor drunkenness by
Officer Condron. Douglass Oglesby was ar
rested again lor violating the- Sunday ordi
nance. Joseph Bradley Is in trouble for
treating the 10 o'clock ordinance with con
tempt last night. Frank Reiser and Frank
Hamilton were arrested for loitering around
tippling houaca.
Clnrk County W.C. T. U. Convention.
Tuo annual meeting of the Clark county
W. O.T. U. will be held in.Selma at lb
Friends' church, Thursday, June 4lh, beginning
promptly at 10 n. m.
10 a. m. Devotional exercises, led by Mrs.
Mary Wildman, ol Selma.
10.30 a. m, Reports, appointing od com
mittees add miscellaneous business.
11:30 a. m. Address.
1:45 p. m. Devotional exercise?, led by
Miss Slinuk, ol Knon.
'J p. in. Address of Welcome, by Mrs.
Alice Mtloy.
2:1G p. m. Uesponso by Mrs. Jaa. Ander
son, of Sp:lnKlicld.
2:30 p. m. Address by It. S. Thompson, t,f
Springlleld. Mletellancona business.
Closing whh an etpcrience meeting. All
aro invited to attend. Ily order ot
MoTiihn Stkwabt, I'residcnT.
8 K. Camlkkii, Secretary.
Chief Mamlinl'H Uriler Assigning I-oalllnn
me Linn of March.
Hk'doVs Commandiu-i.v Cuiki-'uOiticx,
Springfield, O., Mar 2V, 1885.
35. J
ueocral Urders No. 1.
I. The undersigned having been appointed
Commander-in-Chief ol Memorial Day Parade,
would hereby assume command and appoint
the following pe sonal atoll, who will be
obeyed aDd respected accordingly :
Col. It. S. Kllpatr!ckChiet of Staff.
Col. W. J. White, Assistant Adjutaat Gen
eral. .... , r
Col. A. Spangler,
Capt. Perry Stewart,
Capt. George Slnlz,
Capt. D. W. Strowd.
II. The command will bo arranged In lour
divisions, ns follows:
The FlHt Division, Post Commander F. 8.
Benfield Commander, will-consist'of-the 0.
A. It., all honorably discharged .eodicr, and
the. Sons ol. Veterans.
The Second Division, Colonel W. J. Whlta
Commander, will consist of the Ohio, National
Guard and other armed bodies.
The Third Division, Colonel, Wm-Jdoort
Commander, will consist oUtha, civic, socie
ties. The Fourth Division,.Ir&W..W.Uace,coin
mander, will consist of. the city officials In
. carriages and the lira department under the
i direction of the cblel.
III.' 'Tlio column will lormion East High
Street aU:5 p..rn,iMay 30,11805, jss follows!
First Division, with right resting on Foattr
street, displaying west.
Second Division, on the left of the First
Third Division, with the right resting on
Spring street, displaying east.
Fourth Dividion, on tho left of the Third
IV. Stuff Officers will report to the Com
mander in Chief, proprely mounted, at 1:30
p. in. at Ihn corner of Market and High
streets, on the dny of parade.
V. The line of march will be aa lollowi:
West on High to Factory, North on Factory
to Main, Bust on Main to Limestone, North
on Limestone, to College Avenue, West on
College Avenue to Market, South on Market
to Ferncliff Avenue, and with it to the Cem
tery. Ily Order ol
David Kinu,
Colonel Commanding.
W. J. White, A. A. G.
The l'odtouue will be closed on Memorial
Day, May 30, except Irom 0 a. m. to 1 p. m.
Carriers will moke deliveries at 7 and 11a.m.
jAMts Joiinhoii, Sr., Postmaster.
Saturday, May 30, (Memorial Day) 11 tig a
legal holiday, the following bank will close
their banking houses, and all paper maturing
on that day is due and payable May 29.
0. A. I'iuii'M," Cash. First Nat'l Hank.
S. F. MiGiiew, A.Casb. Mad River Nat'l U'k.
D. P. JKmiiiKH, Cash. I.agooda Nat'l U'k.
F. S. Pen heu). Cash. Springfield Nal'UI'k.
Kii. IlAuroiii,Oash.Springf!eld Savings li'k.
A tireat Discovery.
Mr. Wm. Thomas, of Newton, la, says:
11 My wife has been seriously affected with a
cough tor twent) -five years, and Ibis spring
more severely than ever before. She has
used many remedies without relief, and being
urged to try Dr. King's New Discovery, did
so, with most gratilying results. The first
bottle relieved ber very much, and the second
bottle has absolutely cured her. She hrs not
had so good health for thirty years
Trial Bottle Free at Cbas. Ludlow's Drug
Store. Large sizo $1,
Never tllve Up,
If ou are suffering with low and de
pressed C Irits, loss of appeti'.e, general debil
ity, disoidered blood, weak constitution,
headache, or any disease of a bilious nature,
by ail means procure a bottle cf Electric Bit
ters, You will lie surprised to see the rapid
Improvement that will follow; you will be
Inspired with new lilo; strength and activity
will return; pal u and misery will cease, and
henceforth you will rejoice In the praise ol
Klectrlc Bitters. Sold at 60 cents a bottle
by Chas. Ludlow,
llucklen'a Anilcn tialT.
Tb Ixst salve la (be world lor Outs
Bruises, Bores, Ulcers, Bait Rueum, Fever
Borts, Teller, Cbajiped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and.Kll .Skin Eruptions, and posltlreljr
cures Piles, or no pay required. It ll guar
nteed lo give perfect satisfaction, or monej
refunded. Price 2&c. per bos. For ssie by
Charles Ludlow.
