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Springfield globe-republic. (Springfield, Ohio) 1884-1887, November 29, 1886, Image 2

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buccor to C. C. T) lor X son,
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Ae kf)a full Sine cil ell brands ol
Cf meat, riaa-rr, Hair, Fire IJrIct and
Clay, Chimnry and Senrr IMpe.
Vk:re. sasair nq weekly.
The niOItCKiri ULU print thr tw Tort
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publMhrd rrery vrnini: except uudy. aut
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frrd to sab.critx-rs Ht J2 jear si ncle copies
THE EI KLV I.I.AUK - Rl 1'fltI.IC Is
publish! i cry Thursday, and Is one of the
most complete fsmtly newspapers tn the
country elkbt paces, markets complete
Kepiete wtth news and misctllany II per
lur, Invariably cash In adraucc
JMrett nU Cenwtuntratt'iu fa
springfjeZd, OHIO.
Telephone No. 250.
Let us have f en cr tslortiuus amt make
better use of them.
I Ij. lVfrees hassoMthe lfiorni fniou.
of Troj. to tlie Miami Union Publication
IW Dr. I.5 man Abbott, of the Clirinllnn
rMiN. in a leeent lecture, saiit "Labor
must aj-ance." It must.
Cincinnati is now the musical renter of
the country. A o know it. forthe (Viinmcr
cml Guirttc sas mi, iu its Sumlaj issue.
It certainl wouldn't lie on Sunday.
The Xema city council has passed an or
dinance providing for tbe lbuiission to the
people vf the ijnestion w hether prolubition
shall be enforced under the pro isions of
the Dow law.
heCmctntiati CoininrrriMl Gazette has
found wmiethmc tocominend in the Daj"ton
JoiinirtL Is- ieace, w ith her white wings,
actuallj hovenngovtr theSeventli, Kighth
and Third congressional districts'
l!ex. Care T. Crum, an old Springfield
tvj. (and not verv old. at that), in ln
Thanksgmr.g sermon said that "the man
who would lie m jsilitics would not make a
faithful officer " Cares told the trutiu
The lndianailis .Vu sajs: It the
laws lie enforced without fear or favor"
To what laws the editor n-fers w e do not
know, but he makesi a suggestion which is
of universal appl.catuin m tl e United
let Uncle Sain take off his hat and how
to his Italian minister, Stallo, fomierlj of
Cincinnati, who will not allow his beautiful
daughter to go out in evtuing (mil dress,
because, a he sajs. he will not allow her to
"go undressed In public" Hallo for
The question s 1 1 how loin or short the
seasim of the legislature is to be is now un
der discussion. It should lie ;ust long
enough to do the work neeessarj to U
done, tf it lasts all summer and fall. 1 1 r
public interests must be provided for. at d
then the legislature should dissolve and dis
perse itself
The attempt of some friend of the Chi
cago anarchists to axass.ii ate Harrj Kil
mer, who, through no fault or effort of his
own. was a witness against the anarchists
xv ho have been condemned, and merelj tes
tified to the facts, as he was bound to do, is
not onlj a murderous and scouudrell act
Iu itstlf, bdtlt is fonlishl insane a slut
of policy, at a time when attempts are be
ing made to obtain a cmn.uutation of the
sentences of death or a new trial. Sconn
drellm of that sort will old have the ef
fect to tighten the rope about the necks ot
the convicted men
lleurj M Staulej. the greatest of the
xv orld's explorers and discoverers now liv
ing, has returned to Ameiica. He wis
former! a news-paer correspondent but
has or late ears giv en his time almost
xthull to travel and discoverj in Africa and
tt the wilting of books. Through Ills tre
mendous enterprise and abilitj he has
accomplished much for civilization and
commerce and has reflected great honor
upon America. After saying to a newspa
per man that Africa was a great countrj
and could be utilized to great advantage bj
civilized nations "w ith railroads in operation
tip the Ctingo,"' he sjwke of this countr a
Amen-a is a prosperous countr). but still
thej published rejiorts in England that
tliere is no mouej to lie made here, lint
talking of America it Is useless to saj I
am glad to get back, f jr I love America,
elsewhj did I alnajsinsist on carrying the
starrj banner at the head of ever) exiedi
tion" I will remain here for some time,
and shall travel about the countr) as far as
the Mississippi river
Mr htanle) was received b the Iotus
dub, Mtturda evening Whitelaw Iteid, of
the New York Tribune, presiding, and his
utterances are outlined in the following
from an Associated Press rejKirt
Mr Stanlej was introduced, and reviewed
Ills three Arrican tris First, in s-ar h or
Livingstone, second, to follow up the great
Xile problem ojieiied through Livingstone,
aiifi third to nseertnin
if me river in the
exploration of which Livingstone lost his '
life, was the Nile. Mr btanle) described
IiLs journey up the river through man)
months and how he at last found that the
unknown riv er vv as the Congo
The speaker alluded to the conference of
the fourteen powers called bj Bismarck at
Berlin and tiie gift of a charter to the king
of the Belgians to Torm a free state on the
Congo. To this free state, containing a
million and a kalf or people, the king hail
granted an annual sum cf 400,000 In per
petuity and took to himself the credit of the
adoption by the conference of free trade In
to the Congo countr)-.
klehth District.
The following misstatement of facts.
i dated at Springfield, Ohio, appeared lu iat
even one acquainted with the situation
will rectiKniie the maliciousness of the
j writer the statements are deserv ini; of some
attt ntion, for the reason that there seeni to
I be a tUti-rmiiietl tffort on the jiart of cer
tain parties In this eit to plate a resniisi
bllit) where it does not behms
UViloiiotfolth.it It would (e fair to
the readers of the Cummrn htl thtzetti tot
keep the information contained in the in
closed lettertoourselves .'! L'iuhimctchiI
(mzette i
M-i.lM.t Iti 1 O. November -!1. lssi) I
I have read with considerable interest
jour remarks, from time to tunc, upon the
state of affairs in ihe eventh and hmhth
districts. In le at times I think )u dealt
in iiermnalities too much, vet I liae never '
disntret-d with jou in the purpose of jour
course i
our attitude toward (icniral Keifer is
well justified b) fatts, some of which vi
hi have not become known to ou I
In our recent contest to elect deiieial
Kenned) vvc had to contend with tieneral
Keifer and his old machine organization
i anil were couiromeu i') me luuiicnrcs im
hat n lined, and one other of much ttrcater
' intluence than an) to which jou have given
i prominence.
