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v- as&'SR.
Mk3-aMws?r9-.. ,
$1.15 in gallon tin rant. Send
your orders to either store.
91 and 93 Vast Main SI and 40 South Mar
ket su, Mprlnnnd, O.
Advance Styles
Spring Hats.
WANTED House, about 7 rooms; central
IT location. Address. S T. Co.. 54 Arcadr-
TITAXTKD A Rood white elrl to do ceneral
It house work. In mall family German pre-
87 west Pleasant street. iSa
UTANTED Girl to do teneral homework
H Oermaa Ctrl prelerred. Call at 217 wel
IllSh street. 40-t'
r ANTED 5ltuatlons. by two experienced
American cirls. as cook and second cirl
No washlnc. Address. Box 8M. Norwalk. O. t
WANTED A Jew rood malleable Iron mold
it ers. lheJas L Haven Company. Ctncin
natl.O. Jirt
U'ANTED-Ladles. local or travelinc A
IT wonderful entirely new specialty for la
dies only. (I dally easily made, no photo, no
painting- particulars tree. Mrs. II. F Little,
Chlcaico. III. 3)mr
UTANTED A German Kiri forceneral bouse
work In small family; cood aces Ap
ply at corner of Jefferson sod Market streets
I ADIES wanted to eetnp Tea Clubs tor-our
U Pure Jeas and CoOees. A host ol useful
articles to select from as premiums, hend for
Illustrated Price and Premium List. Special
Offer. To every tenth person that answers
this advertisement, we will send Iree one
pound of choice Tea. Address. National Tea
and Coffee Co Boston, Mass
W7ANTED Altre.enercetic man. to repre
' sent usi 175 per month, and expenses
Goods staple; every one buys; outfit and par
llculars free. Standard Silverware Co.. Bos
ton. FOR RENT.
FOR HENT Furnished room, suitable for
man and wife or two cents. atNo.5 north
Mechanic street 't
FOK RENT Larce store room on Main
s.reet. Kent low. Inquire of Thomas
Sharps. 3itf
FOR SALE Two first-class Brunswick and
Balke billiard Ubles. Address or call on
William Rockfield. Arcade hotel. 45m
XIR SALE A eood. eentle drlvtne horse.
. heavy selcht. Call at 17U E. Main street.
LOT Cluster Ear Rinc. on corner Boler
street and Clifton. The Under will be lib
erally rewarded on leavlnc same at 1-Vrest
House. 33 Jefferson street. 43m
TXFORMATIOX that will lead to the (dentin
J. cation of James Maeber or Mcacber. who
with his brother, was lost in Chicago from Ins
parents, about I V4. It lsU-tlrted that he t
ne time, or la now llvlne In prinheld.U
ddressD.Msher, Fort "Vutes. Dakota. Ter
toxS. aaf
There will b a Running Race at
Clark Ci. Far Ground, Thursday,
Feb. 24, at 2 p. m.
V II Snjder names iaisy s.
J M f ml th names BiMK C.
Thl. Race 1 f cr S2QO. Msy la Pp !
Tka Crrat Fll PimilUa
- Cures II eoJtweu, Spermatorrhea,
' muntnu,JmiJoteicTimaltSlDU-
cases caused by seir-anusa or In
discretion. Ooe Mckler tl. six Si.
bxtoriI Br mall. Write for Pamphlet. Unxa
Eureka Chemical Co., Detroit, MUcb.
Cation or address Theo. TrauHf,4ruccist.
corner Main and Market streets. Springfield
fiblo. oleAzer.t
I (..ftiCMmay t. yrHctlr tr
rauM. ., id n.w .wmw
rcUl lrrl. F. lor
t waw ll!al.Ud "OtUdi
h-.itb. AtiMilM. .t.mj AMm. s. Cvitljri
niou tiiii. u sua. x.
ACT VE fluctuations In the market offer op
portunities to speculators to make money In
craln. slocks, bonds and petroleum. Prompt
personal attention given to orders received by
wire or mall Correspondence solicited tull
luformatlon about the markets In our book,
which will bo forwarded tree on application
H. D. KYLE. Busker aad Broke .
SS r.nwd and S4 New Streets. New York CUT
PB succeesl uily ni saoBsfclj. by over 10,000
L,TiHss ff-V aywiwiiJ..i w.i.t
J SI perlvaKSjyssbwjoratdniarista. Sealed
riiifiiissiTi ssjsslsniri Address
Tmx F"T" " "' 0s Ssraorr, Hich.
nr ?Hld by rrsvak K. Cafclentx end Ad
R.kh.MACn, -? J
Dr. Frank C. Runyan,
-Rooms In Dueklngham's Bulldlnx.overt
rMurphyA Bro.'s Store.
p:Ui stttntloa iiven to thr preservinz o
rnvtnr tth
1S :M"nile Vi emie, Kivrincliflil. O.
rriialnir rpe Viaen, rrult and For
ei T ees 8 eclnltj-.
Cm Estimates given for (.radlnc. boddlns.
eUl sl JL JMJttYOVkOwl
Dr. nc' unit KuroTM-r. Tkonad" of !''"
CUT-) TTBEIotIJL SorvrtiniU It do thjp.oi
Casper's Drug Store
Is the place to pet pure uieellcitii'.
Casper's Drug Store
Is the place tn K't fine che-iineals.
Casper's Drug Store
If the plats? to get patent inisjieines.
Casper's Drug Store
Is the place to pet rihuI perf utnerj .
Casper's Drug Store
Is tlie place to get best tlavoring ev.t"s.
