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Springfield Globe -Republic
SPKUtfGFlELD, 011.10, SATUKIMY EVENING, .IUiNH 27, 1885.
Voltimo V. Milliliter UilH, I
tiik mlmiiivoi-'ii2i.i iii:itriir,ic
VoluraaXXXl. Numlier l ::.
OWbN tlH0THEt3
WasiIimiios, Jine XI Ohio Valley ami
Tennrs3Ce,lo n nilii', illfilil ilianc, In tun
lnriitiiri', ui'la rch. tally eoiitlicrly, lallino;
Imruiiii tor.
Theso aro fundamental
principles of Owen Brothers'
Mammotii Clothing Establish
ment :
1. To keep at all times the
largest, best, most compre
hensive and rnliabla stock) to
be found in this market. As a
matter of fact, tho store, 25
and 27 Vest Main Street, this
city, is among the largest re
tail houses in the west devot
ed exc'usively to Men's,
Youths', Bo,s' and Ghildrens'
Clothing, burnishing Goods and
2. To bring the producer
and fiie consumer in contact,
anil thus save the latter the
trdinary retailer's profit.
3. To tanri by every rep
resentation. 4. To take back (if re
turnou' uninjuree) anything
boughf oi us if the price does
not ireve to be from 10 to 25
per cent, bslow any competi
ticn, or if, for any reason
whatever, the buyer i3 dissat
isfied with the goods.
5. To o a business large
enough to make the smallest
profits fairy remunerative.
1hava3t and over-growir.g
trade of this house attests
the public appreciation of an
establishment conducted on
these principles.
N. B Open to night until
10 o'clock.
Springfield's Only One Price
Clothing Retailers at Whole
sale Prices, 25 and 27
West Main Street.
Cincinnati, Juno 37. Nearly every Iron
niaiuifactmliiK firm In Cincinnati was icp
resentisl In a meeting lielel yesterday which
ensealled by Youngstown parties to con
sider tho fiction of tho Pittsburgh manufact
urers In signing tho scale, Tho Yoiitijjs
tovvn people were badly upset by the recent
netlon of I'HNburgh manufacturers In sign
ing tiro scale, and aro now trying to lead n
bolt 01 split from tho Weston .Manufactur
ers' A ssoclatlnu. All tho Cincinnati maim
f.icttncrs deny any Intention of dissolving
their relations with Pittsburgh, but they
liavu been In closo attendance the entire day,
and ovlileiitly fiaternlzo warmly with tho
Youngstown people, A rupture txitween
Cincinnati and Pittsburgh manufacturers
may possibly Ik) tho outcome.
What llifrll n D.imlllliMl Young Jlan.
Washing rov, Juno 27. Tho wife of B
prominent merchant hero was considerably
nnnojed tho other evening, whllo making
some puichase.s, by the attentions of an ef
feminate dandified young man. Finally she
went Into a Ninth failed store and walled
three-quarters of an hour, during which time
lier aiiuojer wnll.ed up and down In front
of the place. Meanwhile, her husband had
been summoned and within three inluules
after his arrival the InsHltlug youth was
tlioioiighh ami completely whipped. Aim-
ileeiiiaii canled his remains to tho station,
where It was learned tli.it he was an allacho
of tho Italian legation and well Known In
society eirchs. Ho was therefore allowed
to depart.
lint ll.trviirit unit Vale 1lo.it Itucc.
i'i:w London, Juno 27. Tho Harvard
nnd Vain crews lowed the eolleglalo lace
jesterd.iy ami llarvaid won tho race by fif
teen lengths. Tho official time was: llar
vaid, 'jaw. and l.'iS's.; Yale, 2.-m. and Ms.
In thooieuing the llariaid men engaged a
1 1,1 1 id of miiilc nod paraded the streets,
chceihig, dl-rfharglng IliecracUers and sing
ing college songs. Their leader carried a
l.u go bioom profusely decorated with crim
son. The exultant collegians had silk sun
inubielhw, wore blood cihnson sashes and
waved crhon handkerchiefs and fiags.
Miuilcr ul C'liiiiinlnavllle, (I.
CiN( in'nati, Juno 27. In Cuuimlnsvlllo
ypitcid.i) afternoon Willis Parks and Wills
Thompson, t no colored men, employed on
tho new hullillng bulng erected by A. K.
Uiillnvv, hiramo engaged III an altercation,
when Paiks shot Thompsoii killing hlin
Instantly. Pat ks escaped, but olllccrs are
In cIoo pursuit.
Ono Woman Cowhidos Another.
A Twolvo Year Old Girl Convicted
of Murder.
Tho Condition of Gonoral Grant.
Condition ir Of m-i ul llrntit.
Mr. McOiimoH, June 27. Although he
iloidl, slier rclitlnir, Gen. Grant did not sltcp
soundly until nfter midnight, last night. The
phjslciaii attended hint once during the night
and again at 0 o'clock this morning. At 11
o'clock the (Ieneral was awnko but had not
dressed. Hlncc retiring ho had slept six
houra. During the just 21 hours the tniiciu
eecreliotu have increased with expectoration,
which ha a tendency lo weaken the tiaticnt.
