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fe in Til cjib
Tim Sturm.
As wr c;n lo insj the rv ure tumors of i vy
i. no soutliwMtof tliil vlclnit. At the llee
Lin- trlfvrrnjiti olhco tliey lme worked for
our an hour to ot rominuninillon with Cin
cinnati, without being utile toilo so. A wild
rumor current In the Arcailo nbout three
o'clock that Mlddli'ton was partlivll) dejtrojul
by 11 ijclono thlj nlternoon but could not In
verified. V. A. Hogera lift for New Vork this
I!. M. Ciimntiell UtttM tonight tor n short
visit In Itiillntm.
John llHnniin filled up lo overflowing lout
eunlug xnd Indulged in liiunj little unties
which nro gencrnlly paid for under the lined
ol drunken and disorderly conduct. John
will ruako one more In the Major's nosegay
this afternoon.
The county commissioners are In session
today; all the members pte-eut. An Hdvetse
report was made on the Nicholas ditch mat
ter, in I'lke township, and n resolution
adopted diimising the petition before the
board. A number of bills were allowed.
Also the following sheep rlalnu Nelson
llammoud $12, Samuel Dirtrick J3J, Levi
Denton JO'J.OJ, Chaj. Illack $29 05, Kira Jen
kins (21. The board is still in session.
Ytsterdav altemoon complaint was made
at police headquarters that a number of
joung men were gambling in a private house
on West Columbia street. Four officers went
down and captured nine young Jews who
were indulging in the fascinating game of
"jenny ante." Unc of the nine was allowed
to go free as the other victims were unani
mous in exonerating him from the charge ol
gambling. The eight who were arnsted
gave the lollowing names Charles Williams,
Isidore Davi", Jacob Welnleldt, Morris Kliun
Aaron Schwartz, Phillip L'ngar, Sam Kline
and Adam Wetnlmker. The young bloods
of the tit who want to do a little gambling
"just lor lun" must look out now, as jeeter
daj's haul only whetted tho appetites ot the
tthctrs and they are faiily raging this morr.
ing lor more blood.
le irltile Kvperleftre of n l'ollce- Olllcer.
Officer Foster, earl) yesterday morning,
hud what is probably the bard't time in mak
ing an arrest that ever any policeman in
Springfield experienced. He wus endeavor
log to capture a well-known desperado who
live. across the creel, and while making the
arrest both parties shot, kicked, clubbed,
stabbed, gouged, and pulled hair until the
earth was red with gore lor mouy fiet
aro nd. Dave Crolt finally had to wake him
up or he would have demolished the patrol
wagon and torn hlms'll to pieces. As it is,
the doctor thinks il he doesn't dream anymore
and repeat yesterday's performance his hand
will be all right in a short time. The railing
on the patrol wagon will also recover.
l'rufttitati l'lciilc.
The annual picnic and celebration ot the
lcu Benevolent Society Is In progrus to
y in the Fair Grounds, beginning with a
tirade in which appeared several of the local
(jerman organisations, and one from Da v ton
headed by the Dayton band. The column
was beided by lh Ilig Six and a place in it
wis occupied by the Cadet bind, of this city
The meD wore handsome regalia and in the
ranks were borne the National American col
ors and neveral banner'. A four-horse wagon
was filled with children in holiday attire and
in a barouche were everal pretty young
ladles in charge of lhe splendid bilk
li inner which is to be presented to the lined
enische, in a speech by editor Weixelbaum,
at three o'clock this afternoon. The flag was
on exhibition in Albright .V Willis's show
window last wei k and is one ol the richest in
the city. The programme at the grounds is
darning, national games, music, etc , and con
lime through the evening. Tho weather is
very favorable, the rain of the early morning
having cooled the air nicely.
sec-mid ll.tprlat Church.
An appeal to the generous public to help
tbore who ure first straining to help them-
sehes. A tact that the Second Uaptist
Church has boiutified our city by the erec
tion of u modect and commendable house of
w uship and are now in Jebt, the church has
appointed the third Sunday in June tor a
Brand rally to pay off the greater part ot the
lit bl, hence we ask all who are friendly to
us and f the cause of Christianity, to lend
us a bclpn.g hand to swell the collection to
one of the lariat ever made by the church,
lbs following committee has been selected
to make n canvass in their respective locali
ties to solicit contributions This committee
was appointed by the church to act, as lol
lows Stephen Mostly, Da.it street shops, II
F. Dent, I.agonda, William Miles, New
Champion; J Tyler, West End, William
I'aige, I. I'. Mail's shops, Miss Ophelia
Harris, public si hool tt-achers, W. S. New
berry, lawjers James Bufcrd, bricklayers,
Clarence Ilobersun, carpenters, Henry
Thomas, Mailable shops, David Wilborn,
hotels, Daniel Fry, blacksmiths; J U. and
Mercer Clayton, farmers, Chiis. iswayne,
posloflice; I... I'. Hunster, photographers,
Henry Madison, central public, Mr. LaiU-r,
birbers; Hev. Wilton lioone, churches.
Abote by order of the church.
Rk Boom., Pastor.
I.tMLir, Jomh, Clerk.
I'roslrnted liy Apoplexy.
Ex-postmaster John A. Shipman sustained
a teiere attiick of apoplexy about midnight
lrum w Inch he remained in an insenilble con
didiiiou all day Sunday and Suuday ulght,
but this moruing was sleeping naturally,
seeming much easier, although not regarded
out of danger. While fatal results are not
apprehended o far as the reporter could
learn, il is believed Mr. Sbipman will not be
about again for a long time. He ate a light
supjicr baturday Hlter returning home lrum
down town and retired as usual, apparently
iu ordinary health. About midnight Mrs.
