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ml Republic
, !,
$)xutVuU grpuliltc.
prinnfifU grpublU
li'.ii.K or ixiu .
i s
I wiiOTo.Mrehl-Ohlo
llr uriiVr. preceded by
J iglitralu '.11 southern portion,
i, O., )
31, 1SS7.J
I know you have strictly
one price, without any excep
tion, therefore 1 feel safe in
my purchase. These are the
From a customer today prais
ing our system of doing busi
ness. WE
Cannot say too much about
our wise and only correct way
of doing business. And we
It again, we can save you 20
per cent, in every dollar's
worth of goods you buy.
We manufacture all
Great Excitement About th Prohibiticn
Amendment Election in Michigan,
on Monday Next.
liiteii-.it ret ling In Itrtilt rrotilMllo"-
it arr "t lo he Xll.tw.il lo X.ile III
Mimr Wnnh-I Itr Tli.tuswiil ll.tr
Mm to M 111 tli I'.ills-
I'tepirlnjj for the lull rliite iimiiier. r
I I ji .
I I'iiii (inii'iin, Marih .".( The work
. of arranging new rate to tit the provisions
of the inter-state iiinnm rce lull was coin-'
I pleted at the Pennsylvania rallwa) itlice
today ami sent to the agents f th" com-
pmv to be posted m the stations. There
' are twentv-tive ep irate tabic, each almut
j the i'eof an ordinary four ji-urt urn-
paiier. used to display the laminations
aml the tarilfs uniler each, ami liesules
these tliere is a table of loeal rates several
tnt sijuaie. A le tiling olhclal of the
Pennsylvania railroad, who has assisted In
the reailjiistimnt of the tanlls nmler the
nen hill av "The main ints are that
one jruieral classiiicatioii will In' iiseil for
Bt thP.sisoc ated I'rm
Cim vi.o. March .1 A ieeial from !
tniit av- Thelntenslt ot recline over
the proposed prohibition anienilnunt lias
no parallel 111 the httnry of j-illtlc.il cam
...i.r.. ... tM. .tm.. i'.Kimiiiii' men on all business passing our our ssi,m
......... i- .... t ..,-.... ,rhlH on i fait, the same olassiiH-ation will lie iise.1
n....Ts ,,.- .......... ""- 'all lines north of the lino ami cast tl
election ..ay in i.etroii me ic-itm; again. , ,,,,,.,.,, ,,., 1M ls in 1st,f M(
the proliihit.onists in the eastern part ot ,.nnge. taking the place, as it doe-, of
theeit. particularly in the Filth, Seventh. I twetitv evciiclaincatinii which hae ii
Ninth Fleventh. rouriecnth and Fifteenth to tin tune been in ue. I niter the new
, , , i, ,,, ,ot.. ot. 1 1 1 if'" the same tariffs applv to shipments in
wards, is intense. Interest in state aim ' . , . . .. ' ' .. . ...
"'"" cithtr direction for the ame distance. 1 lie
county imlitics shrink out of sight, coin-1 readintiiieht lias not Ihcii with a view to
pareti with the absorbing importance nf the men-l) comply with the law. but in making
question win tlier people shall have lcer or them the bill has been constructed literally
not. ' and applied to all lines, so as not to make
An Kleventh ward alderman said that not I aMv greater charge for the short haul than
one prohibition ote would be cast in Ins the Ions one. The rate on train has been
precinct, because no prohibitionists would i reduced rrom ill to 'J.", cents, which is onlj
uare to ote there, lie added "I am I a lhisMetlc.il reduction, as must of the
speaking the truth when I -a) it would not I weaker lines from the west have been con
be safe tor a man to ote the prohibition trading for train at verj much less than
ticket in niv part or town. There will the tarilt Live stock from the west wUI
nrobablv be5.0iH) aiiti-pnihibition workers rem m the same. In a iiiijonty of cams
4h.tr i I or I It) I Irrk liewillt r Xiinmil
lEnmrt. silo, inr tl..- K...lti.. Iltstttir.-
Hi. iitn mill llxlmii . n lor tlit 1 t-itr I ntlr
M.u.li 7.
' Cit) Clerk John S Shewalter liak about
completed hisannual report, which i an e
hautie statement ot the tinauoiai condi
tion of the cit). 4Vu.t TtM-wiTTnlrht lie
ttULniCaCUi-tusSwinrl! aT!cnerarsuinmM
oCJiicjet.eJjitRlsburienieril and lmlaneeis
utlut.iarjiws-t'iiy tnntU fur thcjTirend
-uuMWl-- Oi. that dat Im made h!
tmajiirtttrficnt lurthe yrarwith the citr
"tCiimeit The total receipts tor the ear
from all sources were ?".!T.4M .4. uKalnst
sJ."iT.UTs s", ror last jear, an increase
of 640.40.: M. The total disbursements
this jearwere i".0 .'s7 si, aeainst S-'Oil.-
'.27 7 for last jear, an increase of $41,
Viii.ll The. total balance for this jear is
S47.1,H 41. while that of last ear was
"i0.1"il os.aili-creasethisjearof 5j,y".i!ij.
uk'. tuu-thnikU-Ht-uiicli UinuOlio
aye or S4..1it.4l5 was in the treaufS.
sometlum; over O.ouo his Ih-ch paidniit.
so that at tliLstiina the actual balance in
the city treasurv ls pot mutli over halt
what it was on tho 7tlMiist
1'ollow in i i a lalile of the receipts, dis
l burstunents and balance? for ilie jear end-
iiii; .Marili 7th. Is7, this Ik-Iiu a copy ot
the sumtnao vvliiili Clerk Miewaltrr will
present to council net Tuesila eveiiuie
at the iioHs."
Cnrtliiinl Miniilii(r Attr.ne riirtlinal
GIIlMis' Kirrsloii In Tlit-ir I:or.
ItUTiMor.h. Marcli 31. A sp.ri.il from
Home elves the folluwiiie from a letter from
Cardinal Mannlnc. recardnn; the Kmirhts
of I.ilNir to a prominent divine in that citj
"1 have read with ereat assent. Cardinal
(Iibbons s document in relation to the I -,,utli.'
