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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, December 03, 1885, Image 2

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, aatrt. HawnHfal fWM Waftclm.
6L0BE-REPUBUC 1' published
vir-v venlnir event
unaay. 'i
ered at the rate of lwc rMt
iiile eop-
lei 2c
MUMlay mornlne. and 1 ilellveml t.i sub
scrtbertat$2lerreir sioit'ecoplM Sc
every Thursday, and i one ot the must mm
plete family newsn-iNer. In the e.umtry
eUtit paces, markets complete Keplete
with news and miscellany. 51 per jear In
variably cash In advance.
AMrm mil mmwialumito
Telephone No S.1.
s and A Klil A loiter frim .Imlce
To the Kdltor of the lilotV-Keimblle
I lute seen jotir issue of the S4Ui nist.
and have .ittentivi'lv re-id jour article le-
latins tothoproi-crm-le of Miting ui-.ii
constitutional ami iidui.nts.
As mj onlj objtvu in tlie communication
to whk-h 1 011 refer, was to invite iuwMiga-
tlonand reflection as to the proper course
to I" pursmsl In the future, 1 am much
more than satisfied with the aid on furnish
in bnuging the matter to publii attentloiu
and with the flam and candid iiminer in
winch your reasons and conclusions are
There crtamlxcan be erj little epii-
tation that loan atw wlUijoum wlnt
seems to lw jour fundamental pn.j.st.n,
(I)tliat the end justmes the means, and
tliat the ,nmtion should lie "whether
or not the amendment is desirable to
the" (iif-Hf.ji-it voters of the state.
If it is so desirable, the (nfif;iir voters
are ierfivtiv jiititiab!e m so printing the
ticket (pnn'mg it witlioniv Yes) as tint the
hniorant and unthinking voter shall vote
f.,riU I'CCiutc that ( the only iml he oin
ltcwClnfitrirfiiny timcmlmniL
There might lx! considerable dinicult j-in
making tins classification, and determining
who should go into each class; but. ir it
was accomplished. I should I at a loss to
know what right ilther would hive to
(2) iic the other in the iinnm r propo-od.
It is certain tliat such a distinction lias no
place m the constitution; but, on the con
trary. In language as plalnacver was used.
thepeoide theniselv is liave declarcil tliat
what thev have oiic-e i-sUblishcsl shall not
Ik- changed tmtil the proiosition todos
meets the (1) appnmtl of a nnjontv of till
the electors otmg' at a general election.
While therefore I cannot concur m
jour iews, and verj finnlj believeth.it, if
this precedent is followed, it will take but a
few jean, to make of the constitution
(4) an incongruous nia.vs of patchwork, jet
imiers nsaj iuifc.iiuieiviiij. " i..i.i
j-our reasons as altogether suflicient
Hut, in anj event, in a untter soutallj
tniportant as that which concerns theetr
talntj'and stabihtj of the fundamental laws
of a great state, iTenturetosiicgestwhether,
in connection with this note, joii might not
consider it projier to publish thecoinminica
tion M which jou tale exception, in order
that jour Intelligent readers maj haetf
the reasons which riglitfullj- bearuiMin the
subject, Verj'Tu'i jours,
!L, 1. Ilvxxt x.
Clev eland, O.. Xov. 2s, Issj.
Kkmxkks. In our recent editorial und r
the caption of "Yes andXovveeniliMVonsl
fairlj to present Judge Ilannej's argumuit
against what lie denounced as atnek tin
wit. the printing of onlj Yes to a priuxis -
tion for a constitutional amendment on a
ballot and to reply to his argument. Ills
rcasoidng in a long letter, which we have
not space to spare for was (1) that the
trainers of the constitution intended the
xi)terto clcx-e between esand oasto
an ainendment presented to hiui; (21 tint
therefore the ballot should tw so printed as
Ui afford him tlie opportunltj- for such
choice: (3) that, unless it was so printed,
tlie careless xoter's attention would not be
drawn to what he was xotmg alNiut, and
(4) that thus the careless v oter would beile-
o-iv-ed into xnmng what he di.Cnot intend to
xote. To this we replied, In effect, (lltliat
me iramers oi me isinsiiuuiim iiiienoen
(and so provided) tint a iii.ijf.nl of all tlie
ballots cast should liave es on them in or
,!.. Isi'. M.l. .Iillfilt J if U Alttt itllf li tl S I
UlU W .UC ,. ...v.. ,.. - s. ,
aroenrtmenU 12) tliat only 'its counting (
for an amcndmejit, anjlliing else Is sjr- .
plusage and coinits against; (3) that the I
careless xoter's attention would no more ! '
i . 1....1. i--.. i v .. i.A.. i ......i.i i...
UraWIl lO UOlll 1 US iUlu iu umii il mmm w:
to Yes alone;" and (4) that the cartles
voter, who neither knows nor cares what
lie is voting about, if he can be said to lx
deceived In xotmg, would bitter be devolved
tnto votingor au amendment than ti'cifnxf
it, because tlie presumption in the case of '
au amendment, submitted bv thm-hftlisof j
each house of tlie general assoinbl v , is that
a large majority of the intelligent voters of
tlie state, xvho ilo care what thej are voting
about, desire its adoption, and it would lx
a wrong to have it defeated bv a few thou
sand ignorant voters vvhoeareiiothingalmut
it one w a) or the other.
Judge llannej s ron-gomg letter to tne
GuntK-Ilhi'l hi ic has two or thni-points
that xv e have noted bv figures for the pur-
, , ., , . ,., ,, ,i,0,
pose of limiting a fen remarks to them
In tlieir order, as folio a r. i
(1) Wo do hold "that the end justifies the
andisdredbj U.e intelligent "mean,'
1 ..... ..! f..v .1 nil l !ii l.riu,r,lt
aim noi ciuisi im ... .u. "jsv ,.,.........
(J) There is no question lure of either
leeehinc tltssifvmg. or 'using'' voters.
Mecelving, uts iijiiu. " .
