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QJ.3g:.?iiiC3'Crr'5Jyev--CT.ii-"ia"- "" -----. " ----- -'- " - -'""""''"- -.l:'r-;-V',l..i':.v,.'.'-.T-r.J'' . -.---. " '."--.--:.:- .,-iWnrTffTTF-
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- yjCMgaaw"aaaaagaBaaajijajgaaaaaaaaaaaaBaMaajajjaaagaa
All Hest Package Coffees,
Our own Rio, -Golden
Rio, -Delmonico.
Mocha and Java,
Try one of our Perlectiou Cof
fee l'ots, suro to make good cof
fee: at either store.
VI nnIU3 Wnt Mnlo St. noil 40 South Mar-
Lp( St., Springfield, U.
? AND 73c.
LI lit Fur Derbjs, $1.50, $2.00,
$2.50 and $3.
Mln St. Hatter and EarnUhfr.
... .t rrrn v.,4. ih. finrinpfl.ld
1sti.t nrrm.ic sll tnsrrt ueh"A
"Wiints." "Lost." "For Rent." "'rSle.
te.71n this column nn time fre. thrr times
lor twenty-flv cnts. " ' VRnwrJi T
cents iiir. :?t ivt.vtir taw ,.-.
May 2L IS-C.
rVVTKI Ksn& younc man. Call at M
Smiin .Urhfi sirr-r.
"UMVTEn Oood cook Ttefvneei rr
W quired. Call at No. 147 Unden aveaue.
WIN'TEH-Ilv a younK man with several
... ru- fnrnUh t7iWk1 rf re n CM. Aaart",
T ..1- Hat MI. Snrinctleld.OhiO. 1
Itr VTED-rtMl clr! to cook and do nraJ
H housework. AppU t one at Drth
I..L-.t.tnMT 1...H
Market street.
WAXTF.-Tvo reliable. ..berand rnereetic
iortliuraorl:itlrn. aU btwn auda
. ii.k.ti'i.n.ir 11 aAtifh IVntpr trtH't
-it- 15 b
r ANTED Salesmen to tell nursea ,8jek.
fl I UII linrui iirw.-iuuiu"ir - -
.. . ... - ttmtJt aalarlH anil -
iwnf.or rommtlon. Address. cllne ace
aud refcrnce. May Brothers. uwryrn'n.
wcnc.gr, -. i - -
TTTAXTKt-Thive honest, pmhlne men In
IT your vicinity: special Inducements now;
. .. i ItrAavn HrAth
odd i oeiay; an ii"i -- ;-- ,VJJ.-
TITANTKD Whel bands and pollsUer.
H tloodpayand steady empioymrnu j
Jl in in St. 'iiiiti. I. t1t
v....... t A ..V& lh.tn.nn .if ilir
nfes: lie. .iHill Inches; weleht. M
pounds; retail price. s: a rr craun- i..
create a perminent business In his own city
or locality- These sates meet a demand never
before supplied by other safe companies, as
e are not Korerned by the sate pool- Address
.Mplne gatcCo.. Cincinnati. O. !"
11TAXTED-A reliable man to represent our
H nurseries in this section. Something
permanent. Chxs. II. Stuart 4 Co..nurserT-
inen. ewarK. ew ioi.rnuiiT-
WANTED-KUXO lady agents t once; en
tirely new undersrraent: nutflt fre.
conditionally Anents averane 1 to ta) dallr
so can you! All about It fuee! Mrs II V
Little. M Lakeside building, rhi o.
TTT ANTED All kinds of clothes wnuners lo
V repair, called for and de:iTerd: o-ders
by mall promptly attended to. b.M Miller.
1M West Main.
-0R SALE A pood cow with ealf. Address
or call on u. iisnoerger. ...
F0RALE-A One cabinet zrand olano.for
ball prle-. as parties are soon to leave the
." -n I.iDilni.t Wtn. A. lavs.
city anu luu.in. .-,...- isstf
rvm S ALE- Selns machine: new; oeauu.ui
t ly finished; Ave drawers. For less than half
It cost. Call at 1W south Center street, ltttf
nOR RENT-U1.I1C" .'tore room. Rent low. T.
FOR RENT-Threeorfouraoo rooms, suit
able for small family. Inquire of Ttioma,
harpe . - - 1,aI
T O-JT- A eold rlne. with sold stone set. The
Lt under win pe iiDerauy icaiwc- j .-z
Ins It at this office. '"
LOST-On Hleh street, between Phajlerand
post office, a deed from Robert Rodeers to
William W. Lewis. Finder please leave at this
office. ''
nvpv TO T.OAX In sums of IMOtotTM),
.i.. m a.amn' time, on first mort
is. uuiuin.Mu..j""" .V r
aee or approved commercial paper. k
.wlgl.nwni.o. uwswuw .- .. -.
