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Springfield daily republic. (Springfield, O. [Ohio]) 1887-1888, April 23, 1887, Image 4

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fttR-Bttr. sATLTSDAY VJSjrjQfG, AP'tttL 3a 168?
Hair. Fire Brick and Clay.
Chimney Pipe.
MI -
A full stock always on hand.
.t:l South Limestone St.
KI I I 1.
si si
sec. Treai
U OiJE- Manager
Springfield JSqniMu
i:yi:mm; ami u:kki..
The- Ull'l IlllCprUt thfV" Tori iillii'
lr .oc-latfj l'r llitrkii l Kf t"
I aklilartira)lrlrrai.
Y tSl. THKA1
Publishers and Proprietors.
THK tlBMXI KKITHMO tj put)ll-ielJ
eTen eveninit except sundaT. and Ii '"
errdat the rate ot 11V: per neek. Single
etrry iuuraay .''.:v:V,
..i. f.n,n. i...(.iiwri In the eountrr
turn- i .iitnj .-.-.-- -- ---- ,
-ii-iit i,-u-es. market complete Kepiete
with ne and raUfeiiany
Infarlanlj eh In adrance
II per year.
All immunlcati.in and coutributloni
hould l-e addresse.1 to CurT.iv JI Nichui.
editor. aud all tmtinein letten to Thiihi.
Ukn. mauacer.
..-..I'm i-t lii'ii iilVf
KEI L l.I-I-L l.l 1UJ1M.. ,
Tte phon Xq. 350.
I ir. "I ilion Mireli il
I in nlnlioi. prtl
ir. i.l .Im" pril -I
Mr l'aniell is muilitt near tin
sllllllll t.
ll.t not toriret that, gentlemen
I 'let el mil will iif accept an noniiliation
Me will not hate an opportuuitj to do it.
e print a . hamuli: laer on bird-,
trotti the -en of o-ir fonmr tslitonal asso
iile. Mr Charles b Ka). in tii.i's pajier.
.tones, lit nn'ratie Iieuten Hit eoteniiir ot
New ork. has t-en ciultj or Iiirii-liaiiile.1
and illegal iinniiKt .mil is to l.e "linmirlit
tip st.andiiic '
llie .work Tii.Miii will siiinmrt
Minima if he nets the noiiiiniIi.ui."
aie told tVrtatnl) iioUhIj ran ilotiht it
-iinl ter eireititelj. ton
spnin:lield must hatealmiit iii.ikhi s.
pie l.j this time If Kijton wishes to is.unt
noses with us, we are willine to liuik on
"pniiBJieM coiuiii!; out ahead
Our new free hospital the result of the
lilieralitj of Messrs. Iloss Mitchell and
.liilin II 'llionia- is to be a citj feature
tthiih will dn a tert huniane and much
ne.sie.1 work, and wlm Ii tH I'.inoh)ei t of
re.it local pride.
rlhiir Kidiinond "the ki-en and tren
iliant tsintrihiitor to the ..rli tiini.oiii
Hit mii. Is Willi mi lleint IlllllttTt. lit I.OII
.Inn. fonnerlt ot the New York II... M
Mr Vlleiilhorndjki lliie.the .slit.u en.i
tor Inisills and i.emral It.-njuuin F Hut
ith the toternim lit buildinc the War
d.r frcelibr.irj buildine and the splendid
new citj hill and market liiuliliin; all in
iiri-ess of biiildmi; in the same season, the
pcoplenf Sinnclield will Ih' irrtt) iihii-
fortable, thank nu. in this
tear of ilrace
We are told that the iimailiini; of Keifn
in theijiulal of the nation. Maj ti. islik.
lj to tie a sreat s asmn (."incinnati ' .h
tin ik .i IhintU
'Ihe.listsimlitureaiul downinsof Itojn
toii will lie a feature of this pi eat ocrasion
The band niuie will be drowuisl lij the
treat noisi- madi bt the siia-luni; of hi'
If the immense Knife and ltar works
CFqiitnl for whuh has just Iwen brokt n .
l.ai:omla bj Messrs. Warder. Hiishnell ..
I.lessiu r. wele to lie built in auj othertown
in the state than In "pmiKlieM. it would
create a "Immiiii that the ieople of Ohio
wouldn't be allowed to fori;i t tor months
Here in princttelil it has hail J half dniii
lines. Jlessrs. E. W. lioss .V Co. s new
feed-cutter fattorj- four stones Inch, with
a foundrj, etc . attadied, ami now nearlt i
i ompleted lias -;i)ue uji into its larce and I
iiii. ,i-fiiMrtii.ns ttltti.nit the Limit l..lrr
, , ., It i , , .
ui ..., ..f . until of ...ir. ttir.tis llml it Iw.n
l.H-ateil at Fiudlaj or I una, its fame would
hate gone out to tlie end of the eartli.
