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Springfield jtryublic
The l.ii'innr has the largest and mot
general cin-ulation in Springbeld or
the 1 ighth Congressional District.
gpritigfidtl JqntliUc.
riie Urn nr ir is tlie oldest and N new -,
paiwr, and theliadlng public n uri i1 ol
the Klglith I ongressional I -tr '
-. . 2?:ryuSferi-3i!e
d I W.aatw.n nr I -Ohio sa-tarj
k. jfalrseatnfr; slight change. II
Jln temperature. r 1
Springfield, O.,
Aug. 2. 1887. J
011 can ho'd a mass meet
ing and" resolve that the way
in which the thermometer has
been conducting itself is an
outrage on humanity. Once
upon a time, you know that
the rats held a meeting and
1 esolved that a bell should be-J
placed on the cat so every
body would know when she
was coming. But then arose
the question, who would "bell
the tat?" Similarly, it seems
that any wish to control the
" weather by doing something
with the thermometer would
be futile. You can, however,
do something vwith yourself
that will be very effective ;
iconic and get, some of that
fine French lisle underwear or
Gaii7e, super Angola, Bal
briggan, and knitted, which
we are offering now. It is
just the thing for hot'weather.
The Only One Price Clothing
and rurmshmg Goods in
25 and 27 West Main Street
To avoid rooking; is bet weather,
mb furnisrh a cheir llae ef
Delirious Appttizbg
Sardines in Mustari,Brc0k Treat
in Tomato Sauce, Salmoa Steak.
U.-yiled Ham, Tongue mad
Chicken, Potted Ham tad
Tongue; Lunch Han.
Jersey Cream Crackers,
New Packimjtf Olivet,
IrnNy Cream Salad Dressing.
r m ' t.hi. ElN.Dt. Perfeetir HealUtrat sal the
M Durable known to the trade.
Du iLle Bane! Double Seam! Double Steel!
tw Yorir Oaraaa Wteamaa:
Bortree Mfg. Co., Jacfcsoi, Rich.
Solicitor.!! American and Foreign
Room 5 Arcade laililii,
ra.rh A(rlfn-VTuhlncton. D.C.!
l n
iai; Paris. France.
. tii-ruom. No. 13 East Main St., will be
.old regardless or cost; a rare opportunlti
i.iwik barmlnt.
.1 l.7IMMi;itHAS, - ANMOIIEIC.
Dr. Frank C. Riiyaa,
aafKoonittn BacttDXham'f BaIMla.OTri
TM nrphf T Broi Stote-ir
tfBeolal attention gl van M th prcsarrlMe
He Writes a Letter in Which He Er-
presses Himself Regarding Blame's
Boy Murderer Cuufe. FtKlit tu m
Rltr llol Erlhtunke Shot k.
d arlon. Olh.r Mallfia
of lnlrrt to thr I'ubllfc
Bf the orlated l'rcsi
Nr onk. Auif. i. A lliilTalo spwlal
to Uie Times ) s: lUventlj the Exitiesi,
of tills cit) , printeil Home reiuluirenrtH of
Hon. A. X. Cole, who claims to hao Ufii
the father of Uie republUaii iiart). John
Sherman wrote this (ieoMeOlv toiiitel let
ter to Mr. Cole: "I hate read with deep
Interest what Utaid b) ou on July lOih
iu reference to Mr. Blaine's opinion of mj
self. It Is quite true a Mr. lilatne
sa)s Uiat he and I hae been on intimate
lenm alwajs, and have alas had the
plghest regard for each other. We were
both presented a candidates in tso, but
Mme of Mr. BlalueS friend-, in Ohio made
the fatal mistake of dividing the Ohio del
egation and refining to vote for me. but
voted for Mr. Blaine. This not oul) de
feated uie. but preventni the concentration
of the Ohio delegation in favor of Blaine
on the night betore the last
dav of the ronTentlou. when he sakl
he hoped the Ohio delegation would unite
upon me. If ko, m nomination would fol
low as a matter of course, but to much feel
log had been caused b) the division that it
was foand Impossible and wa. onl recon-
rded bj the uomiuatioii of General Gar
Held. It ma be that the same dlvbiou
will produce a like result in the approach
ing canvass. 1 certainly have no objection
to the nomination of Mr. Blaine and if be
U nominated I will do. what I did in 18M.
do all I can to secure his election. He Is
more injured than benefitted bv the actiritv
of bis friends In maUnir divisions in ren-ib-
Ilcan states.
John Ball. m Thtrfsn-ltar.Ol,l Huj.Con
Ihhi lathaKlUlnc of HI. Mothrr.
Cicati. Aug. 2. A special rrom
Eaton, O., sajs- John Beall, thirteen years
of age, who has been in jail six weeks on
the charge of killing his mother, has made
a confession to the prosecutor, sheriff and
an ex-sheriff, it was not written down,
and the persons above named are secretive
about It.
On June the 30th this boy was home
alone with his mother, at the farm-house,
and about 4 o'clock alarmed the neighbors
by saying that three tramps had Killed Ills
mother, and at the time he was asleep, but
awakened in time to see them leav
ing with some tnone) and also
a watch. The watch has since
been found In a vault, where the boy ad
mits lie threw it The buv had shot his
mother twice, and then nearlv beheaded
her with an ax. o motive for his crime
can be assigned, except that he was angry
at wnat seemed to him to frs evidences of
favoritism shown to his sister bv his mother.
On the da of the murder, he expected to
go to Eaton with his mother, to get a suit
of clothes, but instead Ins father took his
sister to town, and thus hewas leftat home
with his mother.
A MkBT-Sldtd 1 lorida, Official
With taBaxitl.Bi.ot.
1'als.tkv, fla.. Auif. .'.-William K.
Forward, clerk of the circuit court, regis
ter of deeds, count auditor, sxretar) of
the board of county commissioners, chalr-
man of the democratic county executive
committee, and an ex-circuit judge and a
leading wholesale merchant, has been sus-
pended by the governor, on the charges of I
malfeasance, embezzlement mutilation of
records and various private disreputable
transactions. Involving, as estimated by his
ineuus, ..ouo. o count) funds are in
volved. The treasurer's accounts are en
tirely .stralgnt Embezzlement under the
laws of Florida Is declared larceu). The
alleged crookedness cov ers nearly his vv hole
term of office.