IUolntlon f Partaenalp.
The partnership heretofore subsistlnK le
tween the undersUncd In the manufacture of
soap, carried on In the Oty of princnld.O.
under the firm name of Mark Smith A Sx)ns. u
hereby dissolved by mutual consent. -Mam
Smith. Sen and James M. Smith retlrlHc.
The business will be settled by Mark A
Smith, who Is alone anthorlied to use the firm
name for that purpose. .,,,...
J.mksM. Smith.
Mskk A Smith.
SraisonrLD. O.July 1.1837. ''"'
Khf rilT Sale of Pergomal Properly.
1)URS0ANT to the command of an execution
issued from the court of common
Pleas of Clark couuty.Ohlo.and to inedlrrcted
nnd delivered. 1 will otter fr sale at public
auction, on the premises of Ulliam Mel lure.
In Clar. County. Ohio, on Monday. July 11. A.
I lmT.atJ o'clock, p. m. the following de
cribed ooils and chattels, towlt:
& acres of wheat. St acres of corn. 2 milch
cows. 1 Champion binder. 4 horsey. 3 set of
harne-s one hay rake.ene grain dri!1.21;
horse waa-ons. 3 acres of timothy KrowliiK. 1
arriace.l spring wagon. 1 Champion mower.
1 alTSJds'Ind'chattel. to be .old byorder
' of the &urt of Common Picas ol Clark onnty.
hlo.lncase of David Kunkle. plaintiff. aud
Vuim McO'ire. et 1. are defeBdants.
Term of "Ijcaah B Sfa
Clark County, Ohio.
J. F Mc(Jtrw. Attorney 1-V
Every family should have a lioltle f
cihkI Cholera or Diarrhoea medicine on
hand. The hot lnu" are
t'jusiHr'n Diarrhoea f nre.
t'asier CUolera Mixture,
Casper' E. Jamalra (lluifer.
Caper'a lllacklifrrj ami llerantiiiu
This last Is particularly adapted for Infants.
Also, the very best
lllaeVlierrj-Ilraitfr, Wine and Cordial.
Tobe sold for medical pharmaceutical.'
uses. All for s lie at
CASPER'S Drug Store,
rtaber'sllloek, MalnNlret.Sil Door West
of L.lmest.iiie.Mprliictleld.
AtitlrvM Comptoii Kllle.1 bj n.-KrNear
South Clinrtefii.
Won! readitil the eit lale this afternoon
that Andrew Campion, a prominent Irish
man, living ne.r New l.Mm, not far
frimi South Oli.irWon, a killed
with an a this afteriiiHin liy
an aged necro, livini; in tliK city. lut
vvtitoe iiaiiie eoiilil not be obtained.
The nepro i said to have
lieen wurkiiiK for Mr. Campion
and the altercation was alut money. The
e sank deep into the skull ami death was
iiistaiitatii-oiis. The negro, who is .V jears
old. tieil.
Coroner lleunett lias been apprised of
the tragedy and has timeout to the scene
of tlie luiinieide.
lUilroad trade lias droppiM of eoti.sider
alily since the Fourth.
Mr. .1. Chester lJeed went to Cincinnati
this morning to buy goods.
1'iNir old I tail Fitzgerald u as locked u
last night on the same old charge of drunk.
Miss Klla A. Casey and Miss Mollle Dew-
jerare visiting Mr. and Mrs. 1 Kyan. of
Is North street.
Clias. F. Stitt, formerly of this city, now
of Chicago, is in town on business and
calling on old friends.
Miss Maine Osmoiid.'nf Xanesvllle, Is the
guest of Iter friend. Miss littie NieLutn
of south Center streeL
Cliariey McCluie, a youngster living uu
1'earl street, had a linger on his left hand
broken last night by a fall.
Seven arrests were nude last night on ac
count of too much Fourth which the pris
oners had evidently enjoyed.
The Misses Clark, two charming young
ladies f Da) ton, are the gnesLs of the
Mivses Kelly, of Factory streeL
Councilman C. C Funk left this morning
for Dayton to look after some contract
work he is doing in the Queen City.
There will be a service for deaf mutes in
fie Sundav school riKim of Christ church
tomorrow evening, July T. at s o'clock
ICev. Mr. Mann, of Cleveland, will conduct
the serv'u-e.
The splendid crayon Mirtrait of Ceneral
Asa S. liiisliuc 11, in full militaiy uniform.
now on exhibition in the Arcade, Is the
work of MKs Fannie Sterritt, of Slarrett's
buihliiig. over Fried'. jewelry store.
