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Springfield daily republic. (Springfield, O. [Ohio]) 1887-1888, June 01, 1887, Image 4

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s- -'Si " JlhlBriiiiw'nHBMM ' i 'i I " WWIffqvyfflfrfffilrilTr r i un .ion Arm ' i n Vn in rtwiT it fir ff'iff '1
S 7 "'-- i
Kura China (Jnlil Kind and llecoratnl
nilrH. lo you want It aow .'
I'ormi Kni;lUli Decorated fluntlier Set,
Conner price, $ j.OO.
Dill ill Sffut)-Cunr. Set juat in a frw
itja ago.
91 uud V3 XVl Main tsl. anil 40 Smith Mar
krt ML. rlu(llM, .
Kmn ll-iiml. l.ielit Weiglit.
i-uiiiiiier Mrriiuis.
B.x!trii:inui. plain and faucj.
India Cauzf.
French Netted.
& It m H I tk H.
.Splemliil asxirtiuent of the alum- ilesua
lle ijmxl 1'rUvs lower tlian ever.
No. n Eant Main Street.
ON' AVD AFTER Today the SprlngneM
l.n.r Kin sue will 1" oeli"4t
"Want,." "LoL" For Rent." "rorhale.
ric . I a tut column one time tree. threw timet
f.r tuntv-Hii cent,, and alz timet fornlty
Muyei. Ixj7
r WTEU-aletmen-To tell nurtery . J--k
II mil line oi "rw ---j----;---
M-adjempIoimeniai b - -iinwi
or commltttoB. Addrett. atrtiUE r
and rvierrncr. -i .--. fixYrV
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W Lot M " . "" hfxK r?4T
lu the srocrry tmtlnes,. Addren. Boa oti.
city. 'M1
WXNTF.D-Sotw.bllK rentt. etc .to collect
Ml wnlurst promptly attjtded to- U
V ll.ms.-n. collector ot clalras,S! east Main
ttrtrt '-a
lirA"TEI-llrl to cook and do teneral house
W ork. Apply at once at 64 north -Market
street '"
Al7ASTEl-floo family horae; must be. per
V trctlv sale for lady to drive, and cheap
..h..rr j.Kk.rnee.1 apply, -ee lnln re i
uaut. at 'lelinaut A Mors earrlajte sluip. I-''
llTsNTKll - K"l Clrl toeoukalid JOKelier
W alh.m-.rv.urk. Apply at '. rail Multe-m
trert IJ'r
liriVTEli t.HKl (Jermaii Klrl for general
V ti"...iM)v...rklna wnill family. Addrej.
"Ilrlii.- rare lUrt nuc olllce. ""
TUlXTEH-Flritclat, floor molder;. Iej'1
V rmployment Cable road work. No ttrtke.
-t L..uis Malleable Iron Company. St. Loul,
Mil '"
tjvtl,iii.,l.i .Hri fi.r general house
W work. Oo.il waees. Apply atir.iouth
l'lum atrert. '-'"
irAN'TEI-llklndi of clothetvirlucrrst..
repair, called forand deUtered: o'dert
b mail promptly attended to. s. M.. Sillier.
1U West Main.
-T NTED-lan-To take theacency t our
V notes: Hie. SixlSrlS lnchet; weleht. r-i
pounds, reUll price. tS: a rare chance to
create a iiermanent buslnets In his own city
..r l.allty Thele aafetmeet a demand neier
t-t..re supplied by other tate comiiatilrs.a,
r rr not soierned hy the safe pool Add re's
Aimneafe Co.. Cincinnati. O lilayM .1
ANTED-Two Klrls-Cook aud second Kirl
at J,0 souin Jiarct ... -"'
AXTEU-A nnMlsts eirl to d" geners
bouiework. ai oaj cm. h.kh ..v.
TVjiTAl.E -One flnt class house in north
T pari of city. Flue, health .icalln. with
Ureelot. ForsaleatfiJ". Inquire at Ale.
.1 l.vll....' 1 1 BtfOiiK MllUe. I.MI
X'OIl SLE-Resldenee. of twelve ormirieen
I" rooms, contrally located; In an excellent
nelKhborhood; within Ave minutes' walk, of
Krlly's Arcade Address. "Home for !-ale.
Lock box 155. Ctty H
jl 0VE"TO LO l.N-In iiimf of 1500 to 510.imi
Jl for one to five years, on flrit tnortip.ee or
approte.l commercial paper. Theo i u Ick
if East llkh St. IMP ''f
M0XEVT0 LOAX-Intumtof ' to J7.u.
onthreetofiveyean'tlme. on nntmi.rt
irate or approved commercial paper. iiMiive
UTc-oh-t.roomNo.l. Lagonda bank bulldluK
PiK RENT Nicely furnished front room. for
two centlemen.at No. ii north Mecliaiib
ttreet. ,-s''1
10U RENT Briek houte.remodlrd. 7 rooms
1 lanerlot: ou ork itreet. near IIIkm lu
lulre 72 rcade. 1'
LijR KFXT Room In Plio-nla Rlo-k. o :i
1 UmeHtine street, tuiuble for Iodine
room for youuu man. Inuulre of Thomas
rhnw -"'
iolt KENT To rooms lu Klier'sbulldliic.
