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;t3BraSSalfcfeWMMaiwwii Jill,' i
.r. J i UtWWP-Wl-Mv.-
AM'L W.ILIMIAX, Maiiaeer.
Thursday Evening, January 20
AndhisNtw York Comedy Company.
I he latest New ork srusation.
In 1
'Aatis TtiiAil." Intr.iduclnc t
Irish Comedian ocallst aiT.l luncer.
Mr. rat limine). The charmlni: youns
And a CoinpHrnt . . Conipmiy. I
Pat Uoonry'i coroiun) is a capital one " t
Nw York, llerulil.
Thcrrat Kooney l as amuilneas Tcr. -New
Vrk Telettnim
lat' Wardrobe Is a sneers. New lork
Daily S. ,
All the famous Kooney ipe- laities lutro
Usual prices, Seat at Tierce s.
HAM'L YTA1.HMAN, Manater.
Friday Evening, January 21,
Encasement of 'he Tragedian.
Supported by an efficient dramatic com
pany, untler the management of Hud
od 4 0"ll. In MiendHn Knonles's
grand tragedy,
Produced with Special and Historically
Correct Scenery. Appropriate Costumes
and.Magnl9ernt tJeneral Mountings, ear
ned by the Warde .vanacemeut
AduitMiioii $1. 5c. 5te and 'c No extra for
reserved seats, on sale at Pierce's.
John A. 3lc Caul I, lrp'r .tntl Man'c'r,
In the greatest Xew York luceenv Mlllocker's
Military 0era.TUK
(Der Feld-Predigert. as presented by the
.Me 'aull Opera C-inilque Co oier" times.
reat Ca-t. Kxcelleut Chorus aud the
McCaull 0;era Coniiiie')rchestr
SO PbltFOlt-MEIlS oil
Resened seats. Jl. Admission! e, Ms and
c. hal ot sesis open Thursday moruing.
'clock, at Usuil place
Grand Matinees Wednesday and Saturday, at
Moaltoa 4 Daker. Propnefcirs ind Mara- I
cers produrttm Qrst-cUss comic opera ai
the people s prices
Admission toe ami 20r Reserved Seals. Cfc
Our o n Brass Hand and urchestra . htghtli
Annual Tour. Forty rtlfts.
UErhUliiIK Mouitay. (Jiratle CiraHa
Tuesday, Queen's Lace Handkerchief. Med
seady. Itie lllkado . Thursday. Ilohemlan
tilrl ; Friday, t'hlmes o( Normandy ; Satur
day. Fra IUavolo . Wednesday Ma'iuee. I'l
rates ot Peniance . Sttarda Matinee. The
Remember, you can secure seats in advance
at usual place with ut extra charge
Reserved seat sale will open Friday. January
21. at Pierce A "o 's book store
Broadway and 40th Street,
Opposite Casino and
Metropolitan Opera House.
One of the most elegant ot the
New Hotels o( the .Metropolis.
Comfort and luxury.
A home for families.
A resort for business men.
Restaurant of unsurpassed excellence.
Moderate charges Rooms from II a day.
iv'l Ds .Vic.ci.zt and
WiLTta B. Bowhes. Proprietors.
For a check for tJOwe will print a ten-line
advertisement In One Million issues of leading
Amertcsn Newspapers This Is at the rate ot
only one fittbet a cent a line forLOUCircula
tionl The advertisement will be placed before
One Million different newspaper purchasers:
or Five Miixios Ritniss. Ten Uns will ac
commodate about 75 words. Address with copy
of Adv. and check, or send in cents for Book of
1T6 pages. 0F.0 P. ROWELL A CO . 10 Srarcf
fir XitTik
Whollyunllke Artificial Systems Cureof Mind
Wandering Any book learned In one rraiing.
Prospectus, with opinions of Mr Proctor, the
Astronomer, lions. W W Astor. Judah P.
Benjamin. Drs Minor. Wood and others, se. t
post Free, by
237 Fifth Avenue, - New York.
Whoe TTT tIJTY Ui fIlnr Prl DRMtrrtmnd
rXJ! AlsTLlI Of IMrrl'gUlkll'KLU Ahl.
S.I nT (IihJ a prrf-t mt n:IiAhl cnr In th,
nH.nn.LJhTlWji.sN fill .I.ll. of l-&n.f rmuf
lOapteA by all Vrench ITitMcUji uwl twine rapidly aivj
rwwwfnlrf introdiHTd litre. All ,k:fiiinjrkrt simj
dndca prompUy cb-ktsl. TlIlHTIHKclTlriff
tpcraMliMdjiwrndorsmetitAaFlEClC. Commit
Oon (office orb maill llh rt eroiueot doctor iliKK.
CIY1ALE AGENCY, Ko. 1 74 Fulton Street. New Tor
G ttVpn It
re r . t' ha i
I RP1 i V"
rist i ihf t
thr- j i . -nd aym t
une fTic IJxtn
A. L bllTH
- r.
S.i 1T T . . ,
I. II41
WANTKI General aRenti. to wholesale
hit new motor. Ratecuance. rimkI sal
ary or Vic on the dollar Address, with stamp,
F.M.WeaTer, IndUnapolls, Ind. (Name this
Vntendlnc Adtwtlwr should addretl t
Will ! ent FKKK on application
Cor. Cbestnnt nnd Kl(hlb St.
Becclve Advertisements for this Piper.
tollMAlLOat Lowest Cash Rates illCC
a4iou svcd 0 CflH'C MRNIIHI
an.'1 at wun iiiniiuisk
VTStn I Mr est I M . 4 bnb m.ilr to flop ISem for
t U m4 IImb (. tbrm i.tura uUo. 1 BM.a t4
fcal rot. I fcv. Bat. lb. diMM. of riTS, XJI
IXTSV r TALUSO blCKSfcsS " ir t.4r. I
VUIUt ! 1a47 I. '.f I" Wt tUM. BeW.
MMn h... UO4 ! M rw Ut nt .w reaving .
em S.u4 .1 inx W Irtt.. n . F.. BMJ1. rfwr
lafainbl. rwJr ' !.! rlOBc It C4WU Jos
Taa Great aslla rrcerlptlra
i Cures n'taJneMt, Spermatorrhea,
f Lmunoru, linpoteney and all Dis-
eases caused by self abuso or In-
lln nnamrlram. l. lr IV1
faxroBSl Br mall. Wrltn for Pamihlet. iroi
EnretLa Cliemlcal Co., Detroit, Jnielu
Call 011 raddresiTheo. Tr .upncrnizist.
corner Main and ilirkit ttrtiu. Spilisasld
assJB t
"TaW Qntttit Car on Earth for rata Will
ratten mora quiet Ir that any otber known ran
- i
ik My: KlMunwUna. Neuralgia,
HweuuiffB, bus Awt, Braliws,
Burns, bcaJda, Cuts, Lamba
pa, 11rarlir(horML I'ropt-blto,
Barkacaa, taint r. Bora TLroat,
Sciatic-a. Wounds. HMrfha
Tootbafb, Sprains, etc. "rte
SK4 t DotUe. SoU by an
tiranTf-ita, Cavtion. Tho rem
Ulna &inoffm (HI bran oar
fmMdrane tlciifttnro, A. C Meyer A Co. Bole
lYor-rtrtoni,, Baltimore, Ud, L & A.
Dr. Bull Coach rtip will rare onr
Cough at once. IVIce only 25 Cta. a botil
A IlaHy Newspaper Wlilrli tlecan Work
Neatl a Century Ac.