Dr. I. K. Itiissell went out in the coun
try', between Knon ami Oslxirn. jislerday.
and iierfonntsl a successful oisTation for
straiigulalrsl hernia upon Mrs. Thomas
Johusoii. a proiiiiuent resilient of tli.lt In
A spivrial isiiuiiiunicatioii of Anthony
lodge No. s.Vi. F. and A. M.. will b.-held
Thursday evening, July 7. Memliers of
Clark lodge are InuUsi to attend, lly ol
der of V. M.
J. II. CiiM.KttMW. Secretary".
Dr. John M. Witsou. an old Antioch
graduate, recently American consul at Hre
men, is In the city today calling on old
friends. Thouzli not strictly in accord
with the administration, "Doc" Is still in
J. K. Harreld and family, who have bet n
visiting the family of Dr. Finley. left tl.is
morning for their home in Morgsntowr,
Ky. Jdrs. Harreld is the daughter of the
M. P. pastor of tills city. Their stay his
b.-en very pleasant to them and to the.r
friends, and they are delighted with Spring
field and her people, who have extended
kind courtesies to them. Little Jo-Nell,
with her womanly ways and cute sayings,
will not soon be forgotttm. She is a gleam
of sunshine.
.Sum, Vi hat's to be Jloue? Is the Tax
Commission a t'onstitiillomil Hotly?
Council got its spine ere, ted last night
and refused to accept the Tax commission's
modification of its levy. The ordinance was
lost on its passage by a vote of 14 to '2, and
the ordinance was referred back to the
finance committee of council with instruc
tions to cdnfer with the Tax commission.
This puts tilings in a funny shape. The
Tax commission, having accomplished its
puriose, has adjourned kIiic ifc.
"What can be done in this situtation,"
asked'a liErrnt.K reortcr of Solicitor A.
N. Summers, this morning.
"Well, the whole matter of tax levy can
lie left to the county auditor to lie fixed by
Iiliu. The tax commission can then reject
his adjustment uf the levy aud then it
comes back to the constitutionality of the
law creating tax commissions. J he consti
tutionality of the law is in grave iues
tion." But all this doesn't seem to settle the
question of what is to tie done.
Ky Kev. William Kuiiyau, at Central M.
F parsonage, this city, John A. Iiiitfenbar-
ger, from near South Charleston, this coun
ty, and Miss Cora B. A rneL residence three
miles east of the city. 1 he marriage was
one of the events of the Fourth of July.
The Itoitlsi or Trmle.
The incorix'ratorsof theSpriuglield board
of trade are requested to meet at the office
of Oscar T. Martin, esq., at 8 o'clock to
morrow evening. They are .llihn roos, I'.
I'. Mast. (). S. Kelly. C. A. Phelps, John
Carson, Auiaziah Winger. A. C. lllack.
The M.-lolm' Muitiioer C!oe.
The SL John Sewing Machine conipany
closed down last Saturday night for tl e
usual summer repairs, and will niien up
with full force in about three weeks. The
coinjauy is doing an increasing business
and is turning out lot) machines daily.
For 1'lMvrol Amusement.
J. W. Seymore. who lives with his fam
ily in the Sharp buildingon east Main street,
was pulled -in again last night on the second
charge of abusing his laiully. He will an
swer today In the jKIice courL
Council Gets Through Its Lieut Busi
ness iu Tolerably Short Order
Last Night.
Die Vollliill )l.poeillo t-'lll.l Pxlilt Willi
the Tn IToioiiis.Ioh The Lett
llon'l llo-Ollier City
City council met last (Tuesday) evening
in regular session. Absent, Messrs. Mc-
Kemia, Michael. Netts and the president.
In the absence of both the president and
vice president .Mr. Hlee was called to the
chair and presided during the evening with
force and dignity.
The minutes of the last meeting were
read and approved.
lly the clerk- A certified copy of the
tax levy as fixed by the Tax commission.
Keferred, simply as a piece of humor, to
the finance committee. Also, bids for
curbing, guttering, etc.. already published,
The clerk also presented the reimrt of the
city weighuiaster for June, showing total
receipts S'J3.J0: city's part, S4S.0O. Placed
on file.
The city engineer. In accordance with a
resolution Instructing him to submit esti
mate of cost of extending Taylor street
sewer to York streeL reported as follows:
tltifeetof 18-ilieh pipe at SI.MI per fooL
Sft24; tfO feet of 12-inch pipe at SI ler foot.
$ftO; four nian-lroles at S10 each, S40; two
catcli-tiasius at f-".o each, SilO: ten iiu'h
slants at CO cents each. SO; total. S71H).
The said sewer extension Is altogether for
public purposes, -viz . to drain surface wa
ter from York and Summer streets accumu
lated by existing grades on the streets. Ke
ferred. A ivrtltion was presented from I.. II.