A floor ..er llakhaus A t-o 's druj Jiorr.
lU'iuireoii Iheprerauet. '"
1oR RENT House of ten nous. In perfect
1 condition. No. i"4 East Columbia street
Apply to D. II. Kuhsam. lSiaiu
1 iiT- twhlteandllier colored iM.liiteri.up,
Jj rithrrstravrd or was stolen trom aet
North strret. Kinder will be suitably rexrd
rd tN Iei Initial the above tiuiutn-r. l.2'.i
i . .! I.t Mondav. a blark tllk nsrasol.
Jj lliirdaud hsilnacrlmprd frinee Finder
will br suitably rewarded by leaviuit u ar iir
i au Noriuan's efflce. I Aliti'hell l!lo k
II. I) 1.1 OM.
TMro. mull.
The Hett Canned and Bottled (loodr.
Slrlctlj Pare ad Klrnt-CIaim
(l oudt at Lowest Prices.
The Late C. T. Ward Grocery,
Corner or Center, SpriagOeid, 0.
lr lasperliasthe illovilni! lEenullu'y
Vitur.il Winers f
Import.! Htul from -pri)k wmM l tin
I-rein Ii iitririiittil hm -! for Hit .-nt
rlnuntAtiim.slitrtt t.- l.Uta-sfSiiftlie
kntLfj1 HtHii litr a ii itiiitch rtml 11 n
iry alu.itlt w ili in m w otti-r -.ntc
Ciitna lrnv, c 1 iM'ttlc. J nlo'eti
Vnun th -Ilr.it-tl lturT.tln vprlnin. t Ir
liiiiia Kr all kulnc tri.ltlts I'ut up 111 '
Kalluilrvttlrat"r . v 'i, .r three hottles
t,itltii.'irtpi W'nt.T, ill niil Hill j lilt 1 In
II 11 11) mil 1 11 in- Htcr. in ,ii:irt-..
II.iilnMii Hnter, tu pinu tr tu Narat.-kM
SprlnsH. Ufiriile Iv .it
CASPER'S Drug Store,
ri.lier'.lllock. Mnll.Mr.e(,;i.l l,...r Wnl
uf l.liiit..ilr(.rtiiKflrl.l.
Clerk Miirrill itiitsl9,larnMs Ii the
lti,-e itiinni; .Ma)
The a.lice hove Ims-ii iiotiti.sl lli.it a till
was tapvt in Tntj li-1 iiikIiI of SJ.
Mi-Nr. .1. Ciant Veil un.l It II. K.in
neJIs, .it New Cotiisle, ale in the nly.
.Miv-i I. lite I. Cii:.li:e )umsI IIitoiii;Ii
fiom Tin) this 11101 iiuilt. .111 her a to Co
liimtm. Jlr. A. - fiiillaiier.iif Clileai;.i.firiiierl)
.if llaen'stleleotive aphej In Ciueiini.tti,
IS in the rll).
1. us An.'erMiii. itiiink. Anna Oneiis.
I , il.rilig, al.il (is)ik. N.iule. dliiiik ami
liMinletly, were station Imusnl last even
Frts" Ii"elnre, ".trniioin of Hie Itihl.',"
I the subject of l.'e. I)r Siiiiiinerlieirs
next Snn.l.iy exenlni; livture atllie Cliris
tiati cliua-li.
"Is the Ililile the Best Kule or Faith nml
Uiscipllnp and Wli "'" (in an.l hear the
reasons Riven at the Cliiistiaii chureli next
Smulay morning.
Mrs. Dr. A. M. Cotter and children, of
south Market Mnst, le.ie siiti for (Md
Point Comfort and other xiints in Virginia,
to -nd the summer.
Mr. Kira lleniian, nf Daitnn, was In the
rltytnilay. For the last five J ears he h
Ih-s-ii In Dakota, but has returned to Dajtou
I.roliahly to remain.
Elsewhere it this impression is an article
headed ".Slivkinc with Eels." (Nime to
think of It, howeer, a stocking with 'eels
is notlilnc very unusual.
Itev. (Jeorte K. AllmvliL fnnnerlj of llil
city, who is soon Kiiiii;tii .lapan as a mis
slonarj'. will arrhe in the fit) this after
noon, and meet his old friends at the Con
cregational church, toiiitlit. Mr. Allimht
sails in June from San Francisco.
