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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, June 27, 1885, Image 4

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Tlir l'irf Department li now using JtMiilnril
liistotiil of lotal time.
MlM Helen Batl.nl returned tciJaj Irom
Mrs. I'.irlln'n rehool at FarnilriKtoti, Mm.
Mnsra. K.U. llrucc ami (i. V,. Illglilcy liavc
lcn In New York during the iit week.
Jit. frank Jolitnuti returned at noon to
day Irora Amiover, Mass., where he has hcen
nttcoillnR the I'lilllls Academy.
ll Anna bliovn-ru, vvhu lias been visiting
friends ill lmlinnapolls, Is now at West IhJen
Kprlngs, In lie southern part ol lnJinna.
The Mrs. McLaughlin, fined jeatenlivv lor
kicping n houe of Ill-tame, Is not the InJy ol
the same name residing on Section street.
(Milt). I I'l HI.SI.K1 . 1. ('..
Among other appointments lor Ohio of
fourth class postmasters confirmed jeslerday
was that of J. W. Ihildwin, at Yellow Springs,
(Ircene county, vico Mrs. Mary K. McNIer.
Tho funeral services of Henry Floyd,
deceased, will take place at his late
residence, 100 Star.tou Avenue, at 3.30 p. m.,
Monday Juno 28. Friends of the family am
This city is in fairly good condition at this
time ns to cleaallness, and it care is taken to
keep It so throughout the season there need
bo no apprehension of epidemic of any
Tho residence of Dr. 9. H. Harlan, on San
husky street, Mechanlcsburg, with all the con
tents, was destroed by fire Friday morning.
Loss about $3,500; insured for $2,500, in
I'lm nix ol Hartford.
F.lsew here announcement is made ot pro
ceedings before the board of county commis
sioners, Monday, in the South Charleston
annexation matter. This noon the Murrays
and others interested filed objections with the
county auditor to the granting of the petition.
The case of Henry Hruvv u vs. The (ilobe
Printing Company, was continued in 'niiiirc
Stout's court until July ". The case of A. C.
" Jennings, ot V'rbana, who repluvined a horse
from lngersoll & Pennman, ol this city, u
week ago, was also continued to the same
day. .
Ohio Slate Journal : ' Alltn O. Myers yes
terday worked an old worn-out campaign I Rmj i0itr streets
dodge by tiling with the Governor a protest
against the appointment as rallroHil polli-emmi
nl John T. Norris, who.e apointmi ut the
Trailed A embly protested against last Pi li
ruary. tt by didn't Allen do this before lie
was renominated''"
Mrs.. Meetlni; Miiinlii) Mi-lit tu Ciilililr
llm (Jiir.tliiu Uitiiliu Unlet lur Horn.
Inu Service', tn llm Churches n I thnCHy
First Presbyterian Preaching bj tha pm-
tor at 11 a. tn. Subji-c' "Murals in Iteligion,
and Itellglon in Pjlltlcs." Sunday schn. 1 at
9 15 a. in., with nddress by llev. Mr. I'bl, re-
lurntd missionnry. Mil's mtetlng in the ever-
ing at 8 o cluck, tn the inti nsi ol our run
day laws. The public iuwted.
Christ (Kpiscopil) Morning service a! 11
o'clock. Sunday school at t 15 a. tn. Tho
second servlco St 5 p. m. Uev John T. Uoc
rec tor
First Pngllsh l.ulheran Uev. 1). V.
Smith, pastor. Sabbith school at'.' a.m.
Uev. L. ti. Ulil, recently from tluntoor, lnd
will pres.cn at 10 30 a. tn. No evening ser
vice. The public cordially Invited.
Central M. II. Church Sabbath sihoul at
J a. m. Preaching at 10:.M a. m. ny iiev. ,.
II. Leonard, I). I , pastor. Young People's
meeting at 7 p. m. No iremhmg service in
the evening. Seats are free.
Congregational Sabbath sch.iol at !' 10 a.
m. Preaching by the pastor, Riv. m. II.
Warren, at 11 n. m. No evening service.
Lagonda Avenue Chap'd Sabbath-school
at 3 p. m. Special exercises.
First Itaptist Sunday school nt 9 10.
Preaching at 10 45 n. m.by the pastor, Uev.
A. L. Wilklnon. No evening service.
Seven Day Adventists Meeting every
Saturday at 0 30 a. m , and Sunday at 7 in
p. tu. All are cordially Invited.
High Street M. 11. Church. Itev J. P.
Marlay, the pastor, will preach at 1 1 o'clock
a. in. Sunday sthoul at 9-30 a. tn. N'o even
ing services. All are cordially invited.
United llrethren I.igond v Ke'gul'ir
class at 9 30 a. m. Quarterly communion
after morning preaching Sabbath school at
i p. m. llvangeli'itic service at iS p ra. con
ducted by Uev Dundk:ebTger, of Diytnn, O.
Second Presbyterian Sirvices in this
church at 11 o'clock a. m , conducted by the
jastor Wm. II. Webb. Tins congregation
wilt join willi other churches at night in n
1'nion Mass Mii'titiK to be held in lleil'iist
Presbyterian ibiirch to proinutu ii livlicr ob
servance ol Sibliath laws.
