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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, July 21, 1885, Image 3

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JJully JMItlim.
itAitt no inuK uhi-oui
rom-tim i cm Attrr i aeeiiaeo it 1. nauir,
Jul;, 'II, liM
I Wind I WeHlhr.
fd NTVlc.nr
U2 H lour
W S I llr
U2 H rulr
711 H i: I Clear
b f rt m
Hi' . u ....
I'm i. m
n p. 11
MfAii icmirfr till' HI reiilpelaluie salt C
d ete tn IBM, Til above, letnperetuie a( Mmi
I '" In IW1 ii above. leuiprieture ot same
dato 'n 1S5 "I" above fito.
Miss Nellie Ilatilin, n charinltii; little
lilonili' of l.oinlon, Ohio, ia llio iciiest ol her
frinml, Mill M'ltj (July, o( S n't strtet.
Dot 1( telle Viirumti biinel is nruuml ntiln,
nnil tlio seetlilncr atinoiiliiTn Is mnje ruitlj
Injrer bjr its brazen ncitr.
Mis' Nctiie Cnlilwcll, i climbing young
belle of Columtiu", O, is now elslllni; licr
Irien I, Iln IWay King, on Weal Washing
ton street.
Miu Corn llnmilton bnvlnp; spent tlie rlt
tnonlli in Diiytnti ntiirntil linmc, nccutn
ianit J by Iiit sister, Mrs. A. V. Diclielber
irer anil little son, I.ee, wlio will n-nel ser
rnl weeks wllb tier (mrents.
Tickets cull bu iiurtliastd nt tliu AreaJe cl
ear store, Pierce i Co 's and Albert Solen
berg's cigar store, Main street, lor the Dayton
excursion on true CI 1st of July. Sixty cents
lor the round trip, irooil for t.To ilays.
The I'rohitiltlon mass ineeiliiR at tlie wlg
nam 'I liursJa) evening will be itilJrceseel by
Lou lltauiliHtnp, of Hamilton, anl It. S,
Thompson, ol this illy. Ttie Illir Six baml
lias been eiKiigeil anil the Prohibition (ileu
Club will sing campaign feints
Xeniii Onclte: "Harry Arinrtrnni; went
into Clark county lust ntek ami cnasid
tour cUjq for the (leu. flrnnt liook. In those
lour ilnyn Harry took bO onitrs for the book.
Spluinlid (nnvMliii; lint. Harry is working
Clark ciuitily oiil'Me1 of Springfield, in con.
nection with Brown K Marsh."
Mr W it llrmilrith, of 1'iquii, brolher-in-law
ol lion, t-aiiiml Slielliilmrirer anil ol Mr.
(eorge 11. Culca, of this citv, with the latter
of whom tie was engage 1 here in bciilness tor
a time, did jes'erclnj, at I'lipm, leaving h
wile and two little children. Funeral to
morrow morning; Inttnnent at Troy, Miami
The Sabbath school ol tlio First M. E.
church, Urbana, will give an excursion to
Yellow Killings Friday next, luirlng Urbana
nt ! 15 h. m , s nndard time and transferring
here Irom the I It. to the 1., C. A. St.
1,. railroad wilhout cliuuge, of cars, Tlia
Nell House gruiinels lime been engaged (or
the picnic.
The Hpringlieltl Stin nary building, on
Kast High atreet, lias been repainted on the
exterior, m well m iusid', and now presents
a very handsome appernnce. The lucn'ion
is line iind commanding and the school itself
is one ot the bes1 in the loutitry. Mrs Wor
thington, who has been superintending im
provements, It arts for iluffalo Friday.
Mr. II. FI'eniniHger, member ot the Hoard
of Illuuition Irom the .Ninth Ward, has bten
notified by the I'ostofiice Department at
Washington ut his appointment as distribut
ing clerk in the railway mall serrice, to hold
himself in readiuiss for asignment to duty.
It is not known yet what run he will take,
but one taking in this city, probibly. Mr.
Kisenmenger has tor some time been a prom
inent Democratic worl cr in his ward nud it
is prohahl in recognition of these services
that tins appoiiiMiient is made.
Ileielli or Mli". Alien M. linker.
Miss Alice M. liakir, a very line young
lady, eighteen ears ol age, who was a resi
dent ot Huwliiswllu neighborhood and a
member at Franklin Sitbbilli School during
several months of the past year, died ol ty
phoid lever early Monlay morning, at the
home ot her parent on Grant avenue,
Springfield. Miss Biker was modest and re
tiring, nud was highly repected by all who
enjoyed her acquaintance. She belonged to
that estimable class of young American
women who are today not only carvln; their
own way through the world, but are also
contributing largely toward lightening the
burdens of lather and mother. Her remains
will bu interred at Wilmington, Ohio, her
former liunif.
Champion lleiaae llHll Content.
The long aulii ipateil game of bise ball be
tnei n nines Irom the shops of the Champion
MalliaMe Iron Cu. m.d Whiteley, Fuisler &
Kelly, lor a $"0 purse, will be played at As.
Bouillon l'ark tnmorrow (Wednesday ) after
noon at .1 o'l'ixk, witli thu following men :
iiiAMiiny vuiiiAiiiK wimn.n, iA-iiint.t
hois to Kim,
Itradford, p. Cavanaugh, p.
Hogau, i', Miillieurn, c.
Mulliearn, Hi. Doyle, lb.
Surgero&n, '.' I. Shurtal, 2b.
llrennan, .lb. Ilniuuer, 3li.
Iyou, s. . Uililxjiif, b. e.
Shay, I. f. Arbogast, 1. f.
Cox, c. I Nelson, c. t.
Armstrong, r. f. Wilson, r. f.
The eiruimstauces bringing about this con
test ol amateur ball toisers hare already been
fully explained, and are such as to create a
deep intricjt in the result On Thursday
afternoon a nine Iron the Champion liar and
Knife works will meet thu winners In tomot.
row's guine at the fame place
v.i r.t irs i,
Julius Maion was born in Virginia in
slavery Xoxmhcr 17, 1707. lie became the
properly el Mits Jane 1'otts by Inheritance.
