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Springfield daily republic. (Springfield, O. [Ohio]) 1887-1888, April 06, 1887, Image 2

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-'iyiiiiH Ull JH'jWW'""
ltEPFBLTC. WETlu EVJ&rJj&TG. APtlLt. i, 1837.
-S -
V '
! I&a--
Hair. Fire Brick and Clay,
Chimney Pipe.
A full stock always on hand.
Ji.l South Limestone St.
M ikiii,i:i
II VO(JE. Manager
pringfiflcl JlcuuMic
The RtTlnUCrlats IhelewTork iiJItf
lern ImivUtrd Press n.patrhMaa4 th Kritrr
Publishers and Proprietors.
THK tVEMxa KEI'UULIO la published
...M.Mnini-.ift-nt nndxv. and It dellr
eredat the rate of 10c per week. Single
copies Ic.
THE WEEKLY UKrlTIII-lO It published
eyerr Thursday, and ts one ol the tnot com
plete finally newspaper In the country
"lent pases, markets complete Kepiete
with news and m'seellany. fl per year.
InrarUbly cash In advance
All cmmtnunlcxtlors and contributions
should be aidressed to Cliktox M Nichols.
eJltor.and all bnine letter to Thous (
Un"-v. manager.
republic uriiniXG.
Telephone o. SXO.
laiulsville, Ohio.
ha a new paper the
The entire republican ticket w a elected
at Akron.
The "non-partisan"
the democrats.
have bad enough of
Springfield's buildinc bom
great proportion.
1 assuming
Tlie republicans gain xictorie when the)
nominate their best men for oflice.
The republican will do it again, in the
anic way, and they will keep doing it.
We shall have to w ait until vv e oe M r.
"West's -YricK before we shall reall) know
what did it.
Orover looks at In right paw and a)
feelingly "This is the hand tint shook the
hand of fcullivan."
Oit spring election was a fall election,
after all a fall election for the democracy
and non-partisan.
The presidt nt I telling people how well
be feels. He feel a goixl deal w ell-er than
he will a year hence.
A new congressman from Texas .squeezes!
in by promising neer to take a bith. The
"great unwashed'' of hi ditrtrt wouldn't
hive it.
Th demon ats of this cit) w ill fight un
der their own tlag, after tin, we think.
1 hree Mill buuL and no nipe are enough
lor them.
Springfield' new buildings for 17, If
they were erected on vacant ground, in one
group, would make a large and tine cit) of
When Terreuce V. I'owderl) wihe to
escape the xigilanceof the nepaior re
porters ot a town he nms his name "1. V.
Terr)" on the hotel register.
'1 he democratic party is a third jiartj
, in
Cincinnati. It is no pirty, at all. in Spntn;
tield. There is a Jefferson club, here a
stuffed cluli. on!. It nils up, once a xe.xr,
at a banquet.
The fiht in Clilcaco Tui-sdax as lie
tween the American tlac and the reil flair
of European anarch, transplanted in mer
lean soil, and the "Mars and stmes" canie
out So, OOi) xotes ahead.
'1 lie republicans carneil Miclmrau, Jloti
ila, by S,000 niajontj whicli, as Mitlii
inn lias been eolnc deiiiocratic. lateh. .i
a great xictorj. The prohibition ainend
inent was defeated bj 1,VW.
ilore factories, business blocks and res
idences (and finer and larger ones) will be
erected in Sprlngheld this e.ir than in
Mma or Fmdlav. bpnni;fleld has a stead
booui. xhicli glow s and works, fromjear
to ear.
Mr. ltoche. the nexv republican major of
Chicaso, is a business man xho attends to
his business, and a citizen of hl;h charac
ter. He will make a od major and Chi
caro will be a neaceful city dunnc his ad
spnncficld has a jounc architect of Its
own a nathe Mr. Charles A. Crecar
w ho I an artist born as w ell as bred, and
makes an especial study of all new and
pood architectural features dex eloped In
America or Euroie. He is dome much to
ward beantifjing the town.
We unintentionally omitted to formallj
rejoice and glorify oxer the elect.on of Mr
O. C Fried, as councilman. He showed
his cood qualities xxhen In the council 1m
fore, and the Hople of the citj without
recard to jwlitics are- miijhtj clad that s4i
Hood a man n to be m the i-oimcll, this
The Huckeje club did cood work in the
cainpalirn here, and it should be main
tained, xvith an Increase of membership
I)a ton's republican club did much toward
revolutionizing tlie city mid gaining a good
republican xlctorj. and Mijor Iiickliam's
Journal did good deal, also, 'thorough
organization and a square fu,lit will win
xictorj for a good cau-e,
If the republicxn state toiuention Is not
tololieldat Columbus apnmrnem is n e
best place for it. Ilellefontalue Ilepuhh
ca n.
True: it could be held In Mr. nushneir
new malleable iron foundrj. The conten
tion would be red-hot and the bojs
wouldn't need artiticial heat to melt the
metal. But the state convention should be
held In Columbus and its hotel men should
take especial palm to make their republican
puesU comfortable and nappy, i ney cau
Jo It If tbey try.
t-ortliioluluK XI uniiinlli Trade Kill-
Ihinul III.- Unlit lit public.
Ttielxii.x KiriiiLlc will issue on or
ibout Fridav. Ajiril -l-'. a grind eight-page
number, same se as the sattirdai edition,
containing a graphic ami comprehensive re
view f the trade ami commerce of the
citv of sprniglield The rex lew will he
published in the lorni of nttraitlve ami
highl iiitt resting Interviews with the inan
ufactnn rs ami business men of the ntj,
aIo with the rein esent itivesof our hank
ing, railnrul, real estate and insurance in
I ten-sts, and will to guaranteed to to the
1 best anil most thonutghlv eh itistive exhi
bition of the booming trade movement now
within our pris'incts ever In-fore atteniteil
In the pre-.- of tlir it.
