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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, July 28, 1885, Image 2

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5 1
Cor. Vlnut Alley.
Daily ration, per year,
Unity edition, per weW, .
. . $7J0
li CMltl
Weekly Globh-Republic.
Issued Every Thursday Morning,
AJI romirranlcatlo'U should be addresied to
Springfold, Okie.
M)llCi: 111 t.ASTfcltN AUVEBTIShllS.
Mk. II. C. Ssydkr, S3 I'arx Row, New York, It
the OuiRU-llRtciiLit'a si-eclal representative, to
whom all bastem advertising business, must be
lti:rt!IM,tC.N S1ATK T1CKKT.
Iluiernur 1
JosKril li. Forakkii,
01 HitmiltoQ County,
l.iejiiteiiimt Mtiternort
Of Logan County.
-.iipreiiie'Cenirt iltwli: 1
Ol Tiiacamwiu County.
Jons C. Hrown,
01 Jefferson County.
.Mturne) flenernlt
Of Summit County,
tttmrcl ef I'ulillc Works)
Wkils S Jonks,
Of Pike County.
IttHllllHHI I'lellM llllli;M
Jcwkpu V. U'.Vkall,
01 Warren County.
Mnt Senator t
Thomas J. I'm.snLH,
Of Clurko County.
1m the ?yAvisi a CLirL Cuunttf, Ohut
lOV aro hereby notitleJ that meetings will he
held in each of the ruling precinct of. said
ooiiutj, on
.Moncta) i:enliifr, .tucust CI, 1HH.,
at the usual place ol voting, unless otherwise pro
vided, fur the e lection of delegate loullend the
Oounty Convention to be held on
Tun.iln), llli.'lll A. !., AllEilat I, IKK.",
at the Wlgwini, In theCitr of Pprtnttrield, to nom
natacandhlsifs for the following county offices:
1. rteiireHeoUtlre.
2. frwecutlng Attorner.
3. OommUaloner.
4. Innrmary Director.
5. Coroner,
ft. Surveyor.
The m-Iegites to ial.1 Convention ihall be m
lectl in ihefullowln manner:
That on the evening of Auguit 3, I'M, the Re
publlMn elerton of Clark county, Ohio, thall as
semble in earlt voting precinct In said county at
their usual voting pUces, or at such places as the
Central lommitieeman of each precinct shall pro
vide. whUh place of meeting shall be designated,
If it be other than the usual voting place, and no
tice given to the voters of salt! precincts at least
ten days prior to the caucus meeting.
The Central Committeeman, or In his absence,
sottio one ileslznateil by him, shall call the meet-
tug to order at 7 p. m. In the county precincts, and 1
RtMn m. Inllm.llv rT.lm ta an. I ,. -1.-11 .. '
ted to elect a Chairman, tecretary, and a person
to tie blindfolded to draw the names from the box,
anil a committee constating ot seven reliable Re
publicans. ,
The olDcen above de-ignate shall be elected in
suth manner a- the caucus may decide, except the
uuuiillttee 01 sewn, which shall te elected as fol
lows No nominations shall l made; eaob ite-pul-JIoan
vou r at the raucus shall write the name
of oue suiul I lenton on a ballot and place It tn a
box or hat provided for that purpose, these ballota
anall lfjl letted and rounted in the presence of
the ineetiiiH, and the seven receiving the highest
puinherol vole shall tonsllitute said committee;
should there not be seven iersons voted for on the
tint bill ot, tbo-te receiving votes shall be declared
elected to said committee, and a new ballot shall
be taL.cn as before to elect the remainder of said
(oiumttlee, should any persons receive a tie vote,
Bald tie shall hedrtermlQed by lot In such mauner
as the caucus may decide.
Thosald committee of seven shall then lmpar
parttally select from the Itepubllcan electors of
said product tho names of twice the number to
which said precinct is entitled to delegates in aald
County Convention, they shall then place the
names no selected in a box, which shall be thor
oughly abalten, the names shall then be drawn
one at a time by a person blindfolded and chosen
for the pur-Kw. The Urst halt of the names
drawn out shall be the Delegates and the other
hall In ihe order ol their drawing shall be tho
Alternates losaidCouutj Convention.
The basis of representation at said Convention
shall he. one Delegate to every 23 vote cast for
James O. Maine for President at the November,
lsH", election, aud one Delegate for every fraction
ot 13;or more,
All Republicans who voted for aald James ,
lilulue for such office at aald election, uoleae pre
vented by unavoidable absence, sickness, or mi
nority, and who will support the nominees of said
Convention, shall bo entitled to vote and partici
pate lu said meetings.
The various pieelnrts shall be entitled to the
following number of Delegates;
Dounelsvllle .......... ...., 6
Midway ...... , M 4
New Carlisle . M jo
Jatwrtocevllle- .....!! 4
Treiuout . ...... .. a
tlre-ne township.... .,12
Harmony , mtj
atadlson- .... ........... 17
Wad Klver.,. . 9
Alortlield ,....M........m h. ........ H
1'Ue 8
I'ltaAiLjit. . ........M..1S
hpringttcld.... ..... ,.13
irit wardM ...MM M 10
r-ciuiid, ........... ....., , M M..17
J bird Precinct A i
l'locllict 11-. ....... ... .l.
Kourth..- ,14
J-'lllh l'reclnct A .MJU
rrecinct BIM.... w 5
Mxtli I'rciiiicl A .....-... .. 11
1'rt clnct !!. ,,....16
Beieuth Precinct A ... , 4.
l'rei luct II.. ....-.......... ..U
IUhtU-l retlmt A .. .u
Precinct II 6
Ninth m.m..m,..hm.h...h..h., M ..HI1
Alto, each precinct meeting shall return tba
naiueot suitable trma for Central Cuimulttee
man of said precinct for Ihe ensuing year,
Py order ut Central Committee.