She was ery klud to him, allowing him many
privileges and some chances to make money
for hiimelf, finally giving him his freedom nt
the age of -IB, Ills money he saved, nud
with it he Biib-fiutnlly purchased his first
wife and her fun, John I! Mason, paying fur
them $j01. He mas married to Hetty Tay.
lun I)e ember V, 1HJ7, To tlimi nine chil
dren were born, several of whom were sold
into slavery iu their childhood, since which
time nolhiig has been known of them. His
wife died Atril 1, 1851. He was married
again to Maria Tajlor iu 185H, whom he pur
chased for $50. He died July 14, 1885, aged
87 years, 7 months and 27 data, His wife,
Maria Mason, who sum res mm, will In a
short tune return to Virginia to reside with
her daughter
hhiMild lluulielor I'mliltiila Marry?
'llioae l"i knuw l'icIJeiit Cleveland well insert
that be In" no Intention of imrriliin cluilof his
le r in uf iilt.ie. He loald tote weddid Iu lila du
ties and la Hie luiJeat vnrker Hie White lluute
hat let eeu. He baa euiiititullon able to Hand
a tail atnuunt uf labor, and Hurry' l'uaa Malt
Winmtir will rerrul any bd tltwli fruiu ever
work or liisuuiiiU,and kerp hla arattiu In a alala
of irfet heallh I com aur leadluKilruiiKlat or
ijrocer, wlilfli la fcro from adullerutlon,aod aafaly
dapled to Hie muil delicate araleui.
no tun ' imr.i iiiiv.
A Mlilailllltller Slew MKed Holiimla flint
New lliillillnsa llllli Allowed -Conlrnrl
ror llentlng-Siiiitlililn on tlmC'onl IJllea.
Hoard met In rcgnlir iiHinn wlih tin mer
cury in irking 'M dcgries, Mondiy evening
July 20, l'rcshbnt Hums iu the chair
Aim nf, Oojier, Deirlrksoii, Doyle, Marsh,
Martliidell, Miller and Warren.
The mlniilfii wire real nnd signed.
Ily the Clerk I'lnmcial report for month
ol June, n tollmen
lli'ance Mar ,11 .. .-. 2,817 11
llerelvcd from County 1 reasurcr .. WM) m
llocehed from rents n
Total... 81 V-II "fir
Hiiperllitemlent and teacher J I.SI7 60
CmilltiKCnt i xpensen I.CU n(
ItiiltdiiixHiid repaira . 1,1 Hij
Total t ',,M 21
llalance June 10, Ism ... 7 ip, 43
Iteferrel to Auditing Committee
Ily Mr. Hotchkl's, bond ol John W. Far
sons, treasurer-elect, in the sum ol $00,(100,
with approved security. Approved.
Mr. Hotclikiss also reported verbally that
$11,000 insurance had been placed on the
Northern school building.
Hy Mr Hievnller, from Committee on
Claims, following bills which were allowed:
II. (,'inliln?, ahry aaclcik Jj7 m
'lele ram 12
Hut lone ry and pmta,ie 7U
O M. telfe m, liiHiiraiice tl Oi
II. Miowera, liiniiralice nil)
II, K Ida ley, Insurance 4T uo
U H Carfiiter, tnrrel of ink 1 1 00
Ily Mr. Kelly, thp followfng report:
To the IIov. Hunt) of Ilnu atiov: Ihe
committee on fuel, heating and ventilttion,
In nccordarce with n rrsolntion of the Hoard,
duly advertised for nnd received bids for the
hinting ot thi Northern building hy ileum,
hot or warm mr or any other system that
may be otlered, and hava received bids Irotn
the following perrons: Kelley i Co , of V -lii.nbt
s, steam, $2 140; (iibbons .V. McCor
niick, Dayion, stcflin, 2,373, I.otz Furnace
Co, hot mr, $1,400; I. I'alric k Co., $1,100.
Having duly examined nil the bi Is nnd com
pared them with specification?, we would
recommend the awarding of the contract to
Mesjn. Gibbons k McOormlck, ol Dayton, O.,
at the amount stnt. d, tweulj-tliree huudred
and sev nty-three dollars.
llesfctlully submiited,
I II. Ktiivv,
U. C. Hut,
On motion the rejwrt ni accepted, and
Mr. Uibbous, being preent, made 11 stiitement
that the apparatus would lis in lafore school
began in September nnd would be warranted
to heat all the rooms in the building nt 70
decrees Fahrenheit before payment was
On .Mr. Fisenmenger's motion nrties own
ing the apparatus now In the building wero
instructed to remove it injtcn day, but were
givi n leave to store castings iu the basement.
Mr. Kisenmenger luoveil to instruct the
committee.on fuel to slop hauling coal until
the quality of the cml furnished is Invest ga
ted. Uy Mr. Loreu? That Mr. Jocpb lllaken
shlp be elected janitor of North street hous ,
at $10 per month for te 11 tn uth9. On motion
of Mr. Hotchkiss rclerred to the committee
on teachers and jnuitor.'.
Mr. I.orcnr, waubid to Instruct the teachers'
committee to preseut at next meeting the
name of a teacher tor North street colored
school. No second to his motion.
Solicitor Summers presmled deed from
Hobt Tlionitou for Cray school house proi
erly and of A. Itlce, (of lot on lltce street,
and James Stutgenn for lot on Pearl street.
Also mortgages to pnrlie-e named to secure
deferred ay menu on properly deeded. The
deeds were accepted and President anl
CUrk iiutr eled to execute mortgages and
Mr. I.oreni! mov d a vote ot thanks lo the
Solicitor for hit work A motion as made
to nmeud by voting Mr. hummers t5 as extra
compensation which thnt gentleman declined,
saying he was willing to do nil that could be
expected ot him 111 the way ol business ol
the Hoard, hut drew thu line on prieatc busi
ress. The vote of thinks wia unnmmuusly
te ndered.
