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-S'QaMW5 .- . t- . i.inlaaEllstttM --- i
Si1".-? .
"REPrr.TJC, TlrKDAV KVEXLM.. U'l.lV,' 2. 1887.
cimsiSL wn ,'.,--
iho only brawl of Laundry isoap
awarcled a first class medal nt tho
New OrJrann Kxijltk)iu Guaran
tees! alisoltitel) pure, anil for general
liousehold iurj.M- Li tlie very Us
jfrpringfirtd Republic.
1 ke UHPl BLIP rnm Ik. I It Ws-
Wib tssorlatod Prat DtstalckM ail t Mti
Cttlt (Fknlga)Telr(rMM.
Publishers and Proprietor.
every eveulu except Sunday, and It deity
ered at the rate ! 10c. pr week. SintK
copies 3c.
THfc. WKFKLT KKFUBLIC It puulllhrx!
even Thursday, and l one ot the moat com
plete tunlly newspapers In the country
eleht pases, markett complete. Kepiet
with newt and mltoellany. $1 Pr lar
lnv artabli eatb In advance
All communlcatlont ana contribution
should tt addressed to Curros AIMchols
editor. and all business lettert to Thomas o
Bias's, manaeer.
Telephone No. 350.
Lieutenant Governor.
,V C LiOV.
Supreme Judge nous term
Supreme J u3ge t short tei m
1 J lilCKNUN
i I'oi:
Mate Treasurer.
Attornn tlenenl
li I. U TMIN
Member l!oird I'uhlie W t.rks.
Hrobate J udee.
F. SEKVl.''
w ii .sTKRithrrr.
InCrniAr? IMr'nt.ir.
J.M Bf.'NfrrT.
l'rnwui leailms the city tor the summer, or
fur a tew eek. or tor only a le day!, can
hae the liken uc mailed to tbem. from thl
.ifflce. without eitracharce, II you are Ruin
.A.n niUAA i nie iut drin bs a nostal card
and your address lll be chanted, so that you
may hare yonr home paper erery aay
Let us have a rot now on the preMdei.
tial business and turn our attention to i
in ForaVer.and tlie etitire state tn ket, 30.
uoo msjontj in November.
lhejieupleof Cincinnati have S2s,ouu
lie tb one million dollar suarautee
luiiil. for the t-rntenuial wlebration next
vear. Theiueen City U cotTespondins;l
linpp) and promise a grand attain
Ouriinihibiuuii brethren have been un
fortunate in the men whom tliey boosted
it. u. oRice last ear. Their countv com
iiiissiouer has been doing work forth
,ouui in violation of law. and another of
tneir reformer. Speilman. representing the
.s-cond ward in the school board, has been
arrested for drunkenness. Perhaps llroth
er Thompson of the Xf Era, will de
nounce these statements as infamous lies.
Allen O. Jlsers knows a good republican
ticket when he sees It, and of the work of
the Toledo convention he aays:
There is a good deal of enthusiasm over
the ticket and tlie work of the convention
It is a stronger ticket than the republicans
have bad for years, and I predict that Kora
ker's majority over tlie democratic candi
date, from present indicaUns will be greater
than any republi-an governor has re
vived since Hrougb beat Vallandmuhain."
Our English neighbors get temblj mixed
up. sometimes, on American iwhtics. Some
of their leading papers are busy now dis
cussing the nomination of Hon. John fcher
man, b the republicans as their presiden
tial candidate, and wondering whether or
not James . Blaine will come home and
run as an independent candidate. An
American editor who would exhibit such
i tiiorance of Knglish affairs could not hold
his position four das.
The democrats of Greene count are ev l
rtentl "forniii't" the administration, and
have bought a printing office and started an
organ. M. M. Gaunce, owner and editor
..f the DrjiiCTOt-.NVi. is postmaeter at
eiiia and is attempting to hold up the ad
ministration end of the partj. The new
men have blood in their e e and vv ill make
war on the posuifiice, one of them Having
l.eeii au applicant for the appointment of
l-.U.iaster when Gaunce was apjwinted
two years ago.
l"resident Cleveland" Secretary of State
Haard calls the t. rand Army of the Ke
poblle "the professional oftice seeking asso
. iation."' The secretary knows how to keep
himself solid wiih "the pow ers that be."
He has so long been an olhce seeker him
self, that he lias learned tliat success largely
depends in running harmoniously vrith the
machine, i n addition to his lirome desire
l continue in office, there is no doubt but
that he voiced his own real sentiments, as
well as those of the administration, in the
ahove quotation, for he and all or his stock
were thorough icbels duringthe war hence
tneir intense bitted of the bo)s who wore
t.e blue
Mr. Winger, member of tlie school board
.. .,... 1 . I tl,.. rlM
irominfJHMiiwwu. uiu.cu .
direction at the close of the board meeting
Mondav eveinug. when he introduced
resolution requiring the prohibition mem-
iJr A It. SiH-iim.ui. from the second
ward, to appear liefore the board and show
cause whv he sliouiu looter ne riniiu
as a liieuiN'r of the Uiaid It will le re-
,,Ui,itiar0.1 thai Siieilinaii a short time ago
was arresteil and station housed for dnink-,
enness. Our reort of the me'tlng in an
other column will be found full of interest.
The ineinlier from the hecond ward shoiilil
be hrel. and hrel promptl
prillgheld has several gas well", orwell
for gas, but no gas for wells. The fart is
we do not rare much for natural gas an)
... .. r- .,.. .i.. l..
wav. ami tne toiiowing irom me i
lln makes us almost glad that our wells
do not rtow
The aecideut at 'he Mauinee bridge.
Saturday night Indicates, that the maintain
ing of the natural gas pii-e line on the
bridge will be a source of constant danger.
It might be all right if the bov with a
sr z ;,r sch ot pvc,:;;. ,
nics. and a natural gas leak is a greater
temptation than his Foi.rth-of-.lul auihi
tiou can withstand.
Tl.. senatorial .e.ll...,. ,
. . . ....
