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,Sr'3jt--"i3K3!3fjafc- -'aiMhai
Mireesor to C C. Tnjlor & Mm,
K. . Ki:i.l., M. M. IIKIX-.KH,
President See. Treas.
II VOrtE-5. Manager.
,:i:nts rois
We Veen a full line ol all brands of
Cement, l'laster, lUlr, Fire IlricL and
Clay, Chimney and Sewer l'ipe.
imngficlrt $cpublu
The Biri'ltLIC prlt thewTork aid Wes
tern VssorUtrJ 1'rcs, ll.p.tche.l th Kltr
Cable (torelcalTelerrata.
C. M.
Tiux. :. HKOW.V.
Publishers and Proprietors.
Till: KVKXINO KKl'liltMO Is published
every evening except Sunday, and Is deliv
ered at the rate ol Us. per week. Single
copies 2c. ,
tiik i:i:ki.y kepuiilic is published
every Thursday, and Is oue of the most com
plete family newspapers In the country .
eight pages, markets complete. Replete
with news and tnlsrellauy. fl per year.
Invariably cash In advance.
All communlcsttons and contributions
should be addressed to CLnnis. M. Nichols.
edltnr.nndall business letters to Thomas .
11l.o .. manager.
Telephone No. 2..o.
The Sherman Ixniiii is fairly booiiiinir.
There is datnrer that v enior Hill may
pmve to be a bigger man than Cleveland.
We hoe Cleveland may tie able to secure
the nomination of ijs part for a second
term. He could not secure an electoral
vote in a single northern state.
The republican members of the Ohio
legislature are unanimous! in favor of the
reuomiiiation of Governor 1'oraker. He
v ill be renominated and elected.
nr,-s.i have six .lavs lomrer under
' ' . .
the new resolution, to inquire into the
merits of the police court bill. The longer
the time tin more now erf til the opposition.
The (piestlon of a union depot in Spring-
Held max- !e i. chestnut, but this Is about
the time of y e?r w hen the railroad compa
nits, ought to make a move in that direc
The selection of Hon. W. I!. Morrison
for one of the inter-state railroad commis
sioners indicates that political characters
are to be selected for members of the com
The indiv idual w ho is sincere in hk efforts
for iiiuniciii.il reform should certainly en
deavor to secure what he considers to be
the very best legislation tue-sible. No half
way measure should lie thought of when
the lietter plan could Ik- just as easily
The name of Mr. E. U. llandall is promi
nently mentioned in connection with the re
publican nomination for mayor of Colum
bus. Mr. Kandall is president of the
board of trade of that city, young, ener
getic and a live republican, who would do
honor to the city, the parly and himself in
that capacity.
Council, by extending the hours for hold
ing fie --pet-ial election, has given the work
ing people an opjiortunity to v ote on the
jiollce btlL The hours as originally fixed
were cunningly hxed by some one and coun
cil, without thinking, adopted the resolu
tion. The people were heard from, how
ever, and the outrage became apparent and
the scheme v as sat down ti)oii last night.
as will be seen in tlie council proceed
ings. '
As spring advance-, the matter of a pub.
lie park should receive attention. We
should not have simply one large park, but
a nuinber of small ones in different parts of
the city, affording the residents of tin
neighborhood a place for rvcuation and
pleasure. As the city grow s. the need of
these will become more and more obv ions.
and now is the time to -ecure them before
the available sites are all taken up by
parties for business or residence pur-
The following, from the Tiincx .Slur of
Monday, expresses onr views si correctly
that we reprodiic it :
"1'he patriots engaged 111 wreaking jetty
revenges on General Keifer. who has been
invited by a committee of tlie Army of the
Cutnbtrlaml to deliver a memorial address
mi Gariield at Washington, display a some
what malevolent and vulturous spirit. That
irneral Keifer thrusts himself forward in
this matter, is a convenient assumption,
taken as an excuse for throwing a hatch of
gutter garbage at him. The thing has been
palpably overdone. To lie consistent his
critics cannot spare Garfield, who held
Keifer in close friendship,"
The following, as a Chicago stiecial to
the TimC'-SUtr of March 1st, indicates that
the presidential ticket suggested by the
Knr-riil.u Mime time ago, is booming:
Talks with travelers from Illinois, Iowa,
Wisconsin, Minnesota and other states who
hav e been found at the hotels here during
the past few- days. Indicate that the Sher
man boom is becoming quite pronounced in
thoe regions, and that it threatens to engulf
the Ulalne following. In Illinois especially
the Sherman movement is very strong, and
the organization of Miennaii clubs is being
talked of in many localities. The name
most generally mentioned as a ruiinning
mate for the thin statesman is that of Sen
ator Hawley. of Connecticut.
A prominent democratic manufacturer of
the city has been going the rounds of his
workmen in the shops urging the men to
vote for the i-ohce bill. What additional
evidence is needed to convince republicans
that tlie .scheme is democratic and lieing
worked for a pur-sse. If the bill was
what Springfield wanted, evervliodv. re
gardless of part v, would and should give it "
hearty support, but it is not. and the only
argument, iiiai lis auvoeaies oner, in Its
supi-ort, is that it is an improvement on the
present system, admitting that it is not
what we need. Even If this Is true, which
we are not willing to admit, it certainly is
I"or reform when the plan which every one
seems to favor, a salaried mayor and a o
lice commission, can be just as easily ob
thk mki:tim: iu. lit: iiv.i.it.
The Miecetion if the Kkpculk. ester
day that a meeting of citizen be held to
jiliruv inunieipal legislation and the miv
sihllitj ot jet getting a bill ia-eil ineetinc
the want-of our ieolt', struck a impular
I clinni. and the nieetms will be held.