Methodist Protestant Kev. J It. Walkei
pastor. Preaching at 10 :u a. in. and n. p. ni.
Sabbath school a t 9 a. m. A col dial wel
come to all.
Second Knglisb Lutheran Corner Cliiton
Sunday si heol at 9 a. ra.
JTromthMMIsl. rahtlnpitrh.Scrl tMli 1W
" Wry M'lelont ibi we" read of mi mltial
case nt rnovirv, where b vpc li.til nltiv
tetber lieeil ln-t, t" p.iintl. 1 thai vvlili-Il
n-a Mnniliv lnve.li;nleil by a l)iMti.h
reporter, wlm li.nl licud In varioili ipi.ir
torieriini tilkniB tn their fi lends of a
ciire.neeiinnglv liltle hurt of inarvcloiu,
that bad been performed The plain facts
in the cue relerrcd tn, without exaggera
tion, arc then-, n. the were learned from
tin: inoth'r of the young man, Im paslor
and other jicrions'wcl.' know inn the coin
munity :
" W'llllam Lincoln C irtls is the name
of the young man in question. He Is now
employ cclnt II . Porter ,t Co.'s loco
motive works In Pittsburgh, Pa. A year
no he resided vvilh bis mother on Grant
street. About that time lie went to bed
one evening villi a violent pain In lii
shoulder, the remit, lie thought, of n ;.
The next morning the shoulder wan
greatly swollen, tuc yi.im w.i uuci c, .mu
nclies vveic! lelt nil tlirouali hi system,
Hi case was tpccddv developed Into a
vioicnt form of chror.ir rheumatism,
among the first notable features of which
was the paralysis of liis left arm.
''He gradua'ly grew worse, and in a few
nontlis the elbow vnd knee joints and
.voth ankles became cnortnmiily enlarged.
In March last the check bono began to
enlarge, and upon liis left side partial
larlv , spreading luc fac out of all resem
blance to bis former s-clf. The pain in all
his joints became intense , fever, w ilh its
deteriorating effects was now added, and
ht became rapidly reduced to Hie aerjbl-nee ot
tosble condition, nnd his uiflcrmRa wcte ol
iuch i India, .ibahle clnr ictcr that Ui"tc whe
inot loved hnn s.imttimrj IhouRlit it oulil Be
better T he ivna called n At thla time
phvaiciana well known In Pitub irgh informed
For Gents. Ladies, Misses and Children, will always be found in our establishment. Recog
nized as leading dealers in standard pods, we strive rather to give our customers a superior
article at an honest, legitimate price than worthless stock and inferior workmanship at any
figure we can get. To the excellence of our goods and rur ve'y moderate prices, coupled
with courtesy and inteqrity in all dealings with our patrons, must be ascribed the high repu-
I tation and increasing popularity we have attained.
ROUSE PARSONS, 26 South Market Street.
(Jen. Wnrder's horse ouule n two or three
sipiaro diish ngAinst time on Main street,
about three o'clock yesterday afternoon, and
would have won but for the Interference ol
some part.es who assisted in stopping him at
Centre street. The only dfimaze was some
broken harness, Mr. Warder keeping h's sent
and gaining control of the steed quickly
The episode cause a ripple ol excitement to
break in upon the prevailing quiet of the
street at that hour.
The annual "barn dance," given last night
by tho South Charleston Dancing Club In the
spacious and well adapted barn of Mr. Dar
win l'eirce, was a success in every detail.
Iteprecentatives from North Adams, iliua.,
Milfbrd, liarnesrille, Springfield, London and
Solon were present. Our Uig Sii did the
hoaors in music in their usual enjoyable
style. Delicious refreshments were served in
profusion, and nil visitors pronounced the
S. C. Ii. C. splendid entcratiners.
I'reiehlng nt !' '" n m., eniniiietrd b
the niliir, Uev. A. K Wnpner. No wri-iee in
tl veiling.
(Jhrisliuii Chiinli Sabliaih heml ut in
a. in. There will ! uo prem lung.
Second Ilnpllst I'ei. Wilton It. Honne,
pastor. Sunday School t ; in a. in. Preach
ing at 11 n. in. In the evening there will bo
interesting exercises by the Sunday school,
based on the lust quatter's lessons. All arc
United 1'iesbyterlan Sabbath school ,nt
7 30 a. m. Preaching by the pastor, Itev.
Joseph Kyle, nt 11a.m. No evening ser
vice. St. Paul M. K Sabbath school at "J a. m.
Preaching at 10 JOn. m.bv Htv. Mr. SchalTer,
of Wittenberg College. Union services in
the evening nt the Presbyterlnu church.
atti:mi'tki it.iri:.
The patrol wagon answered a call, early
this morning, from the street car Btables on
Yellow Spriugs street. A strange colored
man passing the bouse of a colored woman
mined Smith, on the alley opposite the Fair
(Jrounds, had grossly insulted her daughter,
but of course had taken himself away before
the patrol could reach the spot. The girl's
mother was in a high state of excitement and
indignation, and would have made it hot tor
the low-lived rudian it she had caught him.