His pnl;e is 72, hut Its liillncss hns bcn al
ii cted to somo extent by increased expectora
tion. A message of sympathy was ricr-iveil
from the Kepuhilcan club, of I'ottsville, Pa.,
this morning.
The apprehensions of Ur. Douglas that
Ucucrid (Iraut mllit have to pay for his
recent rally lime iilrtmiy Ixen tmrlly met.
The (ieneral had a u refilled night. The
miKiii it cumulatiulis 'hrgan to gather niter
lilt InXflit mill lit. fa flnjri.li. frm frrtt.i
coughing and uniicuiil psiu u.itil duy-
!:..!., Ik. t L. ..li. ...l l.t r-
iiiit. t'l. ijuius inictt-ii nun lur it
lll'lil u hill. In' trfitltr.itnt mlmliil. torn. I
nt.io'iloik Ihij morning nnd again at 0
uciock, oiu uu euep was o.nny oroKeu uniii
alter his morning nourishment was sirred,
...l.t. 1. ....I.I. .1 I If.. 1 I ..,...
,. uhii iiii-uw nun. iiu mid ij.'1'n itwiiKU
since 10 o'lloik, hut is inmli weaker than
ycj'crJay and loo languid to care to leave
Ins room. NoBpicitl alarm is felt by tho
Tho sultry day is not an unimportant
agent in depressing him and the Inmlly are
not jet disposed to think a reaction has set
In. Ilo will he wati lied with e.tra care today
to prevent if possible the appiaianco of an)
uutavorible symptoms.
Washington, Juno 27. The following up
(ointment have liten mailer Kdward I..
Iliddin, collector customs for dlstriit of Now
Vork; Hans II. Ilcattie, surveyor customs,
district ol New Vork; Silas W. Hurt, naval
ollker of custom?, district ol New Vork.
Mini limy lr.
Wisiiinrtos, June 27. K J ward L. Iled
deii was born In N'ew York City in 1K28.
l'rom 185!i until li.st jeur he wns a partner In
the shipping liotie ol Wetmore, Ciller k Co,,
nad lor tldrty-fi re jcara conducted the Custom
hotisi husinees of the hrm. He is vice presi
dent of the Xoith Hiver Uniik nnd director It
suvtral ksunmie companies. Ho has alvvajs
beenn Demncrnt in politics.
II. S. lieu y is a lawyer and was an asso
cisto of the corporation counsel during
secretary Whitney's term. lie has bien an
naive man in the County Dmiocrscy or(ani
untion, is a present deputy lounly clerk ol
Xiw Vork, and hssalMays been a Dtmocrat.
C) rus W. Hurt was rt moved b.v the President
Arthur. He is at present chiet examiner of
the New Vork civil service cnminisiion. He
.suipoittd Cleveland fur (lovmior in lbH2nnd
was an nitlve supporter of the Demo
cntk enndid'Ues last lull. The
term of (iriihaui would not expiie
until Ihm", but he is siHpeiiikd in the middle
ol his Urui because the President believis
that sound public pulley icipilres
llie rcorganizitniii of the whole cu
torn nrviie ut llie (ort of New Vork
and dt tilled a luuipletu new organization
esmitial to proposed change ot method.
The Prisideut today susieiidcd Horatio C. II.
Iiunhard, dirnlor of mint, and appointed
Janus II. Kimball, ot lVnusjlvrtiihi, in Ills
fcteaj. Change will take llUtt Jul) 1.
Irim .1t.u Kick.
Civcivsati, June 27. A Conference of
Iron Manufacturers, Irom Voungstonn and
other points west of Pittsburg, has adopted a
resolution declaring the action ot the Pitts
burg comniittir in stttlement of thediffircnce
between manufacturers and vvorkuiin, was ill
limed, unsatisfactory, nnd subversive of their
intertsts, nnd protesting against the lontlnu
anie of I'ltlsburg dictation. They agreed to
encourage the formation of an independent
organizuion for the purpose ot adjusting their
own nll'airs. They adjourned subject to tail
by thecLairman, Joseph Kmsey, o! Ciuilu
iiati. A llrottil Oiitrnn by Women.
Watkuloo, Iowa, June 27. Miss Shafler,
seventeen yinrs old, a sihcol teacher at Clark
ville, ruvntly incurred Ihe enmity ot n family
named I'orney. Thursday evening returning
Ircoi school she was met by .Mrs. I'orney nud
diiughur. The mother caught Miss HhalTer
and held her whllo her daughter hint her
over the luck and shoulders with a ran hide.
Mis. I'orney and daughter have beon nrrestid.
A phvsieiau who examined Miss hhalhr pro
nounced her breast and back in a lenrlul con
dilion. llorillilo Crloin tiy Clillit.
llARMtsviLLi.', H. C, June 27. Sebicca
Samuels, twelvo vears old, has been convicted
ot the murder of Lucy (Iraliatu, a six weeks
old infant, which she wits nursing, She
Foaked the child in a pot ol concentrated lye.