The Coiuincict.il Aihcitier was born
as n tlaily pavr in tbc )ear 1TU7, nml
tlnnus tho I0115 interval Mme it lias punc
tually appeared in the luunesuf it-, friomls
in the ccnlns of eery secular day Tins
mut le ouncqttently alut the 270,000th
number of tbc journal Otr contcm- ,
poranes arc all, with one oiccption, the
merest lialn-s in nrms conipausl to us, but
wo pat them on the li.itk all tbc same,
liopins they nmy U pxl Uysaud att.un
ultiuialel) a venerable age like our.;
while, for the exception ntnoiu: them, our '
near neigbl"r. The Kxeuing I'ost, wo are ,
glad to see liow hale and hearty looking it ,
is nt its time of life. I
Wc liegan our work nt the close of j
IVa-shlnglon's administration, mid liae '
bad our say of all the fifteen ndinuuMia-'
tions that hno followetl, praising uuc
and condemning otheis. The feileial
government, when we first saw tho lielit,
was nt Pliikidt'lplii.v, n hither it took two (
d.ijby ccicli to trncl, and the stjte nov-,
ernment, as now, at Albany, wbn.li wci
reacheil in n week through mini or dust on '
the lunks of the Hudson. Fulton's lir-t '
steamlwat came onlj ten jears afterward j
to navigate that noble stic.im at the
vtupeudous rate of four miles nn hour.
The Erie canal, which put tho city into
connection with the cre.it west somewhere
near Buffalo, was still twenty jcars oil; it
was thirty years liefore the r.uliojd ap
peared, and forty before the first ocean
steamer, while if anyone had prcilicteil
thoe fautastic contrhances. tl.o ttler.ipli
and the telephone, lie would have Urn
sent at once to a lunatic nsIum.
New York had then lev) than C0.O0O in
habitants; its northern liotiiulary was
about Chambers street, and all lieyond
wasorchanl and green fields, with
here and there an Isolated farm
house. Up on the river lay Greenwich
village, n sort of summer re-ort, whither
the richer sort repaired as a refuse from
tho yellow fever, wh'chwas a not infrc
qnent visitor. We crossed tie river iu
pen augers, us they were called, and nftcr
vranl in horse lioats. Ilohokcn was 1
bcarcely a hamlet, and where Drooklj n 1
the little hoys used to gather nuts or to
trap souirrels. All our readers of that
itaj are long since dead, and but few ol j
their descendants are living. Kven the j
great family names of the period, w hich
had swayed the nation in colonial times
the Stuyvcsnnts, the Livingstons, the j
Khlnelanders, the Morrises, the Coldcns
nnd others have left few representatives,
and are rapidly disappearing before more
plebeian growths and the influx from the 1
oldworhi Where their children sported j
in the ancient day we hear only a foreign 1
tongue, the German, the Italian or the 1
French, and what were forests nnd Iiell
to them arc to us densely crowded tene
ment houses nnd long lines of shops.
New York Commercial Advertiser.
Jotlc David Iavlt Caution.
Among President Arthur's papers there !
Is doubtless a note which he once receh eil )
from David Davis which amused him
very much. It was a brief and formal 1
letter, but the peculiar thing about it
was that Mr Davis signed his name so '
close to the last line that nothing could
have been written between tho lines. I
Arthur thought it 11 very unconventional
cirmnturrt .rwlnllv na nt n. b.t.lv ilniim I
it might be overlooked But he learned
that Judge Davis always signed his n.imo
thus, to prevent any one from filling in !
an) thing in the customary blank space.
It appeared that when he was n judge in
Illinois a suit was brought before him to
test the validity of a note. The ostensi
ble maker admitted that the signature
was his, bnt worc he never made the
note; and it was developed on trial tliat
some rascal had taken advantage of a
blank space between the termination of
a letter and the signature to fill in a
note of hand, which he got discounted.
The judgo, who was a v cry cautious man,
took n hint from this, and ever afterward
signed his own name so as to prevent
such improper use of it. New York Sun.
W Inter ItnatU In orway.
In riding along tho roads you see at fixed
Intervals stones with inscriptions on them
more or less extensive, sometimes simply
initials and sometimes names n ith numbers.
These are placed there to show who is bound
as the owner of the land to keep the road ia
repair and to keep it open in the winter, and
for what distance lus obligation extends.
This duty, so far as keeping tho mads in re
pair is concerned, is fulfilled most admb
ably. From tho snow plows w hich you see
turned np along the road at intervals I ap
prehend that kaeping it open in winter is
equally well attended to. Tins isaduty im
posed on the farmers, and only in excep
tional cases is any compensation made for it.
CoL Corp Bliss in New York Times.
A Cxrtn. To all who are suffering from
errors and indiscretions of youth, nervous
weakness, early decay, loss of manhood,
etc, I will send a recipe that will cure you,
free of charge. This great remedy as dis
co ered by a missionary' in South America.
Send self-addressed envelope to Hev. Joseph
T. Inman, Station D, New York city.
It is not commonly known that a large
proportion of the rheumatism and neu
ralgia extant b traceable directly to the
diseased condition or imperfect action o(
the kidneys and liver; therefore a remedy
which cures the resulting disease must
have found and smitten the first cause.
Many persons using Athloiihoros for
rheumatism and neuralgia have been
surprised to find that chronic disorders of
thii liver and kidneys have also leen
greatly relieved and "they have written
for an" explanation. The fact is, that the
remedy acts directly onthese organs,
cleansing them from all irritating sub
stances and regulating their action. Taken
in connection witli"Alhlophoros Pills this
is , without exception, the most valuable
kidney and liver remedy in the world, and
will cure a large proportion of those who
have these diseases.
Said William E. Hutchison, living at 22
South Shafer St, Springfield, O., " I don't
think there is any medicine like Athlopho
ros for rheumatism. Previous to my using
this medicine I used alwut every kind of a
rheumatic medicine 1 ever heard of, both
regular and irregular without avail. At
the time I commenced with Athlophoros
I was suffering very much. In a very
remarkably short time, in fact I hail only
taken a few doses, I exerienced very
decided relief. It is now oerto years
since I used it and I have had no Khetima
tism since to speak of. Atlilnphorosdidits
work for me and wiildo the same for others.
I have been a resident of Springfield
for over thirty .years am well known
and would gladly verify the above facts tc
any one who may be afflicted with rheuma
tism." Every druggist should keep Athlophoros
and Athlophoros Pills, but where they can
not be bought of the druggist the Athlo
phoros Oo.i 112 Wall St., New York, will
send either (carnage paid) on receipt of
regular price, which is $1X0 per bottle
for Athlophoros and 50c for Pills. I
For Uver and kidney diseases, dysrrin, in
digestion, weakness, nervous dcbtluy, diseases
of women, eonsUrsition, headache, impure
blood, 44., AUdopteroi Fllli an uaaqualed. 4
The Item of ltent Out of 1'roportion to
a IcMr Man'ii Inroine What Heroines
of til. t'aliilllri? .Imtlre. a, Peare
maker,. If the number of families in New York
which hire their rooms from month to
month Ih.' taken to be betweeu 130,000 and
lT.'i.OOO, then ol er one-tenth of these fam
ilies have leen turneil out of their homes
during the j ear The records of the eleven
district courts pro.e it. Four district
courts nloue will show that they hate
Issued some 10,000 dispossess summonses,
each one of which was a notice to a family
to pay up or go.
To say that there were some 20,000 fam
ilies driven out of their homes last ear
carries only part of the meaning. The
average number of persons in those poor
fnmtl!p irivitr than in rlrn rr vi.ll.tv.
do families. It is a fair estimate to say
that in those 20,000 families there were
120,000 men, women and children, most
of whom w ere unable to earn a sufficient
living The item of rent was a great one
with them, out of proportion to what it is
to a man with a moderate income. A
lalnirer earning $1 a day, or f 20 a month,
has to pay from if 0 TiO to 410 rent, or over
a third of his income, while a working-
man who gels o.i0 a day will not pay
over $18 a month rent. With a majority
of those 20,000 families the rent was mora
than they could bear and they succumled
The head of the .family may have lieen
sick, on a spree or out of work. The
family could economize in food, fuel and
clothing, but they lived in the cheapest
tenements already and the rent forced
them out. It is a puzzle where they go.
