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tytm0th Jatt
Jprttififirtd grjiuMu
TIM "Witr. tt-ltli Win-
Lirgtst tlrcula'lon ans" l"tvt ftlin, Hfdnm.
CIrriilnllun Marrli'-M M,.".t
I'lrrulatlon April 2 li.'Ilu
)rculitlt..ii April 21 IO,5i:o
iWumnOTon. Mat )"
fair weather, and slltslillv
Strinrtikli), O.,
May 9, 1SS7.
Everybody knows the mean
ing of "D. D.," but it has a
different meaning applied to
the When Delivery Depots.
That is what the When stores
are. It is like this ; Other
dealers "go east" to buy goods
of wholesale manufacturers.
They ship their goods to their
stores and retail them to you.
Thus you pay the factory
price and pay the dealers
their price for "going east" to
buy the goods. With the
When it is different, because
the When is a iactory which
ships the goods to the When
"Delivery Depots," so that
when you
here you
buy your clothes
get them for the
same price that other dealers
have to pay by going east and
buying there at wholesale.
Thtisryntrsenryotr-savc- one
profit and do your own "go
ing east" right at home,
your spring suit, or your
dren's spring suits or your Fur
nishing Goods, save this pro
fit for yourself by buying at
and 27 West Main Street.
If )oii are in need of a hat,
A bonnet or rlat.
Just kt us a call.
For we are cheapest of ail.
And we have just now received
Fnun the "easterly" east.
The most 8t) lish designs
On which jour eyes ran feast.
St, cine get tlie profits
That are clearly your gain :
Just turn on to.Maiket
From the corner of Main.
Between Main and Columbia Streets.
It. C. LION.
The Kent Canned awl Bottled Good.
Strictly Pure and Flrst-Cla
(Joodii.atLowMt Prlcen.
The Late C. T. Ward Grocery,
Turner of Center, Springfield, 0.
llyeing, Seoiirlatr and Repairing
1 BY I
.B. Jaxn.es
yt V. Vllinitoli 4t.
between Market wid Center, Sprlng-titld, O.
Has Arrived" in New York and is Re
ceived by a Deputation What its
Members Say to Him.
T.to "nl..rt,t IIoI.Im r llmmt-il. in I mil-l-..
.... sL 1'iI.miim-i- llreltk .Inil III '-
lii.i.l..! 1 - I ihmIi Amu I" '
MoliilWtd In Otltilier.
Bv tlitr XsxM'lated Press
Xm ..kk. May - I'ht' steamship
I mliria. with Mr. iIIihiii O'lliieii. iililur
.r tin- Ciiil.-I .1 Mm', ami Bishop lrel.mil
II Minnesota, mi hoard, was unable to i-ns
Hie liarnt high water this iiiniiiiiijc. m ac
..unit ill tut. and will now leniaui ! :"
ehor outside initll six tl'i- evening. When
till-. news was rommuiiieattsl I" the n-e-U.,11
roiiimitt.s-. l ent '"' '" ""
Cuu.iril nirT. t. tni t the distinguished
passengers, they at once notified John II.
Marin to procure :i steau.lioat tor llieni.
that the) might go down tlir bay to accord
a welcome. -Mr Stalin ei-vleil to have. i
Nut In readiness 1 "."iii. "" "" 'r.il
of the .irt at the I'lnbria. an addles-. will
l- nail tii -Mr. O'Brien, vvlii.h .-nils
thus "Ami now, 'r- '" oiiclusi..n.
we tru-t the mission In which Jou " en
gaged will Ikm' lently -.im-o' fnl. 1" it
jou have our oearty support, and we wWi
you I...1 sssl in jmir endeavor In save the
jitsipli'of Ireland from sentences of ileath
to wlneh alien landlnniism woiil.l gladlv
consign them. Thanks tn the Natumal
League, the indomitable "pint uf our in-o-pie
in Ireland kii.I to the mural awl national
ml the) have obtained bcie and cIm-iv here,
the battle Is progressing gloriously ami
omens of certain victory in coming time
are clear to ei cry discerning inlml. We
iniuli mistake our brethren in Canada If
j. hi ilo not receive from tliein a generous
Irish welcome. Already the echo of sym
patliies of representative Canadians
through their parliament, has been
heard, and thej have spoken III no titieer
tain words. This warrants lis in expecting
a renewal of cordial andsiiiccreexpressions
of moral support, and such evident acts as
will give the earnest epressioii of their
f neiidl) feelings to tlie cause j oil represent.
This we do know jou have the kindest
wishes of the Irish-Amerlcaiis of New
York, and we trust Jou will ever letaiu
pleasant memories ot them. You canaviiie
Mr. 1'arnell am! his colleague of our
fullest isiiilideuce in them, and our deter
mination to continue the struggle until the
end shall crow n the restoration to Ireland
tit scir-irov eminent, and the freedom which
we Ainerioaiis justlj reiranl as our dcare-t
and most sacrtsl miv,suih."
Irtnililf AImmiI I'HlillsliltiB thf (.eoliieleal
Itfp.irtIlie tuitrriiorttill lntlKittr.
SM-cial liltpatch to the Republic-
Cm i vim s. Mav '..-Auditor of Mate i
Keisewett. rbas rtfuetl toput onhislHKiks leaves this to the discietion of tlie jury,
the W,na,,of the genera, asstwly. pro- I mule ral. -J-es ,.f cm
Mdmg for the publication of volume ..Kitil-, , f ,lu ,,u.1:lM. , ,le pVl.
ogy of Ohlo.and for which an appropriation )f p, ns set forth in Ms petition, for the
of Sl.'i.lHhi was made. This na done lie--.mi-puse of ascertaining whether or not be
cause the bills were unsigned bv the pie- would be refused on account of his color,
siiliug officers of the senate and house, and a fa,.i alone -.lioiilil not prevent him from
this tuuissioii. in the opinion of ttoine) I r,s;-ovfring damages in tins case, but ma)
General Kohler. is if siiftlfieiit imimrtaneehmjeietl bv tlie jury in fixing the
to invalidate the act, I'mf. Orton. to whom amount of damages, if any. allowed,
the appropriation was to have Uvn paid. ;;. If the jury find that the plaintiff,
!! i.ri,,.. n .iisi..iiiiii suit lii the suiireuie ;,, .itii.nmtlm' to make the nurchast re-
court. .
liineniur Korakcr. in reply toi ateJivram ;
of Hon. Milu (1. llisld. of the Cincinnati .
police commissiiui, asking for an investig.i-
tot., of hs ..induct, has sent a telegram '
sa)ing that he will liear evidenie on the ,
iiiatier. fnun a wlin wish to tesiii).-on to
morrow or next da), at bis office.
