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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, December 08, 1885, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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loWew9s3eW1HEtSRBrw-A' t 5SF 'cHE3!fl9EnHflHNlMBHdHdHiteaJ&JdKfiMr;-t - ' t -7 ' ' - --' - --- j -g -.- .Tan " ffl H TfiMrilillfWnMnnTnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn'ffl " 1 iTHlTMifiilimlffT,'iJ JMK-J " 3 rfHBKwresaeriTSa& r"Ki- ,
BHK&, JBiJSi' ""j5.- ni.iT TTSSlK&SffSCSCSS" r i " 'HtrS,f , "v f . "
at ,
In the. opinion of many SS't-n,' i.1
madwltbout usinK a little Ab?,2j , ' '
or other spirit, to Kite jv aad Ji-Mt biUt ,
to them. Tonieet this demand lnae a nn
At the low price of 73 cents per pint
At J, ande per pint.
FiNE smooth old rye
AtoOe per pint.
Ataery lowpriee.
At SI per pint
These are all strictly pure, adapted either f ,r
medicine or cookins.
CASPER'S Drug Store,
For three-JIne adertiement ope day, !
onweek.50c Each additional Hue one clav
St.; one wee. I
WASTED- A man of temperate and id .r
habits. Necking employment, to repress
an old established house In his ii c ti
ealary totiegln T per month. Hefen 1 r
exacted and clien. UA BKO?.. 1 liar. I .
street. Sew V ork.
IITAXTKI)- lU-staurantcook(hlteprvf. reed
tl and experienced dining room girl. ppi
at 2) Kast High street. "I
WANTED An experienced Ctrl, flood .ls .s
Call at once, at JH Sorth Llmotone kU.
IT'AXTKn-A Prote-tant woman a .,.k
II muit Eire best of reference. Call at .."
South Center !itreet.Wednesdayaflern.Hn . m
AOTKD (Joodcookat319Korthl.Imest4.iie
t. tlood wase for cood Kfrl.
WANTED A tood colored Eirl.
II number Vine street.
Applj at
Kjozui jo oojfc juo ouimxx pun IJI'O J i.
eJiHujJij teu mqauoiM43 iaiX U
"lirANTED-Vi . e Rood reliable boy to run ..n
II trains selllnjr jiapers. periodicals eli
Good commission to the right kind of agents
Call at lif.iuth Market itreet, Inioti ews
Company. t
ANTED Salesmen on commission. liw..ls
are ready sale and erery business h.ms
needs them. Address"Salesmen,"tIils .'flee
TirANTEIl-artner-Jlust be
a first el.tss
II salesman and traiel.
Business light and
profltslaree. smallcapitalrequired. Ariitres.
iartner," this oftlce.
Vt f
WANTElk A position as nurse: ha.e had
long experience and can cive best of ree
ouunendatlons. Address A. .. care (i'l.-ki
lUrviiuc. lt
WANTED-Four lioardersln priratef.iinil.
at lw Taj lor street. "'
WANTED Young ladies Inclty or countrx la
work Torus at their homes; fascinating
employment; no instructions to buy; work cjlu
be sent by mail (distance no objection); jo to
$9 per Week can be made. So canvassing, par
tlcutars free, orsample of work mallrd for
four cents In stamps. Please address Home
Manufacturlns Co, Boston, Mass. P. ll-x
M6. aunt
WANTED An actlic Man or Woman in
II e ery county U sell onr Roods. Mlarj
per mouth and expenses, ot commission Kx
penseslnadrance. Outfit tree- For lull pir
ticulars address. Standard Silver Ware Ui,
Boston, ilass. -Unit
"ITTANTED Ladies and Young Mrndeslnm.
II light, profitable employment at home t.
send for our circular. Mailed free. Distance
no objection. So canvassing. All materials
furnished. Address Kensington Art Booms,
19 Pearl street. Boston. Mass. P.O leu .'.uTs
100 salesmen at once. Address
T Brown Bros.
Surserymen. Kochester. -N
3ftt Sm
FOU KENT Furnished rooms for rent.aud
cheap board. at 16 East Columbia st. Ut
FOB KENT -Bnek house of six rooms, pleas,
antly located. All conveniences. Enquire
13 Manton avenue. -lr-t'
FR BENT Nicely furnished front room, first
orseeond floor, suitable for man and win
or two gentlemen, with first-class boardjfde
sired, at KB South Factory t, "I
TOR SALE Good organ.
Will .dll ..!i..i.i f.
J. cash
Address.'-; tost Columbia st. 54i
for sale
TOR SALE Engine In running order
X cheap. Schneider Bros., vity r.i
FIR SALE Fresh tenderloins, pork, sausage,
short ribs and saus.ige meat, wholesale and
retail. Philip Beckers. 3 E. High st. 4.T1.S
TOR PALE Boarding house aud saloon at
X To East Main street. Change of business
reason for selling. F.Kuecker. .Ml
TOR SALE-Flne family mare, all sound and ,,
lady. Call on John Wren. lytf
fro L0 N STVXI" on first mortgages, on five
A years' time. Wick A Coles, Jtoom No 1,
OTer Lagonda Bank. ft"h
TO LOAN On first mortgage, from one to fir
years. STJ". fi-t". i3. CUi H-s
tt,VM,SU"Mand other amounts on short timt
all on W. II oung. New York Hat More
36 South Market street. Ml'
F0CND Good homes and safe investments
In Central Kansas, at from i to H i-r acre
on the installment plan. Will cost younoth
ing to go and selecU This offer good for oiily
3j days. Headquarter at Springfield. O .room
TO, Arcade. t"Mh
Limestone St.
