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Follow theseprlees n ; we ro below
any comnetltl n ; prices siren hold
COoduBtti further notice; ire are not
out of tbe god when j on call tor t ktm.
Fresh lloastcd C flee, 15c a lb.
Uetter Urades, lcand Uc lb.
Star CracLtrs, 5c per pound.
New Valencia Haisinn, 10c lb.
New English Dried Currants,
S l-3c per pound.
New Tomato Catsup, in bulk,
10c per quart.
New tickle!1, 5c per dozen.
Mew Canned milts and Vegetables from
best packers. Wo give tlie famous rresb) -
terian Coot Boot free with each pound can
Star Baling Powder; also iTory Soap
sketches in pamphlet.
Land 03 Vnl aln St. and 40 South Mar
ket St, Sprluirfleld, O.
YTrAXTED-Glrl to do general housework In
II family of two. Good wages to right per
tan, at Miller street. la
LADIES wanted to get up Tea Clubi (or our
Pure Teas and Uoffeea. A host ot uselul
irtiles to select tram as premiums, bend for
Illustrated Price and Premium List, fcpeclal
Offer- To every tenth person that answers
this advertisement, e Kill send tree one
pound ot choice Tea Address, National Tea
and Coffee Co- BosUn. Mass.
WANTED Board and room for self, wife
and two children, or rooms for light
housekeeping, lteferences exchanged. Ad
dress WH3.0lobe-Republlcotnct. Sf
WASTED Situation br two young men to
wort around the house; can give city ref
erence. Address K. E., care this office. It
WASTED-flood girl for kitchen work. Ger
man preferred. Apply at 319 north Lime
stone street, lb
TTJASTED-Glrt for ceneral
II Mnall family. Good wages.
west Mulberry street.
house work
Call at 233
TrrASTED Work By a strong
ii young man. at anytoicE.
: and wllllnp
Campbell, 103 south Factory street, city. 70b
TTTASTED Good girl for central housework.
1 1 Desi wages paid, no wasninc
well recommended.
Mulberry street.
Must come
Mrs 11. B.Allen. & west
WASTED Ladles and centlcmen In city or
country can hare steady employment at
home; distance no objection In canvasslnc
Address Air Supply Co- U Eliot street. Boil mi
Mass. Tubs
PROF RIQIO.the harpist, can be found
those deslrinchls senrlces at his resldei
Xo 6s Fisher street, between North and Co-
9 63
T7ANTEI) Alive, energetic man, to repre
II sent us: 75 per msnth. and expense:
Is one of the most Important medicines ever
discovered It has adled the human stomach
In its work ot digesting food. Kiting stnDKth
to the system, removing depression and dls
tressaudpaln Like all other valuable articles It has been
adulterated, so It Is Important to get the geu
Hr Casper, knowing the Importance ot their
purity and strength, has for years kept In
stock the following reliable makes -
Thai iter's Original lVpstn,
IlouJall's French Pepsin,
True LictO'I'epiln,
Falrchlld's Scale Pepsin,
Lactattd Pepsin
And many other forms and eanblnatlons of
Pepsin sold in bottles or bulk at the lowest
prices, at
CASPER'S Drug Store,
rtsher'sllloek. Maln3tret,3l Door TV eat
of Limestone, Hprlngfield,
ijj MH . i mn ' fiiim
C1kam. Salsburj's Troubadours Thurs
da, Januar) 6.
Grap. Louise Lltta In "Chlspa," Sat
urday, January bth.
Black's. Monday and Tuesday, Jan
uary 10 and 11, G. A. R. boneht.
ticulars trre.
AnA tin- AM-e mwm i
UUV 41UU. '--- ....W . -.
Standsta'tJuTcrware Co , Bo-
PR SALE Uorse A good, dark-dappled
gray, four-year-eld horse; good stjle and
action. Call at 2suth Center street. Tot
I?0R SALE Pure sweet elder of our owu
make, no adulteration or add used. Par
ties wishing a pure article by the barrel, can
find it at 2w west Main street, also pure apple
jelly and apple butter, apples and potatoes at
wholesale. upenHaturdayuntllf p.m. 11 Rub
sara Co. Telephone So 371. 52ab
FOR SALE Property en so. Yellow Swing
street, opposite main entrance to Fair
grounds. Uonse. ten rooms, ceod cellar, well
and sisters. Lot 10U by 2uo feet. Stable aud
out-buildings complete For further partlcu
lars call at residence or address I rank JI. 1 ul
lerton, city. 46bs
POU REST One new house on Sorthernav
enue attSSO Inquire of Alex.O. Keller
2 Boulevard, or Mania A Co.'s Insurance of
flee, 13 Arcade. 70t
TO LOAS Money On city or country prop
erty, on lone or short time, in Urge or
small amounts Enquire or C. U Klssell. real
estate and loan agent, room 5. Commercial
block. Limestone street. Springfield. O. (M
IToi Ten mill Xtoyn.