T.. Wlrtd
If H K
W 8 K
(10 HE
ct.nnm v hov it kd 101,0 umani
t.oituK oi' onto, Kt or V,4
Large Amount r Important llaslness
TranmtrtMt-lit Fact It Was h Htrtoily
llusliieaa Haaalnn Next Meeting of Grand
Lodge at Yuanaatowli. a
llustness.ln Ohio Grand Lodge. Knights of
PythlM, In session here for two dayl past wai
expedited to such a degree that adjournment
was possible last evening, many of the rep
resentatives taking their departure on late
trains, but quite a number remaining over
until today. One and all express satisfaction
with their experience while here, and with
the manner In which they have, been enter
tained and provided lor. Having cut loose
this first time from the 'luss-nnd-feathers"
feature; the parades, receptions and so on
which have usually delayed and obstructed
actual business and dlstr cted attention from
the real object of tho meeting, this was essen
tially and pre-eminently a business session.
Grand Chancellor Hums, in fact, ".states that,
in actual, practical results, the session ol
Ohio Grand Lodge, at Springfield, takes the
lead of all of which be has any knowledge,
The delegates all brought clear beads, and
minds not pre-occupicd with things of minor
Importance to the consideration of matters
presented affecting the Interests of the noble
Order throughout the Sta'e, which Is
the more benefited thereby. At the same
time there has been sufficient observance of
the social feature to give variety to the pro
ceedings and offset the dry details ol routine
business, and this has been none the less en
joyed for. that It was inlormal,-without heavy
speech-making, while bearty.and spontaneous.
The reception by Champion City Division,
No. 44, at their armory, elegantly il'coralcd
for the occasion, last cveiilt g, was of that de
scription, and was attended by most of the
members ol the Grand Lodge, Including Past
Grand Chancellor Burns. The te was beauty
and bravery; good music, dancing and socia
bility without restraint. Also refieshments of
the very best. In apparently Inexhaustible
supply. No. 44 scored another, and not the
least ol her successes.
While tho lluckeye Knights of Phylhlas
were welt pleased with Springfield as a "busi
ness" sort of a place, Hnrir glield wng jctmo.o
pleawd with them as a well-appearing, wid
awake, refined body of repieenlative busi
ness" men, whom it will be ivi ineicitstd
plensuro to accomodate nain.
Upon it-assembling of the Grand Lodge
Wednesday afternoon, in Odd Fellows hall,
the location of next scscirn, in selection cf
place ol meeting, received attention. luvita
tloi s were received Irom Voungstown at d
Cblllicothe, the former being fixed upon as
the place and the eecond Tuesday in' May,
1880, as the time for assembling the seven
teenth session of Old.) Grand Lodge, K. of P.
Among other business of general Interist
transacted was the following: Trustees
elected lor the year were Franklin Dl'iiyof
Troy; Tbos. J. C'ollln, ot Toledo, and J W.
Myers, of Columbus.
Representatives of this Grand Lodge to
the Supreme Lodge, whichmeets in Toronto
In 1886, were instructed by unanimous, vote
to work for such change neceisary as, iviill
make' the Rnd6wment Tlinkbf.echSJaie
separate. Supremo Reprfsentatives were
also instructed tu vote and work,to,have the
session of the Supreme Lodge for 1888 held
aatainn aI Iho XiinHma 1 ndna r.taa. luDIl L..1.1 "
in Cincinnati. '
Officers of the Grand Lidge for the present
year were installed -with appro; riate-cerc-monles,
.Past Giand Chunollor Burns act
ing as , luslallinjr'nfliiier, with P. G.
Banker Ingham , as . Grand , Chancellor,
P. G. PrelateTboinHS J. Collirni as Grand
(Prelate and P. G, Mastrr-at-Arms, Charles J.
Bach as O. M.-aU A. The new Grand .Chan
cellor, Aldtn P. Bu tei field, vo Cincinnati,
upon assuming control, made brief Jnaugurpl
remarks, complimentary to the administra
tion of his predecctsur in office, and appealing
to the brethren for the same support nnd as
sistance which had done much to makjyChan
cellor Burns's rule, so- successful; II -expressed
appreciation of Ihe honor done bim
in election without opposition to the two
highest offices in the organization.
The Grand Chancellor recommended that
the Grand Lodge extend the term of the
Grand Keeper of Records and S;l from one
year to Hire". The matter necessarily lies
over to the next sereion.
A resolution fur appointment of a com
mittee to confer and report as to establishing
a permanent borne for the Grande Lodge was
voted upon adverrely. , ''
Supreme Vce Chancellor Douglas having
been summoned by a telegram announcing
the illneja ol his wife, to leave before adjourn
ment, sd informed the Grand Chancellor, who
called up the Grand Lodge and took leave of
the gentleman by extending the supreme
The Becret work was exemplified with great
impreesiveness by Supreme Representatives
Richie and rjbumate, occupying a portion of
this closing Fi'fs'on.
The committee on losses by fire recom
mended In thiir report that all subordinate
lodges In the jurisdiction be ordered to Insure
their properly against such losr,
A resolution wus uuitulmou-dy adopted re
quiring a lodge located at Zaursville com
posed exclusively of Hebrews, to change its,
night of meeting. The lodge has been meet
ing rigularly on Sundays, to the scandal of
the Order before the community.
Resolutions passed by unanimous rotes
tendering the thanks of this Grand Lodge to
the I, 0. 0. F., of Springfield, for free use ot
their hall at some inconvenience to them
selves, as regular meetings had to be post-
poneC. Alsito Moncrieffe Lodge, No. 3 J,
K, of P., and Divisions 0 and 44, U, It., lor
courteous and kind treatment and successful
efforts to entertain the Grand Lodze.