The only llieorj for llie ciimo is that llie
prisoner killed tho child to escipe the duty ol
nursing it.
I'liliinin Coming IIhnI.
Pmsnuuo, June 27. Tho exodus of
ChliHse Irom California to tin l)mt has be
gun, This morning tliere were thlrly-eight
on their way from .Sail Prsnciseo to New
-..i. ii ..ii., i... .. . , . ,
nub incDnj ".iii'iiniii man isuoviiiou
them In California und (huso in the Past re
uive tui r treatment.
.Mormon in Mexico,
V.l. Paso. Texas. June 27 Uriclnim Voiimr
jr., and lllsliop Snow have assed through
nere ami are now en route to too city ot
Mix co to negotiate lor the purihuse of a
large 'Met of laud ill tho Mcxunu Itepubl.c
lor occupation by the Moimons.
sinlili llunu fur.
I'Etiitsnt no, Va., June 27. Ueorge llonllz,
returning late at night lo his home in Mrik-
lenliurg, luiiud his ilPgal wife in (ompuny ol
a man namid Hmilh. .Snzlngn double barrel
shot gun he find on .Smith, inllktlug a mortal
A IIUloiln Milp Hi lm lluriii'il,
llosios, June 27. The old U. H. steamer,
Niagara, was liquid tu Apple Island yesterday
to be hurind for her metal. She has had an
eventlul history. She was buitt before tho
vr r, and help lay tho ti i Allsutlciable.
llrlielllon In KnaliRii.
St. Pi.TKiisntJiio, Juno 27. Advices from
Tashkatierda, In Aslrllc Hu a, show that
tho rebellion against Chinese rule In Chinese
Turkestan Is spreading. In Ka,liR the
laborers have risen. I.nst acounts
received from Knshgoo stato that tho Insur
gents had killed all the Chlneso officials ami
natlvo overseers In the city, and had cut oil
nil communication with the Interior ol China
Hunk Htntencut.
Nkw Yoiik, June 27, Tho weekly state,
tucnt of the associated banks show the fol
lowing changes: l.onns Increased 14,851,700,
specie decrease $'. 1, 700 j leg 1 tenders In
ert aso $2,901,700; deposits increase 5,0I 2,
300; circulation decreaso iCUI.OOU; reserve
increase $M'J,'J'1&. IlsnKs now hold id I,
3tlt,42!l In excess ol legal requirements.
Clncliiimtl Northern Sultl.
Ciscismati, Juno 27. Tho Cincinnati
Northern railroad from this city to Whj lies
villi', 0, was sold today by order ol United
Stales Court to A. S. Winslow, lor $200,000.
Mr. Winslow bought the property on behalf
of the first mortgage bondholders, who u 111
proceed to organizo a company and operate
the rond.
Kurt Mpvncnr flulnif Home.
Duiilii, Juno 27. The streets through
which Karl Spencer will pass in going to tin
ralroad station en route to London are lined
with soldiers. Tho Karl is about starting on
his homeward journey.
Cattle DUeftne.
(iAM.ua, Texas, June 27. A latal and un
known disease has broken out among the cat
tle In Ilerrcman townihlp. Washington
dray lost eiirht brail. Tho state veterinarian
has been sent for.
Wateikv, Texas, June 27. The State Vet
erinary Surgeon visited tho farm of A. M. Djr
rougli, where he leports finding six horses uf
fectctl with glanders.
Klrti Damp Kxplonlun.
Diiiilin, June 21 An explosion ol fire
damp, ut Dudley, near Sarbruck, occurod nnd
eight miners were killed.
Cliolern ltagtnic.
Maduiii, June 27. In tho Province ot Va
lencia, Thursday, there were 521 new rises
of cholera nnd 258 deaths.
Once More for I.tuk.
Last evening an eight jears old son of
Henry H. Baktr, residing near Lavvrenceville,
met with a very painful accident. He wrs
climbing a mulberry tree when 11 limb nbont
ten leit from the ground broke under I1I3
weight, precipitating him to the ground and
tracturing his right leg between the knie and
hip. In another Instant the limb itself came
doiv n, striking the child and fracturing ilie
same leg Just a few inches nhovu the first
break. The Injured child wes enrritd Into
the house nnd tho limb was put in shape by
Dr. ltusscll.
Illbln Society Meeting.
The Clark county Ilibl! Society will hold
Its annual meeting, Monday evenbg, at 8
o'clock, In the Central M. K. iliurch, corner
of Center and High streets. Adlre"sbj the
President, with reports of Scr nry.Trensurer
and County nnd City Canvasser (Mr. N. T.
Jones). Tho public is cordially invited.
W. 0. I'alconkii, Pres't.
C. C. Tailor, See
Cap!. Slnlz and drill corps of the Fifth
Ilattery leave at eight o'clock this evening for
Ihe Philadelphia encampment, via the Pan
luuille nnd Pennsylvania railroads. The gun
and limber to be used in the prize drill,
harness, camp equipage, etc., were shipped
(rum here yesterday and will be In readiness
for the crps on its arrival. Muny friends of
the young artillerymen will be at tho station
lo see them off, this evening, dipt. Sinlz re
ceived notice from the malingers yesterday
tint his battery was duly entered for th"
prize drill. The First regiment, 0. N. U.
have Cincinnati at G:30 a.m. Sunday, for
the encampment.
