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H Je ii'j' "
" . 'J. ' i'f1:,"'v '
- S:. StS&5--i3&:
fr"" J ' --- , ' , M-- - mrmijuii.
teH MIU ' Mil 111
pringfuld grpublu
Ti-t Win. :iitiiWur.
Largest Clrculitton and Be! Advertising Hediam
Pprtngfttid Republic;
ICIrriilnlli.ii Miir-li"'l
JVirrnUllnii April -J
j'irrulatl..ii April SI
. lo,3"
A --S.. j vwrt KJWZraga4MayJsSaWMTi4gs.W4iif. ft lWmMainIIMl
' T -
WiBioTo. April ZV-OMo.
Fair HfnllMT. trH-tHt l lv
M ti iui tn uorttirru i".r
Hon . elder.
SritiNGFir.i.t), O.. )
April 22, 1SS7. J
There are 2, 7 so
languages. Spring
Outfits, '
Cither SllitS, OVerCOatS Or
trowsers, may be bought from
the When in either one of
these dilTerenc forms of speech.
It would be better to speak!
English, French or German
than Hottentot or the tongue j
of Maghrih el Aksa but,
the purchaser "means busi-i
ness," he will "get there"" and
he will get a bargain that
can t be duplicated in tins
.. ... c .l tin
market OUtSlde Of the When,
which is also this weather
offering you rubber goods
coats for men, boys and
All these goods retailed a
i" I
wholesale prices at the
25 and 27 West Main Strent.'
Prices That Defy Conipetltioi.J
AVv Secure a bargain. fcTliry-
ithini; new in .Novelties at
j. i iiOGnSn
... .
lletween JIHb a UoumM Mrei;j
II. C. I.1IIN.
Tiir.o. nuut,
The Ilst ('Mned nd Bottled Good.
St i let ly Pure and FIrt-('U-8
(ioodii, at Lowest Prices.
The Late C.T.Ward Grocery,
Corner of Center, Springfield, 0. ,
ncLlU-UUMr: HO. 3.
, Oruoks Up Ilis Character auJ Disappears,
; With Other People's Mouey. De
', tween Two Days.
! High l.l rlVM lletenterl lllllelaware lll
niHrtk Come IIomii (Iraref.illv liul
('ii.llliriill)r l'r...ir that M.
sl.iit-l.elt XV jt s,.,.
IWthe vss,wited Press
Ciut v...i. April -":. A sp.s-ial troiu l)r-
tmit. Mich., printed here tint morning,
-: It has jii-i come to light that William .
It. Mitchell. president ot the Kxchange
I kink. Detroit ha- disapiiearot with all the
1 funds of the concern. Mitrhell came here
!fnuu Mount Clemen three or four pars
1 Dfn in. ti.ni.rlit nut the Iianklnir lirm 01
1 Fi-her Ji
1 hu.ines.
rieston. who
(In the Mil of
a lari;e
Harris A
S..11 boiiflit thr. drafts at the Kxchanie
: "
j IKUIR loro.im. liie nrir iii.i.iuini nu
ll uiportcrs' and Tnulcr." National bank, of
j S'ew Yirk. and were returned ptotivtisl.
Mitchell made a lame explanation. look up
t 1 e. C'.... '...... .. ...... .Im.u.. ... .....
jthedralts and gaxeoUierson the same New'i
;Vork house. Immediately after issui,,,; the ,
' 11 . f t.. -.!. 1 11 j- .. ...i
se.on.1 lot of dratK Mitchell di.sappear.Hl.
but the fact was not known until lhes I
drafts, like the first ones, came hack unpaid.
The amount of shortage is unknown.
Not Sit4litilif.il All ICictil.
I , .. , ...
1 lie iciHiii.s o- aliened ueiaicaiiou 01 i .
(1. Mitrhell. nreslitent of thn KtcIikui"
I batik, are greatly exaggerate!, if not entire!)-
false. Mithell has sunk a
larje anionnt by bad management,
: tint according to his lioik-keener, there is
dlfierent j " -falcation. His entire nnprotcctexl in
1 debtnlness Is only about 3.1,000, and it is
claimed that this will be made, good. The
limiL- - A stiintl loiiiictriuirfif A.1 afTnlr itit-
ling very lite business.
Ilitsniarrl. MalttM an IuiMrlant Alinl
lou. r.xnis. April -as.- The J.YjiiiMf.jiie
Fninculsr s.)4 that the Genuati govern
ment !s iuforined M. il4uretis. minister of
foreign affairs, that i'ruw Msmarck ad
mits that'if the arrest f titfl commissary,
Schnaebls was iukIc n French territory
international lait will require tls release.
Thro ier cent, rentes are joted at an
ailvan.v of :;u cciitlmen from Ik evening's
dosing prices.
Mr. seliBArtleM wit a Sp).
IIKRM.V, Apri!,:! No fears of war with
France are entertained hre. It Is statist that
Mr.SchnaeMs was waUiched for a mouth
prior to hisariest and that he. made .secret
visits to Metr,for the jmrjiose of stirring up j
a n-volt against the Clennaun.0fUiLs fact ttie
government has ample evidence. Mr.
,Shnaebles H held a clos,- prUonrr.