The.reciilar business meellnc of the W
0. T. V. will be held Thursday, .lime M.
2-r.rt i. in., stiarp. Eery inetnber is iukcI
tn I.O present toxoto on a ehano' In the
oonstltiition. Uy order of
Mi:s. .1. it. Wi i:t, l'n-s.
S. K. Cavh.fkr. S.s.
John Einmerson made his annual xisil
from Spiinglield to place tlnweis on the
Kraxeof his frieml Eilgar.Dxxis. .lohu has
reiiipiulreil his friend regularly eery )ear
since he ditsi, and as the Dtvoratiou da)
serxiees (None around, ht never forcets the
tiiendth.it .shs'is in tlie little mound at
tllk I ale celiielcrx I llntlH 1(1 1.
sj.iiut.t.el,t ..u loter tlie Nri I'oll.i
K.'Ullor Xl::l. ltle.lt .r till.. IT.,
Sprliirfli.-Id is now under the new Mli.s
resiiue. The reoivauiz.ition of the force
tiwik elfis't this uiominir. t'hief Walkei
prtsenlsl Chief Ambrose xxllli his bailee,
and the new hu'f formally tisik eniiunand
of the ofllcvrs.
II is .roier here.losu) that Chief Walker
has shown himself, under ieciiliarly tr)im;
eilcumstances, to bo ever) inch
a man. When Chief Ainliri.se. ri"
celxed Ids ailsiilitinenL Chief Walker
did not lieeome sulky, disacteeahle
and neglectful of his duly, but went
richt ahead, a fhccifiil and acconiiinlal
ins as ever, and ierforiucd his duty strict!)
and nniM'ientioiisl). He has made some
mistakes, but he lias made ni ouiieiise lor
llieui in doim; Ins dut) as faithfully as an
othcrr could. He has had imieh to contend
icoiiist, and uotwitlisLandins that fact his
.iv,rd is kihmI. Had he been iven a fait
show Ins record would have been -still bet
ter. The newsuier bo)s, to whom Chiel
Walker has alna) s liei'ii J-onrteons and con
siderate, Miicerely recret to s Walker
leave the foiee. and in whatever oerii.a
tioii he may adopt they will wiidi him all
the success In life. Chief AmliniM- takes
charKe of the fon-e Willi the most ttattcrni)!
pusssts, and his administration .toiiiiscs
almnilaiit succss.
This iiiorniuir he assigned uthcers Wil
son, Huches, D'ljc), ) "uini ,, Marsliall
Piiliv. Mast and tlreatie) today dut). Wil
s.111 took his old ieal. Huches is depot
polu'emaii. Mast and l.ieaue) ale
ott the "hill. ' Fin hiss is in tlie
west end, and the others are assigned to
other parts of thecit). This arrauueineiit
is only teuiHirar), however, as t'hiel Aui
broses.i)s that it will ! two or three da)
liefote lhe city can ! rtslistncbsl and the
otlii-ers regularly assumed. Mhcers Norton
aud ( ashin are at the i.atrol house with
Otiiccrs Mills and Croft.
Arrrstril For U..!lerj.
Milford MiinriH was anested Monda)
artein.niu b) othcer Norton and locked tip
011 the chiree of loitering. He Is reall)
wanted, however. !or rubber), lleentereil
the residence of lletirv hlkius, on the north
side, n f w da)s ago and stole a silver
watchaud '. in uioiiev. I he othecrs claim
that the proot against luin is conclusive.
For good, reliable IsMits and shoes, u -tail.sl
at w holcsale juices, ami guaralitetsl
to Ik 10 iter cent lcs for the same goods
than ran 1m puichased auyahere in the
stale, go to the famous one price An ad
lsmt and Mux house.
has m'kick mi: i.i:.v i
$5, $6 AND $7
:l Fast .Main Sfnrt.
f t
I Itetrt HkeTl
ll ami T.i.l. hllic Tribute I'nl.l tl
lrio..r ..I tir.1 s)r(iM luunn , ibe
r lr.eciit.r XX rHi.i'i Ail.trrss.
