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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, October 29, 1885, Image 3

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6M I.ouls Ki 35)piu
3 1'adtic Kxpres .,,. 2.21 a m
All trains run u Cential time, wlilch li H
mlnutoM alowpr than (tolunibus lime.
.N II -"llally. tKillr ricept Monday. All
others dally, i Kept Hun lay.
l.nVAI. HHKI'ITtKti.
I rum .Muniini! I illllnn.
Hrry ll.uk wbh in South Charleston Jta
tenia jr.
Joe Wiley, of .Vtw Carlisle, wm In town
Itev Mr. Sholl, of INnover, I'enn., Is vlslt
inc relntiea in this city.
Will Kidder jmij a visit to Mr. and Mrs,
Trunk WeHi, t Kion, yesterday.
Mrs. Merril Mead and daughter lenie today
lor n visit to friends in Morrison, 111.
.Sale of feats opens tomorrow for Siberia, at
the (i'lind opera Louse Monday, Nor '..
W. (i. McWhiny, a prominent undertaker
ol Krnr.klin, is In the city calling on friends.
Mrs Halls, gusst of Miss Jennie Fellows,
relumed home to IHnville, Illinois, yester
day. (Jto Flack, an oil Springfielder, now rail
roading nt Umahii, is visiting old friends
here. t
1'art of the Frederick YVarde company
etoiiinl al the Arcade and part at the at.
Mrs W. II. Houck and daughter leave this
evening f r a to weeks' visit with friends in
Illiuuisand Indiana.
The classic line, "John limy, drunk and
die." was the only ornament to the station
hous" slate yesterday.
Dr. W. W. Hall returned yesterday from
Chillicollie, where he went to attend the fu
ntrnl of his nrotber's child.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Illtck left yesterday
morning tor D.'troit, to attend the wedding of
their nephew, Unas. Hack.
Charlrs llradley, charged with violation of
the Sunday ordinance, was discharged by the.
major yesterday af'ernoon.
MisBes Fanny and I.aura Winger returned
last evening from Jackson, Mich.,where they
attended the wed ling of an uncle.
Marriage licences bavt been Issard to
Charles Hlrck and Freltrica Creiner, and
John W. I, osier and Jumetta lliiley.
Hnure joureeafs early for Siberia at the
Grand Monday evening, Nov. 3d. The
crowd will be large and the choic seats go
Div 44, reformed Hank, K. of P., will
giv a vry hanlionn enttrtalnment on
Wednesday evening, November 11, in the
shape, of a ball and banquet.
William Marshall, of Cleveland, exhibited
to a (.honk. Hici-i ni.it' rtpirter last evening a
jialent device for a printer's quoin which, it
properly put upon the market, Is destined to
be very successful.
Cap. Asa 8. Huihnell, cbalrnun of the re
publican stnte executive commlttee.ls tn route
lo New York, He can give the republicans
of that state some good pointers about man
aging Buccesitul campiigu. State Jour
nal. it i.im .v i nu.r ii.ih rn
Will Hum-lit at llini'k'a Thnrartar Nlfhl,
Nuviiiti r l'4
I nun Morning lltliiii.
The Springfield branch of the Irish Na
tional I.hiiiI League met at St. Raphael's ball
list night lo arrange the final preliminaries
I ir the much-lalkel of public meeting. They
were called to crder by I'resldent Morris Te
lnn at tight o'clock. After the roll call two
I i'w members were added to Ibe list.
lu behalf of the invitation commit
be, Michael O'Neill, jr , reported that
In bad seen (Jen. Keller, who
hid expressed bis willingness to In prittnt.
He real a letter of regret ironi Judge FiU
V raid, through which breathed the spirit of
i ho F.unrald Isle He had also invited (Jen.
Muhael Itjan, of Cincinnati, to speak, and
i ad a reply stall ag that he would not be
b re.
lu behall 'of the committee on hr.'.l Dr.
li ado stated that they had called ou Mr.
II ck who had offered a donation and the
I. .use for $.10. The report was accepted,
an 1 on motion of John Kiunane, it
v as decided to engage lllack's opera bouse
I-1 Thursday evening, Njv. 12.
On motion of Uryan Kinney, the president
a Kiuted a committee of seven to make all
i.e tsiary arrangements Or the meeting. The
P i sident named Ibe following committee,
which was approved by Ibe meeting Ul
iluelO Nelll, John Klnnane, Michael Kearns,
J . N tali and Morris Tahan, the latter name
i I led on motion ol Mr. Kinney,
.1 ihn Kiunane asked for an eiprtsslon
In, in the meeting about the admlision fee.