S. was alarmed by a rattling sound caused
by his unnatural breathing, and spoke
to mm out receiving no answer
arote hastily, obtained a llgnt and found her
husband rigid, cold and perfectly Insensible,
Doctors Morrison and Buckingham were sum
uoned and aid all that could be dona with ef
fect above indicated. Mr. Shipman was not
particularly exposed loan attack ot this kind
t xcipt thai he Is a person ol rather lull habit
und has perhaps of late, been without the
amount ol exercise good for him. lie was at
lhe convention Thursday but louod difficulty
in brealhiug In the wigwam and only re
maining a few moments, saying he "couldn't
live there," complaining ol the beat. The
family have the sympathy of friends who
hare numerously proffered any as slttance In
their power.
VHii.tiiihs's n i;
Interesting nil Apprnprlnln i:v.irr1e
fNtr-riliiy In sevi-liil of I tin I'lniM hi - A
Ni nt Surprise.
Asnu Institution Hip setting apart of one
Sabbath in Juno each jear the services of
which arc for the children especially, ma) lo
regarded as established lor all time Certainly
in Springfield alter j-calcnlii s cxpirieixo.
While the young people enjoyed and were
profited by it their parent", mil grown-up
friends were scarcely less so NvumIioa,
notwithstanding tho l.eiitv drain inmln by
commencement siasnii upon llower gar lens
and lonservaturlis, Mowers and living plinti
vere found In sufficient mipph to make more
than one church interior a very bower.
I lrt rrinlijtriliiii Church,
The two l'resbjtenan bun lies, with their
tabbith fihoolf, Ineludlng North Nde ('Impel
and Oakland, united in this (cruie nt 4 p tu
All the choirs combined to li ad the music,
which was a epe. lal leature ot the occasion.
Tho floral decoratieni were in exiellent taste.
Best of all the large auditorium was filled,
Including the gallerr. Dr. Falconer pn ided
and Dr. Webb prineheda ery intertting
aud appropriate sermon Mr (ieo. mger
and Mr. T. S. Crowell cu-h led in a respon
sive Bible reading. Mr. Ci C Hall and Mr
W. H l.lnn made interesting short addres
ses'. The prograirme1, very neatly printed,
was followed to the letter, and wmed all too
brief, though tLe afternoon was cry warm
Central 31. i:. ( liureli.
Among the mest elaborate, pleas int and
largely attended of these ttrvices was that in
tho Central M F. church in the evining.
The basis was a printed exercie, furuihed
to all, Introducing appropriate lij turn, ricita
tions, etc., the Surintement, Mr J A
Myers, leading, essi'ted b Ilev Dr I.ionnrd,
the pastor, and Mr. J. I. Il-rrv. There were
profuse floral decorations a'lout the pulpit,
perfuming the air, and the si hool f "Inl the
front seats in the food) of the house. During
the exercises there were special daluris, null
as wcll-rendcied quartette by Mrs. ill
Horner, Miss Slack, Charles Slack aud
Ilitf, recitations by Adnn Leonard, Miss
Johnston, Ntllie Schaller and (!raie Lati
mer. During the evening a children's
collection amounting to il wa3 taken up
Several classes gave recitations and readings
In concert. In the nlternoon about twenti
ladies and gtntlemen Irom the ( tutral mIiooI
went out to the Baker school h iu-e- in Dn-
trut No. 1 and rendered the same programme,
substantiallj, to a full house nud attentive
M. I'mil II. I..
There was a great longrigatiou of old and
young and splendid floral ndorniug, in which
Cdgis of singing birds were prominent, at M
Paul church. the muic was exiellent and
tho young people taking part iu the exercises,
in recitations, concerted selietiuns and solos,
acquitted themsclvea with high cridit.
Because of some special features in con
nection with the exercises the ob- rvanc i of
Children's Day at this church was ainung ttit
pleosantest of all. Jutt as the opening exer
cisesol the Sabbath School were nbout toclo-c,
the pastor of the church, Bev. vVm. 11. Wn
rtn, arose and said there was a matter he
wished to present that would appropriately
come in just there. He then reminded Su
perintendent C M Nichul', of the (net that it
win bis birthday annirersary and told him
the children, wishing to show their regard,
had rreparel a testimonial ot
which his aiep'ance was asked
Here two young men ade anted wilh
a Urge and very beuu'ltiil Moral pie r, raadi
principally ot rosebuds, in the eentir ot
which were the figures lor "S'i" the nmntier
ol birthday anuivereanes Mr .Niihols has en
joyed. Mr. Warren hoid lie might be
s( arid to the school and the n ork many
years and pass many erjuillv pleasant anni
verfnnes. If ever n person was taken bj
surprise Mr. Nichols was hI this time, bin
he proved iqual to the otcesion, saying nt
supposed it was all right to surprise a man in
this way, if it was Sunday. He eipre sed his
heartfelt appreciation of thi testimonial, than
whlth nothing could have been more to hi3
mind or given hirn greater pleasure He
should pray (Jod to make him u belter man
and moie efficient Superintendent, meriting
the continued regard and support of his
teachers and scholars.
The school occupied the body of the house
at the service for the children in the main au
dience room, taking the lnce ot the ngular
service and the sight of so many eager, initl
ligent little faces was beautiful and inspiring
indeed. The tloral decorations were plmti
lul.if not expensive and arranged in peiteet
taste against a olid bick-ground tall ferns
Tne service consisted ol resronsive readings
in which all joiuid, appropriate anlbetns und
hymns, and a short addiejs b. the pistcr on
lhe Bible, its pre-enuueut alue, its riudy and
meaning. At a proper point in the proceed
ings the r le ot biptisui was iidmiDisitred by
the pastor, a young couple presenting lheir
first-born to be thus dediiatel. Nuue Ti-m ni
will eer forgei the service, one ot the luit
antestever held in this church.