The dispossess proceedings in the courts
do not by any means give the full iiumlicr
of families who are forced from their
homes by various reasons. L'nder the law
the landlord must give notice to their ten
ants first, and thousands of tenants, know
ing that to disregard the notice will only
bring forcible eviction, sell or cast away
their furniture, and wander out into the
city at once. On the money obtained
from the sale of their furniture, they may
lie n while, nnd then nolxxiy not'.ces how
they are swallowed up.
Of course there is another side to it a
few cises, nnd there are professional rent
evaders, who take advataigcs of the tech
nicalities of the law, the leniency of the
justices to the poor and the multitude of
worthy coses, to escape paying rent when
they could if they would. When a tenant
hires from month to month he can hold
over for another month if not notified to
go five days liefore tho first day of the
next month. Otherwise he can hold on,
and if he rents by the year he cm hold on
for another jear. Or if he is lehind in his
rent ho can make the landlord prove
ownership, previous notice, specific con
tract nnd violatiou of it before ho can be
forcibly ejected. It is not easy for the
landlord to do all this if the tenant chooses
to light.
Notwithstanding the general impression,
drunkenness and shiftlessness in themscv cs
are not the immediate cause of many c ic
tions. A man's drunkenness may cause
him to los hb place, and then, without
w ork, he lias no income, but as long as he
works liis wife usually manages to get
enough of his pay to pay the rent. I-nck
of work and sickness or death iu the family
are the main causes of falling behind in
the rent. The family get so far liehiud in
their rent that it is next to imiiossible tc
pay up. and they are evicted, sell all they
can of their furniture, und start over again
in a new neighborhood. If the father geti
work then and is in good health he may
regain a home. If he doesn't, his family
breaks up, and he may become a tramp, 3
criminal or a pauper.
As a rule, the civil justices try to act as
peacemakers between the landlord and
tenant. Where the tenant is able to pay
they usually succeed. In nil cases they
give the tenant time, and try to prevent
forcible ejection by the marshals. In not
over quarter of the coses is it necessary tc
call in the assistance of a marshal to gel
the tenant out. Attached to several of tht
district courts is a charitable organization.
In extreme cases tht justices and clerks al
the court chip in to pay the rent.
Several of the justices talked about thcit
experiences with e iction cases. They are
much alike. The following from Justice
McCarthy speaks for the other east side
"There were some 2,500 dispossess pro
ceedings in the Fifth district court thii
year In not over a third of them was
forcible action taken. In the others the
tenants moed as soon as they saw it was
inevitable. Three-quarters of the casea
were tor arrears in rent, The others were
where the landlord had given the tenant
notice to leav c at the end of the month
and the tenant had not left. Some of the
cases are professionals. They come up
several times a year. They would rather
move than pay rent, even though they are
able to. They get in arrears and hang on
till the last moment, when they pack up
and move.
"Most of the cases are Irishmen and
Jews. Native Americans are rarest and
Germans next. Jews do not always go
en a summons, but they often fight the
ose in court, and cause the landlord a lot
rf trouble to prove his side. Jews are
good pay, but litigous. Many of them
have picked up n good knowledge cf the
law, and conduct their own coses admir
ably. I do not know w here the evicted
tenants go, but probably to cheaper quar
ters. We look after all that w e can, and
often we raise the money among ourseh ef
V) pay the rent. Sometimes we are Im
posed on, too." New York Sun.
Jamaica's laboring Population.
The Island of Jamaica is suffering In
consequence of the withdrawal of large
numbers of its laboring population, who
have been tempted to the isthmus by the
offer of high wages, and are digging the
Panama canak During the years from
January, 188.'!, to January, 1886, about
54,000 such laborers left for the isthmus.
It is estimated that 35,000 have returned,
and that with those who have gone out
the present year ns many as 22,000 are
still absent. The immediate effect upon
the condition of Jamaica has been to raise
wages until it Is with great difficulty that
the planters carry on their sugar bnsl
ncss, and, at the present price of that
article, many of them are contemplating
suspending operations w avoid loss. Tho
negro laborers who have returned are re
ported to have quite generally saved their
earnings, which some of them place in
banks of deposit, while others are buying
land, a hopeful indication for the future of
the race. Boston Transcript.
Girl Homely, Pro Tt-m. Onlr.
Doth the horrid freckle jour features spec
kle? And dusky tan your face o'erspan?
Have you awful pimples, but no sweet dim
ples? Is your skin quite sallow, or greasy like
Are your hands a sight, and arms and neck
a fright?
Cease being homely, become at once
Use Champlin's Liquid Pearl.
Germans in England have received notice
to hold themselves in readiness to return
home and report at their reserve head
quarters for duty, on twenty-four hours'
3v ornv c Blood Elixir la the only
's's-"'-, Tllnnd Remedr miaran.
Blood Remedy guaran.
It is a positive cure lor Ulcere, trap-
tions or Syphilitic Poisoning. It purifies the stomach and Iiet belne comutetels torniil. " constitutional Instant tnrelleilng.p'r
whole system, and banishes all Wumatic fs r,dced to a IKing skeleton !. Friends. EmnT '" """" ' onom";al " '
and Neuralgic pains, no guarantee It, faniily and physician had given me up. 1 Each package contains one bottle of the
Frank II. Cobleiitz, corner Market and
High streets.
Gladstone, Sunday, the day being one of
vtttu wxljlat ff ttSaa coosin srvrw IL'sarl fmrt
H1G H.HXiJ, w, !. "' U.OV1I, "u'"l aiva.a
Hawarden House to the village to attend
church, a feat a sick man would hardly at
SHILOH'S VITALIZE!! is what you
need for consumption. Loss of Appetite,
Dizziness, and all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. For sale
byF. A, Carweod.
- -:.. -V ..... " ., .1 . j;.. .s.va.Aa&xa-a3EJaUsWs.i; 4i5J&Si- , t- gaflfc"'l-t---Tr - - -JSaaT
I contracted malaria in the swamps of i
Louisiana while working for the telegraph '
company, and used eier) kind of medicine
1 could hear of without relief. I at last
succeeded In brisking the feer. but it cist
me oerS100 00, and then nij s stein was
pnistrated and saturated with malarial
poison and I became almost helpless. I
finallj came here, my mouth so tilled with
sores that 1 could scarcely eat. and my
tongue raw and hlled with little knots.
Various remedies wero re-sorted to without
effect. I bought two bottles of II. II. II.
and it has cured and strengthened me. All
sores of my mouth are healtsl and my
tongue entirely clear of knots and soreness,
and I feel like a new man, i
Jackson, Tenn., April 20, lSfl. I
A K. Huittox.
A Most Remarkable Case of
Scrofala and Rheumatism.
I have a little boy twehe years olil.w Lose
knees have been drawn almost double anil
his joints are jerfictly stiff, and has been
in this condition three jears. unable to
walk. During that time the nudical board
I of Loudon county examined him and pro-
I nounceit theai-easescroiuiaaiHl prescnotsi,
but no benefit ever derlt ed. I then used a
mnch advertised preparation without bene
fit. Three weeks aito he became perfectly
helpless and suffered dreadfully.
A friend who had used II. 11. It. advised
its use. lie has used one bottle and all
pain has ceased and he can now walk. This
has been pronounced a most wonderful
action, as bis complaint had baffled eerj
tliing. 1 shall continue to use it on him.
Mus. Emma Giiiffiths.
U.nitia, Tenn., March 2, lSs.
Having tested 11. It. 11. and found It to be
all that is claimed for it. I commend it to
any and e erj one suffering from blood
poison. It has done me more good for less
money and in a shorter spare of time than
any blood purilier 1 have used. I owe the
comfort of my llfo to Its use. for I hate
been troubled with a severe form of blood
poison f or 5 or 6 j ears and found no relief
equal to that gien by the Use of B II. It.