TotheVdltoroltlieliepuDlie ,
Our people In the west end feel tint it is xeii enno-itj of modern englneer
..f.., .,.! fr from twinir ms! for the ing. the wonderful Cantilever steel
counties of Champaign and Madison to lav ""''f,8-,, Theexcursion train will reinaiu at
""'",, , ... , the Falls twenty-four hours, ami all return
claim to an equal division of the senatorial iUi, OM that traiii vwill 1m- given a .lav light
honors with Clark countv. when it is well ride along the snith shore of Lake hrie.
known that our manufacturing and com- passing through Cleveland and over the
mercial interests far excel those of Chain- great elev ated bridge, giving exuirsionlsts
naign and Madison combined, also our
panel. "
both ot tne oiners. men wn snuuiu we nve das from daj of site. Fare for round
give to each an equal representation in the ., i, Call at on. e at the 1 It AW de
Ohio senate, when b) reason of .mi intlii ,,! re-erve anv extra wcoiiiiina ition
ence m uir npiiirminn nai oouuuiit-s a
candidate we have sixlj-six delegates.
while the balance oi me oisinci nave nut
hftv-nine. If it is right and proper that
Champaign should name thecandidate. wliv ,
have a convention of the district at all" Is I ivr. is a man atmut live t.et elevtn inch.s
it not a farce What are tlieohligationsof , height and of shin build His .oiiipli-x-Clark
countv to Champaign" Do we owe ion is dark, and he has verv little hiir on
them any debt of gratitude" Have they his head
ever come to our support at any time" Did '
they not ignore all of our claims , $CYvt? tlie Children. They are e
and lights at the last cm wvvv pecially liable to sudden
gressional convention. What re- Colds, Coughs, Croup, Whooping Cough,
spect did they show us In the judicial etc We, guarantee Acker's English
convention of last fall that we should now Hemedv a positive cure. It saves
hasten to favor them with what of nght tie- hoars "of anxious watching. Sold by
longs to us" Is it wisdom on the part of Knnk 11 Cobienti. corner Market and
Clark countv to divide the senatorial lion-, nigh streets,
ors at all" prov ided she has a citizen w ho is
the equal, if not tlie superior of any other , Mav Sliarpsteen is a little girl of seven
candidate" We think the better policy is , who is heiress to SI 000,000 Site inherits
to let each candidate go into the convention i her money from her late father, who was a
on his own merit, and the man who is the member of the wealthy linn of Arnold,
choice of the convention, whether he be of Constable A Co . of Xew ,ork.
Champaign. Madison or Clark, let bun ! ' ,,,,",
the candidate of the dlstri.L Hut if the Not a partitle of .alomel. nor any other
pollcv of division is to prevail let there be deleterious sule.lai.e. enters into the coin
a faif division made, and each countv hold position of Ayer s I'ilN On the contrary,
Uie position in regard to time in the' same '- me.licine is.arefully- .o.npouti.le.1 from
proportion as the political strength of each h turative im.pertles of purely veg. table
county may be. That would civ e the posi- substances. Try it.
uon to Clark county one-half of the time, . Carl s,,,,,., is sIoh recovering from the
which is but her just dues. And we ot the , ,uInIuI accll,,t that he met with eight
west enter our protest against pursuing a ' ulonths ,. He devotes his time t.i read-
.siurse that is so Detrimental to me oesx m-
lerests of our county, isdltically and other
wise. And we feel that it is time
for us to teach our neighbors of
the adjoining county of Champaign that
we have some iolitical rights that they
must resecL They must learn that the
using of a political knife Is a dangerous
work, and is a game that others can play.
What assiiraiue have we that the carrying
over of the senatorship will satisfy their
greed" Or what promises can they make
of future good behavior that they are liki
Iv to fulfill? Judging the future bv the
past, we think it is time for Clark comity to
take care of her-elf, and not lie dejiending
upon tlie tender mercies of ambitious jioliti
. lain of otluT counties. We hope our i eo
ple will awakeu to the important e of the
situation and not he found hanging to the
delusive phantom of hope, until they are
slaughtered in every illtical convention
we ate called to meet our friends trom the
north. I -el a halt he called now.
J. A. Wit 1 1 wis
Ni.w Ctiti isi e, Aug. 2, 1SVT.
As LtirritsJIv aloo, the erow ded street
I pusltfsl int n&3, a uouuin s ..afut face
Coufruuieil uie aaJ darkened all the tlavs
Whereiii o vialkil then faithful immory fleet
I'tisbcl Isu k ipto the dustv jiast to meet
Great liaule s cniurcp ai: ia direful rzc
Of piteous souls that traversed uej a u lid pate
odvaicl lialllej mth ttH vroesinat biat
aiust tiie eked Ilrlt rrt 1 tbsight
Tkis nomaii s face to some lut kouI lieKinss,
Fcape.1 fioni its uarfc prvjon uiij distraught,
nd now it ph,.es among the eaer throngs
To clutch their soul v. ilh u-rrvir and te-tram
Tneir feet f-vm luring ways that leuj. to imuu
Ceorsc Itussrll Lewis
Mipl SllOWflffl Wst It (ia.il'1
Many interesting stories could Is? told of
the casarone balls of the past hut only
one will be mentioned .is nn instance of
the popularity of tins peculiar feitureof
the Ull Is Oil one ocd-ion at nUill pv.n
at the residence of Don Jose Abno, Pete
Serrano, then a muchaclio, Vinson hat.l
selling ens-drone-. A gentleman ap
proach.sl and asked i hat he vv ould take
for his cascarones
'One dollar a dozen,' was the sins veer
'-H- uiany have voti' ' vv.is the rcit
1'oity dozcu."
'All right, I'll Like them
Taking the buskc b, - -
hall, but had not take- a -m
v ''oivn the
he was surrounded I s lu
ladies and in a miivi.' a'
1 an.is vver.
diving into the uaskrt cvw.." out with
double handfnls and crr.ss n ,wrn on his
head, while he manfully strove to return
a few of tin compliments he in civ.sl In
live minutes not one of the forty dozen
enscarones remained vv hole
The modus operandi of J-. a-onc m. k
Ing is very simple, and about as Pillow
Into nn empty eggshell whole ivxtptioi
au ojieniug iu one end jn-t large . uoiuh
to remove the original i-onteuts is pi ussl
about a teuspoonful of iin.ly thopjieil pa
per of various bright eolors mid gold tin
scl, then the opening is ncitlv . los.il bv
pasting a piece of coloicd lkijier over n
and then the cascaroneisall leadv for lis.
