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S Vi--'V-V,,,,
For Ornamental Decorating.
Fancy Astec Shapes.
100 Different Patterns.
Forwarded to the Pottery for
burning in the colors, at
small cost.
91 and 3 VTmI Main SU unit 40 South Mar
ket M., Nprlnglleltl, O.
Advance Styles
Spring Hats.
ITTAXTnii-A good cooV. Enqulreat Thomas
VV sharp's residence ot Mrs, salllc Phillips.
WAXTKH-A first-class mcUI. pattern and
tn..i njLtr Tn a steadv. competent ana
reliable man a good and steady position ll
b given. Address, with references, it. T
ISlee-on. manufacturer of carriage mountings.
r.ilmnlius. . "
TAXTEll-Flrst-class cook. with reference
I Apply to .Mrs. L. M Potter. SS east High
IrANTED Second-hand furniture wanted
.. . - 1..J . .. 1I.H HfPUU.
lail on or auurvss w n u l
WAXTEU-Ladles. local or traveling A
vondrrful entirely new specialty lor le
dies only. $1 dally easily made: no photo, no
painting: particulars tree. jirs. i. -""
Chicago. 111. 3'""
rjASTED-A Oerman girl for general house
IT work in email lauiuj. kw v;. ..
ply at corner of Jefferson and Market streets
YrTASTEI-;irl Jto
cook and do General
It tiouseworic
(iood wages and steady e
Sloymeut. At
larket street
LAD1E? wanted to get up Tea Clubs tor cur
lne Tm nil I'ofTeel. A host Of USefUl
articles to select from as premiums. Send lor
Illustrated Price and Premium List, special
Offer: To every tenth person that answers
this advertisement, we will send free one
pound of, choice Tea. Address, national lea
and Coffee Co.. Boston. Mass
IHAXTtU Ladles and Kentlcmeu in city or
It country can have steady employment ai
hnm.: dNtupM no ohiecrlon In cauvasslng
Address Air supply Co, Eliot street. Hoton.
Mass, 2!?.
UTAN'IIMI Allve.enenretlc man. to repre
tl sent us: ITS per month, and expenses
noods staple: everyone Duys; outLiauu in
tlculars Int, standard Silverware Co.. li
ton. FOR RENT.
roll ItEN'T-Furnlshed rooms,
at Ai. east Columbia street
31 1
T011 KENT Larue store room on Main
T sireeL Kent low. Inquire ot Thnnu
fchsrpe. tf
POL. SALE 51 Shares of Stock In
r a eood navlnc manufacturing establish
ment In Sjnncfleld. Ohio. Will guarantee
10 per cent profit on the Investment. Inquire
of George II. oles. rooms os. 1 ana i Lagon
laijankM.iIdmg -""
FOK SALE lite bargain' good piano with
stool and cover, only $) cash. Also base
burner. cheap Apply. M Arcsde until " m
Ptrs-jlO b AND oOuN I ita
AmAv lt.ihert.. I'nitfd States nrnsion acent.
can be found at home evenings. l'A Linden
avenue, for the ac-oraniodation of comrades
wlioareat work In the shops. . "
TXFOUMATIOX that will lead to the ideutlfi
...it inn iif Jstnes Alaclter. or leachef. w!h
with his brother, was lost lu Chlcac fmui his
parents. about 1-5 It Is believed that he at
nA tim -it Is now livinc in Sprintleld. O
Address I). Masher. Fort ates. lakot. Ter.
llox 2. gnu-
Sail eyery Saturday from Sew York to
Glasgow and Londonderry.
Kates of passace to or from Srv Tori. Glatgmr,
Ltrmxnt. LotUmderrr or Btl'ast.
Steerace outward or prepaid, 90.
Anchor Line drafts Issued at Lowest Rates are
paid tree oi cnarKe in boKiauu, ui
land and Ireland.
For Books of Tours. Tickets or other Inform.
New i'ork : orJ.J.6MITU. 32 Main street.
Ill S. Limestone M.,bprinllelt, O.
JIarve) Iluthe- fiets a Hose ProbalillltJ
ot a SIor .Serious Charct..
llarvry Hushes, the proprietor of a low
ilive on Winter street, who was summoned
to api-ear before the major for the assault
on Eb. ClarK. mentioned yesterday, was
imi1 S5 and costs yesterday afternoon. He
tIiereuMiu KkIcciI a counter charse asain-t
Clark, for drunkenness and disorderly eon-duct-
Clark denounces thLs as simply a
l!ece nt would-be retaliatory spite-work.
He says he intends tilinir an aflidavit
acainst Hushes, for assault with intent to
maim. His chewed miser is manifestins
hymptouis of oisouins.
b warranted. Is because it is the best
Blood Preparation known. It will posi
tively cure all Blood Diseases, purifies the
whole system, and thoroughly builds up the
constitution. Remember, we guarantee it.
Frank II. Co'iientz, corner Market and
Msli re t
The plan of retailing at wholesale prices
adopted by the Arcade boot and shoe
liouse has made the place famous. It sives
the consumer an advantase of about ten per
cent in price and lietter goHls for tlie
money. Only one proht between tlie man
ufacturer and the consumer, and their one
price cash svtnn has become rywular.
No favoritism. Kv ery body gets Roods at
the same price.
Casper's Drug Store
Is the place to get pure medicines.