There is getting to be too much of this Bort ot
Dentil if an Old Citizen.
A pioneer citizen of nearly fifty years
standinc, Mr. Henry Floyd, died yesterday
about noon, at his hume, .No. 1G0 Stanton
avenue, North side, of debility and old age,
having reached his eightieth ytar. Mr. Floyd
had lived here, until recently at Main and
Spring Btreets, nearly half a century, and was
proprietor of the livery stable on Spring
street for many years. Deceased w as the
father of Mrs. Orson II. Williams and Mrs
I.ou'.a D. Gable, Mr. Gable belni; traveling
agent fur the Springfield Coffin Co. A son,
Mr. George Floyd, resides in Minneapolis, but
nrrived here this mornmg to attend the
1ineral services which will be held at the
Jiouse tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock.
A cro Irnlllp Trie to Invelcleie ntitis
(llrl Into the lli'il.Kiiuui Tlio K'lMill
About H o'llock 'Ins niurnr.ga negro cntm
to the house of Amod .Smith, on .Mi. will tilit y ,
and asked for somitlurg to eat. Mr. Smith s
daughter, a girl about sixteen ears old, vv afl
alone in the house, bin thinking nothinu
wrong sbe took htm in nnd set htm out a c Id
breakfast. When the vtllmn got in nud saw
that she was alone he tried to persuade her to
enter the bed-room with him. As soon as
the girl Ucime aware ot his intentions, and
before he had time to lay violent hands on
her, she lcatnc alarmed and rushed
OJt ot the hcue, calling lor help. The man
fled as soon as he saw that he was foiled, nnd
before any of the neighbors could come to
the scene had made his cscurc, finally disap
pearing in the wuods west of town. TLe
matter was at once reported lo officer Mast,
who occupied most of the morning in tracing
the wretch. About 10 o'clock he, in com
pany with Marshal Hughes and officer Nor
ton and the patrolmen, started out with the
wagon to search the wools, but met a man
answering the description near the blacksmith
Bhop on Yellow Spring St. He was arresten
and taken lo Smith's boiiie on Miami ulley
where he was at once identified as the same
who had been there earlier in the morning
He was very florly nni reticent, refusing to
give Officer Foster his name. He told UfEcer
Norton that it was Spiers nud thai he wurked
at the I.agoada House, but invtetiga.inn
proved that no sm h man was known aliout
the place. He will be tried by the Mayor
this afternoon.
rent, tlilt they cuuld give nol.opcsol
" I he voiini: mm finally commenced tlklns
tint w-c.ndpilul inednitc. I'nn i. In two
wctksiiultt athanm- l"r the Klter, w per
ceptible. In six wckalllhciMilirBinlintliad
titn reduced coinplclflv, while in .pint, and
.trcnilth the patient wasquitc lwcll attic had
. verbcenln liulifc. N'rar'v three weeks ago
be resumed work atammhinK. it In. old place,
able to perform ns nun h l.i! r ns e cr In hi.llle.
"The mother of Wi ne Curtis, in stitinc all
these ficts, salj : 'Indeed I . in not look upon
the cure much less Hi in .iiiii' Id' ""'
lutiUte in .oundinK th pr i - t I'l KCi ""d
in recommending it to .i l in . On n.S
The pivtor of the chun h where Ihe Maine
inanattendcd Sibbnth sr'i 1 vasMHlid. m
h readily confu me I the I l. l Ihe d f. rm. I
bones, the emulated com., ,n li.uu disease,
and of the dotturs hivini- ( nn h m up IK
vvisercatlv nrprl.ulal "ii Miirnvidiondi. "
bild he, 'Mr he had nut spoken, 1 wouU in.,
have Known him.1
7.1 f'l.III.S.S(i.'V.N.
IlsumliiliiK i:vifi.illlnre nf llm si Imol
llu.ir.l Wuuta iir llm l.llrlirj-.llinil
II. ,n,'.
The ISoirdof Tnv Coinn.l-sinni'rs met liut
evening nt the Water Works office, in joint
cssioii witli Col. White and the Finance
Commit'ee ot the Hihool It mrd, Me'frs.
Iluti nkiis, Coles and Warn n A gii'nt dull
nf lime was pi-nt in limking over and di-
uissiiii the eipi ndituns of tin- dilliu n' di-
lailinenls ol the Ki hool lloiird.
II. II. Warder and J. M. Winger were pres
ent in behclf ot the Hoard of Library Trus
tecs. They made a stntcnieiit of the running
cxpens-es of the l.ibr'iry for the past vear,
amounting to about A.OOO At the end ot
last )cnr they hail a little over $.',000
left and In order that this surplus might
be used up, the commission only cramccl
Ihcm twe -tenths of n mill, bringing the in in
a liltle over 3,000. With this and w hut was
already in the library fund thev were able to
pay their running expenses, buy $1,000
worth of books, and have a couple of hun
dred left over. They now osk for a levy of
seven-twentieths of a mill, which would give
the library over J5.000. The trustees desire
o put about 1,000 in new luoks during the
The lomminsioners have novvgatheridr.il
the information they require and will pruba
I'lj makn out the Icvj at their mxt meeting,
which will lie held at the same place next
llondav evenirgat 7 30 o'clock.