KniliL of Labor. The holy sW will. I am
sure, beconvince.1 lij his expiisitiou of the
state of the new world. I hiie it will )x n
a new Held of thoueht and action. It passes
understanding that otlieious -rs.ms siiould
be listened to rather than the church otli
clals. Mirelj the episcopate of the whole
..iirl.l i. tti imwt ntiierfnl ntitt ilirtst in-
"I"! stiuineiit ill the hands id the hol see for
the rates will show limned divrease as
coniparcil with some of the old ones. Under
the rearrangement of tariffs the lVniisjlva
nia railroid coiiipaiiv's lines will be di
vided into three branches- I.oca!. vvliich
will apph to all points east of 1'ittsbure
ami Kne. and north of Richmond ami l.'o
anoke. coil anil coke, whiih applies to
thi-e articles ol fm 1 on all puts nf the sjs
teni. and throueli fieieht. which applies to
business eoine otr the lines or the companj
into evv Kneliud, Canada, ilie west and
"" c 3 'cr - s- '
3 ? Srr'3
r"Iii -ti.2 - :t
1 ' -tH s
j. j r. -.;;-. i'zr.m
i I i I 525 "d SiSSS 1 1 1 f.S I
ii h Ifintlt .il lriniiirtHitiriito uiilnt j
rt t t i lit
own clothing; we are one oiiei!'"';-' '"? ''""a' Miowiedeeand en-
, . r . forcine its decisions. Who can know the
the largest manulacturers Ol temper of America. Enelaml and Ireland.
mfn:' votlths bovs' and chil- asthej whohavealinceruiHiiitliepul-eot
mt.ns , yotuns , oo)b aim V.1111 te mthert, le noU )la
dren S ClOthintr in the L nitCU , m-m toverned bv ihnistic-: hencefoith
States for the supply of our
many stores throughout the
theliol) see will have to deal with Un
people, asd it ban bishops in close,
liailj and iHTsonai contrait with
All .. r.imic-W.nrr I le people, me more cieany ami
rtll OUr IUrnisnmg f .. n,i perceived, tlie stronger Komevvill
bought in large b-. Never at any time has the episcopate Prolc-sor t.etirise both made speeches and
& . Iuhui -1. .letntphtil from civic iiower and 1 were rollowcd bv Hon. Hallack Fiovd. of
I tieen si ueiaicucu ir.iui civic jMiei aim
, uiiiteil in-itself audniwell able to see. to
We are at this
goods are
Tol- Ur -irlttniiiroc wt r.-albe and us" in povers. V
irvv iiiv- v..o..wu-v.j ..s. , - ,
have over small dealers m our ' protector ot the ieop!e. a the Lord
linp of irrniis- if enihlps Us to walked amoiiR them, so His church lives
line 01 goods. ir enaDies us 10 ( amoi)R ti(,it T)ie canIma,., arsumet is
sell as cheap as they get to ' irresistibie.-
r .u: ,!.- Snnietl.l Hkniiv Knvv vnn.
pay forthCir gOOdS. 'CaSrtnna, Archbishop ot Westminster.
Small string tickets attached
to our coats bearing our marks,
Chic vco, March 11 The concress of
churches and Christians commenced its m'- ,
sum vesterdav, its object beine the maueu-,
ration ot a movement to crush out secret j
societies. A Unit .03 delegates, mostl) be- 1
5 ond middle ate. were present rrom
sev eral states. The. staee of the theater,
where the coimress is 111 session, is svt
with a scene represcntine the interior of a
1'rofessor II II. fteorge, of (leneva col
lege, was ehvted president after prajer and
the singing of hv inns. Mr. l'ritchard and
Auolher Rather Ssnsitionil Occurence, at
the Central M. E. Prayer Meet
ing Last Night.
hilit AI1110l011.il tin .1 HiHir-stfi I'tw
tltii nl N.-..S Important Mllltiir
O.tlrrs l.rnrrHl Notes Alttiut
Ttit. n.
- 1- ? - -i
r-.--.-. I
.r;- s .
Ilrin!i!i!lllis should Attrmt Tlit-ir
Vlt . I1111.S T.illtcllt.
were foilowisl bi Hon. Hallack Klovd, of
Ohio. Mr lTovd deiionnreil si-cret socie
ties as inimical to American institutions.
He said that it was time tor the press to
lit-publican meetings will Ik- held tonight
1 in the various w irds ot the citj ror the
purjioseor inrfecting arrangements fornext
Mondav's election and to discuss nutters
IKrtainiuc to the campaign Kvery repub
lic in should make it a point to attend the
liiecting in his ward and if no meetiuj is
held In his waul he should attend the meet
ing in some other ward. OnI a few dajs
remain for active work, and every repub
lican should make himself a committee of
take on the muzzle and sjieaK out against
Masonry awl all secret societies. K A. 1
Kall-v, of Washington Heights, followed
wltli another addiess. '
Mr. H.lllev tleliounct1.! the lodires .is Ihi 1
cause of the !Hir attendance at prajer one to see that the work or the closing
meetings and the general lack or interest in h()urs ()f te calllIuicll lN done and done
religious iii.itiej-. or us sui-v-mitsi oj
Tlie regular weeklv prajer mietlng at
theCtntral M. K. church last (Wnlnesila 1
evenini. was the occision of Hiiother 'epl
smle." hinging on the intrnduct'on ot pro
hibitum Militics into leliglous meetings.
The matter creati d iiuite as much Interest
asiiSi Mr lMtr Maik's aition in calling
Leonard to tune last Siind n. In brief.
t virtual!) broke up the prajer meeting
and sent itiotortiie worshippeis home in a
frame or mind otht r than Hut which such
meetings are desigm d to t tfi 1 1.
Tliere was a large attendance at
tile prajer meeting, ami ever) thing
was protttslmg decorouslv and h.ir
uioriiouslj, until Miss Sue
JtilT. a inalilen-Iadj living 111 Ilie south end.
was called iiikiii to prav A member id
theclui'ch who was present last night told
a Kl l'l in ic reporter that "Miss 1 1 1 rf made
n regular stniup speech to the Lord." She
is .1 pronounced advocate of prohibition
and made it the siihjtvt of her prajer
right thioiigh she prav 11I that Dr. Leon
ard would be blessed in his work as a
Champion of prohibition ami that the cans
would ret eive divine approval and lie suc
cessful, (letting warmed up to her subject
Miss 1 1 iff began to plead that the Methodist
ministers or thecitv should bei onverteil to
Ml T1UI. I Vf II 111 W! ,
and prajing sep.tnteij and severally Tor
Presiding Klder Kev. Frank 1;. Mitchell.
Dr. Iluiij an. of the Central,
and Dr. Kift. or the High
treet M. K. chinch. A profound stir wa
created at this, and it was iuiiossihe to de
scribe the situation when those presont rose
from their knees. Ihe majoritv of those
present were strong!) indignant. Mr. Clias.