KverjluKlv mvih-. to aitrfy that the new
i IHiliee court bill is not what we want in
nrincheld. hut what we do want is a
( -alaried majoi and a Iice ami hie
OMimiv.ii.ii. if it couhl Im ol-
I tained. and It can Ik' ohtaiui-d.
' It can 1m obtained ji-t as ea-ilj as the lilau
I now Ix-foie the Hsijile if the juvple moe
1 iirouii.tlj and uuitell) in tlie matter. With
this in iew. at the reuest of a erj law
liuuilx-r of citicii-Mich a imvline will lie
liehlatthovviovain mi Kridaj cwniiie of
this wi-eU. at " oVIock, to
' take actum in this matter.
lie k citi7ens' iiitH'tmc and evcrj-
ltited to attend ami join in the
lOTH-veilinc KeiueinN'r the place and
date, and le on hands.
Tlit Com lu.lonof the Whole Matter.
To the Colored People ot SprinetieM. Ohio
I The end ot the lieinnnmi; has come, and
I with It irreat joj to all who wcie made to
endure unjust discrimination on the basis
of color. It has been rein-atedly asserted
I by tho-e who are acquainted with tho school
j tiiht in Springfield, known as the "Oaf-a-
vvay case," that that was the bepmiiuc of
what we now enjoy and
hav e
commemorated. 1 was
to let m
daughter'-) ease be
used as the entering)
wedge to destroy "the discrimination
against colored children, under the name,
word or pretext of classitication." The
alx e quotation is fiom the icn of trustor
I'ringle, and n apiH-arttl In theCoimiicrrhil
Giirrttc .1 nne 14, lss:!. Mr. I'ringle was
one of the attorney s, and Is therefore pre
pared to give the true interest of the suit.
In bringing the suit in the 1'uitisl States
court at Cincinnati it was necessary to give
Umd for the cost. This I was not able to
do. and I was read to drop the case, and
I Intended to do s, and was preparing
to announce the same. I rci)rtcd to my
friends that a bond was demanded. I made
the same statement to Mr. lluford, who
having become enthused with the matter,
and who. In common with others believed
that the light would lesult favorabl, as
sumed thelmnd in connection with Mr. K.
Kdiiiomlson, with the understanding that it
w as a light for the (ifole. Had either of
the gentlemen told me, w hen they signed
the bond, tli.it they regarded the matter as
in personal obligation, orhad I understood
that the tight was my own individual tight,
there would have been no hghtat all before
the l S. court against W.J. White, siIikt-
inteiiilent, l me, because I did not con
sider myself able to carry on a disagree
ment of that magnitude alone, but on the
other hand, the public meetings held, the
cltirens'iinaiice committee with Jr, Iiuford
as treasurer. the cane presenta
tion to Mr. Clifton M. Nichols.
The enumeration of the colored children of
the city, ami the measuring of the distances
they traveled to and from school, and the
repeated, earnest solicitations to allow the
use of the name of my daughter, all this
caused me to believe that it was a light for
the whole community of colored children;
and in addition to all this the money col
lected and paid into the citizens finance
committee treasurer's hands, and bv him
l,:,,u u,",r "niey, aim rrcencu uy sai.i
1 attorneys and receipted for,
as funds paid
on account of "Gazaway suit" all this and
more, caused me to believe that the suit
was in the interest of the whole population
of colored children. I have been misrei
resented and slandered Invause of my re
fusal to assume to pay tuts ooml.
The matter of damage has lieen referreiU
to. 1 asked for no damages when th-p
matter was spoken of tome. I said that
money was not the object sought, but that
we wanted for our children tlieir rights in
the public schools. And had the suit been
won and damages paidv I fully intended to
return to every man every cent that he had
paid into the general fund.. for to carry on
the suiL I have the subscription book with
the name and amount of some of the sub
scribers. 1 have also the names tit the
citizens' finance committee. Mr. James
1! u ford, treasurer. And now, in conclusion,
I want to ask the citizens of Springheld of
color, to tell me what they want me to do
or what they are willing to do in this matter.
Mr Huford and Mr. IMmoudson should
not be coiniielleil to stand this loss. It is
wrong. If all will give a little, the aniout
which is -s:;, i-aii lie raised. Twenty live
cents each from three hundred and thirty -two
iier-suii" will settle the account ami give
the right jingle to our jollification. I sub
scribe live dollars; hav e paid a pari of it;
am ready to pay the balance when the
citizens shall have sin-ken.
.1. W. G V7VW vv.
The Ohio river is falling.
Hartford City, Ind., has struck natural
It is now thought there will tie no extra
session ot congress.
The snow storms in Canada are tin- hi
gest ev er know n there.
Klias Kck, a fanner of Kllerton. ().. sui-
ciueu oy snooting Himself.
The Murphy temperance movement is on
a boom at Yincennes, In,.
Judge Albion W. Tourgee is scrioiislv III
with pneumonia at Maysville, V. Y.
All the Milwaukee printers have stniek-
for live cents advance on coiniiosition.
The senate is determined to -rive Tnmie's
alleged election a thorough investigation.
Yates Ferguson, a millionaire distiller of
I'aris, Ky., died in New Xork. aired sixtv-
Noah Hall, of Miincie, Ind.. was run
over by a train and killed while gazing at a
gas w ell.
The Keystone rink. Wilkesharre, I'a.. to
gether with its contents, wis destroyed by
tire. Ixiss, over SiO, 000.
Haulton Hrothers' livery stable at Mavs
ville, Ky., was burned and thirty horsesde
stroyed. Iiss, io,oo).
The conference reixirt on the riverain!
harbor bill has lieen adopted by the senate,
and now goes to the president.
There has been a break in the ballots In
the senatorial light in New Jersey, but the
-xooeii column remained solid.