There is simply the .tuestionwhUher those
xvho vote Ihoughtli-sslj and heotllosslj. with
titter indifference, should alwajs be counted
as opposed to an amendment, and never m
,. ," .,., t. fl.,,r
its favor. Tlie presumption is in its favor ,
renresentatives in tlie legislature would not
havesubinitte.1 it. Wh v. then, Miould not
. ti i.r .. ,,,,. i ,a f,.r 1.
lesandindifferen xoters In s favor, as
well as or rather than to put them always
in the count against it? It is no trick, but
is simpij a pnnlsiou for leading the blind
and heedless in line with the general InU Hi-
... .... ... . ... i i.. ,i.
eenoe oi me peopiu oi iuc -ui-, aim " mc
way they would want to go If thej vjould
take the tnmble to msj and think what tiiej
(1) We think that Judge Rannej dix?s
not mean to saj that the word "njijirviiiC
is used iu the constitution exactlj in the
connection ai.d tlie uenso. in
which he '
has here cited it witli
such empua-
pliasls. Certalnlj-, the careless xoters, con-
coming whoni onlj' we are tlkcussing, can
not properly be said either to approve or
to disapprove, and jet their affirmative bal-
Joteareasrnuch an approval and their neg-
atlve ballots areas much a diepproval, in
the Intendment of the constitution, as
thuseof the most enlightened and purposing
nters ut an election. It Is nl a question,
a- to printing the ballots, whether these In
different voters shall not he led to "approve"
in the ruiistitutlmml sense, rather than to
disapprove in the same ense; anil, as we
have Mill, the presumption is in favor of
the former.
(11. As to making an "incongruous mass
of itelivvork" of the constitution, v e do not
think tli it Judge liaiine) ought to feel
aiixutv aliout that, inasmuch as eae.li
aim ndincut has first to go through a general
canvass of its merits bv the public press and
the ipular orators before there can be got
a general asseiiililv Infaorof iLs submis
sion, and then to pass the scathing dtbate
of the constitutional lawjers of esich house
and come out of each with a three-hfths
111 ijont befon- it can go to the people at
nil. Coii'-tltutious, an) vvav, should grow
with the grow tli of the jieople, an I not be
in ide up lnm-clad lie, one century to be
il.nnxil un the next. We faor
f.uilit of ihange in constitutions;
and amendments thit jump with the
progress ot the eopIe should N wel
comeil, ami, if possible, carried bj nn
uietluxl that is fair for the informed v oter
and dix-s no injustiee to tlie indifferent and
careless oter.
The aiiHiiilments ailojited at the last elec
tion wire giKl ones; and we are glad if .111
unthinking ot rs wtri" counted for them.
and not, as Judge Kiiiniv thinks tliev 1
ought to hue Ixs'ii, against them. It is'
IkM to reniemlx'r that the linkers of a con
stitution are not alwajs wise enough to leg
islate for a remote posterit.
Tlie I(.s fnim . itaiKans Icxiks more
WAr,i.e,IK!l. N,ma , lx ,,roposed to Hul-1
Rim a WItllJrawa, t ..,,, ,,,, sW,.,
into their respective temtones .mil a pr-
i,,,,,.,,,,, (lf ,lc armistice till Fel.niarv I;
lm, 11ipariar0Jt.0t, tliepn.i..sltiem. Nrvia
,s jccordmgh making re-aelv. under the mi-
,H.niUm f ., AuN,nan general, for a
Rran(, ,IeftnMM, inttIeat Xtsoli. Turkej
l,as g.,m-in and liken niillturv and govern
,,.,., .session of Koumel'i.i. Austrian
.,,, are luring to the front on the
Inirilers of ts'rvia and Ktissian on those of
,!llIc.ir, al, tht .hspiuhmgof milit.ir
,., ,i,e ,ink fr,ltll.r has been actiteh n-
Mlmiy, .,,. .lrIl11(, i,.rs around the
,N m(,0 ,,mnlu
There has Ihvii a turn in the tide of the
Hntih ! turns. The liln-r.ils have not
Ihvii iiiw.ilcul itmg on tiieisnmtrj-districts
which are coining in with lilxral gains.,
The totals, at the latest advices, stood ,
hU-rals r.i tones 20.1, and Parnellites AC, ;
il '- liberals are beginning to pick up
courage to claim a niajont) overall. Hut
the problem is not jit solved. Next Satur-
daj's elm. turns are evixxteil to tell tlie
ton .
In a letter from Columbus printed bv the
Xew -York bun of Mondaj this chunk of
news is heaved into circulation:
"Miould there Ik- an artuil fight igalnst Slier
man.lt is imssiHethat Ittishuell may te chosen '
sen-itor In tict. such a course has lxeu
agreeii uisin in a contingency." i
This will be unexixi'tod intelligence to
Captain ItiishmlL. We waft the tidings to
him as the lirt he ever heanlof it.
I'he Clevelind l'liin Healer sav stint, "if
the ileinix rats with the assistance of repuli-
Ileitis can not elect I'a ne or some other
able dciiiix-rat president of the senate, their i
preference will no doubt lie Edmunds."
Air. Edmunds is popular with both demo-1
;.raN am, munvHmlls. 1Ie is
a primrose
Thcebaw is to Ie interned in an interior ,
Indian cite and left there with all the wives
he wants with the ghosts of his murdered
relatives aUmt him. with his rojal assits '
and with his white elephant of tliemillion
dollar harness. Thoihaw is jit a joung
nnii. and there doesn't ap)x-ar tolan-
thing to hinder him from having a good,
I T he bill of exceptions for the transfer of
the Cincinnati mandamus case from the cir-
cuit to the supremo court has been com-
pleted at la-t, and Jordan went with it jes-
t"rdij to Columbus where a motion will be ,
made this morning -to take up the case out
of its order. j
wi Cac-eres. of Peru, has enlivened his '
j,t ir U attending hi, funeral himself.
iie Ins captured Lima and demised the gov- '
ernuitiit, likewise declareil a general am-
nest). Caceres has gut himself now in the
lncf new N and he maj be existed to
make himself lieanl of agaliu
We are indebted to Hon. J. Warn n Keifer
for several puunds of valuable publications
of the govimment reading for a lifetime.