Now, make a payment an them
and have them laid away for
And Lowest Prices. Quality
always Guaranteed. D:amonds
reset Watches, Clocks and
Jewelry carefully repaired.
Limestone St. I
U.iiii.irii. Dec S.-OI1I0 Vallev and Ten
11ef.ee Valrneather.f.MIoed by local snows;
tartatile winds, generally shifting to easterly;
l1"" rising temperature, lower barometer
1'ti .Mans, of Columbus,
the Arrailo.
is leglsleusl at
Mrs ;,suo IVrknis left for Cincinnati
this morning.
lVter Cost, of Springfield, has Ihvii ilimn
111 F.iitliv'M.
Mrs. Hornei' MnHli, of Xenia. ilusl, of
lung disease, ulld.y iiioniint;.
iion-partisaii tenicniiK-e tiioeiiient is
atmut to organize in Colunilius.
ISilej llmnnts K-ing tried at Colunilius
for kilhnc the isiranioiir of his wire,
.leiniie AVilson was arrested b) Marshal
Hughes esterdaj on a warrant for disorder
1 conduct.
The disagreeable ilrizzto of sltsjt, snow
and rain ha kept the streets well nigh de
serted toda.
IL is. Thonijisoii and wife are at Cincin
nati, attending the meeting of the Ohio
"-atuni isnow the inoniing star and Venus
theeening star for lH-oeinUT,
or until
further notice.
Miss Man I Williams, ot 1'aris, K , is
Msiimg .Mrs. Martha s. Christie. l.V. South
Seliaetler strtvt.
The Tat lJoone) trouie stoniI oer in
theeit. for a few hours, this inoniing. on
then waj east.
W. 1. Allen, connected with the Krebs
I.ithogriiihiiig Co., of Cincinnati, is in the
eiU on business.
John Cohan, charged with kwping foul
pivmists,. was arrested1 b Deputj Marshal
l'oteo jestenlaj afteniiHin.
Miss Flora Way, of Deardoff aenue. en
tertalnwl quite a nuinlierof friends at pro
gressie eucjne last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles West, of Cinein
ncti. are the guotsof Mrs. Dr. Kodgers,
Limestone stnvt, for a few dajs.
Mrs. William II. HIee. of N'orth Lime
stone street, entertained her lucky friends
with an informal afternoon art toda.
This inoniing a hor-e driven bj .John II.
Thomas fell llat on South Limestone stnvt,
injuring nothing;, however, but the harness.
Net Kaster Sunday falls on the 2.1th of
.Viril, a fact which has not occurred since
lTo4. and will not occur again liefore 11HS.
Warren IffeL who is hunting in Ken-
tuck), is having splendid luck,
handsome wild ducks arrived herefrom
him this inoniing, ticketi-d to Springfield
1 friends.
.I0I111 Heir, of Donnelsville, this inoniing
obtained a tension of S'.W through C. II.
1 ISerrv "s agencv . Herrwasa lueuilter of Co.
, V, Ninety-fourth O. V. 1. under Captain
Am. Winger.
This inoniing a faniierwhose name could
not lie learned fell in the gutter on West
Main .stnvt, while attempting to hitch his
horse, and broke his right ann between the
wrist ami elbow.
The iHilice were last night givenaer
neat talk bj the chief, instnictmg the new
ineinK'rs in the nature of their dutie.
....... . .,".,
i Aiming otner tilings me) were given sinci
instructions never to talk to attonie)s about
their cases.
Hilly Kooutz, of the westerns, and Jack
Woods. trahsl susiK'iiders esterdav "sight
unseen." Koontz threw in an old pipe that
liavbeendrawinga pension for seven or
eight )ears. It was nip. and tuck to decide
as to vv liich w as the better pair of harness.
Tlie slipper) state of the streets and side-
walks toda) lias made locomotion Miinew hat
dangenius. One can hardly pi a square
without seeing some one sit sudden!) down
on the ilanqi. cheerless pavements, the
' ,n!U,jr 1'" '" 'le city make hauling on such
a dav next to iinixissible.
Springfield, Mass., is agitahsl over a prop
osition, favored by man) citizens, to make
a river-bank park, alnuit 100 feet wide and
.1,000 feet in length, along the Connecticut
A river-lsink park pnijeet has Ihvii agitated
in Springfield. Olihs a number of film's, to
liK-ated Ivtwtvn the bluffs of the I-i-
gonda, and extend from the Market stnvt
bridge to tlie l'luin street linilge. Theie is
the "making" of a tine park in that trad,
if it were only made.
At Alpha, a station on the Little Miami
ni.nl. lietween Da) ton and Xenia, a man
camever) near meeting with a serious, if
not a fatal accident The train due here at
10::'0was just moving out of the station.
when tne man altenipieu io noaru ine train,
The slipper condition of the ground and
steps causal him to slip and fall between
the ears. He succeeded in holding on to
the railing until the train was stopped and
what would undoubtedl hav e bvn a lior-
nble accident was averted. Moral i!o not
attempt to lmanl moving trains in slipvi)
l-o.ll Oil.