In Chicago Alison Clark stabbed James
Kennedy eleven times. Kennedy may re
cover. Clark is behind the bars.
TUf national council of the National
I'nion league has adopted a resolution to
tireaK the solid democratic south.
Tin-democrats of the district of Colum
bia are wroth because of the appointment
of Trotter to be recorder of deeds.
John Money, of New- Albany, Ind., killed
himself because his sick wife made a wU
leav mg her property to her parents.
David Smaltzly, Lagro. Ind., was killed
on a trestle by a passenger train on the
Cincinnati, Wabash and Michigan Railroad.
Fritz Hass. over seventy years of age,
was frozen bi death during a snoTv-stonu
by which he was overtaken near Shell Lake,
I, I-. -
An epidemic of measles is raging in the
llidge Avenue Orphans' Home, Allegheny
City. Fifty children are ill with the dis
eise. 1 lie aggregate increase of the naval i
appropriation bill by the senate com-
mittee is between S21.00V.0U0 and $"-!
l!ev. J. G. Armstrong, of Atlanta, G-., '
has formally withdrawn from the Protes
tant Kpiseopal chinch, on account of dis-'
Henry Kenier, a fanner near Mt. Venou, '
- diana. lulu t know
ViHell! '' ""'"le of
it was loaded, i
his shotgun ami
The Inter-State Land Company has pur
chased Tli.OOO.OOO acres of land in Tea,
Vevv ilexico and Colorado. This is the
largest prirate land purchase ever made in
the I'li'ited States.
The president has approved the bill for
tits holding of terms of the United States
siurts at Icksburp. MUs.. and for the
in-.oirvT'ii aoriut,-H across tne 1 eiinesse,. i
rlv t "liattaniKiira.
i by
The 1trikcr Then and Vow,
Take tin. Wnll street uiiiu as arother
example of the change that Is join.; 011
Ten eais ngo lie was the pet of the town,
the delight of the Ktrtendcr the beloved
of the chorus girl and the particular stnr
1 of the race irac k nnd gambling clnb Ills
greatest Imnst was that he drank nothug
I lint cliiiniiugiie. he was ntklcs m the
1 matter of dollies, wore v.ist uautilie of
j jewelrj nnd t;lorieil in lieiug consiiUreil a
I nun ntKiitt town The Wall street luoker
could hive I veil dcllis:l 111 those das at
1 a glume Ills n.itt Imots. his shuunj;
hat. .vcllow gloM-.. tight lilting ilothcs,
swugger, assiiniiiie ninl tarringe taniHsl
him everywhere He sw.iggi-nsl into lur
rooms with nil air ol an ninlerbnil prince
of the blood, and talked siM ks in pulilli
pliicesliiierniiualil. r.ervll. i.illisllinn
Charley. .linini. llari.v or Toiiiui nnd
nothing plca-cd him !uore than to have his
mime nssiHialcd in ever so slight .1 wn
with that of a woman of the iiiirh-sqin-singe
lie wason the whole ncrvv risk
hs.s and generous to 11 fault, nnd often a
IhiIiI and courageous ganililcr, but there is
110 doubt he was a tremendous nuisance
iiliout town, and outside of Wall street he
vas Ihc sitlijcti of ciiticisiu the imirt of
whi h he never suns ted
In those il.is thev all madi- money on
the stris'l. for III" lambs had not lieen
sknightensl and the lools li.-ul not giown
wise Thev thoughl Hint then gold initio
would last foiccr heiiiv the rush nnd
scramble to s(s- n ho coiild sjieml the tno-t
money nnd make the greatit sh-iw 1 do
not know whether it was the reull of
hard times or 1111 em of good sense, but it
is a fact that this noisy nnd dashing tyjie
of Wall street man has almost entirely
disapiH-artsI and New York congratulates
itself accordingly The brokers are now
in nio-t instances quiet and undemonstra
tive men. who are not distinguished by
their manner of ntlire from other men
(If course there urea few noi-y ami dress.
vonng culis who still lielieve that W11.I
"tree! is me tenter 01 tlie universe, irn
they are not the little tin gods on wheels
that they wen-ten years ago Illakcly
Hall in New York .Mail and Express.
Prisoner Out of slug sing.
While the warden was talking three
prisoner came through the doorway from
lielow. They were no longer prisoners
when they cnttred the warden's olliie.
Their terms had just expired.' They were
lrc cd in ilollung cut by 11 Fifth avenue
tailor, and felt 11-' proud aj could le.
They Ixiwed to the warden and walked
out into the world free men
"It looks ijiiivr for a prisoner without
money or friends to leave here with a 1(II
suit of clothes 011 his kick, but occa
sionally he does. When a man comes here
his clothing is conllscatcd. It is nno
vntcd, and if need lie. repaired and hung
up for future iiisicct inn The first pris
oner discharged jN entitled to pick out any
suit of doiliing he takes a fancy to If
there is nothing to fit him we furnish him
x itli a new suit Then- is a man walking
almiit New York toslay wearing .Incline's
spring overcoat which he had on when he
came here, and some other ex-convict
selected his trousers. Another took the
Prince Alliert co.it and sonusuie else diost?
the veJf of the ex-aldernuiu. They vere
all of the 11 nest (ju.ility .Money mid
jewelry are always returmsl to n prisoner
at the expiratioti of his term. It fre
qurutly ImpjH-ns that when a man is sent
here the second time he will bring along
a'l his money and jewelry, knowing that
tne state is resjiousiMe for them " New
i"ork Mail and Kxpn-ss.
Change In so!dlrfV Dispositions.