Opinions differed all the way from fifty cents
In milling. Af.cra lengthy discussion of
lh - matter, a mo'lon to lit it nt twenty-five
c nts was lust, and the matter was left totbe
( uir.itte"' The meeting then adjourned and
r- Raphael's baud resumed its practice,
lllsmarck is not favorable to Ibe use of
II nan ten In (Jerman books, an Initauce of
b .rbonlsm lu him one would scarcely ei-pet.
tiik rr, kvi it i (j i.ioiit vmnpAur
Tiiiiuriirlli Itratrnlnril Prom l'rninllnr
IIib W.irk .it i:rrrllng I'nlra mill I'lilllng
p II Wires lijr tin. Wvaloin lliilnn L'uiiiiniiy
Tim llonrtfiic Set tnr Nov. II,
Il'niiu Moriiliig 1 ,1111. ,n.
Hetvwcii fi and I) o'clock, last evening, Os-
(ar T. Martin, ns attorney fjr the Western
Union Telegraph Company, filed a petition In
the roinmon pleas court, praying for nil order
of court restraining the Champion Klectric
Mglit Company from erecting their poles and
putting up their wlrea in the principal streets
parallel with and In proilmlty to the lines of
the Western t'uloti Company. The ground upun
which the suit Is base 1 Is the claim that the
placing ol the eh ctrlp light wires parallel
with and cloje. to the wins uf the Western
Union (ompany will delay and Interfere with
the business ol the company, on account of
induction from the electric light to the tele-
graph wins, and will imperil the lives of the
operators and linemen In the employ of the
Western Union company on accouut of the
danger of powerful electric cur
rents being commuiiUa'ed Ironi
the electric light to the telegraph wires
Judge White granted a tetniorar retraining
order, Miid the cafe was eel lor hearing on
Monday, Nov , nt nine a. m.
The p'tltlon is very voluminous and recites
In detnil the grounds upon which the appli
cation for injunction ..re based. Theaflidavit
certifying to ihn truihliilne-is of the allega
tions made In the document is signed by
Ifaac N. Miller, of Cincinnati, a superinten
dent of the Western Union company. The
petition, verbatim, is as follows!
The Western Union Telegraph Company
Halntltr, ''
The Champion lllectrlc Light Company, De
leodaiit. Court of Cjiumon IMena, )
Clark Cjunty, Ohio. J
The said plalnlitl says it j n corporation
organized under the laws of the state of New
YurK, and under the laws of other states of
the 1' nited Slates, for the purpose of opera-
f l, n Una. ..f .lu... .. I .... ...
.... ...... .,. ciriinc: icu-grapu in and through
the several states or the United Slates, and In
the Blate ol Ohio; that the said defendant i"
a corporation orgamz-d under the laws ol
the state of Ohio tor the purpose of lighting
the streets, dwellings, etc., in the city of
Springfield Clark county, Ohio.
And plaintitr, for caue of action against
said defendant, says that in order for the suc
cessful prosecution and oni-miim. ,,c it. ..u
business, it obtalnid the right and privilege
from the projwr authorities to construct and
maintain telegraph poles, and lo place there
on lines of wire, along Main and other sireets
in the city of Springfield; that said ruht has
been obtained directly frum the city of
Springfi dJ, as well as by consolidation with
other telegraph companies which
had prior thereto obtained the
right and franchise to construct and
maintain said telegraph Hues for the purpose
and In the manner stated; that said plaintiff
by virtue of Ihe direct authority from sai 1
city and consent of same, and by right, has
for 25 years maintained and operated said
lines of telegraph in said city, and Ins from
ume 10 time, m the business or the public re
quired, added lo the said telegraph lnea to
that at the preent time the il 1 plaintitr has
a large amount of capital invested in said
property and business In the city of
Springfield. Plaintiff further savj that by
virtue of sml authority it has a line of poles
along the south sident Main and other streets
In said city, which, with the wires, insula
tors and other apparatus, are, as now con
ducted and maintained, necessary fur the
transaction of its said business. Plaintiff
says thai the faid defendant is now engaged
in creeling upon the south side ol sml Main
street and other streets, in a direct
line with plaintiff's poles, a number
of carry iiiif noles fnr ti.
purpose of placing thereon electric light
wires, parallel with plaintiff's wires, by
means ol winch they will light the electric
tights or said defendant; that ih defendant
is now engaged In erecting said poles and
placing their Slid wires thireon, on the said
south side of said Main street and other
streets of said city.where said plaintiff has by
authority aforesaid maintained its said poles
aud stretched its said wires.
The plaintiff avers the fact to be that the
ertctlon and maintenance of said carrying
pol for If electric wires by said defendant
along the south side or Main and oilier
strreta In said city where pltlnlitr has its poles
and linea will cause great and irreparable
damage lo the said plaintiff, in this, towlt
That the said erection of stid poles and wires
of said defendant on said side ol said streets
will destroy the propTtv and imperil the lives
ot the operators of the said plaintiff in
its various offices, by communicating to the
iresof said plaintiff very powerlul electric
currents sufficient to Instantly ignite the in
liimmahle materials necessarily used in the
offices of the plaintiff", melting the machinery
and destroying the nine, that the lommiini
cation of the said electric c urrenls ns afore
said also endangers the lives ot the operators
in the offices of said plaintiff, who are
constantly engaged in the transmis.
