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ffi&s T
Successor! to C. C. Tajlor Jt .son.'
, S. KKLI.Y,
11. VOUES.
Street Wanderer's Comments
Opinions on Subjects of Local
Kinpliijr-. Knit lilnrk Ilotlles
Itenninlnc the Street.
ltobutt Todd Lincoln, of Illinois, secre
tary of war under Garfield's nnd Arthur's
administrations is now being mentioned In
connection with the republican presidential j
nomination for ISSS the Cleveland Leader '
making a special feature of the matter. ,
nt. . . . -.! ,!...., .t.Ttjiv nf li Iff- '
I lie procnv auu mem i-,i"t . , .
i'1-ui.ir. had much to do, four ears ago. in ,lrlrf ihrri r an Kminrnt Actor's !
bringinc out Mr. Lincoln as a candidate for j ,n Hg rrreMnrii rmtal service
the nomination for lost, and he hail as a
co-worker lu the business, the Hon. Albion
V. Tounree. then editor of the I'oiitnciif,
VTe keep a fall line ul all brands ol
Cement, Plaster, Hair, Fire Brick and
Clay, Chimney and Sewer Pipe.
and now a lawjer, lecturer and Uwk-writer
at .Mayville, N"ew York, at the head of
Chautauqua lake. We wont to N'ew York
and consulted with Judi;e Tour-
gee and then called upon Mr.
Lincoln, with General Kelfer, finding him
juite Indisposed to give any countenance to
ttaint in hrinip hltll tint ill this COU
-.., 11-- t ..i Ki... rt lu, ,,u t-eneral I 'e
nccuilll. hchpuiiu i" p.-
..n.intuc o itian rtf ensj mid 111 our talks !
..... '.. .. u'..i,i,ii .liscnv- I memlier of
Willi icmuii wen . ,,.... ......... , ---
ered that he was considered to be a man of
strength and character and good judgment
with noble personal qualities and demon
strated executive ability; that is to say it
was ascertained that Mr. Lincoln was
much more than the son of his conspicu
ously great and universally honored father,
Abraham Lincoln, and was a man and a
strong one In and of himself, and in his
own right
It is to be inferred, therefore, that we are
now in a condition to look favorably upon
any mention of Mr. Lincoln in connection
with the republican nomination for lSbj.
In connection with tills we take pleasure
in mentioning the receipt of a private letter
train a distinguished jurist in IVnnyh ania.
in which he discusse. the question as 10
who shall be our standard-bearer, next
year, "in a spirit and desire for success,"
and says: "Being an Ohio man by birth
and education, reared at the feet of "Joshua
Tk BKTCBLIC prlsta tne Sew Tork sad Yfea
tr Asiwrlatrd fruit M.pstf heassd tk Usstet
Cssle (Forela-)TelPi;raa.
Publishers and Proprietors.
every evening except Sunday, and Is deliv
ered at the rate of 10c. per week. Single
copies ic.
everr ThundaT. and Is one of the most com
plete rurally newspapers In the country i
elEht pases, markets complete. Repiete
with news and miscellany. II Per year.
invariably cash In advance.
Alt communications and contribution
should be addressed to Ciirna M. Nichols.
edltor.andall business letters to Tiiovus ..
Bum x. manager.
'elephono No. 350.
"" MOW! EVENING. JtWUHRT 2. 1887.
After the ierforinanee of Virginius at
lllack's opera house on Friday night I
passed an hour very pleasantly with Mr.
Frederick Wanle, his manager. Mrs. T. H.
O'N'eil, and his stage manager, Mr. Hubert
Hrower. When Mr. Wanle retiinied from
i the onera house to his hotel (the Arcade)
..... r
was there welcomed by a jolly crown oi
Kiihrhtsof l'vthias. he being a prominent
that order. To see Mr. v arue
ou the stage in his make-up of the charac
,,.r ,.f vinrlnlus. or that of ilrutus. one
would imagine that he vve,re a man well ad
ancetl In years. Such, however, is not the
cast-. He is a comparatively young man.
Ileitis only :" years ot age. and is very
joung to occupy the eminent po
sition in his profession which
lie has attained. In attaining
tin- distinguished jiosUioii in the dramatic
profession which he now occupies. Mr.
Wanle has p.issed through the severest
trials and has riicounteied some of the
hardest knocks. He is of the truest metal,
however, and his rough jostiinj with the
world has served, not only to grind otT
whatever rough points he may have had.
but also to burnish to their greatest bril
liancy the tine parts or his intellect and
Years ago,Mr.ardeuas graduated from
college and at once entered iiihiii the study
nf law. t which lie applied himself illll
centlj for nearly three years. He gave up
iir and finallv drifted unon the stage. His
achievements for several years were only
halt way successful. A gentleman who had
lhd niim-.t confidence in his ability to
fans of the cil) . then let all streets running
north and south, east of Market, bo let
tered, making Limestone, "A" street.
Spring, "B" street and so on; all streets
running north anil soutn. west oi .Market,
be numbered, making Fisher First street.
Center Second street, and so on: all
streets running east and west, excepting
Main and High, be avenues; tho-xMin the
north side to lie named for various states of
the union, while those on the south side are
named for distinguished men, tuns: Colum
bia street might become Ohio awnue, North
street Indiana avenue, Washington street
which is south of High. Washington avenue,
JctTcrson street Jelierson aenue, anil so
on. II) this plan the present names of all
streets runnine ea-t and west might lie re
tained, as for instance. Columbia avenue,
North atenue, etc. While by this plan a
place may not be so delinitel located as it
can by the plan suggested by the committee,
jet is plainer, simpler and just as sys
tematic and has the merit, too. of not being
so radical in its changes. Another argu
inant in faor of thf plan I have
snegested and it is an argument well
worthy of consideration Is that the
names of the streets would be more eupbi
nious. For instance. If ono resides on
Plum street, between Washington and Jef-'
ferson streets, he will, by the plan suggest-
eil, reside on south Fifth street between
Washington and Jelferson avenues. That
is certain! a more pleasing description
than to say. according to the committee's ,
plan, that he resides on west Fifth street,
south In-tween South "B" and south "W
The committee stated in its report that it j
Is open to suggestions, and the plan I have ,
offered is merely a suggestion, but one ,
which the committee might, if it deemed,
proK'r. give consideration. .Mav
An InlerenlliiK i:plo.le In llltory A
Story Tohl at a Itereptlon ilveo by
Mr,. Kaxnaul. Wlm of the Emlurnt
Portrait I'alnter.