Fine Hats,
Fur Caps,
Collars and Cuffs,
Gloves, Handkerchiefs,
Cuff Buttons,
t. Shirt Studs,
Scarf Pins,
JCanes, Valises,
Etc., etc.
For a well selected slock of abot e goods, at
nght prices, see
F. K. S) man lias gone to Cincinnati.
V. A. Scott, Esq , left for Boston this
morning on business.
Border and Walter Bowman left for
school at l.avrenceburg, X. J., today.
Messrs. Charles Itodgers and Will Phelps
left for college at Princeton, this
Joseph R. Johnson, of Clifton, lias
bought Henry Leut)'s house, 77 north Yel
low Spring street
Judge Price, of Bellefontalne, was in the
city this morning, en route for Marys Hie,
where he holds court this week.
The "Wbrthington Chautauqua Circle"
will meet Thursday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Anna Ellis, south Limestone street
Clifford and Finley Inman left this morn
ing for Gra)lock, South AVllllamstown,
Mass., to resome their attendance at school.
Misses Ella Douglas and Laura Coles left
tills morning for Granville, Ohio, to attend
school, after a pleasant hullda) vacation
with theii parents here.
Mrs. G. V. Hastings and son. Harry 0.
Hastings, leave tills afternoon for Inter
lachen, Florida. They n ill be at the Hotel
Interlacheu, during the winter.
The regular meeting of the Springfield
Prohibition club will be held tomorrow
etening at Temperance hall, at which im-
IHirtant business will come up for action
Edward Wistance. of fiallssirer street.
will leave this wcnlngon a business trip
tnrougli Texas and the western states, iu
the intetest of the Springfield Machine
Trinity Baptist, corner of south Lime
stone and Muiberrj . Gospel meetings every
evening tliitweek (except Saturdsj) at 7:30.
lII are cordiallj invited. Please read the
Eight -fourth Psalm.
Lewis Warner, who is the carpenter in
charge of that part of the work In the new
shops at Lagonda, slipped on a board yes
terdaj and fell backwards, breaking the
bone of his little tmger in the hand.
C. A. Keocr has been confined to the
house for Meters! days with dlphtheretic
sore throat, but Is now better. Mr. and
Mrs. Keener will be at home for a few days
at 253 Dibert avenue, at Mrs. Keeper's
Mrs. Fenton, an Inmate of the insane
ward of the county infirmary, was removed
to her home at Catawba today by her son.
She has been air inmate of the institution
for about a j ear, and is regarded as per
fectlj harmless.
The current numbers of both the Mer
chant Tnndcr and the Chicago Hotel Itf
pnrter giv Landlord Harry Kockfisld a
reat send-off on his Christmas day bill ol
fare and mam card. The honor of sucli
praises Is accorded to but one other hotel in
The James Adams recently arrested for
Irunkenness is not bj a large majority the
popular keeper of the Arcade restaurant.
No one who knows the latter would for a
noment fancy it was. but the statement Is
nade that there may be r.o Injustice done
to one of our most repexted citizens.
ImjJortant Action Looking Towards Adop
tion of "Standard" Time, Securing Po
lice Judge and O'.her Reforms.
Pay Ordinance raHl to Amount of 817,-
831.03-L VV. Stmiwin Ite appointed
dhtefof Flr Department and Cnan-
Imouily Couftrraed Resolution.
Council met In regular session Tuesday
night. President Thomas In the chair. The
members present were Ackerson, Burnett,
Crumley, Funk, Haulka, Kidder, Korn,
McDonald, McKenna, Setts, Prince, Rus
sell, Tehan, Thomas, E. T. and president
The minutes of the last meeting were , denied to re-illze ho would not live; only a
two sots of "Sever Slip" horse-shoes for
the fire department Referred.
By Mr. ilcDonald Authorizing the sew
er committee to procure two Iron covers for
basins on Sorth street and setting asldo
825 for tho pament of th same.
Council then adjourned.
To George Samuel, outiget Son of Charle
A. ami Alice M. Iteener.
George Samuel, joungest son of Charles
A and Alice M. Reeser, died December SO,
lbbfl, aged 10 j ears, a victim of malignant
diphtheria. He was one of those children
who seemed onlj loaned to us a little while
to teach lis the beauties of a lovely child
hood and to gie us an Incentive to a purer
life In hopes that wo may be deemed worthy
of dually joining him. From the hrsl he
read, approved and signed b the president
By clerk Mayor's report for December,
showing amount
Collected from 1'lnes J3T2 fin
Collected from Liceises . . .. 14 fO
Total .. - - ti76 '
By same Clerk's repsrt for December,
showing amount
Collectsd for Exhibition License I 2 W
Paid out for reed for Fire Department 1 o 73
Paid out for r eed for Patrol House. li "5
Totil 1167 ss
By sanies Weigh master's report for De
cember. 6x1 drafts at 20 cents each in 20
Ida coal drafts at 10 cents each 19 fl
Total U'S 7u
One-half to welghmastcr- 577 Sj
Bj same Report showing that the fol
lowing balances have been placed to the
seeral city funds:
Street cleaning, street Improvement
and repslr fund -I1.W0 00
Fire department and cemetery fund - 1,1ft) no
Public library fund l.() Hi
Out-doorpoorfund - 6(X) 00
Total . -M.IWW
By same The following communication
from the mayor:
Tho term for which Edward W. Simpson
was apioInted chief of the fire department
having expired, I herewith reappoint him
as chief of the department for the period
prescribed b law.