A Had aCicuraion,
Saratikia, Auf. 2. Mrs. W. U. I.isle.
of Lansln-rburg, with her two small chil
dren, left on the 6-20 train last evening for
Glens Falls. At Fort Kdwards, about an
hour later, tlie lad) and one of the children
received such Injuries that they died a few
momenta later. The train stopped in Fort
Edwards and something occurred to excite
the lady and she attempted to jump from
the coach to the platform. She
threw one of her children hr-t
and then sprang after with
the other child. She fell under the cars
and received injuries which resulted in her
death and that of the child. The other
child was pulled out frono under the mov
ing car inst ahead of the wheels by Kii-
gmeer Martin.
Serious Condition of Mrs. I othii.
Washinotos,, Aug. S Mrs. John A.
Logan has arrived at her home in this cit).
She is reported to be In a serious condition.
It is said that her shoulder blade, which
was dislocated, will bave to be rt s -t, as the
first operation was somewhat of a failure,
Surgeon General Hamilton. Mrs. Logan's
physician, after a careful examination
round that the socket bone of the shou'der
was broken, and that both tlie shoult er
and elbow were dislocated and had l ot
been properly set He reset both tin se
bones and Mrs. Ixgan is now resting
quiet!), though she suffered Intense pain
for some time after the operation was per
formed. Fight littoitg Ir srursloititita
CxiHi). Ill , Aug. 2. 'lhe steaiiK r Goli
dala took a negro excursion part) dow lithe
Mississippi er.terda). At Hickman, K) ,
several whites got aboard, one of w horn got
into a quarrel with a negro ou the wa)
down. When the boat returned to Hick
man the affair broke out into a tight with
knives and pistols iu which tweal) five or
thirt) men were involved, black and white.
Five are wounded more or less serious!)
and one died esteida) from tlie effects of
wounds. Others are In a prrt arious state.
They Xs nut drover to tome.
Culokaih) SrniNOs, Col.. Aug 1
S me fifty persons, representing almost ev
ery state in the union, asceneded Pikcfs
Peak )esterdav, and when ou top the part)
organized. The meeting aptointfd .S J.
Fisher, of St Iouis; Judge Kerr, of Pueb
lo, Col , and Kate P. Hampton, ot bouth
Ctrollna, a committee to draft resolutions
inviting President Cleveland to extend his
western visit to Colorado and Pike's Peak.
The Invitation lias been forwarded.
Plnkerton'a Mm Withdraw.
PiTTsii.'Ko, Aug. 2 The last of the
Pinkerton guards, hfty in number, were
withdrawn from the coke regions )esterda)
and passed through this cit) in the after
noon, en route to their houits in Chicago
This evening the coke woikers commenced
voting to decide which of the two rival la
bor organizations, Uie Knlgli. of Labor or
Miners' Amalgamated assiN'tation, Is to be
absorbed by tlie other.
He's a Rnbhit.
Kansas Citx , Mo , Aug. 2. The Time'
special from the Indian territory saj s that
the election in the Cherokee nation passed
offquieUy )esterda). Kabuit Hunch, the
national candidate fur the principal office,
is believed to be elected over Ma) es, the
Downing candidate, although the Downing
party does not concede this, ttoth factious
claim a majorit) Id Uie legislature.
William tflll.lilri-Mut.lkr. Ilia Wife ni.tl
njilatltr ol lilt '.aret and Tlien Kill.
t'AMOfN. .S. J., Aug. 'i more horri
ble traged never occurred in this fit than
that which occurred in South Camden, a
few minutes before tl o'clock last evenlmr,
when William Wiltshire, !i esrso( ase
and keeper of an oster saloon, shot his
wife, hlla, aged 47, deliberatel muidered
Justice of the 1'eate William Js. Dan (col
ored), and then hnisl.e.1 tlie work of de
struction bi sending a bullet through his
owu brain, ding almost Instaiitl
ltev. George .Morris VMlten. a coioreo
preacher, who was an eje-wilness to
tlie tragedv. savs that Mrs. Wiltshire
was telling the '-siuire of the abuse
she bad received at the hands of her
husband when Wiltshire entered the of
hce. The 'squire gent! remonstrated
w ith tlio man for Ills wrongful treatment
of Ills wife, when Wiltshire, who seemed
crared from an uncontrollable passion,
pulled a large calliber revolver and hrttt
twoshoUathls wife. The hrst some
what stunned tier, but the second ilid the
work, and the woman fell to the floor life
less. Within an instant Wlllshiiie chanced
his position sllghtl) and tired at the Inntr-
cent 'squire. The ball struck mm in me
right temple, and, falling to tlie floor, he
expired almost Instaiitl). 'I he nun, after
completing his munltniiis work, walked
out of the oftiM with the smoking revolver
in his hand without sajlinr a word. He
walked half a block, when he placed the
pistol buck of his right ear, pulled the trig
ger and fell to the ground dead 'Squire
Darr was s"i ear ot age. He was a wid
ower and leaves one child. He was a lead
tug republican politician. He had served
nearl) live jearsasa justice of the peace
and has twice been elected alderman
Elegant Reception to Hon. I- V. Por,
Candidate for Auditor of state.
Bow lino Green, Aug. 2. IIoil K. W.
Toe, candidate fur auditor of state, made
his bow to his home here last night for the
first time since the Toledo com union.
After doing the hustling he did, whereby
he captured the nomination over so many
able competitors by so decided a majority,
he went to Lakeside for a few days" rest
with his family, from whence he came to
nighL On his arrival at tlie depot, he was
met b a reception committee made up of
prominent citizens and drive. to on of the
leading hotels. Here be was serenaded by
the city band and presented b Ma or Ab
bott to the gathering crowd as the next aud
itor of state. Mr. Poe responded iu a neat
speech, thanking tlie people for what the)
had done for him. He said while he owed
much to the republicans of the whole state,
it was to the people at home he felt the
most gratitude. After the applause had
ceased and more seredading, a grand ban
quet was held at the hotel, interspersed
with happv toasts by the different count
officials and prominent citizens. Mr. I'oe
is a great hustler, his people at home aic
preciate the fact and propose to aid him
this fail with 1,000 majority from' Wood
count .