Casper's Drug Store
I- the plan' to get fine chemicals.
Casper's Drug Store
Is tlie place to set patent medicine-!.
Casper's Drug Store
Is the place to pet ohm! iierfumer).
Casper's Drug Store
Is the place to pet be-t flavoring ext's.
Casper's Drug Store
Is tlie place to get fine toilet soaps.
Casper's Drug Store
Is the place to get tlie best of all articles.
CASPER'S Drug Store,
rtfthrr'tlllnck. MalnMrt,3tt Door Wt
of Ltmetnnr.Mprintlrlii.
Ill uk's. Augustiu lal"screatet suc
cess, "A Night On","Tliiirda, February
(li:iii-Hoodman Hlinil. February 11
ami Pith.
lit vck's Pathfinders. February 12th.
(,rvmi-"lllack Crook"" Monday even-
ins, rebruary 14tu.
Ill ck' -Maria Prescolt, February 15th.
Colonel Furay. of the Columbus Jounml,
is in the city.
Mr. (leorse Oentis, formerly of Terre
Haute. O., is now a resident of this city.
Kesular inretinc of Woman's Ilelief
Corps In Memorial hall, Washington street,
Friday, 2:30 p. in.
An infant child of Henry S. I.imbocker
died Wednesday nisht. Interment at Fern
cliff cemetery, Friday morning.
1 let ective. John T. Norris went to Dayton
last nlsht to look up a clew in connection
with an important case on which he is now
J. 11. Xeese, of this city, isUsitins his
parents in Terre Haute. (., this week.
F.dvvard Enoch, wife and sou, are also vis
iting friends at the same place.
The handsome residence of K. S. S.
House, offered at public auction at S p. m.
Wednesday, was not sold, as Mr. House
had opened a private bid better than am
offer made at the auction.
Protection lodge. No- ""'!'. K. of II., has
received an imitation to attend a social
given b Dayton lodge. 'o. 23. on Monday
evenins. February 21. iwenty or tinny
couples will co down from this city.
Police arrests yesterday and last night
Win. Stoner, drunk; Frank Strimple, dis
orderly; Henry Summer, disorderly, on
aflidavit; Frank Canklin, loitering about a
tippling house;:. M. Elliot, disorderly.
Joseph Spangerberger has lieen appointed
by lrobate Judge Miller, administrator of
the estate of Joseph Bell, deceased, and
John A. Collins administrator of the e-ttte
of Laura J. Staffonl, deceased, late of New
The common crind of prisoners were
fined SI and costs in Major's court jester-laj-.
Among this number were 111 Ilotick,
Mike Shortle and John Kellej-. who were
anvstol for loitering about John FishPi's
t ppling-house.
Kev. F. (5. Mitchell, who will manace
the religious part of the net I'rbana cainp
uieetiug. has received a letter from Sim
Jones, stating that the two Sams will not be
at the I'rbana camp this year. Other en
gagements will occupy their time. The
board will have a meeting Mime time sooi,
o decide w hat shall be done.
Colonel Dovvdie. of General Booth':, staff,
of the Salvation Army of England, spoke
in Springfield last evening. Captain Ca
dagon and other Dayton Salvationists, at
tended the meeting there, and in conse
Hiience no usual public sen ices were held
at the Dajton barracks last evening, but
mil a -oldier's priv ate council, under Mrs.
Captain Cadason. Dajton IleraM.
II'Mli r Mrs. I.u.lt. .uliuin. Formerly of
This City.
On last Thursday the Springfield friends
o' Mrs. Lucie Culhan were much saddened
by the sudden intelligence of her death at
Washington C. II.
Mrs. Culhan was the wife of Mr. John
Culhan, for some time cashier at J. L. KI
der"s restaurant. While residents of this
city both made many warm friends.
Mrs. Culhan's illness was bronchitis. Al
though conscious of approaching death, she
expressed great anxiety to live until spring,
saj in j to her family the night before her
death: "In the morning I want you to do
everything you can to help me to live until
the llovvers bloom." But in the morning the
oung life closed, although everything had
been done in accordance v ith the prompt
ings of thoiightfulness and love
lier last days passed calmly, and she fre
quently expressed her'lf as happy and
prepared for the change, but deeply re
gretted that she must so soon be separated
from the loved ones of this life her hus
band and mother.
Mrs. Culhan ossesed traits of character
that call forth admiration. CheerfuL sym
pathetic, generous and benevolent, she
made friends among all classes and many
'i?arts were grieved to learn that her brief
1 few as ended. The bereaved mother and
.iiisbaml have the sincere sympathy of all
who know them.
Frank Ilr.ldlej's sejm.xVeeks'-OId
Foil tut lleatl in Iteil.
This morning, when Frank Bradley and
wife, who live at corner of Pleasant and
Mechanic streets, awoke, they found their
sev en-w eek'-old baby dead in lied with
them. The baby had not been very strong
fioin birth, but had been Improving aud had
not taken anv medicine for foiirtir five
das and was now considered as
healthy as children ordinarily are at that
age- At 3 o'clock this morning the parents
were awakened by the stove smoking, and
Mr. Bradley got up and cliauged the drafts
so as to stop it. The baby seemed all right
then, but four hours later vv as dead. Dr.
Hall made an examination this morning
and could find no cause for the death, un
less it came from the escaping coal gas. It
was stated that the coroner had been noti
fied, but such was not the case, at least up
to noon.
loliliT. NoirisThrealeneil Willi Iaralj.fs.