Xenia Gazette: "In the suit ol the Stale of
Ohio, ex rel Xenla Hoard of Work Hou-e
Directors vs. the (Jreeno County Commission f
crs, to compel tho latter to pay a certain sum
ol money for Work House indebtedness,
Judge Whito rendered a decision, this morn
ing, reviewing the defendant's demurrer at
length, nnd rendering a decision overruling
it, holding that the Commissioners wire equal
ly responsible and liable for the construction
and maintiiinance of tho Work House with
the city of Xenla. Tho Commissioners ex
cepted to tho ruling, by thtlr attorney, John
Walsh, nnd were granted loave to file an
swer." Kr. D. 0. I'rantz, o! New Carlisle, since the
publication of our article on the locusts, has
examined his young tries nud sends to
this office a lino, thrifty- growing
apple tree, about three feet high,
which Is split from bottom to top by the in
cisions of the locust. The Incisions go to the
very hinrt and tho tree will certainly die.
Ktdley k Hentzel, marble cutters and dcaleis
in monuments, etc., are moving their shop, nt
Plum street and Ferncliff avenue, luck
thirty feet and will erect 11 new building with
glass Iront, for ware-rooms and additional
work-rooms, preparing thus for an extension
of business.
Tho New Era will be issued dally, In the
morulng, next weik, with reports of the Pro
hibition State Convention.
ltoy Hanged tiy Kacnuetl !rUoiurd.
Council Bmifkh, la., June 27, Last
Sunday a boy named Hayes, agtsl sixteen,
living near Persia, left homo on horseback
to attend tho confirmation exercises at N'cola.
Thursday the horse returned riderless. A
party started out und found his Imily hang
ing to u tree 6even inllw north of N'isila.
lluth Ids bauds ami feet were tied. It Is be
lieved tho hanging was done by men who
escaped from the Harrison County jail Ut
Monday afternoon, who, fearing that llars
hail seen nnd recDgiihrcit them, hanged him
to prevent him from Informing the nuthorl
ties of their wherealHiuLs. Hundreds of
armed men are searching for Ihe n.irtlt.
Helmut Teacher Ilurnetl tu Death.
HosroM, Juno 27, Last Wtslnesd.iy
morning tho gown of Miss Ccclle Kiiine
iimu, n teacher In the Hancock (iramiuar
School, took fire from a pan of burning fat,
which ktiHsl on her kitchen lloor. bliu was
severely burned ami died Thursday evening.
Iluttneaa Failure.
New York, June 97. There ver 184
failures in the Uulted States reported during
tho week ending the 20th, against 170 In tho
prtHHUuK wecK, ana ton, 150 ana ip 111 me
vTf 01 issi, ipw una iw
Admiral Porter Preparing a Plan for 1
Uow Torpedo and Gunboat
Commander Schley llctalletl to Act I'ny
inuntor or tlio Nuvjr lint 1'mir Con
tested Klertlon Casea Itefnro
the Next Coiiicrm.
Wasiiimiton, Jnno27. Secretary Whit
ney says that Mr. Chandler's letter In ro
ganl to tho dispatch boat Dolphin needs nt
reply fiom him; that, notwithstanding tin
communication, ho will proceed In petform
lug what he considers his duty In tho matter.
Under the general Imitation of Secretary
Whitney to olllccrs ot the navy nnd others,
to submit plans In him for tho construction
of new sletd cruisers, Admiral Porter liai
for somo time past been engaged In planning
a vessel which ho liojics will 'prove a model
In her class. Sho Is to bo 250 feet long, and
tit thu samu time a ram, a torpedo boat and
11 gunboat, will go forward or backward
with equal fnelllty and carry a ery heavy
firmament. It Is uximctcil that she will at
tain gieat speed.
A repro-entatlvc of tho press baa received
direct Information that President Cleveland
nnd Secretary Ilayartl aro on tho ery besl
of terms, nnd Hint It Is frequently the cos
that the two sit together until two nnd three
o'clock In Ihn mottling discussing State De
partment matters. The President, It can bt
authoritatively stated, Is entirely satisfied
with Mr. llaynrd, ami the greatest harmony
pievalls livtvvoi'ii the two gentlemen.
I'uitiiiasti 1 Pearson, of Xew York, had
an Interview with Postiuastei (ieneral Vllat
Joloida), during which he explained tin
tlelay in delivering HriHiklyii mail nuller,
In leply lo a leport of a special ngent, whe
charged unnccesaary delay In tho New York
James. Klvcrson, tho Philadelphia pub
lisher, whoso name has been mentioned In
coiincitloii with tho office of Public Printer,
savs tint ho has neither sought tho office
nor Invited to accept It.
Secretary Whitney has detailed Commo
dore Schlej to net tu Paymaster Oneral ol
the Navy pending the trial by roiirt martial
of Paj master (ieneral Smith.