Hoard aljoumed.
m:h Moonnri ri.it
Wheat is about nil cut in this urinity, and
so in the whistle of the sleaiui r e in lietitnrd
Mr. Ab Maxwell is having his steamer
and threiher oeerhauled Mr Mis the obi
reliable thresher ol till J nelghbirhood.
The Yea7oll mill and save null propcrh,
owied by Mr. Snider, ol Spiiugtield, h lo be
fold by Sheiifl' Hiker August 10, appraised
at f 10 b7r. including 17 acres or laud. This
is a good lo utiori for some live business men
with energy and push, who are not alraid to
repair the null up to its former standing.
Mr. J. C Pyle wa3 laid up last week with
a spra tied ankle.
Miss Nellie Mines nnd sister visited Mrs.
Captain John Krnsl ihu past week.
Our baso ball dub expect to cross bats with
the Ligondaclub Tuesday alteruoon nt this
The Walnut Hill fe9tleal passed oil quietly,
realizing a net profit of $tf.
Frank Itawllm, ot the county line, sports a
new buggv.
Thei Third Hegunent.O. N. (!., will go into
lamp at Union City trjm August l.lth to
25lh, inclusive. Captain II. II illiauis, in
command ol Compiny II, Urbana, liss issued
circle rs to that edict.
Mr l!d i'bleger hat a new mirrejr which
he eltsjility s with npr.it deal ol pomp and
Till Ml tlifiibalM of I hi 4 1 mil 111 11 nil v urn mil'
lulignant that thu able diiinu of Springheld
should lower himself to enter the political
are'ia ns a Prohibitionist candidate tor (!uv
irtior. He Ins always been held with the
highest esteem, but this last movement of his
practically cuds his pojularity in this section.
Kindle Tiullt, an o d citizen ot this town
ship, Ion for some time been indisposed and
the past week It has been leared he was los
ing his mind, as he nt times wns becoming
hostile. At this writing lie has not spoken
lor over twenty-tour hours, iud it Is leared he
cannot last many days.
Mrs. Samuel Carr is not improving nny at
tills writing,
Thomas Woosley, who has n cuncer on his
lower jaw nnd had it cut out two jenrs Bgo,
was obliged to hiuu it again cut out Willi not
ery favoruble risults.
The most remarkable surgical operation
ever performed in tills place, probably ever
performed In the State, was performe 1 on
Mrs. Cyrus (Inlllth last Siturday. Mrs.
(Iriflith bus had a tumor growing inwardly
perceptibly for the past eeveu months. She
has been under the care o' Dr 1!, T. Collins
aud son, Milton Collins, They found it
would be necessary to remove the tumor.
Mis. (irlllith is n slater of John
Waringlun, ot Cincinnati, ami he with
Dr Ke.emy, of Cincinnati, came up Saturday,
Dr. Hi am) to perform the operation, which
was done iu twenty-tour minutes without the
use ol chloroform, Mrs. Oilfhlh said site de
sired to know what was being done and from
the time she was laid on thu table she scarce
ly ruovod a muscle, Dr, Iteuuiy said it wus
the most remarkable Bell. control
he ever witnessed Mrs. llrll-
llth has becu n lonsis'ent Christina
woman tor yeats. She said (lie had Ion,;
since been prepared to die, nnd Intended to
remain with her semes as long ns she was
able. She did in this Instance, anl now
(Monday) is resliog very comlorlably and
thinks she will be able to be up In a few
weeks. Mr, and Mrs. (Iilllilh have Ihe sym
pathy of the entire community. Pktk.
tiii: or.iniAN caimtai,.
Tlie Iti-iillly ol Itlllrr ller I III. tell -III tilth
of tin Kttt4r I Million tl I'toipeit -
Idfe uml I limit In llerlln.
iJtiteT iltr Million, writi's a HitIIii
currospontlont to tlio Now York ,'ich
ing I'oil, hrif n urj linu suuticl. Tlio
llini) tii'ci is in milch like) nn cltii ns it
is llkn uuy utlinr lice, mid "'Ne-ntli tin)
llinn" li tlio idea "Uiieleir ilcr I.ineU'ii"
Is liitumlecl to convoy, unci eloos coiiiy
until tlio tliiiiff lint been keen. "'Neitli
tlio Kims," broail-sproaillti!', thickly
slmelotvinir, with gross titiclurneatli tip
on which to atieteli oiiu'h self nt full
It'iiirth run! think of nil lovely thing),
nnil nil this In tlio midst of n Mtst city.
Lut us stint nt once, nnil there innku
our home.
'1 ho lo.xllty is nael oiioti"h. Untcr tier
l.linloii is a street, with houses, mini
hers, shops, iiIuc(H, etc., nhotit a milo
loii'', mill alicjuLtvvolitmilreel foot broad.
In the tuiilillo is it dirt walk perhaps
fifty feet wide, n row of trees on o.ieli
siclu of it, (,'U.ueleit by Iron rails sttp
jioitucliti v,ety ordinary slomj posts.
Upon 0110 sldu of tho ellrt footpath uro
ubout twenty foot of thicker ellrt for
horsemen; upon tho other sliio about
twenty feet of stono loaelvvay. 'iheii
eomo two moru rows of trees, tlioso of
thu ro.ulwuy being in n natrow plato
baudn. Tlien on oacli sitlo follow onli
ti.try street ami siiluwalk teaching to
stueeoi'el shops, hotels, nud palaces.