I'rnslu. Out
i IM4il Ju.luatrj In New
Kkkxi:. N. 11.. April 2.:. The ojltioii
of the iuler-state is-mmerue law has sm-
in-lle.1 tlic UiarHlriniuent of iHisitiefs at 1
ripraguei imii inciori m .-iwaiisrn, l&Ui
factory has been turning
out over tJui ;
thousand UixtS iluly
... j
l.aniiit mi I lie l'resldrnl.
WvsiiiMnov, II. I., April ?,.
Lamoiit. ii'iou Uing .juestinnrsl. said.
r.ui quite sure the pretsiJeut has never tald
he would or, would not avept nwiouiliiatiim.
't'hi ipiestion is not now r4iiseniiiis him.
. .... u i, ... .... w-i.s.., ,uS , ,
- .: ..,.. .t
HT431S.1U ni lius llllic
I Aint M. imaeii.. ,
I I'.vias, ,tjril 2U. Public leeling tiere 1
coirts-niinrr La arrest of M. Schaebels ha-
gnnvn mtirfiscriner. It has transpired tiuts'-"tK'Jolru C. MiUer steprKsl iqrvyan! and
a IipsicoiurV previous to the arroL had hi hearty, earnest laiiptage ou i-vhM of
. . .. ... . . ... Ilia ,.ia,,.lura.y lli.kiv.aftl nre..iifeJ "! nele
condemned M
Sciiaebels for higli treason
in iiicoui imiui.s w.- ursrii.
1111 l.irsss. lj:cfaJfsl in Delaware.
liivi:it, Irrf., Ai.il 2S The legislaturej
i adjrwmeil sineslie ySKnlay. Among the
I tle.in acts was the defeat by Hi? senate of
l the Insist; high license MIL )
To 14. ltei,.lersl ThuriMla lUealMC, Inci.
leiilal l. tt. 4lepartiient KtMaiop-
I Col. A. 1- Conirrtr and members of vcis
statf will be here next Monday to o-peu
j headquarters for encampment week, at the
j Arcade, and to give iiersonal attention to
, arrangements within bis control. Tkeeamii-'
', tile committee has arranged the following
I nliigrainme for the big cauiu-rireTl.u.-.U.
rveinui; ul jiacis iqieru noiise.
Mustf Champiun City band.
Addr.'ss-t.onirade. . I.. Conger. department
.... -., ,
Addresj-Comraile.enerjf William H.flih-
kAreit s'Miinwle (,oernor J. 11. Koraker.
Aclres4 Mrs. K. feadnnn McVann
.t-nsie "MarchingThrougtilSenrgla."
j.lilress Cumrade lieneral T.J. Wood
x.tdress i.enerai wuiixm .vicKlnlc..i..
ttecltatlou Mrs. Louise II. Ernest.
Addr.si Comrade lleneral C. II. i.rottenor.l
Vddroi-Oenrr-al.l l.Klack
Singing -"America."
Mr. C. IL Stevens, the reliable. railroad
j ciossing watchman, lias been on duty over
l.:lK)da)s without being off duty a single
jiMiiir. lie has been "watching theorossing"'
Jsner foiulei'n )ears without having any ac
Jeileiit. At present be is stationed at the
! ;(, High street crossing.
? Meuuliers of Mad lliver encampment. No.
I1C, 1. tl. O. F., will celebrate the sixt)-
craatviTsarv ot the order at their hall on
W(r,,ay exeiiing. April ,:.. There will b.'
...i.i. L.u.i,t f,i.,ru u.i
n,.,...'-. . tut ..d.ii.t. ... ..,
...t.j or It is? M'jrns.tK' ilu.irs.l (htal nil
tairIf-I - . ...J 144. T..4... ...
- .. .i..ui- .if ti uini-tiitrninwiif xtiirt tfinir
llrnilAirU4 HI . s aBa '. ill) .
faiuiHcs. Ik- present
:tUv. J. !. Frazer. secretary ot thcAmer
imiriran lf-mie Missionary society for Ohio,
and a most interesting sieakex. is in the
4-rty.and will preach at the morning set
vjcent the i4ai:;rcgrtioua' clionli. and at the
LagioidaSuiiilay school at 2:"ai and wil
pieacli.it tlie latgoudacJiiircb at T:::u.
TJie pa-Xi.r of the S4-ond lresb)teiiau
church. Dr. Kallertun, reifuests his congre
gation to i:uke a special effort to 1" present
at the -service tomorrow morning, as he de
signs prencbjng lus lirst pastoral .sermon at !
,1,:",1,ue - i
The Cincinnati W sa)-M that Mr. II. L.
lto.-kliM. of the Amide hotel, was in Cin- j
llr . fr ' (.llrlI,,, the anr.Doaching
. A. U. ucauipineut.
Itr helrlit. II11111 l.lwti ljtt NIk'iI lite,
' IIiimiiimii Kei.lrnre -itlir tlHtli-r-.
The autieipatrsl rewtal of i;aiet fitllou'-1
111S upon the (smeluioii ot Lent, did not
make its appearance to au m.irkisl dei;riv,
1 and there has heen little or nothing in a .
j-Micial way. to note for the last fortnnihl.
' The one nent of the jiast week, entitle,! to
special mention was the elegant (tanciin;
i party Riven last 'Kridaji etcuing at the.