Capt D. C. ilaleiitine has issued lus an
imal Coal Oil re-iorf. He says that Hie to
tal number of barrels of oil insjiected during
the year was Mi,4!0, of which 32.-.4Tu'
stood the test and were approved, while
y.".4 were rejected. I he lnsjuvtor calls at-1 how the work was progressing. "Well,
lentioii to tlie inadequate pay received bv ' thus far." said he, "we haven't done air
mail) of the deputies, particularly the one in thing as et. We have been waiting for our
charge of tile Akron, Canton and Youngs- engine and the rest of our lie.i) niachiner)
town District whose comjieusatioii for tlie , to arrive, and as soon as that comes we will
pastearamount.iltoS0G4.C.-.iu fees, the
half of which amount he was compelled to (
siiend in traveling between the places
. . i 'PI... .1........ ... S......1...... ill.. -...
uaiuisi. iiie oepni .ii sn.-ut,-onn- n
'ceivtsl Sfi'il, about one-half of which was
exieiided in travel. He recommends that I
in places where less than 1,000 barrels are
' iusHVteiI jier month the fees be fixed at ten
' i t uLs per barrel, and seven cents where the
1 tiiimtier ot barrels nisptvieu in eacn iiiouiu .
exxs.sls 1,000.
Killed lij tlie tars.
Win. Ileal, a brakeiuan of the night force
on the Little Miami .vanNat Xenia met
with a ternble deatli la-t night. The force
was eiigagtsl in making up a iraiu oi
freight and Heal was on top of tlie front of
a running switch of eight cars. He did
not return after the cars were umui the
siding, and his comrades went in search of
him and found him 1) nig dead at the side of
'the track. His back and neck were With
broken; his left ami and side crushed and
otherwise terribl) bnii-ed. It Is supposed
that he fell lietweeii the cars and was in-,
stantl) killed. He was a single man alxiut
J.! ears of age and unmarried. His par-'
cut" live in Lima Ohio. ,
......... ..! .i!"
Y.Mi-nl.1 aneni.H... me ...... u. m,-,. .
of the followinj; com.".: llliam bmall, j
dnuik. tl and co-ts; William WiNon,
drunk and diordirl, SI and co; Fannie
Itailer. oh-e'ne lamuace. si and co-ts h.
II. HntcIiiiiN drunk', SI and eosK
amuel II. Hailer. cliargiil witli iii-tiga-i
ting his
wife tu commit an abortion from
w Inch she
V.., ..nila'r ;ll was lint
under S400 lKind, and his trial was set lor
Thursday. He succeeded in giiing bond
ami was releasel.
llroken lf.
Iist eiening a man named Jackson
stumbleil and fell at the comer of Lime
stone and Washington streets, and broke
, h! right leg just aboie tlie ankle. He was
' put ou a Clifton street car and taken to his
I i.r.mA vciipre the. fracture was reduced by
Dr. a. jl potter. j
A t'lmrKf "f IMuiilrlj .Rllit 11 rnli-l
1...-.H Ie,H.., a strJ ..rcurloli. It.l.i-
1 lon. j
' YeMenKn afterniioii Olhoer W.i-ko tiled
I an aflhlawt against William VI. the Vr-
eade imlieeiiian, charging him with illor
derlj conduct, lleil.iims that on last Sat
iinla) night Wood came to the house of
Minnie Thouias, a girl of the fallen angel
class, 011 Ih'volt allev and rapiHtl 011 the
door; that she asked him to wait a few
minutes until she unlocked the door: ami
that he, imagining that another man was
within, broke in the door and fonedan
Olhcer Wood was interviewed bv a le
lirter wlio had gotten wind of the ease
earlv jeslerdav inoniing ami his statement
was substantial!) as follows:
This whole thing is a put up job, and
the woman is urgisl to her .ution bv a
couple of othcers w ho have taken a dislike
to Wood. He fonnerlv went with the girl
and had a row with her once liefore, -ma'
which time lie has Ihvii attempting; to get
out of the entanglement, and succeeded in
getting her return to her home in ltichnioiid.
However, a while ago she came back here,
anil since then he has onl) gone
I lo siv her "when he had to." Iast
Satunl.i) evening she came to liiui and bor
roweil ,10 rents, with which she purchased
liquor. Later in the evening slie sent for
him and he went down to the room. Mie
locket! him in and he broke down the door
to get out. She followed him to his own
irate am! ho. threw her out. Hence this
The allow paragraph is Officer Wood's
version of the ease: but Ofhcer Waskej
states that he has siilhcient ev Idence to cor
rolxirate Minnie Thomas story.
.Minnie Thomas was fonnerlv almarder
at Frank ISiirton's house of ill fame ami
her entanglement with Ofhcer Wood
has been an affair of two jears" standing.
Captain Hoggs states that when Wood was
keeer at the station-house this woman
use I to come in and sit 011 his lap in full
sight of the prisoners. Wood is a married
I man and lives on West High street. He Is
I imibabl) Itetter known to the readers of
I this pajier than an) other of the police,
j for his orchestra lias thrown him into con
tact with a great many eopIe. whom he
would never meet with in iolice business.
When the case of disorder! was reportts!
to the Kiliie yesteniay Ollleer Waske) was
detailed to look it up. He interviewed Min
nie Thomas biinda) night and she promised
to come to the mavor's otltee and hie the af-
lidavit aliut half jiast one the net da).
Hovveveran interview passed lietween WihkI
and the woman esterda) inoniing and she
askeil hi' f orgiv eness, promised to tile no
athdav it, and moreover that she would sell
out her furniture mid return to Hichmond
until the atfair should blow ovtr.