Tlio lime) tree In its proper growiug
iiI.icm is a lovely lice; not ory large,
but largo unoimli, with dark gteun and
ery thick folligo. Thero nro ni.iiiy
oeelleiil hpetiiiiens in tlio '1 liter g.ir
ten. anil evuu in mjiuu of the siju.ties
whuio glass is allowed lo glow beiio ilh,
beuining to lecjtilro the coiupinionsliip
of eielurc lint just vvli.'io of all
jilaees they ought to grow and Hourisii,
just there tliey will not tli.it Is, at all
cunii nsiirately with tliu cn 1 'atious or
liopes of those who put tliem nut. At
limes will not grow, expe 1 mi nt) are
being made Willi other tin-,. Maples,
elms, ami liorso-ehestiiius li.ivo been
diibstltuteil, but nouo of them seems
Tno 0110 thing to elo in llerlln just
now is to see the emperor, that one
may know of one's own know Iedgo so
far as eyesight imparts knowledge his
physical condition uud prospects. Ac
I'oieimglo my eyesight, thu change
since the last timo I saw him is pain
fully startling, lie is no longer upright.
Ins chest has fallen aw ay so that ins
oreleis otrlap; ho has hardly strength
to retch his litiiiel to ids helmet; bis eye
Is dull mid lie-ivy. Thu nowspapots
speak of him eory morning as being
fully io-est:iblisliceI in health, and ns
haing worked for hours thu day be
fore with his various niiuisteis anil
generals. Tint can not bo; there is no
111010 work in that heael or in tli.it hand.
And what has tho kaiser douu for the
people? Are thero any fower poor old
women and little, lialf-nourislieel chil
dren working on their kuees in tho
helels, lugging with feoblo fingers at
the toots and weeds, as though their
hcs depended upon it as, indeed,
tliey do? And what hovels tliey crawl
into when their day's work is done.and
wliat they e.et befoto they f ill elead
asloep! All tho while strong husbands
mid biothers are far nvvay, watching
lest :m iriitated foo aeipiiro means for
iiivenge; and all tlio while, too, tlio
emperor, "Allerhoochst," is distribut
ing iiimiI.iIs and honors, which tliey
have dug out of tlio giouud for linn,
though they .lie poor, sick, ignorant,
sl.uviug, and lulpless. TJieio is not 11
second of lest (lotn labor lor I'ltliur
play 01 player, and what the ompeior
ins done thu nations about linn must
also elo, or bu ingulfed, 'llio strain
lullsl break sonn.
Another and less solemn side of tho
ijuestlou: is the individual (ietiuan
any better mannered than ho was
twenty yeais ago? is ho any moio
cleanly 111 his personal habits? is he
any moru likely to defer to a lady, un
less hu knuws hei name and knows that
.she is a countess? Is lie an less of a
most fearful nuisantu when let looso iu
buit.iiiland? Is his scholarship le-is
pedantic, aro ills ideas less vague, is
bis laugu-igo less confused, or his cook
ing less abominable?
Thero was a tiliiu just alter tho
French war when timing in Berlin was
tolerable. Of tho Kiench prisoners, of
com se, nearly tho whole n 11111 bor know
how to cook. Tor sonio years their
teachings wero lemombered" and obey
ed, but now thuy seem completely foi
golten. 1 dined yesterday at tho" Cafe
do l'Ktiiope. Kacii Ilorlfn restaurant
lias its lixed dinner for tho day, nnd
you ate expected to tako it. Tlio lirst
thing, and a terror, is tho dish of hors
d'(uurus a vast rotating platter,
about three feet in dianictor, covered
witli small dishes, ut least twenty 111
number, each dish containing a so-called
nppeti7er: Italiaonischor salad,
sat dines, pickled herring, nnd all sorts
of pickled tilings unknown olsowhorc.
Three Hermans seated nt a tabic uet
1110 called ut tlie start for champagne,
and took enough of tho hors tl'ictivros
to exhaust any noii-fiuniian hunger.
As to tho dinner, I can not (and could
not) go through with it. Kvety thing
was cooked to death, aud everything
was swimming in tho vilest of sauces.
Berlin Is vet a most delightful city,
and if Mr. i'eudloton will present half
a doien Auioi leans ut court every win
ter, so ns to givo Americans tho social
position thoy liavo not hitherto enjoyed,
thero is no reason why tho American
colony should not rival that of Paris.
Above all others, liurlin is tho placo
foi work, i:eiybody is clonic some
thing, studying somothing. Tho peo
ple you inuet, of whatever nation they
111 ly be, lock as if thoy woro making
tlio best of their time, and not woiiy
ing themselves with tho idea that tliey
weio too young or too old to take hold
of any thing. In classic urt Iieilin has
won thu lead. 'Ihe l'orgmuos matbles
must bo seen and closely studied by
every one who would know nny tiling of
(Jreek sculpture. Their creator was
tlio Giulio ltomutioof autitpuity. I wus
at once taken back to tho l'ula.o del
To. hitch vast richness of sculntmv
lias not been given to scholarship since
tlie timo of Lord Klgin.
I.ut me close this long letter with a
stoiy of his lordship's uiimo: Oucn up
on a tiuiu 11 1 cupliytish professor was
lecturing at Vale cullegu on tho Klgiu
111 ublus. At tho ond of tliu lectin e up
stumped any tiling but a ncophytish
professor, mids.iieito tlio lectuior: "Do
you say Dlgiu or Klg(h)in" (that is,
with thu g soft or hard). "I say
Klg(h)ln, of coursu" (g hard), answer
ed tho neophyte. "Iu tho course of
vour loctuiu 011 snld botli Klgln and
l:ig(li)ln. (food ovoning." And all
without a smile.
It is slid that tho waters ut at. An
thony's Falls, Minneapolis, 1110 eating
tlie 1 1 way around tho apron aud tend lo
ruin tho iiiaguiliceiit w.itui power. Jsov
ci ul ji'.us ago a wooden apt 011 was
built under thu falls to muted thu soft
sandstone ledge over which thoy How
and through which thu water was cit
ing. Water has got nuclei the wooden
piotectiou, mid It scums certain that
tliu whole thing must go. if this hap
pens tho damage lu milling pioporty
will inniili iiiilllnns of dollars.
In order to reduce surplus summer stock in this department, we
have put TELLING PRICES on the fallowing line of goods :
Summer Underwear!