! There will Ik' no chaige for anj ot the
' articles prepare! for theindtistrivl interests
of springtiehl ami all that is asked Is. that
' the merchant ami other represented, Mil
scnts lor ami circulate abrosil is man)
eopie a ma), to them, seviu tiest to secure
their trade interest and to extend the maii-
ufacturiiig and roiniiierritl revenue of the
citv. Tin l a grind opportuiutv. and
innt not to pal b) Keioirtir will im
mediate!) lngin tlie interviews ami all will
iHM'.XlltSl llIU
I "
I. UK IT ItH'l III II IX I If 1(1; I 7X I III.
' K.l
, tarter Harrison, the democratic niaxor
of Chicago, w ho cnurteil the faorof the
anarchist element, and who wa and i an
arrant demagogue, w a too wie to stand
a a candidate for re-election. reitmg re
peated attempt of the democratic omiinit
! fee to persuade lilm to at cept. Itwaun
dersusnl tint the democratic leaders would
tratemi7e ami work with the anarchists,
and it wa feared by man) gonil. lojal citi
zens that such a combination would carry
the city. Final!) a man b) the name of
Xelon wa bioiight out against Mr. Km lie,
republican, and he nveived what the Clu
chco llmil'l call "the withering blight of
anarchism support." I his Nelson sup
ported by persons who called themehes
the "united labor part)" in a speech ro
centl) made. ilitinttl declared for the red
rtac. He aid in public if Minda) chisl
children sbould march in proceion with
their chosen banner and no American rlag
he aw no reaon wh) workmgnien, if
e-iually onlerh. could not do the xme. e en
if the color of Uieir banner wa red
Mr. IliKhe. on the other hand, received,
in addition to the upjKirt of the republi
can, the xotes of mxif) friends of law and
order in the democratic partx, and of laige
number of true and lo)al worklncmen, as
he a out squarely for the American tlag
and no other and for the niamtenante of
le oil and rightful authority.
The democrats hawng no ticket. cat
their ballot, on Tuesday, the da) of the
election, a ue leani from an associated
press dipitcli. "almost unanimous)) for
the republican candidate," probably ten ier
cenL of them not xotingat all. The grand
result w a tint the opposition was buried
under a republican majority of .s.ooo to
U.0U0. Koche majority will probably reach
the last figures, tiruenhut, the mx ialltic
leader, bail claimed that the fff en con
demned anarchists would be saeil by his
party polling 3s, 000 plislgi! xote, but only
.!0.(iuo of these were jiolltsl. His part)
electeil one alderman, and nothing el-e.
This i not only a great ictory f or re
publicanim, but for the caue of gKHl co
enimeut and the protection of person and
projierty. It was not a ictory over onran
izeil labor, but over a socialistic parly that
false!) assumed U represent the working
men of the city. Certain KnuhL of Labor
asembhes wereoRicially forbidden by Mr.
Powdcrly to contribute to the fund for tlie?
benelit ot the condemned anarchists, and it
I eay to infer tint the masses of the
Knights kept themselves out of the red-llag
column. If they did not, they only banned
their own cause; but we believe they did
The place for workiinrmen. who wish to
promote their ovvn highest interest, and
the best interest of the country, is in the
republican ranks They Inve alreadv dis
covered that they gain nothing by affiliating
with the democrat, or operating through a
political latr onranizatiou.
Dr. 1. . Tuppin, ao!ore! man, ha
been elected max or of Itendville. Ohio, by
a majority of 17 vote
The democratic
Hamilton, O.
ganc was downed at
The republicans electeil pirtof their tick
et at Canton, (.
r.igiu inousaiHi (.nicaso cariienters are
out on the strike.
The democrats carried luicasttr. U..
likewise x, ouuestow n
A bu new g-is well at Frein it, ( . has
turned to be an oil produur.
l.'ex. bam Jones has closed his Cincinnati
enjrairement. He hid a big send-on".
The n publicans of Davtnn eletteil their
candidate for major.whld. makes the coun
cil a tic.
A greit demonstration acamst tin coer
cion bill will lc held m lljde '"ark. lm
don, Mondaj.
The Virginia houe passeil the senate bill
to charter the Charleston, Cimitinati and
Chicago railroaiL
The republicans of Middletonn defeated
the saliMin interest, which worked hard for
the democratic tick. t.
'lomiux Kellj. "The Ilarlini Spider."
knockeil out in seven rounds I.arrj Hojlan,
( iiicinuau ieatner-welglit.
In spite of democrats, prohibitionists, in
dependents and mugwumps, the republicans
ot I rbaua ele tl pirt of their ticket.
Kverv town in ltiilgam Tutsijsent
congratulations to 1'riute Alexander, their
lite ruler, it leing his thirtieth lurthdaj.
enator Oxlj's lull, appropriating j?V0,
100 for the iiiipruvetneiit os the canals of
New ork state, became a law without the
governors signature.
The second reading of the coercion bill
was moved in the commons ruesdaj pm
ion was postoncI till the ruh, owing to
absenteeism of meintis
I'rof. Itertrand. st'tit j the rrotestant
societies of France to Great Ilritain and the
I'uite 1 "states to plead the cause of French
evangelization, is in Ciiieinniti.
t Cleveland the entire ileinoentic tuk( t
was elected bv m-vjorities i,nn,iiig inun a
to 1.011. The democrats law tl r en
joritv on joint ballot iu th iouiiii'Hi n
A live buckejetree frmn ji, oh .forist
will grate the banquet and indies reis-ption
given bj the (lino Societj in New "iork.
April il. Manj prominent Ohio men will
b' pres nt.
Mis.. James limwn PotU rV husbind has
suddenlj returned to New York, ami her
father has smideulv started tor hiimpt. It
is surmises! that the hdj will beurel to
retire troin the stage.
1'atrKk McVaiuara. a tml-heaver, sur
rendered himself at Jersej Citv, confessing
he had killed "Hlg.lacl: xiurraj, the xil
dler, Xlondav night. McNamara laiin- to
have acted in sf-defcne.
At 1'eru, 1ml . Dejmtv Shinir Hubert
Miller knockiil down and kicked to death
Charles M. Kmenck, manager of the l'ern
ojvera house, w ho was charged bj Miller
w.th slandering his (Miller'sj wife.
The steamer Vancouver has arrived at
Portland, Me., from Liverpool. 1 esterdaj
her Quartermaster, Thomas Kavenaugh,
who had gone aloft to set the signal halli
ard, failed to catch the hackstaj and fell
sex enty feet to the deck, dashing out his
brains. Kavenaugh belonged in Dublin.