A vote t f thanks was also tendered the re
tiring Grand Chancellor, J, (J, Burns, for bis
efficient and faithful diicharge ol duties.
The sum ol about $400 remaining In the
treasury of the fund appropriated for relief of
fulfefers by floods In the Ohio river was, by
vote, turned over to the Knights ol Pythias
Orphan fuud, to be placed at interist lor lis
An Important amendment was submitted
and lies over, under Ihe rules, to Ihe next
session, providing for alternate or proxy rep
resentation In the Grand Lolge,
Supreme Chancellor Ratbbone, spoke some
feeling farewell words and took his leave by
the early eveulug train for Waiblngton,
The ladles ol tbe First Presbyterian cburcb
tender to. Mr. A,C. Hlatk their slntere jthaiilts
and bearlfelil appreciation Tor tbe free and
treneions U'o dl bis opera house lor Qua' week,
Ily order ol the National festival (bmaiiUee
Mu. John 11. Tliuuts. President.
Hits. (Uokiik Srssos, Vice-President.
sits. W. S. llurrxiN, Secretary,
llaeamllon liny.
To theM(tor uf the illofie.ltcpubllci
This tisautHiil, api.roprlato and patriotic
usage qee"uistlU yar,pn Saturday It ll
qultn uMlble that many of our citizens Will
think It unneccusry, If riot impossible, to
close their shops and stores on that busy day,
and devote a few hours lo the tnimory of our
nobiedrd. For, one, I should Exceedingly
regret to see any diminution of inb-rtst In
the observance of the day. As'an (itijcct
.h'jsnn to tie rising generation, showing that
republic's are not ungrateful, It Is worth vastly
more lban(nll it costs In time and money.
Hut ft-has seemed to me that there are rea
tonsVhy we should give special attention and
emphasis to the approaching observance of
tlio day on Saturday next. No reasonable.
cl(izen objects, ' of course, to a change of
offices when' the pcoplo vote ono party out
and, another ,in, Dut when a chief magis
trate seems to take pains to select for the
highest places he has to bestow the most con
spicuous rebel leaders ol the Sou'h, and the
most iffenslve copperheads of the North, it
looks a ft he' meant to make treason honor
able, and loyalty to, the old flag odious. It
idoes make a -man's blood tingle In his veins
to sec maimed nud scarred veterans turned
out of office to make places for men who did
everything in their power to destroy the gov
ernment. . The old soldiers may be at a discount just
now, at Washington, but let us show on Sat
urday that the people ol the'Nortb have not
forgotten them, and will not forget' tbein.
During the p occasion and the ceremonies
at Ferncliff evtry. store, shop, factory, offi:e
and other place of busintss ought to be closed
absolutely, so that all could join in the pa
triotic services. It is to bo hopi d, ton, that
'iinusiHl attention will be given to the ttlrplay
of II igs Irom every, business house and pri
vate dwelling.
' Four bundled ttiouflamlnien, '
The brave, the good, the true
In Unglo I woods In uiQimtaln glen,
On battle-field, In prlion pen,
Lie dod for me and foul
"Tour hundred thousand of Ihe brave
Have made cur ransomed toll luclr grave,
Torlue aud jout
Clojd friends, for me and feu I
, "On man7 a bloody plain,
Their readv, awords tliej- drew,
And poured their IKc-blood like the rain,
A.homo a hcrltago to gala,
Togalrr forme and joul
"Our brothers mustered by our side,
They marched and fought and liracly died,
For mo aud yotlt
. (looj frl ails, for tuo an t ynut
"A debt wo no'er can pay
To them N Jnally due,
And to the nallou'a latest day,
Our children's children still Minll nay,
lliejr died for uio and you!'
"Four hundred thousand of the Iimvo,
Mado thU, our rAiisomedboil, their gravo,
For me aud yout
(lijod friends, for me an I you!"
A C1T17KK.
May 28, 1883.
lrettjr l-lncer. Kails.
Tiim them; polish them; scrape them; and
fix them all yru please; yet they will niver
be truly beautiful unless the circulation ot
the blood Is healthy, and the blood Itself in
pe-ftct older. L otfat the finger-nails of the
debilitated person who luflers Irom lack ot
nervous energy. They It ok waxy nnd life
les". S euro rich blood nnd perftct circula
tion bv using Urown's Iron Bitters. Mr.
Wm. Welch, Lexington, Mich., says, "I was
reduced almost to a skeleton. I used Brown's
Irou Bitters nnd now weigh 170 pounds.
Wide Aunk-. for June, has Hrrived. It U.
M U8ual aIlll nlwa. ft 8 b alllu(jer. Call
at Pictce's Messrs. D. Lothrop k Co., Bos
ton, are the publisher?.
Mr. and Mr. 0. C. Taylor, of this city, are
sojurninir for tin days at No. 112, Madison
avenue, New York City.
Mlshler's Herb Bitters, as a cure for fever
and aeue, has ts'aliliahed a reputation that
has mado it widely sought by sutlerers ot
these ailments. Persi'or Lewis, ot Honey
brouk township, Chester cnuuty, Pa., writes:
"In Atisiist last I was taken with fever and
ague, and I Was induced to try your cele
brated Hrb Bitter', nnd I am happy to in
lorm you that I was cured In fore using all of
Ihe first bottle, and I em now as well as
Baldness may be avoided by the use .of
Hall's Hair Ue newer, which prevents the fall
ing out of the hair, and stimulates It to re
newed, growth and luxuriauce. It also re
stores faded r gray balr to its original dark
color, and radically cures nearly every disease
of the real p.