The elegant cur in which Prol. Bartholo
mew's JO line horses nre carried was visited
by several hundred people jesierday, tad
was specially praned bj expenentul horst
man. Tonight the week's engagemint be
gins at Black's. The Uol imbus Journal sajs
The approaching farewell of the wonderful
horses, that have delighted such nuuibirs ol
Columbus it ople, is a matter ot great regret
to all who have seen them. Alter tin- mati
nee this afternoon aud tlie performance) to
night, the horses will never be seen here
again, as Prol. Bartholomew las detided to
make this his lost seneon. By tll bB will be
on his way to bis California home, and in
that sunny and genial climate the saganous
Abdallah, the pretty Nellie., the knowing
hprite, the handsome Kmepualous, the proud
Ct sar, Brutus aud all the others will ringe
the fields and soon forgit trie ir day a be ore
the footlights. The honei have won many
hearts, and all will he Sony lo see ihnn K0
for never was there as much li U-lligeme In
a group of uplines as there is in Pruf. Bar
tholomew's tils.
The mamoth Btter, weighing 1.J50 Kjunds
and the small Teaiwater tow only tt inches
high, proved a great altraition for the la mers
last Saturdaj. They will remain on eilubi
tion tor a few days at 14 West High street.
Prof. Fow.er's leituris on Phrenology have
been of vast Interest, and tin learned and
venerable professor will doubtltss iianune
th held of many of our citizens during his
stay in the city.
Judge John 0. Miller received u message
this morning slating that John Breuuan, an
Inmate from this county, had escaped Irom
the Dayton Asylum lor the lusane, und his
whereabouts were unknown. Ills family,
Bring In Urtene township, weie notified.
Attention, Doctor.
Everybody knows that Hie life of the
n cragc phy alclan i n haul nnc He l
often roinwllcil to rule f-rcit ilitincc
tlirnugh mini nnil r-iln Ibr n merely noin
linl fee. It is not lit nor proper for in to
condemn nny plilci.m for hi work, but
wp itonwrt tliat'lilapriclicctan Ih-iiiuIi!
easier, ami lie e an ell ct moie cure by
the proper nml jiiilitimia me of I'lilU'NA.
II lie will only mid tins great reincily to
hit llt ofmeelirlniM lie will llnel that Jin
ii.efiiliie will be triMtly IiumimmJ Pull
ilire-ttion for its use1 II InJ loi.tul In Hie
" Ills of Life," mill he should ut onte pro
cure tlil-s aluable' iKMik.
N, J. Wright, lliislncss Agent Cxcninrt
Herald, Kiie, li as: 1)k. IIiit
ma.s -I can not but ful It my duly to
express to you my thanka fjr thegre.it
benefit I received from the tie of your
medicines, I'kiiU.n.V nnd ManaMN.
One Ixittle of each placed ine vpiare on
mv feet, nfler a sickne-. of four wctks
ehich confined mc tu my bed, artel then
left me lame nnd ciippled. 'lhrce day
from the commcnctmeiit of tlie ute of
jour remedies tlie cane Mas dispensed
with, ami In n week I wasptrft-ctly well."
Mr Ellen Maynard.Oswego, I'olte.
county, I'a., wntis: "Dr. IIauiman,
Columbus, O. ' 'lie small ulcers arc all
healed, and the two large one are not
more than hall na large ns they were. I
nm fcclinu quite well. The people aay
jour TekUNA nnd M tSAUS are doing a
miracle. 1 do not lake nearly mi much
?pium as I did lefore."
Joseph Thomas, East Brady, Pa ,
write : " I ha.e uicd your I'eruna and
Manalin with good results. In the year
of iSSo I wan o iMilthit I could scarcely
walk. I used TEtinMA and Ma.vii.IK,
and am now as healthy rs I hae ever
been, I have also recommended It to
socral parties, and they have been much
benefited by it.''
Mr. C. H. Han Is, New Vienna, Ohio,
writes: "Our little girl was paralyzed
at thirteen months old, and we reiortcd
to everything we could hear of for relief,
but she appeared to get but little better.
Hearing of 1'EliCNA we concluded to try
it, and will say it In done her a great
deal of good the first bottle apparently
giving aid and relief. We h.isc ustd it for
nervousness in other cases on other per
sons nnd found It a success. Tor general
debilltv, and in fact for any disease, we
don't think am tiling else cm at all com
pare w ith it. "We ha. c used forty or fifty
bottles, and our house is never without
I'EKUNA. Our little girl is now eight
viurs old, and can run anv place, was for
'fjiirjcaisliilpl.bs. l'hKUNA cured licr."
tiik itKATti ui:rom.
ChnliR)- nt Time fur Mr. Trmplltr'a l'liner-nl-
llrntrt uf Mr. Nathaniel Cregnr Tin
Knit of mi Active l.lfe.
Howard Klwanls, colored, died sudlenlj,
Saturday night, of n hemorahage, at bis
home on Miami street. He tad been ill with
consumption lor a long time ami death wps
anticipated The deciaed was under indict
ment in Common Pic is court lor manslaughter,
the rase having bun continued from term to
term in const quernc of defendant's increasing
illness. About a year ago he, it is alliged,
cut another colored man named Cousins, on
Jetlersju street, Irom the effecui of which
Cousins died a lew weeks later. Kdwards
funeral occurred this afternoon.
Owing to unavoidable delay ot the remains
at Oaiaha, the funeral of James Templar has
bun postponed until to-morrow nlternoon, at
two o'clock, when the services will be held at
the First Presbyterian Church.