I residence of lion. S. A. Ilownian, east
I llith street, bv Mis OariiiiKton ltowuian.
in honor of her friend and sclmolmate, .Miss
Showell, of llaltunore, ML
This was one
the waning
" "ie "l"-1 perieci auairs
SK-ial season and a conducted on a scale
of marked hut quiet elegance. Miss Kovv-
iiiiui :itiii Ml
1,,. ..11 ......l,..r sill.
1 ji .$ v. How man am
1 i w 1 n I
1 of Indianapolis, received in the east darwing
room at the entrance from the hall. Fore-
mini's nrchestni AiiLriii.mte.1 In- the ,,t!ti,.ii
' '. ... ....
- ? . .
of scleral new musicians, was stationed in
the alcoxcof the hall ami furnished very
lieautilul music. Kelre.-liiueuts were
1 wrve.1 the evenlni: through in the dininir -
,. .r .1 . . 1 ".
mom 111 the rear of the west parlor, and
were entirely in accord with the other fea
tures of Hie entertainment. The programme
was made up ot eighteen dances,
most of them round dances. The
toilets wereery elalmratn and their be.ui-
' er augmented by low-Iy corsage
1-oiMiiets of natural How ers. I lancing was
kfpu (t1 ,,,,. vn 1IlMll!llU wIl0n
,i1H .-,,.,,,, disiHTstsl at a couimen,lahlv
seasonable hour. Hie tierlect apiKunt-
i iiients of the elegant mansion made this
dance a memorable one. Among the guests
1 were Misses Anna Steele. Anna l.'abbitts.
Mar)' Itabbitts. Helen Hallard. Susie Ital
ian!. Umie llaldnin. Mamie Wiuslow, .Min
nie Ke)ser, Mary Cassllly. Nellie Johnson.
Nellie Thomas. I.ettie Itiirbank. Nora
White, llattie llushtiell. Alice Coode,
May llowmau, Naomie Ainiemne;
jle.s.srs. Will llonnell. Will Keifer. Will
Itabbitts Will Thomas, ltob Iim, I'ercy
Norton, Malcolm Anthony, I.'andolph Cole-1
man. r.u i-neips, i.eorge nial. lius unl
mer. Add Itodgers, Chase rjtewart. K. II. .
HuutiiiKtoii, lletir)' Wiseman. Dr. Himonil. '
Scipio Baker. Will Ifcxlgers, jr.; Mr. and
Mrs. S. K. Mctlrew. Mr. and .Mrs. J. K.
IcXJrew, Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Idee, .Mr. i
and Mrs. Judge White, Mr. and Mrs. J. ,
Klden llowmau. '
Several very prominent weddings an on '
the tapis for tho coming ws?k. On Wfsl
nestlay evening lr. W. W. Hall will be
wedded to Miss. Cora Itelle Itlack at the
Connablc and Miss Annabel l'aige will U
muted. 1 ho invitations to the latter are
not numerous.
jir. suiu jirs. i. n. i.ovve very naiiii-
, , ,,. ,, .. L '
somely entertained a large number of their
friends at their home In South Charleston,
Thursday evening, at progressive euchn-.
Guests were pregent from Xenia and
Springfield, as well as Charleston, and the
occasion was thoroughly enjoyable. Ten
tables of dev otees to the game waged a war-
fare for supremacy and the contest was
onty susjienaist to participate of a veritable
so luovel and suiieru were the '
tl. V,Ai. e. V"lr,W" K'u ?!
follows: I Jidics" prizes 1st. Mrs, II.
llateman. rfuine vase-d. Mrs. C. .1. liar-1
ristin, elegant pieisa of fane) work:::.!, .ew- I
Inir luu?. Mrs. 12. IV. I.uclrr
: sth.
.,11 ri'iint- i
I In, by lira. W. li. Harrison, oi
I ;entlerneii's prizes- -1st, gold then
r Venin. )
.. , ...
prizes- -1st, gold thermometer.
Mr. W. H. Harrison, of Venin' 'M hron7e
ink-well. Dr. Farr; 3d. paiH-r-weight, Mr.
C. II. Wentz; .tli, smoking set, Mr. W. IL
JiL-"''. of Xeiila.
Jlnile I en slprafrue, the Veleruu sn'rrtiir)
at Hi. Agricultural Hoard. I'leasautly
i;io months ago Mr. I- II. Sprague, of
S.-iiu.ur-oaiicsioii, who nir miccii )cars nas
been ttte.'jnicient and untiring secretary of
I the Ifoanl iif
his leg. , H
just now
...V.......I m Ifltl sti.1 ,,'ud t II. u ll.t..r.l .us,,,-
mUtle met,Ilc j-tcrjay, fcr the first time
.. ... . :.i . ii I .. ... .il
Slltce IIIC ac.T;icill. sic inni a ciu.ie .1111
IsttXc to walk vUSl. This set his
asoeiats in the hoani U thinking.
When the regular uieetiuz of the board
this afternoon was railed to .srler. Probate
the iiieouberasif tlie board, preeuieJ. "I'licle
lflC witlt about the luiMtsouie. jjold-
...... 1.1 ..... .1... ...,!,.... 1. . ...... m ... ..
