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The laying of the cornerstone
of7he catholic university.
AlvKaiflce Commenced Which rramllM
to bo the Greatest Seat of Learning in
j America Itlihop Spauldlnc the Orator
of the Day The Pope'e lHasalng and
Medal to Ml Caldwell Distinguished
Prelates Present
WAsnwoTos, May 25. The corner stone
of the Catholic University, two miles north
of this city, was laid yesterday with impos
ing ceremonies, n aur-cieti isuors iroui
all over the United State and Canada.
many of the most distinguished prelates of
me inurcu being present, iscside tne
clergy, there were also present many of the
most prominent laymen of the country.
At 4 o'clock the ceremonies began in the
midst of a driving rain. Despite this, up
wards of 5.000 people congregated in .and
about the foundation of the University
and with uplifted umbrellas stood for two
hoars in the rain while the ceremonies pro
gresses uarutnai uiDDons occupied tne
throne of honor, with Prcident CIe eland
on his left. Several members of the Cab
inet. Secretaries Bayard Vilas, Eudicott and
Postmaster-General Dickinson occupied
seats to the President's left. About the
Cardinal were seated Archbishops John
J. Williams, M. A. Corrigan, J. B. Sal
pointe, W. H. Elder, P. J. Rjan, John
Ireland; Bishop", H. P. Northrop, John
Moore, Alfred A. Curtis, P. T. O'Reilly.
John L- Snaldlnc. a P. Maes. Joseuh
Rademacher, Edward Fitzgerald, F. Jans-
sens. William Ai. Wjgger, iC riielan, John
J. Keane, J. J. Kain, L. S. Mc-Mahon,
Matthew Harkios, Richard Oilmour, H. J.
Richter, Martin Marty, Jeremiah O'Sulli
Yan, Steven V. Ryan, Francis McXiernej.
Thomas McGovern, J. P. Machebeuf, Leo
Hald. Bishop-elect of North Carolina.
Priests to the number of 200, and Samina
nans to the number of 300, were seated in
the rear of the Bishops. A number of
distinguished invited guests, among them
Mrs. Caldwell, General Rosecrans, Ex
Speaker S. J. Randall, Assistant Attorney
General Montgomery, Second Assistant
Postmaster General Knott, and Eugene
Kelly, of New York, were also present "
The only covering that protected this
distinguished gathering from the down
pouring rain, was a thin canvass awning
and then rain sifted through it as though a
The President and Cardinal sat during
the ceremonies with uncovered heads, an
attendant holding an umbrella over them.
None of the clergy wore vestments but in
stead overcoats and gossamers. Under
such uupropitious circumstances was the
cornerstone of the greet Catholic university
laid yesterday. .Cardinal Gibbons called the
bedraggled crowd to order in a few words
in which he returned thanks to
God for the bright propects with
which the University started. He
then introduced Bishop Spaulding the or
ator of the day. He delivered a most fin
ished oration which was received with
much enthusiasm. He dwelt upon the
beauty and strength of the Republican
Government, asatlordinganearer approach
to ideal liberty than all others. He paid a
flowing tribute to science and said it was a
and maid of religjon. In closing he com
Slimented most highly Miss Mary Gwcn
olen Caldwell who started the movement
to found the University and contributed
thereto $300,000 which formed the nucleus
of the present fund.
At the conclusion of Bishop Spauldings
address, Bishop Keane, of Richmond, the
rector of the University, read the papal
brief, accompanying a gold medal sent bv
PopeLoeXIII to Miss Caldwell as ex
pressing his holiness appreciation of her
munificent act The medal is of purest
gold, about two inches in diameter, struck
at the beginning of the year 1886 by order
of the Pope, in commemoration of the
eighth year of his pontificate. The face of
the medal contains a splendid profile of
the Pope himself, with the inscrip
tion ot his name and the year of
his pontificate. The reverseside represents
the genius of history, lifted aloft by the
angels of the Lord, with an Inscription
commemorating the opening of the Arch
ives of the Vatican to tbe historical re
searches of the scholars of the world. This
was presented to Miss Caldwell, by Car
dinal Gibbons, who placed it about her
neck. The corner-stone was then laid by
the Cardinal, copies of the local papers,
current coin, the decrees of tbe third plen
ary; council, etc., being placed under it
This completed the inauguration of what
is designated by its founders to be the
greatest seat of religious learning on the
Western Hemisphere.
While the Bishops and a few specially in
vited guests were dining with the Cardinal
at Dr. Chapelles, the following cablegram
(in Latin) was received from the Pope:
The Pontiff offers his hearty congratula
tions for the work thstjias just begun, aad
gives his apostolic blessing to all the Bish
ops." Almost immediately following, cams a
cablegram from Rome asking full details of
ceremonies, to which an answer was imme
diately cabled by Bishop Keane.
Entertained .by Sir. George IV. Child i
Interested In the Relic of General
Grant's Trip Abroad She Ieparts for
Philadelphia, Pa.. May 25. Mrs. Cleve
land devoted several hours yesterday to
sight-seeing and visiting different places of
interest in the city. Shortly before noon.
Mr. George W. Guilds repaired to the
Academy of Music, where, according to
previous arrangements, he was conducted
to Mrs. Cleveland, and shortly afterwards,
and in company with Rev. Charles Wood
and Mrs. Wood of Germantown, with
whom the Presidents wile is stopping
during her brief stay in the city. Miss
Wood of Scarborough, N. Y Mrs. Wistar
ana .miss Hoy ol JJellelonte, ra.,
lie took carnages and was driven to
the Ledger officer, where the party was
joined by Mayor Fitler and J. G. Rosen-
earten. me visitors were conducted to
Mr. Childs' private office, where they at
once became interested in the many souve
nirs for which that sanctum is famous.