His quite numerous Iriends in the com
munity were not entirely unprepared tor tin
announcement made this morning of the
ileHlh of "Nat" Creifar, tu he was familiarly
known to old cliizens. Mr. Cregar expired
nt 1 1 J5 l-isl evening, at his residence on
Factory Btreet, just north of Columbia. The
deteased was born in Hagerstown, Maryland,
and would have lieen sixty years ot a-e on
the the 25lh of the corning Septrin
Vr. He came here tl irty-six or lh'rty-cr u
yeats ago, having first resided for a time in
Clntinnati His wile, who survives him,
and whom he married In Warn n county .11
years ago, was Miss Cath iriue Smilh. sister
or the late J. D, Sni'tb. He haves alsolhrte
sons and n daughter. Charlie A Cregar,
partner with his lather as nrclutetts, and
Frank Crtagar reside here. Mr Cregar was
always active and intt rested in public allairs
He wusa veteran firemen, his txpericnie be
g tinine in Hagerstown, and upon locating
here he soon joined the old ladea-ndint
Bovers and was one of its othiers. He held
a tertilicate un Itr a State law entith ng him
to exemption Irom poll tax (road work) and
st rvice on juries in consideration ol a sih cified
itrm of years ol continuous servile as fire
man. He wus a bulldtr and contractor, t killed in
such branches as planning, superintending
and laying out large buildings, leing ruog
mztd authority in making measurement un
der completed contracts and Iu settling dis
puted iioiuui He superintend! il tht con
strui Hon of the new tourt house and j ul, the
Central high and other of the tewir school
buildings iu the city, the water works pump
uoiiw and stand pipe and several ol ilie finest
rejidenets iu tuwn. He was thoroughly tapa
ble, trustworthy and incorruptible iu discharge
ol these dutits at.d saved the public thou
sands of dollars by his watchluluess He was
a charter member of .MoncriefTe Lodge, No.
.it, Knights of Pythias, and one il the oldest
members ot Springfield I.olgt, No ij, I. O
O. F., which organizations will attend
the fiinerul Wednnlay at 3 p. m. Mr
Cregar lontracted a severe cold dunug the
construction ol the court house, whlth devel
oped inio pulmonary trouble and his healtn
was broke n Irom that time. The latter part
of March last ho started to New Orleans,
thinking t) receive benefit by the thaiige of
air, and was a paisenirer on the ill-fated
Springer, which was wricked in a bayou
below li kiburg. The exj loslon and excite
ment prostrated him and he returned home
in that condition without completing his
journey, arriving here April , Since then
li has failed gradually, but was able to sit
up a little uniil the day ol his death. Sun.
day evening he grew rapidly woise and
passed away l(ore midnight.
He was as pcol beartid a man as ever lived
anil hat a large circle of warm friends among
the oldest and last citizens. He wai I.ieu
teuHiit in n company of militia during the
Morgan raid through Sjuthtrn Ohio.
Attention Knighta uf ltlilua.
There will lie a sptcial meeting, this even
Ing, ol Moncrielfe Lodge, No i 1, K. of P ,
Iu the armory of Division U, U. K , K. of P ,
High street, to make arrangements for at
tending the funeral of Bro. N, Cregar, A
lull attendance is requested,
Kan Con inn, 0. 0
Kiivtra Attention,
The members of the old Independent
Itoier Fire Company are requested to meet
this evening nt H o'clock at Thomas Kizer's
ulhce, lo make arrangements to attend the
funeral ol our fellow fireman Nathaniel
Cregar. By order ol Vice I'rei't.
W. J, MiciutL.
June 16, lb8S.
To nniimiiicf Unit wn now lnno on snlo u lilijlii'r craclti r l.ut las' I Inn Slums unci Sllppors than woro over lioloni onVrcil in (his Hl.
Thoy arc Irom iiiiimiliic'tiiroiN ruinous lor Uip siipoili ciiuli.y ol tlioir uooils. Kt'lng tlio urv llncsl, mudo in Amorlni, Uicsir cM-ccclifii'
Iti'imtv will Ik ailnilrml nml llicir cmcIIi'iho pnilsccl by owiy lucly ol" tnslo nnd clisniminiiUon. A icncllal imitation is ovtoinlccl to iill
to visit our floret aud uxuinino tbeso goods.
We liave'tt hue I'rinch Kid Hhoe from l.alrd, Si liola r A Mitchell, Philadelphia., hand sewed
nnd turned, witli a grnielul heel neatly covered with kid, which Is n beiiutlliil specimen ol
the nicomplisbvd uirdwaintr's nrt, and is dainty uough In shai' and linish to grace the foot
of n fairy. Also Pteiuli kid, welt-sewed billion shots in otlur handsome ile'lgns.
We arc showing some very drifsy and stjllsh bIiocs from J A T. Ooiieitis, New York, In
Trench and Curacoa kid, both hand and machine sewed, thaldtsir.e special examination
A number of attractive shapes In fine shois hale just been ruiiud Irom Hough k l'ord,
Hoihestir, N , which nre made with great care of excellent material nnd are designed for
both bt'tiut) nud servlie Do not fail to inspect them
Krom othir leinling manufacturers we have nn endlies slock ol fine goods In nil desirable
Ktylcs nnd qualitits.
IJIarU County Niintlny tdinttl Convention,
Ttiurntlny, nt I.niriiudn.
The arrangements tor the annual met ting
ol the Claik County Sunday School Union,
to la? held In the U II, church, at I.sgonda,
Thursday morning, atlrruoon and evening
are con complete. The sabbath school nnd
audience rooms wilt be thrown together nnd
ample space given to what, it is now believed,
will be tho largest county muting ever held.
Mr. Ross Mitchell is having tables prepared
in his lawn, near the church, on whlih dile
gatcs can strcad their dinners and the ladies
ol I. ngonda will provide hot cotlee to all, free
ol charge. Our city people can laku the
street car, at the cornir of Market and Main,
and ride right to the church. It is hoped that
there will be a large attendance Ircm the city
of teachers, olliceis nnd scholars as well
as lrum the country The Convention Is sure
to la; a good one.