"The greatest diangt". that I notice in
,eople are in dise.itiou rather than in
nppennince, although n change in tlie
spirit of a man does make a change in
hisapjiearanie." This came from a man
who--face bore on it n look of sadness
"I remember," he continued, '-three wild
fellows who entered our company and
svho for n year were among the most lu
suiionlinate nnd the most dilllcult to
manage. There came in the next year
skirmish after skirmish ami Kittle after
Kittle, and to all ot these three men
rough and iiainfiil exivriences. At the
end of that year it seemed that they
juuiel from the rollicking rowdyism of
reckless young men to the serious and
ourageoiisresponsihihty of ripe manhood
In the last year of the war there was not
a single complaint against any of them
but when they returned to their old
ncighliorhood scarcely one of their old
neighlxirs recognized them. The t hr.nge
in clmraiter had brought almut a change
In appearance or lieanng that we who had
lieen with them had not noticed" Chi
cago Inter Ocean Curbstone Crayons "
An I'nrnly I'Atieut
Dr. .Siutlion relaUil a tase of nlisccss of
the axilla which was incised while the pa
tient wns only inrtt.illy under the liillu
elice of the diloroforni. As the knife
penetrated the flesh the viticut sprniir to
his feet, rushed tit the case of instruments
vvhidi was near by, and had half opened
n drawer and was iiluit ci7.ing an instru
ment when one of the students bravely
cjught him. He very soon quieted down.
The next day he s,,id that he had just
come from a grinding on a sugar plantn
turn, where a iiumtier of Chinvse era em
ployed; that he was always quarreling
with them, and that, as he was going
under chloroform, the students around
him liccanif gradually transformed, in his
mind, into ''hinese. and that ;ls uu. knife
pciictrnti-d him, though he Teh no pain, lie
was satisfied it was one of the Chinamen
who had stnhlicd him Hence the rush he
made to what he tliought was his armory,
for a wciihiii to defend himself Texas
Medical Journal.
Ire as tt Luxury.
Ill Germany iie is precious. The ice
man take his rjrt tip to a iiistoiner'.s
door nnd carefully weighs the ice out to
him in u little lu cket. A grocer, who in
America would buy say at least ohi)
iwunds of Ice in Germany buys live
pounds. The 'ccmaii keeps his stock
under lock nnd key, it is so valuable. The
ice is chopped tip fine like loaf sugar, and
is weighed out in a spring scale. In
weighing it the dealer is careful to give
no more than the exact amount, just as
much as the grocery- man here is when
weighing out buttei at fifty tents a jmund
One wagon in Germany will snpidy the
tlciiLinds of :kVIXKI persons. A family ice
box holds about two ioitiids of cliopiiil
ice, and only well-to-do people can airbrd
the luxury. New- York Mail and Express
Forest Destroyers Dl Australia.
The crop destroying rabbit appears to
lie not the only animal plague in Austra
lia. The decay of the forests is traced by
Itcv. 1 Macpherson of the Ituynl Society
of New South Wales, to the uixisstims.
After much investigation it was ascer
tained that a single animal would devour
almut 2(KI leaves of the Eucalyptus, or
blue gum tree, ilia night; proving that
the ly.OOO opossums killed annually In
the county of Victoria w ere sufticient to
destroy upward of l:l,(KK) trees and lay
bare a f pace of TOO acres, or more tlian u
square nine rkan.savv Traveler.
Tl ,3 (.Itam of the Opal.
TheojKu has comnierei. superstition. It
lias uleamed in nil itsevasivt,- lieaiay this
holiday season, ami jet not u reproach
lias Ueii its' tiiNjii the witchery, whether
in rins or in scarf pin. nut there are
Koo.1 ojials, ami, though only onr in a
thousand brings ,a,l lucL to it's jmssessor.
oewnre ul the opal with a dark red gleam '
in its smoky depths. 'Tis an imp that i
lurks there, and he is full of deviltrj and J
uuschief. An npal with pale emerald j
lights mingled with if changing Hres
seems to have a "good spirit" imprisoned
in its Worn, and hsiks as virtuous and'
pure its imy iK-arl drugged from the ocean. .
Chicago Tribune.
A liriilge, Iliillder's I'roplieej.
William r ICingsley. projector of the
iiK in the infancy of the enter'iirise'tiint
::i.(Hl,).(io ,K-rs.is ,,er ,, ',,, n.,
iiiisiiww! nimge. esT,!,,. Ksl in-mv ijHtN
ri-H-iu in maximum capruity, nnd that
mis i.iiiiiiM-r oi iieople would he rising the
bridu'e in 1U00. Already 27,500.000 cross
the bridge, and at the present rate of iu
trease Jlr. Kinsley's estimnte may be
mulled in l&W, ten jenrs lc-fore the time
Ilusl by him. Public Opinion. i
SHILOH'S VITALIZE!: is what yon
need for consumption. Loss of Appetite'
I)izzines, and all symptoms of Dyspepsia'
I'riee lo and 75 cents per bottle. Kor sain
K. A. Carwooil. i
iim. Crvstet Cnrn on rrth for Psto." will
relieve more aulcLlr than &nrothr known im
S rdy IJiuraalliim. Nvurall.
i-wruius. sua jtreK, Kruurs,
Itum tw-AlJA, Cut. Lamb
Kl lirlT, Somij lof(M,itK,
'kiw he, OnlnsT.Sorw Thmsl,
SrisUcs. IVoumlH. IlradarhA
VJlCt Tixrth. h, Spnunn, etc. l-rice
.SrfA. n. Ixltle. txtM hr &II
imcKI-JV (xallnn. Ttw crn
S40C IA rrifutnst TradVUrL. and nor
fafHi'mlla ntnro. A V Mjer A Ou, Sol
IroprttUrs.l-i.tlmon'. 3M..I' b.A.
