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Judge 0. I). Wright, ot Troj,
held coutt
this morning and disposed of three case.
The Springfield seminary open IU fall ses
sion on Wednesday, September 0th, and the
prospects are cncournging.
The court of common pleas this morning
confirmed the sherifl 's sale in the foreclosure
iase of Christian Merer vs. E. J. Wade.
Harriet, the youngest daughter ol Mr. and
Mrs. M. H. Young, died ot cholera infantum
Sunday eicning. Notice of funeral later.
Flora K Miller this morning filed affidavits
before ths mayor against Lewis Anderson
and Utile Anderson fbr using profane lan
guage. One of Holloway's hackmen dropped a
quarter thorough a crack at the Pan Handle
depot this morning and squandered four hours
looking for if.
Andy Duly, the man who assaulted Beverly
Rummage with a shovel in a gravel pit south
of to n, has escaped to the woods and can
not be found. Kummage is improving.
The "A. R. Ludlow-" engine, of the West
ern, was down to Mast's shop this mcrning to
pump out the water under the new abutment
that is being built for the bridge at that point.
Mr. Hill, while walking on West Mul
berry street this morning, was roblied in
broad daj light ot a silver watch and chain
by to colored men, whose namts were not
Fuller Trump's horse bas evidently joined
the Turn-verein. He gave an exhibition of
gymnastics this morning at the Lagonda
house corner that was truly creditable, and no
damage done.
The remains of Robert Haylor were escort
to the depot this morning by a body of ma
sonry and taken to Sandusky on the 10 25
train. The coroners inquest will be held to
morrow night. Services will held at the de
pot. Engine 102 was draped Intnourning.
Col. Joe Leffel was slightly out of humor
this morning. He reports to the police that
so me sneak thieves entered his vineyard last
night and helped themselves very abundantly
to the grapes. Not satisfied with this, they
pulled down vines and otherwise damaged
the arbor. This a Bcandalous piece of work,
and the villians that did it should be made to
sutler very severely for It by the mayor.
George Gill and friend, of HolyoVe, are
the guests of Mrs. .J. K. Luxton.
Messrs. J. It. and D. J. Fleming came up
from A'enia this morning on business.
J. W. Foos and friend left for Des Moine.
Iowa, this morniDg over the I. B. A W,
I). Q. Fox returned this morning from the
M. E. conterence at Walnut Hills, Cincinnati.
Miss Mary Rabbitts leaves for Boston to
day, where she will attend'lchool at Wellesly
college. '
Walter Bowman le't for Lawtencevllle,
X. J.J this morning, where he will attend
school this year.
K. C, Tillingbast, of Columbus, general
agent ot the Kquitable Life Assurance com
pany, is in town.
Chief Simpson, ot the city fire department,
left (or Long Branch Saturday, to attend the
chiefs' convention.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Eglin, ot Cleveland, are
the guests of Mrs. W. C.Stillwell, f 3M
North Limestone street.
The following left for New York via Bee
Line this morning. Ed. Wren, J. II. Robin
son, W. H. Bowman and Miss Mary Rabbitts.
C X. Culp, who bas been in Missouri for
the past year, returned to this city this morn
ing and reports times about the samu there as
Johnnie, son of P. J. Hyatt, of West Co
lumbia street, has been quite sick for several
weeks with bilious fever, but is slowly recov
ering. Rev. S. S. Adams, a graduate of Witten
burg college, and now serving a charge at
Berrien Springs, Micb., is visiting old friends
in this city,
Mr. E. F. Smith and family returned Sat
urday from, a visit to frieuds in Pennsylvania.
Mr. Smith will again be ai instructor in
Wittenberg ibis year.
Mr. Will. L. Gerard, of the Globe-Reitbuc
composing-room, returned to this city from
his home, London, O., Saturday, much ben
efited in health by his scjourn there.
A. J. Smith, of New Smyrna, Florida,
formerly of this place, is visiting his friends
near this city. He went to Florida nearly
year ago to engage in business and re
ports everything fiourishioir.
3lajrur'a Cuurt.
Tlios. Hays, drunk, $1 and costs; John
ilarsbman $1 and costs; John Peterson $1
and costs; Matiel Wilkerson SI and costs;
Frank Stiimple $1 and cosU; Chai. Schroder
SI and costs; Danl Conner! $1 and costs;
John Brennaa $1 and costs; Mary Collins $1
nd costs.
Wiirreu I.efrel'a New Yuclif,
Word bas been received from Warren Lef
fel in New York: that be bas purchased a
handsome and costly yacht for bis private use
on Lake Erie. Iu a lew days William Ham
ilton will join him in New York and the two
will tail up the Hudson, across via the Erie
canal to Buffalo and thence to Sandusky,
where the yacht will be quartered,
I.ulheruu Leclur.