The X Hinge of Parson. Moodrd four
llrldgr. XX ashrl Xtvaj.
Wll KLsBSUUE, Pa,, All,;. '- dam
bursi on the mountain esterda letting tlie
water down into the village of Parsoua.
The whole town was flooded and the people
had to dee for their lives. A little girj
named Annie- Qa'tm was drowned. Four
bridges were washed awa and 00 feet ot
the .terse) Central tracks tarried otf. At
Laurel run the mad waters caught lift!
loaded coal cars on a side track and da-lied
them down the mountain like kindling
wood. A mile and half of the track was
carried aw av
All the houses which stood
ion Ash street were swept otf their founda
tions. The loss to the railroad eoinpaii) is
ab nit Si'5 oiw, to town proiiertv, alxmt
1 arthtjtinktt shocks.
Cilirxno. Aug. 2. Dispatches from
Jacksonville, Centralia and Jonesboro, III ,
this morning. Indicate earthquake shocks at
Nashville, leun , St Itouisaud, Evansvilli,
lnd. Shocks were general throughout
southern and central Illinois. At Jacksoi -vllie
the vibrations seemed to be from t e
east to the west but at Jonesboro. In m
the northwest to the south.
Wnge ouctlou Sfttlt-tl.
PiTTsMiiti, Aug. 2. The Green gla.s
manufacturers and their workmen vtsttr
da) made an amaciable settlement of tin
wage question and the working rules for
the ensuing ear. The blast, or t ar vv age
scale. Is unchanged. The) decidee to allow
one apprentice to ever) fifteen joiirne)
XVhitelejr, Paaaler X Kell.'. Creditors'
Comnilllfc Still In Sra.lan.
The committee appointed by the t redltors
of Whiteley, Fassler Kelly, to Invest -gate
the affairs of that hrui,
is still in session, and will in t
probxbl) complete its work for a da) or
tvo. One of the members of Uie com in t
tee stated to a Kr i'i hi ic representative
that nothing had )et been done b) the com
mittee winch could be made public, and
that the report of committee had not et
b-en prepared or even agreed upon.
Cienrral XlretlnK at tlie Court House To
night of Those lutereatril.
This evening a meeting of all those ii-
terested Iu the Board of Tr-nle imminent
will be held at the court house at s o't lis k
It Is essential that all those who have s g
ultltsi their Intention of becoming iiiemht is
or who desire to become members be pre
ent at the meeting as business of luipoit-
anct Is to tie transacted. I,tt theie lie t
good turnout
Ktilght. ttt Pythias Co Into I amp lit Hus
ton. Divisions Nos (1 and tt, of the I nlforni
Hank. K. of P., left this morning for la)-
ton. where the) go Into camp toda) at
Camp Douglas, on the Da) ton f in grounds
Abiut thirt) of the local knights went
down this morning and the) will be fol
lowed b) nearl) as man) more before the
end of the week. The knights have gone
into camp for a good time aud the) will
have it.
A Xonthrul Thirf.
Two bo)s, Charles Hretne) ami Fd Alt
schul. were walking togetht roil tlie street
about I o'clock this afternoon when Hret
ne) snatclietj AltschuPs pocket book fiom
his hand and ran home with !t Officers
Delace) and Greane) went to Hretne) 's
home near St Itaphael church and le
covered the iocket book, but on account of
the boy's jonth did not arrest him. llre.
ne) claimed that he found the ocktt book
There were nine cents in it
Hefn.tsl n X mi Itlott
Kev. J. F. Morton, of Ceilarnlle, was
teudered a summer vacation by the session
of hUchuich a few da)s ago, but declined
on the grounds that the devil never t ike-, a
vacation, and those engaged in the held
agalust him should not do so either The
Dr. does uot intend to take a vacation nor
giv e his congregation oue either. That Is
what might be called old fastiioued.rugged,
rock-ribbed religion of the deepest d)e.
Mr Al. Whittaker, night clerk at the i
cade, went to Da) ton this afternoon
An Erring Member of the Boaril of Ed
ucation Sat Down Upon
Tlie "fashion" 1I..U doitd lor the
New lltlildtuffa Comirllman llatilku
4tliiree the l-enc Conlrarl lin
porlnul llnalnes. Tranartetl.
Die board of education met in rt gular
session on Monda) evening with President
Martludell in the chair. The meeting was
called to order at h o'clock. The following
meitiliers were present Beck; Ct x,
llolden, Ks), Kearns, Krxuss. i orenz.
Pence, Iteifsmder, Kidgel). Miriinpl, 1'iov,
Winger and the president.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read, approved and signed.
'OKFIOHl 111 iiit rs.
Clerk Cushing submitted his report for
the month of Jul), which was as follows
lil'ILDINl. H.Nlt
Halance on hand Jul; 1
U7 1 4..
Constriiitiou inr.in
Killing east lltgh street lot . SIS
Total i3Mt v,
lialauce on baud Migcuc 1 JIS lu
District tax . -..C"i
Tuition . - Id ft)
Kents . - .. l'U I!
Total. ... si .-ul -M
MSnl'Ksr JIPN1S.
Amount Ov erdra u J ul 1 s' 171 II
lxnlurs . . M7 ta
Kep drs 101 u
I'rtultng .. , .1 id
supplies .. Id i
.Notei and Interest. ,rj2 II
Total c3.W7 1
Balance on hand August 1. Sl.017 11
The report was received and referred to
the auditing committee.
A tax receipt was presented ! tlie clerk
showing that tax to the amount of $10 t'l
was due on that part of the east High street
lot which had been purchased from Thomas
J. Pierce. Tlie matter of pa) men t was re
ferred to the committee on law and con
tracts. Mr. Krauts, of the commltteeon supplies,
moved that the organ at the Miarter street
building be repftlred Carried.