Three oVIock on Tuesil.ty afterniNin wa
time hxed for the lnemiiriat servnes of
the Sirinitde(d (Miliiv force oxer the grave
of Fred Sclincimiati, who for many jears,
as chief of police of this cit), wa loved
and honorisl by his men and smcerelv re-siss-tisl
liv every eitlreti. His death .--
ciine.1 while )et he held the chieftainship
and it is .ldom. in.hsst, that more pro
found sorrow" Is felt over the death of an)
man than was felt over his. He was known
to ever) man. woman and child in Spring
field, and during )eais of aciiuintanie
the) had Ieariusl not only to n1
siHvt him, but to entertain for
It l tn the highest esteem. Thus when
death came to him there was a universal
c.XPlevoolLUljsjrroWj. ""
specially did the memli'l's (ll Hie jKilice
force f.s'l his death. I hey more than ail)
otheis had opportunities for learning of his
hue iiualitii-s. and the), one and all, sin
ce! ch iiioiirii.il Ins loss. lavst )ear on
Memorial la) the bovs did not neglect
his grave, anil this )ear they ha.1 made
elatmrate preparations to dis'oratc it ou
Monday, but ou aivouiit of the slonii it was
divided to sistioiie theexereisesi. tin Moil
da) evening, at a lucrliiigof the lorce. the
olhceis dei-i.hsl to tuilioutoii Tuilav af
tern.HUi at I o'clock. At the hour deter
uiiu.sl iihmi the Htiol wagon arrived at k
lne lie:idiuarlers and the ollieeis, in theii
bright new uiilfOrins, light derbies and white
gloves fell into tin.' on tlie corner of Lime
stone am! High streets, under command of
Chief Walki i. The new as well as the old
ollicers were in line and the) presented a
tineapiN-arance. Thev aie a splendid look
ing set ot men and Spilnglield now has a
Hihee foiiv of which she uia) well In
proud 'Hie null alligued aitoss High ou
the easl side of Limestone street, and
while In that position Mr. Warten Cush
man took a photograph of them. Aftei
.easing a few minutes the rain had again
begun to fall, and when the procession
moved it was raining hard.
e-ItKlTiptl liy the Rig Six band, followed by
Ma) or Kelly and Clerk Amos Miller.
Messrs. Fried, Smith aud Rurnctt, the n
lice committee, twenty-eight officers under
command of Chief Walker, and the patrol
wagon, all In Hirmdei nalhi.l.' '
Major Kelly declined a seat In the patrol
wagon and said that he would roll uphis
truuers and walkthrough the mud aud
rain with the boys. This little action eli
deansl him more than ever to the "bo) s,"
as he calls the ofticers. The Hilice com
mittee also won added respect and confi
dence from the otlicers bv walking with
them. As for Clerk Miller, he could not
Im draggtsl avva) from M.i)or Kl'lly. (hi
the patrol wagon were Ollu-rrs Mills and
Cnilt, l'rosivutuig Attome) W. 1.. Weaver,
I'oliie Judge Voiing. I'ollce Court 1'rie.r
eutor l;ightme)er, I'oliee Clerk Morrill.
Folks1 Surgtsiii lEussellaud representatives
.d i hr city dallies.
The procession nun. si noith on Lime
stone street to Main, west on Main to l'lum,
and noilh on l'lum to Fernclitf.
When the procession reached l'lum
sticet the rain ceased and the sun came out
gloriotisl), and the remainder of the after
noon was pleasant -overhead.
As the column entered Fernclitf the lund
pj)ed a lieautiful dirge, most appropriate
to the occasion. I poll reaching the grave
of Chief Schuclimau the ollicers form.sl a
circle aioiuid It and stood with bare heads,
while Assistant Chief Foster aud Oflicer
Kumiss brought the lieautiful floral orfering
of the force and plated it at the foot Of the
iiionumenL Mr. F.llen Scliuchmaii, wid
ovv of the chief, her daughter, and two sis
ters werepresciiL
Crosecuting A ttorney Weaver, who had
Imvii requested to make some remarks ou
in., -ssssinii, then addressed the small as
semblage as follows:
iare gathereil here today to pay a
fitting tribute to the uieiiior) ol one whom
vveall lovtsl and hoiioreit. It has lieeome
s national eiistotu to ui.st thus once ea. h
.ar to place on the graves ot deparlisl
liieuds and comrades tlorat otlerings as
testiuionials of the tesi-cet we felt for them
in li!e and the honor which is due them in
death. We meet here under (HS'iiliarl)
touching circumstances to la) a small token
of loving reineiiibranceon the grave of Frist
schiichuian. He has gone liefoie many of
us. but he has left an indelible mark lie
liin.l. N'o feeble words whirh I could sa)
would add to the luster of his memory.
That little flag which marks his last
testing place shows that he fought
for his cotmtrv's safel) in the
tune of its peril. This beautiful llor.il of
fering which )ou have placed on his grave
indicates that you honor his memory, and
It mutely expresses your high regaid for one
of the noblest men that ever lived. I knew
Fred SeliHcliman -knew him well. I knew
him when he took charge of the infant hh
lice force of Springfield and with that little
baud of brave men made a record second to
none in this county. I knew him to lie a
man of ierfeei conscientiousness a man
who never failed oi faltered In his dut) of
repressing the wrong and doing the righL
I recall to mind a little occurrence in police
headquarters. His men, retarding
him almost wild idolatry, pre
sented hiiii. in a few well
choseii words with an elegant badge. He
could scaiccly speak for a miniient, and
then he said: 'Men. I thankjoii from the
bottom of my heart 1 thank jou. I'll wear
this badge and wear it worthily, and when
1 cease to wear It so 1 hope I ma) lie l
neath the sitd.' 1 apieal to )oil whether
he did not wear it woithil). 1 saw him
during his last illness, in the pieseneeof
tlie King ot Terrors, and he who had fat is I
death in a thousand other forms did not
iheli ipiake and fear. Can weuotdiaw .
lesson from his lile'.' Hoes it not
prove to us that a life of usefulness an.l
ughtroiisttess In the liest of all? 1 call
sax no more. Around his grave we gather
to do him honor, but we can do lillle more
than hold up to the world the V utiles of the
dear departed."
