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Mr. 0. 0. Taylor has returned from a bull
ness tilp to New York City.
Mr. Harvey llenson, of the GLOBt.IUruii.
Lie, Is absent on n visit to Akron.
Squire Frank Il'ghtniever united Miss
Lulu Plants and Mr. Frank II, Kecder In the
holy bunds of matrimony jesterdsy.
Dr. Ctaarleawortb, the veterinary surgeon
of thl city, attended the State Veterinary
Convention at Cincinnati this week.
The Western Union had received n new
set of Instruments from Chicago today, which
will be used during the Convention.
There will lie several change) In the cast
of tho Naiad Queen as presented next week.
Tho art of Duklo llryton will lie sustained
by Miss (lussiu Held, ot this city.
At the Ohio Sunday School Union con
vention in New Philadelphia yesterday,
memorial services were held In honor of the
late K. M. Doty, ol this city, and other prom
Incut workers In the cause.
It was very dull In police circles last even
lug, only three arrests being made the whole
night. Mrs. Llndscy was run in for drunk
and disorderly, Frank Pitz for loitering around
the old elbow factory and Dan 1 Doyle on a
The lovers ol good music will be delighted
to hear of the return of the Mexican Typical
Orchestra to this city next week. The orches
tra will appear at the Grand, the nights ol
the 121b and KUb of June, directly after the
0. 0. Marsh, of Shawnee, Perry Co., form
erly Dium Major of the 31st Regiment, 0. V.
V. 1 , writes comrade J. 0. Walker be will be
a delegate to the convention next week and
wishes to meet any of the "boyB" whom he
knew in war times.
There was a report in circulation this
raomiDg that a boy iell off of Plum street
bridge and drowned In Buck cieeklast night,
but it was evidently a canard, as none of the
residents In that part of the city know any
thing of such an crcurence.
Stephen White, a soldier of Co. I., 43d
U. S. Colored Infantry, In the war, writes
here requesting the name and postoffice ad
dress ol any surviving members of the same
company. Send to Stephen White, Box 80,
Courtland, Lawrence Co., Alaboma.
The session of the Ohio State Medical So
ciety in Dayton was very successful, over two
hundred physicians being present from dif
ferent cities in the State. Among those pres
ent from this city were Drs. Buckingham,
Dimond, Kennan, Hulick, Dugan, Dunlap
and Seys.
Mr. Gus. C. Matthews, formerly of the
Springfield Dally Times, but now of the Cur
rent, Chicago, has joined his wile, who is here
visiting her parent., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C.
Frye, East High street. "The Current" has
become, in Its brief career.the leading weekly
magazine ot the country.
Kenry White, colored, an employe in the
Bar and Knife shop, was overcome by the
heat, yesterday afternoon, and tell exhausted
and gasping. The patrol wagon was called
and he was removed to bis residence at Pearl
and Patton streets. His health is not of the
lieal at any time and It is likely this prostra
tion may continue sometime.
A baggage car packed with chairs arrived
from Dayton this morning and workmen
have been busily employed in carrying them
to the convention building all morning.
About 1,200 chairs will be used from Dayton
in all, and the number increased to 3,500 by
local contributions. All the churches in the
city have offered chairs until the supply is
Mr. Wm. H. Griffith, who has been study
ing during the past two years at Keller &
White's office, and Mr. Luther Young, who
has been studying with Hon. J. K. Mower,
were yesterday admitted to practice by the
Supreme Court. There were 63 applicants,
of whom only two-thirds successfully passed
the examination.
One ol the bridges just this site of Green
field, on the Ohio Southern R. K., was dis
covered on fire last night. Only the end of
the bridge was burned. Passengers and
baggage were transferred to-day, but the
damage will be repaired by this eveclng and
through trains run again. How the bridge
caught fire Is a mystery.
The pay day of the I., B. and W. R. R.
has been changed from the 9th to the lath
ot the month. The pay car will consequently
not arrive in this cily until the 16th of i acb
month. The change is made because where
the road formerly bad 1,000 men on the pay
roll, there are now 3,000, and extra time Is
rcqnlred in auditing the accounts.
The rain fall last evening was one of the
heaviest ever known in this vicinity. It was
ushered in by a fierce storm of thunder and
lightning about 10 o'clock, and from then on
rain fell in blinding torrents most of the
nigbt. Several signs were blown down and
limbs of trees twisted off by the force of the
wind. An Immense quanty of rain fell, mak
ing rushing torrents of the gutters and lakes
of every chance depression in the streets.
Some damage was done in several totalities
in the way of washouts.
It is understood that Mr. Warren N. Carter,
formerly ot the Lagonda House, has pur
chased the A I cade Depot Restaurant, and will
take charge in a lew days, so as to prepare lor
the rush of visitors to the Convention, The
restaurant will be run night and day as here
tofore, and Mr. Carter's friends feel sure that
the excellent reputation" of the place will not
iffer In bis bands. The present force of
waiters will be retained with but few changes.
