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muss MjanMkm,
Allan Qnatermain
By II. l.IlUIK ILUaUKl).
4rraoit of kixn Huiin a ur, "hhk,"
JKs, THk. IT. H HUIi T
Iitcmi nt 3:1
I ha jut !urie,l my Ik m Mr
huulim Uit, of whom 1 was inni I, ami
uif heart i bioLui. It fiy liinl, hawii
onh ouem, to Itw bin. thu, but (Jt,l t. will
bedoiM Who am 1 tliat I -linul 1 ctdnpliiuf
The mit wheel if ftte ii1N m liLi a .JiiRRr
uaut, mill ctusJi us all in turn, muiih Mion,
ome late, it ill-, not matter when m tht
ikl it onMifs ui alt We dim t intrnt
urseKes lt?foiv it liLw tin jvvm Imlitn-, we
Hy hither aid thither we tt for iiuiyj,
but it it of no iw, the biitiil 1.1 uk fit
tbuiiilerson, and m IN seaou rttlu--. u to
"Poor Harrj toososooii' jut when hi
life wacjM?mii to him He w.i 1 m mi
wll at the h pital, he had pusd lu sl
examination wuh honors, and 1 was proud
of them, much ptouder than he wa. I think.
And then he inut ueeds go to that Minllimx
hoepitaL He, rote to me that he .. not
afraid of smallpox, and wanted toram the
xpcneiKv, and now Uie iIimw Im killed
htm; and I, oldand cra and withenl, am
left to mourn oerhim, witliout a cluck or
child to comfort me I might !iae saed
him, too I hateinoiie f nouh foi With of
in, ami much more than enough Km?
holomon mine- prmi led ine with that, hut
Iaid, No, let the lo earn hi- living, let
b.m labor that he ma en joj ivt Hut the
nt hj come Ut him Kfoi-o the Hbor Oh,
my boy, n 1 "
"I ani like the man in the lhble w ho laid up
much good and huiMcd lnim- com IS f r m
boj, and turns for him to tore them in, ami
UOw hl tout has leeu required ot lum iihI I
ftffi left desolate. 1 would that it hat 1-een
my soul anil imt my UjV
Weluriedhini this afternoon under the
ihadowof tbogray mid ancient loner of the
rhurch of this village where mj lunw in It
was a drear DeocmUr aftem xiii, and the
ikv was heavj with miow. but not much tn
falling The cofllu a put domi l tlm
Crave, and a few Ihjj flakes lit upon it. Thev
looked ery white upon th bluk cloth
There wax a little lnUh alout p ttin; the
coffin down into the grae the necevsary
ropes tod U-en forgotten, to we .n ir UirL
from it and waited in silence, watching the
big flakes fall genth one 1 one like h tenl
benediction and melt in ttars on Hit 13 s
all But that ua-. not all. A 1 biu red
brea&tcamoasltold ojtvu1d lennd III iimhi
the cofllii and 1hii losing nd then 1 am
traidthat I brokedown, and Mt did Mr IIenr
Curtis, strong man though he is, and as for
CtpCGood.I taw htm turn away too; een
In my own distress I could not help noticing
The above, signed "Allan Quatermain," is
n axtract from my diary wmtten modems
tad Store ago. Icopyittlonn here becaue
Kmmstometlatit U the fittest beglnn.11
tobalustoiytht.t I amatioutto write, if 11
plaaa God to rpare iue to finish it. If not,
w8t it does not matter
A week, has pas.ed wnce the funeral of my
poor bo HutT3,and one evening I va- 111
my room w alkiug up and dow 11 and thinking,
when there was. a ring at the outr dwu
Going down the s I iienti It im lf ami
in came m old friends lr Henrj Curtis mid
Cait John Good, It. N The entensl the
vestibule and sat themselves down Ittfore the
wide hearth, where I remember a articu
larly good fire of logs was burning
Tlte Consul Yarn.
It is very Und of 30U to come round. I
aid, byway of making a remark, -it mut
have been heavy walking 111 the snou "
They said nothing, but Sir Hcnr slowly
filled bis pipe and lit it with a burning em
ber As he leaned forward to do so the fire
got bold of a gassy bit of pine and flared up
brightly, throwing the whole sceno into
strong relief, and 1 thought what n plemli 1
looking man be 1&. Calm, jKjrt-orful face,
clear out feature-, large graj eest elIow
beard and hall altogether a magnificent
fpecimeu of the higher tpe of bumamt
Sordid his form lelie his fa.-e I hue netr
seen wider fhoulJtrs or a deejtei chest. In
deed, fcwr IIenri girtli is vo great that,
though be i hi foot two high, be does not
stnke one as a tall man s 1 lo.tkctl at him
I could not help thinking what n curious
conti'a.st 1113 little dried up self picscnted to
his grand face and form Imagitic to our
self a small, wither-d, yellow faced man of
tiS, with thin bands large brown eyc.tn head
of M2zled haircut short and btaudmg up
like a half worn scrubbing brush total
weight 111 iu clothes, nine Atone six and
you adl get a vor fair i lea of Allan Quater
jaaiii, 00 m nil Mil y called Hunter Quati riiiam,
r4y Jibe natives "M acuuiarUiu" auglioe,
bevlu kequa bright loo.outnt tught, or,
in vulgar English, a sharp ft Dow who is not
to bo takui 1 1
Then I here w as O cn I w ho u not bko t ither
of us, bung shoit, dark, stout Vr stout
with tvtinklinn blai-. ees, in oneof whuh-J
an teglas-i'.terkstin;;h hxetl Isastuu
but it is a mill Urm 1 ngret tosatethat
c-f late eap (ool lia Uvn 1 aiming to stoui
kilima most disgraceful tuj Sir IIliii)
tell bun that it comes from idleness and
ovtrfeetling, anil Goml does not like it ut all,
though he cauu t ltu it
'lhe sat and t-moked and drauk whisk
and water, and I sttd b thetle also suiok
iug and looking it lh m
Atlat I spoke, "Old fritnd.,"! said, hon
long is it since we got back, from Ku ku ana
land T
Tliree yr,"said GootL Vhv do ou
"I ask Uaus I tumk that 1 liae had a
1 ingtnoiigli sj U oi iinzatiou I am going
back to the s. el It
Sir Henrv Hid bu liead back 111 his arm
chiir and laughed one of his deep laugh.
How er dd'" I esaid "-h, ttnl'
(iootl U anted at in mttiiouJ thniugh
bis ee glass, and murmuied, Ves, odd
rry odd
"I don't quite understand,"" said I, looking
from one to the other, for I dislike mjstei.es.