Dlieclor (ieneral lluek had an Interview
with Assistant Seen tary of the Treas
ury Falrchild which resulted in an agree
ment to deduct from tho STO5.000 appro
priated by Conirress for the lienefit of the
creditors of tho World's Kxiiositlon S72.757,
being the aggregate amount of chirms In dis
pute and to pay tho sum of S2i'i2,2I3 pro
rnla to thosu whoso claims corrcspoutl with
the accounts audited by the Hoard of Man
agement. Tho balance, 372,575 Is to lm dis
bursed when dNputetl accounts have been
adjusted betwis-n tho clalmaut and thl
Hoard of Management or allowed by some
tribunal having juilvllctlon.
Postmaster Jiidd, of Chicago, had along
conference with Postmaster (ieneral Vllai
yesterday coucciuing tho affairs of the Chi
cago olllce.
Senator Ingalls pasiisj through tho city
je.itcrcl.iy en route from Hoston to Chicago,
whcio he Is to meet, on tho 13th of next
month, tho Senate Commlttco on Indian Af
fairs. While heroiio Tcceived a telegram
from the Oovernnr of Kansas, saying mi in
cursion of tho C'lieyennes, similar to that ol
1878, is appieheuded, nnd that gieat uneasi
ness prevails. Tho Governor opiessed an
earnest ditdro that the Secretary of Wai
should send tho tioops on tho southeastern
bonier of the Stale to guard against any at
tacks from tho Indians.
Secretary Pmlicott being out of the city.
Senator fngalls called on tho President with
his telegram nnd was assured that the mat
ter had ln-cii a subject of earnest consider
nllon bv the President anil his Cabinet, and
that active measures havo been taken both
by the Interior and War Departments to
prevent. If ossib!e, any outbteak by the In
dians nnd to repress it promptly should one
Tho Commissioner of the General Land
Ottlce has declined to accede to the request
ol the Oiegon ,fe California Kallioad Com
pany, of Oiegon, for the Issue of patents ou
:(2.",000 acres of land already selected by the
t'oinpiuy, and to allow sections to be made
for 1,000,000 acres more under tho forfeited
laud grant to that company In the State of
Oregon. The grant expired In 1880. Hills
declaring a forfeiture of the grant were bo
fore Congiess at the last session. The Com
missioner sajs that until the matter of en
forcing tho forfeiture lias been determined
by Congress or tho courts It is ids opinion
that ho should tako no steps which would
place It beyond the power of tho Legislature
to protect tho public rights In the premises.
The Commissioner also declines to accede to
n similar request coming from the California
& Oregon road In California.
it was Intimated at the Executive Slan
slon late j estenlay afternoon that no ap
pointment as Collector of Customs at New
Yoik would bo made for several days yet.
A saving of 510,000 was effected In the
conliaet for suppljlng the Interior Depart
ment Willi stationery as coinpaiod with last
year, the awanl for which was made yester
day. The aggiegate amounted to 517,000.
Secretary Lamar directed that no gold pens
bo puiihased, as ho wasof tho oplnlnn that
stts'l 1 urns were good enough. It was also
found by the Set letnry that American sta
tloneiy. In most Instances, compared favor
ably with Imported; so very little Imported
st.it inner) was purfhasl this year.
The Naval lluieau of Provisions and
Clothing w.n tlitovrn into a state of great
excitement jestenlay by the relief from duty
not only of Paj master General Smith, but
nlo of his two assistants, Paymasters Dec:
Ing and Kartell. Inquiry as to the teosous
for these cutlers simply elicited tho Informa
tion that It was deemed best to put the
bureau In other hands, lauding tho Smith
Iefeuele. Condition of the Kunsaa
Tori:K., Kan., Juno 27. Governor Mar
tin has iidtliesseil 11 teller Ut the Secretary
of War, calling hlr attention to the defence
less condition of the settlers nlong tho
southern Kansas border, In tho event of an
outbteak among the Indians, urn) requesting
that ample pieeautlons bo taken for their
protection, nnd to preclude any possibility
of 11 lepetitloiiof the disastrous raid Of 1870.
Wife-Murderer Attempts Nulcldc
Nl.vv YiiliK, Juno 27. Carpenter, tho
nllcgcd wife-minderci, who attempted sui
cide on Wednesday by cutting his throat
ami Indicting numerous stab-wounds lu his
abdomen. Is In a fair way to recover. Ho Is
clo-.olv watched, however, lest I10 uilght ot
teuipt to leiiew Ihe act.
Jury eiurecl.
CincAfio, Juno 27. After almost un
preccdeiitisl annoj iiuces oud delay, Jury w at
sicuied vestfula) in the trial of the five Ital
ians for the minder of FUlppoCuruw. The
opsnlng speeches to tho Jury were m.ido la
Die afU'juiK'i) and the trli) vrnvtibteib
('iiitt,'ht In Ihe Act of Counterfeiting.