It Opens In Ignition, 1 iiicIiiimI, T.mIhv.
JavxiMiN. Ma) !. The American exbil.l
fioli tormallv oK-ntsl totla). The vfHWier
is clear and sunn). Almut T.01K) iersons
attende.1. The bursting of a Imiler during the
morning prevenlisl starting the machinery.
Otherwise the pricramme of the opening
ceremonies were carriisi out. Hundreds of
v isitors ignored the ceremony of oihmiIiii;
the regular exhibition, and rushtsl to the
gr.mii.1s where the Wild West show (.er
formetl. Irnlo llirott 11 orr.
Ci:ki c xs-ii r. In.!.. Maj
Mono passenger train for (Tiieago.'.due heie
j stent) Moraine, wan wrecked one mile
south of this place. The engine went one
third way down a thirty-live feet embank
ment. The baggage car was derailed. Kn
gineer Crecli was found, head downward.
Ik'twis-ii the engine and tender. Iiadl)
scalded. Fireman Mikeles saved himself
b) jumping. The wreck was caused b) a
misplaced switi h. The railvva) officials
tlaim that 111 was opened aiid stone placed
liclvvecit tlie rails h) some one, thioiigb
" Tar rll.
Xt YoliK. Ma) !. A I amdoii special
to the Eicjifn.j J'..sl sa): It is no longer
. ttt.f.. to disguise minors which have
rei-attII) gainisl currency lately re
garding Tarnell's health. The health
of the Irish leader is not mil) bad. but
sisitivel) alarming. His participation in
futuie political stmcgl-s i doubtful. His
disease I said to lie rat.icer In the stomach.
9t rrlwunt K.CHpe.
O.il I Mill -. Ma) !.- Six piisotiers es
ctiNsl from the Franklin count) jail last
11 ght b) sawing off the bars to a window.
'I bev were all iin.ier iii.iiciiuciu. io "....
not 'had their trials. Only fie first
degree murder man did not esce. The
work was planiietlb) a prisoner who had
since lieen transferred to the iH-iiitentiarj
A Tinker 111 It.oilile.
About lialf-past 1 t.Mock this afternoon
Irvm Wilder, a tinker, was station hoie-iil
b) Ofticer Mast for driinkeiiliess and disor
derl) conduct. Wilder had .lonesome work
forala.lv in the west end and wanted to
charge her three or four prices for it and
laistsl fain lieoiu-e -be objectist to ri)ing
so much.
llnntsl tin- Itnliltt-rj.
Nin oi:h. Maj '.. -A New Orleans
siss-ial savs- In West Carroll parisli.Thurs-
day last, a b at Flovd --in iimui liu h-
ard (.iNKlwin and irace T.Iantoii. both
colonsl. and hanged them to a tree for roL-
bmg the store of M. Ham.
slilkelnr Ijirer fit).
K. mi sri it. X. V., -May .i.-Tbe I'uion
caris-nlers. to the niiudier of aiiout 4r,o.will
strike tml.i) for tell hours pa) for nine
l. trs' work. They are at piesent riveiv
111 ?J."u for ten hours.
Tvuis. May J. fienenil lloulaiiger has
drafte.1 a bill for the e-riinental 1110I.1I1
atioii of the French arm) net Octols-r.
Il.-lllk I're-lllelll Uratl.
Mvnis.., lnd.. -Maj '.1. itoiien .mcmiii.
president of the First National bank ami
lea ling iial men-bant, tiled here todaj.
I.rKUlHtnre A.ljolirnetl.
ClUin.KsTov, W. Va.. -May ti.-Tlie leg
Islatlue adjourned at 11 o'clm-k thU morn
lug, nine die.
lllstluEuUlifsl .Vrll.l lnl.
laiNTMiv, May 'J. Samuel fmislns. 11.
A., the engraver Is dead. He wa- Mi )ears
.Iinltf Willie's tliiir,:.. lollie .l.irj In II.
Oast sin.. nler.tliiK 1'iilnt.
Suhjiiiiiisl i tliecharireof .Indte I'lnrles
It White to the Jurj in the case of liraliam
IMivm-II vs. 11. I.. Kinktield. the plailitltl
al(.'KinK thai lie was lefiisisl iufiuimila
tions at the rvstamatit of the defendant.
The tli.iri;e. wliich contains interestlin:
IHiints ot law bearim; on the case, is as
UfMiiMKV -In order to Hint for the
lilainlill jou must lnnl from a fair pn-pon-ileRince
id the testimony that the defend
ant denied the plaintiff the full and eipial
eiijojliient of the accommodations advan
tages, facilities and privileges, or one or
more ol them, of his restaurant, or aided or
melted such denial, tor reaon not aiplia
hie alike to all citlens id everv race and
color, and reeardless ot color or race.
VsaKeiieral rule, a principalis liali'f
fo, the acts of his airents or servants to
third iersniis. even tluiiiKli the coliduct of
Iheairentor servant was without the jiar
ticip.illon, consent or kimwIedKi' of the
master or principal, pmvided the lueacli or
want of dut.v aiose in the cour.e ot the
ministerial eniplovmeiit, and was not a de
parture (rum it.
This action is tons-over under a statute
of Ol entitled "An act to prntett citizens
in their civ II and lecil rlulits." wldcli pro
vides for a )ieiialt or forfeitiue. To tsin
stitute a violation of such act, within the
iiieanintof the allegations of the M'tition
Herein, tlie agent who denied llg plalulitl
entertainiuent. as alleged, would clearl) In'
lialile tu sin li HMialties or forfeiture; and it
he was then acting witliui the scoic of his
authorit or hv the evpressor implied di
rection of Mr. liocklield. and the
other elements of the case are
Iirient. the defendant would lie liahle.
But if tlie agent in so refusing and ilenjing
entertainment to the plamtilt was at ting
troiu iiersonil inotivi-. or outside of his
authorilv and against tlie tliieetioii of .Mr.
lliH-khelil then the defendant would not lie
liahle herein.
The duty of sustainiuc Ins claim herein
is uim the plaintiff and If hefailstosatisf)
jou hj a talr ireptinderance of the evi
dence of the validitj thereof he must fail.
If jou imd the plaintiff is entitled to re
cover linn against me tieieiuiauv von win
then come to the iiuestion of the amount of ,
his recover)-. He cannot in any event in
this cast- recover more than $100.