H. Shaeffer. the well known grocer, who is
one id the pillars of the church, was called
upon to piaj in t. but he was so indignant
that he could Hud no words appropriate,
and shaking his head, revised to resNind.
The meeting then laltereil through a hjmn,
and afti r a short prajer bj .1. II. ltranden
burgh the crowd was hatilj dismissed.
The episode is the talk of Ihe cit) todiv.
ane the sacrilegious introduction f prohi
bition (minus in a praver. anil, more still,
theextiemelv bid taste or iiientioning min
isters bv name, is strongly lonileiuinsi.
Dr. Kunjaii made a Ten sensible and
Conservative remarks at the end ot the
meeting, as the situation seemed to call for
something. He said. "I was called here to
tills church to preach the gospel, and if jou
eeet me to do aiijthinc eNe. jou've pit
the wrong man "'
ttlHltte' Vplienrnitrf to IIim Intllnitit roi-lilac.
TkUllE II VI Tl,
Kev. . Wardner, editor of the H'olfiiiii
Mcthmlift. a deiiominatloiial organ, who
read a p itier on "Secret Societies and Their
He claimed that tile Masonic
Ind.. March 31.- The I vile Kecord,
r ' I 1-.....I..II,. M. n nl,tAl, 1 r Ul,1t t.l-1. I nut Its -.till .ll(-t flnTIS CnTeTtot 1 t.H CllllCITilillir
arc the true prices Of OUr SUlts; attaehe.l. arrived here at 3-3S I f al- crnui-s, no matter how heinous, com-
no going either above or be-Vterdaj .rternoon e l...urad XZXi
minutes late. Mi enort nail neen mane 10 , ni,H rresident Blanchanl of Wheaton
give Mr. Blaine a reception, jet tliere were ,ollee read a piper on "What Secret Socie-
rouror hve hundreil i-enple at the deiiot ! ties Have Done tor the Laboring Classes,
The crowd surrounded Mr. Maine' car and
began to call "Maine, Maine. Mr.
Maine apiearil at the rear end ot the
car and vva received with cheers. He
"Cenllemt n. it irives me nleanrp to see
jou all here. I am on an entirely pnv ate session tomorrow .
journey and I simply desire to express mj
thanks tor the counesj 01 mis can. ,
Afterward Mr. Maine stepped rrom the The Mill,-!-. .-.tlm.-'" li.iiefnr the Inter
car and was immediate!)' surrounded and mte cmmier... i.nw.
i wasconielIeil. on account ot ttie mli. to Minkiili. Mum.. March SI The
i climb onto the s,eps again, iiieiram re- vrfJ,.r ,,,,., v ,.-,, fnlr ,..,
, mainetl at the depot fifteen minutes, during " ... ,, ,
I which time Mr. Maine was occupied in I""""' "' "" e.u.ii .. B.-i uui .u. u.c ..u.
shaking hand. possible tierore freights advanced, the mil-
low. This is the
Style of doing business. If
you want to get a suit made
to order and want to save from
SS to $10, leave your measure
with us.
1 in which he considered the iostioii ot the
I Knights of I.atkr and ottier like organiza
I tioiis. The bulk ol hi attention and those
I who subsct'iientl) discussed the pajier was,
'however, devoted to antagonizing Freeina
sonrv. The convention will again bo in
Give you a splendid fit or no
sale. Our ready-made stock
was never so complete. Suits
from $3 to $30 ; we want all
to remember that we are here
At 25 and 27 West Main St.
KepillilirAH VVHnl VIeetn(T.
Vo republican in Spnuetield should neg
lect to attend ther meeting In his ward to
night, to fleet hnal working organization
tor the election and to attend to other busi- j
ness ot importance. The follow Inz is a list
of the place w here the meetings, which1
liegm at 7:r.O, are to be held, together with
the committeeman-
Second Wanl Office of Kodgers Fence
compiu), 011 north Market street: 1. M.
Cartmcll. chairman.
T bird Ward Central engine house: K.
F. Havward and .1. .1. Ruodfellow, cominlt-
Filth Ward Elt Arbogast'ssliop, on Di
bert street: (i. .1. vVones, II. Feiisterniacher
and John W. Hageruiaii.
I Sixth Wanl Major's othce: .1. C. Hnllo-
j wa) and b. .1. Houik. ,
I i .,. until M'nril C.iitliiim iitinina Iiii..i
-r ICHIH l 111 II J1 FllttK itl ili.ll" ll"H "'
Colonel .1. K. Stewart and W. C Downev.
F.ighth Ward. Tn-cmct A Clerk's othce.
, Keu-lliiurs-01il It .lie I'oifml I.jitiiftin
n K.ifl'r stre.t Hour tt-p I lie ( liltil
.tH II. lu I ireil For nt the 4'lillilren's
The cit) rejMirter on Tuesdaj and
WeiliipsdT), a doren times on each dav,
missed an item ot local news that is of
considerable interest. t not Importance, to
rjie citizens of Springfield. In a word, a
babe only a few hours old was round Ijing
at the front door of Mr. John's Itauer's res
idence on north Foster street
Between midnight and I o'clock on Tues
da) morning, Mr. Kauer. who hapjieneil
to be awake. In .ml the front gate which
leads into the jard. slam violent!). She at
nine awakeiutl her husband ami told liim
of the liicidtut. insisting that lie get up and
investigate, as she feared that somebod)
might tie prowling alniut the house.
Mr. Itiuer laughed at her tears, but.
nevertheless. In. lit listened intentl)
for anj suspicious sound. I'res-
1 etitly tliej hearl a faint crj
as ot a duld in distress, and tliecrj' seemed
1 so near that Mr Hitter anise ami went to
one of the door which open on the veran
da. OiH-niiig the door he looked through
the shutter and discovered a bundle Ijtng
on the floor of the veranda in front of the
nr Klrt-ilou. Tlit. I i,, I kIiii; Tin ir I tim-
1t lis llltlll
For the lieuelit of the m tnv interested
the following ii,i from olniubu-. eon
ceniing the change m ide h a new law as
to the compensation tor judges and clerks
of election. Is given p.iee It should be
carefullj read
There has tieen eonsidt r il.'t imiuirj
made hen as to whetni r the law lelatiugto
the pa) of judges and iletk- of elections
had been changid bj the legislature. It
will be seen from the lol'.mmg that the
law has lieen chaugisl in tin, restt
"All act to amend set lion ."nip of the
revised statutes ot Oluo
"SlCTIiiN 1. He it en icietl ti) thegenerai
assembl) ot the state ot Ohio. I'll it h tlou
-'Ji t lie s,i amended as to re id as follows
Section 'JSH, 1. Judge and i 'erks of elee
tlou shall each re. cue two dollars per eli-c-tion
tor their serv lies at etrv eleitioii. to
lie paid b) thecnunt) tinftt ut it, s nf
tint MAifpcft' ftons imhi. iiiiti siith fwn-
l MMltloH llmll In iMItllitltht folMlslli
"Sir. . Thatorigin.ll Mttlon .""..t is
Iiereti) repealtsl.