We hear it hinted that the llet W .1
Finlej, 1 II.. nf the Methodist I'rnti-stant
church, who is a great admirer ol em nil
Iatv Wallace, as all men ..t true tastr ami
feeling are. is prtpanng i lis ture ot. In.
famous uuvel. "I.en llur and nme ot
our citizen are etie5ing the Iiojh that it
may be delivered in one of oiirnirrraiuttist:.
tor the benefit of Dr Finlej's church. The
doctor ls a gentleman nf nne tate and
broad culture-a i-K-t and a wit-and we I
....... i.. .... .. ....i.i i...... i.-
Itirsilir ...a. ..- n..i..t. li.iirn nil KL l I 1 i
, , . . ,., i
a.pretiAiite aunmiiT ii nr 'iiiiuiii .exiure,
a is suggested, and that the audience
would be riclilt reward.! for gathering to
liten to him.
inr-iin-t in i-' i wi wi:i.i in "
Ihursdaj iiMinimitli edition of the Ki
ri 1.1 ii Ins created a profound impiesslon
in local circles It cxiessted all iTt i
turns ami surprird, vrrj plr mtlj r
cs.plr. It rea lir.1 thr linjIieM vvitrr mark
it .pringtirld journalism 1 liit. tin
KlI'IKIII IS nil thr summit audit pin
l tn remain thrrr Hut Tlmr-div'
edition li-is treated C"t iinprrst.in
abroad a tut hi 111 ri in icand a ti it
f w Inch o good -md grand a n-'rt could W
Imnestlj given -lh" Columbus lhiitih,
111 Us issue of Fnta evening siv
We wish t congratulate the Springfield
i:i ri m ii uii tin- big ttlit t issued jes
tenlaj. containing.! carrfttlly prepared and i
ablj vvntten sketched Springfield's htisi ,
ness condition aim uuiiu.ii. me papn ...
a credit tu ui frieml Mr Nichols and to
I the t it of "sprinctielil !
The editor tppieeiates the Vnul tliiin.'s
siul of him, in our eoutemiiorarie-. lor.
wlnteterelsehe iua le. he belieies tliit he
is not aeliin. tint wetaVe pleasure in sajlut
that therealc-reilitof the plan ami eei ution
of this uiMiiiiioth edition of the Ki im ill i .
lielniits to our tilitnnal -s nte. .Mi--liiiititsi.
Hi own. seeretarj ami trets
urer of the "sri.iM.ni 1 ! I'l m imv.
I'mii'iti, ami business iiiuiiKer of the
IU ri im ii . who has shown hrst-elass nun
nihstic ipialities. -sHnllt in i luisi
ness wat. suhm" he fiinmil a ninneetioii
with this pier 'I he treilit of the isilhc
tmii of niiterial. its .'prep iration ami ar
rangement, heloncs to Mr. Walter f. Ki
itiomt. of ltoston. a icentlein.ni of ample
culture ami timtout-teil liierart ahilit.
who was euipioel h) lis l-fiu-e he whs
an .ici-oniplislml evpert in his line
I he citiens of prm:lielil mat rest -i
siinsl that the Khh i.i i will at all ti s
-now anil henceforth (tin- seci-il atttii
tloii to the )ironiotioii of the bnsines inter
ests of s.pnm;heM. 'I hat will Ik' one ol
our sHVialties, ami we feel eontulint of
(llir altillt to ilo JUMHV to the liHTlts lllt-
lie spirit ami projressit eiiess nt the town
nir y n intit tut iiiiiium,
si i:ri I ifr.
It is with feelinii of prufouml satisfai
tinn that vt e aniioiiiice the fact that the inein
liersof the smcoiii1 l'resbj terian rliunli ot
this iit, haioforinallt aiiilunanimoush a-
,-,ie w oiTerlf Mr. lten) .
yinir (f fm I,iai.e Iit
)(li (lie ,ut,west conierof HirIi ainlsiirini:
strei t, that he migcht erect upon it and the
adjoining lot a imblic Iibrarj. which, when
completed, w ill tie donated. ith the crouiul.
I '" ' C,,J " """ C'H'litmti that .t W useil
(as a public lihrarj binldiiu Mr Wanler's
j mtiiiihceiit and maijiiilieeiit act s aks for
itIf: the idea and purose inoleI were
his own. he saw a public mis, and, ma
tut nm his ideas, planneil an institution
which will lie ilinusini; an influence for
ond an educating, an insiirinc and an
upllftini; luflueu. e umii the ieople of this
citj. for all time to come 'llie proposed
buildinc will oeciipj the parsonage lot and
the old ".lohn "s. Harrison"' lot, west of it.
the two liaunc a front.u:e of 100 feet and a
depth, on srinc of IVi feet it will lie
built of stone, in the Koimnesitue stjle of
aichitrcture, and a number ot the lead
me anhitettsof the i-ountrj will be en
couriired to pr.paie and submit plans, s.
that Mr. Warder eau arltit from them ami
-eure the terj best Jio.lble result. 'llll'
luildini; will cont mi accommodations for
the lihrart of the piesent and of the future,
and for a louimndiniis ieaditu;rootu, and
on the ualN of the re.idimf-rixim maj lie
hung ml p unlinks, and no doubt, there
w.ll lie Hitches m tarious phiies ot the
luildini, for txtuarj. so that, to vime e
I tent, it maj lieconie irtii illj an alt nailery.