Last evening Ofhcer Wood met a nqxirter
in the Arcade and told him that he hail
seen Chief Walker, who had assured him
that the case should lie dropiviL He at the
same time intimated that the case had been
dmpiMsl Invaiise he had the "dead w ood' on
thecluef. This afternoon noneof the ofheers
almut headquarter, would give an) infonn
tion on the subject, and as Wins! hail in-
fonneil the reiKUter this inoniing that he i
i.,,i , it..rl.. .. ,tl, ti. ,. or 1. 1,.1 !
i v -
promised to !ni the ease, it hKikeil very I
queer. I-ooking through the aflidivits it i
was foiindtliat tlie charge had been hied j
and that he had been tinisl a dollar and
costs. Just at this time the m.n or called
the reporters in and told them the straight I
oftliestoi). Wmk! had nsiiesttsl that tiiei
matter lie kept out of the papers on account ,
of hit invalid wife, and it was fortius
reason that the) had refused to give the I
matter publiclt). It was the know ledge
' tnat Wood had hinted that the) were afraid
to push the case that decided the ina)or to
gne thestor)
I "Shallows of a reat Cil),
Will lie produced at tlie Grand OjK'ra House
on Fnda) andSatunlav. Dec. 11th and 12th. j
I vvitli a grand matinee on Saturday. This,
, pla) is from the able lien of L. I!. Shevvell, I
1 former!) of the Boston Theater, and is b)
far the most artistic work of dramatic art
in the line of iiiflo-ilr.iin.itli.it has Kvn pni-1
ouctsi uv oil .iiiiriii.ui .oiiiioi ioi e;tis. ii j
j deals with romantic phases of life in New
, YorkCit). jireseiitin stiongl) drawn char-1
I acters. andiKissesss,u ,it which for orig-
inalit), jiovver ami intense inter-'
j est is conceded to Ik" one of the I
'strongt-t et conceived. It will lie j
i presented by a east of sjHvi.il strength, in-.
, eluding such well-known artists as Annie
! Wan! Tiffanv
Faint Carey. Nelson Wheat-!
j pnift (,(orw ,. j;,,,,,, H. -. Hennan.
w. W. Allen. W. H. liiirton. and others,
Tm, admirable enie effects are a marked'
all(I impressive feature, all the siener) and
I priqvrties mressar) to its production lieing
carried b) the couipan). and are of a most
eostl) and elalmrate ehar.u ter. The tour
of the "Shadows of a (ireat Cit)" has Uvn
a grand universal ovation wherever it has
lieen pniduced. this lving its svond season. J
Seats now on sale at Caller's. i
Sjirlngliel.I .itnral ns an. I Oil Coiiipaiii, j
A uienilNTof the alKive nanus! eouiiun) l
was mvii this inoniing and was asked as to i
lie able to go ahead. The boiler lias Urn j
l)ingdown in the 'hollow' for almut a
week on!) awaiting the arrival of the en-
i.iou W'u ... ..u.t il li.iuitnuli.l,. , ir tii.it. r. '
him. , ,. , ., ...v...... .,-... ... ..'.,...,
row stirel) ami we will have it taken right
down to the derrick and set up. As to the
proliahiht of how- long it will take us
to -trike rock it is safe to say
that we ma) go lift) or sevent-hve feet lie-
iore ncheu is nrsi loucnisi, as uitcsiiuuoit
va.s made almut a month ago, when a rod
i was sunk fort) feet and no stone
! reach-d. Our intention is to go 2,(MK) ftvt.
I at least, and if vve then meet with no suc-
cess, to give up thiswell forthe present and
' go to the one we intend woikuig on in the
coiintr) almut six miles in a certain dnee-
tion from the eitv. This well we reall)
j have moie hopes of than tlie one in the
hollow," as the surface indications ale
I much lietter. A week from Wislnesda),
however, will undoubted!) s!v our drill
, working in gisnl older.''
- ,
i:luiiiimi cunt-oM-oioat tln.Mik.olo.
The jkiIo lio.vs at the Mikado Skating
ac.ulemv have litvn practicing assiduous!)
f(,r several weeks, and haveilevelo)ed into
as line a club as there is m the stite. The j
' first game will be pla) til on next Friday,
... -. ;.''. ... ; . "l
lw. u, allll w, ,v ., ,vlKm umur, u iiy
fr tlie stltk, IhIK KaK iiikI uniforniN
the latter In-im; lro!ub! the liandMiniet of
a in the state. IVIo ha, neier before)
Ihvii plajed in .SnrniKheW, and N therefore in
theiiatureof anovtlt. A-a game it f.ire-,
eeeiN baseball in excitement and interest, '
am! ihissm-s the additional aiUantage of
b.ntr Heillntfl silliole and easill linili.r.
stood. The members of the clubs are all , aiBsircnnnil.lonrr Curnii
well known loung men, as follows: Al. ' Closes his great sale of real estate to
il,... u-ni h",ii .in....T..i.i v f i.... I morrow-, mentioii leiiig made in another
Elsie (Irapwin, J. J. liucUey, Clarence
Ilutchins, Harry I'rotzman, Edgar It
Williams, I-ake Deffenbach, and W. H.
Will Gregg, of Clifton, and Miss Flor
ence Brewer of that village, became one
this week. They are highly esteemed young
" """" "" "" " 'J
l' tolhc ll.ij. irrr.
