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WiiHICTOK.Jan IS. Ohio
Cold, north westerly winds
fair either, becoming jlijat
ly warmer
January iS, 1887. J
One of the best yarns we
know anything about is in big
red knitted and fulled mittens
now being retailed by the
When family at 19 cents a
Any man wishing comforta
ble fists for the balance of the
winter come here.
Scarlet medicated lambs-
wool half hose, 50c. for 35c,
are in stock again.
You can't discriminate too
carefully spending money for
stuff to wear. Compare our
With what you've seen at five,
six or even eight.
It's only now and then you
strike such a snap. Don't
stop for them.
Men's all-wool dollar pants
are gone 'till our factory makes
up another batch.
Jean goods were never bet
ter at a dollar than now ;t
seventy-five cc'nts. Middle
grades $i, $1.25, 1.35 and
$1.50, all our own making,
consequently more stitches to
the square inch.
All those certain patterns
and sizes of boys' knee pant
suits now on exhibit in the
When window are to go at
Without reserve.
25 cent Scotch Caps are on
their last limbs.
25 cent "not" all wool un
derwear adorns our west win
dow. There's only glass
between you and the best
garment for the money ever
offered in the city.
Springfield's Only One Price
Clothiers, 25 and 27 West
Main street.
37 IBC 3E2
All Goods First-class.
NO. 13 EAST fflGH ST.
dr. j. t. Mclaughlin,
l(HJ WeitJUInSt. Telephone 45.
r a . . .- ....' i ... . ' w K-TAil- - ,jit. .. jW - ,- . -t"', ""'tit'1! -"ffnit.iT ffftmVHrVfrrfri-Tf . s," .. .. ..klt-, j . . SBnyt.. w.!fikw.l-. --. .,., , .-i . --i'
., rrfiflwarlffr TV - . i WiiMrr -rn - 'ir ii "liir TriifcMfM min " " jMMiiiiiiMWnMiiTirin
The House Committee Decides Against
the Pension to Mrs.
Bad Flre.SUIlnr.e. Ilnrnnl-lie Cnruivnl
at st. 1'nul IrLh Indignation
Meeting at London
Other ews.
B; the Associated Presi
Washington. J.m. 18 Tlio bills grant
ing pensions to Mrs. I.ogan ami Mrs.
Blair, willow of (.eiteral Frank Hlair, were
defeated this morning In ttie house commit
tee on Invalid jx-n- ons. Tin) members
were arm ed on party lines, seven I'mio
crats voting against and me republican in
fat or of the bills.
etrike In a Tobicni rnctory.
St. Lot is. Jan. 18. At the U-ggctt A
Meyer's tobacco company bnildine about
150 hands all of them Knights of Labor, in
the wrapping and machine departments,
truck. They stated that District Assembly
No. IT. Knights of Labor, had foriuulattsl
charges against the company. Non-union
men are being substituted for "" Kihbius
of 1-sbor, and men are lieing discharged to
make place for girls at lovvtr wages, and
the company contemplate a reduction from
25 to 35 per cent. The proprii tors refuse
to treat with any labor organization The
w hole force will probibly be called out by
the Knights, It numbers 1.100.
fojr Tramps die.
Burned to a Crl.p In a Car of Cotton at
Paducah, Ky.
Lnrisvil IX, Jan. IS. When the special
freight train on the Chesapeake, Ohio and
Southwestern railroad pulled into Paducah
yesterday morning, a box-car loaded with
cotton was on fire. The car was rapidly
consumed, and in the ruins was found the
chirred remains f four tramps, who evi
dentlj hid themselves among the cotton
bales while the car was in the yards at
Memphis. It is siipiased the cotton ignited
from toe tramp-' pipes. They were evi
dently suffocated, and their bodies were so
badl) burned that It was Impoosible to tell
whether the were whites or blicks.
Two Ilaiinc Maniac ami Iy lug Horrible.
Ending of n Wedding P.irtJ.
(nvFTov. W. Va , Jan IS Washing
ton Lake Ins hve grown daughters. Two
weeks ago Tabitlia got married, ami the
young people of the neighborhood, includ
ing her four sisters, celebrated the event by
dancing all night and nearly ail the next I
day. On the evenlu? of the second da
Martha, one of Uie brnle s Sisters lost her
reason and developed into a raving manlic,
and four da s later the bride went stark
mad. Since then both have become much
worse. and must soon die. The otht r three
girls also exhibit eviduices of his mlty, and
the worst is feared for them.
Splendid I)liUy at tit. Paul.
St. Paci, Minn., Jan. ls The sceo'id
winter carnival was opened last night with
much eiithiisiasui,.aIUHxiglitlie therm int"
terwasatlS below rem The ice-pil ice
stands In Central park. Eighteen miles of
cas-pie Is used In the arihcs and colored
lights on the streets
DlftHftter at sea.
Lovwr. Jan. is The llnti-.li gun lioat
ririu was wrecked today on the Northum
berland coist. Xinttetii of the crew vvue
saved by means of the rocket apjiaratiis of
the life-saving smiee. The fate of the
others is as et unknown. The Finn ha
been used as a tender to the iron tuirtt hlp
A fe .paper Holler Ksplodes.
FiMiuir, O., Jan. 18. The boiler in the
TXiI'y Jiffcrsonl'iu press mom ep!oIel
yesterday moniing. The front of the
building was blown out. Mr ItaNeh. the I
edlter, and the pressman, were in the room I
at the time, but both escaped unhurt. The I
loss is SbOO.
Indignation Sleeting.
I onpon. Jan 18. The Liberal and
Irish Nationalist clubs of Inndon are ar
ranging to bold a great public meeting at
St. James hail to express indignation at the
cnieltv and iiihuininity i-hown in recent
evutions oo the Winn estate. Count
Kerr. Ireland.
llorxe Hurtled.