Ayer's Sarsaparllla has such concentrated,
curativ- power, that it is by far the best,
cheapest and surest blood purifier known.
Calculi or Stone, tiie root or prime cause ct
mtny of the most dangerous and painful dl
s ases have been considered indestructible,
but Dr. Carpenter's Calculi Resolvent, the re
sult ol a lucky nctldent, has conquered them
aud positively disintegrates and causes them
to (uiss uway In tine particlts, Sold by J. J.
Justice off the fence.
For 25 j ears 1 bavo liei.ii ufliicUj with ca
tarrh bo that I have been confined to my room
for two months at n time, I have tried all tbe
humbugs in bone of relief, but with no suc
cess until 1 met with an old friend who liud
used Hly's Cream Ilulm and advised me to try
it. I procured u bottle nnd Irom the first ap
plication I found relief. It Is tbe best remrdy
I bare over tried. W. V. Mathews, Justice of
tbe Peace, Shenandoah, Iowa.
Women with pale, colorless faces, who feel
weak and discouraged, will recelvo both men
ial and bodily vigor by using Carter's Iron
Pills, which are made for tbe blood, nerves
and Lompleilcn.
nsuu TIMKS
While money Is close, wages and prices
low, expenses should be cut down in every
household. Economy, tbe watch word lor
Mothers, head oB tbe Doctor bills, by always
keeping tn the house a bottle of Dr. Iiosanko's
Couuh and Lung Strut), Stoi9 a Cuugb In
stantly, relieves Uiinsumptlon, cures Uroup
and pnln In the Chest in one nlgbt. It Is
fust tbe remedy for bard time. Price 60 els.
and $1.00. Samples Iree. Sold Ad. Dakhaus
News About Town,
It is the current report about town tbat
Kemp's lUlsam for tho Throat nnd Lungs is
making some remarkable cures wb people
who aro troubled with Cough', Asthma,
Bronchitis, and Consumption. Dr. T. J. Cas
per, Druelst, will give any person u (ridl
bottle fret of cost. It Is guaranteed to relieve
and cure. Price DO tents and 1.
Piles are frequently preceded by a sense of
weight In the back, loins and lower part ol
tbe abdomen, causing tbe patient to suppose
be bas some eflecllon ot the kidneys or
neighboring organs. At times, symptoms of
indigestion ara present, flatulency, uneasiness
ol tbs stomach, etc. A moisture, like per
spiration, producing a very disagreeable Itch
ing, alter getting warm, Is n common at
lendaul. Blind, Uleedlug and Itching Plies
yield at once to tbe application ol Dr.
Hosauko's Pile Remedy, which acts directly
upon tbe parts affected, absorbing the
Tumors, allaying tbe intense Itching, and
effecting a permanent cure. Price 60 cents.
Bold by Ad. Bakbaus 4 Co.
r .! .
s Ladies FnactHiOorian, and
English Hotry.lmllack, Plain
and Fancy Colors.
LislsthrMds, Balbrijgan,
and Silks, CkJMroa'fcfOOBLE
KNfcEtn Plain, Jalbiflgan and
French. CMIdtrn'sLislethroad
Gen t's, Half, Hose. ,tlmens6
assortment Balbrrggas:' Lisle
threads, BriVsfl, rfflain .and
Fancy. "Shaw Knit," tho
best-valuo;i(verMNle. - ?
DftnnstifrHifsrtanir.faiisv iMfM
you wanfat prtcerthat wist
matte wem-go.
Don't pass by our 18c, 20c
and 25 c Regular Made Hosiery
for Ladles, Gent'oaa CbiMfeM.
Dr. T. L. JaitQs;iflaiist
(Lnto of Chicago.)
Dentistry in all of its Branches.
Specialty of One fillings; restoring; partial lotaol
tcefb without iilatei, and.restorlng iojisstuUflSas
sound root) and broken Ueth bj uwnlig.
1101-2 West Main Street.
Harnett Dulldlng.1
On Frank U. Bos)yn
(tonsil in UnrklnliiimB Balldliat
m er.jt pyprn.AjiTu'i.jitare.
in. rial xiimIIii ,lu ti O.t inimlll
r ataral toatb
Rooms 15 & 17, Arcade, Springfield, 0.
Sotclal attention Glisn to,0prarM Dsatts
Whoro You Will Find
In Abundance.
Dtj'C'all and see thu Handsomest lea Cream Par
lor In tho State.
Lon. Krider,
Itooin No, 6, Arcade Kulldlna, Heoond Floor,
fDrlnaOeld Oblo.
Walnut Alley, rear Central Market House.
Special care with lame bones, collar taaekikenes,
horses that Interfere, and .those baring;. .peculiar
The Host DeUghtAll
summer :t,ojur
Palaoe Steamers. low Bates.
roar Trips per Week Between
And Bvery Week r Between
, Write for ou
"Picturesque Mackinao," Illustrated.
ConUlaeVaUXirtioalanv Jfalledlsree.
Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co.
C. D. Whitcomb, Iin. Pas, aot.,
McMonagle&" Rogers'
Extract of Vanilla, In the puritvto
which vtuoirer it, has the delicate and un
mistakable llavor of the finest Mexican
Vanilla, and Is unequalled for rUroring
Ice Cre.uu, Cake and Custard. ,GWo
them a trial nnd satisfy -yourself.