The tallest preparations will be made for the
accommodation ot visitors at the restaurant
daring the Convention,
Pave Wllboro, the well known bead run
ner of the Lagonda House, has bad an affi
davit bled against blm charging hint with dis
orderly conducl. Wllborn is always extremely
enthusiastic, in expatiating on the beauties
of bis hotel, and is very Indefatigable In bis
forts to obtain oostumeit. Tba other day
he followed a traveling man, who b thought
wished to stop at l-li house, into the Arcade.
Oflcef Wood Informed him that by to doles;
he wm violating the city ordinance, which
eetefxl hotel rennet to rsaalo at their
aaeee at the depot, end forbid tbees to fol
low tnrelen. feoase worde followed, end
the aAderit wm tied m above MM.
Martin Clearly lllea tit Ilia Injuries An
Entirely Unlimited fur llemitl.
The death of Martin Clrary ttum bis in
juries, sustained by being stunk by n north
bound passenger train on the C, 0., C. anil
1. R. R., as related In last night's paper, was
entirely unexpected and was received with
surprise by bis friends. Mr. Cleary seemed
so well, that he was walking around the
house and jard yesterday, under tho Impres
sion that bis Injuries were of a lilvlal char
acter. Ills death took place about 4 p. In.,
yesterday. The physicians state that his
death was due to a rupture of the bladder,
or tome other severe Internal injuries. It is
Just possible that bis life might have been
saved had he quietly remained in Iwd, as was
the proper course. The night ol his death
he was walking home about 9:30 In the
evening on the O., C, 0. tc I. traik along
Washington street. Intently watching a
train approachltig from tho other direction,
and being slightly hard of bearing, be falltd
10 hear another train behind blm, which vA9
crossing on the samo tliuk n which be was
walking. The engine whittled, and Cicary
hearing it jumped to one side, off the track.
He failed to jump far enough, however, and
was struck a terrific blow on the hip by tho
pilot ol tho engine. He was thrown forward
as if hurled Irom a catanault, and his face
and neck badly scratched by the cinders and
stones on the road. He v as carried to his
residence, a double brick, corner Linden nve
nue and Washington street. His injuries
were at first thought of n slight character, as
there were no signs of the severe internal in
juries which had been inflicted by the blow.
Tbe funeral takes place from St. Raphael's
to-morrow at 9 o'clock. Mr. Cleary worked
for some time on the I. B. k , and was
foreman for awhile of tbe sewer hands under
contractors Funk A Minaban. The family
came to this city about three years ago from
Canada. Mr. Cleary leaves a wife, four Eons
and two daughters, seeral ot whom hold po
sitions in the city. One of the sons Is a clerk
at Barber & Willis' dry goods store. There
is nut likely to be any blame attached to tbe
Railroad Company in the sad affair, but tbe
fact that there Is no sidewalk along Washing
ton street Irom Gallagher street to Linden
avenue may form the basis for au action for
damages. Mr. Cleary was an upright and
respected citizens, and his death l.as cast a
gloom over bis large circle of acquaintances
In this city.
Kepubllcnli City Convention.
Following is the official call for tho con
vention to be held in th court bouse Monday
evening next to choose delegates from Spring
field cily to the Republican State convention.
All Republicans should attend:
The Republican electors of the city of
Springfield, Ohio, are hereby notified that
a mass meeting will be held in the county
court bouse, at 8 o'clock p. in., on Monday,
June 8tb, AD. 1885, tor the purpose of se
lecting eight (8) delegates and eight (8) al
ternates to attend tho Republican State Con
vention, to be held on Thursday, June Htb,
A. D. 1885.
By order of the Republican Central Com
mittee of Clark county.
John W. Paupons, Chairman.
Jades P. Goodwin, Secretary.
Tbe County Republican Central Committee
will meet at half-past one o'clock to-morrow
afternoon, in the agricultural board roc in,
toett county building, to make arrangements
for choosing delegates to the judicial con
vention at Morrow and to transact oilier
business demanding attention.
Tax Colilltilftaloil Mtictliif;.
The city Tax Commission for 1883, consist
ing of Mayor Goodwin and City Solicitor
Summers, ex officio, John II. Thomas, Geo.
II. Frey and W. S. Fields, met last night at
the office of the Water Works Irusiees, In
the Arcade, and organized for the session by
tbe election of John H. Thomas, president,
Geo. H. Frey and vice president. City Clerk
J. 8. Shewaltei Is clerk of the Com
mission under tbe law establishing it. A
resolution was adopted calling upen the city
clerk and clerk of tbe city Biardof Education
for information a to estimates, tax levy, etc.,
after which the Commission adjourned to
meet In the same place Monday evening,
June 15.
There was some talk informally as to tbe
city's financial condition and prospects, but
nothing to Indicate with any certainty what
course will be pursued regarding city tax
rates. Some pruning is likely to be done,
Transfers ut Ileal Kettite.