1 tut not to mi h an extent as to preclude the
'ilesinhilitj ami piiNsiluit nf the erection
of all art htuldtng.b) Useil. bt some nentle-
i.iin of taste ami imblic spirit i orresjioiid
tic with his wealth, whenever he maj de
sire to do so. Let it be iinderstinal that .in
art iallert Is not pro'iused bj Mr Warder.
s a matter of course. Mr. Kill's
hue. full lenirth ami lifi'-sueil sirtrait ot
iteneralaiiiMiu MaMin nil! be Iiuhr nr the
new buildiiic. as it oes with the lihrart
and if other works of aittstic merit are
I dnuated to thelibrarj weleel -lire lh.it a
I iron.1 plaie will lie found for each.
i ne new duu.iiiil- w tn no, ne mienor.
larchitecturallj. to anj publn lihrart build -
nn; in the I itiird Mates. eceit in dinieii
i sums It will lie a beautiful and impnsing
strut lure, and will undoubted) comitate
creditablj with the m.hle edifice vv hi. h the
government of the 1'nited Stat.- is about
to erect cm the 'old jail lot on the op.osite
cornel. Whether the government hull. ling
will compare creditablj with the librarj
building, we ca'im.t .u
One fai t ha been brought out in oitncr
ttoii with tin grand ennmiiiiiatit.n of a
grand purpme. that will catie utuversil
snrmw liamelv, that Mr. Warder's phvs
ic.il co'idttien is bj no lneans pnmiising.
ur icopIe will earnest Ij Iniiie
iml fer-
ventlj piaj that Mr. Warder's health maj
be fullj restnre.1. that he ma) In- long
spired to enjoj the gratitude of his ft How-
tiens and the apparent and real gnd
fruit- of his prim elv lilieralitj and gen
Hue other distinguished citien his had
iit'ich to .1.. in this matter and has rendered
elicient service to the public We alludr tn
Mr. Warder's partner. Cen. A.S. Hiishnell a
,,, tt. whom, with Mr. Warder, our people
wl uw delight m rendering the great
, .. , ,
honor that i due
Mr. Ittishnell has been
consulted bv Mr. Waider from the first anil
has conducted all negotiations with great
skill and prudence, and with the purpose of
tin' Ix'st results to the people of j
the citv
We heirtil coiignitulite our eiticn
what Ins Ihs'H .uul is to he ti i
Our luililu lit.rnrj has everted, thus ur. t t)t,Kt,t .,M, investigation lo their mts
luost wholesome .mil leliiiin.' iiitliieni e on alt elaims 1 his thought tnaj not all. i)s
the ronmiuiiilv ami our lit suin.il will Ii ite Usui cvh mini uhiii ih Iiher.itel) 1 nil
loiilitless see to it tint It hi- -III -t.tiitll ti-, Ill" -t'" It ive In , u ever. itil iiiiitlilll
nrcnimtrt .iii.i.iit fmmi.irt.. vru l.rllml 'nthit.-t..u m . . rrt im rvlrnt.
us hate n puhhe Iihr ir) whuh hill tie is
gnnd is the lirst I
nit tin or i.i:t irfiivt.. i
Iheie area cre.it in mv pmplr in this
loiintrt who do nut know hnw tohreithe. I
anil, therelore. the ilo not liieilhe. 'I hr)
allow it lo lire.ithe ll-elf. m a sort of Inel
trctitr w it. ami. is men must luettlie In
nr. thrv lose their strength graduallj.
a,, die bet..re thev might to ami in-til to
l.unc troubles are atnoiii; the most preta
lent of Vinericin ailments, mil thej pre-
tjilaml dct istale ciiiiimuuities stmplj tie-
caiise the most nnsiit mt turn turns of the
Khlt are necletteil Tropic om:ht to take
the little matter of brcithmg into their own
ihaice and do it thetneltes. and do it
itii)iei!j, with turn and thnmimhness
There is no tHirtmn ot the Unit that can
lie niiire easilj ami siircestullt militated
than the client I iur i-ipi.l, dnt iiur business
men haten't time lo lueathe ptnperlv and
mitij other K"isons IhiiIi men And wiiuieii
aietnnlat to do it. Si thej lake half
breaths, ami allow their lungs to weiktn
ami Im nine l-foul.sl, while if thej would
air, ateter) respiration, and toenlaige their
am, bj i propel degree of phjsioal ever -
cIse.Tif a kind that a-i-ts , developing
and strtnthening the , hest. the) would
iiotonli kei'ii their lungs free from disease
but greatl) promote their phtsical is.wer
There is nothing neirtr the actiiil.dein
oiistnitcd truth, than the issertimi that all
hilinau c best, in a iiornul c. mlitlon. cat
beitepl.iieil and strengthened bj pinper
care and jiidn ions cvt r ie ami -noiher
l.i. t i, that liilin, ..II.....H dtsease,!. mat be
save.1 it t .ken in hand m.l nrooerlt tre.ted
s.ate.1 It kenin hand and prop, rlt trea n,l
not bv the use of intent medicine, but
b) the tree emplovitient of flesh, pure air,
fuiceilintoallpiiitiniisof the bteathuig ai
aratus. ,ont.uou-lt and ha ). and bj
the evertion of the ti-ion in wh.echiM
it 1. to keep hiuiselt tint aii.t to give hi
hints ample room and opportunitj to do
their work well and thoroiuhlj.
