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All the property lies within a few blocks of the great shops of P. P. Mast & Co., Springfield Engine and Thresher Co., E. W. Ross & Co., etc., so that they are
equally as good for investment as well as for residence purposes.
Double Frame House, two stories, Nos. 43 and 45 Chestnut Ave., with five rooms and pantry on each side, good cellar, cistern and city water. Fully improved. Lot 48.25x105. Private alley in rear.
One Story Frame House of three rooms, No. 47 Chestnut avenue. Lot 26x105, alley on the side and rear. All improved. House has good cellar, cistern and city water. A most desirable place for a man
of small family. One Story Brick House, No. 49 Chestnut avenue, with six rooms, splendid well, cellar and cistern. Alley on side and rear. Lot 43.25x105. Fully improved. One Vacant Lot, east
aid adjoining 49 Chestnut avenue, 31x105 ft., with pavement, curbing and guttering. All improved. A most desirable building lot. Two very handsome Vacant Lots, in the rear of 49 Chestnut avenue,
37.12x93 ft. each, with alley in rear and on side. On the lot adjoining No. 49, there is a hrge two-story barn or carpenter shop Two Choice Vacant Lots, in the rear of Nos. 43, 45 and 47 Chestnut
avenue, 37 1-2x93 feet. These lots are very desirable for cheap tenant houses, and can be made to pay a big per cent, on the investment. They face on alley thirty-three feet wide. A P Story Frame
House, Corner of Elm street and Chestnut avenue, six rooms, with good cellar, cistern and city water. Fully improved. Size of lot, 65x154. Houses Rented. All of the above houses are rented with
disirable tenants, and are always taken as quick as vacated. No more desirable part of the city can be found for investment.
44.50 ft.
44.50 ft
m ,, .
c - -"
3 J I
S -
S i
m. w
50 ft. 50 ft. R 152.4 ft.
c c
It is not coDiniunlv known that a large
rtnijKirticii of the rheumatism uiul iie-ti-ralcia
extant is traceable elircstlv to the
ellse'jsil c-oiiillticitt or ill!lrr!etl aCUcju of
the kiilneri .in.l live-r; therefore a reineelv
which cure tlie resulting disease must
have found and smitten the first cause.
Mjiiv jiervom using Alhlohoru fur
rheumatism ami neuralgia have been
surprised i.i lin.l ilut chronic disorders of
the liver ami kulm-vs have also twin
gieallv relieved ami tliey have written
lor an exlanatioii The fad 1', that the
re.uedv acts directlv on these organs,
cleansing them from all irritating suU-tuu-esiend
reiiljting their action. Taken
in connection with AlhUiihoro Pills this
is, without exception, the nuM vjluaUe
kidner and liver remed in the worlj.und
Kill cure a large ruiorliou of thuee who
have tlitse diseases.
Sai.l William K. Hutchison, living at 22
S..111I1 Shafer Si, Springfield, ) , " 1 don't
think there Uanv medicine liLe Atldopho
ros lor rheum eli-m l'reviotis to my using
this medicine I used alnt everv kind of a
rheumatic iiiedicire I ever heard of, hoth
regular and irregular without avail. At
the time I commmivd with Athlohoros
1 was fciiHering very much. In a erv
muarkahly short lime, in fact I hail only
taken a few eludes, I exjerunred very
decided relief. It is now over two 3 ears
Mure I used it and I have had no Rheuma
tism since tnsieak of. Athloiihorosdidits
work for me and witldothe same for others.
I have been a resident of Springfield
for over thirty vears, am well known
and would gladly verify the aliove facts to
any one who ruav be alilicted with'rheuiua
tisin "
Every druggist should keeji Alhloplioros
and Alhlophoros Pills, but liere they can
nut be bought of the druggist the Athlo
phurus Co , 112 Wall St., New York, will
wild either (carnage paid) on receipt ot
regular price, which is $1.10 er bottle
for Alhlophoros and 50c. for t'llls.t
Kor liver and kidnev rtleiw dvi-rI, In
iletloU, Weakness, nervous (leLllll), llLseasasl
of women. csmrtifnetion headache impurt
tiUxnl, AC , Alhloidiurus fills are UlltsjUnled f
Several evictions ere made near Arklow,
Ireland, 'lliursda). and were liutli re
slstril. Rornn ov pii.es."