Mr Kidgel), of the committee ob text
book, to whom was referred the request of
Miss I.lnu for a change in the text look of
Mental Philosoph). teported favorablv to
nich change and offered the following res
olution Kesolved. That Mahan's Mental Philos
ophy be discarded as a text book in the
high school course, and that AIden Kle
mentsof Intellectual Philosoph beadopted
In iLsstead.
The resolution was adopted.
Mi. llldgel), of the same committee, pre
sented a leixirt irecouimeudliik that the
school jear be divided into txo tetin.s. an
examination t5 W held at the close of rach.
nnil that the dail) recitations of pupils be
taken into account in fixing the grade of a
pupil Referred to committee on rules
Mr. Winger, of the finance committee,
moved that an order for S'.'t 5o be issued iu
favor of Clerk Curbing, for quarter's sal
arv. postage, ,c Carried.
Mr. Kearns moved that an order be is-
sued to George Kell), for S4, for two dozen
.-Ar..n. r.rriiwt '
brooms. Carried.
Mr: Sbrimpf. ot the conmit ee on bu 1 1-
tng and repairs, presented Urn till ofMur-
tln Mnran, of 5253 TO, for tilling the east
High street lot and moved that an order
be issued to pav the same. Carried
Mr. Winger moved that the comnutteeon
building and repairs be Instructed toriceive
bids from Martin Moran and others, for nil
unr tlie east High street lot at so much per
Mr. Heck offered as an an endment that
the committee receive bids for the entire
tilling and also b) the load The amend
ment was accepted. 'Ihe motion as
amended was carried.
(In motion of Mr. Shrimpf the board de
cided to meet on east High street lot as a
committee of the whole on Tuesda) even
ing at 7 o'clock, to consider the matte r of
filling the lot
Mr. Shrimpf moved than an order for
3 VI nr. be issued In favor of Charles Frazer
loi digging a dry well at the Miuth build
ing Carried
Mr Shrimpf moved that an order bo
Issued in favor of Michael Kearns for S4!i --"
tor dressing stone steps at the South
house Carried.
Mr. Shrimpf moved that an tinier b
issued for S4J.75 n fa or of Mlchatl
Kearns tor work at the east High street
building. Carried.
Mr. Shrimpf presented the bill of W. F.
Lewis, of S14. forpalntlng the lace of the
school c lock, and mov ed that an order be
issued to pav same. Carried
Mr. Shrimpf moved that an order for
St J m be Is Issued in favor of KJvvanI
Iteev es, tor carpnter work at the Central
building. Carried.
A recommendation of Mr. Shrimpf. of
the building committee, to make certain re
pairs at the various buildings, was laid over
for two weeks.
Mr. Shrimpf. of the building committee,
recouuuendetl that the Hmlka wire screens
for the basement windows of the different
buildings be adopted, the price being It!
cents pt r square foot. Carried.
Mr Shrimpf stated that the building
committee ha I received bids on iron fencing
fnm three n ins, an I moved that a recess
of live minutes bo taken to examine the
three st)les of fence. Carried
At the conclusion of the recess Mr
Shrimpf, of the building committee, pre
sented a report recommending the llanikx
Iron fence for the six different buildings.
Price, east High street building at SI 07 per
foot, the other at cents per foot
Mr. Winger asked that the other bids be
re-ul. .Mr. Shrimpf seemed to think that
this request was an aspersion on the hon
est) of the committee, but read the bids
from Mast, Foos A Co and tlie Kodgers
hence Co
Mast, Foos A Co proposed to erettl74
feel of their best ornamental tenceatlhe
eist High street building at !H cents per
foot, the fence at all other buildings to be
put up for 7'l cents per foot
'I he Kodgers Feuce Co made the follow
lug proposition: To erect the fence, s)e
,M, at 07 cents per foot: or, for a two rail
fent e. 02 cents per foot
ThellaiukaCo proposed to pamt the
fent es erected b) them a id war a it them
for 5) ears.
'I he bid of the llanika Co was accepted.
Mr. Shilmpf presented the nnal estimate
of Architect Cregar Iu favor of .1 S Ports
for w ork on the east High street building
for $2 2V 17. The clerk was instructed
to issue an order for that amount iu favor
of tlie mechanics who h id Iiei s ou the
Mr. Kelfsiiider. of the committee on
fuel, presented the bill of Hartumn, Mor
gan A Co for 7 tons too ioi!tiil of coal
at 2 'i0 per ton, and 200 bundles of kindling
at l! cents ier bundle, for tlie Central and
South buildings, Strts 4S Ordered paid
Mr. Hel slider presented Moores At Son's
bill of 15 1.0S for coal and kindling at the
Dlbert street building. Paid.
The bills of the Champion Coal Co of
l'i0 feO for coal at the Western building.
Fr ink Collins of S127 I'i for toil at lhe
South building, and The Pmilo t Coal t'o
of 42t jo tor foal at th Western building,
were presenltd and p d.
'I he pieshlent ami cleik were authoriod
to i-sue an order for not more than oo in
favor of Gorge II 1 1 ess .v. Co , of Chicago.
On mot oi of Mr. Winger the contr.ct
nimle by Ihe board with James Care) to
tin ms i coal for the new Kastern building
lie revoked, as It was understood that Mr.
Carev was sub-letting his contract Carried.
Mr. Pence, of tlie t ommlttee on furni
ture, presented the bids on tlesks which
had been received b) the committee. He
tlin nra.unted the report of thecoiumittee,
Kcoinmending the purchase of the "Fash
ion ur-K, manufactured by the Sidue)
) Manuftc uring ouipaii). this bid bi4
uig the lowest and th- -eats to t plated
on the tliMir reidj toi ue I he report was
Mr ( o of the tl ilins tollllilitiei'
stilted the tollowing bills, whicl
allowed and onlered pint
William lil-lil. sundries
Urk li-isti.rf untitles
"prtnklleid i, izeitc adtertlslni:
sprluallpl 1 (" is i ompiiiv lull
tonnty lo-i onler
1l- 11
9 ifl
1 US
Tot-il -.
