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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, July 24, 1885, Image 1

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Springfield Globe -Republic
Volume V. Nutlllr auo, f
'I'll 13 HP1UNOFIELI) ltiai'UIITIC
Volume XXXI. Number 1IMI.
owcn unoTHcns
t ii tt If MilmiM.
Wahiiivciton, July 24 - l'ur Trniie-jscc nml
Olilo A'nllcy Occulonnl light local showers)
winds generally Boulhctl) ; nearly stationery
Jo. Ml.
If interested in men's
suits at above prices
i . -
'J h (lovernmt'iil I. O. Ituliil lui;.
'In lliel-dllurof tlio (I lob. Ucjuibllu
It ia tu Ihs 9iij.ol1 tint lli Cumunsjion
appointed by the Uuv eminent will give care
lul attention tu tliu ipialily of tin- L,'ioinnl
upon w lii.h to locntii tho (lovcriimcnt I', (t.
building, and cape dally with nlcri'iiiu to tlic
permanency ol tho foundation, It nil) not
ilu to place so large nml weighty building "9
tins ahull lie, iiion grounds whero thcro is
nny tpieatlon m to the solidity of tlio founda
tioa when made. Ami I assert without fear
of 8ucce-3jful contradiction, tint there la no
lit spoken ol, situate on High street, vv litre
such eolld foundation run li had, except tho
jail lot. No one uui nt) that tho grounds of
the laat named lot aro not hrst-clii33 as to
eollillty. It Is great gravel formation of
indefinite ilepth, tlio ury lieit aa to solidity,
and tho vi ry beat for a dry basement atory.
The ground! betivctii Mitrkot and Center,
on High street, are juit the oppo
tite no grarel and no possibility
of a dry basement atory. They nrc a part of
the same formation as that upon which odd of
thu tall chimneys of the Mailable Iron Works
is situated, and that chimney Is now being
taken down because of its found lions giving
HuppojH a few individuals should make up
a purse and buy one of thuso proposed lots on
West High street, mid present It tu tho (lov
eriiini'iit. Any (undid person will admit that
it would bo far more expensive to put In a
foundation on one of these than would bo
thu coat of the jail lot and foundation taken
together. And when done you would have
a suspliioiis foundation and a basement ol
little use, unless by tho application of cement,
tlio water could bn kept out. I do not wish
to depreiate these grounds. They answer
their present uao very well, Hut to locale, a
grand (iovirument building on them, vvhldi
should stand for nit time, would be a loll) not
suppoaahle by u (oumittlie ol sensible, disin
terested men. nouiuuv.
Ihe conclave of Palestine Oomumndery
No. U, K.T., at the asylum tonight, U tlio
Btaled aeicmblageol that body for transaction
of business and also for conferring of degrees
ol Knight Templar and Kulght of Malta.
Gonoral Grant to bo Buried in Coh
tral Park, Now York.
Tho National Funoral to Begin
Whon tho Privato Cortoyo
Leaves Mt McGregor.
Tho Genoral Mailo No Soluction
of Place, but Loft a Condition
that HisWifo Should Final
ly bo Ouriod by Mis
.'initio I'tipetH nu lite ISnntli nf llcliitrnl
I.oniios, July 2t. The I'ost says- "Tho
American Iiepubllc Ins lost one ol its moat
Illustrious eitiena. (lenernl (.rant will bo
best remembered ns tlio ablo sol ller who (in
vented final sevcrnnco of the great Ilepubhe.
Though not n Napoleon, nor a Avelllntrton,
ho handled large nrmliH and led them to lr
lory." Tho Standard says "If that were possi
ble, he eicn rose In popularity when the mo
tion saw the way ho faced poverty and ruin.
To day, Irom Capo Cod to tho Alaskiau
Island, tho land will once more rewound wiih
fading memories of tho war."
The Daily Telegraph devotes two columns
to n review of (lencral drain's military
career. IMitorially It says: "Vestcrdny, tho
greatest and most eucces'ul eoldier the
Uiiittd Statin hai reduced breathed Ins
lust. la no portion of the United States
have tho financial disasters inn'kiDg the close
of (lencral (Jrant's (aner bc(n itirardcd with
more sympathy und regret than in Knglar.d
Hey ond all others, be was best luted to cope
with tho trimeudous eriiis which male him,
and when tho grae closes over all that is
mortalof UlysscaK. (Irant, it will be lilt that
he leaves behind him what no man, cast in a
siuiillar or more heroic mould, could accom
plish. Wlillt Aim. (Inillt'il Slwirn UUI lie.
Niw Voiik July 2t. Tho Hun this morn
ing aiys "Mr?. (Irant'fl shire of theroceed3
of (ien. (Irant'j book, and pcrsoml memoirs
ol II. H. (Irani, will be between MOO.OOO and
$.'00,000. Publisher 0. I.. Webster asya the
guaranleo pales (if 205,000 tela or books, al
ready ma lo by iigcnU, assured her $ luO.ouo.
Pour thousand agents were now
gathering subscriptions and the
number wis soon to bo increased to live thou
sand. Tuti work will be issued in two vol
umes, to be published separate! ai out the
first days of Dvcemliv nml March next, re
speotltely. They both will 1 sold exclu
sively by ulisi ription. Mr. Webster went to
Mt. Mctlregor last Saturday with the laat
proofs of the hook. (lencral (Irant, propped
in his chair, read proofs and made a change
in the map of the tattle of Champion's Hill.
In thu Vicksburg campaign, he nautcd (lenernl
Sherman put Inmt II jllon station The list
tiling General (Irant did in his look was to
revise, In tho buttle of Muloh, a note in
regard to General Wallace, l'art of th
cliargo was ihvorablo to General Wallace.
Mr. Webster thinks now that General Grant's
resolve, to finish bis book and so provide lor
111 1 wile, was what kept him alive so long. '
Where Shall Orient lie llnrlr.il.
Mr Me (iiiHiim, July 21. 1 lie one condi
tion imposed by General Giant before hedud
upon those who should ilecido tho pliee of
his burial, is the oiusc of delay in filing the
spot of his sepulture Minor Grace's chief
cleik, Mr. Turner, M hero and has been m
consultation with Col I'red Gruit and hi hat
formally and in pcrton conveyed Mayor
Grace's lender of n burial spot in any ol thu
pcrka ol New York city.