JdllN IV. -AlUONa, Chairman.
Ja. l UooiwiMi cecretary,
An "cslct'ineil innli'inpiiiiiry" mill n
locnlrivnl tlio"Morle,nt;e--Covi're'el Mormnii
Tho Catholic Unm-rsc, o( Clcvolntul,
inys llmt (Inv. lloaelly lins 11 " limitless
capacity for making 11 lool of liitnu'lf."
Colonel K. P. L. llalirr, of Colnnilnis,
nutlior of the "lliiuvr law," rcjjiilittlni;
irimnrj elections, ii ilcinl. He was itiitc
11 prominent character in former times.
Mrs, Hrmlley Msttln, ol New York, plvcs
two print dinners encli week, ntul lliey cost
rrom $1,500 to $3,000 rncli. She Is not an
editor's wife. Minneapolis Trilmoc.
Well, then, how in the world does sho
get the money to pay for them?
Judge Kornker paid a grand and just
tribute to Ornnt, in a speech delivered at
Newark, Ohio, Saturday, in the presence
of the largest licpublicnn convention that
has been held in Licking county since the
A Democrat who went to Washington
to get an oflico 1ms gono home sitfisfieil
and happy because n better qualified man
has been placed in tho position Name
and residence not stated. Snake story,
The death of Judge Okey will necessi
tate the election of two Judges of the Su
preme Court this year. Tho Republican
Committee will hao to provide for the
nomination of another candidate, to fill
the vacancy caused by Judge Okey's
Under the title of "UrbanaScripta," Mr.
Arthur Gallon is about to publish a new
volume of essays on five living poti, viz
Tennyson, Browning, Matthew. Arnold,
Swinburne and William Morris Now if
Galton doesn't get ud a Xeuia Scripta,
with essays on five other living poets,
there will be trouble.
The Press, of Cleveland, asks tho sig
nificant question:
Will Iter. Leonard challenge the Demo
cratic candidate to a joint debate, Forsker
having declined? Probably not.
If not, why not? Hut perhaps there is
no issue between the Democratic pirty and
its most effective aid and co-worker.
The London Knterprise has this to say
of a Clark county man:
If the Republicans of Clark county delre
to do the proper thing at their approaching
convention they will nominate Seymour Har
rold, of South Charleston, for ('preventative.
He is a gentleman of good, hard sense, an ei
tenslve farmer and tax-payer, a devoted friend
to education, and a man of liberal ideas 011
all subjects, whether State or National. We
believe that he would make a hard working,
influential member of the House, and re licet
credit on the Champion county of Ohio Mr.
HarrolJ resided in this county tor some time,
and hundreds ot our cilzns, regardless of
politics, would like to see him thus honored.
We notice an announcement of the pro
gramme of the "American Temperance
Centennial," itin London paper the Sun
day School Chronicle. On Sunday, Sep
tember -Oth temperance sermons will be
preached in all parts of the United States,
and it is expected thnt public demonstra
tions will be held on the following day and
throughout the week. A conference will
also be held nt Philadelphia on Wednes
day and Thursday, September 21ird and
21th, when papers will be rend on various
aspects of the temperance reformation. It
is proposed that the papers and a report
of the proceedings be published as a cen
teunial volume.
Grant's greatness grows upon the people
the more they study his career and char
acter. This is what Gen. Lee, the greatest
of Confederate soldiers, .aid of him:
I wish to do simple justice to General
Great when I sey that his treatment of the
army of JTorlhern Virginia is without a par
allel In the history of the civiliz-'d world.
When my poor soldiers, with famished laces,
had neither food nor raiment. General
Grant Usued an order that 40,000 rations
should be furnished to the impoverished
troops. And that is not all, I was giving
directions to one of my stair otT.cers when
making out the Hat of things to be surren
dered to include the horses At that moment
General Grant, who seemed to be paying no
attention to what was transpiring, quickly
said : "No, no, General Lee, not a horae not
one keep them all I Your people will nted
tbem tor the ipringcrops."
Ouly a very great man could have done
that and said tbatl
Kather than vote to license the tratltc lu
intoxicating drinks, I would vote for a tuun
tain on every street corner Irom which should
flow a continuous stream of whl.ky, tree to
everybody, and furnish tin cups Irom which
all who desired, should drink their fill,"
Key Dr. Leonard, Prohibition candidate lor
Governor ot Ohio. Current Fact, Cincin
nati. The New Kra, of this city, which has
had its editorial columns well sprinkled
with Matcmcnts of what St. Joliu and
Leonard did not say, on the da) a of the
Prohibition Convention, calls the statement
that Dr. Leonard used the language quoted
above, a lie. Hut the Current I'act, re
marks, in reply, that:
We have thoroughly reliable proof that Dr.
Leonard said just whal we have credited him
with saying, and It will be produced at the
proper time. Tho Doct,or dare not make denial
over his ovn signature.
The Ohio State Journal, of the 2titli,
The name of Hon L. J. Crllchfield of this
city will be presented to the Hepubliean
State committee for the nomination for Su
preme Judge to succeed Judge Okey, No
better man could be found for the place. He
baa been a hard Undent lor years and is
eminently qualified for the duties. Mr.