Ak'aiu theorllcers fell into line and the
piocession took its way to the cit). l'olice
liehdiUarters wete reached at .':l.r and the
procession there disbanded.
X CAIill.
To the Editor of tl.e Republic
I desire to return to theSpriugtield o!ice
force my .sincere and heartfelt thanks for
the beautiful aud touching tribute which
thev paid ai Tuesday to the memory of in)
dead husband, Fred Schuchmaii.
Mils. Ei.i.kx Soitrciivixv.
Court Matters.
The Jury in the case of Ceorxe liav'u vs.
John !. lllitk. suit on account, brought in
a verdict yesterday afternoon after a short
drlilieratioii, awarding the plaintiff SUIT.
Two new entries were placed ou the court
docket this morning: Clougli vs. Keniie.lv ,
dismissed; Moms vs. Welsh, settled l)
The case of the Fireside I'liMi-liing com
pan) vs Constable Letlel, of New t'ailisle.
is in pnsess nf trial loda). witli a largeal
tendance ol country witness."..
Monroe's 1'at ('mi..I.
estcrd.t) atlernoon while the isilice
were at the cemetery. Olliccr Wilson stepped
Iroui the rauks, collared a eoloied Ihij aud
took him to the pxtrol wagon. He proved
to be a boy named Carter who was wanted
for iK-tit larceny. It is alleged that he and
Milton! Monroe, who was arrested tlie day
liefoie, broke into the residence of lleniy
KUiiis, ou Hie north side. Carter was
George t-'. flack's l.ra.loatloli.
Iast Tliursilav Mr. (ieorge F. Flack,
formerly of tnls city, and whose parents
still reside here, was graduated from the
law department of the law department of
the I'nixersily ol the City of New York.
He took high standing lu his class and was
tine of seven in a ! iss .if tueut)-scvcu
who letcivcd hiiuoiahle mention.
I iJ"
XX'h.i the Miretles nre Forllie Nrw I'ollie
The Ihiii.Is of all the new olice ollicers
weie approved b) ntiilli'll last night. Chief
Ambrose gave IkuiiI of 31.1100, and the lit
siwtor, regular and reserve men Siltm each,
with the followiiiK sureties:
.lames K. Aiabrose, chief of Milice .las.
A. I hens and T. C. Ackerwui.
Fnsl Foster, assistant chief 1 K. Kus
m'U and Jolni Kinuane.
Thomas lto)d .lames Foley and K. F.
1 lav ward.
Wm. II. Mills -IL C. Itniisl.crg and W.
W. I Hell I.
(Ieorge S. Kiwi Wm. Conklin ami Wm.
I.. I.alfeit).
Wm. (iregor) .lames lluford and Cnt
htli Kgler.
Frank McClure -l A. (.ueisseiiU'r) and
James Ihiforil.
A.i.ini Nlcklas .1. I.. Kidder aud C. ('.
.lames Noiloii .laiii.-s Fo!e) and l. F.
C. MculiHc- Frank Collins and .li.s,..h
John Thompson .1. .. IVliiuew and T.
K. I.tt.
.lohu Marshall .1. M. Itair and .1. Lamar
Thomas .lohnstoit Marlin I.. Kite an.l
ll. K North.
Clias. Waske) Mollis Tchs.li and Hugh
Win Itelai-y .lohu Kiniiane and Win.
Patrick (ireaii) Win. ISuriis and W. II.
Fnsl Mast Fre.1 W. I'liiiiieliiiau and K.
S. Wallace.
T. W. Wilson .lohu A. Shipmati and
(eo. 11. ( oles.
William W. Warner ,1. I.. IVIticiew
and Joseph Wallingsford.
John Ilines .1. C. O'llrin and Herman
K rails.
(ieorge W. Caldwell K. F. llaj want and
r is. i onin.
W. II. Vivian Win. Miles and Charles
C Jones.
Wm. II. Hughes -1). F. SeivKs and J.
K. Mower.
Charles W. I'otee Hugh Kussell and C.
C. Fritsl.
(). IK Kecord ( Ieorge Krapp, sr., and
Wm. IL lliirnelt.
John Cashin- K. II. Ackerson and
Win. Conklin.
E. X. Fund-. IL F. Ha) ward and E. S.
Lewis louver J. W. Nelson and .1. M.
Derrick in.
('. O. Kenned) (. F. Sen iss and K. S.
