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Beginning Today
Now displayed. Card price plainly
tnarkud that'll startl our competitors
and delijht buyers of
raney Table Ware never was so
cheap. We offer so long as the up
pl la-ts. five irm. French China
llecorated Frnlt Dates at SI per Iialf
dozen. Price last rr. 81.50. 'I'liej
will to fast. Watch this space; e
will surprise you.
0 I (Jh -L v(
AH M 0M'VCMr 1 V6-
01 and 98 West Main Street aud
South Market Street.
WANTED A reliable person to jen an
oHce tn this city as cenernl anent for
ojr goods "ilonopoly." Small capital re
quired. Kansas City Toilet Manufacturing
Co.. Kansas City. Jio.
WAKTEII Agents for that Historical, r.n
gravtne. "Sherman's March to the .
St2 by So Inches. Enry home, every ei
.ldier want It. Address J. 1. iltch. 1 ub-
lisher. Hartford. Conn. '-"'
IITANTED Agents for -Story of Lal'-r."
with Introduction by T. . Powderly
s.-Ils at sieht. Excluslie territory given Ap
ply at 1J0 West Main street. H ednesday. I'e.
i. from ID a. m. to 2 p. m. E.R.traves. 41b'
"lTTANTED-AJman to canvass and manage
eanasers-to control all sales of the In
candescent Light, equal to W candles. In
frprtngaeld. tor particulars, terras, cte ,al
dresslncandesccnt Lamp Col'lttshurc. I a
TirAXTED-Energetle lady agents to sell our
II popular corded health corsets. Work
permanent. J'or terms, address ,
nett A- Co- ile Erie St- Cleveland. O.
address L, 11. Ieu
"ItfANTED filrl to do general housewark.
I Enquire for Mr Lngg. southeast corner
Orant avenue and north ellow Springs street.
nrANTED An active man lone outot em
II ploynient' to begin on moderate salary,
and work Himself up. representing. In hlown
locality, an old established house. Kexerenres
exchanged. Aw. Mmt-rACTcaiM. llotst. n,
Barclay itreet. New York.
TXT ANTED A live, energetic man. to renre
l sent us: ITS per month, and expenses
Uoods staple; every one bays; outflt and par
tlculara tree. Standard Silverware Co.. llos
DEMOVED Mrs. Randall, the mind reader.
XV has removed to fcoutnern avenue
house west of YellowSprtngs street.
LOST Three promlsory mortgace-secured
notes IorJ137JOejiCft. maturing in one. tw..
and three years from November W, IssO. iear
lag six per cent. Interest. Notes given b
1 endelln Siegel and wile to Thsmas How ilug
Also one note for 5W. due tn one year frmu
above date ahl made by same parties to san.e
party. The Under will be rewarded It he will
leave the notes at the tllobe-ltepnbllc omce.
LOST T we black-and-tan Gordon setter bird
dogs, lleturo to lwl north Plum street
and receive reward. Harry Hhonemus. i'm-lla
LOST OR STOLEN- Pointer doc. solid liver
medium slie.wlth collar marked "Kapp.
and owner's name. A saltable rewar.l wn. be
paid for his return toCCMrkpairlck. k.
south Limestonestreet. a
LCST A rebber ooat on Western a enne. be
tween the railroad and Pleasant stn er
inderwlllberewarded by leaving same at
No. 4W west Main street. "'
P0R RENT New brick house, nine rooms.
will rent for ill per month. Call on or ad
dress A. O. Keller, north Limestone street.
FOR RENT A nice furnished front room for
Kentlemen. Enquire No.12 Fisher street
MADAME MAGAV.67west Jefferscn 'treet.
Clairvoyant, reveals the past, present aul
future. Also gives private slttiuas. :"as
PERSONAL Weak and undeveloped parts of
the body enlarged and strengthened lie
scriptlon, medical testimony, etc .mailed
sealed, free. Erie Medical Co.. 7 Swan street.
Bagalo. N. Y.
TO LOAN Rmu.OO on city property, also f.r
any amounts on city or country property
Lnquire of C. R Kisseli. real estate and loan
agent, room S-. Commercial block. Limestone
street. Sprinefield. Ohio. Ct"
Solicitor of American and I" relgn
Room 5 Arcade Building,!
Sraarh lreariec Washimrton. D. C.
don. Eng Paris. France.
0. F. HYP
on. j. t. Mclaughlin,
itEsiorrD to
lOfi West JlalnSt. Telephone 4fi.
Attorney and Expert
TTmnn . Vww i!lSln.
Dr. Frank C. Runyan,
r Rooms in Buckingham's Building, over-er '
BnecUI attention given to tho preienlagof
B i. mi !
1 K i - M am
Tn cure this an!) ivlnc trouMe and to
take away the pain aud ltchlus you
eh -uM us-
Casper's Fronted Fet't Remedy,
Ou'y i't ents a bottle.
I Even of the worst kind, are cured by
1 Casper's Compound Syrup, Tar,
Cherry and Horeliound.
Tt is tin' 1 st remedy made, and will cure
veiT UiU eases It luuc and bronchial
IroiiMrsIt inverTuiericr. fOcandtl bottles.