The tight of the female l'olanders ui in
I)i tniit for their meetinghouse revives rem-
lnlscences of thechurch militant.
, h to W mandamuse.1 to send up
j,alllltm ,.,,,., election-return, to the
sivretarj of state.
t Hereafter.
.Merchant Traveler
M TlInl,Kl, ,,! I1()t lHn f.j, .
alll Mr T ,ia)1 feIt t,e re,uIt of lt ilt
arioUs wavs. bundaj momuig he went
to c hurch as a sort of vacation, and when
he came back his wife wanted to know all
about it.
..l-, n tl,....n
,, IK, , .V, ,111,, .
she asked, after sev
eral iitlu r questions of a more spiritual na
tuie. 'Oil, everjbodv as usual. I saw Joe
Kieldng anion; the number and was a little
surprised "
"He isn't orthcxlox."
"In what resjxvt V"
"He doesn't U lieve in a hereafter."
"1 nevir heanl tliat bifore. How do jou
know ""
"ltest evidence m tlie xvorld. He's going
to gi t warned next w irk."
Mrs 1. had a nlajise.
Contests in the est Cfiigresi
Th iiihiiIm r nf f,mtestitl sots In t)u.
- - - ..... . . ... .....
iext house promise to beverj small com- i
p-tred with the numenius contests In the j
lt. I p to this time the following notices
of intindeil contests have been made to tlie
cIirkof ,lle lloUs0. Catllllbe .mW-uu
agunt Weaver, demixratand greenbacker.
tnim tliesixtn district ot Iowa; Weaver's
""'iial majority is 57 votes. Kid.L
in, iiemo
eleventh . . .... '
,.tiir,i.ut i.lii
ntmj. ;H otes. rage, ilmitx-rat, against
I'earce, republican, second district of Khixie
Island, IVaroe's si'at is contested on tlie
Krnunit of the unconstitutional disfraiichise-
nient of citiiens in the Illume Ishndlaws.
llnU llt.m(H.r ai:aIst K(MIiels ,,,,.
can, tenth district of Ohio; theofticial plu-
ralitj of Ibmieis i ifi, but Hunt exx-cts to
prove mistakes ami ; fraud, sufticient to over-
csum' it and give him his seat The seat of
UfuU , . . )f CaMf)r
ma. is said to lx? contested bv the Alaska
Fur Sjeal Comiianv, to which" Mr. Henlev
hxs made himself obnoxious; but the nut I
House i, not a ixxij in wliitlilliiscompanj
is likelvtogit much favoror encourage-
,, ,ie tffoIt t) tuni out a lIem.K:ratic
r,.)reM.lltalIu.. j, i djabie that there
will l notice of one or two more contest,
11ieaNvelit will liardlj cx-cupj a great
deal of the time of the election eoiiimlttee
or of the house.
m inj oi me oiu raiinuis in tne soutli in t
existence in lbso have lieen jmrchasecl '
since bj sjudicates and vastlj im-1
jiroved and extended so as to develop
new terntorj" or make new connections.
Uesides this however, manj millions of
dollars have been extended in building new
nu,'s' al"' a xvonderful imjietus has tx-en
gitcii io uie oev eio(nneui oi uie resmirees
,.f ...,, .!, tii or.. i .nitwun.
alone in
live j ears lias been .3i3 miles.
Tlie smallest increase of anj' state
has been In Maryland forty-two miles
and South Carolina comes next in smallness
with mt tnltpfc Vlnrinitt ftlinvrstin ln.rAoaA
0f 7W mUewhlchJs exceeded by onlj-two
states, Texas and Arkansas.
When I put on my whits draw summer bat
And when my do? cart I would drive, on that
In winter time thread 1 do uot roam.
Tb day m new red sleigh comes JinfllBc
It thaws.
The girl who, of all rosebud blooming jlrls
I picked.
And loved for her sweet eyes, lips, cheeks and
She kicked
And when the man f hate, poor, stupid, mean
And Krlni,
Came by.wlth fare ell glance for me,my quean
Took him
I bought West Shore at ninety three great
For tne:
And the next day, as sure as fate, she broke
To three;
Were la barber all the world would know
Mj chair;
And all mankind would wear dense bcarda,
and grow
Long hair.
Were I a preacher, quickly the mlllen-
With utter ruin to my business, thin
Would come
I'll be an undertaker; then I can
The laws of nature, for no III Ing man
Would die.
UunfcKe, in H. 1'. Star.
Strange Superstitions Rife in an
Old English Settlement.
Years ago a number of emigrants
from Devonshire, Lincister, Cornwall,
Yorkshire and other counties of En
gland settled in Northern Pennsv Ivania,
near the New York State line. They
hid made some of the finest farms in
the State and are the best ot citizen,,
but manj of them clni"; with mpilir
tenacitv to a strange belief in tlie elh
cacy of certain ch.irnis that hive been
Used for centuries among the clas, to
which they belonged in England. Tin
charmed ring cure for epilepsy is one
of these. Onlv a few davs ago a jew
eler at Hoiicdale was called upon by a
resident of the settlement, who had
with him his daughter, a sitkly girl of
fifteen. The girl produced nine En
glish two-penny pit ce, from w Inch the
jew clcr w as requested to make a ring
to tit the girl's middle linger. It w as
necessary, the fanner slid, that a por
tion of each coin should be usi d and
the rest of the pieces ived mil re
turned to his daughter The coins
were given her by tune boy s, .is ne ir
her ow r. age js could be found, w hich
would gixe to the ring a charm which,
when she put it on, would cure lit r of
epilepsy, from winch she was siiOenii";.
This he maintained was a cure that
was always tried in Devonshire mil
never failed. If the victim of epilepsy
was n male, the nine coins must be
presented by nine females.