The tanitors were nald is per contracL
Mr I oien presentetl the report of the
couiiiuttttt apiNiiiitid to investigate the To
ledo Industrial si hool The retnirt was re-
ceived, and will In- found in another plare
In this pi'Mr
Mr I'elfsniiltr of the fuel committee.
reported in favor of twanllngthe nmtrait
for ttnl at the Ki.ttrn building to Mr
t "eorge Waigintl 'I lie reimrt was adopted
nil sq vi x i vsl
Mr Wingt r arose sud sAnl that in view
of the fait that one of the nit inliers of the
Itiard (A II "peiluisui had, two weeks
ago, so tar forgotten himself as to get
drunk and lie arrested md locked up in tlie
station house, lit- would move that the clerk
lie instructed to notif) Mr -)pellniau to
appeir Itefore the boxrd at its next
meeting and show cause wh) the Istard
should an) longer recogine him as a mem
berof tlie Itoaid
Mr. Itulgt I) alttinpttsl to explain Mr.
SjKihnans tction, hut was not smxessful
Pit sldeui .M irtuiilell said that he thought
the bo in! ought to take action on this mat
ter. "If 1 should get drunk," said he, "1
should send in n ) resignation at once and
not wait tor the botrd to 'lire' me."
'I he motion of Mr. Winger was tarried
On motion ot Mr Lorenz two moms in
the Central building were ordered papered
before "the meeting of tlie Clark Count)
Teachers' Institute.
Mr. Kidgel) presented a change In the
regulations, whith was hid over under the
On iu turn the board then adjourned.
Iniptirtniit M.t-tliii ttt the tteneral Com-iiiitlt-f
or Xrittngt-iiit-nt Last r.?rnlnir
V tirk as Cotnplrteu.
The general cti-ii-iiittee of arrangements
for the great soidieis' and sailors' reunion,
to be held In this tit) next Thursday and
Frida), held an important meeting last
(Monda) l evening at th Arcade hotel.
There was a lame attendance of members,
and Colonel IJ iv id King, representing the
Xinet)-fourth, was present for the hrst
time, much to general satisfaction. The
im-Uing was spirited and harmonious and
gives promise of a line reunion
Commander Caufield, of the committee on
meals, reKrted that the ladies of the
Methodist Protestant t huroh were making
active prep-iratlon to conduct the eating
house in a manner that all mi) be plenti
ful!) fed "
Comrade Mitchell reported that Mr.
George Simpson had kindly tendered the
committee Use of as much lumber as was
needed for tem-iorary structures of ail)
kind: also I hat plenty of burets had been
procured for lioltliu-; drinking watt r.
It was decided for one member
of the committee to go to
Kepia tomorrow and interview the
t""'7,', " , " , --epauglj
show with the vleivot inducing If possible.
the circus to give. Its parade earlier in the
dav than usual so as uot to conflict with the
reunion procession.
Comrade Walker, of the committee on
lights, reported that tw ent) -five large gaso
line illuminating lamps had been secured
from a Marl- et square dealer.
The t ommlttee on privilege reporttsi pro
gress and that the privileges were being
sold satisfactorily to responsible parties.
The chairman wis instructed to see the
water works authorities ind have the water
turned into the pipes on the Fair grotii.il
(luring the reunion
The committee on Invitations reported
that It had invited the press and other iIls
tlngulslietl MtpIe to be present at the re
union, i
1 he secretarj was directed to invite Col.
It. 1. Kllpatrick. thegillant ex-sold ay. to
act as an aide on the staff of Colonel Tvil
le)s, of Iowa, grand marshal of the
da). If the colonel accepts the
invitation, he will le places! iu charge of
the miscellaneous bodies iu the pnieevsion
and the navy.
The committee on printing reported that
the badges and programmes were read) for
Bills weie allowed In the sum or ?"3.1".
Comrade lp Klifrltzvvas instructed to
procure placards to designate the headquar
ters, etc., for tlie various bodies.
The committeeou setts reported that
chairs and tables had been procured for
the accommodation of the press at the
camp-fire 'lhur-da) evening. The com
mettee then adjourned to meet at 7 So
Wednesdi) evening at the same place.
So far as already indicated, the follow
ing will take part in the parade Thursda)
morning. Survivors of the loth. ICtb and
17th batteries survivors of the Slst, 44th,
44th Mb. 08th and 74th regiments, and the
nav). Mitchell post No 45, (,. a. R : Sons
nf Veterans Battel) E, Champion
Guard The "sons of Veterans
of F. 1011 .iNo think of
I coining up 111 a beat) and joining 111 the
p trade
In this counts turn tlie Ktriiiur is re-
' lf1l.lt.Mt lA . Am. t ., I ,,.. ....l in,. u nlt.int
I b) an lrresH)nsitne publication. There will
lie but one t amp-lire, and that will be held
Thursda) evening at Camp Clark, Fair
grounds, anj not at the wigwam, as erron
eous!) stated
nmsviltes lin I 11 the Sorlueflrld
Ttmrlfl i. in 1 Poor C. intt.
Tlie Tout h-l'p ba-e ball club of this cit)
plaved the antsviile (Ohio It ague) team at
the latter cit) esttrda) (Monday) afttr
nron and had tluirejeput out with consid
erable tinphasis. The score was It to 1.
and the Touch I ps were the owners and
proprietors ot the one. The game
was listless and inclined to be one
I'gged, aud b th 1 lubs cxn pli) better b ill.
Soie"s tleliver) was pounded for twenty
two tlean hits, while Hardliner's curves
kept theSpriugheltler'sgiitssiiigallthiougli
the came and thev eould tin little or nothing
With liiiu, I lie audit nee was small and felt
smaller The 1 lulls pliv agiln todav and
tomorrow. Ihestitiieb) innings
PjrlUKflrld 11 11 ei 1 11 0 11 11 ii 1
anescille o 5 0 2 1 S 1 '-la
Batteries zUm sville. ltartmeyer aud lla
nrj spnugtleld, s.,)iHauit Hcktleld Ba.e
hltt 7anesvllllo 22. -uringaeld j tarued
r ins anesvlile 7 hrroM inesTille 3.
siriugtleld 11 I mplre Ralferty.