The id is a strong lee ling In the family of
General Grant that Ni York proposition
is one tint woul I have grauliid the Gi ncml
but the condition that Mis. Grant might be
Imrii'il besido the Gcneril is one tint thu
Mayor's representative eaniiot iitccduto, and
telegraphic, communication is now gmu on
bctwicn here and New York on that point.
The push!! ill's messenger, at 11 o'clock,
had not arrived, and when he does come ind
presents thu invitation from the Soldiers
Hume, it is not unlikely that tl e condition ol
General Grunt relative to Mrs. Grant being
buried Inside him will also then cause eoiuc
delay, i'e udii g iliei coufeirncc with others,
tho Invitation Irom the ciiy ol Spnng
held, Illinois, is mil bimg sinously
considered ai yet. Though, beforo his dinlh,
General Grant, ns one ol three Slates in
which he would desiio to be bulled in, indi
cated Illinois.
He indicated that Illinois having gien him
his first nrmy commission ho wojld be willing
to be buried iherei but there two oilier spots
which he designate 1 and one of them wa3
Washington wlnck is now under consi leiallon,
Tlio other of the three points tliut Gen. Grant
Indicated was West 1'oint, but ho iccognlzod
at the time uf his suggestion thlt
Wist Point was a place where his wife could
not rest beside him mid that tlnit laet mooted
any possibility in tlio Gene nil's mind ol being
burled there. It was alterwardi that the
General delegate 1 the entire matter ol tho
burial spot nnd funeral arrangements to Col.
I'red Grant, who alter a confereuee with the
family cm all points, is now carrying forwnrd
tho voluminous arrangements lor hid father's
funeral. It is now delerniiuid that the lor
mal obseipiics will begin at Mt. McGregor.
The lamlly fully reeogui.e the claim ol Ihe
people mid the Nation tu du honor tu the
remains ol General Grant, but llieru is u fi cl
ing that belore all Ihe pomp and pigmtry of
the burial tho lamlly should lime
their dead, all by tli''ineles fur
a Biasou, and that tho family shout 1 In
alunewhen their funeral ecrIcu Is held
Thus the funeral services for tho family will
bo held here In thu cottage nt Bach time as
they may tnem bet. Dr. Newman will be
with tlie family nnd conduct with tin m the
service ucr thu ilc ml.
The President is nnilous, and has
so (pressed liiniBidf by inesMgc,
that there shoull bo a national funeral and
under tho direction and earn of tlio War De
partment, bigiutilug when the remains are
started from thu mountain nnd ending at the
place of sepulchre.
General Gules, Colonel llarbcr and II. W.
Kulght, of Brooklyn, called upon Colonel
Grant Ihl morning and stated Hint Grand
Army l'ol No 127, of Ilrooklyn, had be
come tho I'.H. (Irani Po t.
I'pun the death of the (lenernl they had
as'unied his name nml ile sited to lender ft
private body guard of 13 men, who should
como uniformed and unarmed. It wfts also
deslnd that their detail on tho day ol tho
funeral should constitute a special boly
guard ami guard ol honor lo the remain'.
Col. Grant accepted tlio 13 men of V. S.
Grant Post, (1. A. II., Ilrooklyn, for the body
guard. 'Ihe men will lemo Ilrooklyn to
night. Hliiiri- (lonrrtil (leant Will lie lliirleel,
Mt. MiGitruoii, July 21 Thcro Is now
llltlo doubt that' General Grunt's remains
wllllm bulled In Central Park, New York
City. All that remains is tlio nwnt ol- the
aulhorltiis uf that city to the dead General's
own condition, which was that .Mrs. Grant
icst beside him at the last. Tho family and
Cnlum 1 Grant lime determined upon Central
Pari. If Hie eoudltioii shall bo coinplieil
with by tho city. II New York tlinll
be the spot chosen, and thcro is litlle doubt
that it will be fettled this afternoon. Tho
programme of funeral urrnngeuicnts will be
ruber given' The remains will lie iuictl
nt tho catlagn in tlie room where the General
died until Tuesdiy allcrnoon not, when Ihe
rum ml cortege will be placed on a special truin
and convi'yeil directly nnd without demonstra
tion to Albany, leaching thcro in the evening
The remains will be borne to the Capitol
lul'ding a here they will lie in stale until
Wednesday noon, then tho dtad general will
bo conveyed, by funeral train, lo New York
nrrhing there on Wcdncs.il ty evening. The
body will be thero convey ed to the City Hall
where it will remain in slate until Saturday,
when it will be borne to its al resting place
ia Central Park.
Hanging ii Wile .Murtlerer.
Omaha! July 24. An Osceola, Nib, spe
cial to the Ilea nnnounce3thal Wm M. Smith,
the wife murderer, was executed by the slier
llfol Polk county at 11 o'clock this morning
in Ihe presence ol five thouiatul people. The
murderer on the senlfold denied his guilt. A
very high fence had been put up all nronnd
the plaeo ol execution yesterday. Ihrly this
morning, however, a mob of people, anxious
to pee the hanlng, completely demolished
the fi nee, and tho execution took place in tl
mid"! of an enormom nml unruly croud.
TollllHlo HlnlUtlcs.
Wahhimiihv, July 21. Tlie Signal Service
olhee has published n number of papers on
tornadoes which (.ecurred during the year
18sl. They report the number ol Etorms in
viirioui States as follows. Georgia, M; South
Carolina, 21; Alabama, 18, North Carolina,
12, Kansas, 12, Connecticut, 10; Wisconsin,
10; Dikota, 8; Kentucky, 7; Mississippi, 7.
lo tie Bonn (Hlliliilly Aitnoillie cil.
Nf w Yum;, July 2 1. Tho Trihuneof today
says that it is utnlerp.iood that it is only a
iuetlun ot a few elayq when the terms of fet
tle mi lit between the New Yolk Central and
PentnvlvunH railroad inti rests will I e olh
clally imnoiu'ied.
AJH V.lltl.llt.K.
Mr Iowa Smith is in the bliycle tourna
ment. He is considered au Xpert at the arl
by his Ii How citizens here. How he stands
einong the famous ol other vicinities remiius
to be si en.