l'lie K of U made the issue upon Mr
hitelej's sui)sisl dictation of the nomi
nation, and his forriiur of tieneral Keifer
1 ol the truck '1 heir principal objection to
I kt lined was the oft repeated assertion
I that Whittle) forced Keiftr oil ami norm
I uateil kenned) l.tmntl Keifer and his
I friends worked this to the detrumnt of
Kennedy Ccnenl Keifer s pirt m tins l-
sue was to "iKise' a-s a martjr and allow I
ht fa!Mh(HHi lo ci MiiiliMMitwl ami worked
h tw wmurMt Kniu! tr mmh to , 1. ami n ?o0 tlienf fnnii Ma U.
hUlsitsfti otw j 1&S5, at 1 1 it rate of 10 t-rtvnt., nluoli i-
Ihw Miiiple faNeluHMl. o wll known to alltctMb the ietitlun t bethe IeMl rat-in
man) of u ami cuimmrl h&mlUsI bj JIttu.A. Ihe lHition tfw tive causes
Keifer did ii more harm and caused lis J al,' baMm; Us claim- on four prom
mtire trouble than all other Kmihs As the iMiy .Us and one cheik, copies of whioh
rauipanrn procresM! ami this ivue was
prestn! akraiimt us, second in matter wis
worked in (.eneral Keifer's claim to friend
slop forthe K of 1. His friends and the
K of I. urfeil this as the rtaxni W'hitelej
would not siiiKsrt liini in his ambition
He allowed this to ki undisputed. And
those of us who kneu ot his real position
ami tpmvseit. could n it sio them to the
public without cotiipromisiiu; him as a
a gentleman er nuu h
ithout Rome into detail at an leuctli
to show Ills position and the facts in the
ctse. it is on! neoessarj to relate onc
pressKin of his in an mtemew Jietnein
huuM If and Mr Whittle at the house of
the former Mr V went tliere at his
K.'s -uiTirestion or invitation to talk over
his candid icy. In order to induce V to
stipiHirt tiiui. he stid "In jour contest
ulli the K. of I. 1 am with jou " nd in
onier to eniihiize his ardor and interest m
In-half of Mr V he reintitwl the last
clause, 'I am with joit "
NothlnRwas iloue to correct the Influence,
of this falsehood except anmhniew bj a
(.loiif Hi i'i in ir reporbr and ouriountj
auditor, which reallj made thincs a Rtvat
deal worse than if nothing had leeii done
The above is another part or the plan to1
shift the respond,!,, of republican hpe,.
in this cotintj and district, from the shonl- j
dersof those upon whom It richtrullj be- i
longs to dentral Keiftr and his friends,
To those who are Minilnr with the Tacts it
, , i
is not nrcessar to saj that thealwve is ,
simph in keeping with the accusations that,
have gone before, a tissue ot lies lrom hrst
to last. We are Miftuientl familiar witli
the whole nntter to saj tint there is no
foundation whatever for a single statement
made in the abov e card
As to whether W N Whitelej wis or
was not the cause of General Keifer with
drawing from the congressional race, does
not matter at this time, but thit "(cmral
Keifer and his friends worked tins to the
detriment of Kenneth " is fal-e, and this
the canl writer, who has not the manliness
toaflixhis name, knew full well when he
penned the words. We are in possession of
some facts regardingtliesetnatterswhiih we
have thought best not to make public, and
jet think best to keep them bick. hut if this
umnitigatcd hitig is to be kept up against i
republicans who did all in their power to
keepthe'bovv of tlieg.sl ..Id U.ublteui '
1 '
ship ste-ul) against the stream, it ma) )tiumd
be found neeessarj to cive the whole truth
Again this unknown inl writer maki s
tho assertion that (icntraj Keifer stated to
r. Wlntelj that "in Jour roiubit with
the Knights of l.alvur. 1 am with jou," and
relocated the stattmeiit during the tsmver
sation. t.eneni Kt iler's xiews on thisiues
tiun are ttx) well known to necessitate a
denial of this. When it is remeinbt red
that as late as the Ulno state convention
trtiieral Keifer, as a member of the com
mitteeon resolutions, drew the nfth plauk
of the platform, .intl it vv t, adopttsl bv the
committee ami the convention just .is he
wrote it the above falls to the ground Tint
plink expressed his views then and ex
presses them now.
While touching upon this matter it ni.tj
be well to refer U anothtr, or to .mother
pirt of the same ibabolical scheme. It has
b-sen stated b) some one writing to the
C mmcrclitl llnzitlc that (Jenerai Keller
mide a speech of ovtr two hours in length
at Dunkirk, in l.oran munt and iitver
mentionetl the name of Gtneral Kenned).
Iu til" hrst place, there is no such
place I
as Dunkirk in I.ogaii eountv General I
K -ifer did m ike a ,, h, however, at D-
Gratf m that count) at wh.ch man) promt
nent Republicans from bpnngneld were
present. In that spetch he discussed at
considerable length the tariff question, and
at the close tif that part or his spett h urged
those present to vote for General Keiincdv
lor congress, for in liuu thej would lind an
exiioneiit and advocate of these principles
The question of honest elections was also
full) discussed at this meetinz b) (letter i!
K-ifer. ami at the close of that part he
aain urged his hearers to vote Tor General
Kenned) because on tljit question he hail
made a record as presiding officer of the
Ohio senate that should recommend him to
ever) voter in the state These are fat ts tliat
can lie substanti ited In as gotid anil reli
able nun as ever voted a republican ticket
It is xell understood who is the Jonah in
t ic republican camp of Clark count j. and
all the tndeavors of men who write cards
without affixing their signatures, will avail
nothing if these fellows have proof of '
the statements the) make, let them come
tiut like meii and not tire from an ambush.
Don't maliciously misrepresent men ami not
be man enough to show jour colors. Don't
attempt to shift a load that )ou have taken
iiiiii vourselves andof which ou aie tired,
upon innocent heads. Go to.