Crltcbheld has enjoyed a large practice. IJ
hal been tho official reporter of the Supreme
Court and is known ai one of the authors ol
Swan and CrltcbfleM's Kevised Statins of
Ohio, u well as In connection with the
Ohio Keorti and other legal
works. He is a man of em.
neat attainments In the prolesaiou, and of a
natural judicial turn of mlud. While he has
never held office here, he is writ known, and
would be a strong candidate. Ills Integrity
could never be Impeached or his fitness iuei
lioned, Mr. CritchlWd graduated at Ohio
Wc.leyan University, aud was admitted to
the bar 111 Dcliwiire county, where he was
Proteeiiting Atturney-lnr two years, liiitlng
his long residence lb (his city lie hafjtaktn
the highest rank in Ids profcsslorTnnd'gaimd
the respect ot all.
Tho editor of the Toledo lllade, ("NiU-
b)") speaks us follows of Captain Hush-
nell's reply to Mr. Thompson, mid states
the present situation ns to Prohibition in
Ohio very clearly and correctly.
Chairman llushnelt's reply is a strong doc
ument, and demolishes the pretene that such
an Issue is beforethe people. The simple fact Is,
that the election of the Leonard ticket would
not advance the cause ot constitutional protil
blllon In Ohio one lolaT" Neither the Govern
or nor all the Stale officers can do anything
to advance or retard the caue. Tho only men
to be elected this tall who wilt have the power
toeven touch the question are the nionbeis
of the General Assembly. Tho thing nought
for Is a prohibitory amendment to thu Slate
constitution. To amend that Instrument, a
vote of the people is required, and this can
not be had unlers the legislature passes a res
olution submitting the amendment to the
people. The constitution also provides that a
vote on such a proposition can only be taken
nt a general election for State officers nnd
mcmtiers of the General Assembly. Conse
quently, such a proposition cannot 1m voted
on until the fall of lb87; and the legilati.re
to be elected this fall cannot do more than to
submit tho proposition to the people.
The Toledo Post, a sound Democratic
authority, represents the rnnk and file of
tho Democratic party in the following ut
terance: President Cleveland Is unquestionable as
suming to be greater than his party indeed,
he seems to be assuming thnt he has been
elected by a party lhat Is not fit to lie trusted;
that Democratic Congressmen nnd Senators,
and Governors who have received honors at
the hands of the people of their respective
districts and Slates arc not entitled to conli
dence, and that only by the minute Inspec
tion of the President himself, can 11
Democrat be found who is worthy to be
trusted with an oflice in any locality. Cl ve
land's policy is worse than "Johuaonizlng"
the Democratic party he Is not only contin
uing its patronage in the hands of its ene
mies, but is every day more and more demor
alizing and disrupting the party that ele.ted
We are inclined to think that thu
President is renlly greater than his party,
but if ho doesn't turn out ull the Itepub
lictns and roplace them by Democrnts, he
will neer be renominated- -by the Demo
crats. Kx-1'resident Hayes has addressed the
following letter to General S S Burdelte,
Commander-in-Chief of the G. A. It,:
TntMoNT, O., Julr 27.
(Jeneral S. H. llurdette, Commander in-Ohlef of
( A. It.
Diaii Sir Your letter, addressed tome
through the public press on the sult ot a
national monument to General Grant, is be
fore me. I am confident that there is n sen
timent in the country which will lead to a
united effort by all descriptions of people, citi
zens and soldiers alike, tor the erection ot a
national monument to General Grant. To
this end action should lie promptly taken,
while the feeling is fresh and slrooir. I'osls
ot the G. A. U. are organized in all
parts ol the country and can at ouce
enter upon the work of raising fundi. It
has teen suggested that each post appoint
at I s next meeting a committee win will un
dertake to collect from soldiers and citizens an
amount at least equal to $1 for ench member
of ihe post, and more If practicable. Tlii,
with what can l r-iae-d in New York, will lie
ample to build a monument worthy of the
country, worthy of Geoeral Grunt and
worthy of Ihe cause ol which he was the
great leader. In retard to your propouition
that the Grand Array of the Republic! erect a
statue for the Capital at Washington, that
also will be altogether fitting and proper.
Let us not, however, withhold from the na
tional monunint at New ork the aid which
the O. A. K. posts can so easily and effectively
uive. Two posts of the G. A, ft in Fremont
have already raised more than the sum nidi
cated ami placed It on deposit in bank to be
transmit'eii to the proper committee in .New
York. Willi promptness nnd unity nt action
the national mouument can be built by the
people wittiout a re6ort to the government,
II. II. Hayjcs.
Apples hnve come again! That is 16
say, lifeless little bits of fruit, go-called,
which are alleged or supposed to be npplea I
But Adam and Ke would netcr have
been bounced from Paradise for eating
them, for, in the first place, they would
have proved to be no temptation; and, in
the second place, no doubt the Crentor
would have considered the simple act of
eating them, if they were eaten, sufficient
punishment for the first nnd onty act of
disobedience up to that time.
The unfortunate people who live in
towns do not know much about npolcs.
Only those so happy as to livo in the
country, and near orchnrds, know the di
vine fragrance and the imperial bounty of
apple blossoms in the Spring, or the
divine flavor of pippins, and russets, and
greenings in the Fall. Fortunately, in tho
Winter, we townspeople can get the lakkt
and best work of sun, nnd ntrmaspliprc,
and soil in the compact, solid, crisp,
spicy winter apple, the king of fruits the
American fruit of all others tho fruit the
Yankee longs for, when in foreign lands
and the choicest of tropical products have
palled upon his palate.