Casper's Drug Store
Is the place to pt t tine toilet soap.
Casper's Drug Store
Is tlie place to got the best of all articles.
CASPER'S Drug Store,
risber'sllloek. Main Street, 3d Iloor West
of l.ttnestone,Mprlnclleld,
(iitMi.-The Kate Korsjtlie company
Monday and Tuesday evenings, February
Ht.ACh.s.1'IVte" llaker, "Chris and
lA'iia" Thursday, Feb. Jt.
(Srm "Ixistln Umdon," Frnlaj and
Satunlav. Feb. 25 and rt.
John II. Simpson leftMondaj for Kansas
The Vuexpectcil club holds a ball to
night Mrs. John Noel is the guest of Mrs. J.
V. Elster.
Mr. II. It. Harr left today for Harden
Hit, Kansas
Mr. J. E. Ileffeltincer, of this city, is in
Washington, I). C.
Miss Eleanor McArthur, of New Carlisle,
Is in the cit) Unlay.
Dr. Caper had his overcoat stolen at the
Atcade hotel last evening.
Charity II. Sliartle has been appointed
postmaster of Meduav. this count.
Mr. William Sumner, of Cincinnati, is in
the cit. the guest of Kev. Mr. Warren.
Burt Johnson, of the pot oliiee depart
ment, is reported down vvitli the diphtheria
MLssS. Tankard, of ecatle, I'a . Is
visiting Mrs. M. I.. Warner, of north Spring
The prohibition county central committee
meet this aftcmoou at Teunerance hall for
Sir. Wru. H. I'retzman is in Columbu
todav. the guest of his daughter, Mrs 1'hilo
B. Watkins.
I)r J. S I! Ilizrvrd returneil this morn
ing from South Charleston where he was
called on business.
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and will
be appropriately observed m the Catholic
churches of the city.
John Gore, who was arrested last nighj
as a loiterer, is a'tall. grav-ln-anled man,
somevv hat of the crank" order.
Attorneys J. Warren Kelfer and F. M.
llagnu have gone to Fostori to take dejxi-
sitions in an important court case.
Miss l.ulah Kitcham. of Cincinnati, is
the guest of Miss Stella Moore and the
fauiil of Kev. Dr. Uunjan. tins city.
C ntliia Johnson, aged sixty jears, living
at 20 west I'leasant street, died at 4:r.O this
morning of gangrene from a soar foot.
Mr. John Norton and wife, who have
been visiting his father. Thomas Norton.
returned to Topeka, Kansas, tixla over the
X. Y. 1 A- O.
Detective Theo. Keecan, of Cleveland,
in the emploj of the C. C. C. A I. railroad,
Is in the city looking after his road's inter
est in the stolen brass.
Ilev. Mr. Warren has secured a very
pleasant house, overlooking Eden park, at
Cincinnati. lie will have his stud in the
Central church, on Vine street
II. II. Schmidt had an ov ercoat stolen
while in to supjer last night at tlie I-agon-
da house. The coat was taken from the
rack where It is usutl to hang the outer
Hon. B. S. Iligle. of Youngstown,
chairman of the prohibition state executive
committee, is in the city in attendance on
the meeting of the Clark county central
Kev. I W. Metcalf. of the Eastwood
C ingre,rational church. Columbus, and
Kev. Mr. Mnith, of the Columbia church,
Cincinnati, are tlie guou of Mr. C. M.
Nichols, todaj.
The work of demolishing the old frame
s lacks on Market street, between Main and
II gh. west side, to gne place to the hand
same new three-stor King building, has
b.en coiinieuckd.
Miss Minnie Starr, the elocutionist and
father are in the citj today, coming from
New Carlisle, where tlie lady gave a very
successful entertainment Miss Starr will
aplear tonight at Osborn.
One of the policemen found a doctor's
pocket medicine ease jesterda on Market
street, which the owner can secure b call
ing at C. A. Smith A: Co.'s drag store and
proving projierty.
The council called to dissolve the pasto
ral relation of Mr. Warrm with tlie Con
gregational thurch Is in session this after
noon. Several Cincinnati and Columbus
jastors are present with delegates from
their churcLes.
The wife of John Smith, who keeps a sa
loon, corner of Mam and Fisher streets
fell down five or six steps, leading from tl e
kitchen at their houe on Fisher street anil
bruised and hurt herself so badl that a
phj slcian had to be sent for.
Thos. XorrK a rod-looking specimen of
white humanity, and Iiu Anderson, a
flnmcal nf w!.. unntTiin In fvt,n iln Mil '
at noon, yesierda, for drill. k and divir
derl. N'orns claims the Anderson woman
relieved him of over ST ill money.
Mr. Audievv Amett of House A- Parsons
.has a boubie-gcareJ smile toda. He thinks
like Artemus Ward, that "there are two
things in this world for which jou are
never prepared twins." But the two
bouncers with whi-h his wife presented
him last lii-'ht have come to st.i.
City Clerk .1. &. Si.iew alter reiorts this
uioniiu that his mother is some better this
morning and slight hopes are now enter
tained for her ultimate recovery. Mrs.
Shew alter was taken SatunU night with
congestion of the lungs, together with a
sinking siell to which she has been subject.
Miss hlUShewalUr, a daughter, connected
with one of tlie hospitals lu New York cit,
has been telegraphed for and is expected
Til T II CKIG COUCH can lie so
.liiirk' cured bj bl.iloh's Cure. We guar
antee it For sale by F. A. Clarwrx d.