CASPER'S Drug Store,
ruher'diiuck. Misiiifltreet, J1 Door wwt
ui i.iuirtmie.apflDi;0il.
-'' ' ""'; ' i
OIMIMI ATnucnu.'H.
r.n.vMi. "FaslaMua" .Monday and Ti
, day evenings. November i'.Uli and 80th.
Hi vr-K-. Orpheus concert Stun
comino ATTKACTiost.
eeniiig. November "jutn.
iIhimi.-Minnie Maddeni Friday ever.
.U, December 3J.
Bi.m k'. "The I)ng Strike" Saturday
evening. December 4th.
IIiack's. Tuexlay evenin?, December
7th. Scanlan in "I'eek-a-Hoo.''
Ill ack's. The New York Casino opra
I company Thursday, December 9.
Orpheus concert at Mack's tonight
Fantasma" at th Grand tonichL
N. F. (. Whitney returned from an east
ern business trip yesterday.
A child of John Lynch, living on Harris
sun street, died yesterday of croup.
Considerable local news of Interest will
be found on our inside pates. IxMk
i it u
Services at Teinpersiice hall thl evening
at 7:30. Preaching by Iter. Dowllnf, of
Marion. Ohio.
Two prominent people died at Xnla
Sunday Mis-. Stella Davis, of paralysis,
and Frank Ilufuian.
Mayor's court was postponed until four
o'clock this afternoon, owing to attending
the funeral of Officer George.
Nothing but bills occupied the attention
of tlie county commissioners at their meet
ing today. They adjourned at noon.
Dawson Cartnikll left last night for his
home nt St. Joseph, Missouri, after spend
ing the Thanksgiving holidays In tills city.
Miss Ella Miller will give a progressiva
euchre party Tuesday evening. In honor of
her gueL Mi-.s Mary Anderson, of Colum
bus. Miss Carrie Bledenbacli, of London, re
turned home today after a pleaant visit as
the guest of Miss Emma Reld, of north
Market streeL
Miss Maud Trader, of Xenla, who Is tie
gn-st of Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Ludlow,
will entertain at progressive enchre Thurs
day afternoon.
To Mr. and Mr. Fred Hook, of Lagonda
avenue, a bouncing boy. The young'ter la
a grandson of the water works Inspector,
Owen Biggins.
Sanitary Marshal Gelwicks put out four
new diphtheria signs this morning, one in
tlie wet end, one in the south end. and the
others in the east end.
A car-famine exists at Indianapolis. The
I. 11. & W. is handling fifty cars of com
daily, and neither it nor the other roadi
can get near enough cars.
The two-j car-old child of Mrs. Ilatlinger,
wlije airet was mentioned yesterday, was
bronght in by the patrol wagon and Incar
cerated with the mother.
Kev. W. A. Gross and wife were at
SoniTvtlle, Madison county, yesterday,
when the former filled the pulpit of the
Christian church of that place.
Thecornmittosssof the Div. 44, K. f P.,
meet tonight to complete arrangements for
the holiday' bazar. The members are re
quested to bring their w ives.
Jerome Cook and J. J. Detzold left this
morning for the vicinity of Waverly, Ohio,
to hunt quail and pheasants. The Globc
Kkpi iiuc oflice is easy of access, boys.
The Morris trial for murder In the first
degree, atXenia. will be postponed until the
iext term of court, as there la not enough of
tliis terra remaining to finish up the trial la.
The party who stole the liver-colored
pointer belonging to C. C. Kirkpatrick is
known, and unless returned at once, will be
A young man living on Scott street, near
rleaant, while wrestling with a compan
ion yesterday af teraoon, fell and broke the
mall bone of his right leg just above the
Mrs. W. D. Cushman, of north Market
street, who has been at the bedside of her
sister-in-law, Mrs. I. J. Cushman, at Kich
oit'nd. Ind., for several weeks, returned
iioine this uiomipg.
The arrests last night were W. X. Slmerl,
ii. l'tier. Preston Temple and Solomon
Harvey, disorderly; Pat Stewart and Mor
ris Flinn, drunk; and John Peters, drunk
anil committing a nuisance.
Kev. E. E. Baker, of the senior theolog
ical class at Wittenberg, Is temporarily sup
pljing the pulpit of the First Lutheran
Church, Dayton, recently vacated through
the resignation of llev. J. H. Barclay.
A. B. Smith Is on the hunt for Pete John
son, a young fellow who worked for him
iast wvek. and on pay night managed to
get possession of two envelopes, his own
containing f'J.45, and the other, S2.S0.
W. E. Cmnbaek, of Greensburg, Ind.. an
old Daily Republic boy, is In the city today
visiting his many old friends. Mr. Cum
baek is a cousin of Hon. Win. Cumback. of
Indiana, and a nephew of II. H. Cumback,
of this city.
The "Vanishing Lady," a wonderful 11
Iumiiii, iiruduced for the first time in this
country by the Ilanlon Brothers, will tie
seen in "Fautasma' tonight and tomorrow
night. This mystery has created the great
est sensation wherever it has been presen'
ed, and the wisest are at a loss to discover
tiow it is done.