Due. bv cultivating his chest and incna
in; it power in. re ie the power of the
1....1. 1 1 , ..t .i... . i... . ...
i miii- in.n. ail- im. uiii ,i. tin- torsi uii
a proper coii.litiuu pnnuote phtii-il and
mental cinufi.it, cheerlulness and courage
it therefore promote digestion ami reatlj
ait all proper natural prntessrs; that i
tosaj, promotes the general health and
phlical strength.
This is a matter that shntiM cotiiit and
the attention of all pirents am! te utter,
Ml children hoiild Ih- taught to breathe
ami iittelllgentlj assisttst m
must vitall) iuiH.rtaiit
fun. tiot.s Nothing c in U
phjsical Uneitt to a .
one of the
if Ih.IiIj
1 of mure
Inld than
w ise and erln lent itistrii. ti.m in methods f
chest development, for the lungs aie the
eat of life, and fiom them cmue the first
pneses which nt mi vitihtj When
thej do their work well, without liiinlrance
or uhstruiliou of anj ort. it l uttall)
tnie that the heart, the liver, the Moiiucl.
the kidnejs, and, lietter than all, the brain,
aie strengthened and encouraged to do
SO.nl and perfe. t work. Hut if one is la
and half hearted ill breathing, if he stoops
and coiitraits his chest, am! oppresses and
ilelntuls of their birth light, hi lungs, in
stead of eiusiuraging them, be imv be sure
that his ueglei t will be resintrd and pun
ihed Ksjs nllj in our h.s.ls, semiiia
lies and colleges should joiing iHmte le
tatight as to the strut lure and film lions of
lilt ir lungs, and how to breathe for proier
hieathtiig is Iiai.ll) a natural gift it has be
come an art and one ot the must useful and
health giving of aoiuiiemeiiLs
i i:n. in i i in it
The right of the individual tn exercise
his private jtidgm. nt needs to Ik' often as
serted and coitiutlv and toutIj main
tained It I esietiallj an iurrir in privi
lege. It 1 ours !ecause we have fought t. r
it. and luting secured it. have unbred it.
Men universallv con.eile it in thii.rv, lie
caiise. in the . ir.'illn-Illu e, thev are for. . .1
to do it, but thev almost univtrsillt dispute
it when other men's judgments dn not coll
ude with their own.
ars of np.iuni hive Ivei n manj anil
Iur tliismiiuirv, m.l ilthotighi hamrr.
Iian- In ii griilti ilaiul. mtIi . infieiiient,
tin re hue lhs-n growth ami ileeli.
in. nt .is the i. -suit ot tlieseniiii.ii Is and the
imiple of il.ii.iuitit II iveclimlH-.l up on
to high, r uotm.l ami int.. pur. r iml
cliaier Htm.isphtie Ml men caniint 1
lit ve js anj on. man believe no our m in
can Ih hrvr as al other m. u Udiet. l.ut
a! lie , lllM ,s ,,.. llt.,h.N ,,, llI)(.r
1 ernes, and the in in wl iimot leant nine-
, tiling from almost ant sort of a dit ti
is imt verv nuih f i in in m.iiiallt or
mm illt
IS.it Hi e. ins.- nf right involve the
imiHisitmii of ilutte We h it. right
tin ri forr we have iesvnusihilities. m.l these
luvi.hedtitt. s We have the right In form
.nil nptuiiins. but the nbltgattnii tn ev.imine
and to think is fount 111.11 us We have
no light to 1-c-Iiev eanj thing uul.ss we have
gn.Ml r. is.uis fur behetiug it w. must
know win we believe it. ami if
the thing 1k-1icvcs1 is uuiirt mt tooth
crs as well as ourselves, we ought to
liialifv ourselves, if possible, to tontincc
other-nf the truths whuh we have ionic to
a.s ept as a p'auk in our platform of taitli -whether
it is political or religious. The
American citien should think, jtematie
allj and continitoiislv. he should reflect; he
shoulil stinlt and investigate he should
i discriminate and sift and he should do this
for himself, for he is held rriiiisiti!e for
the proper iio ot this gieat trust. He maj
seek information trom others, from what
maj seem to him to be the most intelligent
ami tnistworthv soutxe, but thi informa
tion mut lie riitinied, it ourcc coiih'
ered. and all it iM-anngs welghcil.