L'lianl n. Action o the Onlilnl Hoard
or the CVnlriil XI. K. Church ItUat
At a iiuetlhg of the nil eial board of the
Central M. K eliunh list (Munda)i even
lug a resolutl m was uiianhiousl) passed
t lat the presld ng u'der use Ins intluence
with the cabinet of the Cincinnati confer
ence to retain Dr. Kuiijan as pastor of the
church, 'lhe coiiference meets in Septem
lier. 'Ihe action of the ofhclal board is
tlirtctl) ut loiisouaiit expressed b) thecon-
giegation 1 ver)bod) stems anxious fur
Dr. Kim) m's leturn next egr.
Poruter t 1 trk Count) Man linhd
Wind lias Jim been received in this city
of thedtath, in Ptttln county. Mo, July
.27, of Mr. dain Householder, a former
Clark count) man who lived near Platts
burg Deceased had reached the age of 7:
and the tata! disease was cancel. He set
tied lieie In lSiO, coiiilng with Ids parents
from Vnglnla, but left before the war. He
Is well lem 'inbered b) some of our o'der
Report of the Comniitti e Appointed by
the Board ot Echuatiou to
Visit Toledo
I.c u.sinti nf the Mmiii tl training s, honl
Ijllestlon lit the ICtlitril t Itlfli
ttfftlliti lixt tll-i! I Is to
he Itnlseil hy Sit( rlitloll
At n meeting of the board of education
on Mondtv ev tiling Mr I II I oreu,
chairitixii of the sjiet 11 committfe t-
I pointed to visit the M 11111 tl I raining school
at Toledo nut rt port to the board the result
ot its tibst rvatioits, pn-st ntfd the following
lo tbe Board ot I- In .t 1 m
litMlnns our lomtuitti-f appoint! d
at our last rigulai meeting to visit the Me
clianit al schisil it ioltslo and to f x tin lie
Into its plan of opi ntion method of in
struction and its iri nernl ntilitv. lias necoin
pllshed its object an 1 begs leive to rt
mrt as follows
Prof W II Compto'i superintendent of
the Toletlo t lnj,ils lied the kindness to
conduit our committee through tin- Imild
lug end give all ins-t-sttr) exjil tuition
desired Ihe bulldiu; was t in t(s lor the
siecial puriHst. fonst-qucntlv if is tduiir-
aol) ulaptt-d In even resptst On the
ground lloor wh found tile til u k-m';lli shop,
consisting of fort) I irges with blai k boards
on the wall Ih tore ihe pupils commence
their prai tical wor tin v Imctodraw ever)
article the) intt nd to make on the black
board On the ru.hr h ind suit' is a large
room for a fouudr) vvlut'i is et meom
plett? There is a sitv horse turner en
gine on the Moor vv in h furnishes the
whole building wit'i th nec.ssir) povvtr
On the set olid tl xir vvt loiuid the wood de
partment with t'le iisu tl nnehlii, ries. The
enrpenter shop t outauis twt ntv tour Vnoh
est and a full set of tools for tadi The
third tliHir Is vii tnt. but is being htltd up
for a imu h in simp n e fourth lloor con
stsLs ot four rooms, two of w inch are used
for draughting, anil one for thofuliutr)
department Tl ere is 1 range in
this noiu, twelve t iMes, taih with
two gas burners and a tefngtrator
to hold provisions sowing and
neciledepirtmtnt will be ad led this fall
The coiir-e of this md istrial school covers
a period of four v -ars ht .turning with V
grammar graCe aid i-icludin the three
grades In tl t High dr , The pupils are
taught to make their mvn to N and a varie
t) of Useful inn les. ror lurther informa
tion ou this subjec I. we refer the members
of the board aud thee if Iz lis of pringticld
to tbe excellent it ports pulilihttl iu the
I) ui Riri 1 ik and the CuiMifun City
Ttnifs. of last Fnli). J.i v ' tn
Your comiiittce would retsimnienl that
this board, witnout further tlelaj, tike the
necessarv steps to es .bllsli a Maim il Train
ing School in this citv
Uespivtfullv submitted
I. 11 I OI'FXZ,
r 11 kax.
.1 vs M Prcr,
A b 1 vvroi'.
Afttr reading the report Mr. Iirrnz
made a verbal statement ot 'he mlvantam-s,
of a Maim tl Training scliotil loveniigflthe
same p diits tint wein usnl bv the Um'LU
lic lst Friilav in its report of
the cimiinttti- s visit to the Toledo school
He said tint in unit r to Is the to open an
ili'tll-t' I it s, litHil in spr n.'iit h! this )t-ir. it
would be necessir) for then, trtl to secure
some assistance from the co n us, as there
were no monies at the dismst) of tlie
botrd which could beusnl for tit 11 puiptise.
In TolcsJo, he .1 d th. Manu il Training
school was est ibhshtsl with a fund raised
from the sale of ttnddnh.tfd to theclt) bv
two vve-vlthv cit ens. li'couttethe fund re
alized from the stle i the I md was not
siiftii lent to ertst an I q qi the building
tint o,eritc the si ii n.i l n im find gavt
the schihd a grasi start intt it is nmv 111 in
tallied lit a sieci il t tx lev)
Mr. l.uieuz was ol opinion tint if 1 pub
lic meeting of tl e tumid vv is held, at which
citizens should In allow tsl to t iko part in
tlie discussion ol the project of e-.tab!ish
ing an Industrial Si hool 111 Sprlnglleld such
an Interest would hi aroused in the nntttr
that t sum ot uiouev .iitli"i nt to st trt th
t hool esiuld beriistsl bv subscription
It will tie impossible to e-tablisi in in
diistml scliotil in sprin.'field this )exr un
less lilieral donations ire in tde b) citizens,
as the board h is 110 ino'ie) to put into sui h
a school and einiiot get anv -n much less
than i ear
Nothing could tie done it the meeting of
the boird last night le'voud continuing the
special coiil'nltti-a. Ihe rutliod of pro
ceslure now lies with tint fomtulttie and It
is probibie th it It wilt t til apulilic luieting
Harry GrtRl.i Hies on suii,iav iu rort
VXiijne, lint The I ila-Ml Arriuge.