There is no one article in the line of med- j
Iclnes that gives so large a return for the
money as a good porous strengthening plas-1
ter, such as Carter's Smart Weed and Bella-'
onna Backache Plasters. 7r '
Senator Van Wyck. of Nebraska, has
just died, politically, of an awful case of
Tayne In his political stomach.
Bismarck calls Ird lUndolph Churchill
a "two penny Cataline:" a little "Kit"-a-llne
for four cents, we suppose.
TlieNewYrk UcraUl speaks of H'ts
cockasaOungnian with acleannvnnl;"
and also sa"S tlat he "is able and clear
headed." Something is pretty sure to break loose
in Europe. When e en body Is ready for a
fight and spoiling, the tight is not usually,
very far off. .
The editors of the Cincinnati CuinmeirinI
Gazette and Western Oirlfftn Atlrorate
are trying to convert each other, it is a
nlp-and-tuck Oght so far.
It is Said that .Mr. W. S. Capeller, of
the Mansfield Dully -Vfirx, is "on the
slate" for the office of railroad coinmb
sioner. He would make a good one. Not
one of the systems or single lines would
set away from (or with) him.
The New York Sun approves of Frank
Hiscock as a republican senator. It sajs
he has an honorable record and ability.
The same pajer says that the new Illinois
senator, lion. Charles B. Farwell. is a
"strong headed man of business"' and "will
make a patriotic and useful senator.
Dr. Vincent's Sunday ScIupjI Jtiurnal,
sns Hroadwav. New York.) on which he
is editorially assisted by llev. Dr. J. M.
Freeman and J. L. Hurlburt demotes an
editorial to "Brother Bilious." The good,
well-meaning brother is quite too numer-
Giddlugs, it is but natural that 1 should
cherish a high regard for Ohio's great sena
tor, John Sherman, whom I liae known
during the long years that Ohio has been
honoring him, and if lie shall seem avail
able I shall find especial pleasure in laboi
ing for him. If 1 live to engage in the re
newed pitched battle of that ear."
But. above all personal considerations,
our friends puts""the unity of the party at
the polls." He desires to avoid, next year,
"divided deliberations" and to promote
"tliat unselfish patriotic action which alone
can insure success at the polls." With a
general purpose represented by these utter
ances, our friend sends us a copy of the
LinesvillefPa.) JcniW. for Januar t'Jth,
in which an article Lfrom the Knowille
(Tenn.) Time is quoted, in which the
presidential situation Is discussed, intelli
sently and ably, and a line of argument
brought up to a climax, represented in the
following paragraph:
If the republicans are wise they will
nominate a representative man irom me
great Mississippi valley, and. in our opin
ion the gentleman who fills the bill is sit
ting quietly in his office at Chicago. He is
a little last forty years of age, yet he has
seen more public life and Is better acquain
ted with men and measures, than many a
gray-headed statesman. He is a man of
excellent judgment and his mental poise Is
m.i. iw-,v. ihe averace of his fellows.
Although young, he was chosen for a cabi
net position oy tne lamenieu wiuueiu, mm
was perpetuated in the place by President
Artnur. He filled the station admirably.
With not a won! to his discredit and with
oi.vnH- hands he cave up the seals when
his party was defeated. This man Is t.'ie
only living son of Abraham Lincoln, the
ret pmanciuator. who. under God. wms
chiefly Instrumental in saving our country lays to cr0wded he
ana. to tliose who knew him beM, has . j is rapidly
come uie umwi "- -.-
coin possesses to a marked degree many of
tne strong, prouiiueiu wm cmivwtus 'iuu"
ti. f bis father. Should It occur in 1SS3,
nrwenln lS'.ti. that Mr. Lincoln Is the i
A Hntclier Attempt to Make Mlnre Meat
of OHlcer M'Clnre.
Saturday niitht as Phillip Fetter was pass
ing in front of the combined butcher shop.
tracery and saloon run by "Crazy" i
(August) Gabauer, at the comer of Main
and Jackson streets, a big dog jumicd at j
him and bit him in tho leg, tearing his
pants liadly. The dog lielonged to Sam ,
(Joner, or whoeer he mav Ir', who fur-j
achie e success if he were given but a fair ,hes(;abauer witli his meat and was a
ous in all the churches,
of bile and "biles over"
He hasanexcets
Vk often.
Mr. It H. Young's Cedanille HcraUl
The other day we asked Hon. George C.
Kawlius. representatie from Clark county
if we were going to get a goo.1 local option
law in Ohio this winter. He said he thought
not "How abont that jug clause in tin
Dow law?" we asked again. "O, that will
lie stricken out without doubt" It would
seem, therefore, that there are two chances
of getting rid of the odious jug clause of
the Dow law, one by amendment, as above,
and one by decision of the courts.
Michael luwit one oi tne most eminent
and eloquent of Irish agitators, addressed
an Iminense meeting in Madison Square
garden. New York, Sunday night He de
nounced Cardinal Simeoni for his action
against Dr. McGlynn. and said that if Mc
Glynn had praised England and defended
landlordism he might have been archbishop
of New Y'ork and not ts-n disgraced by tli
Catholic church.
That there is no meaniis in the feelings
ofZanesvlile toward her sister cities in
Ohio will be seen by die following para
graph from the Courier:
Zanesville rejoices in the progress of her
sister cities, and our citizens fully appreci
ate the proud j.osition both Canton and
Springfield have taken as manufacturing
centers. That personal effort has had much
ir tin with the riant strides to the front lu
ihesw two communities there can be no
doubt Both cities are Messed with gentle
men of large w ealth, who have not hesi
tated to use their ample fortunes for tin
.i,nilillnir nf their rcsnective homes. Can
ton, within the past ten years, has takeu
on new activity, and ncr people are mm
working harmoniously together ma com
mon cause
The effort of the Centra! Congregational
church of Cincinnati to secure the services
of Iter. Wm. II. Warren, of this city, as
its pastor, will not be regarded witli indif
ference by the ).eopIe of this city. Mr
Warren does not belong, exclusively, to hi-oa-11
church people, he belongs in a large
and broad sense to the city. He has been
as much a citizen as a pastor, he has taken
an active and eifecth e jrt in public affairs:
as a memlier of the board of education for
years, he did much to increase the efticiencj
o' the t.ublic schools: and as president nt
tie board of Associated Charities, he
li. nroved able and judicious uniting
li-aln and heart in wise, broad, generous,
.nmnrehensii-p work in liehalf of the un
fortunate obiects ot the city's benevolence.