-Don't ou, oil fellowTsaid Sir Heiuj
nhen I will explain As Good and I weiv
walking upheie we hail n lalk,"
"If G! was theie ou prokibli dul,r I
jut in sarcastic!!, foi Go.l uagrtatbund
ut talking -And whit ma it hae Ivtn
- hat do you think f aked Sir F 111
I shook m head It was not bkih that I
should know whit IhnuI might be talking
a I out, be talks nUmt v main things
-U ell, it wasaUiuta little plan that 1 hae
fonneil uainl that if jou nn- igmable
weshoukl iack up our trajr, aiulgoofT to
A f nca on anotlwi exjmlitioii
1 fairl juiujiedat hw words. "You don't
sa o" I said
in I do. tuouili. and so dow Good; don't
vyf k7SS-
ou Gol
ILtther,1 said that tnlK.nutu
"Listen, oil felliw," went on 81 r Henry,
with cuiistdeiabK animation of manner. "Im
tired of it lint ilea 1 timl of doing nothing,
eipt pla tlu sapuiviiiacoimtr that is su k
of quires. K01 a er or moiv I lne lieen
gitting as le-lless 1-. an old eleplnnt who
stvnts duuei I am iluas dn-Himug of
kusuiualnud 1111 lga l utiil King Solomon's
mines. I aureou I hielecome the victim
( uii almot uiLuwuutal lecranig lamsick
of slutting 1 heas.iuts mid arindre, and
want to have a go nt some I rge game again
Hurt ou kno the lcrhtu "bui one ha
1 no t istetl but 1 nl and until milk lecoines
uisipil to tie pahte That ar wi snt
togeilier up in Kuku iiialand setms to mu
worth all the other eirs of 111 life put
logitlur lliisa ihit 1 nm a fml foi 111
ianis, but 1 taut help it I long to go, and,
nh.it I- moiv, 1 mean to g
li," I isihl, I th night ou would come
to tint soiifr 01 Utei And now. Gol,
uhit is oir iva-on foi w inting to tnk
h ie ou got one
I have, said Good, mAiiiiiU Iuetr
loam thing without a r imu nud it Wi t a
lad nt Kast,if it i, it s straL"
I looketl nt him again, Gwsl is m oer
toniiinl frivolous. -What is itP I sauL
-Well, if ou ii-alh wmtto know, though
I'd rathei not -jik f u dehcaUinndstrutl
ieisHnuI mattr, 1 II 111 ou. Tin getting Uki
Miut up, Good" siid Sir Htiir, "And
now, iuat nnain, tell us, wuwedo ou pn
jiomj going tof
1 lit my pie, winch had gone out. Ufore
"Hae ou jteoplu 6er hend of Mt.
Keiua' I a-tketi
MlMii know the lacv, ald Gto,l
"Did ouet r hear f the Island of lainuf
I asked agHiu
o Stop, though in t it n place alout
COO nuW north of Zauubirr
"Yes. ow listen What I hie to pn
lose is this Tliat we to I.iuiu, ainl thenct
make 011 1 wn aUmt-) miles ml mil to ML
Kema Iixmii Mt Ktm ion liuind to Mt, 1.
kakira, another JlO imU-tor therealKmts,
leond which no white nun has, to the lesi
of 111 lieliif ever Kni and thin, if we gtl
so far, nght on into the unknown mUrior.
Whatdoousa to th it, 111 htirtios
"It is a I ig orJer,"saul Sn Henr n fleet
"You nie nght, " I answered, "it is, but I
take it (hat Wf re all Uuveof usiu seanh of
1 bigonler We want u ilnnge of svne, and
wearelike1 to gttone a thorough 1 hinge
All 111 life I haie lougetl to iit thikkturis
and I mean to do it Itfore I die. M jioor
lo s death hut biTiken the list luik letweeil
me and mihJitioii, mid 1 m olT to ui natie
wit N And now IlltelliHi nnothtr thing,
and that is, th a for iars and ears!hao
bard runiois if a great white nice which 19
suipsf.llohaeit.slioujsomen here upin this
direttion, and I haea min 1 to see if tbere is
an truth in them If ou ftllows like to
come, well and gixl; if not, 1 11 go alone."
"I'mour num. though I don't l-chetp in
tour white race," sail Sir Henry Curtis,
iiing and pla ing his aim upon 111 slioulder.
"Ditto," iMinirked Oootl; -I'll go lntotrnm
iug at omv H all lneins let's go to Mt,
Kema .mil the other lact with an unpro
nounceable name, and liok for a white race
tliat dot, not exist. It s all one to mf."
"tt ben tlo ou propse to startT asked Sir
"This ony month," 1 answered, "b the
Ilntish India steamlioat, nnd don't ou lie so
certain that things don't exist lecausoou ilo
not happt 11 to bale heard of them. Uemem
ber King ssolomon's mines."
Some fourteen weeks or so bad iiassed since
tlie date of tins coin ersutio"i, nnd this his
tor gt-es on its nn 111 ttr ditTereut sur
roundings. AfUr much deliberation and inquiry we
came to the conclusion that our best starting
point for Mount JCenn woul 1 U from the
neighlKii hootl of the mouth of the Tana ri er.
and not from Momliasa, a place 01 cr VO
miles nearer Zanziliar This conclusion wo
armed nt fiximi lformation gtien to Us by a
(Jennan trader whom wo met upon the
steamer at Aden I think that hu was the
dirtiest German I ever knew, but hewaa
good fellow , and gai e u a great deal of al
uable inf 01 mation "Lamu," said be, "ou
goes to Lamu oh, ze beautiful place'" and
he turned up bis fat face and l-cauied with
mild rapture, 'Ono year and a half I lne
there and never ihangeni shirt neier nt
Aiul so it came to jia"-- that 011 arriving nt
the inland we disembarked w ith q11 our goods
nutl ihatUls, and not knowing where to gti.
niircbttl lol 11
nujest -. ctinsul,
1 itabH lviviietl
up to the bouse of htr
whei-o we were most bos-
ill, while (ire you gentlemen steciuig
for" a-skcil our frlmd, the hospitable consul,
as wesmoked our juries after dinner
"We pro'toso to go to Mt Kema, and then
on to Mr. l.kakisera," unset ered Sir Henr
'iuateruiain has got hold of some am about
there Kmgn white raceupin the unknown I
territories lie ond "
The consul looked int'nted, nn 1 answered
that be had heard aonieiLmg rf that too
"U hat baveou heard' I ased
"Oh, not much. All I knownbout it is that
a ear or to ago I got a letter from Macken
zie, the jscoUh mission irv, wbose station.
'The Highlands,' is placed at the highest nav- I
lgable iKnnt of the Tana river, 111 which bo
said something about it "
"Havevou the letterf I asked.
