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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, October 29, 1885, Image 2

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W.i. 3
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Ins Onlj Psptr In the Eighth Congrenlonil Dlilrlcl
Rcllng associated Prm Dllpatchaa
f tf rr tn mint an 1 Irt ri 1 r tinptlf tiy ar
rlr to all lartn . rho mi I iciim iht week
Hlnitlflr if Ifn mil h cunt, in nil thr i
ctatpl I'reM liIrht" an I m r mi Help a
tie! njer ah is itlishM lu ant . it T in lb
(tiinirf of the rnune aUe m irlm;flolJ
PTpry tt Piling diet S m lay an 1 ii lellfprpl
t th mteof It per week HtilecoplP 2c
Mun Im hi irniii an t ti let erM to atit acrlb
pm at per roar Pintle . (pi V
eery Thiirnlay ami ts one of tne tuoat com
plptpfamllr nAwpaxrn In ihp country . Hghl
paifMi, nirittj rotuplpte Keilete with nei
and tnlHCPlUay II per year tnwuMy oaih in
A thru nil fommuniaUimi tn
qmhcfmi. piiriiquinc m
" Thursday evening October 29. tB85
I he annexation ol t ertain of tlio north
em states of Mexico to the I nitci Stutts
1 talked nf
'I In New , ork un calls Mr Dunn
port an letber.; It mint b iidmittei) that
lie will jtroliablv (ree jp out Out Hill
Dots Lil Stokes tmko nioiipt, enough
nut ol hi llotlmati House saloon to build
telepraph lines hnlftvnjr u ross the conti
nt nl '
It now appears that flov Iloaelly is
neithir an atheist nor an infitiil Up u
fond of reading the New Testament in the
nriLTinnl Greek lie Hill put the name of
iO'l in his forthcoming 1 hanksgitmg
proclamation if he doesn't forget to do so
in he did last tear.
Lord Randolph Churchill, lory, isvtuh
the help of I.ady Churchill, contpstin for
a tat in the Iloutp of Commons Iroin
liirminpham with plain, Mr Joseph
Chamberlain I. biral Whether Hirminc-
ham will sb) it is not for Joseph
mains to be spin
I he venerable p (ton rnor lluratio sev
mour, of I ticn, New ork once a demo
cratic candidate for th presidency is still
near enough ale to have hm opinion
asked as to democratic candidates for of
Iiie but he haunt briath enough lelt in
linn to pne a serf strong expression in
belialf of Hill
If Judns Iscanot tould be restored to
hfi h ould find it bast one person in
the world who loluntiers to act as his npol
ogist namely AlliuO Myi rs And also
nnothtr person the editor of the Spring
fii Id ((I ) Iranscript, who apologizes for
Myers I he three would make a pleaiant
little party
Tin. tweltih annual melting of the Wo
man a Christian Temperance Union will
be held at Philadelphia from October 30tb
to N'o-pinWr .Id DelegateB rtprescntiBg
the organued work of the lorty eight
states ti rritoms and the District of Co
lumbia will be in attendance If they
should proe wise enough to rcsund their
action ol 1 ist tear and put thtmkehes on
a non partisan basis they will hap the
friendship and io-op ration of the friends
of the cause in all political parties If
they tail to do this they will not
During tbi- progress of Sam Jones s re
xiv il work in Nashville a gentleman hand
-d him i 500 in bills which had been ol
lecled as a gift to bun in appreciation of
the good his coming had done to thi city
Mr Jones took the bank notes, eouutid
out JJOO and handed the remaining 1 100
back to the gentleman, saying Keep
that lor a fund to help the eamblers and
whikky dealers who, baling been convert
ed rtctnll have inven up their business
and will neul it for themselves and their
families until tbrj succeed in finding some
otln r work to do '
Chili is tht most public spirited and pn
gr'ssive republic in South America A
preaidi ntial canpaign is imperilling bui it
IS thought that the pipes are pretty will
laid for the re election of the present chief
magistrMe 7 hecurn my of Chili is very
much indited in spite of the local silvtr
production It rutins two dollars of
Chilian money to procure a credit of one
dollar in London or New ork, and it is
likely that bi fore lonir it will require three
The government seems to hnve the cli n
cal party by the throat for it has pre
vend d the church from having the -nr
vices of an archbishop forstvcral years be
cause the pope would not appoint a person
acceptable to it to the position 1 he nests
refused to const crate the publu burial
grounds and Catholics began to remove
the bodies of their friends from them but
were prevented by the government itsi If
nominally Catholic but following the style
of Henry VIII in taking the religious ad
ministration of the country into its own
A DUtlnuiilalii-ii lllim'i )l, lglilur.
Recently quite a remarkable accidental
or providential mietingof old neighbors
of ilurat Halsteud, the distinguished jour
nahst, was held at Centralis, Illinois, the
occasion which brought them together be
ing the annual session of a I'rtsbytenan
eynod A Mrs Gibbon, who was asked to
entertain delegates, it appeared ued to
teach school at I'addy's Hun or New Lon
don, the "store" name ol the town, in Hut
ler county Ohio und had the honor of be
ing Mr, Halsteads first schoolteacher
Among the guests assigned to Mrs Gib
lion was u Hev II C Swan, who, in the
course of a conversation, informed his
hostess that he hud once ridden a circuit
over the Hutler county hills among which
he was born and reared, and he clinched
Ins statements by detailing many local
facts and incidents with which Mrs Gib
bon was iuite familiar,
Ou the day following another guest
came, who, in due time, uncovered thelact
that he was formerly one of Mr. Halstead s
echoolmatis at New London, and proceed
ed to till the company how that gentle
man, while at scbool, had composed a witty
paper, which, when read, made him a local
literary lion.