Is at hand and we have just opened a full line of
Mason's Porcelain Top, the Lightning and the Woodbury the three best
Self-sealers on the market.
All Full Fare One-War Local Tickets I- J
tween statloni on the Cleveland, Columbus,
("im iriiuiti nud Indianapolis It'y, and also be I
liveeti local stations on the Dayton A. Union
It. It., purchased and dated Jul 3d or 4th,
18ri!i, will be good to return wilhout extra
charge on July 4th. fith or I'.th, lBrili. Spend
the 4lh with your friends.
AiiiHtertlam Cultue.
Two pounds for 25 cents. This is straight
goods and must not he Bo'.d in competition
with trasli of the same brand at 0 or 7 cents
per pound. Our mission is to preserve our
customers by giving them good goods elienp,
not to kill them beforo they are ready.
Dickson's old reliable tea store, 31 South
Market street.
No. 8 West High St.
l'AltTM'KSllll' MITIIT.
HUM. iinderiiitned me tlilsdiy formed a ro-part-
rstilp tor the practice ot uh nmier uie nun
ol iViiMiluti .V itomnail. Sprlngln M, Ohm.
ri. A li'ivv VIAh,
.. t). Howma,
J. 1?. HoWMAN.
Jiaic lri, ISa'i.
The tramps captured in the Fiut Ilnd were
iliimisscd in Major's court ibis iilternooii and
locked up for sa!e keejdng over Sunday. I. oil
Woods, Mary Scurry and John Clark gut il
costs this afternoon in Major's court.
Try our Ific. and 17c. Ilio nnd Java coffees,
fresh roiSted every day be our ow n roaster.
Miller's Tea Store, fit Aniulc.
I uiirtli .Itilv llxcurfiliiii Itnli'n.
(In July 3d and Ith, 1S j, the New York,
l'enn. A Ohio It. It. will sell mkcts to all
Local I'uints on their Line where traltin stop
regularly at one full fare for tho touud trip,
go, J to return on July 4th, oth or Olh. For
tickets, etc.. cnll on J. I). I'hh-gcr, aent.
Olhcoin St. James Hotel.
Our Hoy and His Pets given away free nil
day tomorrow, at Miller's Tea Sto-e, 51
Come early tomorrow and avoid the jam of
the evening, as everybody Is coining to get
one of those handsome cards, Our Boy and
His Pets. Millers Tea Store, SI Arcade.
tir VSTI II l'oMllon a. ucouunt.nl. A cnuluatu
H of 1 asttnau t ollpie, and u ihk1 peiiuiaii. Ad
dress"!. II.," csre (Ilobe Uetiubllc.
J MI ll-Whtrcalioutaof Uolrt H .Muiitrwu;
H atmul ') vears old, machinist, by trade. Al
diem "I. II ," care (Hob Republic.
UAUTFn l'dle and YounKMon, In city or
Mfl I CU cuilutry. to work tor u. at their
huines. Permanent eiiiployinent; no instructions
to buy. Work sent by mall (dlstsncn no objection )
tttl to 812 per week can be lu.de. IS'o canvassing
No stamp for reply. I'lease address Home Manf'u
Ol., lloslou, Uass. 1'. O. Ilol 1916.
U AMTCn An active Man or Woman Id every
fyn I tU county lo sell our ejooda. Salary
SS75 ptir luontti aud eiiienst-s, or couiiiilssloii.
hxnnses In advance. 11 outntlree. For full .nr-
tlCUl.rs addrosft tiTANUAKO hlLVKH WaKU CJo.,
Iloston, Mas..
yOU III- NT -HOt -KNo. 14 .-.. Mechanic t-l. Kn"
T uuireot Mrs. b II. ( ooitcr, la llernelt block,
VV l.lu --1
tl()U Kl.Nr 3 or i rooms, will answer for sliep
luir rooms or family, on Main street; rent lo.
Inquire of T. bh.ro.
r with stable for rent al 120 per month. Nos. 35
and 37 West Mulberry street. Inquire of J. K
IMM S l.r-At Cedar 1..WU farm, three No. 1
r fresh cows. Apply lo 11. L. llolm.n on Urbaua
JtusllleSM Uliang.
"George H. and John II. Alexander, biotbers,
have associated themselves with Harry 11
Hcndley, under the title ot Hendley, Alexan
der A Co., in the planing mill and buildiog
material business, occupying and operating
tho Slrock k Keyscr factory, on West Main
street. Both the new membeis of the firm
are practical workmen of experience in the
business nnd the "team" is a strong one, cal
culated to meet with success and give satis
faction wherever patronage is extended them.
The concern is already doing a good liusine.-a
and is now in position to extend it extensive
ly. Their line embraces contracting for build
ings or for any portion of manufactured ma
tttiial required.