Cleaa tea the
I b m a t Iob,
Heala the Sore,
lteitTrM Ue
Seaie of Tute
Snell.-A (Jsriek
ty centa at druggists 0 centa by mail aegis-
, Send for circular. Sample by gull It Ota.
m uw oc n asBnas'
.vAiLisJiM really elegant Kid
eleven that will retain its
hflrt fingers. A SURE FIT
GhiWrtrVt Kid Glove, Llile
ml Silk:' Children's Silk1 Mitts,
Black and Colors.
nUdla's Lisle and Silk
WtVHf Black: and Colors, all
jsizes, 6 and1 8 button' lengths,
(from 25c a pair. A BARGAIN;
Laiie's . Driving Gloves, a
jSpeeial Bargain.
Lirer and Kidney Complaints,
" Diabetes, Gravel Stone in the
Kidneys and Bladder,
Bright'), Disease, etc.
arracriD bt tiis Discovnar ov
Calculi Resolvent.
The fallowing are jjcimensor leitliuonlala h
tnft dally received by tho t alctill Itiwolrent Manu
facturlntf t o.t
CoLUMnus, O., April
Calculi BwwlfKit MTk. Cu..Clerrlaudf ().:
lear Hlrs One of our customer has !w?en trou
blod with Kldnny C'omptnlni. his trie J nearly
ereryUilBK, and since uVliio a llottleH f Cnl
cull Itcrtuivwiit he claims to be fully relieved and
earrsMl He does not want his name made public,
but we ran say he has use J nearly everything for
hiscomnlalnt, hut this time he struck the right
neuiouiv. nesiicciiuiiy,
Clkvklamo, O,, March 23, 1835.
Calculi Resolf ent M'fV. i.o., 70 water street:
Gentle wen For years I hare a times been
trou led fioiu torpid liver, ard also, more or less,
from Kidney aflectlon. Some time igo,-wben tn
the con tit Ion above mrntloned, X procured a bottle
of your Calculi Resolvent. At the time my urine
waaterj.red, and themeriiment arcumulatnl dur
loit the night had somewhat the appearance of
brick dust, before I had completed the bottle my
Uvea seemed to act like a new one, and the urine
cleared up, the offensive smell left It, and now no
deposit is found when It stands a few hoars I give
this statement unasked. nJ, it worth anything In
calling the attention of those slmlllarly afflicted,
rota may um It as you like. Yours truly,
JaUkS A. Youno,
Sold. tv J. J. Brown.
GWmnm a
V- WbmtflfM 1
i BCmde only of the finest and beat
quality of fllaaa for with
atandlUK beat.
Evory-good thingria"Countor
ftitod, and consumers aro' CAU
of these Chimneys mode of
the exact label is on each chim
ney as above. Tho Poarl Top is
always cloar and bright Glass.
Manufactured .ONLY by
lMttabarsh U'od Ulase Works.
DFor Hulo ly TJonlonsi.
l'alnrnlancl nirHcult Menstruallon, Kidney
Troubles, ltliruniatimn, 1'leurisy, Lum
bago, lJyiepala,Xf-tiral:la, Collo
or DtarrhuM), l'alne in tlie
Side, llttek or Howela.
Excellent for CHOI.P.RA In all forma, warming
the howels and checking discharjiea. Hoot by mail
onreoslptof II. N. Y. HKALTll AUhNCV, 8S5
Rmul.ir. N. Y. Hflfer. bv tiermlsslon. to Am.rl-
can Einreaa Co. or IU agents, bend for circulars.
Atlanta Winui).
KVKBY ONK who owns a W.tllON wauls a
OANIIl't TOI', Folds up
like an umhrilla. weigna
less than l'-i Iba. Can be
taken otl or nutonln 3 inln
utea. Made In s'aea te dt
business wigons, pleasure
wagons and bupglra. tind
for illustrated circular and
nrlcA Hit. Anenta wanted
'everywhere, elate where you aaw this. 1. O.
ausKlta a i u., patentees anu uiauuiaeiures,
Saody Hook, Conn.
JW AllVKKTlSKItS. Lowest rates for adver
tising In Uu"4 good newspapers sent free. Ad
ress O LO. P. BOW EI.L A CO., 10 Spruce t-L, N. Y.
Wk. H. Oaaax. Maaria M. a
'Al gat OotSOtt, 1383,. J
.ItutaaVUi to ,thl4eaart
ineiit txcluslvo oalo of
fCorsettaiHs Skirt ,SiNtertsr,
boot fitting,' easiest ofi adjwt
intent, perfect satisfaction
(guaranteed. .'All.1 the popular
brands ..of , Corsets, livestock.
Muslin Underwear,
muw,.JiiMHanatBTiGM oouarn
anteed equal to any.
PURHUAMT to the commends of an eiecnflon
nfisale Issued from tlieVourtof Cenaion riots
of Clark county, Ohio, and to me directed and de
livered, I will offer forealeJat pnblleauetlon, at
theeoulbdoor of tbe OourtUouaeofaald countr.
In the city of Springfield, Clark county, Ohio, on
ttotnrday, June 13, A. D., 1888,
ateno o'clock p. ui. tho following described prem
ises, to-wlti
All of slid tiaete hereinatten deecrilied, betna
situated In the county of Clark, Btate of Ohio, aad
In the city of Sprlatneld.
First Treel-HelDf ,srt ot.leU Mo. 10 la lDavld
Iwiy's addition to said city; said lot betnf nam
WreaSlOln therefleed'ana eoneecBtlvevnHber-1
Ing in saldcitr.'iUealnnlna
t, a point on the
north marginal line of West Je Hereon street lbi
nev east irom 'inoincerseouonobiaidueseiton
istrretwlth the east line of Mechanic street at C.
ill. Pierce's southeast corner; thence with the said
I Pierce's east line and tbe east line of Wm. Nichol
son's heirs north 173 feet: thence east with K. M.