W. C. McGu ItKT.
Webb City, Ark.. May 3, lbbil.
All who desire full informxtion about the
cause and cure of Blood Poisons, Scrofula
and Sirofulous Swellings, I'lcers, Sores.
Ulieumatisin, Kidney Complaints, Catarrhr
etc, can secure by mail, free, a copy of 011,
33-paffP Illustrated Book of Wonders, filled
with the most wonderful and startling proof
ever before known.
Address. OD BALM CO..
Vtlaats. (
Free Trailr.
The reduction of Internal revenue and
the taking off of revenue from Proprie
tary Medicines, no doubt has largely bene
htrd the consumers, as well as relieving the
burden of home manufacturers. Especially
is this the case with Green' -.ttitfHut
Floirer and lionchte'i German Syrup, as
the reduction of thirty-six cents per dozen
has been added to increase the size of the
bottles containing these remedies,
thereby giving one-fifth more medi
cine in the 75 cent size. The Aujwit
FUncer tor Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint,
and the Ocrnum A'yniji for Cough and
Liver troubles, have perhaps, the largest
sale of any other medicines in the world.
The advantage of Increased size of the
bottles will be greatly appreciated by the
sick and afflicted, in every 'own and vil-,
lage in civilized countries. Sample bottles
f,r 10 cunts remain the saaie sizw. j
Austria has Issued orders to the Red 1
Cross society to increase the starts and 1
.... ( I
quadruple the beds i" he hospitals.
riilwajs are aniioui ed n readiness for In
stant transportation 1 1 1 jops.
"ItorGH ON PILES." ! out to your lordship that this is war." Tho
Why tuffer Piles! Immedlaterellef and com- rams did not sail, and tho friendship b
plete cure guaranteed. Ask for "Rough on twecn Hngij nnj America was stren-th-I'des."
Eurecureforitchlnc.Drotrudlng.bleed- 1 .. .. .- :.., -n-i....v.ii v 1
t. . f, Pll Riw." Atn,VHtnr
i'mw ; "'" - " r, xTr
maneu. x o. tv-cus, ucxbcj viij, -. .
Wells' "Health Renewcr" restores health and
WEILS' IIAIR HALSA3I. half as much as it costs it is apt to bo a gen-
If gray, restores to original color. An elegant uino stone. vew York Graphic
dressing, softens and beautifies. No oil nor
grease. A tonic Restorative. Btopshalrcom- , XJT f vs. Of tho good things of this
Ing out ; strengthens, cleanses, heals scalp. 50c VWVXWVVj yg an sorrowfully let
,.,,,,""., ' alone on account of Dyspepsia, Acker's
Jeiii.ieCailaliaiih.vs betn eeomiiiunsi'a-(TW - T.Ue,, will care Dvsneraiia
ted by the rector of the Catholic church SK,,- .nrJtLn. ifiT ;
. i . x- t r -. ,-,.. i . . .Indigestion and Constipation; sold on a
at Orange. N. J., for marrying a Protestant 1 Wt, ., .. o? ,i Vo , w
after the priest had
declined to unite the
thousands suffering from Asthma, Con
sumption, Coughs, etc Did you ever try
Acker's English Remedy? It is the best
preparation known for all Lung Troubles,
sold on a positive guarantee at 10c, 50c
Frank II. CobUntz, corner Market and
High strwtts.
The republican caucus of the New York
legislature took two ballots for senator last
night and adjourned. The last ballot was
Miller 41, Morton :i, Hiscock 11. Smith
Weed was nominated by the democratic
Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloli's
Cure. For sale by F. A. Garwood.
There is no one article in the line of med
icines that gives so large a return for the
money as & good porous strengthening plas
ter, such as Carter's Scart Weed and Bella.
onna Backache Plasters. 47r
Am. medical authoihties agree that
catarrh is no more nor less than an inflam
mation of the lining membrane of the nasal
air passages. Nasal catarrh and all
catarrhal affections of the head ate not di
seases of the blood, and it is a serious mis
take to treat them as such. No conscien
tious physician ever attempts to do so. It
is held by eminent medical men that sooner
or later a specific will be found tor every
disease from which humanity suffers. The
facts justify us in assuinjng that for catarrh
at least a positive cure already exists in
Ely's Cream Balm.
A (.nod ur
Should not hesitate to wait upon those ill
with such diseases as Smallpox or Scarlet
Fever. There Is little to be feared by per
sons waiting on the sick if they w ill use
Daibjs gl'ropli) lactic Fluid freely. In
sick rooms it should be exposed 011 a plate
or saucer, and the patient siwnged off with
the Fluid diluted. For safety, cleanliness
and comfort in the sick room the Fluid is
If th Sufferer From Con. ninptlon.
Scrofula, and general debility will try
Scott's Euiulsiou of Aure CkI Liver Oil,
with hypophosphites. they will hud imme
diate relief and a permanent benefit. Dr.
II. V. Morr. Bretwood. Cal., writes: "1
have used Scott's Emulsion with great ad
vantage in cases of phthisis, scrofula and
wasting diseases' generally. It Is very pal
atable." Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, for chil
dren teething, is the prescription of one of
the best female nurses and physicians in
the United States, and has been used for
years with never-failing success by millions
of mothers for their children. During the
process of teething its value is incalculable.
It relieves the child from pain, cures aysen-
tery and diarrhoea, griping in the bowels e"ed the connd.-n.-e of the ure.it majority ot
.nrfi;n1 enlle Rr iritrW hoalth tn tho I sufferers In all advertised remedies. They be-
?.. 1 fvi 1 '"SE. n!?.lln J?e come resinned to a life of misery rather than
ehlld It reatath. mother PrieoSaeabottln. torture themselves with doubtful palliatives
, , Hut this will never do. Catarrh must be met
A Kind and Generous Deep. Rev. A. 'ateverystaaeandcombatedwithallourmiKht.
Barber, superanuate member of SL Louis In many cases the disease has assumed dau
Conf M F chinch writes from Moran ! genius symptoms The bones and cartilage of
cent. Jl. r.. cnuicn, wrues irom Jioran, , thenose.the irgansof lieariiiL-. of seeing aad
Kansas: "Tills recommendation ls written 0f tasting so affected as to be useless, the uvula
without solicitation Irom an) one; butt owe
it to those similarly afflicted to say that by
the use of the Shaker Extract of Roots
vtixrore vriitil I .a fMiri nr an trv.ti
nil,u ,. niinrwt fut-.i ,n,i(cT,ti.,M hnth
was keeping the spark of life alive with a
diet of raw eggs and milk. Now both
stomach and liver are performing their
functions. I have man v friends in Western
Ohio, N. E. Iowa and S.W. Mo. who would
... . al.I f
h "' k"uw ""3-
The Hoest Shaker, althnngh hedoes
not boast of his purity, alwavs makes goods
tliat can be relied upon; for Instance, his
Shaker Extract of Knots (Siegel's Syrup) is
really a valuable article. It is not recom -
-. ia.i . ..r.n Kt ... ,r.H,. ,
mended as a cnre-alL bnt as a remedy for
one single disease, viz: Indigestion, in
whkl viieat it wrlu Dk a ciann.
SYMPTOMS : S."..'?
coated white or cohered with a brown fur , piln
In thelM'-K. side- or joints oft n mistaken
fr rhPurnfc.Hni otirtonin ; lHwniiipr
tit; ttimetlnie nausea or waterhra,h. or In
dlKeitlon . tUtuleucy and arid eructations;
bow els al'ernately costive and lax , lirmim he;
loss ot memory, with a iMlnful sensation ot
h.int: failed to do something wh'ch ourht to
have been done, debility; low spirits, a
thick. yllw appearance of the kln and eyes;
a dry couch, fever, restlessness, the urine Is
scanty and high colored, and. If allowed to
stand, deposits a sediment
. Iscenerally used in the South to arouse the
1$' W1 J "''
jj Mj Rlth (
a ne.iiiny aciion.
extraordinary efllcacy on the
Malaria, Bowel Complaints,
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache,
Constipation, Billiousness,
Kidney Affections. Jaundice,
Mental Depression, Colic.