It was announced previous to the fall
elections that Dennis Kearuev, the big ami
livelj mouthed sand lots orator in jsan
Francisco, liatl been solicited bj thoustutls
ofworkinguen to be their catiuidate for
shentf. Dennis mlisentH.!. He ws tl.e.r I
candidate, or thought he was. That is to
sav he ran. or tried to. e now learn tliat
he received less than tvventj votes.
William D. Hill, of Ohio, tit mocrat. serves
in the house of representatives until March
4, and he is now in favor of the admission
of Dakota as a state, and sajs that he
thinks ihe democrats could control it if
he can persuade the other democrats of the
house Into his beliei there would be no
doubt as to its admission before the fortj-
nmth congress expires b) limitation.
An exchange sa)s a large part tif Democ- Pnnctrville.
racv lies in the grave of Thomas A Mend-! , ,. ,. ,,
ruks. That ma) be, but we know that1 -00 Doses One Dollar is niseparabl) con
much of it lies above ground. I 'ofee. New fted with Hood's Sarsaparilla. and Is true
.ork. , or no other medicine. A bottle or Hood's
Yes: and certain uncertain democratic Sarsapirilla contains 100 doses, ami will
newspapers which we might name, but do last a month, vv lulc others vv ill average to
not need to, lie above ground, and make a last not over a week. Use onlj Hood's
practice of 1) log abov e ground. Sarsaparilla. (
i Landlord Edward Voigt, of the Lagonda
j House, the Alleged Victim of a
i Jj,g Mmmg Swindle,
I Hiieft by it l'tirtj In 1 Irifiula Clt), Vlunlans
fur l-lftj-Two Hundretl nml rorl).six
j Iliitlnrs iigts Answer show up
tbe I'artltulara ot thr Csc
tnun s-uudav s hdttiou
It is gtncrall) ktionn that Kdnard oit,t, ;
l.iucllord of the Lnconda house, has had a '
. . . . ,. i.i. iiti ii
vanepite.1 c.uevr. and that a hlghlj-ilored
portion of his life was
inmlm. districts of the
in the wild
Mr Vuict
sometimes alludes to
Ills nit s rownol
anddelvir in the Inrsom of the earth A
suit now pendini; in the Clark count) touit
ofcomiuou pleas gives an intt resting in
sight into an incident in that genth man's
career and shows that he Is no tetnhrfoot b)
a long wa) 'lhe original suit was tiled last
Julv. but Chase Mewart. hi , attorne) for
Mr oigt. did not tile his answer until a
late hour Saturdi) evening With this
ausvtr in view the case bmshes intodown
ruht interest.
I. ist .lul) Mesrs How man ,t Bowman,
of this cit), tiled a petition in the court ot
common pleas, for 1) K. Mierinan. of Mon
tana 1'erritor), asking judgment against
Kilvvnnl Voigt in the sum of s.J4il. with
inttrest on s'JUl thensif from October .'I,
i "s-- n" ?k.W !!?ref from Auifu-t i
a'r.ir...iiniiiM.iriui.ii mr tmiu
These notes ate alleifed to haw tHt n made
nn i i i. n uv mw vim mn
to John C'liuimiiics.anilareall uiadepajahto
at Huirj hllings bank, Virginia Citj,
Montana Ttrntorj, and were endorsed bj
rumuiuis to I) K .Sherman tor a valua
ble consideration The hrst note is foi
31000. pajable in one iiionth, and is dated
Vtik,u-t Z iss; It hasnecrelitof 31U0
I'he sei-ond noie is forSlOOO. and ispijable
si months alter date; third for
siooo ami pajable in six months,
the fourth lor 51T00 and pajable
in nine months The nrst three notes bi ar
thediteof Atucust H, list, and the lust
Aupist Js., lssf,, which maj have btvn a
lencal mistake tn drawing up the petition
The nfth c-vuse of action is upon a chts k
torfi.'.O. ilateil November 11, 151. on the
Itosemui National bink of lioseman. Mon
tana anil executed to Mierinan bj "Voigt.
illiiuis A. Johnvm," jier VoigL TheiH
tition avers that siul notes and check were
presented ii.r paviiientat the Henry Lllings
bank at Viricinia Citj and the Hosema i
(Montvnal bank resinvtivelj, and that paj
iiient was refu-ed
'" llls answer. Med at tl o'clock last
,n?lMtMrt,1(. ' " "t
obtained b fraud ami false representation,
m thit the had leen executuil b the de
fendint to John Cuniitiings for the consul
cration or an allege.1 gold mine in Mon-
tana Fliit ( iimtniiigs representetl that
Ue nn m ,,. M j leM f nmi T to !,
.m,,,. gold ht ton and with intent to
deceive the defendant as to thevalue of the
b dt'iMisitim; therein valuable ore obtained
from a iitighbonng mine. That assajs
were made of said deposited ore. ami
showed that the ore contained from T to 10
ounces of gold i-r ton, and that the
said Cummmgs falel n presented that
said ore was obtained from the
mine for which the notes were eiven Tint
said defendant wa deceived Hiitl executed
the notes as aft e nd. and proceeded to
worn the mine, wlut.li proved to contain no
ore w liatev er. ami had to be abandoned.
Ih.tt the defendant received no benefit
from the mine and refused to pij the
notes. Further, that Sherman, the plain
tiff, h id notice of the alltged fraud before
the notes were endorsed to him. and re-
ceiveil tl e hrst three after thej were due.
aml --ve no value That the check was
"M,IJ Ua' f""1? the defendant u,K.n
the snle (SkiixlitemtKni tit it tli fi,or n.tt.w
lie canceltsl and the theckbere-
ceivetl xs
paj merit m full forthe trans
The Oilier llrlrs or Mnrtlin Viiitms llrlng
suit to set V.lile Ieetl or lluiiir.Unil
Ciseli Ut the f litlj l iii;liter.
Irom sunjjy-, hdition
A petition w.is Med featurda) afternoon
tn tht court of common pleas in a suit to
set aside a deed of coiivejance tif some
I mil, w hcrtin Titer C . 'I homas J , (.eorge
.. Authmi) W , and Eli H. Atlauis are
plaintiifs and Jane Adims is ilefentlmt.