slon of messages thereon; that the
said pi (intlll Is compelled to employ for the
maintenance ot lis taid property, a force of
line men who are constaully engaged in keep
ing in repair its wires, polir and insulators;
that the ertctlon and main'.euauce ol the said
poles and wires of faid defendant as afore
said will endanger the lives ot the said em
ploy! s, aa they are uecssanly brought in
contact with said electric light wires in the
prosecution ot their Bald work, so that by
reason thereof It is imiaissible
for the said plaintiff to maintain
its Btid poles, lines and insulators with that
efficiency which a proper despatch of the
public buslocss nquires; p'aintiff further
avers the fact to be that the construction of
the defendants wires paralltl wilh plaintiff's
wirei upon carrying poles, as hereiub-fore
stated, impairs, by Induction, the use of the
wires of eaid plaintiff, and at times renders
the BJine wholly inoperative and use
less; and that Ihe said pules of said
defendant, as now erect d and being erected
by it, are necessarily liiouglit so closely in
contact with plaintiff's wires that they impair
the use and efficiency uf the latter by de
stroying the Insulation and conducting the
currents ot electricity to the ground, and in
terfering with the working operatnn of said
wi es. Plaintiff says, by reason ot the illegal
and unautbonz d acts of the sail de
leudant, as hereiu set forth, the pr rly
of said plaintiff, in its said lines of tel graph
in and through the city of Springfield will
be lestroyed; the ellii leiicy ol Its telegraphic
system over a large territory will be seriomly
lmmlredj the lives ot lis operators will be
in coostaut danger, and the safety of its line
men will be imperilled , to that the said plain,
tiff annot prosecute its said business as the
neceasitlas of the public require, and It will
suffer thereby gnat and Ireparable Injury,
unless restrained by the order of this court,
l'lalnlill says lhat said defendant is en
gaged In the erectiun ol its said poles aud ei
leuiiou ol its wires at the places and in the
manner herein slated, without any legal au
thority and against the pro est ol the said
plalnlitl; that the said plaintiff has requested
said defendant to desist from interfering
with the rights ol said plaintiff, which said
defendant has refused to do.
Wherefore, plalutlll prays the court
for a temporary Injunction restrain
ing the said defendant, its
agents or employes, from constructing or
ertctlng, as herein averred, ilscerrying ales
on the south side ot said Main street in said
city, aud on other streets of said city where
plaintiff has erected and is maintaining Its
lines of poles, and from placing Its wires
thereon, as herein slated, patallel with the
wlrrs ol said plaintiff on said Main ami other
streets where said plaintiff has constructed
and Is maintaining Its wires, and from other-win-
Inier.'erlng with plaintiffs properly and
the use thereof, and lliat upon Ihe final hear
ing heieol said Injunction be made perpetual,
and lor such other relief as is equitable,
a n a ynir.nr inmiiJih r.
A Hlieepskln I. anil I'almit laaueil In Irllll
Flint In Hie Itrrimler's Oritra.
I'ruui .Morning hdltlon.
An ancient sheeprklu document was filed
for record in the county recorder's office yes
terday, bilng a land patent Issued to William
ritrhugh, Dec. '1'i, lr!()I. Tbe document,
which is musty and brown with age, bears
the autogiaph signatures of Thomas Jeffer
son as president, James Madison as secretary
of stale, W, Dearborn as secretary of war,
anil Jacob Wagner as chlet clerk of the de
partment of state. By It, Filzhughls madetbe
bemficlary ot 1,001) acres ot land, "situate
between tbe I-lltle Miami and Scioto rivers,
norlhwed of the river Ohi ," on account of
valuable services In the war ol '70. Fill-
liugh is named as "a lieutenant for the mili
tary of Ihe United Slates In the Virginia line,
on continental establishment." The printed
partol the grant is all legible, but part of
the written portion is so dim and faded as to
be scarcely visible. Willi the aid of a mag.
nhying glass, however, It was ass!b!e to re
store the whole document. In Ihe part of the
written poitlon that Is still legible the ink
has raded to a dim, watery yellow.
Age has detached the immense official seal,
and It has been pinned In its place. In the
printed portion the old-lnshioned "' is used,
and the appearance ol all the letters Isquaint.
The spelling contains many deviations from
the established rules of the present day, "en
titled" in one case being spelled "Inti
The old patent has a somewhat interesting
history. The land covered in the grant Is
situated in Green township, and comprises
what Is now kuown as the Smith farm. John
Jones bought the entire 1,000 acres Iron
Lieutenant Fitzhiigh In 1808, paying
five shillings, lawful American money,
therefor. Four years lati r he sold It to Seth
Smith fir $1.50 per acre. The land re
mained undivided in the Smith family lor
many years, and much of It Is yet tbe prop
erty of the heirs of the pioneer.
The oil patent had never been rcorded,
i cpt in the government land office at
Washington, until it was filed yesterday.
Ihe pan hue or 227 acres or the original
irant by Itobert N Klder, recently, made a
settling ot the title necesar. In doing
this, Abstractor K. M. Campbell
found the orglnal grant missing.