So far the story of ibis chain ol remark
able coincidences is remarkable enough to
stagger the reader s faith but it Is im
iloubtidly authentic and nt the
presi nt stage is only hall
told for during this same session ol
the synod Mrs Gibbon (as is relate I in a
spi i ml dispatch Ironi tin ("Im ago Hi raid )
wmt to the synodual meeting of the No
mans ruriign Missionary Siuttv and
whili there she became much inti-n sled
in Mrs Allison ol Knnsns vvhoiami to
attend the meeting ami to give mhik mis
sionury reminiscences and while doing so
bappe tied to mention Mark ilbam as a
missionary to China ilbanis was also
a playmate ol Halstiad and M lit r ami of
eoursp was Ironi the nini sut on as the
others Ibis Mark Williams an I his
im iiiorable and excellent mot In r still liv
nig at New London have a nuuibii nf
iuiuniutiiiKes and friends in this uty
Mrs Gibbon the iliapnti h turthirsavs
as induced to approne li Mrs Allison at
the e lose ol hi r remarks and as shi sus
pected she was iilsn one ol the baud of
Hutler pountv peoplp who ha I thu tin
known to i nth otht r come into tiiiboth
er presence to Mrs Gibbon Mrs Ulisem
revealed ht rself as little Mary II iwt-ll the
daughter ol the ininisti r to whose church
shp had tirst gone
Hut this was not all There was (we
are informed from the source quoted) sti
another link tn this chain of remarkibl
incidents While Mrs Gibbon was tilling
at the supptr tiible (tit whith Itrv
Swan Mr Miller a representative of the
Commercial Gnetio and others were seat
ed) of htr mteting with Mrs Allison
letter was b ought in and handed to Mrs
Gibbon and strange to sav it wa
from Murat Ilalstend Mrs Gillian
birlhilB) had occurp d on tin 17th an I it
was celebrated by a small cirt le of friends
and the event had bt e n made the subject
of a special to the Comment il Gnelte
Mr Halslead had seen it nd rt member
ing his old teacher, had taken occasion to
write her tendering his congratulations
and expressing kindly wishes for her lu
Hire welfare 1 he strange coincidtmt
shown ht rein was takt n up as a subject
general discussion an! the persons who
set med to have been providentially
brought into each other s present p eat h
unknown to the other contributed d make
the evening one of rnre enj irment
We may add, Irom our own j rsonal
knowlel'e that the New London peojil
are quite remarkable both for their int'li
genet una ingli Ltinsti m character I In
are mainly of W el.h b'ood and have un
til quitp recently maintained preaching in
the W elsh language I ht re i but one
chureh in the village but it is a large tint
and in it I'resbvttnans Congregational
ists Methodists and others are unite ti un
der the Congregational system It will he
sttn thertljre that the gnat journalist s
early opportunities were ol a high ordtr
i litre f n some drawbacks howpvtr or
at leist so considered from Mr Halstead s
present standpoint for his honored father
was a ferocious Hutler county democrat
oi me strictest ami sternest kiml and on
general principles disinclined lo lavor or
assist young Ilalsieail s budding lite rary
ambition He has, however, overcome all
obstacles, and ranks to-day as one ol the
ablt st and most famous membt rs his
profession in tin I nited bt itt a with an
honor ible repu anon a a newspaper miin
ilttft Million tllt-
A torrespjndent of Saturt bus Ut-n at the
ains to calculate now many ancestors every
tuu viuuBi in t.re-nt u-itaui bus Lai since lb
Gorman torques!, and iwr ves at the mlu'
sion that "one isdescindel Irom no fewer
than leoiMiOnu ancestors tour graniliar-
ents ti,ui grei-granei nrenis anl so on
The liritieb Melical U'liew sivs It has
been assumed by some very thoughtless per
sons mai tnis is equivalent to ey
log mat in the prligree o!
each individual there have been It QUO OOn
true crosses Thereareno fiirtins in enet
ence, or obtainable to show the Hmounl and
decree ol intermarriage in the general 0-
uintion uui mere tan be no question that it
is low very considerable, and was in former
times very much irreater In umnv I'oUted
districts Intermarrying among the ludigenous
pnpiiU lon has been almost invariable until
recent u nes, and is now the rule rather than
the tiception in S otland where pedigrees
nave oeen preserved lor many teurrKtion"
even by the peasant class, consanguinity can
be traced and is recognized between
Wrnlliee which in Knuland would be
sumetl to be entirely unrelated The same
thing is true to an even more sinking degree
with the peerage pedigrees have Wen care
fully prestrved and intermarriage has been
tne rule, that is lo say, intermarriase in Ih
same class Taking the grandparents on the
second remore, a man would have at tb
six h remove silly fjur ancestors, but there
must irt verv lew trs of a creation dating
to the b-irinning ol the last century wluere
uerivei irom suiy-four ancestors in the sixth
remove, lor the reason that intermarriage
wouli almost certainly tome into play this
would he still more constantly the rase in the
isoiaiej populations mentioned above,
KI'OItT HITII I II K It lltllflt.