In Mexico, in tho good old fines gohl
dust inicl with diamond dust vva often
used to fill the egg chdN nl the swell fan
dangoes given bv the old grandees ud
it is done .sasionally nou.nds.vsbv some
of the vvenllhy edil dons who wish to do
the thing up in fctyle
Anoth. r .iy of tilling the flulN was to
ii-e hntlv perfumed oivder, nml some ,
times rare and costly perfumes were Us.sJ
Yery often tho shells were lieautifully
decorated and somelimes hand painted
In Monterey liefore the decline of the e us
torn, the shells were often colored in fan
ciftil designs, like hastereggs, and at oth
er times' tHstcfully decorated with differ
ent e-o'ors of paper Chopis.l tkiis'r and
tinsel were usually put in lhe shells,, but
on more than one excision gold dollir
pieces were used one in each shell
-piced candy was often used mid some
times iwwder mid ptrfiuiierv House
wives religiously s,.ve the shells of all the
eggs they use and put them ,ivv iv until i
Cflscaroue tscison .oine. nrotind
In ejscarone bre:iking it is not neces
sary thai one should be aoiiiaiiil.il in
fact u is a sort of mashing" procoednjg
all through The .let of breaking a us
carone on another s head is to be consid
ered a compliment by the recipient, who
is in iionoi ooonu ... t.iurn n at ine nrsi
oppoi i tout ine jnciiier way to oreak
them is to crush the shell in the hand
over the iK.rson's head, allowing its con
tents to fall on the head In the excite
meut, however, tlie shell is more fre-
fluently broken on the head, regardless of i
locality or force usotl and is nfteiitlm
and is oftentimes
siigcestive of anything but amiable feel- j
ing on tho part of the bestower When
the ice is once broken by somo adventur-
oils mjidm ir plucky man the contagion
soon spreads, and iu a very short time
everybody is thaslng around the room
breaking cascarones in.liscrlmlnately and
receiving them from all sides These
mock battles usually occur U-tvveeU
J-i-cce Monterey .Lai i Araiu
lii fair 1'lanter of I ualelausw
" mT m"' "' '"' ''"- "'I.-
PUut);,fc aiwociatitui, -M.-s Amanda Delinas,
t)f gt Marf's parish, was dulv ejected a mem
u-r, with all lights and privilege which
otta-1. to the us-duainm. Uit to iwperma-
ileum exempt troru the isiyineiit of the
t uotomiirv tees and dues lequinsl from mem
Urs. ilrs lVlmis h ivpoited to lw a iiuist
,.L.B1Wli ,11(i ,ffleieut tjanler. (.uis-nn-
(ellj,ng an the oiwratioDs of xoikins her
own extensive plantation, in wlrnli she has
Uvn vory ucccssful
hLe is u LA.mL.iaua
Ci-eole la J , ixftseviu.
ull the 11 qualities
of htr lace, nod ! a dl-tluuihe(i example
q nht n J,utli in uonnn -an do when left
tohei own resources llaltimoie Mm
Iliitleruiilk. for H!twne.
RutteiuuU U non l-iiomineiiiled for the
cure of Ktllow imsk pmdunsl in the complexion
liv advancin 'ape It has long U-eii popular
f.ti-tliM n-e, enti in Mini enre of fieoklesaiid
i -- - ---
r,l.i lilllllUb t,i tllUkLill I tllivaf Il M I till ft I 111
The 1. H .v. V. annual Niagara Falls ex
cursion will have Miringlield at . 11 p. in ,
Thursilav. August ytli. aniviug at theFalls
I at T'."0 the next morning The excursion
1 train will be divided into a sufficient uiim
i her of sex turns to insure against delavs.
-. - uu .:i
reclining chair cars, all of which will run
through both going and returning To the
iniiiv great attractions which mture his
bestowed upon this favored spot the genius
f ,'" s l'll the great ssellslon
bridge. imlineil plane railwavs.
A , t , not ,rasU ,e
splendid view ot the citj. hx.ursinu
tickets will he good going onlv on ex. ur
Mon traln blt wl !h. ,hH returnuig for
von dsir.'
Wm Hih-himvn
Tit ket geiit
K nt (unertl Agent.
j, i
MU.aiule. the missing Clil.ago IhmwI
llir.,llf ,.r,.ior .( .,imiiehes with ins
daughter. He is very loud of music, and
sits at his piano for hours at a time.
SHII.OH'.s, ful .,11 .m, Consumption
Cure is sold by F. A. (5 irwood on a guar
nteci. It cures Consumption
On a very hot afternoon in the tiegiiiuiiig
of the week a man dressed in the heavy
blanket suit ot a snow shoe, tuhand wearing
a pair of snow shoes on his feet, added to
the sufferings of the N'ew Yorkers by w ilk
ing briskly tionn Ilrotdwiy auda.ross the
I Fast river bridge.
The llni newt 1,1 rl In vii ketutoun,
Was Susannah Lulu Se.irl,
Hut the belle of lieauty she was mule
lly Ch iiuplin's Liquid Pearl.
Koland I.eveson Gower, a nephew of the
Marquis of Stafford, leeently arnuil in San
Francisco from Hong Kong. He Ins Invii
visiting Japan. China and India. He will
visit tlie Yosemite valley, and then come
east. He is traveling verv unostentatiously
with his friend, F Dugdale.
I xeursion to Miililtetown Ohio.
On account of the meeting of the order
G I of O F at Middletown. Ohio, Au
gust ;d. lhe lice 1 ine will make excursion
rate of M '."iiounii trii tickets, g.sxi going
on train leaving 'spnngtield at T tr a in..
AiikUst .d. and g.ssl r. turning August M
and till. ( II. Km. .in.