It is proper ami right that men -sliiulil In
,ikesl to give resons for the faith that is in
them that I, thej should he able to show
that it is a n asoiiable faith. Thee reasons
need tint lie el iborate or profound ; the
simpler and more concise thej can be made
the better. Personal testlnionj a to the '
effect ami fnuis of liehefs is often tlie
strongest of rilitritir Hut there shoulil In'
rr.ins, anil tine i annnt hie r tsons with
.ml hvutir i.ii,rlit till tlii'iii iilii. f Itllll.it
Ii-iim i'..iiiiiiii Iwli.'l-i will t h it mi- ritrn
sell . tun. i el in ill e i-es intuiting
opinion anil mmlm I one must think, rei-on
in I ilei ule
W Ii il I nn It. Hi. ii In Kt ilu llnr I tli
. t iil "Siiligslr.
Wrilten for the KepuMlr
I'he linn who does imt enioj the harini
lit of birds or line to tml their dibit
nnj Ik-id n e.1 in tie mif i.iUirnr) with
lulu who lotes tint the "cnlicnrd ol sneet
sounds." He n onlj lit lor tieisons. stmt'
etfcins ami sjhhIs ' Iinleel, it is dniibtlul
whether the niaii win. his no allis: turn for
all aiituiil reation is lit to be trusted with
anj f the tntei ltspnuslhilitics .if li.iimn
lite. 'I he return of the birds, those cri
i nuts harbtmrers of sjirlni:, is a per
eniinl theme lor wrtters of iw'trj nut
prose, lt.it it is i i.mev. hat iiiiiumniKie
mil praitual asst ot this theme to wlmh
we here tall attt ntion.
eteral jeirs ago we revolted to trt what
could lie done towanl iiitlucini; the toli.u
tarj srttlt iiieiit on our pieinNesof the more
itiirt-.tmi'- Imrilsi itf tin. In. ilitv i iK.n u
apprfrd us ot the fa. t that whit is
IiH'al birds is not onlv lacilities for nest I
11""1'1""; "1 iiiiiiiimltj from ntolesta-,
!""': .r ,r, ., ", l', -""": St
matter, often oitrlnok.sl in this ton-,
,,,, Iiallle,. a. t.s.slb,itt to iiesh. ,.t,ie'
water I he recept icle tor thfs water must
'' Ie to. deeji. and those wlm Ii w esc, ur i
"I were m.ideof bl.K ks or slabs of ht wn
I.U..S...... t n.i..., o.s. ,,..i uo s,ping
sides which would giaduate the depth ot
water to suit sin ill as well a, largirbinN
It is not old) drinking facilities whuh the
l"r's rtiinre, but aNo an approiri.ilc and
"-"'. luil pi i. e to bithe. I Iur-
J'"-' ." .. "r,","K'r;' 'N " ,,,;,'lj, " Uf
,o,ir during the entire daj in which th.re
are not from one to three birds bathimr m
. .
the stone troughs, it rentnresbut a moment
' ,'acI,"l', to repleiiish th.-e receptacle with
, ,, ' f ";hV ' ", .T', "r,,, ' ' ","
. - , ...... j
.... .,,.. ... ........-.. K-e iiniisiiisrLuri.li
the premises have Ih'ii m siitvessful. it
leads to the reflection that during a pro-
traded summer drought, birds, as well .is
animal, doubtless often suffer s.trreli
merelj for the lack of pine water
'1 he Knghsli sparrows, like the poor, we
Hive aivcajs witn its, and thej
cannot tie classed among the returning
of slirinv.. t.lL.'tliM liiiiiinri-l'. i.ki.fli
iiml stiv
id among
..V i.'.i.r
the imij. clattering factorj town of Kng-
land, make them annoj lug to the nervous,
while their pcrtinaeitj in building their
nesis in ettr.tr.... .), .....i i...u...,r.i
make then a veritable plague to the an
lull housekeeK-r. Ilttt even the.- dia
greeable chara. U-risttcs pale liest.le their
..iiiiiMiht for our ..Hit v .,,-r i.t.i
win. hie uls them lo apimi.riale nests a,
otherwise make war um..urowiifeathere.l
. . .... ....
songsters The iers..u who would lure our
l.k al birds to their premises will tmd it
m less irj to m ike it plain to the Higlisli
spinous that Ihej are not wanted, and a
siIent-sh.K.tiiig Klnbert rifle, ur a stmug
Indian rubber pet hciter must often be
called into risiiisition to cs.unti ract the
dcpreilationsof the sjiarrows. In time the
rnglish sparrow problem bids fair to
come as important in the iueriiin orni
thological wnrlil as is the rateni iic;stioii
in Kntisli iH.litic-ilcin Ies.
'Ihe hrt comer tin pnng were two
precocious robins, who were probiblv de
ceived bv a few p rem dure warm ilajs. but
win. were caught bj thr later c-old weather.
1 hej vt. re fniiu.l one iimming huildlisl U--liiiul
the window shutter, for v.irmth. and
some t Implied meat placed ujsin the will
dim sill was otucklj devoured hi them.