Wal lacs'.
S. W. lllshop .1. S. Kitchen and C. C.
David Croft (ieorge Krann and Adam
W. M. Smith Asa S. liiislmell and l'lul.
S. Wiseman.
Marion lUkn .lames Kule) and Wm.
Cornelius W. Smith It. M. (iam, and
Eli M. Atbogast.
Charles Itrauer A. S. Ilusluiell and .1
II Nelson.
S II. Hargsdill ii. K. Servlss and II. F.
K. Jennings.
AllH-rt Hugel Adam S. hiuldt and .las.
Frank Creek James Nelson and James
Amos Huberts Thomas Uolierts and
Hugh Itojle.
l'at I-uilinii Daniel Sullivan and F. K.
Thomas C. Durkee II. C. Nelson and J.
W. Hidden.
llarve) lloblett W. C. Downe) and W.
IL Burnett.
Koine. Among Ilia X arious Lines That P....
Throuli tirliigllel.l I'ri.otialltli,..
Springfield wants a through sleener to
lames Keeler has cecti aiuiolnted car in
aim' tor for the Can Handle at this poinL
Die I. It. A W. will probable establish a
lineoi sieen-rs In-tween ( ohiiubus and SL
The pile-driver Is at Haluhridge. on the
iniiiirsoiiiiierii. lining work. Engine No. 7
has Lei in low.
i'he Erie express (siinpanvnow eniov the
long haul, slmv theNvn stomat thestation
just west of the city.
I. Home has made a nice naik lu the
rear of ihe watchman's shaut) next to tlie
I. It. .V vv. lreUhtdeN)L
A collision was averted between engines
M and 1.1 around the Y yesterday, and
nothing will liesaul about iL
Suiieriutendeut Van Tassel! now has an
assUtant in the person of Jos. I King,
and things now are done with neatness aud
.1. D. .Sehw burner and J. A. Messenger
had a narrow escape in west Springlield
.Sunday last by striking a dog with their
pecial (hand! car. Tlie dog was hurt, hut
the men got out alive.
(leneral Superintendent William Thorn-
burg, of the Cleveland. Lorain A. Wheeling
road, has done some splendid wmk lor his
road and in i-otiseipieuer the mad will de
clare a dividend somt time during 1SS7.
The Can Handle company Is today en
gaged in putting in an extension to the llau-
ika siding. 1 he extension will ais-mumo-l.ile
tweiitj-live cars and is demanded bv
thelapidiliirea.se of the compali)'s busi
The lire Line air brakes seem to lie iin
ieifel. as shown ou tiaiu No. 'J )esterda)
iiioriiiug, and a wreck was theieb) causisl.
Last night as tram No. 1 was alsuit to pull
out of the station here the air had such a
fast hold ou the wheels that Engine li'.l
could not move the tram. This miut will
lie one for the general master mechanic and
train master to look efter.
That XXe.llirs.1.) Kvrl.iug.XIrrllnif.
We mean the customary Wednesday
evening church meeting. A great many
church members scarcely know that there is
such a meeting. There are even church
orttcers, elders and deacons, and Sunday
school stieriiitehilcnts, and class leader
and other otheers,who have not. for an age,
liecn at a Wednesday evening prayer meet
ing of their chinch, and whose presence
there would lie a novelty. Hut thete is such
a meeting, on Wednesday evening, in al
most all our churches, and certain faithful
members aie always there, and always glad
to be there, for they find them helpful aud
Messed in their Christian life. More ought
to lie there. Many more could be there.
Are you, reader, a member of one of inn
churches" I U'long to one. I propose to
you that we now pledge our
selves to tie at our chinch services this even
ing. and every Wednesday evening. Why
nof.' We can lie, it we want to lie. We
geiieially get where we really vyish to get,
and the man or woman who doesn't get to
the Wednesday evening prayer meeting
doesn't get there simply because he doesn't
wish to lie Ihere. We may as well lw
liiinrst about iL Weotn lie there, with
Tew exceptions, if we irunf to lie. You can
and I can. And weouyit. We owe it to
ourselves, to our fellow Christains, to our
nation, to our God. Come. The meeting
will lie a blessing to you. and you can help
to make it a blessing to others. Let parents
come with their children and teachers with
their scholars and triends with their friends
and let our lecture rooms, on Wednesday
evening, be tilled. Cm:isrix.
A ieculiar explosion occurred near Hills
Ihiiii, ().. some days ago, by which a column
of earth was thrown to the height ot l.Vi
feet, aud leaving a hole in the ground
about seven feet in diameter. taieriiigto
the Ixittotu, where was a hole about eight
inches in diameter, and of considerable
depth. It is snpisr.e.1 to have been the ex
plosion of a gas reservoir, that section of
country annrding indications of etioIeuiu.
LU UJ D x. vx J t v
- " i2s
Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery."