'I he banana is the only fruit in the world
at nil worthy to rank with the apple, as it,
as well as the apple, is with us the year
round. The strawberry, the most delicious
of fruits, is with us but for a acajou just
when it is needed, early in the spring,
when it puts its gentle, sweet acid into Our
stomachs, renews our physical aud nrcutal
frames, improves our morals, and leaves
us, like Oliver Twist, crjing for more all
the year round. Hut its reign U briif, nt
best, and -we must settle down upon apples
for permanent consolation! Ami ujiplca
abound in such infinite variety ijiat each
may take his choice. And tlivy are
wholesome ns well as palatiible-c-suhstan-tial,
llesh'iiiakcra and brain-builders, loo,
wo would fain believel
As to the juice of apples stpurattd from
the fruit perhaps we had I)gtt6r say noth
ing until after the election. 1
Timreau, the tramp, crank, ipoet. aud
philosopher Ihe glorious prophet of'Nn
ture gave critical attention to apples. lie
discovered that it was the first of the
fruits as well as the finest and tho best.
Wll know 'll wns thn Kim. ,,l r,,iii
11 Olllv tmn tnn i'iicmI fur iii.etnr.1 ,,.... ,.t,. 1..
t K. i"."' iu
enl, in the gnrdeu of Kdeti, the idenl park,
10 like of which the world hns never seen
since and noer will leo this sido the
'swellinijllood," beyond which nro fields
if lining mid perpetual green. Thorenit
dund, (00, that apples werp tlrufood oflho
iwiss hike dwellers of the Greeks, Ko
nans and Scandinavians, as well ns the
Hebrews! It was Solomou who said:
'Stay me with llagons;" (0r uidcrl)
'comfort me with apples I" And Thorenu
says. "The noblest part of mail's noblest
feature is named from this fruit, 'the apple
of the eye.' "
Let us havo apples, llierefote, but let us
.inve apples that ctce apples, fresh, bright,
uiuy, inspiring, just from tho trees, nnd let
is make the most of them I
Letter from New Fork,
Nf.i York, July 21, 1885-
New York is undeniably dull hut there arc
a few people here yet. Today one of tho Ir
repressible street gamins touched o(T n pack
of fire crackers on Harclay street, close to
Uroadway; for about one minute lie danced
around in dee, then the horses liegan to
plunge and the driten to swear, and the peo
plo to gather; in tho next minute a blue
ceated man was taking; long strides toward
the scene j exit small boy, demurely making
up Broad waj, "didn't do nudin It was that
other fellow." Hut Mr. Policeman was too
quick lor him j his Innocent look was naught,
and that boy got a good licking for once in
his life. By this time fully Cue hundred peo
ple had gathered ; total time of action, retreat
aud disaster, three minutes. The same sized
crowd, or a larger one, can be gathered by
auy experimental person, In almoit any part
of this closely packed city, proiiding ho
wants to risk the consequences.
New York has a noveliy and a good one!
Namely, horse cars on Broadway. It seems
odd indeed to see the street without a single
noisy, lumbering "bus," or "stage" as they
used to call them. The change is a most
pleaiant one nnd fcems to give uni
versal satisfaction. For five cents you can
ride from the Battery to Central Park up the
finest business street, all thinei considered, in
the world. Just now the business palaces ol
this stately street are festooned and drnpd In
every Imaginable manner with emblems ot
mourning in respect to the memory of Gen.
Grant. A "special" this evening announces
that the interment will be In Central Park.
The resourcisof men have been taxed to the
utmost during the past two days to out-speed
their rivals In all the news concerning the
death ot this distinguished man. One paper,
tonight, thinks it has mourned long enough
and commences to crow, thus: "Brilliant suc
cess over all other papers. We were tho first
to sneounce Grant's death, tho news being on
tur bulle in board at 8:0U, one minute alter
his demise. A special edition Has printed
aid on thi streets fenty-five minutes later!
h mrs ahead cf our contemporaries. Ours was
the best portrait," et;., et .
By 10 a. tn.. Wednesday, bnys were selling
wretched wood cuts of Grant. Pictured, but
imaginary, representations of the deuth-bed
scene, and, nllogether, the scramble to
nuke money was disgusting. Bus
then it was enternrlslog and tho
printing presses of New York are built for
business, 1 ou know, and tho amount of im
aginntbn that ii lying loose around theie
New York printing presses Is something ap
palling, biecuking earlier in the letter about the
Battery, did you" ever go down there on a
summer's eveulng? It Is a long way ftom
Filth avenue; you will not find many from
that itreet there, hut tonight, for Instance, the
Battery had all tho way from five to ten
thousand people (with souls) thete7and it
would do j ou good to just sit and look at the
enjoyment present.
The Battery, as you are supposed to know,
Is the jumping-off place of Manhattan
Island. On the welt side of ils rouuding
corner Is Castle Garden, remarkable for Its
ugliness. On the east corner Is the U. S
Barge office, a new and handsome granite
building, here cabin pas-engers from abroad,
with their baggace, are landed. Between
thee two lies the Battery, with broad, grace
fully winding Btone walks, with real grass
and real trees on either side; and here ou
every pleasant eveninc multitudes gather
to listen to the fine music Irom
Ihe ttand, or sit anj look around,
catching to themselves the rresh taste of sea
air. It is delightful to see the pleasure ot
the throng children skate on rollers, nnd
chase each other merrily over the smooth
walks; the young men promenade back and
forth with their maidens, or some
other fellow's maidens; mothers
sit with Utile bsbes Ihst never
see a tree except here; laborers In their labor
stulned clothes drijk in rest from the air;
and all can find something to look nt with
pleasure. If you look eouih over the water
you can fc Ihe twinkling light of the har
bor entrance; the lort ou your left; the ped
estal ol the grtst statue ot Liberty on the
right. Nearer to you the noisy tngi puff
away with the barges they are taking around
the city; and there goes a swllt steamer
lotded with people going to Coony Island;
here is a switt sailing yacht, and there nloog,
clumsy ferry boat. If you lace the other way
jon ee the brilliantly lighted trains of the
"L" rond curving toward their northern trip,
tho electric lights of tho great city, and the
people lets of them and many of tbem
showing In their faces that life with them Is
upa icry steep hill. The fesh air the) get here
must 1 1st them for twenty.four hours, and
the next eight or ten hours must be sjient In
small crowded rooms, herded like animals,
with other people. The few of the thou amis
and tens of thousands of the lower part of
N!W York cty that can tome to the Battery
do thoroughly appreciate it, and so would
many of our Springfield people, of all classes,
greatly enjoy and bo helpei by a city park.