Mr. J. C. Iligler and fimily left here some
time about the first of June, leaving their
furniture and every thing ubout their prem
ises, w itlioul tfllii g anyone of their intended
a n. realxmts. Mrs. Iligler'i pirents have
luen hercfeveral times iriipililng after them.
The camp tneetiug on the New Carlisle
ciui'ppionnd will begin nut Pridiiy evening,
and tmb ihly last ten dayi. Arrangements
hnve been made to make this meeting cicel
all otheis in uinuy ways. The untiring ef
lort ol Dr. Van Clcve, Dr. Miller and othiro,
who I live le-en helping to perleet the arrance
mints, ivlll tell.
.Mr. Jacob Stafford, aged almnl fH years
who h.idbeen able to work nvery day of his
lite since his infancy until about two weeks
ago, v lien he had a stroke ol paralyin, died
last Thursday, and was buried Mitiday. All the
other places ol worship were e lined and all
the people in the (own and community came
to ply their la't ripects to a model man nnd
n good niactical Christian, Hu leaves a
widow with whom hu lived iieiulv sivty
years and lour children who dci ply deplore
their los".
One of the best pieces of slone masonry
your informant has peen is being done on the
lull tor the new Eehool house. Go and see it.
It will bi'iir inspection.
Miss Mary and l.i'iia Johnson have re
turned fruiu an extended visit to Maryfleille.
Messrs. Pierce A. Son, ol Springfield, hive
leased the large in w lliiuniig mill of Halsiou
Pros lor live years. They intend to eom
uii'iice doing a steady business u goon ns
new when conns in. The larinersiu tin
I'eiiiiimiuity should gite (hem a trial,
Mr lliaiieliamp, ol Hiinilton, deliureda
temperance licture here last Monday eve ning,
uf runt merit in its line, but it fill Hut on the
cars of most of his hearers, Irom the fact
thai tho temper mie cause is avowedly
in aid of the Democratic (arty, whose
hglslatloti has given us four saloons, when
under the Scctt liw and McConnellsvillo or
dinance we lift I none in New Carlisle. And
still he raid the Republican party must be
'dunned" Why Hi cause St. John, their
national b ft lr, the old reprobate and hj po
crlle, hates the Ilepiiblican parly who would
sustain bun no forger in olhee. Tlie temper
ance voters in Hue State are mainly in the
Itepulilluiu jartj and It they receive half
way fair treatment nt tho hands ot the Pro.
hlbltioiil.-ls they will do more to surpress Ihe
liquor trnlhu than the Prohibitionists can pos
sibly do. Thu polilh ii Prohibitionists ot
this community can be counted on the lingers
ot one hand.
Dr. Van Clove delivered a temperance sir
mon last Sabbath evening in tho Presbytetiun
church, of the trim type, unlrutiinielcd with
politic i, necrthtlcs bold and peisuaslvc
thrnighoiit, which did more good than alt
the St. Johns, Dr. Leonards and lieauehainps
put together.
Mr. Garvtr ami Mr. Taylor, ol the firm of
Carver .V. laylcr, with their families, Intonl
going to A labium lo live this full.
Them will bo interesting srrvlced ut the
Presbyterian church next Sabbath evenlnc;
and morning.
Wheat is about all cut in thid community
and the, tanners are beginning on llmr llo
hemian oats.
Mr. 1. K. Piindeibiirg sold Ins hue track
horse to a Iiuuiiville horse buyer.
If the Republicans ol Springfield were a
little more inclined toward fiilrneM 111 tlie
distribution of county ollicii they would ten
der Ihe ofliee of prosecuting Attorney lo Mr.
J. 0. Williams, a most ellleient man anda
true blue Republican of this community. I
Aiineal to cverv Reiiuhllcan In the went eml
i of this county whether the nbovo is tiot true.
(lencral (Jrnnt Passes I'car cHilly
An ay Surrounded by His
liOting Family.
A Toiinlilni; Ronltnl or tho Pnthotlo
Incidents Durlnt; the Cloning
Frisidpnt Clovohntl Sends a Touching
Letter to tho Widow of tho '
Dead State wi an.
Uollovrel Thnt Mis' Itc.mn.lni. Will b
I lit erred in Olio of fJr.w Yolk
Clty', Parlei.
C'liimitciiH of tlio l.finiton rrcm Mr.
Ill iiNltnif- nml .lillin Ilrlchl llieply
Airiilnt-llmr the Vnwi
IVlw Herrlti il.
Till' (till KTAtV's I'VD.
.Me Gin (Kin, duly '21. Oeneril
Ulos S. (limit I If1 'I'litiriihy tnonilng at
R (is nYliifk. Ilo h.ii1, 1mm ii giurtlng vvpakcr
nil lluoiigli the night, nnd caily houii n tho
niurnllig. II" died eilinly nnd without nny
nppiiint inln. ngniiy. oxciliiin or 8iitTi ring.
His iuiImi cvi r slnci) nlno n'clook Wcilnes
ilt i'vi ning h id been griming fabler and
fabler As l)i. Douglass --alii of It, "it
went so last vvcMoulil not count It." 'I ho
GcucmI's ri'splr.itlnn, nf course, was very
vlgotous, sixty tlinnfi a mlnuto, oven to
About inldiilht his was nslresl by Colonel
Fred Grant If he was suuViliig, when ho ro
idlnllna whisper ".'n." Colonel Grant
nsked him the s.uuu ijiicstion si'veial times
lining the night. Along towards three)
o'clock the Colonel asked lilm If lto wnnted
mi) thing, when ho fejibly leplled "Water."
Hi' never spoke another word.
Mis Grant gave him water nnd then
milk Ile sw.illnvviil luit Utile nf the two
All that lineliil was In tl y. A l.iiut guigli)
va.s he.inl. '1 hereafter Mrs. Grant kept a
Ii.indkeichlef. which was sn.ikeel In u iter to
tho Gioial's lips. He would cIo-j- the lips
on II when put to Ills inoiilli. Mrs. Giant
kept asking "Do )oii know me," and no re
ply would ho he. ml. Thi'ii sho vvcmlil s.iy,
"If )oii know ini' litems my hand." Ho
pomi times would ofi'ii his e)es, but woulil
cln-e Iheni soon again. This eicciiried at
intervals of eve ry few minutes 'I ho out)
lueiilbntv of bis deiiiNi) was the exhibition
of n in irkable vitality which he Meuied to
piesi nt ns the nbsUcli) to eleatli. 1 acuity
nfle r f icully Ihe keieil away. Ho dleel with
his (ousrii'iKO about lilm.