Vrs. Francis II Willard, president of tho
W. C. T. b'., aud Mia) Anna Gordon, Secre
tary, will arrive in this city tomorrow morn
ing nt 10 .10 and remain n few bouis with
Irnnds at No. 290 North I imestone street.
There will be a strawberry and ice-cream
festival at the I.agonda Avenue Chapel,
Thursday evening, June 18. Refreshments
will be served in the Chapel, and If the even
ing is pleasant, epou the lawn adjoining.
All are weborae.
New nrli, I'mil. A. Ohio It. II.
Don't forget the very low rate to Boston
and Portland, Me., on account of the (). A. It.
National Encampment at Portland. Bound
trip tickets will be on sale by this line from
June 15th to 'iUh at J-JO, nnd to Portland
via Niagara Falls and St. Lawrence river, go
ing one way aud returning another for $1.75
mure than above named rate, and good to re
turn thirty days Irom date ol sale.
Fur tickets and further information call on
J. I) Phleger agent. Oflice in St. James
Kxctiralnti llattti! for i-uurlh of luly, 1KH1,.
The Pittsburg, Cincinnati A St. Louis Kail
way and the Chicaco, St. Louis .". Pitts
burg Kailroad Companies Pan-Handle Route
will sell cheap exeursion tickets to and
from all stations on all their various lints, on
July 2 1,3d und 4tb, good to return until
July Cth, inclusive.
This will lie an excellent opportunity nt
forded the people living along these lines to
visit friends at a distance, or to form picnic
or excursion parties for the purpose ol enjoy
ing the Nation's Birthday.
Manufacturers, Inventors nnd others desir
ing Models or Patterns of any description
male, should call Uon W. T. Parker, 'M
West Washington stitet, where all kinds ol
Pattern WV-k ., promptly and projicrly done.
lit) I.Iiih Notice.
This being the route chotn by the Clrand
Comjiander going to the CI. A. R National
I'ncaiipment, this tupular liue will put un
sale June lllh round trip tickets to Portland,
Maine, and return nt the low rnte ol $.10.
Titkets good returning lor 30 days. The
route is via the through car line L. S. M. S.,
.V V. U.& II R, B A. and II M. R'y.
Tickets will be good going via Niagara Falls
without extra charge. This will be an ex
cellent opportunity tc visit Boston and vi
cinity as passengers are not obliged to go to
Portland unless they desire. Tickets on sale
at the Arcaue Depot.
G. II. Kmoiit, Titket Agent.
- !ii"-i
ilMNTi.Ii- July 1st, suite of ruims, furnished
M or unfurnished, sutUMe for man slid vilfe.
Ad Iress, slatluK terms, KB b., care tilcbe-lte-
WANT KO Two joung lady copyist. In out
othce. Must be Kood and rapid writer aud
furnish good references. Apply by letter to K. VV,
Kom A Co , hnriliKfleld, u.
Ullujrn ladles anil Young Men, In rlty or
" Wis I tU country, to work lor us ut lheir
homes Permanent employment; no instructions
Uitiuy. Work twnt by mail (distance noobjectlon.)
WO to VI r week can bi made. No i&nsaiisliitf.
No stamp for replr. l'leaso addrens Homi. Man? ci
Lo , lloston, .Mass. 1' O. I'-nr 1'JIC
WANTFII An at Use Man or Woman In eeery
r-.w s county lo sen our koous. raiary
W7A ptr itioTiiti anj eiieniei., or couiiiiliwlijn.
t-xperiBeu Id aJvaiitt1. 1 oultutree. J-oriull
tltulan a (id rest hTANUAHl HlLVKK Wakk
boston, Mast.
rVJit UhNT -Dwelllnj house, No. Ill Yellow
T Hprlngs street, uesrly o tioslte bl. Paul M i-..
tliurch; all In good order, wilh heatlDft furnace,
liilraut water iosimiu1uu given Immediately
lo'iulru of Alex niuurl, 77 N Market st.
tvt)l; IthfsT-TVvO hllllir WMJM HOUbM
with stable lor rent at f to per month. Nc. 39
and 37 West Mulberry street. Inquire of J. K.
I J tin Ha will pleas return it as luy name Is In
side 'J hos eharp.
FvilltisAM-. A very fine Whitman 'lHn saddle
and Idle complete, has been used very little.
Adores, i. h. I.lnuilu, 181 tu. Market, or call be-Isn-ll
7 aud H p. lu,
I A t T? To "'e Members ol r-j.rl .(: J
. U. VS. T . ei 0 a), I (j (i K i ion
re hereby requested to meet at Odd ffllowa'
Halt tills VI oinla even lag, June I ft, at M o'clock-, to
make arrangements lo attend the funeral of our
decease J brother, fast Grand Natheii eiresuer.