Rev, F, W. Conrad, D. D., o( Philadelphia,
dllor ot the Lutheran Observer, and well
known throughout the Lutheran cburcb, will
lecture on "Luther as the Oreat Refortntr" Id
the First Lutbrran church tomorrow (Tues
day) at 7:30 p. m. The acknowledged ability
of (be lecturer should b sufficient to Mcure
very Urge attendance. Dr. Conrad handles
bit subject with great (kill and rare oratorical
Itertitli.li or Vlaltura nnil I'nrade Oil
A great many business houses and dwell
ings were decorated with lUgs this morning
in honor of the Turnerfest meeting at the
fair grounds. The Sandusky Turn Verein,
the Dayton Turn Verein and the Dayton
Turn Oemeinde arrived ou the earlier trains
and were received by committees. At twelve
o'clock the visiting Turners, together
ith the German soldiers' association,
the Schwabian society, the Mannerchor,
the llavar'an Society and the Springfield
Turn Verin, headed by a band and a reception
committee, went to the depot to receive the
Cincinnati Turners. They arrived by special
train on the C. C. 0. A I. railroad, about fivo
hundred strong, but were not otgamed into
a marching company. The procession then
formed on Market street as follows'
Big Sit. band, reception committee. San
dusky Turn Verein, Dayton lurnerein,
Dayton Turn Oemeinde, (lenuan Soldiers'
Association, ScbwabiBher L'nter Stutzungs
Vereln, Mannorchor, ltayerischer I nser-Stutzungs-Verein,
carriage containing Mayor
Goodwin and others, carriages containing
young ladies with presentation ling, Spring
field Turn Verein.
The procession then paradid through the
streets ot the city on the following line of
march south on Market to Pleasant, east on
Pleasant to Limestone, north on Limestone
to Main, west to Yellow Springs, south to
fair grourds.
The programme as published in this morn
ing's G'.obi-Uei'1-buo is being carried out
this afternoon at the fair grounds.
The columns ol the Globe-Hem bi.ic are
open at all times to its readers. Short com
munications on timely topics will be inserted
under the above head, the paier taking no
responsibility for the opinions expressed
MA UriiKtfUl'M sit I'hII.'
To the Kditor of the (jlobe-Keputillc.
Slit In your Jast Tuesday's paperappeared
a piece headed, "A Druggist s Sad Fall." We
wish to correct a few mistakes made in it, as
we are well acquainted with Mr. Bonen, and
know something about his disappearance.
He went to Cincinnati from here, but has
only spent one week there, counting all the
days together that he was there, the rest of
the time bas been spent with bis uncle at
Sbaronville and his cousin at Miamiville.
He has not been in any scrapes with low
woman as stated, or spent h s money th-it
way. Dr. Morey is not a "pal," but an enemy
ot the worst kind, as is also the person that
had that piece printed. It was got up to ruin
him, but cannot do so, as he ha9 friends that
will help him. Mr. Ben has done whalfcw
men will do: he has lost eerything (but his
houor) to help a friend out of trouble, and
that is what took him away. He did not
leave mysteriously, but went iu daylight, and
bis friends knew he was going, lie has not
been traveling with any quack or selling
Mr. Bowen studied pharmacy at the Dela
ware University, and bus since lien be bad
any leisure time, fie has beeu a good frieud
tn tbese that ask his help aid bis greatest
fault is his generosity. This shows the pub
lic that all we read iu papers is not always
true. A Friend.
Away Once,
Seciimt 'Iluie,
Ir Krturns n
About i o'clock this morning a neighbor,
who happened to be out late, saw a man at
tempting to get into the house at Charles M.
Clark's residence, No. J59 East High street.
Th burglar had put a ladder up to the top of
the verauda at the rear on the east side of the
bouse and was trying to raise the window.
The gentleman rang the door-bell to awaken
the family and the burglar skipped out.
The family whs aroused, but as all the
excitemeat was over all were soon asleep
again. Hardly halt an hour had elapsed be
fore the servant was awakened by a noise at
ber window. She looked up and fuund a
man at her window who bad raised the sasb
and was just on the point of climbing in. She
screamed and the visitor quietly crept down
the ladder and carried it away. He did not
come back. Doubtless this is the same indi
vidual who has been working Foos's, Uush
nell's and other places in that vicinity.
Tbere is strong suspicion that he resides not
two squares away from the scene of Sunday
night's depredation.
Kills a Stranger on the I. IS. & W. Track
Near llelleforitalne.
Yesterday a stranger met a sad death from
injuries supposed to have been received from
au I. 11. & W. train. Tut men on a so'uth
bound freight last Saturday night found a
man lying at the side of the track about tnrce
miles south of liellefontaine. His head was
fractured and cut in several places, his shoul
der was dislocated and be was severely bruised
about the body. He was well dressed
and bad once been a handsome
man. He was taken to West Lib
city, where he died yesterday. The only
means of identification was a letter In his
pocket addressed to George Lewis, Norwaik,
O. The authorities of Norwalk have been
notified of his death. It Is supposed that he
had attempted to board the pasaenger train
coming down a few hours betore. He never
regained consciousness to tell his Story.