Keniiey's aoiith line 90 feet to a one pole alley
niDi Iuk north and south. between lieehanle and
Factory itrccU; tbeuee with the west line of said
alley eoutli 173 feet to tho north line of Jiflcraon
atrret; Ihrnco with sail north line of Jefleraon
atreet weat VO feet tthe plaoo of beicinntng.
Hecond Tract-lleles tot No. S9J lo the revised
and consecutive numbering; of lots In said city of
Third Tract Being lot No49 as numbered on a
pMof lots laid out by David Lowry in addition to
-tald city of tfpringflcld, and numbend 386 in the
new numbering In ealdelty.
Fourth Iract Bltuall. la thceBty, State and
city afereeald. illeginnlng-oatbe south side of
Main atreet at a point 40 teet east of the Intersec
tion of aald street with Walnut alley! tsence run
ning south to t harlea Keller's.eaat line 100 feet
more or less to said Keller's south line ; thence
west with Keller's 'south line '40 feel to Walnut
alley; tbunce south with said alley IOS foet more or
leas lo David King's north, line; thence east with
aald King's north lice 100 feet more or leaa to the
east line of tbe pemlses of -Ike' Union 'Hall Asm
elation; thence north iIOOi feet morewrless to
I harlea Miller ' south line) thence with aald
Miller's south line weat W feet more er leaa;
thence north 100 feet more or less to Main atreet;
thence westen'Malnatnetaafeetiiaonorilees to
the place of beginning, and being part of lot No.
6 In James Demlnt'a addition to sal I city.
Fifth Tract-Being lot No. ! la James iLowry'a
plat In additloa loi the city ol Bprlagteld, and
numbered a7S In Ihe revised and coa.ecullve num
bering In sild city.
Hlxtk Tra t ltualed In the county,' Mate and
city aforesaid, and being the nerth half of lot
number ten (10) in David towry'a additloa to said
city, said lot being numbered three buudred and
I .mi (SIO) In the revised and consecutive number
ing oi sa aciir.
seventh Tract Bituated la the aforesaid count'
Hlate aeu cllv. Uiminenclne at a nolnt on f ti
south line of Southern avenue'CSlfeel from the
eaat line of Pearl atreett theace jaoutbparallel
with said Pearl at eet 160 feet saore or leaa to an
jlley; ihence east with the north line of aald al'ey
1 leet to anolher alley thance aonh ptrallel
. itb a ill Pearl etreet 150 feet to Southern avtaue:
thence with aald avenue weat to the plate ot be
ginning Ninth Tra t Hituated in the aforesaid iwinty,
Htate and city, aud being lot three hundred and
slxty-alz In Jatnes Lowry'a addition torlprlngSeld,
Ohio, In tbe revia d and consecutive numbering
of Iota in said city, and lot IIS on the plat of said
Also, tho following deaerlbedr promisee, lo-wlt :
Situated in the county of Clark, Htate of Oblo,
and city ot Hp Ingfield, commencing at anoint on
the south ltueof Southern avenowone'huadred
and Mveaty-ooei(t71)feetrweetolTaylor street i
inaaiacuy; intnee aoutn one nunarea ana nuy
CIA I feet loaalxteenfuot 1161 allev: tbeace weat
with the north line of said alley thirty-two andl
one-half (32t) fectt thence north .parallel with)
.yivr sirvei duo uuuurcu asu uiiy liouj lees U)
the south line of Southern avenue, thence east
with the south line of Southern avenue thirty-two
andoae-half (32H) feet to the place of beginning. I
ineauoveaeacrioeu premiaje appraisea as loi
lows: Thai part f therpremleee therein'eeeribed'aa
Tract No. One aonulaed atlUjuOO.
That part of ihe premises herein described as
Tract Ne. Two annralsed at Ut-WO.
Tbat part of the 'premlew herein described aa1
jraci pa. inree eppraiaea asotai
That pirtof the premises herein described va
Tract No. Four appralsedMn two'ieparate parcela;
via.: Flist-rtarcel beaiaalnwontheeenth aldwof
Main street at a poiat 40 feat aaat ( tbe tntereeo-'
lien oi asm aireei wun vvainui alley: insnee run
ning south' to CLarles Keller's east Has loo feet
raoie or less; theaee running east parallel with the
eeuth line oi Main street SO feet iaora or less:
Ihiece north with Charles Miller's west Use 100
feet more or less to the south line of at. In street;
thenct with the -south line of Main street SO feet
mere or leas lo the cuue of keainalnsi aald prem
ises sppraited at lt,CUO Second pareel com
mences at a point on tbe east line of Walnut
alley, southwest corner, to Ihe-premlerSof Cbarlesl
iter: inence running wua tne east-line ol wai-l
aut alley south 100 fact more or lesa to
D-vid King's north line; ttenee east with the
nerth line of aaid premises of David King 100 feet
more or leaa to the eaat Use at the preatises el the!
Union llall Asao latlc-nt thence north
HO feet more or leas toCbarlea'"a4lller's south
line; thence ruaalngweat parallel ertlh the south
line of Main stieet ilOOfeet-mora or. leaa to the'
place of beginning; aald premises sppralaed at
That part of the premise herein described $lm'
Tract No. Five appraised at 111,000.
That part of the premises .hereln'idescrieed ss'
Tract No. eix appraised at 116,000.
That part of the premises herein described ss'
Tract No. Seven appraised at 11,000.
That part of the premises therein described ss
Trai t No. N lne appraised at 116,000
Thit tract in ttu above order of appraisal laat
dea rlbed appraised at 11,200.