Mt.i tin, and .luring the continuance of
till' . ill, I stun Hi., r rnoilar nlii.in.m.
ilealnl out to the iii, .imt if lit ant mean
the siipplj was ih-Hjeit the eple nisi.le
were soon apprised of the fact bv vigor
ous i-ecking of the male bird upon the win
dow gtas'
The renin are probablj the must harm -
less .is well as the least man-fearing of all
our native birds. 'Ihe bulling truHghs be
fore mentioned seem to form an especial
ittraitmn fnr them, and ire einplojed al
must ctuistantli bj these birds during the
llie net comers, on altottt the 10th of
pril, were the inirtiiH, for whom facilities
were pinudcd over three je.irsago. Tne
martni-housewhit h we have is a snmewhat
Historic one, being the smie which for time
immemorial stood at the "old I ncle
Itillj Moore corner" on west Main
street, and which for decailis1
d jear had been annual!) inhabited bj
... j. ... ...... i-.'ii aiiiiiimii .inini. iii-.. w
these Innls. Itw.is.it mtistbeioiife-ssesl,
a matter of citrit-silj to see whether the
transferaitce ot this house to another pait
of thec-itj would draw the turds thither.
The eM.riineiil was a ucc i . and now
with the utmost reguliritv, on ntmut the
elite above u.imisl, these birds make their
apM'arince. One of the most ent!iuiat.t
promoters of the interests ot these martins,
or swallows, as thev are often railed,,,
Mr. Alphouso Farrell. of our citj. who h i
devotes! great c-are ami tiulj to their habits.
and .rov ides ttouutifullj for their an tint i
mo.Iatio'1. Fiom the fact tint when the
joiiug buds at our rcseetive houses are
iiiicnr.1 our. tnr lauuiir ot lu.irtin trout
the two places iiivariablj have a house -
wanning, or bird-christening. during which
gieat interchange of eotirtesie and cominn-
lletii prevails, we Have al.ut inmr to the I
concliision that the Innl of the tvu place
are .bl.-c-l relation
The departure of the m-irti'i.it thecloe,
of the timiuerea.m ino Ie interesting
than their advent in the spring. I In hi. I
probablj been noticed bj ln.uij persons in
thegrea'tesingregatioiiof thes,. birds at the
Kcllj Arcade corner previous to their Ir-'
rtnr.. 1.. tl... r.ll l...e .C... .1
.. ii i hi !.. . a. ii i.itt, mi, mi nit-
diatelj pretesting such eleparture the re i
reins to be a general understanding among
tiiein tint a farewe II jubilee is to b" held at
the an. ule or iststofbce corner. t this
tune all local maittii house urudccrttHt bj
their ncriipaut, and for several tla)spre-
tons to departure thej eem to revel in a
grand wiiltime on. the telegraph vvlre-s,
and root and eive of the postothce builtl-1
nig. Certainlj no one forget the commo
tion at that iMiint 1 1st fall when the gather-
mg took ilue. The martin depart in
companies, and the multitude is graduallv
depleted until all are gone. I
Net tame the blue bird with their'
modest, pathetic warble anil subdued, but j
attractive plumage. 'Ihej were found pros-1
I-ec ting for a building place, and were soon
acciMiiuiodated with an object which has
been found to be the most Mutable for their
neting j.uri.sc bj the birds, nainelj, a
hollow piece of vvcmkI, about a foot long
with a side hole bored in the same, and the ,
top and bottom uf the hollow eil vv ood c loe;I.
In fact, it is nothing more or less than a
wocHlen pump stioiit, closed at eaih end,
and wired to a crotch in the tree, the ojien-
Ing in the side serving a a iloorvvaj
But our mint interesting visitors have jet '
law, thej make two visits ., tear ami stij I "ilniul in coiiiii-ction with the Lake hhoie
s months each time. Their nagging r"vi The revolution in the metlu.ls. a.i
nes, originalij tlev.Io;Hl. it is sa.d.ainong I ration and achievement of the .igner
to tome, and we are looking for them with
Uiet interest and auiet) Ihet Hie i
lainil) of Kiifllsh iieccrs i bird ajiinr
eiitlt little known in this remnu, and atmiil
whit hterj Iittlei in ! is. . rtaiiinl in null
iltuiit iHMiks on birdoloi;j I lit hm;!ish
ire.'ir is i little prat bird. s ntelj lirter
than the I incest sjhs ies ot htimmini: bud,
with bright. Iienllike eje and a long (uer
i nikT lull Ilu') maintain their afetj Iroiu
tlieeiiiiiitj ot the tiulisti spirrows t.j in
tue of their ilimiuutitc swe wheieb) the)
i an . reep into the ajierture ol dimrwat ot"
their m st, and through whuh their en. line
i aiimit follow them. I he Itrst thing the)
did on our premises w is to . lose the aiei
ture of the putue,(Niut house to tlie
smallest tossihIe dmienioii. Iwo
jells igo a single pur ot thee
birds etthsl on the pi ue. Thej, with then
joiiug. letitrnetl I.l t jear Is.th halt bed
blonds and then left. 1 he l rson il inter
est of the oli-erter Is cull lilted bj the fact
not onlj of their sin illnes... but of their
fearlessness, . is thej will mine tert neir
the iinet oberter. Thej run up and down I
the birk of a t'nt with agilitj. pei-ring here I
and there tor ittMtls, and are altogctlnr a
terj inteiestingstiidj. Hut 1h-sI of ill tin
hnlish t rt eper is a be.iutilul mil almost
t onstHiit singt r His is the first note heard
in the morning and almost the 1 1st at night
and considering the volume ot sound and
lontinnousiies- with wlm lithe little ireeper
nigs, it Is ntirvelotis that slit It a tinj bit of
bird atntoinj can pnsiblj kee. it up it
such a rite
Now it is not 1 1 limed liv tin writer that
there is anj thing at all rem likable in the
foregoing iiuet, loinmon pl uemrrition ot
sncctsslul attempts to imbue a few birds
to settle on an ordin irj house lot Ihee (
)eriineiitsalive iiameit mil) ileinniistnte
wlnti an lie done in this rest t in il
merelj incidental, casual vaj. Mirel), il
person; can tiiul, a man) do. a ert nn ile
i.r.u ..f ttiuttftt.m I,. ..Illtlt itlllt' .lllll
ju,JIIIK the habit of cagttl song birds,
,lpri. lr lHiiilities of gieit intnution
and pleasure in providing tor the retention
.... .i.,. ,,r,.,n,.-s ... tlie.. free iiuiiinlined
,;",";!,.." "l. Mir "U.-onl.n..!