Pun .MH'iriiiA, June 20. Thomas Mc
Nultyand Mary Hratly, who wore arrested
by I'nitod States secret service olllcers while
engaged In coining counterfeit silver coins,
wero given a hearing jestcrday by United
fitatos Commissioner l;d wards unci in default
,( 0J.OOO each held for trial at tboncjit tertB
ot tho court.
The Nineteenth Nutlonal i:ncntnpinent
of thn tlraml Army or the Itrptihlln
Cltisett Ijirurslon to Clieliotigue Inland
Hpeeche a nut! 11 ttooil 'J tine (Irnerally.
Pohti.anii, Me., Juno 37. Tho great
Nineteenth National Kticatnpment of the
G. A. 11. happily and successfully closed
yesterday with nn excursion of the delegnli'1
nnd guests to Little Chelsmgno Island. Two
steamers, with colors Hying and bauds play
ing, convoyed tho 2,000 excursionists. They
landed at a point on the north shore.
After partaking of a chowder they re
paired lo a beautiful giovu where Governor
Itoblo presented Coinmnntler-lii-Chlet llur
dette,who afterbileliy and feelingly sjK'aklng
of the war and the G. A. IE., made the jHiltit
that the spectacle presented In Portland was
the greatest Grand Army gathering every
held and probably would remain the great
est "Wo como to the meridian line of our
day," said ho, "and I think wo hnve passed
It Just a ilttlc. Kvfryjear thousands fall
by the wayside and the old wounds nto bo
coming exceedingly troublesome."
Addresses by General (Irosvenor, of Ohio,
Past Commander Kountz and others fol
lowed and Kx-Goveruor Kalrchlltl was then
appointed a commlttco of ono to wait on
General Logan and present him to tho as
sembly. The appearance of Geneial Logan was the
Ignnl for loud cheering, many rising nnd
waving their lints. General Logan's "in-ecli
wns very brief. Horofeiicd to the Union
of to-day as a Union of loyal States, hearts
and bauds. He alluded In n happy
ininner to many things In .Maine
which the people from tho West were
not familiar Willi their clams and
joinders. IlowMiedto Impress upon them
that tho soldier of this country was not the
Soldier of ti low order or character, but the
man who hail tho nerve and patriotism logo
forvvnid and bare his breast against the bul
lets nntl bajonets ot tho country's foe. Ho
inado tho mhit that there was no dis
crimination of rank among people who wero
assembled hero, Theie weieno Major Gen
erals ninong them, no Lieutenant Generals,
they were all private citizens.
After several other speikers had been
presented tho monster clani-bake was an
nounced. It was gieatlv icllslieil. At tho
end of the repast the partj leturned to the
Last evening there was a complimentary
wienadn given tho California delegation
by the Chandler Hand followed by 11 recep
tion tendered bj the Kxecution Committee.
The patty weie aflerw.iitl driven to the itsl
tlence of Geneial Mattocks where a second
leceptlon was tendeietl tin in. Tho entile
party then left for Mount Desert. General
ami Mrs. Iig.in left foi Par Harbor last
Tho closing session of tho National
Women's Relief Club opened nt 8:30 a. in.
Ofllcers were Installed Including President,
Mrs. Sarah V. Fuller, Hoston; Senior Vice
President, Mrs. Elizabeth A. H. Klnne, Cali
fornia; Treasurer, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Turner,
Hoston; Chaplain, Mis. Annie Wittciiney;
Philadelphia; inspector, Mrs. I). G. King,
Lincoln, Neb., and Counsellor, Miss Emma
D. Sibley.
Hunted fur n Murtler Committed In 1B73.
Pout Ssurii, Ark., June 27. Two Chero
kee Indians, James Archie and William
Parchineal, were hanged here jestenlay for
the murder of Henry Feigel In the Indian
Territory In November, US2. For twelve
years thiv.0 men were unmolested, tliere
being no evidence of theii guilt. A jear
ago statements made hr Aicinc, when he
wasundei arrest forauolher chaige,brought
out evidence which led to Hie airestand
conviction of both men Yesterday Arclnn
made a confession admitting his guilt and
explained how the killing was done. He
said ho was playing canls with some bojs
at Tnhlequeh when Parchineal railed him
out and asked him to accompany him. They
went some distance through tho prairie and
met a man whom Parchmeal told him to
shoot, nt the same time giving him u pistol.
Ilo shot the man se-tal times, mid when ho
had emptied the pistol they pliked up rocks
ami mashed the man's skull. Arciue was a
more boy at the time of tiie killing. Parch
ineal was grown.
American Flheruicn Will Continue rlati
lug In Cimmlliiii Water.
Ottawa, Out, June 27. Tho announce
ment In the lobbies of Parliament Wednes
day night, that the President of tho Uunlteil
States had Issued a diplomatic approval be
tween the United States and Great Britain
continuing the privileges granted by the fish
eries treaty throughout tho season of ISW,
lias caused considerable uneasiness among
representatives from tho maritime provinces.
From tho Information telegraphed from
Washington it is understood th.it the Domin
ion Government has agreed to allow Ameri
can fishermen to continue fishing in Canadian
waters without any consideration having
been promised from the United Stales Gov
ernment In return.