Mr. Harry (trilhn fornierl) of this city,
but latel) of Fort W lyne, lnd . was sun
struck at the latb r place on Suudav and
died 111 a few minutes. His faUier died
about a ) ear ago. but his mother and two
brothers reside in this citx, Mrs. Grifijn
living 011 Shaffer -tint Lxst (Monda))
evening Messrs I ceph and John Griffin
left for Fort W m)eto tsre 1 h irge of the
remains of their br itlier, and they
are expecttsl to arrive lure wim
the hotly at 0 o'clcnk this evening
The deceased was a stone mason, single,
and about IS tars of age Heltft Spring
field about fiftt en months ago and has sirce
been working at I is ti nit in Ft Wavm.
The flint ral will I ike pis e sumo tin e oil
All the stone in isous m the cit) are re
questtsl to meet this I Tiles la 1 eveiiuig at
s o'cha k iu Siaigeulierger's hall on east
Mam street, to nnkt irrnnri'iiitiits to at
tend thefuneial ot II trr) Grittin.
V imp Mtt titiR
The Ohio lunfeieuce M P camp meet
ing will begin on the I oil eauip grounds,
three miles west of ishingtoii C. 1! ,
Ohio, August l'l ml close September 4
Mr- Mar) Mersl.un the luditui f v tngel
nt. will eomliki n vi.a1 snvms during the
lUffting Itinpeiau e st ruion, 11gust Jo,
hiinda) school as eiubK igust J'l and 0.
Lat dtt) of vsseuiblv. ch. Mien's jubilee
da). '1 lie lift) mill 1 aliuutl st-suii of the
Ohloconfeieiitf wdlht 1 eltt mi the grounds,
beginning August .1 Tin re will he good
singing and preaching dail). Thousands
of people will be present 0,1 vll three Siin
da)s of the ctin,) met tin., lrom all puts of
soiithirn Ohio 1iick line will run col -staiitl)
betwi in W a-iiiiig.tui ( 11 and tl e
tamp grounds, and met t pessengers at the
depot All are liiviti d to ittend
S K M villi, Sup't.
About si I.OO I lteltet III ill It purled.
The Ki im 1 1 it iiiidvertinll) crreil last
evening lu tlie stitenn nt that Mr 1- Kell)
paid but so. s7"i for h s part ot the Win. N.
Wbltele) prtqiert) on 1 aur stone street.
That was the figure indieitetl on the fate of
the deed .I'ul the one crivt 11 the ifMirttrb)
ltecoidtr lisld I. ut uiorigtge coiuphca
tioussptfin.it n 1 11 ik 01 the docu
Uli lit ill uli tin loiisult ration Si", s.7"i 'lhe
ennsideratloii tni l b) Mr .lau.es Carson
wastorreith stited 51 12'i Mr Whlle
le) did not lose an) thing, bv the sale
TheNen l'rtqirlet.ir ol the Xrtntle
Mine Host r M Munger, of Chicago,
the new landlord ot tlit Aicade hotel, took
charge this morning, breikfvst being tlie
first meal under his administration For
the present at leasu and irobib'e for
som time, there w HI la no change lu the
off! -e staff or the ' help
I he Vlrettllg of llnttrrjr h
list I tfiiing
ttiintt r iintinp.
Preparation fur the l
uient at llelnwille
t the regular nits ting of Bitter) 1,
First IJeghueiit Light Aatiler). ON (. ,
Captain John G. Keiiiion promulgated the
following orders
Aauoay BtTTtax 1 1st Ue t Lit nr )
Xki II N 1. , Vint 1 lvT 1
1 Having at a hatter) meeting held
Jul) l', lsS7. accepted an invitation to
parade with the veterans of the late war,
during their reunion here August 4, the
members of the batter) will assemble at
their nrmorv at 10 a. in. ot the above date
prepared for parade Bv order of I
John G Kknnov It II Mmivw
t'apt Commanding First Senrent
Vrsiirv Hcttkky r. I
t irst Lu nr Aktili kbv. O N
spait,MrLit uly-Si. lss"
Order No '..
I. I'lirsiimt to Older No it tttsl Kegi
mental Htadifliarters. Jul) 2Vth, ls$7 tlie
numbers of the bitter) will asstmbleat
the armor)" at 4 a. m. August uh. prepara-
tor) to going into camp at Delaware.
1 Fach member wilt provide himself
with one da) s rations.
? Fich man will provide himself with
at least two tnirs ot gloves, and ever) two
men witli a lied tick
4 Arrangements will lie made for al!
who wish to do so. tostav atthe armor) the
night ot the sth. By order of
Jons G Kfvs x, Capt Com'd'g.
K. II. Mxnxvv. First Sergt.
Considerable time was taken ur in dis
cussing the coming encampment and the
to)s are very eager and Interested atiout it.
From pre-ent Indications their march to
Delaware will lie a particultrl) p'eisant
one. The start is to lie made at 1 o'clock
next Tuesday morning, the bo)s assembling
at the armorv on Center street,
an hour earlier. The horses will tie kent
li huness over night so that all will be 111 1
retdiness. and it is probable that arrange
ments will tie eilected b) which the) c in
ti quarterel at the fair grounds. With
fiis earl) start the bo)s expect to reach
Mechanlcsburg about 10 30. where the bat
tery will have dinner and encamp during
the heat of the da) at the fair grounds At
P"!0 the march to Marysville will be re
sumed, and upon arrival there tie batteiy
will be tendered a reception h) the milltaiy
company there, with which Lieutenant Wt 1
Hershey. formerl) of this city. Is now
connected The Mar) svllle bo)s will give
the battery lads their supper and prnvidu
some other social amusements or their
The next morning the batter) will moveon
to Delaware, theineanipmeut grounds
S..alnn of the G. . It. Trun.pnrtntlnn
Cnintitittee at Coluiuhns McCoy p at
Depsrtmeut Commander Putnam. Assist
ant Aujutant General Stewart, Assistant
Q lartermaster General Wallace, Pat Coir
mxniiers Brown and Couger. and Comrade
J. W. 0NeiI, of Zane-ville, composing
the transportation committee to secure rates
to the coming encampment of the G A. It.