The only house in the city for Genuine Ball's Health Corsets.
Iespeotl-ull y ,
. 4
"New, (ion rut, you're posted; cornel fjff us
your riews.
In h brub at the front what's the powder
to II1P?"
He winked ut 11 star as he puffed bis cigar,
Andsluwly replied, "In a brush at the Iroot
I uovfr use powder, but SOZODO.N'T."
(lei Uherii ou Will
Vou'll find fcO.ODONT iu vogue. I'eople
have thruun uway their tooth powders nnd
wichrp, mil pliced this odoriferous preserva
tive ol the teeth on the toilet tuble iu Iheir
plsee. Itktes the Ue III iu splendid order,
and sp.ee s tlie brmili.
"Siaihimi's On k," always up to the
sticking uml.
Tlie development this season in bouse-p-untin
is tire-en rools, nnd umber and prim
rose are tfie fashionable colore for wood
A tleilrk UeeoKiry.
It gives us great pleasure lo stale that the
mcrchaut who was reported to be at the
point uf dcutli from nn attack of Pneumonia
has entirely recovered by the use of DM. WM.
Naturally he feels gwteful for tlie benefits de
livcd Iroiu using tins reun-ely for the lungs
and throat; and 111 Riving publicity to this
stuteimut we are actuated by motives ol pub
lic benediction, trusting that others may lie
hem find In a similar manner.
Mr. (!eo. V. Hastings, l'resideat ol the
Intetlnrhcn ( I loridn) Winter Resort Com
pane, bus n desk Iu the Iront portion of Mr.
Coniiinus's news room, in the Arcide.
1 irjtEMKrihin.
The election ol delegates to the Republi
can Conven ion will beheld nt No. 11 Sch ol
Levi Daker'3 youogest child, a boy eleven
months' old, bad a leg broken Saturday even
ing by a fali down the door steps.
'Squire Michael is recovering from an at
tack ol malarial lever.
Ily the grace of our Democratic Supreme
Court, a drunk factory lias been started here.
There was a large attendance at the festi
val Haturdiy night.
Wheat harvest will be finished this week.
The laud boys will give another te ileal
next month.
Win at threshing began Monday. We have
uo report yet.
Several persGus have had narrow escapes
from drowning while bathing, iu the last lew
A I'rulilbitiou club met last Sunday at As
bury Chard, to practice their campaign
Hiirvcy Nisley had an arm broken Friday
lost by a lull Irom a wagon while unloading
We hen by return many thanks to the U
B. Udies lor cleaning the church up In such
good style. Also to Mr. II. II. Huggard for
assisting the ladies in their labors. The
furniture will be here from Indiana this week,
so that everything will be in readiness for
dedication. Rev. Mr. Weaver, O. I)., of
Dayton, tl., will olliciate
Mr. Walt W'yant, ot Hast Lake, aud Miss
Annie llsllcntlne, of Champaign tounty,
were in the suburbs Wednesday evening last.
A valuable dog belonging to Mr. (ieorge
Mason committed suicide one day last week
by jumping under nn engine.
Miss Alverun Itrnudle, of Suudy Side, Is
in the suburbs, the guest of Mrs Colwell.
Mr. Mike Welsh, of near this place, was at
Lnwrrnieville Saturday last.
Theruvvlllbe 11 livery and feed stable
started at ibis place soon, to accajlodate our
young bids.
Mr. William (Jrube, of Springfield, and
Miss Llrzie (larron weio recently married.
They will raako their home In Springfield.
Mr. and Mrs. I'. Rankin, of near Spring
field, wert in the suburbs Sunday,
Tlie Cuuuver and Hiillinger case will prob
ably be compromised.
A Wlilklni; Skelelon.
Mr. !'. Springer, of Mcchanlcshurg, I'a.,
writes "I was nlllicted with lung fever anil
abscess of the lungs, and reduced lo a walk
vi'j iktlilon. (Jot a free trial bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery tor Consumption, which
did me so much good that I bought a dollar
bottle. A'ler using three buttles, lound my
self once more a man, completely restored to
health, with a heirtv appetite and a gain in
fifth of forty-eight pounds. Call at Chas.
Ludlow's Drug Store and get a free trial bot
tle ot this certain cure fur all lung diseases.
I.nrgu bottles $1.
Tllcillnilflita) ny Set.
Mr. T. W. Atkins, (llrard, Kin., writes: "I
never bteltate tu recommend your Klei trie
Hitters to my customers; they give entire tat
isfaitlou, and are rapid Belle rs." Klectric
Hitlers urn the purest and best medicide
known, and will positively cute kidney and
liver complaints. Purify the blood and regu
late the liowels. No family can afford to be
without lliem. They will save hundreds of
dollars In doctor's bills every year. Bold at
fifty tents a bottle b Chat. Dudlow,
lltiekleu'a Arulrtt Knlve,
The Wit salve In the world for Outs
Ilrulscp, Soret, UKers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped llauds, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cores Piles, or no pay required. It 1 guar
anteed to give pertect Mtlitactlon, or money
refunded. Pike ittc. per box. For Ml by
Ubarlui Ludlow,
BLACK lino, A CO
Ilium! I llluoil! ItliHiill I
Yes, blood' "Illood will tell'" And blood '
will tell a sorry tile It it Is poor, mean, sick
ly, impure blood, with little or no iron In It, ,
Tlin l.lr.wl ....ll.n.l 1.. !.... I . . . . . I C . . 1 1 .. '
a uc uiuuu cuiiciirii uj nun auu JHllllllll eiy
the vigorous action of a health) liver, tells
its story ol clear brain, vigorous action, good
digestion nnd sm-cees in life llrown'a Iron
Hitters puts iron iu the blood, tones the
nerves nnd conquers debility Sold every
where. LOCAL NOlTcEbi
Why go through the world a living libel
on humanity, mUeiabln to'irsill and making
those about you equilly en! Dyspepsia, in
digestion and dis"use ot the slomseh, liver
and kidneys nn- the moH irreconcilable cne
miea of human bppiuc3, and it requires an
equally strong acen t ol health to subdue them
This is found in Muhlci sllerb Hitter', iieu
jarrdn IliUler, Ashtabula, O, suiTtrcd tele
yenrs from chronic indigestion He wns in
duced to try Mi'liler's Herb Hitters, nnd low
says he leels like a new rami.