'low.ird tho l.tst Ills ii -piintlnii was jimt
Ing, shallow and noiseless. Ills breathing
bee.iiue vir) quick. Ills eli.itli re-'iilteil from
(Ii.iun(Iiiii and hoevidentl) sulfered no piln
from thu tlnin ho iH'gnn to sink, llisl.i-t
voluiil.ii) words wero .spoken We-dncMl ly
nflenionn, when be slid: "I hoiio nobody
will bn clMte.Yie'il cir.'iny account."
'i in: r.AM mdvii rs.
Shortly be foil) Jg'it o'clock, while) tho
f.imll) were prep(J;,: for brmkfast and tho
dm tins were) ilbi'iis-higtlm pitienl's chances
on Ihe I.i77'i of the) cottae'e, Henrv, tho
liurx'. who was with the) Gene nil, sti'ps'd
out of the Mck tin mi nnd going to win in tho
clucUirs wi le tiiidlng, lliformisl them ilia
whissr that ho thought the end was hi .it.
Tho due tins haslil) went to tho room, and
at a gl.iiici took In the situation.
'I be) quietly nidi ncl tliemir-e tosiimmon
Iho family to the Mck room. Mrs. Omit,
Jesse Grant and wife, IT. S Giant, .Ir'nnd
wife' and Mi's. Cnloni 1 Grant ln-1 uilly nii
xwuesl tho summons ami were soon il ,4)
side of the sick bed Mis. Saitnns, notn lug
tho doctors hurrlidl) going to the leiom, fol
lowed them and was the first inembi r of tho
family piesent. Colonel Kred was now tho
only otio nlwnt, having atrollcil oft
ariiiiiul tho grounds. Servants wero
pent In search of him, but ho
enteiisl tlio nick loom of hi-, own nceoid
l.el'oio mi) one li.ul MKi'i'ccI.cl in bringing
lilm the new -of Ins filhei's a.pio.ichliig
ile.ith. Coliiiic I Giant took a seat at the)
litfht side nt tlie bed, pl ii mir hi-. left arm on
the pillow .ibeno his lather's held. ( lo
liy the bnl-Idc sat Mrs Giant, Inletisel)
iigltaldl but bnvely suppressing Ivr luno
tleuis, and stilvlng to 1h) calm. ShS lesinecl
upon tlio besl wltlione elbow and gazing with
() os blludiilw lilt tears into tlio GimicmI'h f ho
'1 hem was, however, no sign nf recognition
In his pilll.l face. Ho was liiealhing fa-d
mid with (.lightly gasping respirations. Mrs.
Sard ii Is leaned on tho shoulder of her
mother, and witnessed with pi id up emotion,
the i lib of a life) in which sho had (oiisll
tub d an element of pilelo. 'I he scene) was
n quiet one. '1 ho Gi'iieril pa-sseel peace tally
nnd piuilovd) Into another world
At a little iliitaiiio Milnil Mrs Grant nml
Mrs. Sartorls stood the three ph)siclius,
lloiiglass, Slir.uly .mil Sands, silent spee ta
llies of n scene which, but fur the'ir I'lfmLs,
woulil doubtless have nee urreil iiinntbs ago.
les.se Gi.iut and I'. S Giant, ,) slood op
isti) then mother, at the other -lele nf tho
bed. Near by, ut the) foot of thu
cot, and close) by .le'Se, was Mr. N H.
IVawscui, Ilu1 (n'lii'ml'sciiiiliili'iitl.il ses icliiry
nnd slenii,'ndi r. At the font nf tholieil
stood Mis. V S. Grant, .Ii , anil by I it i sulo
Mrs. Col Grnnt and MKs Jcsmi Gi.int.
'ilie.so thrii" gaed dnwit into tho faro of tho
Gjnial whilu their ei)cs bccaiuu bulliiseil
with tears
'Ihiib.ul expiession ot their faces plainly
n lice ted Iho unguis)! of tlicli fi clings. Now
nml then they blolo a glanco nt Mis. Giant,
who, with tiovved head, was watching thu
face of her el)lng husband, Xo won) was
spokin, and the) stillness ol tlio loom added
to the) linpri'sslveness of tho. sad sceno.
Mrs. Giant sevetal times alToetlonately
stroked tho face, forehead and arms of her
liiislnnd and ses'inisl utterly beside heiself
with dt spiir ut the thought of her appioaeli
Ing separation by cle.itli Houi the) m m with
whom slm had passed so mail) years ot
weilded happiness.
Dr. Doiiulnss seveial times Iclt the) pulse!
nt Iho p client, who was now quietl) pissing
away, but this dwindled to n point IkjomiI
(leUelioii 'I In' icsplMtion giew iuonielit.il
liy mule quii keiied, Ills face lelleetesl no
pain, and although nt first his htcatlilng
seemed labmcd It giady'ly Ixvanio weak
er, and with but little client.
Towards tho end, as If by sudden im
pulse, sho iimiso, anil seizing both of the
Geneial's hinds within her own, pticssed
them, and tinning, klssn) lilm feivi'iitl) on
the foteheid. At lids a lew convulsive sobs
wero he.inl coming liom theelliectlon wlieie
II. S. (limit, Jr., stnod, but tbeso were)
siMsslily tepiessesl, and miUuiii stllliiess
ngaln c.iinoenei too room
As tho time wote on the bieatliing of thei
p client I'lo.unc. fuluier, itulil only a sllglil
hi.nlngof the chest was noticeable, ills
rye lulls lieg.iu to take) a set esprossloil,
whili) the lid-, gr.uluall) began to close. An
exiiiisttuu of siipieme h.iiplnc's stole over
Ills tace, and then, with two en tbreo deep
iluwu gasps, the (n'lieinl passed quietly
way and iswietly as though ho had fallen
to sleep.
The) fimily, who had lns.it quiet, now
dre'vr close) to tho feisl nml llstiineil for soma
iiiither slgu uf life, but uouocamc.