"Faithful Heart" itt Ilea tlraml Lust N I Kill
Aliiiuuneriiif.ut ut Cotuluc .lltrac-
A fair atielie-ncevvitne-sse-el Miss Kate Kor
svth anil her eotnpanj nt the drain oi-ra
house last night in "l"aitlifiil Hearts.'- The
In-st that can be said of the performance ih
that tlie play Is capabl mouiiteel ami verv
rlchlj elre-sse-tl, the toilets of the lathes be
ing more than elegant. Hut the pleee itself,
is slow in action anil feeble in ple-t, ami left
rather an Impression of disappointment.
The material ii-ihI In it Is of the conven
tional tjpe, ami there are many crudi
ties in its arrangement Miss Kiirsvlh
liil well as Madeline, and was powerful in
the .emotional passage, bhe was twite
recalled before the curtain. Mr. Frank
Uisee as Andre I.efevre was scarcely what
the part merited, but Mr. llenrj Holland as
Joan Model, the oet. was the life of the
performance. Ti'e rest of the company
were unobjectionable ami inn tne oe-si iney
knew with lines that were frequently
i-t lipid.
will display some beautiful dresses in the
play of Marcelle." tonight, her vv ardrobe
having leen replenished by orth and oth
er famous Paris authorities on a-stumes.
A liall-tln-ss of nink and iearl-gray Is par-
licnlarlv striking. It is ifrapeil with the
rosthi-st lace, and ornamented with braids
of crev and nink in-arl embroider'. This
tiassementerie is lusteriess, not irrideseent
and Is a novelty in dress trimming, as it re
sembles genuine pearls. Among Miss For
sav th's other new ball-dresses is a superb
one of canary silk and creie embroidered
In silk.
Interest does not llagfora moment in the
appearance of Springneld's favorite come
dian, Pete F. Baker, late of Baker and Far-
ron. at Blatk's Tlmrsdaj evening, in "Clin
and Lena " The St Ixmis Sunday Critic
as: "IVte F. Baker, when a b.g half of
that popular team. Baker and rarron,
plaed 'Chris and Iena.' and made both
fame and fortune. Baker Is now alone.
but his rendition of Chris at the People's
last week shows him to be a greater success
than ever. The absence of the female ini
iero!iator is a refreshing improvement In
fact the play has been rearranged, and is
now more fascinating than it ever was be
fore. Mr. Baker is a hulshed comedian
and attractive singer.-' And the New York
Erc7ifiiif TWegrm.i: "Sonio things improve
vv ith ace. Old w ine. old songs, old friends,
are best. 'Chris and lna' Is an old plaj,
but it has been improved upon bv degrees
and those who have seen it heretofore are
just the on to enjoy it again. There was
a good sized audience at the theater last
night to greet Pete Baker and his excellent
company in this piece. everwas au au
dience Vetter p!eaed.
On Friday and Satunlav evenings, Feb.
i'lth and Stltlu with Saturday matinee at
2 i m. for ladies ard children, "Lost in
I.ondon" will be presented at the Grand
Tlie St Ixmis Pr.f-7)i)ijHiIci sajs: "Lost
in London" oiened at the People's last
night to an immense house and made a
distinct success. Mr. Newton Beers, who
produced the play, took the part of Job
Anuroydand gave it a strong individual
ity and excellent treatment His work
was received with warm applause in all of
his strong scenes. He was supjiorted by
Mis Jesie Lee Kandolph, who took the
part of Nellie Armrod. the erring wife of
the Swart Mug, with clev eniess and good
effect and b a company which was cap
able of doing the work required oi uiem.
The play was handsomely treated and
was mounted in excellent stjle,
i-ach scene being presented realist
ically. Bleakinoor Heath, the thwart
King's cottage, the Interior of tlie
coal mine, tlie Boudoir, the streets of Lon
don, the conservatory, and hnally, the
transformation scene, show ing the celestial
city, were all strikiug and good, and met
with the strong approbation of the audi
ence. In the nftb act, where the fete was
shown, several specialties were Introduced.
Miss Pho be Don dance'd a jig. Miss Kate
Komaine sang a song, as did also Miss
BUlee Wilson, the clever soub-ette of the
company, ami the pan-pipe singers, a iuaf-
tette of male void's, gave some enjoaule
se'ectiois. The play went smoothly for a
tirst night performance, and promises to en-
lov good business during thewee't.
Tickets can now be had at Harris's cigar
She Imitated llaymoml.
A-good stor is going the round about
Kate Fnrsythe and John T. Kainond,
whicli will be of much local interest at tins'
particular time. The companies of the two
stars vv ere plav ing simultaneous! iiiMacem.
Ga., not long ago, and as the genial Kate is
a great practical joker, her compaii
thought they would get even with her.
There was no matinee on hand for Ka.v-
mond. so he was smuggled Into the scene
of a banquet, the guests being all seated
about the tible when the hostess. Miss
Forsv the, comes on. hen she did come
on there was the smiling countenance of
Jchn T. staring at her. To the surprise of
her entire" companv she wasn't a bit
"fazed." but vv ent on with her lines
usual. She bided her time. At a point in
the act w hen there vv as no possible excuse
for her making any remarks whatever, she
strode majestically towards the footlights
and screw ing up her pretty face to look
as much like Kavmond's as possible, and
turning her eves inspiringl upward, ske
drawled ojt: "There's millions in it bos;
millions in it!" When she turned to con
tinue the acini of tlie play her uninvited
guest had ehsapeared.
Musicil In.treinit 111.