The appointment was confirmed unani
mously. Bills were read and referred.
Bv Mr. Funk, from finance committee
The follow big resolution:
Resolved, That tho city solicitor be ana
U hereby instructed to prepare a suitable
ordinance for the adoption of "standard
time'' for the city of Springfield, Ohio.
Bj Mr. Hanlka, from commltteeon streets
and highways Pav ordinance:
Rernb Helndle, street name plates t 27 00
K A Williams, pay of street hands- - 371 !'
Jas Selson, dressing tools .... 1 ffl
E.-ATriiiUms, pay of hands cleaning
eaten pains, .-..,. ,.,,,,-it.te. vsz-axuv uu
Total !WJ
By Mr. McKenna, from committee on cltj
improvements ray ordinance:
Pittsburg Bridge Comp'y High street
bridga . 16.152 9
I. B. i VV. R R. Co . removing old
bridge 37 9
Enos liege, on account of High street
bridge - 2.000 00
John Onnnan.superlntendlnKmasoii
ry of bridge abutment V V)
Total . -JHJM 45
By Mr. Korn, from committee on fire de
partment Pay ordinance
Wm Pinilott. coal for engine houses S 27 "!"
The Koes Linseed Oil company, oil
meal 1 a)
Wm utehl's bons.glass "0
I) O. Wilklns. horse sdoelng 10 15
C. A. 6ml th Co. supplies. 1" 70
.1.11 Lankenan. salt . .. 1 2S
Hamilton A Co. supplies and hardware. X To
Humphreys i Raymond, stoves, etc- 23 M
Mast, Foos A Co . feed cutter and ratks li 30
It P Willis A bona, work at enclns
house . 1 40
sprlngaeld llrassivmpan, ztnca. 3 3
few hours after lie w as taken sick, he said
to his mamma "We are going to heaven.
ain't we?" Sho answered. "Yes." He
added. "We'll try to; won't we?" This
he repeated several tlmm during Iilsjslck-
ncss. His peculiarly affectionate disnosi
tlon was so remarkable that it was noticed
by etrancers v Isltlne the house for only a
single time, and no obituarj would be om-
plete without a mention or this fact
Ills patience touched the hearts of those
who attended him In a waj the will never
forget never refusing the remedies so con-
stantlv given him. Being asked by his
mamma w hen medicine time came "Who do
you want to give it to you, Georgle," seeing
Ins papa on the other side of his bed and
thoughtful to the last of wounding tho feel
ings of anv one, he said. "Turn about
mamma." His mamma asked him If he
wouldlikc her to sing for him, he said jes,
and when asked what said Sweet Bje and
II j e, and when she commenced singing, to
her surprise, joined with her in the hrt
verse and chorus, singing it again with his
thick tongue but a few hours before he died
when his mamma told him it would be sung
ever family woishlp.iu his memury. But a
few hours before he died he reached out his
arms saj Ing. "Mamma, wont V on plcae hold
over so I can kiss jou9" Was there ever a
mother who refused that request? When
the doctor made his last visit every one hut
his mamma left the room to talk with tha
phvsician but mother, lie opened his ejes
and looking around said In a pitiful voice.
"Thej're all gone and left" and seeing his
mother, who was on the oilier side of the
lied holding his hand his face lit up and he
added, "but my mamma." A half hour be
fore he died he w anted to get out of bed.
His papa helped him out when his mamma
asked him ir he wanted to say his prajer.
He helped himselt on to his knees and re
peated the Lord's prav er as f ar as "Tin
Kingdom come." His papa, who was hold
ing his hand under his arm felt a big heart
throb and his head fell on the bed. He
lifted him hastily on the bed, but the king
dom came Indeed, In all Its glory, iu s. very
few minutes. His on! brother, Harry,
was sent away from the Infected house.and
when it became evident he could not live.
the bed was wheeled to the window. He
bade him good bje through the window,
threw him a kiss and told him to meet bim
tHrrten and watched him until he got
out of sight
The little jewel casket was carried on the
front veranda that little Harrj might ee
tbe placid little form, holding In his hand a
calla from his grandma's plant which
seemed to hold the dower half open nearly
two weeks that It might thus bo honored.
He said he would 1m waiting and watching
for mamma, and she knows he is.
Rev. W A. Robinson, of Cleveland, in
response to a telegram, conducted tho fu
neial services.
"What"' Have ou finished vour washing? I had niuth less than
)ou and jou are through first What soap do )ou use?"
"It isn't the soap Use washing powder and jou will get through
in half the time, it does the work for ou.'
"I know it will, but the clothes won't last half so long, we've tried it.