To determine- how much of that sum. If
an), jou should allow blm jou inav deter
miue'wliat would compensate him for his
injury, if an) was Itillu tt-tl. and allow him
If the Iniurj wasvvllfull) andmaliciousl)
inflicted b) the defendant then )oii ma) al
low such further damages as will lie lu j.u r
judgment an admonition or puiiishmeui
I) I wi 1 1. j
Km Kl II I n.
1. Thejurj are also at liberty, if they see
lit, to allow tlie plaintiff, as part of his ai--tnal
or compensatory damages, an) reason
able exjieuditure for counsel fit's which are
necessarilv incurreil In vindicating himself
an,t reilressing such injur). Hut the law
fernsl to. was itirtially for the purpose of j
srertaliiing whether or not lie vvnuiil t-e
,.fused. on iiccount of lib color, that fact
alone should not defeat bis recover) .
K.ec.tl.e ...m.i'.lti.e M,.
'"l"""" "" ' u
The executive committee of the repute
licau county central romiiiHtet1 will meet at
the committee rooms on Tuesilay evening
at o'clock. Imiiitaht business is to lie
transacted, and the members aie urg-tl
to lie present, J. S. Mii.k.s,
.1. C. Iloiiovvvx. Sivretary.
MHtloll-llotlse shite.
William llaney. dnml; and dtsorderl).
1 .! V ... .... Jm.il- '1,., dt.tt Willi. 1,1., ,l '
Ullll ,11111 St-St.Il, IIIUI. M, ,,,1, -.!.. ..... ." -v '.
on Saliirdav night. Yesterday .Mike Diul-
I le). Using profane languagi-: Sirs. Dudley.
disorderly niniluft: .1. u. nonovaii, uruiik:
Tat Yanl. dnuiK: Alice .anianan. Kee
iiitt a house of ill-fame, and Frank Collins
and John Frost, for loitering, were ar-
n-sted. ,
si. lt it Talr of shots,.
On SatunU) evening I.ee Webb entered
Schulte's west Slain street store with an
other fellow, and while his friend was lieing
waited n win. he tucked up a pair of shoes
and ra'n out of the store with them. latter
he was arrested by Officer .Marshall and
cbargisl with ietit larceny.
H 1ml I'amr nf " Krlendl) C".lt-t lor a
I.KXiMiTiiv. K).. Slay 11. A tcrnb'e
tragetl) bH.k place ) estenlay near Spring
station, on the farm of Captain James
Hlackburn. ex-secretary of state and brother
of Senator Joe Hlackburn. .Miss Henrietta
Hlackburn. accompanied bj her cousin,
Henrietta Hempstead, a )oting lad) of
nineteen )ears, went out to shoot at a mark
w ith a small rille. They w ere joined by Sam
uel ltt.irkburii. a vouiiemanof twenty-two,
brother of SIiss Henrietta Hlackburn, and
a triendlv contest was begun as to who
honhi shoot at the mark first. The three
engaged in a pla) fill struggle for the jkm
session of a rule, and in this struggle the
amm was discharge.!, the ball piercing
the heart of Sliss Henrietta Hempstead and
killing her iiistantl). The unioriunaie
kiiiiii? ladv gave a slight scream, droptied
on the blue grass and breathed her last In-
fore her liornliisl cousins realized tneavviui
calamity that had Iiefallen them. Slesscn
gers were hurrie.1 fol medical assistance,
and It was with the utmost difficulty that
Miss lllackbuui and Sliss Hempstead's
mother could be restored fnun the shock
occasioned b) the uuexvteil and terrible
death of the jount. lad). Sliss Hemp-
steal wasagn-at favorite in the ciiiumii-
ittHrtlli.K !. tioys,
Tim vi'i 1 rin v, -Maj .. A sptfial from
llarrishurgsays: liovernor Heaver form
all) opened the exiositlon of the City
(irajs at the armory of the company, Sat
urday evening. Ill tlie presence of srvt-ral
thousand jHSiple. In speaking of the util
itjofthe National (Juard, the governor
said that a little over a mouth ago it looked
to those in authority very much a-i though
the services or more th in s,WXl disciplined
men xv ould soon be needed. lliqulry had
come from Washington as to the time that
would lie required to concentrate Teiuisjl
vanla's trisips at Lake Krie 111 cae of
trouble with Knglaiid ill reganl to the
fisheries dispute. The reply was sent back
that twenty-four hours would lie all that
would be necessary to concentrate the
the troops at the lake.or at any point on
the bonier of the stale.
A Notorious 3!nn Killed.
CisrixN vil. Slay t. -lames iiiinn, wnn.
twovearsago List fall while lieutenant of
police, shot and killed a man In a crowd In
fr.mt of the f.'tiuiilKi office in
the excite-
meiit just
atler Cleveland's election, was
shot at the Highland bouse this afternoon
and moi tally wounded by Colonel Tucker
and William Hawkins. Dunn had tried to
rescue a prisoner fr.mi the police, who
railed 011 these two men to assist, which
they did. amllli the melee idiot I hum. It
i, iesi!tel they shot him when he was
walking away.
Allit-rfinli herluitll.
ST.l.oris, Slay y. The National league
0 ' American Wheelmen meet here Slay lii)
and al. About one thousand wheelmen
Jiavr, icsiioiiiled to invitations.
llu.iiit. Motion tlMV Ollirr
ll. rllMlie.tns Vluttris.
Next week is ciimmal wen,, rioset'iitur
Weavei has not jet made his assignment of
Coiisi.lerahle anniseiiielit was created in
court Salmdaj, hy the answer given hy a
woman on the stand to an attilruej m the
case. In replj to oneof his niiestions, she
looked at hiui.smiledsweetlv, and said: '"Yes
(iisirgv " Kveijlimlj sinilisl jhniadlj hut
theattoinev. f
Kugeliel.riiiulivckcr. who was indicted
for assaulting Conrad Ihrig, Mniilaj-.Kebrn-arj
I'f. in the former's saliH,ii,iiniil also for
selling lieer the same daj, ent-nsl a plea
of not guiltj .satimlav, hut changed it m
the alteinooii to guiltj-. On the t harge of
ass.mll and halterj Judge Wlilte lluetl iiiui
Sill and costs: for selling beer lie lined him
r. and costs and sentenced him to serve
one hour m the jail. .