John T. Norris, the detective, isverj
iiiuili vvotked up over what he regards as
preliminary ssinptonis of parahsis that
have mani.i-stol themselves in him. He
tated last evining toareiiorter that he was
really apprehensive that he was on the eve
of sustaining a paraltic stroke. The
trouble seems to lie located in his lame leg,
which is quite numb a good deal of the
time and which he is unable to move in cer
tain po-itlons He has consulted medical
autliont. It Is hoped that John's fears are
Iiiilrted tiush hats are now beingshown
by Sii.tiv w, the Hatter.
A Despondent Colored Domestic, De
pressed by Scrofula and Unrequited
Love, Attempt Suicide.
she Takes R Treiiieniloii. le. Mil
ltrmiglit llak lo I. ire lJ Ir. K"s-
ell-Tlie Ce 111 sail
Mary Willard, a colored girl, aged about
22 years, attempted suicide last night at tlie
residence of Mr. Win. Co'nkllii, (52 east Mul
berry street, w here she w orks. A Iti.ffii
i ic representative called this morning at
the residence to learn the particulars, lie
was met at the door by Mrs. Anna Atkin
son, Mr. Conklm's daughter, who has
charge of the household In the absence of
Mr. Conklin and III- wife, who left for
Florida about two weeks ago.
The lady at once divined the object of
the call, and while she would evidently
have been happy to have escaped the un
pleasant task, pleasantly complied with the
nsiuest for her version of the subject.
Marj' Willard has been working for the
faimlv -Inee last SeptemlxT. She is light
colored, and
A VKUA sTM.lslI MlKssklt.
and ordinarily puts on a good deal of agon
when on the street. She is a granddaugh
ter of old Mrs. Madison, was Ixirn here, but
lived in the smith for a number of sears.
Her mother died there and the daughter re-1
turned to her grandmother about four jears '
ago. since which time she has worked for a I
number of good families in the city, being I
a vers- competent lured girl. Her I
father is either dead or married i
again in the south. While in the
south Mary attended FNk university for
two years, which fact had a tendency to
give her aspirations above Her sphere- i.ike
mans another colored individual, she felt
herself a little above the common herd of
her iHHiple, and noneof them lit to associate
with her, and conseiuentl had few asvici
ates or friends.
She was of a very
KKt.lC.lors Tl'KX OK MIMl
and a lnemU'rof the Second Baptist church,
over which Elder Boone presides. Her
pravers in tlie priv ate recesses of her cham
ber are said by her mistress to have been
truly remarkable. To hear her pray one
would think that she had mighty sins to be
forgiven. She was also a great talker, and
would talk continually with herself when
no one else was present to stand the fire.
She was in fact rather peculiar in many
particulars and variable in her moods and
Yesterday she was very down-hearted
aud despondent ami talked considerably
aNiut herself to Mrs. Atkinson. In the
evening she unbosomed lieroelf to that lady
of an
which seemed to be weighing heavily on
her mind. The gentleman who is so unfor
tunately associated in the case Is James
Logan, of the firm of Garrett. logan A
Clay, saloonists at 11 south Center street
What the nature of the trouble is, was not
make public, but the girl was evidently all
torn up over it.
About b o'clock In the evening she went
down to Caser"s drug store to get some
medicine, as she said. This attracted no
attention, as she had been doctoring for
some time with Dr. Casper, for scrofula.
Hut this time she secured a tw o-ounee bot
tle of paregoric elklr, which is almost sol
idlv laudanum. She soon returned to the
house, and vvhileshe still apeareil despon
dent, nothing especially was thought ot her
trip to the drug store.
The family an re-
tired at the usual hour.
About T o'clock this morning Mrs. Atkin -
son sent her boy into Mars 's room to waken
her, but became back, sas'mg he could not
rouse her. Mr-. Atkinson at mice jumped
to the conclusion that
sivkv HAH attkmiti;i -I'iciliK.
She then tried herself to arou-e the girl, but
without effect Tlie girl was apparent! in
a deep sleep, perspired freely and her pube
was very high. Harry McCuddy, who live
next door, was hastily summoned and ran -for
Dr. Kussell, who came in a very short
time. The doctor was soon able to arouse
the girl slightly, but labored w ith her a half
hour before she was safe to be left He
gave her a hyierdeiiile injection of appo
morpha', and had to give about eight times
the amount that woniu De necessary in an
ordinary case- Indeed, had the girl not r"ie putuic noes not oeneve vvnat we say,
been discovered and remained In thecoudi-1 e tell them to ask their friends and
tionshevvasbuta short time longer, she neighbors what the think of our prepara
would have passed over the river to the . tion-."
kingdom come. I As stated above, we most cordially coin-
The antidote which the doctor aduilnls-' mend the peru-al of this corresiHindence by
tereil caused her to vomit almost beyond en-1 ur reader-, believing that In s doing, we
durance, from which cau-e shewasiett very are fulfilling a simple public obligation.
w eak. but her final recov erj' is aured,
, and I
she is not likely to renew the attempt
After the doctor had been sent for, Mr-.
FOl'Ml A IlltlKF MlTK
addressed to her on a piece of blank paier.
which had prev lousl y escaped her notice.