Mrs Cleveland wasfspecially pleased with
the many Iiandsome and choice relics of
General Grant's trip abroad and was also
entertained with Mr. Childs' description of
tbe historic reminiscences connected with
his large collection of clocks and other
fruits of a life's collection of relics.
All the ladies, including Mrs. Cleveland,
were also presented by Mrs. Childs, with a
handsome cup and saucer. A tisit was
then made to Independence Hall, after
which the party proceeded to Drexel's
Banking bouse, and were introduced to the
members of the firm. Thev then went to
the hotel, where a number of ladies and
gentlemen had assembled, and a lunch was
partaken of at which the following were
present: Mrs Cleveland, Rev. and Mrs.
Charles Wood, Miss Wood, Mr. and Mrs.
George W. Childs, Hon. Edwin lL Fitler,
Dr. and MA. S. Weir Mitchell, Dr. J. M.
t Dacesta, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Gross,
John C. Bullitt Mrs. a IL Hayes, of Paris;
Robert H. MacCarter, of New York, and J.
G. Rosengarten,
Mrs. Cleveland's stay at the Bellevue was
prolonged for several hours and on leaving
the hotel with Rev. and Mrs. Wood they
took a train for the latters residence in
Can a Man Swallow a Cannon Ball?
Well, "that depends He can If his
throat Is large enough and the cannon ball
not too large. Tbe question really seems
worthy of some consideration in view of
the size of some of the pills that are pre
scribed for suffering humanity. Why not
throw them "to the dogs," and take Dr
Piorce. Pleasant Purgative Pellets? Small,
snear-coated. perfectly harmless, in glass,
and always fresh.
When a committee of striking and locked
out brewers asked Mayor Hewitt bow they
were going to preserve the union and still
get bread for 1.500 brewers, the mayor said:
"The world existed before the unions were
born. We have laws and the laws must be
Throughout the United States, '
Colgate's Toilet Soaps are acknowledged
the purest and best Cashmere Bouquet the
most popular.
An Unterprlslug Firm Attempts to Work
Off a Bogus Republican League Badge.
The fact that an enterprising but un
scrupulous Chicago film has manufactured
for sale a neat button badge of the republi
can leairue of the Uulted States has come
to the notlco of the executive committee of
tbe national league, and the result is the
following circular letter addressed to tbe
state league secretaries:
New Yobk, May 7, 1838.
Richard J. Fanning, esq . Columbus. 0.:
Deau Sm: Please notify all republican
clubs in jour state that the official button
badge of. the Republican League of the
United States can be obtained at this head
quarters, price 25 cents each. The secre
tary of each club should have them on hand
to supply to the members of his local club.
Already these button badges have been
adopted, and are worn by many thousands
of members of the league, but the entire
membership should have them.
This notice Is Important because some
republican clubs think these badges can be
bought in the stores or from manufacturers.
Nobody outside the club officers has per
mission to sell any, and these badges are
protected by application for a patent, and
anyone making or selling them will be held
to strict account They belong to the league
and tbe dubs are requested knd urged to
report any effort by any salesman .ir manu
facturer to sell these badge., j such sales
are wholly unauthorized and an Invasion on
tbe rights of the league, and this badge
must be protected.
By order executive committee of the Re
publican League of the United States.
James P. Jostek, President
The Infringement is acorn shaped, and
the three sections are of red, white and
blue, while the genuine Is of pure white,
with gold lines dividing the letters. The
Chicago firm no doubt hope to reap a small
fortune during the coming; convention.
Items of Interest from Springfield's Lively
Little Suburb.
Mr. O. M. Reld has been quite tick for
some tune, but Is now able to ride out a
Mr. John B. Hough has gone to Tennes
see to "view the landscape o'er," and ben
efit his health by travel and rest
Mr. J. M. Berger Is filling a contract for
sand near Cold Springs. It Is a good dis
tance to haul It but John gets there all the
Qnlte a number of our people attended
the Sunday school convention at the Chil
dren's home Wednesday, and report a good
Mr. 0car Frfedlander, of New York
city, called upon his brother, Hugo, on
Tuesday. He is a prominent commission
merchant of New York, and as he was on
a hurried business trip through this part of
the country, his visit was very short
Mr. John White was the victim of a pain
ful accident In the shops here on Tuesday
morning. He in some manner got his left
thumb in the way of a 13-pound sledge
hammer swung by his helper, taking off
the end of the thumb. Dr. Russell ren
dered the necessary surgical attention.
On last Friday morning Mr. William C.
Gordon, of the firm of Reid & Gordon,
awoke to find himself twenty-five years of
age. In tbe evening his Sabbath school
class bt girls awoke him again to the fact
that he was surprised, as they came in and
spent tbe evening with him. bringing him
a beautiful pin and an album containing
their autographs and friendly sentiments
and good wishes,
Y. W. C. T. U. SOCIAL.
An Interesting Programme to be Observed
This Evening.
The Y. W. C. T. U. will bold Its regular
meeting at S o'clock this (Friday) evening,
the 25th, at Temperance hall. A. specially
Interesting programme has been arranged,
as follows:
Devotional Exercises.
Piano Solo , Myrtle Tout
Hecltatlon- Gall Shame
Vocal Solo .
Y Tribune for May Part I.