Tnere are not many men who would be so
much missed from Springfield as would
Mr. Warren, and if the city's vote would
settle the question as to whether he should
leave it would be unanimously and rt
bustly in the negative; for it is a matter of
fact that he has a work here, both as a pas
tor and a citizen, that is yet lncoinpUte
and which no other man can do.
nominee of the republican party for presl
lent, no one need be surprised. Whenever
he is ran, let it be remembered we predict
for him a triumphant election.
Concerning this the owner of the Herald
Hon. II. D. Ixiwing, recently a member
of the Pennsylvania legislature, says:
Bepublicans in Tennessee and North Car
olina understand full well what line of pol
icy in the selection of a national candidate
for the presidency Is best calculated t suc
.MsfiiMv hrnak the Solid South, and no bet-
ber missionary ground is to be found for
reniihlittiu labor that those two states, ano
it might be wisdom for the acthe workers
in the republican vineyanis to iook me mai
ler over with a "view to profit by their sug
gestions. In addition to what we have already
written, we can only say, now, that Ohio
and the ItErrnuc are "solid for Sherman"
for the first place on the ticket and that we
know of no better man for the second place
than our old friend, Itooert mm Lin
coln. .
Lrntl Vonr Constitution a Hand.
Constitutions are much alike, and in nine
tenths of us the same causes produce the
ame effects. Vertigo, dizziness, or pain of
any kind, excepting that of an injur", can
come only when there is in our bodies some
impurity of the blood which we have not
sufficient vitality to throw off without help.
Therefore, the proper thing to do is to get
Immediately the necessary help. No aid Is
so effective as Bk.vmiuktii's I'ills. When
you feel these ills coining on take from
three to ten of these pills, according to your
weight and be relieved at once. Never
put off the feeling by thinking you will soon
be over it Take ttie pills and do not rack
the constitution.
Balance Among riiyftlcnl I unrtlons.
Dr. II. C. Wood of Pliilulelplua inain
tiins that, to make it suv-ilile to live to a
good old axe- the sev eral vital organs must
lie approximately equal in strength. The
man of ordinary pliviqtn who ios
,ees tliis fortunite tmlaiice of jiower,
will, in all probability, outlive an athlete
.vhose development lias lurn unequal.
Successive strength in one part is, in fact,
t source of dangei. An over-developed
muscular system invites dissolution, be
cause it is a constant strain ujioii the 1
Iowerful organs, and finally wears them
mt. Death, in the majority of cases, is
the result of local weakness. It often
liapjieiis that a vital organ lias been en
lowed with an original longevity less
han that of the rot of the organism,
ind its failure to act brings death toother
xirtions of the system, which in them
selves possessed the capabilities of long
The fact of having succeeded in life.
with the satisfaction and comfort it
brings, contributes to the prolongation of
existence, while failure, with its ?rultant
regrets, tends to shorten it. In old age,
Uio organs pessess less elasticity to meet
and overcome such strains as can bo in
vited with impunit v in vouth. Hence the
onnorttuiitv. offered to advance him tne
money for a starring tour. For several
seasons they barely made expenses Indeed
tiiev often 'lost money, but despite the dis
couragements which he encountered, Mr
Wanle never became iiisiieaneneu. um
worked all the harder on account of his
trials. Night and day he studied and
sought in every way to improve, and if his
audiences were small, his work was just as
earnest and conscientious as if he were
playing before crowded houses.
These qualities, together with energy,
ability and persistency, finall) told and
success perched tion his banner.
it was virs before he could secure
dates in the first-class oiK-ra houses in the
large cities, because the managers, while
they acknowledged his ability, were afraid
to risk the effect ou their patrons of a new
candidate for honors in the lists of trag
edy. Now Mr. Wanle is unable to aeconi
date these managers with as long engage
ments as they desire. In cities as large as
Springfield, and even much smaller, he
was received with the warmest favor long
before people in larger cities had ever seen
him. He now declines to grant all that
the managers in large cities ask, because if
he did he would be compelled to cancel
many engagements in smaller cities, and
would then be accused of abandoning "the
bridge which carried him safely over." As
n consequence Mr. Wanle w ill plav only one
week in Chicago this season. although he was
urged by the manager to play at least two
weeks. He played in New "ork week be
fore last and created a furore, and he still
has a tiro weeks' engagement in the me
troiHili for this season, where two or three
ears ago he could scarcely get a date. The
tidal wave of success has reached him, and
after years of patient conscientious work,
bis eiTorts have been rewarded. He now
houses wherever neap-
regaining his nnancial
io.us nf former vcars. The uress through
out the country Ls unanimous In his praise,
and by the very highest dramatic authority
lie is ranked as the best all-around actor at
present on the American siage.
To Illustrate his conscientiousness in the
study of a character, an instance directly
in ioint may be cited. Vlrglnius. after
killing his daughter in the forum, becomes
mad. An actor 1ms nothing more difficult
to do on the stage than to portray madness,
yet Mr. Warde's acting in the last act of Vlr
giuius is magnificent He has attained
greatness in this act by making an exhaust
ive study of insanity in all its forms, by
consultation w ith eminent physicians, and
by going from one asylum to another lie has
been enabled to make a study of special
cases. In Hopkinsville, Ky., he discovered
a man who had liecome insane because he
murdered his daughter. He watched that
man for days, studied his actions and noted
the Incoherent babbling that fell from his
lips. Thus it was lie obtained so fine a
conception of Virginius' madness, and by
just such painstaking work he has achieved
success in other features of his acting.
In a social way Mr. Warde is mostacree
able. His conversation ls bright and spicy,
and, therefore, entertaining. Upon all
those who saw Mr. Warde on the stage and
met him socially he left the impressioB not
only of a brilliant actor, but aio of a re
finwl and cultured gentleman.
n.irt of the attachment belonging to the
hitter's wagon, which was hitched in front
(Special Cons-sxionilenre.l
Paris, Dec. 31. Mrs. Fngnaui, widow of
the well known Fabian-American portrait
painter, gave a reception a few days ago In
her artistic home in the l'lace Vendome to
the president of tho New "oi k Nineteenth
Century club and Mrs. Courtlandt Palmer.