"o, Idcstroved it; but I remember that
he said t tat a man bad arrived nt bis station
who declared that two months' joumev be
yond Mt Lokaklseri, which no white man
has et visited at least, so far us I know ho
found n bike eilleil I.iga, and that then bo
wint off to the noitheast, a month's journey,
over tlesert mitl tuom veMc and great
mountains till he came to a couutr whtre
tho ieople are white ami live in stone houses.
Hire be was htbpitable enter amtsl for n
while, till nt last tho priests of thecouutrv
sit It about that be was a tkvil, and the ieo
ple drove bun unuv,tiiid be jjunieed for
eight mouths iiutl ivuilusl M tckr rzie s laiv.
as I beaivl, dv nig ThulVaill kun,nndif
Ou ask me, I lheve that it is a be; but if
ou want to bud out morenlwiit it ou had
lutUrgoup the Tana to Mackenzie's place,
and ask bim for information "
bir Hnir and I looked at each other.
Hti"ev as something tangible.
"I Ibnik that we will go to Mr Macken
zie's," I said.
-Will " answered the consul, "that is your
lost wav ; but I warn v 011 tint 011 are llkflv
to I sve a rough journey, for I henr that the
Mi ai are nlttut, and, ns vou know thev are
not pleasant customers. Your best plan will
I to 1 otiseafiw puked men for isrsi.nal
strvants and hunters, and to hire lenrers
from viIHge tovillige It will give vou nu
inlllut of trouble. but.erhais 011 the wbole
it will (.rove a t heaer and more advantage
ous course than tugagingn caravan, nnd you
will lie less liablt to desertion n
Foitunatel Iheiv were nt I-iimi at tins
time u .artv of W'akw iti Askan (1 bers).
The Wakmll nbo uiva miv l.itwts-n the
lati aiul the ntavtta, alt a lint nillilv
ra.s;, jMKsessiu iiiun of the gts! tpiablies 1 f
of the ulu an 1 11 grcitcr cajiat it for nv ih
zatitm Ihtv aie alst. great buntt rs. As it
hapi ntsl, ibess p.irtit ulai uuu h 1 1 reciutlv
Us 11 a 1 mg trip nith an l'liglihlu 111 uiuittl
Jutsou who ha 1 stuittsl lnim Momliasa, a
MiitaUiut 1VI miles U tin Kiinu, 11ml jinir
ut isl nlit louiitl Kibir-inj uro, one of the
highest known mouutiius in Africa l'tmr
fellovt, he bldilietlof f1Vervvb.11 oil Ins ie
turn jHirnv,nul vvitbin a .lav s mirxli tif
Mombasa It ibs-s seein hanl thit he slouM
b.ive goneotT thus when within u fin hi urs
cf safeiv, autl nltt r hiving survivtsl so man
(srils. but s) it nas His hunters burietlhiui,
and thin t aine 011 to I-.111111 111 a tlliow Our
ll lilid tin tsiiisul sugesttsl to us that we hid
Inttei tr aiiti I iiv these mtn. and atssinl
lugl on lhi following iiioiuin wostaittsl to
mtirvien the jsiit ateomiiamed b an 111
ter ""elt r
t.. .1... r 1.1 ......
.,...,.t ...... - t- ..un,.. .mini., u.uut. uui
on the outskirts f the town Three of the
men weie sitting outside the hut, and fine,
frank looking f.llon the neie, baling a I
-re .' i-u ,-.U.lwjLsjrauci. luthem
weiautl iM iiwl the l.j.- t r 111 imi
atlirstitbrKaiitMiivs. Hit de lnrd
that they could not tutu tarn am mkIi idta,
that they were woin an 1 wtan with long
travihng, and that then n ut- wrosonat
thektevHof then m istei Tii uienut to go
liack to their tinmen and lest awhile Ihw
di 1 not sou I i pim'smg, i wa f
etretting a dmtMoii 1 asked ulre Hie !-
main lei of thtui weie I wan tol lllu leueiv
six, and I saw I ut three Oneof themeu
said that the slept 111 the hut, and wue t
ivstmg aftei then 1 iltors lep wtigheit
down tluu eillds, mil sorrow mtdo tlmr
hearUas le.i-1, it was Ust to sKtp, f t r with
sleep 1 nine forg t fulness Hut the men shi uld
Iwawakineil " I
i rrestiitU tii tameout of thehut,awinug 1
J the Uis-tt women bt.ingii Untlv ofthesame
racoand slIea thost aht idv l f oiv lis but
the uppeiraiu-e of the thinl an 1 Ijst lieail
I made mo jiuupoutof im skin IU wusnei
I tall, broad man quite six foot three, I shoul 1 '
sa, but gaunt, with hviu, wn 1 oking liuitt
j M lirst glance at him told me that he was
j 110 Uakwulb-ho was a purebred "ulu He
1 came out with hi thin, aristoiratu Kokiun
hand plaissl U f re his faro to hide a yt 11, t
I s I could oiil s-e that hew isu Keshla, 01 ;
ringed mill, ind that be hid a great thm
corn red iiole m hw foiiluad In anotlnr
stssn I he rtiuoed his hand, n.e-iluig a
.oueriiil looking Zulu f ice, with a humorous
mouth, a short noolh Uanl tinged with
gray, and a jiatr of brown ies ktn a a
hawk's. I knew m man at once, although I
bail not seen hmifor twehe eir. How do .
ou iio, lTnislopogaisr 1 said, quietly, in I
Zulu '
The till mm (who among hi own people
was common) known as the " oolpekcr,r
antlal-ons the "Sliugl terei") startwl, and '
almost let the long handleil Itattleax he laid
in his baud fall in his astonishment. it
wocin 1 ho Ind mvgmzed in.-, an.l nas Kalut I "ou!a ""tlwart.f lk del, of Wood Ue
inj me m nn outburst of ionorou- 1 uuage ' memlwr, if thou coinr-t with in wo 0Kht not
wlm h ui id- hii oiiiiiuoiis the U'aLwall j " ln " d'f1 Listen, we need wr
K(alxv Taut- Theo men" and I )xiuited to the
-K)s-(iliief), ho laii,-KKh Tagalel I atall,bo had retire.1 a bttlo aj dur
Koos uuirtwl" (duef fiom of old-might inG our "iiidaKr (talD "say the will not
chuf) -Ko.,' IlalM- (rather) -Jlaiuina come"
zahn.oldhuiiUr, Jajer of elenhaiiK rakr UWl11 "ot oome shouted Umslopogaas;
upof lions (linr one watchful one! brate
one' uk1. one' who1 shot nter misses,
u ho riLtbtraigiit home, who grups a baud
aud holds it to the death" (l. e , h a true
futud) "Ko! Babu! wise is the oite of our
(teople that bas Mountain noiu meets
with mountain, but atdabivik ornteitu
man shall nieit again with man ' Ileholdl a
messenger came up from rataL Mlacuma-
z.ihn i lealr truil ht1
Macuiuozahu no moiv '
riie land knows
Thit iseaisu"0
And now, liehold, now h tin strange place of
btinks I find Macumjzahii, iu f rieml 1 here
s no lixun tor doubt; the brush of the old
jai Lai has gonn n btt le gra , but !. not his e o
as Lewi, nnii ntv not Ins teeth as sharpf Ha!