THE host proof thru tlie " Ivory" Sonp hat oxtrnordinnry
merits, mul i. m ijoml i-utte Willi luo puliliu is, tlmt it.
is so oxtensix'ely mutntfc! :iiul countui lrtit'd.
These coimtei-leits reaetnljle the Iv.jiy Soup in nppenr
anoe and style ..I pricking only. 7iry . tic jimltii unit
yciirrul :r,;ll)iir ivniiiiir.
Tins notice is necessary, tis rihli injurious nnd i!nu;rnm
imitations, litthlr tu ittlucc ihrollir iiijliiiiniiiltiou nf I In- ,s. .
are often suljtJtiluted Tor the Ixory, because they pay a
laryer jirofit.
The price or the Ivory is as low as is consistent with
cost of making such a high grade of pure Soap.
Consumers have simply to is.s up.m Iuiviikj the " Ivory
Soap," rememhermg that i!" any iibsiitit'tc i .jtlered u i
for the tidvuntage r the seller.
There are many white soaps, each represented to be "jus! as ffood as the 'Ivory' ;"
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and .en usable qualities
of the oenuuie. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it.
Copyright laa;, Ly Protler i. Oauihle.
3VClK,S.KCjLXj &c CO.,
TOEffrtyM lyANDRXr
(.(M1IIS CU.I.F.D K0K AMI KF.1,1 VKHFD. TFI.Kl'lltlNK Ills.
f PiiMlsi.l. M:iv It The I'ouuuit-
teeot I'itleus which was appointed l) the
mayor to locate tne proisistsi gas wen nave
attended to that dut). and res.rt the locali
ly near the I. It. A W. depot. They also
iiimle :i contract for the liorinc with aeoui-
jieteiit gentleman. The work is to be com
menced at once, so wevvill sihiii know what
is beneath us (hir citiJens felt disap
iH.iiiteit in not lieiuir leeotoist liv the Isle
..illlefltidll III l)ie lllllllllllltlllll of 11.
Ta)lor. for auditor, but by the time election
da) ( oiues, an will lie reaov 10 take iiieir
medicine without squealing. The ticket is
romNised of safe, leliable men, and will
carry the strength of the part). If Spimg
lield is to have all theornees th.it are worth
a liglu the .mint), we are glad that sin h
coiupetetiL honest, reliable men are select
ed tor these Hisitions. 1 tn t why toiisidt
the country tow iislups at all, but pist go
ahead and make )our noiu-
lliations'.' We will do the electing
when the time isuties. all the same.
Tlie memorial services at the 1'resli) teriau
church. Sunday, were of a very Interesting
character. The Hex. Mr. (lowdy delivered
an eloquent and impressive sermon, which
was attentively listened to by a large con
gregation. The choir rendered sonic) must
ex client music. In the evening the house
was again Idled to overflowing. The chil
dren had their meeting, which was tirst
class in every particular. The decorations
were sujierb. There is no half-way busi
ness about our people in any matter that
calls lorth their patriotism or religion
Dnsiraiion da) was dill) observed,
Cla) Ha) M.st of the !" A. K .
taking the lead. The services at the
cemeter) wcroiinprcssive.Kev Henr) Miller
delivering the principal addles Our
Hankers have at last got their room fully
eijiupwst, and we doubt if you have any
thing ot the kind In your city that is its
spml. The othecrs of the institution de
sen e credit for the taste and enterprise
manitcsted in the remodeling of their build
lug Miss Jose Kdgely has taken a visit
to tlie West au.lvv ill beatisent for Unity days
'Ihe commencement excrcisi ot our
scIiihiI will take place on the evening of
June ird. Frank Morris. Maggie Williams
and Lucy Simmons sire graduates .Our
School has adopted a new set of rules,
that if lived up to will add much to the
iliteiest of school work . . .Jacob Trastle is
the managing trustee of our cemetery, and I
his iuleicst in the same same is coiiimeiida I
hie. Nothing like a faithful distharge of i
duty' '
.Inch My on (ii.es lo llmnliN.
Mr. John Flynn, foryears a well known
plumber of this city, lelt yeslenlay for
(huaba. Nebraska, where he will hereafter :
esidc. He sold his plumbing business and I
elTects to It I". Willis ,x Son. and lesigned j
his iKisition as deputy l' luted Mates
maihal '
XVilllain.s Cit) lilrtsclory.
This inorning Mr. S. F. Hiskelt, repre-1
senting Williams A- Co., publishers of the
Springfield directories, rtl rived here this
morning with Ins men to gathei data tor tl,
new dins'tory which Is to In- issued eally in
July. They proceeded Immediately to
Fllty thoiisatid ieople assemble.! in the
neigliboihood of tlie l'aris (irand opera
boil v. where a military fete was being held,
Tuesday might, crying. "Vive lioiilangcr'"
The ciowd liecame so tiiibiilent that UiMips
weiecalle.1 out to disers.' it. All was
ipnet at a late hour, l'reiuier Itouvier an
nouncis! the policy of the new govemmenl.