Pjttsiu no, Jan. IS. The IIoe Cracker
and Biscuit faitor and stables, on East
street, Allegheny Cit. burned this morning
Six horses and a number of wagons wire
al-o burned. Loss, 525,000. Full in
sured. Colile.t of the Winter.
St. Paul, Jan. IS. The signal service
officers report that at 5 o'clock this morning
the mercury touched the lowest jxiint re
corded this winter, marking 30 degrees be
lnw zero. At 7 a. m it was 31 below
Inspector McKay 1VII1 ot Suffer Ilecnp.
Itnllon at tlie lland of Council Tfinlglit
Not lindiratej.
The police committee of council nut
Monda afternoon to agree uion a rejnirt to
be submitted to council tonight on the case
of Assistant thief James P. McKay, now
u lder suspension for alleged misconduct.
Tliey agreed upon a report, tinaniiuousl,
ami tie tumor that two reports tNmnorlty
and a majority rejnrt were to be submit
tal to council, is not correcL
Tlie Klpi'iilic has reliable infnniiition
that the report will be in fawir of rein
stating McKa on the police force, but will
not be a vindication; and that will contain
provisos mid conditions, making it of the
nature of a reprimand
He llriven hi I aiiiMj I rum Home into I
the Cold Without VVr'u...
Yesterdav adirman mined llnhniver, I
who is employed as a watchman at tin
East street shops, got drunk andatusive
and hnall) drove his wife and children t
out of their home nt No. STyj
C llfton street He refused evm to give
them wraiis with whkh to kit p warm The
mother bad a little babe onl three moutfts ,
old. and the little thing cried piteous!)
from the iffect of tlie coMj
It was a brutal at, audi
Hulmeyer will pa) fiearl) for it Tula) I
Chiif Walker said that the famil) got what
the) wanted from the house, and a- soon
as tlie inhuman father returns from the
country he vv III be arretted. !
Trinity Baplst, corner of Litiif-tcne and I
Mulberry street. Preaching every evening
this week at 7 ".0 (except, Saturda) I. A
series of sermons on the "Life of hlijih, '
"Closing the Windows of Heaven," 'Fed
by the ltavens. or God's Wonderful Pro
visions," Sins Brought to liemembrance,''
Halting Hetvveen Two Opinions." "Tlie
Sound of Kaln." Atl are cordiallv invited.
It Is stated that the freight blockade on
the Chicago .fe Atlantic railroad Is being
gradual!) removed, and that conseiuentl)
the trains suspended on the N Y P. A O.
will be shortly resumed, as the motive
power will be no longer needed.
Second Session Tort j-MntliCongrew.
Wv-iiiM.ioNi, Jnn 17 Se.nvtl Mr
Ho-vr, from the ichit committee on the cen
trum vl of the constitution, reported a reso
lution that it is eiedient that a centennial
jimlversar of the inaugtiritlon of the con
stitution be cUebratcd in April, lhsy, bj an
a idres to be deluded before tlie presnlent
of the Unlte.1 States mid the two houses of
cuiisressb the chief justice of the United
States, to which the representatives of for
iign governments shall bo invited, and that
the occasion be further calibrated bj suit
able civic or liillitio obs nances the de
tails thireof to be satled liereafter.
Mr. Edmunds called attention to a bill
Introduced b him and referred to the
postoflice committee, providing for a gov
irument postal tiiegrapli He wislied
the committee to report it cither ftvor
ilil or unfavorably, so that he might tr
to get the judgment of the Senate
upon it.
Mr Plumb offered a resolution, which
was adopted, directing the commissioners
of the District of Columbia to supply in
foniiition as to the numter of places In the
district when honor Is sold without license.
and the reason u !i) ucli places are not
Mr lloir, from the confereiicecommlttee
on the t lectond count bill, unde a report,
which was postponed till tomorrow and or-
dt reil priuttvd
Fort pension bills (principal noose
bills) w ero jiassed. and then the pension
appropriation bid (appropriating 37O0O,
000) w is takin up and passl with only a
few immaterial amendment.
The arm appropriation bill was then
taken up. The bill was passed with a few
unimportant amendments.
The senate bill to establish agricultural
experiment stations in connection with ag
ricultural colleges was taken up as unbn
Ished business Mr Ingalis characterized
the bill as exceedhigl crude and ImperfecL
Mr. Vest said that he could not under
stand tlie difference1 between this measure
and the Hlair education bill, except that the
one provided for general education and the
other for agricultural education. Without
action on the bill or on any of the pending
amendments the senate adjourned.
HoisE Hills wire Introduced and re
ferred as follow s :
Mr. Fmdlav (Md ) bv request To make
gold ami silver coin jointly legal tender; to
authorize the issue of legal-tender certiti
cates for half pld com and half silver
oin, and to provide that the fund for re
d eming treasury notes and that the coin
reserves of national banks shall be held
one-half In gold coin and one-half in silver
Mr. Lovering (Mass) Granting a pen
sion of $25 a month to Walt Whitman. Mr.
Lovering states that Mr. Whitman has
made no application for a pen-ion, but that
the bill was introduced at the request of a
number of the jioet's friends in Ma.ssac.hu-j
Mr. Herman (Ore ) Proposing a consti
tutional amendment for the election of
United SUtes semtors b the people of the
Mr Kelley (Pa.) Appropriating S600.