Judge Wlute was otvupie.) largely on
Satuidaj with divorce business Amelia
Mriinple was granted a ilivoice fiuiu Frank
Mrimplc, on tlie grounds ot habitual ilrunk
ennes, and neglect of tliity. The defendant
made himself verj gaj on the stand and In
'1 he case of Kli7abetli Clements vs. John
Clements, suit fur divorce, was vacated
bj tonseiit. Carrie Kaiser was grantisl a
thsTee or divori e Inim Chrillan Kaiser, on
the grounds of crueltj: and Clara K Ilovv
ser from llenrj C. Itowser. on the grounds
of adulter) and desertion.
This is motion ilay, and tlie ducket was
called over, but little accomplished. The
most imMirt.uit was the arguing of the mo
tion to make the etltiou more definite and
certain in tlie damage suit of Winters, (iib
son et al. vs. the C. C. ( .V I. Hallway
coiiipiii) and the Citizens' Street Hallway
company. This argument is still in pro
gress this afternoon.
Other cases acted upon today and late on
Saturdav are as follows.
Kldredge V Harris vs. tosirge Horner.
Vacatisl b) consent.
Wolf A iiwman vs Ceorge lloruer. Va
catisl b) tsuiscnt.
lleill) A- .Mcliarr vs. (leorge llonier. Set
tlisl and dismissed.
Ilailur.i Huffman ct at. vs. Henrv Sii)der
ft ' ""J "' ,,',SI1"""
Itrooks A Wells vs. Ceorge Horner.
settlement and not up for trial.
Thomas M- Hess vs. Andrew Brooks.
Continued on application of defendant and
at his i-osLs.
Spaftord llnnl vs. Joseiih (lliiiger. Con-
tiniietl 011 application of defendant on the
grounds ut the absence of a material wit
ness. Muse-, S. Wilson vs.CeorgeS. Wakenigbt
el al. N-ttle.1 and disinlsse.1 at plaintiff's
(ia)lord Ibilling .Mill Co. vs. T. . II.
lCoticrts Hisniissetl at plaintirTs nr-ts.
Wick Itros. s. S. A. Morrow. Vacatisl
by const'iit.
Claudius J. Stewart vs. Laura K. Kolger
et al. Leave to A I ice Stew art. whoW made
part), to answer, same tiled and order of
K K. lieN'ormandie vs K C. Clay et al.
Judgment for plaintiff of -Tl:i..V, and onler
of sale.
Klia ."shanks vs. Charles .Ullrich et al.
Win. I Young made jiart) tlefeiidant,wilh
leav e to ausvv er. .
ANIrnnce llnptii St-vu In the I'nlliollr
tVin.lrr) lit Mliliilclit llitt lutenllKM
tliin. I-vst Friday night aiiout li o'clock a cov
ered wagon was mi entering the Catholic
cemeterv. on loteonda aveiuxv. It wit
driven through the regular entrance to tin'
cemeti-rv and toward the center of the
grounds. Two horses weie attached to the
wagon, but how mail) iiersous or who. were
in the vehicle, is not known. The wagon'
was seen to enter the cemeter) by persons
residing in the vicinit). but none of them
had the "nearve" to lollow tlie intniders
and learn the object of their
visit to the cemeter) at that un
seemly iMiur. The next morning
the neighlMirs reirted at me i.agonua av
lino engine house what the) had seen, and
the lire lmys made an investigation. The) the Japam-se woiiian under the care of the
followed the track of the waon for aeon- j j9llin L'resbj tery, who is now lieing etlu
siderable distance ill the tvuielnry, but were fMn Thiladelphia as a medical mission
unable to discover an) thing that would in-1 arv. Her exis-lleut ipiabties of mind ami
die-ate why it had lieen there. The theory heart well til her for the resposihle isltiou
is. of course, that the wagon contained , im. wm till.
ghouls, who were there todotheirneiarious
work, but whether they aifomplishetl an)
thing could not definitely be determined.
Several graves were examined hy the lire
men and neighbors, but they could not tell
(sisitively whether or not they had been
disturbed, although the) thought not.
Colonel Klliottritk lleslres to litrii th
llvcl infill itli.t Companies or IV, tain
.Memorial Da) is fast appro iching and
.Mitchell isist. No. -45, J. A. it., has not jet
lieen able to ascertain the companies and
legiiueiits to vvhu h th' following deceased
men buried in cemeteries around Spring
t.eld Minuted, and who are reported to
have been soldiers during the rebellion.
Any persons knowing the. organizations to
which any ol them may have Monged,
would confer a favor on the It. A. It. by
sendinga jKistal card containing the desired
information to Colonel Kllpatrick, of this
Ml), who has been for )ears endeavoring
to coini lete the record of all the deceastsl
soldiers buried near this cit).
William Soller, A. Stubbe. T nomas II.
Smith, John l-eoch fcolored). Henjamlii
Williams (colored). W. b. Hums. John J-
Donavaii. John SleNanura, Silas Hose,
Ximroit Kussell, Jacijues Noble, . Clark,
J. Kvans. Silas llootlpasture, diaries si) ers.
William Trotbero, A. Kosegrant, A. Sanker,
A. Siisse), C. Wingart, A. Wolf, lieoige
Dall, Alexander Sheafl, I- .Martin.
Miller, slow t. a Kreen.!tir Sliott Filches
Il.TelitB III Sprlnelleld.
Tlie great ten-cent show is here. Miller,
Mow e.V Freeman are pa) ing Springfield
their second annua! visit, and the small
In.), and mail) of the large bo) s. are happ) .
The show arrived from Columbus lestenla)
morning and at once proceeded to the Sleiiee
grounds, just west of Yellow Springs street
Ivtween Tlea-ant and Mulberry, where the
tents were pitched. When the show was
here last ) ear an astonishingly good ier
formancc was given, considering the price
of admission, but all even tietter perfor 11
aniv Is given this) i-ar. Sir. James Knbir
sou. the champion rider, heads the list of
artists, followed by Mr. James Stowe. the
great tour-horse hurdle rider. Miss Sla)
Waidron, Sir. James Slurray, the favorite
clown, and others.
Sir. Robinson's belt and medals are on
exhibition in the show window of Amn's
jewelry store. No. IT east Slain street.
Ladies and children without escorts should
attend the afternoon erforiiiances to avoid
the crush at night.
The DrUroU al .euln.
In yievv of the interest on the subject
which has lieen excited here by the proiosi
tion of the Drwols. of Springfield, tocome
heie and engage in the manufacture pf
carriages and buggies, in a large way. Sir.