Coucb at once. 1'ricr nnlr 2a Cti. a bolll
I eol 111 V lilrl I, .lit Housekeeping.
Theel.lisi M,scst pnsiil,v, charmingly
ovei the hoin, ot UN- Ktihsh legation, fitxl is
nu 111 omplisln.1 lntus ks.'(ir as well ns
bost,s. lionet h r lust e us m Washing
Ion. while n to In 1 ii-poniliilities and
new to the eountt . s. nas ietitmsl in the
mi.! thoiongli manner fix servants and
truth's ieople The other diphiuiats. who all
know that istnngtoii is one of the most ex
jiensiei?:ipitals to m.pnt.uu .1 legation i-stab
llsjunent in llHIldsoine sly le, isiuld'even then
hardly understand wh Mr Wist ami jj,
daughter weii complaining of luing niimsl
by the co-t of things in ashmgtoii At last
some one ventunsi to sa tlmt their trusted
major domo. a n.ht hand man for years,
wns neglecting or heatmg The practical
investigation of ilomestle alTairs proved that
this steward had Uvn swindling in the most
high luuidisl manner, and lohlmighiscinploy
er on an unheanl of scale His ins-nlntions
ainountisl to thoii-jiuds. but ho wasotT and
out of the way UToii- it was proven. The
young mi-trt-ss of the hou-e ilj,'n to,, charge,
and by rsoual sujs 1 lsion leaiiusl how line
an art and how complex 11 thing it is to ketp
house in this coiinti j. coiiimrcd to the sy-s-tematicand
lon established nay of Hung!, in
l'uiiii- St. Ijoui. tiIol--IVinoenit
lme. He strues Idea of l.uurlieon.
This season society is all given to lunches
and teas, rext winter it will lie all dinners,
brilh'int evening gaveties, and intimate sii-jn-rs,
when the ix-al wink is to In-done. Such
a rage for lUtu lung uewrwas known, nnd
though some women ulTett to scorn Iheso
gathciings of their own sex, they all go to
them. Mine. Ie Stnive was the only woman
ever here who put her foot squarely 011 the
laduV lunch, and would have noneof it She
called them aliominations, nnd gave free and
fair warning that bo would never go to any
of them.
In-sides herojienly expresseil distaste for a
social gathering without men, he claimed
that that hourlelongsl to hcrfanuly, as hav
ing a Frem li bivukfast itiht-rovvnnartmcnt,
the inonnng meal was the only time when
her whole family were together. Washing
ton Cor (ilola-Heuiocrat.
(rent Sitle of Iiml at ICiKk llottoiti 1
We, the undersigned trustees of
Kious. lieing duly authorized by a deed of
tnist executed to us by Geo. rvious and Me
Hilda Kious. his wife, of the comity of
Madison, township of Ilange, in the State
of Ohio, and with the consent and agree
ment of the creditors of the said Kious,have
riveived two parcels of real estate, contain
ing alxnit Seven Hundred and Sixty- (7f0)
acres, hereinafter descrilnxl. To be sold at
private sale, in parcels or as a whole, to
suit purehers: the proeetxls to tie applied In
the pay meiit of debts to the aforesaid cred-
1 itors in their priority.
Iract No. 1 consists of about Six Hun
dred (00) acres, Incatui about 12 mile
cast of I -oiidon. the county seat of Madison
county, Ohio, and about 0 miles wot of
Mt. Sterling. O., a live town on the Mid
land Itadroad, and surrounded on time
sides by free turnpikes. This is a very
fertile piece oT land, suitable for grazing
and firming, or both; well watered; will
divide into six farms running to free
turnpikes, and all having gixxl water and
near sehixil-hoiises. 1 his lam has nearly-
all lieen cultivated, and is in a gixxl state
of cultivation, and well drained with tile:
buildings fair, with a railroad building near
the farm, with station on the corner of the
farm. This is a raie opjxirtunity for parties
wanting gixxl lumiis. in one of the best and
most fertile counties in Ohio, or for anyone
wanting a large farm for grain or stixjk
ra sing, or both.
Tract "o.-J is situated in Clark county.
Ohio, between the City of Springfield and
.Ninth Charleston, about .1 miles from
Chatlestnn and 7 miles fiom Springfield,
containing Mi frJ-liKI acres of land, known
at the Itcnuctt farn, and formerly owned
by Ixiiuard Spraguc. This is a gixxl farm,
all in grass. There could be 1IM) acres of
sxl ground put in com this spring; timber
enough on the fanu lor its own use; w ithiu
three or four hundred yards of a gixxl
schixil-house: ordinary duelling-house with
in "J miles nt railroad station.
Title in Ixith farms iierfect. Our price
will be your price if sol, sixm. We are
turned loose without any restrictions in the
sale. To be sold on easy terms, or quite an
inducement, lor cash, i'os-essiou given at
once. Any information, either in person
or by mail cheerfully given by
.ioiiv O. Atmn-ox.
South Charleston, Clark couuty.Ohio.
or. I,. K. Kioi.
Mt. Sterlinif. Madison county. Ohio,
Tnistees ot Geo. Kimis.
Could not Speak anil Cured.
ill Kith at, san IVancfsco. Cal
A short tPneanti I contnuted a-evere
cold. Iiecame so Iniar-e I touid notsjeak
Tried a number of remedies, without ob
tainms tin subtest relief TliecBorts of
two physician failed to lirlpme Was In
iuccd to try Itcd Mar ouch Cure, and one
bottle cured me K UEVlis IILKU
Three Children Cured of Croup.
231 Franklin st b.-hlmorc. Mil.
XIv three rtiildrc n luiiedur ng the whola
of thi- w-inttr been suSemu with croup,
but lion I, an safely assert tl at tfceyhave
. ii uoiri) cureu. uy llsin two Millie
i.eu r-iar ousli Hire W ill I ot 1 e
ot le with
out a bottle
w vi 1 mm ex
lured tlie Minister's llnlij.