010 to promote tlie colored people's world's
i iiibit!on to b- held in B.nniiighaui. Ala .
in September next,
Mr. Cri.p, of Ueorgii, as a matter of
privilege called up the ccnfcrence reiort on
the inter-slate commerce bill This action
on Mi pjrt an ised the aiiLigonisin of the
friends of the p itent bill and of the general
pension tolls, which were booked to follow
it. and Mr. Anderson (Kas.) raised the
nuestionof consideration, against the con-!
ference report. The house refined v eas
1 13, iiays l.JTfo. consider the inter-state
commerce conference report, and tlie house
proceeded to vote upon tin motion to sus
peml tin, rules aid pass the bill to limit the
juiisdiition of Uiuted States courts In pat
ent e.iscSnd to protect Mrsoiis-vho. with-)
out notice, art born nde iiunutaeturers,
purchasers venders andusirs of patent-!
ed nitidis The motion was lost eas SO, j
nnvslVi j
Mr Matson I hid ) on behalf of the com- j
imttee on invalid pulsions, moved to .uv j
pend the rules and piss the bill for the re
lief of dependent pnrents and honoribl j
ili-ehnrged soldiers and nilorswlio are now
disibUil and dependent iixm their own la
bor for support
.Mr. .Merrill (Kas ) favored the bill as be- j
iiu a declaration th it no old soldier who
follow ed the tljg should md his das in the
ilr. bpnncer (111 ) favored the bill as a
just and conservative metsure. The bill
was then passed veas 170, nas 7rt
Mr. Eldrldge, of Micliignn, on behalf of ,
the committee on pensions, moved that the!
nues ne Mispenueu aim me nouse concur in
the s nate amendment to the Mexican pen
sion bill
The motion to suspend the rules and con
cur In the senate amendment was agreed to
vejtsSl-!, najsS. The bill now only re
quires the presidential approv al to become
a law. It provides tint a pension of ?S a
month shnll be paid to all surviving officers
and enlisted men. Including marines, mili
tin and volunteers nf the military and nival
sen us of the United States, w tin, being
duly enlisted, actunil served sixt days
with the army or navy of tlie United States
in Mexico.
Another Home Stolen uy Jennlng IteeoT-
ered-Stlll Another l,ocnted Some Pe.
rullar Transaction.
On Mondav, Chief of Police Walker and
Lienteuant Zvvelsler. of tlie Da) ton police
force, went to Cedarville to follow up a
clue given them by the hor-e thief, Jen
nings, which they hoped might result in
the recovery of another stolen horse. They
were not misled, and their visit proved suc
cessful It will be remembered thnt on the night
of November ISth. 18s'3, Charles Heber.
residing n few miles southwest of this city,
hml a valuable sorrel mare stolen Not the
slightest trace of the mare was ever dis
covered until the arrest of Jennings, al
though, strange to a. hp was never at
anv time over nfteen miles from Spring
field .
In his confession to the police Jennings
admitted that he hid stolen Mr Hubert's
mnre, ami then said that he had traded her
to Chnrles Milbi.rn of Kmls1ev'stntlon, a
few mile-. southvvTst of Springfield, for six
chickens, two turkeys an overcoat and
dog After getting this clue the officers
undertook to find out whire Milburn was
1 lit v sK.n !e irmsl tint soon aftt r obtain
ing the Itebert mure hi had been taken
sift and, as lip. mother resided In fed-ir
ville. she persuaded him to go there. He
w nt. and his wife drove across the loun
lr) from Kneisle)'s station to Cedarville
vv ith the Kibert mare and another animal
which tiny had Nvm after arriving in
Cedarville the horses were sold, the Itebert
mare b ing purchased bv Mr. W. P.
N'oithup n nnmifacturer'of tiling
Chief Walker and Lieutenant Zweisler
called on Mr Vorthup on Monday and
found that ho had the mare, and the) at
once lilentihed her as belonging to Mr I!rb
ert. This marVs the sixth horse actually
rei overed
Jennings also confessed tint he stole
William Snvder's horse about thu 1st of
st pteinber. l's'i. He sold that horse to
tlie same Charles Milburn for SO and an old
wagon Mr Milburn was not at home at
tin time and in pavment he gave Jennings
an order on his wife for the So and the
wagon. Jennings took tlie order, and after
cooll) raising it to elfi presented It to Mrs.
Miltiiirn and receivtdthe money The
Snvder horse his not yet been recovered.
as Milburn sold It to another mm, but Chief
Wnlker knows where the animal is, and
will soon git him.
Cnmptou lmi.lled.,
William Compton, the postmaster at
Cliambersburg, Montgonury county, who
was clnr,ml with complicity with William
Jennings In horse stealing, was tried before
the ma) or of Dayton jebterda) and honor
ably discharged.
I. B. & W. Brakeraaa Dreams of an
Accident and Nearly Twists
His Wife's Head off.
A 1'ei ullnr Caie to Which a rbjilelan W
Suiiiinuned to Attend The Woman
lladlj Uurt, but Worie
- At about 3 o'clock Monday morning a
prominent phslc'an of tlie old school whose
name the reporter is under a solemn prom
ise of secrecy not to publish, was called out
to attend the most remarkable case of his
professional career or lifetime. At that
hour lie was aroused from his sound slum
bers Into w hich he had Just fallen by a furi
ous ringing of his night bell and excited
cries of "Doctor! Doctor! Hurry for God's
sake!" The doctor threw open his window
and saw a man at the steps' below, wring
ing Ids hands stamping his feet and other
wise betra)ing the most agonized impa
tience, Tlin doctor asked him what the
matter was, and the man replied that he
believed his wife's neck had been accident
ally broken. The doctor tosst?d on his
clothes, seized his case of instruments and
medicine case, and followed the man, who
started otf on a trot- He moved so rapldlv
that the doctor hail neither the breath nor
the disposition to question him further.