Great ribbon sale at Khrenhart's milllnerx
Jstore. Tuesilay and Wednewla.
4.cto t b IwiIefH. t hit v with autumn flowrr,
I waUh the uiU rouib wind 4 breath ovine aod
Bx n lin thf &y uutil tbir jwile bacio phon
n.l ta. b -mall IhM tlint tbiv for wMr ttwris,
To hitlc lwfxre t h storm t hat JarLl htv er,
N nIkiu u to UN w b di I n t vvtn Kua
TIk -bnriv.l tltire f. rtb wtrv hitUen fto
lutil lit him J put forth ji- t roller jower
1 Dot this bWf nulla lift f wtt-t n"M
l'avtln its fN iu iiiirxl ftrnoiiirv
Tunmcb nu am muu-rt jrfi jwtvfid
et Htiftt i. nub trial tatxli tlmt quiet hrrt.
It bu4 m-tt ath (Im tttlcii that Ut at torv
Httjs ldiatli'-n bixlmj; buutlil.u all the uhilt
- VII tho er JUmoJ
How tlir Mount til nrr Carry on tlir
"111c Irrtll," Ii4-n.ltlr of .ltl
Iii Auiot- il Stitenil?r, after tlie
'cni- n lrt.-l h ' the fntcal moun
tmntvr laj a-ttU' hw uorMI arv, ami
npplM hlm-flt urpMrflh t the ta-t
of enrrjm .ti tin Inr nitftin , Imth tn
his own AUt in tin H-ljmtut iix'inhlxir
IkmkK amltolhs plci-ur. ami luti-. of
linpn.ilit Drrmir ihf pnri"- of no
of tht' in tuitf- 'r rihiu withm
w.ilkiii.: iliM.uift f the iikh tine Immim is
throw ti oiu to an ami all who deicn to
shirt Us sh-ltcr Thorc is no oxiliisne
ins. ami all ,w oiUlh wh-im,
Tlu rtitlf t.ihlt is IimiIiiI with "pmc
hnvnl, iK.tatoos fn,sl ,hlkt'!i Kuihi or
luff, nhiie ."otTt-o. stnttik:, hlnck. ami tin
swtittnil tbiws like water Th.reisno
MiCiir itsetl in the iintuutaius, ml a black
M.n;lium nmli l h it sotihl nuke a
dtlitate epn iitv shitr In the kitchen a
1k of 1 mk, silrnt wtmitn yim to lioal
MswUm :i fresh supph. for the .tp
iH'tite of the mountaineer, like his re
Ition, is of an insatiable, uinuoniis
nies mettnistisuallj last fnuu i week
t t n il is at h (hurt h or not mfri
iltteiith ns the jnifple express it
ontwell the hull m Kit mentis Ila-htis-cleaiic-l
oiit'iilhe'r smh ami jMshunce "
Ihtu tiotlutu: ilxuutiHl thewearioil nun
ami winneii ii tlttM1 tluir wihhI latthil
tl(trs inid hie to the nut tin's m the
m l sotthineiit sun of alitMrt) welcome,
ami n-I to eat out others, as they
them- h.s hawi Ken eaten out
Whole families- will thus sj ml a month
or mure, for then ) no cumnunlity In
whuhtheo in'ople aro so iroilicfil in the.
t'XlKii'litnro of as tiiitR. Homo lntorosts
nux Mlllir, Mk ma rii tinlu nltsl, fml
di-r rum on tlm stalk, ami the non pmu -
ili-nt miiik nfolV complain of tlimitciuil
Karcitx lor Ihoi-oiiiini; mtr lint the
ix-liRioiish uitliiLstsl liiislmiuN .mil fathtrs
will omnm.'.lh sin, priy nml Jurat in
loiu us cl clnvr lasts at tlii'ir nrmh
bors' talilts. nml sinners ntiiaiuniixioiis
Loral preachtTs nml 'j.hirlxrs nre sil
(loin mil any .sal.in.
like imisliriNims xx it ti
The- spring up'
dlxersitv of gifts
anil 1 n k of mfts as liiMiTormsHis as their
intiTj'ritaiiotis of s, npinrr often an
Yol nil nre l'nmftit of a i inl. inorlml in
tliiisinsin, ami lliejr amlitnii-H are easily
s.itisilsl with an iirtlunlox olTortn lwsed
iijkiii unlimiteil lumr pmer ami an ln
U Unite fiiml of emotion. Krooklyn
Aitemtis Xrri. Chum.
Mr Reorev Hojt, of CItxeland, O.,w-bo
years ago worketl on llu Plain IK-nlcr, of
that citv, with rti inns Vanl, told a re
ort r th it vv hlle he was n printer on the
p.lier, and Artemiis, who was the sub
cslittr, wantisj to f-o to Cincinnati for a
week or -o he pit the former to write his
matter for him ami left an old tow string
to indicate the quantity n-quireel Mr.
Hojt is now a wealth mine owner, but
has never forgotten the jmat Anencau
humorist whose friend be was up to lus
"Ys, I rcniemlier the old soiled string
Artemiu, gave me," he xnid "Artejnus
callesl me to him and oaid he was going to
be aUsent a w eek ami wanted mo to jag
np' his column during Ids alisence. 1
never will forget his qtie-or looking ex
pression when ho handed me a stnng,
about twiv-thirds of a coltnnn iu length,
nnd said that much stuff was required
daily. As to the quality ot the matter,
he ignoreil that aTtoge ther. I think that
inciile ut oi-cunvd along Iu 1857 or
short lv afterward. Artemus and I
were good friends, although I was oulj"
n jirinter on the paper. He discov
i resl that I w us some tiling of an artist und
had n hfeh appreciation of the humorous,
mi he frrqticntl) re id his articles tome.