Some of these fanners keep the skins
of adders in or on their house, end
buildings, believing the m to lie a eel
tain charm against lire. To cure ague
the patient is taken to a spot vv hero
two road, cross, and an oik tret is
found as near the spot :is poihlc. A
lock of his hair is lifted tip and driven
into tlie tree with an ash peg. The
patient must then tear himself loose,
leaving the hair sticking in the tree,
and walk away without looking be
hind him. Sufferers with erysipelas,
by wearing in a silken big around
their neck a toad from which the right
hind leg and the left fore leg ha been
cut until tin mutilated reptile dies will
get w ell of the disease. 'I he tongue
cut from a living fox, these charm be
lievers say, carried about the person
will ward off disease of all kinds but
as tlie person carrying one of these fox
tongues will surely die if he should
happen to meet a fox at any cross
road,, the charm is seldom invoked.
One old resident of the settlement car
ries in his pocket constantly an im
mense tooth from a huniin jaw. The
tooth, he says, was taken from the
mouth of a man who was hanged in
Hertfordshire moie than a hundred
years ago after the man was dead, and
was came'il by the present owner's
father, grandfather and greatgrand
father. It is carried as a preventive for
toothache, the tootli fiom a dead per
son's mouth being a certain charm
against that malady. The owner of
the tooth says he never had the tooth
ache in his life. A double hazelnut ear
ned in tlie pocket or about the person
is also a preventive of the disease.
The charms for the dispersion of
warts believed in by many of these hon
est farmers are inimeious and most
singular. For instance, if a person
with warts on his or her hands will
w nte tlow n tlie number of them on the
band of a tramp's hit without the
tramp knowing it he will cniiy the
warts away with him tint is, they
will gradually di-apiie.tr from the per
son's hands and appear on thoe of tlie
tramp. By cutting a notch on a green
elder-stick for every w ut a person may
have, nibbing the -tick on every wart,
and then burying it in th.e barn-yard
until it tot-, the wnrt may be cured
Waits may uNo bo removed by taking
a black snail, nibbing it on all the
wart at night, and impaling the snail
on a thorn bush, icpiatmg the process
nine consecutive nights, by which time
the warts and the snail will both If
sr.TVRa tip Anotner way to get nil
of warts is for the person to see a funer
al pass unexpectedly, wherever he
may be, and, as it passes, nib his w arts
quickly and repeat the words: "Warts
and corpse pass aw av and never more
return. " Green peas may also be used
to advantage in taking off wart,. Let
the afflicted person take as many peas I
as Ui has warts and touch eaeli wart
with a diflerent pea. He must then
wrap eacli p'-a in a se pirate piece of .
paper and bury them secretly in the (
shade of an ah tree or under a hazel
bush If peas are not in season and l
the person with wart does not care to i
try the eflieacy of any of the above
named charms, Ic t him select as many '
peobles as he has w arts Sew ing them
up in a small big, he must take them '
tt where four roads cross and throw
the bag over his left shouldT. This I
charm will never be resorted to, how
ever, by persons wno nave no mali
ciousness in their hearts, for if, by
chance, any other person find the bag
and open it the warts will appear on
his hand.
A wen is usually a troublesome and
unsightly thing to be afflicted w itb. but
the x ictims of wens need not suffer
long if they beliexe in the English
charm. Take a common snake. Hold
it by the bead and tail, and draw it
backward and forward nine times over
the wen. Then cork the snake in a
bottle and burr it If that fails the do-
tient must not repine, but simply wait
until tliti next May Day. Rise early in
1 the morning of that day before the sun
has disturbed the dew Go to a grave
yard, and, by passing the baud three
times from head to foot over the grave,
i collect the dew that lies on the grave
of the last young person who was bur
ied in the yard. If the victim of the
I wen is a woman the grave must be
that of a man, and vice versa. Apply
, the dew immediately to the wen, and a
' cure is guaranteed In England, ac
i cording to the oldest resident of the
settlement, tlie "dead stroke" waseon
I sidered a nexcr filling cure for wens
This was the stroking of the atlicted
part with the head of a dead animal.
The charm for curing nosebleed is a
curious one. If a person is subject to
' nosebleed he may effect a cure by going
i to a person of the opposite sex and re
i questing him or her to purchase a piece
of lace, such as may bo specified, for
the person miking the request When
1 the lace is brought the person must
take it and neither pay for it nor return '
thinks for it. He must make a neck
tie out of the lace and wear it for nine
I day s, and he w ill never hive the nose
1 bleed again. If the person is too mo 1
est or gall mt to get the lace in that
way let him catch a toad, kill it and
wear it around his neck m a bag until
I it sickens him His nose will never
I bleed again If a person his crimps
in the legs or feet at night he has but
to pi tee his stockings in h ipt
i of a cro on the floor in front of hi
I bed when he n tres, or I iv hi, slipper,
under the bed, sob s upwaid l'I icing
the shoes under the covirhd at the
foot of the bod. -o tint the toes of the
shoes prot nidi is aNo i sun prevent
ive of crimps No one who wears a
sn ikc-skin aroniid his he id net d evet
hive he id iche If one fiels a stv
mining on his eye It t him t.eko a hair
from the tail of a blick oat, nib the
eye with it nine tunes bifore' midnight
on the lirst night of the now moon,
and the sty w ill die A nng-vv onu in iv
I be dispersed by simply holding be
tweeii the thumb and linger, a pinch ol
hizol ahes before breakfast for three
dais and .saving.
Hlnffworm rinpworm rest.
Sccr maiot thou pcod or spread 1
But aj c trrow less und less.
And die nmon.' the aslil
Tlii'so anil mini more strange super
stitions .ne iart of the I nth of the
simple, honest mil thnft farmers of
English Settlement, lt. Clucago Her
ald. Trtmble spring from ullenes
grievous toils from tit eilles- e ise
'I ho r.tilrcatl engineer w ho ran intt
Jumbo's trunk is the ehampiou b ig-
gagc-smislier ot the age.
OooJ children are the Inrtlest crop
to raise; it takes a kind home and tun
steidv heads A". ' InJejiemlent.
Personal l)e-ir Xed, como back)
all i forgotten. Pa kicked the . rong.
mm, and didn't know it wis jou.
Come immediately- Jliy.
The nrin, who is aluays ready to
condemn the mother-in-law", should not
forget that flu had a mother-in-law onee
"Willis's best poems were written
in his boardir.g-hoiie." Another proo!
that a person can write lesf when lilt
btonvich is empty. Kentucky Statt
e lw,..t:r..l .,.... ..,..... .tl . t ti .