Aiel Henrltxy
. Nellie Sehaeffer
Miss Mary Nel'on
Axel Henri tzv
Trio Cello
I Piano
.Miss Lola Vose
Y Trionne Part II
.A. 0. Leonard
Fls.no Solo-
-nerence Kinney
At the close of this programme an ice
cream ana strawberry social will be given
in the halL. Flowers and home-made can
dies will also be for sale. No admission
will be charged, and everyone who Is Inter
ested In temperance Is cordially invited to
be present
The varied programme at the Lakeside
Camp, near Sandusky, this year, quite sur
passes any of Its predecessors in what goes
to make Jup the Interest ot such an en
terprise. Among the names that appear
on tbe Reform Assembly programme are
Rev. J. P. Newman, D. D., of Washing
ton, D. C: Judge Albion W. Tourgee, au
thor of "Fool's Errand." "Bricks Without
Straw." etc.; Rev. Dr. T. a Carter, edi
tor ot Christian Advocate, of Chatta
nooga. At tbe Sunday school en
campment there will be the Rev.
Bishop H. W. Wsrren. Rev. T. Dewltt
Talmage, V. U.. Kev. J. M. Buckley. 1).
D., Rev. I T. Townsend, D. D Prof. R.
L Cumnock, Frank Beard, Ex-President
Hayes, Rev. Dr. Dowilng and others.
At camp met t ng there will be Rev. Sam
P. Jones, Kev. Sam Small, Kev. Bishop
Andrews and the evangelists Potter and
Miller, of Chicago.
Following this will be a two days' meet
ing, August 15 and 18, under the auspices
of the good Templars of Ohio, managed by
Colonel Harry B. White, Worthy Chief
Billy Diehl's Lion Safe.
To the Editor of the Republic:
Dr. Martin Luther nsed to say If a man
would undertake to please everybody he
would please nobody, and'two wrongs don't
make a right.
The communication published In your in
teresting paper Tuesday night (signed
citizen) giving the names of several partita
who, under no circumstances, would rent
their houses for a saloon, caused consider
able of a stir and dissatisfaction. It was
not the intention of "Citben" to Injure any
one, neither In his business nor chtiacter.
Among us we have some of the most re
spectable and honest men In tbe saloon
business, but never In my life did I do a
a wrong or try to Injure a man keeping a
saloon, friend or foe. I never spoke dis
respectfully of anyone who would rent his
house for that purpose, but I consider It
wicked to cast slurs at parties that once
have rented bouses for that purpose. Where
is tbe man who has done in his life what he
wouldn't do again? lam sorry now that
the epistle was published, but 1 assure my
friends as well as my foes that no harm
was Intended. But what has all that got
to do with Uncle Billy Diehl's lion? The
democrats can't turn him 'round this fall,
no way. Citizen-.
Tonight and Tomorrow Might,
And each day and night this week, yen can
get at T. J. Casper's drug store, 41 east
Main street, Kemp's Balsam for the Throat
and Lungs, acknowledged to be tbe most
successful remedy ever sold for the cure ot
coughs, croup, bronchitis, whooping cough,
asthma and consumption. Get a bottle to
day and keep it always In the house, so yoa
ean check your cold at once. Price 50a and
$1. Sample bottles, free.
Farmers' and mechanics' pants a first-
dass article 75 cents, worth 81.00, at
Levy's, Main and Market
Special sale of Jewelry, watches and dia
monds, for ladles and children," next Satur
day afternoon at 2 o'clock, at Carman's, 58
south Limestone.
Tbe Postofflce Appropriation Bill In the
HouseThe Mall Service Attacked
Dakota Statehood BUI Tauehad'CpoB-?
Other Washington and Congressional
Wasuisotoh. May 21. The feature In
the House yesterday was the passage of the
post-office appropriation bill. '
On motion of Mr. Phelps, the Senate bill
appropriating $123,000 for the erection of a
building at Paterson, N. J., was taken up,
tbe appropriation reduced to $80,000, and
as amended the bill was passed. Other
bills were passed as follows: Senate-bill for
the erection of a public building at Vicks
burg, at an ultimate cost of $100,000; Sen
ate bill authorizing the construction ot
bridges across the Kentucky river and It
tributaries by the Louisville, Cincinnati
and Virginia railroad company, and bill
making inauguration Day a holiday-in tht
District of Columbia. "w
Objection being made to further miscel
laneous business the House, in commlttns
of the whole, proceeded to consider the
post-office appropriation bill. Mr. Perkins
complained of the inefficient mall service
which he asserted was now being given to
the Western States, and in attributing the
evil to inefficient employes, told a store
about a post-master in Missouri, whom h
declined to name, who received a supply
of postage stamps, from Washington in
sheet form. Never having seen stamps In
that form before, the post-master mistook
the sheet for a circus poster, pasted it on
tbe wall, called his wife and said: "See
what the darn fool in Washington sent me
when I wrote him for stampa.. He sent a
circus poster and the darn circus riders 111
look alike." Mr. Cannon contended that
the positions of railway post-office employes
should be made permanent
Mr. Blount, in charge of the bill declared
that the rate ot merit in Ore railway mail
service was to-day higher than it had ever
been before. He showed also that many ot
the clerks in the railway mail.service had
held over from the Republican administra
tion. A long discussion ensued on the question
of subsidies and free ships, Messrs. Dingier
and Blount being the principal partici
pants. Mr. Adams of Illinois, testified to the ex
istence ot considerable dissatisfaction
among business men ot Chicago with the
mail service in that city.
Mr. Enloe, of Tennessee, read statistics
showing a great extension and improve
ment of the service during the past year
and Mr. 8ymmes, of Colorado criticised the
postofflce department for inadequate man
agement of the star service saying that he
wanted the responsibility placed where it
belonged, and he was satisfied it should
rest on tbe back of the "Picayune second
assistant postmaster general."
Mr. Peters, of Kansas, also attacked the
Department as giving the West inefficient
mail service, and after further discussion
on the subjret the bill was passed the only
amendment being an increase of the appro
priation for mail service from $900,000 to
$930,000. The Home in committee of the
whole proceeded to the consideration ot the
legislative, axecutive and judicial appro
priation bill. .