It was found in the lady's own room. This
is a copy of the note just as written:
Anna please dont never
tell what I hare told
you tonight but I am
heart broken so good Bye
Mary L.
Some time during the night .Mary came
into her mistress's room, but that lady sup
Ksed she came for the clock. This was
doubtless when the letter was left there.
The time of night when this ix-curred could
not be fixed.
Items or Interest trom Springfield's I-lsely
C.J. Butler and wire visited relatives In
South Charleston Sunday,
Carlton Bi-er moved his family into the
citv on Wednesday, to stay a few weeks.
when they will v e to the far west to grow
up with the country
Warder. Bu-ldiell . Clener have begun
tearing down their old warehouse, to give
place to new buildings. The march of im
provement is ever onward.
A. II. Tavenner has moved his meat
store from tlie Brubaker building to his late
lesideiiceon the hill. He expects to sell
the bulk of hi meat from his vvagon.'.vhich
will run daily. His little son. liobbie, is
sick with diphtheria at his grandpa's, Y.
11. Berger.
The Ladies' Aid society gave a -upper on
Tuesday evening in Brubaker's hall. De
spite the mud the hall was crowded and
kept the ladies bus. They gave a roal
good siipiier for fifteen cents. The Lagonda
band favored the croud with good iniislc.
The young folk-s had their fun as usual.
The net ris-eipts were 522. clear of ex
leiises. Were It war times, any person passing
through Lagonda vvoald think an iinnnT.se
In... ,.f l.r.ui.f ...1'. ,i ... u lu., ,,,. It, tilt It.t
nnrui unra-siiuift, urn whii, .'m... ,., ,
water works ditch is a tir-t-ciass -ticker, as I
:" ,"; "u '.J'T.r n,r ,r I" I
nil st its, UI tlilsl J'lll'l "1 - .,.,
s one, until travel is almost imiKissible.
The continued rain and damp weather j
caves the hanks, making double the work. J
The Xew York crush hat, which -ells all j
over the city at Si. SO. ou can buy here fori
1.00. fi.l.lVAN. the Hatter.
W1I.L YOl SUFFEi: with Dyspepsia
and Liver Complaint? Shiloh'- Vitalizer
is guaranteed to cure you. For sale by I.
A. Garwood. !
See our SI and cl.2-"i crush hats.
St M.1VAV, tlie Hatter. j
Convlni lug A rrlllrnlloii of Wlileca.t I'ul.-
llr Srntlnif.nl.
To the Readers of the Republic
In common with mans publishers and ed
itors, we have lieen accustomisl to look
ujioii certain statements which we have seen
in our columns as merel admit advertis
ing. Consequently we feel justified in taking
tlie lihcrt of printing a few jKiiuts from a
private letter recently received from one of
our largest patrons, as a sort of confession
of faith to our readers: We ipiote:
"We have convinced ourselves that bs
telling what we know to In1 true, we have
prod-ced at last a permanent conviction in
the public mind, isevcn years ago we
stated what the national disease of this
country was, and that It was rapidly in
creasing. Three years ago we statist that
a marked check had been given it.
0"The statistics of one of the largest life
insurance companies ot this country shows
that in lss:t and lssi, the mortality from
kldne disorder- d'd not increase over the
previous years: other companies statist the
same tiling. It is not presumptuous for us
to claim credit for chirking these ravages.
"-een sears ago we statist that the con
dition of the kiilnejs was the kes to tlie
condition of health; within the past live
Sears all careful life insurance companies
have conceded the truth of this statement.
for. whereas, tell years ago. chemical anal
ysis to determine the condition of the kid
uevswas not reiiuirisl. today millions of
dollars in risks nre refused, I eiause chem
ical examination discovers unsuspected dls-
easi-s of the kidney s.u
"Seven cars ago we stated that the rav
ages of Bright's Disea-e were insignificant
compared with other unsuspected disorders
of the kidneys of mail misleading names;
that ninety-three 1st cent, of human ail
ments are attributable to deranged kidneys
which till the blood with uric acid, or kid
ney iHiisou. which can-!-, these many fatal
"The uric acid, or kidney poison, is the
real cause of the majorit of cases of paral
Sis, apoplexy, heart disease, convulsions,
pneumonia, consumption, and iiisauits;
over half the victims of consumption are
first the victims of diseased kidney's.
"When the recent death of an honored
e-uftleial of the l"nited State- was an
nounced, his physician said that although
he was suffering from Blight's Disease,
that was not the cause of death, lie was
not frank enough to admit that the apo
plexy which overtook him in nis bed. was
the fatal effect of the kidney poison In the
blood, which had eaten away the substance
of the arteries aud brain; nor was Logan's
pliSsician honest enough to sfite that his
fatal rheumatism was caused by kidney
acid in the blood.
"If the doctors would state in official re-jmrt-
the original cause of death, the peo
ple of this country would be alarmed. ea.
nearly panic stricken, at the fearful mor
tality from kidney disorders."
The writers of the above letter give these
facts to the public simply to Justif the
claims that tuey have made, that "if the
kidney-and liver are kept in a healthy con
dition by the i.-e of Warner's safe cure,
which hundreds of thousands have proven
to be a specific, when all other remedies
tailed, and that has received the endorse
ment of the highest medical talent in
Europe, Australasia and America, many a
a life would be prolonged and the happi
ness of the people preserved. It is success
ful with so many different diseases because
it and it alone, can remove the urid acid
from tlie blood through the kidnes.