K. D. Ilellriggle, of Jamestnvvii. is in town
today and makes to Xenia a proiositioii
similar to that of the Urisruls. with the
additional advantage that he intends to put
into.iciinipaii) that may lie formed SIU.ODO
id the capital stink. Mr II. is an enter
prising business man who has met with
much success in Jamestown, and l s prose
citioii should receive due consideration.
Xenia (Imtite.
The relations between the 1. it. A W
C. It. V Q. mails are said to be somewhat
strained. The latter Is not please.! with the
1. H. W. working so much in the Interest
of the Central Iowa.
Work Accuinpliiheil by the Woman's
Miaaiouary Society of the Seroinl
Presbyterian Church.
ItiteiMliuK MtrtiliC Mt 11. e hurt I. sun.
tiny F,leiiiiigUt,pirl ! lllt,Tr.
urei ttml st-rt lr The s,, lt.17
in IommI Coiitltllon.
The Woman's Missionary si-iety of the
Sefoin1 I'resbjterlati church lield its annual
meeting Sunday evening in the lecture
loom of the chinch, which wastonifortablj
Idled with memliers and friends. Miss
Klleli W. Ilushnell, thepresiilent. preidetl.
while Miss S. K. Cavileer, the vice presi
dent, occupied a chair bj her side, the
singing, let! b) the excellent clioirotthe
chiinh, with Mr. Lute Krankelilierg pre
siding at the piano. A familiar liyinii was
sung in oienmg the meeting. The S-rip-ture
lesson, appropriate to theoccasion.was
read bv Miss Sue Italian!. Miss Cavileer
offered prayer. "All Hail the Tower of
Jesiis's Name." was sting with feeling.
The president made a tew Introductory
reiuarks. basing them on a sentiment which
she saw expressed 111 their missionary mag
azine. "How can a mlvsionarj society have
anv other than a quickened life?"
Mrs. Cbarle Mont, the treasurer, then
read the following
tki' sn:n:'s khiiiit.
Iteixirt of treasurer from April 1st, lssrt,
to Anril 1st. issT-
Received t,j monthly collections
from lionorary nieiiihers
Kxtra ford-tit
Forcoutlngei.t tuuil ... .
JH H'l
itl to
IS 10
II r
. .Ita tt
Tn foreign iHiarit for -uplwrl of two
schools at -iauarotipar. miiia
To the genera! fund
rorttebtof foreign hoard .
To home hoard for I tali
ilTIMll"NT ft Mi.
Presbyterlal asiessuieni
Kipenses of delegates to Phiu
for pliotogiapti ot Mm. 11 Conilo
I o secretary for stallonen.-
sloti uu
. ift in
: TO
1 Kl
Totxl tin JD
llalani'e In tlcaiury. S IS T,
Hes.ectfully submitted.
Mils. Cm s. Sn 11 1, Treasurer.
The following is the main portion nf the
report of thestvretarj. Mrs. L. M. Totter:
ski'iii tiki's i:M-iii:r.
"Kliuwlisige is imwer," and vvith It come
interest and energj-. In how lew subjects
have we any inteiest, of which we have no
knowledge' I he education of the past
twelve mouths has aroused an interest in
missions which I trust maj strengthen with
the j ears.
At the first meeting of the ) ear. there
was established a children'. band, for the
purpose of bringing up the children to take
part 111 good works with ability ami cimti
dence which so many older workers lack.
Their meetings have been held regularl).
with encouragini: results.
The Woman's Missionary society has
held a meeting each month, with an aver
age attendance of twenty-live the laigcst
meeting iitiiutiering Hurt) three, two of
whom were lambs of the fold, but, never
theless, tilled a pomt and were benttily
w eleome.
While sadi) missing our president, who
was absent most of the )ear. and to whom
we looked for leadership, her place was
most worthily tilled. At the June session
we lout the nleasiire of meeting Mrs. Fitch.
' of Phi111.1v a sister of the l!ev. Mr. ltiish-
neli. w bo w as so faithful a laborer in the
mission held of Africa. Mrs. KiUh told of
! under what difficulties the missionaries
struggled, owiiic to the iiersecutioiis of the
. KrHlc, wlll, w,lurl , ,,,! to the es
tn,lihuient of Cliristiauit). At tlie No
veuiber meeting we had the pilvllegeof
hearing SIiss Ogdeu a"ak of her work in
Chili, ami derivisi much Instruction and
pleasure tlierefnim.
Christmas boxes were prepared and sent
, to a missionary in northern Dakota and
(the Frecdiiien's school in (ieorgia. We
lrar interesting reimrts from Mrs. o'Kamie,
With the "knowledge" shall there not
come the "imvver" to open oar pockctlmoks
as well as hearts? Our soelet) has lieen
exempt fnun any loss by death
during the past yiar. Could atij thing
more litly suggest a thank offering:' Does
it ever occur to )ou that ."Springfield, with
her man) churches, was at one time a nus
sionai) Held, and nuts., ver) long ago.
either".' Fort) ) ears ago a lady member of
our church, while visiting In Columbus a
daughter of Dr. Huge, of Massachusetts,
was .ihown some bonnets most wonderfully
made, which had been sPut in boxes to her
father while a missionary in what are now
Champaign and Clark counties, and before
Columbus had an existence. Does not one
see 111 this great sissibilltiesf..r the ftnre"'
I'rt.m all that ilwell Ih-I.. the skin
Let lliel realur's praise arrive
Let the Redeemer's name tie sung
llirough every lin.t, by every tongue.
Ktrrnal are thej mercies. Lord.
Dterual truth atten.ls thy wor.t.
Thv praise shall s..und Irnm shore to shore
Till suns shall rise and set im mure
K. J. Torri-i:.
Sliss Alice Hennett gave a map exercise,
which was uuite entertaining as well as in
structive. A large missionary map of the
world had been placed on the wall, and
upon Ibis she pointed out the various mis
sions of the Tresb) terian church in Africa,
S)ria, Tersia. India, Sia-n, China, Corea.
Japan, Suth and Central America and
.Mexico, giving a concise statement of the
condition of each, the number of stations
connected thrrewlth. the discouraging fea
tures ieculiar to each Held, as well as the
encouraging points.
The choir n-mlerisl .1 very exiiiislte vol
lllitar). which would have called forth all
encore had the oecisiou lit-nii an) other
than a Sunday evening missionary meeting.
Sliss Jane" .More lead a well-prepared
Dancr on the "Heroism of Woman Mis
sionaries." giving an account ef tlie life of
Mrs. .Moffat, who labored lu India with her
husband, under most discouraging; circum
stances for nine years without making a
single convert, but mho lived toseeher
work crowned with success, r.rier sketches
were also given of man) other -clf-sacrilie-ing
women who entered tlie foreign field.