The man lead tlie way to a comfortable
frame building on Foster street, not far
from tlie creek, and almost dragged the
doctor Into the house In his frantic eager
ness. He threw open the door to a sleep
ing apartment, and there IIng upon the
bed was a middle-aged woman,
whom the doctor at once rec
ognized as an occasional patient and who
was the wife or the man who had come for
him. She was I) log Hat upon her back but
her head was turned to one side and was
rigidly set in that position. The Deck was
lacerated slightly and bore finger-marks In
dicating rough usage. The left jaw was
thrown out of place and the upper vertebra
looked as if they were dislocated, although
the doctor was not prepared to assert this
fct with any degree, of certainty. The
doctor took in the situation at a glance
and at once concluded that the man had
assaulted tlie woman and had become
alarmed at the mischief be had done. The
phvslclan went to work and soon had the
maxillary dislocation reduced, but on close
examination lie found that the nesh was
swollen in great welts about the throat and
"Doctor," said the man. "I know ou
may not believ e me. but what I'm telling
j on is the exact truth. I'm a brakeman on
Iwon'tsavon what road, but I'm on a
local freight. I mads the marks
on Mar that's ni wife's name that on
see, but so help me heaven. I never meant
to hurt her. I never raised mv hand
again-tMary In m life, did I, Mar?-"
"No. on never did." aid the woman,
earnestly but faintly.
"I got in off my run at 9.48 tonight,"'
continued the man. "and aftert fitting np
a little while we went to bed. U was tired
and it wasn't long before I went sound
asleep. I had been doing some heavy
work during the night, as our
train was loaded with coal thirty-two
car loads and four empties. It was no time
at all until I was dreaming at a terrible
rate, and I thought that the engineer
w histled for brakes. I thought that I was
on the caboose, and looking aliecd. saw a
big tree squarely across the track. I
jumped form) brake-wheel and was twist
ing it with ail ni might when 1 was
aroused by a terrible screaming. 1 woke
up, and blast me if 1 didn't have hold of
Mar's held with both hands, atwlstingher
nk off almost,"
Despite the man's evidently genuine con
cern, a smile lurked about the corner of his
mouth as he conduded his ;tnry, but it
died Instantly, as the woman began to
speak in a sobbing voice. She corroborated
his stor in every detail, and said he was
sound asleep when she awoke from the ter
rible pain. The doctor left some liniment
and she Is not likely to suffer any perma
nent injury from the novel but painful
handling she received.
It Is since lenrned that the brakeman's
nnme O. U. Wiiter. or Wittexn, and he
runs on tlie Ohio Southern.
Wm. M. Ayren in Durance X lie for Getting
n Wnrrlnge License by Alleged Swearing
to n Lie.
At 4.30 o'clock Monday afternoon. Con
stable Mohr arrested a young colored man
named Wm. M. A) res, and locked him up
in jail on the diarge of having committed
perjury. The arrest was made on tlie afll
davlt of Mrs. Adassa D. Martin, who
charges that on January 13th A) res pro
cured a license In the probate court to marry
Mary ronl by swearing that she was
over lb )ears ot age and had, therefore, at
tained her majority, Mrs Martin, tlie de
ponent. Is a married sister of Mary Ford,
and she insists that the girl is still a minor
and that ) ers waa well aware of the fact
at the time he corruptly procured the
license. A warrant was sworn out and
p'aced in Constable Mohr's hands, and tlie
latter made the arrest, as stated. Ayres
and his new I) -made bride were found in a
stable on Cherry street, which had been
rudely converted Into a dwelling, but which
was as cold and inhospitable a place as it is
possible to Imagine. The wind was
shrieking through the toft, which served
tlie bride and groom as a living-room, and
which was available from the first tioor
oul) by an ordinary ladder. If tlie bride
doesn't regret the marriage already, she's a
a good one in the matter of endurance.
Ayres has the reputation of being a crap
shooter. He was locked up In jail in de
fault of ball, and it is likely that 'Squire
Stout will re;ognlze the case over to the
grand jury, now in session. About the only
evidence adduced against Ayres b) Mrs.
Martin to show perlur) is her claim that
"Mar) done been bo'n since the wall."
lrlfth Setter Stolen.
It was reported to Chief of Police Walker
this morning that a fane Irish setter be
longing to Mrs. Iluxton had been stolen at
an earl) hour today. The dog was a large,
red brown animal witli a white spot on his
br Sst and w Ith threejw hlte toes on his right
hind foot. His head is short antl hroid
and he answers to the name of "Pat," Ho
is verv valuable and a liberal reward is
offered for Information leading to his re
cover). ravtencerTrutn Delicti
Train io. 7 on tlie 1. B. A W. due hfre
from Columbus at 7.30 a. m. did not arrive
this morning until 10.15. About fifteen
miles east of tills city the main track was
occupied b) a freight, the engine of which
had to leave the train and come into spring
field to get water enough to pull the train.
Of course the passenger was dda) ed until
the freight engine returned.
Majur Court.
In the Ma)oi's court jesterda) afternoon
Thomas Miller washned SI and costs for
loitiring; John Dempsey SI and costs for
drunkenness; William Hon aril, SI and
costs for having his team unhitched on the
streets, and Cherry Brennan, SI and costs
for drunkenness.
Wrut Dislointeii.
Ex-constable Brow u had the m i-fortune
to fall on the icy pivement last night and
dislocate his left wrist. He slipped and
realizing that he was about to fall put out
his left hand to break the force of his fall,
rims the accident hapiened. Dr. Kusell
reduced the dislocation.
SHll.OH'S VITALIZEB is what )ou
need for consumption. Loss of Appetite,
Dizziness, and all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 75 cent per bottle. For sale
by F. A. Garwood.