Our reader-are familiar with the prepa
ration named.
Commendation thereof has often cp
peared in our columns.
We believe it to be one of the best, if not
the best, ever manufactured. We know the
proprietors are men of character and influ-
, ence.
We an-certain tiles' have awakened a
i wide-spread interest in the public mind conr
cerning the Importance of the kidney-. We
believe with them that they are the key to'
I health, and that for their restoration frori
' dl-ea-i' and maintenance in health, there i
nothing cpiai to this great remedy
Hie proprietors say they "do not glory in
this universal prevalence of disease, buthav
ing started out with the purose of spreading
the merits of Warner's safe cure before the
world, because it cured our senior proprie
tor, who was given up by doctors as incura
ble, w e feel it our duty to state the facts am'
leave the public to its own inferences. We
IHiint to our claims, and to our public and
universal verification with pride, and it
Great salo nr Iind nt Hork llottom Price.
i We. the undersigned trustees of Geo.
I Kiwis lieing dill authorized by a deed of
I trust executed to Us by Geo. Kious and Me
I Hilda Kio'ls, his wife, of the county uf
j Madison, township of Itinge, in the State
of Ohio, and with the consent and agree
I ment of the creditors of the said Kioushave
received two parcel- of real e-tate, coutain
, ing about Seven Hundred and Sixt (TOO)
. acres, hereinafter de-crib. d. To be sold at
I private -ale. in parcel- or as a whole, to
1 suit purehers; the proceeds to be applied in
I the payment of debts to the aforesaid cred
itors in their priority.
I Tract No. 1 consists of about Six Hiui-
dred (000) acres, located about 12 miles
I east of London, the county seat of Madison
1 county, Ohio, and about 0 miles west of
Mt Sterling, O., a live town on the Mid
. land Railroad, and surrounded on three
sides' by free turnpikes. This is a very
I fertile piece of land, suitable for grazing
and farming, or both; well watered: will
divide into six farms running to free
turnpikes, and all having good water and
near school-houses. This land has nearls"
t all been cultivated, and i in a good state
I of cultivation, ami well drained with tile;
i buildings fair, with a railroad building near
! the farm, with station on the corner ot the
farm. This is a rare opisirtunity for parties
, wanting good homes in one of the liest and
1 most fertile counties In Ohio, or for anyone
1 wanting a large farm for grain or stock
raising, or both.
, Tract No.2 Is situate.1 in Clark county,
Ohio, lietween the Citv of Springfield and
S uith Charb -ton, about ! miles from
Charleston and 7 mile- from Springfield.
containing 102 02-100 acre- of land, known
at the Bennett farn, and formerly owned
by Leonard Sprague. This is a good farm.
1 all In grass. There could be 100 acres of
soil ground put in corn this spring; timber
enough on the farm tor its own use: within
, three or four hundred ards of a good
, school house: orilmarj dwelling-house with
I in 2 miles ot railroad station.
I Title in Inith farms perfect Our price
I will be our price if sold soon. We are
1 turned loose without an restrictions in the
sale. To lie -old on easv terms, or quite an
inducement, for cash. Posse ion given at
, once. Anv information, either in lerson
1 or by mail cheerfully given by
I John (). Atmx-ov.
I South Charleston, Clark coiinty.Ohio.
I Or. 1. U Kims.
j Mt. Sterlinff. Madison count, Ohio,
I Tru-tee- of Geo. Kious.
Ca-siiis M. Clay has announced himself
. mWU, oa..d..Ite for the governor
ship of Kentucky.
i atari
K a ifjy JireNaU.Ilt ,,,, exceedingly ui-
agreeable disease, liable, if neglected, to
develop into serious consumption. Being a
constitutional disease, it lequire- a conti-
tutinnal remedy like Hood's Sarsaparilla.
which, acting through the blood, reaches
every part of the system, effecting a rad-
jp, .i,,.l nertnanent cure of mt.irrli In even
Its most severe forms. Made only by C. I.
Hood A- Co., Mivvell, Mass.
A lleer XViigon Urtvrr Ahsromls.
iid Blaii, who has been driving the
Jung brewers wagon since January 12,
skipped out last night, ow ing the agencs'
here S.'i't.ifi. Peter Haerr, proprietor of the
north Limestone street feed store, keeps
the Isvoks here, and the driver was to re
sirt -ales and collection- eaeli night Last
night ltlair failed to show up, and is still
missing, lie is known lo have collected
SI" i'0 yesterday, and Slll.ll" worth ot lxs-r
is unaccounted for. which lie djiubtle-sly
sold and pocketed the money.
New Cnr.Fortlo Njp'iihIo.
The directors of the Nypando railroad
hivejilst authorized a contract for one
t lousand new freight ears, to include box.
stock and Hat ears, all to be of twenty-live
ton capacity. '1 his large addition to the
iiilinieiit of the road Is due to the prob
a'lillty of an increase in business, and the
fact that tlie company had tn-en unable to
handle the traffic from a want of sufficient
rolling slock.
-ri ret Meeting of the Nun rnrtl-rtn Cen
tral Fiimiolttre,
The Voii-partls.in central committee had
a star-chaniler session last (Wednesday) ev
ening, and decided to put a full ticket in the
field lids spiins. The fact that such a
ticket will be put up is prettv well devel
oms1, and the non-partisan leaders threaten
to make a hot tight. The names of the
prospective candidate- are kept quiet.