Mrs (.corgi' Frankeiihcrg read aver)
fine paper 011 the "Outlook for the Coming
Year," which she sho'wed was ver) brigliL
A plea was made for new memliers.
The .resident calletl 011 the pastor. Dr.
Fiillerton. to make a few closing remarks,
which he did very gracefully, highly com
plimenting the lidies of the society for Its
? success during the year, and especially for
the very entertaining nature of the annual
meeting. Speaking of the missionary board
of the church, he was glad to say It was out
of debt, having raise.! STMl.oiH) this year.
As there are over TuU.uOu members in the
church, this only makes about one dollar
Iter capita. Of this large sum the women
raised S-Js.lHHI. Tim pastor closed with
prayer and benediction.
lEiigmi in If.irnot.
The company organized at Ostium to bore
for e is has begun in earnest. A derrick is
bt ing built and a drill will be put to work
in a few days. The stock is all paid up,
and alter allowing for necessary work, the
company will have left a surplus of several
hundred dollars f.11 ooutingencies. The
(shorn folks have strong faith in their
It Is a matter of common expression that
every body who attends the Orpliriu society
conceits gets the worth of their money.
The Itock band concert nextTuesday even
ing, at Hlack's opera house, will he no ex
ception to this rule. Heserveti seats SO
cents. Box sheet open at Pierce's Tuesday
luth, s a. 111.
Ilnttli.nt li..llnon...li.. ol Mr. A. M. Ilu.li
nell, m llrollirr of tlvn. Asi. s, tlosl.i.t-ll
III l.ll.
tieneral Asi S lliishliell nssdve.1 a tele
gram Siinda) evening tsintaiiiing tlie sad
alinouucemeiit of the death of bis brother,
Mr. Albert M. Ilushnell. who for a short
time resided in this citj and count), lien
eral Ilushnell left this uioruiug for ludian
ailis. This (Mond.ij imoiiiing's Ili.lialiiqi
iilis.oiiriiuf contains the following aeemint
of his sudden death
Mr. Allien M. Ilushnell. the well known
loan agent, doing business at No. til) , east
Market street, died very siuldenl) at bis
residence, N'o li", east Seventh street, al T.
o'clock yesterday afternoon. He has lieen
subject to intlauiuiatioii of the throat for
several )ears. and last Monda) suffered an
attack more serious than ever liefore. His
Tiixsiiswnu i.iiKvnx ui.ii.vv,
and an atiscess on wach side was threat
enetl. Ir. Waterman was called to see him
011 Tuesilay. and visittsl him dailv during
tlie week. He was not coiihnetl to his lied
at an) time, and it was not thought that he
was 111 a dangerous condition. estenlay
morning, when Dr. Waterman called. Mr.
Ilushnell was down in the pvrlor ami his
throat seemed to lie 111 1 worse. He was,
however, troubled with his breath
ing somewhat, ami at ' o'clock
tlie afternoon Iir. Waterman
returned to li 1 it, without having lieen
calletl. His breathing was found more dif
ficult, and Iir. Waterman decided to bring
in a surgeon and consult with him as to the
advisabllit) of performing an eration oil
the patient's throat. Just liefore Dr. Water
man left be requested -Mr. Itushnell to go
up stain, where he would not lie disturbed
by visitors. Mr. Ilushnell had lieen for
bidden to talk, and he wrote on a slip of
paper. "oti must get a tube into my
01: 1 wii 1 lllK."
Mrs Ilushnell started up stairs with her
husband, and had just reached the second
floor when he U'gan gasping for breath, and
-aid. "You must give me air or I will die."
Ir. Waterman had reached hlsbuggj-. He
was. called back, and Mr. Ilushnell died
within a minute alter the doctor reached
hun. Heath resulted from spasms of the
glottis and the sudden swelling of the
throat. The case is a very strange one.
Mr. Ilushnell came to this cit) several
years ago, from Ohio, where his relatives
all reside. Captain Asa S. Ilushnell. of
Springfield, chairman of the republican
state central committee of Ohio, Is a
brother. The deceastsl was married, about
a )ear and a half ago, to Miss Iittie Nash,
of LogansMirt, a must estimable lady. The)'
have a child, aiiout six ui.nillisi.ld. and Mr.
Itushnell had two children by a previous
inrrriage. He was fort) -eight) ears of age,
and was a man ol unusually good health.
He was a menilier of the First Tre-b)terian
church, lu the affairs of w hich he was
The KefiilatinnK Whirl. XV ill l.iiirru I he
lloyra uf the Terrell I'Llilug I'lul tit
Their Knrminpitieiit.
As previously announced in this pa)ier,
the Ferrcll Fishing club, of this city, will
leave at 111 o'clock toiuotrow (Tuesday ) for
a fishing and hunting jaunt at the l.ewis
towii reservoir. The twelve who will take
hi the exclusion have already been m 111 il In
this taper. Ev cry thing is now 111 readiness
for the start In the morning. The follow
ing are the rules wliich will govern the
camp during the ten ilajs' pilgrimage, and
copies have been priutisl for isisting in
conspicuous places-
Tills is to inform all members of the
Ferrell Fishing and limiting club now at
Camp Slay, and strangers sojourning there
in, I hat on and after
vvrnxKsiivv, vim u. lss7.
It will be unlaw fill in this camp for any
IhmI)' to carouse, cuss or whoop.
o more compelling people to drink
when the) don't feel like it.
Ail) body refusing to drink, on the
slightest invitation, will be sent to join the
N'o more shooting at plug hats. No more
nois) deviltry.
No more short cant games or chance.
No iiioredii iking Mwceii drinks.
No mine drinking out of bottles when
the bar is open.
Any man rlriv ing or riding a horse or cow
into the camp will lie shot.
Any man or men tsunis-lliiig another
man to dance will be burned at stake.
Any man raking down the sd at Hiker
without the cards to hack it up will tie shot
Heretofore considerable fuss has lieen
kicked 1111 bv parties exchanging their false
teeth in tlie morning. You are expected to
sleep with ) our teeth in ) our mouth here
after, and then there will it Im such loud
snoring. Tenalt) fo- loss of teeth, you will
be foiced to eat half a pound of Logan
county beef. 1 Sure death 1
A siecial tent will be provided lor those
who never snore, ."-norm:; to excess will
not tie tub rtc'. If any person Is caught
in the act Will he forced to take a drink -
of water.