Tile County CiiuilllUeluiiera,
The county commissioners met in regular
quarterly session this morning at the auditor's
orlice. Kills were allowed as follows. J. S.
Ooode, gravel, $33 00; J. L. Minnicb, haul
Ing, $30; David Carter, hauling, $121,20;
Harry Haroisb, graveling, $152.81 j Jairei
Hatfield, hauling, $G.80; Frank D. Yos',
road work, $lG,aJ. This afternoon the board
Is bearing the application of Hattle Sawyer
and others for a new road lu I'ike tonnship,
with the probability that the application will
bs granted and eogineers and viewers ap
pointed. The bill bet Aelile,
In the Common I'leas court this morning
Judire Calvin I). Wright, of Troy, In accor
dance with an amicable arrangement between
the parties in the Kinney. Creighton case, set
the tale aside. The Issuance ol an alias order
ol tale was tutpended for forty days, in order
to gir the Kinney belrs a chance to pay otf
the judgments against them, which tbey ei
pect to do within that time. The motion was
submitted without argument.
Hon. John A. McHahon, of Diyton, ex
member of coogrtM, li iu the city today.
Attention, DoctorMe
Everybody know that the life of lh
average physician l n hard one. He l
often compelled to ride great distances
through mud nnu r.tin ior a mcrciy uu
innl fee. It is not fit nor proper for us to
condemn any physician for his work, but
wc do assert that tils practice can be made
easier, and he can ctTcct more cures by
the proper and judicious use of PKKUN A.
ir i.!.u in r,nlv mlil tills crcat reined v to
his list ofmeiliciucs he will find that his
usefulness w ill be greatly Increased. Full
direction for its use will be: lound in the
" Ills of Life," mid he should at once pro
cure thi valuable look.
N J. Wright, rtusincss Agent Evening
Herald, Eric, r.i., sajs : " Ok. Hart
man I can not but b el it my duty to
express to you my Hunks tor we great
benefit I received ftoin the use of your
medicines, l'EnU.NA and MANAIJN.
One tattle of each placed me square on
mv feet, after a sicknc'ba of four weeks,
which conf.r.ed me (a my bed, and then
left me lame and crippled. Three da; s
from the commencement of the use of
vour remedies the cane was uispensea
'with, and In a week I was perfectly well.
Mr. Ellen May nard, Oswego, Potte.
counU, l'a.. writes: " Dr. Haktmajj.
Columbus, O. ' he small ulcers are all
heated, and the two large ones arc not
more than half as large as they were. I
am feeling quite well. 'Ihe people say
your l'KRUNA and MAJJAUMaic doing a
miracle. I do not take nearly so much
ipium as I did before."
Joseph Thomas, East Brady, Fa.,
writes "I have used your 1'kruna and
Manalim w ith good results. In the year
of tSSo I was so bid that I could scarcely
.....n, i ml I'ercna. and Manalin,
and am now as healthy as I have ever
been. I hae also recommended it to
several parties, and they have been much
benefited by it.'
Mr. C. H. Harris. New Vienna, Ohio,
writes : "Our little girl was paralyzed
at thirteen months old, and we resorted
to everything we could hear of for relict,
but she appeared to get but little better.
Hearing of l'EKOM A we concluded to try
it, and will say it has done her a great
deal of good -the tirsi uoiue 'i ";
giving aid and relief. We have used it for
nervousness in other cases on other per
sons and found it a success. For general
debilitv, and in fact for any disease, we
don't think anv thing else can at all com
pare with it. 'We have used forty or hlty
bottles, and our house is never without
I'euuna. "Our little girl is now eight
cars old, and can run any place, was for
four .years lielplesi,. Pekuna cured her.
Pk au-ie Is sold br H druggUts. Price sjt.oo
tr bottle, sli Iwtttes A.OO. If rou connot net
It from jour ilruntist, e ulll send It oo receipt ol
regular price. We prefer jou bur It from your
druirlst, but If he DMii't it do not lie persueded
to trj omethlur else, but order from us at once M
directed. B. B. Marthas A Co.,
Word hss been received here that the
Misses Dow and Aquerone will arrive in
Springfield tomorrow noon from Rcchester,
N. Y, to resume their duties as teacheis in
the seminary.
Convenient rulltlrnl Faith.
If mm Morning l.ditlou.J
Lsst night a group of men were talking
politics in front of Straley's cigar store on
Main street wbea Wes. McMlllen got off the
following "It looks to me as though Hr
wood aod the Gazette were going to flop to
the democrscv again. Harwood's like
a tree-frog, anyhow, always the same
I color as the rlil or limb he's
I .llfinrrnn Durincf tlip rnnrentinn here he
---"f, . ........p, . --
was a red-hot republican. As I was coming
home from the democratic convention at Co
lumbus I found 'larwood on the train. I
asked him how be came to be m nkeying
around the democrats, and he blandly replied,
'That's my kind." They say he's a prohib.
whenever he passes the Center Street Church."