Emi. .. Feb. -i. The (;. A. It. Fol
ger Howell post, of this place, appcintcd a
committee to draw up a testimonial of re
sect just after the death of Ken. John A
IjOgtu. A copy of these resolutions was
forwarded to Mrs. Logan. This commit
tee, consisting of Daniel llaker. 1. .1.
Montgomery and C. (1. Baitlett, were
pleasantly surprised the other fla by re
ceiving through the mail the autograph
cards dressed in mourning of the entire
family of Gen Logan, also acknowledging
their (the jHi-t's) kindness in remembering
Gen. Logan. ..Mr. Swartz. of Spring
field, ., was in town Friday
looking up live stock insurance . .
James Stilwell. living two mllei eat of
Kiion, who has !een manifesting sj inptoms
of insanity and terrorizing the neighbors,
was taken before the probate court last
Saturdav ami an impiest held, which re
sulted lu confining him, aud he will be sent
to the Daiton a-ylum. .Mr. Charley
Ilines, miller, at Snyder'- Station. lost their
six-month old child, it having died Friday
evening fnmi a complication of diseases.
Some two weeks ago it had the searlet
fever, which was followed in eight days
by purpura hemorrhagica, causing it to
bleed from the nose, mouth and ears, ex
hausting it so it died on last Friday . .Mr.
Charles Johnston, who is working in the
ear shops at I'rbana, was home over Sun
day ...Kllssell Seniles, of Da ton. spent
Sunday in Emm .. Taylor Hriner, Alio
lived two miles west of Enon. has moved
hlf family into Win. Holler's property, in
the west end . .The colored troupe which
gave a concert here last Tlmr,day
night a week, who were from
Springfield, Ohio, will again visit Knon
Monday night. Their first concert was well
liked, and they can handle music with a
skill peculiar to their race- Enon appreciate-musical
talent and will also be pre
pared for the M. K. concert given in tlie
M. E. church here. Saturday night, Febru
ary. 11", 1S-.7, by an especially good corp
of singers and musicians. .. ..Mr. James
Huppman and family have moved from
their home on the Springfield pike, four
and one-half miles east of Enon. to the
Henrv Kosier farm, south of Enon. . .
Mrs. Kosier will came to Enon and live with
her sister, Sallie Huppman New Carlisle
may have oil; Catawba may be over a bed
of coal, Injt Enon has tto bo mislest about
it) an abundance of natural gas, and the
I'liallty varies with the subject In hand, but
the quantity never: ..G. W. llarton. ot
Sew Carlisle, will be In Enon, Monday, to
conduct his business of photography.
CiitEKMipoi i-. Feb. s. Charlie N'evins
treads lightl. It is a girl ...The other
evening, while Geo. Boyd of Cedarvllle
was calling on his lad love near here, hi:
horse got entangled in the stable and hung
itself and he knew nothing of it until he
went to go home. He has our sympathy.
. . .Jas. Net ins wax called suddenly to the
cij. toatleiid the funeial of a relative of
his last Wediie-day ...We heard of
school teacher, who taught at Peacock, who
went into the gardening businee-, and when
his beans came up a- they do vvi li the beau
on top he came to the conclusion they were
wrong end up and transplanted them
with bean down. Exisrience teaches
good lessons but found them dear...
If the alcohol and onions of Daniel It Cly
mer's recipe does not relieve our Grover
Cleveland, he can try bathing lu the liquid
of boiled potatoes I. G. Otstot spent
Saturday and Monday in Columbus
Charlie Hunibarger's only child died of
croup last Saturday. Burial at Ferneliff,
Monday. This is the third child buried by
him within a few years it is once in a
life time that Charlie Otstot is drawn as a
junin.in. . . James Hatfield tells us that he
Is a candidate for the office of treasurer in
this tow n-hlp. No other name has come to
our ears. Oliver Garlough is the present
Incumbent, and no doubt he will ask for
another term. Come, let lis have a caucus.
. . .The horses in our vicinity are suffering
with sore throat It. T. Kelleywas in
Clifton Monday to -ee Mahala Sparrow
who is suffering vers' much with a cancer
in her mouth Mrs. Latulacer. ot Flori
da, sieiit a few das with J. II. Stratum
and T. M. Hess last week. She says that
they felt the shock of the earthquake very
sensibly . . .The nerve- of Xeal Grain wen
somewhat steadied Tuesday molding. A
daughter . . .The young folks have a hop at
Bert Holinan's Tuesday night. ...We learn
that Mr. B. Haley is not going to connect a
saloon with his grocery at Beam town. We
are glad to hear it
Ci.iftos, Feb. S. The Mite society of
the M P. church met at the residence of
John Hifelast Frida night. Bi t v een sixty
and seventy persons were present and all
reiorteil a good time. ... I he t . I M. so
ciety of the Presbyterians will give an oys
ter siipiier in the Town hall next Thursday,
the loth. After the supper a spelling
match will take place. Ever body is cor
dlall invited . .Jas. W. Swaby has pur
chased the small farm ot nineteen acres on
tlie Springfield pike, formerly owned by M.
Bovvers, but lately by James An
derson. He paid 52,100 for it ..
Miss Jenkins of Jamestown who ha-been
visiting at John Weller's for some time, re
turned Ik in i last Saturday ...MUsEula
Anderson was the guest of her sistir. Mrs.