We use Ivory Soap altogether, it cleans more easily and quickly than
any other kind, and I find the clothes last as long again M folks
won't let me use washing powder "
"Of course the won't, neither will mine, but I use it an)how- I don't
care to '-e their clothes at the expense of mv time and back. '
Reader, which do jou value most, yonr laundresses time and back, or
jour clothes J If the former, then let her use washing powder.
Dear Sirs The sample of Ivory Soap rectivcd from jou is an
excellent laundry Soap, of great puritj and more than average cleans
In these suspicions times it in not enough that manufactu
rers of food preparations baso their claims for patronage on
the simple statement that their goods are " absolutely pure."
The absolute purity of a poison IntensiGes tho baneful effects
of it3 improper use. Tho absolute purity of ammonia, a drug
often used in the manufacture of baking powder and in
some of the powders most largely advertised, greatly
increases the force of the objection made by the most
eminent scientists of our day to the use of ammonia in food.
This protest of the medical and chemical professions is duo
to the fact that ammonia a product of decomposition
when taken into tho stomach with our daily meals is
exceedingly injurious.
Hence the public should insist upon knowing what all food
compounds coatain and ALL that they contain. Let the
edict go forth that no article intended for use in the prepa
ration of our daily bread shall receive public support unless
the manufacturers formula be published. Then shall we have
less imposition practiced upon a confiding public, and as a
result less injury to tho public health.
Cleveland's Superior Baking Powder is made only of strictly
pure Grape Cream of Tartar, Bicarbonate of Soda, and a little
wheat flour, the latter to preserve the strength of tho powder ;
nothing else whatever. CLEVELAND BROTHERS,
Albany, N "r
To reduce our stock of
ing power
Verj respectfully jours,
Th John C Oren School of Scien'e,
Princclon N J . Iec uth iS,
rt?rV-o Cf CllMlTFl
There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the 'Ivory',"
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of
the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and iniist upon getting it.
Copyright lssfl, bv ITwter A uamble
Previous to inventory, we are now offering
Total $153 y.
Bj Mr. Kidder, from w ater works com
mittee Pay ordinance
Cincinnati and Newport Iroi and Pipe
company, pipe H,X0 00
M. 1)xt. drayage on special castlnc 4 2o
Jamrs McrrayetaL labor ou filter eal
lertfs, etc 57 5
f. 11 V It It. company, swltchlne
charges - - 2 00
Total .... .. MM 00
By Mr. Thomas, from committee on rules
and printing, pa) ordinance
J.T MUck-lli Co. advertising . $ TO)
Transcript PrlDtlne Co . ad ertlslne T iO
-prineficld 2ews Co.advertlslnc 9 0)
Champion city Times, adrertlslns 17 00
- t 4000
tvr Km Compnny.
At the annual meet In? of the Arir A'rri
company, publishers of the state prohibi
tion organ, and job printers, at their office
ast ev eninp, reports were read for the frac
tional jart of a j ear hlch the companj
ias been In existence, making a showing
'litlrely satisfactorj to the stockholders.
VThe following gentlemen were elected
directors. P.. . Thompson, S. P. Beh
rends and Wilber Colv in, bDringfield: Chas.
Coates, Clark count j; A. B Leonard, Piqua.
V. G. Frot, Oaeruu, and Ferd. Schu
macher, Akron. Messrs. Thompson and
Behrends are the only members of the old
board holding over.
At a meeting of the directors held subse
quent!) K. S. Thompson was elected presi
dent. Wilber Colvra, secrctarj, and.S P
Behrends, treasurer
officers last
Milrt Maker, Ilnttar itnd KurnUhcr, 5 Eit
Main Hlrert.
Solicitor ot American and Forelcn
Room 5 Arcade Building,!
Briarh Armrlpt: Washlncton. D C. Lon I
Sdon.Eac Paris, i ranee.
L'J. 1 1 J! BMMBaa
lOttallMlluu ot OltHrr.
Mad Itivcr Encampment, Xo. 10,
K installed the following new
c.. P. J. I. Weieel.
S. W. F. L Leonard.
II. P. J. I). Cadwallader.
J. W C. t Hutchinson.
Scribe J G. Wones.
Treasurer J. " Mills.
Trustees P. E. Bancroft, Thomas Col
lier and II. S. Showers.
Representative to the Grand Lodge-
John Little.
hpnngheld lodge holds its installation to
morr n night and Ephraim lodge Fnda)
ni lit.
By Mr. Burnett, from police committee
Communication from tbe ma) or, rtiorting
the suspension of Officer James B. McKay
from the police force for conduct unbecom
ing an officer. Referred.
By Mr. Kidder, from police committee
pay ordinance
VV m Pimlott, coal for department. !U3)
narapion uol .1 ice Lo .ice lor council,
J Lcuty's Sons, mcit for station house
Central I nloa Telephone Co., messaces
on ion lines.
17 11
Kuou.ii ton. repairs to patrol vcuton
N Kxiezbaum. bread for station house
Jas D. Good, superintendent ot chain
can: -
McCullch 1 IEoutzahn. repairs to har
ness, etc
(1 II llycrs. repair, etc
llllnuonA Wallace groceries
C VV. Haucke, repmlrs.elc.