A tlrent Olirnvery.
Mrs. Emma Clnrk's Combined Medicine
and Hair Restorer removes all dandruH
trom the scalp and reru'era it perfectly
healthy. It will cure all disease's uf the
sculp, also cures neuralgia hendrche, ner
vous headache and removes pimples from the
face, restores gray hair to Us natural color
and produces a luxuriant growth of the htir.
This preparation is perfectly tree from pois
onous drugs. Satisfaction irunranteed or
money refunded. This Ualr Ilentorer is pte
pared nnd sold by Mrs. Kmiii i Ch.rk, South
Charleston, Clark county, Ohio, or her au
thorized ngeuts. Acynts wanted. Give it a
trial. Price $1 r lottle.
For sale by Ad. liikhaus & Co, Druggists,
23 East Main street, and H. 11. cdle, corner
Market and High streets, Theo. Troupe, T. J.
Casper, and Vontiiniis A (lerwood
When the cin'er ol an amiy n weak the
enemy soou Iind it out, and by n gmnd
charge put both wingt. and ee ntrr to Ibght.
So when the back, Ihe central binge of the
body, is weakened aid inflamed by Cilcuh in
the Kidneys, Dwase, the great foe of hu
nianity, musses hi' baiteries there, anl the
health of the whole ludv is nut to llipht.
Two or three bottles ot Dr. Carpenter's Cal
culi llesolrent mil put the calculi to flight,
and restore both Kidneys and L.ver, ami
through them all the vital furctinnsto health
and soundne s Sold hj J J. ltrown.
It till Nil I Cl!tll.
Smart Weed and Hi-llednuiia combined Willi
the other ingredients unl in Ihe last porous
plasters make Carter's S. . A II. Hurkiiche
Plasters the best in the uinrkit Pine J.i
Out llutir hiurla.
With the opening of tlie sca-ou ot outdoor I
siorts comes the tuuu id tremble fur the pour I
victims ot Hay fever nud Ruse Cold I'ur '
them fiuwers have no odor, nnd the summer I
little or no Ijcuulv. Tu snuff, sneeze and wipe i
their weeiing eyes for three or lour succes- ,
sive mouths ibis is their pitiable portion,
There Is no help in sea-voy ages, there Is no
help in high mountain air. But there is a
positive cure In lily's Crium lidm. Try it.
II you continue to sutler it is becuusu you
neglect a remedy ns sure as it is cheap and
A Sensible Mini
Would use Kemp's Ilalsiiui tor the Throat
and Lungs. It is curing mere eaS'S ot
Coughs, Cold', Astntpa, llronchiti', Croup nnd
all Throat and Lung Troubles, thin any other
medicine. The propnetoi ha' niilhoiued Dr.
T. J. Casper, Druggist, lo refund your money
it after taking three-fourths ol u buitle, relief
is rot obtulned, Price 50c and $1 UO Trill
size Iree.
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Rencvrer
never fails in testoiing grny Imir to its youth
lul colo', lu'tie, and vitaliiv. Dr. A A
Haves, State A'sayer ol .Mnn-m Ini-etts, en
dorses It, and nil who give it a bur tiinl mute
in grateful testlinouy to its many vir ues.
CltltKS I UK I'll.t-S.
Piles are Irequeutly preceded by a sense of
weight in the back, loins and lower part ol
the abdomen, causing the pntieut to suppose
helms Borne etTection ot the kldnejs or
neighboring orgar s. A I times, symptoms ol
indigestion are present, flatulency, uneasiness
of the stomach, etc. A cim.-ture, like per
spiration, producing a very disagreeable itch
ing, after getting warm, is it common at
tendant, blind, Weeding hnd Itching Piles
yield at once to the ai plication ot Dr.
(iosttnko's Pile Remedy, which arts dirci ily
upon the parte ntlected, absorbing the
Tumors, allaying the intense itching, and
eflecting a permanent cure Prict 5o cents
Sold by Ad. Bakha-u .k Co
A Ithl.l.llll.h AUIICI.K.
For enterprise, push and dcMte to get such
goods as will give Ihe trade catifaclion. Ad.
llakhaus Co, 'he Druggists, leuls all com
petition, "Ttfe tell Dr llocanko's Cough and
Luug Syrup, became it is ihe bent medicine
on the market, lor Coughs, Culd, Croup and
Primary Consumption. Price jC cents and
$1.00. Samples free.
Ajer's Sarsspaiilla is the most efleclivu
blood-purifier ever devised. It is leeommend
ed by the best physicians.
Clean sen (he
I llllli. A 1 1 It) H
I n fl u in u t Ion,
Heals tlio Sores,
It o h t o r cs tlu
Sense or Tnsle
'& SmellTA (nick
ii l'onltlve Cure.
Flflr nU it ilrcilirllll I 00 eeiiU tivuiail mlh
lured, HenJ tor circular. Saiui U hy luatl IU cu,
IXYllKtlTIIErU UruKKfiU, lliwego, N, -
McMonagle & Rogers1
UiDDitCTewfi. n. v.
TliclriiAiiR HKiiCACY eniiiinenda them
to nil lovuis of hk fi.avoiis, while
economists nppreelute the fuel that their
tiiiKir sniKNOTH n quires tlio use of but
Hti !' inn tjtUNTiiv of ordinary Floor
ing i:tr.ietH. 'Iheir own merits wo thdr
beat advertisement.
Till llLl IIIHSrT risile Hint ran l. r.liiru..1 I.