Inquiry discovered it in the hands
ot Oliver S-nith, of this city, a soo of Seth
Smith, and an application secured it fat re
cord. Mr. Smith took the nncientsheep skin
to the recorder's office in a worn li-athern
case, In which it had come originally from
Washington. He lett the patent, but retain
ed the case, probably as an heirloom.
Mr. Cimpbel! produced from the recesses of
the big vault in the re -order's office, a bundle
of rmty and time-stained fhep skin land
patents, tearing different dates. One, dated
July 20, 1HI 1, and signed by James Madison
as president and Klward Tiffin
as commi sioner of the general land
oflii-e, conveyed to William Ward
the land on w Inch the Lagonda shops are now
located. Thii grant was discovered by Mr.
Campb-ll in the office of the recorder of
Champaign county, among the records of
which it had lain undisturbed for seventy
years Another patent, dated May 4,1813,
and Issued to Joseph Ilutcher, also bore the
signatures of President Madison and Com
missioner Tiffin. Another, issued to Samuel
Leffell, "asngnee ol James LeIMI," April 1,
lny., was signed in the small, cramped hand
of his father's son, ' J Q Adams," supple
mented by the signature of (leorge (Jraham,
as commissioner of the general land office.
Among the patents were two bearing the
signature of James Monroe as president. One
was in the name of J )hn Simes, aud the
other in that of Philip Miulch. A grant,
dated March 5, 1HIJ, i,suel to John (Jregg.
ol Kentucky, and bearing tbe signatures of
James Madison as president, and J imes Mon
roe as secretary of state, completed the col
lection. Allr Harrison lu "lint Water."
There is a veritable treat in store for the
lovers ot (oniedy in the shape of the advent
of Miss Alice Harrison In her new and suc
ciraful musical farce- omedy entitled ' Hot
Water." The name of Alice Harrison has
long been a familiar ooe wilh theater-goers
throughout the entire country, and her er
gagement here will probably be ibe occasion
ot an out-pourlng of our amusement-seeking
readers. M ss Harrison is supported by a
company whose individual and collective ar
tiltic strength has been a matter ot universal
comment wherever ahe has appeared,
and includes tuch footlighl celebreties
as Uesirs. Chas. S. Dickson, Frank
(Jlrard, Fred'k Matthews, 0. W
Allison, Chas. McCarthy, Frank David,
George Kyle, Misses nelen Sedgewlck, Ada
Morton and Jennie Iteiflarth. Tbe play
"Hot Water" is a capital vehicle for the dis
play of the taleuts of Miss Harrison and her
cajiable company. An unusual feature is its
strung plot and dramatic consistency. Tbe
engagement is fur one night only, Saturday,
November 1st, and a large audience should
certainly te-tny to djrirgfield's recognition of
worw aud intrinsic merit. We clip the fol
lowing notice from the Philadelphia Daily
lit rail, Sept. 20
"Hot Water," which was introduced to a
Philadrlphia audience at the Aich street thea
tre last evening, is another if those mudcal
larce cumedlis constructed fur tbe sole
purpose to make an audience laugh.
In this r-i-pect "Hot Water" proved very
successful, The fall through tbe celling of a
couple engag. d lu a pugilutic encounter was
entirely novel, aud all the efforts at lun
making were very amusing. Alice Htrrison
as Mam'selle Marie Houfuu, a French actress,
with a penchant for naklng mlschlel betwten
married couples, was the lite of the piece.and
she was supported by a very capable com
pany. Sime very pretty songs and choruses
and some lively dancing are giveu during the
I'reilerlik Wttrilr. lu Julius Ca-aar.
Tbe great audienre which braved tbe
weather last evening to hear Frederick
Warde and his molt excellent company In
Julius ('.iiar at lllack's, were not only amply
repaid but enj lyed one ol those delightful
theatrical treats which only occurs once a
season. Idle words ot praise passed upon
Frederick Warde as an actor are useless, (or
Ihe world has already conceded him a noble
place among Ihe greatest living Interpreters
ot the highest class of Shakespeare's play.
It may lie said, however, that he was at his
la-st last evening and gave it anything an
addilional force and finish to hit acting. Ills
support was perlectlon. Mr. Henry Aveling
as Ussslui and Chas. Sutton as Mark An
thony, each enjoying with Mr, Warde tbe
compllmeat ol a call belore the curtain,
111 not l (l rtlHA lIAMONUMMAI..
IUIn am) Itnrlmnas Prevent Hie Itllln
Team from Maklna; a (Inn, I terr.
Il-roni Morning Mlllnn J
The rifle team ol the Springfield Shooting
Club went out lo tlu Periln farm yesterday
afternoon and reeled off a score to be sent to
the American Field, a snorlmen's naner. nf
uuicago, tor competition for a diamond
medal offered be that paper for the best score
made by ten men of any rifle club In the
country this week. Tbe targets were fur
nished bv the Field, and In number were
only sufficient for a single shoot. This pre
cludes another trial for a better score. Tbe
distance was 200 vards.