At Steubenville, the case of the adminis
trator of James Davitt against the P. C. A
St. L. was settled by a compromise of
$1,200 aud all costs. Davitt, now deceased,
was a brakeman on the road, and was de
capitated by an apron on the company's
c ial shute falling on him. The administra
tor sued for . 0.000 damagss. and the case
was tried twic, the juries bttt times being
uuable to agree on a verdict.
IiMCouraclac lllble Iteaillc..
Yesterday afternoon Chisf Walker and
Dtputy Potee went over to the residence of
Mrs. Finch, at 121 Chestnut avenue, and
arrested Bee Ionard and locked her up in
jail on the charge of petit larceny. Tho
. l-eonard woman, previous to going to
Finch's worked tor a woman on Summer
-treet There was a balance of ten dollars
due her w hen she left, and one day last
week she went out to collect it Xot suc
ceeding in this, as she was leaving she
' slipped a twelve-dollar bible under her wrap
and lefL Upon missing the article com
plaint was made to the police, and tlie
above is tlie outcome. As the girl probably
l contemnlated a course of bible reading. It
is suggested that a twenty-five cent bible be
substituted and s-ne be allowed to depart in
Halt Filed U..utnliilni Charge of fiilrnir
anil Contemptible l!liinrtj.
A novel and rather sensational suit was
brought In common pleas today. Mr.
Elizabeth Lynch, by her attorney, Wallace
. Coleman, filed suit against her son.
(corse W. Lynch, to compel him to relin
quish a deed alleged to have lieen fraudu
lently obtained and the posses.-ion of which
makes almost a paucr and robs her of her
property, as alleged.
The plaintiff says that on November 1.
18V5. she was imssrssed in tee dimple of
I the east half of lot No. 1S!3. in illiam II.
Ilouck's addition to this city. That she is
' about sixty-five years of ace, and of Afri
can blood, and is unable to read or write.
, That on November 1. the defendant, well
1 knowing till" inability, obtained her signa
ture to a warranty deed, by which for a pie
tended consideration of S2.SIW. piiriiortiug
to be paid by said defendant to tue planum.
the plaintiff convejed to the defendant me
I above real estate in fee simple. The deed
was n-corded in November, on pap? i.,..
vii nine Ut of tlie neisi recoru-
of the countv. That to induce
the old lady to sign the
i I.viirh falelv represented that the
was a paper to release some security given
by Lynch to the old lady to indemnify her
a surety on a note given by the defendtnt
t'i C. C. Taylor. Believing the representa
t.on. she signed the paper a"'1 only a few
days ago discovered It was a warranty deed.
That defendant welt knew at the time tint
his representations were false and that she
received no consideration whatever. The
defendant has ordered the aced woman to
vacate the premises and threatens to put
her out of the house, claiming to be its
0ner. Defendant also threatens to sell
the property, and will do so unless re
strained by order of the court.
Plaintiff asks that the deed o obtained
my be cancelled and held for naught and
tnat the defendant may be enjoined from
disposing of or encumbering aid premises
from interfering with tho plaintiff's peace,
fnl occupancy of the house during the ' ptn
dency of the suiL
Judge White issued temporary restrain
ing order.
IteM KtMe Transfers.
George Brain to F-dwin II. Hunt, lot in
Brain's first addition: S275.
Thomas DowlingtoAnnieSiegel. 7CS-100
acres In Springfield towm-hip: 51,012.50.
Emma B. Eaton to Joseph A. and Bettie
F. Bocner. lot in Florence ville: S750.
F. M. Hagan to Endora Stewart, lot in
Miller & Hotsenpillcr's addition: 53,500.
Frederick Kleinman to I. Ward Frey, j
lot on Summer street: SCOO. j
Conrad Erick to Margarctta Leitschuh,
1 it on Harrison street: $300. I
Henry Fei.stermacher to C. P. Smith, let
Oj tsauelia street: S700.
Martha Adams to Jennie I Adams, 200
acres of land In Bethel township: S20.000.
Thomas Davis to James Stevenson, lot in
Hitter's sub-division: 5200.
J. A. McCreight et al. to It. J. and II.
H. Nelson, lot in McCreight heirs' addition:
Fone Scranton et al. to S. E. West, lot in
Tibbett's second addition: 52,100.
John II. Digan to James F. Digan, quit
claim to lot on west Washington street:
Watford Young ct al. to Charles V.
Young, lot in E. L. Houck's 3d addition:
Ilsnloiia "Fsntmras" Company t the
Ur-ml Tuulght ivnil Tomorrow Might.
What the Cincinnati Enquirer has to say
of Ilanlon Brothers' "Fantasma" company,
that Is here at the Grand tonight and tomor
row night:
Tlie vanishing lady again puzzled all be
holders last night at Heuck's, and the gen
eral comment at its close was: "how was
It done."
Thr-t "Fanta'ina" has added another and
signal Jewel of rare magnificence to her al
ready crowded diadem of wonder there is
no gainaying. Go and see the vanishing
lady, by all means, and then explain it to
your friends. Apart from this startling
European Innovation, "Fantam" stands
today without question, the greatest me
chanically complicated, scenic and humor
ous production on the American stage.
The Chilian cabinet has resigned.