tin' Macuiuazaliu, lum lest thou how thou
duUt iilant tbelall 111 thee e of the charging
buffalo mmdest thou"
I hal ktbim mu oil thus lut-iU'e I saw
thit bis enthusansm was producing a marled
ifTeit upon the minds of the fivo WaknalU,
who lippeired to uutltrstaud soiuethiug ot h s
talk, but now I thought it time to put a stop
to it, for theie is nothing that I hate so much
as this Zulu ssteniof txtraiagant praising
"bongeriiig," as thy call it. "hildK-e'" I
said "Has all th noi talk bein stoppeil
since last I san tlice that it brtaks out thus,
nnd sweeps ns una f Uuatdoest thou hint
with these men thou whom I hft a ehit-f in
Zululand' Hon is it that thou art far from
thine own place, and gathered together w Ith
Liuslopogaas hailed hiu-elf ujioii the head
of his long Itattleax (nhich was nothing eto
but a pole ax wjtL 11 beautiful handle of rhi
noceros honi), and bis grim face grew sad.
"M Father," bo ansiurcd, "1 haicunord
to till thee, but I cannot sjnak it before these
low iwople" (uuifngozana), and bo glanced at
the WaknaQoskari; "it is for thine onn tar.
M Fathtr, tins will 1 sa," and here his face
gren sfc.ni again, "a t oman betrai-d mo to
the tl ath, and coiered 111 name with shame
a,uionu wife, n round faced gill, be
traeduie, but 1 escaped from death, a, I
broke from the Mri bandsot thooe who came
tosla me I struck but three blows nith
this mine ax Iukosikaas ui-el 111 Fithir
vrill nuieinbir it one to the light, cue to tho
lift and one in fiont, andet I lift three men
dead And then 1 Mis, nn 1, in ui Futlur
kuous, cxeu now that 1 U1 Old, 111 ftstuiv
as the feit of the 5aab , und tbeiv breuthes
I not tho man wbo, b luuuing, cm touih nie
again w ht 11 omv I liae bouu letl from bis
sidi. On 1 'cd, and tiflei mu came tho ma
Isingtis, tif death, and thtir voice was as tho
voice of t.'tgs tliat hunt. From 111 own kraal
i 1 Um, an l,as I liassttl she who had Ititravcd
uie was drawing natir fi-om tLo spring I
tleetej by hrr like the shadow of death, an 1
as I went I smote with mine ax, nnd lo! ber
head fell, it fell into the nnUr taiu Thtu I
fled north Day aftir da I j urneyedon,
foi three moons I journeed, resting not,
stoj ping not but running on townitl foi tful
ness, ti 1 1 met the part of the white hunter
who is now dtad, and an come hithir nith
his st 1 v ants. Ami nauht have 1 brought
with me I who was high loin, a, of the
uiooti ot 1 11 is. 1 tlie givat king a ihief, intl a
cajitainof the regiment of tbekomabakosi
am a nandmr 111 strange places, n man
without 11 kraal Naught have I brought
save this 1 unu ux; of all 111 belongings this
rtiuams il me Ibtv haveilmdetl mv (altle.
tin have iken mv ie, an 1 111 childien
know in fnce no moit tt with this ax"
and beswui j; the formiiiable weaiou round
bis head, making the air hiss as he clove it
"will I iut another path to fortune I have
tpokeu "
I shook 111 head at b.m ' Uinslopogaas,"
I said, ' I know thee fromof old. Kverambi-
tlojs, e.-er pi ittirg to lie great, I fear nie thit
thju hast oveireathtsl thvself nt lasL Veiirs 1
ago, when thou wouldst h ive .lotted against !
Cetywayo. son of Iuitla I nanusl thee, at d
thou tliiM bs.en lint mm, nhen 1 wis not
1 vtbectostav thv liaml, thou bast tlugu )lt
for thine own feet to fill 111 Is it lit.t sol
llut nhitls doueisdoue Who call make
tbetli-id tree given til g-ize Hmiii Kst ve-ir's
suuf Who can iwidl the s,u.i nonl or 1
bring l.-n k the spirit of the fllltnf That
ninth Tune svvnllons comes not
iq. again.
Let it In forgottin'
"An 1 lion Ulioltl, IJinslop jjttis 1 know
thee foi ngnat wainor ami a brave man,
faithful to the dentil Kten 111 Ziiliilaml,
n here all the men are brave, the called thee
tlie'Slaivhtuvi,' und nt nibt tol 1 stories
louml the fire of th strength and deeds.
Hear me noiv Ihouseest this gnat man. mv
Irieml and I wiutetl to Sir Henr , "hi nlsc
isanamoi n, great .is thou and strong ns
thou art, bet mid throw thee ovti bis shoul
dti lot 11 1 111 i- bis inn e Ami tluu w t
this one also, him with the louml stomath,
Iheshm ng eveaud the pleis.mt face Itoug- j
wan" igkissee) "is Imname, and a goil nnii
Lshe, and a true, lieingof 1 curious tnl who
pass their life un then nterindbv 1 111 llout-'
rig kra lis j
"Will, ne three whom thou seest would
travtl inland, p.ist Dougo I'geiv, the gnat
nlute iiiiHiiitiiur (Mt Kinu), "and far into .
the fiiknonn lieond Ilo know not whit
wesball find there, nego to hunt ami set k
ailltntures nnd new place-, being tiled of sit
tingstill with thesameold things nrouii I lis
Wilt thou tsmie with us lo Ihec shall Is)
given commiml of nil our servants but wh it
shall befall tbeo, th it 1 know not. Unci l- ,
forenethrci j urnttsl thusin s, ml, ( f ud
vtnture, an 1 ne tik with usa nun suih ns
thou one I'mbopi uidlnholtl nu left him
tut. king of a grtut ot.uiitii, with tneiil
lmpis' (ivuneiits), -rath of thus- thousand
plumed nauiors, muling ..11 his nonl Hon
it shdl j,o with thee I know not, ma hap
death an uts tins, ami us. Wilt thou thion
thvstlf to Fortune and tsiuit, or ft ai-est thou,
Ihogreitnun smile.1 "Thou art not ul
Uigethir nht, Macum izahn," ho said. "I
haveilott.sl uiiiiv tune, but itwasiitt am
bltlon tliat lisi me to mv fall, but, shame tin
me iiiav 1 suouiti uav
to sav It. a fin
woman's tuce U t it juss So we are going
I I I -S) SOIIlftlllUir like the Olll tlllles U.'JUI
s, . . . .. .. -."