Funeral otlce.
Mrs. Catherine Taylor, wlte of John Tay
lor, one of the oldest settlers in Green town
ship, died at her residence, six miles south ol
the city, on the Clifton pike, last Saturday
morning, at three o'clock. The funeral ser
vices will be conducted at the bouse, com
mencing at ten o'clock today. Interment
at Ferncliff cemetery.
Mrs. Taylor bas been an invalid for a num
ber of years, yet her demise was quite sudden
and unexpected.
Maeunlc Nutlce.
The brethren of Clark and Anthony lodges
F and A. M will meet at Masonic Temple at
') o'clock a. m , Monday, Seyt, 7, to make ar
rangements fur escorting the remains of
lirotber Robert Haylor to the depot for the
train leaving for Sandusky at 10 o'clock a, m.
By order of t
A. G. Mackenzie,
W. M. of Clark Lodge, and
K. O. Gwyx,
W. M. of Anthony Lodge.
Consumptive night sweats may be arrested
by sponeing the body nightly in salt water.
Mrs. M. F. Pearson, having just returned
from the east, will be glad to see her old
friends and patrons at ber dressmaking
rooms, formerly occupied by Miss I'eters, No.
CO South Spring street. 1S9S-29U
If your coal fire Is low, throw on a tea-
spnumui of sail, ana it will help it very
Order of C'luiinnatus Celebration, at Cin
cinnati, Slept. IS and 111, IHH3,
The exercises attending the celebration of
this order are ot a very Interesting and amus
ing cbsracter, drawing great multitudes to
Cincinnati annually to witness them. To sc
commodate all who may desire to lie present
this ear, the i'an Handle route will sell ex
cursion tickets to Cincinnati ami return for
all regular trains, on Tuesday and Wednes
day, September 15 and 10, available for re
turn passage until Friday, September 18, in
clusive. 287 h
A small piece ot charcoal in Ihe pot with
boiling cabbage removes the smell.
Dr. and lime. Van Norman's school for la
dles (founded 1857) will re-open Ociober 1st,
at 31b West 67th street, New York. Special
advantages In music and modern languages.
Helereuce; Dr. K. V. Van Norman, Spring
field, O. 285 tf
Tumblers that have milk In there should
never be put in hot water.
The cheap land excursion to Kansas, Sept.
16th, promises to be unusually large. A
large number from Olark and Greene coun
ties have been aaranging with Mr, Reece
about going to Ksnsaa and Texas. These
excursions are certainly desirable for all who
desire homes In the wett. 289a
A cup of hot water drunk before meals
will prevent nausea and dyspepsia.
Mrs. Pearson's work will be promptly and
neatly doue. No. 00 8. Spring street.
Well ventilated bedrooms will
morning headaches and lassitude.
Miss L. f . Kobinton Is satining Mrs. Pear
son 'at ber dress making rooms, 60 South
Spring ttreet, whera-she.wlll be glsd.tq see
ber eld friend and customers. 183-J91a
When purchasing Shoes it is more economical to secure the best quality, price considered, than to ignore quality in
order to avoid a slight additional outlay. We have a medium grade of Shoes, made of excellent stock without ex
pensive or unnecessary finish, covering all sizes for Men, Women and Children, which for service and value to the
wearer are really worth more than others of greater cost. They are not quite as low-priced as shoddy goods, but are
ten times more desirable. Persons who understand how to economize will find that our stock affords them an opportu
nity. We have no shoddy goods, and will not give them place in our store. Thev are dear at any price. Our aim has
always been to give a better Shoe for the money than any other house in the city, and we have been eminently succesful.
Relief and Cure
The limncdl.itc tt-e of Ajei't Cherry
IVcf orjl, in the en licr itai of lliro.it ami
lutiX ilioa-i', U liLrlily Important, lit cry
hour's delay icl.m;i'rmi, unit may proe
fatal. K. )'. lte noMs ilruggM, DlMliM,
Me., Willi-: "Ajcr't Cliiiry IVitur.it Is a
vvniuli'l fill iiiiidlj. In tlio f.ill of iio I
was t.ikcn with a inMcii fold, accompa
nied with a terulilc Cough. 1 Miltcrcd for
tlin e month-, ,rrivt worc till the time, and
was tlirialiiiul with Coii'tiniptloii.
Cherry Pectoral
was rcconmuiulal to mo by u s.rfclilor,
uul Ii.nl a fim.r.iliK; O.Vct :it oikc. I nn
tlmiM. ltd iw until ihoorMv l.ltln 1ml
been t.iki'M, wlicn 1 was coinpUUlv
run tie" Dr. Clumbers K I'tim, KanUu,
fMloto Co., )lil, ttriU'i: 'My wtfi win
nflek'tetl with :t ioldit Cuitli, uicom
paiild! will. Illi'dllmr. lEciiinlle usually
Vrc-iT.bul fii mh cavs fallln?, T ivolw'i!
to try Aith Cborry Pu-toral, which. I
mi fati-tird, snoil her from Pulmonary
rjiEruiKP nv
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
For sale by all DrugtHts.