Earthquake shocks occurred in the
Cholera Is spreading in the Argentine
K public
Prussia and the Vatican have entered into
an lmiortant agreement
A slight shock of earthquake was felt at
Columbia, a. C, Sunday afternoon.
The Kouuunian succession will devolve
upon Prince Ferdinand, of Hohenzollern.
Granville Brown, aged fourteen years,
was bumed in a barn near 5IL Vernon, Ky.
It is liardly probable that Prince Nicho
las, of Mingrella, will secure the Bulgarian
Howard Tuller, aged eighteen, employed
in government dredging, w as drowned in
Sandusky bay.
At Lima, O., Fred Powell, a pumper at
an oil well, was overcome by gas, and died
In a sort time.
The;rand Army pension committee has
Issued a circular recommending more liberal
pension legislation.
It Is proposed to use gas as fuel In the
Columbus steel mill, making it from un
merchantable coal slack.
Tho Baltimore and Ohio Itallroad com
pany has advanced the wages of employes
on the Lake Erie division.
Hon. Alex. Ixmg, prominent in Masonic
aud political circles, (tied in Cincinnati Sun
day night, aged seventy years.
Michael Davitt. In a talk In Montreal,
called Bossa a driveling idiot, and McDer
mott a thorough-paced villain.
Governor Ireland, of Texas, In his
Thanksgiving proclamation, studiously
avoids mention of both God and Grover.
One hundred and forty-one packages of
American registered mail were among the
contents of twenty-two sacks of matter cut
open and rifled in Belgium.
Edward Lee, Charles Moore and G. B
LevangCT lost their lives in the Duluth ele
vator lire. The total loss is estimated at
ts65,000, and the insurance over 5700,000.
The ropo has divided the Diocese of Al
ton, In the state of Illinois, forming tlie
southern part into a new diocese, with the
Sen at iellevtl!e. The bishops of Uichmond
and St. Paul have submitted to the Pope a
scheme to found a Catholic university in
The National chiefs held a meeting at
Sligo, Sunday, and discussed future course
of action. Defiant speeches were made by
Members of Parliament O'Brien and O'Kel
Iy, at Riverston, and by John Dillon at Ilal
laghaderin. O'Brien will probably be ar
rested today.
James E. Prince, of Cincinnati, is in tl e
city today.
The grandest fur owning held in the city
this fall will tko place at Gugenheitn'.s. 29
south Limestone street, Tuesday and Wed
nesday of this week.
Change of Bulnen..
C. C. Fried, the veteran jeweler, Xo. 6
east Main street, preparatory to a change in
his business, promises to in fact must re
duce his large, eleganl&ud elaborate stock
of holiday goods jewelry, watches, dia
monds and other gems, silverware, etc. In
eluded in this reduction at cost and less
than cost is his new and unrivaleil line ot
holiday novelties and specialties. He is
offering bargains such as Springfield never
beforn witeessed. In another part of this
paper will be snen the advertisement of
Mr. Fried that should be read by all.
Fur nni! CIohuh.
Informal opening Tuesday and Wednes
day. November 30th and Decemlier 1st, a
Gugcnhem's, 25 south I.iniestono stro t
No cards. Everybody invited.
General Hickets, who has heen an Inralhl
for years, but who recently recovered
enough to go up to N'ew Hampshire anil
vNithls married ilaujhter, is now !.erioiuIy,
indisposed, and it is thought will not re
cover. A erand informal fur niiemnc will lie
held at GuKenlieini's, south Limestone
street, Tuesday and Wednesday of this
week, w hen a grand display of furs, cloals,
bars, vtc, will bu displayed.
w rtniMwawiea
A ITolet Agaln.t Sunie of the Tilings
Taucl't In Sclimils.
I What's the use of making n ninn's tnlk
' !0 ornamental that you don't know what
he means when he's done speaking
i What's ihe us. nf forty pounds of orna
ment tu it (iirrute except to make it
Lcrv.ei to draw"
What it th sun is ninety odd millions
i j mllj trom tlm earth Who is the
I fa'nei i,r loser li it What statu would
j i man's mind be in were it thought
necessary, in order to be "cilnc.tted," to
I know how far we are from 10,000 other
I stars Would life lie worth living if we
., . i ,-.i .... i. .11. ......... ,.r
nau in Keep inisieii iii in, ui.ii niu m
1 ' ., . ii
everv star as siKin as tlie iistrouomer lind
calculated it' What do we leiirn tilings
for, anyway To have them in case
they're " wanted Would jou carry
a pump in j-mr trunk bernuse yoi
thou-l.t ji'ii iniht want it some time o;
itt.ti' Or learn all the ropes in n ship if
jou neve: expelled to go to sea It you
are gi ir.c to New- York vou study tho
rout? tc New York You don't enre.
ther. to turi the route to Omaha. When
I went tc school I learned things I never
had any w-e fer. They put pumps in my
rank "? park about all my life. Is any
bodvth happier tor knowing that Col 'im
1 u dl-ioveiei America, in 14112 Will the
knowledge of this get you into society or
a government olllce or credit forn week's
irfiard! Is it ornamental Does it polish
you or veneer or make you more respect
able' Well, where is the good of it. any
way I would pause for a reply if the
train could wait. I have jiondered over
this problem for years.