"SI ! This ai t shall t ike clTt et upon
it passage. "Juiin C l.NTI.lMs.
S(t.akiror the 1 Imi-f of K-pre-entatives.
s l ,i. vn.
I'res'delit ot the senate.
"Passed .March .M. Isst."
The law was ehangi,! lor several reasons,
one iH-itig to make the amount to lie Mld
definite and certain, and to -ittle disputes
as to township ami cotitit) liiluht) tor such
service. It h is also In-en i l.iimul that the
countiiu ot the vote has Uen freitientl)
prolonged uiinecessaril) until atter Vi
o'clock luldtiiglit, in unit r to is lire pij tor
two da) at 51 ."( pi r da). Die pa) tor
eaih ehilioii is mm ;, no matter how long
or how short the tune ma) lit' that such
ofthtrs are i ngageil in the lierfonnance of
their duties.
Tlif lii.lnllnlit.il nf Kti. VV . II. 11 jirri-ti
1 uestt .3 Mlit.
The hearts of about one thousand people
were made happ) Tuesdaj night wl.eii the
installation of Kev W II. Warren took place
at the Central Congregational chii'cli. Cin
cinnati, ilie loiiowing programme was
Orgfcti Prelu le
Vntheni "llnw It
tilns ""
luvoiatlun Itev K
HeDort of t uuin il
Iliinn "0 Hoi) hunt "
crlptur:il Keaitinc ltev J B Johnston
ih-h1 luiet- -The "pint n( the lml " Mrs
VititleC Unit ami VIS, Viinle i.ritlths
erminKe Washlmrtnuit! tjilen. p I). of
Prayer I Install iflttnHev I lv inips.in.
.if Walnut Hills
Klght II.in.1 t.f Fellowship -He tieorge II.
.smith, nf i olii'iitiii
nthem "Htivv I.uvel) Vre the Messen
crs "
V.IJress to Ihe Pastor
of Walnut Hill.
iMres. to the Pet.ple
I nlliinblls. U
Concluding Prayer U
Hiinu "I Love Thy i tmreh
ik'iie.iiciinii by the r.istor
There were m.iu) prominent i'ople pres
ent from the various citle in ')hlo. The
member of the church .ire to In- congratu
lated in securing Mr. Warren. Although
hereonlv several vvteks he Ins made nan)
tne'ids bj- his pleasing and courteous wavs.
The music was under the direction ol Mr
llenrj L lleiiham, while Mr Hen DeCamp
ofliciatcd at the organ. The choir was as
sisted bj Mr. Jennie Maier. Mis Lnura
Crone. .Mrs. N. S Hot. .Mr Jack Edward.
Mr. John Ileal!. Mr. Lott.e Chappie. Mr.
(J. 1'. Evans mid others rnun the Walnut
Hills church choir Cuicinn itt Timis-Stitr.
-autiful I mm the Vi.un-
P Lister. ..f sp.rrs
I... ill. Vl.lrlch In -VI,
Prest utt ., It
The attraction at the Crand toTiiormw
(Fridaj) evening will ! Louis Aldru h an I
his own excellent i-ouipati), vvho will pre
sent "Mv partner" a four-act iiieliHlnma
hv Hirtlej Campbell. The following I
rrom the N"ew York MHo Tthyrnm
Mr Louis Aldnch began an engagetneiit
last night at Pitole's thetter, which w.,,
packisl to the doors. His admirable tin
Ixrsnnatlon ot Jo Saunders in Itirtlev
CaiiipljeU's pla) or "Mj Partner" which
was the attraction, has lost none or it imp
ii.arit) He had a verv warm reception
iml at man) fonts in the perrorinam e
eilbd foillt enthusiastic applause His ,up
l.irtingtiiupiu) isg.Mitl. .Mr T. M. Hun
ter was amusing as Mijor Itritt. and and
Mr Frank C Campliell as ed Singletoti
ind Miss Dora (eililthwaite as Marj liran
doit were well rcieived.
Seats are now on sale at the tisiul plai e
vi villi I'Ki.-diir
In s-iturdaj niglit. April "d. Miss Mane
Present!. siiportisl bv Mr K D .McLean
Miss Nettle an S(( kle and a tine coinpinj
will api-ar at Maik'sopt-ra house in "Pvg
mahoii and Galatea." for which seats are
now on sale at C. II Pierct's Of Miv
Prei ott's acting the Itoston l'nt savs
It is the work of poetic genius and ln
Miss Prrscott to be a genuine artist out
of the kind who are born, not made. It is
almost i!uiosib!e to do justice to her with
out apparently indulging in extravagant.
It was an eflort full of power, vet never
overwrought, and with in striving for
effects she seemed to obtain them natu
rallv and without etfort. and jet lost
nothing of them She did not waste her
tn ngth. but reserve! it fur the proier
moment ami then u-.t it to the Is-t advai.
tage. 1 he more unlet but isjuallj exactu g
s ene she luanagi d with ex'piisitedelicat
Her facial expression are wonderful T o
varjing emotions of jov. sorrow, fear, rt
morse. love and hate lieing clearlj but nat
nrally deputtd in tpiick sneceson
greai ciiarin oi tne pertornnnce was hum
evenness nun wmeii it was sustaineii. ami
the sincert). sweetness and patheticdlguitj
which pervadeil it throughout and won tin
sjnipathy of the beholder She Is great
h. or ! IKCTI Kl
This evening Mr. C. Fannie All) n will
deliver her hue lecture on the ' Cause of
Organization" at Mack's ojtera house, for
the benefit of I'l..inix assembl). K. of L
Ever) workinginan should hear it
TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1887.
i " sw r r.iiiii.tiif.9
a.' le I t.. men -t.n It mail) new goods
ig the past week We mention a few.
.w Vsk Killings nlntp. cream and
new tints lourist Km-hing Children's
lue, mil Linen Collars ne Itilitmus, all
shade to match suitings . new China Crape
Ties, exquisite shades; new- Silk Um
brella. "Wnulsor" and other makes: the
new "Tuxedo" Utiibn Ha. very t)Iih;
lew Kid (.loves. Iilai k and i-uloreil, vvith
ie-av) stitehetl bu-ks. new Kane) Hosiery.