There is no better medium to wake known your
wants or ad vert Ue hat you in a have foraaieor
rent, than a tieapt,rcr. The Ol iin--ItttPl!Bf R
is the ur for the maes and dtairos to make its
"IVople'a Column" the great medium between
huyera and sellers, and einploes and employer.
In or ler to make It such, advertisement of an
unoMictlonable nature headed, "Wants," "For
tale," "For Kent," etc will 1m inserted at the
Mlowing rates: Three lines, oe day, 15 cents;
one week M cenl Ksth additional line, one
time cents; ore week, 3 crti a da ALL A I
vfutisi;mi:nts awkui in noni moknino
AND KV! NINO KM HONS at one charge. This
gives In r allty 12 Insertions! of a three Hue adver
tlseiuent, for fO ceuls, or two Insertions for l,r
cent J. Vrhn you want to buy, selt, rent, employ,
or get employment, you can reach the in antes
through the "i'eople'a oluinu," at trilling ex
tjtOR KENT Large storeroom on Main
1 Rent very low, Thos. Sharp.
mHK ro-partnership heretolore existing under
j tne n rm name oi uusaeu .i iiouck nrua. nanus
dissolved iron and after the 1st day of September,
1HV, by llmltatlou All bills due and all obliga
tions of said tlnu will be nettled by Houck ilroa,
Persons owing the firm will pleate call and settle.
r. a J. it. nouck cor. .iaiu ana iiuiesioue
3Vj bs
TIIK co-partnership heretofore existing under
the Briu name oi Wralght A Iegge, painters,
stands dissolved from and after the 1st dav of Bep
teraber. lWfi, by consent. All bills due and all
oblgtlona of said linn will be aetllod by II. O,
Wraigti', 26 iJorth Center .St. 3h7 t
n()R WALK OR KXCHANOi:-2T0 acre farm, lm.
T proved; will exchange for city property aud
prt cash,
21.1 acre farm; new dwelling and other neces
sary buildings: will exchange lor city property or
small farm lu this county.
117 acres In Rons county, will trade for property
or a slock of gcxxls.
aiocK oi goods, location desirable aod doing
gooo Humes; win exchange lor cur property
10O acres of land near city; will neil tin
small amount in raih, balance on long time
Fruit aland and stock: one ot the best in the
Money to loan. WICK A COLKS,
247 iu Room l.over Lagonda Rank.
IMJKHtLKOil KXCIIAMiK-A few flue lm
r rruved farm and H.me i huhe Iowa, Nebraska
and Kana.s UDd, cheap for cah or In eictisiiKe
for stovk, of uovds. T. J. Cairns A Co , Jsnesrllle,
Wis. i, !.
A 1.1 kind, ol .prop 'My, city
good bouMot t rKjiut for
kind, of.prop'rty
Mid country, A
i00. A K'xtd new
house ef lOrotjiusto exchange for a alngle
house 03 .owe kcmx! street.
Money to loan.
2 (Obi
si. Johoson, roruer Market and I
Ilrfb lis.
WANTFII-A goi-lglrl low rt In null family;
good wages, Inipilrelid N Lluieslouest 'Jvliu
WANThll-lloirdlng, by
small private family.
i buslneie uian la a
Addre.a 11. II. tbls
WANTKI) -(Jeroiaa girl to do general borne
work. Intiulre n, e, cor. Ward aud Outer,
north sldecf creek,
WANTKIl Slluallon, by a young in in with long
experience lu the itrygool. ami geat's lur
dress "ItUilue.i' Ibis oflite,
WANTEIl(ioodfpKrtunitr lo make money on
small rspltil and eitibluh a permanent
growing business, rivalling Ihe te.ephone. An ar
tide of sreat v ue, attor Jing lbs a?eut a tuouop
olr. Three years ol surcrs. V H Cotiler. nun
ger, 91 Kuclid aieuue, Cleveland, O. Slam
eaa.sss"-w -. wwasm
WAFfHI A resident salesman o. eiperience
and laf!unie lo kaudle the best Ho ol do
turallo a. well as French wore corsets for this
Plato on couiuilMloa, Liberal terms. Address,
with full particulars, Lewis blhlele A Go , SSK)
tiroadway. New York. 2a0 lit
1,10 It HAI.K-Au A I fteih milch enw
Apply to
X' James Human, No. nOHoulh I.lmeatoue street
by Tueixla
laluttt , up
rHIH8AI,K-lfourtboll lurnllure, must be wld
lay,Heptmberlitb, Call at Id'i West
i etairs. ma r
r ao Id bus
Oood chance for parties wanting to
store furniture and (Inures at
win oner
great bargain,
1411 l one, No. 01 Arcade.