Said above described premises to be sold by er-1
der of tbe Court ot Common l'less of I lark coun
ty, Ohio, In case No. 771C, wherein Thomas Kenneyl
el al. are plaintiffs and Ilogb J, Crelghton et af.
are defendants.
Said premises aold eubject to the following lease:'
l.ot on southeast corner of Washington
and Mechanic streets, being part of Tract No.
S, 25 feet wide by 40 fitt in length? subject to lease
for lire years in favor of (1. 8. Fooa A Co., dated
Augusts), 1852, and made by Robert Hi Keaaey.i
Lease Uecord B, p. 71
Fart of Tract No. 6 belnar nremlaea on eaat aide
of Mechanio atreet, and being oerat loerof build-'
inga ana pari oi aeoona noor, tormeriy occupiea
by the SeUntlllc Mill and Forge Co.,wiib engine,
Ac. aubject to leaae for ive yeara from lH-cember
i, isoo, in lavoroime roos aaaauiaciuring ui ,
made by Hobert 11. Kenaey. Leaser 'Retard B, p.
Terms of sale One-third cash, one-third In on
year, aud one-third lu two years from day ol'eeltV
Deferred payments to tear slxperctnC pes sa
nuni Interest, end te be secured by mortgage on
the premises sold.
Sheriff of Clark County, Ohio.
IUuin A lUaak. Attornejs lor PlalntlO.
All Sorts, of
hurts and-many sorts o( 'ails of
man .and .beast need a. tooling
lotion. Mustang JiisTissWnts
Olawalaad, Oolambaa, Cincinnati' aad la.
dlanapotlt Batlwar.
Between the
irhrough can, with connectloaa In Onion Depat.
pnly direct Una via Cleveland, Buftslo and l
kcra Falla to New York and New England.
I Direct connections for all Southern, Southwest
Mm and Vietern points, either byway of Ctneln
inatl. Indlaaasolis or St. Louse. Fast Time, New
Salpment, and running through the most pops
' part of the country! possessing every appll
ss f of epeed and comfort known so bt eerrteo
able. The Best Moad-Bed anal the Safeat lUiad la
tbe West. Tickets by this papular rant for sals
rt all regular tloket offleee.
A. J. SMITH, General Passenger Aient.
leveianu, iuio.
Trslai Letvt hlaf last.
Night Bxprsas
... eJtlSara
Iprtng., l)el. a Col. Aooom......... 7iM a ra
tf. Y.l Boaton Kinreaa .- IIDIiui
Jlaelni.atl A N. i'.Vaat JJne-...... 40 p m
rjltrvaUn 1 tin Llnsx. S:35 p m
Train Let rt Msg (sits.
Midnight Exprata . 3 85 a m
Dlnolnnatl and Bt Lonia Ltrn ....., inosm
Bprlngfleld 4 Cincinnati Kxpreaa. tffitm
Uloolnnatl Fast Uns............... U:iB p m
Southern Express .. "l.tSpm
Dayton, 4 Cln. Ex S-2J p lu
Xp'tU. a Oln, Aonom, Hmiday only. 7ror ra
Dayton, Springfield and Del. Accom 7.10 p m
Trtlas Arrive Tn PeiU.
Midnight Express M-1S a tn
N. Y. 4 Uoaton Kxprei............... u:lo i la
Cln. AHprlngneld Kxprewa 11 ail in
U'ereland Fast Llne..... , H:ssrm
Hpringfleld Acoorru ........ 7 DO p m
Oln. 4 N. Y. Faat Llue. 1I.10 p m
Bpfd. 4 Oln. Aooom., Sunday only. 4 ) p m
TrsUi Arrivs Ina Xsst.
Nltht Express. .. i 25 a m
Clntl and St Louis Urn 6:10 a m
lOlnolnnatl Faslldua U-.a pin
rsoutharu Kxpreaa. . . S:5pm
Oolnmbus, Delaware A Dayton Ac 7:10 pm
I'efheso trains iethoulyoue8 running on
I Train saving at 0 50 a. m. liaa through
fleeplugcarto ltoeton and New Ydrk with
ut oluusge.
The train leaving at S'SS has parlor ear to
Cleveland, oonnratlug with tuo turougn
aleoper to New York awl lin u n.
Train leavlog Hprluptltld at UIO p ra has
sleeper loNtw Vo.k without cnange.
' AH tralUd ruu uv Ceiitru AL.nidj.nl Tlmii
Iwhlch la SS minutes slower than Mprlngneld time.
u.vi it. ikniuiiT,
Ticket Agont, A rcade Dei ot
J"ail, eaxcli way,
Elegant New Stylo
Woodruir Sleepers,
And Combination Sleeping and Re
clining Chair Cars on
Night Trains
And Elegant Modern Coaches on Dar rains.
Steel Kails, Miller Platloi Mand
Couitlers, Air Jtrakes aurt all
Modern Improvement ..
Shonaa and Most Ueatrasblw Uuutr UW.
tween the Eaat and Weat. n. rough
Tleketa aud Baggasja Checka
t nil Prfhelpat Polnte.
Fartlcuiar atlvaulagea ottered to Western Eml
granU. Ijiuit aud louriat Tickets to all points
reached by any Hoe.
r,aaseugvrlriualeavHrjirini;6feld,l ,froui Union
Uolug tail, U.15 p. in., u.&j a. iu., s:I5 u. lu ,
ll:4Ua. ui.
Oolug West, 2:J0a. m., 11:33 a. m.,S:.1t p m.
Going Norib, tf :45 a. iu,, m.uo a. m., G:J0 p. m.