The Springfield Ititie dub held its month
ly shoot at the I'einn nlle range on Friday,
June 2C, 18S5. The warm weather seemed
to affect some of the boys' ntrvea, but the shoot
ing was quite good. The scores arc as lollovvs
llouilly tu tin n CauilltlAte.
The Ohio State Journal says' "Hnn. Gil
bert II. Ilargar, of Coshocton, chairman of the
Democratic Stale executive committee and
one ot the leaders of the kid Democracy,
dropped quietly and unobtrusively into the
tlly yesterdiy and made a bee line for Gov
ernor Uoadly's office. Charles W, Constan
tlne, of Springfield, treasurer of the Demo
cratic executive committee, another kid wire
puller, dropped into Columbus about the
same time and also bled him to the Govern
or's office. On the arrival of the two gentle
men Governor Houdly led them into his pri
vate office, locked the dcor and the trio set
tled down to a two hour's confersnee. Ilar
gar went bsck to Coshocton on an afternoon
train. Governor Hoadly started out to the
residence of Hon. Allen G. Thurman, on the
corner of Klcb street and Washington avenue,
toward G o'clock In the evening and had a
conferencs with the old Koman. ConsUnllne
bunted up Adjutant General K. II, Flnley and
had a consultation with llm. It is nettled
that Hoadly It to run fur Governor again.
J. Fisher II lo i lu T 1.' -i 11 in 11 i In
II I.' . .... Ill
II. i rod . ID 11 lu 111 11 lu h I.' , , u n
10 'J -117
('. Kb 11 11 Ii 10 0 7 10 vi ID i. II
all I t.
J ( Trhuir.irlO 12 I J U 10 V 10 U III hi 10 IM
J. I easier ... 10 7 10 7 1 1 'J II ! 1 1 'J i
U . III.
II. Ault ...... 7 i a a 7 a 7 It a III Hi 7 7 II l lil
J. K. 1'errln... U II II 'J Hi 10 u II 'I 1.' 0
11 U lVi
I). Trimmer-. 'J V 11 "i Hi vi lu lo l- hum
10 7 ITU
ten aiiois, i osaiui v. l-ii
PUK S.M.E At public auction, Tuesday, June
T .mtti, an eleirant new two-story o-rooui liouse,
No. ..JSoutbeiri avenue, lot rnxl7',, close to shops
and school bouse; No 1 neighborhood, near Yellow
r-prlnirs street, hee large listers, deu. e . liualus,
No. 'J Arc. de.
I .villi tlAI.j; Very deslr.bl. resldeuri on Maide
avenue, liritc lot, wllb abundance of ihulce
fruit. One of the most plessant locstlons lu the
city Addre-s Miss M. M. Iiunl.ji, 8S Maple
avenue, eprtngfield, Ohio.
1'ini r-Al.l.-lilltii'i-A l.rje lot ol vountcrar
J. Fisher 10 tl u u 1(1 II In II 'i li-llf,
If. Croft- 10 U II lu 'i lu II U x Il-loi
('. ltlce 9 n SO 11 7 'i I" 'J 10 111
J (' trimmer.... u 11 ii lu ' 10 ' II Hi II '.,
J. V. lrrl. n lu '. in II 'J II II 'i In- on
K Triminer.. .... 11 10 1-' li ti '.I ill 'I 'I 11 vJ
J. l.CKtiier ....... 'i a in lu a h 7 h vi- a.1
li. Ault 'i II 1J III 7 'ill i, 11 tl
HVt SHOTS rtlKSIIll k 'ill
J. Flsber .. a 'I i lu u- j
It. I 'roll U i Hi 1.' 11-vi
J, ('. 'trimmer u lu II 7 a -11
J. F. 1'errln Ill II II 'i Hi- ,
1). Trimmer li " II In II- r
J. lAsauer u In 'i I.1 Hi-V
'I In- I, II. A H. anil eililo suiitlierii
Have Issued n circular advertising rates for
the 4ih ot July celebration. They will be
one tare for round trip and children under
twelve half tins rate. Tickc.s will be on
sale July 3d nnd 4th., and returning good
until July Uth. Any further information
you may disire call at tuket olfiie.
D. li. HorHE, Agent.
CluiuKr.il mill Iiiipruvoil,
Mr. W. S Grim has recentlv puuhased the
bakery and toufectlonery at .No. 'i .South
1'nrket strict, formerly belonging to J. L.
H"rry, and has made a uumlier ol nlteraiioos
and improvements that make the plaie much
more invuinL'. The shelvug and counters
tiave been rc-pumted, re-arranged and new ! f ,nts and mw-klng birds, and oilier ilnglnir
ones put in. In th parlor ice ctearn, lemon 1 blrli, also birds traded, for a few day. only. Call
ii. ,.I fin. crrvpil in Ki.interirn.. a.tlo ululu I Bl I i l-asi Jiam Bl
the bakery and confectionery ib jurtniiuts aie
daily supplied with Iresh cakis, candies, tc.