M. M KAUFMAN, N. el.
T, V. McKiNaKi,fM-crlary
jxoav am:
Where You Will Find
In itiunJauce,
"Call aud kw the IJaatlMiuieit Ice trtaiu i'ar
Ott Ci khk3 Oiuck )
Hi'KisijHtui. O., Way 27, I8M. f
At ft mrettfift of lhe rntitirll uf nlil rlty, IipIJ on
tlio 2ijlh I nut., a qiicirum tliiff rrvMit, the folluw
In it rt'solution wnm adutctl
UemilTct, Hy Uip city council of the oil) Af
Kirhiif.eMlUliu, .hat ft Is nectary ami that It
Iritetitlr. to make h public tnt)roTf merit hj con
structing the irwer lurelnaficr decrlbeJ, accurd
IriK tt tlie (ilann, iirofilen nnd tiicltiratloiit them
fore on flip In I lie ollicn f tlie city civil rnglmer,
and recorJeil In the ntHce of tlio city clerk, aud
oen to the ln)tctIot. of all i-artlm lntermteil.
and that tbe ccr In tho newer district, Imth
herelnalter dcucrltteil, said nener and Mwerdit
trlct helng part of the plan and ayitotn of aeweratto
for nald city heretofore ailoptctl dy the Council. In
re(Ulred aud la hereby designated lor Immediate
Hald newer is deHcrlhed at fotlowa vli! Ho much
ot the main sewer of llio Centre street sewer ilia
strict or sewer district No, 4, as lies between the
jioint of InterM'cllon of the centre line of Centre
street with Mill lCnu sewer, and the intersection
of Centre street with the south line of Mullerry
street, leglnn!tiK at said point ot Intersection of
t entrc ntret with Mill Kim sewer and runnliiK
thence in. alone and upoo said Centre street
south to tho south line of Multierry 'trceL
The boindarles of said Centre street sewer dis
trict, or sewer district No , betng as follows, xlz
t oinmeuclngat the tnUrectfoi of the east line
of Market street with the centre of lluck creek,
thence with the centre line of lUick creek down
thesame to the Intersection cf tho centre linn
thereof, with the east line ot Factory street; thence
with the eait line of tactory street, and with the
east Hue of Factory street extended southward lo
Its interaction with the south coriraritlon line;
thence east with said eoroorat Ion line to the west
line of a turnpike road, formerly the Hpring field
audLllltou turnpike, thence with the west line
of said road north lo the old corporation Hue,
being the wet Ion Huo between Sections 3J aud &t,
Towulilp5, lUnge, 'J, M.lt.. ; thence with said
section line west to the east line of Market street,
thence with the eat Hue of MarUet street north to
the place of beginning.
The plans and seeflratloni wi-ilred ly )ar,
for the construction of said mwer, hare btHu pre
pared and are nn (lie in the office of the city ctrll
ent.li eer for examination and inspection by par
ties Interested, and council will hear said parlies
at Its regular meeting to U hold lu the council
i hamber of said city on the 10th day uf June, A.
I , 1&&1, coinmeiicliig at 8 o'clock, p in.
The city clerk is hereby dlncted to publish this
resolution lu a newspaj-er of gfneral circulation
in the corporation fur two consecutive weeks.
T. P. Mast, rresident.
Attest. J. H. Hll kw ait fr. City Clerk.
City CihukS (Iihck
Kl'KIMIHlKlIi, II, Jullll.1, 1S!. (
At b inprtfng uf tlin rnuncil of saiil city, lield
im tlie 21 Inst., a iuuruin tie-Ing prpnent, t lip fol
io lug resolution ua allowed.
lU-nolti-.l, Hy the City Council uf tho Cltyol
Hprlnijui-lil, Ohio, that II Is necessary, and that It
Intemli to make a jiuMlc llnj rovpment hy chang.
Ing tlie grade of a iortlon of Mound Mri-et, east of
i ork street, viz:
lloglnnlng at grade on the cast lino ot York
street, thence east J7J'4 liet to the resent grade
of said Mound street, asent 15 tO-HK) feet, said
grade to tic according to the profile thereof on file
In the ottieo of the ciu engineer of this city, tor
the insK-ctIon of all parties Interested therein;
that the city clerk Is heiehy directed tiiaum;
legal iiutllcatloa to lie made of this resolution,
and the city marthal is herehy amioiuled anil
directed lo eeive legal notice ujion all the owners
of i roerty ahuttlng on said portion ot Mound
street, or up n the persons lu srhose names tlie
ahuttlng proiierty IsmmcsMsl.
Jly order of tounrl.
Attest: J.f. hln-MALTFK, Clly Clerk.
I'or the linirmi nient o( Sl.lewulk, Curb unit
Itiwiheil, 'Unit It In hereby ilt-clHn-el hv tlie
Cltj Ueuucllot tlieiClty e.r Hprlllntlelit, tlliln,
thtet II la neeeshHry to lniirrvtk the aldewntkH
tierelnaftr iifime.1 lu thesriiuniierlieirtluafle-r
ilfeMlgnateHt, w iiero tlio hmo tias not been hi
reaily iliine, 1 'I lies fdllowtng iihuicI nldv
HiiIkK Ui liiicuiliinl, giitl.-rwl nml grinltnl uml
Kravi'lui 'lliewmtli ulilnof t'leiusaiit Mtreet,
lietveei-n Villnw Jsprlugs Rinl IJKbt ntreeti;
liotb nlili-H of Main atreet, betueen tlie lull
road criM.lui; ami IhuoIJ went corporation
Tlie rollimltiK iiHinexl t-iilewalkx to be
curbed, cutlers"! unit paved with brick, vli.:
Hotti aldeisof Itiwe htreM.t, tielweeu High and
Jet!enon stu-eU; tbe vtet hliie of Hprlng
Hlrtet, helvwen Clifton and Klrer atreeta,
rxitli I iles ot tVnter street from Liberty
Ktreet north to the nrnt alley; thuaoutli aid
of Clark ktre-et, lictwee-u Factory ami ile
clianlo atrei-U, and trio bhiiio fhall lie con
8lructeI, ae nordlng to tlie ordinance of this
city regulating ueh liiiiroiniiul anil to
tbeare-eptanceof the City Kngliicer; iimJ tho
owiu-rs of the property, bounding and nbutt.
Ing upon laid iKirllmm of wild H'dewalkaio
orderexl to be Improved, are hereby ordernl
toaoconnriiet aulil alilewHlki wltliln klxty
daja from legal t-ervlce iiKin them of nolko
ot the paiMigeof thlt resolution.