Tim Miliums; i the programme of ye
uMen time enuiert to lie then at Mark's
Ojieni !IouseThiirsla ee:iing,the proceeds
for the Ipcneht of disabled soldieis:
prt 1.
Medley- Entire Company
rnr 11.
leiililcFolkcsat Home.
1. "bwanee Itlver" Xugellne Penelope
2. Duet "iiur Hearts Can Ne'er (Iron Old"
Angellne Penelope Markey and Aininadab
Excellent Aldrleh
3. "Anule lawrle" Mvlra Peacemaker
1 4. "The Old Wooden P.oeker" Sandy Hugh
McCutcheon and NelghlMirs
I 1. Duet-"l.irlioanl Watch" Joslah Allen
I llvpesand Herekiah Kenned).
6. "Sweet Aftou"-Es.iinarantha Phillnda
I tlllllsoll.
T. "For Full Five Hundred Years" Amlna
dali Excellent Aldrleh and Kin Folkes.
S. The Musical Joke (this number is an old
acquaintance disguised only by slow move
ment; listen attentively anl see If you can
recognize It before It Is sung twice through!,
b entire company.
. "Within a Mile of Edinboro Town" An
geline Penelope Markej.
lo. "Columbia, the (Jem of the Ocean" Am
iiiadali Excellent Mdrtcli. ugellne Sunshine
Markey, Kin Folkes and Neighbors.
Carnival of nations a brilliant and faithful
representation of man) nations.
1. lieriiiany song selected.
2. r-witzerland duet.
3. Bohemia song, selected.
1. Spain song "LaZlnrerrella", with gul
tar accoinpantiiiiMit.
o. :coiiaiia iuet iionnle Doou ', with
naciilpe accoiniiaiiinient.
is freland s.mg- "Kathleen JIavourneen."
7 Italy.
s liraud march and jirocession, composed
of representatives of (iennanv, Switzerland,
Bohemia, frpaln. .Scotland. Ireland. Italy,
Turkey. Frinee, Japan, Arabia. :weden, Africa,
Bussla. England. Dalmatia. Normandy. As
sjrla, I ncle.sam and others, to the music of
Wagner's celebrated Tannahauser march, by
double quartette orchestra and plant
('.rami tableau Bartholdt statue. Uncle
Sam and congress ot nations.
.1. A. I.eit.cliiili a l.ntr totlieSum of Fort)
A rather mvsterioiis case of robliery
was reported to the police this
liioniing, the victim being .1. A. Leit
schtih, who kivps a shoe store on Main
stnvt, between Limestone and Market.
About 10 o'clock last night I,eitschtih's shoe
maker and a fiennan friend wentont of the
store to get a gUs-s of lnvr. leav
ing I.eitscliuli there In compaii) with
Charles AILschul, an old friend from Xenia. I
Hoth men were somewhat under the intlu-i
enee of exhilirauts. The last thing Mr. '
Leitschuli reinenibers w as that he trans
ferred the money a little over 40 '
fnun the drawer to his poeketliook. He,
went home tn the List stnvt car.
anil! doesn't reinemlvr when Altscliti! left
1 i
the store. This inoniing lie found that
the mone) was missing and has
not the faintest Idea whether
the mone) was taken from him In the store,
whether it got avvav from him on the car, or ,
whether he lost it somewhere. So arrests
have lieen made in the case. '
Kill I roil. I omrinU.
Quite a large party of Itev Line officials
, fnun different jioiiits along the road are in ,
the eit) today on olhcial business, the na- i
ture of which they are not inclined todi-'
I vulge. A mone the isirt) are the following: i
I lEoliert HIee, general suierlntendcnt; A. I
i J. Smith, general ticket agent; T. J. His-j
cins, Miiierintendent of telegraph; E. A. !
l'eek, train master, I. (I. ILiwu. assistant
train master; L. U. Hill, general freight
agent; II. M. Cocke), general baggage
agent; F 1$. Hishop, E. II. Hudson and
Atl'mpt to w reck a Hee Line Train.
As the l!tv Line train due here from
Cincinnati at 5:23 last evening was jiassing
a switch at tlie quarries it was jolted up in
such a manner as to bad!) fnghtin the pas-
Sengers. Tlie train va Mopped and it u as
' loiind that a ljncli iiin iiad Uvn driven in
In'tween the rails in the frog in such a luan-
1 ner as to leave no doubt that the purjsise of
the wretch who put it there was to throw
the train olf tlie track. The road detective
is looking up the matter.
A MiM.rb U'n) of Traveling.
The great Haltiniore fc Ohio route from
Colunilius east is one of tlie finest equipped
lints of railroad in tlie work!, ami is doing
a very large through business. This road
nuis it own jiakuesleping coaches, which
are w itliout parallel in imint of eleganceand
smoothness of motion. The road bed is of
rock, tlie rails of heavy steel, and the time
made is almost marvellous, even in these
da)s. With all these advantages it is little
to lie wondered at that tlieUaltimore.t Ohio
is doing a great share of the eastern busi
ness, to Haltiniore, Washington and other
eastern jMiints.
LailieKof tlipsiith Want,
Tlie ladies of the Sixth ward are request
ed to meet on Wediicsda), Doc. !. at !1.
p. in., in Trinity Baptist cliun-li, corner of
l.imestone and Mtillierr) strivts, for the
liurxr.e of assigning districts to visitors in
the Associated Charities work of the city.