Why fuller Pjles I I uuueduvte relief and com
plete tuie guaranteed. Atfc for "Hough on
Hies." 8urecureforltciilng,protrnuing,hleed
ing.orauy forraof Piles. 50c AtDruggisUor
mailed. E. S. Wells, Jersey City, N. J.
Wells' "Healtii Kenewer" restores health anJ
vigor, cures Dvspepsla, Imiwtence, Nervous
Ueblllty For Weak Men, Delicate Women, fl.
If gray, restores tooriglnal color. An elegant
dressing, softens and beautifies. So oil nor
grease. A tonic Restorative. Stops tialrcum
ingout;strengtaiens,cleaiiscs,beJKalp. 50c
istopitk: st.
44.50 ft.
44.50 ft.
44.50 ft.
ear sighted 1'nsseliffeM.
4Xear sighted .issnger who vcant to
rend their newspaper coming dovni on the
earlj niuniiuc tiuiiis have a hard time if
thev can t got scats on the east side of the
car," t.Jid a Third avenue elev ateil guard
"Sitting on the west side of the car each
station throws Mich a shadow that the
near sighted readers are interrupted every
time we stop. It is just the other waj on
the late aftemoou trams going up. Then
all the near sighted ius ugero want to
get on the nest siile of thecal On the
other side the station shadows then keep
punctuating the articles so that tiussen
Ber- will fldcet around until it is reallv
painful. Xcar sighted iK-oplearealwaj's
nervous and irritable anyway, jou
know. I ve watched them on the early
morning craius and late afternoon trains
fume and swear because they were
crowded into the wrong side for their
reading They seem to see well enough
when n seat acro.sS the car is enipt,
though, anc the way they dive fur it
would do credit to a professional swim
mer." New York Sun.
ltestaurant fur Vecetarlans.
Threure a large number of would lie
vege'arians in S, Ixjnls, men who have
tried the exiwrllneiit of living without
animal foul, and who found the mental
and ph steal effect so excellent that noth
ing but the force of circumstances could
induce them to return to such barbarism
as beef, mutton and pork eating. The
are mostly, like myself, from the east",
and found little difficulty there in getting
substantial health preserving vegetable
food. Here, however, it is different. 'Ihe
popular fallacy that vegetarians live on
potatoes and cabbage- has little founda
tion in fact, as they require made dishes
jnst the same as other eople It is very
strange that there are no exclusively vege
tarian restaurants in the city. All the
cities in the eastern states and in Kuro
pean countries are well provided in this
respect, and there Is money to be made
out of a high class citing house catering
io those who object to animal food alto
('ether, or who think l-eefsteak three times
n day an unsatisf.-u tory dpepsia creal
ing dibit Ulolw lleim rat
Four KtiglUa Vlnnks.
Queen Victoria ut limed interested
luring he r recent v lsit to the monaster)
of l-i firande Chailieiisu to iliid, no fewer
than four Kngli-h monks there, all of
nlium dad been v ell known in Ioudou
society as the very fastest of the fast.
IVaiik Ix-slie's.
ftt.o tue Children. They are es
OVXVrV peclalij liable to sudden
' Colds, Coughs, Croup, Whooping Cough,
etc We guarantee Acker's English
Ketnedy a positive cure. It saves
hours "of anxious watching. Sold by
i Frank II. Coblentz, corner Market and
liigh streets.
44.90 ft.
IV li) Auierl hiis lirow llatil.