Jlrit sumnnned. the conditions net es
v,rJ , ieoiiiplisli tliis are impli tin pro
,, llt ,, al,Iiri)I,riate, well-guaiilcd
nesting pi uc, such a It i-been desi nlieil i
r,gi.l . nforc ent of rule of lioii-nmlest i
i ,. i, ,,. ,, .,, ti... ,., ..f
,.m'.r f the familv, (lnldreii r cats
ami the establishment of' f.uihties tor drink
mgat.dbitlmig which.ne neither compli
"at.sl nor eM-lisite. Ill the cities, mrch
u,rrtl,in m the countrv efforts must be
....." ,..(J. r
iii.iut not on.) ... 'nun .... 'm.r..,'i ... i
birds, but also to induce tin in tn remain if
we would not find oureIve at latleftt.i'
"'Z -. V.' V" l'"?'"-'"' S-" '-
uiiiituious nine r.ngllsll sparrow mr inn
sole ornithological avs.-iate. t. s K
The Winner .ir Ci.nip.nn .'".'h. I'""1.
TI.e Or.liti irj l...iirir t.. l.e ur. lita..t.
For a jear or two p 1st the most famous
t1(r,'f,, .passenger train in the world lias been th"
inelMnU I tall Nt, ork and Chic-agt. limited over
lother-in- " e" 'rl. Central .V Hudson liner
.aurniu in cciiuieciioii wuu me i.aKe nt
Tm' The revolution in the metluls. a
I rations and achievements of the Wag
l'ala. e Car couipaiiv. tj which the dr
' ""' r ' " "" l't"). t " '"- "'"
I '" r'-m -""l sleepm "rs over the
'"hilt sjste f roi.l ire ..-rate.l.
lie. ii so great that the Wagnrr (i.ttip
lie. n so great that the Wagner companj
" take a foremost pri-itinn m catering
i ''"-.s...... ......... tutm) ... ....,,-,,.
P'rasie uatei in iiu mij. n.et..ig
'11" companj has als.ut readj for.tailj
j serviis-mi the "limited "over the New orl.
,Vn"?1-1',w'',," s,w u'rk i'l'l"s"ag.
I a... I flit, l.ul t .1.... tr.li, tliut 1,11 u..I.h.
and the west, a new tram that will eclit.se
all previous effort itnar i niitni. lion. Ihe
new buffet smoking cars on the Central"
limited will Ih- supplied with J bath room,
a butter-shop, two toilet rooms, nue for
train einiiloves. mdeienilent of the toilet
room for passenger. The buffet n oking
car will lie it j -nine feit long, which s
umcii longer itiait me average irtigiuoi cais
in regular ue. iiiej win ir uiitsi in iue
most luxurious manner, and besides tl e
mot cable chair, couches, etc.. will contain
a lihrarv that will unhide the latest novel,
together with all the i-eri.Hlii als and tlatlj
paper. The platform of thr cars will Ih
prntrt till bj ule Kate and t anopie,
til order tint pasc nger in it hi
Iroiu tar to tar without the slightest
danger ..r e.ure. The new liuuteil trains
will lie lighted bj electri. itj. and if the
I -''"V" !'r,tm eiiiueiiH turn in pmgre.
111" ,r" ,,,,K criiiim air smtn-lul,
these trains will lie heated bj steam through
out. I he absence of heavj grades and the
long t ingents th it are characteristic of the
New ork Central and its connections, the
I.akeMiore and Michigan Central, render
1 !' ,'ltlr''I f'-aible to nuke bath r.Kiiiis and
a..rr. snw.s .c- iNinniAiu an., nsrii.i
adjuncts of the limited. Taken altogether
the improved limited trams over the Cen
tr.il maj be accepted .is the verj highest
development in the modern art of traiisort
b) rail.