jiatuiinzaini, ii lieu vvm n.ugiii aiitl nunte.1 in
2uliilan.II Ay, 1 will come Come life,
come death, what care I, hi that theblon,
fall fast and tlie blood iuus red I grow oil,
I cion old. uud I hale not louuht euouithl
. .1 w in 1 1 mu mi; n-in irs, s
ind ho i" iiitnl totoiuitli'sH tua
01 1 nits that iiiarke! the skin of
I It", niui aiin. -fc-eo the hole
th I -rains gusud out lueref mm,
li htm who smote an I )ie
II ii n mum im 11 I hio slam.
in fair hn 1 t I mtd ctinl-at, Mumnazalmt
t t btio l tin tal 1 tlttiu on I he jiLluted
' .V, .i if the Uilr of Ihrm "
to luu tonduf iMitt Ihs 1 ut in llit rlunocerofi
liorn Iiaullei)f liiux ' iuii1h.i thmt Maru
uiazabnlic niul 1 lme nt'ier counted lut
thoshoin I lno npirtl ojion, nor have I
rv.koutl tboe nboui another man bad
ktruck "
"Ik'MK'nt," 1 said, for I niw that bo las
getti ig thi blood lviv on him; "Us Mlent;
ntllnrt thounllil tho Slaugbtr i vr.f V
"where is thodog who says he will not come
when mv Fathtrordersf Here, thou and
w ith n single Umiul be sprung UKn the Wok
wnfi with whom I bad tlrst spoken, and seiz
ing lum li- tin' min, dragged him towards us.
"Thou do'" he said, ri nig the terrified man
u shake, "didst thou sat thit thou wouUUt
not go with in Father ai a oinv more and
1 w Ul hoke thee" and his long lingers closed
I around his throat as ho said it "thee, and
moso wun ttieu. Hast luou forgotten Lor I
Hitmim uiumcii
"Xai, we will come with the white man,"
gasped the 111111
"W11UMi1n11 c went on Umslopogaas, in sim
ulated fur, w bull a very little provocation
would hiue made real enough; "of whom
j sI''-:ikest thou, insolent dogr
Xa, wo will go with the great chief"
' fj," saiti Umslopogaos, in a quiet t oice, as
he suddenly n leased his hold, so that the man
fell backwanl "I thought on would."
"1 hat man rmslojmgaas seems to have a
curious moral ascendeiic over his compan
ions" Good of tei wards remarked, thought
fully. CHAPTER II.
In due course we left Lamu, and ten days
afterwards we found ourselies ataspot called
ChaiTa, on the Tana iner, having gone
through many adventures which need not be
recorded here
At Charra we had a t iolent quarrel with
the headman of the bearers we had hired to
go as far as lhi, and who now w isbed to ix
tort large extra ia) meiit from us. In the re
sult be threatened to t the Masai atwut
whom more atiou on to us. That night he,
with all our hired liearers, bolted, stealing
most of tho goods which bud been intrusted
to tliem to iair. Luckily, boneier, the
hail not happened to steal our rifles, ammuni
tion and jiersoual effects, not liecauso of any
dehcac of feeling on their art, but owing
to the fait that they ihanced to be in the
chargeof tbetlve Uaknnlis After tbat'it
wase'eu to us that ne had hal enoueh of
caravan and of l-an rs. Indeed, we ha 1 not
I nuicli lelt for a caravan U carr And et
bon wn- ve ttcLonf
It was (nttttl who .tti the question.
'Hire is vvitei "he sal 1, pointing to the Tana
river; "ami vesterda I s.iw a iart of na
tives huntuighii ptiiotaniiiucau(ft's. I under
stand that Mr M icktnzie's mission station 14
on the Tana river 'h not get into canoe
aud viddle up to itf"
This biilbaut sugge-tioi was, needless to
say, received with ncclamatiou und I in-sta-itl
sit to nork to buy suitable canoes
from the surrounili'tg 'latives. I succeeded,
after a delay of three davs, 111 obtaining two
Iirge ones, each hollo ned out of a single leg
of some light wood, ami capable of holding
six ieopIeaiid baggage. For these two canoes
no hail to jiav neail allour iviuainm iloth,
andol-si manv otlier articles.
On the da following our purcbaeof tlio
twocauo"s weelfeiteda rtort. In tlie first
canoe were Ootid, .Sir Henry ami three of our
Wakwafi followers; in the second luvself,
Uiuslopogaas and the other tno Vakwalis
As our coui-e ki up the stream, we bail to
eep four jiad lies at work in each tanoe,
hlt h meant th it the whole lot of us, exetpt
Gotsl, had to row nnav like galle slaves,
anlver exhnusting work it wus. 1 sa ex
cept, for of course the moment that (ftiod got
into a boat bis foot was on his native heath
an 1 be tiiok command of the sirtv Ami
certaiul he worked us. On shore Good is u
gentle, mild mannered man, and given to jo.
cosit , but, as vie fouiul to our ct.t, GimhI 111
n IsMt ivas 11 rfeil tlenion io lgiu with,
l.tt Lnen til nNiit it nn 1 wn tli.ln i fin nil
nautical sublet ts, from the tonieilo Mttings of
a man of wai don 11 to the best wa of
handling the isid Hoof un African canoe, he
nas a jierfeit inilie of information, nhlih, to I
sav the least of it. ne Mere not. Also bis
ideas of dlsilplliiu i.ere of the sternest, and,
111 short. In. raine the nnul naval officer ovei
us prttt coiisidinhly ami ud us out amply
for all the half we nt 11. mint to treat Inni
to 011 land, but, on the other hand, I am
bound to sav that he managed tho bouts ad
1 hreo tlav s after our start an ominnus inci
tleut otcurrtsl We were just tlranuig into
the bank to make our camp, as usual, foi tlio
night, when ne caught sight of a figure
standing tin a little knoll not fort yurtts
ana, and intti.tl) watching our approach
One glance was sulhiieut although I was
icrsonally unacquainted with the tulie to
till nie that he nas u Masai Klmoran. or
young wnnior Indeed, had 1 had an I
doubts, tin would have ln-en quitkl ths-I
lelltsl bv the terrilie.1 ejatulatiou of -m'isiu'"
that burst siniultaneoiisl fiom the Ii of
our tt iknall followers, who are, as I think
1 have said, themselves bastaitl Masai j
Ami nhat a figuie be isM.nted ashestotxl !