A. II. TJttemier, the L,Hcom!a llutclier,
hii n Terribly Narrow Ktcape 1'roui
Death Wandering Tli'oujh the I reel
Ing Mldnljcht In a Dined Condition.
A. II, Tavenner. the well-known butcher
at Lagonda. had a frightful exierience and
a thrillingl) narrow escape from death last
(Monda)) evening. He was driving from
South Charleston to Lagonda with his large
cov ered vv agon, and a loid of meat. When
near Iteid's school house his wagon sud
denly whirled upon the ice so as to throw
his team In the road v iolently and almost oil
their feet Being shut up in a dose wagon,
among the meat hooks, his first impulse,
nati'fally, was
Thinking his wagon would upset, and,
liilckly drawing tlie slide-door, jumped.
Alighting upon the slick ice he was hurled
down with violence, striking lib head
against the fence, rendering him uncon
scious for a time. The team took the back
track, without the driver, and turned off
toward the Seima pike at a rapid gate, Mr
Tav enner soon came to his senses, and
started after his valuable team, hatless, and
so dazed he hardly realized what he was
doing. He followed them several miles.
staggering along.
and at last came into the city on the Selma
pike, but hid lost all track of his team
lie then took the street-car for Lagonda,
and arrived at the residence of Mr. W. II.
Berger. his father-in-law, at a late hour,
more dead than alive. He soon lost con
sciousness agaiu. and the alarmed family
had great difficulty In getting enough of
the facts to know what had happened.
The night being hitter cold, he had nearly
perished, and had he given way to his great
desire to rest In his numerous falls, he
'would undoubtedly have frozen to death.
Several young men took horses and hunted
the team until midnight, and this morning
It was still unheard of.
A nntrh nf Candy that Didn't Seem to Pan
Out to the Customary Requirements.
They are telling a tremendously good
story' on a well-known and popular young
lady of north Limestone street today, which
is too good to be kept out of print, A craze
for amateur candy Is prevailing ail over the
cit) this winter, and the girls bare all
turned eonfi ctloners to a certain degree
just as though any augmented sweetness
were necessar). Some of them have become
astonishingly expert with the use of confec
tioner's sugar, aud among this number ma)
be induded the oung lady before-mentioned.
Yesterday she wished to make a
box of cam!) to send away to a friend at
school aud she determined to eclipse all her
former achievements in the saccharine line.
To this end she purchased any quantity of
English walnuts, candied fruits, dgs, dates,
etc, and went to work The confectioner's
sugar w nrked admirably and the y. I. was
jubilant over her success. She put In va
nilla flavoring, made the walnuts into
creams, accomplished some "perfectl)
lovely" hg paste, and worked up thecrys
tallzed cherries into a collection of the
most attractive bon hnns imaginable. Fi
nally they wen completed and plied tempt
ingly on a tray, preparatory to packing
away in the box.
During all this time a marked odor per
vaded the place, not usually characteristic
of the confectioners. It suggested head
ache and kindred ills, and had a very apo
thecaric smell The fair amateur sugar
plum artiRt noticed it and marveled, but
never associated it with her candy. Not
until she bit a piece. Then she spluttered
and gasped, and made a straight streak for
the sofa, upon vv hich she threw herself In
an agony of tears.
Instead of vanilla, she had flavored the
cand)Kby accident, with a liniment for
The New Offlrera of Lone star Lodge In.
ducted Into Office With I'lanannt Ceo.
Lone Star lodge. No. 7Ji. I. O. O. F., of
Ijtgonda, held a p ibllc installation at tre
Bed Men's hall. Monda) evening, attendtd
by a large crowd. J. W. Killen, district
deputy grand master, called to his assist
ance a number nf pat ofticers, among them
being James Anderton, of Montgomery
bulge No. ."i. or I) i) ton, one of the most
prominent Odd Fellows of the state. The
ceremonies of installation were performed
very satisfactorily. Thnsn inducted Into
oHice were Thomas Crawford, as noble
grand: W C. Kreps. vice-grand; E. M Nel
son, secntary: J. W. Nelson, permanent
secretar):J M. Br) ant, treasurer. Next
came the part of the programme which In
terested the ladles: each had prepared a
basket of provisions, with her name Inside;
each bisket was numbered and a corre
sponding number sold for tvvent)-five cents
each; the mm old or young then hunted
np the lad) owning the bisket and escorted
her below to the lunch-room and
proceeded to sample the good things
prepared. A good deal of fun re
sulted from the oddly mated couples, and
often a bvshful maid would get an old man
for a partner, and an elderly lady, a blush
ing youth. But, whatever the result, tie
best was made of It, and a jolly good time
was had. One min got his own wife's
basket, and was not wildly pleased. After
supper the )Oimg folks took the floor, and
the Usui) games were Indulged In until a
late hour.
Return Kiigageuient of Knbert Downing
In "Hie fllndlitor."
Robert Downing, whose suierb perform
ance of "The Gladiator," at the ('.rand sev
eral w eeks ago, created such a furore of
admiration and enthusiasm, will play a re
turn engagement at the same piece at the
Grand, Wednesday evening, January 20.
No bner attraction than Mr. Downing In
"TheG'adiator,"can be seen this season,
and the capacity of the Grand will be
tested sevtrel) to accommodate the fine
audience vv hich will doubtless greet him.
For Forging Dr. Leonard'a Xntne.
John Fitzgerald, who was arrested some
time since for forging an order with the
signature ot Dr. Leonard, at George L.
Heater's Jewelry store. In Pluua, was ar
raigned in the court of common pleas of
Miami county, esterday morning, entered
a plea of guilty and was sentenced to two
years in the penitentiary. Tlie prisoner is
an Irishman, and has only been In this
country for about tlve y ears, and is In the
list stage of consumption. It Is said he
will not live out his sentence.