The C. C. C. .t I. tram leavineSpringheld
at ' -t". p. in has a through sleejier. will, h is
.ittaclual to this tram at Cleteland. Jspaet
can lie reserveil in this sleeier bj aiipllci
turn tn. II. Knight, at the Iteel.iue depot
This famous tram mikes the run from
)priligtield to New ork Citj 111 onlj iO
hours, giving i,issenger the advantage of a
laj light rule dnw n the Hudson Ktverand
.! ..... .. I
Ending them 111 the (.raii.lt cntral depot.,
whuh is theuiilj deot lit thecitj.
It is imt .'niumnnlv knuivn tint a large
pmmrtinn ol ihe rheumatism and in u
rilgta iilim i. truval.le direttlv to thr
dise-is.-il tsiii.littuu or impcrlrcl action ..I
tin kidiirts in.) liter tin rt Inn i r-iiiislt
uli.li .tire thr rt-stilting dtseit must
hivi found md smitten the hrt calls!
Mjiiv Hrr.uis ii-ing llilc..ii(ri tnr
rh. umilisin mil tituralgta have Uttt
surprises! in imd tl.jt . iirmiii tttimlrt ni
the Itttr mil Liiltit-ts hitr .Li l.vii
T grciliv relitvcsl and ihev hive written
i tnr in ctjiI uinioii DieVict is, tint the
rtiusit act direstlt on the-e nrgin..
I leatftng them lmni ill irnlit .iil-
-t m.r mil rrul .ting thrir i.tmu I'akeit
m , .111ir.in.11 will, tl.l,.pli..n. I'lllsthi
ttithmtt etc.pii. n the n,.l v ilual.lr
Ui.Ittrv and liter remt.lv in tin unrld. m.l
,u,,lri , hri.v p,,M,rI1( , ,llrl wi,i,
h ivr lhce ili-ra-i-.
..,.,, Wllnl K nil,tIlin ,;,; at .
.,,,1. o. ..-,. 1 1 . t t T
I " " "v ' ' I" " '-"' "' ' ' ' "nil I
.!... .... .. . ... , ,,
think tin re is mt nn-.li, in, like tliini!io-
rns mr riicum ittsm t re vimts tn mt u-in
this incilicine 1 u-e.1 altotit ivm kind. it e
rlicnmitie mtsltuie I t ur lie-inl of, Ih.iIi
regulir md irregular witlnnu at ill t
the time I laimnieiicn! with Atliluplioro-i
I w is stillcring verv much In a ten
remark ihlr short tune, m fut 1 1ml nnlv
taken a feu dir.es, 1 eperiem-etl verv
l.-ei.Icil relief It i iioh over two tear,
since 1 iim-iI it and I liivehul no llheumi
listn smee toK-ak of. VthlupliorusiluliH
work forme and u ill tin the iiiic for other
1 have been a reid. nt of Springlicl.l
for oter tlnrtv t.-ir, am well known
md would gla.llt vcnlv the above facts te
am one vt ho mat be alliicteii w ith rheuiua-
Every druggUt should keen Ulilophoro
inJ Vthloiihorcte 1'ilN, l.ut where they can
not be Isjught of the druggist the Atltlo
phoros ( . 112 Wall !i New York, will
send either (carnage paid) on receipt nl
regular price, vvlncli is $1.00 per buttle
for Athlophuros and 5fV. for I'llls.
For liver and If Iney Uistaset., dvt.per-ia, in
digestion, weakness, nervous eltbilit), dUeasw
of tiotneu. ii)Utit.allMn braila.hr. Imi.nr
bloo1, 'lc. Athlophuroeifiliiareunetjualevl 4
Window Shades!
this sfihntG"
Ever received by any one house in this city, which
will be sold at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES.
Are showing this season the largest and most com
plete line of Clothing ever offered in this city. All
new shades in vogue, for all ages, for all sizes, for
every day. school or Sunday wear.
All Grades, all Styles, all Prices. We always aim to do
our best that we may fully deserve a good patronage.
of am. stles vm) pijitis, vr rut:
Offer at retail or wholesale a briaht. new. clean stock
of Grocers Notions. Stationery. Paper, etc., at prices
unequaled in the State.
See our !."c Hummock : it'n a Our Hall ll&t, .V to Mh:
beauty nml it's cheap. (Our line ofl'ocket Knius at -J.'ic
Our Huso Halls from ."it- to l.'J.'i each.
Our .Solid Itiihher Kails rrom :5c Our line line ol' matchless Sta
te I Oc. tionery, ami romiiare our prices
Our (Jas Y tiled Hulls, ."ic to 10c. I with any other
o:m::e jp-a.tptspl go,
j7lSK5?Sss'aSSP&lnW . -v 73 ' !ftjJ..Wi VIBm'KSM!WKKKW3IB9BKm3MxKStSBillbXLSf '
gggBaBB3EStt&SmSri ra9"r I .- Xivk? .'-,-"'; - a'S5lifgsWBKSBBSS8aS85

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