W. B. Baker, Sheriff, to Simon S. Jenkins,
44 40-100 acres land In Pike township: $'.',
930.40. Reuben Good et al. to Dawson Jit Totten,
quit claim to land in Greene and Clark coun
ties: $2,000.
Johnson & Scott to W. II. Reeves, lot on
Oak street: $000.
H. Runyan to Klljab Teach, lot near Ca
'awba: $200.
Abby J. Homes to G. M. Helvle,lot in New
Carlisle: $190.
Samuel Williams to Nancy Dazey, 3 lots In
Relfsnider's addition: $2,500.
Turman NetT to Eleanor A. Milzel, lot in
Tremont: $1.
A HamliioniH Donation,
Superintendent Dick, of Ferncliff Ceme
tery, wishes to publicly ncknuwledge the re
ceipt of nearly three hundred fine Geraniums
from Mr. Peter Murphy, the nol'th Limestone
street florist, who also cared for quite a
number of Cannas and other plants during
tbe past winter, tree of charge. The Geran
iums are planted in two large beds in tbe
cemetery, and no doubt will be greatly ad
mired by the many thousands who visit that
lovely spot. Mr. Murphy merits t'le large
Increase In his trade which he has received
this spring. He makes a specialty of filling
urns, vates and bedding out plants.
A reporter got Into tbe nigwam by hook
or crook this morning principally by croak,
however, and was soon In a state ot speech
less admiration over the decorations, which
are being lavished on the interior of the State
Convention building. As the reporter, with
his soul filled to tbe lid with delight, was
gesticulating wildly In a vain attempt to ex
press his appreciation of tbe beauty of tbe
scene, he was brought to earth by a rough
grasp, and was summarily firtd by the mar
shal on guard; who Informed him that no
one, not even tbe subscribers to tho bulldiag
fund will be allowed In tbe wigwam until the
deeoiatlons are complete. The decorations
are gorgeous however, Right In the center
there is a magnificent thin but we forgot,
we snide a solemn promise not to give it
Mr. F. A. Cumnock was here yesterday
arranging for tbe appearance of the Eijulne
Panttex, at Black' Opera House, In tbls cily.
Attention, ftocterft.
Everybody knows that tbe life of llva
average physician is a hard one. He Is
often compelled t r'de 8rei,t distances
through mud and rain for n merely nom
inal fee. It Is not fit nor proper for us to
condemn any physician for his work, but
wc do nssert that bis practice can be madei
easier, and lie can effect more cures by
the proper nnd judicious use of I'KHUNA.
If lie will only add tills great remedy to
bis list ofmctllcliics lie will find that Ills
usefulness will be greatly Increased. Full
direction for Its n&u will be loutid In tins
" Ills of Life," und lie fclioulj ut once pro
cure tills valuable Ixiok.
N.J. Wright, Business Agent Evening
Herald, Eric, l'.i., says: "Dr. Hart
man I can not but feel It my duty to
express to you my thanks for the great
benefit I received from the use of your
medicines, I'kiiuna and MANAMN.
One bottle of each placed me square on
mv feet, after a sickness of four weeks,
which confined me to my bed, anil then
left me lame and crippled. Three days
from the commencement of the use of
your remedies the cane was dispensed
with, and In n week I w.is perfectly well."
Mrs). Ellen Mavnaid, Oswego, Potte.'
countv, Pa., wiltu.: "Dr. Hautmam,
Columbus, O. ' lie small ulcers are alt
healed, and the two large ones are not
more than nan as large us wey ac a
am feeling quite well. The people say
your Pbruna and Mam Attn are doing a
miracle. I do not take nearly so much
! .- V JM lu.fnriv"
Joseph Thomas, East Brady, Pa.,
writes : " I have used your Fkruna and
Manaun with good results. In the year
of iSSo I was so bad that I could scarcely
walk. I used Pkruna and Manaun,
and am now as healthy as 'I have ever
been. I have also recommended it to
several parties, and they have been much
benefited by It."
Mr. C. II. Harris, New Vienna, Ohio,
writes : "Our little girl was paralyzed
at thirteen months old, and we resorted
to everything we could hear of for relief,
but she appeared to get but little better.
Hearing of I'iuuna we concluded to try
it, nnd will say It lus done her a great
deal of good the first bottle apparently
giving old and relief. Wo have used it for
nervousness in other cases on other per
sons and found it a success. For general
debility, and In fact for any disease, we
don't think anything else can at all com
pare with it. We have used forty or filty
bottles, and our house is never without
l'EUUNA. Our little gin is now eigiu
year old, and can run any place, was for
fpur years hellcs. Pkhuna cured her."