time 111 bis s.ivago nai t,ear' AeiUstomed
as I have Us.11 tosavaes ull 111 life, I tlonot
think thit Unit tier Ufore seen on tiling
quiteso tins musor une iiisnring To begin
with, the man nas tuoruiousl tall, quite as
ull as luislos.g tas, I sh.mlil sa , und beuu
nfulli though somiwlnt sbghtli, shajH-d,
but with the fnce of u tlevil In his right
band he h. Id 1 sjsar alut live an.l a half
feit lon, the 1.1 nie being two ami a half fe t
m Kngtu bv marl tluee inches 111 nidth,
,Kl bavingan iron s(.ikeut tbeeiulof the
h uidlu that nieasuinsl inoie than a foot On
his lift aim wus u largeand well made ilh-
ncal shield of buffulo hide. 011 which were
liamted strange, hnuldit' looking devices,
On his shoulders was a huge cajsjof hawks'
ftatbers and round bis iusk was a "iia-ben,"
orstnpof cotton, alwut seventeen feitlong
t one an.l a hilf bituid, with a str'- of
e.,lr luuuing down the middle of it. The
tauntsl go.it skin lobe, whuh founeil his
onlmar attue 111 times of (eacc, was tied
liebtlv round his wai-t. si as to rve the
i,tntNses t f a lielt. utitl Ihroneh it wets.stt,rl
on the right and left sides re-peitiiel, his
ilmrt t.t.l slmivl s.mi.. r- -un.,1 l,..l .
.1 1 - - -. ii. .
made of n single piece of Met I, and earned in
a wooden sheath, an I nu enormous knobker
ne Hut .erhaps the most remarkable fea
tureof lii,uttuei-onsi,tisl of a headdress of
ik:rlw,, ,,. kiiL n Uxtsi c.i i. J.'
" ais,'-
trices btalr
bw chest 11
Ul m 'lM '
anil pitssoil in In. nt nt in-. his to the fore
head, and, I- nig shatel like all ellqw, com
pletel franitsl the face, so that the diabolical
countenance appeartsl to project from a toit
of feather fire screen Hound tbe ankles he
woie black fringe of hair, and projecting
from the iq r portion of the calves, to whiih
the were attmhed, were long spurs like
spikes from whuh Honed down tuftaof the
beautiful black and waving hair of the Ct
lobus iiionke .Such nas the elaborate ai
ra of tbe Miai Klinoran whostnotl watcli-
I mg the apirtw( U of our two canoes, but it is
one wbnli, to be H ueiiated, must be seen
only those w ho see it do not often lit e to de-
' scnlw it Of course, I coul 1 not make out
1 all the-e details of his full dress on tbeoocu
sion of this my tint introduction, lielng, In
deed, ampl taken up with the consideration
of the general etfet t, but I bail plenty of
subsequent oj lortiinities of becoming ac
quainted with the items that went to malt
it up
While we were hesitating what todo, th
Masai warrior divw himself up in dignified
faslno i, shook bis sjiear at us, and turning.
I vanished on the farther side of the slope.
I "Hulloa!" ha'Iooetl Sir Henry from tbe
otbirboat, "our friend the caravan leader
I has lieen as good as his word, and set the
! Masai after us Do v nu think it w ill be safe
to go ashoit f
I tint not think it would be at all safe, but,
I on tho other hand, we had no means of couk-
I ing in the canoes, and nothing that we could
tat law. so it wasditlicult to know what to
da At last Uiuslopogaassimpl tied matters
by volunteering to go and recoiinoiter, which
be ditl, i reepiug off into the bush like a snake,
while we bung off in the s'ream waiting for
bun. In half an hour he returned and told
us that there was not a Masai to ls seen an
where about, but that he had discovered a
spot whei o the had recently been encamped,
and that from various indications he judged
that they must bavemovtsl on an hour or so
before, the min we saw having, no doubt,
lieen left to retort Uioii our movements
TbereuHn ne lauded, and hav iug posted a
seutr , inxetletl to cook and eat our even
ing meal This done, ne took the situation
into our serious consideration. Of course, it
was possible tbat the apparition of ths Masai
warrior had nothing to do w ith us, that he
was merely one of a band bent upon some
marauding and murdering expedition against
another tribe. Our friend the consul had
told us that such expeditions were about.
But when wo recalled tbe threat of the
caravan leader, and reflected on tbe ominous
way in which the warrior had shaken his
spear at us, this did not appear very prob
able. On tbe contrary, what did seem prob-
I able was tbat the larty was after us, and
awaiting a favorable opportunity to attack
I us. Ibis being so, there were two things
that we could do, one of which was to go on,
and the othtr to go back. Tbe latter idea
was, however, rejeited at once, it being
obvious that wo should encounter as many
I dangers iiwetreat as in advance, and, be
sides, we had made up our minds to journey
onward at any price. Under these circum
stances, however, r.e did not consider it safe
to sleep ashore, so we got into our canoes,
and paddling out into th middle of the
stream, which was not very wide here, man
aged to anchor them by means of big stones
fastened to ropes made of cocoanut fiber, of
which there were several fathoms in each
Here the musquitoes nearly ate us up alive.
and this, combined with anxiety as to our
position, effeitaally prevented me from sleep
ing as tbe others were doing, and somehow,
. in the most unaccountable way, I had sud
I deul beconie nervous. There was uo .ar
ticular nason wb I should be, be ond the
ordinar reasons wbuh surround tbe Central
I African traveler, and Jet undoubtedl was.
I If there is one thing mole than another of
I which I have the most cisnplete and entire
scorn ami disbelief, it li of presentiments,
said vet here 1 was all of sudden filled with
ami (lossessetl b a most I kdoubtetl presenti
ment of approaching el ik 1 would not give
wiy to it, however, although I frit the cold
perspiration stand out Uwu in forehead
In the distance I heard A lupjioKtjimu
splash fiintl, then the owl booted again in a
kind of unnatural screaming no'e, ami tbe
I wind Ismail to moan plimtivel through tbe
tree-, making a heart chilling inu-ic Al.ove
I was the black bosom of the cloud, and
I beneath me swept tbe black flood of tlie
watei , nnd I felt as though I and tiiith were
utterly alone between them. It was very
Suddenlv my I lood seemed to fiveze in my
veins and m henit to stand stub Was it
fane, or weie we moving! I turned my
ees to lnok for the other canoe, which should
Iw alongside of us. I could not sec it, but in
stead 1 sun a lean and clutching t.lat k hand
lifting itself above tlie gunwale of tbe Il.tle
boat, burel it was a nightmare' At the
same time a dim butdev ilish looking face ap
ieare.1 to li-t: out of the water, and then
came a lui h of the t anoe, a quick llash of a
knife and an awful jell from the Wak wall
w ho was sleeping b in side (the same poor
fellow whose odor had been auunv ing me),
ami something warm s urted into my face.