Among the many guesU who tirongl tho
drawing-room was Mrs. Kinily Cniw fonl, thi
Paris correspondent of Tho Lmvlou Dally
News ami of one of tht leading New York
dailies. Mrs. Crawford i u most remarkable
woman, even in this city, which lias always
' been so famous for its clever -quis-iw of m-
tellect" Her head is a jk-i feet storehouse of
I information. I often wonder where she gets
I mid how she: keeps all the thiHis.-iiid and one
1 facts, great anil small, that she always has nt
the Kiut of her lien and tongue. But Mrs.
Crawford has a prodigious memory. She
possesses Jefferson's faculty for drawing Is
ple out ami learning from them all they have
to teach, and then she can read with the ra
pidityof Macaiilay. who used to run hiseje
over tho iages of a lk or the columns of ft
newswier, ami seize out all that was gol in
them. lira. Crawford also shine in conver
sation, and her strong Irish accent and bril
liant imagination led ('amb-tta to pronounce
her the Mine, de SUsl of the Nineteenth
century. So Mrs. Crawford was surrounded
lie tntnv listeners the other eveiiinjrat Mrs.
Fagimni'a recertion, who were repaid for
their attention ! hearing sucu interesting
bits of iinpuUish.il history as the following:
"Tin. is the wav Ihe first meetinE was
I brought about Utnei n the lVince of Wales
i and (lainlietta," liegau Mrs. Crawford. "In
I the winter of ls?J-x, when the Paris world's
exhibition was U-ing prepared, Sir CunhlTe
Oweii, who represented England at Paris, a,
he had twoyoirsl-eforent the Philadelphia
(Vnteniiial. came to me one day and com
plained of the intlier unfriendly spirit shown
ton mil England by Senator Krnntj:. whowas
Ihe director general of the exhibition then
organizing. Sir llullp asked me if 1 would
not use my inlluence. wuu uaunieiia, wm.
lll.tres. After Eating.
This result of indhrestiou will no longer
lie experienced if .Simmons Liver Itegtt- I
lator is taken alter each meal. It Is such a I
good digester, and so mild and pleasant in ;
its effect that it is used by many, after a
heart) meal, to Insure good digestion. Thei
Regulator does not nauseate or irritate the
stomach, but corrects acidity, disels foul
gasses, allavs irritation, and assists the
stomach in its digestion.
If the Mirferers f'roltt Consumption,
Scrofula, and general debility will try
Scott's Kiiiulslou of Aure Cod Liver Oil,
with liypophospliites, they will find imme
diate relief and a ieimanent benefit. Dr.
II. V. Morr, Bretwom, Cat, writes: "I
have used Scott's Emulsion with great ad
vantage in cases of phthisis, scrofula and
wasting diseases generallj. It is very pal
atable." Advice to Slothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for chil
dren teething, is the prescription of one of
the best female nurses and physicians In
the United States, and has been used for
years with never-failing success by millions
of mothers for their children. During the
process of teething its value is incalculable.
It relieves the child from pain, cures dysen- j
tery and diarrhcea, griping in the bowels
and wind colic By giving health to the
nhlld It reststho mother Price 35c a bottle. I
urTereil to Year- an.l Cnreil.
Hyde Park sran')!! p
1 have been trouble! with Irfin, !'
fur the last ten or fifteen venr ami ilur
inj! that time ha e trle-l all kiwis 'f rrme
dies but found li" relief I tried st
larohsilil. whli'h I am happy to "oy haJ
Pays Best
SufTereil 1 Year ami tnreil.
Mr A Kueicer. 0ol Walnut street St
l,iuK Mo., siillerts! for two fears with
Itimhazo. ami waeonnned tonli beil for
reirr.it months He wit entirely cured
lij-tbe ue of st Jacobs Oil. which lie sa
1, also the lie-l cure lor sprain, jnd all
other pains
1'oulil not Itise ami 4'tireil.
1 IT York street, slilner. V W
I hail a severe attack ot rheumatic
lumbaffo. renilennjr me unable ti, rise
from my chair ami applied st Jacob,
oil. whereby 1 a so lar relieve,! that
the nain was remove,!, anil lia- nut re
turned VV.VI.TBIi HAYSKs.
sph-e Men hunt
sr,ere Lumbal;" i nreil.
Ilf. IYiiiee st . New York N Y
I hail a very severe i ase i( iuinla.r -
that I iimlil harilly walk frirn.1 of
mine reisimmen'led st Jumli, Hi I
tneil a bottle: It rrllcveil mi- I trie.!
another bottle, it i ure.1 mi ..'.'! owl
v.iml.1 not lie without it if it -' S-'Mier
I er bottle sllOXfc
ILowft- Pmcta PBomrr t.ction-;
Judicious Sclictionk Conspicuous Poi-J
lAsvinTiitMlNr, DiaiaNiB, PnooPS Sum, Amm
I Cstim,tk OP Cost w anp rlcwe,pcn. J
I fw.mtlltD TO Riapoi,iol( Paatiio
i rRCC op CHARGE. j
! Tho H. P. Hubbard Co.,
j Suecanon to H P HU33AR0, !
'Judicious AdrBrtising Agents and Eipsris,:
J EribMhvd 1871 lnc4XponiJ 1815.
New Haven, Conn. !
Pac CTavLooie or Lia-m
,' Scnt Trcc ox A-octo.
at the tune. Fetter when bit seized i wlut.rI1 then the mist eiful man In the
the ash barrel and held It between
himself and the dog, which he gradually
cniwdcd back. In doing so he slipied and
fell. He bait no more than fairly regained
his feet when (iebauer rushed out and
knocked him down. Ollicers .McChire and
Waskey happened to be near and Immedi
ately stepped up and placed him under ar
rest, Xlct'Iure saying that he could either
put up bail or go along with them, (ie
bauer said' "All right; I can put up Sio,"
and steplied into the store, as the oflicers
republic, and induce him to .bi ing such pres
sure to liear on Krantz that the English ex
hibitors would obtain fair play. When Sir
I'hilip had told lira his stoiy I replied as
follows: "I am not surprised that French
republicans treat you and England with
coldness, for Englishmen at home always
side with the Mc.Mahon party, which wishes
no good to the republic. Sow, if the l'riiice
of Wales, who is in I'aris nt present, will
huw GniiiU-tta some attention. I will agree
A Kim and (ji:nki:oi s Dki.ii.- llev. A.