Wm VV arner, superintending of chain
-mlth Bros . shoeing patrol horses
Humphries 1 ttavmond. renatrs
J. C Waller, telegraphing, etc
2 M
3b W
32 U0
2 60
1 7J
11 4J
. S "-
6 31
8-73 32
Prominent Grocer auit Cltlxen Pnuev
reacefully Away This Morning.
C)rusT. Ward, whose death has been
momentarily expected for the past few da) t,
passed quiet away at a quarter after nine
o'clock tins morning. Mr. Ward lias
been in a decline since last spring
when ho suffered several hemorrhages,
but he was onl) confined to his bed for two
or three weeks. Dr. Miller, who aTtended
him, states that the immediate cause of
death was local softening of the brain.
Cyrus T. Ward was bora April 10. IS4S
in Mooreheld township, and was the oung
est child of the lato Charles and Catherine
Ward. IlewasconsequentI) InhisSlthyear.
lie was married In August, 1S76, to Miss
Amelia, daughter of Col. A. Dotze, who,
with a daughter six )ears old, survive bim
to mourn his death. His brothers and sis
ters who still live are Washington, CbarleA,
Mrs. John G. Clarke and Miss Salhe J.
Ward, all residents of thlscit).
The Ward family is connected
by blood and niarrlago with
inanr of the best families in the county.
Mr. Wanl has been in business for over ten
) ears in tho room corner of Main and Cen
ter streets, and was a square, upright, hon
orable business man and citizen. The time
of the funeral has not )et been determined
upon, but will be announced tomorrow.
By Mr. Priuc. from committee on light
and corporations Pay ordinance to
Champion Electric Light Co . street
lighting J V1 6s
7Prlngaeld(lasLlgbti.CokeCo street
lighting JLlsi 84
31nonlc otlre.
Sjecial meeting of Anthon) lodge. No.
4V. F. . A. M., this Wednesda) evening
at 7.30 o'clock, to nuke arrangements for
attending the tuneral of our late Bro C
T Ward ) order of the W. M.
J B Cl iim. bee
yJr c-.ia 33
jri to s ojivs. VI
ItrnS U&MSUKt&T.
LciJ KrdMlSrOn
li.ivi ua.-i m
r iv. 1.
C1U f 0 d 43
A L s urn
B. 4 Fi
UJasrD- c .".
Vandering Any book. learned In one reading
prospectus, with opinions of Mr. Proctor, the
Astronomer, lions. VV VV. Astor. Judah P
Benjamin. lrs. Mliior, Wood and others, sent
Tost iree.by
237 Fifth Avenue, - New York.
MitMHiir ollr.
There will be a sjiecial conclave of Pales
tine Commander), No 33, K. T., this
Wednesda) evening at 7 30 o'clock to make
rraiigem nts fur attending the funeral of
the late Sir C. T. Ward.
11) order of the E. C
J M. Caiii-v !' order
Total 1,1 V
By Mr. Crumley, from committee on
public llbrar) Pay ordinance to
Trustees of Public Library, part of
taxes . . . . UM) 00
By Mr. Ackerson, from committee
cemeter) and parks, pa) ordinance to
?prinzncld township trustees, one half
o' hill for cleaning old cemetery f y 43
11) Mr. NVtts. from claims committee
Pay ordinance to
S. Bowman, rent of council room.
etc - -. S175U0
(' u Aer. rent ol m.i)or s uiliie. etc t
C VV I'aynteri Co. kindling 1 ;o
K M elicks, seniles as sergeant at
arms .... 7 M
C J Alexinder. money lollected on tax
dupllc-ite 37 01
J ) Ilenllack. treas aosoclated chart
ties - SU0 CO
Attorney and Expert
A VV ill.r Inform toe t'ulillc
That the secret of good health is to keep
the skill iu good working condition.
That to keep the skin In good working
'somlition the ires must be kept n
That a porous plaster is a plaster that
ojeiis the jwes of the skin.
1 hat the on!), plaster tor opening tin
pores of the skin is A llcock's Porous Plaster
That Allcock's Porous Plaster assists the
bod) to throw o!f its burdensome ailments
through the skin the natural process of
That tver) other so-called porous plaster
is an infirior article w hich cannot be com
parts;! w I th A Ilcot k's.
That Allcock's have stood the test for
twent)-hve vears and have proved the best
external renied) extant
Latest st)le fur caps for men. 81, 81.25, 1
Si 50, S1.75, 4i, 82.50 and 83. Gugen
htlm's. A "ot of teeth. $3. Extracting, 25 cents.
Eowlana, (icntiVt, Blade's epea hotura.
I LADIES, Use Gllmore's Aromatic JlVin
for nervousness and sleeplessness. Fortale
by Theo. Troupe, UruggUt.