Mow Hip Tlan UUI, Hi. Mif-ars anil Strap
C am.. Out Abend
t.blcjo Iterali
"i'eople will have their little joke you
know, and It is not for me to dite jurac,e 'era
So, siree I have a ways noticed that when
a man gets on a joke that makes sotne-bmiv
i...,..e, - ., . . ... 11 ... '
iuKu, ui uc nets -a,.,, 0I) 9ume f,loW, It
ma s mm tune nat py uo matter huw ir u
hewastefore His i ike mav be a (he.tnm
of the most ancient character but that makes
ro dinerence with me I always laugh I
can afford to, beca -se I have further nh.e.reeH
that when a man thinks be s smart and cute
am teen comtortable generally, he is always
quite libera to biros-df Tints what we
want in the shop, an J I always raise a laugh
on the slightest provocation Ilusiness is
business, you know and I don t believe in
permitting the lawyers breathers am) r hp
fighters to be the only men in the world to
mane ineir living by tbeir mouths
naroer, says a customer ol mine the
other day, Mo you know why you remind
mn ui tut- uaroers 01 me tevenieenth cen
lury i
"'No, lays I
" 'V ell, says be, -it i became you re loth
suiter aim a oiooti-ietier
"Then, ol course. I lauihei. Ami tl,.n i,-
did what no really smart msn will do es
pecially when sitting in a barbers thair he
laughed at his own Joke The result was
mai my razor slipped and gashed him one in
the cheek, and the blood drizzled into bis
moutn and down on bis cravat anil In. .i,,,t
front and vest Of course. I wined him nte
the best I could, and then remarked hi i.,r,-
venuy as i Know now
"'funny, that little joke of yours
-irs, sars ue, -raiuer lunny. b.b.buf.
not any too darned 'unny '
"Another customer of mine dropted It fir
the first time In three weeks. Hald he had
ueeu on in tne country boarding at a (arm
uouse, nining in the sylran streams.
"'l'tch anything?' lays I.
"'Vei.'sayi he, 'the finest
trlngi ol fish
a rnm . .-
vi4 utmu 9 vjem vu.
'"Anything elm? says I
" ts ' says he '1 lauk'ht a ba 1 i ;1J
" nj thing else '
"'es, a mild doe ol mstnria '
"'All thing else
' 'ion bet says he, loullyand proudly,
sn that every Inly lu the shop tmld btar 111 in
-It tbert's am thing a man llkts to Itoast of
It Is whtelllng a wtinian 'you bt t I caught
something else the heart of a lair eountrj
maiden, one of the stveeteet matures, so lull
ol i mil luice, so simple, so trie Irom nrtllice
nlsu. h hair It was an earthly htaveu
w hen she leaned her hea I upon ny shotil ler
anl periinttid htr ringlets lo tleklt ni) late
' Anything else '
e well, no I gut ss that s all, that s
all I t sn think of
"'Hut lb it Bin tall, says I, poking mj
fingers through his hair to his scalp, 'and,
young man, you ran t deceive me on have
been very indiscreet, vtry unfortunate, but I
leel it mj du'y to Inlorm you ol your ill
Itnk That innocent country mai 1 may It
sweet enoiu'ii, nut nut
"Hut what' he said, eicllelly, 'what Is
if Tell me all1
" "she liny tie very sweet, I went on, sol
emnly bin lou I eniiigh lor t very holy to
hear andtTerjbolj was listening and it
inn) have lieen lelihtful to hnve her ntstle
her hial ujMtn your shoulder I dare ssy it
was at the time but the lest thing you tan
lo now young man, is to buy a bottle ol mj
celebrated tratnsl Irrigator ami lertilier It
knocks nits galley-west in thrt' davs, and it
Isoalj fl per bottle, with liberal discount for
large or lira
"This subdue I him so completely that I
hill no trouble In selling him thrte Hittlts,
and as lit went sadly up stairs ne sw him
tike from his po. kethook a lock of golden
hair and throw it away, whith, I take i , t
a very pro lent thing 10 dj, as ht was mar
riel . i i 1 1 it nit 1 1' i s , ir v it.
Mil There Wits Itii itk nf I intkteli r lllltl
VVh)Vlr l tvlt Mi nl I l.lilni;.
Nt ork star
Dck UjramisMoner Jusih Kich had mis.
rhltt in his eye when be met lion lames It
Dsvits 8aiintenni. down Hroalway Drawing
tirtb his watch the former rt ma'ked lb it he
woull like to meet his friend at lunch at the
xetor House at I otlock, as he had an im
portant matt r to talk ovir with him They
furled an 1 the commissioner prom ltd direct
to the Astor Home and sent tor the chef To
this potentate he spuke thus 'I will hate a
Iriend at lunch herewith me today w ho is
vert fonl of terrapin Canyon fii up some
tri nictly with tail and etitken liver and
smll egs, m h a flavoring of ttrraim
soup '
The chef shrugged his shoulders with sur
prise over the order fjrsuch an exiraorlinary
gastronomic composition but said it could lie
"Then, ' sail Ketch, "when I sen 1 for it I
wish toil to bring It on yourself in a great
steaming (haling dish, with all the side trim
mings f r such a feast The chef departed
wondering it the commissioner had ever real
a ropv ot llnllat fiatarinor rrantatelli, and
hatl taken leave oi his sensts
At I ot lock kt "i was seated in a private
room of the Astor surroundel by sut h noted
gastronomers as Hon Host a" It Perkins,
e.eneral Thtints J H-aiy, Senator Iltly,
(eouverneer K I.aneing and Charles S Hess
when Dines shot through the door as hun
gry as a wolt
I m gla) you re here at Isst, sail Koch
'TI e terrapin must be stewel stale by this
'Terrapn'' screamed Divies in astonish
ment, whirling histhair arouni so as to face
the rewn attendant ' I thouzhl y told lue
yesterday that there wain I any "terrapin in
market when I ordered terraim'"
"Well, there n t sir, then bntthereare
some now, s,r, quietly replied Howard with
a tace innocent ot any semblance of smile
Davies rubtied the palms ot bis hands to
gether glee fully, as he remarked "If there
it any way I refer to die, It Is with a dish of
Maryland terrapin and a bottle of eitra dry
bt fore me
"llnng ou the terrapin, shouted koch.