Ai instrument of value. 25 cents buvs
the best anil most e-flicient plasteT ever
kiiovvii. JIiijj I'Uistcrs for any kind of
pain act iustantl', never fail Hops,
(urns and Uurgundv Pitch combine!, su
Ih nor to all -5 ce nts.
Tlie faunliir face ot Hie venerable Judge
Patrick was seen on tin- streets batunla
for the l.rst time in s(.eral weeks. The
judge is verj much broke-n ilovvn fro.n the
elTeets of his accident and it respiiies some
effort for him to get around. He is now
about ninety ears of age and tune has
begun to tell on him. Judge Patrick is one
of the best examples of true manhood
around this section and his example is
worth of imitation b jouiigiuen. Urbana
CATAIMMICFItRD. health and sweet
breath secured, bv ijhiloh's Catarrh Iteine-
dv. Price "0 -enls. Nasal Injection fre-e.
Feirsale b F. A. Garwood.
NeH nml Important Opinion, of 1'iilmo-
nar) Kvprrt Can tli Unlver.nl Ctin
Kiimptloii le Mirsm.riill Trrtlel
Dr. Borgeon. a leading Freneli doctor,
has a new treatment for consumption'
He give's an enema of earlNinte acid and
sulphuretted lidrogcu gases, the latter gis
earning the former into ever pert of the
throatsand lungs.
This treatment, too, is directed at effects
the cause remains utull-tiirlHtl.
What this cause Is has been st.til bv jkt-
haps the highest pulmonary authontv in
the world, i e., the Broinptou Hospital fur
Consumptive, in London, Fnglind
1 his in.il.ul ever ears carries off from
one-seventh to one-fifth of tlie entire impu
tation of England'
Dr. Pavne. M. 1).. M It. C P.. London.
is aiithotit for this st.it. -incut. .
I lie same or a ere iter proportion of
deaths obtains in Auier ca
Dr. l'awie also sas that one half the
total number of dealhsfromallothe-rcaucs
have seeds of this ilisease ill the s stem
winch onl rciiuire vune irritant to ilevelnp'
l)r. nermann llrehmer. an eminent Ge-r-
man authont, sns that consumption is
ciusesl h eleticient nutrition of the lungs,
by poor blooel.
these authorities cannot le disputed.
The medical w orld recognizes them. The
uric acid is the irritant in the blexxl that
ciiises theileve'lopnient of tlie seeels w hieh
Dr. Uiehmer sas lie dormant in the blood.
Ever pirticle of blood whicli passes
through the lungs and heart, also goes
through the killings, and if they are in the
least derange-d the cannot rid the blood of I
the killing poison. The thousand little hair-
like sewer tube-s of the kidnevs very easily
.i "i i-..i J. i.. .. .!... i . .
blood. Kidne dise-ase mi exist, and jet
no piin occur lu that organ, became it is
deficient in nerves of sensation.
Dip vourhnge-r in acid every day and it
soon fe-sters and Is destrojed. Send acid
poisoned blood through the lungs every see-
ond, and the- soon give wav.
Tlie Broinptou hospital investigation
howeil that T2 iter cent of the victims of
consumption wcieaflliete-il with elerangeil
kldiiejs which permitte-el the uric acid lol-
son to remain hi tlie blood and irritate
the lungs. This uric acid Is ahvajs light
ing every vital organ, and if there be any
inliereut vve'akness in tlie lungs it inevita
blv cause-s pneumonia, cough and consuinp
tlon. Tlie reil cause of piilmomr troubles be
ing as autheiritativ el shown to be fault.
even through nnsuspectisl action of the
Milne' s, exlains vvhj, in oreleT to
master the dreaded consumption, one
must rid tlie blood of the nnc acul
irritant which inflames and bums up
the lung substance, ror this purpose there
is untiling equal to thit great specihc
Warner's safe cure. Tlur reinwl has now
the favor of uu-ilicil men all over the
world, purely em its merits. We have no
eloubt that if the kidne-js are kept in nat
ural action, consumption and a treat man
other elise-ases, causel ! uric-acid, will not
onlv be cure-d, but will be prev ente-el.
When the kidne I healthy, no albumen
appears in the water, but albumen is found
in the water of more than half of those
who die of consumption '
This, then, is thecimditiou ef tilings thit
alvvavs precedes consumption. First, weak
ened kidne s; second, retainee! uric acid,
poinning the blood; third, the development
of disease In the lungs bv the irritint acids
pissing through them. Then there is a lit
tle cougli in the morning: soon thick
vellow nutter is plt up, follow eel
tj- loss of tlesh and strength, vv ith dread
ful night sweats; and when the patient go
to his school phj slcian for help, he is put
oil e'od liu-r oil which ids stouncli, weak
ened ali) b uric acid In the blood, cannot
i f i-a t ltato Ilea f thair-fa I.J trm mitt vt.-i.dti
inthe'kidnevs. the i.atient ebx-. not think
they am atfevteel, hut the kidnen-acid is do-
Ing its worst every minute, ever hour, elaj
and night, and b)-and by thedi-ease of t,he
lungs lias advanced until pus is developed,
then come hemorrhage's, and at last the
glavsj stare which denotes that the end is
A post-mortem examination of such cases
shows that the terrible uric acid has com-ph-tely
destroeel the siibstane-e et the lung.
It is impossible te cure lungdisease when
the blood is poisoned with uric acid.
The Mtbnelo nt I'rbnlia.