Total S772 01
Mr. McKenna, from committee on cit)
Improvements, offeri-d the following re
port: i our committee on city improvements,
to whom was referred the ordinance on the
weighing of coal, offer as a substitute an
ordinance amending section 8, as amended,
and section 10, of an ordinance entitled,
"an ordinance to provide for the apioint
intuit of n cit) weightr, etc.,'' and ask that
it le read the Ilrst time. Adopted.
The cit) solicilor then read the proposed
ordinance the first time.
The cit) solicitor a- read the draft of
"an act to amend sewtion 1707 of the re
vised statutes of Ohio," which he had pre
lared for the purpose of having it intro
duced into the legislature for passage, ac
companied b) a resolution which was
adopted, requesting Hon Geo. C. itawlius
to Introduce it and press its passage.
By Mr. Tehan Instructing street com
mittee to bank up gutters and put a light
coat of gravel on orth street, between
Water and Spring street, and setting aside
3100 for pavment of same, inferred.
By Mr. McDonald Setting aside 3125
to place a fire alarm box at the corner of
Kice and Pearl streets. Referred.
By Mr. McKenna Directing committee
on city Improvements to hare the city scales
cleaned and put In good working condition.
lij Mr. Kidder Setting- alde 113 for
Sable Anna Ilelle curtley Has Kliuer
Campbell rre.tetl.
Yesterday Anna Bel'e Curtley, a buoin
colored woman living on the alley beside
Deffenbach's liver) -stable, appeared before
'Squire Breckenridge and snore out an affi
davit charging Elmer Campbell with being
the father of her unborn babe. Constable
Vunderburg arrested the man at Bobbin A
Mvers's fouudr). where he works, aud
brought liiin up before the 'squire,
where Anna Belle confronted him.
Neither party seemed verv badlr
broken up over the affair, and the gay Lo
thario practical!) confessed to the soft hn-
jKMcnment, but claimed in defense that
Anna Belle once before had a man up on
thes-.me charge. Anna Belle took the
Squire into a private room to explain that
four years ago she did go to Souire famith
for that purpose, but hnall) did not prose
cute the case. The transaction for which
the arrest is made. Is alleged to hava oc
curred in Ma), during the llfetimeof Camp
bell's wife, who died about three months
ago. Campbell was bound over to court in
the sum of 5400, wliicn, failing to give, he
was locked up In Jail.
surprUIni; llinnce In Tony
When A I slim left for New York a fow
weeks since lie purchased n round trip
ticket v la tho Charleston line, but after
getting to the metropolis he took n notion
to come back b) rnil, mid disposed of his
tickit to a smlper Tho scalper In order
to make things work straight required
Toliy to have his luis.ness card, o that It
coulllieivnto wlu..verini(;!it purchase
the ticket It wis not long Iwfore u little
short, red heided uuin wnlketl into the
wnlper's and asktd him for a ticket to
Pulatk.i, w lieu Ton) 'h w as sold him The
fellow nut along all right until after lie
left Charleston When he presented
Tony's tickit to Purser .Morgan, of the
Kttuiuship Cit) of Monticello, who hap
pened to be an acquaintance of Ton) 's,
that officer ikisl
"Is )oii name A Uslnaf"
"Yes, sir," replied tho tourist
"Where dj )ou live'" asked the
purser "
"At PiiLitka "
"What do )ou do thert?"
"Well, I in in business down there
Here's my turd." at the samo time pro
diicing the card of our well known crock
erv dtcler
Purser Morgan rtad it over nnd eare
full7 e)tsi the stranger, when Capt
Mc'cc happened along, nnd on being In
foimedof the nbove conversation looked
al the little fellow and said.
"Well, Tonv, you must hare had a
nades' of u time in New York to have
ehortened )ou nltout n foot, and to have
youi h nr turn from an Ink blackness to
a tUr) nsl " Palatka (Fla ) News.
One Klnit of Itemlin;.
And how few persons who cm devote
but nn hour or half an hour a day to read
ing and study take due thought an to how
they can make thetnostot their little leis
ure They rend in n esultory way what
ever comes to band, and think that If they
had more time for books they would soon
become much lietter informed But the
half hour u day, If ilmsI in tho wisest man
ner, vvould make n vast difference In one's
mental growth as tho mouths and )ears
glide by
An Incident occurs to me that well il
lutrates this. A prett) maiden hair fern
crowing in n llouer not was cicn to a
young girl hopel-ssly ill with spinal dis
ease. It provud u thing of luaut) and of
inexhaustible interest, as the delicate,
graceful fronds came up one bv one and
slowly unrurled. There was a' little pot
oesiue tar learn and tinder its spreading
fronds in which grew an nloe. By and by
the sirts wrl noticed in thelittlo pot on- e
tiny ferns Knrre an inch high quite un
likethe m liden hair. Whence came thcy
Her interest wns nroused. She was no
botanist, but she wnnted to leirn some
thing about ferns. Sheconldusehcre)cs
for reading but live minutes at a
time and not more than twice a dav. A
liook on ferns came to her, and another
and another Fnends, knowing her In
terest in ferns, brought them to her fresh
nnd green from tho woods or sent her
pressed specimens of rare var.eties gath
ered iu distant lands Sometimes a visitor
would re-id to her from one of her precious
books, but only for four or five minutes
"I rannot remember more at n time," she
would say, "and yon have read enough
for me to think about for n long time."