Mr. Buchanan, of New Jersey; in speak
ing of the bill, said that the Postmaster
General sent his invitation all through, the
country to the hungry brethren to file
charges against officials against whose
names there had never been the breath of
suspicion. The men who were affected by
the charges were not allowed to see them
or to show their utter and damnable false
hoods. Mr. Springer, ot Illinois, said that the
Democratic party was in favor of the ad
mission of Dakota, but it was opposed to a
division of tne Territory, because the sen
timent of the people ot Dakota was against
the division.
The question should not be regarded as a
political question.
He believed that it was to the Interest of
the people of Dakota to come In as one
He was In favor of the early admission
of every one of the great Territories.
Mr. Butterworth said that he had asked
the gentlemen whether he would oppose
the division of Dakata ifjthat were a Demo
cratic Territory and the gentleman had an
swered "yes" out he would say in the
gentleman's defence that he said "yea"
with a Diusn. (Laughter). I be question
of the division of Dakata had been sub
mitted to the people and they had given a
majority in favor of the proposition, and
now, when they knocked at the door and
asked for admission, the question was not
"Are you prepared for Statehood." bat
"What will be the character of the repre
sentatives you will send here?"
Further debate ensued, and the commit
tee rose without action on the bilL (It
authorizes the President to invite the Gov
ernments of other maritime nations to send
delegates to a marine conference to be held
at Washington on the 1st of October, 1833,
or at such other time and place as he may
designate, and to appoint five delegates,
one of whom shall be an officer of the navy
and another an official of the life-saving
service, ta represent the United States at the
conference. It Is made the object of the
conference to revise the rules of the road
at sea, and various other matters pertain
ing to ocean navigation. An appropriation
of $15,000 Is made to meet the necessary ex
penses of the conference.) The conference
report on the Invalid Pension Appropria
tion bill was agreed to. The bill is practi
cally the same as it passed the Senate.
On motion of Mr. Belmont of New York,
a resolution was adopted authorizing the
Committee on Foreign Affairs to inquire
into the facts connected with tbe imprison
ment in an English jail of John Curtin
Kent a naturalized American citizen.
The House at 5 o'clock iSio urned.
. To the young face Pozzon's Oempiexlon
Powder gives fresher chants, U the old
renewed yootk. Try It
The Star and Crescent Society will give
their annual social on Friday evening.
May 35. A. good literary and musical pro
gramme has been prepared, iteiresnmenis.
Admission ten cents.
Housekeepers, get your lac cartalna
lannonea at JLaxsnairt ztorae xauaary,
jTos. 10 aad 13 wast BtXh street.
Special sale of Jewelry, watches and dia
monds, lor ladles and cnuaren, next rwiur
ley afternoon at S o'clock, at Carman's, 58
south Limestone.
Handsomely Cleaned.
Now Is the time .to save money. The
Springfield Steam Dye Works Is now pre
pared to clean, dye and repair ladles' and
gents' clothing, without ripping. Ladies'
black silk and white wool urease are
cleaned as good as ntw.
Housekeepers, get your laee curtain
laundrled at Marshall's Home Laundry.
Ho. 10 and 13, west High street
Men's underwear, fine white and perr
ile shirts, ties, gloves, bait hose, latest
Mtyle In casslmere, felt and straw hats.
, V. Levy, the old reliable one price
Jothler, Main and Market
"You ean not tell then from aew goods,'
Is what one of our patrons says of the lace
curtains laundrled by. Marshall' Home
Laundry. Telephone IS.
The largest salmon eaightwlth a fly In
the vicinity of Sangor. Me., weighed 27
pounds. It was sent to President Cleve
land. The fish run larger each year. Three
years ago they averaged IT pounds. Now
they average from 23 to 25.
Lack Otjbtaxss. Get them done up in
the finest style at Marshall' Horn .Laun
dry, 10 and 13 west High street -
Greenough's statue of Washington.
which has stood- In front ot the capital far
many years. Is to placed under cover.
Lacx CxrBTXnr, Get tkem done sp la
the finest style at Marshall'. Hone .Laun
dry, 10 and 13 watt High, street
sBaaaaaaaBSaaaBsBsBarVk Sal
ijaaaaaaavr '
I TlMGt.AtlkaUeftPuiaeTMOoa
MlabretedTMS M Coflaaliftn ba J
wj mtlm mremh m- I
Gaunjuoraxi. I
45 South Limestane and 40 East High Street.
The Only Tea Store in Springfield.
Tney are Cleaned and Made Hew by the
Springfield Hteam Dye Works.
Lace and damask curtains cleaned and
renewed, and also tinted any desired
shade without extra cost This house
handles and clean lace curtains costing
from $5 to SJ00 a pair. We claim that no
other house In the city of Springfield can
compare with us In work, as they have not
the facility for doing it Our prices are as
reasonable as any In Ohio and all work Is
SrancarrKLB Steam Dnt Wanxs,
31 north Center street
lookout Mountain.
The memorable heights of Lookout no
longer need a toilsome climb to reach them.
Everyone familiar with the famous battle-
.fields about Chattanooga will be Interested
In the announcement of the Queen and
Crescent route (Cincinnati Southern rail
way and associate roads) that on May 37th,
28th and 39th excursions at the very low
rate ot One Cent per mile will be ran to
Chattaaooga for the opening of the new
standard gauge railroad to the mountain
top. Tickets will be good to return until
June 3d. Arrangements are being perfect
ed for the running of 'cars through to the
aunmlt from Cincinnati via Queen and
Crescent route without change. For any
details needed address nearest coupon ticket
agent or N. C. Kerr,; traveling passenger
agent Cincinnati.