Barln-r, superanuate memlier of St. Louis
Conf. M. E. chuich. writes from Morau.
Kansas: "This recommendation is written
without solicitation from an one: but 1 owe
it to tliose similarly atliicted to say that by j
the use of the Shaker Extract of Boots j
tbieget's S.vrup) I was cured of an obsti
nate and almost fatal indigestion both
stomach and livet being completels torpid.
I was redced to a living skeleton. Friends,
family and physician had given me up. 1
was keeping the spark of life alive with a
diet of raw eggs and milk. Now both
stomach and liver are informing their
functions. I have nianv friends in Western
Ohio, X. E. Iowa and S.W. Mo. who would
like to know this."
Tin: Hom.st Siiakki:. although hedoes
not boast of his purity, always makes goods
that can be relied uKti; for instance, his
Shaker Extract of Knots (Siegel's Syrup) is
really a valuable article. It Is not recom
mended as a cure-all, but as a remedy for
one single discs ", viz: Indigestion, in
which disease it works like a charm.
Kutirrly urpil ot l.iutibaeo.
l.irracut House s . , Vlas-
son,., lime ano I I..1.T.1. T. i a i '
..III ami ll left lie W'l'i . ' ' "-1 '
ll-eil linmernus Term .lies T.u '
W fl.r u.ln.' .!-.. i' ' li.
u.'tu- ..t st j lis ii. i i- ' r
,.,,!., I VV l I Mllll
llthUIAl.USA.VOI.HlUl'l n "HI
THK CHAttLW A.T00ELtB 10. Baltimore, H(U
j. mnTS
thought, toget the needfiil. They were ' todowliatlrautoacwmphshwhntyoua.sk.'
sadly mistaken though, for he had I After some further argument, bir I hinp
promised to laj- tue mailer ueiore rnr inoier,
and the next ilay he leturned to me and tsml
that his royal highness was quite ready to
make the acquaintance of the republii-au
no sooner got uisiue man lie seizea
a butcher's meat ax. and said. "Now take
me if you can." Mcl'lure quickly drew his
"pop" and would have peppered it to him
had not Waskey and the man's son rushed
in and grabbed the old man and taken
away his cleaver. The patrol wagon was
called and (labaner given a free ride. At
the station house lie was charged with
with disorderly, and resisting officers
and was afterwards . bailed
out, several of his friends appearing
for that purpose, .'abauer's is one of his
own best customers.
The other arrests up to 1 o'clock were all
for drank and disorderly. Win. Atlake,
Mast and Xorton; Jerry Connell, Boyd,
McAultff and Gregory; and I'at Hughes
and Anna Bear, the latter a street-walker,
McAtilifl, Gregory and Mills.
I had a chat the other day with a gentle
man connected with the jsistal service
and obtained lrom him some useful In
formation and some aneolotas that were
well worth hearing. One of the anecdotes
refered to a centletnan who is known in
Springfield, although he does not reside
here, and it is too cood to keen. It is well
known that the rules of the service, so far
as liquor is concerned while employes on
railroad routes are on uuiy, are very
There is one onler prohibiting them to
indulge in liquor at all while on their trips,
and still another which threatens instant
discharge if even a siigle drop is found on
their persons or in their valises.
The boys are never sure of getting
throiich with a trip without some "inspec
tor'' boarding a train at same out-of-the-way
place and presenting his commission, tak
ing a look through everything. Some who
have been caught with little black bottles
about their iersons have been recently in
continently "tired." Fear of dismissal
from the service has a tendency to put
the employers on their best behavior, but
main are the schemes of the "boys" to get
a nin of corn Juice, even if for no other
reason than that it is "forbidden fruit."
"Finally," said my mforniant,a clerk run
ning on a line not many miles from Spring
field had a new pair of boots made, and in
irivunr the order for them he said he wanted
the leg of the right one made much larger
than the other, giving as a reason that he
was considerably troubled with a varicose
vein. When the boots were delivered the
clerk anatured on the inside of the right
leg a nice little canvass bag, just about large
enough to hold a pint of the "Oh. be joy
ful." The .scheme worked alt right for
quite a length of time, and would probably
have never been discovered had not the
clerk cone to sleep while "deadheading'
over a part of the road. While in the arms
of Morpheus the inspector came along and
concluded to investigate that "varicose
vein." He did so and discovered the little
black bottle about half tilled with the best
f "rve ." It is scarcely necessary to ami
Very Suspicious CI reiuuitaiices Concerning:
n .ItrauEer.
A farmer living four or live miles north
east of the citv. up back of I.agomla. Sat
urday brought In the following ar
ticles, which he left at Fehl,
Johnson Jt Co.'s: A buffalo robe,
two gray horse blankets a sheep
skin robe and buggy jiole. Tho buffalo
rtibe bore the brand, "J. II. Felklns."
The farmer reported that these articles had
been abandoned with a sleigh near his
house. Friday a "man was in the city trying
to sell a small pair of bay mares which
had a double set of harness on them.
The man. as far as known, failed to
accomplish his object He had a
buyer on the string, who was to take one of
the horsen for S1D0, which was well worth
$150. but the man had heard about horse
thieves before now and was afraid to ven
ture." He asked the man where he came
from and was answered Delta, near
Cleveland, but when pressed to name
somebody to whom a telegram could
be sent utterly failed to respond. Yes
terday team and man were gone. I,ast
evening the police were notified that a
buggy belonging to Mrs. J. I. Bhme, of
the Washington street bakery, had been
stolen from a shed In the rear of the bak
er', either Friday night or early Saturday
morning. Most likely all these
incidents are closely connected. The
man stole the whole outfit in
the first place aud had to abandon the sleigh
for want of snow. Arriving In the city and
being unsuccessful In selling the horses, he
very naturally stole the buggy to get out of
town witli. rnfortuuatelrtheofScers were
not informed in time to do much good.
old should 1? spared the strains. It is al- (mt that secial clerk is not now drawing
so desirable that, ns their years nuvance. i salary from the government.
thev should make their personal habits
the subject of careful study, and, with
tho help of some win., counselor, regulate
their daily life in accordance with the
changed conditions of their animal
economy. This is particularly the rasa Tuesday evening and
with reference to diet. Exchange. Satutday's citv pajiers.