1 here are at pres. nt at Stratford. Conn ,
i two interesting old ladies. One Is Mrs
Terry, widow of Commodore Terry, the
I heao of I aike hrie, and the other is Mrs
Lamb, widow ot General Lamb, a prominent
officer In the war of lsu They are both
. well on in years, hut bright and active.
j daVN. Vo-x Tth:t
Eumption, Coughs, etc Did you ever try
Acker's English Itemed vt It is the best
preparation known tor all l.ung 1 rouuies,
sold on a positive guarantee at 10c, SOc
Frank H. Cohlentz, corner Market and
High streets.
I)u Maurter has a characteristic hit at the
"Buffalo Dill" ctaze in a ret cm number of
I'uneh. Ills p'cture is called "Our Drawing-room
rets," and represents "Kangaroo
Jim, the champion Australian boomerang
threwer." receiving the homage of a throng
of society women in a Ijoiidon drawing
loom, while tall swells with monocles anil
cyni.al expressions loom up in the hi. k
There's one tooth wash, the ladies' pride,
Beloved by belles o'er every "wash" liesid.
One dentifrice there is supremely blest,
A sweet, r, better one than all the rest
ud you will line, in eiery laud the same.
That sOODONTs Its old, familiar mine
Tlie Manila nl Too VI ali
of the age is sOOiltl" It has .lis
tanced tompclition Discolored to-th are
rendered w lute by its use. The breath de
nves fragrance from its aroma. It pre
vents and arrests dental decay. The gums
become rosier and harder under Its ojiera
tion. All UN Ingredients are vegetable and
NothniL" breakable that '"sihim,
(lui" won't mend.
Tra Bu Ban Cti Mil. a Chinese graduate
of Yale college, in tl .'class of 7s, rcently
visited Saratoga He is a Hong Kong ten
merchant, li is aliout 41,000 acres ot lea tin
der cultivation, and employs 4,000 coolies.
He is of medium height, ami has dispensed
with his iueiie. Iu conversation he is most
int. resting, speaking perfect Knglish He
reiiianie.1 but a short time at Siratoga, and
is now on his way to Hong Kong.
After Irving all the other plasters, salv.-s,
lotions get lellel md cure by using o
A good deal of fun has lieen made re
.cully over Koseoe Conkling's desire to h.
considered a young inui When uiter-
taitied by the dram club at Chicago the
other day. he is reiort.sl to have said. "I
nrst saw Chicago thirty years ago. You
know how voting I was then a good,
strong nurse held ine up in her anus and
'said, 'that's Chi. ago ' Mr Coukliug was
a bouncing baby of twentv-eight years
when the nurse in questum held htm in her
SH1LOHS VITALIEK is what yon
need for consumption, las of Appetite'
Dizziness, and all sjniptoins of Dysiepsia'
irloe lo and 75 cents per bottle.
hir sale
0v K. A. (.larvv.MHl.
A young man named (oodrich wis fatal
ly hurt by a jKiw.ler evplosnm while mik
ing cartridges at Columbia City. Ind.
tvWW . ' ood things of
",e ar sorrowiuiiy
" life are sorrowfully let
a0118 on account of Dyspepsia. Acker's
wyspclralr' aauieia win euro iyspepsia,
Indigestion and Constipation, sold on a
positive guarantee at 23 and 50 cents, by
Frank II. Cohlentz, corner Market aud
High streets.
Kddie Sherid in, while sliding down th
banisters In Uie Capitol block I oluiiihus
l fell and l.iole hi- nek
Ailvlre to Mottivr
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothiug yrup, for chil
dren teething. Is the prescription ot one of
the best female nurses nnd physicians In
the United States, and has been used for
years with never failing suicess by millions
of mothers for their children During the
process of teething its vulin is Incik uhvlile.
it relieves the child fioiu pain, cures dvseli
tery and diarrhoea, griping In the bowels
and wind colic, lly giving Lealtli to the
ghlld It roststhn mother 1'ric 9V a bottle.
ii.eii,r.l It 11111 I inn, Ih.Iimi,
Consumption and Wasting in .hildnii !
Scott's l.mulsion Is a most v tillable Imsl
and medicine it ( reati s an tpitite.
strength, ns the neivous svstim ami builds
up the liody "Have lieu highlv ii-im-i
with it in consumption serolult ami
wasting diseases, hrouchitis and lliroat
troubles' .loxrs, M D Comersville. i
Tcnn j
Ki v's Cut vm Hvi m was rectimtiieiiihsl
to me by my dtuggistas a piev. ntive to h iv
fever. Hive been using it as dir.s ted mikc
the lull of ugust and hiv. tound it :i spe
cific for thit much dreaded out hutlisoine
ilisease l'or tell yeirsor more I have lieen
a great sufferer eich year. Irom ugiist Mth
till fre.t. and have tried in my alleged rtm
edies for its cure, but Fly's Cieain lliliu i
the only preventive I haveev.r lound Hiv
fbver sufferers ought to know of its th
cacy r 11 insworin, piuuisiier in
ilinniilis, I ml
W O. l'uggle, l.altrange da writing
about Darby s Trophy Jaetii Hind, says "It
Is a priceless jevvil as a disiufistant and
dpodori7er My wife suites for the benetit
of young moth. rs that it Is i viluahle ad
lunct to the nurserx " It is emullv so to
parents traveling witli children Not only
is the Fluid invaluable as a deodorizer, bin
a few drops added to the water in hulling
will remove all eruptions trom the slni,
chituig etc. ind gititlv refresh mil
'1 nere is no one article in the line of med
icines that gives so large a return for the
money as a good porous strengthening plas
ter, such as Carter's sunn Weed and Uella
onna IJackarJie Tlasters. 47r
Mumping Out lllsrnse.
The Shakers ln-lieve that marly all ill
eases can lie prevented by tuftiiiliiiniug per
feet digestion they never empluv .loctors
because as soon as the digestion iMVoines
iiiipiiroi they take a fen Ims of the
Shaker hxtratt of Hoots iSieg.l s syrup
and hdlth is tin lesult. for it is a marvel
oils reined v for ilvsjiepsia Mrs Htttie
Hauck writes trom Mormon drove (.r.y
son county, Texas, August ss4 "lam
Illty years old this month, and I must say
your in.slu me liis proied t wotid.rful
liietlicuie to me. When 1 hrst rtv.iv.sl it i
1 could not sleep nights, and I had a llut i
tering in tlie pit of niv stonmch Itonld'
not loar my hind or the weight of my j
clothes on it. 1 had a throbbing ami a ro.r ,
lug 111 my held 1 vvas a'raid If it lontin .