UCaUtU (VUC We SV21U1 HAS ecil .. ... ,.
lay. TlieiieAdimiiassUe, and beautinlL
wrwnrit aKi wiaiuei:
L. JUL. rU'KAsH'i:.
1'rniD ftu-DJrncic.ru I lie
C. C. A. U.
The eane is of heavy elxiny and Is tuilt to
siipurt weight L'ncle Len'svoice eiwkeil
as be acermed tho gift but his line old face
jiiiovved that be apprei-iated the .s.eoidid
,e'1 lum "" "nt mat iiupeiie.1 it.
",'-, Hi.nl.. Kle.i..tu.iain ami William'
mlienuan. stea'U
I f.iiileualil.
oi sirder issued from
Un turvirdance with
l,,i..i a..,,,!... nr tiu. x'ui, l., (oil:.,,, 11
...v ..,"s..J W..S. -. ... tm .-.SM.. u.. ....,..,. . ..
N. C, dirt flush net 1 guard, ktnpany A, of
the 3,'ru5'i, held an s-Vvtion last
night t lill the var-a-iev cauvNl
by the rrs-ignatioii of CacUki Dan
lludd. Three candidates were naiixs! for
the position Second Lieutenant rjcott
Martin, Captain Hudd and John Mewfart.
Captain Itudd refused to serve eji if ie
elected, and w hen the vote was eonhtes! A
was found that Lieutenant Nardil
liml received the numlier inet,sarv
to a choice and liewas declareletecteL His
election made a vacancy in the second
lieutenancy ami an election to lill that was
at once held. William Sherman and Wil
liam Smith weie the candidates and Sher
man waselected practically unanimously.
retr..lruiu as n Fuel.
Tne following aipearel as an
in toda)s rmniiirivhil (liizi tie:
It is a very important statement
crude petroleuin for fuel Is likely to
the ulace of coal ill Stiringlield. I Ihin.
: new Olno fuel can lie transiMirte.1 zo t mem-
- - - - - - -,
nail :l A Clil'ttfier iuie inuii ii. .-puiij;iieui,
as we have in g.ssl condition the canal.
which runs throucli the henrt of the tielr.e
leum country. Any quantity of crude ie-
tmleiim can be pulled down the canal
cheaier than coal floats on the Ohio river,
and that is saying much. The only ques
tion Is as to its fuel capacity.
MuDry .st..leu.
Oftiecrs McKay and McClure wciecalhsl
to tho icsideiice of Mr. Louis Stern List
evening to investigate the loss of some
money. Mrs. Stern and her domestic had
lost several dollars from the house and the)
siippo-ed that a fellow who had been loafing
alout the place had stolen the money. The
otlicers questioned the lellow, but he knew
nothing ot the matter. The niyster) has
nut yet Iieeu -silied.
Mot.'la), April 35, at I I. .41.
This is the time set for the sale ot l.'O
lots in Kdwardsv llle, and they will all sell.
lie sure and be ou hand, and see to it that
you get a lot, Sale commences at 1 p. in.
tiride's home in Zanesville. and the event Is! up forconsideralMUi and some Important Jsanner, vtr. li. u. vv anter. now m vv asn
exixytiM to be one of sreat brilliance, matters were deeMe.1 nin, subjeit to the ington. 1. ., to oirer the Sccrmit 1 reshy
Quitea nutnlr of Springfield eop!e will approval of the main body. It was decided temn rfmn-li SI-i.iMNi for their Mt. cnnier
attend. On Tliurs.lv evenini- Mr.1i.ln. t.. i....r i he si-ee.l.rin- nurses from ! High and Spring strtvts, tin- lot to lie
A Velriau r.,.Solllir liter Tl.rec Seor.
niMllVit r'llcil t r.mi the Lauren, ri llle
I'.Mtiinlce 1.1 lllte I'lare t : l.il.ly X ..urn;
Fellow. '
Dciiioci.itic retoriu is a great thing under '
whatever guise It conies. Lawren.s'Ville.
German township.'lliis count), hada sweet-:
scentisl instance of it )tcrda) which is I
creating intense excitement ami indignation
in that looalitv.
Tor years past Mr. A. (i. Littler, a de-
j crepid oldsoldier.iipou wlidatilieait eeut)-
lie w intern liae drifted their Minn 4, and
I ho carries the ei idence of Ids 11-r ice for
, his country in a cripplcil lee has tn-en
j deput) istmaster and active ixeduiaster at
I l.arenceille. The vlllairn has only one
1 lit iti.t Paul 1 ti tinlkltnti t aiwl tlim.Ktiin!iiuii-iiii
"""" "."......-. .... .... .-.-.... ,...,n
"' aNuit . per mouth. litis pittance,
1 ........ l,.. ..III. 1 &i..ll mxi.
together with a small pension of .-'". a innnth
and the small revenue derivel from the sale
of afew cigars and tobacco, was Mr. I.ittler's
sole imsiuie for himself and family. Alen-
' ; andei Michael, a leuiorat, was really prM-
mater. but .Mr. Littler asitepiitj, tint tlic
! T V r. ""' '".' . '". "". '" " . " T." ',.
... (-..rl tllU Iu lll (-fill rullllli1 f ttl.liaPi.ul
I 10 nun oeciiuse lie iwiuy netsieii iu iin 14
siiid to li.no made the hot postmaster, by
long ishls, l.awrenceille ecr had. Ilei,
a brother of the late Judge John II- Littler, '
of tin-, city.
esterdaj Alexander Michael withdrew 1
Mr. I.ittler's commission and appointed a
strapping big young democrat named Smith I
lionovan, a x'hool teacher in lus ,-tea.l.