'he best line in the i it) ; all linen Torchon
Laces at the lowest price these goods have
ver tieen offered at . Hamburg Kiuliruul
ene from ie to sj per janl. Haiobun;
Embridene on "l!is" Cloth: come ami
see tl in: Euibmidereil Cambric Hands;
one Nainsook Embroider) ; new braids for
I)res Trimming, including some novel
-ivies for tnmiuiiigrhiMren" ilres-.es ; nevv
gitmls opening everj daj here.
N 1! Tomorrow. Wednesdaj". new
suiting in check and rancy styles, helio
trote shades, tan Iletges. etc Kull stt-k
or Surahs Crape de Chine Tor .evening
lif J u iiniison.
Kev I Vv Metstlf.
v P Dunlap. of
in the Tt-n
riiKu. tjoiii..
The I5t Cinned nnd Bottled (Joods.
Milctly I'urc and KIrst-CIa8
GcmhIs, at Laweiit Trice.
The Late C. T. WardGrDcery,
Corner of Center, Snringlleld, 0.
tki.ki'hom: mi. n:.
Sr. Itiil Is. Marcli 31. sjiecial to the
jiiilificiiti troni EI I'.iso. Teas. ajs
(Quarantine was utstituteil here todaj
against cholera. The state ha Iieen under
pajHT quarantine since February " but the
pniclamation has not heretofore tieen en
forced at tin point The cholera Ins
traveled northward ill South America until
it ha reached the Isthmus of Panama, and
it is feared the Mexican Central trains mav
bring it into the United States. Hv order
jof State Health ofticer Kutherford. all per
sons. baggage and freight from cholera-in-
. rected ports will te denied adinittaiue to
Ihe state. AH mails from rhnleia-iufeitcil
j jiorfs must 1h' disinfeittsi lictore bemgre-
b ceiv ed into the state.
I Attempl tt. loittit tin t Irt...
I "i vv Yotth. Marcli SI T he Tnhunr to
dav sajs; An attempt was made la-t
i night to poison Miss Agnes Herndon, the
I actress. A box of fnrt was sent to ttie
Ivlj f nun an anojinoiis person, and after
' she" had partaken of a portion of it she bt
I came sick The curtain was rung down
i and an emetic given with good i licit so
mai aitcrwani me pn pioeetsieo. n is
beheveil to have lieen tlie work of a'Vrank"
admirer from whom she riceiveil a letter in
the morning threatening; dire results incase
she resists his suit
lers last week rolled up a large output
141. loll barrels, averaging 23,."ii0 turrtls
dailv. against 07.000 bvrrels the previous
week, and lio.400 barrels the correspond-.
ing tune in ls(i. One more mill is running
this week, making eighteen in operation.
and the products promises to reach -M.OiHl
bands p.r daj. The water ha come up so,
that the nulls have ueailj a much lmvvi r i
as they want without the Use of steam. I
1 here seems to he a great deal of mice r-'
taiutj about the operation of the nulls
alter this week, bv reason of the inter-state
law going into force. The millers are un
able to get rate quoted to most miut to
winch the) wish to ship, and are verv much i
in the dark as to how to proceed. Hv the I
use of the "Transit," however, of which
enough is to have been issued to
i over all wheat lett ill the northwest, the '
iiiajorit) will doubtless m mage to get along
in lair shape so tar a iate to Chicago are
concerned. One mill of t.iiOO barrels ca
pacitv will shut lie down tomorrow, and
about the 10th another of 4.000 barrels cv
p.icit) will lie stopjttsl I
The export Ust week were heavy r4 - '
ViObinels. The Hour market i rather
mure active and tinner. Keceipts last week
Wheat. 77T.2ii bushels; shipments, wheat
4iis li'.u bushel, llotir 17J.2I0 barrels, uiill
tutr 4 l."4 ton Wheat m store Minne
apolis. 7. Vis.ti i bushels, Duluth. 10.H7.240
bushel; St Paul. s-,,0U0 bushel.
.1 it i;-.tiintts. i
IV'litli Wnl tv.in.-t It-Itiiekeveelnb' other door. Stei.pmg out on the
room. Iteil Men blis-k, Lagouda. ILL.
La) Imurn.
I.lrensett til Writ.
The following marriage licenos have
In en issued during tne past week:
Elijili Hrvant and Marv Curry.
Geo. W. .Itnkiusand l.illie S. Athey.
("has. L Keniitsly and Annie Akin.
Albert White and" Anna Dr.iier.
Alliert K. Tliompson and Theresa A.
John II. Frederick and Luetta McFar
land. .lame McConnell and Louise '.. Mor
rison. Hubert W Copel.ind and Ida Smith.
Clarence K. Miles and Anna K. Miranda.
Jas C Davis and Kittle A. Shepherd.
Chas. II. Howliisaiid Fannie L. Duvall
Tiie Fiuei-t Selected Slock of
in th- ritr ami at cloe-t flure (or the
j OJ.lt ty 4il e M.is. UV are out I th wa,,
(. it f a UK" trrtulil t mm us - huu
4ir-tli tt -ill r ha e dour, we illuur!i
tr u ti facti.-n ml the xnott ".tytthly
tnii meJ hit iti the tlty as ac line lu
n i eriiil an exirrt artl-st a trimmer.
w i ttoll p ('ted on all the eastern tyle
Wait For Our Opening:!
Us-rib1" -'1 chilly weather has pasted
MWy we will show uu 'loe if honnets"
ar'l h indNim- hatn that ym will Lot only
-a ttt to1iHkat but to wear
3-J.-. Improved KENTUCKY FKMS from 20
M too iicres. at prices from 3 to ill per
cre. Fur particulars aiMr-i
King's Monntmtn t Kj.
This llenl. the Kit tint.
I.i.mm.ton. Ky.. March SI snow fell
j esteniaj. and st o'clock last night was
eleven inches deep. No such snowfall o
late as March is within the memory ot the
oldest inhabitant The root or Feat In r-
stone's Iiverv stable was crushed in with i
the weight ot snow and detro)ed man)
'vehicles. No one was hurt. Olhir roofs
' are considered to lie in an extreme!) peril ,
ous condition.
l-nrge lull Itntll li-rtvt reit.
Special Dispatch to the Keputillr
Col i vim . March "1. V valuable tli -posit
of cannel and bituiiiinous coal has
i jtist lieen discoveretl on the land of a farm
er near Veterville. this count). If the
deMisit proves as extensive a expeitetl, it
will prove a big thing for Columbus and
i Central Ohio.