1-orenz and nine others, asking to have the
resolution rescinded which requires abut
ting property-owners to boulder Oral Vine
alley. Kcfcrrcd.
Also a itition from Joseph Jones and
eight others, asking to have remitted the
fine of S.V25 imposed by Judge Young
against J. K. Sales, on the grounds that the
latter is a man of honesty, industry and In
tegrity. Keferred.
The following pay ordinances were
passed: Central Union Telephone Co..
rent of telephones, $134; J. Leuty's Sous,
meat for station house, 850.16; SprlnndcWer
Joiuimt, advertising, 8S2.U0; Buckeye
Printing Co., blanks 84; J. L. Sliewalter.
service as clerk for tax commission. Si',;
John (S. (iraies. cleaning out well at sta
tion tiouse, 84: Street Commissioner Wil
liams, pay of street hands, Sl.lS4.75;
Springfield Gas Light and Coke Company,
SI.Wl. IS; Armstrong Bros., crossing
plates. 840.88; Winger Bros,, groceries.
839.41: Nicholas Kriegbaiim, bread for
station house, 827.98; James D. Cool,
sviieriuteudeiit of chalu gang. SXfl; (ieorge
Armstrong, hose, 8200; John (J. Arthur,
hose. 8 ISO.
By Mr. Funk committee on city Im
provements resolution accepting the bid of
Patrick Doolan for putting iu an Iron
culvert at Limestone and North streets,
the same being 'M cents a fooL bidder to
furnish all the material except the covers.
Same presented a resolution div-harging
M. Kears as superintendent of the Factory
street bridge aud that the work be contin
ued under the direction of the committee
on city improvements. Adopted.
By Mr. Smith, from street committee
report In favor of accepting the plat of lots
laid out by S. A. Bowman, on Feruclifl
avenue, subject to the usual conditions.
By Sir. Fried a resolution directing the
committee on public buildings to examine
the town clock, on the First Presbyterian
steeple, and report as to cost ami practica
bility of repairing it Keferred.
Mr. Fried stated that he had uuder.sbssl
the clock to lie in all unsafe condition and
liable to fall at any time. Mr. Miller said
he understood from ameiuberof the church
that the church would make a proiHisitioii
to council in regard to the clock.
An ordinance accepting the plat of lots
laid out by S. A. Bowman was read first
time. I'nder suspension of rules it was
read second and tlilrtl times and adopted.
The ordinance to vacate the alley lie
tween High and Washington streets, from
Market space to Center streeL and also
150 feet of Walnut alley lying on
other side of same, was read second time.
The ordinance fixing the tax levy was
read the third time, Mr. Biee stated'that
if he voted for the ordinance It was con
trary til his wishes, as he did not think it
allowed enough money for the various
needs of council.
Mr. Funk suggested the daring project of
defeating the ordinance, urging that some
means would present itself by which the
dilemma could be gotten out of.
When put on its final passage, (Jreen and
llsnika were the only affirmatives, the
twelve others voting nay.
The ordinance was then referred back to
the finance committee, which was directed
confer with the tax commission and see
wjat could be done.
The following ordinances were passed:
Setting aside 825 for lengthening the wa
tering trough for horses at Limestone ami
Columbia streets; directing city engineer to
set a grade on (iartield street; ordering the
I. B. i W. and C. C. C. A- I. railroad com
panies to plank between their restrictive
tracks between Center and Market streets.
The following ordinances presented and
referred: Setting aside 8100 to build a
protecting-wall to the till on Factory streeL
north of the north abutment: directing the
street commissioner to report a grade on
Hubert street; setting aside 8100 for
the re-grading of Clark street
necessitated by a change of grade on Clif
ton street; that Jeffersou- street be graded
and graveled from Western avenua to the
western terminus; granting .!. S. Bailey
permission to lay a pipe from the spring on
west High streeL between Isabella and
Williams streets, to his property on north
side of High street; directing the city im
provement committee to Ueuse means to
abate the nuisance of standing aud stag
nant water In front of C learning's resi
dence and grocery, on Chestnut avenue;
setting aside 820 for relaying of cm band
gutter In front of Mr. Uathelds premises.
on Chestnut avenue, at the" expense of the
Adjourn eu.
Au Klecant Substitute
For oils, salts, pills, and all kinds of bit
ter, nauseous medicines. Is the very agree
able liquid fruit remedy. Syrup of Figs
Kecommemled by leading physicians. .Man
ufactured only by the California Fig Syrup
company, San Francisco. Cal. For sale at
Casjper s drug store.
A ('Aim. To all who are suffering from
errors and Indiscretions of youth, nervous
weakness, early decay, loss of manhiHMl,
etc, I will send a recipe that will cure you.
free of charge- 1 Ins great remtsly was Ui.
covered by a missionary in South America.