The Springfield base ball club arrived here
from Frankfort, Ky. direct, last evening, not
having visited Lexington. The games with
the Daytons were recalled on a telegram Irom
the Dayton manager received by Mr. Fisher
at Frankfort, stating the Daytons would be
unable to play on the dates proposed. On
arrival here Manager Fisher found a telegram
dated June 2, from the Richmond, Ind.,
Henleys, desiring to make an engagement for
games with Springfield at Richmond today,
Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Fisher replied
at once but no answer has been received at
this writing. There are no events, therefore,
preceding the Youngstown games next week,
June 9, 10 and 11.
The Caledonian Club, of this city, met at
their hall, last evening, with most of the
members present. Tbe club considered, and
accepted an invitation from Mr. Hugh Rusdell,
Jr., of East Springfield, for the club to spend
thri Fourth of July al his residence. Com
mittees on music, transportation, etc., were
appointel to make arrangements for tbe
event. Tbe affair will be in the nature ot a
garden picnic, and will be exceedingly
pleasant in its nature. There will be recita
tions, out door games, etc., during tbe day
and In tbe evening a concert will be given.
The Caledonian Club now numbers about 30
Tbe lecture delivered last evening at St.
Paul M. E. church, by tbe Rev. Dr. Marlcy,
though a storm was threatening, was attend
ed by quite a number of people and tbe
Dr. pointed out many of tbe evils abroad In
the land, Borne of which will eventually ruin
us as a nation II a different course is not
pursued. The desecration of tbe Sabbalb
was referred to as one ol tbe greatest sins ot
the nation. He thinks we are not holding
up the high Btandard of our forefathers.
Mitchell Post No. 42, G. A. R., voted last
night to give a camp fire uext Friday night
at their ball in honor ol Dept. Commander R.
B. Brown, who will be In the city, that day.
All the posts in tbe county and Burkbolder
Post, Yellow Springs, will be Invited. Also
the Women's Relief Corps and Sons of Vet
erans. Tbe regular meeting Thursday even
ing will probably be dispensed with.
Margaret Palmer, a half witted harridan of
Columbia street, Is raising a disturbance
again. Mrs. Loomey, a neighbor, asked for
police protection trom ber today. She usrd
tbe most villainous language, and assaulted
the latter.
In Common Pleas court today Judge
White granted Mary A. Waid a decree of
divorce from Walter Ward, on plea of neg
lect, drunkeness, etc. Plaintiff was also
granted alimony In $400 and custody of
Tbe Reception Committee ol tbe State
Convention will meet at tbe Mayor's office at
7:30, this evening, to make final arrange
ments All tbe members are requested to be
present as busines of impjrtance will be die
cussed. Mr. II. L. Bancroft, tbe veteran Banker, of
Granville, Ohio, now 85 years ol age, is now
vhlting his sister, Mrs. McGookio, on Fac
tory street. He is an une'e to tbe celebrated
publishers at San Francisco.
Tbe police havt received the r,lenr nf
chivalrous looking foreigner who is wanted
ior lorgery. ills name Is Frederick Frenden-
berg, alias Bescke, alias Klein. Tbe reward
Is $250
It Is understood today that Judge Littler!
condition today Is so serious bis rlends are
piepared for bis death at almost any time.
Tbe police are making raids on a number
of bouses of ill lama and lay that all will be
raided before tbey are through.
Tbe theatrical seasan at the Grand wilt
close wllb the Ida Siddons Mastodon Female
Minstrel troupe. ,
The Springfield play ball In Richmond,
Ind., Saturday afternoon and Sanday, learlug
here tonight, s
Mr. E. L. Millar and wife, ol the Krufosi
Republican, bai been spending tbe day In tl
tag tfodelf or Puttcroi of any description
mftdft, tboald call upon W, T. Parker, 39
Wit WauliIniTtnn atrMt. Um 11 Irlnrfa i
Pattern Work tf prompt! and proper! done.
You desire to purchase the most
elegant hand-sewed French Kid
Dreis Shoe for your wife or
Or a shoo for every-day wear;
Or a handsome, tasteful, stylish
Or a fine high or low cut Calf,
Kangaroo or Patent Leather Shoe
for yourself;
Or an easy, comfortable and
serviceable shoe in which you
More Manufacturing Proposed for Spring
field. Hon. Jacob Baker, ol Granville, O., spent
one day tbls week hero In placing in General
Keller's office bis recently patented office desk
and file case. He wishes to organize a com
pany or to find some Individual to engage
with him In the extensive manufacture ot the
ame. Any person feeling an interest In this
matter Is invited to call and examine the
desk and communicate with blm.
Uressmnklnai, Cuttlns; and Fitting;.
Dressmaking In all tbe latest and newest
modes ot fasbioh, done promptly and satis
factory, and at reasonable rates. All tbe
latest fashion plates and journals always on
band. Cutting and fitting: Dresses with
lining, 40 cents; dresses without lining, 25
cents. Stamping, silk and arasene embroidery,
oil aud Kensington painting. Mrs. E. B.