Endorsed by the use of " Milllonsnf bottles. as
For Children, for Ailulta, and for the Ael.
N Y (5 NU sit
Has our 7. Stamp in red on Front of Wrapper.
Sole Proprietors. Price, SI.OO.
ws Items from the Holy Ijtnd.
The introduction of soap, it is said, Ls doing
much to civilize the people of the Holy Land.
A largo soap factory has been established en
tho site of ancient Shechcm, and the ieople
are beginning to use it on their persons in
stead of trying to eat it, as thoy did at first.
Along with tho introduction of soap other
reforms aro going on. Bethlehem lias been
rebuilt, and tho streets are lighted with gas.
Cesenra is having a building boom. Naze
reth is becoming tho headquarters of big
olive oil speculators. Corner lots In Joppa
"aro going up with a rush, and real estate in
Mount Cannel is largely held by speculators
for an advance. All around Shechem there
is a lively demand for good soap fat, and tho
sleepy inhabitants of ltamoth Gilead think
ot building a gluo factory. Jerusalem is
waking up also. It has a street cleaning
bureau, big clocks on is public building,
and its suburbs are bci lg built up rapidly.
Even in tho valo of G henna tho pneo of
land has gono up. Chicago Herald.
Charles TranrU Adams.
The lato Mr. Charles Francis Adams was
certainly one of tho most successful and the
most respected of tho representatives that
America has over sent to St. James', and he
' won his success and the respect of tho Eng
lish pcoplo at a timo of peculiar uiuiculty.
Perhaps tho most famous episode In Mr.
Adams' career was tho occasion when ho
wroto to Lord Russell to protest against tha
departure from on English port of iron rams
built in tho Confederate interest. He wrote
and wroto again warning Lord Russell of
tho imminent departure of the rams. At
lust n urn nixjj "tic uia'Uk iu IVM1 tax; nifkU
1 once more, pointing out tho fact, and odj
I ing: "It would bo superfluous hi mo to point
.""""J "" """" " wuii'.
Test of a Diamond.
"What is a good test of a diainond" asks
a correspondent. Alwut as good a test as
grMH the jeweler you buy ,t of what
1 ho will take it back for. If he will offer
Frank II. Cobleiitz, corner Marktt and
High streets
Cleansed, Purified aid Bsnuifie
by the Cti'icura Remcd.tr.
For cleansing the skin and scalp of disfigur
ing humors, fur allayliitt llrhlnir. burning and
inflammation, for curing the first symptoms t
eciema, psrl.tsls. milk crust, scaly head,
scrofula, and other iutiented.sklnan I blood
diseases, Ccticlka. the gre.it skin cure.and
Ccticcra ifoir, an exquisite -kiu beautifier.
externally, anrt Ccticcss Iltsot vkt. tne new
blood purifler.luternally. are Infallible.
I have suffered all my llfewlth skindiseases
ot different kln'ls. and hue Dever found p. r
ni.iuelit relief, until, by the.idvice of 4 Udv
faiend. 1 used yo r v.iluible Ci iclba KrHK
mrs. leave them 1 thorough trial, using six
bottles of th tiTiccttA rUsoi.vKT. two boxes
of CunccRA and seven cakes of Citictba ,,r,
and the result was just what I had been told It
w uld be o coin pit t? cure,
UEI.LE WADE. Richmond. Va.
Reference. U VY Latimer. Dru.-ilst. I'.lch
mond, Va.
I was troubled with salt rheu-n fora number
of years, so that the skin entirely came off one
of my hands from the flnirer tips to the wrist
I tried remedies and doctors' prescription, to
no purpose until I commenced tsklncl trie tx
llKMEiut-s, aud iiom I ..m entirely cired
479 Northampton street. Ro41un
Have sold a quantity ot your Cutlcura renif
dis. One of my euuruers. Mrs llrnrvKiutz.
who had tetter on hr hands t.tsuch an exten'
as to ciuse the skin to peel off, and for etKlit
years she suffered R-reitlv. was complftis
cured by the use of vou medicines
C. N. NYE. llniifKist. Canton, O.
IrCIIIX, SCU.V, pui'i 1.
For the last year! hare hid -pedes of lti b
lie -cily inriiilniply nu-iirs i m face. !
whirh I have applied a unsr manv methods of
treatment witn ut stii-ees. and which whs
speedily and efirely rure 1 v Crrio ra
.Mas. ISAAC PllELl-. lUvenua.O.
We hive sold yourCutcur remedies for the
last six years, and no ineticin-s on our shelves
give letter -atisfaction.
C- F. ATHFItlU.V. Druggist, Albany. N. Y.
Ccticcra Rcxtmics aie sold everywhere.
Price: Ccticura. Si cents; Kxsolvkst. SI Hi;
Sor.lcents. Prepared by the Pirmx Duo
ash Chrmicai, Co., Boston, Mass. fend for
"How t. Cure Skin Diseases."
Plmnies.skln Blemlshes.and Rativ
j Humots, cured by Ccticura Soat.
Catarrh to Consumption.
Catarrh in Its destructive fon-e stands next
to and undoubtedly leads onto consumption.
It Is therefore slDgular tint those afflicted
with this fearful dlsaase should not make It
the object of their lives to rid themselve- ol it
Deceptive remedies concocted by Ignorant
pretenders to medical knowledge have weak-
so elongated, the throat so intlnmedaudiril
' tated as to produce a constant and distressing
c fAr0M)-.iuiICAi.Ci;Rrneetseveryph.isenl
ai...h ..,,. ai.ni h.. ..1 ..i.i i. ..
ionth.-nif;.iui .litnieMtpst:.?. it i i ...-. i
KAniCALCcuconeboxi ATRBHALSOLVET.ai..l
an IoTrDls;n. with treatise; pr.ee. Jl.
Pottxr DRro CnixICAL o., ISosrnx.
And that weary, lifeless. all gonesen-
sf IB sat
auon ever present vt in those ot in-
lamed kidnevs. weak back and loins, i
aching hips ind aides, overworked or i
worn out bvdisese. dehiiitv or rii..intion
' arereliosm ui. inimiteandare speedily
' bT 'ne.Cu',",!, a,,,V'J'i,,,.ki ,,,BV.ar.
i new, original, elecant and Infallible antidote
1 1 ,ln ana lnB mmton. At all drugguta.
Se : nre lor 51; cr( Pjtter Druzand Chem-
twH. Iiitii.
A Train "Misses Connection" Fait Kl.l
In on all "HxtriA"Anotlier Delay-A
r.illent Ail.tlenre In Waltlnc)n tho
Home sfretrli.
At H o'clock precisely, on consecutive
m!its i.- -tepped on the roatrum nt Chl-i-ir-o.
r.inesvile, Indnnapolis, Detroit,
J.'soir i lo. Cleveland and ISulTalo But
it -- 'ii -1 that Dayton was to b' a failure.
' te -raphwl from In-lianaiolis, "ilissed
co-ri.s-iiou Cannot jxisMhly meet engage-m-it
at Dayton ' Telegram camo back,
sa .;. --Tate a l.icomotive anil como on'"
W- coul I not get a locomotive. Another
trlt-gi-aiii arrived "Tho suierintendent of
n.. roa I will -end vou in an extra train Go
imnii.iutily to tho depot!" We gatherol
up our traps from the hotel floor and sofa,
end Luii 1 thm nt the sachcl. They would
not go iu We put a collar In our hat and
the shaving apivarntus in our coat pocket,
got on the soiIkI with both fett, and le
clare.1 the thing should go shut If it split
everything lietiveeii InilianajioHs and Day
ton. Anivni nt the ileot, tho train was
ready We had a locomotive and one car.