UihI 1 should lose my iiiiml 1 oftentimes
thought I was too far gone to trv iiivllnin,, i
but your mediciiie has prov. si a blessing Ui
tiie. 'lhe pain and miserable fet ling in niv
head has gone. My head is ile.it and I
sleep soundly every light 1 .an room-i
mend it with pleisiire. Who woild not?
you may use this letter If you like It miv
fall Into some hands athlcttsl asd was, and
I am sure they can hud relit f m your medi-1
U s danfssrons afwell an dwtreMdDS tsmilUinv 11
urjcttfct!. it OihU. by uolnit s nulnthHi. and ,ttf
pnsssin li" tont4 tb Kjstetu, to prpptfa 11 waji
Quicklj uid carepltlj (arm ljrprpT.lii in D
n jurau, iirnnoiirn, jiricuias. iniinjt itir
V d. vtc. It vonctietg and punfiea tor bnlrtmiu
Utst th ppKite. ami aid the awuntilatiJD ut tmnl.
Rrr J T KossnxB, tlw boiMkred rartr nf tho
lint RfanustJ Chare h. Baltimora, Aid , h)
HaniiK dmhI hrown lroa Hitter lor L)yip-pT.i
and IndijjcWtum X taLs itrtsAt ItaKart ui pm. ni
wanAinf it highly. ALrcxniQdf r tt a f jJodid touic
and tnTitrurtr and rTutTvrtbtiif: "
Hoc JOBFPB C SCIls, Jnde ff Ctrcoit O-Kirt
Qlntua Co Ind . j- " I tr Hiuft ctWrfal tti
ttonj to thtj SiecT oi Brwn a Irtm bitten (ur
iJfiptwpRia. and aa a tonic
Utuiaine haa abora Trad Mark and crtrnw-d rd Iin4
on wrapper. Takr Da ulbrr. Msvdtiotily tr
SiUOH A CllEMlLAl. CO, 11A1.T1MU1UW Ml).
About twentv years ago I discovered a tittle
sore on my cheek, and the doctor pronounced
Itcanccr. I have tried a numb rof phypfcl&n,
hut without receiving any p rmanent limnc.
Among t he numlx r w ere one c r t wo pec!a.!st&.
The medicine tbey applied v as like Ills 10 the
sore, rauBinc lotenAe tstln X ww a Lit ment
In the ruiicrs tetllnc what S S. S. tjul Cone for
others similarly afflicted I procured uiroeat
once. Ikftr. I had used ttieHSSjnd lsttle thA
nelphlmr could nothe that raj cancer v.
heallnain. Xygrnerul htalth hs.ll.een lad
for lo or tliret Tears Ihadatuuklncousb
and spit 1 luoit routlnuslly. 1 had a serre
pain in my I reast. Atlertaklng slxtsittleAnf
to. s. S. my csius h left me and X crew stouter
than I had Let n far several ) ear. My cancer
haih.aled o.rall but allttlerM t .bout the
blzt of a half dime, and It Is rat Idly dlat par
Ing. I vouldadvlseevcrv one sitrtnancerio
S c "s b S a fair trial
Mas. NAe J jivcuMiuiirr.
Vlie drove. Til IM.noe Co nd
Pch 1 ss,
swllt's SjsslH I .ntlrely Tcelable, and
nceiiiri to cure canes n. by fort ink ntthelinpu
rllks from the llot-l Trcall e on Hlt-ssl ana
s.Lln PlivieM niall'si frss?
lin.vviii; 3, VTI.VNTV. CI.
itjlf ttin kr tun I 4
turf tin tit u xrerrtrl,
th ttuch I vr or wi.
ftJHf I A 'm ot
ti ttitum Ths r
t-i ffl htK grwr
mil it m t f
Awi fi. A '
Trv tlie Cure.
Ely's Oream Balm-HAY-EEVER
A particle Is applied Into each i nstrlland It
agreeable Price 50 cents at Druggists, by
mill, registered oO cts ELY BROb , jjrUi;
Eltts. .T.ireenwiih bt New ork
Statc a MoNnot Sts C
wl lumll. Irw, Itwtf Bawlf Untd
-L-aiuoaru tjj fknj lastrnirtiu
tjLlforriii aid LsjuipuBsjot ent
ib iinninini o-rwTVMii -rverT
irlkt svitilrvd b band oc lruiii
-tort, trindiTi( rVrifiE- Mat
nut, inniminpftfitc.
Cfouint IttttrBrtteni
SmtUar bJt. I rtvisM n.l Sfs&L
T rum MiWt Tn t -, K r Lttrt, uh!
:irtlel 11 t liud Alaak.
III tjmpol Silly II, u Uobt
I V ;
I ('IT 1- A a
iflll i 1 11 ?"Tiir S
tKl S O
) ""
I eiteii ot lii Tevaii.
dreat excitenienti is been camed in the
vitinity of I'aris. fta- by tlie remarkahle
letoverv ot Mr I I Corley who was o
helples. heioulil not turn in bed, or raie
his head ev rvUnl) slid he wis dying of
oiistiiiiptioH timl Isillleof Dr King's
New IMsioverv wis sent huu Finding re
lief he bought i lirge Isittle ind a Isix of
Hr King's New I He Tills hy the time he
had taken two boxes ot Tills md tow hot
tlesot the Dis(oMry he was well and had
gainid in llesh thirty six imuiihIs.