The land in question is a two hnndroil-acre
farm iu Ilethel township, about six miles
west of the cit). on the Valle) pike. The
turtles to the suit are the children of the
late Martin Adams, who died on thel'.'thof
this iinintlL I'eter has been living on the
farm tor some ears, and his mother and
maiden sisttr. the defendant, have lived
with (.ini The farm, however, was the old
Jennie Adams, the name b) which the
defendant was gtnerall) known, has al
wavs bttn, at least until recent ears, a fa
miliar iiersonage In the citv bhe used to
be seen almost dail) on the stretts. alwa)s
appearing in costumes whicli. from their
? c "ors a"" oln" lwuiiarilles. attracted
attention Doc Adams, formerij a citizen
if Springfield, and quite an eccentric citizen
bvthewaj. Is one of the plaintiffs above
mentioned Dave Adans, a well-known
tiewsbo) about town and the boon compan
ion of Doc Heard, is a son of Doc Adams.
Aside from I'eter and Jane, the others live
be)otid tl e bounds of this count)
Ihe petition sets forth that Martha d
ants was not of sound mind during the )ear
prior to her death, and also on act ouut of
txtreme age, tic, was incapacitated to
truisitt business of an) kind properlv. and
)et nn October 2d, she was, b) undue'influ
enee of deft-tidents and others, induced to
sign a deed to Jennie L. Adams, convc)ing
to the said Jennie L.. whose right name,
the irtition avers, is plain Jane, the title to
the Joo-acre farm, beftue mentioned, the
consideration S.tO.000 in hand paid. The
dted was recorded Nov UJ The plaintiffs
claim that the) are equal heirs with defend
ant, and that the) are entitled to a one
sixth Interest eacli in the farm now claimed,
on the strength of the above mentioned
deed, bj defendant as her sole proper!)
n ucicioie, iu mums ask inal saiil ln-tni
ment or deetl of ionve)ance be ordeied bv I
the court to lie set aside and held fur nnmriii !
as fraudulent and void, and for such other
mur ll i T Z . r,..
Vb11al-f" Ik till. Iifltnr.l rt !.. ..---- -- I
tor the plaintiffs in bringing the suit.
r . . . .. 1
VV hat Tiue Merit VV ill Do.
The unprecedented sale of II ticket's
(leniuni iirtip within a few jears. has as
tonished the world. It is without doubt the
safest and best reinetlj ever discovered for
the sieetlj and effectual cure of Couglis.
Colds and the severest Lung troubles. It
aets ou an entirelj different principle from
'" ",'"a' iwrserlptions given bj Phjsicians,
- J" II ,loe,)t ,lrJ "" a ugli and leave the
disease still in the system, but on the con-
trar) removes the (tinge of the trouble,
heals the parts affected and leaves them in
a purel) health) condition. A bottle kept
in fie house for Use vv hen the diseases make
their apjpcarance, will save doctor's bills
anil a long sjell of serious illness. A trial
vv ill conv nice ) ou of these facts. It is pos
stivtl) sold b) all druggists anil general
dealers in the land. Price, 75 cts., large
I The marshal of Bellefontame, Ohio, se
cured the arrest of Joe Buck antlS. C. Har
rington, at Peona, III., on chance of burir
lar) antl recovered a large amount of prop
I ertv stolen b) them from merchant, at
i A rub vtoul 1 build a house and found m place
l s fair as anr od the earth s fair face
&uft lulls, dark woods, smooth tueadowa richly
nd cool tree shaded lates the hills between.
It built liishoue Mlttiin this pleasant land
.A sUtel lute jwrched house long years to
' Mori.
lint, rising fr m his paradls so fair
Cume Feter tn the uultt and killed him there
th lt! Un.1 ' heciitsl huw could 1 know
i Ihut Jatb was lurking unjer tbi. fair show? '
' A id answered Nature merciful an.1 stern,
1 te&ch b killuig let the uthers learu.
A man woull do gnat work, good work and
H gate all things he had all tblnff he knew
i II worked for all the worlj his one desire
To make the ivuple happier totter higher
usi nis isi W1S.10IU ustsi iiu uuiiki kirengin.
, ,i,s,r.,ie fon,i i t,uh K
TJte gunt vl lit bad iuuul, the shitic,
dJ tliat tht MtirtJ lit lott-ii .rce knew hit
. MIiw all iiij- wrk Utu wruixp I meant so
j e-ll
1 lmI s.1 tiiuih lu critsl IIn roul 1 I U
I An 1 aiifcwensl Natun merciful an 1 tf rn
1 teach hy Lillm It llo otben lraru '
A mail was a.LtM in iitarriar Hiv affair
Slrts jrae b.r answer uith dep thought and
f pratM-
hxp.s.l,nff in Hit- hoi) cam of wife
(rat w.irk cn-al juin, and pn-aUr Jtv in Ufa
bm!i.work ulie found an bratitlrss !,lae might
IIyda aulufht lnUbur tu.Tcr throucb
Ntch jvam do lanjiaie can uih pain repeal.
It hid uo limit lut her iner to fl
! tstich J n lifrt k ft in tier ka-1 miuI b employ
.Neither the b ur nif morj of vy
Ilelplevfshe iiisl with ont desjtalnoK cry
Ml thought it j,(j"l' H iouH I Ullthnlirt1
Autlanswi rv Natun , merciful anil ltru,
' 1 l-'lit, killing l"t the ( thers learn "
t harhtie V btetson in onian s J umal
Counlerrelthi Mrkrli ami Old Coin.
The count irfs.it. in at presnt is con
fined almost entircl to the coin issues of
the cmirnmcnt It is not generally
known that tho nickels an.l the iiennies
arc vtr) successfully counterfeited and
tliat tht re is no (Hissiblc means of tie
tecttng the spurious from the genuine
The uicktlsntTortlaverj lmndsomo profit.