Tlie boundary lines are as follows; Xorth.
sOtllll slilo of M.lltl striH't ,..ist. ms.t siilo of
Foster stnvt and Linden aveiiue; soutli, j
Kice street; west, east side of Market stnvt
A full repicseiitatioii of tlie wan! is neces
sar) to complete the work. Come,
Mils. J. A. S. (St .
President Sixth Want Committee.
Surprise Liniment cures theiimatisin.
neuralgia and crouii. .ItTuTliSatf
Attention is called to the advertisement1
of Driscol fc Son's sale of sleighs and '
second-hand buggies. Those who attend'
tlie sale will have great chances fori
bargains. .via
n.e our children croup? I'seSurprise
Liniment, the great cure for croup,
Cit I'ropert) ITli.ler tlie llniiimer. t
Tomorrow, Iiegiuuing at 10 o'clock a. in.,
at the corner of Limestone and Clifton I
streets, with the "Itallard priqiert," there
w ill lie offeied for sale several tracts of val
uable eit) pniiHrrt). At 11 o'clock a lot
vvitli two brick houses thereon, near the
I'niversalist church: at 1 q'cloek three va
cant lots opposite the Champion sliojxin
East street: at i o'clock lots UTO and UT1 on I
I'atton stnvt; at :i o'clock a large lot, with
brkk dwelling thereon, at corner of Cen
ter and Washington streets; and at 4 ,
o'clock 3S acres on Kast Main
stnvt, are advertised to sell.
This proiert) is to lie sold on an order of
the U. S. court, in the case of Italdridge
against Dooly and others but is none tlie
less valuable on that account.
The appraised value aggregates almut
SCi.OlM). It is wortli the amount mentioned,
but must sell at two-thirds of the same if no
more is bid.
Terms of sale, one-third cash and remain
der in two equal annual pavuients, at T iier
ent interest secured b) mortgage. He-
member eaih piece will be sold on tlie i
iirHinis.. -if the times stated Further in.
premises- at it tunes siaien. riirtiitr in-
formation will tie given by A. 11. (illicit
or K. (I. Collm.
Mr. C. C. St-Kldanl, Toledo, write
..Sllr,riM. Liniment cmpk-telj c-unl me
f ititlaimnatory rheuinatiMii. Trj-it for
jourelf. 54TuTiSatf ,
,)riy.()1 lt So,,-, aucti ,,e f sleighs '
an,i ouw:les Saturday forenoon, to Ik- held
on the cornerof Ceiiterand Columbia sU,
will be attended by all those looking for
" - "iraiiis. oee amciu-i-iurai on luuim
! b
column of this issue.
Count Von Schlumenbach. the German
evangelist, writes that Count Von IJemstoe
has opened a prayer meeting at his own
house in Berlin, and hopes for good results.
Miss Endlcott, Miss Lamar and Miss
Florence Bayard, the secretary's third
daughter, will be among tlie debutantes of
Washington society this winter.
Beautiful Christmas Slippers !
I he finest and handsomest line of I Ioliday Slippers ever shown in the city. Richly embroi
dered patterns in Silk and Chenille on uppers of downy plush and velvet. Designs in Patent
Leather, Alligator and Kid. No more suitable I Ioliday Present than a pair of these Slippers.
Overshoes, Arties, Alaskas, Rubber Boots.
We have a very large and full stock of these goods for men, women and children, in Ruckle,
Button, Highland Low Cut and Self-Acting. Our Rubber Goods are all of the first quality.
Second quality rubbers are more or less burned in manufacture and will not give good service.
l--j.i. .,., , '.. . .rmaaaMM-aaaetBOTtarawir-iiiMiiiit
w. i rr"i -"rTTTTTI II l riiiiiii i n i mm Iwi MW MP
3r a 1w Sat & Eg F&fig&f fitK y A W 0Am
WA MwwMX Heat (Jrannlated Sugar, IlLJBHklH
H Sweet Cider, extra tine, per gal. 40 PBPlilB
RSPRI Rock Cant) Sjrnp, ... 80 ljj?jBJBBlW
HHBbRiiSu Sl&ple Syrup, .... l.:!5 IHfSjPf'lEflfl
BkfMA Blae Flag (Jolden Sirup, CO mWJMM
('lllUfiK Eraporateil ApricoU per lb. - :i:i IMIuMBPV
aiyJBsji.lU S83dles - 1 7J Ufmp2jl
p59lvH Extri Fluet'nrra::!s, 15 lunlll
Tll2Vsl IlMt French l'runes, - -12 WSlSOU
SmjnM I,est Xew M' - IjjjjjjmRKI
UJSrfH Mocba and Jaya Coffee, extra line, WmR'BM
I per pvund, 23 VST!JSm
Saturday, Dec. 12th, 10:30 a. m.
Corner C'eiiler niicl C'oliiinltiii y(i'"'tf4.
Xcw and elpjrant, and onr own make, finished in the best nl style, an y
one of which would make a handsome Chris' mas present. Also, 15
SKC0M HAM) 1SU(UUES. Terms made known at sale.
JAMES FOLEVand E. (J. C0FFI.V, Auctioneers
Tills is Our list Coll
For on to attend the great sale of real
esttte tomorrow. See more extiudeil m-
tice under head of "city pro)iert) under the
hammer," in this paer. A4.i
lr. fan iiriiian'i Academy.
Dr. and Mine. Van Norman's school for
ladies (founded lSsIT) will reopen Oct 1, at
Ula net rifty-setenth street. New-l ork.