Just n few mx ouiW la'fom Ids demise, the)
GciicikI openml Ills e)es nnd they met tlinsei
of Ids daughter. Tho ctTtxt was Instant, llo
closesl them and soon utter oxplml, Mrs.
S-ulvrls wns wcoplng, tu weio tUj tlio
oincr tneiiincii.
l)r Doiiglais was Iho first to break thu
stillness. In a half bmkeii video ho said
Just loud enough In bo hi, ml: "Well, his
snlleiings hiiM) ut last como to nil cud. It
Is nil over now," nt tho saino llnio hcavlngn
deep sigh.
Dr. Douglass seemesl n llevnd, but looked
sad. .Dr. Shiiul) was ulso visibly allcctod.
He said the Gineial foughtwell IhroughoiiL
"He elieadisl the siilferlng to tlio end," said
Dr hhiaily, "but wo guaranliisl that ho
would have none, und wokept ourpromlsee"
Tho re'illntlon that thu General had
jiassi d away senued to dawn upon thomc'in
ia'is of tho family nml they exchanged
significant glances, nnd diuvv their hand
kerchiefs, and In miInIuciI sobs gave vent to
their long p nt up grh f. As eacli oiio coin
posed themselves, the.) walkesl to Hid Nil,
and pies,esl their lips to the- forehead of tho
departed, nml lelt tho loom, npparcntly to
grieve sllenll) at tliclr gieat loss.
Mrs Gr mt sat for some time at tho head
of tho bnl and was gently led from tho
room. Sho did tint nppui'iitly icaliii tint
sho bad parted on this earth from hlin who
was dearest nf all lo be r.
An uiiele tinker fioui Siratoga lias bes'ii
summoni'il to Hid cottage to iinbaliii the ro
inains and prepare thein for biiil.cl.
'1 lie follow lug iilhclnl hiilli'tiu was sent to
tho Mttlltiil lhnml for publication In Hut
Since our last bullitjln was written, Iho
final change) has como to General Grant. Ho
passed peacefully away at eight o'clock
T hursiiay morning. On Iliu morning of tho
day pluvious Dr. Dougliss suinmiiiiuil l)r.
hinds and hhrndy to meet in consul
tation nt Mt. McGregor, as General
Giant was sinking and death ses'ined
Imminent. On their arrival lli pi
tlcnt was found in a very prostrated
conditlnn, wllh fecblo nnd frequent, pulse,
rapid resilrallou and Inability lo swallow,
lie was suITi ring no vain, but by his listless
inanner was npparcntly unconscious that
death was appioachlug. It was decided to
sustain his vital owors to the utmost, and
make Ills end as comfottablu as imsslbla
The illspiKltlou to cough had ceases!, and
respiration, allhougli mm 1 1 aecelerattxl, was
not materially imiicilcil by accumulated mu
cous secictliins. At tho tlnio of tho consul
tation ho was In Ids e.Lsy chair, kept ci
stantl) b) lilm eliy and night for tho past
five months. Towatel evening, by bis own
leqiiest, ho was tiaiisfi-rred to ldsl.sl,wlieru
lie nsusl quietl) till Ids dentil.
lie continueil lo sink despite the stlnm
I nits loc.ill) nppllul und hypeHlennlcally
niliuiiiistiied. ills fear of a iialnful death
wnshippllv not tealleil. lie simply iiassed
away by a gi.ulual and easy cessation of tho
hi ait s action. I'or so uitich at least there)
Is icsi-on fur thankfulness.
At a future timo a si hmtifie review of the
casewill Im prcsi uled to our re.uleisi, giving
such data ns may l necess iry to exidiiln
the diagnosis airlvcd nt, nnd tho method of
treatment persiieil.
With his ile lib there passed nway ono nf
the gn.ilest captains of modern times.
Military ciltus may differ ns to Ids char
acter -ind rank as a mllllaiy commander,
but In tlio face of Ids nclilevi'ment.s any at
li nipt to belittle bis military capiclfy is Idle.
Judged by the stand ird lie lie Id n place' In
the iilfiellnns of thopesiplo of this country,
which was equaled liynoonoexcept Lincoln,
Slid bis iis'orel as tho leader of tho Union
ami) which crushed Hie rcliellinii will leave
lilm nu und) lug niinu In the proudest cliapter
ofour liWoiy.
inn lir.uo's nri:.
Ulyssi s 9. Giant was lmrn at Point I'leas
nnt, Clciniont County, 0 , April '27, lb2J.
He enteicsl West I'oini. Inly 1, 18'il, lielng
tken seventeen veais of age. Among his
clissmates weio l-'ranklln, Ingalls, Shennan
and AV. V. Smith. Thomas and Meaelo were
In AA'cst I'eiiiu at tho s.iino timo tliat Grant
was Iheie, but they were In el esses ahead of
Giant was gradualist July 1, 1HS.1, and
was aiipoinled a llrevct Second Llcub'nant,
with ni deis to rcjiort to thu rmirth Infantry.
In tho summer of Iff "i tho regiment was
onleiisl to join Genei.il Tnyloi's forces at
Corpus Christi, which wero protecting tho
fnmtlir from the Mexican army. He took
pirtln evirybittlo of tho Mexican vvir,
with Hie exception of Iiuena Vista, and was
conspicuous for bravery.
Grant, In ISIS, inirrlcd Miss Julia Dent,
thoihughter of Kieslerlck Dent, a well
known uierclnnt of St. Louis. He resigned
from the army on July HI, 1b54, with tho
lank of Captain, nnd returned to St. Louis
w lie re Ins wife nnd children wero residing.
When Lincoln's first call for 75,000 men
was made, Giant was living at Galena, 111.
l'our da)s after thu call a company was tn
rolhsl In tint town and Grant was put In
command. I'nur d i)s Inter hu rejiorUxl with
his company to the Governor at Springfield.
AVhen tho Twenty-first Illinois Regiment
nriivi'd at Springfield the) Gnvemor put
Giant in Its command, and 111 August, 1S0I,
I'lcsnleiit Lincoln appointed lilm allrigadler
General Grant's ariny and political catver
Is too well known to need sKcIfic meiition
here. After re tiring from thu Presidency
Gencial Grant set out on a tour round the
world. His tour was ono of tho most re
markable chapters In Ids wonderful hUtory.