Donovan is a .".00 pounder, is roiiifortahl)
lixeil anil doesn't need the money at all.
The issMiliar heartlessiiess of the act be
comes emphasitsl when it is known that
Donovan is already iHistmastcr of l'itchiu.
this county, and has put a younger linither
there as deputy. It is .suspected that he
wants the earth. There is just indignation
over the ousting of Mr. Littler.
MtM'lltlf; of Hie Mimm-Im! Ccm illee Ye
I IrrilM) Chances lit lh Prfniium.
The secial committee of the acricultural
Iwanl. apiminted to revise the premium-list, !
met Fridav afternoon In the ct county I
lH.ildlng. I'n-sent- Messrs. Crabill. Dow-1
Hey. Smith. Spracue and Itnrkfield all but
the chairman. Abe Kohnv. The veteran
sc-retary of the Iward. Sir. li. 11. Sprague.
who has Iieen cinihncil tohlsnoui with a
broken leg for two months past, made his
lirsl appearand and was warmly greebsl.
The C lark county fair for this ) ear came
Sl,im to -I..MMI and make the following
the order of the contests and the purses:
i wi:nNKsiAY.-
.-. trot
,Three-v ear-olil mn
..-, tr(lt
I "" -riiri.'siMi
' l'aosng, oien to all
, Three-yearHiId trot
' i-ree (,, 1 tint
( kkiiiax.
'.j.o trot
ynv ror an n
-m r,it . .
It Ls likely that the fair will commence
..,... ......,., .., ,..,. ...... ...m
C!S, , "". ihli !
tloii of ponies for their lienetit. The entire
,. reunion
will amount to about 55,000 this
' ."
)ur. Hi tie siHtii ring no entry fis-will
W rtarge.1, eceit to the winners, who will
pay l'J', lief cent. All entries in the live
stock department will Ie charged 5 per
cent, of the premium, and sweepstakes Id
.er ccui. mu angles irnsi w in piace u j
'"'. "cik"u,V" ,. V- ' ..
i- ,,......-. .. ....-
auciiiooii, aim ine miu ui me ciiuiiiiui
will lie approved or changed.
l.tM.rgc Sil.'imliler Arresteil For a t.'rimi
C.iiuiiitile.t Tmi trill. .(
Otlicer Temp Wilson made an arrest )es-
! tenia) afternooii that is of considerable in
terest In May, ISM, a colored man named I
George Slaughter came to Springfield and
Immediately secured work at Deffenbai'h's
livery stable as a hostler. He vvorkts! at
that stable until the -ilst of the following I
Septemlier, when he disappeansl, taking'
with him
and .; in
.,,.,.u.l Vd
in a suit of clothes, some neeK ties
in money belonging to an associate i
nanicl Smith. The police looked tor him.
as Smith immediately lile.1 an atlidavit
......... 1.1... I... I II... ..riinur. Ii.mr.l ,..tl.,,... '
nt;tllllSi 1I..II. til, llic ,,it. - ,.. .,..., .1,,
of him for some time, l-mally word was
ccived from Hamilton. O.. f nun the police
authorities of that city that they had ar-. A Phelps I I L Olds, Kev. Dr. Fiillerton.
' resv4 Smith on the suspicion that he ai.-l ethers, made remarks on the proposi
iiarisXtten a set of harness which he liad in I lion, and without an exception, they v,
his fHusv.-iioii and was trying to sell. The. miim: i'avoi:ahi.y
i ..flicers he.e,endeavoretl to lind the owner ot the oiler.
i of the harries... but their efforts were fruit- The reorlfrs present were enjoined not
les. Smith v.,01 not pav the expense of to repnsluce the remarks made bv those
bringing Slaughttviack to Springfield, and ' who participated in the discussion, as the
he was liuatl) releivijJ by the Hamilton
J authorities. NotJii.4.; i.:ore was heard of
i him until a fewday aa-,v'.vhen he returned
..i Snrinctield and agala Uuk a i-o-iitioii at
' jOeffenbach's liver) stable, .Officer Wilson
tou leameil that he was here, iitd )ester-!
(klM lu jail on the charge (if (petit la,Kny.
slimjcbter was sidling under the name of
(I.XN-gei&tinstou. lie will lirpbably have
I an opporWuty of scrv inj: some time for the
crime con.m.Uzi aliins.t.two iea,t3 ago.
Mr. xv. A. o...uih,"mi.. i.WMe .,,, M' ':' to be us! by him as a site for a
Ol.ietl) Mnrrle.l Tu.l,. , .lW"-" "r l'1'"''1" aI!d ''' ia'1 " that
. ' time told General 1,'iu Uuell that while he
A quiet welding was so.emnized tlii i tiu.uuht tliat Sl(l.(vb ault not a .sufti
niorning at S o'clock at the residence of the j cieut inducement an orfer ot S12.O0O might
l'.ev. Samuel P. Dunlap. Xo. iV. north
Market street, the contracting iarties twing
Mr. W.'A. Coats, of Tuiieka, Kansas, and
Miss Lizvie Otticer. a nisterol Mrs. ijumap,
I and a daughterol" Itev. Morris Otlicer. fnrin
, erl) pastor of the First Lutheran church in
. thloeit). Mr. Coats arriveil here) estenlay
, and the marriage was performtsl early this
I morning in order that the couple
might leave on the Hi o'clock
ltee Line train for the east The ceremony
ws lierforiiicd by the Kev. Samuel P. Dun-
i lap. In a beautilul and impressive manner. '
j The marriage was a very quiet one, only j
the Immediate relatives being present The
! bride is a charming lady a handsome bru-'
that jnette well known in .Springfield. The,
take! groom, Mr. Coats, is connerted with the:
I land department ot the Alchmsoii, lopeka
ami aiua r
railroaii. lie ami ins uriiie
I .j , . ., , . . ,, i
I '-. .-...- .- --. -.