-Monumen.il Park" Is very nice, but a trifle
small, Probably it will have to serve is our
park (small "p") for some time to come. It
is a wise provision, however, In New York
city that plans such pleusure-givlng breathing
places as Union Sqnare, Central Park, Alt.
Morris, University Place, etc., for with many
of these crowded, pallid-laced people it il
their only change to let a breeze blow away
discontent. They have reason to be dlecon
tented. You wouldn't particularly enlv
sleeping in a room twelve feet square wilii
frum tn to twenty other persons, would you 7
Thai is of led the case here, and worse than
that sjtuetiines, the room not having a win
dow in ill A great city bristles with cruelly.
Money hrst, money last. Don't get between
the wheels II you don't want to be crushed I
Ci a.
A lot of Clinipso tiinl J.-iiKini-sa curios
vvurosolil ut miction tilPlillailidiihin tli
otliirilaj. Gods mid tie-ills lirou,'lit
rather low pricus, but 11 real cbeiieu itrt-
il'IumiM iu lili;li as 511,0. A (,'liiiii'MJ
vooli!i devil with a. rniL' in his iiuniili
sold for jS.M), mill 11 tin tltiiil win
Knocked ilown ut iJS.7ii. .Sotiiu Ilttlu
Kjryptlnii Idols suM nt ;, imt no ro
spuftiililu lihl fotiltl Imi ;ut for 11 cliolco
lnuiunii, thu Ki-niT.il ftuliaf beliif,' that
luiimiuii-Huru uot uvrjiiii' wuut iu tho
In thu United States Nnvy tlio fill";
ship of I'ne'li alatliiu has 11 liriisn b.iml,
iMii (or by tho LMUTiiineiiiL Thu
aiiiullui-slilpi liavo tiring Ij.iikIi, com-
poses! 01 sailors (tutu Hmj kIijiiV cxmi-Junius.
Wo 'I'll el.
Moiroli"lhe.fiu-iiJi'. wo niro liilli of "
in tiieVi't'ir-siiinn house. " v;i'1:.T11,1n,,i!;!.Vrr;
I'nr hirlt was. Summer, with ln'ialu thu air I
To 1111 II was ll Inter wenthe r.
lliiiieierhiiilinel mullet we- two
1 1 ml pin) til. Iinlisp' nele niiiini i-tiishleiti.
A limine ur lire with 11 li le In l lew I
Ami, 11I1I I pin) eel with li"l"n.
TwiisiiitiiiiH'llinlininiil Hi't '""I ,w,'ft
Peer the'e'i'iu. who we ill lorlh w Ithiictow 11 Hpilil
I'nr the nnu wliii lost, It meant homo sli ire,
r-oriiiw, clcxpiilr, unit ellaliimur.
ll 1 II, sliii w 1111 1 Vi t It w us nut sho
I inn Inhl Unit she Is 11 prilling woman
.Vie 1111I1I) peiwei eniild eiiitwll met,
lint hers was mipe ihiiiiinu.
Mil has the pi lie', ami I Iniii'-well-Me
iiiiirle'ii we e tc r tluiii J' " "I ,,1I',UM
Meiiiiulfs Ileus-ns the liu-siif llei'S
'llieso 11 11 to nice nix Klieu.
Anil wt sat In the seir 'nine IniiMi Inst n'ltht.
Ami la-was tin ii-' It l iioi-riiir
M In 11 I eil (nnd II t'llli'Hii'il Kienrtellifhtl
Hint lilsi-)t-iiul mini- with lirinr.
Mlie 11 Ihe-line weihnio won nt any cnet
I nts gieinn (iiiullliir uspeiini- I'M Fteir),
.Niuiuhl sevinasiiili'iir ns the- hue- wei lust.
All liilnht with the Past's wt-lnl glnr).
And thn' ho Is fiiiul of that wiiiniiii, 1 know
1 saw In his e)es Ihetnlef ceinriKsloii
'Hint the Ion-serine el swti ler which ho Ut ko
'lhnn lli.it In his posn'ssliiii.
S11 1 11111 c mile lit. It wniilil tothesniiic
Hi le 1 the winner, liiie-eniwniil nnd pottcel,
Ain! etui the- uoinmi evhu loit thee Kieme
'Hull elie- were the one) U'illetleel.
Ami, lining him sn, I weieil I rather he
'Ihuoii" he let K', and the 11 iiiuui ly 1I1 slri'd,
'I linn, wltinlnjr utiu, once In his e)eietii ecu
'J he look of a Jellei gteleetl tiled.
-nUulWitcltr Wilcox.
thi: i"ji!:us.