The projector renaming the streets which
has been hanging lire in the citv council for
several months has at last assumed definite
sha in the report which will be submitted
by the street committee to council nexi
winch apieaml in
I fie suggestion ot
"When found make a note of it" Dick
ens's advice through Captain Cuttle was
iooil. but we think we can improve on it hv
adding when you know of anything that
will increase the happiness of your neigh-
b irs, or will allay their suffering, be sure
the committee recommends itself to the
people. Iiecause then- is a well-delined sys
tem about it. It is too complicated, .how
ever, to meet with general favor and con
fusion is likely to arise from having num
bered iHreets both ea-t and west of Market
street and lettered streets both north and
and impart it to them. Xow we know that I south or Jlaln street, uie man aiicge-ieii
Gooch's Mexican Syrup will cure coughs. , by the committee has the merit of definitely
iinii..hnoi eoosninntloii ami all the ' locatimr nnv plate lu the city, but
diseases ot Uieturoat auu lungs, buuhkb a
creat nleasure in letting even- one know it. at1
If everyone who has
would tell their friends
been cured by it
wlio are afflicted.
WB SllOUlU MX JCsia EUUIIWS , v. .... -y
Do as you would be done by, and not hide
your light under a uiisnei. ak your urug
eUtor ivirekeeper for It Every bo'.tle
wf-rffcated to give relief. i
is not by any means comprehended
a glance, and a stranger
Would almost surely be confused by the
ast and west numbers and the north and
should see less suffering in our midst south letters. Would it not be a better
plan. If the streets are to be renamed, to let
the names of 3Ialn, JIartet and High
streets remain unchanged, because they
are well known and recognized thorongh-
Iloyal Catle Charcot with Railing
Tim Curd.
Saturday afternoon Boyal Castle was
arrested by Constable Vanderburg and
brought before 'Squire Breckenridge on a
warrant sworn out by I'at Best, charging
him with forgery. I'at Best is the foreman
in charge of the men working for Byan
Spellacy, contractors on the water works
extension. Young Castle worked on the
extension. It is the custom of the firm to
pay monthly. In case a lalwrer is dis
charged or leaves before pay-day, he Is giv
en a time card railing for the amount due.
Castle left lis late employers In December
and was given a card calling for seven days
and eight hours time. When he presented
the card on pay-day, December 18, pay
ment was refused, because it was claimed
the amount had been raised. Tue amount
was written in green ink and the seven was
erased and eight substituted in nil ink. so
Foreman Best claims. The matter was
allowed to rest until the first of this week,
when Castle brought suit in 'Squire Breck
eniidge's court to enforce payment. The
trial was set for next Tuesday. Then
comes Best witli his warrant for arrest for
forgery. Castle was released on S-JOO bond
furnished by his brother Orando and wife,
and the preliminary trial set for Tuesday
at the same time as the civil suit It seems
hardly reasonable that Castle should have
made so small a change (only 51.50) if he
really intended to forge. The young man's
parents live in Trbana.
Mr., foster Demands 1 Two Thousand
Dollars for lauiage Hone to Her I'rop.
A petition was tiled In common pleas
court last Saturday, wherein Barbara Foster
Is plaintiff and the Champion Electric Light
company Is the defendant 1'laintitT claims
damages in tho sum of S2.000, on account
l of injuries to her property immediately ad
jacent to the electric lignt woris on tne
north. ) The alleged injuries are caused by
the water shed from tho rxif.' Smoke,
steam, grease and other offen
sive matter from the tires aud
works, which have killed the trees, etc.,
rendered the ground unlit for cultivation
and the house wrothless for a residence.
Notwithstanding the fact that no longer
ago than last ttiday It was aniioiiHcejthat
the Electric Light company would remove
in the spring to the old l'rotestaut Metho
dist church property, on Washington street,
the petition sots forth that the. company e.x
'nect to remain where now located perma
nently, to plaintiffs great detrimentwhere-
fore In addition to asking for judgment for
amount of damages claimed, she wants a
permanent injunction -and other equitable
rellef.i J. Warren Kelfer' ls attorney for
Bronchitis Immediately relieved by Shjloh's
Cure. For sale by F. A. Garwood.
leader, providing the meeting could take
place later in the year, because of some diplo
matic negotiations then in train. I agreed,
saw Gamlietta, told him of Sir Philips com
plaint, and immediately the English section
of the exhibition met with all the considera
tion that it could desire.
"Many weeks irassed and I heard nothing
of the promised attentions of the royal prims:
to the democratic tribune. So one day I re
minded Sir Philip of our previous conversa
tion, and it was immediately arranged that
the prince should invite uamtieiia to nreak
fast, end I was requested to make known the
fact to the future guest. I therefore called
on Gamlietta, and when I had given him my
mowsagehe threw binix-lf back with intense
n.-UMiishment and exclaimed: 'Is it j-wsibler
i.ud then assuming an attitude that was
Iwvbitiial with him crossing one leg under
him aisl looking over the lack of his chair
be continued: 'What a blow this will lw to
the reactionary party.' 'And now,' I put in,
my journalistic duties taking possession of
me, 'since I brought about the sending of this
invitation, may I ask u favorf 'Certainly,'
replied Gainbetta. 'Well,' I resumed, 'I
ibould like to know all that is said during tli
meaL I will show you what I intend mmuIiiv
to The Daily Xews and you may modify mv
report in any way you please.' 'Agreed,'
sail Oambetta as I rose to go. At this mo
ment he took a portrait of himself which the
French workmen of Straslxmrg hud just pre
Miitetl to him, and said, as ho handed it to tue:
'Please accept this little gilt I have this
portrait now hanging on my walls at home,
and on the bacK of it I have written out this
episode which I am now relating; so that
whatever becomes oi it alter my ueaiu. u
will always be regarded as au interesting his
torical relic.