A motion of want of conlideuce in it.otfere.1
In the deputies, was defeated iN"i to i:!U.
The ladies of the I'uiteil i'resby teriau
chinch will have a s(s-ial at Mrs. II. W.
Flack's, comer south Market street and
(irand avenue. Thursday evening, June'.1.
Siipiht from i. to S o'clivk. They invite a
general attendance.
Ilress Sinking.
Mrs. S. M. Montfort, fortnerly of Sluli
to's. Cincinnati, is prepared to do all kinds
of dress making In the latest style tloo.1
lit and sty lish drapery guaranteed, M west
Washington street.
Tlie Afghan relii'ls liau ilcff.itisl tin
aiut'W lu a lii-a tuttlf.
n ' k
Iir. .1. s. K.we.
The celebrated Dr. Hose, of Dayton, the
discoverer of a cute for consumption, al
Iliing mul tluo.it alfe. tiaiis, etc , inshoit
most diseases not curd by olhers. lie has
Hot lost one of the Iat one hundred he has
j treated, though many of them weie given
lull to dl,'. Ilr tfos. Will tic lit tlie SI
!.Iamis ou June':.l. and ou the first 'linns
day ot every month. I'leae . all.
Hi: .1. S Ib.-r.
Ili-e I. lite .Nt.tl. e.
(Ill and alter June 1st C. C. (' .X I. rail
Wity thousand lull.' tickets will lie issued to
anyone wishing lheiu.go.Hl only tor the
Use of person signing them, ami good one
yoar from .1 ite, at rale of 5.V Thoc in k
ets will lie go.nl overall divisions of the C.
C. C. A L, I. .V St. I. and D A I' rail
ways. I.. II. Kvii.HT.
Ti.ket Agent.
Itny twenty ove cents worth of Ivory
soap and get aciccping baby, at the rcade
A set nf teeth from is up. Kowlaud
dentist, lllactt's opera house.
Vvpatvxl with cinrt r-trJ to I'tinu iMi-'lh
j l'xUr tlut tullU us Ii ADl lilt! a I :U ' ' !
'jin Itr lr vf ltrjuu at j ' v .(. i
Jjur i!.(. umcjy
KtirtBof the Body Enlarged, Developed nJ
full vrtlcaUr, tMtioiui.iAla ftc.ruiIUrlxl, frw
wJ 10 W HIGH ST.
S6t?iY-HJ ' 'Lf" J
r i.triiDi tdiht l .
We are the acknowledged leaders of the Boot and Shoe trade of this city. We
have the largest store, the largest stock, and the best variety of first-class goods
to be found anywhere in Central Ohio. We are constantly receiving new goods,
and are thus enabled to furnish our customers, at all times, with the latest, nob
biest and best styles of Boots. Shoes and Slippers that are manufactured. Qual
ity of goods considered,
To be obtained in Springfield. If you are in need of anything in our line, do not
fail to call and see us, for we can certainly please you.
Baking Powder Question.
Providence, R. L, April 28, 1887
I hereby certify that I have purchased a sample of
Cleveland's Superior Baking Powder in open market in
Providence and have submitted it to a careful examination
and analysis. Having examined many of tlie baking powders
upon the market in different parts of the country during the
last fifteen years, I am prepared to say that Cleveland's
Superior Baking Powder is the purest first-class cream ot
tartar baking powder that I have ever met, it being entirely
free from ammonia, alum, lime, or any other substance such as
is often used to adulterate or cheapen baking powders.
Ammonia compounds are not legitimate constituents of
baking powder, as by their use a cheaper and inferior article is
made and sold in place of a better and more costly and more
wholesome one.
State Assayer of Rhode Island and Professor of Chemistry.
Cures all diseases arising from an impure state or low con
dition of the blood. Spring is the most favorable
time to use it. 100 doses for one dollar.
nr l?:i-it IMnin Hti"t-
in Great Variety. Special Importations that cannot be had
2G and 23 East Main Street, Springfield, Ohio.
thee swA.:csr
Sure ill its illi-ht, tliout;li strifs as enule's tini;s,
The pt'iiconuiuiiils, ninl tlie hold tlcure Hpriu-,
While tli slow peiicirn iliscontiuiied pace
Itpents tlie Mtroke hut cannot reach the t;race.
While simple in construction, is scientific in princi
ple, and is always ready for use. provided you have
ink in the holder. It is a perfect fountain pen and
is warranted to give satisfaction. On exhibition and
for sale by
Leading Booksellers and Stationers,
, "V.
-. s
I -&i
s j&3jgg
acat-iM if i .""Ttwwtsaiteigasag
r mE7mrxHmmfXrrrv " -&
PS"Jf5Ji -u,-,3&fl

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