I. B. W. Boute Bulletin.
On May 23 and 23, June 5 and 6, 18, 19
and 20. 1888. the O. I. & W. will sell round
trip land and excursion tickets to ail Im
portant points northwest west and south'
west at one fare for the round trip. We are
tne only line running through ears to Lin
coin, ebraska, and Kansas City without
charge. With our new trains leaving
Springfield at 10.-20 a. m.. arriving in Kan
sas City at 9 a. m. the next morning, we
are the quickest route by five hours. Ele
gant sleepers, chair cars and day coaches on
all trains. Don't forget tbe teachers' excur
sions to California In July and the very low
rates offered by tbe I. IS. s V. route. For
rates, maps and general Information call on
or address C. L. lulleary, ticket agent
union depot, Springfield, Ohio.
Bee Liu Chmngt Taking; Effect Sunday,
May zutn.
Starting east No. 13. 10:10 a. ra.. with
sleeper to New Tork and Boston; No. 2.
3:55 p. m., parlor car to Cleveland. Arriv
ing from tne west io- 23. 9:30 a. m.: Ho.
12, 10:10 a. m.; No. 3, 325 p. m. Going
west No. 1, 7:30 a. ra., with parlor car to
Cincinnati, seats 35 cents; No. 29. 10.50 a.
m.; No. 5, 4:30 p. m.; No. 35. 4:55 p. m..
connecting at Dayton with free reclining
chair car tor St Louis without change. AH
other trains run same as herttoioie.
O. U. Kjuqiit, Ticket Agent
Kile Railroad.
Round trip excursion tickets are now on
sale by the Erie railroad to the following
summer resorts: Jamestown, Lakewood,
Lake Chautauqua. Buffalo. Niagara Falls.
N. Y., Cambridge or Seagertown, Pa., and
Magnetic Springs, U., at special low rates
and good to return until October 31, 18SS.
Remember this Is postlvely the only through
line from here without change ot cans and
daylight ride to Jamestown or Lake Chau
tauqua. For ticket!, and full Information
call on J. D. Fhleger, agent, 73 Arcade.
I. B. W. Boute Bulletin.
To Indianapolis and return, 84. To
those attending the national prohibition
convention at Indianapolis. Ind.. May 30,
1898, the O. I. & W. will sell round trip
tickets good going May 27, 28 and 29, re
turning up to and Including June 4tb, only
34 for tbe round trip. Three trains each
way dally without change.
C. L. HnxEABT. Ticket Agent
I. . W. Boute Bulletin.
The O. L & W. will sell excursion tickets
to Manchester, Indiana, and return on ac
count of the annual meeting of the German
Baptist BrethreruMay 17th to 23d Inclu:
aive. Tickets, good returning until and In
cluding June 4, 1888, only 84.60 for tbe
oundtflp. U-L. Hrr.LEAnr,
Ticket Agent Onion Depot
Max O'Rell Is said to have taken home
with him some 815,000 ot American money
as a result of his lecturing tour of the
united States.
A. Cam. To all who are suffering from
arrora and Indiscretions of youth, nervous
weakness, early decay, loas ot manhood,
etc.. I will send a receipt that will cure you.
tree et charge. This great remedy was
discovered by missionary In South Amer
ica. Send selt-addrwsed envelope to uev.
Joseph T. Inman, Station D. New Tork
The pain from Neuralgia and its
companion disease Rheumatism' ia
excruciating. Thousands who could
be quickly cured are needlessly suf
fering. Ath-lo-pho-ros will do for
others what it did for the following
WDHunnport. tnd, Oet S. t8W
HntKbM sffiiewa wttk neoralaU for
the psasToat wnj sad tpiai taoj "J!-
thtasTbW In TstnTl nnsur bserd ot Athlo-
Sm AfMrUktofOQsbotUalfacidit
UutlnsraSnlrwell. 1 think tas medl
olaelspasWlrsineearato Mt.0-BMl.fiLDeaK.nt7.
1 h- end AShlep- I m fii ml tsmllj 1
Bad tt to be the cnatMt medicine tor -
Si, taitoe sad rrtn tud tts (anas
ztsoad ptwe me tor the Ht M rEli,?
wben-Ilipe-t. MmijCu.Cn.TOT!.
0- Send cents (br the bMuitlnif colored pie-
tore. " Moorish Maiden."
Is the Cheapest and Beit Inside Blind now
old; to be found only at
Physician and Suraeon.
0lic AKirBBdlDKSC-- NO. 7 BUCK
nfomw-d M.OCK. NTOtlT KL.
In this age of adulteration and money
getting, the above sentence speaks vol
umes. It Is therefore unnecessary to say
any more In commendation ot our goods.
We are selling the best
Ever'offered to the public ; these Teas are
specially selected for their fine drawing
qualities, rich, full flavor and great
strength; you cannot purchase fuch Teas
elsewhere for 70c We are selling the best
25c and 30c COFFEES.
They are perfectly delicious. Best Re
fined Sugars sold at cost
Beautiful" picture cards given away Free
to all purchasers. Remember our store.
WANTHD A competent alrl for general
housework. Inquire ot Mrs. A. Winger,
307 South Limestone street 125b
WANTED An experienced girl to do cook
ing and general housework. Call Immedi
ately. Mrs. U.S. Hank, 16tE. High. Htb
TTTASIKD A situation br a competent
IT nurse. Call on or address, 43 Riser st.
TTJANTED People to kaow that I havere
tf eelved (May 2!d) of Geo. H. Coles k Son.
agents of the Ohio State Live Stock Insurance
Co., ot Cincinnati, one hundred Jandfllty dol
lars to pay In fall f ir a loss ot a horse which I
lost. I ebeermllr recommend the above Com-
Sany to all parties hs.il ne horses, to do as I
are. Insure with Coles i Son. Chai. W. Plai
ner. UMt
ITT ANTED An Irish setter pup. Must be
IT flrsKUss and cheap. Address C, Kepub
lleoBee. 121a
TTJ ANTED A first-class tfrl to-do s-eneral
It housework at No- 1S3 S Limestone street.