I rial Isittles of this dr.it Distov.rv for
onsiimption fro it (his I udlow .V I o s
drug spue
nil, I I iiaiilitin
W D s,iill. dniggist. ltippus. Ind . testi
tn s 1 i an recouiin. ml Klectri. Hitters as
the very lie-t reunsly I'v.ry bottle his
given relief in every cae One man took
six bottles, and was . tired of Kheuiuatisiu
of IU years si.uulu:,. Abraliam Hare,
druggist, il.lieville. Ohm, aitirms "The
liest selling in.slu me 1 hue ever handled
in my -II ye its estteine. is I-lev trie Hit
t.rs' IhousiiiiU of others haveaddeil
their testiuionv, so that the verdict is unan
imous that hi. Ctrl. Ititters do dire all dis
eases nt the I tver HinileysVr lllood
Onlv i half dollir i Isittle it Oils l.u.l
low A Co s
llucklln'i, Armtit halve,
i The HfstSvi ve In Hip world forCuts,
Bruises. & ires, l' leers. Silt Hlieuin, Fever
Sires, 'It tter. Chappisl Hands. Chilblains,
Corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively
cutis Piles, or no pi iiuirtsl. ltisguar
anteed to giv e perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded Price 21 cents per box. For
sale by Charles l.udlow At Co.
snres CiH-ch. CoWv Iloarnf. Crowe, Aslhms.
l'avocb.tlfc VV tool "IK umiBO incirianii con"i
yrionJi la aJvanotsI rUceJ of
the (ii-! jYUalScU. Oii
t ion. Ili ixiiuin J'p. J.
fVtsrryk .strrwn 1a "VI ontr In
vhttt rr"rrmi. and Im-sm our
A Itua ' tit a tlPct,o Strl
strip Caution fabri, atxl tf
IfiutTnllMiJ.rTMktllTwnf John II.
J mil it A. C Mlevr i o holo
'n.pc,TUltimorUil., u K.J
fh.w I.ance'ii riuc Tttfr creatTotwro An-
judicious AovEnrisiNC is Tut
Judicious Aovertisino Agents and
new Haven Conn.
Lowest Prices conslttentwlth I
First Class aerviuo,
i zsohor BtutBoon o'i"'""
main K n"""11
r.D taixr 8oiSlk
,thkl.llivl SbClCl
DUTlL l-AftLOlB,
Rooms 5ir Mltebell lilock
S X. Cor. Mstn&ud Market Bit
Vktvia op Acstso TKtva cirrta
Masonic Bpltdli g
8. MMIiCKER,5and57 Arcade. Print
er. Engraver and Fashionable .Stationer.
I H'oddi nit goods and calling cards a specialty.
Offlre and Warernom. in W. Vln ar
Restdenceis: W. lllati it.
A Besolulioii
Iieclarlnj 't nei essary and the Intention to
m ike a public improvement by eliaiixim: the
I grade of tlie sldeualks on a portion of High,
I enter, Vi aslitttgtoil and .Market streets
ltesol.ed. b llle cotlUCll of the city or
-IiritigfteU Oliio That It is ueeessary and
tliat it Intends to make i public improvement
by cbamilngtlie gride of the sidewalks on the
I south ide of High street, between Market
J spate ami i enter street on t!ie east side of
'enterstr.et Iietweeu lllk'h street and Wash
ueton stnet mi the nnrtli side of Waihlne
ton sireet, between (.enter street and Market
spaie. aud on the West side of Market space,
is follows viz
KeLinnltu: .t lhe intersection of the est
urb .ill Market sli it e. with the ftiiuth curb on
j IILIi street uid level witli the adopted grade
is tor midsections in ttte c.t.un a. llle snuill-
e ist corner of Iligti street and Mirket space,
thente south with the west curb of M trkel
spate tin feel to the Intersection ot the west
url of Market space with the north curb on
Uasliingtoustrect... scent 4 1 Knifcet. thence
ivest with the north curb of Washington
street 4sl tei t to the intersec tion of the uorth
curb of VI astilugtiin street with the east curb
on I euttr street, accent i th-ho leet. thence
nnrth with the east curb oil Center street I, A
feet to the intersection of the east curb of
t'-eiiter street with the s.iuth cuib of High
street, ilesc-ntl MMtui feet thence east with
the smith curb on HUh street 451 feet to the
Pis. e of be gtnnlng. descent 1 ln-Ho feet Mid
grades tobeaecorillng to the profiles thereof
In the. fllternf tte city engineer, for the in
. ntl.... r .li .. . ..I..- t... ..... .. i
.iviivu . .to 'iiii, i met riiru ttieteiu
It. solved further, lhai the ctv clerk i, -
ind he is hereby directed to cause leg .1 publi
eat inn to be made of this resiilutloti. aud K
M..ielwicksaipointedand directed to serve
legal i otlce of this resolution
Pass.d by council lulyl "th, V.Ii lss7
stttst I' T THOMVs
I s sHFM ,L,(B l'r. sldent
tlty Clerk 170-am
A K"90llltiotl
Iieclantig It uecessiry and the intention of '
oun.il to nuke a .ubli. i.nprovemei.t ,,
changing the gr.de ot shafer street from
North strict to l edir street
, I
uesoived, liy tlie count II of the city of
' pnnufleM.Uhio.tuo thirds uf tliewln-le num
. tier ot ineinters elected thereto coucurrtujir,
'that it is necessary aud that It intends to
t in ike a pub-lit, improvement by thHrulni: the
itn.de of hafer street from North street to
L-t iar street, as, itllnss
IlelimlnK'it the established tirade on the
north line of North street thence uorth 4(0
ftet to the trade of Cedir street, desceut
t-M-uvirci. aciormuK 10 me nrunirj luereoi
on file in theoltkeof the city cull enciuerr
f.irttw 1n-4ttwrinr. i.f ..II tnrff- intpr-as..!
1 Kesolxed fnrther.Thatthecitycierkbeand)
he is hereby directed to cause lettil publiea
( turn te be .nadeof this resolution, and H M i
lielwkks .ipiiiiiteil and directed to sene
lecai notice o; tuts resoiuuon uiHn all the'
1 owners of property abut tins upon said portion ,
oi cuaier sireei. or on mo person in nuose
names the abuttiti;: propert is assessed
Passed by council Jul Iuth, D 17
i: f 1 NOMAS
Attest I'reAident.
J. HkWAiTut, lily Clerk. lTuam
T tirflwr nnrnvrma
nxLixi. nujuiia si
To mm Oil 1 n-nniennf on
try and ulnlxtj, vlin,i
utitatl4ems'Iojniei.t HI-
PTuI terms will li oln.