All the tounttrfeittrs have to do is to go
to the Kevised St.ittites and there thoj
find the materials to bo used In thtlr
making All of tho metal emplojetl Is
bise A nickel costs the government
about 1H cents If the government
hail the exclusive manufacture of thuso
coins tht re would be a great profit in
them Hut the coin can be o easily re
produced that there is no means of t sti
mating how manj of them are put out of
the couuwrfiit class If the government
should decide to ull in this class of coin
thev would have to rediem the cohntcr
feits rs well, because thty are all made
of exactlv the sunt material as the gov
eniment s issue 1 he bronze pennies are
also counterfeited 1 here is a profit in
this The bronze of which the pennies
arc made costs twenty four cents a
pound V pound of it will make ICO pen
nles The onlv wax this part of the cur
rencj can be detected would be for con
gress to change the Nvv so that bullion to
the value of the nun can be put In it
One of the latest kinds of counterfeit
ing Ls the imitation of old coins for sale
to the numismitUts One of the most
ingenious modes of deception in this class
of work is the ch inging of the dates of
some common issue of a certain coin to
the date of a jeir whoso Issue ts scarce
and consequeiitlj high The old Liberty
dollar of lXM is very scarce It is sal?
that there are only seven genuine coins of
this issue in this country The coin is
rated in numismatic catalogues at a value
of fl,200 and upward The counter
feiters have been quite successful la
changing l-s) Issues to that of lb04 This
Is not counterfeiting in the strict legal
senso of the word, and the treasury offl
cials would not be able to punish anyone
for this class of offense But they have
exercised their power to put a stop to
such work wherever they have found It
going oa Washington Cor New York
Trickery of Cnttlf. Growera.
How about the branding of calves'
Yes, that was, and is, a favorite He
among the cjttlo growers Annually
the spring round up starts out Say thit
the books of the ranch show that there
should be 1 OoO cows on tho range
Without a smile, without the slightest
droop of an evelid, the cattle growers
and their cowboys report that the in
crease of calv cs ls 80 per cent by actual
count, of the number of cows the book
represents to be on the range Every
man of them knows that if the book calls
for 1,000 cows, that not more than 350 of
them are alive and on tho range. They
know that the rest lie dead in the forests,
or on the Hanks of the foot hills, or in
ravines where thej' were snowed under,
or on the and plains And every man
on the round up knows that not more
than 200 calv es were branded and saved
The lying report Is given to the local
press (which is supported by the cattle
growers) that the lloanng Bull Cattle
Growing associiticn has branded 80 per
cent of calves, antl editorial comment is
made on the great crop of calves dropped,
and editorial congratulations are ex
tended to the cattle growers on the pros
penty of their business That evening,
after reading the pijicr, tho cowboys and
cattle growers alike fay "Shovepen is a
daisy. Here's to him," and glasses are
lifted to weather cracked lips and their
contents are tilted down alkaline burned
throats Many cattle growers, who have
brcn dnven out of the business by
havy losses, havo told me within the
;ast two months that not more than 40
per cent of the cows they actually owned
ever saved their calves Aud one bright,
truthful cattle grower, who hatl lost 42,
000 in handling cattle on the Grand En
campment river in Wyoming, assured
me in exceedingly vigorous language
that his cows did not, during the five
years he hail the,m, average over 20 per
rent increase Frank WUkeson iu New
York Sun.
Tho .latlietlrs of Uosiery.
There are certain rules about dressing
the legs that must be followed to secure
a good effect Now, in fancy stockings
the lower part should bo dark and the
upper part light That gives the effect
of smallness at the auklo and DlumDness
at the calf
Reverse the position of the colors and
the leg w ill look us straight and ungrace
ful as a etick
Then ir tho dark shade does not go all
around the lower part it should be nt the
back, and not in rront for in that case it
gives the ankle a Hat look
The hosier) that is figured with an imi
tation boot coming up to the swell of the
calf gives u leg the best appearance
Rrarrrul Girls and SliuRlliia; Men.
"I never w is in a cit) " said a New
York gentleman, as he stood at the
s.1aV I
entrance to illartl's lobby, to a re
P. ' - -. Blrl, carrj" themselves
so gracefully as in Washington See
that voting lady tin re She is straight,
her foot comes down upon tho ground
without an) nuevenness or twisting or
turning, and she has the carriage of a
xeteran arm) ollicer All the Washing
ton girls w alk w ith st v lo and grace The
joung men are different They shamble
and shuffle I guess it is becnuso they
are all govenment cltrks and bend over
their desks so much "Washington Post
A Snake Charmer.
Elijah Pelton, of Shohola Glen, is jaid
o be the greatest Kiiake charmer on record
He has in a big cage nearly 300 rattle
snakes and copperheads, and walks
among them nml handles them with ab
solute fearlessness Me feeds them on
crackers antl milk, and some of them
show a decided affection for him New
York faun
Chinese Finperor'a Throne.
Tho young emperor of China is to have
a new and costl) throne at Shanghai Its
foundation pedestal ls to be made of gold
bricks, and the subprefect of Soo Chow
has sent to Pekin J.OuO pieces of solid
gold bricks, of tho ordinary size of clay
bricks, for that purpese CJneago Times.
There are nbout 1,400 lavv)crs in San
Francisco alone, or oue to every 170 ln
l.ibituuts Washington policemen are required to
near white gloves and tarr) canes vvhlla
)u duty.
Life and Xtbur tiy I,uninllKtit Seeti anil
Cdicou I'erll of the Miner' Ore up I
tlon V stroll Through I ndersround I
I Avenue "iMiootluc Down "
Having i-uppUtxl oursehe with small lamps
we go ahead Ttie avenue through whi h we .