Anl'vpress vte.tt.it r tin tliel.ik
Kit. I the li tun.
I'ticv, N. V., March 31 "Telegraph
Putt at Alb.inv that I am shot and robbed."
These were the words uttered bj Kvpres
Ilie Kile)-Hiiliiii-.ttii fright.
Little progress has lieen made toward a
culmination of the negotiations between
Con Kile), of Middletown. and Tom Kobin--.iiii.
id this nt). ror the fight now lieing
talktsi of. Kobinson's backer in tin citj
areverj silent, anil for some reason the
negotiations do not advance at all. Mr.
John Cohan received a letter tin morning
from Mr Thotna Dartnody, Ktlev' baiker,
-i)iug that the latter ha gone to NevvK.rt,
Kv . to arrange for a match. Mr. Dir-
iiuhIv will be in Spnngtield earl) next
Wel k.
veranda he picked up the bundle and
found to his surprise that it was
a little babe, who, umiii helm; taken into
Mr. I!r.uer's anus, set tii a plaintive wail
that went straight to the Joung fellow's
Taking the diminutive stranger into the
house, he called Ins wife, and together the)
examined their find. It v)as a vigorous
white male child, evident!) not ver)
many hours old. but it was
might and lively a little babies ever are.
The child was wr.ipiied in a woolen blanket
and attired in veiv neat but luex)ieiisve
liabj clothes. "ot a distinguishing mark
of anj kind, on either the hliuket or the
clothing, was revealed bv a careful search.
The Hatters took can- of the little
sirangi r the reiuauidtr of that niglit
and during Tuesdaj forenoon Mr. Ilaucr
reported lu Mid to the township trutee.
On Tuesday -if tt moon mi;m riiitendent Len
hart of the Children' Home, went to .Mr.
i liat.er' re-ideiice and took charge of the
iutaiit. convejing it to the home. Mr
H.itier enji .net! the tiieriiiteiideiit to say
1 nothing aluiiit the tiiiHiug ot the ban-, and
the niatlet wa. therefore, kept ipitet
t Who lett the little one at Mr. Bauer's
door, or who the mother is, are question
1 winch the authorities are now endeavoring
toanswir. A thorough investigation is be
ing made, and if possible the parties vvho
abandoind the lube u ill Iedlcovired. The
child i still at the home, is riceivmg the
best of care, and is as ought and cheerful
as if it were with its own mother
SiitliVVnrtl Ut-pillillrans.
There will lie a meeting of the Sixth
ward republicans at the mayor" ofllie on
1 hutsda) evening. Marcli .list, at " o'clock.
The committee want a full attendance, as
I htisi.ies of iiiiooriatu-o is to tie tratisai ted.
Messenger Lake, running on tram V, on j (,,. ,i tell jour neighbor to come.
.lu vt. J. Hoirh,
J. C Hoi low xv.
j Cnlile llnmnetl
I Nf vv liniK. March 31. One nf the ca-
blesor the Commercial cable companj was I
' damaged bj ice jesterdaj-. The internip-1
.turn vv a caused bj one ol the main I.ne I
near Canso A repair steamship has been '
sent out trom this citj-. I
J Nuppttseil tt. Ite I tt. I
i Hiistox. March :il special to tin ,
i JuHHi.ff fruiii St John's, N F.. says: The
steamer I -igle. from the sealing grounds is
reported lost with 200 iiieti. No particulars '
have been rei'eived. I
the West shore ronl. which arrtvtsl in
I tica at 11.1 list night, wlnn he was
found lvmg in -111 car bleeiimg freelj rrom
a wound in his shoulder. When the tram
wa making the rim between Clark's Mill
I ami tin cltv. which only occupies tven
minute, a put) of men boirded it be
tween the baggage and express cars, shot
the messenger and attempted robbery,
but with what result or how seven 1)
the in m I injured could not be learned, as
a Mop of onlv thrccmuiute wa made here
and all was confusion. When th." train
rei bed Frankfort, nine miles eat of Ik re.
Lake was attended bv a physician. The
woiild-lie robtiers escaped, but it is believed
tin v see urcd no plunder.
Liter information is to the effect that
there was hut oiieassailant. Heeulercd the
car and ordered the messenger to throw up I
Central Committeemen
Third XV nr.l Itepulilienti Meeting.
1 he republican voters of the Third ward
are riineted to meet at the Central engine
houe Fridaj evening at 7::J0.
Iliisiness of imjiortaiiee to be transacted
and it is hoiMsl that every republican voier
will lie present
K F. II vv vv vim.
J. J. Gooiii 1 1 low.
Central Committeemen.
Ihp-riill or Vllant.l."
. Harne) I'hillips Sons of Veterans will
tiriHlucc a militarv drama entitled the "Fall
of Atlanta" during the department eiicamr
.il. -lliilter Lump
I'llhll.lietl It
car anil or.lereii me nieen5er in itirow tip , ,, n f A e mml. n;
Inshmds. Thela ter .11.1 not at ome com- ,,,,, ni(vt at the haI, at o'cl.sk
prebend hint and the rob n-r shot hiiii. lie ,.vrlllng. for rehearsal and distn-
then gaggei and bound h.m and nlle.1 the b , ()f ,.,,ara,,t,,rs. fuU aedance is
afe. but the
amount secured is not vet
Sen tttir Keucilll'tt I ttlitlitlon.
Txiistim, Tex., March si. Senator
John II Keagan is still suffering much pain
and unable to walk on account of falling
rrom a horse last Monday.
Lielilrtllij- l.lertrlrlty.
Boston. March 31. An electrically
lighted train, the nrst In the United States,
left here for Xew York yesterday afternoon.
I'tnlal.llll; Hi it the (.rial K.ni.q. Ii-I
VV ill ie.lk Ill-It t Kl VV t-t k.
Tliere is a sttong probability that Kev.
Sam June, the Iiotid Georgia evangelist,
will ieak at the St l'atil thurcli, this t it),
sometime during next week. The ladies
of the church have the matter In charge
and are inactive negotiation vvith Mr. Jones
for his apjicarance. Whether ariangement
can lie tffected or not remains to be seen.
Sam Jones will be greeted by an over
whelming audience if he can be induced to
appear here. Further announcement will
be made in due time.
I ell llttuiislulr .liitl llroke lit r tiklt .
Mrs. Kuril, a iii'ddle-aged lad) living in
IheTroutman building, corner of K.Ke.iiul
Main treet. fell down tair tin morning
ai.d broke hi r left ankle. The injur) l a
serious one and will la) her up for some
time. Dr. Hall was tailed and reduced the
MilthVV.lltl t'ritlilhitlttnlsts siiiulmlte.