The fact seeras to me to bo aliout ns
valuable as ft pi .nip in my trunk packed
about for fear I may find myself in sonic
place where th"y have no pumps. What
did tin. edtnalf nie for To think I
could get no water unless I hud n pump,
though the Mississippi flowed past my
dcor ami bushuls of tin dippers, were lying
along the banks What profits it to me
that Tennessee is bounded on the north
by Kentucky Hn-s this fact made my
morals or digestion liettcr or wore'
They told mo, when a child nt school,
that I should find out the u-e of these
things when I grew- up. Well, I grew
up. But I never found out; I think now
they lied. I don't lielievo they know
j what they were talking aliout. I spent
I three years of my liojhood learning what
states w ere nt the top and what were ut
' the bottom of each other. I think now
I tho time was better spent when I "played
hookey" and fished in tho otter pond.
Why was I taught in the "speller and
leflner" that tlie meaning of "illus
trious" was famous, and when I asked
tho meaning of famous I was told it was
to be illustrious' Was this fair? Was it
any wonder that n good boy should turn
his book into n nest of dog's ears and
cotch files for a living in school when
treated thus What moral garbage they
used to sweep into our heads in those lit
tlo odoriferous red school houses! One
incentive g'ven us was that any boy
might become the president of the United
States. Now the position U hardly re
spectablo and not near as profitable as
that of a bank cashier or a New York
alderman. The president i only boss of
the rotary ofllco machine. Were not we
taught that we should be beggars If we
didn't get onr lessons Didn't the boy who
wouldn't get his lessons and couldn't
turn out the richest man when he grew
up Didn't ho rommence as a rum swil
ler and end by filling an honored con
gressman's gravo Isn't the smart boy of
the school, who did get his lessons, uud
went through college and bocame a pro
feasor, now starving in a publishing house
making more school books on $10 per
woek Isn't life hard enough aud heavy
enough without packing the burden of
such a lot of lies on a poor boy's back to
trot through the weary world with!
Prentice Mnlford tn San Francisco
TJnlqne Variety of Tobogganing.
Amusements are always at the com
mand of the Ingenious. Even the excit
ing sport of tobogganinK is not confined
to the rich, who can go to Montreal In the
winter or coast down broad staircases on
thick mats in the summer. The urchins
of Hester street have invented n varia
tion of the Canadian style that is unique,
inexpensive and within the reach of all.
I saw one yesterday, perhaps the genius
who devised it, Introducing toboggan rid
ing to an admiring constituency. lie had
found a large tin pan, too leaky to hold
any liquid and not quite leaky enough
for an ash sieve.
He had obtained a few feet of clothes
line, one end of which he made fast to the
pan. Kunnlng behind tt large wagon, he
took a turn with the rope around the axle,
retained the loose end in his hand and sat
down in tho pan. As the wagon moved
off he bumped joyously along over the
cobblestones on his sheet iron toboggan,
heading a procession of ragged imps, all
clamoring for the privilege of the noxt
ride. The advantage of this sport is that
you do not have to climb a hill for the
fun of sliding back. To return to tha
starting point it is necessary only to wait
for a wagon going that way and make
fast. The value of cast off tin pans is
rising In the sido streets. "Uncle Bill"
in Chicago Herald.
Ahciil or tlie F.asiern .Sugeteri.
"The Japanese were the original Jug
gler." says D'Alvini, who is an English
man with a command ot ten languages,
"but the Europeans have Improved on
tbolr example. As jugglers, conjurers
and mastcis of all the arts of legerdemain
Europeans surpass the world. We hear
a great deal about Indian Juggling and
tho wonderful tricks of the marabouts,
snch ni bringing birds Into existence,
causing them to tly a short distance and
then ret lrn; lint such stories arc Indian
tales mere fairy tales. I traveled for
months in India and I never saw any
trick there that I could not perform my
self. The people of that country nre very
ignorant, and havo no knowledge what
ever of electricity and compressed idr, two
Important elements of our work. Euro
peans and Americans can beat the mara
bouts ut their own trado "Chicago Her-
Facta Concerning the Gulr.Stream.
Some additional facts concerning the
gulf stream are set forth by a Boston
scientist It Is, he says, a stratum of
warm blue water not more than fifty
fathoms deep, and Hows due east at a
rate that would take it to England within
a hundred days. Off Cape Hatteras this
northward How ing stream is in the form
of a fan, its throe warm bands spreading
out over the Atlantic surface to an ag
gregate breadth of 1C7 miles, while two
cooler bands of an aggregate breadth of
52 miles are interposed between them.
The innermost warm band is the one
that shows the highest temperature and
speed, its velocity being greatest where It
is pressed latterly by the Arctic current,
so that the rate of 4 miles ier hour is oc
caslonally o" .served. The peculiar blue
color of the water is probably because the
river silt washed into the gulf by the
Mississippi js held in suspension. Bos
ton Budget.
Canning Infirinr Millnnn.