If nny race- ill Ninth Afrlc.t has n
('olden ":ip in -.tore- for it that r.ico Is
tho lle-rliiT or Shi'llnli. In nnmbi-rs
nut) iihi-.ie.il sttt'iijjth it already stuuds
lirt 111 Morocco With the- Arab olo
iiii'tit it clocs not iui at all. Peoples
of this blood mid lanuiio .sprrail un
der cliuVrt'iit tiili.il iiaturs fioui Capo
Sp.irtid to Nubi.i mill tho Kj;yptl:iii
Soudan. Tlu-i, art-, iu a rndo hut einur
j;e'tic fashion," trailers, fninters, nnd
hlit'idii-rds, and lian- ajj.iinst tlc-spcrate
odds -r.iiiiecl a te'putation for iutelll
genco ami luiltiili.i. It is a sign, char-ae-tciistio
of l'tciie'Ii rule-, that in Africa
alone halo thu iiqiiuc'iitatiics of this
tnuit promisiti"; r.ii-1-. tho Kabjlos, de
clined In iiiunlii'iN. Wu s.iy promising
aeliwellj, be-cnusu llm-o u ho wish wi-li
to Morocco niiit I110 iu hope. Thu
ruin of bull. 111 .Miilai Hassan, except iu
coast towns subject to Luropcau Inllu-eiice-,
liku Tcliidii, Tangier, and Meipi
dor, is a ueuk lull uncontrolled ties
potisni. IVrsotis e-oniicted of small
oll'i'tm-s, or e-ntiii-li innocent, oroiid
thu primus and remain there for life.
Sl.iiuri is forbiildi'ii, but in no ivlso
euppri'vL-il. l'Ucal monopolies nnd
taxt'.s aiu dee-rei'il at mil, and pajinutit
of thn latter is evadeil In any one who
c-aii taku to tint hills, 'fiio inhabitants
of thu Hi IV and Atlas livo lu chronic ru
belliiiii against tho kitiils of their prov
inces who net as thu Sultan's tnxi;atli
cieTs. rrom tho .southern ten Hones of
bus and Tablet tho imperial exchequer
;i'ti lilth' more than thu .spoil amassed
In (loiurnuieiit r.iiiU, often hc.ulee! by
tho .sultan liiniii-lf. 'J'ho retaliatory
liiigMiid.tjru which is pruiokcd by Mich
nie.iMiiVri is puipcluali'il In tho absencu
of mi I'lliciciit mini or police. Indeed,
inilitaiy hen leo aud pur-oual .serf
dom .110 often synonymous. The
ivoist luattiti'S in tho Mtu.itioii are thu
thinness of thu population and thu waul
of uoinniuuic-atioii. Morocco is larger
tli 111 l'l'.iuce, but Its inhabitants, once
lull numerous haio elwiudluel to about
H.oOo.OtJU. It is s.tlel to possess no
iilit-i-lod c:ini:ij;o be'sidus tho Sultan's
c-oacli at Fez. It k colored Willi metal
literoiisf, mountains and traiersuel by
late- riicu, mostly iiiiiniiie; wuatwaiil
try 111 .soiuccs in thu Atla; but it has
neither roads nor bridges. Iiriatiou,
which tiuw Mijiphmciits to some i-niall
e'.leiit thu dclieitiit rainfall and thu ir
regular Hon of thu riicrs, needs an
i-uoiuious cleii lopnifut; but tho natives
liaio lii-ithe r tin-iiioiu-y nor thu eonli
ilence tcqiuicd. lu uicuuistaucus liku
tliuM) Ihu wuakni's'5 of thu (fOicruuii.'Ut
mill ihe penult) of thu peoplu act iiml
leact upon e.uli other to thu common
ruin. I'hu mi u tend docks, or scratch
thu cm tli uilli plows of patriarchal
make', aud thu women act as beasts of
burden. Thuoidiu.iry lillagu is com-po-cd
of tho tudust cabins of mud,
.sticks, and luaies. 'J'ho few mnuuul
industries of tho countty aru starved
alike hi want of encouragement nutl
want of iicuss.IiIl- inatkcts. Such ex
port tr.uh) a I-. iluno at tho ports, and
notably at Tangier, gives no itlu.i of tho
real icsoutcca ijf Moioeco. 'J'lio con
titructiuu of toads aud hat burs nnd thu
abolition of luf.ilious Imports would
enable other industries to share iu thu
.success which actually attunds tho cat
tlu tradu with Gibraltar. Hut neither
poveity nor tjruutiy haio entirely
crushed thu well conditioned natures of
tho population. Least of nil litis it pro
paled tlium for foiciblu annexation by
11 Kuropuan power. Neither Arab uor
Ilerber has any thing of Kgyptiun ser
vility about him. One might oxpect
inuiid'ciucy to bo rampant, but this is
not thu case. Huggan uru thicker and
inoro shaniulo-s at beville, Naples, or
Boulogne than at 'ieltiau or Tangier.
Thu cliiir it'tur of thu peoplu, like that
of thu country, is calculated to oxcito
liopu as well as ti-gret. It seems (iiiito
itupossiblei to buliulo that thi'se liuu
race-s aro to luo on liku this toruvur.
Thu tr.UHfoimiug iiillucuco must cumu
fioui Luioie', ami the) fale of Morocco
dcpuudi on tho generosity mid singlu
liiiutletluuss of tlie p.ntlclllar Kuropeau
nation that may exeicisu that lullueuou.
7ic Sulwiiut Jii-iLc'.
Al While Dak lliitlgr.