;ThW ttiir work j on u new
I rinripltAVsLiibftTt-s Ubor
an 1 clvtLiitf enoriuoustlr.
SamnlA irvni -n wn
yirliHVfio, " ,lbe, terrnn, to be re-
; $600to$2.000
i -sIM OI ixiPTacxorf
r coinit(at.shlftr.
Iutrlntlt? IDrit malilntP Itlil i-nnmlnil ttwr..
fTtryut.ttB. J tu4initdIrtulArHan 1 tiTUiifrm.
J. iVORTH SOLE M'rt,t7iQ F hkuh ave.st.ious.mo.
(HanbrrtlrllttWBl 9 IU u rtrai fvtr tl4r wkWrtX
lLaiuAa;t-al, Ati fr yarlUtilara altoi.1 FrtcXrliL
HiiohooN, 4t4bf4l Imatrai
dfurr, NirrMUlbHUy mJt
llotiil SjrralllllT. fM4l.
Htrt M.J (. !. 13 N lllb Alt ,
riuJavl Irt ft. Bel J Ut U U"it.l
r jai.1. iii ni LA
I j,W -tu i Champlm lm M
W Liquid rearl th H
W vV u lk"T " ' 6ft Ml if t
I I'lttuhilrK. t'ini linmli nml si. I mil. Kail.
vth) t omian) I'an llnntlle lloule
Under s. hedule in . ffe. t January ill,
lssT, trains leave Springfield .eiitral
standard time for enia. Ciuiiiinati and
Columbus,; l'.a.m forDiyton f7 11a hi.
forNenia and Indianapolis tlo-.'ti a. m.
for Xenia. Cineinuatt, Coltniihiis, Indian
apolls and t hlcago, t .'1 p m , for enia,
Davtou and Ciuciniiati, l' 10 p m
Trains arrive in Spriiign. Id at f7 Hind
10 20 i. m . ii 00 p m and n 4(1 p in
Daily tHa'ly. except Sunday
SWi. Dolips, Ticket AgtnU
Ulsveland, Colnrubas, Ulnrlntiatl and
Indianapolis Railway.
OOIS0 ss.
S Night Express . . l.Ttiara
12 New York A Uoston r'xpress !.iiain
2 Cleveland A Eastern Express i li pm
4 New York Limited Express ..) 43 pra
i oome soitu.
9 Night Express
27 tipg.Clu A Wes. Ex.
, 1 Tin Hying BucKeye
1 2V Cincinnati A Inllaoapolls Express
2-W am
5 AS am
7-t am
I-ft) piu
4-15 pm
J CleTelandAUaclnnatltipress
1 S1I...1 ,j . T ...1. L L .. L
5Clatl., lnd..St Louis Jc Khq Fi
9 Night Express . - -
1 Clu Flyinp Ituckrye
SClereland A Clnclnntti Kiprem
New York, Bostoa Jk Claciimnti El
AK.aiTX rauv bOCTH.
2 20 am
7-i- am '
4 UpDl
90 am
3 45 pm
1.i pm
NlK&t Kiprrss
, !3 Daiton, bprlcgfleldAccom fr't
12 New York A Bostoa Limited
I 2 Cleveland A Eastern Express
' 26 Cincinnati A bprlnxCeld Accos
' II -New lork umlted t xpress
s 4.1 pm
Hn 19 h fhrnimh lu.hur. tt Vmwi VrL ,iiri
1 Boston without change.
I Ko tit the famous limited express, oin-
poted entirely of sleepers, east ot Cleveland.
' i Through sleepers from Springfield .Makes
Keworkln 2UH hours and Uoston In 24 H
Hours. '
t a. n. KXiauT,
I .. K. Tlcxot Agent. i
"D.B MARTIN, Arcade Depot.
I 9. P. A. 6orlnl!eld.0C
X. Yfenn. JB OhloK. K. ,
I All trains run on Central time uluutei i
I slower than city time. I
tsaiss lkavr ooiso east. -
No s. .New lork Limited. dally .U2Sa ui,
I " 2. Accom , dally eiceptaunday. 3J. p. ui
No s In i, . iu
" U Atlantic Kx dally . hi a ui
Nu 3. Clu AM Louis Kx dally .' In a u.
1 .Vtcolll .daityex.ept Auintay In o, s lu
" 5. bt. Louis Li ..laity ji L. uj
I No I has sleepers. nut oo.liaiie ot cars lc
I elthr case ihrouli to New York nTi. r.os
through sleepers tu si Loitls
tree hack, to tiains t i so u.iliits e,t u2 u
' lUcltldlUi, llOrili LeWiil HI?
tor tickets to all luinii ,uJ forinei tutor
nalloii. cation I li Ibnui.
-tseni. .. Vrca.lo
lelephoue i ill In
lllllill.l I, III, ,00
Migto.l a.ol Westell, Hnll
1 Cincinnati rxpr-9
in Jusky auA prm .. iM r x
"1 t"a iu
2& a m
4 JI I iu
1 4.i a m
. S5 a in
10 Si a in
'3 tolumbUH Man
jsKKI E rKliU TT
1 Mifiit Kxprrsi
S CblfiKo.t U A Kau titi llm
7 indii'k M ill
2 PiHtern IIpri.-.H
14 tlantfc M ill
I R New rk Umltfti
1 DttlMKT liKlM. VliKTH
2 Iike3,dKxprrH
1 4 Tut In Hay fxtuv-sH
S prluKlield antl unlucky hi
i Coliinibiis ilxi ivss
4 MltDtlC Mklll
i ( otuiiitiut Accuii.n.uilIii.u
New iork limited
I IKftK HIM. ttfT
1 1 Muht 1 mirrtt
i liicik,'u, .-t. L A Kan ( Uy hut
. J Chttatfo, -t L A K.m City Li
' Olilti siMithrii (UillntHil.
Al(K.i ft riti JI StlTH.
Blnbtidge Aroommodatlou
1 I .Mall and Kxprnsv
vor, am
7 loam
10 a m
4 lpm
-iH Trt
in i:
Dire, tly on the mam line of the
V LSiH K It. Co. Lessee
-Midwu) lletrieen Cincinnati and ev?