The Oregonian saw. on what npprar to b
good authority, that certain snlnion packer
on the rnrifli- tmt, not coutcnt with thi
profits of li-gitim U- luiMnu-, aro canning in
fcrior, and vrn unclean nnd disposal, fish ol
tho late fall i mi : and .mix-, if honestly labeled,
the product would ! uf ma!I value and lo
of bale, are putting it on tho martet a-
Columbia river salmon." -We regret the
necessity of saying," it adds, "that of ell tlu
Ieople who have profiled largely by Ihe native
tounty of this country, tho salmon packer
of th Columbia river, ns a class, nre th'
most gross nnd selti-li. They cainp Wdo thi
river and despoil it ruthlessly of n treasure
hich rightfully U'iougs to future genera
tions. Tbey defy the laws made to protect
the salmon, and ft,h in season and out of
season, by fair methods or foul, as whim or
interest serves. They arc at no pains to pre
scrvo tho salmon by limitation of tho annual
eaten; nor will they even contril . to sup
port works to correct, by artihcial means,
the effects of their own ravages." Xew York
A Toor TIml.
De po'est thine in dis wnrl' t- ,bc -.
hopes on Is good looks. Do cnckle-burr
Is green long crter do flower U duu tilled
by de frost Arkansaw Traveler.
TI.e Nuuien Yllilrli Are IVrie(iiMteil.
i:iiliillinis of the lintel 1 he Kiiglluli
Country Inn Tli. Modern Ainerienii
Unlet fjntl) l'mnous.
l)i--pitu tlie fact that more thou a score of
new- hi.Vls have lnvii l,tiilt in tin- city within
the mnt five e;irs, not one of them per
petuates ni snrli naiiHs as U n.hin;tiin,
Linisiln. (imiit, I'lnv. Sumner or Clinton,
while VuuiU-iinlt, Astnr, dsev, lielniont
, ,. .. . .. , ,, , , ,
I and men llurtholih have all lvn honored,
; .. .. , . , , .,
New Yolk ii not alone in thus ignoring
names uiado famous m tlie history of tho
iiuintry, for with tlie exi-eiition of n small
hotel at .Sea Bright. N. J . called the Garfield
house, hotel proprietors throughout tho
L'nit.il States have selected every other
name for their palatial structures in pref
erence to any of those imnlioind aiiove.
risaking of thi-se modern iiuavansaries,
w tint a change has U-en wrought in them
since the first great iindorigu.i) stepforwanl
repn-senteil by that missive pile of granite
known as tho Astor house. Could tho idle
and curious and equally garrulous oraclo of
the ale house of tho olisriiro country village
havo hnpN'inil into this famous hubtolry
during lLseorl vearsof pn-jn'iity, ho would
have found little to exiile Ins admiration
and avvo couqiarisl with that which has
marked the rise und progress of tlie modem
hotel 6iuce that jierioil. From tho public
house of a provincial market tow n, tho stage
tavern of the mail route and the dignified
city inn, tho hotel bji-s evoluteil to the com
plicated and comprehensive tlioiisjnd guest
structures that are now- so numerous, not
only in Anienea, but throughout th world.
Previous to the distribution of land among
many bmall holders. i'ietv required nothing
answering to inns. Tlie rieh were enter
tained b some friendly lauded proprietor,
while the poor were made vveloouie and shel
tered at the monastery of tho locality iu
which they found themselves. The establish
ment of tho ale housi w as the first attempt
made nt entertaining, but ns its proprietors
catered mora to tho low api'titi of their
customers, tho business soon liecnme too vul
gar for any resjvctttble person to engage in.
With the iiitnsluetion of tho regular mull
coaches lb" country inn sprang into exist
ence, and many of them woi niado famous
by such master niiinL as Shakespeare, Irv
ing, Johnson, Garrirk and Burke.
lliough none of tlie i-vsentirtls of tho well
npyimteil, well kept mid perfectly served
English country inns were tn ! found in the
stage taverns of America that flourished in
tho early days of its settlement, still they
w ere characteristic institutions. Though the
cheerful fire, comfortablo lied, neatly spread
tables and well cookeil food of the EnglLsh
inn was wanting, tlie stage taverns were in
fluential centers for political thought and dis
cussion, mid many of the able minds ami bril
liant enreers that grace American history
were loni, fostered and develojied under an
old stage tavern roof. All of them were re
markable for some one thing or another. One
had a reputation for tlie excellence of the
toddy and punch brewed b ita genial host,
another was famous for tlie jieculiar method
of curing and eisikiug ham and bacon, whllo
a third held an inalienable supremacy for tlie
nuuilier of wits and story tellers gathered in
tho tap room at night.
But now all this hns changi-1, and hi no
country in the woild is thero more perfectly
appointed or more complete houses for per
manent or transien. residence than in the
United States. I i than ten year ago the
lialm for siis'iiori'y was awarded to the ho
telsof Switzerland, hut tosl.iy tlie American
Iwnifaee gives Ins jMitrvits a ttirlsian cuisine
plus every other faviuatlon n huh imagina
tion can devise, together with those kilwr
saving marvels of iiitvhamcal ingenuity for
which the niouorn American hotel Is justly
famous. So general lias liecn Ihe advance
ment hi this particular that to tee one hotel
worthy tho r.aine at the prt-sut tlmo Is to see
them all. The main difference in the hootel
rn of tiwlny u the plnn on which they are
conduottsl. Some are run mi the European
or ptiy-for-vvhat-you-get plan, other on the
American or li-y-aiul-j:et-nht-voii-ivay-for
plan, while some hotels glv tbir patrons tha
choice of these two systems.