Fiom (lential 1). II. Hill's article,
from a Cnufi-ili-iMtu poiut of viuw, in
tho July Ccittuii, on "MeC'lollau's
Change of Itase." wu ejuotu tho follow
ing: "Wu had taken 0110 prisoner, a
drunken Iiislimau, but he declined tho
honor of going back with us, unit nindo
light with his naki'd lists. A soldier
asked mo naliuly ivliutlu-r ho should
shoot thu Irislimau or let him go. 1
am glad that 1 told him to let tho man
go, to bu 11 coiufoit to his family. That
Irishman must haiu had 11 charmed
life. Ho was under tho shelter of Ills
guin-cloth coat hung on a slick, uear
tho ford, when a citiem liied ut lilm
four times, fioiu a tlNtauco of almiit
fifty pai'i-s; and thu only lecognltiou
that 1 could mo tlio man niako was to
r.ilso his luilid us if to blush oil 11 lly,
Uno of thu slndU si t thu furiii-honso 011
Inc. Tho owuer cauiu out mid lolel us,
that Gi'iiei.il 'llaldy' .Smith wus taking'
a lj.it li iu tho hoiisu at thu lluio. 1 do
not know how icfrushlng tho general"
found it, or whether thu story was true.
j luaim-il, Imii hi it, that Fiuokliu'tj
coips was In trout of us, aud that Item
of nulls was tine."
'i'ho Chinese Minister at Washington
Is In Ulna, lViu, iiiiilii.tvoriug to uuiul
iorutu tho coiidllioii of tho Clilnosu on
the Peruvian plantations, wheio they
muiiiivus, win King tinner 11 cruel sys-
tern of contracts for SO cents a Uay.tmtl
lying annually by thousands.
Shirts Made to Order,
Cemhlalat 1B0S wtU PCBK TMR1DLK
TOXICS, 'Ijalcklr " oaeapletelj CtdUMKH
nacJ FrtnilHES TniO 'BLOOD." Oalekeas
the aetloa of the liver aid Kldieja. Cfearstk
niirpVlxloa.amaMtbsMartMiSeU. H doe net
Injare the teeth, raue headache, or prodiee era
stlpatloa-ALL OTIIKB IB05 atEDlClilEH DO.
Fhjalciaas and Drocstata ererrwhan naMramend It.
Da. w. a KoooLta. at Marian, Mux . aarsl "I
reeommend Brown's Irnn Bitter aa a valuable unio
for MirtaMn h Maad. saal rnvt air dispetale
ajmpUana. It doea not hurt the teeth,"
Da n, M, DlUtUi lteraelds ,' Ind, arai "I
hsve Dmacrlbnd Hmwn'a Iron Blttera in caaaa of
anssroU and basod diaaasna. also when a arnilo siaa
needed, and It haa proved thomashlr aallsfactorr."
Mr.Wu Rrasa.s,Bt,aanBtNwOTUsns U,
ears "Brown'a Iron Bitters rellaved me tnacwe
of blood noiaoninar. and 1 tiaartilv commend il to
thnee nnediiui a purifler."
rhe Oenuins baa Trad llark and erosaed rad line
on wrapper. Take nei other. Madaonlrbr
l.inrrs' Hum Booa-iil and attnetlTe, eon
lalninar list of prises for re-clpeei. Information nbout
coins, nto . aivon awsf by all aesilerB la raedicana, ur
nailod to anr addros on receipt of So. stamp.
Daod herb In dootorlnr the famtlr. and
her simple remedies UMU VVRK in
moat eases. 'Without the use of herbs,
medical aclenco would be powerloss;
and ret tho tendsner of the times Is to
neglect the best of all remedies for those
powerful mexllelnes-that seriously In
jure the system.
is a combination of valuable herbs, care
fully compounded from the formula of
a regular Physician, who used this pre
scription largoly in his private practice
with (treat success. It Is not a drlnk.but
r. mecliclne used by many phystoluii.
ft"tl?lnvluWe for ItfsPKVtlMA,
'.' and 1.1VEH CflMhJ.AINTH,
xKitrovs xxnAvsn ,y, wkak-
NKHS, IXIiiaKHTlOX, Jr.; and while
curing will not hurt the system
Mr. 0. J. Khodes, a well-known Iron
man of Safe Harbor, Pa., writes :
"' ";? r" coniweu-iy proatrated by fever and
110. Quinine and barks did him 00 good, I
'" "k J.or Sllshler-a Herb Hitters and Id a abort
tune Ihe boy waa unite welL
.."' A. ScheUsntTaget; DruftUt. T"
It. Clair Btreit, aartland. 0 wrltei :
.-'D!.?t B"""1. 1 ran ear. and do ray, are fre-
SSiot; hr fome of the oldest and most prominent
pti)aiciaiia la onr city.
538 Commeree flt Philadelphia.
Parksr's PUaiant Worm Arms If tvtrraili
A Cue Sciembllng That of Gineral Orant.
Borne tea years ago I had a scrofulous sore on
my right haad -which gave aic great trouble, and
uuder ihe old-time treatment waa healed ut, aud
I supposed I waa well. I found, however, it had
only keen driven into Ihe system by the use of
potash and mercury, and In March.'ISSl, it broke
out In my throat, sod concentrated In what some
of the doctors denominated cancer. I waa placed
under treatment for thla disease. Home six or
seven of the best physicians tn th country had
m at dlflerenttlmea under ihelr t barge, among
them three specialists In this line; but one after
another would exhaust their akill and drop me,
for I grew worse continually. The can of r had
eaten through lay cheek, destroying the palate
and under lip entirely and half my tongue.'eatlng
out to the top of mj left cheek bone sad up to the
left eye. rrom a hearty robust woman of I .VI
pounds, 1 was reduced te a mere frame of akin and
bones, almost unable to turn myself in bed. I
could not eat anysolld food, but 'subsisted on
lleiulda. and mr tongue waa ao far gone I could not
talk. The anguish uf mind sad the horrible) suf
ferings of body which I experienced, can never
tie revealed. Oiven up by physicians to cite, with
no hope of recovery on the part of friends who
sat around my bedside, exptctlng every moment
lo be my last; in fact, luy husband would place
his hand upon me every now and then lo see
whether I waa alive or net, and at one time all
decided that life waa extinct, and my death waa
rationed all over the country.