Send self-addressed envelope to Kev. Joseph
T. Iniiiau, Station D. New York city.
The only exclusive baby carriage store iu
the United States!. at No. 27.r Wabash
avenue, Chicago. The largo and beautiful
tisplayof the celebrated Ilolman Adjusta
ble Baby carriages i the wonder and pride
of the people of the great northwest. Sis
advertisement in another column of the
KKi'imuc, and send for their handsome
Articles ntitieareil In all till, flennan t.n-
ners Thursilav. evideutlv insiiiretl. advisitnr
against lending money to Kussia.
Fits All fits stopiied free by Dr. Kline's
Great Nerve Restorer. No fits after first
day's use. Marvelous cures. Treatise and
82 trial bottle fre to fit cases. Send to
Dr. Kline, tiai Arch street, Philadelphia,
The rr.-igmeiit of Iron Snrtvssfully lie
mot eil trout Robert names'. Windpipe.
Between 8 and 9 o'clock this (Wednes
day) morning Dr. J. W. Hamilton and Dr.
Charles Hamilton, of Columbus, father and
son. and Isith very prominent surgeons,
and Drs. Hall and Nelson, of this
city, successfully removed the frag
ment of iron from the throat of Kohert
Barnes, of I.agonda avenue, the hoy who
was so frightfully injured by the explosion
of a toy cannon. The operation was a
delicate one. but was necessary lo save the
lif of the hoy. who was dying from as
phyxiation. The throat was first treated with cocaine,
applied hyiHslermically. The wind-pipe, or
trachea, was then cut boldly into, an incis
ion one and seven-eighths liicliesdwp Mug
made. The fragment of iron, surrounded
by clotted blood, was removed, and the Isiy
exiH-rienced instant relief. There is still
great daiigerofinllam iiiation. The esophagus
i also damaged, as water given to the hoy
trickled out of his throat. He will have to
take nourishment throngli a tube.
There was relief, of course, after the oe
eratlon, which the liy stood well without
ati.eslhctics, but his condition is yet very,
very grave.
loteresllng Mild NfSlJ Item, from Spring.
Held' l.ltrly Suburb.
Our gas well Is now over 1.0O0 feet deep.
They exs?t to strike the coveted gusher
some time this week.
(Jeorge Simpson is building a new double
tenement house on hi lot adjoining the
Bennett saloon properly.
A recent letter from David l Klngwalt.
a former citizen here, now of Oakley. Kan..
says they have a new son in the family,
whose enormous weight is three and one
halt unds. The mother and son are both
doing well.
Our young America were fortunate, that
with all the shooting and excitement of the
glorious Fourth none of our youngstei
were seriously hurL Mr. Charles Winkler,
our well-known school janitor, burned tils
thumb w ith powder, severely.
James S. Dunbar and son, of l!o-s
county, spent the Fourth here with S. J.
CutrighL He Is an old soldier, and stands
six feet six inches in heighL Mr. Dunbar
carries a a relic an old continental paper
dollar, IK! years old, showing the style of
money ued h.t ye oldeu time.
Fourth r July Pi.hlug l'arl).
One of the most enjoyable events of the
season occurred on the Fourth of July at
Cold Spring, west of the city. A number
from Springfield, Dayton and Dounelsville
Acre in attendance. The time was ikvii
pletl In fishing and boating. The guests
were, also entertained by Prof. Adam, who
gave an exhibition of his many accom
plishments: Ids rope-walking especially
was watched with InteresL
Is XI a I'lere of Humor?
Last evening at roll-call the uric chief of
I dice, Ambrose, Issued an order to his
men to refuse any news to the reisirter.
That all news was to be given out by the
day or night chief. The order took etfect
at" once, but when It will tm recalled the
iieifl chief does not say.
The I'rolillMto Katiljr.
The regular meeting of the Prohibition
club, at Teniiierance hall. Thursday even:
lug, will be In the nature of a ratification
meeting upon the ticket nominated at Del
aware.Every prohibitionist in the city is
expected to be present, and a howling big
time is anticipated.
AUeullou Klks.
Tonight will be the regular meeting
night for the month of July. Memliers will
please take notice. By order of the
Kxai.tfii Kl'l.nt.
To thoroughly cure scrofula it is necc
sary to strike directly at the riHit of the ev il.
This Is exactly w hat Hood's Sarsaparllla
does, by acting upon the blood, thoroughly
cleansing it of all impurities, aud leaving
not even a taint of scrofula in the vital
A set of ti-etli from 88 up. liowlai d
deutWL Black's opera house-
New Departure.