"People iHsime Uild from washing the
held," said an Knglish barber "The use
of water on the scalp mav make i man
feel buov.mt for a time, but jou will no
tice that thp hair Istomes dr) and brittle
afterward 'I he wuter and subsequent
rubbing vuth a timil dr) U the oil iii the
roots, and in time the liur Ix-nums dead
and drops out In hiiglatid people never
think of washing the li'iir A goixl comb
and stiff brush are all that are needed to
keep the head c lean The w omen often
clem! hours in combing out their hur,
and that is the most laborious part of a
maid's v ork Insteid of sliamHinm.
English Uirlers use a uiach.iiH shajicsl
like a little liarrel and covered with still
bristle This is run bv a small gas en
gine, and will winnow- "very speck of dirt
out of a man's head m a few miuutes. I
have beard there are some in Use ill this
lit), but I have never seen one ' New
York Mm
llnrnt Cork Notes.
The popular idea is that up put some
Wirt of greas) picparation on our laces to
make the burnt cork come oil casilv. said
a famous mgio minstrel to a rejtortcr, but
If a man wants to liecome pcrmiiieiitl)
black, all he needs to do is to grease hi
face before he blacks up It would keep
him scrubbing all night, and he would
have to take the skin off liefore he would
get It out The preparation of the cork is
simple. The projo rt) man puts his corks
in n iun, pours a little alcohol over them
lights the alcohol, and the he it does the
rest A little robbing bvtuetu the hands
smoothes out the lumps and the grit
There's nnot her av to take out the grit,
which is to drop the burnt cork into a tub
of water, and the grit goes to tin bottom
All he has to do then is to skim off the
tloiting substance and he his the line
Jwrticles. A little water makes this mto
a jiaste read) for Use Philadelphia
New s.
A Tenderfoot in Itooiu City.
Eastern Man Ye., 1 like this climate
and have uliemt coutlmled io send foi in)
famil) and settle here
Itooin City .Man Well, sir. I can show
)ou some of the llne-st lots in
"I can't afford to build I must lie In
u renteel house-at the start l!v the wa)
where is this l!iiii Citv von hive leeii
talking almiit"'
'"You are in Hootii (M) now This r.ul
rce(l th'iHit is at the foot of .MctioiioIiMti
avrnue, facing .Monument scjuare
'Hut where are tin hoiise-s1 The re isn't
one in sight "
See here', )oung fellow, if )ou aie so
datigeel uu.is,thctit that von itiii I c ujo
the lieat ties of nature without having it
sjiottesl all oer With lioiisi -. von d better
go back East '" ( Im ilia Win hi
"HACKME TAC," a lasting and fragrant
perfume. Price "jri and 5U cents. For salet
by F. A. Garwood.
THURSDAY, JULY 14. 1887, AT 1 O'CLOCK P. M..
Only two blocks from Main St., and but two blocks to the large shops. These lots are all
curbed and guttered, and there will be no expense whatever
to the purchaser for improvements.
TERMS OF SALE : One-third cash ; one-third in one year ; one-third in two years,
with six per cent, interest, the deferred payments to be
secured by mortgage on the premises.
tilite Cri Hint hlf k l-siiuintes for July1
1. ISM?-4imcll Iteport or ll.e (ililu,
. ... i .
lle ll.mr.1 or Asri.ult.ire
' The following estimates are based em r- 'iranBers cor.llally wele-omed
I turns from towns.up e.rres.Kmd,,,,, rL
.reived iiutu .lull tUli Since the .luneie- V4. a m Kev John T Kose. rector
Mirt. the wheat prosvt has increased 4
I ner e-ent.. in about J.OuU.UOO bushul
i ...i.i -ii,.te.l nishflsl im nun .in
I total estimated tnisiicl-sl ...JM.UOU. com -
' paresl with the aierae prcxluct for the past
.t... ..s. fail- .i.rt i .is.: ...... i.i.ui.
ii i . '" ' 'I
nousuoieoi lasi jraii cioji aisjui s.uuu.-
OIW bushels.
M heal-Cnnilltlon 7
rea (iluMed up J
ltye-- .....
Corn Irea ..