That I'owder Mill Elploaion.
Mike Wiuaus was up at the powder mills
on Saturday, looking over the scene of the
Friday- night explosion. He tells the
strangest incident we have heard of that
remarkable occurrence; that a rabbit was
found vv hich had been killed and skinned by
the explosion. Poor bunny was near the
mill and seeing the tHsh had started to run
when the concussion caught him. producing
Instant death and tearing his hide otf from
his mil to his ears. Next. Xenla Gazette.
Matter In Common i'len Court.
Business was not brisk in the court of
common pleas today. The grand jury re
sumed its session, without any dehnlte
time for concluding Its work. The case of
W. I. Shet-ls vs. W. II. Smith, on ao-ount,
was finished at about elev en o'cloc k and the
jury retired. After half an hour's deliber
ation thev returned a judgment of S171.49
for the plaintiff.
All other cases sit for toda) went over.
Nettle Xan sickle in
"The Three
Frank Majo will appear at the Grand for
two nights, early in February, producing
Ills great success, "Nordeck," and his su
perb revival of "The Three Guardsmen."
Ma)o's leading lady Is Mrs. Nettle Van
Sickle, of tills city, and tlie talented lady's
friends will give her a rousing welcome
He Captures the Board of Education and
Will Print the Annual
Be port.
Nome Lively KeniMrk on Finance, by sir,
SIartindall-H3,000 Horrowed Itenlg-
nation or n Teacher Koutlne l'ro-
reeding ot the Meeting.
The board of eduiatlou met in regular
session Monday nigliLwiih President li'en
inthechalr. At 7:.!3 o'clock the meeting was
called to order. The following member
were present. Heck, Brigham, Bums, Coles
Corner, Cox Holdi-n, Kearns. Ktlle), Mat
tlndell. Miller. Morrow, Pence, Bldgely.
1 roy and President Lorenz.
After the reading of the minutes of the
previous meeting, business of the meeting
proceeded as follows
Before proceeding to the regulir business
President Iorenz thanked the members ot
the press for the considerate manner in
which they had handled the annual report1-
of himself and others of the board.
Superintendent White presented the res
I gnat Ion of Miss Carrie V McKee as a
teacher in the public schools. The resigni
tion was accepted. The reason for the
resignation is that the lad) is obliged to at
tend a relative who is ill.
Superintendent White made a statement
with regard to the distribution of ticket
for the matinee to Chester's w ir v lew s
sav. ing that he was not responsible for tin
violation of the board's rule that ticket
should not be sold in the school'.
Mr. Miller, of the teachers' committee
Presented a report recommendlngth.it John
S. Weaver be elected to fill the vacanev
caused by the resignation of Miss Carrl.
McKee In the B grammar grade, Nortl
building, for the remainder of this school
) ear, at the annual salary of S700. The
report was adopted.
Mr, Beck, of the committee on text
books, course of study, etc Recommended
the purchase of chemical supplies at tlie
High school at an approximate expense of
SJ19. Mr. Martindell opposed the recom
mendation because of the embarrassed
financial condition of the board Superin
tendent White stated that proper imple
ments were quite necessary for the good of
the school, and that the estimated expense
was for articles that are Indispenslble to
the proper study of chemistry.
Mr. Martindell wanted to know "why in
the " the members wanted to spend
money that the) did not have and bad no
prospect of getting. The board, he said,
would come out S10.000 behind on the )ean
but the president suggested that if the eat
High street lot and house were sold that
would help them out. The matter was put
to vote and the report and recommendation
of the committee were adopted.
Mr. Martindell. of the finance committee,
asked for an order for S15, In favor of II
M. Brooks for S 1,500 insurance on the
Pearl street building. Granted
He also asked for an orde, In favor nf
Daniel Cushlng, clerk, for Sb-j.95 for ser
v ices and cah paid out. Granted.
Bids on the publication of the annual re
port of the vhools were received antl opened
by the clerk. The bids were as follows:
New Kr Company
Size ot page, quality anil weight ot
paper and quality of work the mis
as the report of the public schools
of Colunitras fir 196. I,) bound
with heavy caper covers, ttab
stltcheJ 3.) bound In half Moroe
co. etc Total number of books. 2.00O.
Price t a,
T Kllarwood.tiszette-
j.ne same specifications, the whole
Job to be done for jno
J. R. Marshall-
The same ipeclttcations Total Drice !
J.T Mltchell-
Wlll furnish 30 copies, sime as sam
pie and I.siUcoplrs bound In paper,
best quality Price jSj
On motion of Mr. Cox. seconded bv .Mr.
Troy. Mitchell A Co. were granted the con
tract for printing the reixirts
Mr. Kelley of the Fuel and Hentlng com
mittee Bead a communication from Kelley
Jt Co., of Columbus, stating that thev
would replace the present boiler In the
Pearl street building with one which would
be in every way satisfactory, and the) of
fered to pay the expense of the committee
to Columns if the committee desired to
examine the boiler
Mr. Coles, of the Claims committee
Presented the following bills which were
allowed and oidered paid
Hamilton Jt Co. hard ware l
um. Dlcrtl glass v,
Cha A Wood, barrel silt 1 li
Ad. livkhans Co . supplies 3 l'i
Cieo II. Frey. Hire -
W W. Dlehl. bin for Pearl street house MI 31
Humphrey i Raymond, supplies Ml)
, Total v "io
Mr. Kldgely, of the building committee,
presented an estimate in favor of C. S
Courson, for grading at the Pearl street
building, for S-'3'J 40, and moved that an
order be Issued for Us pa) ment. The mo
tion was carried.
Mr. Uldgel) presented the bill of Mirtln
Moran of 350 2i for tlie digging of a well
at the Pearl street building An order was
issued for the payment ot the bill.