Call at once. Must have reference. lZla
WANTED Never purenase real estate or
loan money on real estate security, with
out an abstract of the title back to the gov
ernment; prepared by A. Bradford, abstractor
of titles; of-ce, room 9. Arcade. The only per
son In the city who gives his exclusive time
anditten Ion to preparing abstracts of titles
and conveyancing. Deeds and mortgages cor
reetlTdrawn. TTJANTED An owner for a two-year colt and
ll bay mare taken'npat 0 Clifton street.
WANTED A good sewing girl, none but
first-class need apply. l! w. Jefferson st.
WANTED Two Eood girls, one as cook and
washer and lroner. the other to do up
stairs work. References required. Apply at
110 east II lgh street. LSb
IT ANTED People to get wedding, ball and
IT part? cards. Invitations, programmes,
menu cards and folders in endless variety
and at popular prices. Done at J.T. Mitchell
& Co.. printers, 4 and o north Limestone
street. 12Ubs
WANTED An experienced man to manufac
ture elder mills and an experienced man
to manufacture lawn mowers. A steady Job
will be given to good men. Bestot reference
required and given. Address by mall to Fred
Doeller, Hamilton. 0. list
TTJANTED Th public to know that tbe sale
IT ot tbe Forest boose has been deolared
off, and the business will be continued under
the lams management, and futber solicit the
patronage of tbe public. D. Wlisinger. pro
prietor. lift
WANTED Local agents tor a newspecialty
Fire Proof Safes. N. T. agent ordered a
car load Brat week, a N. J. agent halt ear
load, a Mich, canvasser cleared two first
month, a Buffalo dealer with his other busi
ness Is clearing Jlsu per month on oar spec
ialty. Send two-cent stamp, for Itlns. Cata
logue. Alpine Safe Co.. Cincinnati, Ohio.
WANTED Music pupils wanted. Call on or
address Miss Lottie Zutaven, Boom 5,
Arcade. llSbs
FOR RENT Two unfurnished rooms, pleas
antly situated, corner of Factory and ilul
bery streets, northeast corner. Mrs. Ueo. W.
Phelps. 125m
FOR RENT The Maltland property on east
111.0. street. Fine house ot 10 rooms, cel
lar under whole house, large lot. Inquire at
Rawlins's lumber yard, Lincoln are. 12U
FOR RENT Desirable house ot 7 rooms, city
water, good cellar, blmated In center of
city. Call on Mrs. J. D.Stewart, 6$ N. Lime
stone st. 121 tf
FOR RENT Double house containing four
rooms, summer kitchen, good cellar and
water. Rent reasonable to responsible par
ties. Call at 213 south Mechanic st. 13t
Marrtn's Oatmeal Wafers.
FOR SALE Two good ponys. will work
single or doable. A splendid delivery te am.
P. J. Cole, 71 E.Washington street, or 472 S.
Limestone street. 124t
DOR BALE Decker Bros'.piano.a new scale
upngnt grand, ean d
at 238 W.Clark st- city.
upright grand, can be bought at a bargain
FOR SALE A spleodld second-hand organ
forsaleebeap.at No. 12 S. Market street,
room 4. upstairs. 124b
FOR SALE-Interest in an old established
manufacturing business In this city- Ad
dress box 636. 122b
FOR SALE A good, general purpose horse
tor sale cheap. Inquire of Charles N.Keith,
north ot cemetery, on St. Paris pike. i-!t
70 R SALE A first class fire proof safe at
. half value for cash, at Carman's. l-itl
FOR SALE-Cholce seats for the Cincinnati
May Festival next week. Address, stating
which concert seats are wanted for "May
Festival." care Dally Republic. 12ut
FOR SALE none. A young line Kentucky
bred horse of a good site, sound, handsome
and stylish, an elegant driver and roadster
and due saddler with all gaits. Address A.
D-cIty. 120t
FOR SALE Good covered spring wagon,
cheap; must be sold. Call onMrs.Roh
man, Summer street, east of Kelly avenue.
FOR SALE Second-hand bicycles, cheap.
Call on or address D. II. Olds, No. 53 West
Main street, ' 105tf
FOR TRADE 10 seres good land In a nice
Utile town In Clark county. Ohio, 7. acres
farm land. 3 acres orchard and small fruits.
Home ot 7 rooms and summer Bouse of 3
rooms, out buildings, all In good repair. Will
tiade for a good residence property. John 11.
Johnson. cor. Market and Sigh ats.- 122t
0NET TO LOAN In sums to suit, on first
mortgage and good commercial paper.
Call and see us. Room No.l,Lazonda Bank
building. Geonre H.Coles A Son.
LOST Mosala breast pin. set with pearls
with the figure of a beggar oa It and E. M.
Lartmell on the reverse side. Lost between
MoCrelght avenue and Chestnut street, on
Limestone street. It
Madame Bermaugh,
And Palmist, has taken parlors at No. 18.
West High street for a short time ; can be
consulted on all affairs ot life with perfect
satisfaction. The madam wishes It dls
tlnctlv understood she Is not of that class
who make allvlng by humbugging the Igno-e
rant and superstitious, .nose wisningto
consult her can call from
0:00 M. TO 8 tOO ?. M.
Dr. Frank G. Runyan,
trftooBiln Bceklaiham'sBulldingvsr J
- jrMn-J-Bro.'f Store--
SWtlnntton grim to tfc- -
A Concentrated Liquid Extract of
Aids Digestion.
Cures Dynpcpsla.
Strengthens the System.
Restores Sound, Refreshing
Prlcelesv to Xurslng Mothers.