I'tlllditlilll . .
llainaiied by cut worm. .
by white gruli
Potatoes Arel
1 'olts-Number, compared with average
(.'alllr I'oiiilitlon
t'alves Numlier
Wool OMp. compared with 1 ist i years av
'Ihe striking feature of the wheat crop is
its uneieiim-ss, not onl) in different parts
of the state but also in townships. In gen
eral, we note that the Hat lands have the
highest crop. The central and northwest
ern counties show low averages. Scioto
count) reiorts lihj. Hardin oil. The lour
counties adjoining Scioto show an average
ot ss '1 he seven adjoining Ilirdm, an
average of 70 Cii)ahoga count) shows
W. its slv aitjoiiiing esiunties sO, and these
groups ma) lie e-onsiderisl as fairl) repre
senting the crop lit the southern, middle
and northern bells.
A pamphlet lesirt will be published b)
August loth. It will also contain a com
plete report of fertilizers anal) zed and li
eeiisesl to lie sold in the state.
L'oriesKndentsarereeiiesteslto piotnpily
return the August figures b) the first not
later. Kespeetfiill),
1.. N lioMiwi, Sex-').
Mh) Lose tlie Use ot HUtlaiiil.
Dr. Kussell went down to Yellow Sirmgs
jesterday afternoon to see Josiph Qitmn.
the )ouug mill who was so frightfully in
jures! on the Fourth of Jul) b) driving his
arm thloti.'li a window and ciittimr the hi '
ei-jis muscle sipnrel) in two, liesides se-ver I
ing the nerves and arterii"s. It now looks
as though (jitliiti would recover and not
even have to submit to amputation: but
there is a strong prohabitit) that he will
lose the use of his hand.
Man) a )otiug gill shuts hersell out from
societ) bivause her face is coveresl with
pimples anil bloti lies. All djshgiiring Ini-
uiors are rrinuiiil bi uirif)Ing the lilooel ,
with Aver's Sarsapanlla.
'llus reniesl) is I
the safest ami most reliable that can be
tentril M L -Sabbath school at 4 a m
Pi ;tctilnn by the pastor. Het Wm Huiiyan.
U I) . at 1 a in ind at 3 p m .mng
people's meeting al 7 p in Seats are tree
first presbsterl en. corner Main and Fisher
streets keV W I halCiiIier. Il ll. Il Utiir
Key Dr lleckiuvn.uf e'tiiciiiiivtl. rssIsHiik the
pistnr.wiii iireacn ai na in -wuiinscnooiai
1 ( m olnil wop,-, prsyer meeiing at
i " 1 p in No evenliu; service until sei.teinber
, Ihe public luvite.1
I lilted Presbyterian. Market street, sauth of
i'leas ml SablialU .sellu.il at a, A ni I'reiell
tug tiv the p-vstor. ltev Joseph Kyle, at lis
m No evening servo e
North street I M. K church Preaching
at lo ina in andsp in uudty school at X ii
i m Ir T 11. Jackson will assist the pastor
Klder O P Koss
Wiley Chapel M K ''hiircli Camp meetlue,
services and rally ot the twelve of Israel at
.speuee s grove Pnyee meeting at a m
Opening sermon at lo 3H.ra. I'retetilug ai 1
o'clock p m and ralli of the twelve tribes ot
Isrvel Praise meeting at ei p. in Pretchltig
atsp ni bv Kev laylor l conll illuvllatlou
is extended to all the congregations ami pas
tors of thetltv Kev ileome eigler pas
lulversallst.serviees.it li A R Memorial
halt Mind e school ats ") a m Pre tchlnif at
1 11 a m, by Kev llenrleta Moore No evening
service. Ill arecardlallvlnvlted.