Mr. Kldgely presented a bill of Si-J In fa
vor ot J. Douglas Moler for work at various
times. The bill was referred to the com
mittee on daims.
Mr. Hidgely moved that the building
committee be instructed to have Mr. Bar
tholomew put door stops in the Pearl street
and the North street buildings al 2 cents
apiece. Carried.
By Mr. Bldgely Estimate of Charles
Cregar, architect, in favor of the Spring
field Planing compan). for work on the
Pearl street building. SS50. Allowed.
Mr. Morrow moved to allow the salaries
of the superintendent, teachers ami jani
tors. Carried.
B) Mr. Beck Resolution that tlie board
full) recognizes and fully appreciates the
efficient services of Miss Carrie McKee as
an enthusiastic, energetic and capable
Resolved. That we bear cheerful testimo
i to the meritorious labors of Miss McKee
as a teacher
By Mr Brigham A lengthy motion In
structing the supplies committee to
purchase a bell for the Pleasant street
building. Carried.
By Mr. Martindell A resolution tint
the finance committee be authorized to ne
gotiate a loan of '.u00 until M itch 1, lSsT,
at a rate of interest not to exceed six per
cent, per annum, for the purpose of paying
the salaries of the teachers and Janitors for
the current month. Carried.
The board then adjourned.
Fnlrneld lire.
Monday morning about 10 o'clock tlames
were seen iv,uiug from the residence of
Mr. Elijah Martin, in Fairfield, and in a
few moments the roof was ablaze. The
hand fire brigade of the town went to the
rescue and succeeded in saving some of
the contents, and also in putting out tlie
The building was built partly of brkk.
and this part vv as not damaged sav e bv the J
water. The Pre caught from a cemented
flue, and had gained considerable headway
before discov ered. The loss will be almut
$.!00 (no insurance) and will fall heavily
upon Mr. Martin, vv ho Is a poor mm.
Mam Meeting at Lagonda.
A Sabbath school mass meeting was held
In the church here on Sabbath everting,
under the direction of Martin L. Sise,
township vice president. After the open
ing services by Bev . C. J Burkert, Prof
Prince spoke for some time upon tlie Sab-1
bath sctuxl lesson of the day. N. II. An
drews was next introdueid and spoke upon
the topic, "What Is Expected of the Sab
bath School Teacher?" He was followed by
Bev. Burkert, Alexander Mlckle and M. I
Slse, The topics were all well discussed,
the meeting interesting, and the large au
dience highly entertained. I
Rendition of "The Slrulah
Oruheti. Society Lant lghl-
- by the
- sticte- I
ful l'erformauce.
Handel's always sublime oratorio. Thei
Messiah." was rendered ut the ( 1 It.
hall Monda night by the Orpheus vinal
society, as a musical social given to the
associate numbers of the organization
music-loving, discriminating and intelligent
uidienoe of about Wu were in attend nice
completel) tilling the hall. More
than half of these were associ
ite members. The oratorio was
rendered, on the whole, in a very satLsficti -ry
manner. The chorus wojk, under Prof
Klumeiischein, was capital, but suffertd
frop tlie lai k of orchestral balking 1 tie
t celleiit pnn ) accompaniments of Miss
Mary Nelson, could not compensate for ttu
inarktd diticieui The solo were en
Irustt-d to various tneiiuVrs of the society
as follows "Ever) Valle) shall be Ex
alted" (tenor). Mr George Frankenburg
"Ihus ISaith the Lord'' (bass), Mr Miner
C Williams: "Oh. Thou that Tellest Good
ridings to ion" tun zzo-soprauo), Mis lis
llier Sampson, -'1 lio People that Walk m
Dirkness" (hasi), Mr. Frank Proth
ro, "Uejihe Greatly" (sopranoi
Miss Jessie Wolfe. "He MiaU Fed His
Flock Likf a Shepherd," Mrs, George
rraukenourg (contralto); "Lome 1 iiiii 1
ill Ye That Labor." Mrs KA Starke)
oprauo), "He Was Despised and He-
lecteil," Miss Nellie Watt (contralto! I
Know That My Kedeemer Liveth"
soprano. Miss Drusie Helskill ,
lny Rebuke I lath Broken His Heart,' i
Mr. Charles C Killmer itenor). "He That
Dvvelleth in Heiven" and "Thou nait
Itreak Him With a Bod of Iron." Mr P E
Moutanus (tenor). "The Trumpet Shal
Sound.'' Prof ugut Mimmes ibnssi
All the solos were will-rendered, but to.
much cannot be said in praise nf the work
of Miss Watt, Miss HeLskelland Miss
Simpson This account Is cut short to give
spice to the follow Ing excellent critique of
die performance
To the Editor of the Republic
Grand Army hall was ipiite well tilled i
Monday night by the students of Haalrl'.s I
music, both rn the platform and In the au
dience, for it is noticeable that about the f
same people attend every public rendition'
of the Messiah. The peifnrnian.ee on the
part of the cl oms w as quite spirited, the !