Beconiiuen-wl br Eminent? FliTiclan3
THIS is the top of the gen
uine "Pearl Top" Lamp
Chimney, all
are imitations.
others similar
This is the
exact label on
each one of the
Pearl Top
The dealer
may say and
think he has as
good, but he has not.
Insist upon tne exact xaoei
and top.
Pittsburgh, Pa. '
Sick Headache 1
BT THE l--
Dr. C. McLaae'i
tH--ISe-d us the outside
wrapper from a box of the genuine Da.
C. McLANE'S Celebkated Lmt
Pills, with your address, plainly vrrit
tenj and we will send you, by return
msil,amagn)ficent package of Chromatio
and Oleographic Cards.
vfll itlft-L-A tha most furtldlona. and va offer tbexs
to those who wast the Etrr the m&rfcet affords tn
loll confidence of their bupxbiositt Ask toch
grocer or Dutcnenor we baaj, nn :-.
These meats. If canTiJamm facer ttnrlsp: U
hed to the skin. AHMOL'li'S KETTLEREyDE&
EDLEULAJlDUQuaTanUta r?m.rPDitii
j-canTaaea see uai-utj-auui . oniw
ni i Tiiiin" n.s iM-rtw
- nwutviv iiAbWH
latehrsaffl- in i
alsae tt I v r - fdw.
CH.rv. IIm.IIm m.J Tat 1
fl. T.P lll.ttr.tl .t.l.-
(arlla lira Arm Co., J Una, Ct
IH (bum Ptrsost Berton...
! NerveRestorer
r r - Afftct FtfM, && -v.
-XFAlxi-tLKi-'Ukea u directed. A Ft mfUr
mtr-ft -7 sue- A rcuof IWI ) T-U DOfUe DM D
tea Drags
I rece-red. Scad mi,r. 6 mad xixess address e-f
afflicted n DR.Kt-INE.awl Atrll St.. FhilsA-rnlila !
Dram.., sewjlzmcf iMiTATX fauds
SUte Monro Stt. CHICAGO,
vt-U-AUtTw tbc-reewlTta-s-rsed
. ii Bit IB-ma iwuaows,J
iuvnuua tqupmnu,w
FIm Dlestrtt-oas dMaiblsi I
-tif vsfllls wnslpsil WBsarfsl
4rf Dnn Cons, ladedtsc B
Mlrixt-r -f-ttOTi-L-c. TrlMsii-i-.
--smfttemr -UM-. JExtre-aM aad 8a
Dm H-Jri TtttlScs. Br Laa.u
M. s-Btuia tinrinHi nr
a Stoct-4 list T Bud aiaato.
Do Yonr Own Dyeing-, at Home, with
Ther will dT eyerythine.. They are old
eTT where. Price lOc a package. 40 colon,
IHey hTe no equal for Strength, Brightneu
.Amonnt la Pack ices or for Fastness of Color
or&oa-C&cUnK qualities. They do not crock or
smut. For sale by V. Jt S. Coblen.x. 167 West
-Mala street; Adam Schmidt, 33 West Mala
itreet. BprtozCeld. Ohio.
Belize- Aperient.
Sold b- Tsrr-nt X Co, H.T.
and Druggists Tsr7w-r.
tifll Til t3IM A MONTH can be mada
3IU9 Ju lulli warkiceforns. Agents pre
ferred who ean lurnlsn their own horses and.
stve tneir whole time to tne nnsiness. s-px-xaoments
may be profitably employed also.
A tpw vacancies In towns and cities. B. P.
Jo-irsos JtCo-1009 Main street, Rlehmond.Va.
UcTtlsIltr. L-UX-a.
f .i. n
fTTif !
kK MB" l
ill V J-------
I.!-. B
-let IH
PltubarCf Cincinnati and St. Louis Rail,
way Company Fan Handle Boute.
Under schedule In effect November 18.
18S7, trains leave Springfield, central stand
ard time, for Xenla, Dayton, Klchmond,
St, Louis, Chicago, and all points west and
northwest, Cincinnati, Columbus and east
ward 8:30 a. in., for Xenla, Davton. Cin
cinnati, Richmond and Indianapolis 9:40
a. m., lor Aenia, Dayton, Cincinnati, Col
umbus, Indianapolis, St Louis and Chicago
3:S0 p. m., for Xenia, Dayton and Clneln
naU f5:eo P w.
Trains arrive in aprtnirneld at tTS- ana
1020 a. m., f 3:05 p. in. and 5:30 p. m.
uauy. fualiy except Sunday.
Sam Dodd3 Ticket Agent.
CMvalmnda Colombo,, Cincinnati a4
maimspolls Hallway.
S Klcht Express-
1019 am
10 03 pat
13 New York A. Boston ExDresi
ieeina eastern xpreii.
t Hew York Limited Ktprcaj
eons south.
9 Blent Express,.
6p-,Cla. Jt Wet. Kt 6X0 am
1 Cln. Fljln Bnckeje -0 am
Clndnnatl k Icdlanapelli Ezpretf-lO-Saa
S ClereUnd-:Clneinnatlxpres-. lJOpai
35 Bouth ft est Kiprejj .. .-. 4.55 pm
Bv,ina..ino. ot. Lotus jiii. jtr -iupm
nun raox aiST.
9 Sight Express ISO am
H Cln.Flitnic Buckeye 7J0 am
. tieveian x Cincinnati .express L2u pm
New York Boston-: Cincinnati Ex4-30pm
uuiti raoK sours.
S Night Xxpress-
S3 Dayton, BprlngflelaAeeoia.tr't am
13 New York : Boston Limited lg.lf) sm
3 Cincinnati 4 bprtngfleld Aceom VJO pm
- vieTeuuia Auiern p" ,, j cm
X Cincinnati x bprtciaeldAeeom 60)5 pm
ii New York Limited iprej1CU6 pm
No.lnaj throozh sleepers to New Yorkana
Boeton wit-oat change.