It is now some) ears Mnco the maiden
hnlrfernwasghento her, nnd sho has be
come au authority as to the species and
culture ot rerns and Is an enthusiast in
regard to them. It is true that sho has
lecome edcuated in one direction only,
nnd Is not particularly well Informed in
other respects But is it not a great gain
that she should talk abont her ferns and
their wonderful method of reproduction,
awakening her listeners' interest and
teaching them miuy things w orth remem
bering rather than to dwell chlcllyou her
pains and piivatlons' His many )cars
since she wan able to step out of doors,
but when you ore with ber you do not
think of her as an invalid so interested
nnd interesting Is she. Boston Transcript
Some Church Cloelu.
We have, however, some masterpieces
upon which we may nevcrthless plume
ourselves. Those who have heard Great
Peter of York announce that midnight
has come are not likely to forget tho deep
and thrilling resonance that Wis the air
aud booms over the city Tho lell weighs
two tous and a half and cost 0,000. It i
was fcccond to none in this kingdom until I
Big Beu was set up at Westminster to J
stand sentinel like over the mighty j
Thames. Great Tom o' LIr.coln is an
other leH of great reputation It was!
recast it l'sVS, and on its return from the
Whitechapel foundry It was welcomed ,
home bj a procession of clergy, gentry
and citizens, with banners Cjlug and
bands playing, at the south eutrnnce to
Uie city It is six! feet high and nearly
seven iii in ammeter, ana weighs five
tons ana flgfct hundred weight. Its tono
U also of an extraordinary fujriess, rich'4
ness and sweetness, especlallywhen heard
In the dead of the night. London Paper.
A Boston philanthropist and student of
human nature bought a dozen cheap
umbrellas, had a nickle plate Inserted tn j
each handle on which was his address and
the reqnest that the umbrella be returned,
and on the first rainy day went out on the
street and handed one to each umbrella- I
lesa woman that he met. All were re-
tnred within a week bnt one, and in place
or that came a note saying that it bad
been stolen and that the writer would
pay for it. The next rainy day he handed
the umbrellas to twelve unprotected men.
He never saw bnt one of them again, and
that was brought in by a friend who
said he had stolen It at a church festival.
Martyn's Commercial College, !
313 Sixth street, Washington. D. C. pro-
vides practically Useful busiro-s education. I
J lifeiCIS
35 H
Ginghams, Shirtings, Tickings,
&c, &c.
No terms nor vacations. Stuuents enter at
12 weeks' coarse,
fcr circular.
board, Sx., 75, Sud
A Card. To all who are suffering from
errors and Indiscretions of outh, nervous
weakness, early decay, loss of manhood,
etc, I will send a recipe that will cure )ou,
free of charge. This great renied) was dis
covered by a missionary in South America.
Snd self-addrtssed envelope to Itev. Joseph
11 bau, Statisa S, New York city.
You Ioe mone) If )on buy a seal skin or
plush sacque without pricing ours. Good
T. M. Gloi.nhf.im.
The Ilones of A. T. Stewart.
Mrs Stewart gave $25,000 Instead of I K001 and ,ow Pncc ""I,"1""0-
we ifjo.wo nt first demanded. Tho bar
gain was m.ide through a lawyer who
seemed to have no other briefs and who
probabl) got a good fraction of the swag
"The ghotilii insisted that the money
should be delivered to them on a lonely
hill in Westchester county at dead of
night Thither. In accordance with their
directions a relative of Mrs. Stewart Jour
neyed alone in a wagon which be drove
himself At a spot In the country road,
which had not been designated or de
scribed, the dnv er vv as suddenly halted by
a masked horseman This mysterious
For Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Soreness of Chest,
and Recent Throat and Lung Troubles. Palatable,
Efficient and Specially Adapted to Children.
Pharmacist, No. 55 East Main Street.
Springtteld Steam Iljo TForks and Hath
The special business of the Steam D) e
Works at 21 north Center street. Is the
cleaning, renovating and d)e!ngof all kinds
of clothing so as to look as good as new.
Curtains cleaned, feathers renov ated.car
pets cleaned, clothing dyed without being
taken apart, silks; velvets, dresses of any
kind, shaw Is and fabrics made equal to the
day they were purchased.