There were six of us on the trmn namely,
the ingineer mid stoker on tho locomotive;
while following were tho conductor, a
brakemaii at each eal of the car, and tho
w riter.
'When shall we get to Oayton?" wo
"Half past nine o'clock,' responded tbo
" Absurd'" we said. i audience will
wait tUl 9 .'.0 nt night for a lecturer "
Away ne Hew The car, having such 1
light load, frisked and kicked, and mado
merry of a journey that to us was becoming
very grave. Going round a sharp curvo at
break neck speed, we felt inclines to sug
gest to the conductor that it would make no
especial difference if wo did not get to Day
ton till 0 l" The night was cold, and (lis
liard ground thundered and cracked The
bridges, instead of roaring, as is their wont,
had no time to give any more than a grunt
as we struck them and ias.sed on At times
it was so rough we were in doubt ns to
whether wo wore on tho track or taking a
short cut acni the fields to ft to our des
tination a little sooner Tho flagmen would
hastily ojn their windows and look at tho
screeching train. Tho whistle blow wildly,
ot so much to give tho villages warning as
to let thorn know that something ternblo
hid gone through, ritopped to take in wood
and water. A crusty old man crawled out
of a det, and said to the engineer, "Jim,
what on earth is tbo matter'"
"Don't know." said Jim; "that fellow in
tho car yonder is bound to get to Dayton,
and we are putting things throuh."
Brakes lifted, bell rung, and off again.
Amid the rush and pitch of the train thefo
was no chance to prepare our toilet, ami no
looking glass, and it was quite certain that
w would have to step from the train mi
me hatoly into tho lecturing hall. Wo were
unt to bj s;n. Ve were sure our hair
was parted in five or six different places,
an 1 tliat the cinders had put our faces in
deep mourning, and that something must bo
done. What time we could spare from hold
in on to the louncing seat we gave to our
toiltt, and tho arrangements wo made,
though far from satisfactory, satisfied our
conscience tliat wo hail done what we could.
A button broke as wo were fastening our
rollar indeed, a button alway s does break
when you are in a hurry and nobody to
sow it on.
"How long before we get there?" wo
tniiously asked.
"I have miscalculated," said tho conduc
tor; "we cannot get there till Ui.'m o'clock. "
"ily dear man," wo cried, "you might as
well turn round and go back; tho audience
will bo gono long liefore 10 o'clock."
"No!" saiil the conductor; "at the last
depot I got a telegram saying they were
waiting patiently, and telling us to hurry
The locomotive seemed to feci it was on
tho homo stretch. At times, what with tho
whirling smoke, and tho showering sparks,
and the din, and rush, and bang, it seemed
as if we were on our last ride, and that tho
brakes would not fail till wo stopped for
ever. A 9:.m o'clock we rolled into the Dayton
dejttt, and before tho train came to a halt
wo were in a carriage with tho lecturing
committee, going at tho horse's full run
toward tho opera house. Without an in
stant in which to slacken our pulses, tho
chairman rushed in upon tho stage, and in
troduced the lecturer of tho owning. After
in tho quidcst way shedding overcoat and
shawl, we confronted the immense audience,
and with our head yet swimming from tho
motion of the rail train, we accosted the
people many of whom had been waiting
since 7 o'clock with the words:
"Long suffering but patient ladies and
gentlemen, you aro tho best natured audi
ence I ever saw." When we concluded what
we had to say it was about midnight, and
hence the title of this littlo sketch. T Do
Witt Talmage in Brooklyn Mago-inc.
Gen. Logan's Washington Ilonne.
Tho general found his Stono house in a
frightful state of decay. There was scarcely
a wholo window pane in it. Doors were
broken into slivers and half tho locks were
gone, A few thousand dollars would have
made it over into a palace; a few hundred
have made a pretty gid house of it. There
are no glass partitions by Tiffany; no
carved mahogany stair rails; nor are tho
ceilings and walLs lincrusta-waltonized.
Mrs. Logan took eliarge of beautifying the
house. For weeks she frequented tho sec
ond lian-1 stores, and even within tho last
few weeks these places have heard her care
ful, I -rriminatmg inquiries. Tho house
abounds in old fashioned Virginia and
Maryland furniture. A so'3 " tho best
in Id house. New Mexico, where Mra.
Mai. Tucker, tho only daughter of tho
general and Mrs. Logan, has lived for
several years, has given a good deal of tho
furnishings of Calumet place. In the hall
hanjs a big cowboy's hat, which is worth
$2 an ounce and weighs three-fourths ot a
pound. Around it hang in festoons bead
embroidered medicine bands, and crossed
under it are two fine painted Indian bows.
Navajo blankets of most gorgeous colors are
used as portieres. War relics are strewed
around in all sorts of places. Swords end
bayonets, cartridge boscs and knapsacks,
haversacks and blankets hang in well de
signed groups in nearly every room. These
are interesting and decorative, and it docs
not take a national bank to pay for them.
Washington Letter.
A.ivlce to NVwspnper Contributors.
Write only w hen you have something to
ay and then charge a price for your work.
Not the price that. you wish to get but that
which the overstocked market is likely to
pay And, though Maurice Thompson did
say: "The waste basket is the true cradle of
literary art," do not cradle your own work
in your own basket unless you are quite sure
that its ill success is due to lack of worth
rather than to the fact that you sent it to
".he wrong stall. Vegetables won't do for
boutonnieres, remember, any more than roses
will satisfy tho pangs of hunger. So send
our farm products to tho green grocer's;
your crisp facts to tho daily press, not to tho
magazines. It is so true that ignorance of
Jio section where readers wait to absorb
Just what you are waiting to print consigns
i forceful message from your brain to theirs
o on untimely grave in tho waste basket.
Last, if a manuscript Ls not satisfactory
vheu completed do not send it out, but lay
isido until one ilay you pull it out of its
pigeon holo for reperusal. Then to open it
iv ill provo ciiher a pretty good thing, or
when you como to your well cooled ideas as
to a stranger's tho one thing lacking will be
at once apprehended and supplied. Moke it
money's worth and claim your wages or
leave tho field for those who are living to
work and working to live. Trebor Ohl in
"he Journalist,
Salutation In Tennessee.
Not loii.t since I overheard two Tennessee
negroes who Iiad met each other: "Howdy
do, sir?"
"Porely, rorcly: I'socot a mighty misery
in my bach. How 's you mating it i"
"Mo Oh! I'so Licking, but not high;
fluttering, but I can't fly." Detroit Free
Clothe and company do oftentimes ton
tale la a xuuta but litmiicant Ian juaga.
! jft BY USING
I W Tt la tb wxt-r V prx-jtarmtlm. I W TTr Had, H
I I Ml tor IstW f Jbtfw I liaU ma OWT. I I
MiAi Adslina Patti. U
LMtM.bJtMl- I-' . iMOwtlktalr,
Vy tW jMst HMDwr. &rv t r "Lciw IH
L FA." Hytwvi-r.rfMi-1 !. ' ff .... U
H Tnsny -Sinauschek.
m I 4 H far atipsf NU-I (-am. brtof H
I ' f rof 1'arta. II
CLma Louise KeUOfg, W
H II Ktrra me psVaaar to aA.1 f ama i th rW
(I nt tl.t S.K kav mimAj nrmBtnMi.Wct fmr fH
LJ "Lb,tinrit' " u4 I pnm Ua tMlttOftiMi It II
I kaa ar't-trtU-xl -.