ore traveling u thirty or forty f-et wi Je. the '
roof high enough to allow us to walk emt I
and the ground dr and dii-t Now and I
then we meet a train of tun tarsUir
i hauled bv one mule Sometimes these tnu i j
suddenl emere from sidu ntues theexisx
ence of which mverwoul 1 have liisn su-
. pctel bv a stranger ami tinailv.us mule I
driver and train raw 1 out of one evidentlv 1
of mure mugnitu le than aev we have parsed '
Mr K remarks "Its go in hert Uo
i enter, and after traveling a quarter of n mile
j Ian I in a chamber fthere. men are ut work I
I tilling tap. with owl that ha-. Ifon blown I
down with Mjwdur Holes are bore-1 into
the fas3 of the stratum with a drill op rated
by etmijiresved air, whih i- sent into tho j
mine through iron pn e i-onnecting with a
jiowerful oomprexHor in the t nguie rom
abovn T1jtm; ibillsiuii at lightning tjioed i
boring a h As an inch and a half in dLimtter
and six feet deep hi less than thne mm
uteei. Ibeu the m,-u hine Ls movtd to an
other ioint six ore;htfeet distant ami an
other hole bored The thn1 sules of the '
room are thus tenet rated withhilesi, into
which bla.sU aro lnsertl, the fiw Attathtl
and then the rum r conneits the wire of an '
electrical hanil dnaiuo with one fuse at a
time, walks oiTtoa safe distance and forms
the circuit there is a liosh, a jar. nn 1 i
kvtral hundnst bu-.!iK of mineral come
down with a tr lu-nd us ia.sh 11m other
blasts are "torn hsl olP m the fetmoivav. with
"n"Iar ulb.,niii! thru th mm with tlw
drill and the t let tncal liattery loads tht m on
hi tiKl car, tiiovMs out to tho iniin lino
an 1 hunts up another cIihuiIk r
Returning to the mam avenue vvomoxe
forward until we arrive at a chamlnr w lit re
a m i hm u at work These mat limes ant
also operated b) compivvted air mot mg
liat k anil forth agniict the wall of coal an I
bn al ing it down lij eii.t rating it with a
ioweiful iron fork The implttii ut ls pi teed
on trucks that nioxe on an iron track, mid is
so const ructed thnt the prong will overall
are tif six feet in its iinuitsluttn front The
tni' k and the mstlune can lie moted at eiete
and without the loss of mut h tune and when
ojierated on full time does the work of ten
iiku Mr IlrandnU'rger, th.gtntrHl sui r
inteitdent of the mine, whom we mt t at this
point, stattsl that the dit'ii ultx with the ma
climes was that they wtre. constantly getting
out of order, and, ll 1 ing necessui) to tnUe
them out of the mine for rep tir win h somo
tunes cost as mut h as the mat lime w hen now ,
he did not think there- was uitith saved m the
long run over band mining Sometimes a
machine would lie Mrtiulh mined from n
sudden fall of slate or shale or con'Act with
a mass of sulphurrt of iron When at work,
moving back and forth, sending their Iron
tongues into the black Ubom of six a foot v em
of coal, each attack tielng followed b) it crash
and a tumble of perhatft a ton of mineral,
they present an effe. t on the senses lioth won
derful aud startling They are souiew hat more
dangerous than hand mining, from the fact
that they are more suil len in their effects,
and at ill times and m all mines tho operator
must look out for sudden fall of slate
A general stroll through the mine covered
a distance of atiout two mile, and led through
many avenues ami streets running at right
angles or parallel to each other, just like
streets and av enues in a t ity, and lai 1 out
with as much mathematical precision. In all
nunes in thu art of the countr) pillars of
coal are left standing to fcuport the roof,
and these pillars may be couqiared with tho
built lings covering blocks of ground in tho
cit) , th entries, as they are called by nuiKrs,
liemg the streets surrounding the buildings.
Theendof the avenue, or where actual mining
is going on, is called a chamber, and during
our walk we found men at work in nearly all
of the latter Through every avenue is hut !
an iron tramway oxer whicli the coal must
be hiulcd in the dummj cars to the bottom
of tho shaft In tramping about j ou are apt
to como in collision with a train of those duui
nues at any moment, and to Avoitl aecuhnts
recesses are sunk into the walls ut regular dis- .
tances, into which jou can step antl iieicr
fectly safe
Hero ami there wide avenues are driven off
from the nuun avenue to distant ioints,
w hen smaller otitst are pushed out like the
roots of a tree, with the exception that the)
generally run at regular angles to each other,
so that m the course of time a lab) rinth is
formed out of which the unfamiliar explort r
would mver find his -vay except ti) the
merest accident The miner aoon becomes
as fanuliar to them, however, as docs nnv
resident of a city to its streets, antl when lie
enters the mine never gtts Irst or confused in
the jounic) to hi chamber He is assisted,
however, very uiateriall) ty the numbering
of ever) avenue, a placard tieing hung up at
the entrance of each on w Inch is painted the
proptr numbers. In our journe) we passed
through alout lift) of these avenues. In one
or two of tht nt wo were comjs.'lleti to stoop
considerably m moving f orw aril, but in all
others the eeilutgs w ero not less than suv en
fes t high
The ground under footwasMiiooth and dry.
the atmosphere pure and the teuierature
about 60 Fahrenheit lhe volume of air sent
through all arts of the mine v means of the
fan keei it clear of smoke foul gas or the
unpleasant odor emitted from the small oil
lamis worn in the caps of the workmen
L'pnn first entenng the mine the daakness is
in-n.s, but in a few moments the ejes ap
jiear to overcome it, and a sort of weird tvv i
light surrountls you, through which objecU
maj is) seen several rods. The further the
min is ienetrated the less, intense the dark
ness seems to become As miht natutallj
be supiHjtte.1, the acoustics of the mine are
perfect Low tones and cv en w hispe rs of the
human v oice maj bo heard great distances
During the journe) we heard a tremendous
crash which apiiearM to lie within a few feet
of us, but my companion, seeing that I was
somewhat startled, remarked that it was
caused by the -shooting down" of a mass of
coal nearlv 1,M feet awa) Distance and
locality cut as much of a figure m a mine as
they do on the surface of the earth Miners
will tell) ou that "room No 20 is a qmrter
of a mile awaj that is to reach it Jou must
go down No. U to No 15, turn to the right
and walk four blocks, then to the left one
block and jot can't help finding it" Fol
lowing these directions you are as certain to
reach No IX) in a mine as )OU would be in
reaching a similar number by means of a sim
ilar three tiou on any street in Chicago
Belleville, (Ills.) Cor Chicago Mcr-ild.
Your Liver?