Ail amateur performance of the "Mikaelo''
was given at I'rbana, Frieta night, in a
very uce-essful manner. The caste ot
principals is here given, as several are vve-ll
known In Springfield:
THEMIkUIOof Japin Mr Chis Chownlrc
.xa.nki ruu. 111s tmi. the wanaenig
Minstrel. In love with um Yum
Mr wles
K0 kO. Lord High Kiecutionerof Tlipu
Mr VV 1! Talbott
POO-IUH.Lord High Kvervtliliigl.lse
Mr teed J'ennoek
PI'll II sll.a Voble tonl Mr John It Hoss
KNELVU ', Mikado s Attendant
J,M I'lthlan
TL'M-YL'M. ) Three Ms I Miss llessieserviie
l-IITIsiMJ, terswirds'.VIrs. A. I. llirrlott
PEKP-lli). lot Ko-Ko. I Miss Marie Hltt
kAT"5H. an Elderly lady In love with
Xanki-Poo Mrs V a. sowles
. Urtima evidently his more snap, push
ami go-ahe-ad than S.iringlield But wait
until jou hear the "Doe-t r of Vlcanatra."
llotl't I. ft C.lllllt
This spring with jour blood full of impuri
ties, jeiur elUe"stieui Impaired, Jour apietite
poor, kldnejs and liver torpid, and whole
sj te 111 liable to be prostrated bj dise-ase
but get j nurse f into irixxl esindition. and
re-iilj forthechangingaiid wanner weather,
1 taking HishI's S),irs.iparilla. It stamls
uneiiualleil for punfiug the bloo.1, giving
an appetite-, ami for a general spring
A resident of Chicago has nleel a claim at
the treasurv edhce for the redemption of a
one thoiisai d dollar l. & bond, winch lie
Claims to have chew e-el up and swallow eel te
prevent a burglar from getting it
will or si'ffi:k
ami Liver '"ompl lint '.' i
is cuaranteeel to cure jou.
A. Garwoexl.
vvitli Dvsepsia
hlloh's Yitalizer
For sale bv F.
Mrs. Mar S. Logan txk out letters of
administration on the estate of the- late
Senator John A la.gan. In theCNiokcouiitv '
probate e-ourt the x-riiiial pro;-rt is
valueel at SlO.Oatl. the reality Is not given.
Co!eattM Ciidiiiirrt. Itoiuiiirt,
absolute! pure, exquisitely perfumed. poj- i
ulirit unpreceilented. Tlie best Jor
delicate skins. .
Presielent Grosvenor, of the National
union Le igue. his ealleil au iiuiiortant 1
meeting of tlie leullng republicans, to bej
held at
the Ebbitt house'. Washington,
Marcli 1.
Gooch's Mexican Sj nip will cure Asthma
and all Lung troubles.
A syndicate of captalists, ehie fly Cuicin
natlaus, has been lormeil to pure ha-e n
large natural gas tract m Findla, Ohio, in
cluding the Karg well.
SLEEl'LESb NIGH Tfc. mule miserable
by that trnh!e e-oiigh. Shiloh's Cure is the
lvniedy for j ou. For sale b F. ,V. Gal
Win. 1 lioinpsou, se-ve'iitj-tliiee je-ars eild,
w 10 cut h.s tluoet a inoiith ago in Cinciu
11 Hi, his ellcel
-IVV VXVV1,VV Acker's Baby
Soother at hand. It is the only &afe
medicmo yet made that will r-niove all
infantile disorders. It contains no Opimn
or MorpKne, but rjlves tho child t-ntunil
case frvm paiiu Trico 25 ccnu. Sold by
Frank II. Coblentz, comer Marktt and
High streets.
Hon Hi-nrj 11 Hathorn, owner of Ha-
tlioni Spring, diesl at b iratoga. N. .
Itenl I- ,tnte Tran.rrrs.
Mirgaret Welsh to Sophia Klngwalt, lot
on Cidumbia street j0T".
Abraham Martin to David M. Teach,
VI lni-101) acres of land in Bethel township:
W M Wise to Madalena Hesik, 7 1J-100
acre-s of laud in Ge'riu.ui township: $700.
Gesjrge W. -Miller to Ihoinis and William
(iiiisinger, lot in llrmhton: SJ7.".
1) K llostermiii to Frank E. Hoster
uiau, lot on Ligonila avenue SI. 000.
Edwin M Balrd to Frank M. Baird. one
half interest in JIi-. SVIOO acres of land in
Ilannoti tonnslip ty,.r,a"i M.
Sanilusky Hawkins et al. to (). X. Stew
art, unit-claim to lis .S.'1-IOO acres of land in
Harmon township 31.
John X. Shellahirger, mister commis
sioner, to O. N. Stewart, US 3 i-100 acre-s of
land in Harmouv township- ji'..sy! 10.
.loshin L Bust to Joseph Miller, prn
e.t on Pattou stre-et fcl.000.
A V.. Marsh ill to William Jones, 14 acres
land lu Gre-ene township: .Si.ihhi
Geo. W. Dalle to Iguatz Wisler, lot on
George strevt i"i0.
Ellen Conner, et al to William King.
1H acres land In Mid Kive-r township:
In Memory of Mltille Cllpplnger, ITho
Depnrted Till. I.llr .lamiHr) 34, IHH7.
He was ahrlghttxiv of eighteen summer",
likesl b all who knew him. He was striek-
eu down with tint dread disease-, lung fever.
and he was gone from us liefore we could
realize it. Oh. how we miss his cheerful
.... , .,. ..... , , ...
I hind that collides emr broken he-arts to rest
assuresl that his s)int is in heaven.