The Kulghta or Nt. John.
CiltCAno, June 27. At jesterday's ses
sion of tho convention of the Knights of St.
John, thu following olhcers were elected for
tho ensuing ear: SupiemeSpliitual Director,
Most Hev. Archbishop Elder, of Cincinnati;
Supremo Commander, L. L. Yanii, of Sjra
cuse, N.Y.; First Supremo Vice Commander,
John McDonnell, of Pittsburgh. Second Su
premo Vice Commander, J. Weckler, of
Chicago; Secretary, T. J. Lanahan, of Huf
falo; Supreme Ticneitrir, John 11. Manning,
of Fort Wa ne, Intl. The Siipruuo Com
mander, the Supremo Treasurer and the Sit
frenie Seeretaiy, evofllclo, ami John A.
Irodinaii, of Peoria, III , nnd John Wll
helai, of Cleveland, O., are the Executive
Terrlhle Inlgetly on Lookout Mountain.
ClIATTAMlOOA, Teini., Juno 27. News
It Just received hero of a teinblo tragedy on
Ixiokout Mountain. Two cattlemen named
Ellison and Tnj lor have had considerable
trouble ov er the ow nershlp of somo cattle.
Tliey agreed to settle the fond when they
next met If some amicable agreement could
not be reached through friends. When
Ellison met T.i lor a teiilblo stiugglu en
sued w hicli re sulti din Ellison slabbing Tay
lor to death, liotli are will known and
Suielde ot u Young It, ink. Keeper
Cincinnati, O., June 27.- Chailes Hoe!
Anglian, aged nlnetein, son of the second
member of the linn of llocluiighalf .v: Lane,
foundrjineii, committed suit nle jestenlay
morning near Columbia bj shooting. Young
IlrielfinghaiT was Irnok keepei for the fliiuof
which his father Is connected No caii'o
except sickness can be assigned fm the deed.
Ills lather anil uiothei w lm me in Michigan
havo been tch graphed lor.
Kx-rrraldfut I lull llculeil u evv Trial.
Nkw Youk, June 27.-Judges Wallace,
llcnedict and llruvvn, silting In the United
States Court, handnl down n decision
Thutsday tuoiuliig, tlenv lug James I). FIU
uuowtilal. The; miido a similar decisiou
In thu nutter of ffoyii, the gj.aas Itnportir,
who was guljty of making fiaudulent cus
torus rutcrlej,
A fit ml Aireleil.
Ni:v Yoiik, Juno 20. .Iniues O'Donnell,
en Idi man. was hold for lil.il mi ri nlifinrnj.s
I cruelly iH'.itlng his sen en-ye.ir-olil daughter.
It Is alleged that he gnisped hei by tho foot,
Jerked her out bed, held her head down
wards mid belabored her with a loadodwhlp
from which the sharp ragged end of a wire
Jirotruded. Thu child's body was shoeklug
v mutilated.
Urn Technical Point In l.nw Moat or thn
tlnlletl States Prisoners In the lletrolt
House of Correitlnii will be tlnchiri:ed.
Dktiioit, Jun6 27. The wholesale legal
prison delivery which Is about to be inado at
tho Detroit House of Correction, Is tho most
novel and extensive on record, lly n tech
nical point of law In tho proceedings under
which most of tho convicts sent from United
Ktates. Com ts wero presented, about 125
United States convicts now at the House of
Correction nro entitled to their Immediate
There are now about 200 of these prison
ers at tho Institution. Two-thirds of them
wero tried by Information. For years It has
been the custom of the United States Courts
to try criminal cases by Information, as the
machinery of Indictment before a grand Jury
Is cumbersome, c.xiienslvo and unsatisfact
ory. At tho May term of tho United States
Supremo Court, however, It was held. In tho
caso of tho ieoplo against Wilson, that
crimes which subject tho convict to hard
labor nro "Infamous," and can not bo tried
except after Indictment by the Grand Jury.
Tho retroactive result of that decision Is
most serious, as tho foregoing statement
shows, llosldes those sentenced by two
District Courts In this State there are a
large number sent from other States and
Territories, most of whom are affected by
this derision.
As jet, only one outside prisoner, nn
Arkansas forger, has secured his release, but
It Is exMTtesl that as soon as tho prisoners
and their friends take In tho situation, busl
nesswlll be lively. One bank embezzler was
released Thursday and also a thieving mall
agent. The latter, however, was Immediately
taken Into custody on a now complaint ami
the District Attorney says tho released men
w III be at once rearrested and regularly pros
ecuted, If n large part of their term remains
unset veil. Tholawjers, howovcr, assert that
n second prosecution would bo Illegal,
011 the giound of putting a man twico
in Jeopaidy for the eamo offense.
"Tho decision will put the countiy to
enormous extra expense," said one of the
clerks of tho court yesterday. "It will bo
necessary to call a grand Jury terra of court.
Heretofore It has been called onco a year.