How he would laugh, both while he was
writing his funny articles and when he
read them to me. I remeniWrhe read to
me his letter to llngluim Young, and
laughed heartily over the question he pn-
poundeil to thu Mormon us to w here his
wives were Malesl to him. I Illustrated
his first lmok for him; at least I drew all
the illustrations, and Artemtts lost them
out of hts coat pocket while en route to
New York The last time I sawArtenius
was in Cincinnati He was lecturing
then, and I went Into his elrc-siing room
Ik fore he apK-nrcd on the stage. He was
having a terrible time with lus hair
dresser It is an actual fact he carried n
hair dresser around with him to get his
hair pi'Iier1- curlesl ami arrangesl to op
iienr Ik fore an audience He apjieared.
glad to see me, and nskexl me alsnit the
bo He made a great deal of money,
but what lKcame of it is rather a mjs
try. He Imiight n fsrm for hLs parents
Mid helKsl them ' New York Midi and
Ux. press.
In rurftiitt of Orrlilda.
The on hid hunters jiursiio their prej'
like liv a gnine. To ULscov er a new- orchid
Is like discovering a new star. They
range the tropical forests with their In
dian climbers from vear'o end to year's
end An orchid hunter that I met in the
remote lute nor of l!ritlh finlnea told me
he lull prosecuted his trade for twenty
ears, and ever- jear it cost him the life
of an Indian or two. The lurkless sav
ages wen either poisoned bv- the serjients
that lurk in the trees, or broke their necks
tumbling from the high idnces where the
jrchid-s grow. Hut the blood shed In their
quet renders them all the rarer and more
splendid in the estimation of that civiliza
tion whose ingenuity has continued to
rrcate out of them the most priceless of
Moral ltixune Alfrtsl Tnimble in New
Yoik News.
Tin- OHr.munN serrt
Ir argent, of the Harvard KTinna
Miini, has examiuesl Hanlan, the oarsman,
and shvs tliat he has "a great heart ami an
excellent llv ,dl the wax ilovxn to the
h gs Jtnlgisl bv a htandinl of perfes
tion the ikirstnin's legs and iinm. are too
short l)r -argent sajsthut this defect
has made H mlnn the oarsman tJiit he is.
iiihI th,il the povvir from the Mioulders,
Inck ami loins together with the im
mense leverage given bv the short legs
and arms ,, what his mad him almost
the perfeition m build for a sculler
New ,ork ."sun.
I nefi r liki to Is too well acipi unicil
mil n f.i uil If I vh is, each one t IN me
of di r faults of der others, und 1 h.if tr
Kive em all up us badr Carl Dumlir.
Illllisilllt. Vpill
I I Thlrly-Tlir. I liolc,
I ol..
h O IMal, as pianlnu of Cora
l' and i
John . 1I1K will n'I' at public sale, on
I I. ...!.. ,....1 ,, .. , .. I. .,
I llilisil.ll llli If ,l IlllOCfl l. HI., 1
thirtv tl.ift ihoiie iMilldlug lots, on the
. I
premises iiirectlr opin-ue Hie street car
stables. Seven of these lots are on Yellow I
nrmgs street, balame on l'atton street. A
line oiiportunit for workincmeu. Ixitsare
all in iiiuuedlite iieigliborhiMnl of hvan-
Maniifaitiinng Co.. llaiiikalron KeticeCo.,
springlield Manufai tunng Co , etc.
'lenns ot sale. One-thml cash on de
liver of deeit. oiie-thinl ill one ear, one
third iu two tars. s(s.-nrisl by mortgage,
i! percent, interest on defirreil piinents.
Tin dollsrs tah on da of sale.
.1 xvti s I'm i v. Auctioneer.
K. i .vt ! ii. . IM u Attorneys.
The Ituckee llrnlge and Iron Works, of
Cleveland, have assigned.
TIfYYAjso that are fretful, peevish.,
WB cross, or troubled xith
Vindy Colic, Teething Pains, or
Stomach Disorders, can be relieved
at onco by rasing Acker'a Baby fSoother.
It contains no Opium or Morphine,
hence la safe. Prica 25 cents, gold by
Frank II. Coblentz, corner Market and
lllgh strests.
TL Srrrrtarj hii 4Iah) rfrlble to
sxthllcr who lia.t I ought.
Although Mr Stanton wa b niturean
atvesiblo miin it was simplv iirpKMbIe fur
uiin to mve ir ate Hiibiiiae t a tithe of tin
f p. notis who ilaih imUirett for him Ken ' them Tliir Unlit
. seimtors ami reineentntitsi moiiisressoftt n ! ktltt n eiMitt m
' ha-l ihllleult m se-iiig him at tniienntm
the innnt-r the tlisired, unl friUtntl3 ao-
I ctpteil iKt hit'k with the row. I in tht rertl-
tioniNiin Ol Hanlie n Imihiviiic Scot h
I looking itlltvr, took charge of thu room
'rl in the iiionun and in the name ami
by tin authority if tht ifta, lip,itthel
the hums- of stii h as iipiiIkt miilttl mr
insist! hpai the l-ersoiul action of tlu s,h.ii-
tai He al st-nt in the rmiii- of mi h
callers hs Ih thought thostsntarj HtiiiM pri
atl i-e,tie, ainl fnn i time t tim wt-nt
in huiisflf t take the sintun -timnaii(Is
upon vitne irivof sj-ocml htIuulT or mi
rtance s nearh a ssilib-to Ilo lot k,
tbesecretar, whoha.l an almost tvlmiou le-
(Card foi tliisilul otrvamv itm intoth
rtxm an 1 took station at the lit tin lnli l.k
near the Uittom, t)l Hnnlu oi M ij. IMouo
lieuif; in att inl uhv to assist him lb whw1
' ierUtlv bat k who a rtxu hei linn, until
h had eompl til n ihhl"1!"! st ruttm ot the
, coiujum an 1 had rtvil from tho otlieer in
attfudam a statein nt in a low ouv, of the
eoeptioiiilh urfiit oi ! ritin"ii' (nw,
11a n one nfU'i nnotlct he induatsl thow
whom ho wished to drv mar lvotmms
with the sol brs mid aftr lhni, utlhu,; up
I the plainh drfv-il women, who looki-d a if
I they might Ik soldiers kmfolk If he haj-
Ieihl to noti'v that a soMh r h id nit h-t or
I was weak fnm illn- ho would Iea tho
dsk and po to him wii iv bo w i--t itel Of-
tbvr Umihi i-iblo tok n of w-ouiids ,r di
abdit wiroal--i prffnvil snitirs bt with
othr KentJ nwinif Ihosbouldii strap hWH-
umii1I rurt Cmlintis bo treated afeonl
I nifi a his fmmoi w i tlo totl b their
' stntiiints or iiiimur out tliiosvn- nlwa
n ijeiitral osoi tnoof tlio nndrrhin pnn
ciple that tins Miblu ns-tptioii a, for tin
who In I no other mean of avs to him.