II pile h iwr rtir thrii iiW. woiir If ml round
Mr v ifi-i. t.iuid rmrnipfiiiHli-.ll y tfllrr. Ms-I
!ri"J or M lea nn 1 1 r-... ka,j lln-li-Mf.
Ir e 't'n lrff mtl,lr. lmllnllon.
, Olilcoao. III.
Wm. II. Obamt. Martih M. O
lamrd. Buoon (tad Ham.
Where You Will Find
In Abundance.
ftrCall and ec ilia Handsomest Ice Oeam Par
lor In theSUtn.
Lon. Krider,
I loo m Ho 6, Arcade liullJlDii, HecoQd Flour,
Hurlntfllthl Ohio
Tbo Most Dtllghlful
Tftltut BUunin. Low XUtM.
Tout Trip pr Weak twea
And Bvtry Wtik Sir latwaaa
Writ for our
" Picturesque Mackinac," Illustrated.
ContaOc foil rutlculus. KsUmI Tn:
Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co.
C O. WHITCOMtJ, 0N. (. AST.,
Ilitlni a ill aiii r n l
lntfc, sil iori L twri tl
UUltl) I 4CI W
W I ltiiuain V
OotrkBt4 not ll
lht It "i titn Hl.it
hum t;'w
utltUciii n iU t tl ri t
bMii4ic iu miyiuuicni Iu
J C. WIUU.A Cu.,
Mf donlll'Ttb
llntit Chimin! Se
ijnt, X y
Hkc, a)l.iw.
W. T Haaltk, Agent.
UUTlnri(1 Cnluiiibuf, OliiclnrtAtl ftDii I"
illaUHpolla Ilallfrar.
l'Cwwi, lh
Tbrouirh can. vllh ivennppttoat In Union ItonoL,
Unlr Jlre-cl tl net tin ClOToland, liuRnlo and HI
f(ra falls to New York and New hngland.
Direct couneollona lor all Houtbaern, Houlhwent
ern and iVeste-in tnU, iltbr br way ot Clacln
nail, Indlanalli or Ht. LueiW. Vut Time, New
Jviulpruent, and running through tbe laoat popa
lar part ol the ronctrj; poafteMlng erprr apnll
ance for speed and comfort known to be aerTioa
able. Tbe Host lload-Hed anil the Hafott Koad la
the Wont. Tickets br this popular route (or aale
at all regular ticket ui&ora.
A J. BMITH, General i'auonger Agent.
f lereland, Ohio,
Tnlni Litis Sdaf tilt.
Nli tit Kiproia 17.43 a m
MDrlUK , li el. A Oil Accuin, ............. 7:&u a ra
N, Y, 4 UcMlon l.llirow 9 fill a iu
C'lnclniiBll A N. .Viat Line. .. m p in
C'levoinu 1 tut Line .. .. SiJSpin
ItlltlLllTI OcltaT OflSth.
Mldiilaibt Kziiretvi Diam
Clucluiiicll uml Ht. Iiuls 1,1 in ........ 5iiu a m
Hnrlngtlolil .1 Cincinnati hi prone .. tt:ifi a m
Cincinnati Kaxt Line 1.1 .11 p m
(Cemttiern Kiprexx J.45ptn
IJav ton, Clu. hi . M 6 18 p lei
Hpfei. 4 Cln. Aoexira, Huuclay only, 7'CU ra
liarton, Springfield and lie). Acroiu.... ... 7 10 p m
TtiIsi ArrlTi frax Scitt.
Midnight Kiprmo . U'J'iam
lurton, Hpg. aud I8l trcon 7 via iu
H. Y, 4 HiwUin Kxpriwe .9 'u 1 m
UI11. ilSprlnglleld hipioice II 4ji iu
C'fevolHud Kiwi I.luo.. , H.,lpm
Mprlugtleia Accntn. , fi a) 11 111
Cln. A N. Y. Keuet Llue mo 11 tn
Hftii. A Cln. Aounn , Huuday onlj , 1 & p ux
Tritat intri T::x In:.
Night T-rnrM a.2oam
Cintl aud -l Uiiiis I.iiu .. 6 1i)am
Clncliiuntl Ihu I.iui. U l& p in
rCoutheru b xunttK. Hi p m
Culumbii 1 ej hv, iire'A IlujtonAo 7.IO11W
rhe-i- ir In a e-tlieejcly oneee ruuuln-coa
Trie u 1 H,mj bi ') vi a rn. ha tlironch
eleejilutj car lu lf.i.-.tun hiicI HW York with,
out cliariff.
The irui loaflneHf S3 lean pnrlnr er to
Cleve uucJ, coiiue-ciluic ltd tlie tnreiiijh
aleepcr 'r 4 .,rlti il LI U.U.
lrnlu e 1 n 1 rlnirrla U nt V V pin Inaa
n.eelier tci , u.L, wlilmut cUHiigo.
Afi trluniu hyi,Kutrie. aniidairel Tlma
which is lb uilautca slower ibnn rcprlngleld lluie,
Uko. II. Kmihut,
Ticket Agent, JrrtJci Depot.
3 TNOU PISStalfl I91IIS 3
Xail , eacli wu,y9
Elegant New Style
Woodrulf Sleepers,
And Combination Sleeping and Re
clining Chair Cars on
Night Trains
And Megant Modorn Coaches on Dar xraina.
Steel Hails, Miller l'latloi msand
Counlei-s, Air llraken ami all
Mutleru liniiroveincut ,.
Shortcut itn.l Moiet Dealruhle Kimtc Be
tweeem the leielnnel Wamt. Through
Ticket.. hiiiI llnKR'iee tlhecka
mull 1'rliiitiml lolnu.
rartlCMlar ailrantageavCcred to Weitern Euil
grauU. Uud and lourlat llckete to all point
reached by any line.
rautengt'r trains li are ?priiigfieijd,0 ,lroui Union
aveiiot asolloevii
doing Lat, b 05 a. lu , 9.55 a. lu,, 6:2 p. m.