Straley .V Co. are convinced that the cash
system is the only true way of doing busi
iiicss, so 011 and after Monday, July 11th.
they will sell for cash in hand, but at such
prices that it will pay you to buy.
You will be astonished at the low prices
they will innke it you call and price their
How lEeaily Mad Clothing Is Mails ta
Fit the Aremfftt Customer.
Every man of well proportioned figure
can go into a ready made clothing estab
lishment and purchase a suit that will tit
him tolerably well for a very little money.
There was a time when the prices were
not so reasonable and the lit of the gar
ments not so satisfactory. The ready
made Inusincss has been carried to a de
gree of iHTfection during the past few
years that has niado bankrupts of many
custom tailors. Deductions have beeii
drawn from experience, experiments have
been tried, -and the human figure ha'
been so carefully studied, that au average
measurement has lieen established where
by nine out of every ten men can bo lilted
to their satisfaction.
The system of cutting garments adopted
by the leading establishments i known as
the "progressive method. " It stavisfrom
the chest measurement nnd work accord
lug to a law of progression. It has been
proved that the figure of a well built mull
can be fitted from the chest measurement
alone iu other wonls, a man who meas
ures 41 Inches across the chest will, if
nature lu.s ehdowed him with a perfect
form, measure 29 3-4 inches across the
shoulders and 25 3-4 inches at the shoulder
blade. These are the fundamental meas
urements of tailors, for if a coat fits
snugly at the shoulders other considera
tions are, with most men, of small Im
portance. If n man measures 42 or 43
inches across the chest the other propor
tlons increase progressively three-fourth
of an inch around the shoulders and one
half an inch at the shoulder blade for every
additional inch of chest measurement.
The troupers are a secondary matter.
They are made of all sizes, to suit loug
und short legged men alike.
Of course many uien cannot be fitted
well in ready made garments. They are
made for the average figure, and not for
the tiectiliar build of badly formetl men.
The "progressive method" has proved s
successful that even custom tailor hav!
adopted tl e chest measurement to start
frtan milking other modifications iu the
cut of the garuieuts afterward to suit the
prosirt ions of their patron. Some tailors
advertise by circulars to make lerfectlj
fitting garments from tho measurement ol
the chest alone. New York Mail and
Kx press.
Hen: IVtlfy rM,re's Farm
Maj. Ben: I'crley l'oore never made any
money on hi line Indian Hill farm, Massa
chusetts, although under shrewd manage
ment it would have returned him a good
income A thrifty Bosloui.iii is quoted in
The Philadelphia Iteconl as saying:
"Sevenil years ago the major cut 200 tons
o hay off it. Hay was worth $22 n ton
then." But, by (ieorge, the major didn't
sell 11 pound of Itl Not u pound' Ilejust
fed it to those old white cattle of his that
he kept Just tstause they didn't have a
bljck hair on their hides. They all died
on his hands. He never thought of .sell
ing or killing them. And then his latch
string win nhvnys out How could hi
wive money?"- New York Tribune.
f S
An Kiiimnmi. Mttrket House with Acres
Duller I'otefVlrtliotts of IStlylllg and
Helling stirring st-enn at 4 o'clock In
the .Morning.
There are now twelve pavilion of iron
nnd glass at the Paris Halles Centrales.
Ejich one seems to be devoted to a ditfer
ent sort of edibles, and yet the space thus
allotted under cover is little more than
half lap, enough for the city's nceils.
The four largest iavilIotis are those where
fish, iKiultry, vegetables and dairy prod
uce are sold. All the pavilions are well
ventilated, the stalls are commodious and
"down among the dead men" are base
ment cellars, where the stall renters are
permitted to store such imperishable
goods a they have lieen nnable to dis
pose of in tin- course of the day.
The wagons bringing the meat from
slaughter liou-.es nnd ioultry from trains
begin to arrive about 11 o'clock iu the
evening, and they continue coming
throughout tUe night. The employes lift
out the baskets aed arrange them along
tLe side walks. Iu each batket is the car
cass of au animal, either whole or cut up
into quarters, and carefully wrapped up
in stout canvas; also a label lieariug the
uauie of the sender, the weight of the con
tent. aud a sort of bill of hiding, which is
haaledtoa market official, who makes
from it lit memoranda. Then a numlier
is placed on all the merchandise which
eoiues from the same shipper, after which
the board of health iusjiector makes his
examination, marks u V on all meat that
he considers lit for food and has the rest
removed to another place to be looked at
more carefully later on. When it is
finally found unlit to eat it is confiscated
aud either sent to the Jardiu ties Plante-i
to lie thrown to the wild animals, or is
totally destroyed.