It wiilitrethit Mi Stanton mihl usimllv
lw sn at his lest If a ca-o t muiunl jjal
lnntrv, mnt or MilTerm,; ntif vtatel h
w-otil lc minion t nn it a Ion it th eomjian;
endinj-with a moral mit'p t vitnotiir .
irtue or fortitude On th. olur hind t
befounl a woman suppKuit einKirri-l by
the publn it of statement and .i tin, v
would dnw her lond the desk to the win
ln rts-smi 1 Itoir luTtlu iv or mi-1 Ik r t
i hn rni t l limnl morf liisiinlxnr n
nt! soin- it lis ! tu tlmis, ilule
j watchuv " wtt.ir al tli-v-i. mi itMi
I Uiat a n at r liail lvn I't tu th- pulpit
j wbt-nli-Ui mica Iiurtr, tor to a- in nl
tniraM- n-a lvr ami far fromiiM'is tor
I inonuiiu 1 !(. ntiirr
rjilsM Ian nml
I'Atlf lit
The rii,s.tion of !i iu loii'T tmiititiixit &l,.utl.l
bae-niit'iui.l in a neurotic case when no vi
dent W-nW.t ( pnnlu.sil bis nventlv ls n
rnLseil in a H iiiila.rg law court. A niednal
man. hav in,; as a jtitient a mn hint siilb r
lngtroni m-rv oiiMiess, treated hu-i bv gal
xaiiisin ltog liter he g-dvamzisl lum r
tuu-s. I ut tlw nervousness did not dwipj-ear
Then cam the inittei of fees. The sum
clmiKsl wn.s svVii't. llio mirehanr dt-putod
this on tlie greminl that the treatment onglit
not have 1ksii siiitinue,l mi lonft, a- it wai
not pn.linnig auv ln'mut The rourt re
fernsl the tnatt.r to tls-ine-lil IkkiiiI, wlmh
gaveas its opinion tint ihe o tor ought tc
hav e rsksl tl .itiiit aftir soinellflv sit
tings, wlii-tlw-r In would hki to 'untiniie
tlicni, n it wa. doubtful whetler the trat
meat r as doing an) ginul Iho com r, how
ever, d . !iii1 to acispt this view, holding
that it was 'or tli lutient to viv when he
had trusl tli- tixatui'i't as long as he vasdi
IKsil topcv for it. ami -ogive judgment for
the full mount lum-l riiis judgment
iteenisioiu-eoni nun me pun, ipie thalnp-plu-s
to ueviair Mills, nption V man
lii'istjiav for his pn. r as Ion,. a hetnki-tit
from tie pi-totlii-e London Iimst
XI rs. i IriHanil.
We've heanl all that's wholesome
About the beaut of Miss Kolsom.
Now. we snptKise jou know
She came from Buffalo.
Where every handsome girl
I'ses Clnplin's Liquid Pearl
tan and freckles twill omcklv
lau ami ireckii-s twin quiCKij
Kver crow's feet xerj much diminish -Also
praised bv ladta, Patti and leaders
of the stage
As the most marvelous ber.utiher of the
(Iri-at nhtmu saleatKhrenliart'smilliiierv
store, Tue'sdaj and Weslnesda)
Cleansed, Puried and Keatitifled
by theCuticura IJeinedies.
lor cleanstmr the skin and seeln of dtsfleur
lng humors, for allaying Iteblng burning and j
inn ininiauuii, lor curing the nrst sviuptouis ot
r.e7eiiii. I'suriasis. Milk crust, stalv lleid.
scrofula and other Inherited siciu ami Blood
Diseases. I curt r.. the great skm t ure, and
I itiicbi s,,A1., All pxrjuisite "kin Beaiitlller.
audi i tici k Hrsoi vtT, the new Mood Pari
firr. Inn rnally, are Infallib e
I li ive suffered all tnylife with skin dis, ises
of different kinds ind have never found per
manent relief, until, b the aivice of a lady
friend, I used jour valuable ti in m Uicvr
mis I give them a thorough trial, using six
buttles of thel'trrifcKe Uksoi vrsr.tuo boxes
of. i ticckc and srv en cakes of Ci tittkil'itir
and tlif reMiltas iiiitKli it I bad been toM It
Would be a Comp'ete cure
lihl.I.K KUK KUhniond. ". a
Keference li W Latimer, liriiggt.t Utili
mond a.
svi.t itm i n ci in it
I was troubled with sait Khrui i for a mini
berof jiars so that Uie skin entirely came oil
of my hinds from the filiKir tips to the wrist
I tried remedies and doctors prescriptions to
no purpose until 1 commenced takintel ltiiui
llKMKiwts, and 'ion 1 mi entirely cured
k r l'MthH'..
379 orth inptou street, Boston
Illtl C.l.lsls IMlOKSI Till. VI.
Have sold a iiuiutltyof jourt'e neim B
fpies line of my customers. Xirs lift ry
Kintz. who had tetter on her hamN to such an
extent as to c iuse the skill to peel oif and for
eiulir years shesutfered greatly, was complele
Ir cured by the use of your medicines
C N. WK. Druggist lantou.O
ITI-lllM., ( tu, 1-IVII-I.X.
lor the list year I h we had a species of i
Itching, seali and pimply humors on my f.ce
to which I have applied a great minx tnith
odsof treatment without success and whh h
was spi-rdllj and entirely cured t Iui" r
Mils s( PHKLI's. Kavenna. o i
. , . I
ojniill'IM I IKK Till. vi.
Me have oli! your ( i Tin n I'ivehu for
the last six jears and in medicines on mr !
shelves i;lie better sitisf icttoii '
I'l Mllhl.ruN lirugist Vlbany '
iiti'iii Kkuriiisi are sold eierywheie ,
Price iniriRi.iic Kh(i.ift l,stnr.")i
Prepared by the Poms Iihk. tvu I'liruu 11.