Haruer, 18 East North street.
To Washington C. .mid eiurn the Hame
Day via the Tan Handle.
The train arrangements on the Pan Handle
now afford splendid facilities for making
trips to Wilmington, Washington O. H., and
points adjacent to the line in Clinton and
Fayette counties. Tho morning train leaving
Springfield at 7:10 a. m. makes direct con
nection, arriving at Wilmington at 0:52 a.
m., and Washington O. H. at 10:45 a. in.
Returning, the train leaving Washington at
4:45 p. m. and Wilmington at 5:30 p. m.
makes direct connection with the evening
train arriving at Springfield at 10:55 p. m..
otlering almost one entire day for business or
visits. i. A. r ord, U. P. and T. A.
lice Line Fact.
Tbe new summer time card in effect on the
C, C, C. & I., Ry., gives the people ot
Springfield and vicinity some excellent ac
commodations and tbe fastest trains ever run
by any railroad. Westward we have the
5:10 a. m. fast express train lor Cincinnati,
Indianapolis and St. Louis, without chance.
arriving at Indianapolis 10:35 a. m. and St.
Louis 7:30 p. m. This elves a davlicht ride
to both the above points with direct connec
tions at Indianapolis tor Chicago and all tbe
points in the northwest. Also at St. Louis
for all points In Kansas, Arkansas, Texas,
Colorado and Nebraska.- Passengers taking
tbls train are out only one night, all first
class passengers are entitled to a Beat
in the reclining chair cars free. All
roads from St, Louis run these cars. A full
line ol land explorers and tourists tickets to
all western points, including Pueblo, Colorado
Springs and Denver are on sale. Eastward,
be 9:50 a. m. has through sleepers to both
New York and Boston without change, ar
riving In New York next day at 10:30
(N. Y. time) and Boston at 2: 15 p.m. Tbe
9:40 p. m., limited express, arrives in New
York next evening at 7:30 p. m., less than
22 hours. This train has a through sleeper
without change to New York. Berths re
served and sleeping car tickets sold at this
office to all eastern points. We also sell to
all points on the great lakes via tbe Lake
Superior Transit Co. and Detroit and Cleve
land Transportation Co.'s Hue. For al'. In
formation regarding routes or rates, tourists
books, maps, &c, call at the Bee Line office,
Aicaue uepol.
G. H. Kniout, Ticket Agent.
A Letter and Testimonial from a Prominent
Citizen of Dayton, Ohio A Member of
the Board of Equalization A Brother to
Dr. Beck, an Eminent Physician.
A Wonderful Cure.
In the winter of 18S3 I liul mv m.l 1a An m
right foot frozen, and sunered untold sgonv for
- uuiiuhuu wura wm hit conaiiion to mv
olaianillr plirsiclin.uld I could not be cured, u
gangrene had already set In at the urn time.
Suffering from dropsy of the limbs and feet. The
luuuwiiig roruucsie ipeaas loriueu:
Da. Okokok: My Dear Krlod-I would be a
traitor to my own feelings If I failed to give vou
some leitlmonj of my gratitude to you, for What
you have done for me. When you were called In
to attend to my cue, I was In a very critical and
dangerous condition. Indeed, It was the opinion
of every one who called to see me that I could not
rfcoter. Now I fully believe that your skill as a
physician, and tbe dote attention and good tare
which your kind heart eave me, alone averted the
fatal termination of my case. My foot la and hat
been entirely healed for three wAir no... ma i-
altogetherfree from pain. Buch la tbe happy re-
-.. w. ;vui lutcuiKvu. ircHiuiem 01 ujr case.
Your Eateeined Friend,
Kuas U. Bkik.
ut. ueorge is permanently located at
Springfield. Parlor and Lab atory, No. Ill
South Center street. Twenty-lour years' ex
perience In tbe treatment of Diseases, with
Herb Medicines exclusively, enables us to
guarantee a cure in most all curable cases.
Office Hours 9 a. m. to 4 p. m., and 7 to 8
p. m.; Sundays, 8 to 0 a. m.
Cases treated by contract and cures guar
anteed. Consultation free.
Citt Clksk's Opvick 1
BruiforiKLD, O., June J, 1885. f
At a meeting of tbe council of said cily, held
po the 2d Inst., a quorum being present, the fol
lowing resolution was adopted i
Hfaolted, By the Cily Couacll of the City of
Springfield, Ohio, that It la neccattry, and that it
Inienda to make a public Improvement by chang
ing the grade of a portion of Mound street, east of
York street, via:
. .. auv vu me cut iioe oi xorg
street, thence eaat tuft feet to tbe present grade
of tald Mound street, u-ent 15 40-100 feetTaaid
I".! toJ- eeeortlDg to the profile thereof on file
In the office of the city engineer of UiWcity, for
tbe imtiHif nt all .-l- I.I....I.J .I.---,-.
that the cily clerk la beieby directed titauae
legu publication to be made of this reaolutlon.
and the city raanhal la hereby appointed and
directed to aeive legal notice upon all tbe ownera
of property abutting on said portion of Mound
lref:i ' UP n 'be persons In whose names the
KDtlttlriLf tirf-ruis-tir uu.l
By order of Council.