The score made was rifi5 out
of a possible 1,200 points. When
the score-making began tbe appearance ol the
sky did not Indicate rain Ouly about twenty
shots had been fired, however, when Ihe rain
i .... . .
oegan laiung, and the shoot was finished In
the rain. The rain brought on the darkness
earlier than it would otherwise have come,
and liemre tbe shoot was finished the dark
ness had rendered good shooting difficult.
Had tbe weather remained clear the score
would no doubt have shown a higher figure.
The individual scores were as lollows:
Fisher 10, Trimmer 81), Crolt Oil, Slack
00, Lessner 05, Kraus 01, Perrln 100, Alt 03,
Peters HI, Itankin 07. Total, 055.
The score total was telegraphed lo tbe Field
last night; the detailed score, with the tar
gets, will be tent today. Next week six
members of the team wll, shoot for a gold
medal offered by tbe same paper, and the
week following the team will contest lor an
other gold medal, aUo offered by tbe Field.
A llellglitful Cnncuri Tonight.
There will tie a concert given in the Sec
ond Presbyterian church Thursday evening
Oct. 20, at 8 o'clock. (Jreat effort has been
made to have an interesting programme. The
assistance ol Mr. Turpln and Mr. liimm, of
Dayton, and Prof. Hanlik, of our own city,
has been secured. It will be a treat for all
music-loving people. The following is the
J. I'lano Iturt-Iltrblere de Surllle Koch
Mlm May Bwikwaller and I'rof K. Ifardlk.
1 Vocal Duet-Klorl de Caipo . I'insiill
Mr II II HIinmanilMr. II. II Tur.,1..
.. ocai ooio u, 1'areuiso
Mr 11.11 Mini
I. Piano Holo Kaunl
. ItenePaterger
MIm Mar lluolc ratter.
5. Vocal Dolo Aria frum Don Carlo Verdi
Mr. II II. Turpln
1. Vocal Trio Hesl lhee on This Mossy Pillow.
., , , ,, . II. smart
il.ii.e. him, ItodKeri and I'help".
2. Piano Holo
rtnt E ll'irillk.
local wo-rnou art I.Ike a Lovely I'lo
Ir (I II. UlniT.
I Vocal Mlo-Wlth Verdure Clad
Mrs, Mirkev.
5. ocal8olo-Oh, that WTocre Maylne .
Mr. II. II Turpln.
6. Vocal Trlo-Sireet in the Work. Welgani
Miss title, Messrs. Turpln and llimiu.
The Central Ohio Hliiiot h Flzle.
Carl Myers and C.eorge A. Warder attend
ed ibe Central Ohio shoot at Itsllefontaine
yesterday and the day belore. They report
the attendance small and the affair a genuine
fitr-le throughout. Kach captured several
Vesierday, while handling a 2'.'.calibre
Smith Ic Wesson revolver, Mr. Myers bad a
furrow cut In the palm of bis left hand by
the accidental discharge of the weapon.
VI.. 4 UK COMMON fl.f.AS.
aenintl Alignment (Ictoli.r Term, IHH,",,
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7fJ. J (I Hitman vs. I) r Went, et al
7115. JolmC Hill Hlbbla reiupleton, et al.
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;:! Henry llrown, admr , etc, t. Iula
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7IM"i I'ortiiiiiiulu Iron an.l .Steel Co. vs. Coin
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7 ,7t. I dwaril (i. Kelly Jacob ('. Illgler.
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nuliAV, vol. 13th.
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7C.I0 lieurge 1'erklna vs ttlobe Priming and
Publlilillill Co.
7117 Andrews, Wise A Putnam ,i Dr. J C
7i.ll Mluerva Hltmore TI. The City of Hprln-
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7711. John ll HUrk ti A II lemiuon,
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77Ui, Hartiara HulTriiau ti Dana llowman.
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7717 Theli.nr Hash and 1 umber Ci n A D
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7-VJ. deorge Swarti v. Joaaph Millar, et al
7767 Win. M. 1'liher A Co ti, Wui l ntraley,
et al.
7iiA (liatiam Deuwall is II ,. KorkflelJ
77I.J. Albert McKluue, vs. Dora McKluiiey.
"771 teo. A Humsardner vs Mslluda l.lriuer.
el el. '
7773. Maj-Jaleda Amman vi Italph llahn,
We re showing a magnificent line of DRESS GOODS.
New Shades in all the Leading Fabrics, Buttons and Trim
mings to match.
In all the latest and best styles. Do not fail to see our assortment
of Cloaks. It is the largest in tha city.
Afl flfifi yards newand desirable Carpets to select from, the
tUyUUU largest stock in Central Ohio. Our prices are the
lowest all the time.