music rushing through hi good tempo, and I
with confidence, the attack being a.ways
prompt and vigorous The solos on the
whole were good, but it Is almost Impossi
ble to get a pleasing ettect with a mere
piano accompaniment- '
Not only Is it weak and einptv in parts,
where orchestra or organ would hold a
chord through several measures, but the
arrangement which was used last night for
the piano did not even have the full har
mony of the original accompaniment. This
was especially noticeable in Mr. Prothero's '
solo. "The People that Walked In Dark
ness. in which the piano seemed t play a
single part, almost in unison with the '
voice. Mr. Prothero has a fine,
round bass voice, and he sang the
exceptionally difficult solo with finish
and ease, vv hich was only slight marred in
effect by the Insufficiency of the accompan
iment. Unless tills oratorio can be given
with orchestra, or at least with a good pipe
organ, it Is liable to be a weariness to the
flesh. The quiet, smoothly flowing, sub
dued mrs, whici are so touching when they
glide and mingle with the prolonged vibra
tions of violiiiS. and the soulful echo of
wind Instruments, become simply tame
vv lien supported by the abrupt, expressionless
piano. It Is like a plain black and white
photograph of a living, glowing land
but the IiEn blic does not mean to
grumble at the concert. In fact, the odds
against which the soloists sang, enhance '
their merit in making the good impression I
which thev did really produce. I
l no soios were aiv lueu among pernapst
ten or more persons. Instead of being sung , j
by only four Among the best were Mrs. .
btarkey's "Come unto Him." Miss!
Nellie Watt's "He was Despised."!
Miss Hctskell's "I Known that My
Redeemer Liveth." this being partially I
threatened with an encore. Mr Mamme s I
"The Trumpet Shall Sound." which was
sung with all the vigor which that stirring
solo requires, and Mr Kilmer's "Behold,
ind See if There Be Any Sorrow Like Un
to His Sorrow." This was given with deep
pathos, which the hne tenor voice, subdued
from displaying strength, in nccordance
with the mournful character of the air,
imde very etftctive. Altogether, It was a
good concert, and the Orpheus has reason
to congratulate itself on possessing so
piins-takitig. enthusiastic and able a con
ductor as Professor Blunienschein. without
whose efficient direction it is doubtful i
the chorus-singing could have reached It
present stite of excellence Springfield
ought to help a society which helps itself
so nobly. C W. B.
Pnt Rooney Tliurftilir icbt And Frederlelc
VVunle irldayXiglit. j
The great Irish comedian, Pat Boonev,
will apivf.tr at Black's opera house on,
Thursday night, January 20th, in his new
play entitled "Pit's Wardrobe." The New
York Eveniivj Telegram has the followln: i
in regard to Mr Rooney
The new farcical play, entit'ed "Pat's
Wardrobe." was produced last night at
Poole's theater by Mr. Pat Bouncy Mr ,
Itooney was as amusing as ever, and the
new vehicle in which he presents hisspe-l
eiiltles answ ers very well the purpose for ,
winch it was made. There was a good aud-'
lence and applause was liberally bestowed.
No tragedy ever wntteu possesses a
stronger hold upon the admliersof standard
legitimate dramatic work than bherldan
Knowles's Virgmius. Since its first per-)
forminee in this country it his steadily In- j
ercast-tl In popularity In Virginius John '
Mct'ullough laid the foundation for the
popularity which he enjoyed throughout
the United States. Of late year. Frederick ,
Warde has made the part peculiarly his j
own, until now his name is as closely
Identified with it as that of Booth with
Hamlet or Salvinl with Othello. The press
of New York, during the recent engage
ment of Mr. Warde In that city, united in
declaring that his performance of "Vir
glriius" entitled him to a place at the bead
of the school of heroic tragedy.
At Black's opera house on Friday even
ing next. Januarv Jlst, Mr Warde aud his
company will be seen in this ;reat play,
which w'll be staged and mounted In a
manner rarely seen outside of a metropoli
tan theater
Uetuodeltnc wf the U V. ft. lle.ijilarter
A large force of men, under Contractor
Birtholomevv, were put Ui work yesterday
aftirnoon to remodel the old lTnlveralist
ohurch on Washington street, and to fit it
for the new Grand Army headquarters, for
which it lias lieen leased by Mitchtil post.
An elevated platform will be run around
two sides of the building and the pulpit will
be 'ovvereil to the proper exttnt. The
church people will still occupy the building
for purposes of worship until fall Mitrhell
post will dedicate the new headipiartt rs by
an interesting memorial meeting earlv in
F binary.
trunk Mitchell, the l'ltelier. rlon.ljr HI.
Frank Mitchell, the well-known bise
ballpitiher. is confined to his house with
what Is believed by many to be a very crit
ical Illness. He has been in declining
health for some time apparently, ami there
are indications now that his lungs art
dangerously affect d He is unable to lie
down, the recumbent position entirely j
shutting off his respiration. He fa also
troubled with a cough of much violence,
ami altogether his condition Is anything but
reassuring. It Is hoped that the worst tiny
not be realize), and that the approach ot .
good weather will have a desired effect. i
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Cheap Salt Blankets.
Remnants at pr.cos (hit will e!I
Cheap lot of Triaini'ns".
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Cheap 1 its of U idem ear, e'c.
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GLOBE I!triL.'DI2rO.
Corner West Ulgh -St, and VTalnut Alley.
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Fre Delivery. Telephone. 43.
Solicitor ot American ami Foreign
Room 5 Arcade Building,
Bror h Airf rlf.: Wa.hlnrtoa D.C.. Loa-I
ion.Eng.. Parts. Fnace
n. qw E. Main Street.
Attorney and Expsrt
souciroa of patents.
. Aswww",.. ''RnlMlri
Dr. Frank C. Runyan,
a-Rooms In Buckingham s Bnlllng.over-r
tf-MurphyJt itro 5More-r
ss-lttstteatloa given to ta presorting of
-ttne tefh
ifi, S. 8, BLIiT
Would respectfully announce that h hlH
resumed the practiee it Dentl'try la this
city Oinee nd Residence
No. 185 South Limestone St,
III s. Um-Htons f.prnctlart
TKUKruoN K Jo. MS.
v J- -t- 3"?s37fccM
48 4.M) 30
mm nspimp
run rHirnn
i rim in mmrn i
i -M
o. I

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