Sjiecial advantages in music and modem
languages. Iteference: Dr. E. V. Van
Norman, Springfield, O. 'Jsotf
Goii ami still :oing.
Is the condition of the real estatewehave
mi well advertised in our columiis, for the
past mouth. One farm went vesterda),
another goes today and the eit) prolan)
goes tomorrow. The hours of call, etc.,
are giv en elsew here. ."4a
Oysters Cheaper.
Standard, in hulk, "J.V. er quart; Saddle
rook brand, :10c. j-er quart: b) the gallon,
SI er gallon, for the balance of the season,
at C. W. l'a)iiter A-Co.'s, West Mam street.
OMe folks Conrr rt.
Tlie ladies of the Second l'resbtorian
church will have next Frida) afternoon and
evening. Dec. 11. in the cfttin.Ii parlors, a
sale of fane articles, dressed dolls, home
made cand), etc. The) will also have an
auction sale of lunch baskets in tlie even
ing from C to b p. m. ajt
Tlie meuiliers of the Foraker Club are
requestisl to meet at the otlice of i.
Deuvvell. Ks., Weduesila) evening, Dec.
i'tli. Is;-,, at 7 o'clock, sharp, lhisiness of
imimrtance to In- attended to. Let all lie
pres nt without fail.
0. Mokoan, See'v.
For a neat titling lad)'s or gentleman's
custom made shoe, go to Joseph Hruza, SI
Kast Higli stnvt Fine work a Mvrialty
and a good fit guaranteed.
Absolutely Pure.
The place to buy your
Is where you can get the most coal forthe
least money. You can get more coal uf me for
a dollar than any other place In toivn.anit sou
, , , . . if , w:int.
Jackson. ni can get It, or If v.m want Hock
Inc. Muskingum. Yniulilouhrn r IVncock.
yuucanurtlt if me. antt If )nu uantantlira
cltecoal. I can sell jou just wti.it you u.mt.
Special attention piiil to.lteut and 1 oriltrs.
aint If ynu want to ljuy by the car hits, yuu can
tiuy at me at bottom prices, fall by telephone
for 321 and 37S.
Main Oftlce, 140 South Market St.
South Office, 74 East Liherty St.
And when you fail to get what you waDtat
( other places, remember you can get It ot
The demtnd for the ImproTed If asov 4 lUwirr
riAnos Is now to Urire that a necoud addition to the
factory hat become ImperatUe. Do ot require one
qnarter a much toning at Ilanoa on the prevailing
wrert-pln cratem. ConioltCatalorae, free.
lOOStylMof 0omi,tStotN. i'ur Ca.ll, Eny
Paymeuu, or Betted.
Mason ft Hamlin Organ and Piano Co.,
W fiROVALKE.".t Ja
rersom visiting Yellow Spnogi will flad good
accommodation at the old reliable
At very reasonable rate. Partlos furnished on
abort notice.
House only one square from depot
K. K. RrTNsTKK. Pmnrl'tor.
Walnut Allej, rear Central MarketHoue.
3peclal caro with lame horeet, eolti, trick horee
hones that lntarfere, and those harinc peculiar
John H. Wilson
P. S. Everything as Represented.
SELKI proposals will be recelel attheof
... flee f thf Cit Clt rk of the city of Miring
lirM.Otiiu. f.rfurnifkiu.c nuteri.tH and con
ttructiit tht main sewer of so much of the
ttrreiinnniat sever district, or sewertlistrlct
No 1:ih lie- on ami is for Foster street be
tween .Main street and the Interception sewer,
south and nearly parallel with the general
course of Ituck creek, according lo the plans,
profiles and specifications therefor ou file in
theotneeof the Ciil hugineerof said city.
AM bids must be for furnNhin,; all the ma
terHlsand completing the work according t
said plans, protites and spetlhcations, must
stale price for labor, and material separately,
TlllWt tk vfi'tlfil llVtlle fill! Iilin .if ,t I liurfi.iiw
interested in s dd bid and shall also be signed
by some responsible disinterested Person asa
guarantee that a contract will be entered into
and the work performed, provided said bid is
accepted, and must tn on tile with the City
4 lerk on or before twelve o'clock, noon.
TueMlas. the JlM day of Iecember, Ks5, to be
opened and publicly read immediately after 12
o cbKk.no.iti.oi talii iay. in the presence of
the Citj Clerk, Major, City Engineer and As
sistant City Engineer, or ant two of them, and
reported to Council by the City Clerk at the
first ngular meeting of Council thereafter
The Council reseres the right to reject any or
all proposals so received for any reason they
ma ueemsuiucieni,
Uy order of Council.
J. S. SakWALTiK, City Clerk.
slIKKIIT's sLK'rKllSO"AI. lRltl.
Ill'liSl T ti the command of an execution
Issunl from the court of common pleas of
Clark county. Ohio, and to me directed and de
lncred I will oiler for sale at Public Auction
at Colliniireoo'slhery stable.Xo. 11, Xorth
Market street. City of Springfield, Clark
county. Ohio, ou
.Mon.lii, II.-, emli.T T.A. I)., INKS,
AtlOo'clock a m. the following described
goodsand thattelstovilt:
I ine bay horse.
tiid goods and chattels to be sold by order
of the Court of Common IMeas of Clark county,
I'hlo.lu the case of Katie Vanhouk s. (ieorge
V.iuhook dtfendant
lennsof Bale Cash.
Sheriff of Clark county, Ohio.