0 P. in
(Jolng West, 2.. 0 a. 10., 11 35 a. in., 5:!0 p. la.
Ooin orlll, .' ,C5a. m , 10 00 a. m., euup. m.
Caolu,' bouth, o. s. li. K., 10 80 a. ci 5:3a p. ia,
Tralua arrive.
1-roiu Lait, 2 05 a. m , ft 10 a.m.. 11.15 a. m . 5. CO
p. m.
rroiil nni,: iu a. in., s 15 a. m.,9 30i 10,
trom North, 1 50a. in., y flip m , 1:55a. ui.
I rum bomb U.5U a. 111., 1 jo p. cu.
C U. lltiliilermni, 11. , Ilroixou,
eieni Manager. Uen'l Intel A.t.
1. II. KDCIIb,
Agent, SprluK&elJ ej.
Uhlo Siieethern IlltUleiu,
Tratm Arrlie trom Jickton and.WnhlnjIc t.N
rprlugl'ld K. a.
Time. TIji",
Mn lu.A... Wi... 1., Kl... .- ..nn.
o. J(exce Ipuudari luilua in. .Gu. a. ia
Trains Dipirt tor Jlckion lid WtiMrftoi C M
bpriUki'ld It K
Tiinn n.n
No 1 (eicepl Sunday) ll.Ha. in. 1080a.m.
Nu t (excel t tfunda) 5bo p. m. 0 16 p la
N. . 1'. & (. IIA1I.WAY.
Trami Luna collar tait
No. 2accocnu.dallj, except Sunday 4 50 p.m.
No. I, N, Y Limited dally ...10 28 a. m,
No. 8, New luia bxprcan daily. .......'J 31 p. 01,
Tralm leite going Watt.
No l.flu barrens dally tl.0Ua.rn,
No 5, bt. L. Limited fcxpreaa daily 3:55 p. m,
No. 4 leaving here at I0:2 a. m. arrirea tu New
York Hie next luorulngitt 11.00a. ni. 'H houra
tliriingh 10 New ork uithout cliunge of
Tor tickets to all lululs North, touth, Last and
West and lurlher iuloriuallou,calt on
J li. I'iilmikii, Agent; office lu it. JauealloMl.
tree hacks from city to defot for all ;utsenger
Suing east 0 miles or tieyond. lave order for
rcIc ai ticket urhce oue Lour before departure of
T11.LJ OIUA-'r"
V., (J. & St. L. Railway.
L. M. Dhisloii-Sprlncllelii
.No. 1,
No. 11.
I Local
No. 7.
Dei arllog.
I.t f-nrlngf'ld t'-lfani t!0 I5aiu ! I5pm
9 02pm
cv. 1 . enr gsj
7 32a III 1 II. (Cam
7.5'iaia ll.30.iiu
5 (K'pm
C Aipm
Ar. Xenla
Ar. Peyton
Ar. Columb's
Ar.rincin .1
Ar. LoulsT'le
8.15am 12.03IUU
Ul.jOuiu 2.15pm
7.50pm 7.50.ui
tto. 9, liitern hxpriss, leaves Springoeld 40
a. ui., elloev bprii.es uul a.m. Arrive Xenla
9 .10 a. tu . Columlins 11.10 a. m.
I No. 0
1 h x 1 re sh
No. 12, No 8.
local liar
1 xpreas Express
No. i.
l.v Iiouisv'le,
Lv Cln I
l.V. I oluiuu'a
Lr. la) ton
l.v. Xenla.
Ar. . bl r'gl
Ar. Bp'gl'ld.
'2 104IU
"1 25mii i tOpiu
2.30pui 7.15pm
3 50im . ... ! 2.56pm
4 15pm tSWmui tlSOnm
I1..O 1
8 til
1 lam
"J C5aiui 5.40pm lo.tpm 2.40pm
9 5taiu Cll5pm 10.31pm 3.06pm
10 .0am 6J0pm !C.j5pm S.80pm
No. 10, Local Accommodation, learea Xenla 6 30
a.m. Arrive elluw springs 6,15 a. 111.1 Bpiini
Held 7.00 a. in.
Pally, fl'ally except Sunday,
Train No. 1 makes Immediate connecllona at
Xenla (or Washington (X ll.,Chillicothe, Cincin
nati and Col11111l.ua. No 9 Is the 1-aat Eastern
Express, making Immedlale connections it Xenla
for I'iiutiurg, Ilarrisliurg, Washlngtou. llaltimore.
I'hlladelphla. New York, Iloston, all Eastern and
New Lngland iwlnU. Also through car service for
Cleveland, No, II makes dlect con
nections at Xenla for Cincinnati, Louis
ville and points bouth, through trains (or lllch
mond. lndlana)H)lls, Hi. Louis and pointa West.
No. 6 la tbe famous Limited Express and make
direct connections at Xenla for Columbus, Pitta
burg, Ilarrisliurg, ltallimore, Washington, Phila
delphia. New lorlc. Iloston, all Eastern aci New
England potnta, also Immediate connection for
Cleveland, llutlalo, Niagara tails, Allany and
Bracuse, N. No. 7, last Llue, Western and
Southern Express, uiakiug Immediate connection,
at XeniaforUucinnatl, Liulsvllle, Chattrnooga
Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans, and
for Hlchmouel, Chicago, and point
In the North aud Northoesl; Indianapolis, BU
Louis, Kansas City and jiolnta lu the West anil
Boutbcittt. All tralua ruu on Central time,
which Is 25 minutes slower thau city time. Tick
ets sold and baggage checked to all points Id the
United blales, and reliable Information, can be
obtained at tbe office ol tbe Com-
fiany'a Agent, this city, faitlcular la
ormation as to time ol train attune.
tlons, rates, etc.. cheerfully furnished.
Call on J.M.IIINBH.Cltr lloketAfaua.
JAM. McCUEA, Ibtnaiew.
R. A, t'oan, Uanwal fajeetviw Iml
"Ti i"l'y.l',isscai
4. . j

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