Presently Chef Kere, with a long white
apron bet ire him, and a white cap uon his
head appiared fearing alott a great bur
nished chating dish Davits' eyes danctd
with delight as the savory o lor" reached his
nostrils hot b, Daties and I'erkins sailed in
The oihers looked on
"What do you think of it, Jimmy''" queried
hxh, as tht third s,soulul disatq eared
' Glorious gasjied Divies, as a delicate egg
disaprtaied down his throat "These Mary
land fellows beat the Long Island diamond
backs all hollow
Don t you dectect a slight flavor of tribe
about it ' remarked Merchant Orator I'erkins
doubtingly, as he paused fir an instant in his
gastronomic feat
'Tripe, eiaimed Davies, indignantly,
"W by, bless tour soul, man alive, those are
the entrails of the bird '
Hess s tunosity was whetted Siipng
some ot the I quid, be remarked quietly "It
tastes to tne like what I'hiladelphians call
'Pel per pot inleed exclaimed Davies
tiutetuoi8ly 'Its very evident lo me
sjrne of ton gentlemen are not accustomed to
eating Mary Ian 1 diamond-bat k terrapin '
Two.r three spoonfuls more had disa,T
peared, when Davies seanned the faces about
bun anl Ittinmg over, whispered to Koch
I I don t you think this terrajin has a
si got flavoring about it of trije '
hah roared with laughter w ben he replied
rthi Jimmy, toure entire, etewed
Davies dripped his spoon and gasped
There was danger ot bis swooning when
Hun Charles 11 Domeiater thrust bis heal
and shoulders through the doorway and
shouted for a bottle of e i tra dry Divies
took an evening train fnr the W'aywayanda
club to est ape the attentions of his gastron
omic Inen Is
The iiosion Globe tells of a young lady
troin l'eQnS)lvania, who, having bwn sent to
N'ew Jereey in a very feeble condition, as a
last resort, by her physician, was so stuns by
the mO'tlllltOea Which. Blnmil.rl ... t!
she tntounterel there, that she was pros
trated A local physician was called in, and
uc ueuuyut uer eaieiy inrough the crisis,
which had been provoked by the rooequitoes,
when it was discovered that her t.her ail.
ment ha 1 also tanishel, and that she wai in
I erfect health The cure. ,,l li,- i
, .. u. ,..,. Kiini nil-
ment is ascribed by all cont cried to the mo..
A suit over eight cents orcupiei the I'ortt
land (Me ) municipal court two hours la'
Monday tii i o iti jiir,
As white as lea Is her dainty teeth,
Her ruby lips with roses vu ,
Her mouth quite kissable her breath
As sweet as gales Irom Araby
Hut nothlnj strange In this appears,
For she's used SOUDuST for years
Wlten Hie I lp ,,f mlMy
are parted in a smile, they diselose a row of
pearls rivaling In purity those which the diver
brings up Irom the bottom ol the Persian
sea What will Ik-si preserve thote gems ol
tue inouin - nciiuuw.x r, the celebrated
beautifier and preservative ot the teeth.
The Hetret ur I.Iviiik,
Stovilll .SsrsanarilU. of blooil and lifer
syrup, will cure hcrofuloua Taint, Itheums.
tl.m, White .Swelling, Gout, Goitre. Consumt-
tion, Hronchitls, Nervous Debility, Malaria,
and all diseases arising Irom an impure con-
union ol tne ul toe. Certificates can be ire.
aented Irom msny leading physicians, minis
ten, and heads of families throughout the
Und, endorsing It in the highest terms. We
re constantly in recept ol certificates of cures
from the most reliable sources, and we rex-.
ornmend It as the best known remedy for the
sure of the above disease J
i fl km i" i ;;, i rn, i m,.a u TlAhLY
'"""' a tiik tit i n jia Vr,
Ihe .liirr s lie I, Swindler ami a
llilel ti.t II,. Mnttils I'eitivltle.l r tlir.
""ei f I iirceiijr III , e i (rM ().
II n m Morning 1 ntirm
Niw oll Oi is- l,i the court of oyer
anl terminer to lay, the e5vi,ence in
the Ward case was concluded and
ihe case wbs Brguel to the jury.
General Tracj summed up the evllrnce lor
tin del -nee, laying particular stress upon the
tut that Kisli, as a convict, was not amenable
to any ennltv for perjury, and holding that
he was urged on by vindictive hatred of the
Cilonel Fellows summed up fjr the state,
t intrasung the actions of W anl and 1'isb at
the time ol the failure The former ran
away, the 1 itler awaited the catastrophe like
a man
Judge llsrrett began his charge at r :
lie defined the law mil rial the statuta cov
ering the t rime charge I The qutstion was
as to whether the defendant baa an Intention
to defraud, and ol sin h Brharaettr as to tie
teiveaperson ot ordinary prutltnce. Had
.ir I iroetirt 1 the fl "00 in such away?
The whole ease rtsled on one point
dil Warl obtain the certlli atlon
of the f 71 800 check1 It was lor the ury
lotietiae, on me evi lenct ot us I) rithanl
Ins brother, the testimony 'ol neither bMng
contra lu ted Warlwas not alone ou trial,
but jmtiie, too, itas on trial. Public clamor
shotil I not ibtlut'iicc the jury, and bast of all,
mouiy ihuuhl not iuUrttie with the verdict
The jury retired at 7 1 1
At lu 1 i the jury enured the cjiirt rmm
anl the t i lence ot Jno II Carr, the ricth
it g teller ot the Marine llink, was riaJ It
lot em I the transition in regard to the
checks Uon width the indiclnieul was
Iramei I he jury thtn agein retired
At i t' otlock this morning the jury re
entered the court and rendered a verdict ol
larceny in the first degree The penalty is
ten yetrs within the discretion 0 the court
Ward KBte evidence of a setere slru(,glt
as he stool up to hear the terdict. In re
sponse to the question, "Have you anything
to say' herejlied "Nothing."