Cold soda is drawn from nn ice touutaiti and
limouade is made tn o-der to -pit ni h the pub
lic thirst. Partus srreil wuh ice trianis,
cukes, etc., nt reasonable rates.
try Our Illc. Hint ,-,lli . Iriis,
Sime as other stores sell at fiOc nud oOc. a
poun . One trial will (uuvince vim. !r
sides we give elegant presents. Miller's Teu
Store, 51 Arcade.
.. 9
Ostrich plumes or bunch of ,,t cleaned
curled or tinted for thirty-five cents. Work
warranted to give sutijliiction.
Miia. S. Iii.ABMcv,
No. CI Arcade, Springfield Olio.
Our llest Teas Onl) f,iii. j,r I'ihhhi.
Oar 10 cent ten betier than tia sold else
where for 50 and on irntj, and thousands of
laauti'ul sirap book plituira free lo the chil
dren, betides the umil lea iheek.
ClTV ( I Kllk'9 (lri UK, 1
tTRl.NOI.lkl.il. O.. June 17. 15. I
At a meeting of the council of said city, held on
the lGth Inst., a iUorum vl present, the folloa
lnir resolution a. is adopted'
llesuliet, lly tho city council of the city of
Sprlnictlelil.Olilii, Unit In ttie opinion nt two
tlilrtls of the ineinln rHcleelt-il to the Council
of the city ot sprlncllnlil.onio. It Ik uereaaaiy
Hi Improve tbealley betwieii Yellow fcprliiK
Stieet and Kaeii '-trcct, mill running north
from Columbia Street to Not Hi hired, In salil
city, tiy KrutiliiK mil uravilltiic tbo saino In
nccoiitancu wllti the profiles unit apeclMca
tlons no file In tin nihrw nf tho City Luglncifr.
Tbo iivponso uf anul Imjirnv.inetit tn lu ics
aosstrt per front fnot ujain tbu property
liniiinllii mill ulinitltiK (In reoii ua .tiovvu by
tlieplnt im tilt III lln ntll"e ot lliul'lt Hi
Ulueer, mid urrirllii.r tu law ami the nrdt
nanccanr laid cliv , .thei a.si'ssineiit tberufor
to he payable 1 inn liistii'linellt and collet I
libit ua itrnvldeil hy law ami 111 llm H'seas nir
nrillniincc ben tfter tn hi pnssctl. The I li rk
Nlieri'Oy illncliHl in eiiine tlila rcaiiliillnn to
lie publl-dicd In a in wspaer of Keneralclrcu
latliin 1111111' i itioriillou for ilio jierlod of
tun ciinsecutlve weeUa.
11) nrdtr of liuut il
Allest J.ri.rillkWAlTKR, City Clirk.
Attorney and Expert
llooui H, Areiiieto Jiullelliiu.
R. P.Willis & Son,
Those who desire to aicompnny (Jnptaln
Slnli's ballery toDight on their grand excur
sion to I'hilidelphu can du in b biking ad
vantage ol the exceedingly low rates whii h
are now otrered, J. M. Hixia
rnellliliilllie 1-e.atfilllv lm rraslnr;.
'Tlie fact that there were I'll ile.tbs from pneti
monla in ( li'caju durlne the lirst two wiks In
Mrch neeil not sun.r se any i uu," snnl Iir Jlai;
u.n y.slcrd.y. "-jne vveatlier lis. Itten of ana
lure to aslst die progress of .11 illseais of this
clus, and people neglietthe most ordinary pre
rautlons At ibis sesscn m Ufly should esrnst
Ibemselves to Hie euld alter lln over bested.
It Is loirti.slb!e to avoid ibis In all cases, Imwever,
and the nest best thing Is lo ubcJirerr' Ping
.vt lt vviiisaar, wnii ii i. a sura i r.ventiveol,
well a. a remedy for, pneumonia, dlihibi ria, and
all riultuuu.ry troubles, 'ihe leading druavlsts
j and grocers sell il, freo from all adulteration,"
iilliniul tihllfrs' Iteiiiiliin,
An encampment ol military eompiniis
from all perls cf the Union will be held at
I'airmount I'm k, I'hiladelphni, June ihth to
July Oth, 1HH5.
Distinguished military leaders from nil eic
lions will la. resent and take part m ihe
ecretnuiies. Ihe I'roident ol the I'nited
States and his Cabinet are tu be pnsrnt on
July th. Magnified.! pr es will be uwardtd
to the best dulled coinni.lis.
Fur th s occasion the IVrintylrania 1,1 ces
will sell ixcunloii tickets to I'liiladelphH at
greatly reduced rates. Thketswill 1 sold
June 'Hi ti to July 3d and will b available
lor return pnssace until July 8ih, incliuive.
The excursion rafe Irom Springfield tu I'hlla
delp'ila and return will lie f 21.70.
I OM'-DOO-I.sst Sund.y n mlng, lu ri turning
IJ home from a visit to llii' country,, sinnoth
haired do,;, with dark roloretl back, ah te linast
tx.tted with red, answers to Ihe name of "Nero."
1 he liniler w 111 1 liberally rewardid Inreturning
the same lo No If, hcott stn.t.