K1 Mrs. Soott-81ddoti-
I I For tS ttinJa, anna . aswt 1 Bod H auprfW I I
rJ ajirmiitolk,MhtiinBciMMa3oatJwvmita. U
H JeMi. VlctorU and Rosin Voket.
jPl Wa ; frl pIwMr to ad4 oar tMUnMwUU af M
rta mafrrinr vrtw m a swnsrtw fur tha ssvaplaxlon. I I
GJ ka aaasl It vsrttk raUra Mtlafrtli U
I I Tflw " Lfijcrw P tan." la n mntH cssMnntltx,
J ltJkaiiiMiil bmk k Mttaiailan la KalBf ti. 1
Wm Fanny Davenport. H
I4n.l ymrr Lit" ' ," ttmilt-nl, I W
II alallcrsrtouJj IFMsimriis-saJ Ittonf 1J J frVaaU. II
fl Ja-t Coots ba. W
B rMlAer H far aaorriof t ay anlcit C IU klm. Wk
I " 1 ! saa ! tola mtry f
LJ Affnfsi Ethel- II
H I(iTissTwL)(iiari.u.HuUllMlMlirB-
II Xn. D, P. Bower. jj
IS TwihtmCr a4Mfrtnrr M a n . wstl fraa U
g fnsta twf rM adarta, Ke wakk 1 cbrtuUf n-
M Charltt Thompson. I I
MB CaodoW It Mb taa Iws r for A akta I M
tm arraranL I 4ial1sy rwomtnamst It Wall bbt
frirada ud ta paUia fwrUj. n
J Sara Jewvtt. LJ
H t rmH m - al4 u iisiimwiy as to (a xrat- H
I J Minnie Cummuifi, I I
ma UakUjwUti-rilai."BilaMBparasU.
EXPKESsED FREE 2 lantr 75c. bottles
whueo- pink, for Jl so. To many points 1 txit
tlefurTS ryjour drnmlst first Boxed
secure trora obsertatlons i mm.i Mro
Co . Hi Fulton -t N" T
P 8. Mention this paper.
Tat OtsatMt Medical Tnnnpa of tht Agi!
CoaaofaapetltCt Bwalecoaclv,ialBlB
tha hear", with a dall aanaatlon la tka
kack iiw. l'aln noder the sboalder
klade, Fallnasa after eatlar, with adl
Inellnatlon to aiertloo of body sr mind.
Irritability oftempert Law lrlta, srlth
Ueart. Deta before tha ayeIleadaeha
aver tba ricbt eye, Keitlessniii, with
Ctial dreaina, Illshly celarrd Urine, and
TUTT'S lULLS aro ei jeclally adapted
to iuco cases, one dose effects such a
They Inrnue tri Appctite.and caow tha
body to Take on FleAh.mns the uilfm U
nonriihed. and bytbelrTonle Attlon on
tlo IllirestlreOmana.Ttrjcularataolaara
producsl. Irl-e a.1e. si t Inrray lt..rsT.T.
Renovates the oo-Jy. makes healthy neab,
atrengtnens the weak, repairs the wastes of
the system with pure blood and hard muscle;
tones the Drvous system, Invlnn-atea the
brain, atu' nparta tha vigor of maahood.
il. Soil br dniasrlst-s.
ppirwtl n nrrar t.. Ww Voras
Cloth & Cold Binding
til r(tss.UA Su.1 Lrw,
HituD rxir,
IHs-i. r. O. B.1 1SIO. V T.
lit or raniarAL, soa.
PTCn Contesjtioti. In0aramationf. -
Vr In i 'ollr. or Tihinjt of lofanU
iinrmt. itnnn rmxmr ViormMMM:
lilarruea.oi unikirenorAanin
I1 entery Gnpmir, Bilious Colic
Cholrra .llorbu. omitinr
-lODzh. CoU. llronchtis
lraralicta, looinncne. facta? e
Ilpadarnr. Sick llfadartit'. Vertigo
10 Uvipepsia. BiIkios stomscb. .7.1
1 1 uppreaed or lalnml Period .25
1 2 Vt tftea. too Profo-e Penodi 25
13 Croup. Coach, Difienlt Brtbinf 25
14 alf Itheum. Krytipelis, Kniptioas ,25
13 IthetimatUni. Rhnmiic Pains .. .25
I C Fever n Acne, dull. MaUtia... ..IO
1 7 Piles. Klind or Blradina ... .30
19 Catarrh. InfinMira. t'-ntdinlhelltad .50;
20 Uhooplncliuch. Violent Coughs. .5(1
24 ClrnrrallTrbllltv.rhTsicAlWealuuM .30
27 Kidney Dl-s-ase .30
2K Vrrvoos llebllltr .. I.OJJ
30 Irlnarv UeatDes,.VVttiMld .. .30
32 lll.eaws of the Heart. PsItiiUti I. HO
botd br LniaTita, or sent port pawl on rtK-mpC ot
pnc. UlJaTMIUlS'aiWlIUjklO.lWir.JUaM.J.l.
His OTLT oa?ET inaii- that can b retuntM
oretiavis! afi4r thrw wr if not I
rj rn-pxsrt, ajuj it t rt.- rf lUKiswiby HI(vr.
nctj of itjl snsl prtv-fa. Bold by fln-tr
rrwara Saatrt of wortlilsM Imltai
-nai& -ani ii ? BU' nam oa tba be
F.rK adaehe, nillouaar- I.lTerCom
Clalola, Indlgeallon. mild bat effect I sr
ardOLo uv OKL'uuisTs.
Batchelor's Celebrated Hair Dye.
Bil la th wer L
Haimle-"! RlabtaI In
KJUtiaJlvOtut OdUP
point ttafOt, at" rxiicsiloar
flat , rrtitdisr ibt ill cf
frCta of baj ttye lsj
IbatulrMT aM taitfj
Black or Brown. Tx
planalory clrcn'ara Ben
p"tpaiil In aealeri eat
(cpt, on ppllrai urn, mm
tlonrnr tfata paper ii
br alt drnrrtsta. AFS-wd
by xperti at
BiaaCTI Wig ItSHfl
soeutiobsu..v r citr
ASTHMA cured
InnUotlr relfa-sx the root riotent tt vt And
in-arw. cnmtirtMe -lwss so WAITIts. tor BE.
slLrs,Beinr niethf inhiiilion it- Action is im
medUM direct n1 retlnln.ADd.enr.nUia
result in All o-ir&lil. com. A njtle trul caa
Iium th niisrt ikrntiCAl Pnc 5.1c. And al 03
of aar dmni-t. or fr mAfl SaripI. Free fur
Itamp. Ilr. K-l-ClllrrMt..N.(H-P..l.a..
TVTT T-Cl lnstantrellef. Final cure In ten
I riJji-iO. days, and never returns. No pante
nosalve.no suppository. Suffertrs wllllearo.
, nt a simple rgmedy Free, by addrestlnc C.J.
atASONTn Nassau U H. I. i.
J . v-.
Cl.Ttland, Colnmbna, Cloelnuatl
Iodlanapolia Railway.
NUht Express 1 .30 am
New York A Boston Express v.(5 am
Cleveland A Eastern Express. . 3.35 pm
New York Limited Express , .,?.tS pm
Sight Express..
2.M am
NozT.tfuit.. On. A Wes. Ei- . L.'lam
. io l.Cin Flying llueklye 7.5am
29 Cincinnati A Indianapolis ExprellU.U0 am
3 Cleveland A Cincinnati Express LSSpm
1 5 Clntl., Ind.,Bt. Louis i Kan. Ex t-3Spm
AtilTtrao (AST.
Night Expreia 113 am
No. l.Cln. Flying Buckeye &Aiam
J Cleveland A Cincinnati Express 1.25 pm
5 New lork, Bostaa a Cincinnati Ex,lJJ- pm
iiim rxou aocTS.