at St. Louis, were In session at the Vt
house ) esterday, sa)s the Columbus 1
t if. where the) met the agents of the -e -eral
roads over which it would be conv 1 -ient
to make the trip to that cit),
with a view to getting leisonabl
rates for the thousands who wH
be p'esent on the occasion The
members of the committee listened to a-hat
the agents had to say and held another
meeting last night before their ilejiarttre
for their homo. No definite conclusion w as
arrived at though one of the niembtrs
sta'etl that theyexp'cted to secure a much
better rate than the) have ever liai hereto
fore, and he added that if there is an) one
who should be favored with a reasonable
rate bv the railroads it is the old soldier.
xs the matter stands It Is not likel) that
an) llilug definite will be known in regard
to the rates until after the net meeit g of
the Central Traffic as-o,iaticn, as tlie offers
differ so materiall) that some consultation
will have to be had.
I ast night the distinguished part) was
invited to attend the regular meeting of
McCo) post and during the evening the)
were called out aud made stirring speeches,
and were most enthusiasticall) received.
The speech of General Brow n is pronounced
b) the comrades to have bee'i one of the
strongest and most jaunted to which tlie)
have listened in tlie h ill.
The members of the couinilttt e are en
thusiastic over the location of the encamp
ment at Co'umbiis next ear. and think all
th it will be neeessar) is that Columbus
should do her duty in the way of raising
the neeessar) fund. The whole subject
seems from present indications to be in the
hands of the board of trade.
It Ainhtee Through n House anil Toj.
With the Contruta lender! J.
About C o'clock Monda) morning. sa)s
the I'rbana Cifizcn, the house of Henry
Cramer, on Louden street, was struck b)
lightning. The house was struck on the
north side, and the electricit) ran along
the cornice to the rear of the house and
through the room where Mr. and Mr.
Walker were sleeping. The plastering w as
knocked from the wall, and the bureau
that was sitting near where the lightning
cauie in was moved from the wall, but no
damage done. A gold ring in 11 jewel case
that was sitting on the bureau was badly
twisted. All the numbers of the family
and the boarders sleeping In the house were
more or less shocked, except Mr. and Mrs.
Walker. The strange part of the matter is
that the) were sleeping In the riom where
the damage was inostl) done and still were
the onl) ones that were not affected b) the
shock Mrs. Cramer probably felt the re
sult of tlie shock more than any one else,
but she Is nut at all badly hurt. It was a
most fortunate escape for the household.
The Bu.hnell (jiiiattls to Arrive Ilnnir
Today front Wilmington.
The Ninth Battalion encampment at Wil
mington concluded this morning and tent
were struck after break fa. The Ilushne I
Guards, Company A, will arrive home this
atteruoon. coming by way of the Midland
and tlie Ohio Southern railroads Spence
Drake, of this citv. did the great act as
drum major ) esterday. aud headed the bat
talion in a final dress parade in front of the
court house, where the) were addressed b)
prominent officials, and where their excel
lent drilling was watched by a large and
enthusiastic crowd.
On Sundav, the camp was visited bv
Adjutant General Axline and several offi
cers of the V. S. Army. A vast crowd was
1 resent.
X New Illcycte Lluh ttt he Orgiulrr
For tint last week or s,i a in iveinent has
la-en on foot amongst the wheelmen of this
city, not identified with the present exist
ing bicycle club, to organize a club of their
own. A meeting was to have been held for
that purpose last night but the rain pre
vented. It is the purpose of those) inter
ested In the project to meet somewhere
about the city, take a run Into the csiuntr) ;
and organize on the wheel The new club '
will ptobibly be called the "Onhest"
sale of Unclaimed fc.xprt-. Package..
Mi Interesting auction sale will take place
in the Market square a week from next
Saturday, at whlah five hundred unclaimed
express packages, which have been accu
mulating for two )ears past In the office of
the Adams Express Company, will be sold.
Thepar-eLs will be sold "sight unseen," so
to speak, no parcel being opened until after
tt U h it off. Thn occaamn uttll hu ,. , i.e.
.- -- -.--. --v ...... ., ,(, Mt- IUCCIIII
interesUng one, and never falls to occ aston
great diversion,
(aiugiiaiiis,.')" )r jil., worth 10 .
Uiiigiiaius Sc per x(j,, nottti I'.V
to I5c.
American Satttens, 10c, north
12 l-2c to l.'ic.
Box, WatJi, Suits at one half oT
former price.
Uariraiiisi extraordinary in Dress
(ooils, Tic, 10c, 12 J-2c, l.'ic inn!
2."c pr vanl.allitt Irss thin
oit'-lial' lornter price.
Remnants Sunt mer Uoods at one
hall lornter price.
4H Si, fJO T-.IlllC's.tOIK.
sft." u
'iPiiorE: ica.
a i sa
S si
tii -
- - Z
r. s
O i uj
O J- Z
y ! -
a, -
0 -.
ISajIlM imu 1 uj iKfv
Indispens.tb'e in Hot W eatlier.
-lf OITlI
WORTH $2, $2.50, $3.
Champion Brraid
Tor Family TJ.o.
W. Grant' sSons
1 6 E. High Street.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
OFFICES' Spring Street, opposite i
Factory lu" .south Market, ptin.'
Held. O Telephone n "s"
XXollidasralsxirg, 3rn .
A Home srhoot Tor X ottug Lmlie
Thorough drill in the I.ncltsl, II' in
in thn nctent and Modern Lt .. ui
ceDtionat advantages for lhe study .
lnstrumeutal and vocal sj,miM ur
uatd to health morals and minnef
f.r cat ilotue to
Kt It s llITclti.. K
rtef'reuce-Ker W t" fttconer f
UlnlL cou'mhi s
i1Vl!!f.,,S,,ir,r'0JVl,!,T Fl2'" ""'
citiS. '"Howes , u-,ree

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