The wife of Key- II II asburn, ree
tor of st Ilarnalias Chnnh. lir.Uwi.
N . says litr sixteen month old (lilld
siifleriDg with a si-, ere cold, vvhuli had
held on for wis-ks, was given lied Mar
I ouch Cure Four does lisisentsl and
relieved the cough Itfurtheruseeflected
a itimplete ure
t.iuglieil 10 Vears ami Cured.
Mr Luke Ilriis.e.iu.livervstaliekeeper,
riwrlotte. Mhhican. write, that tor ten
Sears he sufli reii from a couch, which
nothing would remove la-t he tisel
l!.l star Cough ( ure. and its ttn-aey was
mj sullt ami maiieal that lie pruiiuuiuri
it the grtatest ever known
A Italilii'a Testlmoii).
Ilalthnore. Mil.
I h-ti constrained to ext.ress mr eo id
chme 111 the mints and ittaaev of deit
star (ought ure Not only has It l en ol
gnat sinus;. t. my lamilr but I lmve
is-r-onall) nsM jt with go, results
III.M MI s7oi.li,
I.abbi of tie oli 1. Shalom Congregation
nu .iiai:ls a vot,n.ni(o,iui,imorr.yij
5tjacobs oyt
r.-n.!- c-MSiKi'aj,if.!ia,
rMl PQIn B-ltrl., II,.J.,1.,. Tik,W.
rui r all! .sftEi.
r'vTflM.W. At DfTrUH Kn.f DmUti.
TRECIIiGLlAA.1l.FLmn.KlliM.rr, I1.C.H.I.
rree. A irtmitr n...i.r
ilolnidenceeuiiDir iTenia
ture I lecay. N'errnua I leblU.
ty,Ix.tyiatiboti(i kcjuiving
triedluvsin erykno.'rw1o,iXthi?"l15ier2,I
J- ','& " d UtEE u. h
O. J. ilAEOX.J'ortOflSosBoiSI-n.XjwYrrtCIbi
rwi or L.t
piftcticsi b eerrrt!T rr
iEinoa j n new Ct-Mlsl
. Ilrrlni IVMrU. Sendlnr
S onr mw UlaatrktHl ilni.i. -
Mrsiical Cllalc. Zi Nia St.. K. T-
Parts of the Body Enlarged, Develpoed and
fall rrticrlani, tetiaioiiiftlt,tc, mailed wwled. trmm
cym w u UIIU Ullllll
Browiis Iron
Tb QQtwtkm hJ nrobtblj been uked thoctuind
it tim
nw. mwr cp iirmrn 0 inn union euro mit
Well. H dnnt But ll dcuranyd.w
f wnichareDataLtoohra iui would ureecnbelKiC
I'tusician rctinii Inm tu the t rmturativi
NTfmt IraowD to th-i prtif-i.m. and intiuirr of a .j
Tf dinc cbemidU fcrm will sutwf nl ute the uwriuc
thai there are more prrt hfu of inm tban ut aoj
(Kb flabet-ance need in medicine Thw how oon
clumretj that irtm 1 acknowladjrecl to be tutt mn
unpnrtant factor in ucoeefol medical practice, It 1
tinwerer, a remarkable fact, that prw to the dirv
err rrfBrlOW.N'S IKON liITTKnL4.t-.rieHt
U aauafactorjr ova oomtunatum had eter beeu found
bMdchA, or pmdaeti eonatipatWi nil other iron
.r I ndiarntloR, miionnrim, Wraluims
llyipeixiliu .llalnrlH, f'lillla nnd Fever.,
Tired Feellnc.l irnenil Ilrhilit j.riiin in Ib
slde, BrU.-.linbs,llinilnrhrlNeiirnl.
Hla-for lU ttwu ulaurctn Irm Is pmrnbed dul
minate. like mil other thnronch nwbcine, it net
r'1? ."hen taken by i- the tir frnnptojn
benent ia repewetl enertnr Thmnftcleethente.-.
nrmer. thedireatluninittrnTe theNwelitareartiv
In roeiri the effect Mmuall m rant 1 ami markf1
TDeejesbecin atomre tf Injthten. the kin cliar
np. healthy ttdnrenn.- ti thrheek- n4-rronnr-disapiieart,
functl mil dTfWmentt become rejr
r, and if a nnrMn m .the abr.mlanr at-nsn.
supplied fur the rhil lim-Tibrr Brown's In
Bitten tithe ONIY inm tne-lictne that ii nut iu
urioua. i'hitrvtn nm t r(WH rr mm ! rl
Hie Genuine hao Tnde Mrk snd rrtiwd rwl Ime
on araooer T.4KC Ml OTIIIIItU
Hvoms 5 Jt 6. Mitchell Block.
S. g. Cor. MMn and Market irti.
miTis or 1CBM0 tmth cirrin
H. I.lMIIoCKEIt, S5 and 57 Arcade, Prtat
rr, EnKnvTcr and Faihlonible butloDr
WeddlnsKooda and ealllni: cards a special ty.
Offlce and Wareroom, 46 i". Main t.
Resldonce 12 W. Hlith st.
170 West Columbia, street,
Oeueral Book Binders and Blank Book Manu
Palace Meat Market
Handsomest and best equipped Hailj- Meat
Market in the State Best Beef, Mutton. Veal,
Lamb and Salt 1 e.its to he h.d ausvvhere.
Custonionce sained aluas retained.