Oolug South, O. A u. It, loiJu a. m.,o:ii p. ui.
Trains arrlvei
From .but, 2 US a. in., 5.15 p. ru., 1 1:13 a. ro., 8:50
a. ui.
Irom Weat, ll 11 p. in., !Mla. iu., 5 OS n in.
From North, l:sua. in., I,llp. in., 11:20a. ui.
From South 11:50 a. iu I :SU p. iu.
II. K. tleuderaou. If. M. Ilronaon,
(leu'l Manager. (len'l lltret Ja.t.
D. II. ItOUlIK, Ageut, SiirlngOeU. o,
Olilu Souilieru llliiaion.
Trains Arrive from Jackson and.TrVathlngto.. t. H
Bprlngl'ld K. a.
.Time. Time,
No. t (except Sunday) 5:15 p. in. 1:30 p. m
No. 3 (except eunday) 10:10 a. m. 11:60. a. ra
Tralss Dsssrt for Iscksen and Wiihlagtoa C H
Sprlngf'ld K. K.
Time. Time.
Ho. 2 (except Sunday) 11 :15 a, m. 10-30 a. m.
Ko, i (except Sunday) 5.55 p. m. 5:ls5 p. m
N. Y. P. A o. ItAILWAY.
Trslas Usvs golag tut
No. 2 aooom u, dally, except Sunday 4 60 p.m.
No. t, N. Y. Limited dally .......10:0a a. u .
No, S, New York bxpresa d.ily..
..S.81 p. ru.
Tralss Leave rolag Wsst
No. I, tin. Expreaadilly ...
No. 5, St. L. Limited Kspreaa daily.
No 4 leaviug h' re at 10:AI a. m. arrives lu Now
York the next mernlug at 11:00 a.m. 4 baura
through to New York without cbauiga of
lor tickets to sll iwlnts North, Fouth, Eaat aad
West and lurther luformatlou, call on
J, U. I'ULKuaa, Agent; office tn -t. James Hotel.
I ree hacka from city to dei ot for all passengers
going etist 40 miles or beyond. Leave order for
hack at ticket othce one hour before departure of
P., C. & St. L. llailway.
L. M. Dlrlalon Sjirlnclltld Branch.
No. 1.
No. ll.
Lx press.
No. 6.
Depsrtl g.
t7 00sni
4 4tpm
5 10pm
Lv. t . Spr'gs
12 UImu
Ar. Aenia..
Ar. Dayton
Ar t olutnb'a
Ar. Loulav'le
No. o.tuulern kxpreas, leavca bprlngtlsld 6,i0
a. m.; Yellow Springs 11.04 a. in. Arrive Xeula
g.30a. m.t Columbns 1 1.10 a. pi.
No. (i. jJoTw! No. 8. No. i.
Arriving. Eastern Ixical liar Ool'bua
txpreas Hxpreav Expreaa. Express.
Lv. Loulsv'le 2S0am 7.25iu 2Mpm .
Lv. Cln...... 7.2aaui 2.30pm 7.15pm ...
Lv. i olumb's 10.0 m 3.40pm '12.55pm
Lv. Dayton... 8.t"au) 415pm tsoOpiu tl80Pm
Lv. Xenia.... ") 40a ni 6.3Vpm 10.(6pui 2.40pm
Ar. Y. Spr'gs lOOCaiu eoOpio l".'Jlpm 8.00pm
'Ar. Bp'gt'ld.. 10.30am 6.25pm lCSpm S.30pra
No. 10, Local Accommodation, leavXonls 5.30
a. iu. Arrive Yellow Springs 11.15 l. in.) Spring
Held 7.00 a.m.
Dally, t Dally except Sunday.
Train No. 1 makes Immediate connections at
Xsnls for Washington C. H., Chlllloothe, Cincin
nati and Columbus. No. V la tbe Feat Eastern
Expreaa, making Immediate connections at Xeula
for i'itUDurz. llarrlaburg. Wsahlngton. Baltimore.
(Philadelphia. New York, Boston, all Eastern and
new r ngianu poiuia. aiso mrougn car aervxos lor
Cleveland. No. 11 makes dleot con
nections at Xeala for Cincinnati, Louis
ville end points couth; through trains for Rich
mond. Indianapolis. Ut. Louis aod points West.
No.Sisthsfamous'Llmltad Expreaa and makes
direct connections at Xenla for Columbus, Fills
barg, llarrlaburg, Baltlmors, Washington, Phila
delphia. New York. Boston, all Eastern ai.1 N jw
England points, also Immediate connection lir
Cleveland. Buffalo, Nlagsra Falls, Albany ana
Syracuse, N, Y. No. 7, Fast Line, Weetern and
Southern Express, making Immediate connections
st Xenia for Cincinnati, Lwlavllle, Chattrneo a,
Nashville, Memphla, and New Orleai.a, anil
for Bichmoud, Chicago, and points
In tbe North snd Northwest; Indianapolis, St.
Louis, Kansas City and points In the West and
Southwest. All trains run ou Central time,
which Is 25 minutes slower then city time. Tick
ets aold and baggage checked to all points In the
United States, and reliable Information, can be
obtained at the office of the Com
pany's Agent, this city. Particular In
formation aa to time of train eonnse
tlona, rates, tto.. cheerfully furnished.
Callus J. k.HUJkS.aty Tloket Ageat,
JAk). Mca2UCA, sUsaSsSsf.
B. A. Foao, Oenarai rsaasngu Asjetal.
' M
ZXWtVMiWHt$.VjB&MJ$9W i tnjnMsWifsTiriiiii

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