I (isT- On tho
j weighs about twenty jioaui1.,
Ilh Inst., Siotcli tarrler dog,
twbtitv lio.uils. reddish culnr.
nirs dark rtd, auswir. lo thj name of "Coon.
1 nder will receive a reasonable reward by return
lug liim to J.hston A Son, wholesale tohsiconlsls.
Kvery boy in Hprincfiill should luve Our
Hoy and His I'ets, a U-aiitllul card given
away to every one buvltig one -half pound of
tea or one pound of coffee. Miller's Tea
Htoie, III Arcade, tomorrow all day.
a i'i:rfi:ct shoe
Our eaooucTioN. nrearaf ntthc
Pcarccviors or Mot.nAsiNo.
in ncaov-MaDi shois la hcmovcd.
Thc tuccra at oncc arraiNto r
ciovr.rirriNa, ilioant in RTVIC
The horror or RcaKiNa-iN arc
Vt MASt 10 ltl ! IN 14 WlOTHt!
AND 0 HArt or TOSS ANO HltU.
l.eoi far our Namt on thi Soltt,
20 S. Market St.,
Agent for Murlngllelil.
en Illillgislldll i the r-tiilll.il h's protest
ng:ilnt unsuitable. uinl, tin caco-Ivc u-i'
uf iiliuhol or tobacco, hasty i.iting ami
tlrinkiiig, and till irration.il habits nf
liviii.'; nnd A)er' Mrs.ip.ulll.i I. thu
Until u h's best frliiid, relieving It nf di
tn--, nnd nlillug lis return In healthful
action. ('. Ciinterbiirv, 111 Franklin St.,
IbMon, M.is., il iniiliriiicil iljspcptlc, was
Cured By
the use of Aver'a SuruparHI i. He sajs
I nit! e... mtrily fnun I)jpi'ps.i f.u
nvtral viars. I cotisultid five or si
phjsli km., wlm give mo nu rclh f. At
lit I was Imliii'i d to try Ajir's Sar-api-i
Ilia., iiiul b) It u-i I am inllnly eiirul."
O. T. Ail mis, p( im r, O., s:iy' "I havi
for vi ,irs mil', ml :u ultl) from l))rH pli,
si.irnlv tiiklu u mcil, until vvithhi tin
last four lllnlllll-. vvltlintit llldllllllr Ihe
must illstiessiiig pains of Indigestion,
li.is rtslorul tin lo pi rfiet liuilth."
I'npt.nl b) Dr. .Is C. Ai r A Co., Ijw.11.
.Mass., I . .,. A.
Nililli) nil DiuggUta.
I'rlcn $t ; hU lintllis, $5.
I.IIIIo'h Soluble I'lici )Ic, (lio bent tion-HiNonoiiH Ilondorlor and Disinfec
tant know n. It lias JiiHt been priinoiiiieeil In- three tlinca ninre peiwerfnl tlinii
mi) other illalnfe-ituiil in the imirket lij the COMMIITKK OX IIINl.M'IXTAM.S
of the American I'iiIiIIc Health Association reeenth in sishIiiii at tho John Hop
kins' I'nhei'.sity, llaltlniore, lor tenting' eiiiiiiiiiTilul illsliifccliinlH. Sold In 'Joe,
."Of, mill $1 lM)ltlC8.
No. atl A2n.nt Irlnln Htreot.
The needs of the times, and will sell everything for the HOUSEKEEP
ER'S USE at a price never before heard of. FURNITURE, all kinds.
CARPETS, ail grades and styles. QUEENSWARE, very fine. STOVES,
to cook or heat. And have not forgotton the Babies and Mothers in
their wants of a cheap and pretty CARRIAGE. The best REFRIGERA
TORS. Studebaker Farm Wagons at Cost.
Lots of goods for a little money, at
DR. RfiCE,
Io r ii yean at 7 Cuit I'hee, now at
A rtgaUriy lu 1 -. ,ui.lVl I'tjakUa twlln
Curon nil i'orma of, hHIVATC,
QHHp.Nia and SEXUAL Dlb-
hpo riant or rlion nud Xiupo(cnoyf
m tlit ruii f tif uu lu jtiutlj, (oiitkl tnwci la mi.
ntht yrt ur vU,r , tul irMmiiii msu.1 tb IVyt
kiwtbtf ttm.lt StTin-.ltm, hvlbluk! , utliti nt (OUUI (Mfci.
itMit l drskiui) I'tiuui'Mtf hit't lfraif Utcvr; hf
i. kll) . li-upUnaKko. A-tuit ab Hunkir of IttukUc,
Cwufvltlua of lieM.lil vf rtut ftwir 4 rctlvltflOf
ttrrl( .iUL.ruiNr jf untn , r Uiortvvcti bb-I iu.-D-ktly
emni. KYPHIIjIS I'UHJ " "4b
iW -il?iu ' t"n Qonorrbea,
QLKluTt Vutcir. f v-UiUi UtruU, iw tn.yiam,t
111 U h.Uirrrt.t-i dlt4v.er qufkt urd.
It UkIIiiI'JsiiI nl mUf lcUt,lir jicUltitt(a
tMIMIillU ll nf lllM4tt. tn4 tK'I'l t llMtsMbdl tJOU.
il. j ii.iffi irti klll. l'hjic.4i ktsnliilXU(rt (TtVt
raro-ntiiD (tM.u M ny tr V lira It t tucs,i,int la
TUltlDcljr ror irituui t. inwlkit.rt csk U (nut .nTHJ
CuroH Ounruutcud iu all Caaet
unOrtiii(oti. ....