Inan instant tbe spell was broken; 1 knew
that it was no nightmare, but that w were
attacked b swimming Masai, (matching at
the first weasin which tame to hand, which
b ipimitsl to lu l;lllloIlOgaas, batlleax, I
stiutk with all my inrceiulbe direction in
i huh 1 had seen tbe flash ot the knife Tbe
blow fell ui, ii a nam's arm, and, catching it
against the thlik wtsulell gunwale of the
cam , complete! ev eretl it from tbe body
just uliov e tbe w rist. As for its ow ner, he ut
tered no sound or cry. lake a ghost he came,
and like a ghost be went, leaving tiehind blm
a blood hand st.U grip ng a great knife, or
rutbtra short sword, that was buried in the
bturtof oui nioi sirvaut.
Iustautlv theie aro-e a hubbub and confu
sion, and I fanned, rightly or wrongly, that
1 made out several dark heads gliding away
towunl the right hand bank, whither we
wire rapidlv drifting, for the rojie by which
we had been moored had been severed with a
knife As soon as I liatl lenlizcd U.LS fact, I
also realized that the scheme liad been te tut
thotioat loose, so that it should diiftouto
tbe light bank (as it would have done with
thonatural sniuof tbe turrenl), where no
doubt a party of Masai were waiting to dig
thtir shovel head ft I sjienis into lis. Seizing
one kiddle in self, I told UmsIo(sguus to take
auother (for the leinaining Askari was tco
f i ightentsl uud lii I'dei ed to be of on u-e),
und together ne rowed v igorousl out towaid
the middle ot the stream, autl not an instant
too soon, foi in another minute we should
huve been aground, und then there would
have lieen an end of us
As soon as we were well out, weset to wofk
to imd.lle the enms.. up stleam again to wbtro
the other was moored, autl veiy hard uud
dangerous work it was in tbedaik, and with
nothing but tbe notes of Good's stentorian
shouts, whuh he kept tiring off at lnterv als
like u fog li. ru, to ,uide us. But at last we
fetihed up, und wire thankful to find that
they had not lieen molested at alb No doubt
tbeonuirof the same hand that severed our
rojs) should hav e severed theirs also, but was
letl nwav from his purpose bv an irresistible
mt linatitm to murder wbeti be gut tbe chauce,
which, w bile it cost us a man and him his
hand, undiubtedlv saved all tbe rest of us
from nuLssaire Had it not been for that
ghastly apparition ov er the side of the boat
an apintion that I shall never forget till mv
tling hour the canoe would undoubtedly
have dnfted ashore before I realized -vbat
had banvned, and this history would never
bav e bet n w ritteu by me.
Tilt VtlNSItls. ,TATIOV.
We made the remains of our rope fast to
the othercanoe, und sat waiting for the daw n
und congratulating ourselves uoon our merci
ful escajie, nhith nail seemed to result
more from tbe special favor of Providence
than f iimi our own care or prowess. At last
it came, aiul 1 havo not often been more
grateful to see tbe light, though, so far as my
canoe was concerned, it revealed a ghastly
sight There in the bottom of the little boat
lay the unfortunate Askari, the siine, or
sword, in his tsjsoui, and tbe severed band
griping the handle. I could not bear the
sight, so hauling up tbe stone which bad
seived as an anchor to the other cau we
made it tn-t tol be nun tleretl man and nropissl
bun ovei Umi d, ami down he went to the lnt
torn, leaving nothing but a tram of bubbles
behind him Alas' when our tune coms,
most of u, like blm, leave nothing but bub
bles behind, toshowthatwe have been, and
tbe bubbles soon burst The band t f his
murderer we threw into the stream, where it
sank The sword, of which tbe handle was
ivor, inlaid with gold lei 'dentil Arab
workl, I kept ami used ns a bunting knife,
and very useful it pn.ve.1
fc -VS' J . I
L--sJ fC!fVTs SZM
!, isssss. I fel I
The -tfitsinn Station.
Then, a limn havmg lN-en transferretl to
m cautv, we oiui. moie went on aU.ut 11
o'clock Just as we were thinking of halt
ing, as usual, to rest, and try to shoot some
thing to eat, a sudden t.eik! in the river
brought us in sight of a substantial looking
European bouse, with a veranda round it,
splendidly situated upon a hill, and sur
rounded by a high stone wall with a ditch on
tbe outer side. Right against and over
shadowing the bouse was an enormous pine,
the top of which we had seen through a gloss
for tbe last two days, but of course without
knowing that it marked tbe site of the mis
sion station I was the first to -e tbe house,
andcouhl not restrain myself from giving a
beMty cheer, in which the others, including
the natives, joined lu-till- Tbere was no
thought of halting now. On we tailored, or,
unfortunatelv, though tbe house seenietl
quite near, it was still a long wa ot" by
river, until at last, by 1 o'clock, we found
ourselves at the bottom of tbe slojw on wbKh
the building stood Running the lauoes to
the bank, we dlsemlsirked, an I were just
hauling them upon to the shore when ne
perceli ed three figures, dressed in ordinary
English looking i lothea, hurrying down
through a grove of trees to meet us.
"A gentleman, a lady, and a littlo girl I'
ejaculated Good, after survcyins the trio
through his eo glass, "walking in a civilized
fashion, through a civiliztsl garden, to meet
us in this place. Han; vil thi. isn't the
most curious thing we have seen et"
Good was right; it certalnl did seem fs! 1
andojtof place more like a s.-em out t f a
dreanioraii ltaliauos:ia tbatin real tan.ibls
fact; and the fw of uiirenbt m nt t
lessened when we heard oni-slves ad.lre-setl
in good broad Scotih. nbith, I ever, I can
not reprodui e
"How tlav on do sJrs. said Mr Miukenzie,
agrav billed ungul ir man with a kiudli face
ami red iheeks, -I b. ; I see mi vers t.elu
M natives told me nu hour a; tLev spied
twocaiioes with whitiiniim them coming,
up the river; so we havo j 1st ionic down to
meet ou "
"Ami It is very glad t.i it we are to see a
white face agnin, let me tell ou, ( ut In the
la Iv a charming ami refined locking (?rsiL
We took off our bats 1 1 uckiiowlcilguuut,
an 1 H-tsissletl to introduce our-elv es.
"And now," said Mi Mackenzie, "Ton must
all lw hungr ami wear , so come on, gentle
men, come on, and right gl ul v.e are to e
you llio last white tbat visited us was AI
phons you willstsj Alpboiisepre-eiitly -and
tlist was a v ar .."
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ftcvvvc the ChUdfen. They are ea
Colds, Coughs, Croup, Looping Conjrh.
etc We guarantee Acker's English
Remed a positive cure. It saves
hoars of anxious watchlnp. Sold by
Frank II. Coblentz, corner Market and
High streets.
At tleorgetowii, K.. Ceorge Mont
ifoinery receivetl injuries that may prove
fatal, ti heme thinwii from a horse.