alter a brief visit with triends in that city,
j thev will pro. eed at once to their 'vestern
home. The best wishes of a large uiimber
f triends go with them.
llepHrtiueiit t,.i.iiiiaiiilerCii.'rer an.l stuff.
A secial meeting ot Mitchell isr-t. No.
4.'., G. A. It, will tie held next Monday
evening to take in live or six recruits, who
are anxious tu lie mustered in lielore the
department encampment next week. De-j
' icirtuicut Commander Conger and staif will
' Is in the city and attend the meeting.
fun lla.l tines.
In Judge Young's court jtMerday aftcr
iioon, Tom Curtis, one of the toughest citi-
I ens of Springlield, was limit e-J0 tor com
mitting an indecent act. Tom Gerald, on!
a plea of guilt), was lindeil S1U for steal-1
i ing coal from the cars iu the 1. H. .V W. '
) anl.
F.i,hty cents will buy an excellent pair of
workluguieu's shoes at House Jt Parous's.
SpringGeld is Assured of a
M.iP-nifi, ml
I'liblic Library biJ Keadini'
Th. 4, ,i rri-.i.jtrriiiM orrii fropic
A-ept lr. t writer' Utter - I turn of
III :itixr-Ki(i'Hi - rrttiniiNftr
sl,i I., h T.lkt1!! Il Oir.
Kor s'er.il cars it has l-en kno.vn that
Mr. II. II. Winter desired tu erect and irc
sent to the cit) of Npriuglield a building to
be nsl as u public lihrar) and leading
room. His pniositioii was tliat if the city
or souie public-spirited eiti7en would pla-e
at his disposal a st, suitable for a public
library he would erect thereon a uiagliiti
ceent strtictiuc that would cost at least
i.Mi.noii. This
Ml MriO'NT ofir.n
! I m
' ""' """ ""' "I1"- ,ml
tor a coinliination
of reasons, chief among whicli was the dif
ficult) of scciirinc a din!rat!c hx-ation lor
the building. n iletuiitc action was cut
taken on .Mr. Warder's proposition.
On Thursday atternoou it wa the pleas
ure of the IU:i-i 111 ii to luinounce that .Mr.
Warder would not only erect a public li-
brar) building, aceonling to the provisions
of the proposition original!) made by him.
hut that he wotiid in addition to that niriiish
the site for the building provided that he
could secure at the price he named the lot
which he had chosen. The lot which he
had in mind is owned by the Second I'res
b)tcrian church and is on the southwest
1 corner of High and Spring streets, diag
onally opposite to the lot on which the
government building is to be erected.
, His new proposition came in the form of
a letter addressed by his partur. (.cneral
A. S. ltushnell, totheboanl of trustees of
the Sistuid rreshrv terian church In w hirh he
made a detinite offer for the proiierty and
"tatvd the objett
for which he desired to
'V'"""'";' "'
The letter was published In
Ki.ri I'.i.h . but is here repro
duced, as it states
Miu vvAitnnn"- i-uoi'iH'irtoN
very concisil). It is as follows:
hrniM Pi emi, April M, IsT.
A. I'. L. t'orliran. 1'ivildent Hoard of Tranters.
Second I'restijrnan Church, City :
.My DilxuSh:- 1 a:n authorized by my
- "' -
used in connection with the one adjoining
on the west as a site Tor a public library
and reaitlug mom building, said building to
tsist I'.VO.IKMI; and when completed, to lie
given, xvith the lots on which it will stand,
to the city.
' .Mr. Warder further authorizes me to say,
! that sltould the church accept his oiler, he
' will give any assurance that is needed that
j the lot will be used for the 'mrposcsct
! forth, and for that only.
I Willjou kindly present this matter to
your board and the members of the church
! at the earliest convenient opportunity, and
adv ise me of their action, that I may report
to Mr. Warder.
It is my understanding, that If the offer
of Mr. Wanler is awcptisj. work on the
new building will hecommeucea at an earl)
day. Very truly yours,
A. S. itCtsllN'KI.f.
As soon as this letter reached Mr. t'oclt
ran. stew were taken to secure
on Mr. anler's proposition. Tho trustees
(f lp elmtrli. not desiring to
take upon
Wves the, r.-ponslhilit) of accepting 1 7""'V'"U" ,MU" """' fl" 's- ;
esting Mr. WanUr's offer, calle.1 a iVTiTH to -TS f. ro0"' in "'? K
rvatiomil meeting. Wlilcn-W r,e;,t'"l''f"C.appoa'te the 1!ki-i;ui.ic otlice.