SKAI.KD I'KOI'DSAIJH will be received at Ihe
ortce of City Koglneer at Hprlngteld, Ohio,
up to i; o'clock, noou, of Monday, August 31st,
lSAI, for gradlag aud graveling a street through
th. piop.Hr of Kou Mltcbell.ln accordance with
plans, profile, and specltcatlous on Al la City
engineer's oata.
2TU 1, DocaLass Molts, C. K.
s.M.r, or imimn. I
NOTICE Uheiebr nUen tint the ctty of Spring- I
fit-Id, Ohio, will nOr fur ale to thn lilghrnt
nrl bent bltltWat the Council rtiatnbtr in itld '
rity. on Tuesday the 7A1 Jy of Peptember, A. !.,
188. at A o'clock p. tn., the homln of nUi city tlie I
Amount nf tei thot.tanl (10,000) tlnllirn, sal J
bond a tob of the denomination of any sum from i
one hundred dollars to one thousand dollart. to I
Mar 6 per cent jr annum Intfrett from th? dale I
of atme until the payment of the principal there- I
of; principal and Intercut of sal i bonds to be n.y
able at the?ity Treasurer1! office In this city
One half on the Oral day of March, A. 1).. ltvso,
and the remaining half on the 1st day of Septem
ber, A 1) , lfWj Hald bonds to be lsaud for the
puriKweoi ntiMimng a loan in anticipation ol tne
General Retenue Fund and the Police nd Mar
shal Fund of Ihe city for the prenent year, in pur
suance of Section 2,700 of the Kevloed HUtutes of
Ohio, tiald lotids, when sold, to be taken and
paid for In cash br the purchaser thereof within
ten dart from date of sale of came.
Bids for thepurrhaneof gald bonds maybe filed
in writing wmi tne hit ciera at an
the ttme above named lor the sale ol
i said bon is,
and btda. either Terbal or in wrltlne. will le re
celved on said day of September, at 8 o'clock p.
m when all bids r 111 be contlJered by the City
Council, and said bonds will be sold at not leia
than par value, subject to the com" t ions hereto
fore set forth, to the highest and best bidder.
By order of Council.
169 bs. J. S. Siikwaltir, City Clerk.
Notice Is iierctii rIvpii that tlioclly of WprlnK
tteld, O. will offer for anle to the highest
and beat bidder, at the Council Chamber In khM
city, on Tiic(Ih, the SMh ltt) of September.
A.l) lKSo.HtSo'c'oc. p. n... the bomihof mIiI
city to tiic amount of fourteen hundred 8L4M)
dollftr; biUI bombrtoheof the dennmliHtion
of any sum from one hundred Uollan loonn
thousitnd dollars. In bear fi per cent, per au
uum interest from the datnof wune until the
tar merit ol the r'tiiclnal thereof; principal
and Int' rest of aln trondn to be pa) able at t Iih
City Tr. atouer's office in thin city on the first
day of Hcpletuber, A D. 1WJ Km Id bond to bo
issued for the purpose of obtaining a linn lu
antlclr attnn ol ihe taxes levied lor the Bridge
Fund of the present yiar. In percuance of iee
tlon 2,700 of the ICeviaed hUtutCB of Ohio,
hald bon ils, when bold, to be taken aud mid
for in cah by the purchaser thereof within
ten 1hjh from date of sale of same.
Rids for the purchase ot Hald bonds may b
ftltd In writing with the City Clerk at any
lime prior to the time above named for the Rale
of snld bonds, and bids cither erbalo in
writing, will be reeehed on said 2Mb day of
September, at 8 o'clock p.m., when all bid
will be eonaldered by the City Count II, and
8nld bonds will lo bold at not I em than par
aluei, hiibjert to the conditions hereto! reset
forth, to tne highest aud best bidder.
Hy order of Council.
2.S0 bi J. S. HHKwAi.TEK, City Clerk.
Foaled iropnha's wm be rrcelvcil by the
Cnintnls-rionerH tif Dark count. Oi lo, atth'lr
ofllre In thecltjrof f-prliiKliciil, on Momlay, Oc
tober5ih 1W. up to 12 o'entk noon, for fur
nlshing all the material and doliiif li!l the
work necemary Ui Hie erection of a laundry
at theClitlilriu'a Home In said county.
Plan, and .peclficatlona may be aeeu at the
oftVeof the Cituutv Auditor.
The peiona to whom the contract may be
w rded will he requested to enter Into bond
wlthaulflcient luretlca In double the amount
tbe contract price.
1 he I'ntmnhmlnnera reserve tho right to ie
JitI any and all blda.
Ily order of the CummlaslouerH.
hDt. 2. 1NX3. O. K. SEKVIS9,
2HS TTSbb Auditor ol Clark Co., O.