The co,t uf a modem lintel is reprtventad
byoiw or more numerals wii five ciphers,
according to the ideas of the builder. If less
than ill e ciphers enter into the sum repre-
senling its cost it is regarded as a second rate
house. Tlie carets of a first class house are
purchased by the acre, while the furniture
oitentimes excctsls that otcu1 by- the Inhab
itants of man.- a country town. The time
once was vv hen nnv man rcinid keep a hotel
kJ long ns he knew how to keep ft lwr, but
Ihe man who runs n inodTn hotel must Is" a
2v"aKleon. The v nine of the first class hotels
In New York is (Mimaied at tlO.OOO.OXI.
More than .Vm.imi -ple nre annually enter
tained therein, who jiy on nil average $20,
U00 a day for their accommodation. An
army of men and women equal to five regi
ments in numlsT is employed in tbcHO hotels,
while an amount of work is indirectly con
nected with Ihcir management snffhient to
give employment to ns ininy more.--Now
York Mail nn.l Kxpros.
TTliy They Call It "lUd Tup."
The president has not changed the
name of his country place from "Pretty
Prospect" to "Red Top," nor has Mrs.
Cleveland done so. The newspapers did
It, nod it enme about thnsly: One night
about a month ago four well known
correspondents gathered together at a
restaurant for supper. During tie repast
one of them a correspondent Tor a New
York paper remarked that he had been
out to the president's country place that
day. "I don't like the name of tho
place," said he. "I see tho president has
painted the roof red and I'm goincr to call
it 'Red Top." How do you like tho
name'" heasked of the other three. They
laughed and replied that they did not
think he conld fasten the namo to the
place. "I'll bet you a supper I can," he
replied. Ir. less than a month "Red
Top" has become the accepted name for
the place, nnd the correspondent won his
supper. It is said that neither the presi
dent, Mrs Cleveland, nor Mrs. Folsom,
who is to live there! like the new name,
but it seems as if it has come to stay.
Daltimorc American.
Having decided to make a change in my
business on account of ill health, I offer my
entire stock at cost, consisting of gents'
md ladies' Gold Watches, Gent's Silver
Watches, Gold and Chatelaine Watches and
an endless variety of Jewelry, Lace Pins,
Ear Rings, Cuff Buttons, Bracelets, Watch
Chains, Finger Rings for Gents, Ladies and
A larqe and carefully selected stock of
Diamond Ear Rings, Lace Pins, Rings, Soli
taire and Luster, and Collar Buttons.
A complete stock of Silver Ware, Tea
Sets, Water Sets, Fruit Dishes, Cake Bas
Sets, Card Stands, Casters, Salt and Pep
per Stands, Napkin Rings, Knives, Forks
and Spoons, and all other articles for table
-; , . 'aiaww
how easily rheumatism begins, and lio
innidjously it grows in the system, until
one is startled to lind himself its victim
in either the acute or chronic form. He
then learns the fearful tenacity of its
grip and the utter powerlcssness of the
ordinary remedies to give relief.
Probably to no disease have physicians
given more study, and none has more
completely balileil their ellons to provide
a specific; and until Athlophoros was dis
covered there was no medicine which
would surely cure rheumatism, neuralgia
and nervous or sick headache. Thousands
of testimonials like the following prove
beyond question that Allilotihoros is the
only reliable remedy, and that it will do
all that is claimed for it.
Mr. Josiali White, of New Paris, Ohio,
said to ourcorrcsjiondcutiii reference lohis
being cured of rheumatism by theuseof Ath
lophoros: It acted likeacharmwithmeand
I feel that 1 owe my present good health to
theonejwttle of Athlophoros I used. Itwas
aliout two years ago I had the rheumatism,
I could scarcely get around and when I did
manage to do so it was with great pain.
I spent over thirty dollars during this
attack with doctors not counting what I
spent for liniments and other medicines,
but none of them did me a partHeof good.
At last I heard of Athlophoros; it was on
Wednesday I commenceu using it and con
tinued taking regularly until I finished the
Wtlc. On Friday I went out free from
rheumatism. My legs were as good as ever
and from tint dav to this, now nearly two
pears since, I have not had a twinge of
lrhetiniutini. I have recommended it to
m-iny ilillercnt snll'erersand havelieen well
paid for my trouble by seeing them bene
fited as I was.
Every druggist should keep Athlophoros
and Athlophoros Pills, but where they can
not be Isiu.lit of the druggist the Athlo
phoros Co.. 112 Wall St., New York, will
send either (cut .age paidi on receipt of
regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle
for Vthlopliorcs and .".Oc. for Pills.
For liver and kidney di-eases, ilvjpsla, in
ijj,stlon. weakness, nervous deltiluv. iUen.ca
of Mouii-ii, ioi.iiT.iT'itii Ih'hiIik he. Impure
Mood, .ve., thluitiuns l'U are uiu-iuJcil 4
uirTrfTir iai nui
Quick, complete cure, all annoying fclduey,
Bladderand Urinary Diseases, f 1. AtDrugglsts.