K-esTD Bot Jtiilly-
The clearest case ot recent record is that
which comes Irom Dayton, O., here a daugh
ter ol Mrs William I'enlon, was cured as if
by magic of a long standing and very dis
tressing cse of dysepsia. The veiling Udy
was actually deprived ot the pleasures of
society, she could go nowhere, and whs a con
stant sutrerer. One of her young friends
suggested that she give Misbkr's Herb Hitlers
a trial, having heird of many remarkable
cures performed Ly the medicine. The in
junction was fullowed, and from a poor sickly
invalid. Miss Kenton has developed into a ro
bust, hearty girl. No disease is more dis
heartening than dyspepsia and none more
wearing than malaria. Iloth yield "uickl) to
Ihe health-restoring powers of Mishltr's
Herb Hitters.
Sufferers from the eflecla ot utilnlne. iisrd
as a remedy tor chilli and fever, will appre
ciate Ayer's Ague Cure, a powerful tonic hit
ter, composed wholly of vegitable substances,
without a particle ol any noxious drug. Its
action is jeculiar, prompt, and powerlul,
breaking up the chill, curing the tever, and
expelling tbe poison from the sjstetn, yet
leafing no harmful or unpleasant eUect upon
tbe patient.
A ItKl.lAlll.K AKTILI.K.
For enterprise, push and a desire to get
such goods as will give the trade satisfaction,
Ad. liakbaus A Co., the druggists, lead all
competition. Dr. llo'anko's Cough nod I.ung I
Syrup, Ix-cau-e it's the best medicine on tbe
market for coughs, colds, croup and primary
consumption Price 50 cents and $1. Sam
plea free.
Carefully read advertisement ot the Albert
Wedical Institnte. 217-tf
iouiik Ainu IUb.I Thlal
The Voltaic Belt Co.. of Marshall. Mich..
ofTer to send their celebrated Klectro-Voltaic he,uh
Beltand other Klectric Appliances on trial' VPTI.PllUV fill Unit!
for thirty dnyo, to men (young or old) afflicted I A1J,Jl'" "It r X I J5
with nervous debility, loss ot vitality and ' I'oMlllvcly Curcil bj n , and tpr
manhood, and all kindred troubles. Also for ' fulling Mi'tlim!, mnl a (Juurutitee
rheumatism, neuralgia, paralysis, and many j (then In Ktcry C'ile.
omer aiseases. Uoraplete restoration to
health, vigor and manhood guaranteed. No
risk Is incurred as thirty days trial is al
lowed. Write them at once for illustrated
pamphlet free.
iVIini the Shaker Holiest Ahnnt Ills-
ease. They have learned from many years'
eiperience, that nine-tenths of all the diaeases
ot mankind arise from imperfect digestion of
food; tor this reason they bale spent years
of labor in preparing the Shaker Kitriu-t of
Hoots (Siegel's Syrup) and It opperates like
a charm in all caes ol indigestion.
It is not what we eat that makes us strone.
nut that which we digest. This is the doc- I
trine of the Mount Lebanon Shakers. Tec- i
pie who are weak and languid, tired and fee- J
Ole otlen wonder. The reason is that the
food eaten does not give strt ngth because it
is not digested. The Shaker Kutract of Koote
(Siegel's nyrup) will restore tbe digestion to
a healthy condition and drive away the head
ache, the pains in the side and back, the dis
tress after eating and make the sleep aflord
It. H. Moore, druggist at Champlaln, .V. V.,
writes: "We are using your medicine in my
laraily for constipation, resulting from dys
pepsia, with the most "atistntory results"
Use Shaker Tar Capsules tor coughs.
LADIKS, Use (Iilm rc'a Aromatic W.ne
fur neriousiiess and Sleeplessness. For sale
by Theo. Troupe, druggist.
MONTHS, and almost bliu 1, and cured by
one box oftiilmore's Xeuralgic Cure. For
sale by Theo. Troupe, druggist.
"My daughter has taken the medicine faith
fully, according to directions, and her health
and spirits are now jierfect. The humor is
all gone from her face. I wish every aniiuus
mother might know what a blessing Ayer's
Sarsapanlla is in such cases."
Piles are frequently preceded by a sense ol
weight in the back, loins and lower part ot
the abdomen, causing the patient to suppose
he has some effection of tbe kidneys or
neighboring organs. At times, symptoms ot
Indigestion are present, flatulency, uneasiness
ot the stomach, etc. A moisture, like per
spiration, producing a very disagreeable Itch
ing, alter getting warm, is a common at
tendant. Blind, Bleeding and Itching Tiles
yield at once to the application of Dr.
Bosanko'e Pile Remedy, which acts directly
upon the parts affected, absorbing the
Tumors, allaying tbe intense Itching, and
effecting a permanent cure. Price 60 cents.
Sold by Ad. BMkhana k fin
Sought fur the last hundred years. A
remedy lor catarrh, hay fever and cold in the
bead, tound at last in Kly's Cream Balm Sate
and pleasant to usi, and easily applied wilh
the hnger. It gives relief at once and a thor
ough treatment positiiely cures. Price M)c.
For all firms of nasal catarrh where there
is dryness of Ihe air passage with what Is
commonly called "stufhng up," especially
hen going to lad. Kly's Cream Balm gives
Immediate reliel, Its bentli- to me has la-en
priceless. A. (1 Chase, M. I)., Millwood, Kas.