Sentence was jostponed until Ssturday
morning The case will Iw taken to the
court o' Bpjeals The jury first stood eight
'or tonviction and four tor acquittal, on the
s'con 1 ballot it was ten for conviction on
the third it was eltvento one
trt 1 1 nit hi i k
Adds Ills Mite. Iii the tlrntil .lotiiiaon.lle.
pe t ( iititrnt eray,
llroin MorniiiL I Iltiun
lot isulli, ky , lit .8 Ihe Courier
Journal will publish tomorrow a lengthy in
tcrtiew: with Senator Heck on the Johnsou-Grant-Depcw
matter Mr Heck was a rep
resentative Irom kantucky in congress dur
ing Johnsons uuieachment, and all ot his
ret ..Met ions are contrary to the theories of
Mr D ew In regar 1 to the imbroglio with
Grant a out the .Stanton matter, Heck says
"The president gave me a letter from (ten
hherman, which, toirttber with his charges
nl Gen Grunts admission, r roved
as he and I thought, th t Grant
had agreed to turn the war dtpir ment uter
to him an 1 tn give it up to S anton, and that
(rant and hhcrman, by their actions on the
liitb and 1 J h ot January virtually confessed
this ftct bt insisting, for the good of the ser
vice, on the resignation of btanton The
letter Is as follows
' 1 I N street, Waehington I neglectel this
morning to say that I hal agreed to go dow n
to Annapolis to spend Sunday with xdmiral
Porter General Grant has to leae fur
Richmond on Monday morning at six o clock.
At a contersBiion with the general, I
offered to go with htm on Mocdsy
to Mr btanton and say that it was
our joint opinion that he should resign, it
was found iratossible, by reason of his going
to Richmond and my going to Annapolis
The general, by his courst, will call on you
tomorrow, and after that go to btanton and
say, for the gool ot the service, he ought to
rt sign this on bunday On Monday I will
call upon you Bnd if you think it necessary, I
will lo the samt call on Mr btanton and
tell him he should resign If he will not,
then it will be lime to conei ler ulterior
measures In the meantime it also liapa-ns
that no Lecetsity exists for p ec pitating mat
ters t, ollr! truly,
W f bill UMAX
ItWI'i se nil. it-.
Meet Atrnlll nil Win 11,,.J Flelel of l.e-l
GtTTVBrhti, Pa, Oct. ii Hepresentativee
of the Indiana troops engage! in the battle ol
Gettysburg urnvtl here last night and this
morning, to dedicate the monument recently
ere-tei on the battle-field This alternoon
the various points were visited, informal ad
diesses being male at each This evening
delicatory services were hell in the court
house, and the monuments delivered to the
ktepugof the Gettysburg litmonal Associa
tion General J jseph J Itey noils presided
The presentation adlresses were male as fob
Third Cavalry, Comrade George W bpahr
.Nineteenth Infsntry, Comrade J II blone
Twentieth lulantry J 0 Hrown
Twenty-.eventh Infantry, Jas M Hloss
.Seventh Infentry, b C Holmes
fourteenth In antry. Cat Dsvld i lleem
Vice-President D A lljthler, of the Me
morial Association, responded. Ad Iresses
were also male by Gen'ls . Silas Colgrove, W
W. Dudley and Jno M roster, and M. IJ
Manson, Lieutenant Grtvernor ol Indiana
nos'T LKMI HlVHHtHilt.fi,
I lie riiey Tiny fall Into Hit, llemtla or n
slit k Swlieilliir.
Convtnis Ot 2S Professor Orton, of
the Ohio biate I niversity, has been in cor
respondence with Itadit g geologists over the
states, and calls attention to a swin Her who
his been preying on scientific men represent.
Ing himself as a member ot the state or gov
ernmenl geological survey, aid borrows val
liable frtsils and books Ammg numerous
names un ler which he travels is I,o I,es.
quereux, jr He is a gieat annoyance to the
venerable Dr. I.to I.esqucreui, an eminent
foseil botanist ot this ciiy, who is receiving
eomlaintsl om geologists in many stales
The real I.tsquertux, Jr , is a staid citlien ot
Columbus Amorg the victims ate Prol.
Jno Collilt, of Indiana, .V. H Winchell, of
Minnesota, and Prof I,eisle, ot Penns)lvatla
For the last six monihs he has been ojra.
ting in the northwestern stales
The Invitation At eeiitril.
Pllii.Aiiai.iiiu, Pa, O-t. tii The final
session ot the board of managers ot the Wo
man's Home Mi. sion Society, of the Metho
dist kpiscopal church, in their fourth conven
tion, was held this morning A communica
tion was received fro n ihe Woman's lloue
Missionary hociety, el Detroit, inviting the
board to h 11 lis neit annual convention in
Detroit The Invitation was accepted.
Lalng t his llm Hare,
WoitiisiKK Mass, Oct. 28 The three
mile single scull race on lake Hlgmund, this
Iter noon, between Josej h I.sing, of Montreal,
and George II Hosmer, ot Ilwton, fur 1100
a side, was won by I.alng in JI minutes and
1 'j seconds
II llniiiiilie.t Man in HprltiKiiclet,
As well as the handsomest, and others are in
vile I to call on Dr T J Ossper, druugist,
and get Jrti a trial bottle of Kemp s llalsam
for the Thioat and Lungs, a remedy that
selling ent'rely upon its merits, and Is guar
anteed to cure and relieve all Chronic and
Acute Coughs, Asthma, Hronchitls and Con
lumptlon. Price SO ceau and $1,
SIKINIirlM II, II , Oct f Iss.,
I tirriclid iall In the I li ettwnitdi,
Wll I KAt h ant kits AM ITMMHSIiiH Mkrl n
W It I KM VI K t Kit Ks
in m it :i ( n nut), ri
HI I't
l.tl.P itiiii!trt,7iP t ackers' refined r'.