Co . Boston. Vias-, s ml lm "How to Ciirr
skin lllni".."
fiRIIRs, I'iniples, sklnllleniislies md Biby
uiiuuw,anmr, cured by ( in. t ba mo
Catarrh to Consumption.
tatarrh in its destructive force stands next
to and undoubtedly le ids mi to consumption
It is therelore singular that those afflicted
with this teirful dls, ae should not make it
the objei t of theiritves to rid themselves of
it. Deceptive remedies conciH led bj Ignorant
pretenders to medical knowledge have weak
j tJIie'1 t,ie I'iidJenv u( the sreit majority of
laiilT. nip. In uil .a.,l....lp....llA.. IM...-.
suffcirrsln alladvertlse-d remedies Tlu y be
siivhi i in niinuiillimi luurum i III y CIC
-"iue resigned to a life of misery rather thin
..il.tu r.,li.iiu.l l.q lifu..r mluv.. .n,l. . , .
loriure inemseiies wun aountiiii palliatives
But this will never do Catarrh must Ik met
"..:ry ." """ r""1??". "" ." ur
might In nnny cas,-s the diseise has es
sumed dangerous symptoms. The bones and
cartilage of the nose, the organs of hearing, ot
si eing and of tasting so affected as to be usa
less, theuvuli so elongated the throat so in
I tlxraid and Irritated as to produce i constant
and distresstngcoiuh.
sAMI)Kll Hinicii I ire meets every phase
of catarrh, from a simple head cold to the
most loithsoineniid destructive staei It is
local and i oiistitutioii.il Instant In relieving
permanent In curing. sifr, rconoiniial and
never fallli g
Eviry pack ige contains one bottle of the
lUmciLlti e. one box t iTKKiULsoLviiaml
an Imckoiiii IsiitDx. with treatise, price
tl t).
Potter Drug and Chemical Co . Boston
And Hut we iry. lifeless all-cone sen
satlnni ver present with those of in
flamed kldnevs.vviakbickaiid lulns.
aching blps and sides, overworked or worn out
Dyuisease. aetiiiiiynraissipiiioii, are relieved
IUUK.XI1LT aud speedily cured by Cull.
cura Antl-l'ntii riunter, a new, original, ele-
gn t and Infallible antidote to pain and Inflam-
nation. At all druggists. SV; five for s or
of Potter Ilritg Co., Ilo.ton.
Drug I'll., llo.loil.
Wlieie Napolrou') s.n IHed.
Om fib, iutt lmriible siht-. 1 hate etn I
was tne Ih.) I if the oiv,it. r ot lsandlwana, io '
Zululaml k wuu m m .nth. alur tlie div
a-tti Tl. 1 N)dalbrNliMshal lten lrini
bltifbii; m tin ho, Mm unUiried oil that
turn. n 7ulu ultuii- Ind not tmit hel
hit unlum! ana U
-km that I iiid Us-om
like letlir m iin-iM lnu how the lum
fallen nd --iision ilh rilhe! in pnnitst
make a de.N ial -land um-.t their t-iierile
Iheeom uhit h had f ttti imut of the nnpu
had - nmg i pamoit thf thiu I hnet i
ImttlilltkU ifUr tu hViitstn wn withib-a.l
and dim, bett nl the shrink, and ;ium ol
the woui bi but that stht was ii.ahm like
the hori l.lell.'M o UiiHllawani r.itr.j
I saw tlKMloid 1-nIv of W wmiii pnmv iui )
lml lie wasn It 1 of great bn,:htiiesNaiid
ontheoap, out he express) niti. t al'id
re-iiii: a wound fioman nvai He li
on the n-l I qtllt imktii o(tteit with
woundv It-uti I in, if.knnx a thin gold
chilli niidnl-k.t atta hol m wha li w.i a
I if lure of Ills in--llit r Uiok tin ofi and
stilt It to tin empress mid tfjMi iiefulh iar
ri""i bun fn.m th In M It w i- ciinou, and
ti-l a 'Iniiii -.r ui Hut I -Ti-uiH stv thi
3iunn pniHi iih,i k hi lath, r villil it
liHKiptisin flu it N)nhrtii ml then
few jiars 1 it r Imiun rje on a ton 1411
Held I . t,d. 11 tor . w York Mail and .x
OuV ci:x SSi?i.l!5
thousands PufTennp; from Asthma, Con
sumption, Coujrb, (tc. DM you over try
Acker's Engl Nit Ktmedv? It is the best
preparation known for nil Lung Troubles,
Bold on a poitio guarantte at 10c., 50c
Frank II Ooblent, corner ilarket and
ii street.
Ht'iimniin Mobb. of Haf n rk w ts
hum: up in his room and m ote to tell wlin
his mniie was 'I he robbers tot aw a s
iikk the forirot to lot him down, nml he
was stra - d to u til
Til T II U KIMt OU. II tm be so
ViukI) urnl bj Mnloh's ( tire. W guar
antee it. Kor ale by F. A darwoiMl
Thta nHKlirtn -romhinm Iron with par fptU
tnniri anj w inilal 1 fur Dwp- wculuir to
Womrn nl J1U tr- psdfutrT Ut It I n
rirbr anJ PurlHr the IIIfMid, llaialatcr
th .pMtllrv trrnltirn ttw JlHMlr4 dJ
rr. m fct.thuruuthly Invlsnrnlr-.
"! t tli r-nrnpleiKin and mkfw the km unnntiL
It d-mtJ nut Ucksa tha t-th, rU9 bailAche t-r
prtlac Cxmi-tirwithm alt tnhtr trm atrUrtme Hn
Ms FtJZABCTn BaIRD 'I rreU Are Mil no-
kf H u4 mid untl-r dtft ft Ia IXth. I'i
I L.TeuM.) Itruwns Irun Hitters and it haNi
ranrv than a doctor t- ro. hannjt runWI nw I tb
weaknrwi Udtrs ban in lite AIm -mrcul tw of I J
er Complaint and now mj com pit-tun is clear and
tfia -d. ilaM aluo Mwn tenet1cial to ray children.