In the meantime the forts de la halle,
or market porters, have commenced their
part of the common work. Handling the
meat which h:ts passed inspection with
large iron hooks, tliey carry it to the pub
lic weighing station, and when the weight
of each piece has lieen twice recorded,
once by the clerk of iliu consignee, and
once by the city's employe, a label is fas
tened to it with ugulvauizcd Iron pin, aud
then the meat is hung up iu rows to lie
sold, a la crle, or at public auction, to the
retail dealers, and as the plccus aie sold
the name of the purchaser is vvritteu on
the other side of the label.
This is the routine for carcasses and
quarters already prepared, but there Is
other meat in large quantities which ha.
to undergo two operations known as the
epluchage (trimming) und the decoupage,
or cutting up. This is done by live men,
and Is u diflicult and sonietiinesdangeroti
work. The decouiieurs wear u sort of
cap, to which a lighted candle is fixed;
tills is the only light that they have to do
their work by, and it must be executed
with great rapidity la the midst uf u crowd
of porters and other market hands. There
are, it is true, a few gas jets here and
there, but not enough of them to enable
the inspectors and cutters to do their work
properly Why don't they burn more
gasf Well, liecause it is known in Paris
that gas is a liad thing for meat and other
food, and the less of gas there Is used
about eatables the better for mankind.
Four o'clock is the hour when the vente
a Iu cricc begins. The din is upialling.
Strong armed wenches, men and boys are
rushing about or pushing trucks bearing
hampers full to the brim, nnd salesmen
perched aloft iu small pulpits Kiwi their
offers iu voices which sound like dismal
howls nnder the zinc roofings, while cus
tomers bid In the same strain. Thu buyers
at this early hour are stallkeepers, proprie
tors of restaurants and hotels, and caterers
to hospitals or asylums. These people, by
coming early, get their provisions much
cheaper than the public will do In the
course of the day. though this is not true
of fish, which Is subject to astonishing
fluctuations The wholesale selling ends
at 0 o'clock, and now cooks aud poor wives
make their itpiearance by thousands.
It is a curious and an instructive scene,
I assure yon, that of the markets at au
early morning hour.
The street I so crowded with people
that wheeled vehicles cannot enter; but
beyond the church staud rows of cabs,
with their horses' heads facing the shois
on thu other side of the little rue that runs
along the front of the ancient edifice.
Here on the sidewalk stand hundreds of
baskets of fruit, grapes and whitish
brown things that on closer laspection
prove to lie mushroom. There i. a wide
passage lietween the two line of pavil
ions, aud at this early hour this (lassnge is
lhat lovely that even you, good jieople of
the golden coast, would cry out: "Ye
gods! how beautiful." The colors of all
the ralnlsiw-s that have arched them
selves over the earth since Noah vwnt
yachting greet our eyes. It 1 n (laradise
of roses, camellias, violets, primroses, of
all the lloucrs iu the world, at least it
seems so. Farther on are thing which
Knglisli lK-oplcuill roots, but which we Iu
oursuperiority pronounce vegetables. Hun
dred and hundreds of rows of red carrots,
lis many more rows of white turnips;
rows three in four feet high, mind you,
and so skillfully piled that no vestige of
the green stems can lie seen, and yet to
each root i such au appendage. And the
cabliage and the cuulitlowers! and the
baskets of string beans ami peas! and the
green "stutrs for salads! aud the potatoes,
"Arrah, the spuds!" ns I heard the gentle
man lie may even now be one of our first
citizens for all -I know say once uinjn a
time iu Dublin.
A little further on are the fishes, on
wicker platters, like round basket lids
with handles on either side, turbot,
skate, mackerel, sole, salmon, perch, etc,
lu ten, fifteen nnd twenty pairs at a time.
These hshwomcii nre not those of Billings
gate, lint they will do. 1 have no wish to
tiiine into mutest with muscular red
arms; anil, phew-' heaven knows they are
jiit now strong enough to knock John
Sullivan himself out of time. Parisians
like fish, und consume yearly ai average
of very nearly .ILiaii.tioll pound thereof.
Henry Haynle in San Francisco Chronicle.
$4, $3.50,
Riinninrr their own
Factor', aiul making
all their goods in their
own Work Rooms, The
London Clothing Co.,
of 29 South l.inii'stoni'
St., Springfield, ()., is
prepared lo give better
value for less money,
than any firm in the
State. Children's wear
is a specialty. Kvery
41 marked in plain figures
and is sold, without
deviation at the marked
""ivpsrrd with Uriel regard to Pnrllj, Slrencth
md llralthfiiiueF''. Ir l-ricr'- t In onijf 11-t
tie Puudtir that .unl-un. no Auinioma. 1 im. t
Mum Pr l'ni-e'i, r ttrsit., aniiU, 1-m.in, etc
Juror iW-iltum-jT
P?Cf BtKINO P0:7CrH CO . CJlfcqga gurf St. loots
w York. l-ik i:rir and vlrslrrn It. It.