Corner WW High St. itml Walnut Alley
Blank Book Work anil Legal Blanks a
To Introduce them we will OIVK AWA
1 1) of our celebrpted self operating
Any reader of this paper can have one by
sendlni; their address to the
Xo. 21 Arcade, Cincinnati, 0
WhollytiiillkeArtillcialSyjtems-Curedf .Mind
WanderiiiK Any book learned lu one reading
Prospectus, with opinions of .Mr. Proctor, the
Astronomer, lions. V. . Astor, Judali P.
Benjamin, Drs. Minor. AVood and others, sent
post Free, by
237 Fifth Avenue, - - New York-
IIOIHI.K " " K.00
-IMJl.K IIHEKCM I.O40ER. 1. 00
norui.B 10.00
I'rlcea other coods In proportion.
r. mamma to nnonr ci.ose.
lUu.trated Catalmtne and I'riee last sent Free.
J. C. 8ANDLE & SON, ItV,:
Options on Stocks & Bonds
tl'l'TS, t'AI.L:s. irrc ASPKCIALTl.
lii.urHiKeAenliiHt Losslnstot k tlierntions
Circulars and Information on Amiiifjttoti
Tlie Theory of Slock Kyi limine ieelila
tlon, by Authur Crump. Price. 3, post paid
Table of contents mailed free. Kvery specu
lator should read and study this Interesting
work. II.W. K0SE.MIAUM,
tiO Kichauiie Place, New York.
Legal Xotloe of .Spfrlal Electlin.
A resolution ralliui; a special eleetlon o( the
electors ot the cltr of S'lrlnelleld. 011 the
Muestion ot a jiotiie court and on the ques
thin ot the IsiuiriL'of market house bonds.
ltrsolved.br the city council of the cltr of
s-nriitgnelil.Unio. That a special election be,
ninl tbesame is hereby called to be held on
S.-it!.r.iay.thel.!thday of March. A. D.. 1447.
I ai tlie usual pine ol Imldlni: elections
I In the several va'ds and precincts of
I s.ud illy. Ilie polls shall be opened between
1 thehoiirsof sl and ten In the rooming and
I closed at six lu the afternoon of the same day,
and the Mu.tlined electot of said city are
1 heretiy notified to meet on said day between
stld hours at their several places of hold! ni:
elei thins in their respective wards or pre
cincts, and then and there proceed to vote on
theiiuesthiu of the election of a police judce,
I proseiutinK attorney of the police court and
clerk of the police curt, provided forinan
I act of the general assembly of Ubio. entitled.
I "In art to amend section 17U7, section 17s5, as
nmeiirieil 1-Vlirteirv 7 IsSs weeffnn IkiiJ an, I
Wis, as amended April 0. Isstf, and sections 112 1
aim iim. 01 me revisea statutes ol unio.
passed February lb. IsS7. And the electors who
favor the election ot such officers, shall have
written or printed on their ballots the words.
"Tollee Conn Yes," and theoiectors who op
pose the election of such officer, shall have
yvrltteuor printed mi their ballots the words.
1 once couri .so
And theiiualined electors of svld city are'
nereii) iiinuer uoiineu to uieeion saia itay be
tweeus.itd hours, at their usual plaies of
heldiim elections In their respective wards or
precincts, and then and there proceed to vote
on the question of the issuing of the bonds of
said cttv for the purpose of ercetlnK a market
house ami city offices, and of procuring the
necessary real estate asaslte therefor and
approaches thereto, and for market space, not
evceeuiiig one iiuinireii ana ntly thousand dol
I'trs. in denominations not less than live bun
dred dollars, payable at any lime within forty
years from the date of their issue, at a rate of
interest not exceenini: six per cent, per an
num. payable semiannually, as provided tn
an act of theceneralassemblyof Uluo.entitled
n act to authorize the council of cities of
iiieseconu class, iniru crane, to Issue bonds
for the purpose of ereiilnK a market house
and city offices, and of nrocurlnir the neeessa
ry real estate as a site therefor and approaches
thereto, and for market space. or any one or
ii,ii-, ,11,111, u.teii . iruiiiaijr 1-iu, i"vsi.
And the electors who favor the issuing of
sa'd bonds, shall have written or printed on
their ballots the words. "Market House Bonds
Yes.' and those who oppose thelssulnuof
said blinds, shall have written or printed on
their ballots the words,"Market House Bonds
No '
All ballots shall conform to the provisions of
section 'Jets of the revised statutes of Ohio, so
far as the same are applicable, and the judges
and clerks of said election shall be constitut
ed and chosen and sworn and qualified as pro-
tioeu oy iaw iora regular annual municipal
election in said city, and shall each receive for
his services at said special election as such
unite or clerk, the sum of tvvo dollars out of
me general expense lunu 01 me city.
Heturns of said special election shall be
made to the clerk of said city, and he shall. Id
th- presenceof the mayor or. In the absence of
tne mayor. In the presence of a Justice ot the
peace of the county, open and make an ab
strai t of said returns and certify to council
at Its nrst regular meeting after aald election
the results of said election upon thermestlons
submitted at said special election, and the
clerk of said city Is hereby directed to provide
the necessary ballot boxes, poll booksand tally
sheets for said election; and said special elcc-tlo-'
shall. In all matters, not herein otherwise
piov 'ileil for.be governed. so faraj practicable,
by the provisions of the law governing regular
annual municipal elections In this city.
The sum of two hundred dollars Is hereby set
aside, out ot the general expense fnnd of said
city, to pay the expenses of said special elec
tion, and the eity clerk Is hereby directed to
have this resolution published for ten consec
utive days in two newspapers published. and
of general circulation In this city.
Passed Kebruaryild. ls7.
W -s. THOMAS. President.
Attest J.5 SiikiraLTiB. City Clerk. Siim
A Resolution
Heclarlnglt necessary to make a public lni
provement by erecting a market house and
city offices, and procuring the necessary real
estate as a site therefor and approaches
thereto, and for market space.