Dr. E. C. Harris last week ...EliasSpar
row has been suffering terribly for the last
two or three weeks with a white swelling
on his foot, but at this writing is some bet
ter ...Prosper Sparrow and Geo. Sparrow
have returned to the Powder Mill- to work
. . ..hiss -uarj l.ue, who is goui lo y:nuni u
at Aiitioch, spent Saturday anil Sabbatley
last at home C. E. Todd spent two or
three days of last week ill Loudon. ()....
We understand that James Hackett has
rented a farm below the Yellow Springs.
Several other parties around Clifton want
to rent farms, but it seem- as though they
are scarce.
imrenr t Tn &
Quick, complete cure, all annoying Kidue,
lilailileranaunnaryiiiicases.fi. -xt urujjrsu.
"imlT.ll ON HII.K" PII.IJ4 10c. and 25c.
Small granules, small dose, big results pleas
ant in operation, uon i aituru uie eiomacu.
non.ii ON 1IIKT."
Ask for "Rougnon Dirt;" A perfect washing
powder found at last 1 A harmless extra tine
A t article, pure and clean, s eetens, f re-hens,
bleaches and whitens w ithout ePgliest lnjury
to finest fabric Unequalled for fine linens and
lace, general household, kitchen and laundry
use. Softens water, saves labor and soap.
Added to starch Increases gloss, prevents yel
lowing. 5c. 10c, 25c at Grocers or druggiots.
Mmw w. Feb. S. Mrs. Abe Shaffer is
vi r -Ick. The dK tor's pronounce her dis
ease to be acute Ilriglit's disease. On last
Thursday niclit it was thought that It would
lie iniposshle for her to live till morning,
but she rallied again and is at present writ
ing a little better. Mrs. A lie Dover 1-s
suffering from a severe attack of iiuius
blie has not lieeii able to swallow an finsl
since last Friday John Trout, jr., had
an attack of iiiiutsv also, but is now able to
lie a! Milt again. It ani-.irs that ouliisj is
tlie prevailing disease in our oimnunitj
...Mr. Frank Weaver and wife have re
turned to IVnnsjlvatna after visiting iuour
community for about four or live weeks .
Mrs. Anna Shaffer, of Springfield. Is visit
ing relatives at Medwas .Mr. Bo-eoe
Wise has the measles. No doubt others
will soon 1h attackisl bs tlie -amu disease
.Little drover Farles had a severe at
tack of membranous crimp last week, but
uniler the skillful treatment of Dr. Fletcher
he will, no doubt, get well again. The doc
tor staved with him two nights ami admin
itered the medicine himself. It -eeiued
almost uu'Kissihlc for him to live.
Cviwvnv, Feb. . Thomas Martin's
store will either change hands or be moved
to Mechanlcsburg within the next ten days.
It is luiiiorcd that C. F. McConkey will buy
it . . -J. V. Owen has -ecured a position In
the grocsry of J Miiiiniiia. Mechanic-burg,
(). He will move this week . .Win. Ever-
hart will sell his stis'k and farming imple
ments at public sale on February 10. Soon
after he will moveto the station . . .Charlie
Linglei's baby died Suiidav night and was
buried Mondav afternoon, at Asburg. .
The protracted mis-tings at Nation chapel
have ceased on account of bad weather,
sickness in tlie community, etc . It Is
thought that l!ev. Kennedy will bold
another series of meetings at Catawba in a
short tune .The G. A. It will have -another
supper in Pearson's hall, evening of
Feb. 22 .. .John Banes and wife returned
Thursday from their extended Virginia
visit. They had a v ery pleasant tune .
Mrs. C. O. Yeazell's brother is hpre on a
visit . . .John Mills returned Sunday from
central New York.
Osiions. Feb. y. Prof.;.. U Girardand
Miss Minnie Peters, made a flying trip lo
the Champion Citv last Saturday
Charles Fisher and Geo Handler took a
tramp runaway trip last Friday. Geo. has
returned, but Chas. I. as not been beaid of
vet . Mr. Kussel Kiniiiiek has accepted a
lsisltioii as bill lioster, Feb. 7, and will
travel in thi.-capacity for a few mouths. ..
Kev. u. D. Black will deliver a lecture
.Niturilay night in Hark man's hall, subject
Kings and inei n-. Admi-sion 2." cent-. . . .
Mr. Frank Weaver and wife.after spending
-everal week-here with their many friends,
left Monday evening for Buffalo, N. Y . .
We-ley I lolenbatigh is fast recov ermg from
his recent spell of sickness .On respon
sible iiutliorlt, it is understiKid that there
will lie a minstrel company started form
this place, under the management of
A. William-oil and P. F. Cost Osburn Is
full of minstrel talent, and through the en
ergetic management of the aforsaid gentle
men, this company ma meet with financial
sucie-s Our best wishes are with mi all.
.Sl.il.ini: IVIne from Drancrs L'tlllilng
the -urpllls In a l.fMMl Wu).