I)ipepia in its worst tnrm will yield to
the use of Carter's Little Nerve I'llls.aided by
Caller's Little Llier Pills. They uol unly
relleie present distress, but strengthen the
stomach and diges.ive apparatus.
JOHN II. VATKS of lla.awO. V., lais:
"I cheerfully commend
It did new life and vigor send
Through this weak frame ol mine.
It did fur all in) stumaih ills
More than the doctor and his pills."
For sale by Theo Troupe, druggist.
Hrott'a Killnlftlnii ol I'lire tint l.lver till
with ll)poilio.plilte., lor IVnatlna; Clill.
ii rnii.
Dr. S. V. Cohen, or Waco, Teias, says. "I
nave used your Kmulsion in Infantile wast
ing, with gool results. It cot only restores
wasted tissue, but gives strength, and I heart
ily recommend It for diseases attended by
atrophy ''
Slinoriftv Qf Vn Tl.nt.a:.. -it i.ji . . "
Superior St., Next to Postoffice, Cleveland, Ohio.
Chronic, Nervous, Skin and Blood Diseases
.SticccHxfiilly trealfl upon
The Latest Scientific Principles.
"".kie.rinuL.'t'V al '"',"'" 'hewnrl.1 fr
rl?.rVi.l...""" '"","1 "'"""'ilarv dis
Unguo-' r ,'nt r!f ' '. ","' 'le",l,,T "-vuil.ne.i.
he.ri ihnlilil V;1.," ,! '' ".' l"li"V "' ,h
W. I neV. .IliT. """'"','llr7 ' sUht cr
.VI .n..i . ..'' ll" ''e Jl. throat, no.e or
klu. arlntion. of the lirer lungr ilomaih or
ri-iweii itios. lernhlo .lis..r.Ura ..,.),. i i.
nary ii.hn. ( .,,, :,, , """.- ,:;',"?
htfng Ihelr most rall.nl h ,i. or .iiri,...
r.T V ....as diii rsrirr-l iirariK p
1)1? ihflr nit.at rail. t.t L. ...... ... .1.1. .
U-' . -, , " -" is -jn-a ui ttllliCiliH-
I'l rill, UL. lil'aldLrJ 1 .
- - "' aaa.a lil J a .
Those siitrerlng from Nervous Debllllv. lh
p rH!lfrrInK from NVrvuin Debility, the '
.(t-iiiftof which fre h .lull, ili-trp., mini, I
(IN lit them I fir i.orfi.r ..in 1 1. . - I...-1 - .
8 y m id
vru ti
i ., """" '" hail'l marriages lull,!
Ilile, illatrew lh. aitlon ot ihe heiri, earning
Jujhe.of heal, .teprewlnn of .iniil., erll fore-bo.!lli(-s,
(o.ar.llce, lenr. dreim., ahnrt breath.
ln, melancholy tlr easily .u company and
have a .reference lo i ealoi.e reellriira tire.t In
the morning a. hen r.tlrlng losl manhood,
white time deil In lh,. rine, nervoil.neai
treiiihUng, confii.ion ot ihoiuhla, nalerv and
weal eves dyi.., cmMipalion, inlenrti. pain
!. i ---,-..... (i imii i-iiiiiirte i
Dl al lEr ' 'Z. " ",'. l" ,.2,u"..,u'1
r "KU"",M.:::,,.,H'rV:r,,Vo,j:i::!nB xi: - -
pound., -.li., ui, Apply linine.llatrly.
R KM R k' A R FiK Clli lN 'Vm""?1 in ".'"'j cw-h" h ,",T, hn" "' ,-'1 ' unui-
ii JV'lf .. JKWIIMjl,; V. I UTjO fully treated So experiments or Failures Parties treated
by mall and capreas, but where -.sil,l personal con.ulalion u preferred """ arI"" "eaieo
Address with Postage. DR. ALBERT, CLEVELAND, O
J il I ii
lpat.03t.30til,l833. ml
TlauV only nf Hie ftneat Hurl beat
lilullly uf lilnaa lor lHU-
aleillellli lie-ill.
Evory good thing is Countcr
foitod, find consumers nro CAU
of thoBO ChininoyB mado of
VEUY rOOIl GLASS. Soo thnt
tho oxnet lnbol is on ouch chim
noy ns nbovo. Tho Poarl Top is
always clour and bright Glass.
Muiiufnc lured tM, h)
1'liulotritli I.fHil ,.U.4 Work.
IVr.mi. ..tii, iitf Yi'Ilow H(niiKi will (luJ gimd
au-ouHJimUt.oii Ht Il.e uU r liable
At Tery roAuiiab,e rat t Yrt us furmhfi1 on
hort nut ii ti
House oul udc aii(firtr fiom dct,
K. It, 111 ! r.lt, PntprlPtiir.
H A J ( Uollov,.y win furnish H'NKRAl.
OAKKI Mil.rt inside of old ofs.ratlon limit,
until further nutlie fur laahor Its egiilvajent.