Ho was inld royal honors from the 1h gin
ning to the cIomi of Ids Journey. Probihly
at the close of his Journey theio was no ono
m in whose name was better known around
tho entire world than his.
One of Hie pleisant events In hlscloslng
(Mice r was the act of CongiessVasseel In tho"
Vir) lest hours of tho Knit) -eighth Con
giiss, vvilhoiit a slnglu objection, restoring
him to Ids i.ink ns General of the Army, nml
ph'i lug him on the) retired list
Gi neial Giant's rem ilns will bo removed
lo Ni tt Yiuk. after Mug embalmed, and
when the body readies that city tlio family
will decide as to whether n post niorlcin
shall be made.
'I ho family have lieon desirous tluat the
fimt ral should take pUco In AVo-shington,
Iml Ihe pliee Ins not )t t Iksmi disdilesl iimn.
Thu Gem nil befeue Ids dentil IMluexl thrco
places, an) oneot which he would like to bo
burled in. Hi', however, concluded to
leave the choice to Colonel Kieel Grant, with
Hu1 promise Hi it tho pl ico selectnl shall 1)0
such a place us to penult of tho burial of
Mrs. Giant b) his side-. A local undertaker
will bavo cliaigo of tlio immisliato details of
the funeral until the leinalus have been sent
to New York.
AA'hen the subject of n K)st mortem exam
ination was bleached to the family they
wouldn't hear to it, dcclailng themselves
satisfied witli tho doctor's diagnosis anil
tieatmint of thu c.tsu fromliegiuuliig to end.
Allci l)i. Douglass left the) bote 1 for tlio
Giant cottage, his loitering step could bo
plainly sts'n and lie sex lnesl as If stricken
with paralysis. Ho entered the cottage und
at unci) proceeded to the pirlor whom the
remains lay. Ilu was deepl) grieved, llo
fell on his knees and actually ciiesl so deep
was his emotion. II was several minutes
ladnie lio could enittiol his fesdiiigs.
All day long telegiains expressing sjinpa
thy h ive btt n pouring Into Hu) cottage, and
lachoiii in. ii ibl) coutiiiis all Oder of
seivlce'cll iii.ilcd. Among I hem arp tele
grams from Grover Cleveland, General Ila
ile.lii, .1. G. Ogdcn, Coiunuiiiler Post No.
I'l; A'eleiau .oiiavis, Jersey City; G. M.
Pullman, Ni'W A oik; Alexander Taylor, Jr.,
M.uiiiioiits'k; Cellini and AVIIliain C. I
gen.lie, New Yuik, Governor Hill, Glut!'
stone, ex Piuuiliriif r.ugl.uiil; .1,(1. Ilhtliie,
AY. (J (iieshuu, Potter Palmer, General
George It. Me Clelbui, General Sheridan,
Judge Hilton, Joseph Si lignum and Theo
dore Houston. Kesiiliitlons adopted by
several military coiupinhvi throughout tin)
country, were also uxclved.
Kverjlhlng In and iiiniiiul tho cottage tl
quiet. All the doois mo closes! and flu
blinds draw ii. So gieat was the doctors'
nttJiliment to the Gi noral that they would
novel leave lilm ami this attachment was
lex'IpiiK'itetl by tho ilts'e.tsisl General.
All the trains arriving from Saratoga,
brlu-' heavy loads uf ueewlo. many of wian)
are friends of the fimllj, Ihe cottage
where Ihe leuiilns of the General repnso II
the center of nil ewes and eicli ineinbi'rol
tho family ns they appear iqioii tho porch
nre olijects of curiosity.
Stephen Merrllt, tindcrlaker, New York,
has 1h,cii tile ginphesl lo take chatgoot tlm
body. Holmes is Co., nnilerfaki rs, of Hara
toga, nre engaged cinbalinlnglhelKly titidei
thi)8UiervlsIoii of Drs. Douglass nnd Mc
Kweti. '1 ho btaly Is In a wonderful state ol
preservation and tho (iiibulmiuciit will kecii
it In a natural condition. The wink of pro
paring tho body began In the afternoon and
will not bo completed until some timo to
day. It will bo plan din Ico caski ts until
taken to Its last resting place. Plowers ar
rive on every train. 'Ihe) are placed around
tlio room ns fast ns lecoivcd and present a
pleasing aspect.
A felegiiun received finm tho Greenwood
Cemetery olllclals olferliig thu nso of a re
reiving tomb as long as tcqulrcd nnd a
choice plot may 1m) selec led.
'Ihe lindy weighed Itss then ono bunilns)
jmiiiids, how much less the ph) slclans do not
cam lo say. The tieafment given the Gen
eral was mt rely for pioloiiglng Ids life-. Tho.
rase piisonts no doubt that It was cplthc'lo
Ml.L A ginrd from Post AVIiieler No. US,
was sent up to Iho mountain and art) now
gu.iiillng tlio lieiily. They will lenuiii in
cliargo of the body until relieved by a guard
which will lie sent up by Gelieial Iluicnck
from Governor's Island, livery thing Is
quiet and baldly a soul can bo seen stirring.
Tho expression ujion fho dead General's
face Is iioicefnl and natural. The family
nin hearing up bravely under their sorrow.
Tho latlles have rein lined In tho up stairs
rooms all day. while tho Colonel and Jcsso
have las n busy attending to Hie alfalis con
nccted with the coming funeral arrange
ments. Dr. Nevvnnn suggested that there may bo
a simple funeral ceremony for Hi" family at
Mt MiGregor, that Uio remains lie in sfnto
nt Saratoga and then bo taki n (o Albiny for
tho same )iur)iose.
The deputation of genllt men appointed
by Governor Hill to visit tho family and
te niler thu uso of thu Capitol building at
Albany for tho lying In slain ot tho n mains
of the late General calhtl upon l'rtsl Grant
last evening. They were Informed that tlio
arrangements for tho burial were so very In
definite) nt this time that only tho thinks ot
thu family could be returned to Hid Govern
or for Ids courtesy.
The Hartford sculptor, Mr. Karl Gnr
liardt, who has been for some weeks study
ing the Geneial's features, was summoned
to tho coltagu for tlio )nirKiso of making a
cast In plaster of the dead. Within twenty
minutes after the Gene ral biuathid his I ist
a successful cast was made.