A beautiful new ong is called "Th
Ixinc Une on the "shore." We newt
knew till now how romantic a Military
clam coulel be made to appear. liar
Iter't Gazette.
A new comedv is called "The Girl
with a Tin Heart.'' Xearl) all the girlt
hive a tin heart when a joung man
comes around with soft solder. Luis
ril e Cutirier-Journal.
The poor dude:
The mehincbnl) days hare come.
With chirp of tlreiide cricket;
Tlicdudi', In lieu of oiercolt,
la forced to wear the ticket.
, Mmtuttit Trarfltr.
In some instances jealousy is a sign
j of lovo, but it is more frequently proof
of overw helming ego'ism. In some
' cae jenlousi, ij proof of no loe of any
! kind, but is mereH indicatic of a b id
i disposition. Albany Journal.
"Why don't ou hold up your head
1 as I do?" asked an aristoeritic Iawer
I of a sterling old fanner. "Squire." s'aiel
the farmer, "look at that field of grain
You s.ee that all the i,aluable heads are
I bowed down, while thoso that have
nothing in them stand upright."
. Don't forget to smile! Even a grin
' discounts a loug f.iee in tho world's ejtt.
'Smile in adversity, dark diys; wlien
jour wit's ends are warped out of all
i hliape and our nerves exhausted, mako
at least a showing (Jet the best foot in
the lend, and then smile. That cheer
ful smile will s-ecuro more aid for jou
ifromotlers than a whining voice and
wry face could e er hope for. X. Y.
Arithmetical Proficiency.
'I seeTalTej hasgoneinto thegroccry
business. Does he know anything about
"About an much as Joe Gibbs does
about arithmetic just about."
"Well, I reckon he'll get along then,
for (Jibbs knows a good deal about
I didn't suppose he knew a thing
t,bout it."
"He doe. though."
"Whit dex'she know?"
"He knows that if ho takes the whole
thing there is no remainder. Th it's the
rile- he gos bj whenever he finds anj- i
thing htj ing around loose that he cm I
UfU" Zice brotcn. m Cncuuo Leader-
1 keeji it with pride, I appl it with care
1 prize it. I prize it, m MV.OllOXT there. ,
I Use it. as sure as the moniiii,; light comes, j
Ilt whitens mt teeth and it hardtiis ni
I Ki""'1
It sweetens mj lire ith. 'tis mj verj lust
Thj praise' I'll eer. Oh, bO.ODON V siiur
The ltettolll of the s i.
jields no jK-arl that c-.ui exeissl in lieautj
totli wliiteiiil and cleansesl with tint in-titiiip-iralilfdtutifrice,
the fragrant b().t
DONT. N'nr is coral losler thin the gtims
in whiih such teith are set. nsij the
I lilies, who are the lest unices in such mat
ters. "Si'Al iiim.'s (!i t ?," hiiidj and useful, i
' lVople are gittmg tirtsl of liviiu- in Lo
gin count). 3Ir. Cnflith amputated the
top of his held. Saturili, ami Kate IIall.ui
was fished nut of aeisttin, Muiuliv even
iiitr. j Atiotlivr Life Siictl.
.1. I'. (Jraj, of Dadeville. All , writes us:
I "1 hau'liet n usmu jour I)K. WM. II VIX'S
UIi)AM KOH TIIK I.l'XIS. and lean
si, of a tmth, it is far sunrior to anj i
other luin; lireparation in the world. Mj
mother was confined to her bed four weeks
' w ith a cough, and had ever) attention 'b) a
I Kood ph)sieian, but he failed to effect a
' cure; and when I got one bottle of jour
LUNGS, she beean to mend nlit away.
I can say in truth that it , s the sikns
of s . ifi Hti! I it--. I Know of live cases
cured, and my mother Is better than she has
been for twentj jearg."
1 he Genuine ha Trade Mark and crossed Reo
ines on wrapper
"I sche a'l over' ' What s. corr mon, ex
press orj; and hov rtn. h t rrtearis to many
t poor su"erer ' These aches Ijavi a
;ause, aid mo o frequently thaqisgener
aMy suspe ted the cause is th,e Liver or
Kidneys. No d soase is more painful or
ser ous thar) th,eee, arid no terr,edy is so
orrirrip' and e"ect ve as
No remeaj has yet beer d so ered
tat is so e'fertve n, all KIDNEY A0
SIA, ct" , arjd ijet it is s mple and larrri
less. Scierre an,d rrjed cat skill have
corribined v th woriderful success tose
lerbs v h ch, nature h,as provided for trie
cure of d seae It strengthens arid in
vigorates tfyewho'e system.
Hon Tin MetijStfteTj. the dirtinr'ilvW Con
PMin ui.ouce rnte to a fellow nvm ber who wii
uffencv Iron. lsti.nsition tml kklny diieaie
"Tr MUtlrrti Ifrrb 11 tier", I I. he It will curt
70U I bairuts-lit f or l all tul .stlcn and aflpc.
tion of the ki iLf I atltl It in the moet wonderful
combination of infllriui! her! I eieraaw.
S25 Commerce St . Philadelphia.
Forsetrnyeirs I siitfereit with t ennoer on
my f ice Ml the simple rrmeilirs Mere applied
toallt-vlttcttic piin. lint the place continued
tiKr.flnaII) rxtfinllni! Into my nose, from
whlclirime it yellowish dlsclliree ery offen
the In Chirac ter lt win also Inflamed, and
annoyed me a creat de it. lout elfihl months
aco I wis In tlanti. it tlie house of a friend
who so strongly recommended the use of
swift's s,rlflcth it 1 determined to miXe an
effort to pnicure it In this I wis successful
and lieictn Its me. The liitluence of the medl
cine at first was to somewhtt amraiate the
sore, but soon the inflammation w is allayed
mil I hejMii to lmiroe after the first few bot
ties Mi Keneral lieilth has ireatlylniproed
I am stronger, and able to (loan) kind of work
rue r nicer on m I ice uein to decrease mo.
tne nicer 10 ne-u. uniii mere is nui a tnui.r m
i itieft-,n'y a little seir marks the place where
it hid been 1 am ready to answer all ques
tions relative to this cure
.Mies JoicieA McDotaLn
Atlanta. Oa., Auruit 11, 1V
Ithae li id a cancer on my face for some
years, extendi iik from one cheek bone acros
the nose to the other lt hiselten me a ureal
deatnt p tin. at times liurulni; and Itchlnc tc
such an extent that it w.is almost unbearable
I commi need usliic swift's -pecine In JHy
lss.'i.and Inteusidelkht bottles lt his git er
the ere itt st relief by remot-ini the liitlamma
tlonandrestorinKinyueneril health
KnonlIle.Iowa.Sept 3. lsi.