KeriicllltOmeterj 2 5i
Oreenuiount 2 cmj
Irish Catholic I'eu.etery g 50
dermaii Catholic t-'euuter, ... 3 CO
And parties ie 111 save money ty ralilnir on ui d
reel for tarnagc.
'o lVr Out. Hit hi to Uinlcrliikcrn.
Outside uf old 1 orporntloii lino at
Reasonable Rates.
37 'llah Bt., neit to ArcaJs.
Married p. r.nns or voung men roufrnplatlni,
'marrage aw m or phi,i, al wiakne.. I o ot pro!
-'eat ie P.,w r- l,,.,,iei..y or any otner d.s.,.,al
l";,","",' '"d,ly relieve 1 He wl, ,,!,., )',,.
l m If un.Ur il.e rare of lilt. AI.IIKKT liay confide
In hi. honor a.; ge .lleman and .ontldently rely
' "I""! his akill aaSi phyalilan
i .-.... . -. ; - . . .
i r... i i . ... -. . . f.
.,..........., j ,,.,,,, noil urn vigor resioreu I nil
illsirestmg attlutlon which renders life a I linlen
and marriage imoosslbl Is th inalty paid hr
," ;""" ."' ',""' "CT Indulgence The most
chaste must a Lnnu L. il,Di ti.u .,- -
I 'he gnat magnet bv hu h the whole world In at
tracteil Hestrov them and whal h.ive we- Man
, Is ro longer Interestfd in the oota.slt sev tl.o in
tenhange or lint blissful reia.se which attracts
and Interests the whole world ealst.no longer,
...n.i ,,.. .,, i. si i,o,j mane nun ine world
is no longer interesting to him and remora and
.lljjpiajiiitmeiit are his constant companions,
lonsult Hit AI.IIMtT at once and you will find
the sympathy and relief that you lajsltlTely re-
1M10 have beiorne Mrtlms of solitary vlre, that
ilreallul and destructive batnt which annually
sweeps loan uuiimili grave Ihousinds of young
men ot e, ailed talent and bri Hunt intellect, may
call wilh lull (onhdence
I)U Al.KhKr aldresses all tboso whu hive In
jured IhemselTd by improper Indulgence and
jllta-iy habl . wlilch ruin both mind and body,
unrmlng theu lor bu.l ie.., .tud, society or
aaa a i s ssaiTJ
Jacob Bauer,
193 W. Main St.
Fri'ssli 11-iMil, Ciilp-, U 1h, Ii.H mid
Ciimlifw nlmi)4 em Ininif.
For thoeureof ASTHMA. KslaMished IsC3.
Trial .achate tree
T. rol'lltll co fruit.., I'lillHilelpliln.
Do not fail to try this si lendld preparation If vou
hatedur.. .11 breathing from Asthma, 11a) Fever
oribmnlc Krouehltls. It la a pleassnt inhaling
rcmed,, jroinn at once to the sent ei! diat.jia re.
uoviu ihe muius or hl,v'iii, reUiini; ine
tUhtneasot ihe ihest, promoting e x pec titration,
and gt,ln: luuui-diale and positive relief In ever,
caiw Tut up lu larire hotes. and told bv druirtata
Xbr .
,e -?3 ,w,:! ru",fr "" nucoo. r-,-
fe V 1 l.le.t . LIVl Ii IVD;- i.
Ft-iVA saoiKi'emn, i
x Sy'Jh. " . vk. -.' t-tr.
CvfitV eiiei. I.. . i .1 i.
-iVw 111. i
ll.o nuli'l
e,,,, plu.il.nni ,. .....1 .in, .
n. . . s l.i-nt,, I ... -
-. . ..., ...... ...,-
tu V i ulli.rlii . h Ir ..xt I
il.c il i; - lltun .u.liu ii rel . I
., s ai iLjf, heal', y colr-.!e i ..
til , m.i . si c iui i. rlt 'Miiic oiuy a 1 1
. Itti 1 i)ti not. uvn.
Snl-r Ha-trrMts1
. i 1 '
M.(iNi:To.i:i,i;(T!!o (Mitci.ri
I tin po. In. 1. li, r mill 1 mi 11
sumii Minium, hut siiitiHiii, a
til. MMtl. WHkUWl,
Wilulis only one, in en.v mnl cnu
roilal.ie lo went nun itvna an
fieri in men It. iisull. me nppul
mil) mum iiliuia Hinlislpsilliiilul
flu Mi litlim pal.ir Ailille.a
I). . TO. IJIiJ llreiitiletiiy, .Veu-iork.
Men Think
they know all about Mustang Lin
iment. Few do. Not to know in
not to have.
A&'h!ir EITIKT Vs. '1
.0. J. 4-r" J 1
$&LJw Q&
jiaBOTWOMsiwlfii'j'V'T' i"""H"
mn i.hii 1 ii.wijiiw . mm
WiUl.WSMislwsstainnii j ,(ajiiii 1
1-eW' 1
. - i'y-

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