"nouoii O.V nll.U" PILLS lOe. a-d tie.
Small granules, small dose, li!g results, pleas
ant la operation, don't disturb the stomach.
Ask for "Rough on Dirt :" A perfect washing
powder found at lat 1 A harmless extra fin
A 1 article, pure and clean, sweetens, freshens,
bleaches and whitens without sllghest injury
to mt fabric Uneqnalledforflnellnenaana
Uccs, general householil, kitchen and laundry
se. Softens water, saves labor and soap.
Added to starch increases gloss, prevents yel
lowlcjc. 5c, 10c, 25c at Grocers or druggist.
Great nnslHeM at th ate-m irye Works
The old reliable Steam Dye Works are
always to the front In enterprise and good
work, and have been doing a tremendous
business In their dying department, which
gives the best of satisfaction. Those hav
ing heavy clothing to color should not fail
to take them to their place of business, 21
nort- Center street, at once, before winter
sets In, as it Is almost impossible to dry
heavy goods then. The baths are Just as
popular as ever, and are receiving new
patmus every day that express themselves
as bing very highly pleased.
No Cure, No I'a j
The terms "Never despair" and "While
there's life there's, hope" are the mottoes of
Dr. McMunn, Treats his patients to cure
them, and uses w itliout prejudice or regard
for schools or"pathys" whatever will ac
complish that result, A man of 25 years
successful experience. Consultations in
person or by mail free to all. Permanently
located at Springfield, (). Institute, labor
atory and dispensary at 111 South Market
street Hours 8 a. m. tn p. m.
Mnrtyu's Commercial College,
.113 Sixth street, Washington. D. C, pro
vides practically useful business education.
No terms nor vacations. Students enter at
anytime. Terms: Life scholarship, S40;
12 weeks course, board, Ac,, S75. Send
A Cai'.d. -To all who aresufferim; from
errors and Indiscretions of youth, nervous
weakness, earlv drear, loss of manhood.
' etc, I will send a recipe that will cure you,
! free of charge. This (rreat remedy was dis-
j covered by a missionary in South America,
' Send self-aildresed envelope to ltev. Joseph
' T. Inman, Station D, N'ew York city.
j ,
A ?et "' th ss- Extracting. 25 cents,
I 'towland. dentist. Black's opera house,
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purl
j, strenzth and wholesomeness. More eoo
nomlcal than the ordinary kinds, and cannot
be sold In competition wltbtbe multitude or
low test, short weight alum or phoiphat. pow
ders. 8oliclyiKcuu. Rot-L -izisaVowsia
o.. 108 Wall itroet. N. T.
PTTT'Q Instant relief. Final cure In ten
llUrjO. days, and never returns. No puns
nosalve.no suppository. Sufferers will learn
of a simple remedy Free, by addressing C.J
HAB0N.7S Nassau st-N. Y
W f ROYAL HtUtfl
HeG it pBjinJ Hh 'K9LfB
"' '-''f ,."i. "LH. '"W-'M trymi i hi ;. 'nrT ' --y--. i , ,t , M '
Entirely Wholesome
This certifies that Z have recently purchased of several
grocers in this city, packages of CLEVELAND'S
submitted their contents to chemical analysis, and have found
them to consist only of very pure and entirely wholesome
materials, very suitably combined for their purpose. They
contain no other acid than that of the Purest Grape Cream of
Tartar, and are completely free from Alum or any other
deleterious or doubtful substance. They are, as to their com
position, in all respects what the manufacturers claim.
S. W. JOHNSON, Ph. D.,
Professor of Chemistry In the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale College.
Director of the Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station.
New Haven, Conn., December 7th, 1878.
ITe recommend as the best to use : Chloride of Lime, Car
bolic Jltid, Copperas, Clark's Chlorides, Piatt's Chlorides,
Bnmn's Chlornlum. It costs but little to take tlie precantion
of thoroughly disinfecting your premises. The aboTe at Pop
ular Price.
LOT X All our 54-inch 'Wool Brocade Dress Flan
nels, worth $1,00, now 5Qc.
LOT 2 All our 42-inch heavy tjomespun, latest
styles, worth 75c, now 40c.
LOT 3--AII our single-width All-Wool Homespun,
worth 30c, now 15c. This is the cheapest
line of all wool goods ever offered in this city.
LOT .L Balance of our stock of Fine Dress Patterns
cost $8.00, $10.00 and $12.00, nowto be sold
$5.00, $6.00 and $7.00.
Ladies will please give the above their earliest atten
tion, as they are such bargains that they can never be
duplicated. Respectfully,
A full line of all kinds of Clocks, from
French Marble down to the Nic'el Alarm.
A fine variety of Gold
Glasses and Spectscles.
Agood assortment of Gold-headed Canes;
Gold Pens, Pencils, Tooth Picks and other
As the greatest portion of this stock has:
been selected for the Holiday trade, persons
will have a rare opportunity of securing
first-class goods at cost.
Select your goods early, and by paying a
small amount have them laid away for
After making this change, I intend devot
ing my time to Watch, Clock and Jewelry
Work and fitting Spectacles.
and Steel Eye-
ft R
s I

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