II en I, !i si ft ! 7 tr Intnl.
Ml lis t iniiil I v hums, 'tc slitiuldi rs
7c, lisinii "e
I ill nu I hi kins, !.' V) ring !Ki
All'IH i itiiiiioticiiiiklui; II VI eatlugaiil
fant t J' saj'.lper turn 1
liirUi'M l
Will I H Villi s-Jersoya, tr larrtl
(2 'II llalllinnre ! in
( Mlluill- II nut row n, 7 c in r barrel
(iSlnXt In Imlul Ms
( H I I IV r liiinch (IJIn) liv.
CM suits ii I r K-alleni
(KVMIeUUIKs linn ,i ( lit t), tttr barrel
(J is) tr tniibel !: "ft
i.K tts
rorrerii I dallt It llaintlton .t llrnnks
Vlll-1 se amir IIiir to eitlalltt.
M W I IKS -Sis
OKTs-Wlilte, l
in I--Ms
ItttTtllkHs' HlttCK.
torrectesl eltilly li) I ul) s Suns
fatrnws, I let 1ie butcher ate ers, 4 to 41 at
shllpliiK tallle S tn i', s, 5Ut til J I on
caltts, 1 to V
Till SIXI K illll.S
(Ire en Sn 1 la, until ' in enrol, No 1,
s- cured So .', r, .!,,, , , i,7t stters No
,,iv, i4ii "e si', id
Turri cte 1 dall) t y snrV V nnx
Washtd llletllutii ;se wastit t Hum, .T tn ns,
vsasliel, totrst ite intillilln Is tn jth tin
w litil lint I tn l"c iiiiwatbisl,oarst,lu In
MOI.essM-ejululand iitiralniil.
Hill siia Ij and III iinxlcrati demand
III Me r-ttiltt anil linn
New XeirVt Miittey xinrkee
Saw OKK,()ct is
Money em call eii"j at I'itt pi r c t lit
I rime iiier'itutllt a er la i 1 1 r t nt
t relirn etcbsiiKHtiu at ji s.i t for net elijs
an 1 Si Kii. r trite tnand
Inial Nsltttttr sttaks III ri shares
(I tveriltneul tutu la (lull and sttttlt,
state binds- ctltt an 1 ritln r lit rv
Kallrmi llmmls riun wasa well distributed
biisintsslii rallvt ej IhhiiIs
I)r) looIi Tliert has I. en ratlu r mint tins
Intsi throtiirh numerous iirjtra for sin pio
iiitntar assortments of lulu ellaue mis
cliiuatter with ngoiita and Jobbers I bin kind
of tiusllie s Is Irene nil A ver Kind trait Is
In pr nrcH wltltoitt any nctlvitv retl ctt 1 on
the part of Rucllta Ihtrt Is eonslde ralile be
IliK done tin account of sprint; 11111111 Us
Cincinnati Market.
KLOt'K- In fair demand, laiiillj.Si 10a! ii
fsnet ?l rftfti
W III- I -In falrdeman 1 and stronter .So
2 'nl mats
CdllS-linli So .'mixes! II V
O rsHteatly No 1 mixed .-'.a.'-'c
Kih-Mrm No 2 a c
HAKt.M -tjtilet and unchanged
ItlltK'-lnili ai
I ltl f-lrin at t v
ill I k Ml-ATS CJtilei slioulders MOO, shoit
ribs!. In
HXtllS st,a,lj shoulders !t 71 abort ribs
$ "t sbnrt e e ar, I. to
WHISk.-! inn HtSI 07
lit riHl-llt avj, extra crcainert JS tltii
fantv ilalry llmlv
i tii S-sual) at 17r
till hsf -raslei and iiiiclinnged.
ClilraKo Market.
Cmrtoo, Ot t '
MOt It-Hlenlj anil tiuclmuti 1
With T-Ope mil ,e lower and closet '4c
tilkbtr til tn esltnlav Setve lube r clnsid at
str1,! ',c Ihriinl er s ,eit',c Xlajliie. Nn
.' siirltiK Nt,ast i No 1 spring 7Uilt No
r tl ie so rid 7v
COKS-Opeiiee siruni und '.obluher clned
altollt aeinn its jeslerdaj cab ll'.e Sovem
ter "'4c viar r'.e
OATH Ltuletaiidilrin rash v November
2.tt Ma .tBai',c
U t Had) No .Tic
II Mil ht, CJ llet So .' CSc
H A Sn-li-Jiisj So. Ill If
Ml vs 10RIC -xcilu and easier lint closed
at only a sliuiiteli lino from jultr lay c ash
8S .0as7, SovctnUr 1s 17as ji Dttelnln. r
Ss2.',a.S7 Jantlart CJ ir.'iuilo',
l,ltl)-lil fair tltlnntid rlns iik a simile
easier lashSSe., Sotemlr Sitmaiklk lie
cemlar l sT'e.N'i Jalillarv Si ta.'i .",
HOXhliVihAIS-ciulet drt naltctlalioultlent,
H 10.13 'n short rib slde l Ki short e.tar
Nlrlesf) na.i 1 ,
IIHk-slcailv at ll
III 1"! t H In kitnd ileinaiid and llrm, cream
ery iu.se elairj 1 Itjin
hdils stesdj at 1misvC
It r but closest unchanged
tOKN if( ItiHtrl
f)A IS-I uehainrid
IIIKk-.'v liltther
I A HI)-1 nchaiiKt I
( Im luliHtl I Itr. Slni k Slurkt I.