Atteatl J. H, Hukw.ltek, Cily Clerk.
MSt"?lr' on Ml'n '"quire ol Outot A
ros, Its K. Main aL
with alakla fna - a sain . i . . ...
ra "iv w.-.."aV?i."" " ?. r' S"; .??
UeStlnager. ' ",u"' "' "
40 Exchange Plaice, Mew York I
14 Kschauge Place, Boston.
Member! Haw York and Beaton etock Exchanges,
rrivale wires to Beaton, fhlledelpbla an Cbl
eego stocks, bonds, grain and oalecellaDeouaie
eurlUes bought or sold on communion tor taah er
upon margin. Bpseial attention glvea to Invest
aaeat securities. Cerrespeswleaee solicited.
can walk or stand without tiring
your feet ;
Or stout but neatly made Chil
dren's Shoes;
Or Children's fine Dress Shces
or Slippers ;
Or shoes for the Baby;
Or easy Slippers for yourself
in any case you can find just what
you want In our extensive and
comprehensive stock. There is
no recent style of Shoe which we
do not carry ; no first-class fac
& - awPuMtQdftMeBMHiiBSwaBLwBMIBawak.
B JISS555elawl'Se,aeMaelelB!aelelelewy
" ' .ieSBBaBflBBaBwBBSMBlHLwaBMLwawawwa
The Driest display or Metallic Burial Caskets ever made In this country can bo seen at onr WAKEUOOMS,
23 NORTH MAUKKT STHEET, durlnp the present week, the exhibit Imvlnir been urranirrd for tho Instiection of
Metallic Caskets are the only snre protection from the intrusion of water, gronnd borers, gophers, vermin,
&c., and have been used for the remains or scoreB of prominent persons, among; them being President Uurflcld,
Lincoln, Johnson, Commodore Yanderbill, Senator Hill, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, citizens of Sprluirlleld nnd
thousands of others. Members of tho Ohio State Association and the general pnblic aro extended a cordial hivi
tatlon to call at our factory and examine our goods.
CoERicdiD nr Chas. W. Payhtm A Co.,
91 and 93 West Main Street.
Calif Report Frldar, June 5, 1885.
BtJTTKa Full supply, choice !0al24.
Knos Fullsuppljr at 12c ir doa.
Poultry Uood demand : chickens, voana, 20a
80o; old, 25a.Wc each.
ArrLKS-II OOal 50 per buih.
FoTATOKe 50c perbuih.
Hwkkt Potatoes None.
Cabbaok New lOalCo head.
(iHioits Ilermnilas'iScij peck.
Halt Soow-Uaie brand, 11.23 per bbl.
Coal Oil 10al520c per gal.
tn'OAU-CURKD Meats Sides, So: shoulders, 7c,
hems, 10Xc.
Sumars A large demand and prlcea low ; gran
ulaled, 7Wcper lb: "A" while, Oo per lb; extra
C light, Gjjo por lb; yellow C,6c per lb; C,6e
per lb.
CovrKK Marke loeerj Java, 20a30o per lb;
Hlo, golden, 18aJ0 per lb; Rio, prime green, 12(a
15c perlb; uio.x nmon, IOo per lb.
riTRurs I0a50a70c per gal.
Molassks Ne lrteana,b0a84cperga;aorgbain
60c per gal.
Rick Beat Carolina, SJo per lb.
Oysters None.
Dried Aitler 8 l-3e per lb.
Dried 1'kaciiks I2Cc per lb.
Chick axs Bcarcee; Lreawd, 30at0c each.
Turrets Scarce: ' 12S perlb.
Ducks " 12 75a3 60 per dos.
Fine washed, 28a30e; unwashed, ott.
drikd vruits.
Raisins New 10al2Kc per lb,
Currants-New 7Hc pet lb.
Apples New tUp pe. lb.
Pkacues 10l2Vio per pound.
Paustas V ,w 7Ko per lb.
Btohk Ware 8o per gallon.