Messrs. J. AY. Drexe! and AA'. J. Aikcl
bavo 1hs?ii placed In charge nf thu details
and ariangements In regard hi tho reinilns
until tho time they airivo In New York.
FIIOV! HU loUVII'K iiovii:.
Data VI V, O., July UJ. At this place,
the county seat of Ids native county, the
news of General Grant's death was H'ceived
with genuine) .ortow. 'Iho bells wero
tolled am! a meeting of citizens w is held to
take npptoprlatu action. '1 here is talk of
appointing a comniltlesi to arrange tlio jmr
clriso of tho house where Giant was bom at
Point Pleasant It Is now owned by Michael
llerscli and Is about as It was when thcGcu
eial first saw tho light of d ly.
GAirvv, III., July . 'Ihe announce
ment of the eleatli of General Grant was re
ceives! In Galena, his old home, from whence
he went to thu war, with the utmost juo
founil sorrow. All paity lines nro forgotten,
nnd the expressions of sorrow universal and
sincere On receipt of the news tho fire and
church bells wero lolhd. On tho custom
houso, anil all tlio public buildings, flags aru
flying at half-mast, nnd public buildings,
churches, business hnusis und prlvnto resi
dences are draped In emblems of mourning.
General AY. U. Ilavvlc), tho mil) surviving
member of the old rominaiuh r's staff, and
who Is now tho only survivor of tho gieat
military family circle, Is prostrated wllh
grief. Iiusiness in the cit) was practically
suspi nihil, and tho pioplo gathered In
groups uioii the streets with sail faces nnd
in low tones exptesscd the smrow which Ills
old neighbors feel. Mayor Iliiretthas callesl
a meeting of tho City Countd to niako ar
rangements for proper niuniotl.il services to
Uku place) at tho time of the old heroo's
funeral, vvlio-o death has plunged the Nation
Into grief.
'i:i:sii)!'nt's 1'i.oci.wi vitov.
AA'xsiiisoiov, Jul) 21. 'Iho Piesident,
at a few minutes past eleven o'clock jester
day morning, Issued tho follow lug proclama
tion: II) Die l'n sMentof tho 1 nitcil States ol
'I lie Pre -l.lent of tlio I niti .1 s,t(.s hn9 just
received the wl tlillnv's of I In iteuih cif that
lllustrttitiK ellii ii ami e v l'n sliti nt ot tlio
Unite it Mates, (.em ral I Ivsh. s Ur.int, at
Mt Mclirtiror, In the stale of .New Vork, to
which place hi lias Intel t t uit moveil.lntlie
enileimir to prolouir Ills life In miiUimr this
itiinoiint mt ut to the people of the ruiiul
hiatus, tlio l'n f nit nl is linpresscil with thu
intiirnltuitu of the pnbllti loss of a ureal
public le aile i, who was, lu tho hour ot vlc
lorv, iiiieiriiunhnous, ninlillsasler si rt no nml
se If stistiiineil; who Ititvtr) st it ion whctle
e r us MiMlcr or n ( liti I viuiristnito, twlco
ciilte.l to power Ii) Ins le now couiitn mon,
I roil iinswe rvliiirl) the imthwii) of iluty un
ilNtinliiil h) ilniilits, simrle iiilmlcil and
striiiKhtrorwari) 'the entire country has
wltiusseil, with iteep e ninilon his prnlonj-ctl
ami patient strumile wllh puiiilul eliseipu
anil has w ate licit liv In- couch ol sulTeritiK'
with lenrtiil svmpiili) 'Ilic .Ii stlnii enil
has come at last unit hu spirit has returned
to tho Cri ator hi. st nt il lurlh Iho iriiat
heart ol tlio Nation Hint foiloveu.l hlinwhou
IIvIiik Willi lovt. anil pililt bows now in sor
row iipoc o lilm tlcitd, It mluily, iiilii.lt ii ol
bis virtues, Ills kkiU pitrlotio services
and tlio loss ocutsloncil h) his tie ltd.
In tustliiioii) of it sp, ct lo Iho incinoiyol
Deiie ruUiiiinl II Isnnli n il that tho l'.vieu
live viaiision anil tin ptveral Dt lutitineuts
nt VV asliimrtoii lie iliapeil in moiiiiiini- fore
iierloil of llilrl) eltivs, unit that nil piilillc
Iiusiness shall, em tin iluv or the f ii lit nil, tie
selMpt mlt tl, mitt the s, , rt tnilt rt of War ami
the .Sav) will cause euilers (u In fssucil foi
Uiiiopiiate iiiititar ami navtil honors to be
rt inlercil on Unit dav
In wltni s win rt ol I have fit iminto sctiny
biiiiil ami cause.1 the seal of tlio I nllcif Statci
lo lit) iilllxeil.
Done nt tho nt) of Washington, this 2" ilaj
of .Inly, A D., one tlioiisauil, our lit huutlret'
nml eftrhtj live, ami of the linlupenilt nci
of tlio L'iiflo.1 states Hit. one huinlreil anil
tl'lllll. (illDVVIl CIKV1I.AM).
11) thu President
T. 1". IIvvaiiii, Fccrctar) of State.
OOVntNOK 1111 I.'b I'linCLAMATION.
Auiavv, July '21. Governor Hill ha,
just Issued tho following proclamation:
Statf ok Ni w A'onu, 1
i;xi.cnrivi.' CuvMnni, V
Aiuisv, N. Y July 23. ',
1)1) soa 8 (irant, twlco President of the
Uiiltitl Mutes, the tlelt inter ol thu Pnlon tin
victorious le ult r of mil soldiers and (lenernl
ou thcictlieil list of tho arm). Is dead To
tbu Uat ho wus the uup soldier, strong lc
aplrlt, patient In sulTerliur, bravo In dentn
hts vvurtiiro cnde-1.