(I.C. Kiicl's .attorney 45 as
or man to handle the Ctaclanalt Daily Past In
Iht city and In arronndiac Fostofllre
o money required. 100 p?r cent, profit. ?amp.e
coplt5 and aicents outfits fre. Send stamp for
terms, and list of premiums to agent getting up
clubs The Pot has now a daily circulation of 40,0ut
copies and ts the largest and best paper of Its prica
published In th W et. Ad.1r
TUK CINCINNATI P0T, Clnclnnntl, O.
Kor the poaltlTe relief and cure o
Weighs only one oz. ; easy and con
fortable to wear: with weak an
nervous wwn lta rMUlta are appa.
entiymlraauJoua. Sealed partlcuJaj
(Tea. Men Ann paper. Addreaa
M. K. A. sffO. 1M7 Braalwar. w.Ttfe
Holiday Goods!
Ilr hit lie our pilron.lo call nml ruuiilnr our large : lln line of
CUT BOTTLES, and Celluloid Goods of all description.
'. SSJ ICi.t
Until further notice Coke will be delivered to any part of
tha city at the following reduced prices:
This makes the crmpett finl for all purposes. Leave
orders at the office.
Springfield Gas light & Coke Co.,
Wsare now ready for the Fall trade with a fine iins of goods
bought at tha present luwsst prices, and can sell
Heating and -"ook Stoves, every style; Qubbi ware, ihe best in al
sh?des; Bumese and common Glassware in all th6 beautiful col
oring'; Window Curtains with and without Daro; Furnaces
ano Saltimrre Heaters a specialty. Siudebaker Farm
Wagons at Cost. We nave outfits for the housekeeper,
have everything. Nice Chamber Sets, $15 00
and up. Rain or shine, we are here to
serve you promtly, at prices lower
than ever before known.
42 and 44 Mitchell Block.
Remarkable for its ffreat Paritj, DarabiHty and
We sell the best grades of
0. C, B. & 0.9 Hocking and Jackson.
Contracts taken and estimates furnished.
r'w "zmmm
For Sale bj FERXCMF' CEMETERY A0l IATI0X. Applj to Sup riu
tenilent Dick, at Cemeterj. or II. X. Shepherd, Clerk.
Adjustable Chair Co.,
Cleveland, O.
Manager for Springfield, Ohio.
P.O. llOliNj.
Rocker, with Automatic Foot-rest.
Exhibited and for ale (also on easy p lyment
plan) at the atore and art room of
KB. 0. H. WiUisas, 2S East Maia Street.
JTTermed the UnlTersal Uocker and Rest, and
chs.llenfte the world to produce its equal In aia-
piicitv duraMUtvana romwri.
A Clear Skin
is only a part of beauty,
but it is a part Every lady
may have it ; at least, what
looks like it. Magnolia
Balm both freshens and
Mniii Xti-tM'i.
Constructed of heavy chUIed Iron plate. and being
elf locking. It Is the only ault tn the worl 1 that
Is abaalntrly proof acalnt irnvf robbrra.
Indorsed and recommended by Vndertaker lem
etery Asaodatlona and leading citizen and divine
everywhere ThesacredbodlesofourbelovMdead.
otherwise liable to be torn from their grave by
aacrllecloiu hand, ruthlessly mutilated and made
the subjects of the rude and ghastly Jests of brutal
crave robbers -are afforded complete protection
within the necure environments of the nydttrave
Van it- Every (.emeiery, however well guarded.
Is Ukelvto be ecretly Invaded and rubN-d of re
cently Interred bodies. Remembering- that the
Boyd Grae Vault provides the only effectual se
curity against this desecration. Is there any won
der that taoasanda are In ne all over thr
country Kept In loct and foralebyail lead
ing unanaars. Aianuiaciurea uy
(Rrniluate of Ontario Vrtrrliinry rollrcr)
OFF1CT- S Y. Cor
Higli am! Market Sts.,
bpriniheM. Ohio.
-CalIs by day or nisht
pronipuyaiieudeJ to.
Disfases of the Feet
a Specialty.
u:n.iL otick.
RCTIUXXAW ISE.otSedselck tntheStite
of K.1US.1S. nnd M.irv K. il.irwn.wl ..f
In the .-talent Imva. will lake notice th.it
KinnleJ Uatt.ot Cl.irkccuuty.Ohio. did. on
ants, setting forth that said plaintiff and de-
imuaiiiHon ineeiu uayoi .May, lsij, entered
liiM.inareenieut to exchange 4 H-lm acres of
land in Clark county. Ohio, then belonirtnc to
siddefendauts.forlt) acres of Lind In Keni
county, hanvis. then belonKinj to said plain
tiff, and hereby said detendanls alsoacrved
vj ..luruuiuuincsumui J.1U, Ilieajreeit
difference In value of said lands, and In hlct
said petition plaintiff prays specific perform
ance of said agreement.
And the said JIary E. (ornood and Ruth
anna Wise are hereby noticed lhat tiey are
required to appearand answer said petition
2SJr,lr'irtthe.th-lra s'arday after the Suta
day of October, lssi.
Dated Sept. 14, 1SAS.
spt.u.'SB. vy'
I.rt,l,L11UUII. f laiTtrtTT'a .i
Mav , -s Mfmif i-' ' -"---- . w Am
mi , ,t'-.u . fr-:t,-j!s.t''l A.. . a..v -.. - - s v Aag . - .. ... .. ..nMnMlnnWnlnfnfnfnfng

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