City Clerk's Ori-ica 1
Hi'rinjfikld, O., Mar 27, 1885. f
At a meeting of the council ol said cily, held on
the 2Cth Inat., a quorum being present, the follow
ing reaolutlon waa adopted:
Resolved, By the city council ot the elty of
HprlngBeld, Ohio, That It la necessary and that It
lntenda to make a puMIc Improvement by con.'
atructlngtha aewer hereinafter described, accord
ing to tbe plana, prnules and apcclllcationa there
tore on Hie In tbe office ol the city civil engineer,
and recorded in the office of the city clerk, and
open to tbe inspection of all partlea interested;
and tbat the aewer In tbe sewer dlatrlct, both
hereinafter described, aald aewer and aewer dis
trict being part of the plan and ayateni ol sewerage
for aald city heretofore adopUd by the Council, is
required and la hereby designated for immediate
Bald aewer is described as follows vlsi Bo much
ol the main aewer of I be Outre atreet aewer dia
strict or aewer dlatrlct No, 4, aa Ilea between the
point ol Intemectlon of the centra line of Centre
atreet with Mill llun aewer, and the Interaction
of Centre atreet with tbe aoutb line of Mulberry
atreets beginning at aald point ol lnterarction of
tentre atreet with Mill Run sewer and running
thence In. along and upoa aald Centre atreet
south to the aoutb line ol Mulberry strret.
The boundariea of said Centre atreet aewer dla
trlct, or aewer dlatrlct Mo. 4, being a, follow,, vis
Commencing at the lntenectlo'i of the east line
of Market atreet with tbe centie of Buck crrek:
thence with the centre line of Buck creek down
tbe aame to tbe luteiaectlon of tbe centreline
thereof, with the eaat line of Factory street: thence
with the cait line of Factory atreet. and with the
eaat line of Factory atreet extended southward to
it intersection with tbe aouth corporation line;
Ihence eaat with aald corporation Hue to the weat
line of a turnpike road, formerly tbe Bprlng&eld
and Ulllon turnpike; thence with tbe west line
of aald road north to tho old corporation line,
being tbe aection line between Bcctlooa u and 33,
Townahlpg, Range 9, M.K.8.; thence with aald
aecllon line weat lo the esat line of Market street,
thence with the eaat line of Market atreet north to
the place of beginning.
The plana aud apeclficatlons required by law,
for the construction of aald aewer, nave been pre
pared aud are on Ale In the office of tbe city civil
emlueer for examination and Inspection by par
ties Intereited, and council will bear aald partlea
at Its regular meeting to be held In the council
chamber of said city ou the 3m h day of June, A.
V.. 1885, commencing at 8 o'clock, p. m.
The city clerk Is hereby directed to publish this
reaolutlon lu a newapaper of general circulation
in tbe corporation for two consecutive weeks.
... . . u u r. r. Mast, President,
Atteat : J. H. Hhewalter, City Clerk.
CllM rp(nrftttM. tartard af ia tm fiirnlali..! ......
OilU-u 9th nr Hun jmferretl. AciJreu h, fc.
it tun uuice
AMTPn Til', fin11, .,iio, u ..,....
In llaker alore, No, 7 U. Market street.
WANTEU-l'srtutr with about tiou In light
mtnilf..tlirliiii kii.ln.i. I. .1.1. .(. i .1 "
"Bualoess" tbls c.tllcc
TjK)R tIALK-gonie furniture for cigar factory.
riocluJIng about one tliouaautl bounda leaf Ut-
l,ajMl Bful .titllnv. ..utl. .... .jj
"Tobacco" this office,
IriTftntla'ifitK hlnt.A ia.i .,,. ... ...
. w -.--.. m iai ssaaaea ajag (mr. IJwl4jfn& III
every family. Inquire at S3 ti. Uuieatone alreel.
second floor. '
WANTED udI" na ""t Men, In cllr or
r 1 1 u? ""'""u viuiMoyinenii no instructions
-j'-jyS' D, hJ " ("Island no objection.)
It to 1H per week can b made. Ho canvasalna .
MesUmp for rep,, f) addreaa lluua Masir'a
Co., Boston, Maaa. f, o. Boa I VIS.
WANTD-ADeU"u?arVV(","l In every
wwsirv ss-UcoaMy toaall our goods. Belary
15 per month and expenses, or eonulaslon.
tubuses In advance, fl outfit tree. For full par
JSSS,ffi!m 1A,D "itVM Wa fca,
tory that Is not represented In eur
stock. Hothini cheap er trashy
can be found In our store ; , no
shoddy Imltat.ons. Our goeds are
never misrepresented under any
circumstances. Each customer
gets precisely what he calls for
without any deception.
Whether vou desire to buv much
or little, It Is always our pleasure
to deal with you justly and carry
the best and largest stock of
goods in the city.
Little's Soluble Phc yip, tho best non-polsonoug Deodorizer and Disinfec
tant known. It hn jnst been pronounced to be three time more iinnerful than
anj other disinfectant in tbe market by the COMMITTEE ON DISINFECTANTS
or the American Public Health Association recently in session at the John Hop
kins' University, Baltimore, for testing commercial disinfectants. Hold in 26c,
60c, aud $1 bottles.
No. !2fs ISaat Main Htroot.
CLUSTER PATTERN, 5-10x34 Inch.
Also 3 Inch, 4 Inch, nnd G inch dressed strips, very nice, already out nnd Jus
, what you want to wako FLY SCKEENS OF.
R. P. Willis & Son
Proposed Amendment to the
Constitution of Ohio.