No. 4 Is the famous limited express, com
posed entirely ot vestibule sleepers, east of
Cleveland, il.ro una vestibule sleepers from
Bprlnefleld. Makes Sew xora In SOU hours
and Boston In 31H hours.
.. -. .,. B.K. Ticket Aient,
D.B. MARTIN. Arcade iJepot.
9. P. A. SBrtnzaelu.O
JCrle Hallway.
All trains run on Central time 5 minute
slower than city time.
No. 12 Atlantic Express-- . l?a.m.
rio. -- SVrt Llimmt.itilly " . HI.
." z. Daily 3.7p.m.
No. i. N. Y.i Boston Ex., dally 99 p.m.
Turn-uv-oomg wist.
No. 3. Cln. A St. Louts 5x- dally 2.10 a. m.
" L Cincinnati Express, dally 10:10 ajn.
" 5. Cln. Jt St. Louis Ex.. dally 4.1U p. m.
No. 5 has through sleepers to StrLoms. No.
4 runs through to New York solid. No changa
of cars tor any class ot passengers.
Free hack to trains to all points east of, and
Including north Lewlsborg.
Jor tickets to all points and farther Infor
mation, callon J-D.Pin.ioix.
Agent. 72 Arcade.
Telephone call JO.
2nd Vice President. Cleveland. 0.
General Passenger Agent, New York.
Asit.Gen.Pass.Art- Cleveland. 0.
(Taking KSeetaylJ. UtJJ
Columbus, Springfield and Cincinnati
, ItaUroad.
1 Indlaaapoils, Omaha Jt Dearer Ex 1 13am
i Indianapolis. Chicago Jt St. L.Ex 1 45pm
5 Indianapolis. Chicago. Kansas City
-: Omaha Limited 10 20 am
7 CoUPlnalay-: Sandusky Fast Mall iJlia
Dsrxn sorso bast.
gnt xxpress-
2 30 am
4 N. Y-Balto.i Wash'ton Fast Line 55 am
b Columbus and the East 4 35 pm
S Eastern Express , . S lu pm
Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Bail.
-aarva raosr soars.
1 Dayton x Cincinnati Express- 1 00 am
3 Indianapolis. Chicago Jt St. L. Ex 4 15 pm
5 Columbus and the East V 35 am
Dzrxar torn soars.
2 Toledo.bandusky x Cleve. Ex
.2 45 am
,11! 3) am
t Flndlav i Sandusky Fast -Mall-
6 bandusky Express
. Upm.
Ohio Sontbern Ballnnd.
auivs raoK socts.
3 Balnbridge Accommodation
940 am
1 Mail and jsxpress-
2 Fast Mall. Jackson and Western ,10 25 am
4 Washington C II. Jt Balnbrldze Ex. 5 pm
Ohio, Indiana and Weatern Railroad.
ja-rvx raoa wasr.
2 Columbus Eastern Express 2 JO am
) N.Y.. Wash'ton 4 Balto. fast Line 45 am
5 Columbus and the Fait . . 4 20 pm
Dinar eorss tin.
t IndlanapoIls.Oniaha-: Denver Ex 2 05 am
5 Indianapolis, St. Louis, Chicaco.
Kansas City Jt Omaha Limited 10 25 am
Indianapolis, St. L. i. Chlcazo Ex 5 Ou pm
All trains marked run dallyiall others dally
except Sunday. Standard time, which Is S3
minutes slower than bnrnziieid city time.
Passenger and Ticket Acent.
Union Depot, Sprtns-eld. 0.
U. M. BROXSON". General Passenzer and
Ticket Acent, C. S. A C C- 3. A C U.S. and
A EM C AttllB-T btUMMf-f
.T - 4P WW & -ttBW-MSM
And tts Undnd sDmn-vIndKe-tl.-. Con-dp-xlaa
and BUtaa-neaa. AOARIC n
sadc-naausanvulianu-l. I ban-Sd-1 to
t-osaaibs-U-.--d UTaJaanle.ta laanld
and abtlltated pevpla Kbo sia troalsladwttit
lsaaaf aerre nawer. Tiy tto-osa-draa
lit ase It -hi-rs. "
'ifor mm M JJncs-fSa. wm jiwcniBm, ana
-LD-Mnt-w-c--octta uaxma ousm
-BdG-B-ul-L ttimrd-ttkEhl-B----.:
atonct--t ft for jt-' ""
fiSsnvNin anau --
1 M
arzr ncL atmitr. Mikliu
pnmUb emttloTt-umtJira-rml
tarai will bei giimtu
ThWaiher or-i oa nw
aad' cloth. oj eaoRBo-ulr.
8am 1 asnt on two
weeks' trial, on liberal terms to be rtw
t urned at my expense if not satisfactory
Intrfarto tarlt maklGS It a pbenoialnil biiii i a
ererrwhw . lllastrsced clrcn Un aad tsmMtraa.
1-HHWI. -kltol-i-aUan-tairReTlll9
Cures Hemovea
Tan. Sunburn.
Its StlnE. Moa-
qulto and AH
Insect Blta ,
Kxrixa, a-stcaxs.
and arenr fons ofsxin
on ta most d-ueataak l
wit-out leaTtar asclr. by
Sop OUttm on -
mas -Sets, eocts.ana-.
At dxzzis ts i e br "
Th Mao sm -tsafw Oa- w Tcrvlnn. Caen.
1 niiiiwiiwsiHlnnrii!!! axe oaqi . ago.
Tor sale by all Sprln.fleld Orngflst.
IM9Wf. MkV
fvyKSl 1

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