The Ninth ward prohibitions have
finally ucceeded in nominating a ticket. It
i a follows: For council. I'rof. W. II.
Weir; school boanl. J. U Nitcaman; as
sessor. Lew is Sctidder.
An artldavit nai hleil this afternoon
a-alnt George Schwelgart, for allow inif hi
cow to run at large.
of Illittratt
The printed report ot the Spnngtield
ptibh. i I'ools for the pat vear is out. but
Its iiiothi r )irolnblj dots not know it The
book is a verj surprising volume in tunny
res'ts. Chief among these is the fact
that it looks as though it had been printed
witli apple-butter on a proof press, and its
apis-arance is inexpressibly "tacky." Be
sides this, it display s the most startling origi
nality in orthography, and its author i'
evi.lentlj a disciple of t u' phonetic system
of spilling and some system of punctuation
yet unnamed. Hut not until it tackles the
list of graduate din's the work rte to em
inence. The leporter has tlii'distuu.!!":. ot
being a uietiilii r of n i lass w Inch graduated
earl) in the 'eighties, hut Ins classmates
must have lieen m the graduating business
on several other invasions, for the) are
scattered among all the classes from l-7
to 1"1. Man) of the weet girl graduate of
thi class are looking for the author.
iubliher and proof reader of the book
with an iuihtit gnu. for making it appear
that the) graduated back m the seventies
and are aciordingly in theere and yellow
bv this time. Whv not call the lunik the
.cktt miiiuilof delilicr.ite illiteracy and
ty mgrapl.ical disgrace""
The si hool board is to blame for this. If
it had bei li willing to p,i) a decent price
tor the work it would have gotten a decent
job. It paid one of the High school facult)
510 Tor reading the proot The book speak
tor Itself.
Attention, fifth VV nnl Itepnhli. .ins.
All republican voters are earnestl) re
quested to meet at Arlxigasl's carpenter
shop, on Dibert street near Yellow Spring-
Thursday. March 31. at 7:30 p. m. A large
attendance Iroiu each precinct is much d
ired, as matters of great Importance will
come before the meeting for discussion, on
the perfecting, of au election organization.
Chaplain 1'rntik I.. Vlitrh-ll iptiiitnl n
Member of the seientli Kfiment l
liiiilninc Ho int.
Major I). C. I'litnantof this citv. adjutant
ot the Seventh regiment, O . G., this
morning rendered the full. in ing order:
iiKit Hi ...tv'rfs r ir oi Ohio, t
AUJlT.sr itKrK.i.' ili.i. ..
foLiMBis. March Ji. Is7 I
special Order N'.i tl
I. Frank G. Mitchell, chaplain or the
Seventh regiment of Infantry. Ohio Nation
al Guards, is herebv aiisiiuttt a memtier of
the board ot examiners of said regiment,
vice Smith, resigned, and he will be obey ed
and respected accordingly.
II. Colonel W J Wiute, commanding
said regiment, vvili cause the ptililuatioit of
these orders.
By order of the Governor.
n. S v if mi vvi.
Colonel and Assistant Adjutant General.
Ktght Vim re. I ttltiir Kiiwe.
The republicans of Spnngtield have the
tiet municipal ticket ever placed in the
held in that city. With Mr Oliver :. Kelly
at the head, they have the embodiment of
energy, enterprise and resiectability. th
requisites to a healtliv tone in locI govern
ment. True, he has wealth, but titat should
not, anil we hope will not lessen Inm in
the esteem of w.irkingm-n He has
demonstrated, in past yeirs, that he knows
how to use that wealth lor the public weal,
and the working cl is could not do a tietter
thing for themselves th m to elevate him to
the chief magistracy of Springlieid. The
entire ticket, trom top to bottom, is a good
one. ami we predict it u by a good.
safe majority. south Cltarltston .,,(,,,,(.
Ilenth of .in .jeil tail).
Yesterday Wednela)) morning. March
no. at ." o'clock, Mr vmin.la Booth, re
siding about half a mile from the v illage of
New Moorefceld. died of paralvi. Mrs.
Booth was over eventy year of age, and
Ind been an invalid ror eira! month.
Her husband, who was a prominent m in m
that part ot the countv. died some years
ago The deceased lived with her daugh
ter, and had two children in the r.irwe-t
Mrs. itisith had a wide circle ot acquaint
ances, and was ltighiy e-tettiiid and re-sjH-cted
by all who knew her The funeral
will occur at her lite resnleme tomorrow
morning at 111 o'clock.
Firt- nt Interl it lit ii, I Ittriil i.
In a seveie electrical storm that occurred
at Interlaclieii Match J, the -tores of II
Friedlaender A Co and II 1' Beckford
were simultaneously struck bv liglitniug
and both consumed. Loss, rio.000. insu
rance, S.I.OOO Mr Frieillaender is an old
resident of Springfield, where he has man)
friends The ofllceof the Interl ichen Win
ter Ke-ort -ompiny was saved with dith
culty. If it h id burned. Hotel Iiiterlachen
would have been in great danger. It had a
severe warming as it via-
Sntitrnl On. fuel lvtrttleuni.
Ti) meet a general demand. Mr. A. II
Sin the, of Columbus, will publish, on April
11th. a limited edition of the "Preliminary
KeiKirt on Petroleum and Inflammable Gas
in Ohio." b) I'rof. Kdward Orton. state ge
ologist 1 he hrst edition was issued anil
distributed b) the legislature of Ohio, ami
no copie were placed on ale.
The reimrt auwers such questions as
these How were iietroleiitn ami ga formed
and how accumulated ? In what rock an
they contained ? Are they forming now "
This i, the only volume which ti rats at
length of the new horizon or gas and oil i
Ohio and Indiana, viz . the Prentcn 1 i -stone.
Theconditions under which g..- ..I
oil are round in this rock, the districts a t
in which they can tie looked ror with nt ist
promise of success, and the reasons i.ir
failure or succe in particular district are
(minted out. The most prat tie.il modes ot
measuring the (low of gas wells ever pub
lished are described in this volume.
The I'relimittarv Ketmrt of lsi; j, re-
pnutisl 'entire, and to it a supplement is j
added, containing tne more ret etit facts in
the new fields.
is at pre-ciu develop.
a new map of great interest, showing th.
tnpographv of the Trenton limestone in
western Ohio and by implication in eastern
The volume Is timely, and Intelligent
readers will be sure to avail themselves of
this, the tir-t oiHirtunit, to purcha- it
It will lontaiu 17." to 200 page.
l'nce. Bound in piper 51 00
Bound in cloth . ... 1 -"
Sent pot-Kii! to any address on receipt
of price. The Usual discount to the trade
Address all orders to the publisher, .is
mentioned in the foregoing.