IIO(. Slow coiiimtin anl lijlit 1 - , il r
I teklug and biiub rs tl luui Ht
IteriipU i.ltO , nhi lilt Ul1 NM
ClilCHKn I Itr stork xiRrkel,
( lilt Alio, Oct 2
( xrrit -Ite.elt. hsrr I, minis et)
wnk al im let alil(lnK aieers, 5l u)a
', a stea-kers anl 'eeeleen J. u ii) ,.
I ilisnntl mliel $l dajifl thr nii.li 1 e xas cat
tit IIS. lower K -wi wt,,,, ri)I,,r,
stealj riHlIvts huiI half breds, ;iM a
cows tannin,, wintered Itxans 8J7aiJi
HllfiS - Ktelpl, 40IOI ani! merits 7IHI
market falrlj attlve and lot lowe r rmikli tend
mixed n .tia3 10 acklmratid shlnpiiiK H ins
4 neilvht uelKhta, tijoHUi skips,.' ial o
HIIH-1' Ktselpts lji), Hlilpmiuts ,(rm
inarku ilull and steady natives I. nuaS so
westtrii.f. 0iaJ3) Itxans, 8JOJ iho
Nets lurk I lie sunk Market.
New i ohK, Oct 2S
III fVl.s I tc Ip's, 115 car loads ir tit tlrHir
Keil, but allooVrluKschanEed hall Is nt an ait
tancc of full) .si market e e m-,1 firm p.ir to
prime nailvesttirs Sikw ') extra 8 iiai w
lexascittle Slfyalut Colorado half brcetls
steers 8IHOi47i
HIIHI -llttelpta lliii), dull and uiin tiled
for sheep firm lor lam exiitiues, 9: i,al 0)
for sheep 81 2a'ifV) fnrlamba
IlOleS-KeeelplB JI4JI, Ilti itul rot tlncllt ill
toneor rtt gltslal 111,
New lurk Xlnrket
ItKW OKK. Ot I 2S.
H)t It Dull and weak
vSllrAi Ixiwcr .So Japrlnir Sic, uiu-raded
79lir. So .' red, lev elevator So lwbltt, Wt
llliiiru ltd wlille, Iste
LllltS HUInr utigrii'leil, 42, MV, ttalle
Nov st iratr Us Ii.e 'irilttr, ,2 'i5b. '.t
elevator, lln atloat S."t , f ami I. Sl'a I '
arrivt So i white, W ,
OATd-IIUher and n lire active mlxtel west
ern, thllo white do VrnKk
(t-'KFIv-lpllonBralrl) attlve oleislng firm
HlllAK Dull mntllel r II 1l alamlartl A,
r a n iiranulateil resets lu. cutlll ct ,7p
MOI AtSKs- tjulet
hfttes K radj and In fair demand
1 (HIK - liuil missis a
tl I MI US-KIrm
I,AII-tlia.le 1 iwer and leas active west
ern l am ge I"1, ill) steam, V fiiae .".
Ill rmt Iirmeraiidln lair liniulrj at nn
I III K.lv Drill and nominal
1 he worl i iiioTcs and
Ihe old sehiml e f I brett.
cl'xy Is e i el led liy a
ItJureitrletlkClcurt I lilt
llart a rerrlatluii if
the ho!e irsem, Met,
tally anl I'hjiU.lh by
hli h Ilr W M wni of
SKIiosetqaveryilUease te
It eter mi ctiui Ilea ed
Illsrtkiiowlelied nam.
ril KlIU enable hi i to
IH-rfiirm won lerfiil turn
In theiastsfter (slienli
are itliru up to die by
the in at nklilful il v. I.
clans In the ttillel Httleit l'euple rinne l.un
dredi i,f miles tg cletull liltu and are nta le Kind
1 hreuoleaflral bxatnlnalloii ' 00
vvrltien (harlsuf I'artltulars " lo
Vt rltlenl huts nf I artltulats of lie. Ill, ,', ,,
lil.Kiid.Inu I i a.eil ibe A III lit d tree
1'r. W s thirl, enel all others Illustrating bl
dlscurerlrs ol not lets tnan Hi ot.u and Ihe
rs.iu euti ol Ihe ire-s, tittluionlala from la
llenli nd men of dlsllntllon In hlfjlt l laeea
Meslicsl lleaerllllonsof Iwo tohe,l of practice
suJ other new an 1 uaeful Inlormallon ol 61 1 asea
Ot loirrace the tarlor Ul le '
Ur, vv excels In Ihe cure of ( ocauiupiion,
cliroiiloioiurllralel ellaease, etli.u.ud rllallly,
sell sbuse cr fulaan I llM.et.. not tin lerilisil
by the eil 1 itho.,1 of illinialnj P luitrtrli sn 1
cotilsunda hla own euralite, lall aot In eil lain
..i,"17.''' hl,cl""' Hslil to your alb for lite
urate tiouriitthe Uonla Ilou.o from a a m to
Manhood Restored
...-... ....ib, niicipiiiiir TouiijTulliist rut
HSDtuioel, icliatlo. tried in vain atari k
rimani naa n ae,ai.a.4 i... -i - .
! iyu
f e-Jt K Ji
(Huct esson to Morrow k Jones.)
Sole Agents for the Celebrated Emma Mine
and Hurd's Shaft
Thio coals, ire far superior to ny Jackson Coal ever shiri
od into this market-once used, always used. Also, dealers
in bust Qi-ados 0f Anthracite and Sunday Creek Loal.