For many yeirs I was i sufferer with c-incer
oi tne nose, ana nxtini: neen curea oy me use
ot fc s . 1 feel constrained bya sense of duty
to sufferiin: hum-mity to mike this it itemenl
of mi esse With the fourteenth bottle the
cancerbeiriinohe.il ripidly and soon dtsau-
peired. and for scleral months there lias been
no appe trance oi i sore ot any Kinu on my
nose or face, neither is my nose at all tender
to the touch I hae taken about two dozen
bottles S- ? j . and mi soundly cured, and 1
know that is " effected the cure after every
known remedy was tried and h id failed.
r ort tlalnes. Oa , May 1, lvv.
I h id he ird of the wonderful cures ofSwift'
Specific, and resole ed to try lt. 1 commenced
taking it In tprll.lss", it jreueml healtti was
much Improved, yet the oncer which was In
my breast continued to grow slowly but surely
The bunch crew and beiame quite heavy 1
felt that I must either lne It cut or die. But
It commenced dlschanrlnj: quant I ties of almost
blick, thick blood It continued heillni:
around the edes until lebruary. when It wis
entirely healed up and well Unst Wood.
Cochevtt, Plymouth (,' Miss. July i, lssa.
swift's speclUc is entirely vegetable, and
seen s to cure cmeers by forcing out the im
purities from the blood
Treitlseon lllood and Skin Diseases mailed
THsSwinSricciricCo ,Drawer3, xtlanta.Ua
X V.157W.2M bt
Rick. Ilradaeho and relieve all the troubles Ind
drat tu a bilkma slate of the BTstem, uch as Dia
tn-s K.aia, DrowainoM, Di-strcat after eatin.
Pa'i in the Sid- Ac S h.le their most reoarfe
able ftucceta ha becm howu In carinj
xluable ia (JonHtipatioQ, curing tnd prcveintlnff
tbia annoying eompUint,ihUelhcT alao correct
alt d tordcra of the atomach, atimnlate the lrrer
ud regulate the bovrela. Krra it thej only cured
Ache they wcmld be almost prlcelew to those who
tdfH r i rom this dlstxewui complaint ; bat forta
rji eljthcirEOotlneasdoesnotccdherejandthoae
who once try t hen will find theae little pills Talu
ablelni'omanTwtysthattheywinnotbcwuliBg to do without them. Bat alter all sick bead
It thebanc of fo miar lirt that here Is where sre
male our f-rca, houU Our pill cars It while
Carter s luttle iaTT illia re Tcrypniaii aoe
puis maKe a aoac.
fire fort!. Bold
br tlrarglat crixywhcre, or Mat bf mall.
'1RTEK MFDiriTne CO.TfowTork
pose Mustang Liniment only good
for horses? It is for inflamma
tion of all flesh.
D. W. Pritchard & Co.,
Patent Mantling .Seam Iron Knoflnjc
and Coi Tiitrati U Sldii g and Celling.
saKemloriili s Flexible ( inijs Itooflnsult
able lor nil klnili of buildings
Vneiits for thf llott Vleiaiuc Tin shingles,
smirlor to stat-for nil ornanirntal work
netitimtnit siiceiiiuridi siibrhsk MrtiUle
l'dint and t-ni-iii n rir tuuij hi , hii
ircleV'b'rnsa'i'be'lel.'lln'o',! r,r;;,'r'
for the term of five jt irs uitlioul any n.l.ll
llonal rost to the iminr llu roots ion
tleiiineit by tinners a spet I iltv xll work full '
guaranteed for nte irs ,!. uitt ill
I til . M.lilist .Srni:trl,0.
ESrA.Bt.tit : 3 '
Wk H. Oust. MamiM. Suit
Zjmrrl. Tl4tn anil VYm
No. 6 West High Street.
Everything New and Clean.
All Kinds of Smoked and Freeh Meat
Conitnntlj on Hand.
Adjustable Chair Co.,
Oloveluinl. O.
Manager for Springfield,
!.. Il.ie ,.
Rocker, with Automatic Foot-rest.
-.ihlbited and for tale (alto on easj payment
plan) at the store aoi art room of
MB. C. H. WilHaa:, 2S Sist Uaia Street.
TeriocJ ihe Universal Rocker arid llest, and
challeoaie th world to produce Its equal In ilm
Tllcit ilurnHllitT nI vmfort.
LxcurUon leies i'incinniti Iecfmber l"th
for L-"t XiiKeles ind "an rrim.i'uu Hound
trip flrnttliHs tiiket-, iood six months. mil
?lJt)V lIimikuiwij California, hxturilon
erry nioi.th laps and rln ill irs frf
131 Mne frt . Cincinnati. 0
o n
lO g
n 5
60 ,
o I
O v-l
" zl
? l
X O 1
e o
v.. . - -- j-p -J-
Wmpu-ify hr DLOOD rr
lata tlie LIVE ami X'DMtVS
pptlv, V aictofApp-'Ut-o, li
ui"tJiion, J c -: Strenru
tklaM AllCUa (7C14U. USltul.li
cureu. lioies, musciesan
tn..rer. tho mlmt ai
7 T-STsTS: Bupn.ies urain row:
I A I ET S Poff-rlrfrfrom complain
im J I Es W jculiar to ttielr sex wl
md In CK. UARTEB'S I30M TOWIO a Mfo ac
pedTCtire. Oi esa-clear, tieUhTcomplelot
Trequcnt attempts at count'-rfrUiojc only
f the popularity of the orlrlnal- Oonotexpex
i'-nt rtthe 0uginal jud BrST.