York Highest .Navagahle lladr
of Water on the Continent.
L'SO feet above tlio Ocean and 75 feet
above Lake Kne, distant seven miles
Tlie lake Is twenty mile lonj; nml from one
to three milt- wide I ikevtnod, Mimuina.
.irlfHtliN riint. liemut Puini. Uj, lt-w,
Kavenswimd, Martha's 'ineard thautaiitjui
1'olnt haul iu,ua, l.otii: Point Maple priu1
and Wmttfiui nreamotiK the liiftVrent resorts
.. ,. . .... .,1
I u the Lake pitronlied by the summer visit
" mere aregood Hotels atevery polut
lhe KdmniisCtiniituii.jiid As. mill)
II is us headtitiirtersatChatitauiiui Iike.and
convenes in July and August of every year
One of the most popular resorts on the lake Is '
Here all l issi nger trains of the New "iork.
Pennsylvania a it 'In Kailro id stop during
""" WM.??:U o1."" ' 'iaiitau,u.i Like su
"on. and the dlstrtbu ing poiut lor the entire
,fk.e lhereare tvvohote s it Likewo...! both
of immense size aud . .pable of accommotlit
lug five hundred suesls each Numerous
. steamers are toustantly nlylng tin Lake
transporting visitors to ill points Those iu I
searth of i pleas uit resort to spend the sum
mer months cm not Bnda more convenlentor j
delightful plate th in Lake ChaUUUuua
Vii New York. iVnusvlvania ind Ohio rLill
road.areonstle.it all loial stations and at j
stitlonsof connecting lines from Juut 1st I
i ...,...i ..- t,.,,. .....n n.,.,.h... iu
K J ! '., ,: I it,, ""' v ' ""l ' "
I J K MlIsH..en Hpt . l? el llul
l l '.M.V. . lAS,1.v"t mNt'vl
.. A;,,!'VKK' Kil Ucn l ii't 1
Ia,ltl Unl
uvn v uvn v urn r
.No I No s .No li
Mom g t ng ill mile
' veuirai innr.
" m-Jn Iot-r thin
' Cincinnati time
1.1m ed limed hxpress
lu iara 10 pm
tAr oum:siown
.Luii 4 npin
In lipin
U lupin
Co rry
Aalamanc i
New lurk
" l-'am
I k pm
''' 7m
, t.am 7 4ifpm
m o.am 7 pm
lu 4dpm
o trtam rt 4opni
v .kiin y u pm
I Kpm I
i lupin I
7 l-"'..rn
on till
I'lilliiiaii's Finest ('oiielie
Thrnimli Trains.
i Cure witnout
MesJlt-ll Pleiit- ,
I sl W-tiil-T 1. '
1-..A. Ui box will
1 ilira LL tiiiist
ol tlnate eft lu four day or .
Allan's Soluble Medicated Boogies.
No Ukniiitr ivsulti. m frmn tht uw of
rubv-lM, v) ui ha or tut r f t.aid4ilwood hUicu rw
certain tn jrtxlur l)Bi,jitia. .
Iticejlua sold byitJl dniandstAoruulledOK
mm or tuaiiea ok
niiH oi iri.-rt j-ur iitnucr
lttTULUlAra tw-ij l tor Intilar
.i.e. A I.I. IN CO..
h I ' i-sJI 1-sC iy JCLu ll N
it r vai .n . oi in -
I Mall and Kxprrn- lUaml
4 liaiiibridizc Accuinmtidallou 3 35 d mi
AUtraius marked run dall tli others daily J
except Minday. standard time. v,tileh In 2
minutei slower than pr nuiieid r t time.
ftM ilKKthRMAX,
D H RnCUF Ticket gent.
ireneral iteut .
For Seersucker, Drape d'ete or Fancy Striped
:.e- .
le' r-
rv's.i-a v
gprissfleld, Okie
2STO. 14 TATest ffain St.
'llI.H. !.
SlllPicsani maitotl u l-
4 Ifsat 1 n Tlcsn.v, h.4 'Pma!
ad wo re'
UdllUilstlarca QTOTaOrtaaia A
itu aiuisassJEiaa
rGjstsortta m nwilin uy Ht OX
A lUdUalCQrafor)iervotI3bUltT.Urcub
itukaesiia4rJirlrftllccrin lounflcrM
hi AneJMea. Tartad lorEigit leci3 la toabj
UauattCMrs) tturr abaaltxtet? ntfo' prtanAUuvr
r-a aaarrTKa aont mn xoxaaraii cjorxDator
ijrrtc. and f nil M-valr 8ireojrtiiod V Utorou He-Jtii.
i a i IwfHj wbotnufflr rrom tha maar obmeardimam
rroattt about bj ia&lKTvtiaa.kAMaTtOir'ltnla
tioritrtoofrvla4itJ4jwitw4MkisttAtYoa MadDai
roar mmnifllh Turnmant nf innr tmnhlti antl iitrnia
'ihlii i-t.m.ienv.' -'"""-'' lJiiniM.Ti-
fiUHTUWf O -CheONii tj. !! riat
-..I-....V- K1
I2MIG &I8.East 2N-D S'
o gfxgfisATi-0
(Sheet Metal Fmamy fo
BlAOeralKIiaalLlxtUilZXO Oil
s73esJBEg A34i .
asKJlt2?? :-! "
a alsABtar.n. im ... . i .iZ . T
,tn wBaiioa to tusam. or ZvZa
ltiaLae tnedtcal tnvwfr.il- Rsf.i.t-
ITilTlslTsfslll fait Wi-auut ri..tr Tt.at.r- - t
osctioivaof tba hmxm craoidtn muita rLa
"( MMg oitlU art g ifn tck, u Mttcai
cHawntl aud TtBtffrmi hot, cmnii i s.
TKITKff-4Meatk,3,yy9 lU.lt tliu, tl
YitAi crcy Aeciiar.t,. A.iBifJli.il
m&lW&&'lPlrXf3&&&8gmB& 'ssnssWK3!SSr!a,5eMq?R5 -- ---.-!vlW-s--ns. TSB

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