Thai said promrty owners are hereby
further notified thatat the expiration of aald
perlmlof alxly dns aald council will causii
"aid lliiprintiiienu to be made. orhoniiioti
tt ereof ua ahall not have boen already douo
hytlia property owners, and will by ordi
nance order tho Asuewunont of the exix-naea
thereof upon the iiroperly lioanding and
In proportion to tbe respective liel fronta of
ald proiierUis, and that wild council will by
aalct oiilluiinc further provide for lertlfj lug
Bald aKhSiHfl HP lltH til Kite r.llltril.lrtr ilnlrn, II.
I aaine lor said city lnpainent therefor, ao.
COrdlni' tO tbe ll.WH hHiI nnllnann. ,.r II. !
clly; and hat the City Fnglruer In hereby di
rected, uiion the completion of the work, to
forthwith pre para and leimn to eoun II a
Mtntementor theoiwt of said lmprovei it,
und that the City Clerk la herebj directed u!
certify lo the .Miiyurac-Jpy hereof and alsei
Clinic legal putllcatlon to tie iiuulei of thenaHi.
mreof this leMiliitlou
1'su.aed by council Jinn V, IMS.
tj J'. 1'. MAHT,
rrcHtdoniuf City Council.
Attnf J. H. Hhkwalti'II, City Clerk.
The State Senatorial Noininatioii.
fl'IIK Itepuhllcan electors of (1 irk counts' are
I herehy iiotluid that caucus meetings will he
held lu tneiarluus arils and tovrnshlpaol sail
eouuty, at such places as shall he designated hy
the res.ectlye Leutral IViiiimlileeiuen thereof, on
Miiuday, .lime Wi, A. If, IKH.-S,
at 7 o'clock li iu., In said tonshl, aid ut 8
o'clock p. iu, In the wards of the city of Hinlug
neld,for the puriose of choosing deleaalea to at
tend the Mlatermualorial Oiuveullou lo he held in
fciprlngneldon Thursday, June 23, 1843.
I he various wards and townships are enllilid to
delegates In salu Contention as follows:
I lioiinelstille precinct..,
ltethel towuslilp Medwuy precinct
i.isew Carlisle precinct ,
(Jeruiau tiwi
,1,1,1,, I IJiwrcncevlIlepricliict
Ore-ene townshl
- I 41
Iremont preclnct-
Harmony townslilp
Madison townslihi
Mad Hlver towiislilp..
Moorencld township
I'lke low ushij
1'leasant townshiii .,
l-i rjugfiel I luwnsliip
I irst waril.'sprlugnel
Second ward
'I bird ward
hourth ward
I Kill ward
Hiitn ward
Heventli ward
1 Ik ith ward -A
righth w rd-ll,
niuin wan
ny oiuer 01 llepuhllcan Central loiulultloa ol
Clark eouuty.
JiXKsl' (InoKMiN.becretsry,
IiimI and secret diseases cause more aunerlng
suicides, nervous debility. Impotence, sterility
atrlclures, yarlcoeele, diseased prostrate gland
bladder, kldnc)s, heail, catarrah, (ooiuruptloii!
drp sy dlaheiesand Hrlght'sultease. than eterr.
Ililiig else, and eannol le cured with alomaeli
luedlclnes alone, eleclrlilly, crayons, LeIU, cau
brlzatlon sounds, calhelera or cutting The
Asaliel Mineral Hprlnga Water physician, iiUI
ltroadway, New ork, will send a treatise, with 44
wood cuts, lor t& ceuta. Biting the remedies wulcli
cure tbeia at home, without pain, privately.
Wo desire to call rspec lal atlentlon to our stork ol Kino .Slippers, as it embraces nil the
ver) newest, ncatist nnd druslist patterns yet designed. Besides a large general stock, wn
hav the billowing extra fine goods in sires lor ladies, misses nud children!
lll'TTON Nr.WPOIlT, handsomely flulshed wilh black alllgaUr top and kid IikIi g
t.Ailt.' ill L'inn ...i.i. i. i. ..... . , . . . . .. . e,
n. -is i..w win, nun inn im-ei neai lop
, .toiu.se, m.v i ir., ooira ioe, ill ejuiacon
l'! ttMLJ.J u.vt.ti ..,.., . i .... .
ii-ii iw.is.T riA.siiii, iui sine nuiions ami tancy irom
MANOMA NKW POUT, tn Curacou kid with glove kid top and
ISIiiu sirel.
OPI'.UA TOK. In l"r. nch kid, hand lurned.
liAC'i: OXKOUI), iii extra liue Curacou kid,
26 South Market Street.
I.IIIIo'h Koliihli' I'lici ylr, Hip bout iinii-ptilminonH itpodurlcr nml JINIiiIim
Innt known. It lm junt lieen inuintinco(l lo lip Hin' IIiiich mure iioucrfnl Until
iinytitlicr illHlnriTlanl In tlio iimrkfl liy tlio CO.M.IIlTTKi: OX IIINIM'KtT.VMS
or the Anicrlcati 1'iililic Iltnllli AtiMiilHtlon reri'iitlr in mcsIoii nt llir .lolin lln;
klim' Unltrrnllj, llnltliiiori', lor ti'8tlii(r I'umnii-rrlal tllslnfftlniitn. Sold In 'J.'.c,
60c, nml 81 Ixdllcn.
No. Ull Kirnt Main Htrvet. '
R. P. Willis & Son
O'F'PTfJ'RR i 3' '" 5,,,n
' W M ( t ai
! Arcade, CouhuIbs Ncns htand.
r-PlSiIjIj Sc CO,,
'Wsr4P'irSlJc'urner Center and Columhla btieets,
VVVSXIX1.DJ Drlseol a New llullding.