He his p isvd and gone
To Ih it silvery, shining shore.
VV here all is love and happiness.
Wbereall Ills trials are o'er.
Hut how we miss his loving smiles.
A uranrt'on cood and kind.
One tint lind alone can find.
I tear boy. too sweet to stay below.
Where art thou. Oh, whither didst thou
Methlnks I hear thee from above,
w hlsperlug to earth In tones oflove.
iiranalallier, motherand mother,
I cannot cime to thee:
Hut thou may.t come to me.
And with you I hope to spend
A blest eternity."
A Fl!!M.
In Meuiortmu.
In memory of little Charlie Weir, who
dieil Febrnarj Hth, of that dreael disease,
diphtheria, ageil 2 jears :
Our pri'f ious darllnc from us is gone :
Ihe voice weloveil Is suited.
A plire Is vacant in our home
VV hlch never can be filled.
(lodln Ills wisdom his recalled
The one we loved so deir.
Hut while with tears our eyes are dim.
His spirit hovers near.
'Tu ts (tod who took him faraway.
To th it bright isolden shore
Hut we will meet him some other dav.
To part from him no more.
Genie but not forgotteu. 11. K.
In meniorv of little Jessie Weir, who
elieil Fe-bniir.v 17th. Isb7. ot that dread ells
eas. eliphthena, aged 4 Jears:
Little Jessie was our darling.
Pride of all our hearts at home.
And theancels came and whispered.
Time and w hi.pered. "Jessie, come."
No thought ot e irth. no taint of sin.
K'er dwelt her stainless hreist within.
And Hod hath lain her down to sleep.
Like a pure pearl below the deep.
Gone but not forgotten. II. B. K.
ail Ci.e of lririwty.
The charge against Smith and Call and
tlie Horn and Williams girls should be dis-
, ,,r"'-rl ,"'," "f loitering about a house
of ill shape', as the place where they were
iathereel in is not so known. Tlie ouug
men are said to be nie-e (") oung fellows
about teiwn. Assistant Chief McKay dis-coveie-d
them in the aet of making the
girls elruiik and thought he understood
their gaini'. So he took Officer Marshall
and a ine'ssenge-r li along and iiroceeeleil
to the room and knocked. Te tlie question
"Who's there'.'" was answered. "A messen
ger Ixi." The door was openetl and the
quartette found in sadl demoralized eon
ditton with nothing onto kis-p out the
colli. One of tin- fellows put up his goiel
watch for tliecrowel.
The . A. It Department l-.iicntiipnient.
The cxe-cutive committee of the G. A. K.
eiepartiue-nt encampment to be lield In this
cit April 27, 2S and 29. met Mon
elaj afternoon in J. W. Wallace's
ollice. 'litis being tlie initial meet
ing, little was accomplishes! bejond
a teneral discussion of tlie project Com-mandi-r
Conger is expectesl tomoiron or tlie
111 xt daj, to assist in makiug the prelnni
natv arrangements.
Bitter E, First regiment, will hold a
conuiiissioue-el and iion-commissione-el of
In'ers' 1-I100I at their armory Weeliu"slay
euening, Febraar" 2.M. at 7:.10. There Is
alii a cordial invitation extended to all
comrades wishing to attend. Lessons to be
taken from the tirst twent-six pages of the
taitlcs. 11 oreler of
J. C. Oe.DKX,
First Lieutenant
Imertotit Tool Match,
An important pool contest will be plajed
this evening at Colian A Lj nch's between
"Yellow Sim" We-st of Newark, N. J., a
profe-ssionil cue artist, and little Grant
Ebj. tiie kM phenomenon of this city. The
match ts for the best If. in 31. and We-st
gives his little opponent six games the
John T. Norris elrove up in fremt of the
I.agonda house this morning and hitched
his horse', using a piece of cotton twine as
a hitching strap and nn old clay pipe as a
"block." It was very cute, but if Brad
ford hail happeneel around that waj John
T. would probably hive had to waltz up
before the inaor again.
V.xt Itemelit in Texas.
Great excitement has been causeel in the
vicinitv of l'aris, Texas, by the remarkable
lee'overy of Mr. J. K. Corle, who was -o
neipie-s ne- coiiiu not uiru in ueu, or raise
his head, everjlxxly saul hewasdjingof
Consumption. trial bottle of Dr. King's
New Di-eove-ry vvas se-nt him. Finding re
lief, he bought a large Ixittle and a box of
Dr. King's evv Life Fills: by the time he
hail till. en twe Isixes of I'llls and two
Ixdth-s ot the Diseeiv e-rv , he vv as vv el! and
had galnesl in th-sh tlnrtj-six ikjuiuIs.
Trul Nettles of thi Great Discoverj- tor
Consumption at Ludlow A Co.'s.
The Verdict t'nntilliluiis.
D. Milt, druggist. Hippus. Intl., testi-
lie s- ' I can ri-ooiniue-iid Electric iiilters as
thevi-rj best retiieily. One man took six
Nitth-s. and vvasrurcd of Kheumatlsni of
10 je-irs' standing." Abraham Hare, drug
gist, llellville, Ohio, aflinus: '-'Ihe N-st
selling iiieellcine I luveever hantileel in mj
JO jears' experience, is Electric Hitters."
I hoiisands of others have added their tes
li iiionj. so that the verdict Is unanimous
that I "lit trie Hitters elo cure all eli-e-ases of
the Liver. Kidnes or UIixhI Only a half
ilollira Ndtle at Ludlow A Co.'s Drug
liuekliiiVAnuet Salvo.