(SrodioaratldrcaatoThsI Ha-trMAOo.
Clxnla. Slo-,fdr our -DBKAM BOOK.)
TDe Largest Financial InstitutioQ in Onto.
The Union Central Life Insurance Co,
or Cincinnati, U the lirot moneyed in
stitution in Ohio It was chartered about
twenty cars a,;o bt a numlier of prominent
men of Cincinnati and Southern Ohio. Or-g-imzed
with a paid up capital (as provided
by law ,) of $ 100,000 00, it now has asset.
of nearly Three Million- Dollvrs.
Since 1S67 it has paid to its policy holders
for death losses and otlicrw i'C o er Three
Million Dollars..
The L nion Central has alu a s been t ery
conservatively managed. It exercises great
care in the (.election of the persons it in
sures, and invests nearly all of its large as
sets in first mortgages on real estate,vf
bv the Ohio law, must be worth, exclv
ofall buildings and -improvements, not lest,
than twice the amount invested. It loans
its monev in Ohio, and adjoining States,
and realizes the highest rate of interest of
any Company in the land, w hile its death
losses are the low est.
It makes a specialty of Endowment
Policies at the ordinarv "Life rates of other
Companies thus affording protection to a
man's wife and children m case of early
death, and if he lives lie receives the full
amount of the Policy himself. We are in
formed that this Company will do over
seven millions of new business this
..... . r- . , ;
anil tnaiitvvanisanrsi-ciass man in every
townsiup ill UK Ulic niicie; lb 19 iivt Hwn
A Clear Skin
is only a part of beauty;
but it is a part Every lady
may have it ; at least, what
looks like it. Magnolia
Balm both freshens and
S5 I e
- -.
Wears now ready for the Fall trade with a tins Una of goods
bought at the present kwsst priest, and can sell
., ,. , . . . . ,, i i : .1
Heating and ook Stoves, every style: Queei ware, the Dest in si
hdes; Buimese and common dasiware in all the beautiful col
orings; window uurtains with ana without uaro; rurnauus
ana Baltirm re Heaters a specialty. Studebaktr Farm
Wagons at Cost. We nave outfits for the h uskepper,
have everything. Nice Chamber Sets. $15 00
and up. Rain or shine, we are here to
serve you promtly, at prices lower
than ever before knows.
42 and 44 Mitchell Block.
-, Sal
rW UamaBtgaW)AhaBaSla3P
ing onuenasera. Jiaouiaciarei ox
FurNilelij mt.NCI.lFr' CEJ!r.rEl.i A Oi lAriO.. Aptilj to sup rin
tpndrnt Hick, at Crmelerj, or H. W. Shiphrd. Clerk.
FUR CAPS, for Men and Boys.
GLOVES, for Driving and Street Wear.
NECKWEAR, Elegant Assortment
tntov is the: tuvt-f;
To use our Improved Tonic of
Composed of Extract of Beer, with Citrate of Iron and pure Sherry
Wine, and other ingndiento, which make it one of the bet tonics
that tun b made. Wo havealso on hand a full line of vines espe
cial I j fo m edicinal purposes
No. art -Eamt
J. D. Smith Company
(lobe ItulMini;. tr.Wt High St.
ami ialnut .lltj.
Printers, Binders
Bluk Bool TTora aaJ Lrral Blaaktaipxlalti.
Ofllce: 31 West Washington St.
Treats all Chronic Iiiiea.fs Xiitl Catarrh
a?pi'cUIt eeinsuiutiuii rrfe Utfict Hours
from V a m. to ID p in. lumonia Remedy for
Walnut Alley, rear Central Market Houm
ptclal care with lame bonee, colu, trick horta
onm that lnterfrre, an J thoaa harlnc paenlla
TlinNEU"-OK..T..JiJI EcnterniwntIie
irw Mile 1 11 1 iu car v; itli u itliiului.slisl f jitb la tiio
L&tunltlrii lUiKjisirof tlie I-rty wlilchLa.- sbuwn
lie greatest c cllv- f jrs-fc jut rfotic. Intelligent
-overnmejt li la.ais. IL-i a-inL ajtl frlcntU for
telr 1 early f-u:':s.xt elt rli" ILo Iat yeir. an I it
jrs to tUe a rorwan. t . t!ie work that is .till ia
THE NZ'.V-10::it TRint'M: remains the
rme'iwl ua.lt iul e x,oa i-t of tjt arjrunicnta. eloe
ria ami Jia. ilUI iin-Mlcaa partj" It U a
t- Uf. afrPri"AlTo neersjuiKr. nnei rupromUincIy
.rmMlran,ani!fa!t'ifu lj tleve.tM to tl.e borne Inter
.tsvfall lBfu. The i"apcr veil! labor earnestly
ra itrotntivc tariff to e'evclop the resources of the
iffen nt states anil wenre pect vrapes, poot f ki!.
oml cl thi-i? ao 1 toniforta'ilo Iiomtft for the petv .
U fir eial rishu and -a honest Tite Kort'i
a.t South, for every praiticat nieasnre In the
aterests of moralltv ami fjr rrriht. eliiiCisl,
atrtotic porerniunL
Republicans Ilccd The Tribune.
I very iatitli-ict farmer cverr t soldier
virr orl.ir aail actie, man of uliatever oicnpa-
Jou cTiry til yiiti. wit'i a faiii'y . ant every
it!lenHhovvajtstlilcE ' ! I11 4.:;v,I'tit'iepart;
f pn'presi brilliant achievement, anj morality
nees'jTlII.TKir.l NT
A Series of Var Stories.