Tranirt, tl i-liorii gamblers, bai-kdis r
luiichers, beggars. Imneyard bumiiiers.horse
thieves, three-card men, svv ill-pail sera.ers.
coflin-paint deni ilishers are warned away
trout Camp Slay.
It is the determination of the honorable
iudge to usher in an era of reform, and all
members of this camp will array themselves
on the side of the law. All others will be
turned over to the coroner. Hy Onler,
Jrw.K. Attest. CniKK Ci.kiik,
0.entiie ttf III.U for Kxt-nTitllng and Fur.
nllilnc Mltterlitl for the Footing.
Mr. (.'has. A. Creger. siijieriuteiideiit of
the new government building, opened the
bids on Saturday fordoing the excavating
and furnishing tlie cement, broken stone,
brick and sand for the '"footings" for the
foundation. Tlie bids are as follows:
John F. VA'v&nt. 11 cents per yr.l s.t hi
Andrew Hurnett . 1.1JS u)
A. li. K. A Co l.mu hi
Jerrr Vlurptiy. 4rcents per vanl. I.I'm hi
i. F. .Mlnahan t'. cenis per j.ird . . Tr Tl
. t I VI I NT.
II irtmau. Morgan A lo. Louisville. lVi
liarrelsat-l.tsperlir -J3 11
H&rtraan. .Monian A Co.. t' ri li. cement
is', barrels at si 75 per br"l .C3 75
rtiatnplitnt'oa! and lee Co.. Luul'vilte.
IS. barrels at IHHperbr'l . -112 to
i h-mplon CihI arid Ice Co. I". s. il.
sun.lard cement. K". barrels at 51 V.
nrrbr'l :ru in
A H Komi Co.. Louisville. Is.htrrels
nt si. ft per br'l jn .
HllllKKN" srilNI
ileorgn sntz. 1 ai cubic yards at SI 'ti per
,1HI lil
v. I Hoss A Co.. 1 cubic y.irdtit-i
per yard
A. 11. Smith. 4,ii0 at sin per l.mi
V. 1). Kos A Co .(.UjU at -lu per U"i
m U
to lav
III is)
s VMl.
Andrew niiniett,4" cubic yards at "Cc.
Per yard . .
K. li KussALo. cubic sards at -1 i,
per yard "-. -
MHiigleit hy a llun.l-i'itr.
At (' o'clock Sunday morning James
Horn, a His lane section band, rauieto Dr.
S. D. Miranda's office, with tie index
finger of his right hand badly mangled, in
company with a gang of other wiirkmen.be
had just started to work on a hand-car.
uiHin which tlie tools were packed so tight
that in some way it was not Kissl'r,le for
the crank to opeiate. At its first revolu
lutl in the handle struck Horn's finger and
mashed it Into a pulp. Dr. Miranda took
It oft at the first Joint.
Orpheus Heliearstl.
Kxery member of the Orpheus society Is
requested to lie present at the rehearsal to
night, r.s the tickets to the Hook band con
cert will be distributed, and In onler to get
their share the Members must lie present.
("lose ot the I'-tir.rriire nt LitguiidK Sitt
iirilaj". Prut red Ing..
I'lie president, Illshop Weaver, .irrupted
the .hair Saturday Devotional exercises
were coiidiiitftl li) llev. K. S. lairen, of
Da) ton.
Uev. .. Warner moved that Mrs. L. K.
KTeister, editor of the II'ihiioh t'litnyrl.
and Mrs. D. 1 Hike, of tlie Woman's .Mis
sionary soriet). lie invited to advisor)
seats. Agreed to.
The reMirt 011 foreign missions, which
was is'iidiug when the Niard adjourned
Friday, was taken up and considered.
.Motion that the thanks of the board of
missions are due, and are hereby tendered
Mr. Kufiis Clark and wife for their gener
ous gift of ,s.-.,(iuo for the framing M-h.sil lu
A f lira, also that the secretary semi a ropy
to Mr. Clark. Carried heartily.
The reMirt on frontier missions was next
taken up, wliich read in part, as follows
The board is gratified to learn that the Chi
nese mission in Walla Walla ha been in a
prosperous condition during the past year,
and recommend that It tie continued iion
our roll of missions.
We recommend all the conferences to
concentrate their etforts mum their lined
hoieful fields, so that the missionaries may
be the better supported out of the appropn
ations the board is able to make.
On motion, it was decided to have Kev
J. Hill preach the annual sermon on Sab
bath morning.
On motion, adjourned with benediction
ti) Bishop Dixon.
rTI"l:MMN- sFSspiV.
Owning services by Hev. Wm. SIcKee,
who read the liith chapter of Isaiah.
Illshop Dixon mot nt that l!ev. Zimmer
man be appointed presiding elder of Colo
rado missionary district, and C. S. Queue
lie appointed to First church 111 Denver.
Motion agreed to.
Sirs. 1). J Hike, of Dayton, was intro
duced as a fraternal delegate from the
Woman's missionary society. She ad
dressed the board in a way that w as de
lightful to hear. It was calculated to in
spire more love for the (iospel. more love
for Jesus, and more love and zeal
for the blessed cause of Christian mission.
Bishop Weaver responded in a very appro
priate manner; especially did he emphasize
the importance of building a church and
oiienmg a mission in Africa. Brother D.
I- Hike made some encouraging remarks
relative to some points of success in the
woman's work. The appropriations were
then taken up. For the work in Africa
SI U.ooo was appropriated; for the work in
Cermany Sl.SOO; to Arkansas Valley con
ference, S.'iOo; to California conference,
S4M1: to Colorado district. J3To: to Kik
Imrn conference. S."00: to Minnesota con
ference, jtoo; North .Michigan, SSSO; Ore
gon .Mission. SUM); Walla Walla, S.-HX); On
tario conference, SiOO: Southern Illinois.
Sl7-": Tennessee Slission conference, 3200
to conference and S'JOO to the presiding
elder; Niuth Missouri conference. S:!00;
Virginia Freedman. S100; Wisconsin Slis-
sionary conference; alia Walla (.Chine-).
5-UX); West Nebraska conference. 5300;
West Kansas. SiHX): Staunton (Va.) con
ference. SI 00.
Tlie atiove are all for the missionary con
ferences and not for the regular chiirt h
There was much said and done that
would not interest the general public, so we
only give an oiitliuenf the business session.
Trofessor.1. T. Landls, Mr. 1). L. Hike
and wife, all of Dayton, arrived today.
Sir. Kike is a tine talker and gave us a very
interesting and able adtless.