"Several days pa.ssed and I heanl nothing
of the breakfast. I began to fear that it had
fallen through. I feared that w ind of it had
got to the British legation, and thence to th
Elysee lialaee, and that the prince had lieen
restrained by reasons of state from making
this advance toward the republican jarty at a
time when the French republic was in the
power of monarchists, and many people !e
lieved that McMahon's successor would be a
king or emperor. Sunday evening of the
week in wbich I had seen Gainbetta I was
glancing over the papers in a rctaurant on
the Boulevard w hen I heard the newsboys
crying in the streets: 'Breakfast of the Primv
of Wales to Gainbetta!' And I exclaimed to
myself: 'Is this the way Gainbetta kecjs his
wordP I was thuuderstruck. Hastily tak
ing a cab, I drove to the English einlia-ssy,
and called for Lord Lyons' private secret-try,
who 1 knew was to boot the imrty, and he
told me all that I wanted to know. It a-I-ars
that the prince was delighted with
Gambetta, who was never in better spirits
than thut day. lie talked, m Ins
most captivating manner, and the guests did
not leave the table until late in the afternoon,
an engagement of the prince conqielling him.
to his regret, he said, to break up the enjoya
ble repast I telegraphed that night this
highly important information to London, it
apjieared the next morning in my jaier, ami
The Daily Xews was the only journal of the
English capital that contained a word about
this first meeting of Gamlietta and the Prince
of Wales. I never aked Gambetta why he
hail failed to keep his promise, for I had
beaten my rivals. PerbaiM he comidetel
that the portrait made us quits, or, w hich is
more probable, his multifarious occuiatious
doubtless drove all thought of me from his
mind. However that may be, I have always
felt proud of the part I played in bringing
together these two men, and thus dealing a
powerful blow to the anti-Republican party
in France." Thkodoue Stanton.
Preston Valentine was hanged at Augus-
ti. Ga , for the murder of a man named
Free Trade.
The reduction of internal revenue and
the taking off of revenue from Proprie
tary Medicines, no doubt has largely bene
fited the consumers, as well as relieving the
burden of home manufacturers. Ksjieciall)
is this the case with OreciCt Awjul
Fliiu-cr and Itmu hec's Ocrinon Syrup, as
the reduction of thirty-six cents per dozen,
has lieen added to increase the size of the
bottles containing these remedies,
thereby giving one-fifth more medi
cine in the 75 cent size. The a4iiiMf
Floircr tor Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint
and the Genwm Syruit for Cough and
Liver troubles, have jierhaps, the largest
sale of any other medicines in the world.
The advantage of increased size of the
bottles will be greatly appreciated by the
sick and afflicted, in every town and vil
lage in civilized countries. Sample bottles
for 10 cents remain the same siztt.
s3C"J V-Jsti
- .1 x. ft. fir our ounr? l-ox of U st jnbroHi"
errMlk w mldc-Mll innkein. Wnou-.SAL-c'-Pwra
L..H iint cnly w luri. i'pikatton U accumpnid t7
busiiwAi canl.
J For Ano
TnoniT perfect uDtitute or iwotnr
milk. InraluAbio in Cholera Infantum
uwi Teeth Inc. a prw-Ugetdrood for Dyr
peotlcs. Consumptive, Convalescents.
Perfect nittrWof la U Wasting Diseases.
Rqulr9 no cooking. Oar Book. The Care
and reeding of In farts, mailed fre.
DO LIBER. QUO DA LB X. CO.. Boston. Maee.
Palace Meat Market
Handsomest and best equipned Pailv Meat
Market in the Mate Best lleef. Mutton.! eat.
Lamb and Salt Veats to be had anywhere
Custom once gained always retained.
The manager of a Copenhagen liank Is
said to have embezzled a million dollars.
Quick, complete cure, all annoylnff Kidney,
MaddejandL'rinirj Diseases. (1. At Druggists.
"IlOIJOIl ON BILK" PIL1.S 10c. and 25e.
Small granules, small dose, big results, pleas
ant in operation, don't disturb the stomach.
'It0l7.ni ON D1KT."
Ask for "Rough on Dtrt ;" A perfect washing
powder found at last 1 A harmless extra fine
A 1 article, pure and clean, sweetens, freshens,
bleaches and whitens without slighest injurv
to finest fabric Unequalledforfinelinensand
laces, general household, kitchen and laundry
use. Softens water, saves labor and soap.
Added to starch Increases gloss, prevents jel
lowing. 5c. 10c, 25c at Grocers or druggists.
Indications are growing of the settlement
of the Ilulgarian trouble at an early day.
Mils; Let's Wlil.ppr.
Wherein does beauty lie?
The skin, mouth, nose, the eye
Are points where beauty we descry:
The most important is the skin
And there we will begin
And make its beauty for us win
Admiration from lover and from churl
By using Chaiuplin's Lhiuid Pearl.
Sail every Saturday from New York to
Glasgow and Londonderry.
.lates of passage to or from AXe Ttrk, GUijvv,
Lirrrpool, Ltrndminrry or Belfiut.
Steerate outward or prepaid. 20.
Vnchor Line drafts Issued at Lowest Rates ara
?ald free of chance In Ensland. Scot
land and Ireland.
For Books of Tours. Tickets or other Infortn-
4ew i'ort ; or J. J. SM IT11. Z.X Mala street.
Martyu'N Commercial College,
313 Sixth street Washington. D. C, pro
vides practically useful busir.e education.
No terms nor vacations. Stuuents enter at
anytime. Terms: Life scholarship, 340;
12 weeks' course, board, Ac, ST5. Send
Tbn TITAI.ITT b f'llmr. Rr!. 1R IMT nj I
KXUAlSTIlUoi PewerritEYI Vll'KLLV W AST. j
Et roy flnd a wrlrrt ni rpUabb, mr In the
cHnat3br Vi-r. JEAN .I 1ALE.oT han Franc J
AdobCcd tr all Krmch Ihjrfc-tan and bw-itr rapidly and '
eno-csafolrr li.troduc-'-tl hns. All stilt-tUrnr k- and I
drains Broniptly ctw-cktrL TKEATIK prlTin ne ,
cawratdniidiscndor-iiipt-nu,-tc. fULt Omlt .
Uoa (otflcw or bt mail it blx eminent doctor fr'KK K. I
CIVULt ACtNtil, ho. lit- ruiionsireei, new lar
ci,Aiu;.iio.vr colony i
A nw Hixise ever j 16 d j la the last years. Otx
Tillage, only 32 month old. has S store. Z bottla,
X charctes. school, newspaper, factory, foundry,
steamboats, 1 trains and 1 maiia dally. Latm rsoKiy
adandng. Send, end, wnd by mil rarsuia. send
for circulars with 4 mi;. 36 Fnotostrspoic cut of
notuea, alt abont the wonderful growth ot onr col
ony .Its soU.cUmste.marketa.buaiseu opportacJtiea,
tallh. price, terms, and Motner distinct fjnjtcta.