The .ramlr fiatnres if toe .ar fr ti.o Vnion
lace a.1 been resoideiL The miner inch'e nta. the
hrilUnir aut rouiantii. episoiles, arda rreat volume.
t nhku nly fii banters have ever be eu written.
ril. A ."in in iamIi fur the v
",?,--, ,ivn8 Midler ir ullerif ilwUutic
lor litrio'iPi"i iiiiivMH ,r
Ari ...i- i.t-au (iffiipr li tit It-r tl eiaoV f Lvi nrl oi
ar(.anuin alut C OOi) w nlslu Unpth.nlal.nf
ajB "i. -rt JVI.a .- . Qlr tat n-.
1 lunftintr iiiritH ni, rii-u iis"i. r"ri"-. """
r eiptr'fnr ' wMrli ) 1 tm. if a I"-rt i
incrwn4HH. PItlK OF9100 wiU l pr
irtha 8wnl lx t firj. Iwrnij firi r ipn
f then Mtrt4" vcV lx ni 1i-1 il ilnrinr l-f
I rerrnnoaci tM will . i-ai-l f.r wln-tlnrtt v ii
iriroirncL Tlol-ot iwi win itrthr t!i4t i'
i ubMrHion lterin-i Innturv llh Thf r iiij-rtiiU
HI t-n.t JuH lt, 10, .Ml iuinnriiM 111 l
artlitl.y rtaL
Uim'm ITonflnM Tntlr of Mrillclne, tc
iiHl-Mnu olninft. pnCnwlr 1 Inst rut rl: Wrb
ters Dint Wrtet-T I uabrWuM Iictinariei;
iilnitU i Ulmtratril llttory t f tli TnitM Matrs,
oiiuiT) ('i.iMvnlinri-rf th MM, n. il Watrr
nrr v atch. Nrnt for wiirpU cpr which rtescribw
io I rt-mium.
Th PkIIc. T" cents v month ! 50 a year. The
nn.l.iy tribune II el a rr The eml W eealy
12 50 it rear, or -' Oltin tlnlx. The. Weeklr. 1 SI
ver,orl 00lnelub. 01eeyenrantcrlltlooU
rllU rutlU fcslotalClut Agent, It then ta onei
Conatrutrted of herr chilled iron Dlat arn! blnif
self IncklDC It la thf only vault tn tb w irl 1 that
U bsolntelr proof aaalnwt fmr? rbbrr.
Indurvd tnd rctiiinntitt bjr V odertaker l em
eterr Auwctatloosau.d Ia-liniectttZ' ' an! livinea
verMbre Theicrrd bKll-flof ourfroveddeal.
otbi-TwtM llblr to bf torn from th-.r Krsres by
iacrll-fflou bnd ruthlt-aty motllatfl aod mad
tb subjects of ihr ru I and gbastlr Jtts nf brutal
a-rave- robbr r atTorde-t complete pn tertloa
wttbia the secure environments of the Itoyd(ir
Van It. t very Cemetery howerer ) guarded.
la likely to t wretly Invaded and n boed of re
cently InterTM bodies. Kememberlnr that the
Boyd Grave aolt prorldea the only eiTectnals
curtly aalnt ihH desecration. Is tter any won
der that thoDwnndn irr In me nil oirr ihe
reaatry f Kepttntttock antl for oale by all lead
Afaln Htrent.
And General Itepalrmc Done.
Always Satisfies.
The best pre-paratiuii for J n.moiiu tlie
frrovvtli of the ha-'r. and for restoring c- r
hair to its original color. i Hair H.i r
Kenewer. As a dressin;. it U uai imiW.
Mr.. AUt-il IU.Hisett, lis Honanl s-
Detroit. Mich., writes: " He-fore? I com
menced the u-mj of
my hair wxs weal, thin, anil fjraj. I am
now !fi jtars of ae, have u-e-d the- Ke
nevver for the List ten jeans ami posse-.. a
heavygrowthof brownhair." Mrs.T.H.
Collin., Logansport, Ind., vvnte- I
become gray when I was quite vcuu.
Hairs Hair Renewrer restored mv hair to
its original, color, and incre-a.-e-d the.
growth. It also prevents d-imlrull. and
Keeps the hair soft and glossy."
Buckingham's Dye
Produce, a handsome brown or black,
with the least expenihturc of time,
'rouble, or mone. It i alvvav safe and
convenient to use, ami cue a permanent
color to the vv hiskers or mustache.
K. P. HALL X. CO, Nashua, X. II.
Sold by all Iirusgi'ts.
Wbn I M-r cut 1 do nol ihii uwrvlj to atop then for
tim ! tba tbn rtairn amvln. 1 radaOil mr.
I hT tmmi tbv dicM f JITS. iriLINT or riLUNU
BICiS E!t litVlaio(tady 1 Vawrmat mr Tm4j to CUT
ltt wctrkl raM. BecamMottMr k favllrd U bo rtuai for
Mt d w rvnlvtBS Cavrm. -nJ t ime lor tlbi kn4
FrBaltl f lar lafavltlU ivtxinlj UIt Cxprta ftbd Tdm
Offlc. ItCMts jobotblv( tor tnt, & I wllltwvyoa.
AaVtnwDr. H. O KUOT, lUroavrlSLtw Tort.
' PMlU nm4T lev IM tboc 41 mm; r lu m
mmmaM f mm u nt kt4 & of lose tMdia
feMatr& ladttd, to tttvt to my futft la Iu ffl-r'
tkIwtt M4 TWOBOTTIJtSrKEIorvi&orvltkaTAU
UABLI TUAT1SS UMm tiMf la Mra9tr OIm Kb.
Km. tO and ae West Daltunore M , Balumon.
No. 11J fiftt Avenues aw i ork.
Tnt demand for the Improved Mason & Haenrv
Flaaoa la now ao large that a aecond addition to th
faetory has beeome imperative Ho not require one
quarter as much tnntna; a Pianos on the prevailing
v. rest pin system. Consult t. atalOfro. f-ee.
100 styles of Okiss, til ur-.O lor Cash. Easy
raytnents.or Rented.
Mason ft Hamlin Organ and Piano Co.,
Tor the poaltlve relief and can o
miKs itiiim. un iumw. it
WeUr.sonlyonooa.ieajj-aiHteonT Wtk
foruble to wear; with sreot an Ki-S
B. A. C. XMT InMwir, Kw.TMir

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