In the evening the board held a session
to which the public was not admitted, and
cl.isetl up the business of the conference.
Hev.J.Hill.of Tennsylvaiiia.pre-achetl the
annual missionary serin. in. It was an ex
t client pnHluctioii. full of statistics and
suggestions; a synopsis of It will probably
be published soon. At the evening service
the house was crowded. Hishon K. H.Ocb-
hart. of Iowa, preached a fine sermon. from
the words; "rpon this rock will I build my
church, and the gates of hell shall not pre
vail against It. etc.-was a grand exposl
sitii.it of the Christian religion.
ith this service the mission conference
closes, and this (Monday) morning, most of
the ministers will Jleave for their homes.
.ev er w ere so many distinguished ministers
gathered in our church before.
The ses-iou was a very harmonious one.
a great amount of business was done, and the
friends and w orkers in the cause of missions
will go home with renew ed zeal ami deter
mination to do more and better work this
coming year than ever before.
Dr. '.. Warner preached Sabbath morn
ing at the Firt Lutheran church for Dr.
Helvvie. He is the traveling and corres
ponding secretary of the board. I.ast year
he visited eighteen of the frontier confer
ences, and did a great deal of preaohlng.
He Is the right man in the right place, emi
nently fitted and iiualitied for the position.
Our people, after hearing the mission
work discussed and learning the true state
of affairs, have a much higher reganl for
and Interest in the success of the home and
foreign work. Such meetings are a great
benefit to any church. What the iople want
is to more tolly understand the situation.
Trof. J. T. (.andis was here a short time
on Saturday, but went on Sabbath to How
lusville to preach for Kev. Whistler.
Ueverends McKee and McCorkle. both
former pastors here, were kept busy shak
ing hands, and talking to old friends.
We noticed in the congregations on Sab
bath many former members, and friends
from a distance who came into see and
A Wittenberg l'rtfesir' Aiperunet
Heforti the ludlana stale lnlverily.
Trof. II. Schilling. Th. I)., professor of
modern language and literature at Witten
berg college, retured Saturday night from
the Indiana State I'niversity at Bloomlng
toii. He hail been granted a week's vaca
tion by the authorities at Wittenberg for
the purpose of delivering a course of lec
tures at the university, and left for Hlooin-
ingtou on Friday. April i'J. He lectured
cadi afternoon liefore Dr. von Jage-
nian's class on the "rolk Songs
of (iermany." The lectures were delivered
in (Jerniari.and were listened to with a great
deal of Interest by those who were able to
follow them. On Tuesday evening. Dr.
Schilling lecturetl In FjiglUh, on '"Shaks
jieare in Germany." Concerning these
lectures, and esjiecially the latter, the
Blooniiiigton Tt'ffjiioiieof Friday says-
"Dr. Schilling, who has been lecturing
during the week to Dr. von Jagemann's
fourth home German class, gave a most
interesting and instructive lecture. Tuesilay
evening, on "Shakspeare in German
Literature." He handled Ids subject in a
way that showed perfect understanding of
German literature and of the subject in
general. Dr. Schilling is an example ot a
thoroughly educated man, mentally and
Dr. Schilling ha proven himself quite an
addition to Wittenberg's able faculty, in the
year he ha been connected with the insti
tution, and has added to its reputation
abroad as well as at home.
I'nkn.iwit Person (.el Avvtty With. Cheese,
Oysters. Hook anil fine Cut Tobarrtt.
On Saturday night the car robbers again
got in their work. Yesterday morning it
was discovered that an I. II. A W. car,
wliich had been side-tracked near the
Champion Machine Company's works the
evening before, had been broken open and
robiied. The robbers hail broken the seaL
entered the car am! scattered its contents
about recklessly. A cheese had been cut
open and a part of it eaten, while the rest
was thrown out on tlie ground and ruin-si.
Cans of cove oysters were thrown away and
scattered all around the car. A bucket of
fine cut tobacco was stolen, together with a
lot of books. The police think that the
robliery was not committed hy local tldev es,
else they would probably have carried away
the cheese and oysters.
Open this Monday A. M.
Zr, ami 28 Inches, with (.'old, HI
ver anil Faucr Head.
Novelties in Parasols!
Note Specially the "Tuxedo" and
"St. Uejrge"3tjie9.
Children's Parasols, 25c to
$2; Pongee Parasols,
Mourning TarasoN, w Fans row
open, etc., etc.
H V n LillK'MtOIK-.
zQk 0&)rfa
K . s.
:U anil :ii; South Limestone St.
This is a red letter week with us as re
gard new gootls. Our shelves are now
loaded down with new Summer (loods of
all descriptions ; and every department Is
crying out for space in our weekly budget
of items, to proclaim the merits of certain
specialties just added to our already attrac
tive display.
Many new things can be found in our
Dress (loods department, in the lighter
weight Woolen (iou.1 needed for the
mouths of May, June and the cooler days
In July and August. The popular shades
are to be light and dark heliotrope, gas
light green, silver grevs, blue stone greys.
(Quaker drabs and light tan colors. In all
the new am! fashionableweaveswehavethe
above colorings, and at our Usual very' rea
sonable prices. TIe-o.se come ami see them.
Do you neet! a Tarasol this year ? Ttieti
please look through our sbK"k liefore you
purchase, or you will make a great mistake.
We will gladly show you our line assort
uiwit with the prices in plain figures mi
each one; then if you want to. you can
look all over town, and ten chances to one
you'll come back and buy from us. That is
our e(erience so far this season. We cer
Uinly have the most sty lish gools in the
market and the lowest priced. Don't be
IsTsuailet! to buy one until you have cx-
amineil our go.sK
1 jiok after a bargain in Sateens at s cents
a yard: w won't say a word more about
this , it a too good a thing to last long, un
the same counter we display a line of M
inch fine Batiste at 10c a yard, well worth
".IOc, and the hnet assortment ol Lnnklot
lltnghaius ever otleretl in the countrv.
Among the late arrivals are the follow
ing Fans, of which we show special values,
at 25c. ftOc T5c and SI.
A new lot of Sultana I)raiery. (printed
scrim cloth) from lOe to UV a yanl. This
makes beautiful curtains for dining or
sitting rooms.
Artificial Flowers for decorative purposes;
nice to put on the lace curtains, or on the
mirror, or on your hat if you like : at sc to
'joc a big bunch, and lots of other nlco
gin sis too numerous to mention.
Yours respectfully.
a a V7
10 BUCK'S OfEKi House.
i i
gi " g hii ir r r- tt imr it i'mi
. .-- -

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