After tho (loso of lilB olllclnl llfo nnd foi
lowing that notublo Joiunev iiroiiii.t t,ha
world, when tributes or esteem iiom all na
tions wero paid lilm, ho cho-o his lioma
iiiuoni; tboiltleusnf our Main Ilu tiled
upon our soil, fn the County of K'lratoint,
ove rlouklnjf st cue s Hindu glorious b) Hevo
liilloniii) iiieinoilts
HIsllttliiKthat IheStnto whleli lie clioso
ue tils homo shun Id tspeiiall) liinior his
memory 'flic wonts of .ru I und the tokens
of soi row, by whh h wi in ink Ins dt ill h shall
elo lionoi to ttiei olltct s which hi. )ie)d imif
pioclalin ttiut )iriiisi whicli stuill cvtrho
lit ecu tied IO tlios, who serve the leplltdle
'I Inn ion Itlsheieb) ilirioinl that Hints
on Ihe piiblle tiullilluirs ol tho Htntc hu
placed ut halt must until his Inirial. ninl on
that du) to tiouiipoliilnl all tu dinar) Iiusi
ness In thu Hxeiulivo lluinil.tr and
lliuiuituieiits or the Mate (toveiinni lit
will lm suspended 'Iho p. oplo of
the State am enlli d upon lo display
at bis funeral t mlilems of inoiii nliiif, mid It
Is lequistcd that nl that hour the) ceasu
from Iheli tiusinesH mid pit) lespccls to thu
llstlm;lllshtil dead
(liven iindtr in) hand und tho seal of tho
Ftato or Now V ork, In thu C'ii.(ol at Alhiiuy,
this -II du) of July, lssTi.
Dvvin II. Uui-
lly thodovornor
Will null Iticr, Pilvatosicietary,
11 I.l IIIIAMN III c i i vrn.
AA'asIii.miiu.v, July 'J I. -'Iho followlnif
telegrams were sent eaily jesivrih) luoru
nig: .. .
Makes ut feel the need of
cooler raiment, and we, the
Of this section of the state,
are displaying the most varied,
novel and elegant assortment
Ever shown by any house in
this city.
Gauze Undershirts.
Fancy Half Hose.
Balbriggan Underwear
White Lawn Ties, P. K. Flat
Scarfs, Puff and Teck
A Full Line of
Bicycle Shirts.
17 & 19 High St. and Arcado.
Just Think, ISc. bujs a nleo Cano
Mnj or Cartwheel.
'Joe. buys u stylish Uouirli and Heady
I!)e. I)ii)8 the latest Poke seluiics In
Situ Hats.
!JSe. Ihijh the best frigllsli MII.uis, In
fcl.il.'i burn Ihe ery best White r.ntr
1!h1i Mllans.
These prices arc n tai lug of 2.1 per
iTAitmsiiuiiri, ra-, July 24. Tlio news
of tho death of General (Irant was reeeivesl
liero with profound sorrow, public bnlhliinrs
nnd business houses were drajMsl In mourn
Im; ami llai;s nrehatiKlm; nt half-masL Tho
following te leuram has lieen sent:
Hauuisiii nil, l'n ..TulyZI.
Mrs. U. B. Orunt. Mt .McOreiror, N. V.
Mviiam 'Hie pe oplo of Ve niisjjvnnlaelcep
1) syiupat)ii70 ulth )ou and )oui lamll) In a
be reave iiieint vvtiich prtiiliicca prolotiiid sur
lou lliriiuirhotit tho Nation Ilu.) deploro
tlio death or tht irrcut American inldlervvho
bus fatlf.ii .t ftire tht uiilvcrs ileiieni) vvlioso
sword Is never sheiithod. 1 ura, .Madam,
Willi reipe.e t,
Konr.liT K 1'attisov, novernor.
"kw Yoiiic, July 24. It was Im)osslblo
to obtain u full attendance nt tho Hoard ot
Aldermen nt n special mectlni; yeslerelay.
Mayor (Jraco sent tlio following tclei-aui to
Mrs. (irant:
In advance of otuclal nctlonlam lnstnictetl
to ten.lt r to yoursolf and family tho dct p
sjini'itlliy of tho Common Council of tho
iiiunlulpal authorities of tlio City o Now
York In jaursiul licresvenu lit X am also
Biithnrlrerl liy Inforiiial action of the author
ities, which will bo miulo oltlclall) to-day,
lo tendtrtoyou a Int reMlnir placo for tho
remains of Of ne ral lirniit lu liny ono of thu
parks In thin clt) which) on may select. I
nm also niithorUed to oiler the Governor's
room nl Ihe. City Hull for tho purpose of nl
lowing theliodyto llo In state.
About 4:1)0 p. m. tho Mayor received tlio
following reply:
Mt. Mcfiui ooit, July S3.
Mavor Oraco, Now York:
Tuiitiks. Can )ou send some ono to confor
withinuv Yours, Kitvn (liuvr.
-Major draco decided to stud his Chief
Clerk, Mr, Turner, to confer with tlio family.
Ntvv Youk, July Si.
Colonel F.D. Orunt:
l'loiiso present ) our mother with Ihe ns.
puranceof our Bimpath) Can 1 sorvo)ou
In an) manner? rlousu command mo with
out liesltutluii. Al.o.so l. Ciiusn.l..
Nrvv YonK, July sa.
Colonel ' I). Orant:
I sjuipatlilrowlth )ou most profoundly In
vourirreat sorrow. All) facilities over tin.
New Vork Central that may bo let) ill red will
lie placed at your disposal.
Chaunciv M. Dcervr.
AA'asiiinotov, July 24. fieneral Fltz
litiKli Iee, of Virginia, sent a teli'gnmi to
Mrs. (Irant in which ho says:
As tho son of flenornl Itoluirt K I.ee, I
send in) most profouml H)inpnthy, 'iho
whole boutli mourns thu Nation's loss.
(ieneral Shelly, of Ahibima, Fourth Aud
itor of tho Treasury, formerly of Ihe Con
federate nrmy, also sent Ids condolence,
oxpiesslng the ladlef thnt nil of the Confcd
rruh'H will inniim Iho death of America's
greatest soldier and statesman.
These are soinu of thu many messages ot
condolence received:
Coi.ot.ri. Y. 1). fliiASTWIUynu ldcnsooi
press to Mrs Orunt ray (frier at tho loss of
my cteiirent friend nnd comratlu, uml my sin
rero sympathy and romloleiico with her In
thlt hour of irreat distress,
V. II HimmiiAN, laeiitonant Oencrul.
Mies. U. S. OllANT l'leiiso uceept my pro
fnundost sympathy In your irreut bereuyo
inont The enllro Nation mourns the loss ot
ts Ant soldier and Its Urst elilien.
. Jmv-s a, Ulainc.
t '

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