Tiif. HkstSxi.x-e ill the world forCuts,
Hrulses, bore-s, Ulce-rs. Salt Kheum, Fever
Sores. Te'tter. Chappesl Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, ami all skin eruptions, and peisitivelj
cures File, or no pa reepuireel. It is guar-auti-e-d
to give trfi-ct satisfaction, ormmic
refmielisl. Price 20 cents pe-r box. For
sale by Charles Ludlow i Co.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Combines, In a manner peculiar to Itself, the
best blood purltjlng and strengthening reme
dies of tlie vegetable kingdom. You w if find
this wonderful remedy effective where other
medicines have tailed. Try It now. It will
purify jour blood, regulate the digestion,
and glv e new life and v igor to the entire body.
"Hood's Sarsaparilla did me great giaxl.
I was tire-el out from overwork, and it toned
me up." Mit-s. O. E. Simmons, Cohoes, X. Y
' I suffered three years from blexxl pulim.
I took Hood's Sarsaparilla and think I am
cured." Jlus- M. J. 1 vv is, Uruckport, X. Y.
Purifies the Blood
Hood's Sarsaparilla is characterized by
three peculiarities : 1st, the comMnation of
remedial agents; 2d, the jtrnjaortlon; 3d, tho
proctM of securing tho active medicinal
qualities. The result is a medicine of unusual
strength, effecting cures hitherto unknown.
Stind for book cuntalning addition il evidence.
"Hexxl s Sarsinarllla tones up my sjstem.
purifies my blood, fthirpens mv apt etlte and
seems to mike mo over." J 1'. TiurMi-ser,
Register ot lee-ds. Lowell, Mass.
"Hofxl's Sersaparllli lx-ats all others, and
lsworlhltswelghtiugold." I HvltuiXiTe.,
130 Bank Street, Xew York City.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists ft ; six for IS. Mada
only by C I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass.
IOO Doses One Dollar..
Cro.stns: of tlie Hare.
Mr John Ite-mle has nn article in The
Popular Science Monthly e,n "The Inter
mingling of lt.iecs, ' in which he shows
that crossing is a general and nlmost uni
versal phenomenon in human History, iiui
has lxH-n goinirotifor thousands of jenrs
nnel is Mill goli on, and that most of tho
existing raee-r of men are, to a greater or
le-ss extent, results of it New York
Knctl.ti Tens Forbidden.
General lhmlanger recently got in'o a
perfectly nvv fill state of mind at the tlis
tovcry that steel pens manufactured In
perfidious Albion were being used by the
students In the military schools of France.
He decre-eil nt once that only pen of
French make sheuild lx iiscel under sever
est jciialtie's Chie o Tribune.
how easily rlicuniati-i'i begins, and how
insidiously it gro.s in the system, unti.
one is startled to find lum-elf its victim
in either the acute or chronic form. He
then learns tlie fearful tenacity of it
grip and tiie utter ikjy e rlessiiess of the
ordinary remedies to give relief.
Probably to no disease have phvsiclan'
given more studv, and none 111s more
completely bailies' their etlorls to provide
a sxxitic; ami until Athlophoros was elis.
covered there was no medicine whieh
would surely cure rheumatism, neuralgia
and nervous or sick headache. Thousands
of testimonials like the following prove
beyond epiestion that Athlophoros is the
only reliable remedy, ami that il will do
all that is claimed for it
Mr. Joshh White, of New Paris, Ohio,
said tooureorresondentin reference toliis
being cured of rheumatisinbytheiiseof tli
loplioros: It acted likeaeharmwithmeand
I ieel that I owe my present gixx health to
theone bottle ofAthlopiinrosIused It wis
alxiut two years ago I had the rheumatism,
I could scarcclygetar ml and when I eltd
manage to do i it was with great pain.
I spent over thirty elollirs ilnring this
atlaek with eioctors not counting what I
spent for liniments and other medicines,
lmtnone of them elid me a partible of goexi.
t list I heard of Athlophoros; it was on
Wednesdav I commenced' usiug it ami eon
tinueil taking regularlj until 1 finished the
bottle. On Fridar I went out free fim
rheumatism. Mv feg were as good as ever,
au 1 from that ilay to litis, now nearlv two
wears sin-e, I Iiavc not had a twinge of
trlieum.it ism. I hare recommended it to
miuyiliuerent sufferers and hive been well
paid for inv trouble by seeing them bene
lilesl as I was.
Every druggist should keep Athlophoros
and Athlophoros I 'ills, but where they can
not be IriujIh ol the druggist the Allilo
phoros Co , 1U Wall ft. New iork", will
send either (carriage limit on resxipt of
regular pries?, vvliith is 1.(0 per bottle
for Athlophoros and .W. for I'llN.
For liver and kitlnej ilL-sases, dyspepsia. In
ilUesli m. ve-tiLnesri, riervxs tlebilitj eitsaws
,f women, e-onstipntion heaibiche, impure
blood, ax., Athlophonv Pills are unequale-L 4
Great Snte or lvnel at ltoek Bottom Prlre-s.
We. the undersigned trustees of Geo.
Kious. being duly authorized by a deeil of
trust executeel to us bj Geo. Kious ami Me
linela Klous his wife, of tlie countv of
Madison, township of Itauge, in tlie btate
of Ohio, and with the consent anil agree
ment of the creelitors of the said Kious, have
riveiveil twe parcels of real estate, contain
ing aNiut ieven Hundrisl and Mxt (TC0)
acres, hereinafter elescnlieei. To be iilel at
private sale, in parcels or as a whole, to
suit purchers; the proe-eeds to be applied in
tlie payment of elcbts to the aforesaid creel
itors in their priority.