To Edgar W. Krament, of Hrooklyn.Kow York
John N Itoach.of New Kochelle, New Vork,
and Clarence W. Kininenn, of llrookljn, New
York, partners as Emmena & itoacli at the
city of New York, New Vork:
You are notllled that the uu leralgned, Jumea
W. Andrews and Alfred J. (Jenner, part ntr. etc.
aa Andrews A Uenner.have thlHday riled In the
Court of ommon I'loasof Clark Count), Ohio,
Uelr petition airalnst you to recover upon a
firomtswiry note a Judgment for tOOtf Is with
nterest from August N, IMS, Attachment liaa
tjeen Issued In this cake
You are required to answer this petition on
or be-fore October 3, lW
Ooode ili Uooie, Attorneys.
Aniriiie 10 1KKT,
(Opposite tit. John Sewing Machine Works)
North Center Street, Sprintrlleld, Ohio.
All Kloila of Dyeing;, Cleaning Butt Re
pairing; Doue lo Order, fepeciul At
teuiluu Olvni tu Flue Colors.
Gentlemen's clothing cleaned, dyed and re
paired as good as new. Jjiee and damaek curtains
clraned an I renewed, carpels laundrled or dry
cleaned, and feather, renovate I. Champion City
ba'h rooms tn connection. Those having heavy
goodv to color will find It to their advantage tn
have It done before cold weather, All Murk
Warrant. fl.
Being about to leave the city on acreunt of Ill
health, I will offer at i'ubllc Hale at my shop, No.
Ti N. Center sireet,
Saturday, Sept. 12th, at 10 u.m
the fullowlog described propery i
1 new barou'he, hand-mad and warranted:
1 standing top phaeton, but little used;
Uager wagon, with late Improvements, luclud
Ing patent Mat
1 new dray, the same aa tbe tricycle drsy, cost
4 piano box buggies!
1 Hall's life:
1 Hallsiorm hone. ,1 years old, well broke and
an excellent and safe family horse;
1 three horse harrow;
l siou wueeiuarrow
1 seeond hand delivery wagon, go,1 t new;
All my Inter'st In a buggy bel uglng to I
faullut, valued at ll'l;
heversl other minor articles.
'lhltMriOK HAI.K-Caahfor all amounts under
fi; alKjv. that U mouths' lime where good security
Is given.
JAS. WAI.UNOHrOltD, Auctlone.r.
l7f.tA Wit
Attorney and Expert
Boom h. ruua Uulldlnu.
Little's Soluble Phe yle, the best noii'polsonong Deodorlier nd DUlnfec
taut knoTcn. It hag just been pronounci'd to lie three time mure iwivrcrful than
nnr oilier dMiiitV-ctant In the market lij the C0MM1TTEK ON lUSINFECTANTS
or the American Public Health AxKoilatlon recently In hchhIoii at the John Hop.,
kins' Uiiiteniitjr, llaltlmore, lor tenting commercial disinfectants. Sold In 25cP
o0c, aud $1 boltlen.
IVo. au Knat Main Htrveit.
R. P. Willis & Son
i? ' ' f,'''',,5 ii"' VTtBsw
For Sale hy FKUXUMFr' CKHhTKKY A- Oi 1ATI0X. Amily to Muperln
teiidcnl Hick, at Ouietery. or II. M. SliPiheril, t'lerk.
DO NOT HI'. DKCEIVED.-Many DrugBlsU and Oroccra who do not have IlllTya Purs
.Halt WlsUkf f lu alock, attempt to ilm off on customers, whiskey of thelrownboUUng, whlcl
Seine of an lufirlurKrodo and adulterated, pays them n, lancer profit.
Send ui your nddrcas and mo wlllinaIllkcontalnlnKMaluablB Information. Sumjilv Quart llntlleu
lent to nny address In the Unlte.1 State s(Emt of tlio Uky Jlountalna), securely jkicAI In iffs(s
:atr, Jixptwt chargri prryald on receipt of aSX.QO, or Six Bottlca sent for ttO.OC
DUFFY MALT WHISKEY CO., Baltimore, Ml, U. S. A
. , i
Waukesha is a Charming Summer Resort
TIicj Wll-Known "Queen of Vuterw,
llelgns alone among NATUKAI, DIE1CTIC TAI1I.E WATERS. It. numerous oomp. tltors have, one
after another, fallen away until It has no rival. Ihe only springs lu Waukesha that remains at on
temrature, summer and winter i. e., SH degree..
Ihe Memorandum of the Local Oovernment Hoard, England, July IS, lhK3 "If an taint, however
raall.ol inveitlve material gMsatcesa to wells, or other source ct drlnklngwater.lt ImnarU toeuor
moua volumesof water the power of propagating disease."
Dr. John C. I'eters, H.1 Madison ave., ssys: "When tbe typhoid germs gets Into drinking water, thev
nrreaw enormously, aud reproluce the disease iu varloua ways." New Vork Herald.
The Hangers ol Health ltc,ru ''No amount of pure ocean air In the luuga can neutralise the bad
efte I, of poluted watei In the slomach." New York Herald.