If oti wish to restore the bloom to our
wasted cheek, am! o improve iiur health
that pluiuptness and strength will son ceil
emaciation and ilebilitj, pnnf i vonr blisul
with Aer's Sassaparllla This reined
will beiieht ou more surel and speetlil
than any other.
A horse owned by John MeKIfresh. of
Milleritburg, Ohio, went craz from the
elTeits of tlie seveio heat, and had to be
"rvYVOX '! fretful, peevlsn.
Windy Colle, Teething Pains, or
Stomach Disorders, can be relieved
at once by using Acker's Baby Soother.
It contains no Opium or Morphine,
hence Is safe. Price 25 cents. Sold bv
Frank II. Coblentz, corner Market and
High streets.
Msjor B. W. Temple accidentall shot
himself In the attempt to shoot Alaudu
Cushman. at Galveston, Tex.
A I'Onillll I, I0M1
That the most di In it toiimh will bear.
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ork.n is curetl by h iskine ,.f evtreu e mtia
rial pn.str .ti mi alter s. ven veirs sutleriui:
He h id run .b.wn r mi IT . units tost; brt.an
on kasklne in lune lss went I . wnrk In ..lie
mouth re.; tmeti his lull t.-ii,ht msi uoinths
Qlltllllie.li.t hu i n i. .. I Wi .trier
Mr i.lrtetiii nun i'tin th ..lits' an.l one t.f
the ni.ist resiMlrl citir-i.s . f llrlil.eiH.rl.
Conn. says "I nu idi.ety years of i.re. intl
for the I isf llin e veirs ti nesuilerit li.. in m v.
I irla and Hie etTeets . f .imniiie p.ts..nloi; I
receutly be in with K skiih ntin h l.r. ke up
the mtltrla Hid liurease. my weight SI
ptiiinds '
Kasklne can he taken wl'hi.ul any st.ectil
metllutl advlte -Iperh.ttle 5eul hy n.all
on rrcelpt ot price
The uent of k -K ! r his on Put lie
lithitloiiaremarkaMe MWlklN ..r inoOVl.it
the hum in ho.lv. sh.iwiin. the -t. niarh. He irt,
Lum:s. Liver -pleen hi Ineysantt th- ..ther
..rgansaii 1 pirts In ilea'lh ami in IiNease
lly an Inspection the ."! etett en s.-e the
nature and lotaTi in .f the r tr. ut.i-s hu.1
learn lion klsktlie re l. vrs m.l ures'h.m
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HmdneheMft CftfrUtUe LItct PQIsbtc eqedy
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t'iannojincompUtnt, while they 3ocorrI
1 1, diMHTiitrt of the ttomich, cthnnl&te the llTff
and rcul&' e the Ujwe't, JCtcb if tLej only cored
&r he th-r wonW be lmot pncel to tho who
ua t rora this ditretujij cumUint; bat foita
nauly ihtirpoon.casd(i icotthTe,Midl!io
wi once try thcro will find thee hltle t iil vlti
lliDoiaaDyrijathattherwnirottwlsa toowiUuilhua. Hat After all ickhl
Iatbebsre of roruiiy bves tht litre is wher w
tnske our crest boost. Our pills core It wolle
t siter s Little Llrrr Kls sre very ra-' e
Terea-yoUV. Oaerrtwopillscissesdos.
Ttey sre strictly vtRetaale and do not pt pe or
poTsT, batbrthiir fentle actum pl-ae allwto
tsethem. favslsstsicents; five forll. 8ol4
by druggists everywoexe, or sent by ma.i,
CARTER HEnirrra rO.Jfew Tort
llVCU9e pjsm-MejO Of IrOhll eVQtl aWiVO UJ.elj-
eiznU B.'snu Car the cure of p-la tvad (lua.'ase
irepared front the cotapleta Ttue of frvsik
Bops, Buxgundj Pi Vh cad Omu Tir-tet
ertreiitfthiin ptjwter erer inTntsd. Apply
one to Baokjche. Crtci, nhfiunaUsini. Kidney
Pevlns, SUtchea, HcUtica. bv n Chest, crpainla
aypajloclord,--txijL Core injiatljr,
OOthCB Olid tTTrT2fCi - t-t tlPl DlVlfl. All
ready to tpply 3 11 by OriLr tsuul country
tore, 23enu S for f I 00. JUailed (brroe.
rropnetor, HOPHAaTSaCOlJWtoiiaei.
SYoves u "&es
ijlnli-gn, h,h I, S. CsOj; tfl
"? J " " ""' r HAYFLVtR M " .,
( (MCA I y J CfH-T inf fc
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ir'f jfMtMwi f m"m I
tmj f rqrt tl a i
Ail PU n, it y itf n-P
Try the Cure.
Ely's Cream Balm.HAY-FJtVER
A vsrtlcle Is ipplled Into each nostril anil Is
agreeable, rrlce W cents it IiruivistK, bj
mail, roistered. N) ets KLV "PUS limn
irlst :ii,reentchbt , New rk
Ms Pills
Thedrssvesitle. Ike debilitated, wbetb
r f rewa execea of wnrk of ssuuad or
body, drink or ezpoaare 1b
Malarial Regions,
will find Tntl'aPlIU tbe most venial
reiterative ever offered tbe anrfcrina;
Try Them Fairly.
A vigorous body, pare blood, ntronr
nerveeandmcbecrful mind will result.
Or the I isnnr llnbfl. rosilivrlf ( ured
bi stlmiiiisieriDc llr. llaine
(utdrn pecide.
It csn bejlvru ln a cup of coffee or tea
without the Knowledge of the person ttkluit
it, is absolutely harmless, anil UI eCecta
permanent nut speedy cure, whether the pa
tteitt is a moderate drtuker or an alcoholic
ret k. Thousands ot drunk-irds hive been
made teniperttemen .ho liavn taken Itoldt u
peclllcin their coffee without thelrkuowl
edt:e. and today believe they tjult drinsluot
their own f'ee will It never tills "Piesys
tern once Inu.reKnhleil with the s;irt!Kt It
tieccmes an utter impossibility (ortlieluiin r
iptettte to exist r or sale ly Ir r J i as
oer. 4est Miln street, anil riifo Troupe.
Malnand Urketstreeta.s.priurteM.U
ureat Mini Ira! W orkof in
WroQ Mauhtod,Verv.iUMaud
lct,HUv hrmrttnt uihiiul
tht untold mlstrirs cuntf
Muentthfrcou 3.mpKmvo.
lprescriittions rr nil du
ast-s Clutti. full if.lt- ntilv
II W. by niifl.ifalfd IHim
rati vesim vie frrrto all younK aud mlddlt
ged men f..r .be nextodnys "'end now
Addr-ii I)r W II IMRKhK.
Incomparably the Boat.
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