Is the Oriental salutation, know
ing that good health cannot exist
without a health) Liver. When
the Liver is torpitl the Bowels are
sluggish antl constipated, the food
lies in the stomach undigested, jhii
Mining the blood : frequent head
ache ensues ; a feeling of lassitude,
despondenc) and nervousness In
dicate how the whole sjsteni is
deranged. Simmons Liver Iiegu
lator has been the means of restor
ing more people to health ami
happiness b) giving them a health)
Liver than ar.) agency known on
earth. It acts with extraordinary
power and efficacy.
Aa a general family remedy for Dyspepsia.
Torpid Liver. Constipation, etc , I hardly ever
"se anything else, and have never been rtls ip
p lnted In the effect produced. It seems to be
-.most a perfect cure fur all diseases of the
stomach and buvvels. J. McElrov,
Macon. Oa.
Has our Z Stamp In red oa front or wrapper.
J. H. ZEILIN CO, Philadelphia, Pa.
soli rxoriiEToas. raics, Sl.oo.
Fanny DaTEiport,
Aiies Etlel,
Sara Jewel!,
Mrs. Scott-SMdons,
Mrs. D. P. Bowers,
Caarlotte Tloipson,
Etc, Etc.
The ret biut.6cr
of the Cs nplexiwn re
movio; U pimples, tao,
freckles, bluit hei wl
lownett, tuabura r
75c. far Ei LarzeEfliUB.
(Vearly dsute ue of
former ccnt bottle
(XiquidXPbarl) !
Samt Jrints jrt Xav jo ctnt it 4, J
When I ? eoj 1 do u t mui nij to up tbvn for
Ulti till Irtrn tltetn irX in MllL. I to-. a rt
kl t-4 . I h sufl ih dtMaw of rtr K2I
liliT or FALLING S CKMjs Ufa loer tly I
warrut tnj itnamif ti cr L w rat cam. BeamM
c(ln-r ha fa.ll 1 U t rs-Mfi for sol now rrlvfnc
- to I il (f r t ti tni Pr B-4tl of mj
fnfHlItM ftirl? (iid Fprs an I roatOtfic. It curt
a tfitiu- ( 1 ) aitsl I will car jron,
JJJi !, IL U litxrr l I rrl at fw Tor
In-ttftntlj rvlterm th m-t dnt atUck and
insun oiitt)i tnnnie ifstp "iiuib ror HE 1
srLTsi.K4ainir naabl hi InhalaHnn ( ml.. Lii. i
medil dirwt n t rrrfnin.ind enrntnthel
r-inll in H carsble eiMan A pidc( tnl m- I
Tinctw tbenvwt sksMtcai Pnr5i0- and tl 00 1
ol ny dniKnt, or ( y mt.il Srnpl Y rrr- tor I
fc-Urop llr H.-IIlH-MVNN.Ht.riUMtm.l
gucceafuUjr ued monthly bjoverlOUOU
. viauics. aid oa;e, fjcciutuanu rmuani
W $1 (wrbox bymaitor at druffgtsU. Seated
"-si'lirf icutar 2 posuure stamps. Addrms
Tux Eciucu Chxvic-x Ccx, Dstrozt. Mica.
-ul(i ty l-ruuk 11. loMentz and Ad
''Civi Kl Ts Cut vxi lUt vi a trial This
justlj tdehratetl reiutsl) for the cure of ca-
tarrh. In fever, cohl in the head. Ac , can
be obtained of anj reputable druggirt. and
I maj be relied upon as a stfe antl pleasant
remetl) for the above complaint and will
I give Immediate relief. It Is not a liquid,
snuff or povviler, has no off enslv e odor aud
I can bo ued at an) time with gotnl results.
as thousands can testif), among them some
of the attaches of this othce. Spirit of
the Time, Maj 39, IKyi.
IMPOTENCT In Man or Woman cured by
fiUmoru'k Aromatic Wine. For sale br
Theo. Troujie. druggist.
There is no one article in the line of med
icines that gives so large a return for the
nionej as a good porous strengthening plas
ter, such as Carter's Smart Weed and liella
omia Backache Plasters. 7r
Consumption Cured.
An old ph)5tcian, retired from practice,
having had placed in his hands by an East
India mlssionar) the formula of a simple
vegetable remedy for the speedy and per
manent cure of Consumption, Bronchitis,
Catarrh, Asthma and all throat and lung
affections, also a positive and radical cure
for Nervous Debilit) and all Nervous Com
plaints, after having tested IU wonderful
curative powers in thousands of cases, his
felt it his duty to uiake It known to his
suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive
ana a tiesire to reliev e human suffering,
I ' "t-nd free of charge, to all who desire
it, this recipe, in (iernian. French or En
lish, with full directions Tor preparing and
using, sent bj mall by addressing with
stamp, naming this paper, W. A. Nojes,
149 Power's Block. Itochester, N. Y.
A Clenr Complexion.
How can jou expect a clear complexion
when the blood is full of impurities and the
stomach clogged? The blood becomes ill)
pure because the liver does not act proper
1 anil work off the poison from the sxstem
and the certain results are blotches, pimples
aim eruptions, l'urlf) the blood with Mm
minis I.ivir Iiegulator. and regulate the
liver, stoiinch and bowels, and then the
the skin will become clear.
l-mnlly lllis.Mtiig.
Simmons Liver Ke.ruIa.or the favorite
home reined j is entirelj- vegetable, and is
the purest and best familj medicine that is
compounded. No error to be feared in ad
ministering, no injiirj from exposure after
taking, no loss of time. It is the best pre
ventive medicine, and safe to take, no mat
tt rvv hat the sickness maj prov e to be, and
in an) ordinary disease will effect a speed)
Fimm! rur Consiiniptlxes.
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liter Oil iruh
llyilhosiiMtes, is a most wonderful rood.
It not mil) gives strength and increases the
flesh, but heals the irritation or the throat
and lungs. Palatable as milk, and in all
wasting diseases, both for adults and chil
dren, is a marvellous food and medicine.
Advice to Mother.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for chil
dren tpethinir. is tht nssj.nntmn of tra ef
i tne j, female nurses and physicians in
the United States, and has been used for
years with never-failing success by million?
of mothers for their children. During the
process of teething Its value is incalculable.