Tract No. 1 consists of about Six Hun
elred (000) acres, locateel about 12 miles
east of Ijondon, the county seat of Mailison
county, Ohio, and about ej miles west of
Mt Sterling, O., a live town on the Mid
land Kailroael, and surrounded on tliri-e
sides by fres tunipikes. This Is a very
fertile piece of land, suitable for grazing
ami tinning, or botli; well wateri-el; will
(divide into six farms miming to free
l turnpikes, and nil having goml vvate-r and
I near scnooi-nou-es. i ins lanu nas neany
all N-en cultiv ateel, and is in a gtxxl state
of cultivation, and well drained with tile;
I buildings fair, with a railroad building near
the fann. with station on the comer of the
farm. This is arareeipportunity for parties
wanting gixxl homes lu one of the best ami
most fertile ceiunties in Ohio, or for an one
j wanting a large farm for grain or stock
, raHing, orNitli.
Tract No.2 is situated In Clark county.
Ohio, between the Cit of Springfield and
South Charleston, aUmt 5 miles from
Charleston anil T miles from Springlielel,
containing 162 62-100 acre-s of land, known
at the Bennett fani, and formerly owneel
by Leonard bprague. This is a gtxxl farm,
all in grass. There coulel be 100 acre-s eif
sex! ground put in e-oni this spring; timber
enough on the tarm for its own use; within
thive or four hundred j-anls of a gixxl
schexil-house: ordlnarj- elw elling-hnu-e vv ith
in 2 miles ot railroad station.
Title in Ixrth fanns perfect Our price
will lie jour price if sold sxn. We are
turneel loose without an restrictions in the
sale. To N- sohl on easy terms, or rpiite an
inducement, for cash. Possession give'ii at
once. An information, either in ihtsoii
er by mail cheerfully give'ii b
John O. Athivmiv.
South Charleston, Claikcoiintv.Ohlo.
Or. IK. Kim's
Ml. hterilnlf. Madison count, Ohio,
Trustees of Ge-o. Kious.
Williams Art Ston' has been removeel
from 2s to 70 east Mam strivt. opposite
D.ehl's block. The closing euit sale of
pictures, picture frames, art gixxls. station
ary, etc., will be continued. Great bar
gains areotferesl.
Lexikout laoJiitain. Tcnne-ssee', has been
piirclnseel b a sjndicate. with the iuteu
tion of making it a pleasure re-sort
(VV A andreliableMedicineiiarethebest
vJ""VX to depend upon. Acker's Blood El
ixir liaa been prescribed for years for all im
puritiesoftheBlood. IneTeryfonnofScrof
ulous. Syphilitic or Mercurial diseases, it is
invaluable. For Itheumatisci, lias no equal.
Frank II. Coblentz, corner Market and
High streets.
Congress is approaching its chise, with
l,l..i bills on tlie house calendar.
No. 31 East Main Street.
Quinine Hair Tonic
For the preservation and restoration of the Hair.
Excites the Scalp to new and healthy action, re
moves dandruff, prevents the hair from fallina off,
and in a majority of cases will produce a fine growth
of new hair.
Pharmacists, No. 55 East Main Street.
C. R. JOHN & CO.
Kurd's Shaft and Emma Mine ; Jackson Coal a Specialty.
Also, best grades of Cannel, Hocking and Anthracite.
OFFICE : Corner Mechanic and Washington Streets.
lAKW Letter Heads,
5.000 Letter Heads. -1.000
Packet Note- Heads.
5,000 Packet Xote Heads. - - ." 75
1,000 Fine Linen Packet Vote Heads, 1.40
1,000 Statements, ... 1.20
5,000 Statements, - 5.00 5,000 o. e". XX Vv lute Lnvelopes, 7.25
This space will be occupied by
Successors to Hance & Co., 14
West Main St., Springfield, Ohio.
"BaMttfsl sad
idikUf :
1.000 1-0 she 't Hill Heaels,
, 5,000 l- sheet Hill Heads, - -
4 50
LOO" 1-4 sheet Bill Heads.
.000 1-4 sheet Bill Heaels, - -
1.000 N"o. fi XX White Envelopes,
J.000 Xo. f. XX White Envelopes,
Tfcrtt Ytars off Arctic Service.
-& B7A.VT. 6BEET.T. XJsnt. V. n. Arar.
Cam's; J-adjr jTrmaklla Bar EissslUeiasf 1SSJ1-4.
Tsm I'oU., Moral tvo. wtfk Steel Portrait, over 100 JUustratunu amd
tkt Qfoal MaptanJCkarU. Sold ml9 by SuUmption.
rkklf fflM Tolaaus." CVaoiaaari Com'l Ooette.
akeaads with Uvtlj isssyiitlaas "Clucaf
' Tbs saaat fasartiat work imilliiil a Arttls mmttmt.mJSo1tm
' A. wall smais aad vwlsnsis tosk.1 iT. T.9am.
IaUnstiac bsSB esvarta sovsr." IT. T. Sunld
" Tolamss la srary wT satiafasissT aa asstaUts.'S JT. T. Ttejs.
Ma starr t And axflantkB kas somalal tt hi aawat, valu as
falaoa." Bmrifor J-ott.
A taKlsllftatWutalla KTavyCttyaaklTsrsns. "
17S Bias U, Ctaalamatl, a 74S Btaadway, Haw Tarkt,
S-sigXi, v

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