Both Gulf and Lake, fresh caught,
dressed, and delivered on short notice.
Don't forget we keep fresh Oysters,
We told you about them last week.
Try our c!iokvt(ioliten Kio. our Old
Government Java, our extra qtiility
of Mocha ; they cannot be equaled
m the city. We have
Cotton Seed Oil for cooking purposes.
New ork Cream Cheee.
E lam and Tine Apple Cheee.
Freh Vegetables and Fruits.
ni.ip.it tne gas-produe!ng belts or Oho ! C! T s"TT? A T TT V 5- ffl
: present developed is added, and also ! WAAWliliJl flv WW.
Free Delivery. Telephone 43,
olobe uun-iyirxTG.
Corner Writ High St. nn.l Wnlnat Alley,
I. II. .V. XV. Ailtertl-nn: I'nssr llee-vltetl
Vliiii.leri.' Kalis New Turin" she. t.
The Kl pi in K is in receipt ef the follow-
ing letter, which is self-exiIanator). and
which ma) lie of public interest.
LU A K 1! flrtiir. ,
Indhxacolis Manh Jii, .-- ,
sprlntfleM Republic
DfcAiisiit Tlie penalties for the viola
tion ot the interstate commerce law an- o
evere that until we have rulings from tlie
commissioner or the courts regarding the j
issuance ..f passes we cannot atford to tike , jij,,, jjjoV wort aai Legal Blanks
all) iisis, ant. in uiiici lu w ttu .lie s.,,e
side are compelled to call in all outstanding i
passes except tho-e issued to jiersoits in tlie '
railroad serv ice. Kegrettlng ver) much the'
nectssit) that compel this action, I remain
)our trul), II. M Bi.uo.
General Ticket Agent ,
Local l'an Handle othcials have reieivetl
word tii.U mileage tickets issued 111 account i
of advertising will rem till good during tin j
continuation of loutracts made for 17 i
Notwithstanding the new law. ministers
of the gospel will receive re.lui.cd rate on
nearly all railroads i
Theatrical companies and, tu short, everv I
bod) traveling fnim one state to another j
will have to pa) full fore. Within the bor
ders of a state it seems probable th it n I
duced rates can be given by railroads with
out violating the law.
The new tariff sheets which, according to
the mter-stite commerce law. must be ais
pla)eil in all dejsits and ticket otlice. have
been received, and plaieil lit conspicuous
lltiiuis in all of the stations
M itriiiioiiiiit.
Mr. Charles J B ivvlu. a well-known and
prominent young busine man of this city.
and head clerk for s J stralcv .V Co , was
married at 3 o'clock this afternoon to Mis,
Fannie L. Duvall. an esteemed young lady
residing at Vo. 3.M south Center stteet
The ceremony was private, only a tew
friends of the contracting pvitie being
present The joung people have the good
wishes of many friends.
.xiteting or i:ik-.
The regular meeting ot the Spnngtield
lodge of KIks, last evening, was fatrlv well
attended, but little business of public inter
est was trans.ii.teti. The trustees of the
rrttpttheil Installation or lift. mint I 1
lliiiilup as 1'asttir or the printit 1.1
i htircli.
The Miami conference, embracing the
Congregational churches of Cincinniti,
Newport. Kj.. Huntington and Cereilo. V.
'a-. and Gleiidowen. (late I'ad.1)' Kun.)
Butler county, will meet with the Con.rt-'
g itional church m tin cit). Tued) even
ing. April lath, and continue in esion un
til Thursday, the 21st at noon. In the
afternoon a council will be held to examine
Kev. Samuel 1. Dunlap. late of ILiuuibil. i
Mo., vvilh reference to his fitness tor the i
pastorate of the Congregational ehunJi j
here, and the installation services will De
held in the evening. Kev. Washington
Gladden, I). I)., of Columbus one id the '
ablest men tu theitetiouihi.ition w ill preach
the sermon.
'Ketr'Kowtejr I'lrails (.iilllj to the ChlrRC
of Petit Larceny.
Onl) four cases vv ere nnall) disposed of
In the major's court )ester.K afternoon,
several being continued. Charles lluton. I
who had a rattling tight with Charle hit-1
merman on Cherry street I.vt Sunday mom !
ing. was lined SI and costs on a charge of
disorderly conduct.
John Thompson and the fellow who cave
his name as F.d. Wren, were each nne.1 s-1
and costs for rushing the grow ler to excess.
0car ("Ked" Knwley, vvho robbed
George Simpson of his watch and MO in !
Suitable for either Dairy, Market,
Gardening1, or Grain Farming', con
slstinff of 80 acres sltuited cerea
miles sonth of Springllelil, near
Springlieid end Yellow Springs
.r. a'. gvtmiso:v,
March S, l.SKT.
No. 9lA E. Main Street
attorney and Expert
sauciros of patests.
Koont ! Are n tie 13iiillitic
Dicing, scouring and Kepiiring
!lge were'author.e,l to enter into negotia- !""' as allow e.1 to plead guilt) to petit
turn for ecunug a loilge-room over Then, 'arceii), and Mijor Gmnlwtii rtned liiui s..
Troup's drug tore for the regular meet '
ing. I
and cots, amounting to cl4..k"i, the jail sen
tence being suspended.
The Suntta) News lllllte lteliiitetl.
ritnerul Notite.
Hon. Henry C. Houston, a former resident' The mechanical departments of the
or this city, died at hi late residence at j Springtield Sunday Xcws and J. R.Mar-i
Kvanston, III., and will be buried at South ' shalTs job office have been removed to their
take place at the residence of Leon II. north Market street but the counting and
II juston. in South Charleston, on Frlda) , I editorial rooms will remain at the old stand
ADrll 1, at i o'clock p m. Dr. John r In ttie Farr building, Xos. 31. 33 and 35
Mirlay, of Xenia, will officiate. south Market street, until next Monday.
.A.. B-CTaxnes
:is W. AVitsliinslon st.
Between Market and Center, Springfield. O.
Dr. Frank C. Runyan,
VRoomaln Backlngbam'iBulIdltiir.oTerv
WAIarpby-k llro.'l Storage
PdJiltlaa!lJa giraa to tas proarflag
mtar tosth.
-SS5EK3fSPij5HKjMm :

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