Farms for tVi ot monthly installments to tnotw
ha tn ir employment.- ithtut leaving thir situation.
Address J. F. JXA. CMAXIaremonUJarry Co-VT
Batcheior's Celebrated Hair Dye.
Vt fijBal,
Hell hi the or d.
nrmiI Rdiatplr la.
ftUuiianveual odiap
pexntmrat tv HdtenloiB
ihtrs , remedies the II) ef
feet of tad dyen lean
the hair mtti and heaaiifiJ
BUck or Brown. Ex
plaatttory drenlars serf
Lot, on unoBea-ina. m-a-
tioni-rir this paper Sold
by sll dm.rt-r.-rtj- Applied
by eiperts at
'Bitt-iV. Wig ratrhtr
SO Gut lOtk St.. S.T. Cttj
' I CTVE fluctuations In themarket offerop
I Aportunlttes to speculators to make monei In
! icratn, stocks, bonus and petroleum. Prompt
' personal attention Kiven to orders received by
! wire or mail Correspondence solicited. Full
Information about the markets In our book.
' which will be forwarded free on application.
H. D. KY'E, B nker and Broies-.
tH Rrn.l xnd S4 Npw Streets, Vew York City
Parts of the Bod Enlarged Oevelpoedaad
ttrQrftha-l. bunpleJuui&lsar-li-Trataieat
Fall particular, t-Mtlmoniala,--tc. mailad --aad. trm
(aldnsa, F.R1K MUSICAL COu BUrJ"ALO. N.X.
PlX fUi
At the Knip Steel Works.
An interi'sting account is given by Sir.
Richards, superintendent of the motive
power of the Bo-don and Providence rail
road, of a visit made by him to the fa
mous Krup-i steel works at Essen. He
saw a ten-ton crucible steel casting being
poured, and an cnonnous seventy-ton
teel casting being very gradually cooled,
tho outside being warmed with coke tirus
until the inside has partly solidified, when
the block is hammered into shapo to fonu
the main piece of an immense gun. The
enormous array of furnaces in which the
crucibles are heated and the perfect man
ner in which such a large number of
men in some cases as many as 800 all
lift their eighty-pound crucibles out of
Uie furnaces, and jiour them into the
mold in rapid succession is descrilied as a
wonderful sight. The scrupulous care
bestowed upon the minutest detail was a
noticeable feature alumt their manipula
tion of steel. If, after extended trials, a
certain practice or proportion of ingre
ilients has lieen found to give the best re
sults, tliat practice is absolutely and ex
actly adhered to, nothing in the whole
range of the vast u)ei-.itians of the es
tuhlishuieut being left to mere iossibili
ties. "ew York .Sun.
SYMPTOMS : fn'ruto
coated white or covered with a brown fur; pain
in the back, sides or joluts olteu mistaken
for rheumatism . oiirtoiuiirli; losotiue
tlte; sometimes nauiea or waterbrash, or in
digestion; flatulency and acid eructations;
bow els alternately costive and Ux ; headache:
toss ot memory, with a painful sensation ot
havlni; tailed to do something which oiicht to
have been done: debility: low spirits, a
thick, yellow appearance of the skin &nd eyes;
adrycouvti; fever: restlessness; the urine is
scanty and hluli colored, and, if allowed to
stand, deposits a sediment.
Is generally ued In the South to arouse the
Torpid I.lver to a healthy action.
It acts with extraordinary efficacy on the
Malaria, Bowel Complaints,
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache,
Constipation, Billiousness,
Kidney Affections, Jaundice,
. Mental Depression, Colic.
Endorsed by the ue of -Mllllon.of bottles.as
For Children, for Adults, and fur the Agnl.
Has our '. Stamp lu red ou Front of Wrapper.
Sole Proprietors. Price, SI.OO.
4 ,
4 wm
fesls9'SSS-Ssss--n T
J.s1sJsMlluCll,?''-p 5-1
One of the most desirable articles for tka
househi Id ever produced. ,Ea.-Uy applied
by any one at less than half the cost of brick
llnlntp., while it is far more durable.
Only one half the thickness of ordinary
fire-brick is required, leaving more space
for fuel. Suitable for all kinds ef Stoves,
Ranges, and Furnaces.
For Cementlni. Joints In Heater.,
toT.A, l'arsMcg.rtc
It will nc t .hrlDk- will stand any amount of hMt;
b.u B. tffas.vo edar; sad prSTS&ts evap. of U
and .make.
1 h. article are npplfod ready for n In S as4
10 Hi. can. Uol:i Krgs&SbU. formaanfulsnna
SeacnfU. Xtico Luu tno by mail.
Chicago. pniLAnrxruiA, x.o-nrr
. Tkp Omt Enall.k rrcMrlptl.n
Ag Cures treal-neaj. Spermatorrhea,
ft Emissions, mpofeMCiandall DIs-;
jt3 eases caused by self -abuse or fn-
l2X. Alivtinn rVn.mulrpiPMlll.alr JLV1
niroRtl Bv mall. Write for Pamphlet. Utttb
Eureka Chemical Co., Detroit. Itllch.
Call on oranitressThro. Troupe.diucelst.
corner Main vnd Market streets. Sprlnsfleld
nain. r.,i isit-ii-
A Cojvbliiatioii Cost,
A London tailor has iiivc'ited a dress
coat and waistcoat conibindl, by which
m'.-.ms the coat is kept in place much
better than when beparate;
A Hard Coat Ilase Humer.
The first hard coal base burner stove was
takentoDeadwood, D.T., recently. Asthen
ic no hard coal out there to burn In it, tot
Importer of the curiosity thinks ot convert
ing it Into an ice cream frraror.
SraTc o. MoM-tec 5xa . Ci
vltl tn-lL !, ty lti
CaUlcf C B- iMtn-Miu,
Ut,Urk 14 EalurptnarttU, 400
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Don't fail to stop in and see for yourself. Remember the
place, 74 West Main St., 1st door west of Wigwam.
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Threi Years of Arctic Servici.
By A. TV. GBEIXT, IJ.nt. tT. S. Armr
Corn's; X.adx -TrmBlsilB Bay Eip.dltlon of lStl-4.
Tim Voll, Jloyal Sro. aril Steel Portrait, over 100 IUustratioiu t4
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"Baauafal and rlahlT BllsA nlim." Cincinnati Com'l OasetSt,
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