Senate Joint Resolution No. 28.
Amending Section 4, Article X. of the Con-
ititution, relating to the election
o Towmhip Officer!.
ItetoheJbptU antral AliemUu of Ihe Stntt of
OAto (tbree.nfllia of all tlia members elecltd to
escli bouse concurring lbereln, Ibat there be
aul.mllleJ u tbe electora of the State, on tbe aec
ond rueadsyof October, A. U. 1885. a piopoaltlon
to amend aection four, article len of the Couatllu.
tlonof tbe Stale, aoaa to rejd aa fullo.ii
Section 4. Towi ahiu officers aball be elected by
the electora of each lownahlp.atauch lliue.lnaucn
manner, and for aucb term, not eiceedlnir three
ISlMiZ "1ft PES"?"" ;. .1". ""'i
qualified. .,. ,nu
Thf, AlffftftPia .lalvlti. at ..I.I.I..H . .
I.... V7l , . "' ",u 5HJv'wn, l vole lu
!?.'. a .. ',0,,Ky,ln': aiueiiJiucnt. shall have
printed on their ballot, tbe wordi."d,n.Mtnlin.l
arneiHlaient, township officers Yojj" and thuae
l ,. . .' . .I.UH..U,. ui aaiu uiueuunieui
ahall have written or printed on their ballets the
words. "Omslituilonsl amendment, Uiwuablp om-
A. P. M..IMI,
hlaktr of Ihe Iluuie of Jtrureientallue.
hl.ML.lt WiliTK,
ii . i . t,. .J'rtildeiit jin lem. of Ihe Senate.
Adopted April 8,1885.
Uhitkii hurts ok Amkbica, Ohio, I
Orviva or Tint Hkchktakv or Hiatk.
u.,,.,.".f .H J0,'""""'". Secretary of Mate of Ihe
State ol Ohio, do hereby cerilfy that Ihe foregoing
la a true copy of a Joint Iteaolullon adopted l,y
tie lleneral Aaaewhlr of tho Slate of Ohio, ou the
Mil day of April, A. Ii 1885, taken from Iheorif
lual rollanlcd in th'sotBre.
In TasirwuNV WiiKiiKor.I hare hereunto auh.
aorlhed my name, and alrliixl my offl.
(BKAUJ clsl aeal, st Coluuibua, the Mil day of
April, A. J., 188.1.
JAMbd H. 1.0HIN80N,
. Secretary of Stale.
The risik County Republican Csntral Com ml t
tse i will meet at the Eaat county building: on Hal.
urday, June tub, IM3, at HIKJ u m for the purpose
of airang ng foi the renreseulaUon ol said county
In the Judicial counniloa to b. held at Morrow.
Ohio, on Tuesday, June Kin, 18U. Important
that a quorum be present. Jouai W, I" a annas.
Jauka i; Ooouwi, .-.airman.
finds ovtr)lioly fwllns dull, IntiRulJ, slug.
$lu; exactly In tlio condition to lio vastly
benefited by tbe uso of Ajer's Ssiiwiparllla.
LIzzloW. DoVcau, 2C2 lr.th st., Ctli ae.,
Xlrooklyn, N. Y., saj : "Kvcry sjirlng, for
years, I liato had Intolerable boaduehes,
and hm o sullcrrd from total loti of energy.
I commenced uslns Ajei's 8.iib.ipnrlll:i
last March, nnd hat o not gliu-o had n head
ache: my ntipctlto U c.ci llent, und I mil
f rong und Igorous." "As a spring
Ajit'h K.impnrlll.i hui r.r. irjual," ultc
A. II. Xlcliciti, Canibrld' c, Jin's Henry
ll.iion, Xi-nln, Ohio, i.:i;: "1 h.iui inci'l
AjerN Sarsaparllla In my family for
ciirn. I hate found It luwihinblu in n
euro for Lumbago mid cnen nertom
debility, canted by tin Inactive llier nml
ii low fctato of tlm blood." i:. J. Kraine,
Wii)vlllc,WN., writes: "Tho ti' oof
has cured mo of I.Uer Complaint."
Prepared by Dr. J. C. A ( r & Co., Lowill,
3lu- I. H. A.
I'rlco $1 ; six liottles, $fi.
hood and secret dlaraaea csuae more autlerlug,
cldea, nervous debility. Impotence, sterility!
Jfi5r'J.fn?"' hHh P""'". conauwptlon
drppay diabelea and Ilrlght'a uikeuc. than rerr-
;.!il!.&f ' iUlJ OV0'' cure,l "I"' 'touiaili
Sh..ii "Mslone, electricity, crayous, belts, cau
A?ii mi ,0UDd! " or cutting The
mA.V' .N,w.York w " uai treatise, with
aih.U' ''i?4 "nta! KJ,D b remedies which
cure them at borne, without pain, privately.
rr-. CT.T nt in in VTfrr

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