buch waa my helpless and wretched condition
tli first of last October (mil, when my frlenda
commenced giving me Hwitt'a Hpecloc In less
than a month the eating place stoetl arnd heal
ing commenced, and thefaarful aperture in tav
cheek baa been closed and firmly knitted together,
A process of a new under Up la progressing finely,
and the tongue which waa almost destroyed la be
ing recovered, and it seems that nature la sum ly
ing a new tongue I can talk so thai my friends
can readily understand m, aud can eat solid food
again. 1 am able lo walk wherever I please with
out the aaststanceof any one, and have gained
fifty pounds In tnh. All this under the blessing
ol a merciful lleavenly Father, is due torJwltt's
Xpeclflc. I am a wonder-snd a marvel to all my
friands, hundreds of whom have known my in
tense soBerinis, and have visited me la my afflic
tion. W Idle I am not entirely well, yet my grati
tude Is none the leas devout, and I am confldeut
that a perfect recovery la now in sight. If any
doubt these facts. I would refer them to tou,
John II, Traylor, Hut Heaator of thla district,
who Is my neighbor, Dr. T. H. Ilradfield.of U
Orange, (Is., or to any other peraoua living in the
southern part of Troupe county, (la.
LaOrange, (la., May 14, 1805.
Hold by all druggist.
Treatise ou Hkfii and Wood Diseases mailed
Call on our physician. No. 1S7 W. 23.1 St., N. V.
Consultation free. THE bWIKT rll'ECIr'IC CO.,
Drawers Atlanta, Us.
No. 8 West High St.
Clean a e a the
Head. Til ays
in a ma t Ion,
lleala the Hores,
R'eatorea the
Netue of Taste
SraelTTA (Julek
k I'otltlTe Cure.
fhiw e.e. .1 A,..ut,7u .i.i..m.ii
EI.VimoTllElUl Prugjuu.Oswxo,
io cu.
. V-
afuirrurtilt3 JtM
wM"'-'m UM
1 1-2 EAST
Dr. T. L. James, Dentist
(TlttU Ol OIlltlilLTO.)
lentlstry in all of its Branches.
f peclalty of due fillings; restoring partial losa of
teeth without plates, and restoring to tisefullneas
sound routs ami hrnkru teetli by crowning.
1161.2 West Main Street.
Harnett liutldlng.l
Dr. Frank i,, Runyan,
Booms In nnratlnabrun'e ftnlldlM
over Murphy at nro's atore.
(special atlentlii iImhii the insetelcg
natural teeth
Wat. II. (iRiKT. MmTia ll. U
Lard. Bacon and Han,
Lon. Kridcr,
Room No. S, Arcade llnlldlng, Hecond Floor,
Nurlnslield llhio
Attorney and Expert
Itootii K. A roil tit) I till I tln tr.
o-wzmw a
V- VHba4H W
Hade only or the Onertmnft beat
quality at Cilas for WlUf
atundliiK lieat.
Bvory good thing is Ooutttor
ftritod, and conmimors oro CAU
of theso Chimnoys mado of
tho oxoot labol ia on otvoh chim
ney us nbovo. Tho Poarl Top is
always cloar and bright Glass.
Manufactured IIM.Y by
0E0. A. MACBETH & CO.,
I'lll.lnlriili I-nil li lass Murks.
r"tr Willi- lv JJtMlltll-H.
Th Host Dllgtitful
Falao ataamers. Low Bat.
Your Trip per Week Sotwen
And lvtry Week Uay Jletween
Writ for our
"Picturesque Mackinac," Illustrated.
Contain rail Particulars. Mailed Xn.
Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co.
C. D. WHITCOMB, arm. Pass. Aot..
Il VH-K a( I. yrMir cttrl.
lerili. tth tun i n l
H f(. (ll ll..l)aflvllllrt
are icj.cJ Ui Itit
tl 4t ll h4 tfivril rutit
jtiU( hoii mill we ilo nut
lCtiuteioi(i.uiiiBuJ tt
J i WIUUnmA .,
wu. 1.00.
W. T HmltU. Atgttnl.
aT --1 S4I I? -" nmi Ml our or.ir ni In hi! ao-
U all (Inn. Il.aiinuii.i.. tl....... .. 7l7
- - : u-uiufviiii 1111 unr ornrrv
UaiU llllutL. IL -xiimnult.lii tluiu ll
yhuUh:, riesjSKY.wt to tioo
ANTKD Jaatliei ml tfnltemru In cf tr or
i-filltit wv Inlebai ll,t,l ufi.l. .HI..I. 1 . ."
lo 1 Uaycmi ba Mtilv iii. work ho ibr
Itlall net ia,. a. I..,. U f. - ...... a . '
"-I.".' "" "' 'ia iiirif uwii uuaira.
I A aaal a elaa man V. n.ilu .....I.. . i. .
Hlftlli (Kb Mil VBBailiiS
our work
ork nl furnish iiraJr e niplujiueut. Ad.
1. with iUn..iJHOWN'M'i-'u COMi'AiNV
vvw wsaeV KiH1 ueiuinu Int
in 11 I KiV
mlpaQlA30tn,l88a, 9
r ufMin Hl
VOurabtMl pm iV
imM uM,'Tclf.
iH Mf 4 ohiy bj tkt
k Cinciudt1,BHM

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