()r rej(
last (Fridav I night in the Sunday school
room ot tin church.
While all the mejiibcrs of the church
were not. of 4jurse, present, most of those
prominent in the church work were there
and took part in the proecislings. The
meeting was culled to order by .Mr. A. !
1 Clu-an, president of the board of trus
tees. Hon. W. I.. Weaver, clerk of th
board, acting as secretar). The chairman
Stated the object of the meeting and. at liis
request, the secn-tary read General limrt
nell's letter.
To get the sense of the meeting, Mr.
James T. Tuttle otTered a resolution that
Mr. Warder's proposition lie accepted.
The resolution was discussed at consider
able length by those present the sentiment
being practically unanimous in favor of the.
acceptance of Mr. Warder softer. Messrs.
W. M. IH.-vk, Kichard II. lblgerM.Dr. Cas-
per. OscarT. Martin. Frank ('. Goode. C.
meeting was considered in tiie light of a
"friendly talk," but the representative of
the Ur.n lu.n will take the lilterty of stat-
ine one or two of the remarks made bv Mr.
, C. A. Phelps. He said that about two years
ago Mr. Wanler told him that be would give
the church $10,000 for the lot on the corner
of High and Spring streets, as he desired it
for the purpose of erecting thereon a public
i I.uiMlug. Mr. Phelps told lum that he
' thought the congregation would not sell the
l lot, at least at that price. About three weeks
ago General llushuell informed him that
I'lr. Wanlerstood ready to pay SItl.CHK) for
be given serious consideration by the con
gregation. The result of that conversation
with General liushnell was the letter which
had been read by the secretary. Mr. Phelis
said that he had seen the letter which Mr.
Wanler had written to General liushnell,
and it was a letter that one tnie, honest
friend might write to another. It indicated j
to a large degree Mr. Warder's .sincerity of I
character and
xiiuti.iTV nf ithi'Osk.
No disposition was manifested by him to
do or ask anything that was not fair or
reasonable, and he (Mr. Phelps) hoped
that the congregation would consider
the proposition in the spirit in
which it had lieen made. There
was one sentence in Mr. Warder's letter
which he thought the congregation, in the
consideration of this question, ought to ,
hear. Mr. Warder leferred to his health, i
which had not lieen of the best, and in con-1
eluding wrot": "Whatever I do in this mat- j
ter must be done huickly." "Six months I
from this time," sain Mr. Phelps, "we may
not have -vir. vvaruer with us ami tins
MtDrelt sllnllM tint ntllce llu' .ihtscle tl. the
wayof'thecarr)ingout of his noble pur -
The jsiple of this community will learn
' with prulouml sorrow of Mr. Warder's ill
health and the hope will be unanimous and
heart-felt that he may lie spared to us tor
many )ears to iune. One thing was
brought out b) Mr. Phelps's remarks that
has not lieen generally known, i. r. that Mr.
Wanler's put .se not only to erect the build
ing, but also to purchase the site, has been
formed lor two ji-.irs or more, and that he
has been prevented from proceeding activ e
1) with the work mil) by the diflieulty of
securing a suitable location.
After hearing all the remarks on the sub
ject .Mr. Cochran put Mr. Tuttle's resolu
tion to vote and it was
Messrs. o. T. Martin and F. C. Goode
drew uji the rrmiliition in leital form and It
was adopted The resolution Is as follows
Kesohcd. Ity the eoiijtrepation of the
Sei-ond I'loli) Icrian church of Springfield,
,'"1- mat tneix.araoi trustees ! aulhor-
I ized to a,-cept the proisKition of Mr. 15. II.
i arder. inaile throui;h Mr A. .s. Ilinhnell,
under dateof April -J I. IST. for the nur-
chasiiof the parsonaije lot at the price of
?12.fHMi. the .same to he devoted to a site
fur a public library and readini; rcMim to be
erccieu uy mm ami presemeu to me city of
Sprinitfiehl. And le it further reMiIveil
. that the tmard of tnistei-s are fnll author-
! ieil to take such stei4 by le;al proceedings
I and otherwlv as may be necessary In order
to effect the comejanceof the parsonage!
property in accordance with the above prop- ',
osition. I
The trustees of the church will at J.nee
enter into a contract with Mr. Warder tu '
W1 him the lot. but as i-onsiderahle legal '
re.1 tape will have to he unwound in the!
trAi.Baction thedeett cannot lie made to Mr. '
Warder liefore the first of June. The lot '
will, of course, have to lie sold subject to I
the lee on it which does not expire until '
nent Octolier, but it is likely that Mr.
Warder can gain i-ossession of the premises
before that time if he s( ilesires.
The procrvullugs of the meeting lat
ll KI. IO sl-UINOl lll.tl
a liiaguiliceut public library and reading
room which will ever lie a pride of the city .
and a monument to the munificence of .Mr. )
Benjamin 11. Warder.
Ortaniration of a Colored l.railtl Arjur .
Post ill Tills CM!) Ij-i M(lil. I
I'lirsuant to announcement in the cit) p.vj
pers the new Crand Army post, couipfiseil
of rolored e-soIdiers, which lias been in
process of formation for some time past, i
was formally instituted last (Friday; night
by Col. D. C. rutnam. .Mustering Officer of
District No. 10. The new post was insti
tuted under the name of John lirown post.