Lwututuits.u (rniilr or If Wtur h and UvlM.
Clr(M rwtti.ut,lt ku4 eurriuerbi(t tulctij ibt...t.uL
Of 100 M. rMilta ka !1rM, itoirlf l4,fi U-trtf
134 cattu. HbuutVl I r&4 Lr iU id4ri .
sftj jllsA
TVasltny Diseases. y
J'oaltireti Itrltrcttl nntl .Vif(iir0
uMilMtetl tit restoring fit nl itutvera
DO NOT III! lr.C'i:iVi:D.-Maiir Iirnfvlsts urn! ariiei-n who ilo not linv sul')' IMiro
Itlnll Wlilhhry III Mrk,atu-mit IhijiIii cfr on e-iiHl,mers, whiskey of tlie'lrovvuuoitlliirf, vililcli
he'liiifof uu luferlorKraUo ami oiliilti'roUsl, iiays them a Urxcr jiroflt.
f mliiiiuiiriu!ilrpanilvi)llinnlMiooVcnuiln.UKTaliulilvliironiiatloii. .5iim;if.. Quart li'iliui
Hiit In liny aililriM In Urn I'nliisl Miitimluut of tlm Uu-ky yountnliikj, n-fiiuly puchnl In ;..ifi
rsi-, 7.i.rrs r,nr( ji rr jhiIiI oil rtvi l.t of ftX.QO, or 8U licttli-a ne-nt for BU.OO
SUFFY MALT WHISKEY CO., Baltimore, Mil., II. S. V
yllAM-'li iiriiposnlii wllilierei-olvwl nt tlionf
O fid nf thul'ltyClmk nf tliui'lly nrHirlni
lli'lil. (ihln, for thu lilpcr.trnelUM' of .11 Iron
lirMiiHiiVBi limit rr.ek.on Hprliii; Hree-t, In
biilil ells, lilililiiK tnfurriUli tln'lr own i.livns;
also for furiilsliInK tlm mite-rlnl nml e-nn
Htiucllnir nun iiliuiinmit for skill lirlilieu, 11".
iinll' Kin tlm iiliitiHiiuiliiintlli'. nil tile 111 tho
(.'Hy IliiKlnei'r'ii nllliu, In tali! city.
All i'niiosul. riiUHi tin for fiiriilshliig the
mnti'rUI .ml iMimiileitlngtlie work iiirnrilliiu
to phiiiH, pronins nml .JKii'lflciillon., must
HtHt inei prices lor IhUt mill niHterl.l ,ia
nilely, ami inustliv .lmi.il liy tlm full iiiiiiih
(if evr .ntoD Inter. Mwl In nulii itoijosuI,
unil iiniMt ho sIkiiiiI liysnmu rn,oli.lhki ill.,
tnte'rh.te-it pursonisH a guiiriuiLt llistni'on
ti nt t vtll humiluiod Inlimnil tlm unrk coin
I'lilBl, pruvldeil .alii hlj II iiceM-i'ltil.
All hlil. mutt hf nn Ills villi thu t.'Uy ('lurk
on or liffor. Vi oVInrk, nt noon, Thurfla,
July Wli.lxVi In he I'Uhllcly oiiim1 ami
re.il Imineilliite'ly ttfter UuVKok nn .ulil elar
In trio iiri'ri'iie'e of thu Mayor, City Kmilimer,
aim i.uy 1 lelK.or
any two of th.in, tod lllnl villi the t'lly
I'll rl(, In hu (irseil'ii1 tn llm City Council al
. lis. nrM rruiar inci'uiiK eui'reaiier
1 1111 tuyrt.erveH uie rignt 10 reject uny
nml nil piiixaL for any leuson they niny
llUMll sullleili lit.
lly order of Council.
J, H. BUKWAI.TKK, City Clerk,
rrotiit atlenllon yh en lu orders for family un',
aitlrs. tvorll, i r,
Uia.o order ur lelfjli(,nv C. V. I'aynlit'i dm
cey 'J I ami j( Wtit ftUIti street.
J H'cIm1 al lent Ion icUfii lo hum) ay delhtry.
O.W. McDonald & Co.
Maverick National Bank,
UoHton, MnwH.
Aceomils of Usui 1, lUnVcrs anil Mrrimillla
firms received, and bmlwws connected wltli u.n..
Inn Millclted.
loudoo corresoiideiil, City ll.nk, "l.liulleil,11
Aha 1', riOTKa, I'res. J, W, Wouk, Cash,
T3C". t?aMHmmii

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