This is at an annual cost of 87,000 In Michi
gan alone. Tho samo rule applies to other
Another question raised by the decision Is
the mitter of fines enforced under Informa
tions for "infamous" crimes. As these
prosecutions nre absolutely void, tho fines,
ns well as the imprisonments, are illegal. A
great sum in the nggregato has thus been
paid, but ns tho only method of securing the
return of the money would bo by act of
Congress, tho prospect of returning is nol
Derrmllui; tho Northwest llalf-llreetls.
Qitiiec, Juno 27. A number of French
Canadian citizens have banded themselves
together ami appointed a committee for the
rurtwseof taking Into consideration the
position of tho half-breeds Implicated In the
Northwest troubles, and to subscrllie toward
defraying their expenses Inthecomlngtilals.
Tho Hon. Judge T. J. J. Loraugct
was elected president of the commit
tee, and O. Martlnoau, vice president.
Jules Tesalerantl I.. P. Pelletorwero selected
as advocates and Joint secretaries, and A.
Meulln as treasurer. M. Fltzpatrlck, own
bcl for Kiel, Is In telegraphic communication
with tho counsel for dinners nt Winnipeg,
nnd will leave Immediately for tho place. If
a pustjKinement of the case can be had. He
proposed assisting at tho aigiunent of juris
diction, the same as will bo raised In Kiel's
reculfar Klopement Case.
TotKiio, O., June 27. Tho details of a
peculiar eltqiement camo to light last night
by the arrival hero of John Wood, who
claims to live In Clinton, Canada. Hols
looking-fur his wife, the mother of twelve
children und the grandmother of several,
w ho ran aw ay f 1 om home last April w lth Win.
Hiiidley, a jouth of twenty-one, taking 8100
of Wootl's money. Tho eloping grandmother
carried a twelve-) ear-old daughter away
with her, ami the trio went to Detroit,
where they lived at the poor-hou6u for two
weeks. Woud followed aud traced them to
Monroe, where he learned that they lived ns
paupers during their sojourn there. They
were provided with paujier's tickets to
Toledo and are supposed to be here. Mrs.
Wood Is slxty-tmven years old.
Trouble Impeded at Arkansas Con! Mines.
I.irn.r. Horn, Auk., June 20. For soma
tlmo tliere has been trouble exiiected at the
coal mines near Coal Hill, Johnson County.
Tho mines aro operated by convict labor.
The employment of this In prefe:
enco to free lalior Is the complaint,
and tho presence of a largo number
of convicts Insufficiently guarded has
created a feeling of alarm among the cltl
7ens. Wednesday morning tho foreman of
the mlno was notified that 100 men were
ready to compel the removal of the convicts.
An attack was e (meted, but it was not
made. Tho Sheriff Is on thu ground with a
email posse. Ho reports tho (icoplo greatly
Captain F.. T. Johnson Acquitted.
KNoxvti.t.n, Tenn., Juno 27. Ye-sterd ly
tho Johnson-Henry jury returned a verdict
of uot guilty. The announcement of tho ver
dict c.iusesl tremendous demonstrations of ap
plause b) the large crowd hi the court house.
Senatoi Voorhees, of Indiana, was the lead
ing counsel fen tho defense. Captain E. T.
Johnson, formerly of Indiana, was urralgnej
for killing Major Edwin Henry, In Greene.
County, Tennessee, on September 23, ISSt.
Henry led Johnson's wife astray more than
a jear liefore, ami Mrs. Johnson committed
suicide hi Intllaua)H)lls,
Muekln llimlirns.
CincAtii), Juno 27, Joseph C, Mackln,
Implicated In tho recent alleged election
fiautl, last nlglit resigned the secretanshlp
and his membership in the Cook County
Democratic Central Committee. It was de
clared that tho committee Intended to expel
him. Maekln's refusal lilthetto to resign,
and his signing tho call for a convention
liaiobeen tho sensation In political circles
for a week past.
AsMlni Held for Murder.
GiiEENVtu.K, O., Juno 27. Uon pre
liminary examination for Pie murder of a
negro and his wife at Osgood on tho night
of Juno 11, Dr. Aaron Green and Job Gos
loo have been remanded to jail nn a chargo
of murder In tho first degree. Ou tho samo
charge IsaaoMedford was admitted to 3,000
ball and W Mills to J5.000 ball. Tho evi
dence shows that for an hour or moro tlio
negro und his wife wero hunted like beasts
through the town nud shot remorselessly.
The Ciililwill, O., Army Reunion.
Cai.ijvv i.i.i, O., Juno 27. The annual
uimy reunion In this city, at which General
Sherman presided, In 1B74, ex-l'resldeiit
Hayes In 16)75 and 1676, and General Gar
field lii 1870, will occur this year on August
13 and 14. Tho object of the reunion Is to
build a soldiers' memorial hall and monu
ment for Noble Comity,
Too Much Molber-ln-Law,
Milan, O,, Jiuio 87. Martin Wicker,
young farmer living near Milan, look Pub
I giecrj Wednesday rjoon and went Into tbt
woods to die. ue was found at five o'ejock.
No dyc(or was Cl)l unlit (our ttjt next
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