Nu. tin.".. .Mitchell post kindly tendered
tfceir hall on Washington street for the
mtcer-iii ceremonies, and the institution of I
Uve &isL under the formal (I. A. it. ritual. ,
was wry Impressive. The following offl
cers were elected and installed : !
l'ost Commander Solomon Wise.
Seuiwr Vice Commander Cyrus Mallard. )
Junior Vice Commander --.lames II. Is
ley. AdJHtaut George W. lllackburn.
1 Quartermaster C. II. Cisl.
Surgeon Klectinii Mstponed and passil.
ChapLain V. II. VikhI.
i Itlicer of the Day Alexander Payne. I
I Ifflcer of the Guard -George Heard.
Sergeant Mjor -luaac Wise. i
artermaster Sergeant W. II. Dickson.
Tie following is the roll of membership
at the post: George Heard. Jesse Davis.
UTtK Italian!, G. W. Illackbuni. Isaac
Wise. Washington Barrett. Alfred .Munro.
Kstex ISrown, Charles Jlerritt. George
Jackson, Win. H. Dickson. Chas. H. Cksel.
Waisliiiigtou I'almer, Charles Frazier, James
Monroe, Bcuben Todd Jlrowning. Austin
Francis, Edward Finch. Harvey Johnson.
Solomon WUe, W. H. Huffman, Alex.
Payne, itobiu Wall. Ilandall Itozie, Chas.
. tVood. .eorre Watson. Jami-s Willis.
Siiencer Wilson, J0, Wheeler. Israel
Itlack. James II. Isley. Solomon Nichols.
George IL Mickens, Thomas Ta)Ior. All
the atxive were mustereil In except James
Willis and Thomas Taylor.
The master-in-ceremonies and the Instal
lation of orllcers did not conclude until
about midnight It was found desirable to
onuplete Installation at this time sothat the
muttering officer could make returns to the
dejiactinent headquarters. The new post
liegmi its career with evcellenl working
onranhation and good prosects. It is en-
lie M'asti i Tracks and a ItrMge ou
the .1. litis MiMinl taod-Mlde at L le
an.! interns tCjratn.
The Little Mi&ui division of the Pan
Handle, railroad, is ariu iu ban! luck. The
tieavyrsln of ) estenlay and last night
raased a big rise in all tbe water course,
but the Little Miami river went up last
niclrtasif it had lieen filled with )east
Neat tiring 'Valley, seven utiles below
Xenia, the river rushed out of its banks,
flooding ad else low lands and flowing over
the iti9in;lin4Vf the I.ittte Mlninl. ff ruse
higher and higher and soon, the'
water was rushing a swirling
stream across die railroad track,
the natural and inevitable result being that
a part of the track ana a bridge were washed
Hit No trains have Ixssn able to pass over
the main line today, and tiie mail and pas
sengers haiUoJw IranxfrrTrV.. ... ' ' "
11 is understood the hawiiee. the little
creek mnning through Xenia, which did
Bitch nppalling damage last Ma), was also
on a liirti last night, bin so far as is known,
no special damage was done.
The heavy rain caused a big land-slide
at Loveland. on the main line of the Little
Miami. Freight train No. tti ran into the
land-slide last night and the engineer and
several ears were derailed, but nohodv was
llalh or li l.ai.ru llear.l.
Miss ljinra S. Heard, only daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Heard, of so Clifton
avenue, after a protracted ill:es.s from sm
suuiptioii. jshsms! quietly away on Friday
morning last at the age of 10 )ears. She
was a girl of lovely dispositi who added
to her natural endowments the grace of
Christian faith. Her sufferings were borne
with resignation and she did all she could
to brighten the lives of those almut her.
Father and mother doted uihhi her, and she
was. In a sense, the idol nf the neighbor
hood, llecently. though not able to leave
home, she joined St. Paul M. E. church and
was baptised. The funeral will occur (nun
the famll) residence at iSW p. in. on the
lieen llrulik Cor Two IVerk. i
lll.itiche Williams was arrested v estenlay
afternoon for Indulging in a protracted I
drunk. On Thursday night she was out on j
a lark with a male friend and their buggy
broke down on Clifton avenue. The fellow J
lafl .h., a.lrl ,n.l ,,, , .lnmt-.k.. .3.. ....... al.. I
-, .,,, ..'.I. Mil,. ,1. ...1II.I.V1. s.t.p. si,c
laid all night on the porch of a residence
near the jKiint where the brcak-dow n oc
curred. She was hustled away by the
owner of the residence in the morning and
the lHiliee arrested her shortly alter iiikiii
) estenlay. She has, it is said by the olli
ivrs, been drunk for two weeks.
Mtalioa lluu-iaHliitr.
Hesides those whose arrests aie
1 tinned in other places in this paper, the I
' ....:... . .1,... .1.1 . ........t ,. ..
station house slate this morning t-ore the ,
following names: Tom Jegoe. dnink and
disorderly; Hen Gream. disorderly; John
W. Johnston, using profane language; ('.
II. McVaine. drunk, and Nettie KutruiT,
! loitering.
I Cruelt) tu Animals.
! Tom Dillett. the man who. it is ullcisl
drove a horse nearly to death a couple of j
weeks ago. was arrested last night on a I
warrant sworn out by the owner of the,
horse, chanjini him with cruelty to anl-'
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