The bath rooms are the finest in the city, (
Dealers in all kinds of
" '"' , ,. , .V l u vy , "oua ' a "IT P" wishing a hot or cold bath
Imm, ,. "" luh a JT Une to , will find It greatl) to their interests to go to
the hill top, where, after certain precau lh klf - .,hi,.hme,.t
Hon9 to insure their safety, they received
me i,wm cxnmineo. nana men dragged
Hard and Soft Coal
107 T,iisrnDE3sr ."V"B3stxje.
a bag of bones from another buggy near
by and surrendered it to the keeping ot
the solitary traveler Before they dlsap '
peared down the sido of tbe hill the) com
minded him on thn peril of his life, to
turn .ihmit nnd Ces end the other "lope
The next night the bones were com
mitted to the ault under tie great
cathedra! nt Gaiden City, which had al
r-idy been connected by a secret niie
withnthime ol belN sure to ring and
alann the tmrn if it was disturbed So
nnw Ihe remains of the great merchant
millionaire .ind thoe of his patient, en
during Irugn! and affectionate wife of U)
years lie suV by side. Crotfut's Letter
hefmt"ckofgl"e3,wy,,own,at(:usen" Special attention given to orders bytelephone. No. 347. Par-ocure.,i-.,
!ti8S purchasing coal of us will have the privilege of having
The terms "Never despair" and "While C"-11 '"AU WGiyilCU U WB Uliy SUUIbS at OUT exptjRSC.
there s llle there s hope" are tue mottoes 01
Dr. McMunn. Treats his patients to cure
them, and uses without prejudico or regard
for schools or"path)s" whatever will ac
complish that result. A man ot 25 years
successful experience. Consultations iu
person or by mall free to all. Permanently
located at Springfield, O. Institute. labor
atory aud dispensar) at 111 South Market
street. Uours S a. m. to 9 p. m.
I'nrulnj Her l.tvlug."
Gooch's Mexican S)rup has given per-
ieci saiisiacuou in ni) lanmy, ana l can
recomeiid it without hesitation whatever,
as the best remedy for coughs, colds and
all lung troubles. A )oung lad) in ray em
ploy, who naa been forced to quit work, and
who had been given up to die by her friends,
with consumption, has, by the use of this
remedy, been restored to health, and is now
at work earning her living, and enjoying
health. It. M. FLEMINO.
Editor Piqua Journal.
men and women by using GUmorea Aro
matic Wine, Fore sale by Theo. Troupe.
llMCsnge In England.
The American baggage car and the
)stem of hecks are not generally used
In I.nglanil Every passenger must neons
look after Us own buggage. The small
(tuff In placed in the car with the passen
ger, and trunks (which are In England
called boxes) are stored in a compartment
In passenger cars. To be sure porters
abound in English railway stations, and
every person with any considerable bag
gage puts It In their charge. So far as I
eould eo, they were very intelligent,
faithful and prompt. It Is customary,
however, to pay them for such service
Arrangements may bo made by which
express companies will deliver your bag
gage at hotels or private houses, bnt we
saw none Indeed, the express business
as it exists m America Is not widely If at
11 known in Great Britain; the roodi do
the express business for themselves
Whether this is an ad vantag we hav no
means of knowing H. W. Beecher In
New York World.
Immense stak of underwear. Must be
sold. Very cheap. Gugenheiiu's.
Wittenberg College, sprlncfleld, Ohio.
Tl.. .. Int... r.ul.n n Ell t. ....!.. PI , .. .1 1 ,
lllf M UltCl SCSl'lll TO III VCII1 1 IIUI .'MJ , .
Januar) C. lsS7. Tuition and llbrar) fee,
810.30. For further Infirmation orcata-l
Iogue, address S. F. Bkfckemiuiok, I
Sec'), j
" sgf j,Hm u9s
Three Years of Arctic Service.
By A. W. CBEELT, ZJent. T7. S. Army.
Com'ir tadr Franklin Bar ExDdltlon of 1SSI-4.
TWo Tots.. Royal Bro. wua Slttl Portrait, ortr 10O JUmtratiot am4
. Ou QSlaal itapl and CharU. Sold cmly by Svhtcrtption.
- Buntlf a ana rUhly filled volume." Cincinnati Covi'l Gaxette.
" FrafuHly aiutisted, atoaB.1i vita liilr dMcnUau." Ckicagt
" Tat mort lmjortit work puillihii a Intit mttUXM.HJtotton
Herald. ,
A TtUmmda ana vtltomt btMk." JIT. T. Sim.
InUrtitlngfraiaeoTMto our." -V. T. Herald.
Volimu la Try vtj utitfutsrr and tampltU." A'. T. fo$U
' No iforr f Aretl njloriUon bu egaiM it la sovtr, vala
fatno." Hartford rotU
A pclal Af-int Want d tn Enrjr Ctty utt Town. V
17S Xlaa at., ClnttanaU, or 74S Xradwax Kaw Tark,
W rwv 0r tuo good things of thU
lifo are aorrowfuUy let
alone on account of Dyspepsia. Acker's
Dyspepsia Tablets will care Dyspepsia,
Indigestion and Constipation; sold on a
positive guarantee at 23 and 60 cents, by
Frank Ii. Coblentz, corner Market and
High streets.
To save moving. 925 plush Jacques for
$17. Only two left at Gugeahelni's.
i r m- t t r sr-
i V-I- t-fi :-,r.. a-a.
Owing to the large business done during the holi
days, we found the rooms too small to accommodate
the crowds, and will -close the museum this week
for repairs. Saturday a grand opening will be
given, and everyone should attend. Admission,
-s fi

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