Commencing July IsL 17. the new
Lake Krieand Western K. IL. lessee New
York, Pennsylvania an,) Ohio llailroad.
will place, on sale thousand mile tickets
good one year from date of Ismic at rate of
820. These tickets will be accepted for
passage not only on all divisions of the N.
Y. P. A- O. K. IL, but also over the entire
"Krie"' system in like manner. Mileage
tickets issiifil by the "l.rie will be ac
cepted over the N. Y P. O. IL IL Their
use will not be conlmed to one iietsun only,
but when issued to the head of a family
will be good for any member thereof, or for
the entire family traveling together, and
when issued to business houses or firms
they can be used by anyone member or
representatives thereof traveling at their
expense, but only by one iierson at a time.
All mileage books purchased previous to
July 1st, will lie also accepted for passage
over the entire Krie" system.
Ni w Yiikk, Pkns. Ohio IL IC.
Cl y 1 1 vmi, July 2d, lsS7.
Ill the Columbia-Harvard freshmen Isiat
race at New Loudon, CL, the crew ol (V
luiiihiH were the victors.
Ii-uUIi In Old .gr.
Ql Kr'. Jl KKNs Co.. N. Y.. I
March SI. Ism'., j
I commenced using Bi:.nii:ktu' Pn.t.s
fifty -ti ve years ago. I first liotight t hem In
Loudon, and have continued using them
since I came out to this country hi ls:U,. I
am now over seventy-live years old, hale
and hearty, and attribute my wonderful
health to tfie persistent use of lli:Mr
kkth" Pii.i.s. Occasionally I have a bad
cold or severe attack of rheumatism, indi
gestion or liilionsne, but four or five doses
of Bkv.viikktii s i'ii.i.s always cure me.
Whenever my children have been sick with
scarlet fever, measles, iiiiimtis, acid stom
ach, disordered digestion or costiveness, a
few doses of BiiAMiuirril's 1'h.ls restore
their health at once.
EltWAItll Col.M.Nsii.v,
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of pur
rill, strength and wholesomeneis. More eco
nomical than the ordinary kind, and caanot
be aold In competition with the multitude of
low teat, short weight, alum or phosphate
powders. Sold only In cans. Kotal Biiiso
Powota Co.. lOri Wall street. New York
Dr. Levitt E. Custer
Preservation nf natural teeth by latest ap
proved methods. .Strictly nrst-claat work
ti K. Ilitfbsll.. owrMlraley'aOrncSTT.
Dr. Frank C. Runyan,
WRoomtln Buckingham'! Building. orer-
rMurphyA Bro.'i Store.-
SDMlalattantlon given to the prm"ino
Attorney and Expert
Honin M Aremln K2iiilliiir
L J 0
gAklNg j
t 7Xs -Tci J KMUIWt FRUT I
W royal noat Ifc
Ar..'F.s "He praised my tresses, in his rhyme.
My shining hair, my golden hair;
He sang that sunshine lingered there.
The sunshine of the summer-time ;
He told me love had hid a lair.
In tangles of my shining hair."
I.ouisi: "Yes, Agnes, you have caught a beau.
With those blond tresses fair;
Because you cleanse them, oft, you know.
With Ivory Soap, as pure as snow;
The soap without compare."
There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the 'Ivory';"
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities
of the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it.
Copyright, IMC by Procter Gamble
mtKWw t jpWKagprrFTKy'si'fcrs jyvswBE-JIBBil
a" t.
Benefiicialki General Debility, Exhaustion, and just the thing
to help you threugh the hot weather. Large bottles, $1.
Pharmacits, 55 East Main Street.
Store aad K.iJHmg Wm4. izi - S
Areata tor Hard CmI C.m4 FraaUla Cm! C, f JaekaM, 0.
0ce and Yards : Ctnter WuhiiiiiM anil ibefciiic Streets,
SpriniHali, Ohit. ' Taliphtm 254.
We have filled eur racks
And if ysu want anything ia.ttat lint'tay NOW btftrt
the best patterns are all gene. 'Prices at tur sttre
are lewer than ever befere heard tf.
Leading. Baeksellers aid Statisners,
Have to say that they are always ready tt supply the trade
with everything in the line ef Housekeeping, Parlor and
Stoves and Ranges, Dishes, bath earthen and tin. Velvet,
Body Brussels, Ingrain, Rag Carpets; alst, Baby! Cats,
Refrigerators ; in fact, everything that can be fer
use er comfort 10 per cent saved by buying
ef us in money and time. Please examine
ur s'tck and be cenvinced.
as co.
with new and handsimr
- i
'. t
arramaarfnTBTiiirtrerywi i im

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