OFFICE : Corner Washington and Mechanic Sts. T !,'.',r,:
The Latest Correct Styles, of
Men's Furnishings, complete new stock. Your trade
Until further notice Coke will be delivered to any part of
ilia city nt the following reduced price. :
This makes the cheapest fuel for all purposes. Leave
timers ai
pringfleld Gas
f-ecurel anl I stent lilljallon cinluctel In thecouru 1'atent contracta lenal 01.101011! on In.
!rlnliiNieiitqiie.tii Sainton ad.l.ablllly of reia.ulli, elefecllfe ,,t,t, and .l.erl ,"n ! a actu
ri!e,y,re,ared .Intitliia. eieculetl l.i a lonuer AMlstanl ( l.l.'f lirallsman l' -1 en "v"n "e
examltMlo,,, "'' n "1C"' "t,cu" entlon 1. glten to cast , ,eleell, other ban !,, an U
examinations TOl'l.tll.N A sl.tlXIKs.
IiKonda Hank
TII 10
Adjustable Chair Co.,
CIcsvoIiiimI, O.
Rocker, with Au omatic Root-rest.
F 1 Ml .tM anl fr tule ,aliei on piy piyment
1 Un, at the Htore au 1 Mt room of Mr C. II U
liatna. ts nt Malt) rtrcit
ih:i!.mi. ncivnL,
Manager for Springfield, Ohio.
"Terine 1 ibe I niter. n Itotkerand Rest, and
challenge the rrirlil loit.li e. Its njual In Mm
I llcltv d trabl it j an I romfnrt
ROTH & CO., Cincinnati, O.
Hoi Ag.nU In tb U. for the celebraKd
Tarls Kbl lloTe
I'rlca llata mallttl fren iikiii application.
I'.xtliilHltfly clt'Hiird, 10 eta. per pattt
ipostaite, 1 eta extra p-r pair).
11 xsVj.t r.arlk Hi.. OlaalasuaSV
Maverick National Bank,
Itoeiton, IMiihw.
Capital, - - $400,000
Surplus, - - $400,000
Acrounls of Hanks, llankcra and Mercantile
nrma receire I and any hualmsta connected with
baiikllu soliclteu
licliaiinedr.su an 11 able Tran.fer. made on
tlieirlnchal tltitaof ruros
Asa 1' I'tiTTaa. I rea H W VtnitK Taah
.So. bj West llih .Street.
Everything Nbw and Clean.
All Klntls sir Sinokiil ami Frenli Meato
"oiistatitl)'on llautl.
imj Im rtlltil upon for rs.II. r In nil illv
cum s of tin iliiouiiiiil Iiiii-s, anil, for tlia
sseelv t ur. of st vert CohN or ( hurIis, It
Ins no t. ii il. 1 .1. Kovv lit., Iloiine aii's,
liirkiltv (,,,s, ( .vvrltea- "fcoiiiclline
(," I eoniriititl, I.) txpostire, a sevtro
(ol.l ami ion j, ftir ln or ,ir(e
iiiniiilis I l ,mii to think tlnro woulil be
iiitluii for tint ,t iur Mt iiiicntlon
u'iiiiliritlnlii Aver's die rry I'cctoral,
1 iroturtilu lititili, umlliei; in lakliylt. It
Cured My Cough
I" fore lln first Imltlo , uktc, Bn, 4
rjp'illj rnnviriil mj liuiiii " A. J.
!itl, Milil.oii, , vtrltts: "llils
f'Hli' I took ii si vent (nlil, Milled settle i
on mi lim.' u,ru ,1, u ,nlll0
most ellllitlill , ptlnful for II10 ,,,
lirtjtltt. As hhiii ns iKmlliUi I trot u
bottle of Ater'editrrj I'lttornl, nml was
iroiitl relit vul nml tiirt.l ,j II, ii,t.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
fir. J. C. Ayer & Co, Lowell, Mau.
for tale by all Urut'tfats.
4 HYPE3.
ine otnee.
Light & Coke Co.,
Itulldlnit, Hprlniitleld, 1) , an 'l t a.hl'nston l'i I
Or. Frank i;. Runyan,
ootna In Harkluajtiitm'. Ilnlldtna;
over Hnrphj Bro's atom.
dpaclal atuntlor. glen to the preservtm
natnral teath
Attorney and Expert
Iloom H. Arentln Kullallnur.
Wat. H. ()EiT. Mi ante 41. (j4NT
l.ard. Ratrton aassd Hatn.
J. D. Smith Company
N. W. Corner Main ami MmcHtone.
Printers, Binders
laaaBook Work aad I rral lllatiLs a specialty.
Mason & Hamlin
llltrtifll linn
(ft ail all r (M
Ml 1 in
bit ion fur
rilfi irriicrt
One I un If,!
Siytei tt lo
atyl iitruu
t ivxmieu 11
n ik4 e f r
lt4TrcmoMSI,BofIon 46 E 14th St (Union So).
Mf. MWitaihAwfChlc99.
Popular Pullmnn Palnco Partiou.
,..,,, .?rnr"l ExciirBlonH
lll leare hlruan. Si i',,,,1 ,,',',3 Nl. ,u
Jor Ihi. Altarlr., M,an J'ruin l. nml ,
InlMLMtiHilaylSil. IK . Ill , , ,". ,t
wf'P'mtll'm '.fii".".1"" atldrwa
U. C. SllUl.tUi tlanatr ULIarkXt. Citltiiaea.
Many a Lady
is bcaiitiAil.all but her .skin ;
and nobody lias ever told
her how easy it is to put
beauty on the bkin. Iiunuty
on the skin is Magnolia
immmmJIB ill sn ik
i-mUmTill-UUUU in Netv If nf
(QtV UV lV"fll lit ui r al
agTmmmi l i h kh
I"" C fl 'tin tijf
L IhII t n Ki
( "gL p
s 5 i

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