Oriee M K Chanel. wet Main street Kev
U. F Jackson, pastor Preaching at In a) a
in Sunday school 2 JO p m Kvening service
recalled tomorrow for a union service and re
ceplioit of members at St. Paul's Everybody
Congregational Lagonda Ivenue Chanel
Kev It (Juaife pastor s-abbath school at 2
p in C. E Kolger. superintendent inung
peoples meeting at rreaculngat li. sai
leet "Keiolce. Oioung man. in t3i youth
or lessons for the boys, from the recent aeel
M. piulM K.chur v. Yellow Springs street,
iiearlllgh Kev Thoi.as Collett. pistor Mia
dav school at M a m .Morning preaching at
111 41 by the pastor Preacking by kev I: F
Jai kson at s o'clock p in. Ihe reception ot
Probationers into tun membership win follow
each service All Invited. etls free
High street M K church- Kev 11 II Rust
U. 1 . pastor s,ni,AV sch,.,,l at ua m
l'reachiiig at 11 a. m by the pestor. No
evenli g service during summer
Second liiptist. south Factory street Kev
llton K Koone. p istor Sunday sctioul at
i Til m Preaching it It t in and at 7 At p
m by the pistor. Prayer meeting at 0 p. in
Ml Invited
Met! odist Protestant. Pleasint street, be
tween Market and Center sun.l.iy sclio.it at 9
i. in 'reaching at lu i) a m and s p m
Wediiesdey evening prayer ineellug at s o'
I) 1.
clock U J liiiley.
pastor MI are
cordially Invited to these services
I.igondil It church J llurkert pastor
The s.ibbttti services will bo conducted
by Kev l in F Merger Preaching at ID si a.
m and 7 ts p m sjsbhath school at p in
strangers are cordially Invited
First Lutheran, corner High not factory
streets Kev J ll llelwig. pastor Preech
lug at lu sua in N'o eveuiug services sh.
b ith si bool at ia m
second Presbiterlan -Preaching at II a m
b the Pistor. Kev il II Kullerton li ll
alter vvhich thecommuiiloii of the Lord ssup
per vvitlbe ebserved Pre idling at s o'clock
I' I" by Kev i. u lieticinui. ! LlncUinstl.
III. I. . ...., .U.ll.ll. . ...U.I il. L, itll. ..
W.IK. .-'..(., ,-.,..." ......... ...- .. ,.
1'raver meeting Weduesdav eveuiug at
Allare cordially Invited to attend
second English Lutheran L (l.itwald.
pastor "Children's liay " &unlay school at
y a. m Sermon by the pastor to the children
aud young peopU at U' .'iii a m "Hull's Chll
dren's Ua. service, bj the school at 8 p m
brief address In the evening by the Rev Dr.
ss-hlndler. ot Lincaster. Ohio. Everybody
Christian church. High street, three doors
west of Mechanic Kev lr summerbell, pas
tor Mlla m. The Isubllme lioclrlneof the
.upreme and Most High God. the 1-atherof
All" ItSp in. free lecture 'The llreatest
Mn and the lireitest rlnMer " .sabbath
School at i tu. Prayer usual time The reKim 1
is large, me seats are rree, ami all are wel
come Trinity Ilaptlst church, corner south Lime-
stone and jlulberry streets uud ly school at
!& m rreicmng av ll a. m aim
s p m Communion in thei morning.
Prayer meetiug Uednesday, at s p. m.
Ml are made welcome Kev J. II Roberts,
pastor Address, sii south Limestone
First Ueptlst sUn()ay school at 9 W a m.
Preaching at liitis. m. and S p in by the
pastor. Kev A L. U llklnson.il fi The mom
ing service will be followed by communion
Ml are cordlalli Invited.
Congregatlonal.Center street Sunday school
atifia m . ll J Fay. superintendent. 11 a.
in., and s p m . preaching by the pastor, Kev b.
P liuulap I'MJE meeting. 7 P in. hvery
body cordially invited.
Tl rvWx c tuat " fretful, peevish.
JkJVXV,xv! cross, or troubled with
Windy Colic, Teething Pains, or
Stomach Disorders, can be relieved
at once by using Acker's Baby Soother.
It contains iio Opium or Morphine,
henco is safe. Price S3 Cents. Sold br
Frank II. ('oblentz, corner Market and
High streets.