Mm IOCiaa (I Braudn tat Lickpwrt. V Yrt
M)s 1 hwe f tffttred antuld miwrj r-m Fenialw
Cumptaintn. and oolil ot tain rvlief frvta nuthULf
xocpt Brown Inii Bitter
Genilne ha above Trad Mark and cmeeed r-d linaC
rn wrapper Take no othrr. Made only bj
sle of llouds.
I si(-)jtt h I
hereby given tint the city of
nrliufielil, oimi. will ,ittrr for sale tutlie
highest auiltiest bhliler at tae council chani
her in siid citv. on luesiley, the Jbtli it ty ut
.sanl. 1) .lss'. at so'el'Mk p. m , the tionus
ol atil city to tlie amount of one hundred ami
! Iltty thousand -1 i i"0 dollars of the denouii .
nation o( oue thousand Ji,(i oi dollars, each to
bear I1 per cent per annum Interest, payable
semi anninllv.at tlieotlUeot the city tnas
itirrriuthls city, or at the Inijiorters' and
Tnders' ?atloii!iI uiak in Nev. lurk Clty.i.it
J the option ot the holder thereof, on the tlrsi
daysol uarca aau s-euiemuenneacnyear. un
tu the piymeut of the princiinl thereol sjd
Isinds tu be coupon bonds stnt Isinds to be Is t
sued for Hie purpue of obtaining means fur
tne,,aymt.Ilt nf the cost ot erecting a nierket,
House nnd city unices, aim ot procuring tne
necessary real estate as a stte there tor and ap '
broaches thereto, and (or nsrket space sid
bonds to be due and payable as follows Flf I
teen thoiismd dollars on the 1st d ly ot sen
teniber. l'.i". ami ntleen thousiud dollars on
the 1st diyo( September iu each ye ir there
after until the whole amount is paid, and .
I i hun u.it.1 pu In li flrn mil itiM (np tiir tliA
purchaser thereof in eash, at the offlee of the I
' city treasurer in till" city, at such times andin j
, such amounts as the city council shall from!
time to time, bv r-nlution.desgnite, and as i
1 the net its of the city shall require
Bids for the purchise of siid bonds niay be r
filed In writing with the city clerk at an, time I
prior to the time above named for the sale of j
said bonds, ami bids, either verbal or In wri
ting, willbereieived bv s ild council on add "
2Mb day of April at o cloi k p in . when all
bids wilt be considered by the citv couneil.and ;
seld bonds will be sold at not less than pit I
value and an rued interest, subject to the eon
i dition herelnl efore srt forth, to the highest
i ami best bidder
llyorderul council
'.bs CltyClerk.
Notice to ('tntrnctiini.
sealed proposals will be received by the
Board of Hospital ( ommisslonersof thectty
of springfleld Ohio, al the ortice iu the Mitch
ell block in slid city, of J hlllott. clerk of
said board. until UoMocii. noon. of pril 'ith.
lsT, for furnishing all the material and doing
all the lalmr for the remodeling and repairing
of the building on the Hospital grounds In said
MI bids must be for doing 3 lid work accord
104 to the plsns and specifications therefor on
nieiuthe otllce of t has ( regar. architect,
an 1 all bids must be on the hi mk forms turn
ishfd bv the clerk of said boird and shall be
enclosed in a scaled envelope md deposited
with said cleriw and such sailed envelope
1 shall hav e endorsed thereon the mature of the
said bids will be opened at the first regular
mcetingof the boird after thesthd iv of Vpril.
lss? and s tid board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids I
B0U.D01 llOspirvi. (OMMIssIO.NKRs '
By lis I' iioouwis President
J s. 1-li.iott. clerk
' I
(Juurdian's .Nile.
In pursiiinee of an order of the Probite 1
Court of 1 1 irk county. Oiiio, m ide on the th
dayof XIarch V l 1"V. In the case ut K i.
IU il, guardian f Corah litis md John iieorge '
ilils. aunst his ild wards tie undersigned i
will on the llth da ot Vpril. V H IssT. at i
o'clock p m .on the premises, offer at public'
sile the following described reil estate, situ
iteln the city of spriogfleld ( 1 irk county '
Ohio, to wit Thlrti three lots, numbered ,
fnini 4.7'MI f.i l.s, li,,.!,!,,. H. rlio un,. hm I
numbered and itesign ited una pi it of . nidi
Hon to thesild city if sprlngleld I Uil out by
siid guardian otsild wards by the order of '
said euurt In siideisi- ind reeonled Iu plat
lunik J. page Ho
lennsof sile nne third i nh on the d ly of
sile. one third iu ore and one third In two
years from the dav ot sale, to be wnml hv i
mortgigeoii the premises sold ind the de
"rrcd payments to la irinterest.it the rate of
perceni per annum, pay ibleannuallv
iiiiiniian if i oral.. Mils iDd.'ohniieorgellils
UfUit-l lj "Kiirlrt lier, 11 i. ji-
t.irrli, -sf.ttlif rini;4, huophitr Concli,
lll sr, li ., t
tiit-n-lYrelleiei. Ij) a leice which tn I'o-d
tivclj inlhl1 and whtth ha heen rcni
uinlfa Lyeery piivlcian who hai eamintsS
it. It ts tucit tful In cist1 where eiery other
device or reme.l Ins filled It mi) be worn
i month at a time without removing, c un-
ini: no pain orinconenleiue
iornileiniiv h the inventor
II. . U IK IErhli.fjM,rt. Conn.
T XKXI ltrsKltsL,.e9t rnlr. .,. ...i
I vertlsingin I ooo c,.,l newspapers sent
free ddress i.Ko 1
H0ULI.L A 10. ID
s..rfi,,u t.,t V,,rL
Lsl ACitNTs Vrtlclenew sells fast. No,
money to Invest Vddress It I' Lit Ivts, I
W.JiTKl-(Jineral .ice HI", to wholesale
niy new motor. Bare ch inie. good sal
iry or'ocon the dollar Address, with stamp. '
1 M. Weaver. Indian ipolis, Ind. i.Naine this
piper. I
1T ntemt I ug .Id vert iters should addreis
Will be sent Fiti:Kon auiillcation.