Uesolred. by the city rouncll ot the city
Springfield. Ohio, That It Is necessary, and
that it is Intended to make a public Improve
ment by erecting .1 market house and city om
ces and procuring the necessary real estate
as a site therefor, and approaches thereto,
for market space.
The necessary real estate to be procured for
said purposes. Is situated In theblock bounded
by Market spaie. IIUIi. Center and Washing
ton streets, in said city, and Is bounded and
descnliedas follows. On theeast, by the west
line of Market space: on the north, bya line
parallel to. and elghty-rour and a half feet
south ot the south line of High street, on the
west, by theeast line of Center street, and on
the south bya line parallel to. and one hund
red and fifty feet south of the north boun
dary line above described
li market house and city offices to be
erected in the center ot said real estate, and
so as to leave two strips of said real estate fifty
feet in width, and extending from Market
space to Center street, one on the north and
the other on the south side of said Market
house and city offices, for market space.
The city clerk Is hereby directed to publish
this resolution for two consecutive weeks Ina
newspaper published and of general circula
tion in the corporation.
Passed February :2d. 1H17.
IV S. THOMAS, President.
Attest J.S Siiiwjlteb. City Clerk. 4"sm
An Ordinance
vceeptlnc a plvt of lots laid out by William
llllker and others In addition tn the Cut of
Ski 1. He It ordained by the city council ot
the city of ffprlnsfleld. Ohio. That the plat of
lot-) laid out hy llllam llllker and others, ai
if the date of .March .th. lvn. In addition to
said eity Is hereby accepted, and the street
and alleys deyianated thereon are hereby de
clared to be public streets, alleys and hlih
ways of said el ty.
S1.1 2. .-"aid acceptance Is upon the express
eondltion that said city shall be forever ex'
emit from tne payment of any damage what
ever, and all persons shall he forever barred
from malntainlui: any claims for damaees
against saldclty resulting to property abuttlnc
upon any of said streets and alleys from the
giadlne. cuttinc. fllllnicor other Improving or
repairing uysaiii city 01 any 01 said streets or
.ski 1 This ordinance shall take effect from
ind after Its lecal publication.
Passed by council .March 1th ls7.
Attest W..S. THOMAS.
J a t;Hi:wLir. President.
Cits Clerk. Mm
National Bank!
Accounts of Hanks. Bankers and Corpora
tions solicited.
Our facilities for COLLKCTION'Sare excel
lent.andvve re-discount for Banks when bal
ances vvarraullt.
Boston Is a Reserve City, and balances wltli
us from Hanks (not located in other linrn.
i-uieii count as a reserve.
We draw our own Exchange on London and
the Continent, and make Cable transfers and
Place money uy leieitrapn throuijhout the lni
ted states and t'anada.
lioyernmrtit Bonds botieht and sold. and Ei-chaiiL-estn
Washinitton made for hanks with
out extra charse.
We have a market for prime first-class In
vestmentsecurltics.and invite proposals from
Mates, Counties and Cities when Usulnc
We do aeeneral Banking business, and 3n
y lte correspondence.
JOS. v,
t arc maue na patent double acting rods ana
roiaiofr knee rest. Ligat,
abiUntl-U and bantUooe.
Ctedlnthobett BanJa and
Orcbeitras. Uorqaaled for
tone, aurpaaa all other la
flnliti and appearance. If
ntimt Matlc dealer doea
Dtt keep them, write to tu
for Illuitrated Catalogue.
HCALY, Chicago, lit
successfully used monthly by over 10,000
J St per box by inall.or at druggUta. Staled
Pnrticulari 2 postage stamp. Address
xduies. Amaje, .jjeciwuana rieasan
ny,.vr.... - - "
.rSZZ ,r"?T?. u.ji. of
Sold by Frank
UakhainiA Co.
Colileuti tna Ad
0 Tyom
Perfect Beauties. See them before you buy. Finest line of
Children's Goods ever shown in this city.
Are now open with the finest line of Cloths and Cashmeres
both Foreign and Domestic, ever displayed in Springfield'
The reputation of Col. Feilowes and his son is such that
there can be no doubt of their giving satisfaction and a first
class fit in every case.
C. R. JOHN & CO.
Hurd's Shaft and F.mma Mine ; Jackson Coal a Specialty.
Also, best grades of Cannel, Hocking and Anthracite.
OFFICE : Corner Mechanic and Washington Streets.
Don't fail to stop in and see for yourself. Remember the
place, 74 West Main St.. 1st door west of Wigwam.
Foracheck for SJOvve wilt nrinta ten.lln.
advertisement in One Million Issues of leadlne
Aiacriciu Aicwspnpem jms is ai tne rateol
onlyone-fttthot a cent a line forlaoiCircnla-
iion: ineaavertisemenr win
One Million different newspapi
or Fiv r Million Kudus. Te
or Fivi Million Kudus, fen lines will ae-
commouaie aooui .a words. Address with copy
commoaate aooui a words. Ad
Adv.andcheck.orsrnd tn cents for Book of
176paees. UKO.P. K0WELL i CO .luSriiiTk
bT.Jtiw Yo.
bole Agent Wanted
In every city with a Capital oa Twaaty
flsr. TJallmtsi andUDwarda tn rsk fh..n.
be placed before I '"fan hLKCrKIOAL device for LUIHT-erpurchisVrs:-.
-J " AS "I1 " ELE CTKICAL Xoveltles.
vvnicn require eanvassins from house to
uouse. jien or experience preferred, with
first-class reference. Address
Tie rplr City Elactr o Co..
;rs bkoaLway. sih ,.,
n- ',
II, '-
- f;

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