Night Express "1.25 am
31 Dayton.BprlngfleldAccom.tr't,sAiam
13 New lork A Bostoa Limited. "Wo am
3 Cleveland A Eastern Express .3.jpm
Hi Cincinnati A bprtmtfleld Aecom . 5J pm
II New York Limited Express . s.AjPm
No. 13 has thronxh sleepers to New York and
JU.M.U wiiuouicnanKe.
No. K the famous limited express, eom
josed entirely of sleepers, east of Clevi-Iaad.
rhrough sleepers from Sprluirfleld. Makes
Jew lork In 'JbH hoars and Boston la U'A
u t. - H- ESIOIIT.
. Ticket and Ocean Steamship Agent,
-J-SMITH. AreadeDepot.
O-P. A. Sprtarteld.O.
Indiana, Bloomlnfton U(I VTctern Kail
road. axuvb rmoif iast.
I Night Ex..
UW am
- 7:55 am
... 10 to am
56 pm
7 Sandusky Mall
5 Pacific Mall and Ex ...
3 Kansas city Ex
ooixe iiar.
2 Columbus Express
t Atlantic Mall
candusky Mall .
New York Limited
aaalV! rxou WXST
Z Eastern Ex
I Atlantic MalL.
New York Limited
Z:3 am
9.1S am
1:23 pin
s-.to pin
. '55 am
Si am
-n-o pm
. - l.s am
1 Night Express-
PacUieMall .
3 Kansas City Ex-
5:L pm
aim raua auxin
r'nelonatl Ex..
- 1:1. -m
. . ar. am
l.L pm
2.V am
. lu.-i am
5 K-ntoa Aceommodatlon.
3 Columbus Mall
ttoivo aoKTa
I Lakeside Ex
I Put-In Bay Ex.
s Sandusky Ex
S.X& pm
Ohio Southern Railroad.
axxivs raoM sorra.
1 Mall and Ex :3o pm
J Balnbrld Accom 9:u jujj
I Mail and Ei
. l(h am
5ui5 pm
I Balabrtdge Aecom.
Trains marked thus run dally; another
rains daily except Sunday.
Train No. 1 has a through coach for Lincoln,
eb., and through sleeper between opriagfleld
md Peoria.
Train No. 3 has through sleeper and chair
sari for Peoria, and through sleeper from In
llanapolls to Chicago.
Train No. 5 has decant new Woodruff sleeper
except Saturday) throusjh from Columbus to
it, Paul and Minneapolis: alio through coach
trora Columbus to Kansas City, and chair cars
"wtween Columbus and Burlington. Iowa.
All through trains on main line both east
tnd west have through sleepers and chair can
between Columbus and Peoria.
C.E. HENDERfeOX. Ueneral Manager.
H. M. BRONaON. Gen. Ticket Agent,
D. II. ROArn.a.nri Agent.
WM. HEFFERM AN. Ticket Agent,
Pitta, Otn, a St, Louis B. BI St. Dl.l-
sons war.
1 Fait Line -7:15 a. m.
U Xenla "" 2js n. a,
1 Cln, Mall ifcaa a. 13.
I Western Express . l-lti p. o.
A1UV1 rxou WXST.
10 Xenla Aecom-
7:15 a.m.
10:a a. m.
8 Eastern Einrst
! 1 Limited Express
II Express
W. T, Penn. A Ohio It. B.
AH trains run on Central time 25 minutes
slower than city time.
tsaiss axxivx ranvTOE east.
3. Cln. A ct. Lou'.s Ex.. dally 1:41 a. m
I. Accom-dally except eundayl:t a. m
5. St. Louis Ex. daily . .1:17 p. 31
4. New York Limited, dallv. lfhla m.
2. Aecom .datlvexeent s-umlar S-liT n m.
" 12. Atlantic Kx.. dally .. .2.-jSa,ni.
No. 4. St. Louis Limited. dally. ,10:10a.m.
" 3. Accom..dvllyexceptsunday 5rt6 p. m.
" 12. New York Ex. dally ,!:15a.m,
No. 3. Cln. A it. Louis Ex.. dally 1:47 a.m
" 1. Iccom-dallyexcept Sunday 10:10a. m.
5. St Louis Ex.. dally- . 4:49p.m.
No. I has sleepers but no chance of cars In
eithercase through to Near iork. No. 5 has
Ihroush sleepers to St Lonis li trains ar
rlreand depart from I B A . depot In this
lor tickets to all points and further Infor
mation, call on J t Phlegie.
Aceat.72 Arcade,
T only Derfect suDstltute or Mother'a
I"li"fc 'nvaiuabu la cholera Infantum
and TeetMng A pr-dl..t.d food ror Dys
EPJ'c.Cpnsumptivs, Convalescents.
5Vct antrlant la an Wasting; Diseases.
AUqtUr.s bo cooking-. Oar Book, The Cara
and Feeding; Of lnfarts,malclmsi.,
OOUBSS. OuOOitl a. CO- Boatoa. Maaa.
Sail every Saturday from New York to
Glasgow and Londonderry
Rates of passage to or from Jfete Vori GUjn,,
Liverpool, Loamderry or Stffiut.
2ABINS.a and ass. SECOND CLASS. 3
Steerare outward or prepaid. tr.
Anchor Line drafts Issned at Lowest Rates are
?ild tree ot charve In England. Set
land and Ireland.
For Books of Tours. Tickets or o.b-r inform
.ton, apply to HENDKRSny BR'T-tn
'few York . or J J SMITH Est Va .t
WANTr i a Eentleman -if enerry. exi nratt
and acquaintance. In each county I hi... as
lent for Applecnte'a fc.l-rtrie Itnrvi t
Vlartu .M.ittluc No capital bnt h-st ! ivf--rences
required Absolute rontr..l lten.
Unexcelled opportunity to build up a lucrative
Klrctrlral rtu.iiirsin connection. Corrca
pondrnee solicited
Clevrlann Kleetrlr Mnttlnc Co..
Room 1. National Bank Bnlldlnz.
levelm..r. O.
A grrat taprOTecient orcr tb old ttyte. TnrvnU
ppvumtrom bead or tba nail. 31ad of best qnailtr
Tool MeL Cartsfully tefnperL JTor aala by Hard
waro Uaaien Half doaen averted rt wnt to aur
addirsais.jrsaittsfonjTof , 0 JiAdoaj
by Illi D WABD BTOKJi iTU., CTX. Un.ttxL
Tar Ba4 aaJ KtaUaaavry
parpaaea. 31 aailSaii imtiall
.Uaa tea baaraac
tau tbaa S raLaa f
saaiau. Tatmam
t Ufht warfc, rtuaM,
aa. Oaaatsa.
1 fce BaMraiMl atx
ratmr aaJ proa ttat, lraa.
ttB laaW 0ML&
rsl hnl.ml iHK
Avl!w. UlMft.tadCAbrim!WAsj. ir tfc. MuibrtMi,
LYON A HEALY, 102 State St., Chicago-
1 ba aaitUfa jiasjr for tba abodlaa;bTltB
iaa trtott..ada of ca-ea af tba worst tl ai of tar
iAa4iBffliai'bea eared, lnes-sl. Matrvtrctair j fa ib
ta iia f fafwy. that 1 w41 aend TWO VOTTLaS FBEE.
"C tbar witt. TJIXABLX TREATIPX on ttla diaaaa
toajJiSwr. GaTaaxpretaaaai O atdrea.
Da. T. i. aiLOCCJC. iu raarl8fi.,a Tork
OIHIBLE - 3.00
-.1 Mi I. K BKEECII LOADER, 4.00
DOUBLE " " 10.00
Price oa other roods In proportion.
illustrated Catal.srne and Price IJit tent Free.
I. C. MNDLE k SON, &'c&5'.r&
r For NO -1
' t
.. &&a,
. - "S j- s-T

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