Tlio vvondtrfiil crop of oranges which has
lieen produced in California has led to the
manufacture of n new mid non alcoholic w ine
from thst fruit A gentleman who has trav
eled extensively in California, in conversa
tion with a leimrter thusdesrrilieil the pro-is-:
"In San Gabriel, I.os Angeles county,
Cal , whero th sweet navel or seedless oiauge
grans t.) great jierfection und in large qunn
titles, the M-xi -an residents made from it o
wine, ,iot unlike tlio May wine of the Ger
mans. This nine, of course, hsd to lie con
sumeil at once or it would s;il But the idea
was sug-estisl by- this practice that good wine,
isiuld lm made from sweet oranges, anil the
question was how to make tlio wine -o that it
could lKsrorue a marketable and profitable
commodity As soon as tlio souring was
overcome, more money had to Ui iuvp-ted.
This was Kccomplished after cousidiabI
money liad Wn lost The sweetest oranges
are select.sl, those of the navel or seedleiw
kind; but not until they are fully ripe.
Oranges when shissl to market for eating
are generally irked green and rtn on the
way. Not m with those used for wine.
When gathered, a machine removes the ssl,
leaving only the juicy pulp. Tho pulp is
placed in a large sat, with layers of the An
gelica grape sugar The pulp and sugar are
allowed to remain together about three
week, w hen, by the aid of a jack-screw press
worked by machinery, the whole of the juice
is squeezed out This is run oil imo casks
and perilled every month foraliout two or
three years. It is kept from souring by the
addition of distilled glycerine preservatives,
and at tlio end of that time is considered fit
for general use. It is drawn off into casks of
a commercial capacity aud is ready for ship
"As transportation, especially to a distcne,
would cause tho wine U muddle, it is again
refined at tht end of tho jonrney and tho
dregs precipitated Iwfons it is put into Imt
tles, in w huh condition it is sold to the gen
eral public The wino has already been .-.-ported
to England and many parts Oi
"Is not the w ine fermented in some wa "
"Not at all It is purely the juice of the
orange, a simple fruit wine, aud contains no
alcoholic spinti w hatever People eat oranges
after meals as a digestive; now they can par
take of tho pure juice alone for the same
reason. I think it will soon outriialauy of
the mild drinks of the pn sent day."
Then it is sunply a still wine t, ithout anv
intoxicating quahtiesr
"Yes, in ltn original form. But it can be
made into a sinrklmg wine by the introduc
tion of carbonic gas. By diluting the orange
juice one-half , and adding the gas, a beverage
equal to champagne can be produce!, with
out any of its intoxicating or enervating
effects. This has been dene, and temperance
Hi-inters nave been deligbteil with it Asa
summer drink it is far better, according to
medical men, than lime or lemon juice, as
It does not leave such bad results as some
times follow the dunking of lemonade."
New York Mail and Expresa.
"Y- vrv would enjoy your dinner
J j and are prevented by Dys-
t- A l li--. :- rpl.i.-
uepsia, uso iciwer-) jj sjicpsia, juuicis.
They are a positive cure for Dyspepsia, In
digestion, Flatulency and Constipation.
e guarantee them. 25 and CO cents.
Frank 11. Cobleutz, corner Market and
High streets.
This week we will open five case- of
brown, blue and nutria crush hats at .10c
Stli.iv xx, the Hatter.
There Is not a boot and shoe house in
Springfield that can successfully compete
with Starkey A: Scowden, of the Arcade, In
price and quality. Years of experience in
tlie manufacturing and jobbing business
gives them an inside track over their com
petitors. They make a s pccialty of boots,
shoes and rubbers, buy for cash, anil retail
at vv holesale prices.
Prohibition looks
West Virginia.
like a probability in
ryv A andrcliableMedicineaarctuebest
VJV to depend upon. Acker's Blood El
ixir baa been prescribed for years for all im
puriliesoftbeBlood. Ineveryformof Scrof
ulous, Syphiliticor Mercurial diseases, ills
invaluable. For Ilheumatism, has no equal,
Frank II. Cobleutz, corner Market and
High streets.
Look at our English crush hats, the latest
thing out. St'i.t.iVA.v, the Hatter.
When all the little Springfield Clothiers
are talking what they could do, or would
do, or should do, we are doing it. Commencing
It is the greatest offering of suits ever
held in Springfield. There isn't a single
one among them that is not worth twice
the price we ask. There is no reserve
stock in this sale ; all will be on our
counters today ; first come, first served.
Are generally all cotton ; these are not. Some are
all-wool, some are part-wool, some few are all cotton,
but, by the way, they are the cheapest ever offered in
Springfield at the price. Look out for our sale of $2
and $3 Suits.
No. 31 East Main Street.
Quinine Hair Tonic
For the preservation and restoration of the Hair.
Excites the Scalp to new and healthy action, re
moves dandruff, prevents the hair from falling off,
and in a majority of cases will produce a fine growth
of new hair.
Pharmacists, No. 55 East Main Street.
REAL ESTATE and Personal Property, prepar
atory to making a change in business and loeation.
Will all bo sold as fast as a Sweeping Ketluction in Prices
and Honest Representation as to quality will do it.
Men's Solid Seamless Vamp Congress,
-A.T S1.SO.
Ladies' Fine Button Shoes, worked holes, $1.
A rare chance for investment, or to engage in business,
(lur stock is the best selected in thi city and it, with our
established trade and good will, is for sale, together with
the desirable business property we occupy, anl other real
estate in this city, Urbaua and elsewhere. Will sell -tock
or property separate or together, on easy terra--. Or will
sell stock and lease property fur three to five years.
hlajstcie &c co.,
OF -
I e?t

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