"Thel.anil,"June8UandJiilr7.1iJlsaysi "Water Is the great carrier of the Invective germs.
I ure water should bs available at all seasons; but this is especially neceaaary In wa m weather "
Impure Wells. Health CuiauilM'oner Itaymond, Krooklyn, reiortst "Hlnce we began our Inspection
yL2!!'""11!',""! " n -l"ed about loll Ihe water Is unfit for human consumption. Tk'ere ar.
IV) wells yel n .slstence, alwut 'Jl f which are gI, being free from llnpurlties."-New Vork Herald!
Ileporuof the I, nal lloverument Hoard, Kngland.-"0f U epidemic. ol tvphold fever, observed la
t.Vni'n' lra.ur ilM "" UtmU: bS u0 oltl" IH"ulnlng cause than the u."of water con.
&r, Yi?r,l.,.'Vl,,!,rI!EuI w,lr ' ' """ lllauc than pure milk."
WAUKKeiH V OI.hNN Is tverywntre known as the great AtJneu, JitaUtr aiut lHaUlt, Cure In.
doriwd by medical profeaslon, Acfdrea. 'f, H HKYANT, Waukesha, Wis
DR. Brewer's
NyplillU, Nrrnriiln, rititplsni, lliimora, l.l.rr Cusuplalnt
ISy.pep.ln, 4 III I la ami tVvrr, and female JHtwaara. '
Consultatioii . 0I.OO a bottle, or by txr.rew, charges paid
0I.H3, I'rvparvil only by ' '
r.I1imif,1.-'uIi0",0,"' ."",'. ,urnl, HJNKHAI.
CAItKIAIII Inside of old lotporstlon limit,
uutll further notlte, for Cssbor Ils Kulv.lenl.
Fcrhclid Cemetery. M. 2 on
(ireenmnunt , oil
Irish Catholic Ceieetery '1 .7)
Uerman Catholic Cemetery 3 OQ
And parlies will save money by calling on us dl
rett fur carriages.
So l'er Cent, (siren lo Undertaker..
Outside of old Corporation lin. at
Reasonable Rates.
. & J. (J. HO'liLOWAY,
V E. High bt., usit to Arcad.
Constructed of hesivychllled iron plate, and being
antr locktiiK. It U tbe only vault in tbe world thai
la absolutely proof aKO-lnnt crn?e robber.
ludurtied and rtcutuinfndetl by Ciidtfrtukers, LVm.
etry AaaocUtbinaaiid U'adine(tlsuus and dlvlmi
every w here. Tim sat red IkkIIcm uf our beloved dail,
otherwise liable to be torn from thlr graves hy
sacrlleKtout) hand, ruthleanly umtllated and madu
the subject of tho rudi and hutly Jtmts of brutal
irrave robbers art aiTordcd couipletc prolectton
wit tit n the aw urp environ tnmtnuf tbe Itoil()ra
Vault. Kvcry feun-tery. however well Kuunhd,
in ltkrty to be wrretly invaded and robbed of re
cently lnterrol bodies. Jleniembvrtnc that thn
lloyd Orae Vault proldes the only effectual ap
rurtty again si thta di'secratlou, H there any won
dor that lliouvandi ure In nun rII over tho
roanirr t Kept In strirlc and for sale by all lead
intc uniHTiaKtTH. .tianuiaciureri vy
Dysjtepsia and
Wasting Diseases.
1'otHivrly lltlirrrd and Xntun
Siitjmjjr auittedtnreitorinyrilulpoumn
Blood and liver Specific;
348 Race St.. Cincinnati. O.
Maxims Illustrated !
A FINK KNOUAVINCl.UI.IU 110h. hold by
ibacrlptlnn only Ily msll, Ann. M, on ,.,
'.?.'' VOX: '"'?' ''' only o bo b
.,lr. .i.i."L ' iT..' .i.V.". ".:. "'"'J".,va
mil wrreiit i,r,.Rr hu.i f... .1 ....,
Tii Vttlr. .r, HUth VV; HriV2;
(OrOce hours, H In II A, M )
Ma aria and fever and 'que
WlhlTIVKLY CUItKDaud thon.ughly eradlialed
memo Ak.; Npeelllo. lonlalns nothing in-
I. . i V'nlt''"r ''" .unerlig Irom debility.
IS".',!1!1""",1 "' '.f '." iinf.lllng rl:
clslof J)y.srseierlfiic. 1 1 not to b bed of
V!hinI!!M,!!"xi' " u "" W.uuf.cturer, K W.
Willi emgre Huds-in, N, V and he will luiw..
dUUly wad you a boll I. to any part ol th. couo.
r v-TWM WMtmWW"Vmt,-K''" ' Tissual y.li, rumW WMillll"" - vjr wa,.s j -. .,....,. . - .
i 1,irV.l,r .7 .i7vTi VJsmgtJJtJiJ""1TVjij

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