Immense numbers 0f locusts have ap
peared in the iiciuit) of Bertha. Minn ,
and thousands of acres of crops have been
SIIII.OH'S Curr.ll and Consumption
("urn is sold by K. A. Garwood on a guar
ntee. It cures Consumption.
rnrss Cbtn, Golds, BosrssiiM. CMLtliina.
llmaClUUS, WBOOIsisVWUlca. llcilNBMvwn9iT.p-
.MiBss. tkta. mud relieves eonmimpUve
Knoies la sujsiusss wtmftm or
kdlwusvrnesalru. Cam
(ttom, Tbs VDulnm vr. fra
Vomak Smrmp Is rll only tn
tekitt srniOTiTSt and brr oiir
mrtstaeed Trsds-Uarks to it.
A BslTslnsd Im a (1rclr.ii h"t-
Mnn (.VMlMm-ijiori. sna iw
fx.Almlk4lTOtiiruf JtJim II.
XMBmmlZmmt Miti . .4 .' M--m . i S..L.
Wtl" -rv(',UatUnom,lIi, L S.A.
Chew LaawrV Prass The arealTakaeru Aa
lUtoMt-llue IO Clae-Ookl by U lirualau.
Browns Iron
Th qrjMtiua hu prob&blj mw ukd tlxwtod
r l timav'UorW can Bruarn's Iron Bittn out vtmt
Uuas WU. tt daeaX But n Imn mri inrtlniiin
t r which ntpaUtla phjski&n wwild pnacrib ltut
llirBcUuu rvooffiiix lroa . Um bart itmliw
Mvat known to ta prufaaaoa. And inbanr of f
fuknf cnaucl firm wall ohrtuitlat irm ll m
ituttiartuiiKCDnfnULViso siiattunct. aj
ttner icbctuuM iwea in mMjUcln Tom snows coa
rlaaiTt7 that iron u acknowledwd to b tb snast
unportaut factor m ucccssfai nwdicai ptsctac Ilia.
auevr, a romarkabW fact, that prtor to this dtacov
ryorBkoU'N'SIKONllITTKRHKopaTfact. Is satisfactory tno oocnbtnaUaa ha4 iw bssu found.
cure lodiiollsa, BUiwuBesa, Wrakin
Hysprpsla, .Malaria, CkllU u1 Fevers,
Tired Vrtliac.Ke awral DeMlicy,Piai la tb.
Kim. It all Uusm sihnwils Iron Is r ntil dady
!?? , " S""1 IsVironrt nrdiciiMa, tt acts
"J"lr JVOen tik.n br --. th Drat mrmvUx ol
tensSltirmcwMlmariy TbsraiucbatbMtbKyau;
finmir. th. djioo nnprorM. Um bomls sr mctiim
In mm th. lTct Is osusllr mnn rmptd sod ark.d
Tn. mm becm st one. tn brighten: th. skin eUars
ii, teslthlisjioroitM.toth.ctMssks: venaammmm
disappears: ranctlonl dmimaoii bmcemm wsro
lar. sad It a norunr mother ahandsnt vutonsnes
- supplMd fgr th. child. rUxnembrr Bruem's Uon
Bitters HthtOM.V iron mudicin. that Is not Im
runoua. fkannuMgamJ ilrMi, rcMnc.4 tc
rtx Omnrhx hu Trad. Mark and crowd nd UnM
on mirnr TAKK Ml OTLUUsV
Oorner West llljh St. and VTalnnt Allrt
Blank Book Work and Letal Blaaks a
I ba tiatrstaUIva tmiut-ij lor lb shnTtiliassss; hjlf
QM li tMaanJa vl C-r tI tb wtrt kin I aoJ of WBI
BttrndiuChavabrvfi cured lafasrs! tj atrnncUiaw fa.lK
lu ill efflraf J, llml 1 will MnJ TWO BOTTLLS FKCK.
to tlwr witbftTiLCABLK TKEATlka this llsisssi
auj u2irr Glfipria aoj f (l aJJraat
OA. T. A. aJAK.CH, 11 faa. ..; Tsft
&&. X:'

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