It relieves the child from pain, cures dysen
tery and diarrhcea, griping In the bowelf
I and wind colic By giving health to thf
child it rfsststhis mother PrW25e a bottle.
life (lilmore's Aromatic Wine cures sup
pressed meiistniitiou anil pimful monthly
sit kness. For sale bj Theo Troupe, drug
gist. The Dctll and the Deep sea."
The old ston of the poor soul who was
caught betvvien "The devil and the deep
sea,- gi is a new illustration rrom the deal
ing of doctors and drugs with malaria. The
stor) is soon told: "Mj daughter," said a
lad), "had been struggling with mahria Tor
lour) ear. She was all the time out of
health poor appetite, disordered digestion,
pale earth) color, pain m the head, limbs
ami back, and everj now and then a right
hard chill, followed bj- rever. Then we
would si ml for our doctor and he would
prescribe quinine, just as he did from the
hrst antl so kept doing all along until the
name of quinine sounds like the tolling of
the bell. Clearly between the two, her
health was being ruined ami her verj life in
peril. She was really between 'The devil
anil the deep sea.' Sometimes the name is
varied, and it is called some other 'Ine' in
place of quinine, but it is all the same the
old firm vv ith a new sign. In thls'dllema a
lad) friend said- -Wlij not tr) Humph
reys Homeopathic Specihcs, Nos. Ten and
Sixteen ' I tried them. The) were a suc
cess from the hrst, and not only cured the
malaria, but restored her to perfect health,
anil left no trace of disease or drug pois
oning." I'AWMMl lint BoN ClOTHI-S FOR MED-
icim.. A tMMir woman in Wales, whose
bo) hatl bten ver) ill for sev eral ) ears, had
expended all ol her means to pay for medi
cine. At last the doctors gave him up and
saui ne must me. lie suttered so terribly
with rheumatism, that he could not be
moved. One da) some one told her about
the Mount Lebauon Shakers. The ev idence
or the curativ e now ers of their Extract of
Hoots was so convincing that she pawned
the ioor bo)'s clothes to bu) a bottle of the
remetl) (Siegel's S)nipj, but now she feels
proud that she did so. for it was the means
of curing her son. The Shakers say that
this is the result or indigestion and that the
medicine cured the djspepiia, and that the
rheumatism was oul) a sjniptom or the
real disease.
M 4 :
J St. s. h i
' . 1 ftj Bfc- AT . F, S;
Sib K m II
" Ej Mi fA 1
Are now open with the finest line of Cloths and Cashmeres
both Foreign and Domestic, ever displayed in Springfield
The reputation of Col. Fellowes and his son is such that
there can be no doubt of their giving satisfaction and a first-
class fit in every case.
Iter. C T. Clark, a member of the South Georgia Method Ut Coofcr-nce. wrltrs from
Tatnall C unty, G.."Om y araw I wis taken with rheamatlsm. an J became almost
heIj,JeM rur oTcr ihrte month. Ail the lemWlestue-l ienieil to fall until I commenced
th ue of Swift's St-tclCc I have taken At bottla, and am perfectly sound and well
aalo. X woold haTii wTltten sooner Lui waited to mc If the cora was permanent. And
now I anhes4tatlnly recommend 3. S. S. as a safe and reliable remedy for rheumatism. I
hare all confidence In Um virtue,"
For over two years I suffered Intensely with miucilar rheumatism. I baeune almost
helpless, and had to be hel;sl oat at bed. Jit time I was naabl to torn myself la bed.
aadhad to be handled as tenderly as aa Infant 3Iy chest was lavolred, and the pala was
latolerab'e at times. All the old and we lknowa remcdUs wera xhatutcst, but no per.
manent relief leas obtained. About a year ap I wa lndaassl by a frltnd to try SwlXt s
Speatflo. Tfca affect hat betm manual. )fy friends scarcely resTfalzo ma. My rheuma
tism ll entirely gone, my general heaha lj superb, and I am welxhlaf thirty pounds more
than when I commenced uUij.ia I am able to attand to all my ministerial work,
lam dsvoutly grateful rer my rMtoration to health, which 1 oiti, unJer tha blesslns of
GJ. to Swift's specific, Bar. J. M. Lowbt.
Hampton, Oa, sprit "0, ISS.
TreatUm on Jilovd and SJin 2lsa mniferf Ve.
ii m
3'J&i IMLsif-
Inttreitliif fronooTtrto eoTsr." Jv". T.StraU.
Volumes la erery
--no axory i Arena e-rpiormuofi aaj aquaiaa is
pathos." Hartford Post.
178 Elmll.,
ilk your ntafler for the Original 03 8hc
Beware ot Imitations.
None Cenulneunleaa bearlns this Stamp
I Vadetn Button,Concress Lactv
l-sKsti kxhj tnn. unexceueu in
jjurtuntujf uomjon ana ap
pearance. A postal card sent
,U) ui nut onn, jou iniorou
nun now to get mis ouua
jiyataie or rernrory.
i uncoin ai
ts-xiou, naea.
ThU shod stands higher In the estimation of
Wearer than any other In the world. Thousands
who wear it mil tell you thereafloaltyoaasXthem
H f" 1
i vr..
m wv X9
IF - - VS. sbw--
ms;' r fl?S?..iJS
rv TTTst Annini I J saffsrer. GlTtprM sad r O addn. 9
J&.T -
Atlanta, Ca.
One of the most desirable articles for the
hoosehi Id ever produced. .Easily applied
by any one at less than bair the coat ot bnck
linings, while it is far more durable.
Only one ball the thickness of ordinary
fire-brick 13 required, leaving more space
for fuel. Suitable for all kinds of Stoves,
Banges, and Furnaces.
For Cemen tlnir Jolnta In Heater,
htolea, Jt'arnace, etc
It will nc t rhrink will stand any amount of hast;
has no cffeniuo odor, and pravs&ta escape of gsa
and imoae.
1 hese article are supplied ready for use in S and
loin cans aUoin Kecs&Bbls. formaouTactursia.
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Three Years of Arctic Service.
By A. XV. GIIEELT, XJeut. V. S. Army.
Com'jr Lady Franklin Bay Expedition of 18SI-.
3Vo Yolt Royal ero. mU Stttl rortrait, orer 100 Ultutrationt aa4
. tW Oiicial Maps and CiarU. Sold ony ty gnojcnpfton.
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