'IVlt'plione ('(iniicctioii. Goods Called For ami Doliwrnl l-'n-o.
Walnut A lie), llelueen Main anil lllcli His., Srltl.NelKI Kl.l. .
lVonrotliP'olo tit unit rail n ror ot nticclc, using the hTA II It IMTII.M' Sl'OKi:
SOCKKT AX J'I:M.01: CLAMl'.nnlniplcrteTlce br Hhlih tin- IUKA1III.ITV
OK VIIKi:i,S IS l()( III.KK, Warn alxo prrpureil to KKI'AIK AM, KINDS
OF WIIKKI.S. I'rle-CH rcahonalilo nml Hutlrfacllon gilftrurtct-il. All pet-Minn in
tiTCHtiil ure hiTitt'il tu call and hic our Moik.
"Wlioletsalo Acntw
For the World-Itcuowned
-and rtuuus-
Alutalarge line of nieillutu and
Kept lu (Irfat Variety.
I'ltltlKS A hi: i.ohek Til ax
a.v. oniDit iiousi: in
i hi: staii:.
Kcry liitstru incut W'ananttil.
We make a Specialty of Renting
OtfCouie and mo us while at the Contention.
lt.F.llltAM)OM & Co.,
lU'iuililleau Scnalorlal CmiH'iitlon.
rilllh Itei.ul.llian eleelorsnf the Klevenlh Hena.
I torial lllslilel ol Ohio are herehy notified that
aioiiuiilloii will Iwheld In tlie illy of Wiirlngneld
at II o'clock a m , on Thurs lav, the iMhuay of
June. A I'. JHV1, for the iurMisnof iiomluatlnga
candidal for the nlllie of Hlate eiuulorfor su!d
dlst.lcl lolheHliiy.seveutli (leneral Assemhly ol
tnuMaleuf Ohio
lhe ha.Isof lepiesentslion In suld convention
s'lall he one delegate lorevrrrone hundredlisi
votes east for lion Jami-sll Itlalue for I'residenl
lu 1M, and one delegate for every fraction there
of nf nitj (fcijor more
'lhe couutftatomi rising said district shall he
ertltled lodelegatea in aaid contention asfollowsl
( hampaign county, forty-two f UJ.
Clark i mi lily, se-venly-llte "8(
Madison couutr, twcnty.seven ?7.
(halrinaii ItepuhlUau hi. Com,, t hainnalgn
Couiilr.Ohlo. ' "
... , John F. Uilkk,
(lislrinsii l(putiliijii Ccutral louiulitee, Mall-
aou I ounty, Ohio.
, . , John W. 1'ak-kins,
Chairman Itej ubllcan leutral Cvuiultive, Clark
County, Ohio.
ami pnietii leattnr lining.
Klil ami
tieat intent tiiillier tit.
, ' '
op and Imitation button of pol-
hand turned.
Ptri - ft, Solenl.eTBor' Cigar Slorc.
finiN 1 1 1 rj lioilj fi i lin' dull, I ni'-iilil, sln
KMi; i.i(tlv In tin loinlllloii to lie vastly
In lie lite il li the iim- of A)il' n injillli,
l.Ule V. DuVi.iu, 'JiiJ l.'illi si., 1,1 h ,iii.,
IJioiiklju, N. Y., iji: "lliuj -nliij', f r
)iar, 1 liavo li ul intnlei.ilili In id i. In -,
llllllll.lVO sulli li il fl.illl lot il lii.snf i n, i t
1 eniiiiiieiiiiil tiln Avii'- 'n- j , i i
l.isl -M.ireli, uml Ihm iiMMn. . h ul a h . I
uela; mv !iutlti' l- I mi Hi lit, .nul 1 u
btion,; nml v Ifjoroii"." "Ax :i ajiim
Ain't v-.ir ip.nill i li - !! n,i i," v
A. II. Nli 1ml., miilniil i. M - II
1! liiill, 111 l, Ohl i, v u . I II li I
Aver'n Striiiirllli In Me f ' ' i
icir". 1 line fiJinnl II Im i In l ;i- i
inn' for l.timhi'o nml mi I n re u
ill MIllj, e.iu-ul hv mi 1, 1 1' Mm l i n
li low state of tin lilinnl." I ..I. I. i ,
N.i) villi, Ml.., write : '"Hi u-i of
liasi-iltiil mo of .Ik r ( mi si ilnl."
Prcp-irnl lij I)i. .I.e. luri ( . Iivvell,
llii-..., I . . A.
Polillij nil Din Ul-.
I'rleo $1 ; bl IkiIUi-,, $..
Men's- Working SIiooh 80c lo ll; Mi'h'h
llrtlM. t'OllgrOH.H anil llllltllll .'.','. to
$!!; Men'H ('air HootH I.l. tu 9:t..".):
a lob lot Mcii'h (JKM'I.M: lit, NO
NKWKIi llalis. llutton anil roiijrrrns TO
CI.OSK, at JJ1, asicooditH inn Ijiil slmo
In the fitr. lelk'H' I'liic Kid llutton,
worlifd liiiltiin IioIch, ijil.a.'i; latillos'
rilihleil rolUh, hoIIiI, !MI c nt.; itojs',
oiithH, anil MInhi'm' Stliool Slim" s;,t
to KI.25; (it'iit'i. Ilitlilicr- .'illc; l.aillcH
Mlfht Sprint' OtcnthocH '2 Or.
40 South Market St.
TTo voli conriialuii nml iiil.e,i,n,,L.
his imbllr, we l ,y ,1H, .,.(.,, i
CO. cuiulu un llli. .hue liii.lnn.. , ,,,
ulil aianil, 14 Wmr MAIN NI.. uliLVl.
fou will alvtoys lluil n Large hloefc. I.i.i,
Wlcet and fair Ueallnu. " """

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