Forachck for S3) we will print a ten line
advertisement lu Oue .Million lss jes of leading
Amerlcsn Newsjiapers This Is at the rite ot
only one fltthot acntalitie for 1 HOCIrcula- ,
Hon! The advertisement will Ih placed before
One Million different newsnaDer nurchasers i
or Kite. Million Kriuiss. Xen lines will ac-;
commodate about 75 words Address with copy
of AdT. aud check, or send 30 cents for Book of
176 pages 0E0. P. ROWELL CO .10 srtcci
tiT.. ."Ill ioik
ISrdliiC r-f-ew-xl ttTcth. mr wh tiiffr (Vmw
liflrwltlr prcutlar ! their hvnld try
DDniAIM's; TTi
vZim Mm HI
,r"ksmS . A
B " BE5T
L'WU il last-
Mr hurl. 1
phta y . 1 1 .
thro.it t ilinf
Astlinia ItronrliltU.
Tiel As, tic- It till 1
n wl- r - nit d with.
wn if ti( 11 u-1 lima no
wiii men d t ihi
mif to N m iirtt-an
Tin . tiaiiift w r .uiihl no k ""1 ht rfturiitnl
tiomeiuttf 1 ii iidin 11 lb uk Hi
idtidh tr -.1 Jt,l -tar . ouith r
lli 11 ah nml atlitna kit him an 1 atV r
lln a n W U uIk bin bta lb was twin
p.ulj roioritl
Anotlier Pleuro-rnt-urnon in -Cough.
Q11111M Houe Pitrt an !. -Ttfon
vreriiiIirituiiicnrtld.Hlfn'inttnrtiUi V
of Iiun-piii iitt inH 11 net toil w i a
Mv-n ind itnnfut ettiizti alrien ! . m u
rtt iiini iiiltil ih ki tnr otib t tin 1 .
nie nfii r 1 had trint et ritlolht- r lift 1
without hUitc?. One t.iile enurei my
reoTrj l Kk Mil LH
TraioUiiiicAt A 1 I' 1
Inllaiiiiiiatbtn of Tliroat and Luiik-
ein ram o al
Mr Ollrer IIInkM, Propmtttr f th.
I "a 11k ' arrme o , 11 l'uwt-lt M .r
I-rjiiu- o haji. 1 hae ln-tn Mirtero 4
with a -tvtre, iou.'h,-rtiiltij fimllv 111
flai itniti n of tlie thrvtntand Imii: fi r it
1 ni;iiiue Aftir eon-ulthii;v t nl ;M
h tatit with m lt rliin;nii Unet 1 I w
in In -d , n fM n t, ho ba 1 ! 11 hni
'im illbt. t. toti the Krd star 1 uh
Curt ftVr f. n d te I nni h f 1
in 1 inf rht fan 1 aftir taLltitc on tottl I
w.'tnUrtlycurel t)Ll M: IIINkLI .
irtllnicIU. loure Take Note.
. it 1 liu , H tail I1M4 1 trt It the -tnt
I iui r lati n tliHtux. thouan 1 p- 1
n (h iMllr n.diufi ar in tin 1
fn in t' e ttt r f tifi mix r - 1
turning morphia or oj m a
TIIFCI1RLE4 1 VK.M1RCO IlT' -norr Mi
irl"r"- 1 t-! s( J O ll
r t r r r iiim
For Pain
Circi ETi,n, 2Tmi!r.
Brk'hi, U-Jeh,Ttfcrlit
ftp rains IrB id tkr
rUty Cruli, AinrflfC ( iv! It -it.
TUX (HABUU a. T0tSUKU B.Jll-w-, BJC.S. J.
Koomt 5 Jt fi. Mitchell Block.
S. E. Cor. Matu anil Market tJca.
iftT or ACamo TiKTa cirriD
without ri.
Masonic Raliatn.
Hs. 1,131 HOCKKlt, v Rnd57 Arcade, Print
ft. Enrtrcr and iaabtonable Stationer
eddlnte icoods and calllos cards a specialty.
Office And tViereronm. IF. W. Mftln .t.
LiuniiorTHi i. u ihrritt Jtanx'a aooi
170 Went Columbia, street,
(lenerat Book Blndera and Blank Book Mann
Palace Weat Market
Hindsomest and best equipped Kally Meat
Market In the Mate Best lleef. Mutton. eal,
Lstnb and sit eats to be hid auywhere.
Custom once gained ilways retained
n AMI 10 .NOl'TII XAltKET .ST.
Corner WMt High It. and Walnut AUej
BUrk Book Work anil Legal Wanks a
Suitable for either Dairy, Market,
Gardening, or (iraln Farming, con
slIufofSO acre, slluited aeren
miles south or Springlleld, near
Springfield mil eliow Springs
i. v. gviiiso:v,
XI -will K, ISKT.
Sollcitorof American and Foreign
Room 5 Arcade Building,
It ranch Irpnrfr: WashlnRton, D.C.. Lon
don. Eon,; Paris, France.
No. 9 E. Main Street.
S niccessfullvr used monthlr bT orer 10.003
f Ladiw. AnSafe, Effect ual and Heatant
V? St per box bymaikorat druggtsU. Scaled
Partxcuiart 2 Dostaftt MamiM. Addresa
in ixuu carnar n. ux, iirrmorr. axa.
For Sale by frank H. Coblant in A AA
Uakbuas Km.
Ip v 'y'Srs 1w'VtS'tv
Ever received by any one house in this city, which
will be sold at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.
Are showing this season the largest and most com
plete line of Clothing ever offered in this city. All
new shades in vogue, for all ages, for all sizes, for
every day, school or Sunday wear.
All Grades, all Styles, all Prices. We always aim to do
iiur best that we may fully deserve a good patronage.
Corner Meeh inlc and Washington St., Spriugfleld, 0.
i Teloplione To. 1. 1
Perfect Fit Guaranteed. Latest Fashion Plates on Exhibition.
JjnHB, re J
Jointless, Damask,
Superior in design and coloring to those of previous
Gas and Steam Fitters
Steam Fitters' Supplies, &c.
2(1 South Limestone St.
Fancy and Plain
I -FT.
I 4

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